SHTF In Movies: “Lost, Wrecked and Left Alone to Survive”

by | May 20, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 200 comments

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    When it comes to prepping for a truly serious SHTF, experience is the best teacher.

    Planning, preparation and learning from experts is also critical.

    But can cinema also be a good teacher?

    Obviously there are plenty of things in the average Hollywood flick that are ridiculous and far from accurate when it comes to real-life disaster scenarios.

    But others have gone to great lengths to be as realistic as possible, and seeing these situations play out on the big screen, before the real stuff happens, can be a great way to start thinking about what you would do in a similar situation, if you ever found yourself in it.

    Many of them are pure survival films after being lost in the wilderness, others are prepper-minded but all are thought provoking and depict the kind of desperate scenarios that may well occur someday.

    (in alphabetical order)
    [amazon text=All is Lost&asin=B00GST8U4U] (starring Robert Redford)
    [amazon text=Cast Away&asin=B000PHVZNE] (starring Tom Hanks)
    [amazon text=Goodbye World&asin=B00IO03IAW]
    [amazon text=Panic Room&asin=B00LU4URLW] (starring Jodie Foster)
    [amazon text=Red Dawn&asin=B00A7MSQRK] (starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen)
    [amazon text=The Edge&asin=B0006HBZXS] (starring Anthony Hopkins)
    [amazon text=The Road&asin=B001FB5634] (starring Viggo Mortenson)
    [amazon text=The Snow Walker&asin=B0007UDC80]
    [amazon text=The Way Back&asin=B004C45AZU] (starring Ed Harris)
    [amazon text=Wrecked&asin=B0051PLR4W](Starring Adrian Brody)

    Obviously there are many, many other great films with these themes of lost, wrecked and left alone to survive.

    What do you think are the best films with a survival, prepping or SHTF mentality as a major part of the plotline?

    Read more:

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      1. More of the same shit, same day.


        • No mention of the book of Eli, hmmm

          The Road is a personal favorite of mine.

          Seriously, Red Dawn, talk about juvenile and over the top unrealistic.

          • “Seriously, Red Dawn, talk about juvenile and over the top unrealistic.”

            But somehow The Road thats a post apocalyptic, almost no population, survival movie is realistic….?


            And then back in reality, Red Dawn reflects the guerilla war against America in the Middle East pretty well.

            IEDs, sabotage, living on the run, hiding in plain sight, living in a cave, traitors, etc.

            • You want realistic ??? What would Jimmy Hoffa do ??? 🙁


              I said last winter that summer would be violent. Self driving trucks for example are one thing. The loss of private pensions for Teamsters ???

              Another thing altogether.

              BTW I warned about the PTB stealing American pensions many years ago on this site before ANYONE in LSM or Alt Media was talking about it.

              What’s next, what’s next, whats next ??? 🙁

              • people are fooling themselves if they think retirement funds will ever be there.

                I retired in 2014 and the government took in taxes ALL the profit from my 457 and some additional from the principal.

                The feds took 30%. I shit you not, look it up.

                All this bullshit about saving for retirement is just another government lie so they can take it.

                • John,
                  I agree with you, I changed companies about 2 years before i retired and even though there was no way for me to draw a retirement from this company they MADE me pay into it and then when i did retire, Like you said they made me pay a big tax on it. so all they did was use my money and kept it from my pocket.
                  the government is just plain old corrupt and needs to be fixed.

                • In the whole scheme of things, the idea of “retirement” is relatively new. You used to work until you died(sometimes young) or you relied on family to take care of you. One of the best reasons to have kids, frankly.

                  I keep saying to myself, retirement isn’t going to be a thing anymore once I get to that age, so I’m not planning on it.

          • Yes the town shootout in Eli is much more realistic . And stepping on the bomb shelter door in road much more realistic. Red Dawns school shootout was unrealistic. Why do so many people bad mouth red dawn and no other movies. They must be afraid of Red Dawn?

          • Although the book of ELI was entertaining, it was unrealistic as probably the others mentioned. There was no gardens, farming, or livestock. No way possible for the majority of people and animals that survived, to eat. It was all about water, and the Bible as a means to control the masses, which in the end of the movie was placed right next to the koran, which pissed me off. Most of the other movies, I admit that I haven’t seen much of them except for a few Walking Dead and the Red dawn, as I am farming, hunting, canning, fishing and hiking the Selkirks and Cabinets. Stacking and watching movies is not really prepping..when .it runs out then you are left with your skills and physical abilities, which are acquired through studying, exercising and practicing. Only a handful here actually do that. A few here that I read their posts that walk the talk, are Kula, MT, Rebecca, Genius, and Old guy. Although I don’t agree with some of their politics, and atheism, they WORK at a self sustainable lifestyle.

          • “The Road” is the scenario that keeps me up at night. I’ve got a toddler and one on the way, so the whole surviving with kids situation really gets me. And shame on “the woman”, damn, I’m a momma bear.

        • Wow. The irony is thick with this one.

          You STILL have absolutely nothing to say and relish in your self-absorbed need to respond here saying exactly that: Same shit from the same turd. Every day.

          Do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor and try to come up with something (anything) to post with substance.

          Your ignorance stupidity is overwhelming. Wish there was an ignore button.

          • agreed, billy!…what a damn retard GMAFB must be…..and why is he always at the top?

            • update on Venezuela…

              Venezuela Launches Biggest Ever “Military Exercise” In History: A Preview Of What’s Coming

              “Venezuela is preparing for the biggest military exercises in its history on Saturday after the South American country’s government said it’s on high alert as the opposition pushes for a recall referendum on President Nicolas Maduro.

              “This is the first time we are carrying out an exercise of this nature in the country. In terms of national reach, it’s going to be in every strategic region.”

              For those who need a reminder of just how much Maduro’s socialist paradise has taken away from the people it is supposed to represent, here is a stark reminder:
              —Inflation in Venezuela is predicted to reach 700 percent within the year, which would be the world’s highest.
              —According to the Confederation of Venezuela Industry, in the Chavista era, approximately 8,000 businesses have closed.
              —More than 70 percent of Venezuelans believe President Nicolás Maduro should step down.
              —There were 2,138 protests and more than 170 lootings between January and April this year, according to the Venezuelan Observatory for Social Conflict. That’s about 18 per day.
              —Venezuela has one of the highest murder rates in the world. There were 28,000 in 2015. That’s 76 violent deaths per day and three per hour.
              —According to an Encovi survey, 87 percent of Venezuelans can’t afford to buy food.
              —According to the National Federation of Farmers, 2015 saw Venezuelans reduce their meat consumption by 42 percent compared to 2012 — the largest drop in 55 years.
              —Ninety percent of citizens said they buy less food due to scarcity.
              —According to polling group Datanalisis, there are shortages of basic food in 80 percent of supermarkets and 40 percent of homes.
              —While Latin America’s infant malnutrition rate hovers around 5 percent, the Bengoa Foundation found that it was near 9 percent in Venezuela as of 2015.
              —Public medical systems have reported that 44 percent of operating rooms are non-functional, and 94 percent of labs do not have sufficient supplies.

              The Venezuelan people have no medicine, electricity, food, water or hope. What they do have, and plenty of it, is street crime, homicide and desperation. And, whether faced with a militarized army or not, they will soon have a revolution, because when yet another country is destroyed by a regime that chooses to only look after itself, that is the only possible outcome.”

              ht tp://

              • thanks mom, in my opinion you are one of the top 5 people posting on shtfplan…you always have great articles, with great insight/comments, too. you’re an assaet, unlike GMAFB, who’s just an ass.

                • Speaking of asses… you’re an ass too! I was drinking coffee when I was reading your reply and that last sentence made me spit some out on my keyboard. LMAO!

                  • HEEEEYYYY!, i resemble that remark!

                • BCOD, I second that post.
                  Mom is a fav here, she is informative, without being derogatory, which can be hard to do.
                  I hit this site too much and have tried to limit myself.
                  Hence the reason I was first to post alot of times.
                  KY Mom, we luv you here, keep it up, info is a commodity lacking with most sites…
                  That is what makes this site special…

                • bcod and eppe,

                  Thank you for your kind words.

