Shoot First or Call 9-1-1: What Would You Do If Someone Kicked In Your Door?

by | Nov 9, 2013 | Headline News | 500 comments


righttobeararmsIn the wee hours of the morning on September 13th, Air Force Sgt. Matt Pinkerton and his wife were entertaining guests at their home when an acquaintance of Mrs. Pinkerton’s came knocking.

It was 2 AM. After being told to leave by Matt Pinkerton, who closed the door, Kendall Green decided that he’d kick it in and force his way into the home.

Matt Pinkerton, having armed himself with his Glock17 9mm prior to approaching the door, then proceeded to discharge two rounds into Green.

Green was subsequently killed in an obvious act of self defense.

But the story didn’t end there, as it should have.

The district attorney’s office has now filed second degree murder charges against Sgt. Pinkerton.

You may be asking yourself under what pretext?

According to the DA, Pinkerton exhibited “bizarre behavior” by grabbing his weapon when an unexpected knock came to his door at 2AM that morning. And, because he failed to call 9-1-1 between the time Green kicked in his door and rushed him, he has now been charged with murder by the state.

Mike Pinkerton, one of the guests and brother of Matt, recalls the incident via Bullets First:

“He (Green) kept coming forward so Matt fired. He rocked backwards and took another step forward at which time Matt took his second shot. He stumbled backwards and fell out the door onto the porch.”

“When the shots were fired Jessica called 911.  Matt spoke to the operator; he removed the clip from his gun and the bullet in the chamber. Police arrived within five minutes.”

So what did Matt do wrong when a crazed man broke in his front door at 2am and was after his wife?  To me, nothing.

Yet according to the state of Maryland, Matt should have called 911 first and waited for the police.

That isn’t some glib, pro gun caricature of the how when seconds count cops are minutes away.  This is the reason he is being charged with murder.  It doesn’t help that on top of the lack of a Castle Doctrine Statute the  Assistant State’s Attorney, Glen Neubauer, is an rabid anti gunner himself.

Besides maintaining the ridiculous notion that calling 911 while a crazed intruder just smashed his way into your house is the only legal option, Neubauer also claims that  even the act of grabbing the gun in the first place is “bizarre behavior in itself.”

Read the full report at Bullets First

As an important note, Mrs. Pinkerton was in no way involved with Kendall Green and a long list of evidence suggests they were merely friends, until Green decided he wanted more out of the relationship, at which point Mrs. Pinkerton ended their interactions.

Thus, it should be obvious that Kendall Green was likely demonstrating irrational emotional and mental behavior the morning he kicked down her door and entered her home.

The Pinkertons have set up a Facebook page in an effort to bring awareness to Matt’s plight against an overzealous District Attorney, who himself is a staunch supporter of anti-gun laws.

Through no fault of his own, Matt Pinkerton is now facing the real possibility of being imprisoned for doing what any self respecting, individually responsible person would do – defending himself, his wife, his guests and his home.

His legal expenses have already exceeded $25,000, plus an additional $25,000 so that Sgt. Pinkerton could be released on bond while awaiting his trial. The family was forced to take out loans in order to make these payments.

So, not only is the State now threatening the freedom of a man who defended those he loved, they are impoverishing him and his family for no other reason than to make a political statement.

The Pinkertons have received an overwhelming show of support since making their story public, with thousands flocking to their Facebook page. Matt Pinkerton was compelled to respond to his many supporters directly:

The monetary support is simply amazing! While I appreciate it, I don’t want anyone to overextend themselves. I am still working, and still getting paid. I received word that the GiveForward effort was reported. They shut it down when they learned it was not medically related. That said, they are cutting a check, IN THE AMOUNT OF $12,453!!!, give or take 20 bucks or so. Words can’t express my appreciation. I was standing guard at the gate when my wife texted me that our friend, Erica, set up the donation page. It’s a blessing to have so many supporters! From what I have been told, the reps at GiveForward suggested to Erica another site. I have since learned she has set something else up…or so I believe she has given the mass amount of emails I am receiving about PayPal donations/

I hate accepting money from anyone! I wouldn’t even allow my parents to purchase my first vehicle at the age of 16. However, I understand there are some that still want to help.

I have a LOT I would like to say. However, as you all likely know and understand, my lawyer would suggest I not. When this is all said and done, regardless of the outcome, I will share my story.

It is a travesty that Sergeant Matt Pinkerton has been put into this position.

