Shutdown: A Single Ebola Patient Has Overwhelmed The System: Dallas Hospital Forced To Close Emergency Room

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Headline News | 326 comments

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    emergency-room-waiting-area(Pictured: Emergency room waiting area under regular conditions. How will hospitals manage and isolate the influx of patients that would storm hospitals in the middle of an Ebola outbreak?)

    Despite numerous procedural missteps over the course of the last several weeks, the Centers for Disease control want the American public to believe they have everything under control.

    But with a second case now being confirmed in Dallas, one can’t help but consider that these so-called ‘protocols’ set forth by the CDC are either inadequate, or they are being wholly mismanaged.

    Where were the Hazmat suits for the police officers and clean-up crew that were first to arrive at Duncan’s Ebola-stricken apartment? Or what about the ambulance that carried numerous patients and personnel for 48 hours after Duncan was dropped off at the hospital before anyone realized it needed to be isolated? Or how about the quarantine procedures, which left Duncan’s extended relatives in an apartment with no established procedure for  supplying the detainees with food? And why were others who were living in apartments adjacent to these, who had close proximity to  Duncan’s ventilation systems, not moved?  Moreover, why did the Obama administration wait almost two weeks before suggesting that we should be screening passengers arriving in the United States from flights originating in Africa?

    These are just a handful of the inconsistencies which suggest, among other things, that the CDC was caught completely off guard and unprepared.

    But if that’s not enough to convince you that we have a serious problem with emergency response protocols for pandemics and outbreaks, then perhaps the fact that a single Ebola patient in Dallas overwhelmed the system to such an extent that Texas Presbyterian had to shut down their emergency room to new patients.

    The CDC now is recommending that the Dallas hospital, Texas Health Presbyterian, keep the number of workers treating possible Ebola patients to an “absolute minimum,” Frieden said. The agency also wants the hospital to provide a full-time infection control officer to ensure that safety measures are followed with Ebola patients.

    Varga did not identify the worker and said her family has “requested total privacy.”

    The hospital announced Sunday that its emergency department had stopped until further notice accepting patients brought by ambulance “because of limitations in staffed capacity,” a step known as “diversion.”

    “While we are on diversion we are also using this time to further expand the margin of safety by triple-checking our full compliance with updated CDC guidelines,” the hospital said. “We are also continuing to monitor all staff who had some relation to Mr. Duncan’s care even if they are not assumed to be at significant risk of infection.”

    The infected woman sought care immediately after her symptoms developed and was placed in isolation at the hospital, Frieden said. (News Observer)

    That’s right. The hospital literally closed its doors to new patients.

    Consider for a moment what something like this might look like if  several cases popped up throughout a major metro area simultaneously. Would all of the hospitals to which those infected with Ebola were taken then shut their doors to new patients?

    What this means for you is very simple and it’s something that members of the preparedness community have been warning about since before Ebola was even on the CDC’s domestic radar.

    If this virus (or any other contagion) spreads like it did in Africa, our entire health care system will be paralyzed.

    This means that whether a person needs medical attention for a viral infection or a broken arm, they will have nowhere to go for help.

    Of course, CDC director Thomas Frieden would disagree. Ebola, as he so adamantly stated back in July, is simply not in the cards for America.

    We are sure that the medical professionals at the CDC and other government agencies are the cream of the crop. It’s not that they are incapable of doing their jobs. The problem lies at the top of the decision-making hierarchy and one government emergency manager claims that these officials are are not only violating all containment and response protocols, but they are doing so on purpose.

    Whether their reasons for this are politically motivated – like causing a panic so they can run GOP-blame commercials – or something even more sinister, they are playing a very dangerous game with the lives of 300 million Americans. Alarmingly, the CDC’s director admitted today that they’ve completely dropped the ball, despite every assurance that they were ready for Ebola. “We have to rethink the way we address Ebola infection control,” Frieden said at a press conference.

    This ‘rethinking’ should include real, actionable preventative measures that can be taken by the American public, something the CDC has failed to provide thus far in any serious capacity. Given the (mis)handling of Ebola in the United States thus far, it’s probably about time each individual and family take it upon themselves to establish a pandemic preparedness plan and protocols to deal with this crisis if it continues to spread.

    Or, you can just sit back and relax knowing that President Obama has you and your family’s interests at heart while he’s taking a swing on the Back Nine for the 200th time in his Presidency.


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      1. President Obola loves you. Nothing bad will happen. Nothing to see here, folks…move along.


        • Dallas must be quarantined. All roads in and out, all railroads, all airlines shut down. And if not quarantined then Obola will go “viral”.

          Dallas must be sterilized. 🙁

          • Which is why I have been saying…..if you are not heading to your bugout location now…or very soon…you may not make it.

            And this applies particularly to those in Dallas and north Texas…which is where I am.

            I have nowhere to go…so I and my family are going to have to hunker down.

            This could go bad very quickly.

            • Obola’s New healthcare plug:

              “If you’ve currently got Obola, you can keep Obola. I promise. Cause its the right thing to do!”

              • Mac; a couple of comments: Things are moving so fast I think it would be a good idea if you have the time you wrote/added a story.Second; did you change your site. I now have to go to the bottom of a story to add a comment, and up and down arrows no longer work. Is something wrong?

                • Trying to blame emergency personnel is just crazy. Blame Obama, blame the FAA for not stopping all flights to the US. Emergency personnel do the best they can and most are very dedicated to their work. How about just shoot and bag any suspected Ebola Victims and incinerate their bodies immedietly. It may be the only way to stop this. Seriously.

                  • BEWARE: If you handle Cash Money, you are opening up yourself to EBOLA. The Ebola Virus can remain active on surfaces for more than 6 Days. If the surface is moist, dark and cool. So if someone hands you money out of their damp sweaty pants pockets, beware. I bet money is the largest transfer of disease, bacteria and viruses out there. After handling money do NOT wipe your nose of mouth, wash your hands immediately. I suggest put your paper money in the Microwave Oven for 10 seconds to zap the bacteria or viruses. Just a thought.

                  • Nuking dry dollar bills won’t do anything at all. You’d have to soak the paper with water so that the microwave energy will generate enough heat to do the job. Vinegar and alcohol will kill virus, so better you have a tray of either one around to soak your money in.

                  • Medical personnel at the Dallas Hospital and all airline personnel involved with the airline coming and going from west Africa need to walk off the job now. CDC and gov allowing flights in and out daily to spread diseases incl Marburg. Bill O’Reilly, Megan Kelly, Judge Jeanine, and many others say stop the flights. Common sense. Worthless cowards in congress refuse to speak out on this.

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “Dallas must be sterilized.”

                    And when Ebola is found in Phoenix, will you call for the “sterilization” of the Valley of the Sun?


                • What we need are more open borders, 1st class flights from Africa. Now that’ll fix the problem. This is what happens when an Empire is in decline and collapsing, all at the hands of corrupt, criminal politicians. Again, this is all going according to their plan. They want this to spread.

                  • They cant push global warming so they give us global eboling.

                  • Rodster and anyone reading this: Agree, scum of the earth politicians are useless slackers. Save gas and time and stay home in Nov elections which will not produce anything useful. Politicians are destroying the country and selling out our jobs for decades now. Politicians even had Gen Patton and JFK killed to hush them up.

                • Paranoid,I think might be your computer as mine working i.e. arrows and all,if this reply seen then site would seem OK.

                  • Paranoid, Sounds like pilot error. lol

                • Dems air ads BLAMING Republicans for Ebola.
                  Yet, ignore this…

                  Obama’s budget plan was to CUT CDC Funding by $72 MILLION – for Public Health Preparedness and Response

                  “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is currently blasting out ads accusing Republicans of voting to cut CDC’s Ebola-fighting capabilities in February 2011 by voting for a bill to cut $60 billion from the federal budget, including from the CDC, in anticipation of the fiscal year 2012 budget battle. The House passed the bill on Feb. 19, 2011, but the bill never passed the Senate.

                  But the Obama administration proposed to cut CDC funding, including for public health preparedness and response, in its very own budget proposal released the very same week as the House vote.

                  Obama’s original budget plan for fiscal year 2012 cut funding for a CDC public health emergency preparedness program by $72 MILLION. The proposed cuts would have taken money away from municipal and state health departments to hire health workers and monitor for public health hazards and disease outbreaks.”

                  Daily Caller

                  • Someone has thoughtfully created a list of Bark Obola’s, I mean Barry Sotero’s accomplishments, sorry this is so long:

                    by COL. ROBERT F. CUNNINGHAM and
                    > PATRICK RISHOR The Gilmer
                    > Mirror
                    > Quit trashing
                    > Obama’s accomplishments. He has done more than any other
                    > President before him. Here is a list of his impressive
                    > accomplishments:
                    > First President to be
                    > photographed smoking a joint.
                    > First President to
                    > apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was
                    > a foreigner.
                    > First President to
                    > have a social security number from a state he has never
                    > lived in.
                    > First President to
                    > preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United
                    > States.
                    > First President to
                    > violate the War Powers Act.
                    > First President to be
                    > held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil
                    > drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .
                    > First President to
                    > require all Americans to purchase a product from a third
                    > party.
                    > First President to
                    > spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when
                    > there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.
                    > First President to
                    > abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to
                    > his union supporters.
                    > First President to
                    > by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through
                    > executive fiat.
                    > First President to
                    > order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation
                    > of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including those with
                    > criminal convictions.
                    > First President to
                    > demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his
                    > political appointees.
                    > First President to
                    > tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.
                    > First President to
                    > terminate America ’s ability to put a man in space.
                    > First President to
                    > cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is
                    > no longer a Christian nation.
                    > First President to
                    > have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.
                    > First President to
                    > arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and
                    > refuse to enforce it.
                    > First President to
                    > threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on
                    > the reasons for their rate increases.
                    > First President to
                    > tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is
                    > allowed to locate a factory.
                    > First President to
                    > file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect
                    > (AZ, WI, OH, IN). First President to withdraw an existing
                    > coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.
                    > First President to
                    > actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).
                    > First President to
                    > fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of
                    > his friends in a corruption case.
                    > First President to
                    > appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.
                    > First President to
                    > surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.
                    > First President to
                    > golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in
                    > office.
                    > First President to
                    > hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.
                    > First President to
                    > win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.
                    > First President to go
                    > on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent
                    > “insult our friends” tours.
                    > First President to go
                    > on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and
                    > Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid
                    > for by the taxpayers.
                    > First President to
                    > have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.
                    > First President to
                    > keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at
                    > taxpayer expense.
                    > First President to
                    > fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week
                    > at taxpayer expense.
                    > First President to
                    > repeat the Quran and tell us the early morning call of the
                    > Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound
                    > on earth.
                    > First President to
                    > side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50
                    > states ( Mexico vs Arizona ).
                    > First President to
                    > tell the military men and women that they should pay for
                    > their own private insurance because they “volunteered to
                    > go to war and knew the consequences.”
                    > Then he was the First
                    > President to tell the members of the military that THEY were
                    > UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.
                    > It’s hard to
                    > comprehend all this guy has gotten away with. Any other
                    > president would have been impeached!
                    > What in God’s name
                    > is wrong with our government that they allow this guy carte
                    > blanch. It absolutely boggles the mind!
                    > I feel much better
                    > now.
                    > I had been under the
                    > impression he hadn’t been doing
                    > ANYTHING!!

                  • JustMe, I want you to write 100 times, “I will not post long comments.” Thanks. PGT

                • YMWW: Yes, if Obola cannot be stopped, Phoenix should be quarantined and sterilized too, if necessary 🙁

                  A true Patriot will call for airstrikes upon his own position if it appears that his country is about to be overrun.

                  USA!USA! USA! 🙂

                  • washington dc should be sterilized

                  • How ’bout we STERILIZE THE WHITE HOUSE and CONGRESS? Someone please call the Orkin Man…

              • No, no. We think it should be spread around, you know redistribution and all ‘dat.

                • Obama Signs Executive Order 13295 – Detention of Americans with “Respiratory Illnesses”

                  July of this year, President Obama signed into law an amendment to the Executive Order 13295, which redefines who can be quarantined and why. This does not bode well for a nation that could potentially face an Ebola pandemic. It smacks of pre-meditated bio-warfare and martial law on a nation’s own citizens.

                  This means that any police officer or ‘health official’ can, without question, and on suspicion alone, quarantine someone simply for showing any sign of ‘respiratory illness.’ None other than the war-mongering Bush Administration, first put the order into place, originally meant to quarantine victims of SARS. Ebola just happened to be listed on the original executive order, too, signed by Bush. But now, with the exception of influenza, Americans can be detained for any health concern, including Ebola, even if it is not named as such.


                  • Include dogs and cats into that equation.

                    If Ebola gets out of control. Both dogs and cats would consume human meat and become carriers. And then should be shot and burned for the survival of ALL humans.

                  • Who,just proves both parties except a few lone voices marginalized by their own party view and treat us as the enemy,turnaround is fair play.

                  • @ Sierra Dave- Only Dogs become carriers. No evidence to suggest cats can be. They may even have an immunity to Obola.

                  • Speaking of roadblocks, Recently I was traveling southbound on 95 out of vegas and just before the 95/93 split next to a big casino sign I saw what looked just like a roadblock check station semi hidden behind the sign! It was a perfect chokepoint! Ever wonder why the poles and cables along the major interstates so theres no way to cross? Ever wonder why all of a sudden all the construction on interstates? Ever wonder why all the staged concrete barriers? This was imo a definate check station waiting in the wings. Remember the article about DHS ordering 30,000 bullet proof checkpoint stations? If I go back by that way I will stop and take some pics and send them to Mac. M-fer, this is gettin real… 🙂

                  • Sierra Dave,

                    Include POLITICIANS into that equation.

                    If Ebola gets out of control. Both CONGRESS and THE WHITE HOUSE would become HAZARDS. And then they should be shot and burned for the survival of ALL humans.

                  • Genius, “Remember the article about DHS ordering 30,000 bullet proof checkpoint stations?”

                    Might be interesting/revealing if somebody happened to test the idea that it’s “bullet proof”…

              • Obama Care covers Obola only if you get the Obola vaccine ahead of time. Drink the koolAid folks and the big space ship in the sky will rescue you.

            • The scary thing is, what do those of us who do not have the resources to have a bug out location do? Hunkering down is a scary proposition as it may well lead one to being herded into a FEMA camp, or being shot for resisting the call to do so. Hopefully having food, water and some PPE will be enough.

