Sign of the Times: Riot Control Gear Sales Are Soaring Globally

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    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s

    Tess is the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster


    If you pay attention to the news at all, it probably seems like the world has been fraying at the edges lately. In South America, Brazil’s economy is crumbling and Venezuela is on the verge of collapse. In the United States, riots are expected at the Republican National Convention later this month. In Europe, the Brexit vote is threatening to tear apart the EU and the UK.

    And all over the world, people are becoming sick and tired of the status quo. In nearly every single country, people are losing their faith in major institutions, and in increasing numbers, they are losing their trust in the financial and political elitists who run those institutions.

    Obviously, this state of affairs can’t continue indefinitely. There is a flashpoint somewhere down the road, when the people of the world reach their breaking point, and the elitists who run their societies will do everything they can to hold onto their power. It’s going to be ugly, and it’s going to be global in scope.

    The governments of the world clearly know what’s coming. That’s why they’re stocking up on riot gear at an unprecedented rate. We know this because globally, sales of riot gear are rapidly growing.

    Over the next five years, the market for crowd control tools is expected to boom, from $9.05 billion in 2016 to some $11.78 billion by 2021, at a rate of 5.4%, according to RNR Market Research.

    Currently, the market is dominated by North American companies, due to technological advancement and growing fears of terrorism and civil unrest. The report forecasts, however, that over the coming years, Asian-Pacific and Middle Eastern markets will grow at the highest rate. Current popular products for handling unrest without inflicting lethal harm include offensive and defensive weapons, electromagnetic and sonic weapons, kinetic impact weapons, chemical agents, and more.

    Of the weaponry available on the market, directed energy weapons (a subset of offensive weapons) is projected to grow at the highest rate, including what are termed active denial systems (ADS) or “pain rays.”

    And that’s not all. Wealthy Americans from Chicago to the Silicon Valley are buying rural compounds that they can escape to if civil unrest occurs. Companies that produce luxury bomb shelters are seeing widespread interest, and the wealthy who are still living in major cities are building panic rooms in their luxury apartments.

    Clearly, the people who are in the know are getting ready for something big. The elitists who run the governments of the world are hunkering down. They’re preparing their police forces to deal with widespread civil unrest, and they preparing to protect themselves as well. The only question that remains is, are you ready?

    This article was originally published at Tess Pennington’s

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page or on his personal Twitter.

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      1. I remember talking to some acquaintances and telling them to get and learn how to shoot firearms because crime will only increase and the population will only get angrier. I told them I expected to see riots across America – this was a few years back. They were nice, but I could tell they thought I was bat-shit crazy. Now look.

        • I’ve experienced the same looks.

          • Anon and Menzo, I have also experienced the same looks from people about prepping and other subjects even BEFORE Katrina. Sheeple are like leopards; they never change their spots.

        • I have neighbors who are absolute pacifists. Really sweet people.

          They honestly asked me if I would protect them in the time of need, which they see coming? I laid out state law. I said the government you voted for said, “I can’t raise a hand to protect you”! I got blinking eyes like deer in headlights!

          They vote, and they gave it all away in my state. And now when things are getting scary. They are so confused, so lost, so frightened.

          I do have them packing away food, that is a huge step, and a huge admission.

          Weapons and ammo? Sorry, I only have enough to arm my immediate family. No significant arsenal here. (Definition of arsenal is any collection of more than two weapons)! They are on their own!

          • Nothing will stop them from “visiting” you when it does go south. Pacifists or not, they will first be desperate, then angry, and then possibly violent.

            The time for telling/advising is almost at a close, and the time for silence is very near.

            Watch and listen. Only offer advice to those who are trusted and truly want it. Never give away info on yourself or your preps.

            Good Luck

            • Desperate people WILL DO desperate actions, and killing is the #1 “action” most often taken.
              There WILL be many instances where “brothers will kill brothers” in the name of survival, because it will be a necessity with the only sanity being found ‘after the fact’ in realization of what they have done that can’t be undone.
              There WILL be many places where there are “peaceful people” with no qualms about using them on strangers. Some meaning to attack and others only meaning to keep you at a distance from their BOL, no matter what it is.