The majority of people with any common sense at all know the answer to the question: What Would You Do If Someone Kicked Your Door In?

Matt had to make an immediate determination about how to respond to an intruder who had just kicked in his door, had made the decision to target him directly, and was making his way towards him.

He had mere seconds to decide, because 10 – 15 feet is not much ground to cover when someone is racing towards you with violence on their mind.

The last thing on Matt’s mind was whether he should call 9-1-1 at the particular moment in time.

We often say it’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

This is a real life representation of the adage.

If you’d like to lend your support to Matt Pinkerton and his family, their friends have set up a crowd funding page to help with his defense.

Visit the page and leave a comment or donation if you have the means available to do so.

(Pictured: Matt Pinkerton with his sons)

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    1. Cowboy45

      I’d call 911

      Whats that number?

      • My reaction

        1. The intruder would have to deal with a very large Rottie mix who was abused and quite mean. He looked like he just got out of a concentration camp. Spine and ribs sticking out. I got him at the SPCA and I feed him steak, chicken and he eats better than most people in the world. He also sleeps on the bed and I walk and play with him. In short…this dog own ME because of love and respect.. So anyone fucking with me…you will be fucked up by him. If the intruder shoots the dog…he’l make plenty of noise, which will away my upstairs armed neighbor who works in law. Then you have two guys with guns coming at ya.

        2. While the intruder is messing with my first line of K9 defense.. I’d hit the gun safe and pull out three clips. I’d grab the gun I don’t keep locked and toss in the first clip and rack it and release the safety.. Now I’m dangerous. I’d also have a pen light with me.

        If it’s bad.. I’d make my way to the basement where I’d kill the breakers..then let the fun begin.

        I would not call the cops. I’d chop the fucker up and fed him to the dog.

        If I run out of ammo.. out comes the compound bow with shafts that can break bone and broad heads. Shit..I might start with that just for fun.

        GOT IT!

        BTW.. when the dollar craps out and the shtf hits…
        If the gang bangers come into our neighborhoods, thinking us little crackers are not armed…
        Think again.
        I’m really tired of all the gang bangers with their two clips they own thinking they’s be bad assses. One guy bragged he’s just go to a preppers house and take his shit. Yeah right… like we have not thought of these dirt bags.

        or.. I’d hide behind my fat wife’s ass…all that jelly belly will stop many bullets. ha.

        Funny thought.. if it’s shtf.. I might hold him hostage and extort his family. ha

        I live by the code…what you send my way.. I will magnify and turn it on you 100 fold.
        One guy tried to fuck with me at work.. I got his ass fired off. He did not know I was plugged in. I run the place and the vps and directors rely on me.

        Go back to school and learn how to tie your shoes.

        • Rich

          My reaction!
          You may want to consider pyscological care before TSHTF.

          • Warchild

            Why,perfect attitude,ready to deal with the ugly reality when things get ugly.On a positive side note has a green attitude,will feed said intruder to dog,recycling at it’s best!

            • Gods Creation

              Hopefully his attorneys will bring up the many court cases that release cops from liability for their wrongs that conclude “the police have no obligation to protect you”.

              Who in their right mind would call them for anything other than cleanup when that is the stance they and the courts take?

              Now, I don’t think I would even call them for the cleanup.

              • Big Iron

                His attorney may want to take note of the North Carolina court case in Fall of 2012 where NC citizen Rodney Dale Class prosecuted his own case as a “private attorney general (PAG)” under a law of the Federal Act of 1866 (It appears that pre-14th Amendment “law” is still viable). He won his case AND the appeal to his case thereby making the case fully citeable in court not just in NC. The result of his case is that there are essentially NO “public” sector officials, agencies, employees, etc. as most are actually in the “private” including the police. As such these people have NO “public immunity” and may be sued in the “private” for their misdeeds without permission from anyone. After Mister Class’ victory over the appeal a “letter” was sent to NC police officers stating, to wit, that if they wanted to keep their stuff they’d best put it into the name of someone else.
                Also culpable, it would appear, are those in the chain-of-command; “Andy is responsible for what Barney does!”

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Thats another reason why I moved to Florida. A great state that actually gives citizens the right and tools to protect themselves and deal with thugsthe way it should be. This should be a litmus test for all elected officials seeking office, to get it right.