              • Winston, even if Ebola or a mutation goes airborne provided you can isolate yourself and family at home and can avoid any and all contact with others you have as good a chance as anyone IMO. Unless you live in a high rise apartment block – things can get very hinky in places like that very quickly.

                You’ll have to count on a LONG time hunkered down though and many wont have a choice. Can you last totally independently for 6 months Winston? If not, and there is no chance of a BOL, might be time for a long hard look at what you have to do to get to that stage.

                All the best, lots of people here in your corner!


                • Since the Ebola virus can live on surfaces for up to 6 days. Take a 50 story highrise apartment building where everyone takes the same elevator and pushes the same 1st Floor button several times a day. Yikes!!

                  • we’re going to have to start wearing disposable gloves when we go out…heck years ago, they were wearing them when there was the scare over H1N! or whatever it was…

                  • It’s the Obola virus, NOT Ebola. We all need to get that straight. Obama owns Obola now.

                • I live in a poor suburban neighborhood in a single family home I own. Sadly, I work in food service and though I can put money aside on occasion, my situation is complicated as the house I live in needs a lot of work and all my money is being split between fixing it and returning to school (without student loans) so I can get a better job. I just hope and pray that ebola gets stopped where it is. If it isn’t, I am a likely contact for someone with the disease because of my employment in the service industry (I deliver food for a living). If it starts to spread in my area I will have little choice but to leave my job and shelter in place. I do have food and water mostly taken care of, but it will be at least March or April until I can start harvesting from my garden again. I just don’t think I could last until then before civil unrest overtakes my area in the case of an ebola outbreak.

              • Tough luck you die because of the choices you made. Its your problem. My grandmaw used to say He who will not when he may when he will shall have nay.

                • Just because the guy dosnt have 75 acres next to a national forest dosnt mean he won’t make it, or he’s completely lacking in his preparedness. Hunkering down can be done, it’s much more difficult but quite possible with some foresight. No need to imply he’s a grasshopper in a world of ants.

                  • Winston, don’t forget it’s a cash only job and you can usually charge 30-40 bux an hour and undercut the competition by 60% if your good at it. Unless you want to spend the megabux and get a contractors license and have a shitload of overhead don’t get involved in grid tied solar. In order for people to get the rebates on solar they have to have a licensed contractor do the job. BUT! They have short sightedness as they get a cookie (rebate) then pay out the ass in more property tax forever lol. Some states don’t add that to the property tax BUT, do you think that will last for long? Off grid solar can be a little complex but with the right training it can be very profitable! If you want to have a good reputation do not ever use these brands… Trojan, Xantrex, Magnum energy, Some good brands are>> US Battery, Outback, Midnight solar, Kyocera. Talesun. Ok my man tear it up! 🙂

                • I’m sorry I am not wealthy. Not everyone makes enough money to be able to afford a separate BOL. I do better than most on my $20-25k a year but do not yet have the ability to make more (I am working on it).

                  • Hang in there Winston. Just stay focused, If you don’t have much, you most likely will NOT be a target. The Bigger they are the Bigger the target and more they to have to protect. The Meek shall inherit the earth. After the great Culling of the idiots everything you will ever want, will become instantly free for the taking. Hang in there buddy.

                  • heck in my last 10 years 20 to 25 K was all I earned I got 25% of gross revenues. and the hauling was low revenue. I didn’t admass what I have by earning high wages. All my job ever did was keep us from having to spend our seed money on day to day living expences. We saved 10% did without avoided debt like the plague and invested in things that grew while we where sleeping. I relocated to where in now at just for the reason to increase the chances of survival for me & mine. higher elevation . low population. predominately white race. and lots of national forest that have hundreds of caves. Im a accomplished Spelunker. I found some caves that im likely to have been the only human to ever explore it. the caves here remain 58 degrees year round and most of them have water in them.

                  • @Winston, I’ll be bugging in also. It sounds like you are better prepared then some 280 million other Americans. God Bless.

                  • Winston, I made about that for a long time till I finally got a break. I do side work setting people up with off grid solar. Theres a good market for it and if you are electrically knowledgeable you could do it too! Solar is completely different than AC house power you need to know wtf your doing. Wire sizing is a hell of a lot bigger than AC. If you have a few extra bux for some schooling may I reccommend www. solarenergyinternational (take out the space. They have online school and also sell a book Photovoltaics design and install guide. It’s the best money (currency) you will ever spend. It’s funny how a lot of jobs I get are fixing shit that master electricians fuck up because they don’t have a clue about DC power lol. AC power is easy, DC is another animal 🙂 There are so many things I can tell you but no way on here but trust me, it’s a great investment on your future 😉

                • That’s a bit harsh, Oldie. For all you know, a vector (carrier) you have no reason to suspect might just as easily carry ebola, killer flu or some other contagion into your “secure” redoubt. Not everyone has the luxury of a choice, but if history teaches us anything it’s that in many cases the survivors are those who persevere despite daunting odds, while many of the most prepared (they thought) are among the first to succumb.

                  Kindness is still an American virtue. Someday you may be in a position to wish someone would be more generous to you than you have been in your posting. Karma can be a serious bitch!

                  • Winston, there was no reply ability after my post so look up a few to see my addition tho this post 🙂

                  • @ Genius: Well, I was at work when you posted it and just got home a little while ago. As far as it goes, I would love to have a solar system at my house. I live in Florida, so it’s an ideal climate for such a system. I have decided against it at my current location though as I will not be staying here after I get my degree in a few years. My next home though will run off solar as well as a number of other sustainable technologies. I see it as part of my retirement plans, if the world doesn’t go to crap by then (which is looking less and less likely.)

                    Installing solar also looks like a promising growth industry. Unfortunately though, I do have health issues that preclude me doing physical labor for a living for much longer (I can work around the house, but have to take a lot of breaks). So, I am trying to finish an engineering degree I started long ago which should let me have a decent income without having to rely on physical labor for all of my paycheck. If that doesn’t pan out, I guess I’ll end up as an OTR truck driver. It’s good money and doesn’t require me to do heavy lifting all day long.

              • Depends on where you live. Bugging in in a small town in flyover country, which is my best option, seems manageable. Bugging in in the burbs of a mid to large size city makes me shudder. Hopefully you have ample preps, and at least one other family who can join you to help with keeping watch and other nessecary tasks! All said and done, you’re probably better of staying put than being on the road with no bug out location to go to.

                • Airline Chem Trails may contain Ebola. Who knows whats in that toxic stream.

              • Be sure you’ve appointed someone outside your household to make decisions for you when you are unable. I have chosen the NSA, as they know more about me than anyone, including myself. GoBamma!

              • I will not be heading to any camp even with welcome cake!

                • But…but… what if it is a REALLY good cake, ya know, with icing and sprinkles on top! Maybe even served with some really good coffee from FEMA corporate sponsor Starbucks?

              • Yeah, know how you feel, Winston; I’m trying to save up to buy a car (my other one was stolen by a towing company– didn’t even know they had it until too late).

                Then I have to try to move to safe location and stock up on food– Believe me, if I had a safe place now, I would have TONS of food… but got to get a car first and move to better location! ;(

              • @ Winston Smith : Alot of emphasis has been put on a bug out location. You don’t have to own a house or cabin to be king of the hill. Depending on the situation, most people will probably not make it to there bugout locations. Timing is everything. Unless you are retired, you just can’t leave, find out a month later that nothing happened, and go back to work like nothing happened. You will have a very small window of opportunity to get out, on wheels anyways.
                As far as owning a bug out location, go to wally world and buy a tent. No man is an island. Get together a group of at least three families. Everybody has to sleep sometime. First ones to the top of the mountain, or to your paticular location, owns it. The farther you go to BFE, the better. If you are lucky enough to leave at the right time, a 4×4 and plenty of fuel can get you a long way.

            • I still have to live my everyday life. Bills still have to be paid, I still have a family to take care of. Some of us just can’t “up and leave”.

              And besides, what’s the point of leaving if a massive outbreak occurs?

            • Obama the Magnificent will save us. For what is the question. Even after this criminal misadministration refused to secure the border even in light of disease being brought in and then refused to halt flights from West Africa where the Ebola epidemic was going strong, even after that almost forty percent of what we call fellow citizens still love this guy. Go figure the stupidity of people. Prepare for Hillary as it looks like the Stupid Party will be running old dip shit Mitt again in 16.

          • Hoe about we sterilize you to not produce future germs DK?

            • I’ll buy that, but i ain’t buying the ebola scare.

              I don’t know which is worse; the fact that it is obvious that the folks i used to believe in (probably 60% of the regulars on this site), as “common sense preppers”, are now drinking the “obola kool-ade” lie, or the fact that our very own politicians are in on the hoax completely.

              Yes, it is a hoax. There may be a few cases in africa, and yes, sad to say, there may be some deaths; but to the degree the msm is portraying? no and hell no.

              Why isn’t the CDC been up front and “in front”, of this thing that has been going on for a year or more? Because they are in on the whole thing and know it is a hoax.

              Why would our very own elected officials cause such a hoax?
              Answer is very simple; to further their agenda 21 and pave the way for the smooth ride to the NWO assembly.

              Wake up folks, you are being con-jobbed.

              A faux vaccine for ebola, is now being produced in record numbers by the Canadian Pharma company; paid off by Monsanto, in the tune of billions; for which the USA gov holds the patent on.

              The so-called vaccine will be forced upon billions of unsuspecting peoples and cause more damage and deaths than if they had actually contracted the e virus.

              If two Americans can survive and thrive from the virus, within a matter of weeks, how friggin bad can it be,
              if it is even real. Evidently, the virus is not a death sentence, if a person is, and remains, healthy, by taking care of themselves.

              The scare tactics are working, people on this site are now acting as though the end is at their doorstep, and they have nowhere to run to, and nowhere to hide.
              What next? Lay down and let them stick a needle in your spine, filled with, God knows what? A genetic make-up change? A virus ten times worse than e?

              Sorry that it has come to this, and sorry that folks are so consumed with this ploy by TPTB. I have to laugh at the simple minded thinking, of folks, that think super-size trash bags and duct tape are gonna save them. if this obola thing were real, and it became epidemic in the USSAG (the United Socialist States of Abortion & Gaymorrah), there would be no friggin place safe; except for the hidden and sealed of bunkers within the earth.

              I will die with a bloody covered bible in my left hand and a blood covered 44 magnum in my right, before i live like a stinking mole.

              When things get weird, I always envision the scene from the John Wayne movie Chisum; where Billy the Kid (played by Geoffrey Deuel) is standing in the middle of a broad stream out in the Pecos Vally; in his right hand he is holding his 44 revolver and in his left, he is holding a Bible.

              I see myself as a warrior for Christ and truth. I try to rely on facts as best as i see them. I see my ancestors fighting for their freedoms, and this once great nation, this very way. Relying on the truths from their Creator and the technology of man, to fight for those things they believed in. There is no greater honor than dying with truth from God on the one hand and on the other, the tools of persuasion.
              Ya’ll think about it.


              • There’s another virus going around…enterovirus…could it be that people are getting this, going to the ER for symptoms similar to ebola, and being GIVEN ebola?

                • PWTW;
                  Good Post. +1


              • Hey Pissinginthewind – You can Pray all you want. Here are the facts:

                EBOLA STATISTICS: AS OF OCTOBER 8, 2014,
                EBOLA DEATHS TOTAL 3865,
                CASE COUNT 8033,
                CONFIRMED CASES 4461

                Symptoms of Ebola include:

                Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F)
                Severe headache
                Muscle pain
                Abdominal (stomach) pain
                Unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising)
                Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to Ebola, but the average is 8 to 10 days.

                Recovery from Ebola depends on good supportive clinical care and the patient’s immune response. People who recover from Ebola infection develop antibodies that last for at least 10 years.


                • Ive already had the Ebola and didn’t realize it. Back in my misspent youth I used to frequent the honky tonks. by Monday morning I was experiencing every one of those symtoms you outlined. once I even had the girlfriend of the guy I was fighting with bite off one of my fingers!

                  • Good thing she did not bite off something else.

              • PWTW- And all your Weekly Church donations went to pay off the Molested Victims, by the Priests in the church. Lovely thing that Religion. No Bible is going to stop Ebola. lol

          • Bullshit. They’ll put two rings around Dallas and Fort Worth and another around both, noone in or out unless you know the passcode when asked. Remember what the Gov’t in Monrovia did to the quarantined slums, it was like in the movie the Patriot where the Redcoats bunt up the people in the Church.


            • I wanna know “Who Shot JR?”

              • True trivia….that hospital was used to film those episodes…on the 9th floor, if I recall correctly, in the VIP suite….

                Just for fun…am wondering if Elvis is hiding there?

          • Now is a good time to cut off all EBT Food Stamp cards for a month and watch the peasants squirm. The lever pullers up in the booth are having a real fun time now. Here watch this… snicker…

          • What about all of these cases where there was a panic, then the “all clear” from the CDC? I have seen lots of coverage of the initial story, but never any follow up. Do those people ever leave the hospital? You figure that one news station or paper would interview the person that caused the panic. Silence.

          • Washington must be sterilized, replace them all in November.

          • No D.C. should be “sterilized”…LOL

          • It is sad that it very well come down to quarintine large areas. What happens when Ebola patients vomit or go to the bathroom? Do they even know how to deal with water treatment facilities? If you burn everything does the minut partials disburts in the air and spread like wildfire. What in the world has the center for disease control been doing with their millions every year? And worst yet…what about the disease that is spreading like wildfire in children? Surely the government can not blame all this on global warming or climate control? Sooner or later we won’t even be able to protest what is taking place in the world and at home because we will all be dying. How does this create a win win situations for Amercans and the disaster government at hand?

            • Really protecting? wow

            • Keep taking your colloidal silver

        • I talked to my daughter, a nurse practitioner, And 6 weeks ago she made jokes about Ebola. Now she is very concerned and told me the only way anyone should approach an ebola patient is in a space suit. They have also found that over 70 caregivers in the Dallas hospital had contact with Duncan. There was no NBC wash down stations. this is rapidly becoming a train wreck. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • I was doing some work in a hospital last week, as I’m walking down the hallway of the ER I half jokingly commented to my coworker about being in the hospital with the ebola shit happening gave me an uneasy feeling.

            Well, a nurse overheard me and just about freaked out. Saying that you can’t even mention ebola in the hospital without being reprimanded (unless for actual emergencies). She was dead serious. Said they almost fired someone for it.


            • I have been waiting to hear what the local hospitals are planning to deal with ebola…deafening silence. Ebola is use so often now, if you misspell then spell check corrects.

