Simulation Of North Korean H-Bomb Test Warns: “Radiation Across Planet… Could Lead To Catastrophic Loss Of Life”

by | Sep 30, 2017 | Headline News | 75 comments

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    Monitor Releases Simulation Of What Nuclear Explosion Near North Korea Would Look Like

    A scientist tasked with monitoring the proliferation of nuclear weapons has published what he described as a “rough simulation” of what would happen if North Korea follows through with threats to test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

    The upshot of the simulation – which was published by Lassina Zerbo, the head of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization – is that such an “atmospheric burst” could spread a “radio-isotope cloud” of radiation across the planet, potentially leading to the catastrophic loss of life.

    To be sure, some criticized the graphic as misleading, arguing that such a test probably wouldn’t lead to a world-wide cataclysm.

    A Harvard PhD professor said that people “will confuse it with the kinds of fallout clouds they are used to reading about” the “shelter in place for two weeks kind.”

    US President Donald Trump warned earlier this week, North Korea’s nuclear weapons threaten “the entire world with unthinkable loss of life,” adding that the US has several “devastating” military options to choose from in dealing with North Korea.

    Last week, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told the UN General Assembly in New York that the US had effectively “declared war” on North Korea, and that the isolated country wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate with a nuclear strike. Since then, there have been reports that the North could be planning another show of force – and possibly its seventh nuclear test – to coincide with a local holiday next month.

    According to Ri, the “most powerful detonation of an H-bomb” would be one of the North’s “highest-level” actions against the US, as Russia Today reports.

    “It could be the most powerful detonation of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific,” Ri told Yonhap while in New York. “We have no idea about what actions could be taken, as it will be ordered by leader Kim Jong-un.”

    North Korea completed its sixth successful nuclear test earlier this month when it tested what’s believed to have been a hydrogen bomb. However, it’s unclear if the country has developed a thermonuclear warhead small enough to fit inside the tip of one of it’s ICBMs. Monitoring groups estimate the explosion caused by the Sept. 3 test was 16 times the size of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

    Yesterday, China announced that it had ordered all North Korean businesses operating within its borders to close, part of its obligations under the latest round of UN Security Council sanctions that were passed earlier this month.

    Ultimately, Russia and China have called on both the US and North Korea to sit down for diplomatic talks. The two countries even proposed a peace plan where North would agree to suspend its nuclear and ballistic missile tests in exchange for the US halting its military drills with the South Koreans. However, neither the US nor North Korea have expressed much interest in talks.


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      1. Good! I dont care if i get poisoned or killed as long as the tens of thousands of useless libtard sheep here in Hi get poisoned too,
        Thats a start

        • Don’t get your hopes up. The USSR tested a 50 megaton Tsar bomb 1n 1961 and we are all still here.

          • More Fake News. North Korea would never do this. More propaganda to demonize NK.

            Get this:
            Vietnam Shows How To Clean Up The Banking System: Ex-Banker Sentenced To Death For Fraud
            09-30-2017 • ht tp://, by Tyler Durden
            And, naturally, the lack of incentives that punish cheating and fraud, is one of the main reasons why such fraud will not only continue but get bigger until once again, the entire system crashes under the weight of accumulated theft, corruption and Fed-driven malinvestment. But what can be done? In this case, Vietnam may have just shown the way – sentence embezzling bankers to death. Because if one wants to promptly stop an end to all financial crime, few things motivate as efficiently as a firing squad.

            According to the BBC, the former head of a major Vietnamese bank has been sentenced to death for his role in a fraud case involving some 800 billion dong (which sounds like a lot of dong, but equals roughly $35 million) of illegal loans. Nguyen Xuan Son, who served as general director of OceanBank, was convicted of embezzlement, abuse of power and economic mismanagement. Bank founder, tycoon Ha Van Tham, and dozens of other banking officials are also on trial, accused of lending violations.