              • snake eater

                Alright everyone wait a min here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
                this person knocked on their door and was told to leave,,,,,,,,,,,911 should have been called at that point.i`m not saying the shooter was wrong but on the other hand when the wife saw who it was she should have been calling police,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not until the shooting started,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


                ps I would have shot his ass too,,,,,,,

                • Big Iron

                  Sounds like the “perp” had opportunity to retreat but once he entered the abode the first duty became to protect himself and any others under his protection. When the immediate threat had been abated and opportunity presented itself then, and only then, should 911 have been called.
                  Like in aviation, when airborne, your first responsibility is to fly the plane, then and only then is every thing else.

              • Tom T

                My father is a retired detective from Florida and about 98% of the time they show up after the crime to do paperwork and put tape around the bodies. I now live in a rural area of north Georgia about 12 miles from the nearest town of 5000 people. An actual police response would take about 30 minutes since one deputy could be here within 10 minutes but will not even get out of the car until backup arrives. So basically it’s up to me to defend myself just like it is for every single one of you. The SCOTUS has ruled on four separate occasions that cops don’t carry sidearms to protect you, they carry to protect themselves. To quote all the cops I know, “always double tap, and shoot to kill as there is only one side of the story and dead guys don’t sue you”

            • Odd Questioner

              Well, not perfect, at all.

              When things get really ugly?

              First and foremost you should already have your weaponry close at hand.

              Second, never rely on a dog for anything more than as an alarm.

              Third, you should already be keeping an eye out, and should know if someone is coming long before they reach your property, let alone your door.

              Fourth, until SHTF, as harsh as this sounds: obey the law as much as you reasonably can** Put aside the passions for a moment and think about this: You spent all this time preparing for The Big One. Where would you rather be when shit meets fan – at home defending your family and neighborhood, or sitting behind bars halfway across the state and unable to do either?

              Fifth, *know* the laws for your locale for shit like this. Don’t just guess – KNOW THEM! If you do not agree with them, move to a place where saner laws and a saner society are present. Maryland is a flaming left-wing bastion of gun-hatred (not the worst, but way up there). Poor bastard is likely going to get screwed royally (and sadly, if he’s assigned there, he has no real choice about it).

              Finally, never, ever, ever, EVER talk like a badass. Ever. It can be used against you later if you do get in a tangle and come out on top. And no, you’re not protected just because you posted under a pseudonym.

              ** Note that in the article’s case, he had no time, and according to common law (and common sense), he was rightfully defending his home and family. He did what he had to do, so no blame to him for that. OTOH, he’s stuck in a pseudo-socialist hellhole, so he’s kinda screwed.

              • Odd Questioner

                Urgh – welcome to “awaiting moderation” hell… Mac, what’s it take to fix that?

              • Man on the inside

                When you talk like a bad ass to the people who post here (most are real bad ass’s) you are over compesating for something… and it does not help your OPSEC…..

          • doc

            i’d reconsider ” being under psychiatric care” these days- they are just as malignant and militarized as other entities. go with the free range crazy.

        • Rich

          And ill consider literacy classes:-) Psychological care for you:-)

          • Warchild

            ill consider literacy classes,really?!

            • Rich


              Really Dik:-)

        • OutWest

          Just goes to show you

          A man’s home is not his castle

          Not really

          • Paranoid

            His mistake was calling 911 at all. Just go through hs pockets and dump him

            • Juan A DeGuise

              I’d probably call my attorney and then 911.

              • RealPix

                I suggest looking up Alan Korwin and getting his book on protecting yourself. “The gun is hot the perps,not” – I think that is the title.

                He is a nationally known expert on gun laws.

            • incognitio

              There were witnesses. It was a party.

            • Smokey

              Good thinking. Going to get rid of all the witnesses, too?

            • George Graham

              Some one told me, years ago, That if you have to put someone down, don’t call the police. Wait and see if you neighbors call the police. If they don’t call, wrap the guy up in a tarp and take him out in the desert and bury him and forget about it. If the cops show up, even if you are in the right, you’ll spend every thing you have or ever will have to defend your self in court. You’ll probably lose your job, your house and maybe your marriage as well.

            • txjazzman

              Good One! Or, wrap his cold, dead fingers around a crowbar
              or other weapon and throw him thru a big window of your house.

          • PO'd Patriot

            It ain’t when you live in the People’s Republic of MD. I should know. Those that represent us in Annapolis have their heads up their ass and are progressive liberals for the most part. There are probably only a handful left that work for the people. I live on the eastern shore side of Maryland and at one time(several years ago) there was talk of secession but it never bore fruit.
            Damn shame.