            • If they fire people for just speaking about obola, what should we do with the people who allowed it into the country in the first place?

              Git a ROPE.

        • How can you say that???not my president , ,,,or anyone else’s for that matter..LOL

        • The director of the CDC needs to step down IMMEDIATELY!

          The gall of him…trying to blame that young nurse for not following protocol. What a loser, trying to protect is job at the expense of someone else.


          The protocol called for anyone who has contact / works with an Ebola patient to undress themselves when they’re finished…What a joke.

          You should have a team spray down the worker with a chlorinated solution. Then, pass the worker through an ultraviolet light room. Then, have a team undress the worker.

          What a joke.

          Your protocol should also include having a personnel with at least 15 years of experience working with patients…ESPECIALLY WITH PATIENT ZERO you frigging morons.

          No hospital in America is prepared for this. WHERE HAS ALL OUR MONEY GONE? 24+% of the GDP is medical related. Ya think you could have funded some disease preventative measures.

          After all, the U.S. has a patent for Ebola. Void that frigging patent immediately. You don’t know squat CDC.

          The CDC Director has to go…..not only because he is an idiot…but because he is an ASSHOLE as well.

          • Probably too much going into pensions.

            • Christians got nothing to worry about cause the Bible says so, Right? Cause the Lorrd is your Sheperd and John 3:16 guarantees you Everlasting life. Right? That’s all thrue Right Cause you filled the plate religiously for 30 years right? You gots your heaven bus ticket right? Church is another great place to spread the virus. Passing the Ebolo offering plate. Now is a test to see how your faith will protect you. Good luck!! Got your lucky rabbits foot?

              • I hate to say this guys, but Church IS a great place to spread viruses.

                1. Everyone there, knows and trusts each other.
                2. Everyone there, has unknown contact with people in the outside world, six days a week.
                3. Because everyone knows and trusts each other, they have no problem with being in close proximity, constant hand shaking, etc.
                4. All of the kids are gathered together, playing in their Sunday School class.

                Church is perhaps the easiest place in the world to be caught off guard.

            • No, they spent the money investigating obesity in lesbians

          • CS, Well who’s going to undress the team who undressed the worker? So on and so on.

          • I know that wireless stethoscopes exist, but are they being used? It would take a really long stethoscope to go from ear, under mask, and to patient, …then what?

            • They do have automated blood pressure cuffs. You just wrap them around and press a button and the device does the rest. No physical contact with the patient is possible, if you’re careful.

          • Yeah, but 84 year old men NEED pills to get an erection! It’s impotent…err… important research like that which sets American medicine apart. After all, the CDC assured us that Ebola was just an African problem that none of us needed to stop watching football and think about. THEY know what they are doing (the government always does) so there was no need for us to worry about government incompetence potentially killing people.

          • As few as 1000 Ebola cases will collapse not only the health care system in the US but also the economy. Since they refuse to halt immigration and visitors from the Ebola hot zone regions then an epidemic is a real possibility.

        • The nurse was wearing a gown, gloves, and a shield (probably a plastic face mask like you can buy at Home Despot). Hardly a hazmat suit. I know warehouse workers who wear all this (except the paper mask) to change forklift batteries. It must be rough, catching Ebola and then immediately being thrown under a bus. Poor girl. I hope she lives to hunt these bastards.

          • ps: My wife heard (TV news, not the most credible source) the infected nurse and other hospital staff were “trained” by being told to research Ebola online and they would find everything they needed. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, eh? The CDC is on the job (but telecommuting).

            • The CDC is a direct reflection of obola and the rest of the a$$ hats in the government. They all need to catch this.

            • “hospital staff were “trained” by being told to research Ebola online”

              Interesting, since most doctors get mad at patients who research their diagnosis online…saying that you can’t believe what you find on the internet.

          • I think her chances of surviving have improved dramatically since she received a transfusion from Dr. Brantly yesterday.

            This is being reported by multiple news sources, so it’s probably credible.

            ht tp://

            • Is Dr. Brantley the only survivor that is sharing? His is the only one that I have ever heard mentioned. I reamed his a$$ for catching it and putting others at risk. Now I think the ALMIGHTY had other plans for this man. What a true hero.

            • Is Dr. Brantley the only one sharing his antibodies? I haven’t heard of anyone else mentioned. I really reamed his butt when he contracted Obola and I now am sorry. It seems the almighty had a hand in this and the generosity of this man is unending. My sincere apologies Dr. Brantley.

              • Blood is an organ and must be tissue typed and compatible with the recipient.

                • Sorry for the double post above my iPad keeps kicking my pass words out.

                  Isn’t he donating plasma, the liquid component of blood or is it whole blood. It’s my understanding it’s plasma. Still has to be compatable though.

                • Type O-negative blood does not have any antigens. It is called the “universal donor” type because it is compatible with any blood type.

                  A “universal recipient” is a person with the AB blood type. They can receive a blood transfusion, or even a donated organ, from a person with any blood type.

                  Google comes in handy.

        • Oh Sh*t, I pulled my putz!!

          • Heads up. Why didn’t anybody mention the new “Walking Dead” Series on last Sunday night. I missed it damnit

            Don’t miss an all-new episode of The Walking Dead Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

            Throw some flags out there people to remind everyone please. I posted this a month ago, then missed it. 🙁

        • Scientist believes Ebola is NOT the disease the world should be worried about!

          He believes the real threat is a new zoonotic virus that will come out of an animal host and will most likely be respiratory — passed on by a sneeze or cough.

          “It will be probably a single-stranded RNA virus,” he said.

          And that means one of a certain limited number of families of viruses that, because they have their genomes on single stranded RNA, they have higher mutation rates, and therefore have higher rates of adaptation. Therefore, they have the potential to adapt better and quickly to human hosts and to transmission from one human host to another.”

          He said only a small number of groups or families of viruses fit those characteristics — the families that encompass the SARS and MERS viruses.

          Link to follow…..


        • When/if I see a bunch of people coming toward my home wearing hazmat suits, I’m going to drop them all.

        • Don’t ask why the barn door is open. It is only Obola, the un-stable boy, grooming the ‘Pale Horse’…

        • The first time I heard about spread of Ebola to the US, I thought, “well… I guess Mother Nature is coming to the fore to combat Climate Change. This will reduce CO2 emissions on a grand scale and prevent run-away climate change…” (It will basically “save the planet”).

          But then I realized– no, this isn’t Mother Nature pulling the plug on millions of people; this is the method chosen by TPTB to deal with the issue of GW (and other issues as well!!)

          If you knew that the only way to save your loved ones– kids, wife, and relatives– was to pull the plug on the rest of humanity, would you do it? So I figure this is the plan the elites came up with– this is perhaps the reason for the research on Ebola- they probably already have a cure for it and its being reserved for the people at the top– otherwise, why haven’t they shut off all air travel from Africa? If they didn’t have medicine to cure it, they would be just as afraid/apprehensive as the rest of us!! They aren’t.

          • Well no shit anon, good to see you have 2 brain cells 🙂

        • In case you didn’t know what ebola symptoms looked like, the CDC has provided handy illustrations of vomiting, diarrhea, and other good stuff. Am I supposed to point to the pics in the ER?

      2. One word to describe this:


        • Maybe some need to eat more Federal goldfish crackers…

          • Si’ and wash it down with moonshine.

            • You know if this thing picks up momentum by November, who’s gonna want to go out stand in line with a bunch of other folks coughing/hacking at the polls, touching the same machine screen as them? Guess what………..

              • Sorry PO’d, I piggy backed off your post to say something to eppe, cause I didn’t want a post directed at eppe, to be anywhere near the likes of wwti’s comments, who, in my book, is a p.o.s.!

                I’ve been away for about a week, and decided to stop by to see what the storyline was here. Lo and behold, I see your moniker, eppe; (hope it’s you), and decided to say something again. Good to see your voice, and hope all is well with you and yours. You too po’d.

                I; like you, have about had it with the likes of wwti and a few others. My tolerance for stupidity, atheism, queers, and baby killers, has reached it’s peak and I am quickly resigning to the fact that I will be better off by spending less time scrolling thru the “repeat offenders” comments, like…….. you know who i mean.

                so, I will be less visible here from now on. I may check in from time to time, but my work continues on elsewhere. In the words of Paul Harvey…….

                good day!

                • Gee eppi how many ID’s do you got? so obvious. lol I’m waiting for eppe’s dog to post something again. very enlightening.

                • Pass, sorry to hear about your father, and yes, I am not even going to acknowledge you know who. He is ruining this site, and a few others, soon no one will come here… Have a blessd day…

                • eppe says: Comment ID: 3243880 October 12, 2014 at 11:04 am

                  “The Sun is just a star, burning out, in time will collapse, and the Earth will expire. We will expire.

                  Hey eppe, maybe you can write a thesis on your comment why you think the Sun is a “Star” and not a “Planet.” And while the earth will expire.. Then Post it and It can also double as your personally written “Joke of the Day” lol

                  Is the Moon made of cheese too? Fill us in big guy.

                  • Why don’t you leave people alone? To be truly free a person can express their beliefs and thoughts without receiving hatred and sarcasm. You are part of the problem. Please try to be kind to others. We are all entitled to our own personal beliefs in this country (so far) without being belittled.

                • Ain’t no problem PITW. I know how you feel though been contemplating that move myself. There are the few here that I consider just a pile of dog crap that I only need to step over from time to time. Stay safe!

                  • agreed.

                    Thks PO’d and eppe, i am still ‘passin’ thru, at times.
                    The list of reasons to continue to “shoot the breeze” and occasionally contribute something of value has gotten way shorter since wwti has “hijacked” this site with his offensive and childish remarks.

                    Just to show what a real pos he/she is, I will post one of it’s earlier comments and let the people decide…..

                    o WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
                    Comment ID: 3229656
                    September 21, 2014 at 4:36 am
                    Iowa, nobody is coming to save you. They been lying to the believers for 2000 years Jesus is coming back. Kinda like that girlfriend who said I’m just going to the store. Then runs off with a new boyfriend. Jesus ran off with his 12 Gay Deciples to key west.

                    ….My response to this obscene post of his, towards our Saviour, was something like……

                    “I can smell somebody burning for this comment”

                    ya’ll have a great day!


              • Kiss the Christmas retail season goodbye. have enough food for at least six weeks on hand and stay home.

            • Nooooooooo………!Do not even joke about Federal making Goldfish Crackers!What next,universal “healthcare”?!

          • eppe, is that your new fishing invention you been working on for years? Bwahahaha.

            • WWTI … You are a jerk!
              Mac-Why allow ajerk to insult? Please ban him! All have a right to opinion but why allow insults? This is NOT his site

              • Why does he keep attacking eppe? eppe is a nice person, it seems. At least he lifts our spirits with his jokes. Everybody likes to laugh. Right? don’t know why he keeps doing that (the insults to eppe) but wish he would stop.

                • Because he is an asshole loser with no friends and cannot stand that other people like eppe. He should stick to the JOOO hating posts. At least he is good at those.

          • I think federal is loaded with goldfish crackers lol

        • Cluster f@ck is really 2 words. We get the point though. I was thinking FUBAR.

          • Or SNAFU: situation normal – all f’d up

      3. What will it be like when thousands of possible ebola patients are seeking treatment? What if you need trauma treatment and the doors are locked?
        Looks like bad times ahead……

        • Story on Bloomberg, via Drudge, reports preliminary plans to establish Dedicated Ebola Hospitals in all 50 states.

          ht tp://

      4. “We’re Fucked” …Whitehouse Reporter’s quote caught on a “Hot Mic”.

        • Actually he said “We’re screwed” if you want to be specific.

          • Screwed, F*cked, either way our farts no longer make a sound!

          • Nah, at times like this unspecific works fine for me.

          • Fortunately we have a wonderful leader in president Obola. he will guide up through. My keyboard just melted!

      5. Thank You Mr. President to make the US of A a 3rd or soon a 4th world country. Also Thank You the Fist Lady or if I must say the first IT dressed as the lady for your ultimate gift to the American kids—–>your F%$^ing Vegetable GARDEN.

        • No worry Bengazi Hillary has all the answers, but she insists she has to be elected first then she will release all the answers to save the world. She is wai th ing first to decide if she is running. Just ti see what she is inheriting. Jimmy Carter doesn’t look so bad today does he compared to this Shoe shine boy we got now.


        • The worm is the spice… the spice is the worm… DUNE

          What relation this has to Ebola i have no idea..

          • When you are stuck in quarantine, it’s best to have the longest, most incomprehensible movie to watch and puzzle over.

          • Back in early times the spice traders had control of the spice trade routes which most of the international community used to ship other goods, well before UPS drop shipping and credit card transaction processing were invented. Does that answer your question Fred Flinstone?

      7. If they are sure that the medical professionals at the CDC and other government agencies are the cream of the crop, then they are dupes.

        “the standard test for diagnosing Ebola is the PCR, which has many flaws that render it misleading and useless.

        Therefore, “diagnosed with Ebola,” through the PCR test, means nothing. “Ebola” could be flu, could be “drinking contaminated water,” could be any number of non-Ebola conditions. […]

        this whole “Ebola event” is the blind leading the blind.” …

        • Helot, you are incorrect. PCR is a test that used to be used but is now a cheap and fast test to rule viral infections OUT rather than aquire a definitive diagnosis. There are ebola specific antibodies that are tested for which indicates actual infection with the ebola virus. And just because we have a few cases of ebola in the US does NOT mean that it will trigger the “total collapse” of our health care system. UMmm… are we awake here? The health Care system of the US has been collapsed for quite a while now. We’re just finishing up treating all the medicaid patients and illegal immigrants before all the hospitals in the country close doors for good! Oh and wait until that Ebola vaccine goes up for sale!!! I’m all about safety and preparing, but I’m also trying to keep a level head about all of this. Being in the health care field I cannot just drop everything and BUG out. I have work, I have children… and if this does get bad we are going to need people with a set between their legs to stay behind and try to help our fellow man. Remember, none of us Americans asked for this. Bug out if you can/want. I hope you don’t get too lonely in your steel casket though. Good news is you won’t have to worry about a funeral… you’re already buried!

          • Hi, Frostbyte… your comment reminds me of these videos I saw the other day on VICE News about the Ebola crisis in Liberia…

            What struck me PROFOUNDLY was the heroism, courage and selflessness of the people there, putting their lives in danger in order to help their fellow-men. And I’m not talking about health care workers– I mean everyday people! I really felt humbled to see that! I don’t think I could do that… they are so selfless! real heros! And the stories are heartbreaking!