            CSS Comment***In the US Failed Bank Thieves get Billions in Cash Bailouts by US Tax Payers, to lavish themselves with more Bonuses, and then gets to hit the restart button and its back to business as usual. Most any banker in the last 10 years that went to court, settled for some fine which the banks stockholder paid. They never even went to jail. The Banker is still living the high life and on to his next scam. Just ask Neil Bush who gave himself $100,000 loan from Silverado S&L and never had to pay it back, because his daddy was president at the time of the savings and loan crisis.

            • CSS, you ARE exactly correct! And the whole thing is pathetic!

          • Since 1945 between UK, France and the US there were over 400 nukes detonated in the Pacific. But this one is going to kill everyone? Really?

            • Did those nukes help the ocean or life at all? Death by 1000 pricks is what it is. Compare what radiation those nukes released to the 6 YEAR UNSTOPPABLE, ONGOING FUKASHIMA SHIT. You think this can just keep going on?

          • There were plenty of air and ground burst nuclear weapon tests in the 50’s and 60’s and we’re all still here. This is more BS hype….just like climate change hysteria.

        • I agree.
          I also suspect you and I are
          prepped to the Max and will do
          just fine as we are in the middle of the Pacific
          ocean and used to preparing.
          I just wish I could train my mule
          better. He is a handful.
          900 hundred pounds of hurt.
          SOB kicked me the other day.
          I’m old but I can still move fast,
          so no bruises.
          Anybody out there have some advice?
          Other than shooting the animal.

          • Start handling horses and mules from birth. There are little halters and you can get them used to being brushed, rub them down with grain sacks. Get them used to being touched, sound of clippers. They will have to be handled all their lives best to start from birth.

            Castrate around age 2 (sooner if being an asshole).

            Training is a routine. Same time every day. It is a progression. First is teaching them to come when you want. Little bit of grain in a bucket, train them to hear the sound, give them a handful to get them to the barn or area where you have tack. Give them a bit of grain and some hay while you are getting your gear sorted out. Start by getting them cleaned up. Need a stiff curry comb to remove dried on mud, stiff brush, soft brush, and sponge for their face and nose. You should be calm and this should be fun for both you and the mule. I know people want to skip this and just throw tack on the mule / horse.

            Think about it. Do you like it when someone starts hollering at you to get to work? No. You like some time to wake up, have some coffee, get some breakfast, take a shower. You like any housemate to say “good morning.” Same thing with a mule / horse. Being nice, being calm, and bribery (food and attention) work wonders!

            I hope you have a round pen and some lunge lines and a whip. Once you have trained your mule to come to you and they can stand tied with a halter, lead, stop when you stop, walk when you walk. Same as when you train a dog to heel. You don’t want them walking over the top of you!

            With a halter and lunge lines on each side you start with a walk, then trot, then canter / gallop. Not sure with a mule they might only walk / trot. The whip you use for the sound effect. Pop the end to get their attention. Unless it is a light tap or pop you don’t use the lunge whip to hit the horse. It is to make sure they are focusing on you. Not the dog, not another person, YOU.

            Round pen is school. You are the teacher. Remember when teachers would pop the kids knuckles? Hard to learn if you are not paying attention! Same thing with a mule / horse. You are the teacher and in command. You need to stay calm. An emotion you have will travel down those lunge lines to the mule. Hard to teach / train when you are angry. Best to do something else. Once they walk / trot on command you can start training them to drive with long lunge lines and a saddle / surcingle. Then get them used to dragging or pulling or whatever you want them to do. Each new piece of gear or step is going to take about five to ten lessons for them to get used to being around.

            Mules / horses have limited attention spans for learning new material. Limit new stuff to 10 to 20 mintues per day. Lessons should be on a regular schedule not at random times. Mornings are best in my experience.

            Remember, patience is a virtue.

            Ask for help.

            About kicking you. Must have been tacking up or putting on gear and touched them in a sensitive area. Only way to fix that is training and handling on a regular and routine basis. Sacking out can help. Animals should always be calm when being handled or worked. So should you.

            • Excellent advice!
              We do most all you have advised.
              We got him at age three and he was more or less
              left on his own in an empty field, so we
              are socializing him.
              If I put a sack on his face I can
              saddle and ride him, but barely control
              him. He is only 4 years old, he will outlive
              me. I just wonder when he will start to mellow
              out a bit.