                  Many share informative and useful posts here at SHFTplan.

                  The SHTF in Venezuela. It is alarming how much the situation changed in just the past TWO years.

                  Take care!
                  KY Mom

                  • just the facts maam….no kind words here….

                    • remember “dragnet”?

              • Venezuela is being destroyed by the US government– check out Paul Craig Roberts website and see for yourself… just more shit and destruction by the US…

                • Anon,
                  You hit it, CIA started in on Venezuela about 15 years ago that i am aware of. and it started when they would not play ball with there oil and from there it has been a down hill slide. used to be a very fun place to go before all this crap happend

                  • Fundamentally Anal Roberts is a Nazi rectum sucker who deserves to be crucified on his own swastika and fed to wild pigs, and so are you. Take your mindless and moronic attempt to distract everyone from socialism’s atrocities in Venezuela with a retarded National Socialist‘s conspiracy theory back to Stormfront where you belong, goose-steppers.

                • The incompetent and corrupt socialist government destroyed their economy. It’s not something America could do.

                • The video is a waste. The guy doesn’t seem to remember much about the movies. Seeing links to the trailers would have been interesting.

                  There was a prepper movie I saw part of on TV a few years ago that was good. It shows someone waking up and the power is off. Stores aren’t open. Nobody has anything. The family is trying to escape a highly populated area and get to the relatives in another state.

                  • It must be After Armagedon . A very good low budget movie . Along with. Take Shelter. Which was worth watching. And Elani. With John Malcovich. Free on line . About communist tactics like red dawn. They use you then stab you in the back.

                • I think you might appreciate this link…


                  • Here’s another good Latin American news link


                • Good list.

              • what is shocking about your facts is that 30% of the people still want Madurano to stay in power.

                That will lead to a civil war. 30% are the people who are profiting from the crisis.

                • kinda like what’s happening to AMERICA as we speak…..

            • He’s always at the top because he’s dropped out of grade-school and is too young to have a job (not that he’d be able to hold a job, but that’s a subject for another thread) so he sits around hitting F5 ever 3 minutes waiting for the next story to come up. LMAO!

            • Apparently a “floater”…..

        • You people seem to enjoy your movies.
          USA Department of Defense Approved.
          Most Movies have the DOD scripts inserted.
          DOD is HEAVILY involved.

          DOD was heavily involved with old television 60 hertz standard.
          60 Hertz puts humans in a receptive almost hypnotic type of brain activity.

          DARPA efforts at making people in a catatonic zombie like state of being without free will…. Kind of like watching movies or watching TV.

          Ditch the television. Ditch and leave USA while you can.
          Only way to save your family and self is to LEAVE.
          The way you win a fight against 20 thugs when you are alone and under armed is to avoid-evade-escape-post haste.

          Fifth Column has infiltrated and holds highest political offices in USA.
          They are trying to provoke Russia into Nuclear conflict. They will succeed with their controlled media lapdogs.

          Your preps-small arms-etc. have NO Value against Russian Hypersonic fly 10 feet off the deck, multiple war head, ICBM.
          Leave while you can. Just Leave. There are other places to go. I’m gone.

          • So okay Scotty Scott. I’ll just stay here and smile at the flash. Big smile!

          • As usual, the “get out while there is still time” advice is accompanied by NO specific recommendations of what might be better locations.

          • 60hz…so pretty….

            Actually, the 60hz US TV standard probably has more to do with the AC current sine wave in the US being 60hz than anything. In the UK, for example, the refresh rate is 50hz, which also matches their AC sine wave. So, blame the 60hz thing on Nikola Tesla, the designer of our power grid.

            • You may not want to be so quick to blame 60 hz on Tesla. After Edison realized that DC wouldn’t hardly scale up, he adopted Tesla’s concept of AC being less lossy, but completely missed the point about High Frequency AC being much more efficient than lower frequency AC. He went with 60hz because he wanted to minimize redesign on the generators and motors he was selling along with his system.

        • “Dahr Jamail | Navy Allowed to Kill or Injure Nearly 12 Million Whales, Dolphins, Other Marine Mammals in Pacific” at Paul Craig Roberts website.
          I know this may sound weird, but I’ve been wondering if maybe space aliens– the real bad kind– are in charge of our government?? Its hard to believe that human beings would do all the horrible things the US government has been doing of late. They are not only destroying numerous other countries in the last few years, but they are also destroying the oceans and our bodies with Frankenstein seeds (GMO’s) and purposely starting WW3 with Russia… these creatures in charge have to be inhuman. Not joking.

          • Anon,
            They are called self serving, greed filled, every word is lie, bought off, defense contractor, banker controlled, puppets. Also known as politicians of the bought off incompetent one party system.

            Many of these NWO politicians are members of skull and bone, trilateral commission, bilderberg, and other unknown secret society, boot lickers and bend over holding their ankle types.
            They do Anything to get the political position. No morals. Empty vessels. No regard for what is Right, Normal, Reasonable or Sane.

            Look at the actions of the current Anti American poser pretend president.
            ANY other generation in American history would have Impeached and Arrested the Anti-American TREASONOUS Danger to American National Security POSER.
            Any other time in history the Joint Chief of Staff Generals would have ARRESTED the Traitor.

            But what happened? The uneducated want something for nothings gave him a second term to DESTROY our once great nation.

            Makes a thinking man SICK with disgust and shame to have such a creature allowed in office to put our nation in extreme DANGER.

            An Alien from other world would be an improvement over these EVIL Luciferian NWO trash who have obtained office. The ones in political office worship Lucifer. Literally.

            Do a search on “Georgia Guide Stones”. The NWO Lucifer worshipers are telling you in STONE what their intentions are. Evil and sick.

            No flying disk required, Anon. Just incompetent corrupt lying greed obsessed EVIL.

            • it’s the PEOPLE, stupid!!….no wait, i mean, it’s the STUPID people…..we LET them get away with this sh*t…..we gave our kids EVERYTHING, and we asked them for NOTHING, while we STOLE their future’s from them….what do they have to LIVE for?

          • No, sir, it’s not space aliens destroying everything in their path, just one gay marxist in the oval office…

          • If so, then we KNOW “the aliens” are scared shitless of our weapons, meaning they are not impervious to gunshot any more than we are.

            An Explosion A Day Keeps Aliens Away?

          • Anon

            Sorry but some humans have been this way from the beginning. What we are witnessing today is no different than other times in history. In fact it is nothing compared to some of the atrocities committed by mankind in the past.

            It is my opinion that we all should look at past atrocities. We have seen nothing yet. Americans have become naive to what people can do. We had better get ready because we will not be naive for much longer I feel. Currently all we are seeing is pure greed. The greed will be the cause of the pure evil that is to come.

            A recent good movie is Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie.

            One other point I would like to make. People that are starving become just like animals. They will do anything to get food. I have been in places where you could get anything you want for an MRE. So tragic and sad.

        • Any reports on Phil Robertson’s movie “Torchbearer” Just heard about it. Trekker Out.


          Hillary Clinton has now OPENLY STATED IN PUBLIC that she totally intends to “abolish The Second Amendment.” How the hell can a president be said to be KEEPING their oath of office according to The Constitution if she’s openly admitted intentions of attacking and destroying (at least ONE Amendment, if not all of them). The rest of what she said, would piss off the pope (imho):

          “”This is someone running to be president of the United States of America — a country facing a gun violence epidemic — and he’s talking about more guns in our schools, he’s talking about more hatred and division in our streets,” the likely Democratic presidential nominee said of her presumptive Republican rival. “That’s no way to keep us safe.” HILLARY CLINTON (27MAY2016)

          Houston, we have a problem (and it’s not SOS/Different Day. We have now entered “escalation” and the application of “inflected lies” (Dammit all! THEY ARE DIVIDING AMERICA ON PURPOSE THEN TURN AROUND AND SAY WE ARE DIVIDING THE COUNTRY (WE THE PEOPLE). Lying sons-of-bitches, and neither are we facing a gun violence “epidemic” (the only epidemic is the number of people purchasing guns …NOT USING THEM! (Bitch!)

