Silver Spikes to 22 Month High, Driven By “Heightened Volatility, Lingering Uncertainty”

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 51 comments

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    There’s nothing like a crisis to drive market prices. This time around, with the very future of currencies and nations directly intertwined, gold and silver are poised to be the very bastion of neutrality and relative safety. A Switzerland amid a global currency war.

    It was no surprise to see gold increasing as a result of the climate surrounding Britain’s referendum, but now the commodities market is taking off in a very bullish way.

    And now it seems that silver is catching up. The spot price has been steadily gaining in the wake of the global economic uncertainty, and it suddenly hit a 22 month high at just above $19 per ounce.

    The chances appear strong that the rally will continue, at least in the short term.

    Reuters reported via Zero Hedge that:

    Silver breached the $19 an ounce level to reach the highest since September 2014.

    Silver, which has gained more than 8 percent this week, is on track for its best week since August 2013. “Gold has been on an uptrend and silver tends to catch up,” said Brian Lan, managing director at Singapore-based gold dealer GoldSilver Central.


    Gold rose on Friday and was headed for its fifth straight weekly gain, boosted by a weaker dollar as the safe-haven asset continued to be in demand despite an increase in risk appetite post the Brexit vote.

    “Looking ahead, it seems that gold will remain one of the major beneficiaries in the current backdrop, as heightened volatility and lingering uncertainty will keep investors’ risk appetite in check,” the bank [Societe Generale] said in a note.

    Apparently, the value of gold and silver have returned into plain view as a safe haven from the currency swings going on with the pound, and as a result of the Brexit vote. The potential for a rate hike at the Federal Reserve, and the prospect of negative interest rates have also been turning interest to gold and other assets.

    Just imagine if these assets ever approached their true value…

    With the longer term prospect of an truly serious economic collapse in the United States, gold and silver will continue to make sense as a hedge against banana republic inflation, as well as a means to barter and trade with.

    Though that kind of crisis seems alien to our happy consumer society, the reality is all too present in Venezuela.

    Could it happen here? Hopefully you’ll have a humble stash of bullion in case we ever find out for ourselves.

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      1. It’s all uphill from here, in many ways.

        • The grand old Duke of York, He had ten thousand men.
          He marched them up to the top of a hill then he marched them down again.
          And when they were up they were up and when they were down they were down.
          And when they were only half way up… They were neither up nor down!

          Keep on goin’ N.

      2. OOPS! Title should be 22 MONTH high.

      3. Mac, you may want to change the headline from years to months

        • fixed!

          I totally missed it on my re-read… I guess maybe I am hoping for 22 ‘year’ highs and ended up writing that by accident .


          • Silver to gold ratio has dropped 8 points in the last week from 75 to 68 a few minutes ago…..You may be onto something Mac.

      4. All this means is a Dime is still a dime and a quarter is still a quarter. TODAY. Just try to get more for your silver dime anywhere.

        TOMORROW, when everything goes to “Hell in a Hand Basket,” that is when it will be worth more. I’m hanging on to my Silver that I got at a lot lower price, because I think it will go even higher.

        PM’s right now for me is Lead and Brass.


        • Just try to get more for your silver dime anywhere ?????

          Hey I’ll give you a dollar for every silver dime that you have !!

          • I have done that in that in the past and the person with the silver coins thought I was crazy. Yet, I could not bring myself to take advantage of him and paid about what he could have received if he sold them to a dealer.

            • Good on you.

          • “Mr. I”
            Nope. I’m a Tomorrow person.

            By the way do you have $2,000.00 in $1.00 bills?


            • Just for you, Sgt. Dale.

              ht tp://

              Silver Army Figurine – Sergeant “Sarge” Silver Soldier

              These Silver Soldiers are replicas of the green plastic army men that we all grew playing with during our childhood. Each Army figurine is solid .999 fine Silver.

              • “G”

      5. Your headline is misleading. The current price of silver is not anywhere near a 22-year high. Several years ago I decided to invest in precious metals and decided that silver was the logical choice. The value of each coin would be smaller, and easier to trade, and the price of silver was being artificially kept low against gold, and it is just a matter of time before the price will be adjusted.