              I never physically abuse animals. This one
              weights 900 pounds, can kill,
              and maim. His demeanor is not “laid back”.

              I prep for every thing.
              A mule for transportation
              seemed to be a good thing to do.
              I feed and care for the animal.
              I’m more used to horses.
              but the terrain here is
              not horse friendly.
              ATV or Mules are best.
              If SHTF fuel will be scarce.
              My TAZ( we named him Tasmanian devil)
              is right outside the door
              can go anywhere, eats grass,
              and can kill dogs, pigs, and attack
              people he doesn’t like.

              • I trained young QHs years ago for a local breeder. The ones that were two-years old did fine. The ones that she left in the field until they were three were horrible. Same thing you are saying. Bad attitude.

                I know mules can’t breed but is he castrated?

                I was the first one to ride the five QHs I trained. Only one of them bucked. Well the filly reared up and I slid off the back. That was the only excitement we had.

                Part of training was getting them tired out in the round pen. Before I ever got on their back to ride them they were used to moving with a saddle. Used to the stirrups flapping and used to grain sacks being tied and flapping. I would always lunge then on the lunge line for about 20 minutes.

                It is a good way to get them to warm up, get moving. Same idea for you. If you start working out your muscles will be sore. Best to stretch and warm up before doing heave exercise or work.

                Make sure you go in both directions in the round pen or where you lunge, too. Good way to let them get that buck out of them too if they are feeling spunky. On the end of a lunge line not with you on their back.

                Riding them in a round pen on a lunge line takes two people, a rider and the person on the lunge line. Good way to stay safe and have more control. We used two lunge lines, one went around and under the tail. It takes a while to be able to hold two long lunge lines and a lunge whip and make sure that whip can pop / snap! Good workout! We always attached the lunge lines to the halter. You can attach them to a big egg butt snaffle bit but the person with the lunge line has to be experienced.

                It took about six months to get them from being untrained to where they would come, stand while tied and stand to be tacked up and groomed, lunge both ways at a walk, trot, and canter, and where you could saddle them up, bridle them, and get on their back. That didn’t mean they were trained to ride. It meant they were trained so you could handle them. Another person did the training for QH stuff. That wasn’t my job.

                As you learned, mules / horses are a lot of work and dangerous. Sounds like you have a guard mule! Good luck 😉 Stay safe.

                You didn’t say if you have another mule or horse. Horses are herd animals. Maybe Taz needs a buddy / friend? Sometimes herd animals can go a little crazy when they are not around other herd animals.

                • Castrated and has all his shots.
                  We can put a halter on him,
                  but he does not lead well.
                  We work with him daily.
                  I expect to keep this animal
                  for years, probably longer than I
                  will live. We will get him to be

                  Yes, I do have a guard mule.
                  You do not want to trespass on my property.
                  Between the Dogs, Mule and the owner,
                  They pretty much have free run over 5 acres.
                  This is not a good place to commit crimes.


                  • Okay, shots / wormed / castrated: check!

                    Leading is something you teach them. Probably find some good vids on Utube.

                    Hehehehe, a guard mule!

                    What about a pasture buddy? If not another mule what about a goat? Cow? I am thinking a pasture buddy could improve his attitude. Something to consider.

                    Yep, training will be an ongoing process! Every horse I have ever worked with has their own personality. Just like people. But with animals, for the most part, what you see is what you get. They don’t lie. I prefer a critter to a human most days.

                    • Is someone going to break you with force or sugar? Think about it? Force only works on the worthless. The slaves. Not the free. Set them free and they will come back for suger?

                    • PD
                      I have two head of cattle
                      that share the land with Taz.
                      The #1300 steer “Tenderloin”
                      and the heifer “Luna”. She is
                      young and about #600.
                      All my animals have names.
                      My Home Insurance company doesn’t
                      allow me to raise stock for food.
                      But they allow me to have rather large
                      and dangerous “Pets”.
                      Most city guys don’t have a clue.
                      I’ve seen cattle stomp wild pigs
                      to death.

                      If you knew about my part of Hawaii,
                      This is all pretty normal.