            Maybe you can look it up– its at Zereo Hedge– VICE News on the Ebola crisis in Africa.

      8. Reg Gasoline $2.92 /Galllon central west coast Florida. Time to cycle out the gas preps and restock fresh again. PRI-G.

        Re Ebola: Todays boggie man. Stock up and hunker down.

      9. “the standard test for diagnosing Ebola is the PCR, which has many flaws that render it misleading and useless.

        Therefore, “diagnosed with Ebola,” through the PCR test, means nothing. “Ebola” could be flu, could be “drinking contaminated water,” could be any number of non-Ebola conditions. […]

        this whole “Ebola event” is the blind leading the blind.” …

      10. This article further supports my claims that if this thing really breaks into the wild in this country, hospitals and emergency services will be immediately overwhelmed. Medical staff will most likely abandon their posts…and I can’t blame them. There is such a dearth of real leadership that they do not know what to believe. I read somewhere that some 85% percent of medical staff across the country have had little to no training in dealing with a BSL-4 virus.

        So you will have possibly infected people with nowhere to go..except back home. Where they will infect their family members.

        Folks…unless we dodge a bullet here and get some incredibly lucky breaks, we are very likely to have a very bad situation develop very quickly.

        • Walt -you are correct. I can see a lot of medical personnel turnover happening. I got out of tg at Biz back in the 80’s when AIDS hit the streets. They had no Idea how it was transmitted. Beside the obvious gay crowd and druggies sharing needles. The Ebola virus can be active on surfaces for 6 days.

        • I all ready did, quit my ER nurse on 10/8/14 because I asked for some info on ebola and was told not to worry…so I quit at lunch that day…

          • Right on, better safe than sorry

        • you are correct. I am an RN and I will NOT go to work if there is a single case of ebola anywhere near my area, let alone at the hospital where I work. I’m sure the nurse in Dallas was taking every possible precaution and still contracted the disease, as have hundreds of healthcare workers in Africa. I have taken care of countless patients with HIV & hepatitis C, knowing that I had the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to protect myself from contracting those deadly diseases. This is a very different situation and so I will not accept any blame for refusing to go to work. I place the blame squarely on Obama and his goons for refusing to secure our country by blocking all travel from Ebola hotbeds.

          • RN–>

            Thank you ma’am (or sir, which-ever it be)…you’re mindset/decision is merely the vindication,..I’ve been searching for outside governmental PC & media hype.

            Thank you & may GOD Bless you/yours!

          • RN – so you wont go to work if Ebola patients are in your area? Don’t blame you – I am a long way outside the medical profession and if Ebola hits Aussie I’m not going to work either!

            Look after yourself and your family. That should be everyone’s priorities.


      11. Those with weak immune systems and weak genes will die first. Natures way of saying the strongest survive. Meaning Darwin was Correct. However if you really believe in the Bible you will be granted ever lasting life and you can eat Eboli for breakfast with no side affects. Lets see who is right. Shall we.

        • Obviously the red thumb religious feaks are in a state of denial. Your Bibles will not help you other than emotional massage therapy for the weak minded who have little coping skills to deal in real time.

          • To quote a REAL first-lady: Just Say No!

        • Sheesh I’m a Christian and I know that natural selection is a fact. Don’t try to paint us as people who check their brains at the door. And yes I do believe in eternal life. If this life is it…. That’s not much to live for is it? He’s been the only reason I’m facing this with calm. That and I give kudos to God for literally misclicking on a ad 2 years ago that led me into prepping. But that’s just my two cents worth.

        • WhoWuddaThunnkit: Quite right old fellow, all these so-called Christians all want to go to heaven but none of them want to die to get there, so they’ve made up yet another fairytale about some ‘rapture’ that will spare them a physical death. They are the most terrified group I’ve ever encountered. These frightened little folk take comfort in thinking that some deity has chosen them for special treatment on this remote planet in a galaxy of nearly 300 billion stars, in a universe of at least 100 billion galaxies which means that there are something on the order of 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars, but they are the chosen ones on just this one planet which doesn’t even include everyone here. Wow, talk about ego!

          • Professor, when the Christians or any other religious cult abandons any or all basics on reasoning or rationality, fails to acknowledge science, history, biology, physics, DNA, Carbon dating, archaeology, and resorts to placing all their faith into a 2000 year old story teller hoax, and then form government policy around this cult fairy tail, surely explains why the world is such a fricken polluted disaster mess, we are all experiencing today. I am still waiting for the religious folks to bring one person forward who has actually been saved with ever lasting life. So far they can’t seem to muster up one saved soul. So what does that tell you about their hoax? You know proof of life?

            As Mark Twain said, It is much easier to fool people, then convince them they have been fooled.

          • Hey Professor Higgins, when the Christians or any other religious cult abandons any or all basics on reasoning or rationality, fails to acknowledge science, history, biology, physics, DNA, Carbon dating, archaeology, and resorts to placing all their faith into a 2000 year old story teller hoax, and then form government policy around this cult fairy tail, surely explains why the world is such a fricken polluted disaster mess, we are all experiencing today. I am still waiting for the religious folks to bring one person forward who has actually been saved with ever lasting life. So far they can’t seem to muster up one saved soul. So what does that tell you about their hoax? You know proof of life?

            As Mark Twain said, It is much easier to fool people, then convince them they have been fooled. Ya!!

            • well written, whothunkit, and some good points… however, you are not all knowing…

              It is true that religion has much to be desired and its been said that almost all wars (except US wars, of course) have been fought over religion… it does seem to go hand and hand with a lot of bad stuff on the earth.

              However, God is not a religion. Or a book. Just because a person is turned off because of religion its no reason to give up on God, because as I said, God is not a religion. He is Real and He is the most relishable, as the Bible says…. I am not trying to get you to read the Bible or any other book… Just please don’t forget that just because you have not personally experienced something it does not mean it doesn’t exist… It simply means you have not experienced it… yet. Call on Him (sincerely) and just see what happens… don’t give up- If you are sincere, HE WILL RESPOND. When He does, you will never be the same… Guarantee ya!

        • WhoWouldaThunkit: Perhaps THE most ignorant comment I have ever read on this site. You really need to move over to HuffPo or one of Geo. Soros’ sites, where you will find similar ignorant ignorant doofuses.

        • WhoWouldaThunkit: Perhaps THE most ignorant comment I have ever read on this site. You really need to move over to HuffPo or one of Geo. Soros’ sites, where you will find similar ignorant ignorant doofuses.

      12. Two things i want you to think about:

        1) The second ebola case was diagnosed by the Texas Department of Health, not the CDC. The CDC later gave a 2nd confirmation on this case. Why was the CDC not the primary source for confirmation?

        2) Where is the Duncan family? If they are Ebola free the government would be putting them on parade saying the Ebola quarantine works and all is well. Why is there a news blackout on this family?

        I suspect they are infected with ebola and the government is covering it up.

        • I was wondering the same thing. We’ve heard nothing about his direct family. I wonder if the hospital that is closing its doors to the public will be turned into a hospital for ebola cases.

        • From what the news said, Duncan family will be out of quarantine (or whatever is going on w/ them) on Oct 19. Its been 15 days or maybe a few more days for them. If you count back to when Duncan first went to the hospital, more like 19 days when he first went to that ER in Dallas.
          The wife and I find it incredible and unbelievable that no one in that group is sick from ebola.

          Is this real or a drill. Recall how many times the g-men do drills w/out informing the public.

      13. The end is Near!Head for the Hills! Gabriel is blowing his trumpet! The end is Near!! I’m such an asshole .

        • U R an asshole yes

      14. I’m reposting this to try to get more comments:
        So what do you all think of rain suits (no buttons), rain boots, goggles, M95 masks, heavy duty gloves and duct tape. I could outfit my whole family for less than $300. That beats $150 a suit for a family of 6. What’s the draw back of this plan? Thanks.

        • It’s a start, but it’s not going to be great….

          To properly be protected you need positive pressure suits with respirators ($1200+/ea).

          Tyvek full body suits are cheap and better than rain suits, and “should” provide better than nothing skin protection. Go with n100 masks, n95 aren’t worth a shit, or better yet NBC gas masks with new filters, which again “should” provide protection. Duct tape the gloves, ankles, and neck areas to avoid any potential exposure.

          The most important part is how they are removed. It doesn’t matter how well you are protected if you infect yourself and others when removing the protective items.

          Only remove them after having set up a single decontamination shelter outside of living areas which is draft free, and is protected in plastic sheeting. You will want a kiddie pool with some bleach water, and spray bottles of bleach water. Have someone spray you down completely and let it sit. I’m not sure on the time off my head, but 30 minutes is the standard decontamination for drinking water at very low concentration. Spray the inside of this shelter well. Do this while standing in the pool to collect the runoff. ONLY THEN DO YOU REMOVE THE EQUIPMENT! Always wear a second pair of rubber gloves under your main pair of gloves. Do not take these gloves off until everything is removed, placed in a thick garbage bag, sealed, taped shut, and properly marked as a biohazard.


          I mean come on, this information is everywhere, yet the CDC expects a few n95 masks and a lab coat will protect these workers, and spreads that FUD to the public.

          Be safe, be prepared, be alert.

        • Thanks for the thumbs down. I’m asking for some accurate feedback!

          • Only Preppers and the Meek shall inherit the earth. Smart people will stay out if the way while the Ebola Culling flushes the masses.

          • I am not going to buy any protective suits. I do have rubber gloves and some N95 masks (although I think N100 is the minimum required).

            If the Ebola is bad enough that people are wearing hazmat suits around town, then it is time to SHELTER IN PLACE. I will not be going around crowds.

        • Try it and see…..Let us know how it works…

        • Tony, as a whitewater enthusiast I would caution against the rain suits. Many materials that are used to keep you dry are also made put of breathable material such as gortex. This allows precipitation to escape and not build up under your suit. I believe this would completely compromise any protection that you would be hoping for. Sorry to dash your hopes.

        • There was that girl in Liberia(?) who got her whole family through Ebola using trash bags as an improvised hazmat suit. One of five died, four survived, and she didn’t catch it.

        • If an Ebola scenario takes off, forget about PPE. Your protection is a shotgun and 25 feet separation between anyone you think might be carrying the virus. Quarantine your family and yourself in your, home. Why the heck would you want to put on a hazmat suit and go walk around? No good can come of it.

      15. Good article Mac!

        Kick them square in the ass.

      16. Repost for the RED THUMBS.

        All they can do is red thumb. Must have simple minds and can not formulate a rebuttal to any post here at SHTF.

        Hey Red Thumbs. How is that Hope and Change doing for you. Your Leader is on the golf course while you work for him. Worried about Ebola caused by Obola. Worried about EVD68 from all those illegals coming in and being dumped around the country. Coming to your town soon.
        Are you ready.
        You can always blame, Bush.

      17. First responders are in close proximity to politicians.

        If not vaccinated and if ebola is super contagious, it will move rapidly up the political food chain.

        • Oh, do let’s hope so !

        • We can only hope! Now that is true justice!


      18. the meek shall inherit the earth so lay low dont let any one know your home be non existant only go out at night and only to get rid of waist and get water but not off your property think of a way to stop some one from breaking in your home without spraying the blood everywhere or making noise that gives you away little things that are gonna be real challenges and dont forget to block sewage line so the shit dont back up into your home when the pumps stop

      19. Only one person louder than a Yankee and that is a losing Democrat.

      20. When an ER is full, then they can’t take on new patients. At that point they notify the ambulances and they go on “diversion”, and so this slams the other ERs in the area and results in heavier than normal census at those facilities.

        As the ER is often the first ones to assess and end up admitting someone to other areas of the medical center, then all of that affects the those departments as well. It’s a cascading problem.

        Because of fomites, then we could see lots of ER departments hammered and then contaminated, and then patients won’t have any other place to go.

        Because of managed care, and since ERs are traditionally big money losers, a lot of ERs have been shutdown or curtailed. It’s the most expensive way to treat an illness, and with gaps in coverage, then a traditional way of getting care was to give a false name, skip out on paying the bill, and exacerbated the problem all the more.

        In pandemic papers for Congress, there’s been the suggestion of making special outside tents to triage patients that might be infected so they don’t end up bringing fomites into the ER. Why is this NOT being done? It doesn’t have to be on a large scale. It doesn’t have to be complicated. If a patient knows they have been in an Ebola region, and might have been exposed, or is symptomatic, then wouldn’t it be much smarter to do that kind of triage outside the ER, then to shut a freaking whole ER down?

        This looks like a massive BLEEP. It’s almost as if the medical staff are clueless. Look they know they don’t have adequate protection. The American nurse got exactly 30 minutes of instruction on gowning up and decontaminating herself. Keep on making more and more mistakes and we WILL have a massive infection control issue soon.

        Seventy healthcare professionals were involved with one Ebola patient. That is nuts! Then multiply all of the innocent patients standing around for routine things who ALSO got potentially exposed.

        It’s a freaking comedy of errors.

        • This on top of the fact that all Texas hospitals are financially stressed by the waves of illegals they have to provide care for, by law, on their own dime. I spent a winter working in Fort Worth, and read of two hospitals simply going bankrupt in that time. And that was six years ago.

        • Absolutely ZERO evidence in this video. You know what would convince me… If this guy flew over to Africa and started mingling with these folks. This guy talks about false reporting WHILE he’s making stuff up and being an asshole at the same time. He’s as big a hack as Friedman.

      21. Figure you would like this Red Thumbs.

        Nancy Pelosi, Are these Bio-Suits going to work.

        CDC. It’s something like the Bills you pass in Congress. You have to get in them to see if they work.

        • You’ll be the first to know if the suit fails.

      22. My daughter lives with me and is a charge nurse at the ICU at our local Hospital. They had their first meeting on ebola today. They have only one ICU that could handle an Ebola patient. They lack protective equipment and do not yet had the training to use the proper procedures for using it. The hospital will be bringing in outside contractor to train them at some point. If this should breakout quickly most hospitals would not be ready to handle the situation.

        I continue to prepare for lock down.

        • Whatever happened to the guy pressure washing the blood puke up at the apartments?

          • I saw him at the bowling alley on Saturday night coughing and hacking. Then barfing in the bathroom before he went out and passed out in the bus stop

        • I took my son into the hospital a week ago to get n95 for his flight home from MS today. More concerned about engerovirus on the plane, be ause he recently had a cold. The PACU nurse says…get this….”we have n95 masks right here just in case we get an Ebola patient. “. I reinforced to my husband, if we get Ebola in our neck of the woods, I will NOT report to work.