        I contacted a reputable precious metal broker and bought 450 ounces at $41.42 an ounce. Unfortunately, immediately after I locked in my price and wired the money, when I got back from the bank the price had dropped to almost half my purchase price.

        If I had waited one more day, I could gotten a much better value. “Let the buyer beware.”

        Even then, though, it was more than the current price.

        • New C. Don’t feel bad I bought at $28 by the time I received it $24.You don’t lose till you sell.For the future!!
          Started waking up a few years ago,did not find this site till 2years ago.Never posted,Hell to late now if you’re here they know!
          Question,you guys and gals,that have been doing this for years!Not a joke,how do you keep your sanity?I thought it would happen last fall,I know it’s coming but,I try not to hurt my family buying what I need to take of them.
          My babygirl is dealing with C ,trips to MDA Are KILLING me!
          Hey ain’t got shit but it’s paid for!!gotta laugh
          Got my kids to think of!
          Maniac –out

          • Sorry left out care!

          • In my opinion it is a balancing act. I do not take it to the extreme such as cashing out my 401k. I have cut back what I am saving in my retirement plans and using the difference to invest in PMs and preps. A lot of the preps are items that are used on our vacation trips. Instead of vacationing in a hotel we go camping and make use of our “camping” preps. Also, just incrementally add to your food stores on each shopping trip. There are some larger purchases that are still on my list such as solar panels and a hand pump for the well. God bless.

            • You should pull everything out of your 401k and put it in physical silver that you hold. The stock market is going to crash. The government will take what’s left.

        • Newcreature;
          Yeah, I understand the frustration but don’t despair. Unless you are very near the end of the trail you will see silver spike way beyond that figure. You are only going to not be made well if you die or if you sell before it runs.

        • I bought it at $5, I bought it at $45. I will continue to buy it as long as I save for “retirement”. You illustrated the point of being consistent in ones buying. Don’t go “all in” when silver is spiking to an all time high, that’s simply foolish. By the way… You got exactly what you paid for at a price you were aware of, why complain?

      6. Precious metals are the only currency not issued, printed and controlled by a central bank.

        • thats because they are a commodity, not a currency.

          • And yet I could put a couple gold coins in my pocket and find a dealer in any country on earth who would exchange my gold coins for cash.

            Try that with a bushel of wheat, or a barrel of oil!

            • Indeed you could! But ask yourself… If you were foolish to exchange your gold coins for fiat currency, would you have more or less value in your pocket..?
              Your example has more to do with portability. The farmer sells his wheat, the oilman sells his crude, every day, in exchange for fiat dollars. We on our smaller scale keep our gold commodity as a long term hedge against the paper money, not a fast buck.

          • No, because they’re money. They’ve been money for 5,000 years. Dollars are just paper and cotton that people accept as having value. The Fed is printing so many dollars that they’re going to be worthless.

            • No, they are not. “Money” is defined as “a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes”. Sadly…The bankers have even managed to get the concept of money to change fundamentally in most peoples minds so that the money itself is seen as valuable, not the wealth it should represent.
              “Money” is a placeholder for wealth, an IOU you can exchange for a commodity like food or silver. Money has no value except whats given to it. The fact is, an ounce of silver isn’t worth $20. An ounce of silver is worth an ounce of silver, or the equivalent value in gas or food or ammo or several hours worth of work.
              The implied value of “money” is manipulated and changes compared to a finite resource like silver. The same silver dime today will purchase exactly what a silver dime did 75 years ago. a dollar… not so much.
              silver is a commodity, money is (currently) an IOU, and soon to be worthless.

      7. Just watched . Hitler v/s Rothchild. 3 min. Of wow . Don’t miss quote at end

      8. Bummer, I wanted the price to stay low for a bit longer so I could stack more silver. Hi-yo Silver! Away!

      9. “When socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand.”

        – Polish saying when they were still under Communism

      10. Physical silver is real money. Beware silver backed by paper. If you can’t touch it, you don’t own it.

      11. Silver has not changed value at all. The crappy paper money people buy it with continues to fall in relation to reality.

        Just a reminder, remember true worth. Don’t let then get you thinking that the dollar is stable, but the value of goods and services somehow changes.

        an ounce of silver is worth… one ounce of silver. one hour of labor is worth… the results of one hour of labor. The dollar is worth… NOTHING.