                      Thanks for the info

                    • Glad to hear your mule has buddies! What the insurance company doesn’t know won’t hurt ’em. Tenderloin! Hahahahaha! I hope you get out and do some hunting for those wild boar! Hear that is some good meat!

                      I am starting to think too many people don’t have a clue other than waiting for the government to show up while they have their hands out. Scary! What happened to people to not have the sense to set something aside for bad weather or hard times? What happened to folks not having the backbone to do for themselves and their family and to be ashamed of asking for government help!

                      I don’t get that kind of thinking. People have no pride and no shame these days. Very little it seems.

                      Stay safe with that mule! Heck teach him to play with a ball and put it on YouTube and monetize it. Make some good money! Dress him up, put glasses on him, put hats and scarfs and those Mardi Gras beads on him! Next Utube sensation raking in the big bucks! People would love it! At least post enough cute mule videos to pay your satellite fee! Good luck!

                  • If i remamber right my pop used to always work them from the horse to start, leading etc,,,

                  • Put hobbles on his front legs. Tie a rope around a rear leg and pull it up. This tips him over (into a hillside or haystack). Scramble onto his neck. Press his head to the ground (lie or sit on it). Tell him he is a good boy till he relaxes. He now knows you’re alpha. Unhobble him, gently let him up and give him a treat. Whole different animal after that.

                  • relic, Round penning works great on horses and mules,but a mule cannot be cowboyed like a horse. They are smarter do not forget. A spoiled mule is the worst kind to deal with, a mule no one has messed with is the easiest to work. Old saying”You can make a horse do anything,you negotiate with a mule and you have to ask a donkey”

              • If you can find the Prof Berry books on horsemanship. They no into geat detail about training horses and mules. Your mule is willful and will need to be subdued. The round pen is great. However you mule needs to be put on the ground and immobilized flogged lightly with a soft cloth let up put back down on the other side and repete. About 25 years ago got aged BLM horses (wild Mustangs) and gentled those terrified horses in that manner and turned them into useful animals.

          • Grab an ear a give it a good twist. It’ll get his attention anyway.

            • Try suger cubes. A horse will do anything you want for a suger cube. Let him see you put a handful in your pocket. Bring to the stall oats and suger cubes and sleep there on a cot Untill that young colt is older he will think you are better then mom. Teach him to front kick men with sugar and you will have a war horse. Fools break a horse .

            • Back when I was young any horse that wasn’t cold backed I didn’t want. I would ride anything that bucked. I rode both saddle bronc’s and bareback at the Rodeos. We where always looking for bucking stock. We knew enough stock contractors to be able to sell them. And the twisting of the ear was a handy trick. When something came in the auction ring that we thought might buck my partner a older guy would grab a ear . That momentarily stuns the animal. They gave me enough time to scramble up on its back and grab the mane. And it usually didn’t take any spurs to get action. I just hung on a couple seconds and bailed off. great fun for a scrawny 100 pound kid to show off. And it taught that horse that bucking would get a rider off of its back. Almost all rough stock back them went to slaughter for dog food. They usually brought $50 a head. We could sell a bucking horse for more than twice that amount. That was before the wild horse and burro act of 1972. We went to most of the horse sales within 300 miles. Hauled them equine on a two ton flatbed truck with a big wooden rack with a tarp over the top. I suspect a lot of those horses where captured from the wild . most where bay in color with black legs and very hard black hoofs. ocassinally one would have a small amount of white like a star in its forehead. The only paint horses we seen where not horses they where Shetland ponys. They would bring three or four dollars. A really good sure enough gentle kid pony would fetch $25. I would sometimes buy and gentle ponys and resell them. They needed to be flashy with lots of color and good feet & conformation. You can read a horse if you know what to look for. At 100 pounds I wasn’t to big for them. All animals have different personality’s and degrees of intelligence. There are too many good horses available to bother fooling with a bad one.

          • Ouch!

            • One white hoof buy him, two white hoofs try him , three white hoofs pass him by? Hobble your mares in wild stallion runs for hardiness? Appaloosas have a reputation of being stupid and good swimmers. Palouse river Indian horses. To cross rivers?