        • Based upon the scientific protocols we have for Ebola prior to this year’s nonsense, there are only four medical facilities who can handle an Ebola patient with Biosafety Level Four protection of the patient and staff and using the proper HEPA filtered air handling units, doing the proper sanitation, and taking every possible precaution while giving the patient the best supportive care. As there is no cure for Ebola (despite the possibility of using antibodies from the recovered Ebola patient in America and potentially a treatment with the genetically modified medicine which is still unproved and so pseudoscience. The only known treatment we have is to use special coagulants and supportive care and pray the patient’s own immune system will deal with Ebola as well as the depth of their infection isn’t too severe.

          In those four medical centers, there are a cumulative total of 19 beds equipped with the materials to keep them utterly isolated and to protect the medical staff.

          So if we’re being honest, only 19 patients can be treated and only if those four medical facilities can take them.

          Everything else is a lie, for prior to this debacle, no medical professional in America would EVER think we could treat Ebola at a standard metropolitan medical center. They simply are NOT equipped for it.

          Think of tuberculosis. There are drug resistant strains like MDR-TB. Patients with it must go to a special facility to be treated for it. A regular medical center doesn’t have the proper specialists, trained RNs, radiologists to read the depths of their infection, and the safety protocols for ensuring the patient is protected and the staff and other patients are protected. If we took any patient with MDR-TB to any medical center, we’d actually CREATE a massive contagion of personnel and innocent patients!

          The medical leadership is clueless. What they’re doing in hindsight, if it leads to more cases of Ebola, will be seen as a massive FUBAR situation in which the leadership’s decisions led to an even worse crisis.

          We don’t have the facilities to treat more than 19 Ebola patients. Because it was considered extremely improbable to happen in America, there wasn’t a push to have the beds to treat it. Which means the only option to avoid contagion is to carefully transport the infected to those four special facilities, or to NOT bring in Ebola infected into America for treatment at all, as the chance of infection is worse than curing the infected.

      23. Odds on there being an election? too many things happening at once,people panicking,medical staff quitting. Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming.

        • Jim,

          Why I do believe you might well be on to something there. The timing is suspiciously perfect for, shall we say “negatively affecting voting?”

          I wish I had thought of that sooner. Nicely deduced. . .

          Now that we are aware of that notion (read “possible if not likely outcome”), the question becomes what if anything could we do about it? Gotta admit, I’m stumped.

          Old Libertarian

      24. Read about obola and Marburg having very similar symptoms as scurvy. Patients who died of Ebola and marburgh do not have any vitamin c left in their body. Scurvy victims bleed from orafaces as do Ebola victims. Long story made short. Doctors have been main lining patients with vitamin C and having good results. We can get the same results with lecithin covering the ascorbic acid to keep the stomach juices from breaking it down and flushing it out of our system I found this on YouTube under liposomal encapsulated vitamin c. How to make your own just trying to help folks. May God bless us all and keep us safe.

      25. Do you think the government is lying to us…..?

        • I dont think they ever told us the truth,

          • Damnit Kula…why do you have to state the obvious…w/o some lead in drama??? -(sarcasm)-

            + 1000 to you, sir!

          • how do you know if a politician is lying?

            his lips are moving.

          • Never tell the truth if a lie will serve…..

      26. This is moving rather quickly isn’t it.

        That sinking feeling of dread in your stomach grows strong.

        Market about to free fall?

        Time is up.

        • The Party faithful always show up for an election, rain or shine. Its how these political parasites keep taxpayer funds flowing their way.

          Keep stacking and packing and don’t panic. This is not the End of the World, just another step in that direction. Lots of time left for those who read and understand scripture.

          Pull up a chair, pop a top, and enjoy the show. 🙂

          • @DK…

            There is only lots of time if this virus is contained. If it is not, in another month a lot of people could be looking back and wishing they had prepared a little better.

            I do believe that a bad outbreak will have a more devastating effect here than in third-world countries like the ones in West Africa. The economic impact will be far greater.

            • Walt: The economic impact will be far greater in America? Walt, we’ll never notice the Obola economic impact after the Crash next week!!! 🙂

              The African continent will be depopulated making space for the NWO Agenda and lots of resources for the Multi nationals. Thats the bad news, the good news is that elephants and rhinos may survive.

              Mexico and other Third World countries will disintegrate and O’Bummer will finally have to seal the southern Border or face One Hundred Million American guns. 🙂

        • If any of you had seen the posts that we’ve had here the last few days…..a month ago…’d probably would have considered the people writing the posts to be bat-chit crazy.

          That is how quickly this situation has degraded. A month ago….Ebola was in the news…but only in a peripheral way. It was something that was “happening over there”. It couldn’t happen here. Our President said so, after all.

          I’d venture to say, that probably 50% of the population wasn’t even aware that the virus even existed….since the focus of most of them is on Dancing With The Stars, The Kartrashians and their favorite sports team.

          But now….we don’t even have a real outbreak here yet, and people are confused and on the verge of panic in some areas. This is how quickly it is turning bad. Wait until people start turning up with this and they have no earthly idea as to HOW they got it…..because there have been people exposed that they never thought would be exposed…because their protocols for dealing with this have been totally wrong.

          Look….with the current policies for people entering the country from West Africa, Thomas Eric Duncan could STILL get into this country today. He had no fever when he arrived here on September 19th, and he lied as to his exposure. NOTHING is preventing that from happening with someone else RIGHT NOW. Because the policies are essentially unchanged.

          How many more Thomas Eric Duncan’s are their out there right now? How many will cross our southern border?

          Once these people start hitting the hospitals and urgent care facilities, they will close down quickly. Most of them simply are not equipped to deal with this. And to make matters worse, we are entering seasonal flu season. So….you’ll have people coming into emergency rooms with simple seasonal flu…but they’ll have to be handled in the same way that a potential Ebola patient is handled.

          Can you say gigantic mess?

          There is but one source of blame for this, and it is the people making the decisions in Washington D.C. They should have restricted all travel from West Africa 2 months ago. They didn’t have to stop it completely, but they should have put policies in place to quarantine people coming into this country from that part of the world. They COULD have done it. They SHOULD have done it. And their failure to do so may very well precipitate the SHTF situation that we have all been preparing for for so long.

          Hopefully…..this won’t happen. Hopefully this will be contained. But it will be a real miracle if it is. Because there have been simply too many screw ups for us to be lucky here.

          • WK,

            I’m currently in UK and it’s no different here. Even up until yesterday, people I spoke with about obola and being careful ridiculed me.

            The difference? In the US the first few cases have been officially “announced” and in the news, here that has not yet happened. . .

            Although I do suspect that there are probably some obola cases already walking about in our midst. My son has been instructed accordingly, but my dilemma is how to get me and mine off this island before things go tits up (as they say in the vernacular around here).

            Old Libertarian

            Old Libertarian

      27. Jim, I do hear the thunder but instead of getting the rain jacket I am loading the mags. I am getting tired of being a storm chaser and just need to chase the cloud makers to stop the fake storms.

      28. **-(page #1)-**

        Here’s a short piece of fiction I wrote several years ago, that blends in
        nicely…w/ today’s topic.

        ..albeit, the numbers per fatalities, in retrospect, are off somewhat!



        In light of the long dead congressional joint
        sub-committee on intelligence, conducting their
        sham inquisition against the FBI / CIA for failure to
        prevent the 9-11 fiasco, it is safe to conclude that
        nothing will ever come of it and thus, the United States of America will
        be false-flagged again…The following article is hypothetical, at this
        point in time at least, yet the possibility exists that it may one day
        be viewed
        as…………………something akin to prophecy.

        It goes without saying, that multi-culturalism, is
        destroying the country, it is our Achilles heel. The
        scenario outlined below, posits a strategy….albeit a
        simple one, where our open borders policy is exploited
        in order to KILL millions of Americans.

        The “stalking-horse” used for this industrial scale
        exercise in murder is….the Mexican (illegal alien).
        Read carefully and ask yourself this; …”Are you willing
        to bet your life and the lives of your loved ones,
        upon current U.S. govt. immigration policy?”



        Let us assume, some well financed middle-east
        terrorist organization (Al-Qeadah comes to mind), were
        to select 30 operatives based on the following

        1.) ..An all abiding hatred for the United States, the
        great Satan in the Moslem world, whom they consider
        the Israeli sugar daddy and thus shares responsibility
        for the deaths of millions of Arab men, women and
        children to date.

        2.) ..Close physical resemblance to Mexicans. Possessing
        straight / wavy black hair, dark eyes, light to medium
        complexion and build, no heavy beards or 5 o’clock
        shadows. This is of paramount importance, as it will
        provide excellent cover….(think racial profiling)….and
        allow the terrorists to operate under the radar screen
        of U.S. law enforcement once inside the country.

        3.) ..College educated, above average intelligence and
        an innate ability to think “out of the box.’

        (Note:…..the middle-east abounds with over-educated /
        under-employed / zealous young men who fit the above


        Next, give them a 12 to 18 month crash course in
        Spanish, with an emphasis on Mexican regional
        dialects, accents and customs, plus pop-culture
        English, escape and evasion techniques, U.S. map
        reading (especially city maps), and basic terrorist
        cell communications (conducted in Spanish).

        Upon completion of training, smuggle them into Mexico via a
        container ship (COSCO shipping Ltd comes to mind).
        After docking at the Mexican pacific port of Mazatlan, split them up
        into 2 man teams and transport them to safe houses
        close to the U.S / Mexican border, where they are
        provided with U.S. currency, maps, bus routes, a
        personal side-arm, targeting information and of
        course, a final intelligence briefing.

        Meanwhile, supporting pre-strike preparations in
        the U.S., sleeper agents will have reconned the target
        areas, in this case, tall cell phone and microwave
        communication towers located in / around the targeted
        cities. Next, infiltrate the teams across the border………

        …(look at it this way, if illiterate peasants can do it
        on a daily basis, how difficult would it be for
        trained professionals? Or, one can always bribe
        corrupt Mexican officials, such as their military and
        police.)…methinks, the drug cartels would gladly lend help.


        • *****Sorry folks!!!???

          …SOMEBODY doesn’t want the following pages #2 and #3(of the story), from making it past the gauntlet!

          ..keep getting the “404 error”, as I attempt to post.

          –OUCH–..and curses unto the net gremlins!

          For what its worth…t’was good entertainment and food for thought!


          Mac has a copy, per e-mail…ditto others!

          • ——————————————————————————————-

            Now fear this! Forget anthrax! Assume each team
            carries 1-2 lbs. of smallpox virus, bio-engineered to
            be more contagious and lethal. Naturally, the base
            sample was purchased from an underpaid technician,
            stationed at the Russian bio-weapons research lab and
            production facility outside Sverdlovsk, Russia….the
            technology to culture / produce smallpox is not that
            sophisticated. There are thousands of unemployed /
            underemployed Russian / Arab bio-engineers quite
            capable of producing it (the trick is not allowing it
            to escape until you’re ready to use it).

            No explosive is needed to aerosol the virus into
            the atmosphere. The terrorists will use a metal
            cylinder, the size of a small thermos bottle, charged
            with 200psi of nitrogen and a timer actuated dc
            solenoid to vent the nitrogen in a sudden burst. The
            device is commonly called an accumulator.

            The smallpox virus is powdered / crystallized and
            treated in a process similar to what is done to the
            dry media inside common fire extinguishers. It is
            contained inside a sealed, flexible, thin walled,
            opaque plastic bladder having a vulcanized hard
            plastic fitting, threaded on its inside diameter to
            allow for attachment onto the accumulator exhaust

            The targets are 15 large American cities, they are…
            ….Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit,
            Spokane, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City,
            Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis and
            Washington D.C. The attack is scheduled for May 5th
            (Cinco de Mayo, Mexican independence day).

            Each team consists of the driver / lookout and the
            climber. The towers are selected based on traffic
            access, poor nighttime lighting and most importantly,
            prevailing local wind patterns over the targeted
            cities. In preparation, each team will have purchased
            a pair of walkie-talkie type radios,
            complete with remote headsets and chin mikes. The
            attack commences at 3:00 a.m., when human reactions
            and attentiveness are at their lowest point and most
            graveyard shift cops are in the all-night doughnut

            • **-(page #3)-**

              The drivers approach their targets, pull over and
              stop, the dome lights have been removed…no light to
              attract attention…the climbers exit and retrieve
              their weapons from the trunk, they’re inside small
              book-bag type backpacks. They turn on their radios,
              grab their wire cutters and head for the dog lot type
              fences surrounding the towers. The drivers leave
              immediately, no more than 30 seconds have elapsed at
              this point. Once through the fences, the climbers
              begin scaling the towers in the dark. Thirty feet from
              the top they stop, clamping their climbing harness
              carabiners onto a tower strut, they extract the weapon
              assemblies and a roll of duct tape from the backpacks.

              The accumulators are threaded into the bladder
              fittings and the weapons are secured to the towers’
              framework via the tape. The timers are powered up and
              set to discharge at 6:45 a.m. (local time). The
              terrorists descend and radio their drivers. Pick-up
              occurs in 5-10 min. The cars are driven to a nearby
              town and ditched one block from the bus station.
              One-way bus tickets to El Paso, Texas, are purchased. The
              escape is a clean one. It is now 5:00 a.m.

              At 6:45 a.m. the timers close their relay contacts,
              energizing the solenoids, a 200psi blast of nitrogen
              gas discharges violently into the virus filled
              bladders, they rupture amid a 5 mph early morning
              breeze. The nightmare has begun! Below, unsuspecting
              commuters east and southeast of the towers are just
              beginning to deal with the hated early a.m. traffic
              congestion common to the large American metropolis. By
              10:00am, over eleven million people have inhaled or
              ingested the virus. It is highly contagious.

              Dispersed by the wind, the virus drifts onto the
              door knobs of houses, businesses, churches
              and day care centers, the door handles of cars,
              trucks, mail boxes, hospitals as well as school
              playground equipment. In short, everything the virus
              contacts, becomes “biologically hot”. Fed-ex and UPS
              panel vans, with side doors and / or windows open,
              deliver the epidemic to homes and factories. Ditto for
              the U.S. postal service. Outgoing packages and mail
              become contaminated when placed in the now “hot”
              delivery vehicles for shipment to other parts of the
              nation where the process is repeated. Infected airline
              travelers, truckers and tourists transport the deadly
              disease to smaller cities and towns and most
              horrifically, their homes. Many of those whom the
              government was counting on to help contain such a
              catastrophe were themselves infected, they included
              critical FEMA, CDC, DHS and Military personal.