              Already, we have “family” that are making noises about how they can’t make it week-to-week and have enough money …and so we took the 2nd “hit up” for “food money” yesterday …and what’s maddening is they were told YEARS ago (more than once) to ‘get it in gear and start making preparations for hard time.’ In reality, during the few years this has been going on, HE has not worked one, solitary hour since he turned 18 and graduated. He turned 40 yesterday and is expecting his mother and I (he’s a stepson and I hate admitting it) to pay for new dentures as he was too lazy to brush, so they are still rotting out of his head. He’s not the brightest bulb in the closet, and he HAS managed to get two jobs. One required dipping a “doggie yummy” in brown stuff and putting it back on the belt. Within the first hour the boss checked on him to see how he was doing, and he was not dipping the “snacks” the way he was shown, got into an argument about the best way to dip it, and got fired two hours after he had started. A week later someone hired him to weed-whack grass around train-gate intersections. On Day-1 the boss found him at the FIRST place he was supposed to have done out of 10 that day. He had done no work because it was “too hot”, and that’s the last he’s tried for finding work, and that was over 14 years ago.

              My point is that in many situations it will be “your kids” or “cousins” looking to live off “the fat of your hog”, and I’m just not to sure what is right or wrong “thinking” …anyone out there care to throw their 2cents at me as “food for thought”.

              Getting rather pissed-off…

              • E,
                Not trying to sound too mean, but that grown man needs weaned! Cut him off and let him fend for himself, it’s not easy, it will hurt you more than him, but he’s gotta learn! You and wife aren’t going to live forever .
                Just my two cents
                Take care and good luck!

                • MoomaD, welcome back and I wholeheartedly agree. Equorial, I understand it’s your decision to make, but I would’ve kicked that kid out in only a month’s time. Braveheart has no use for freeloaders. Just Braveheart’s 2 cents. Best wishes.

            • As an alt. to this:

              The community mindset.

              This usually happens after ‘The Event(s)’. A community can survive, but everyone, repeat, EVERYONE must contribute.

              As unrealistic as some might be, some TV shows and movies come to mind.
              Look them up.

              Jeremiah Johnson
              The Walking Dead
              And more

          • Maybe they need a little work, eh?

            Invite them to a range for a short revolver session.

      2. Every one feels something is coming,just not sure what. Keep prepping,you’ll be ahead of the crowd.

        • We feel the same way. Something is coming, just not sure what/when. Yes, keep prepping however, some advice that I got several years ago: It’s called “low key prepping”. I buy supplies in small amounts over a long period of time. If I buy cases of canned goods, I tend to do it at night when the stores aren’t as busy. Ammo, again, small amounts over a long period of time. Storing cash and precious metals, again, SMALL amounts over a long period of time. I’ve been doing this and it makes more sense. You do not want to raise eyebrows with anyone, and I don’t need to explain why. If you prep in large amounts during prime time and during broad daylight during peek hours, someone, somewhere already knows this and WILL have you marked. Worse case scenario, they (a lot of them! More than you can handle!) , WILL come knocking on your door. So, lay low, be low key, and most of all, don’t talk about it. Be safe everyone!

          • Cabela’s called the cops on me. No kidding.
            The clerk didn’t like me buying out all of their food stores.
            Eating is suspicious.

            Seperate incident:
            Cops hacked email and bothered me when meeting up with food storage dealer.
            Eating is very suspicious.

            I have a cabin up in mountains that I stock with long term food stocks.
            No frig. Not much space. So freeze dried allows me to feed family, friends, strangers, that stop in unannounced.

            We fed two game wardens last year. They said they were tracking poacher. I think they just wanted to snoop? They ate then left. No problems. Not much to snoop about up there. Pretty spartan accomidations. Bed-Stove-Table -Chairs-Bunk

            This “suspicious everyone is enemy society” makes me want to leave USA.
            When sporting good store clerks are playing snitch. It is time to leave.
            Oh yeah. Academy sports wanted to take my DL info and plug in computer when i went to by bird shells. I told clerk there to keep her shells. My State does not require that info. Academy just wants to play special agent, like these other knuckle heads.

            Also they require a name now anytime you go into a burger joint.
            I don’t lie. I just walked out and bought a grill. Better burger. Lower cost.