            • REB

              Hmmm…I wonder what would happen if I kicked down this DAs door at 2AM….bet the bassturd wouldn’t call 911…Maryland is in sad shape eh?

              • Slick One

                And what race was the attacker?

              • PO'd Patriot

                Unfortunately REB it’s so. The rural western part of the state and the eastern shore are mainly conservative. The two main counties that vote the liberal bastards in are Prince Georges, Montgomery and Baltimore city ( where the entitled “hampsters” live). Virginia is gonna see this and will get a taste of it as their northern counties are taken over by transplants (high paying government jobs)in the DC area. Those two MD counties I listed do border DC.

            • snake eater

              then please tell why you people keep reelecting those people??????????????


            • KI 3per

              I’m with ya man.

              I’d love to see a movement to secede even if in part from the state as is being attempted out west.

              I think the eastern shore and KI could actually do it and survive.

              Stay the course.

          • Big Iron

            If we were still under “Constitutional” Common Law this would have been cleaned up quickly and …cheaply! We, the People, are supposed were supposed to be under the “Common Law” with Common Law Grand Juries of the “people” in charge not these corrupt, pseudo Courts of Equity that seek to enrich themselves at the “peoples” expense.

        • Brane Frees

          Well, I’m mightily impressed.

          • sixpack

            A DA can have any personal view he wants to, but he still has to uphold and enforce the laws in his state. Even when they conflict with his personal views.

            After seeing this article, I suggest we stockpile a lot more rope for the reset..apparently, we’re gonna need it.

            • braveheart

              Sixpack, all of the corrupt judges and prosecutors who are against self-defense had better be in hiding in any post-SHTF scenario. If/when they’re found, yes, they do need to die. braveheart

              • durango kidd

                “In early 2011, a cousin of mine advised me to carry a weapon, and I haven’t left the house without my pistol or my rifle since. I’ve never shot anyone with either, and hopefully never will.

                Still, I think they’ve played a key role in my protecting me – even on the symbolic level alone. In the current environment, I’d be foolish to leave it up to the government to guarantee the safety of myself and my family.”

                Says Haykel Bafana, a Sanaa, Yemen based lawyer. 🙂

              • Sierra Dave

                We need a nationwide registry of gun rights offenders.

                • John_Allen

                  Infiltrate grabber organizations. Hardest part is keeping one’s mouth shut when you hear all the horsefeathers spewed. Get their names and addresses. Places of employment. Pass that info around to like-minded RKBA people.

                  During normal times go Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, on them. If they picket your favorite range you picket their home or employer. Boycott their employers. “i won’t patronize your business any more because you employ totalitarian gun grabbers.” “Neighbor of Joe and Mary Grabber … do you know they want you to be defenseless?” Alinsky cuts two ways.

                  When times stop being normal act on those lists any way you think appropriate. Their stated intention to disarm you = your family is defenseless. Sounds like a high crime to me.

                • Gods Creation

                  “””We need a nationwide registry of gun rights offenders.””

                  That DA should be added as the first.

              • Jack Hammer

                Agree. It won’t be just the corrupt prosecutors and judges. It will be every politician in your area and every cop, DHS, Customs, etc..agent. Make a list of who they are, their crimes and where they live. When the SHTF it will be time to clean up our towns and cities across the U.S.
                Stay Frosty!

                • David S. McQueen

                  Yes, but the author of the article refuses to name the DA or the location where Pinkerton is being prosecuted. I wonder why . . . ?

            • DEFCON 2

              A-Men Six Pack! This country has needed the worlds largest Colon Cleanse for a long while. We start with Washington and move out from there.
              MOLON LABE!

            • Susie Shield

              Save your old, dull mower blades. They will be useful again in serving justice. Save the rope for clothes lines.

            • The_Dr_Is_Real_In7

              And learn Krav Maga! Take the fight out of your attacker!

              • snake eater

                the dr is real

                sturm and ruger and mr colt already did all the learning for me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


        • Facebook Page

          Beyond stupid. ” I hit the gun safe “. Your dead and a good dog is wasted.

          Carry 247 mean 247

          When lounging. Air light 357. Always
          Normal. Glock 21
          Shotgun Above every door
          Every vechile ar or shotgun

          Dogs are warning systems. There not suppose to die for you. Plus what would you do when their friends come back. You be out of dog.

          Your just stupid and a armchair idiot.