              Symptoms begin to manifest themselves in 5-6 days.
              On May 11th, at 2:10 p.m.(eastern standard time)… 6
              days after the attack… syndicated(1000’s of stations
              nationwide) talk radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and others informs the
              American people that a smallpox epidemic has exploded
              on the scene at numerous locations across the country.
              The hosts and their listening audience suspect
              bio-terrorism. The public’s concern rapidly mutates
              into panic. The Feds, on the other hand, have no
              doubts. They know! Two hours later the government
              declares martial law, the Constitution / Bill of
              Rights are suspended….but the effect is too little,
              too late…..Caught off guard, the Feds soon realize that
              the logistics required too contain the epidemic (and
              vaccinate / quarantine the population) are impossible to meet.
              Therefore, the govt. institutes a triage doctrine…save
              Washington and New York! The rest are left to go it

              • **-(page #4)-**

                Martial law ultimately fails as over half the
                Federal law enforcement officers, the national
                guardsmen / reservists, the state / city / county
                police, refuse to report for duty, instead they stay
                home, protecting family. As civilization starts to
                unravel, the Chittum scenario, as outlined in the book
                Civil War-2, slams headlong into American society…

                The American health care system collapsed rapidly,
                as it was the doctors, nurses and staff who bore the
                brunt of the disease and by extension were among its
                initial casualties. The economy crashes inside 4
                weeks. Six weeks after the attack, famine ravages the
                population, as little food is harvested……….and
                even less delivered. Perhaps the ultimate irony will
                be the fact that the plague eventually sweeps into
                Mexico…as infected mestizos flee back across the still
                open border…

                ***POST MORTUM***

                In the end, final blame will be attributed to those
                responsible for foisting multi-culturalism….our de
                facto state religion….upon America and those who held
                sway over U.S. immigration policy….the Democrat and
                Republican parties…and the elitists that control / own them both!

                The tomb of the American Republic
                will be dated 1776- to -the early 21st century. Its
                antiphon will be inscribed in Spanish. Translated,
                it’ll read; “IDIOTS, you should have closed the

                –FINAL THOUGHTS-

                –( Note: To our politicians, immigration activists /
                lawyers and liberal scum)–

                …Listen up guys! You know and I know that
                the above scenario is as plausible as it is
                frightening. Smallpox was chosen as the example
                weapon…primarily because the terrorists would have
                been vaccinated while in training camp. But on the
                other hand, countless Moslem zealots are available for
                suicide missions. They’ll even volunteer…after all…..
                …they have the best whore-house in heaven… 72 virgins per
                martyr (so they claim)!

                With that in mind, the terrorists
                could just as easily use weaponized Marburg virus,
                Bubonic plague or worse, Ebola Zaire! The first two
                will give them a 50%-60% kill ratio. Ebola Zaire on
                the other hand, will guarantee almost 90%+. There is no
                defense or vaccination that is effective against these
                three pathogens.

                I wonder how you fools can sleep at night, knowing
                that if this ever occurs, the survivors are going to
                want a piece of your ass!

                • Or, they could get some just by walking to the abandoned bio-weapons facility on Vozrozhdeniya Island, in the middle of what used to be the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan. The place has been looted for twenty years now and who knows what happened to all those lovely pathogens.

                  • Winston–

                    Funny you should mention the (former) Aral Sea..rumor has it, its nothing more than a near mud-puddle nowadays.

                    ..the result of ‘good old collectivist’ geo-engineering!

                • Hey Hunter,

                  Can you hunt Obama while in your hazmat suit?

                • that was exelent Hunter

                • I always knew that damn cell tower 200 yards from my condo was going to be problem eventually. ;^)

                  Nice story Hunter. I’ve been wondering what some scenario’s for a bio weapon attack might look like. This looks pretty plausible.

                  The one that I envisioned was Ebola infected jihadi’s showing up at college and professional baseball, football and other pro sports venue’s. It would be pretty difficult to time it correctly so that the infected would be highly contagious, yet not debilitated enough to go about their work. Your scenario is much easier to implement.

                • Hunter,tell me the tomb at least has a button to press one for English!

                  • WD–


                    …I suspect the gang-banging graffiti thugs painted over the ‘language choices’ data tag..rendering it useless & unreadable!

                    –(deep sigh)–

                    …I miss the old America of my childhood!

              • Wonderful, if they did not have a plan they do now!

            • The base sample can be purchased from CDC. They seem to have so much they don’t remember where all is. “Check the break room fridge, we probably have some there”

              • Dean G–>

                ..Awesome response, per buying from the CDC!!!

                Kudos to you & multiple ^^ thumbs.


                But then again, I wrote this years ago…thus, I was somewhat naive, back then…

                …not so much today, sir!


                Hey Stew P..

                ..I have a bunch of stuff I’ve scribbled throughout the years…gimmie a subject & I’ll give you a chapter you’ll be happy w/,..per your book!!!!

          • YO Hunter!!!

            Ummm, Mac uses ‘WordPress’ here to run the site and THAT limits HOW much text can be inerted into any one, single comment. Everyone here learns trhat eventually…just thought you might like to know….you’ll figure that out along the way…we all did! 😉

            Adios Muchacho’s!!!

            • @Mr Rodgers: Think all would agree, that was an amazing story by ‘Hunter’…He needs to publish that, it would become a ‘best seller!’

              Good and Bad news here: Thanksgiving was great, lots of turkey and pumpkin pie….even had 8 wild turkeys in my backyard and that is the 3rd time I saw them in the past 2 wks…..unfortunately, as soon as I open the door, they scurry into the forest! ):

              Bad news…Belleville Ontario, not far from my location, has admitted their 1st ‘SUSPECTED’ case of ebola to the regional hospital!

              This man is military from our local Trenton Air Base, and just returned from Sierra Leone showing symptons…..we should hear later today if it is ebola or NOT! This is way to close to me, so I cancelled my doctor appt for tomorrow, just to be on the safe side.

              So scary as I live in a tiny village in the middle of NOWHERE?? Just goes to show how safe(NOT) we are no matter where we live…(Unless we live in the Tiekel River area) Will not go into lockdown till I hear later today on that patient in Belleville) Take care all, CC

              • Howdy Sweety!

                Indeed it WAS, I wanted him to know that he wasn’t getting ‘trolled’, that it was just the system at work; it takes a while to figure that out if no one mentions it!

                GAHHHKKK!! WHAT!! Near you? Oh She-it…I was reading AND writing similtaneously and JUST ran into the BAD BEWS component. Oh boy…ummmm….glad for your ‘Happy Day’ Sweety but DISTRAGHT over the latter news. Holy Moly, NOT good! LET me know – HWERE – right awy when yo Hon…else I will GET no sleep at all tonight!

                On another note here – seperately – REMEMBER THIS dialogue…for later sweety; it’s actually rather ‘important’ 😉 S’Ok?

                Till later then, Liebchen…”Mein Freundin du IST”

                • Hey Mr Rodgers;
                  your writing style, etc reminds me a previous poster who relocated to the far northern regions not too long ago. Could you be he?


                  • Si Senor’ 🙂

                    Astute observation old Friend, ’tis been ‘long enough’, has it not? Things being what ‘they are’ of late, I chose to return out of concern for those here who I am yet concerned FOR; several to say the least! Be well, I am here again, now…and till the End. Therefor, if your mind so inclines, be ready Brother, for ‘when the call comes’ you will not have much time to ACT. All must be ready for the journey that brings you here, to US….for I have decided that – at the End, IF that COMES – I will make THAT plain to those that He has prepared – via the “indwelling Spirit”. Time will then be ‘precious’ in the extreme, needless to say.

                    Till later friend….Adios Muchacho.

                    Quiet now, shhhhhh….

                  • It has been too long. I am glad you are back, your presence has been missed. Looking forward to hearing how things have been for you.

                    Since this article is now behind several others, I will connect with you in one of the newer ones.

                    Till then my friend.


                  • Mr Rodgers;
                    Good morning to you Sir, I figured I would leave this post here rather than in a newer article seeing as only a few would be checking this far back in the threads.

                    I’m having trouble keeping up with the articles recently due to family obligations, work, prep, etc. But I do try and get back regularly. As this site can be and is a great source of info.

                    That being said…in regards to your above post and to just keep in touch with old friends, if you are so inclined my contact is as follows:

                    mav692 @ gmail. com

                    If for nothing else, please keep it for future reference.


              • Good Evening to all, re: above, test results for ebola on Canadian soldier who helped deliver supplies in Sierra Leone will not be available till late this evening or Wed. morning….will let you know how it goes.

                Until then, I will continue working on this bushel of apples…..found an easy way to make applesauce….don’t even have to peel the apples! You probably found that recipe though?? Oh well, “no rest for the wicket” ): Take Care, CC

                • Oh Hon…I WISH that could BE sooner…

                  My Heart all but siezed in me, earlier today, when I came acoss your missive here. i had been reading/typing a i went and then suddenly THAT came through…OMG, to say the laast.

                  Be well, be VERY safe! ‘Dilgent’ in all till the truth is at hand Sweety. Hon, I have made – something – of a ‘monumental’ decision lately. Pleae consult the posting that I have left above for ‘Ghost Rider’, mch will be made plain thereby. As time has passed, my inclination – at the fundament – has changed, and is perhaps best desscribed as, “For what profiteth it a Man to GAIN the whoie World…and yet lose his own SOUL?” I cannot turn my back on those I know to be ‘kindred Spirits’, the doing of that would Damn me in my own eyes forever. Be not fearful though, fo rthat will come only as – and AT – the last…hence my strong injunction – above to GR. As said ‘Only at the last…’ thus then, TIME will be ‘critical’. However, and should the Spirit intercede then THOSE will come…safely, HERE.

                  Be so very careful Sweety…PLEASE!, till we know. Sleep will be elusive for me now….until then.

                  FIUJ MFDI…..

                  • @ my DF Mr Rodgers….FALSE ALARM! Breaking news just now, man in Belleville hospital tested negative… relieved! Now we can both sleep!!

                    I do also see that Dallas has a 2nd person with ebola…): have a busy day ahead, but will check back when possible, take care, CC

            • Thanks Mr. Rogers..I eventually stumbled onto that fact.

              ..thumbs up to you!

      29. WTSHTF may be just around the corner…

        • WARNING- The warning bells are ringing loud. THIS IS SHTF. Quickly gather 6 months of food and any other supplies you will need for 180 days. Prepare to hunker down long term. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO TO PUBLIC PLACES. Get out of the way of this out of control EBOLI EXPRESS Freight Fright Train. There is NO Cure and only Prevention of exposure. Pick up lots of anti-bacterial soap and want your hands frequently.

          • Wash your hands.. lol

      30. Folks it is just a matter of time before Ebola or a mutated version of it is in your back yard. People are jumping on planes to get away from Ebola and some are already sick. If Dallas gets stamped out, then another hot spot will crop up. Our system is not prepared, and none of our neighboring country’s are either. Hide and watch it will get worse….

        • I agree. My gut tells me that ebola will keep popping up like little brush fires. At first it will seem like we are putting them out, but eventually the fire will break through the line.

          so that people don’t freak out…aside from fire bombing the hell out of a place, I’m pretty sure that quarantine is the best way to beat this bad boy. Let it runs its course and prevent any others from being exposed. Don’t be surprised when you hear neighborhoods, buildings or cities going into quarantine. That will, of course, be my cue to seal up tight with my family and ride this thing out..

          • @KYNASE- Your post is right on the money and exactly what I think will happen. Rumor has it today that the nurses boyfriend has Ebola symptoms-He works outside of the Dallas area. I live in the North Austin area- we all know that travel between our cities is a common-It’s out-It’s spreading and we can’t stop it. The CDC and health care system is already being taxed ( reports that the ER in Dallas has been shut-down)and it’s evident they really don’t know what they are doing. This is not a game. When you said it will flare up here and there and then be out of control is spot on! I am heading over to my local survival store today after work and picking up more supplies. I am preparing for home isolation and/or bugging out to property. Right now, everyone should be prepping while they still can. There will come a day in the near future where this will be impossible. I could care less what some people think. God bless y’all

      31. It’s too late to stop the virus.
        Too many in Dallas have been exposed.

        It’s PANDEMIC time boys and girls.

        Better stock up now on lots of food, water and colloidal silver.

        Prepare to evacuate if you live in a large city.

        Or you can just relax and trust your incompetent government and wait till it’s too late to prepare.

      32. this absolutely proves to me the medical community knows absolutely nothing about ebola-first is they should not be treating people in hospitals that can becom contaminated–they need a structure they can eventually burn down–one fucking patient anf their overloaded what will they do when the numbers are 1-5 million or maybe 50 million.that is a real possibility–they need to put the entire country on lockdown if we reach a few thousand–no sports no transportation, buses, trains, airplanes- close all restaurants, theaters, schools libraries, super markets- everyone on lockdown for at least 6-12 months.
        if this is not done 60-70 percent of the polulation will die–no there is no cure and not likely there will be one.

        • you put the country in lock down and 60-70% of population will die from starvation, not to mention diseases caused by unsanitary conditions. who is going to pick up the garbage? Who is going to care for the elderly, the disabled and anyone who might get sick, not Ebola but just sickness that happens all the time. No lock down , officially anyhow, will ever occur.

      33. The biggest danger of this virus is panic! Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Store water, food, mask, bleach with spray bottles, surgical gloves, personal protection. Have a good size roll of plastic with many rolls of duct tape. Oh and my greatest protection is the word of God which goes everywhere I go!

        God bless!

      34. It doesn’t matter how well the healthcare workers are educated because they don’t have the right equipment to follow the protocol for a Biosafety level 4 Microbe.Full respiratory gear, airlocked de-contamination rooms. There are only 4 hospitals in the US that have the right equipment.See them here:

      35. This is just the beginning and it will get worse. This could be the catalyst that sends this country truly spinning out of control. This is the time to keep your head and think very clearly. It could mean the difference between life and death.

      36. As I am sure it’s been mentioned before…Anyone else think this is one big Hoax? Either to pawn off a vaccine to either A: Make Big Brother 100 Billion Dollars? B: Get people to take the vaccine to give them Ebola? C: Both? I’m not saying one way or the other…just throwing it out there. Something stinks though. You got Duncan’s Nephew calling it a race thing..Really? Again with the race baiting. You got a nurse in full gear catching it. Hmm…that’s funny cause if she did, then I guess we are all SCREWED. Elections coming up.I mean Not one damn thing on Ebola…then all of a sudden WHAM?!?! Come on. Comments???