            Done griping now. Just observations of the control grid.
            Anyone have suggestion of nice place where men can be men and be left alone?
            Time to clear out of here. Won’t live under communist rulers.

            • Good onya GDayM8 how ya travlin? Low key preppin makes sense m8. I prefer to keep it simple but. Don’t need the whole campin store, just what ya need, travel light – go far – up sticks n go!
              Rabbitohs country

            • I don’t mind places asking for my name.
              Of course they never get the real one!

              I like the discount that rewards cards provide. They require a phone number. I give them the number for my grandma. Grandmas numbers been out of service for decades since she died.

              Let them gather all the info they like, it doesn’t link to me.

          • Well stated GDayM8. There is always ONE out there looking to do you with ‘no good’ …just a part of life I suppose. The flip-side is that our here absolutely everyone is on the same page with the same mind-set on how to get ready, and of course each of us have different priorities, so the 50 square miles or so surrounding us are very, very safe, mostly National Forest (in a section not easily accessed thank God, or it would be full of hunters …never have seen ONE as it would require crossing a horrifying gorge to hunt a relatively small area, so we don’t expect much in the way of company …and if they come, the dogs will let us know MILES before they arrive. By then I’ll either be ready, or already be finished …depends on who they are and why are they there right?

            Hey, got a ‘funny one’ for ya. Last Friday I was expecting a shipment of ammo, and late into afternoon I decided to double-check a Millet scope on an LR-308 (AR-15) using a ‘laser bore’. Sometimes “things” work out just right, and my closest neighbor’s kid was hearing some of my other weapons being fired and came down the road hoping for some fun.
            When he came around the corner he met the UPS truck that I supposed had my ammo on board, but the kid said that when they started pulling into my drive, up to the gate, was when I decided to ‘touch off’ a couple of .308s to check my ‘sighting settings’.
            That 12yr old kid was laughing his ass off so hard he was crying. He said all you could see was BIG WHITE EYES AND TEETH as that truck spun around the circle and got the hell outta here (THEY thought they were being shot at, as this area DOES have “stories” about the people out here, and blacks don’t even THINK about coming out ‘here’ for hunting or fishing, etc. (none of them true of course).

            It IS “nice” to be DEEP into the woods. (By the time this area develops into anything, we’ll have long since died or be too damned old to care)!
            Guess my ammo will show up on a different truck Monday? lol…

        • The globalist/NWO criminals are running scared because their wicked plans will not come to fruition at this time. But they’re not going away without a fight. They will hurt us and do as much damage as possible with their weather engineering, HAARP, chemtrails, false flags, whatever they can do to punish us for noncompliance. Be prepared for some “downtime”. We are about to go through some troubling waters very soon.

      3. If there were riots at The RNC in Cleveland, we didn’t hear about it but I am more certain of them during the DNC in Philadelphia.

        Besides riot gear is not bullet resistant anyway.
        But the military has been experimenting with sonic type weaponary that can cause as much damage as a bullet to the body. Right type of frequenices can kill a person.

        • Watch

          Top 5 Mind Blowing Weapons Police Use on Protestors

          h ttps://


        “BERLIN (Reuters) – A 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested after killing a woman with a machete and injuring two other people in the southern German city of Reutlingen on Sunday, but the attack had no apparent connection to terrorism, police said.

        The asylum-seeking Syrian man had been involved in previous incidents causing injuries to other people, and was apparently acting alone, a police spokesman said.

        “There is no danger to anyone else at this time,” the police said.

        “Given the current evidence, there is no indication that this was a terrorist attack,” police said in a statement.”




      5. Today I went to a gun show. Lots of guns and gear. The prices were not as inflated as I thought they would be.
        Keeping in line with the thread.

        I stayed close to a couple of venders selling body armor. Soft and plates. Watched three transactions/sales in about an hour.

        Buyer Beware! I examined the plates. Plates were rated for Level 3 and seller said it would stop rifle fire. I thought Level 4 was needed to stop rifle fire.

        Reading from other sites. Training to shoot head and throat shots to nullify body armor. Not center mass.

        • Level 3 plates will stop common rifle calibers to a point. Level 3A is the Kevlar soft armor which will not stop rifle rounds.