          Hell …I’ve no need to ‘explain’ any of this to you folks, as you are well aware. Just wanted to get this “on the table” as it definitely “sets a sword into the ground (in defiance of WE THE PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION), but draws a deep line in the sand that we will have no choice but to not only cross, but annihilate completely, or WE shall be annihilated completely.

          There is NO fucking way I’ll give up a damn thing so that I am helpless to protect my family, neighbors and very old folks within my reach (locally that depend on me for ‘whatever’ from time to time).

          I relinquish the floor to the next pissed off poster…

          • Why would it piss off the Pope, especially this one? He’s a follower of liberation theology, just like Obama, and a hard core anti-gunner and socialist.

        • On the Beach (excellent book and movie).

          The Postman (excellent book and movie).

          Gattaca (excellent).

          The Divergent Series (excellent).

          The Hunger Games (interesting).

          Into the Wild (movie, documentary, and book, all are excellent).

          Recent documentary series on the History Channel about the Bonner Party. (Including one guy who liked human meat and ate that while leaving the donkey meat alone).

          The movie about the airplane that crashed in the Andes in the 1970s and resorted to cannibalism in order to survive (excellent book and movie).

      2. Also watch ’22 after’, one year after shtf.
        Low budget but makes one think…

        • I would have to agree with this. Probably the most realistic of them all.

        • I would have to agree with this. Probably the most realistic scenario of them all.

        • Interestingly, it doesn’t search on either Netflix, Amazon or Hulu

          • Vimeo on the web, if it is still there…

          • It’s on Youtube.

            • Best line in the movie is when the girl asks the girl filming to leave, since she believes her boyfriend is eating humans…

              Thanks, Cannon…

              • Thank you Mac.
                Think of how much info posters here have gleened from everyone else?

                Be well all…

        • Little TV movie that came out early-to-mid eighties called “Threads.”

          BBC produced, probably the most realistic account of the effects of nuclear war ever dramatized for an audience.

          Set in Sheffield, England, lots of stats and factoids in cutscenes. Excellent film.

      3. The Road is on my list of films I want to see. As for post apocalyptic dystopias though, the original Mad Max trilogy has always given me hope that, somehow, the future will turn out alright and mechanical skills and abilities will rule the day. However, my personal vision of what is coming is somewhat different and includes a hellish mixture of artificial intelligence and authoritarian world government along with a population that learns to love their servitude.

        • ^+1.

        • Winston, maybe sort of like the movie “Divergent”?

          • I was actually thinking more like a mix of “Ghost in the Shell” and “A Brave New World” or “1984”. Governments do not need to control all of the people. They only need to control those intelligent enough to be capable of free thought outside of the norms of society. The rest will fall in line and enforce the norms and need not be heavily monitored. For those people of limited intelligence and capacity for creative thought, the new order will seem like an improvement over our current world.

            I chose those two or three fictional worlds because of what each represents. “Ghost in the Shell” is based on our world in the near future and the technology has allowed the melding of the human brain with cybernetic implants that augment the brain. However, they also make it easier to control people and keep tabs on them and individuals who are hooked up to the network can also be hacked by both criminal individuals and government agents. In this series, there are legal protections against such acts by both individuals and governments, but they do happen. It is set in Japan after a major disaster (nuclear presumably), a country where the idea of a hive mind would not be so offensive as it is in the West.(It is originally an anime targeted at Japanese audiences.) Now the other two movies relate to absolute power and control. In one, people are bred and conditioned for their role in society and worry about little more than consequence free sex (all but a few select females are intentionally born sterile), consumerism and drug use (soma). In the other, we have an all seeing government that controls people by force and coercion and is even able to control dissent. In both books, society is run by a small cadre of individuals at the top who exercise power with varying degrees of malevolence. I do not think any of them gets it perfectly right, but I do see a combination of the three as being the likely outcome of humankind’s future, barring any great cataclysm.

        • @Winston Smith: The Road is an excellent movie. The kid is too whinny, but what the heck. The thing that really got my attention in that movie is that the map they are using ripped between the number 43 and 44 that they had written with a grease pencil. Could this be an allusion to Bush and Obama as the 43rd and 44th President…and the country ripping apart at before the end of Obama’s term? Just say’n.

        • That seems like paradise compared to what I think could happen if shit goes far enough off the rails. See “Threads”.

        • “Witness!”
          – Fury Road

      4. anybody seen Amerigedden?

        • noooo, those bastards won’t show it anywhere NEAR me in hi-desert, so cal…’s destined to be a great one!

          • Eh,seeing a lot of trailers not really worried about seeing it,now,really wish the movie Grey State was made and put out,tough when the head of the film project and combat vet was killed along with his family!

        • I’ve asked this question on a few other threads
          No one has come forward to say they have seen it yet
          Tried to find a streaming service that has it and no luck so far it’s too far away from me to go see it and I’m not much for theaters

          Hopefully someone will comment on it here

          One thing people need to keep in mind with this movie Anerigeddon is it’s not a Hollywood movie
          It’s not been ” endorsed” by the liberals or Jews in Hollywood, it’s also low budget
          I want to see it for its content , not its “star power”
          Some reviews I’ve read people were not ” entertained” enough with it
          Probably because it was too in thier face with possible reality ?

          I’ll find it eventually and watch it at home

          • aniggergeddon was how i read that at first….then i was embarrassed, then i went back to think’ noooo, that would be the RIGHT title for what’s happ’nin’.

        • I saw it Thursday. Low budget but I liked it.

      5. Gone With The Wind. If you lived in the old south, that was a really big shtf for those people.

        Reading books about civilians and their issues during the Civil War is very enlightening.

        The home front is my main interest. How did women keep family and body and soul together? How did they provide for their children in that situation? How were elders cared for? and such like.

        Frank Thoughts–I don’t want to hear any of your women and sex comments. Some of those 1860’s women and some of us today will not sell ourselves for any reason.

        just thought I’d save myself an extra comment.

        • fascinating read
          about a little known part of Civil War history

          Starving the South: How the North Won the Civil War, by Andrew F. Smith

          h ttp://

          • Thank you for that review.

            Good reviews and price at Amazon.

            I will be getting that on. Thanks.

          • Tanya Tucker – “The Night They Burned Ole Dixie Down”

            One of the lines were; “In the summer of ??, we were hungry, just barely alive…”

            That tells it all right there. Starved out to and beyond the point of famine, for the greater part it seems (from historical writing gathered from diaries, etc). FORGET “official reports” as every last one of them are the usual lies and deceits they’ve used since time began for politicians.

        • Grandee, Selco has mentioned a woman in Sarajevo who managed to keep herself and her three young daughters safe and fed during the year-long siege by prostituting herself. Just as we don’t want have to kill other people to stay alive she didn’t want to be a whore. But she also didn’t want her girls to be raped and killed so she did what she had to do to ensure their well-being. Many of our women will make similar decisions when faced with death and starvation.

          • I’m actually impressed by that.

            I mean that’s… gutsy as all hell. It’s a lot more impressive than what I’ve experienced. Aka one very tiny baby step away from FSA status.

          • Some of us will choose death and take the young with us.

            Among others, Masada comes to mind.

        • Grandee
          Frank Thoughts is wishful thinking… projecting his fantasies out there. In past situations, that was no more the norm than it is today. From listening to my grandmother and aunts talk, women tended to bunch together and work as a team when the men were gone. Usually family members but not always. I suspect women will do war needs to be done to protect themselves and the children and elderly, sick and infirm in their care. I have done a fair share of caretaking children and sick. Ya do what you gotta do for your own people.

        • Women from then are as different from women born after 1960…

          As men from then are different from all these post hippy bastards.

          Sorry you’re not going to convince me that 98% of MODERN women are cut from a bolt of a pathetic imitation Chinese version of the “same cloth” as some woman from 1860.