      37. Also off topic BUT…check this out if you dare! I don’t care if you like these movies or not…just listen to this speech! If the link don’t work, just copy and paste.

      38. I’ve said it, you’ve heard it, now do you believe it?


        The economy is programmed to come crashing down anyways just like the twin towers and the pentagon to cover the tracks of the evil globalist banksters.

        This PLANNED and ALLOWED outbreak is just ‘what the doctor ordered’ to create chaos and disruption leading to medical martial law. If you don’t already have your preps in place, you may be too late.

        Hear that giant ‘whoosh’ and sucking sound? That’s the United States of America swirling down the drain. It is all be design. There is a very large and horrific event about to unfold that will make 9/11 look like a drill.

        R.I.P. U.S.A.

      39. this amazes me for Ebola should be handled in the same way as if it was a nuclear power plant accident with hazmat suits and all. But then again we look at Fukishima and that explains a lot. The current lot of clowns in charge have no clue what they are doing.

      40. I guess it’s time to bust open a bag of cheezies and watch a sh1tload of p0rn, coz i gots me a feeling that days of materialistic indulgences are soon coming to an end…

      41. Political correctness and fault-conscious bureaucracy will be the death of us all.

      42. In these events, it is the knock-on impact that acts as a multiplier, making the original problem much worse. People panic, act without proper knowledge, cut corners, cover asses, systems quickly break down as normal routines are disrupted. Just look at Toronto during the SARS epidemic. Once it started killing healthcare workers, the system froze up.

        The UK’s health minister yesterday looked as if he had dropped a load in his y-fronts.

        If this thing is transmutable by air, then it is a different game. It means all the current protocols are wrong. Judging from the large number of healthcare workers dying, it seems the protocols are not enough.

      43. GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!!! 😉

        Adrain Kronauher’s standard daily address to the troops in 1969, almost fitting here as we watch the slow-motion train wrecks which are the current markets. FWIW, this morning’s action is as follows, as of roughly 04:24 EST:

        Nikkei – 364-
        Shang Hai – 6-
        Hang Seng – 95-

        DAX – 3-
        FTSE – 18-
        CAC – 10-

        DOW – 54+
        S&P – 8+
        NDX – 17+

        The figures above denote deficits where suffixed with a “-“, and otherwise where a “+” is placed. Now, HOW did we GET HERE? !!!%^^##

        Simple, once again we allowed PEOPLE who have NO OTHER motivation in Life than to live as parasites off the WEALTH that others CREATE to gain CONTROL of both the Financial and Stock markets. Yep, WE SCREWED UP AGAIN!…GEE it’s GETTING monotonous, ain’t it? Now, let’s just accept that FACT and move on here.

        Seriously here Folks…WHEN are you ever going to LEARN? Those PEOPLE have no other motivation in Life than to “TAKE WHAT YOU MAKE”. To that end they will continue to construct ‘opaque instruments’ that SOUND, when described, as if they are the next, best thing since the invention of ‘sliced BREAD’, but which are – In Fact – thier only means of GETTING in YOUR pockets. Kramer, Najarian…and all the rest have no other motivation in this World that to SELL you ‘SHIT’…that is going to bankrupt you!…AND ENRICH THEM.

        IF your MONEY…the ‘token’ of your WORK, were under your MATTRESS at home, then HOW would those EVER get thier mits on it?!?!?! Answer: They wouldn’t!

        Therefor, the entirety of the ‘game afoot’ is focused on getting YOUR MONEY out ‘in the open’…where THEY can get thier greedy little paws on it. To THAT End they will SAY or DO absolutely anythting, AT ALL; thier very LIVES Depend on THAT. DOH!!! didn’t see that one coming? Live and learn People….

        I have NO DOUBT that “Kramer” would sell his MOTHER, DAUGHTERS, SISTERS…and NIECES into slavery in a Morrocan brothel if it would JUST GET HIM ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY…as would ANY of the rest of the ‘talking heads’, that tell us how ‘good things are’… DAILY, since they are utterly incapapble of actually CREATING ANYTHING OF REAL VALUE in this – fookin’ – World.

        Everyone here – with SOME exceptions I’ll admit – daily, CREATES more real ‘value’ than any of those ever have in thier entire lives. So, “what’s the ANSWER here”, simple, BREAK the MARKET….forever!…take your money OUT, else they WILL steal ir, one way or another as THEY now control all the regulatory agancy’s lock, stock and BARREL and will therefor be able to get at your PRODUCTVITY anywhere on this planet other than UNDER YOUR fookin’ MATTRESS! The RULE of LAW is GONE – at this point, clearly – Folks, think ‘MF Global’ here…on a GLOBAL scale…get it NOW?

        LET IT HAPPEN!…and when they are GONE, then we can rebuild ‘this all’ as something that is closely REGULATED…something that WORKS for everyone, EVERYWHERE…where the RULE of LAW is paramount and the market is not simply a ‘free giveaway’ for those who cannot CREATE anything and who are utterly determined to be PREDATORS on your aspirations and everything that YOU have ‘created’ as a function of your Life, on this PLANET.

        It may BE that the very concept of ‘Money’ itself needs to be re-thought in future times: That remains to be seen. However, on a another RELATED note, I would STRONLY recommed that in the future, that everyone HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE – above the level of DOG CATCHER – as well every beaurocrat in PUBLIC SERVICE of significant rank – be fitted with EXPLOSIVE COLLARS upon swearing the oath, and taking office…those collars being tied to a ‘voting system’ of sorts wherein the constituency of each such are randomly allowed to VOTE – electronically! – on whether those installed in office are “WORTHY” to continue ‘occupying’ said office…with the obvious consequences!

        It is NOT for them to RULE us…WE RULE THEM DAMMIT, and that is the core of our problems of late, for as everyone KNOWS, “Power couupts…and ABSOLUTE POWER corrupts ABSOLUTELY.” Now, see how simple that all is? Failing THAT then let it all BURN down, completely…the WHOLE THING!!!…we WILL rebuild it!…. after they are gone…build it again, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER.

        I REALLY can’t WAIT to see what today brings. Bear in mind that they are scrambling – behind the scenes – to cover thier ASSES right now, and so we might well see the markets seem to ‘ease up’ for a day, but I think not much more; the weight of the ‘overhead’ in the sytem – now – is simply far too VAST for much of anything else to occur. So, WATCH the Kapanese stock markets closely…they HOLD over 1 Trillion of USD paper and that will come OUT soon as they get further monkey-hammered…the END will come from there quite likely.

        What is occuring here, and now is as pre-determined, ‘foreordained’, you might say, as the cause and effect associated with jumping off of a cliff; a Long DROP…followed immediately by a SUDDEN STOP. In truth, that is as simple as it – here – gets.

        “HAVE GGOD DAY PEOPLE…it’s all just money after all, and inasmuch as they have DEBASED that into oblivion – with QE-XX – what, exactly, is the difference? You STILL have all that you had before…and if they try to come and TAKE that?….well, you KNOW what to do, don’t you? Then just DO it TO IT.

        …”French Revolution, part DEUX?” Yessss…

        • Hah!!

          NOW I KNOW what time you start in the mornings…just after 8:00 EST….jut at the tart of the ‘civil servants’ daily grind. How’s the weather over there in ‘Gov-trolia’ today…bleak and dismal? Ah, don’t worry…it will get a LOT worse, I promise!

          “Enablers ROASTING on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your NOSE….” Ah, the SPIRIT of the SEASON, Eh?

          Adios Muchahcho’s

          “It’ a WONDERFUL day in the Neighborhood…a WONDERFUL day for a Neighbor…”

      44. As we constantly bounce around like lottery balls in the giant hopper of life, there is not much you can do when”THE MAN UPSTAIRS” pulls your number. WTSHTF I may be helping pull numbers. COMMON SENSE HERE PEOPLE AVOID SICK PEOPLE,FREQUENT HAND WASHING,& AVOID MASS ASSEMBLIES UNTIL THEY GET A HANDLE ON THIS SHIT ! ! ! BEST OF LUCK BE SAFE OUT THERE !!!

      45. Ok Im still inclined to not worry much about ebola. Im white if I was black I would be scared shitless. This strikes me as odd. Two white people have ebola and recover. the black dood in dallas dies. Is there a documented case of a white person who got medical help and died? I can see why folks would want to rid the African continent of black folks. For the very exact same reason we tried to exterminate the native americans back in the 1800,s. we gave the natives blankets contaminated with small pox. Folks don’t get a flu shot or anything the government recommends. DTA don’t trust anyone.

        • The 2 whites were honest and told the truth about their infections an sought treatment from the best possible sources. The black gentleman lied about his exposure, tried to seek treatment from a hospital that had no experience dealing with ebola, was careless in his concern for others and infected at least one other person. See the health care worker in Europe that died if you want to see a white death. It is not about race, its about the experience of the health care system.

          • Well even if there was a white health care worker in Europe who died. that would still be considered collateral damage. the small pox the native americans where purposely infected with killed whites & other races too. however we know in fact it happened. and it worked because the small pox had a very high deat percentage on injuns. Its possible this ebola wil have a much higher death rate for blacks. If you can kill off 90% blacks and 10% of everyone else you will have made great strides in reducing the world population as the geogia guidestones recommend. This ebola thing is being done on purpose. the opening of the southern borfer was on purpose. the importation and whole sale distribution of central American children was on purpose. Our USA producing jobs where redistrubeted to other places on purpose. the glowbull warming scam lie myth was perpetuated on purpose. the fiat money petro dollar was created on purpose. Obama was put in place as president on purpose. Its all being done on purpose as part of the UN- NWO and agenda 21 plan. and so far its been working very well for them.

            • old guy , you seem to be babbling.

              • I do not think that being white offers much protection from catching or surviving ebola.

                • Are there really 2 people out there that think whites don’t get ebola?

      46. AH figure just about no city has a port with emergency protocols in place. To deal with a legitimate cargo ship pulling in and then thousands of ebola refugees clambering over the sides , entering metro areas on foot and demanding to be taken care of.

      47. In all honesty, I think this is the scenario that might do America in. It was a strange day yesterday watching stock markets up until about 2pm were in the green. Yesterday I asked God to show me if this was really this was the big one and before my eyes the market dropped 223 points. Well. I’m taking that as my sign. Fortunately even on foot my bug out location is about 1.5 days walk. Manageable.

      48. RIGHT ON Old Guy. Thank you.

      49. So they evacuate a hospital in Boston. If you aren’t safe in a hospital, where are you safe? crazy times we live in.

      50. Morning Mike,

        …caught on to that, did ya? 😉

      51. Ebola: Studies Dispute CDC Mantra…te-cdc-mantra/

        “Direct contact with bodily fluids can include airborne droplets that are expelled from the infected host via a sneeze or a cough. A plain language account of how viruses can propagate and persist includes the following:

        “The smaller and lighter particles (those that are five microns or less across) are less affected by gravity and can stay airborne almost indefinitely as they are caught up in and dispersed by the room’s airflow.”

        For comparison, an Ebola virus particle has a width of 80 nanometers – 62.5 times smaller than 5 microns, the typical diameter of a human red blood cell. Ebola virus is tiny. Even once a particle settles to the floor, don’t expect it to stay there – it can easily become airborne once again, as the cited article goes on to explain:

        “Opening a door can dramatically alter the airflow in the room and pull up viruses on the floor. Even walking through a room can spread droplets in a person’s wake.”

        “If a person is sick, the droplets in a single cough may contain as many as two hundred million individual virus particles.”

        “Once airborne, viruses in these tiny droplets can survive for hours. Even if the droplets hit a surface, the viruses can survive and still spread disease if the droplets become airborne later. When a droplet lands on paper, its virus particles can survive for hours. On steel or plastic they can survive for days.”

      52. Smart hospital managers will simply declare their hospital cannot treat Ebola. Think of the tens of millions the Dallas hospital is losing by having to shut down. Next the mercedes dealership and $100 steak houses will suffer the trickle down.
        Place a person at the door to the emergency room. Anyone come in with flu like symptoms gets tested and possibly turned.

        • Plus, where will the welfare people of Dallas go when they have a cold? Maybe they can treat themselves like working people do.

      53. The ONLY thing our deplorable government KNOWS how to do is to SPY on us and to LIE to us. They can dig into our personal lives to see how they can disrupt us, take away our freedom, and impose restrictions.

        And as soon as somebody rats them out, or they spit out something that entraps them, they LIE.

        These liberal narcisstic morons couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel!

      54. Ebola-Chan loves you! … and there’s no cure for love.

      55. Up at Business insider now, an article originating at Reuter’s

        “Americans Face Post-Foreclosure Hell As Wages Garnished And Assets Seized”

        “Danell Huthsing” might become a houehold name soon. In 2008 he was a bankteller in Florida. She co-sgned a bank loan with her boyfriend for a house they shared in Jacksonville. When she moved out her name was still on the note… And after her boyfriend defaulted on the loan her name WAS on the foreclosure papers as well….

        After that, she moved to st Louis and began life again…till she was served with a notice that she OWED $91,000 on that home…from EIGHT years before. Think the seven year limit applies here? Not quite.

        The tactic now being used by – some – banks is called a “deficiency judgment” and it wasn’t always the case that a bank would elect to pursue that with a homeowner due to bad publicity, legal costs and other factors.
        NOW, with 1 trillion in bad loans outstanding, things, ‘they are a changin’

        The BANKERS will have your ASS if they wish it…when will we stop this? It IS your choice, if not then they WILL own you – all – before this is over. Either go ‘Iceland’ on them – all of THEM – and repudiate the DEBT – ALL of it…or watch your grandchildren live in squalor for the rest of thier natural LIVES. Agaim here, the CHOICE is yours…”WE the PEOPLE…”, nuff said.

        • well she signed that prommosory note. she made the deal. its only right that she be held accountable. I think its great that her debt she co signed for caught up with her. Used to be that a person could file bankruptcy and use the legal system to beat a honest debt. The changes in bankruptcy laws to allow deficiency judgments changed that. Deadbeats can no longer rack up debt and take bankruptcy and leave the lender holding the bag.

          • I agree: screw her. We live in a credit and debt system – everyone learns that from school at a young age. If you can’t control yourself, and rack up too much debt and then try and run from it, well, you made your bed. I once knew a couple who did this in the 90s: maxed out about ten credit cards and then fled the country. F#ckers got away with it as far as I know.