          • Level IIIa is good for “up to a .45ACP”. You’ll feel it hit no doubt in ‘close quarters’, but it won’t get through. At short or long distances, a large bore rifle can walk through IIIa. And I don’t think I’d want to be wearing IIIa and have a 5.56 x ?? or especially a 7.62x51mm “working over my vest.” (They unravel fast when “blistered” by many ‘incoming rounds’). Besides, you wouldn’t like wearing Level IV plates while mobile, IIIa is best for that (and still pretty restrictive by the time you get the MOLLE and “the entire contents of the arsenal” attached to it.

            And, of course, with armor you always have to keep in mind there are bullets out there called “green tips” that are made to penetrate METAL OR Kevlar(s) …so dress accordingly?

            The only sure thing is that you’ll see some very ‘odd and strange’ things happen with bullets, Kevlar and ‘rated’ plates.

            The name of the game is survival, and one of the ways to train for it is The Army’s SERE School. SEALs often take SERE especially when you learn the ones you’ll be fighting will love skinning you alive and enough other “convincers” to get you to take SERE’s. Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape. <—NOWHERE in there do you see the work "ENGAGE" because that's the very last thing you want to end up doing …engaging the enemy in a firefight (or even having them "hot on your ass – which is why EVASION comes into the picture (how to hide in the wide open and be invisible). So you have your survival tactics nailed down well, if you run into unfriendly troops you'll know how to 'evade' being detected or how to 'evade' their little "walk-a-bouts" their perimeter. If you end up being spotted, now Resistance comes into the picture. You need to know the right thing to do and fast, or you'll be in stage four, ESCAPE. RESISTANCE is usually RUN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION (if you can). This is the entire reason that you do NOT "sneak up" on the enemy to gather 'intel' …there's a 99% chance you'll be spotted and captured, so just don't do it. SURVIVAL-EVADE-RESISTANCE-ESCAPE. Live by it!

        • Level 4 is the for the 7.62mm stuff, and heavy enough you don’t want to use it for anything other than static duty, like a guard position or areas prone to sniper activity. If you’re some linebacker type individual you can probably handle it, but most people won’t have the stamina to wear it for long.

          Levels 3 and 3A are better suited to moving around with.

          Steel plates are probably better than ceramic, they won’t crack, can take multiple hits, and cost less. You can also make replacements a lot easier when supply chains are disrupted or non-existant, something to consider when the need for personal armor by the public becomes general.

          • i would rather HAVE it, and not need it, than NEED it, and not have it…..because if you need it, and DON’T have it….you’ll most likely never NEED it again. be CAREFULL of those “steel plates” at gunshows….they aren’t created equal….i like ceramic better, but keep both on hand.

            • Yup, you need to check the steel rating, including if it’s counterfeit or not, anyone can stencil a hardness rating on cheap steel.

              If you don’t know the vendor, best thing to do is maybe buy the vest/carrier at the show, you can get a decent deal maybe, then order the plates online from a known source.

              I saw some imported Chinese ceramic plates a couple of years ago and one table. I wanted to drop one on the concrete floor to test it, but didn’t.

              • Watch Blackhawk down they let you walk by . Then shoot you in the back . At least have a back plate. You can cover your front . But not your back.

              • if you drop plates on the floor, it’s LIKELY to crack them….you could always ASK the vendor why HIS is better than the other guy’s….had one vendor saw me buy several plates at one gunshow, and he walked over to ask why i didn’t buy HIS…i didn’t realize at the time, but he educated me how his has been tested at lab, and even provided paperwork proving it…i did’nt realize up to that point there can be a BIG difference, even though it’s same thickness…maybe my third-grade teacher was right when she looked at me and said “randy, education aint for EVERYBODY”…

                • That is correct-o-mundo. Dropping plates can easily damaged them but not to the ‘naked eye’, making the plate ‘deadly’ if it is hit (because it will shatter). Ceramic, steel, or that molybendium or whatever-the-hell it’s called.
                  Once a plate has been dropped it is considered no longer serviceable …in my book and imho.

                  • Good to know.

          • I like the idea of a large armor plate that can be inserted into a knapsack.

            Something I can wear, easily carry, avoid being shot in the back with, and hold in front of me if shooting starts.