            • If you have to castrait a horse you don’t deserve him?

              • And we are castraiting the wrong animal?

              • It’s not horses its you rich lazy f,s that need to be castrated ..?

              • You don’t know anything. any stud horse like a bull cannot be trusted. A pasture with more than one stud horse and they will fight and kill each other. I
                n the wild mustang studs commonly kill each other. When a colt starts maturing the band stallion will try and drive it from the herd. If it comes back he will kill it. Some band stallions kill the colts(males) as soon as they are born.

                • Old Guy, true words.

                  I would never advise a non-breeder or a non-horse professional to have a stallion on their property. Really dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

                  I worked at a number of farms with different types of horses. One big TB breeding farm that had some studs. Dangerous as heck. Another place did professional Arabian breeding (back when they were getting paid $25K for the birth of a live foal that survived 24 hours) and owned a crazy Hanoverian that was shipped to the US after he had killed someone in Europe. Beast tore open another horses neck while being trailered. That was only a $70K horse the Hanoverian stallion was bought for $250K in 1986. I was hired because that horse put the previous groom / handler in the hospital. I never turned my back on that SOB and I never got hurt. That horse would wait for you to not pay attention so he could slam you against the wall and crush you. Also a biter.

                  Back in those days I was fresh outta the military and thought I was going to live forever. Eventually I grew up and got some sense and realized that I would only grow old if I smartened up. Got outta the horse business and went to school. Am I smarter? Not sure. Still trying to figure that out!

          • Round pen him…If he’s still ignorant and disrespectful after that…Make 900 pounds of mule jerky.

            • LG: Big fan of a round pen. Safer. Easier. Smarter way to train.

          • relic, order Max Harsha’s “Mule Skinner’s Bible”. Small book but loads of old style sure nuff ways to handle difficult mules. I have broken every kicker I’ve had by his method.

            • Hey Dan, always looking for another good book written by a real horseman and recommended by another! Adding that to my book buying list! for my hard-copy library. Appreciate the recommendation.

              Big fan of round pen and lunge line work, here.

          • I read through the whole thread about mule/horse training. No, I don’t own such animals. I did find many similarities in training dogs/cats. Handling from an early age is key. Treats figure highly in getting their attention and as rewards; I’ve found the carrot approach better than the stick. Consistent treatment/management and consistent training is a must. Start with small skills in training and build on the desired behaviors. And remembering each animal has a different personality; some respond quickly to new things and others need more time, but they all come around eventually. And they all have their own tricks; some are fun and some aren’t.

            Yes, I did refer to cat training above. I teach them to sit for grooming which is also helpful at veterinarian visits and certain other useful behaviors. I teach them other “parlor” type tricks too. Cats are great watchers over their home and much can be known about what’s going on outside by observing them. Guard cats are fun too but hard to pick out of a litter.

        • There is nothing to worry about, the US tested MANY nukes in the pacific without all this hysteria…this is more fear porn.

      2. The US did similar tests post WWII in the Pacific and were still here.

        • K2,
          This radiation stuff is way overblown.
          The only thing that scares me is Gama
          radiation. But that blows through at
          nearly the speed of light and then
          it is gone.
          Alpha and Beta have to be ingested
          to screw you up. My food stash is
          pretty significant, it is canned.
          Garden may get contaminated, but that
          is easily fixed. Wash everything!
          I’m over the age of 60 so I’m not to worried
          about cancer 30 years down the road.
          I eat Pacific seafood all the time. Actually more
          than beef since I raise my own cattle and
          that takes a while.
          I don’t have any radiation poison.

        • Sheesh. I will sleep better tonight knowing that. Fear porn indeed.

          • An,
            Are you insulting or complimenting?
            I agree this post is fear porn.

      3. The USSR busted a 50 megaton cap in 1961 and we’re still here.

      4. Memories are short! Worldwide, more than 520 atmospheric nuclear explosions (including 8 underwater) have been conducted with a total yield of 545 megaton (Mt): 217 Mt from fission and 328 Mt from fusion, while the estimated number of underground nuclear tests conducted in the period from 1957 to 1992 is 1,352 explosions with a total … Many of the nuclear powers who did above ground tests, tested bombs far more powerful than NK. The U.S. And Russia exploded 1-3 megaton bombs. Many times the piwer of NK. Most tests were thermonuclear!

