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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    There’s no comparison between the two since 1971; gold is simply a BETTER ASSET to own than silver in the past 49 years. It’s a fact. Numbers don’t lie.

    R.H. Macy was an American entrepreneur, but like many others, his first attempts at cracking the world of business, understanding retail tastes and how to run a business, FAILED MISERABLY, and fell short of glory.

    In fact, his first four tries at building and managing department stores ENDED IN DEFEAT.

    Not many would go for it a fifth time, certainly not FIFTEEN YEARS later, but he did. Macy’s became a huge COMMERCIAL SUCCESS.

    Silver, much like Mr. Macy, has failed at breaking out several times. Just like Mr. Macy, I’m sure the camp of people who believe in it HAS DWINDLED. After all, gold has multiplied in price 51 times since 1971, while silver has managed to only multiply by 10 times.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    Even during the first half of 2020, gold is the CLEAR WINNER.

    Right now, though, for a very brief moment of time, silver, the little sister, wants to run faster than its older brother, gold. Portfolio Wealth Global believes that it can.

    We see silver hitting $21/ounce (a 12% gain from today’s price) before gold hits $2,000 (a 12% gain from today’s price as well).

    Importantly, once gold does hit the $2,000 mark, silver will VERY QUICKLY jump to $25, as we see it.

    In other words, in the NOT-SO-DISTANT future, silver will emerge as the world’s HOTTEST COMMODITY.

    This has CRITICAL RAMIFICATIONS to our incredibly profitable gold stocks portfolio. It has ALREADY reached the triple-digit hemisphere and still has TREMENDOUS UPSIDE left in it.

    Silver invites RETAIL SPECULATORS, which, as you can see, are able to take any company and DREAM UP crazy valuations for it – based on God-knows-what thesis, such as in the cases of many DARLING NAMES of the day, which make no mathematical sense, from a purely fundamental perspective.


    We see in the data that the RECOVERY of consumer spending has basically stopped. Americans, who up until February were enjoying a strong jobs market, low inflation, and no health issues, got their heads spun by this global panic.

    It will take 3-5 years for the jobs market to recover to its February 2020 condition.

    This is REFLATION PERIOD, very similar to the 2009 era when silver made a move from $9 to $49. We do not believe anything like that is BOUND TO OCCUR, but we are ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that gold and silver stocks are in a rock-solid uptrend, which will be LEGENDARY.

    We’re seeing it already and in the next three weeks of July and going into August, we will profile a NEW COMPANY, which has never been covered on the pages of ANY NEWSLETTER. We will also be updating on existing profiled companies, which are currently making GIANT STRIDES.


    Bond investors have simply NOT BOUGHT INTO the recovery thesis at all. The fact that they’re still willingly lending currency to government and PAYING FOR THE PRIVILEGE (negative interest rates), is proof that they are still TERRIBLY UNCONVINCED that the real economy is out of the woods.

    The printing presses have to keep filling the ink cartridges because this isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

    There’s so much to this; it’s not a rally – it’s a BULL MARKET.

    The point of NO RETURN is in the rearview mirror.

    Fortunes will be made. The mess below is not HUMANLY POSSIBLE to untangle:



    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

    Free Exclusive Report
    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. This is not a revolution. This is state sponsored terrorism, led by the deep-state itself, includng 1970’s known Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Susan Rosenburg, Rosenburg happens to be a board member of Thousand Currents which BLMGN funnels donations to from a Delaware listed corporate address, from DNC processer, ACT BLUE.

        The notion that the problem is the result of capitalism quickly disintegrates when the facts are examined. If it is capitalism that is the problem, how was America successful from 1945-1975? If it is capitalism that is the problem, why did China and Russia both start succeeding when capitalism was adopted in Russia, and when capitalism entered China under Nixon which has becoming more and more capitalist ever since, with the majority of American manufacturers manufacturing in China, and supported by the entire United States financial sector through the stock market, consistently bailed out, with an exodous of money leaving America and entering China in a three time robbery of the U.S. Treasury Department, with money being sent to China?

        Corruption is the problem! Now the corrupt capitalists claim that capitalism is the problem, and ask for socialism, still leaving them in power, in control, and free to continue their reign of terror, raping and pillaging. No economic system can survive under corruption. Corrupt individuals will destroy any economic system that they participate in!

        They are trying to incite civil war, and a CIA color revolution in America, with CIA agents John Kiriakou, and Lee Camp even taking over Sputnik radio and RT. The color is clear! Total surveillance of everyone’s life is what they would like! Their actions totally contradict their rhetoric! I also believe that they figure that if people are unwilling to consent to that, that they will voluntarily stop using the internet, which is fine with them, since they could regain the narrative that they have lost control of, they being the power brokers that the CIA serves in its act of treason.

        George Sorros is a socialist, supposedly, and is one of the richest, most corrupt, and violent people in the world! He practically has his own private CIA agency, with numerous spin offs parading as charities that sponsor the white helmets, and human trafficking coyotes. Show me a greedy socialist, and I will show you a
        fraud! He has crashed entire economies virtually overnight through currency manipulation!

        Under capitalism, businesses fail, they are not bailed out. It could be argued that what America suffers from is a lack of capitalism!

        The stock market has to be abolished. It is being rapaciously abused. Either they can end the bail outs, or end the stock markets!

        They want civil war, not revolution, as usual with CIA color revolutions! It can be a race war, a left versers right political war, a capitalist vs. solcialist civil war, a mask and social distancing vs. no masks and no social distancing, about LGBTQ rights or no LGBTQ rights, they really do not give a damn what the war is about, as long as they are not the enemies and as long as they can remain in power and remain unaccaountable for their crime spree!

        Andrea Iravani

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