          • sixpack

            “Dogs are warning systems. There not suppose to die for you.”

            AMEN to that.

            While it is of the highest honor that they will die for you, without pause, you are still under obligation to do everything in your power to protect his life too.

            I had police kick in my door back in 1988, looking for some guy who never lived there. They had the wrong address. They shot my dog, but had to charge me with assault on an officer, for trying to disarm him…I almost did. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, I just wanted the terrified freak in my house to stop shooting, until I could find out what was going on.

            IMO, had I just shot and killed the officer, instead of trying to disarm him in my living room floor, I should’ve been justified in doing so.

            He was in my house illegally, just like any other criminal. No one there had done anything wrong.

            This story leaves a particularly bad taste in my mouth…but a familiar one. Trust me when I say, YOU DON’T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU.

            • wrong

              My dog is so damn fuzzy and cute the bad guys will stop and want to play with him. While that’s happening I’ll get myself a piece of pie and my Kimber 45. After the pie is done I’d put two in his guts and one in his face. When 911 finally gets there, we’ll all have another piece of pie and celebrate the grouping.

              • snake eater

                wrongman you just ain`t right your story sucks you didn’t tell us what kind of pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                • wrong

                  Banana Cream of course!

            • Big Iron

              I have known of many cases where police or other agencies have “unlawfully” forced their way into a dwelling without a properly created “warrant” being properly served which must also include an “order to serve” that warrant and be presented by the Sheriff or a “special deputy” of the Sheriff’s Department.

              These are the “checks and balances” that prevent a lot of the mistakes now being made from the “cowboy” police from being made. There are far too many “cowboys” in the police departments who have watched far, far too much television. I’m surprised that far more DON’T meet an early end.

              The only authority the police or the sheriff has is when they are properly enforcing a “lawful” law (i.e., real “law” (Constitutionally “lawful” law not the “statute law” that is often just “color-of-law” and NO law at all). Any one who tries to enforce “color-of-law” has NO authority under the “law” at ALL and is thus an “outlaw” and nothing more!

          • Warchild

            Face,I can’t do that,as I have said,have a quick temper,times get much tougher will then carry but till then not worth it.I drink more then one beer at night my wallet goes on back shelf of closet with my vehicle keys and firearms are locked down,still have a cross bow/compound/bowie knife but will not have a few beers with firearms not safely stowed,understand those that want em around 24/7,just not a workable idea for me unless it all goes to hell.

            • Facebook Page

              WHen the drink is involved I understand. And give credit to you for seeing that in advance. There is a younger me out there that wished he wouldn’t of learned that lesson the hard way.

          • Jack Hammer

            LOL. I agree on carry at all times. I wear my Glock at all times and have four magazines loaded & close. In the house we have guns stashed everywhere out of sight…but within reach in seconds. My favorite home defense gun is a Keltec PLR-16. It’s lightweight and very maneuverable in close quarters. Down side is it is incredibly LOUD! Keep ear muffs staged around your house too and the best ones for in house shooting are the battery operated amplified units. You can hear them coming a mile away and protect your hearing at the same time.

        • braveheart

          My reaction, welcome aboard, and I agree. once the balloon goes up, law and order plus all of the rules we currently live by will go out the window. All of the LEOs, attorneys, judges, etc. will be at home with their families. Courts won’t be in session. It will become ANYTHING GOES AND NO HOLDS BARRED. Vigilantism will be taking place everywhere. I live by the same code you mentioned. I never submit to anyone who has bad intentions toward me. braveheart

          • Facebook Page

            BH. Don’t support this idiot. We Don t need everyone. Some need to stay unprepared.

        • John Q Publik

          you probly shouldn’t write your intentions down like this…. now your intend is murder and disposing of human remains…

          • Facebook Page

            He never said Murder.

            There is a difference between killing and Murder.

            And that is the first lesson you will learn is there are difference between SHIF life and this candy coated world we created.

            • Big Iron

              You absolutely never “shoot to kill”! …You only shoot to stop the attack.

              Of course the best way to stop the attack is ….

          • Mountain Trekker

            AAAH Yes John Q. Speak freely, but speak wisely. The NSA don’t collect all that info for nothing, they will use it one day. I only say this with concern for my fellow Patriots. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. Trekker Out.

            • CWinOR

              O/T, but speaking of data collection: I had to fill out an I-9 form (proof of citizenship/legal residency) for a new employer on Friday. New information that they’re requiring that you provide them are now email address and phone number. And that proves you’re here legally exactly HOW?