        Then there are the underground tests which are not counted here …

        • That is ~2000 nuclear tests! Think about it! This is what should be scaring the hell out of you!

      5. Who finger painted the red on that US map that affects almost all population centers? It won’t happen unless US agents provoke it. Because the roly poly fat guy is just crying for attention. A divergence to hide more middle east money sucking expansion for the psyop against Iran. The US controllers demand it and our government drains the flushed empty treasury bending over backwards in service to a tiny foreign cabal of demonic expansionist liars.

      6. Oh, I think it is going to happen all right boys and girls. I don’t buy the end-of-the-world business as regards the test itself. I worry more about our response and/or the follow-up real deal that is coming like an avalanche. Fat boy has nothing much left to lose. He’s increasingly being backed into a corner he’s painted for himself. As are we by our so-called leaders. Time’s a-coming we’re all going to find out just how serious WW3 is going to be.

        • Right.

          No nation shall have the nuclear bomb, except those nations that already have the nuclear bomb, so we don’t destroy them for the almighty global dollar system.

          The only one doing the poking… is who?

          And if Kim is the “rocket man”, who it Trump?

      7. And in other cognitive dissonance news:

        The largest nuclear explosions in history:

        Time lapse of every nuclear explosion since 1945:

        If we don’t bomb-bomb North Korea… we’re all gonna die!!!

        By the videos above, we should all be dead already.

        And remember: It is written in god’s own words – No nation shall become as wickedly as powerful as AmuriKa, that AmuriKa may spread it foulness in the name of the ho-lee democracy and the globalist Babel system to all nations. That AmuriKa may become like Nimrod and rule the nations with an iron fist in the spirit of Babel. And Sodom. And Gomorrah. In the name of the ho-lee “God Emperor”, Trump.

      8. Yes, atmospheric test over Pacific won’t affect much here. What little might be measurable here would be if plume intersected with very high top thunderstorms, then you might see some localized fallout, but still very transient.

        Happened before, in Troy, NY in April 27, 1953 when a thunderstorm rained down fallout there, from a nuclear test in Nevada two days earlier, that produced readings up to a thousand times higher than normal background radiation, equivalent to readings taken only 200 miles away from the test site in Nevada.

        For more, click my name to go to my website and read there “When An ill Wind Blows From Afar!”

      9. Did millions die after Tsar Bomba?

        ETC ETC ETC ETC?

        • Nuclear contamination does not kill you fast, but it does kill. It is also selective. There is a random factor, but there is also a genetic susceptibility factor.

          Low level radiation can take 15 to 25 years to kill you. Small children however usually present in 5 to 15 years. When this much time passes, few connect the contamination to the cause of death.

          The Fukushima disaster occurred Mar 2011, the birds will start falling out of the sky in 2031. By that point the powers that be hope the Fukushima cleanup will be well underway……. Not!

          One last factor, both the US and Russia worked very hard to make their bombs as clean as possible. The idea was to kill the enemy, not the planet. Physicists have postulated that one hydrogen bomb, made with a cobalt steel casing could produce enough fallout to kill every human on earth. This was considered a dooms day bomb that could end all life.

          It’s fear porn, but could N. Korea create one bomb and destroy the US plus the world as we know it? The answer is yes. It’s nothing I would prep for. It is not a survivable event. However, the question arises, is N. Korea smart enough to avoid certain contaminants in the construction of a bomb they want to test? Or might they inadvertently create a very deadly bomb through stupidity. I’d say yes.

          In a conventional nuclear war many could survive a couple weeks hiding in a drain culvert, with just a supply of water. Who could survive months underground, should a dirty thermonuclear bomb be detonated?

      10. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons.”

        • I suppose you would rather hillery

          • Nail,
            You made me puke in my mouth a bit with that post!

            Libs will never get it. In fact they don’t even care.