            It is for that fuzzy time (months even years), when people don’t realize war is afoot.

            • hmmmm, i wonder if you saw MY suggestion for that a few years ago when i started looking into vests?….it’s a great idea….make sure your WIFE at work….and KIDS at school have one!

          • BTW, i see a lot of people at the gunshows buying plate carriers and plates, instead of bulletproof vests….when i go into a battle my vest with plates inserted will protect FAR more than a plate….you won’t be able to find a doctor/hospital when they ring the bell, so make SURE you know what you’re buying….yes, they are lighter, but nowhere near what both together will do for you….you can think all day about how being light and nimble will carry you through, but it aint for me….i like to think i will be sitting guard duty, or driving somwhere i HAVE to go to(hospital?)….water run?….driving to work, when it’s bad, but just not quite THAT bad yet….also, i got extras to put over the seat back, on the dash, at my sides. i want to be able to sit in my own little “defensible space”….you could even string a few together with 550 cord to make a “portable foxhole” to take where ever you go.

        • i went to a gun show after Orlando shooting expecting to see sky rocketing prices but there was no change from pre-Orlando.

          I was expecting to see the Sandyhook Price Gouge.

          • yes, amazing to ME that this time, unlike ALL the last 5 years or so,….THIS time, the price of ammo hasn’t gone up, and store shelves aren’t cleared out….sounds like we got all the ammo we are going to need by now….every time there’s been a shooting, prices go back up…..but now, even 22lr is getting easier to get. i just picked up a few cases because there was no limit at dick’s….first time i’ve seen no limit in 5 years for 22lr….got a feelin’ prices are going a LOT lower….SOON, for ammo.

            • Really? Well now, with world problems on the rise and with everyone buying up all the ammo they can afford to and we STILL have a surplus coming up? They must plan on making their money via ‘lots and lots’ of moving inventory, translating into we’ll be needful of a lot of bullets. But, we STILL do not know “exactly” why this is so. We KNOW “in our guts” and can feel it “in our guts” that something is getting wound so tightly that I wouldn’t be surprised to see the moon explode.
              All over the Earth “hot spot” after “hot spot” are popping up faster than we can take it all in, and even the news leaves out 80% of what happens in a day. I rarely see anything that speaks of Brazil …guess I need to expand to more foreign newspapers and such.
              I suppose with so very many people “feeling” this anomaly, it MUST be real, and since my senses seem ‘heightened’ as compared to several months back, “it” must be getting closer …or perhaps my sanity is leaving me?

              • Equorial, your sanity is fine, it’s the world’s that’s screwed up.
                You’re right about world news, (Brazil) and Venezuela, etc., what’s going on there? Wife makes a point to watch abc ‘world news’ each evening and I’ve finally gotten through to here that what she’s seeing isn’t world news.
                David Muir is another propaganda spewing puppet. Big emphasis on frightening weather, tornadoes, etc. but nothing on Europe or South America. Nothing about TPP, NDAA, rampant corruption at every level of government, but what does one expect? If the news media wants access to a President or big politico, you play nice and you get access.

        • Anon
          Another good target area is right where the upper leg meets with the hip
          If you miss the femoral artery ( which is pretty much instant death)
          They still ain’t going anywhere , it’s also a larger target area than a head shot , neck etc

          Follow up shots may be necessary, but target is at yer mercy

        • On the subject of body armor;

          One of the first things I read about when I took up prepping was the economic collapse in Argentina. On websites like this one, people are trying daily to get their head around what a post SHTF situation will be to them. IMO-You will gain more useful information from history than science fiction for sure!

          In an article about the aftermath of the collapse, an Argentinian talked about the changes to his family’s daily life and how the black markets had been created and opperated, how crime shifted and home abductions became more of a threat, how parents no longer let children play outside because of stray gunfire, and how you couldn’t tell if a stranger was a good guy or bad guy until it was too late. Of a list of things he said he wished he had planned for before the collapse, body armor was number one. Not for the gun battles you might be imagining, but for going to buy toilet paper and other essential goods at those black markets, where you could never be sure if you would be robbed or not.

          Closely following body armor and firearms & ammo came dvd’s and video games as people were forced to spend their time indoors.