              • Emily

                @ CWinOR ~ Regarding Data Collection ~ My dentist made a copy of my drivers license for my patient record. That ticked me off. My MD’s office wanted my email, I said no.

              • CD

                My answers to those questions would be “none”.

        • Red Leader

          I hate to nitpick but they are magazines not clips.

          • Gregory8

            Red Leader: Thank you, it drives me nuts when some calls a magazine a clip. That’s the same as called as calling a tire a wheel. Clips hold bullets to be easily feed into a magazine. In similar fashion, tires go on rims and together they are wheels. Not a perfect comparison, but proper nomenclature is important. If not then just start calling all things we’re unsure of as ‘thingys’ and ‘stuff’. The problem is that sissies (liberals) don’t take the time to learn about things like guns and cars (manly things) because it scares them. My apologies to the independent women who are smart and strong and who know as much or more than most men on these subjects.

            • john

              Actually, the rim is the outer part of a wheel where the tyre beads. If we’re being technically accurate, lets be technically accurate…

        • Gonetoolong

          I feel bad for your wife and dog. Must be fun at the Cletus’s house! Banjos anyone?

        • hammerhead

          LOL – i just love the good entertainment i get here at SHTF .
          PRICELESS !!!!!!

          And @my reaction , get some help for your drinkin problem. hahahaha

        • Iowa


          Thank you for making us all look better. 🙂

        • MrApple

          You sound unhinged.

        • Anonymous

          2 rotties here! Love ’em. One day they were in the back chewing on something red. I investigated, and it was a red shoe. Outside the fence were a some screwdrivers, crowbars etc. I guess the bad guy got one leg over before they got there. My boys ate steak that night. I’m still looking for the burglar with one red shoe!

          • MongoPissed

            Brings back fond memories. I lived with a friend who had a female Dobie. I came home one day to an open window, and Panzer standing guard. She growled, stood up, and sniffed at the blood on the window sill. I went out and traced it across the street, to a house occupied by a pack of mangy dudes. I saw one the next day with his arm in a sling, with bloodstains seeping thru. Good Panzer.

          • Ted Kennedy

            There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. Even if it’s a Mac.

          • Jack Hammer

            LOL! A woman I met last year at church told me a similar story that happened to her about 15 years ago. She and her husband live out in the country and had two Rotty’s. Well, one morning she looks out the window into the front yard and sees a body on the ground with her dogs mauling it. She runs out to the body and sees it is a man that is dead and has been chewed on a little. Not enough mauling to kill him apparently. So she was scared about her dogs killing someone but she did her thing & called the Sheriff. Sheriff came out and investigated and turns out the guy was murdered and tossed over her fence to make it look like her dogs had killed him. Big relief for her but think about it: Someone killed a man and drove out to her house & dumped the body where they knew there were two big dogs roaming the yard. They never did find out who murdered the guy or why.
            Stay Frosty!

        • VaFarmBoy

          My dog only barks, I’m the one who bites! Ignore the dog, beware of the owner!

          • PO'd Patriot

            ^+1. My lead ticket will send those who dare on a fast ride into hell.

        • c

          Spam?? The idea is to keep the dog alive not kill it by salt and fat. A healthy dog is a happy protector and hunter.
          Nothing against rottweilers but there are some very good family protectors that look fluffy and “sweet” so families can have a good protector that is not in the security class. We have had Irish Setters and herding dogs. The Irish are just big kids and lovers of people but they are big and look impressive when angry or protective and most people will stay away from them. The herding dogs like Aussies and Border Collies are very protective of their families and have no problem getting toothy with anyone who gets too close. And the herding dogs are very easily trained because they are smart. But all 3 of these breeds need plenty of time to run.

        • Man on the inside

          I have a pyraness 135 pounds of pissed off white fur…. very lovable and loved but if you don’t belong on my property he will attack…. great dog and fun to be around…. he out weighs my misses and protects her from anything….

        • Warchild

          Should be used in many cases!

        • lastmanstanding

          Awesome handle…a friend of mine describes me to people in the same way!

          That was in the old paradigm which most live in right now.

          No right/left in my life…you produce, life is good.

          …you take, no good to be you.

        • Tolik

          Negative !!!!! the Constitution says you have a RIGHT to a jury of your peers , The constitution needs to be upheld no matter what the situation is , peace or war .