          And as they are more pandered to as a group, they’re worse. I mean yes men are bad but they’re just worse it’s just obvious. Statistics man.

      6. The best survival movie I ever saw was “Alive”. It is the true story of a downed plane into a barren snow roped mountain range. There was an Olympic team on board. Worth watching.

        But I have stopped paying to see Hollywood movies because I know that Hollywood hates us and they use the medium as a psychological weapon to degrade and destroy, no matter how subtly.

        • Snow “topped”

        • B from CA,
          I just read the book “ALIVE” by Piers Paul Read. It is about the Rugby team from Uruguay that was stranded in the Andes mountains for 10 weeks after their plane went down.

          Very inspiring and shows what can be done if you put your mind to it. Loved the book. Highly recommend it !

          • That plane cash was a dismal example of survival.

            Turns out they were only about five miles from a mountain resort. The brave ones went for a long walk down the wrong side of the mountain and did find help, but nearly died doing so, walking miles.

            Had they just executed a circular spoke pattern search, they would have found the resort in just days. Many more would have survived.

            • Which is what happens to anyone when “dropped” unexpectedly into “the wild” ….they do not have a clue as to what or how to do much of anything (the wreckage may have provided a plethora of usable parts to ‘assist’ their efforts, etc.

              There was a plane crash. When the rescue team reached the mountain top site of the crash they were shocked at all the ‘cut up bodies’ and ‘strings of flesh’ draped over all of the wreckage. Then, they spotted the only survivor just ‘walking around with his ‘fashioned’ glass-knife. When asked why did he cut up all the people he replied, “for survival I need to eat, as up here there is only snow.” The leader of the rescue squad replied, Sir! You only crashed 8 hours ago!

      7. The book of eli

      8. Recently watched Soylent Green. Dirty, angry, limited resources except for the few at the top. Not unlike Venezuela today, and sadly more places in the near future. Get rid of the elderly. Not a happy movie.

        • Steve,not happy but a great movie,saw that and Omega man with me dad when it came out in theatres,guess I dated meself a bit!

      9. “10 cloverfield lane” had a lot of interesting stuff in it, with some plot twists…very enjoyable

      10. Try “The Divide”. Crazy movie. A little slow in the beginning but gets interesting.

      11. The book is better than the “Alive” movie. It is based on a true story but the movie embellished a little. The book was great and gave me a prepper attitude when I was a kid. It’s somewhat of a guide and there will initially be enough people to eat but freshness will be an issue ha.
        Being compulsive helps and mixed with PTSD helps the mindset that few understand. If you have been thru enough, you have seen unlikely things happen. I have different ideas on the result of shtf. People are pussified (depending on where you live) and won’t be a huge threat. We have a weak culture and they will run out of psyc meds and off themselves and family rather than fighting.
        That said, I buy one multiple glocks and the mags are interchangeable large to small but not in reverse. I also stick to one cal so I don’t have to carry different rounds for different caliber guns. I stick with 9mm. I also have 4 shotguns all exactly the same. I have a lot of slugs and shot for the weapons. (Close to mid range).
        22 rifles are cheap and I have several. All long rifle and the ammo is the same.
        I don’t worry about weapons a lot because I feel I have what I need based on the little bitches in my city.
        I think silver or gold will work for a short time but not after everyone is hungry. The most valuable exchange item? I firmly believe medications. All pain meds (opiates) will be very valuable. Cheap now due to insurance. if you rat hole them rather than flush extras you will be happy you did. The basics of food and water are obvious and there are a thousand ways to store and hide them. I bury some in a crawl space and rotate them. Cool and fresh, all canned of course.
        As far as pundits predictions? Don’t spend a lot of time on them. It’s common sense and if you have the preps, time is best spent on real prepping.
        I don’t have a scientist friend like HCKS does and who needs someone to warn you and give continual upgrades on how screwed we will soon be.

        • having worked in a pharmaceutical company for almost 20 years, take your prep drugs, especially opiates, and put them in the refrigerator, NOT the freezer…
          It will extend potency for years.

          May the Force be with you.

      12. Mac, you actually posted this?

      13. “Children of Men” is a great movie.

      14. Its not a movie but the series, “The Walking Dead” (especially in the early episodes) wasn’t half bad.

      15. NEW TROLLS


        Now confirmed.. they are attacking me on old threads. This is the same identical pattern that I have noticed in the past. They have to shut me up now because they know what’s coming next.

        Hey trolls copper and old guy.. I just responded to your attack on me on the previous threat. Did they give you guys your body armor yet, they just ordered 177,000 of them.

        Your now outed. Mac, please band these two are trolls, we need to have them removed from this site if you can filter the garbage like these that need to be filtered. I have a lot of truth as to what’s getting ready to happen and this why they are on me like that


        • Do Search on this:
          “The Chinese government fakes nearly 450 million social media comments a year. This is why.”

          Then you will understand.
          Don’t you know the USSA DOD does the same thing?
          You are being psychologically and emotionally MANIPULATED at EVERY opportunity.
          Government does NOTHING but Lie, Steal, Cheat, Oppress, and make War to have our young men slaughtered. But of course those connected few Bankers, corporate heads, and politicians LOVE war because they and their children NEVER Fight, Never Die in war, and they make Billions for themselves.

          Aren’t you ready to die for the Bankers and lying politicians?
          Aren’t you ready to be goaded into conflict by their controlled Media mouths?
          Bad guy of the week. Always some BS “reason”. 99% lying media propaganda BS.
          Having your sons and now daughters die and become disfigured is PATRIOTIC.
          USSA USSA changed Amerika Rah Rah Rah. Like that “change?”

          The next made up War is Nuclear. That is the Politicians and Bankers Intent.
          They are INSANE.

        • HCKS. Move on now. I don’t want you to tell the truth? All I have done is make light of your spelling, reasoning, lies, grammar, etc. never really your ideas. Just the fact you quote your non existent scientist friend. Never…not once did I say a single thing about your idea. Just the way you wrote it. I’m not planning to go away so stop saying I’m doing things that I’m not even coming close to doing. Make your ideas easier to read and I will consider your point. Your writing skills lack to the point of having to translate them to English. I’ve asked before and I’ll ask now, when did I ever say anything other than the things I listed above? Simply throwing a tantrum and trying to misrepresent what I said, is childish.

      16. you need to shave and loose 50lb and get your head out of your ass.

      17. Jericho TV series.

        • I like the Jericho TV series too.

        • Wish Jericho had more seasons!

          Take Shelter and
          Tomorrow When The War Began are two good ones.

          • I also liked Jericho, but didn’t see it until after it had been cancelled. Revolution was also worthwhile, but they pulled the plug on it, too.

            There were some rumors going around for a while that Netflix was going to pickup Jericho, but apparently that never got enough traction.

            I think that the Hollywood gang suddenly realized that TV shows which showed Whites gathering together and organizing themselves in order to survive a ‘apocalypse’ of some kind weren’t such a good idea, because they were putting survivalist ideas inside the heads of a race they want to destroy.

            As for the comment that ‘Hollywood hates us’ – I assume the comment was referring to White Americans, and especially White Southerners. They never miss an opportunity to spew their venom and hatred at Whites and always portray White Southerners in the most negative possible light.

            BTW: I used to be regular fan of The Walking Dead, but when the Hollywood gang decided to put the White Rick Grimes into a race mixing relationship with the butt ugly black female sword swinger, as part of their obsession to encourage genocidal behavior which will render the White race extinct, I said – that’s it. I stopped watching the Walking Dead.

            I’m old enough to remember George Lincoln Rockwell and how he used to accuse jews of being behind the race mixing agenda and trying to promote behaviors that would reduce and eventually eliminate the birth of White babies, and back in the 60s, the jews who he would debate on TV or on the radio used to try to deny that was what they were up to.

            Today, they not only no longer try to deny it – they throw it in our faces, rub our noses in it, and boast about what they are doing.

            • Tucker;

              Yup, I was done with the Walking Dead when they started down their SJW schtick instead of simply surviving the zombie horde. I simply DO NOT need to see two men smooching on a show about zombies. Didn’t know Rick started banging Michone. Glad I left when I did.