      12. I’m going outside and put all my daughter’s loose change in a baggie and see what I find. She is tooling around in an ancient van in the hill country and left her rather dirty truck with me. Washed the outside this morning and removed a week old dirty diaper from inside. Aargh. What we won’the do for our kids.

      13. Sounds like silver is back in a bit of a bubble to me as far as the fixers go but i would not bet against them and whilst the buillion dealers are falling over themselves to sell, well i won’t be buying.

        Anyway hands up anyone that paid $48 a Oz about four years ago and got well stung in the process, don’t blame me, you wanted to buy it

        “Precious metals are the only currency not issued, printed and controlled by a central bank.”

        Are we talking about the 1% that physical or the 99% thats paper because thats always been fixed by banksters from way back in history.

        • The Jeweler who bought all my Junk silver from me, and a few silver rounds for $42 an OZ. I left the joint with a pocket full of cash laughing all the way home. Now I buy the real deal “1 OZ Rounds, .999 Fine silver.” 2 very important markings on the rounds, which will be easy to Sell or Barter with. Try that with Junk silver jewelry. Half lead or nickel with a silver electroplate finish. Gold chains on a coil wheel are also not real solid gold. Just saying.


        • Silver isn’t in a bubble. Price suppression appears to be either ending or less effective. Based on all the Fed money printing silver should be at least $100 an ounce. Maybe much higher. Silver has historically traded at 1/12 to 1/16 the gold price. It could return to that.

          • Just wondering, if silver goes to $100 an Oz. then what do I do? Trade it back for some fiat currency. Trekker Out.

            • What a vicious circle, we take our FRN’s and buy PM and hope it goes up so we can sell it for FRN’s so we can buy more PM so we can get even more of those FRN’s that we don’t like. Trekker Out. Where Does It End???

              • Personally, I don’t trade the price swings.

                Gold and silver are real money. You save them, and spend when needed after you’ve run out of paper fiat. (Gresham’s Law). If you don’t need to buy something, simply hang on to your real, private, inflation resistance savings until the day you do need them, or the day it doesn’t matter any more because you’re dead.

            • depends, did you buy it as a long term hedge against serious economic collapse, or to try to turn a buck??
              What are your investment goals?
              Me, the physical stuff stays put. I’ll play with the paper stuff, mining stocks etc. Made twice per dollar on those than I did physical PM’s… but again those are for the (very) long haul.

      14. Silver will drop again in a few months when things settle down, probably after summer. The world’s attention will be focused on the extension of the Clinton Empire and the mass hysteria when Trump is denied election. Look what just happened, “they” own the DOJ now. The whole PM market is fixed and tightly controlled. Computer algorithms rule now. Big Money buys low and sells high, and it controls the price variations at all times. The big money goal is short term profit… Again, and again, and again in cyclic fashion. The dollar will devalue making things seem more expensive. So selling that cache of silver for devalued paper somewhere in the future gets you nowhere.

        Revisit Rothchild’s war profits strategy starting with when Napolian lost Waterloo. You can live 3 mins without oxygen, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. Rather than exist in a Medieval scenario, we’ll probably be using silver ground to dust and mixed with petroleum jelly for an effective, bactericide field bandage.

        • I know you’re trying to be somewhat facetious with your example, but you did manage to illustrate that silver would then STILL have value in a Medieval scenario..!
          Cant dress a wound with a $20, right..?

      15. I got a 40% silver Kennedy half in change just 5 days ago. It only cost me 50 cents. At that time, it’s value was $2.62 in FRNs. Today it’s worth $2.89. That’s a 10% increase in just 5 days. Silver is up to $19.56 an ounce today, per coinflation (dot) com.

        That shows how much our currency has lost value since 1965.

      16. Typically when the silver price jumps it’s always smashed down. Like from April to May when it went from $16.25 to almost $18.00 then kept dropping until it hit $16.00 again around June 1st. This week it crossed $18 for the first time in a long time. The next day or so it crossed $19. Right now it’s at $19.58 at about 1:00 Central Time. If the markets were open all night I think it would hit $20 by tomorrow morning.

        It looks like the big banks and the Federal Reserve are losing control of their price manipulations. Or they’ve stopped because letting the silver price skyrocket fits into their plans.