        • Good old shotguns and buckshot don’t get much press nowadays. I guess pistols and ARs are more sexy.

          I believe the greatest threat to us is MULTIPLE, bad guys possibly wearing ARMOR showing up at our home. We are retired. And we ‘refuse to be a victim’. Shotguns and buckshot will take multiple bad guys out of play and minimize injuries to innocents.

          • don’t get caught outside your home with that shotgun!….if you go up against someone with a rifle, you lose….shotguns are for home defense,…or busting INTO homes, but are only effective to about 40 yards, at most….it’s nice to have a gun that won’t kill your neighbor in a fight with intruders, but if you only have ONE gun, it better be a battle rifle….a shotgun or pistol is what you use to fight to get to your battle rifle. BTW, make SURE you “pattern” that buckshot to make sure it spreads at the rate you want…some buckshot is packed in something so it won’t spread out nearly as fast…pay CLOSE attention to the KIND of ammo you use….and practice with it.

      6. Anon it would be much harder to hit the head or neck. I don’t understand all the tacticool crap. I never liked scopes myself they are delicate and good ones are expensive. As far as web gear there is some good deals to be had. I like the real tree hunting stuff you don’t look like some swat cop with it. It’s a little more $ and isn’t really high speed but the camo is top notch in my area. Bass pro has a good selection. I got these real tree insulated coveralls I got them one size larger and just roll the ankles up. Excellent to move around in and feels like a warm sleeping bag on the coldest nights of the year. Paid $125 worth every penny IMO. Really traps the heat in. You get caught in the cold without the right gear you will pay dearly for it or die. Im not going to a riot or joining a militia so don’t need plates helmets pads. I’d take warm and dry gear anyday over tacticool.

        • military extreme cold weather clothing system(google it) or ECWCS, is another great option if you can get your hands on some. look at the manual on what parts of the 7 different layers you wear for what temperature….anywhere from 50* to below zero, and they got you covered… if you live near a base, try bookoo…often the stuff can be had very cheap….and as far as armor and not needing it…..i bet you change yer mind in a HURRY when you see the zombies marchin’ up to your house, asshat….i just HAD to say that, couldn’t help muhseff!

      7. Not normally considered riot gear, but what are the best sunglasses for riots/warfare in hot and cold corrosive climates? ThankX!

        • 3A face shield. I have some good darkened safety glasses that look like sunglasses. Don’t want anything to interfere with my aim.

          • Safety glass part numbers? I normally use UVEX, but I was searching for what Navy seals prefer.

            • Typically Oakley M Frames or more rarely, some of the Wiley X glasses.

              The Wiley X stuff has been coming up more recently with units, but most people still use mostly Oakley’s.

        • there are several ballistic glasses used in the army, but oakley is the most expensive/sought after, so i’ll just bet there’s yer answer.

        • Safety glasses.

          Available in any hardware store, became required non issue equipment in the Middle East because of sand storms.

          A few years ago there was a Sci-Fi show where the soldiers always wore safety glasses. Makes sense to me!

          Screw your eyes and you are good as dead in a battlefield. All ranges require them! Why would you not have and wear them?

          • the army calls them “ballistic” glasses, because if you’re shot in the face with a shotgun, they are supposed to protect your eyes….i hear that from some of the troops i buy from/sell to….wiley x is another brand…just google “ballistic glasses”, and i bet you will have DAYS of reading material.

        • I tried all the suggestions you guys have so helpfully
          suggested. I’ll see if the VA will sell me a standard issue
          frame the next next time I see my VA doctor.

        • rellik; The wife and I both accidentally ran across some killer glasses that you’ll love, I should think. Actually, there are many.

          First, the ‘glass’ you look through can be hit by shrapnel or even a small bullet and NOT shatter. This includes their best sunglasses or (even better), the goggles (war goggles) they made with foam ‘seals’ yet fully ventilated so you ever have fogged up lenses. Prices aren’t too steep (eyesight is precious so I’ll fork it out and did). <===That's a set of goggles they make, and Wiley X is a KNOWN AND TRUSTED NAME among the boys who love war toys! Good luck with it!