              Fear The Walking Dead isn’t too bad though, at least not yet. Haven’t seen any dude-on-dude face-sucking yet, at least.

            • We were warned about the children of satan.

          • Survival? Go to a VA and talk to the veterans (young, middle-age or older and oldest). They’ll tell you horror stories of how to survive the like of Hanoi Hilton, NAM, a day or two of Grenada WITH purposeful fuckups courtesy of The Feds and 1,000’s of “little stories” MUCH LARGER than any one of the movies mentioned, and ‘real life scenarios’ with no ‘acting bullshit’. Ska-REW the fucking movies for gathering intel and other ideas. imho it is just something to waste ink on …I’m certainly not going to watch any of them, as I’ve already been through far worse …so far. THAT would change with one EMP or Nuke no doubt. However, if Putin is goaded into nuking anyone then he’s setting himself up to receive the same (at least ONE Captain of a Trident SuperSub out there is going to say “fuck this” and unloose all of his ICBM’s where they’ll count the most (foiling the majority of stuff that has been turned upside-down by our POTUS (who is reputed to wishing to be a king)? Really? Phht…
            I must maintain that anything done will be as it has been done all through the past ….a little bit at a time so as not to be TOO noticeable or ‘not enough to worry about’ (until you look at it all “collectively” …then it becomes an “oh shit” scenario.

            I can’t see The NWO ‘wasting a nation’ with nukes that it wants to take over for themselves (china-men and everyone who hasn’t any business over here for ANY reason). Shoot’em on sight. The sooner we start the sooner it’ll be over.

      18. Not related but I got a movie at the thrift store for 75 cents called Orphan that creeped me out. The psycho *itch reminded me of Hitlery gone berserk.

        • YIKES!!!!!….when “orphan” came out, my wife had a friend who’s daughter was a DEAD RINGER for that girl….talk about being creeped OUT…BRRRR, did somebody leave a WINDOW open?

      19. Au contrair mon frer.

        These movies give you the impression you can survive for years (or possibly ever) unassisted. In real life I think it would be a fracking miracle if you made it 18 months with no inputs whatsoever (from other people, from “general stores”… from SOMETHING).

        Like a GIANT fracking miracle.

        They sort of got around this in the movie “The Road” with the Deus Ex Machina of the fallout shelter they found. I have no idea how they made it as far as “filling the bathtub” to “wife killing herself”. Seriously. Seems utterly impossible in every way conceivable.

        And they didn’t last long past the fallout shelter / grocery cart episode. What like a week? Two?

        (You know the real end is the kid gets eaten but they Deus Exed that one as well).

        Ball of sunshine aren’t I? 😀

        I could see a small TOWN with functioning agriculture and a ridiculously strict hierarchical command and control structure (read: Amish) surviving in… misery but surviving…

        • The NWO will triumph not later than 2017. The crisis must be gruesome but short lived if they want it to be successful.
          Those opposed to it, are already black listed.
          Even the tycoons caved-in long ago.
          It will be a better world. I had enough time to obseve the present absurdity, I am 91.

          • Bobane, take a zanax and you’ll be fine.
            Only about what, 19 days to go until your predicted end of days?
            And we MUST be in Asia or we’ll die? Ok, what part of Asia?
            You’re calling the day, might as well tell us where.

            • I live on a far away island in Philippines.
              Better take the warning seriously, it’s no longer 19 days, now it’s only 14 and did you do anything to prepare?
              I wrote: the EMP/CME is all about gamma rays. Lack of electricity is only secondary.

              • I’m on an island in the Caribbean and prepped to the max.
                Well over 500 ft. in elevation also.

                14 days and counting. We shall see won’t we? If nothing happens will you come back and say you were wrong?
                “Predictions are hard, especially about the future!”

                • The date is CARVED ON THE WALL since 6th of March 2009…!!!
                  That is on Wall Street WALL.
                  Look at the SP500 chart.
                  Talk to any competent financial analyst or stock broker to confirm this. I used to be a stock broker for 35 years.
                  Peter Schiff is one of those, he knows what I am talking about.
                  He gave 28th of May as the start event only. That is this coming week end.
                  The real event will follow one week later.
                  As I said earlier, if you are outside on THE DAY, you’ll be fried.
                  Caribbean will be at the epicenter when it hits.

        • Then please explain to us how in hell all of the neanderthal men and women made it through millions of years without anything more than spears and themselves? No ‘advanced tech’ available to them nor anything that we have even if we DO LOSE ELECTRICITY AND FOOD. It’s not hard to grow food, fish, hunt, make snares …whatever it takes.
          As you admitted at the end. The Amish would survive. Great. Then so will I and millions and millions of others no diff than myself ….and, UNASSISTED (until I am too old to walk or hoe, which will mean I die). So what? Afraid of death too? lol… No need to be… no need.

          • the neanderthals were MUCH smarter than the average AMERICAN….

      20. “The Book of Eli”

        • “The Book of Eli” are the only words you know how to type? Nobody is answering you because you are failing to signify the significance of how this all ties into that “book.” Just ‘expound’ a bit more and hell, I’ll answer if I can …maybe.

      21. Saw Captain America today. Not exactly a candidate for SHTF movies, but one quote stood out and I’m not sure why it was there, but here it is:


        Ok,then. Kinda nails it.

        • “Captain America: Winter Soldier” is excellent- Stan Lee should be proud of it.

          “This isn’t freedom. This is fear.”

        • Syria ‘withered from within’ (as was intended), with more to follow on The Asian Continent (no doubt).

          America has NOT EVEN “withered” but has taken some hard knocks from people in high places that fully intend to TRY THEIR VERY BEST (in alignment with whomever may be “in collusion” with them AND against The USA …the reasons are irrelevant (to me).

          We, as like-minded people, represent the very “heart and blood” of The TRUE United States (and we are also united in “Preppership” (for lack of a more established word?) …and some of us “BY OATH” (that NEVER ceases until you cease to live).

          Therein, there just ain’t NO WAY IN HELL that we are going to “wither from within” (such is the goal of those who seek to destroy this country ….such is NOT EVEN ALLOWABLE in any of our minds. The “law of the land” is on OUR side, and not theirs with their “bullshit, non-constitutional and thus “illegal law” (which means one can ignore such laws …granted a court will try to trounce you for going against THEIR laws (which are not laws at all). Did any of us vote those laws against us into existence? Hell no, we were never told of them or the 130,000,000 others made over the last decade (yet, ignorance of the law is no excuse right)? What of THEIR OBVIOUS IGNORANCE of the laws (since they’ve broken them all “constitutionally speaking” …agreed?

          They’ve made a damned mess and have NO intentions of cleaning it up. They only wish to destroy the remainder of “what counts” in their agendas. (Obliteration of whites globally …that’s a TALL order and not nearly as easy to pull off as they would have you think or they would have already taken a ‘run at it’.

          Don’t fall for their bullshit any more than “falling for” the NO GUNS ALLOWED stickers on many business doors. THEY do NOT ‘trump’ Federal Law nor can they prevent you from exercising your God-given rights to self-defense, life, etc. Since the feds and “idiot people” wish to do away with guns …let THEM live in a gun-less city and see how it works for them. I’ll have nothing doing and would rather die fighting that “go along with a damn thing” that I am solidly against. I only pray I’ll have some damned backup INSTEAD of folks crouched into tiny hidey-holes hoping to escape detection.
          The one way out is to OUST THEIR ASSES. Until we do, nothing (as in, not a damn thing) is going to change other than get more intense, increasingly restrictive and then descending into ???? on THEIR terms (if we do nothing at all).
          Hell, would anyone at all be willing to write in to DC to express what they intend to do? No. You’ll get ‘hit’ and die of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the back of your head.

          That leaves ‘one way out’ (excluding ‘wasting yourself’)…

        • Boyo:

          Counter suit should make him a rich man. The lawyers will be falling over themselves to have this man as their client.