            Best thing Bush ever did was take away the ability to run from debt. Oh, and letting Lehman go down: that was the right thing to do and he should have let the scum-banks go down too. We would have cleaned the slate and the economy would be growing properly by now.

        • Mr. R … you do know that Business Insider is a far left wing, batshit crazy, moonbat, Obola loving news aggregator who never met a collectivist, Communist, Democrat, Liberal, NWO, redistributionist, government propaganda spewing moonbeam they didn’t love or a conservative they didn’t hate, don’t you?

          Not taking issue with your two concluding paragraphs, just consider the source of most of the bullshit you read on that site.

          Full disclosure, I used to be a daily reader and sometimes commenter there, just for the entertainment value, until I just couldn’t stand to read any more of the whining bullshit they spew on a daily basis.

          • Howdy All,

            As there were MULTIP{LE reponses here, I’ll get everyone in one ‘fell swoop’ – as it were – by answering here.

            OG…yes, in the natural order of things, EVERYTHING you say is true, however, witness that all that you and I were taught aa we grew, was little more than ‘sheep herding’ on the level of Edward Bernaise. Why is that so…because at NO time were those at the TOP ever taught anysuch thing, EVER. Now then, in the last several years since the onet of the ‘crunch’ WHAT have those at the top done to US? they have made sure that 59,000 indepedent American busineses closed their doors here, as well, today, there are 96,000,000 working age Americans out of work. Does THAT for a moment aound as if the ‘playing field’ is LEVEL. No, obviously not.

            Were that not the case, then things might otherwise be different indeed…but they are not. Gentleman, the playing feild is now so profoundly stacked against every ordinary person in this country that what I posted above is but a HARBINGER of what is to come…for everyone yet tied to THAT system. Therein lies the warning that I tried to here convey to you…not that people should ‘welch’ on thier due obligations, hardly.

            Dwell on that Friends, deeply, I pray you. From where I am now, there is simply NO harm that may assault me OR mine, on ANY level that can be conceived…I have made it SO, but yet I FEAR for ALL thoae left behind… including you. Try to learn to SEE all sides of ‘what is’, step outside of the box of ordinary thought, else later terror will take you surely.

            Frank, you say..and rightly so that, ” We live in a credit and debt system – everyone learns that from school at a young age. If you can’t control yourself, and rack up too much debt and then try and run from it, well, you made your bed.”, Yes? However, those at the TOP no longer – or actally have EVER – abided by any such ‘quaint notion’ as the rest of us honor or cherish Pointin fact, those have been ABSOLVED of all regulation and indeed LAW in recennt years. They are all but becoem ‘Gods amongst mere men. How so then are we to be HELD to a standeard and they NOT? Food for thought.

            Navy, Yes Sir!…I DO lknow that, though often I cross over ‘enemy lines’ just to see what they are up to… Recon, eh?

            Hope that clarifies things adeqately. Suprisisngly enough Gentelman, the opinion’s of those HERE have MEANING to me..the opniions those whom I call my peers. So it is.

            Adios Friends….till later.

            • 🙂

            • Racking up debt and not paying is wrong. No matter who does it. Saying one should get off scoot free beause someone else managed to get of scott free with a precieved greater wrong is just stupid. two wrongs never make a right. Those of us who are honorable and pay our debts have to pay extra to cover for the deadbeats who do not.

              • Old Guy–


                ..but just wait until the parasite class who, today numbers +48% of society..reaches +52% or better (those receiving free sh%t, on our dime[taxes paid])…

                …they’ll simply vote for the expropriation of our productiveness and ‘merit be damned’!!!


                Per ‘kosher’ Karl Marx:

                “..from each according to their each according to the needs.”

      56. Lots of people going to freak out over this Ebola if more hospitals shut down. Imagine Ebola being like the Flu in a confined space with lots of people. Worse yet is trying to explain to a small child to cover a sneeze or cough. Vomiting uncontrollable.
        To all those Nurses and Aides that are in First Direct Contact. I would not fault you if you leave. You are good people. Positive thinkers, full of life. Direct opposite what most preppers think. Many of whom are hard shelled because this is what prepping can do to a person.
        I Know, I am one of them. Reading the news on Ebola we will soon lose our belief in the system and be on our own.
        The window of opportunity is closing.

      57. That nurse should sue Duncan and his family…

      58. @everyone…202-224-3121

        This is the Capitol Switchboard. Please call your senators today and DEMAND THAT OUR SOUTHERN BOARDER BE CLOSED AND ALL FLIGHTS FROM AFRICA (not just western Africa) BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!!!

        I feel very strongly about this. We must raise our voices collectively NOW. I am prepped for just about everything but this shit.

        My aunt is a nurse in a prominent Pittsburgh hospital. I asked her if they have gotten any instruction yet on dealing with Ebola and she said not yet but she was “concerned”. wtf!

        When I saw my doctor two weeks ago I asked her if the shtf would she stay and continue to doctor or if she would consider leaving. Her honest answer was that she didn’t know but would probably stay because that is who she is.

        My opinion…the CDC and the government cover-up about the real nature of Ebola is all about keeping the economy propped up. They could give a shit if we die…just keep up appearances til they financially bleed us dry….just like Ebola will.

        God Bless You All

      59. Hate to say this, but if you have friends or family in the medical field where they are working in an ER set up

        I would limit my contact with them any way possible

        • Although I dont hear much out of TSA.. you’d think those cry babies would be striking about now.. strange

      60. Good Morning Everyone,

        Through the night we had some interesting seismic activity. To begin here, we saw a 7.3 occur in Nicaragua..that si getting to be rather LARGE for ‘ordinary’ activity. That has been followed by the expected aftershocks, which are STILL occuring. As well, we saw a string of new activity along the south-Western edge of the Pacific plate, roughly along the edge that abutts New Zealnd. Now, we are all aware that the activity at Bardabunga has been nearly continous for weeks now, thus we know that PRESSURE is increasing along the edges of all the plates abutting that, Yes?

        Well, what we also saw last night was a tremor in a VERY unique location…one in which we SELDOM see any such ever occur; at a point in the Arctic Ocean, north of Toktoyaktuk, Canada we recorded a teeny-weeny lil 3.5 tremor. Now that is almost too small to care about, yes? Not quite…along with the activity in Central America. as well that along the coast of New Zealand…and the 6+ activity in Japan I have a strong suspicion that within a matter of days we will see something in either China or along the Western Pacific seaboard of North America that may be – rather – ‘out of the ordinary’. WATCH the Juan de Fuca Folks.

        Also, per gophers info yesterday, I can assert that – as yet – there is no signifivant probability that the NM is getting to be a point of ‘concern’…just sayin here.

        Adios Muchcho’s…till later then

      61. Oh, BTW…remember that wonderful recovery we were supposed to be HAVING, the one the ‘talking heads’ TELL us about every single day…tain’t so Loiuse. Just up at the ‘Hedge is wells-Fargo’s last quaterly relating to mortgage applications,

        “Wells (-Fargo)’ Morgage Application Pipeline just tumbled back to $25 billion,(from a yearly high of 68 Billion!) matching the lowest number since ‘LEHMAN’, and putting an end to any debate about the state of the US housing market”

        Ebjoy the RECOVERY Folks…AIN’T it so GOOD!!!!

      62. How does an American nurse contract Ebola? With directions like these.…rotocol-breach

        taking off contaminated PPE (personal protective equipment)
        is probably more important than putting it on

        it just takes ONE mistake

        you have to do it right 100% of the time

      63. Unfortunately American arrogance and political correctness will be our doom.We can barely take care of our own problems yet go around the world blustering about how they should take care of theirs .The founding fathers said beware of foreign entanglements we do not listen.Our border is wide open , we have a modern day Nero in the white House, our Senate and House are corrupt bribe taking criminals. We are being destroyed by the Jewish parasite class through the Federal Reserve and financial ponzi schemes and usury. Free trade agreements have virtually assured our financial slavery. Pick your poison but unfoirtunately this is only going to end in bloodshed and mayhem.

      64. ******Obama’s Katrina:*******

        Ebola and the EV-68 virus (the latter which has now killed a half dozen, the latest a toddler in Michigan), paralyzed a dozen, and put thousands in the ER – all so Obungler could get his permanent welfare illegal alien line jumpers across

      65. O/T

        soooo are they admitting Chem Trails are real now, along with UFO’s?

      66. The nurses are catching Ebola because it is airborne and under CDC guidelines she was only provided a mask, not a respirator (Techs argue over exactly what “airborne” means, I am using the lay definition) by politically correct foolishness.

        CIDRAP (Minnesota) has been forced to assume the leadership in fighting ebola as the Obama CDC have become politically correct hacks denying basic science.

        Obama Politicos write the press releases. Check out CIDRAP (other medical specialists are coming forward this week) for the tech details, suffice it to say transmission will expand geometrically, and the incubation period is 21 days max.

        The Obama Government will continue to mishandle this, you are on your own. 3 thing to do to protect your family now:

        1. Get Dr. Grattan Woodsons free pamphlet on the internet on common sense preps for the Bird Flu using off the shelf medicines and rehydration solutions.Its free its simple and its vetted. “Influenza” by John Barry also provides accurate background of techniques from the 1918 Flu epidemic.

        2. Get the off the shelf items Dr. Woodson suggests. You can do this for under $100 and Walmart has everything.

        3 Be sure you and your kids are on the same side of any likely quarantine zone when you are at work, if not keep one parent in their zone.

        Usually a city will be quarantined by sealing off the interstate beltways, then house to house, and either in place quarantine (at the beginning) or forced Fema camp relocation.

        You will want to avoid a Fema camp if possible.

      67. a 7.3 quake just hit the coast of El Salvador. Pay attention folks to the disasters & other things the government is not telling you about.

      68. Current CDC numbers are as follows 8400 infected and 4033 dead. Please understand that these numbers are estimated to only be 25% to 50% of the actual numbers of Ebola infections and deaths. A little simple math says the actual numbers a proably closer to 8066 to 16,132 dead and 16,800 to 33,600 infected. Just trying to keep it real. Below is the link to the CDC case counts.

      69. It will get worse because the government wants it to get worse. Intentionally importing thousands of people from the infected countries. Ebola from west Africa and Enterovirus from Central America. The US has already issued over 13,000 visas for Liberians. Unknown how many from the other west African countries. This is intentional. They ain’t coming to work. Your government is clearly your enemy.

      70. Almost time to avoid large gatherings of people.

        • when CDC finally admits its airborne

          too little, too late

          large gatherings will be prohibited by law

      71. By the way, I watched the “hazmat team” disinfecting the Dallas school attended by kids who were exposed to Ebola. The “hazmat team” is nothing more than unskilled “day laborers” in protective suits. One of the “team” was too warm so he rolled up the sleeves on his hazmat suit. This idea that everyone with an official title is a highly trained professional, is nonsense.

        • If they become infected, no sympathy from me

      72. I was being treated, 9 years ago, in a recovery room of a top University hospital in the Chicago area. The nurse came in and removed the IV and bloody bandage from my arm. Instead of walking over and placing the hazardous material in the bio-hazard waste container, she threw it at the regular trash can. She missed. She left it on the floor and the building cleaner came by and picked it up with his hand and tossed it in the regular trash can. So much for professionalism. Goodby safety.

      73. Ok, seriously…. to everyone here who is talking about postive pressure suits $1200 etc… get a GRIP. There is absolutely NO indication this is going to get out of control and your paranoia highlights your ignorance. And all of you who claim to have faith in God yet fear death must be pretty crappy Christians to begin with huh? Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian just like posting on this site doesn’t make you prepared. In fact I’d bet that with all the time alot of you spend on this site you aren’t nearly as prepared as you think you are or as you’d like us to believe. The fear mongering that goes on here is not much different from the media that is shoved down our throats. Live in fear or live free. That is your choice. You can’t have it both ways. Frostbyte OUT.

      74. WWT: Saw “Walking Dead”. Ironic that ebola comes along at the same time. Watch next Sunday before the new episode airs. They always show the previous weeks before the new episode. Moderation takes too long, Mac.

      75. going on diversion means you’re not accepting patients brought in by ambulance. It does not mean you can’t accept patients that walk through the door. An emergency room can’t shut their doors to patients that come through the door it’s illegal

        • Going on diversion would be the first step due to potential Ebola contamination. Then they would outright quarantine the ER regardless of the legal situation of closing doors to new patients due to worse legal issues with outright Ebola infections.

          It’s going to be a malpractice lawyer’s wet dream come true.

      76. Where are the people that were in the apartment with the man that died from Ebola in Dallas?????

        I heard on the news they were moved to an isolated place while the apartment was being cleaned. It has beem cleaned – are they back in it????

      77. I just re-read Tom Clancy’s “Executive Orders,” which is about a fictional ebola attack on the U.S. In the book, once the Feds & the Meds knew what they were dealing with, infectious disease protocols were quickly put into place, and the disease was contained. This book came out in 1996…..have the Feds & the Meds completely forgotten how to respond to an infectious disease in the last 18 years, or was Clancy writing not just a novel, but a novel of pure fantasy? Well I don’t believe they’ve forgotten anything, so either they all have a death wish or this ebola scare is nothing but a hoax, somewhat akin to the swine flu scare in 2009.

        • I agree. I’m really incredulous at the medical response.

          Back before H1N1, the standard pandemic preparedness papers discussed closing borders to air traffic as a routine way to limit the spread of contagion.

          During H1N1, it became clear that the airlines rapidly helped spread the contagion as it took too long to realize what was happening and the transportation and medical experts were too slow to respond to that methodology.

          Realize that the entire world is connected due to international trade (which deeply has ruined Americans due to NAFTA and GATT). As a result closing down international travel can cause remarkable force majeure contract faults due to contagion (a legal clause in contracts to as an out to fulfilling the terms of the contract. It used to be called Acts of God before political correctness kicked in).

          So you have medical people more worried about the economic repercussions of limiting air travel, and then allowing infected patients into our borders. Which is totally a FUBAR situation.

          Realize the opposite happened in places like Nigeria where that government tracked down the primary, secondary, and tiertiary contacts from their Patient Zero in order to quarantine them to lessen the infection.

          The CDC are acting like they took stupid pills.

      78. while she was watching the Simpsons on tv tonite. My wife came up with a new nickname for my private parts. My balls are named Itchy & scratchy and my pecker is called Krusty.

      79. The flu kills about 3500 people in the Us every year. Until tens of thousands die world wide ebola is not a pandemic.

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