      8. To see what’s coming watch this short video. The Coming Days . Esoteric Truths. And the little girls two birthdays.

      9. Get 3-D sunglasses. When you look at oncomming monkeys ready to attack you, those lenses of one side Red Vs other side lense Blue creates a good contrast with the aproaching brown and black shades of dangerous attackers.

        This in turn actually shows much greater detail of just how damn closely those oncoming street attacker mobs so resemble a real true Apelike animal.

        Them what has 20/20 perfect vision, will be almost able to see what appears to look very close to real Fur on the attackers…..So far No info as yet on actual combat zone useage of such 3D eye wear….Should be soon though.

      10. Would you rather have a 3a or nothing. Think about it if you gotta wear armor movement and lightweight is everything.

      11. As an FFL, I had a dist. rep call when some reasonably priced ARs arrived that were on my ‘wish list”. Hundreds of them had just arrived. I bought a few about 4pm Thursday. The next morning…they were out of them. One model, from one manufacturer, from one distributor, gone.

        Local major metro PD contact calls Thursday. They need 2x .30 cal. suppressors. NOW.

        Wife is a 2nd grade teacher….15 years now. She gets an email Friday asking/pushing for “volunteers” to take trauma training this coming Wednesday. I asked ‘what kind of trauma?…emotional or people bleeding out on the floor?’ Nobody seems to know. She asked if she should go. I said most definitely. She reports Wednesday morning.


        • The classes being offered will end up being nationwide by the end of this week (if things go as planned). All schools are starting up with “drills” starting this week.
          Seems “they” want the public to be as psychologically and “hands-on” trained to deal with heavy incidences of major accidents, heavy causalities and much blood, events such as happened in Nice, France – – and hopefully add to the list of people who are able to act as “first responders” as best as they can with whatever they have to work with – – knowledge of First Aid is going to be your best friend, so if you haven’t yet, you need a good book with pics that reads something like: Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook or SAS Survival Guide or Department of The Army- Emergency War Surgery.
          I’ve spent years learning tons of medical knowledge from surgery to medications and why they are used. We are both comfortable that we could handle “in house” most anything that might ‘befall us” on the medical side. When it comes to medical, one never really has enough (but it can be gotten …grin).
          Other very good books to study are “Combatives” (Marine Corps combatives are good, nicely written with pictures, and it gets as hard core as you’ll ever want to find yourself mixed up in. Most trained ‘commandos’ can take five average enemy soldiers (or assholes on the street), and have them on the ground and unconscious inside of 30 seconds or less. You just hit them BOOM like a freight train and down they go, with little to no ‘heavy’ physical output on your part (just a knowledge of pressure points and “killing zones” when needed).

      12. I hope people don’t go to the streets to demonstrate. But those who do could wind up getting arrested and put into makeshift prisons. Any superstore can easily be turned into a holding pen. Then just starved. I would stay away from crowds. If someone comes to you, you have rights but when you take your beef to the streets, you are at the mercy of the crowd and the cops.

        Prepare for hyperinflation by buying what you need now. It isn’t how much you make as much as how you spend that money.

        Prepare for the loss of utilities including clean tap water.

        Prepare for someone to try to rob you or gov to confiscate your preps. Don’t make it easy for them. Imagine dogs will be used to sniff out food preps. Pack everything airtight. Don’t put food that may be able to be sniffed out with canned, etc if hidden.
        Put stuff in multiple locations, within and without.

        Mind your own business and don’t tell even your own family all your preparations. Loose lips sink ships. Children in their innocence will compromise security so keep kids out of the trap of knowing too much. Teach children to keep a confidence. Teach them the difference between predators secrets and family secrets. Remember the schools and media teach that all secrets are bad while the PTB engage in Secret Operations themselves.

      13. I agree . we must be as prepared as we can be . pray and prep .

      14. here we go again with the paranoid rambo wannabees thinking they will have full body armor and go to war. legends in your own minds. 3 2 1 in comes bravecunt to call troll and threaten with a dirt nap.

        • Bravefart will feed Rambo some lead vitamins. Go back to sleep troll.

          • Bravefart, shame on you. go away or I’ll get HCKS after you. HCKS, come do my dirty work for me.

        • I’ll do it for him. Some of us do have full armor and have been in war before. And you are obviously not here for patriotism, but to run your fool mouth.