      22. Omega Man starring Charlton Heston. It was made in 1971 and is hard to top, even today.

        • antonius aquinos… I’ll always like rock and roll music, my favorite kind of music. Your opinion about rock and roll is an old one having been repeated since the onset of that style of music began. I dismiss that criticism as pure bunk. Music is the universal language and rock and roll is a positive language. I’m cranking out some Van Morrison, Allman Brothers, Cat Stevens, Steely Dan and the Beatles as I type this.

      23. I vote for anything other than a reality tv show.

      24. THE ROAD…
        Because it shows exactly what the climate chaos will be like.
        Mini Ice Age, followed by real Ice Age, followed by Earth Ice Ball. All of it in less than 50 years.
        Sir Isaac Newton left a precious document, it’s held in a museum in Jerusalem, saying that the year 2060 is final.
        This will not mean the end of us.
        It will be a transition like no other. Some call it End of Age or End of Days, but certainly not the end of humanity.

      25. The book One Second After was a real eye-opener for me. I had already kind of gotten the bug, but this book sealed the deal for me and made a huge difference in the way I see things now. I just wish it would have touched on the details for more people instead of just the one family.

        • Another book I started on recently is Lights Out. Not as gripping as One Second After, but some good info/insight in there.

          • Billy Hill,

            I think you are really going to enjoy Lights Out.


            • I’m only at page 44 so far but it’s been good.

              • Billy Hill, I’ve read both One Second After and Lights Out. Lights Out you will definitely enjoy.

          • Lights out is a looooonnnngggg read, but worth it IMO. Lots of horrible reviews on Amazon, but see for yourself.

        • There are two outstanding end of the world, apocalypse types of books – The Stand by Steven King, and one called Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

          The Stand was turned into a TV mini-series movie starring Gary Sinese as the lead character and it was a very good movie. I wished at the time that The Stand would have been turned into a full length big screen movie, and maybe, to do the book justice – split into at least 2 separate movies. But, the TV movie mini-series was still pretty good and Sinese did an outstanding job in his role.

          To my knowledge, Lucifer’s Hammer has never been turned into a stand alone movie – based on the characters and story line as depicted in the book. But, I have read that the idea of a comet hitting the Earth was sort of borrowed from this book and could have been the basis for the Bruce Willis flick Armageddon or perhaps a few others of the similar theme. Which is shame, because I’d like to see Lucifer’s Hammer become a movie based solely on the story told in the book.

          • The Trash Can Man! (From The Stand).

            Didn’t read the books but saw the movie.

        • Billy Hill,

          There is a sequel to the book.

          One Year After: A John Matherson Novel
          by William R. Forstchen

          You can buy it online att Amazon.

          • Thanks KY Mom, I’ll check it out.

            There was another series I started reading a while back, can’t find the name/author, but it’s about a family that was visiting Ireland when SHTF and they got stuck there. It started getting boring after the second novel so I quit reading it. If I can remember it I’ll post back later.

            • I’m still of a mind that “you’uns” (a ‘tarheel’ way of talking in NC) would gain far more exacting knowledge from reading the boring as hell military manuals that are applicable (before they have disappeared …and many sources are dwindling (and due caution is advised as MANY of these “MANUALS” have been rewritten and posted to “throw your ass off-course @ a 180 or more” (anyone with half-a-brain can see through that shit though, I would pray). USMC and USNavySEAL Manual, SAS Survival Guide (pocket sized & waterproofed w/silicone-spray) kept in a ziplock).
              Lots of great info, such as did you know that the stuff they sell (like “Germ-X”) to ‘wash’ your hands with make an EXCELLENT fire-starter (after experimentation it simply blows away most other methods (I say that with great trepidation as there are MANY great ways to make a blaze for camp). Alcohol is also easily ignited (soft-blue flame), yet will get wet-leaves going if needs be (if you have no fir-needles or dry-bark handy (or belly-button lint/dryer lint in TP tubes. Flares do a good job but are a bit of an overkill. heheh…
              Just a thought is all …I’ve nothing against doom&gloom movies. They are eye-openers to those who can see (and that number is obviously growing given the latest figures on gun sales in America, The USA (and not The USSA or Amerika). Those ‘misspellings’ just don’t set well with this veteran is all.

          • I liked both books. I believe there is another in the works as well. Have also read a %h1tton of other books about TEOTWAWKI and SHTF (got on a kick for awhile). I also enjoyed Cold Mountain. While not your typical scenario driven movie it brings to light what it means to try to survive. For those who don’t know it, it is set during the civil war with several characters’ intertwined lives. Obviously not modern but an interesting look at what life could be like with no more wonder items.

            Caveat: as many others have said, reading and watching are no replacement for DOING!!!! 🙂 KCPO


      26. Revolution Series. Only two seasons. Towards the end of the second series it got stupid.

        • LOVED the part in revolution when they were in the airplane bone-yard spending the night and were attacked by a couple guys….and when she was about to get raped, she broke out a bottle of booze to “get them into the mood”, and the whiskey turned out to be poison, and she was able to kill the guy and get out of that situation…..ladies, take a que from her…..

          • Muslim rapists don’t drink whiskey.

            • i’m less worried about muslims….and MORE worried about my neighbors than you are, when shtf.

              • BCOD- I know what you’really saying. All I look for is common sense in my neighbors. The one up the hill from us was walking his Alaskan Husky pup today through his 7 inch weeds that constitutes a yard for him. No problem for me… but we live in a very hot and humid climate, and one of his other uncared for dogs has disappeared. Wouldn’the be surprised if he lost interest in that dog too.

      27. Seriously no mention of water world? Postman was good. Everything seems to be listed.

      28. They all pale in comparison to Robinson Caruso

        • Speaking of movies like Robinson Caruso, what about Gilligan’s Island? LMAO!!!

          Tom Hanks’ Cast Away was fairly decent.

      29. That scene from “The Road” where Vigo opens the trapdoor and the old guy below cries for help “they’re taking us to the smokehouse!”. I paused the movie, grabbed my reloading portable press and started making ammo while watching the rest of the movie. Still gets me… never enough ammo….

        • Hey NavyGuy …I am a retired Navy ‘lifer’. To some on here that’s reprehensible but ask me if I give a sweet damn about their opinions? 🙂
          Just wanted to tell ya that I too sit and watch these movies or read while ‘squeezing’ primers into the brass casings using The Lee ‘hand-held’ (newest, safe one).

          Cheers and ahoy!

          • USS Guam LPH 9.

      30. TV series The Walking Dead. I know, not a movie but a story series that covers more than other movies.. food, shelter, security, trust, and relationships. Who knew applesauce was a substitute for eggs in baking?

        • Walking Dead dismiss some of the basic premises of a prolonged SHTF event. They seem very wrong to me. They’ve got fuel for their cars many months after no more has been refined and what’s left in all the cars has likely gone bad months ago.

          IMO it’s fun to watch but not very realistic.

          • and how they walk out in plain sight …yappin’ away…mouths movin’ like the clatterbone ona ducks ass…

          • Maybe they had some PRI-G, it can revive gas, even old gas, I think. Not the most unrealistic thing about that show by far.

      31. Hate to tellya but women when faced with threats to their children will be more ferocious than men, when forced to fight they have to put the babies down, they understand the concept of scorched earth and take no prisoners–

        • Yup, that’s why I’m taking a women’s only Krav Maga class once I’m back in shape after baby. I’m not looking to choreograph a martial arts movie, I want to take someone out in seconds.