      17. It seems sellers of silver like to keep the price affordable to more buyers, too high prices produce less sales. Back a little before the run up to near $50 I bought 40 ounces for around $35 per ounce, kept it a week and sold it back for about the same price before it headed to near $50. I don’t understand why it moved that high and then dropped to lower than current levels recently. I read that the industrial use takes a lot of the production, solar panels and tech devises etc., and that there is a limited amount available. If so the price should be higher I would think. Also, why is the value of silver not the normal ratio of value up against gold. There must be a lot more silver than is being told. I doubt I’d pay more than about $20 plus the above spot added by sellers.

        • if silver remains same value always as some here claim?

          And when silver goes Up dollars go Down?

          Then why when a few yrs ago and silver was at around $48 per oz…Why didnt one us dollar bill Buy three times as much stuff back then when silver dropped to its Low values after 2008?

          if what you folks claim is true?…Then what I ask here is also true and silver drop to $12+ per oz at its Low should have meant one us dollar could buy four times as much as it did.

          Whats Real truth is, that each Day Gold and Silver prices are Fixed/set at aprox 8:30 AM each weekday in London by a Rothschild bankster and his several fellow crooks that set the prices….This info has been stated by many articles and tv guys that have tv shows deals with economy and metals etc.

          Plus the MSNBC tv stock market station charts show at times Yellow flashing signals that mean ALL Gold sales or buys were Halted totally untill further notice. That happens frequently too…The whole shebang is FIXED!

          And even if gold went back down to $300 per oz tomorrow…Your foods and gasoline or any other items bought would NOT be deeply discounted by same factor as gold down was at….Basic prices would likley remain the same as any other day regardless what prises silver or gold was listed at.

          I still believe that if all the many metals sellers really believed what They Tell You of soon higher to the Moon prices?…They would Never sell you any! Or at least not sell to You untill prices sky rocketed first.

          Would You believe a local Ford Car dealership if salesman told you “Buy a Ford Car Now as very Soon Car prices are going to the Moon!”?….So why would he keep selling cars and not just wait a bit to sell Moon high car prices eh?

          Would You sell at Lower prices if You believed to the Moon soon?….NO certainly Not! yet they All do sell even after make such wild claims of too the moon soon alice.

          Somebodys not telling us real facts or truths it seems eh.

      18. I was half expecting more blood in the streets when silver ran up.

      19. Paper Gold and silver are currently shorted to unprecedented levels.

        If Gold and especially Silver are allowed to continue to rise, the shorts will need to get out. There isn’t enough silver in existence to be bought to cover all the paper short contracts. The result, the price of silver will explode upward. It will get bloody.

        ****** What is a short. In the markets via a short you can borrow someone else’s stock or in the case of silver, their actual silver or paper silver, then you sell it. If the price goes down, you can buy back the stock or commodity at the lower price and return it to the owner. You get to keep the profit. Thus you can make money on a down market through a short.

        However, it the price goes up, you must, upon a sale by the owner, buy back silver for the owner, no matter the market price. The owner gets to keep his profit, plus your losses, he can make huge profits when he sells. Thus why people put stocks or commodities up for loan to shorts. Shorting stocks or commodities can be very lucrative, or will crush the investor with losses if the market or commodity goes up.

        Shorting gold and silver because of government intervention/manipulation has been a sure thing of recent years, thus there are vast short positions through naked shorts (a naked short doesn’t require borrowing someone’s actual silver, it’s more like an IOU to the market).

        If the market rises and shorts must cover, those shorts are obligated to produce silver that does not actually exist…… Oops.

        The gold and silver markets know this and resist the markets natural moves to protect the naked shorts.

        When the market breaks free, expect a financial martial law by government entities to protect their currencies.

        If anyone is long, meaning they own silver or silver paper, they could make incredible huge profits when you sell to the shorts trying to cover.

      20. Plan twice, prep once… Thank you for that explanation.

      21. Alright guys trying to cash in my change jar silver,the people I ck,d none in stock!Who has now!
        Maniac –out

      22. I’ve got silver. Would rather have more practical, daily use items.

        One statement in the article near the end is nonsensical, though. Can’t have a rate hike and negative interest rates at the same time.

      23. When it hits $51 wake me up.

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