          • Patriotism isn’t the same thing as Paranoid foolishness that makes patriots and preppers look like Nut cases. for instance HCKS and Bravefart. Those 2 jackasses give Patriots and us Oathkeepers a bad name. Thats why I harass them, not a troll. This site used to be the best about 5 years ago with great info on astrophysics, earthquakes and prepping. Now its just the boogieman. I do enjoy your aggressive responses sometimes, as it is us old farts that the ptb fear the most. The ones that are at the end of the road and eventually will just say “fuck it”. You know the rest.

            • This is a good place to vent I think. To each his own. I do want people like Braveheart and HCKS helping us physically fight when it comes. And it is coming.

              • now you guys leave anonymouse alone…i think he’s upset because his wife died last week, so he not only lost a wife, but also a cousin…’s obvious he’s a troll.

                • Hey fatbuttcrack..been here twice as long as you. We used to have JOG and BI on here along with the dude from the pacific north west at the top, providing useful info, not just crap like you always have. Hell even Rich99 provided entertainment.

                  • Anonymous dildo, you couldn’t hold a candle to BI or JOG. I remember them very well and miss their contributions. Rich99 wasn’t the best but was still better than you, mofo. You couldn’t even hold a candle to BCOD.

                    • like i said earlier(in a roundabout way)….how the hell would anyone KNOW what mr ANONYMOUSE has ever said, since there’s so damn MANY of them? and yes, i would be proud….and SAFE fighting alongside braveheart….i miss be informed, and i DO miss the thumbs.

                • BCOD, if the troll has a wife, maybe she wouldn’t give him any, and I wouldn’t blame her. LOL!

                  • probly a BOYfriend is more like it. and we DO need a whipping boy here at shtfplan….i for ONE appreciate you. and i DOUBT if you’ve been on here twice as long as me….this site aint that OLD….oh, wait, yes, i SEE now how you’ve posted on here many many THOUSANDS of times, anonymouse…i take it all back…you ARE providing great info…i just searched your screen name….WOW!…i tip my hat to you for all you’ve done.

                    • BCOD, you may be right about that one. These trolls don’t get out of their momma’s basements very much.

                    • BCOD, I missed your compliment earlier. Thanks and I thank you for what you’ve done here. BTW, didn’t I say I have no use for trolls? OK, just checking.

            • Anonymous troll, do you really believe I don’t care about this country and what the commies are doing to it? If I didn’t care, then why do I even bother to come here? I’m not out to give anyone a bad name. Neocons and commies have already done that to themselves; don’t need mine or anyone else’s help. It doesn’t bother me one bit that I’ll never meet you or any other troll or join Oathkeepers, etc. I’ve got family I know I can count on. BTW, I’m also an ‘old fart’ who’s closer to saying ‘fuck it’ than anyone here can imagine. You think you can take me on? come on down to my part of north GA and we’ll see what you’re made of.

      15. This equipment is wasted on police in the UK and the US. You can dress like a medieval knight but if you are fat and out of shape or run away when facing a load of teens in hoodies, then the riot gear is just public money wasted.

        Go check out the Koreans for lessons in how to be a riot policeman and bring scumbags to a dead halt.

        I am imagining they will need to brush up on the riot skills in Germany as another weekend of the ‘Religion of Peace’ passes off with violence. Maniac shooter killing teenagers, pregnant woman hacked to death and then a suicide bomber at a concert, all brought to you by asylum seekers.

        • The youth all over continental Europe are fighting against the micro management control freaks of Brussels and yet the stiff old farts of Britain are longing to still remain via an anti-democratic second referendum! These idiots will get their much desired Islamic terrorists when the EU and British politicians override the peoples voice.

        • Frank,

          it’s not a religion, it is a theocracy… don’t give them an inch.

      16. What once was is no more. Life has taken some very strange twist. I don’t understand the last 24 years has been the best. Yesterday it came to the end.

      17. Im honestly surprised President Obummer has not declared martial law yet . Wonder if his pen ran out of ink .

      18. The old group that had some good info unlike most of you shit for brains. “just one guy”, “be Informed”, “man on the inside,” NukeMM1″, Its prepping folks, not key commando.

      19. why don’tcha’ git a screen name, you simp?…you askeered of somebody/something?

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