      32. Billy your saying the gas is gonna be all gone. I don’t agree with this assesment. First off cars can hold from 15 to 30 gals and there are cars everywhere. You can just open the gas cap put a stick to hold the little door in the fill pipe open to allow air in. and go under the car poke a hole in the lowest point of tank with screwdriver and collect with a pan or bucket and pour it into another vehicle. This could be done for months on end if people are dead by the millions and not driving cars. Gas doesn’t go bad in 6 months. It will burn in engines it will not be fresh but who cares if the fuel system in the car gets clogged. Just Hotwire another car your back in business. I was a petroleum driver before so I know a little. Also if everyone is dead for the most part there will be supplies available canned goods every home in America has a little food in the pantry. The whole zombie thing isn’t realistic but then again if you go on YouTube you can look up bath salt zombies and see some crazy people fucked up on shit. So I wouldn’t rule out the zombie thing entirely but they are unlikely enough that I wouldn’t build my plans around zombies. I’d say natural disasters and economic collapse then war in that order. Job loss is another but if you have marketable skills that are in demand youll recover quicker. I don’t look at movies or tv series as a good source of what to prepare for they are sensationalized to get ratings and profits. Gotta look at what really happens in the world. Don’t say that it can’t happen in America they won’t let that happen. That is the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. I laugh at those people. Sheep think like that.

        • when THIS zombie appocalypse gets goin’, it will be somewhere between the zombies of the movies that are walkin’ dead, and the walkin’ brain-dead american public at large….who’s to say which is the worse?

        • I’ve worked construction for thirty years . Crawling under a car and hammering a screw driver through a gas tank . .?and putting a pan under it to collect ten gallons ? Cut the rubber gas line under the fender . It looks like a radiator hose . Jam any hose you can find in the cut and siphon the gas into any jug you can find. Try hammering a screw driver standing up into tough steel ?

          • tough steel for a gas tank? You must be referencing tractor-trailer ‘gas tanks’? Todays cars, for the most part, have polymer gas tanks (black plastic looking things often under the back seat. A damned jackknife can ‘screw’ into one in seconds (the wine-bottle cork-screw-thingie if nothing else). Blade-spin will drill just as quickly. The older metal tanks are “thinner than your door panels” yet are made with interior ‘structures’ that make them able to support themselves even when filled. (There are not that many older cars with thicker steel tanks …many may now have aluminum or any number of alloys. (I’m no expert, but I have siphoned gas on the farm more than once).
            Just saying… er, what’s wrong with cutting the gasline with ‘snips’ THEN use a small hose to siphon it all down? Or just cut the strap(s) holding the damn thing and let it fall and DUMP the shit wherever you want it? lol… Loud (without pillows) but effective.

      33. I used to like survivorman I felt it was fairly accurate of survival situations. Boring miserable slow progress. That’s just about how it is. Seems right on to me with no calories your not gonna go hunting much. Being lazy as possible while still meeting your needs.

        • Asshat I agree that Survivorman is one of the few that shows true survival situations, but he rarely has a weapon of any kind, which can and will make all the difference in the world. I was on the mountain yesterday and could have killed rabbitt, squirrel, and blue grouse all with a pellet gun which wouldn’t have been heard 50 yards away. As well as three species of big game which could have been taken with a rifle, although it would give your position away. Many of these so-called-survivalist just put on a show, and some of what they do would get the average joe killed. Personal practice is the only thing that will get you through. Trekker Out. Get Out And Do It!

          • MT,@ least on shows I saw he was stuck in middle of no where with say a dead motorcycle/car/plane/what have you.I realise most of us in the wilds would have along with at least a solid day/hunting pack also a rifle/something.I believe the point on his show at least to me was take what you do have and for lack of better phrase Mcgyver it to help you out.I really thought Les who for most part was alone was at least the most realistic and had some good info.

            • Warchild, Yes Les Stroud is the real deal. I spend a lot of time in the out-of-doors and have talked to alot of people that also spend time in the wilderness such as Day Hikers,Snow Mobilers,Horse People, Hunters and Fishermen and Mountain Bikers and it blows my mind when I ask them about something that is probably one of the most, if not the most important thing a person can have in a survial situation, and that is a means to build a fire.I know this is a subject that is often talked about, and the many ways to build a fire are fun to discuss, but will a person have the means to do it when caught in a place when its needed. When the sun goes down and you realize your lost, you ain’t going to start a fire with a bow and drill or a magnifying glass. I travel some very rugged country, and I can tell you if you get lost, fear or hypothermia can get you killed in a hurry. To make a long story short, almost all of the above mentioned people that I talked to, fail to carry a fire starter. God didn’t put pockets on our pants just to keep our finger warm, everyone should carry a lighter at all times, they’re not that big. A fire will give you a sense of security, keep you warm and help rescuers find you if necessary. Trekker Out. Flick My Bic!

      34. 70’s BBC TV Series – The Survivors

      35. 70’s BBC TV Series – The Survivors (Pandemic kills 90% of humanity & the Survivors work to rebuild – can be found on youtube)

      36. “The Iceman Cometh”. For idealists of any persuasion. Traitors and do nothings shouldn’t watch this movie. It will make you suicidal.

        • Reading Fox News will make you suicidal too …if you forget it’s all bullshit and ‘brain-training’. It pisses me off to no end to see all the major medias are either in collusion with the feds, or the feds have them hog-tied (via FCC ‘threats’ or ???) …who knows?

          What does it matter? Just do NOT do anything you hear on tv, regarding shtf information as they’ll lead you directly to your death …smiling and assuring you all the while with their prettiest bitch. (All news agencies have their “pretties” that are used to drive home ill-gotten ideas).

          Paul Harvey spoke of all these things during his career and was mostly ignored (but believed). Now, everything he forewarned us of has come to fruition. Amazing. Wonder what his sources were at the time?

      37. Calling you a Troll Copper is not a misrepresentation of what you said.. why are you here.. every time I post you attack.. you have not brought anything to prove that you are not a troll… I tell info and you call bullshit. Fuck off prick..I have. I customer who works for fema… you are in no position to call me a liar..All sorts of bad things will happen this year.. You keep trying it keep things clean when in fact things are getting very very bad.. WE WILL NOT MAKE TO FEBRUARY OF 2017 WITHOUT A BAD EVENT.. PERIOD.. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE I JUST LISTENED TO LARRY NICHOLS.. YOU GONNA CALL BULLSHIT ON HIM..


        • Call bullshit on what? I won’t list the things I have said regarding your writing/reasoning. Name one idea I called you out on? I could be wrong and perhaps someone at the bar convinced you he is a scientist. Perhaps you are a real estate wizard who didn’t make money at it and was homeless. I could be wrong about your muscles and black belt but seems unlikely based on the nutrition and self disinclined required for both. You don’t have a lot of control when you are easily goaded. The customer who works at fema? Perhaps the truth but you normally quote your scientist friend and I have never made light of your fema buddy. I also gave up ridiculing you except when you mention me. I feel compelled to at least point out how silly you are. You quit, I quit. I will have a silent chuckle at you but will not make light of your ridiculous rants. You actually could be right about the shtf in 2017 but your reasoning, examples, basis of knowledge and your quoting fictitious people don’t convince me. Could be coincidence if you are right and I know you will “get updates” from your fictitious friends if you are wrong. You won’t hear from me unless you bring me up. Good day sir…I said good day.

        • EVERY YEAR (since I can remember) has been forewarned as being our last (to include 2014 and 2015) …and so everyone keeps ‘sliding’ it forward. SOS …different day.
          However, there is FAR MORE BELIEVABLE (and proof-positive events) that are or have already taken place that electively point to a massive “clash” …but of what sort won’t be known until after the fact. The element of “surprise” is always a winner …most times, and they are not going to chance A N Y T H I N G. (They fuck up and it means THEY die, by OUR hands ….or Putin’s, USAE, migrants placed here with one purpose …just waiting for ‘the sign’. A president hell-bent on destroying us over religious reasons (they want to fulfill their damned Koran and FUCK whomever it causes hardships or deaths to). Screw that bullshit too). And, some are holding fast to the thought this is all about oil, in some way or manner. I don’t think this is “the entirety of everything that’s going awry, yet it might be a portion of “the reasons”. (MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL).

          Why not just everyone STOP paying everything. After 30days of that we would have all bankers and feds on their knees and scared shitless …because WE WOULD THEN HAVE THE UPPER HAND AND THEREBY BE ABLE TO CONTROL THE SPEED AND DIRECTION OF THIS (PRESENTLY) OUT OF CONTROL VEHICLE (that we cannot get off of, so we must protect it with our lives if needs be). Nobody lives forever (in the flesh).