      11. NB, You suppose wrong. Sad how you can only think in terms of black-and-white and either-or.

      12. How does Fukishima stack up?

      13. I wouldn’t be too worried by all this fear porn promoted here. It’s just published to give you old guys the only thrill you get these days!

        Be worried about your own government (democrats/republicans, it don’t matter) or the greed of private speculators. They’ll kill you more surely than a barrel of lard in NK will!

      14. Best to “assume the worst” or risk contamination that could cause severe sickness or even death or long term issues after the fact. Nothing good about any of this.

      15. And what about those melting reactors in Japan? that’s real And happening and no one even hardly talks about it. Then they try and get some hyped up thing about Korea.

      16. Likely Event: NK parks (3) subs in international waters (25 miles off coast) of DC, SF, and Seattle. Nothing we can do about it…Then, out of the blue they launch SLBMs with nuclear warheads. Those 3 cities are vaporized in less than 3 minutes. And that’s how fast the SHTF…..WWIII would be ON. Think about that folks.!!!!

      17. By the size of that fat pad on the back of his neck I would estimate a cardiac event within a year.

        Good riddance.

      18. What is it with libs. They don’t want to labor even when their survival demands it. It’s just easier to blame on trump. The people who are prepared and not desperate will be targets. I can see some left socialist woman in the community saying we are gonna pool all resources and redistribute so everyone gets what they need. They will label preppers as hoarders holdouts they will even use the police to go door to door to collect people’s fuels food and water and take guns so you cannot resist. Anyone with skills like truck driver will be forced to work for the greater good. The idea of labor has fled their mind. I guarantee that the majority of people think this is the way it should be. If Puerto Rican’s are too lazy to help themselves why should anyone help them. To keep calling them victims isn’t helping them.

      19. What is it with the Commenting Policy: up inside the comment box? Once you get to it that’s the end of your comment.

      20. Ass Hat my german ancestors in Iowa didn’t contribute to the scrap iron drive. So the Local police and army went to their farms and confinscated every single piece of metal from the farm equiptment right down to the skillets forks and spoons. They even pulled down the windmill. It simply wasn’t tolerated to be a hard working producer.

      21. Puerto Rico is a US territory. They’ll just flood into Florida heavier. Hillsborough and Pinellas counties already have over 120,000 Ricans here. The more the merrier must be the mantra. Near 20 million people now calling the Florida hovel home. New York South with a third world expansion salsa style.

      22. I watched a documentary on Jap. Nuc. Disaster. They explained what happened after the tsunami….all the way up to the explosion… which they stopped short making it seem unimportant.
        Some leakage flowed out……like it was a couple hundred gallons…..end of story.
        Who are they kidding? That is just the BEGINNING of the disaster which will never go away!
        They have not stopped the flow of water or shut down the radiation, because they sent robots in there to shut it down and it melted the robots. It will never be safe at that rate.

      23. Rellik:
        About giving your horse/mule sugar. I was told by horse trainers to never give them sugar. It will turn some animals into biters, and rots their teeth.
        They love carrots and apples just as well.
        I had 4 horses and a pony. No biters, no kickers, but..had a show horse that would jump anything from a stand still. Put him in a stall with bottom 1/2 of the door closed….he would jump out with only inches to spare all around.) He was a beautiful big palomino QH….but had to sell. I didn’t want to jump….nor could I keep him confined…. anywhere!
        He belonged to a rodeo trick rider and was very well trained….I didn’ want to “unlearn him'”….lol

      24. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

      25. I have plenty of plastic and duct tape. I’m in a pretty red area of the map in the story.

      26. For your mule: Hobble him. Then tip him over into a hillside or haystack. Once he’s on the ground, lie on his neck and head. Tell him he’s a good boy but you’re the boss and give him a treat. Unhobble him, and gently let him back up. He’ll be different after that.

      27. Sigh what did you think was gonna happen once you invented the fucking thing?

        I was really hoping to be long dead of old age before this came about. Welp!

      28. We popped nukes in the atmosphere for how many years, and yet we’re still here. Perhaps this could be much ado about nothing (as usual)?

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