      38. to Jim in Va.
        I saw the movie Amerigeddon last week. I liked it, it had all the stuff I’ve been reading about on this site in it.

      39. I would say the book “Alive” would be it.A based on facts true story of survival/tough at times but also inspiring and saddening to realise how close those folks were to rescue from searches and how more could have survived if a few took to going down hill within say 2 days,still,a inspiring story and one that makes you think what will you do to survive.

        My parents giving me their paperback copy when I was either 8-9,hmmmm…..,will say though stuck with me!

      40. Can anyone here tell me where I can get metal magazines for my AK-74? Wont work with polymar TAPCO. Fires first round but not the ones after ,after the first is ejected. Told polynar is not good and have to use metal. Anyone who can help,it would be greatly appreciated! BTW @ KY Mom, you have great posts,don’t pay any mind to anyone who says different.

        • southside, check on gunbroker. Even some of the 47s won’t tolerate polymer mags.

        • southside, check out CDNN Sports they usually have a good selection of Mags. Trekker Out.

        • Look up Gibbs magazines. Very tough mags.

        • Hope you mean an AK-47 (never heard of a 74, but I’m as old as most stumps). heheh…

          Yeah, I can fix you up HOWEVER you don’t me. Find a gunsmith that also has a sheet-metal “bender”. The springs and other parts of magazines are easily interchanged when dealing with AK’s. The metal used is “tough stuff” and ‘spot-welded’ to ensure longevity.

          Are you not able to locate metal ones anywhere on the net? If not, I stand amazed…

          • sorry …i mistyped and MEANT TO SAY …”You don’t need me to get them at all.” Most “smiths” have ‘benders’ AND templates for most any ‘mag’


      41. Marwa Altagouri wrote in the Chicago Tribune May 19th that Chicago is “the only city of the nation’s 20 largest to see population loss in 2015,” and had the greatest loss of any metropolitan area in the country. Chicago’s population decline is largely a product of residents fleeing both the city and the state…” The article goes on to talk about taxes and crime – hey, that socialist workers’ paradise with tax increases and gun control is working wonders, isn’t it!

        All aboard the socialist express… next stop, Detroit!!! And what happens when the only people left are the takers, not creators, of business, wealth and so on? What happens when there is nothing left to redistribute?

        The lessons of Detroit are apparently totally lost on Rahm Emanuel – or Obama, Hillary or Nancy Pelosi, come think of it. It is, rather, as Talleyrand wrote, “They learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.” (Actually, this is recognized as a borrowing, but close enough).

        Frederic Bastiat observed over 150 years ago that socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavors to live off of everybody else, but it appears that message STILL has not been heard by a single leftist with a brain

      42. Very good movie out called “The Survivalist” released in Europe in 2015. Pretty realistic IMO.

        I don’t think they have found a distributor yet for the US. But if you are computer savvy, you can find it online.

        • If you wish, try using the search engine on TOR called TORCH. It’s an ‘onion’ address (actually, more than one). I was not able to get any of them to download, but usually TOR “comes alive” around 11PM (or 2300hrs) East Coast Time (because that’s when The EU wakes up …and much of TOR is within EU servers (linux/Unix or the like).
          With Windows, you are only seeing the “listed” web …which accounts for only (approx) 20% of the entire web (the web that Obama doesn’t want us getting into). Don’t be spooked by the names Dark Web or Deep Web. And, if you run linux you are “safe as can be” as there isn’t much out there for malware OR viruses …except when it comes to Windows (and Mac X’s)???? Not sure about the last one…
          If you MUST have Windows …it is possible to have the best of both worlds and load up Linux to “Dual Boot” …then you can “choose your poison” for the surfing…

      43. I don’t waste my hard earned money on the communist elitist NWO screwballs that make up about 97% of Hollywood.

        Amerigeddon is an exception. It is low budget and kind of corny but sends a good message about the dangers of us gov and those who are establishing one world order.

      44. South,have also had problems with the Tapco,you like the polymer as I do try the Magpul’s,a bit pricey at 13-14 compared to magpul gen 2 for 5.56 but like em and they work well.

      45. https ://

        Trump calls out Hilary on her hipocracy

      46. I have never once seen an apocalyptic movie that rings true to me, including the Left Behind movies past and present. Last year, I did enjoy Wayward Pines… if you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you as it takes quite a few episodes to unveil itself.
        You know, I think a recurring theme in all of the apocalyptic movies is the motif of mankind changing or morphing into a monster, whether that be a Morlach, zombie or vampire like in I AM LEGEND. Last night was not good for me as far as sleep is concerned. Thinking about Venezuela and the kids- and a tin pot dictator getting ready to shoot people for wanting to get rid of him. So, the real monsters are not any less macabre than the fictional.

      47. South side firequest has a bit of mags. Not sure about the 74 though. It’s worth a look. Think they sell the polish steel 30 rnd mags.

      48. Going Home series by AA (Angry American)is the best apocalyptic series out there. This is Top Notch material. Very good writer and very knowledgeable.

      49. If you’re a boater, especially a sailboater, check out “Adrift” by Steven Callahan.
        Talk about SHTF on the water.
        It appeared a whale surfaced under his boat at night and sunk it. He spent like 77 days in a raft drifting across the Atlantic. (that’s what I remember from reading it many years ago.
        Lent it to a friend and never got it back.
        Thanks, Pete!

        • Yep, I remember that happening. He was going by way of Northern Atlantic and accidentally sailed right through a pod of whales during their mating season. That’s one way to piss off the male …and his 9-foot dong. omg… A whale did hit from below and broke his ship ‘deep and she took water and went under’. How the hell he managed to survive has something to do with, when it ain’t your time, it ain’t your time. (Or, as he said, praying didn’t hurt a bit and gave him the faith to keep suffering until he was “missed”-searched for- then found.”

      50. Panic in Year Zero – Ray Miland

      51. http: //

      52. See the theme of survivorman is your out going about your life and you find yourself in a survival situation. It could be your small plane crashed in a remote wooded area 100 miles from civilization. Or your boat got caught in a gale and in distress you somehow crashed it on an island. How about you and your buddies are off-roading up in some logging trails in Maine in the boonies and the jeep breaks down 50 miles into the remote wilderness. I think it’s safe to say most of us on the plan are survivalists and would take some survival gear. A lot of people who aren’t survivalists might just take a sweatshirt. I’ve taken a wilderness survival course and from what I’ve experienced les’s show is very realistic compared to bear grills. Bear to me is an adventurist IMO. Which is more exciting for tv. your not gonna take risks getting serious injuries or dying to kill a vicious animal. Your gonna try to get constant calories like eating crawfish which are like zero risk of danger acquiring. I know it’s not as cool as killing a wild boar with a knife. I feel that is an advanced skill that very few people have the skills to do safely when there is no medical help nearby. Tv hypes up the Rambo shit IMO. It’s cool but it’s entertainment.

        • Boars here run in the 900lb range quite often. Last thing I’m gonna try is “knife hunting” those ugly-as-hell bastards without C4. Kill, gut, sterilize and cook it at the same time you see?

      53. First,thank you to all who posted. Bud,yes,thers is a AK 74. Russia’s answer to the M16A1 and the 5.56 mm round. The ’74 has a 5.45x39mm round which is supposed to be better. I am trying out all suggestions and sites. Will keep everyone posted on this continuing saga.

        • Thanks southside!! Dang, there’s always something new to pick up (and I’ve been surrounded by weaponry (nearly) my whole life) …how in hell did I miss that ‘ruskie’ shootin-iron? Anyway, I’ve found it online and thanks again! (I needed that).

      54. What we face for the most part is a slow deterioration of our lives. A EMP, failure of currency, or new Madrid fault line quake, maybe would cause some of the movie scenarios. Yet what is happening is a slow burn, like a smoldering log. Prep for hardships, and become as self reliant as possible first, and the rest second. This downturn will last a long time. The quick scenarios may or may not happen…

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