          • Paranoid

            That’s if you are tried by gov. If you are tried by Smith & Wesson you get St Peter for a judge.

      • Man on the inside

        Why I don’t live in a gun natzi state…. I love the pacific northwest… Thier liberal but they LOVE thier guns… shoot and call but shoot if thier breaking down the door…..

      • Stan522

        The problem is you probably wouldn’t get a second chance if you picked wrong….. shoot!

      • Wolf359

        I’ve run the exact situation through my mind many times and this is what I came up with.

        I would say I am scared for my life and my families. Please stop. I am scared. Someone call 911.

        Then I would blow his head off.

        Just say it to be heard. Even with an over zealous douchebag da if you were to say those things and people heard you would have a slam dunk exoneration.

        • Anyone for Chips?

          Very true and even more so on a phone call to 911 IF the situation develops in such a way. These idiots who call the dispatcher and start talking about lighting someone up might as well walk into the police station and empty their pockets…DUMB DUMB DUMB.

          There is a reason every freaking police shooting you read about has a variation of the line, “Officer Plankton, fearing for his life, fired nine rounds into the great grandmother’s head.”

          Even if you are rock steady, have less moisture on you than a bottle of talc and your heart rate has actually dropped, KEEP YELLING I FEAR FOR MY LIFE!, I FEAR FOR MY LIFE! into the phone, to anyone who can hear, to your priest,anywhere. Everything you do, do with the clear understanding you’re doing it for the benefit of the jury you very well may have to explain it too.

          Leave the Rambo tone at home and do what will benefit you and just GET ‘ER DONE.

      • wormdirt

        1. Shoot first.
        2. Call your attorney before you make any other call.

        Seriously… advice I can give.

        • Facebook Page

          Earlier I refered to warchild about a learning experience when it came to drink and .

          That was what I did while other called 911. That is the most important thing. Is call lawyer sit down and shut your fucking mouth. Unless you don’t want to come home again and stay.

        • Gregory8

          Wormdirt: Excellent advice given the recent spate of rogue cops and prosecutors. Every one of us should have the business card of a local criminal defense attorney. And should an incident arise, tell the cops that you are not ready to give any statements until you’ve spoken with your attorney. Why, because any statement you give can’t be taken back, revised, or forgotten and it may be used against you should you be charged like the fellow in this story. The cops will lie to you and tell you that you must give a statement immediately while the details are still fresh, but that’s pure bullshit, and your attorney will tell you the same. The cops may even threaten to jail you for withholding information about a crime/on-going investigation (your crime) but don’t give in, say nothing, and let your attorney handle it. Cops and prosecutors are not your friends and they are not there to help you out of this difficult situation. Cops and prosecutors make their bones by their ‘body count’ and you’re just another potential ‘victory’ for them. Let your attorney do the talking. Until he/she shows up, everything is a BLUR until your attorney can help sort it out!

        • Man on the inside

          Pretty good order of things to do…

        • Twisted Titan

          And state lawyers will be ripping off body parts as opposed to drawing straws to see who is going to make their career over being the one to skin your ass alive.

          Please tell the court Mr. Trigger happy
          Why didnt you call for medical aid of the victim (no more intruder).

          Why was it more important to legal help for yourself then try to save a life?

          If you were as quick to call for medical help as your were to call for legal help this tragedy could have be avoided .

          Couple this with family saying he was a bit misguided but not a bad kid and certainly didnt deserve to be die and a few race baiters like sharpton or jesse

          And your ass is TOAST

          • wormdirt

            Twisted t, if you break into my house I won’t be responsible for your health or well being. My attorney will handle the rest of the questions. And since I reside in a state with Castle Doctrine firmly in place there will be NO civil action either. Considering it wouldn’t make it past the grand jury anyway, state lawyers won’t get a chance to do jack. My ass isn’t toast, but you are welcome to KISS IT on the way out!

      • Swinging on a star

        Hopefully a jury of his peers will find him not only innocent but abused by the system. I hope he walks free and the DA gets charged with abuse of power. Stories like this are sickening to the core but unfortunately you will be reading more of them.

        What would the demented DA do if it was his Family, call 911 and wait until the intruder killed him and his wife. I thought a man had a right to protect his wife from a psycho that breaks into his home, guess what, he does in my book. I would have done the same thing even if I knew I would be charged with a crime, screw the DA and screw the system that wants you to cower and act like a girly man.

        In my home, I make my own rules.

        • Anyone for Chips?

          This is why, despite much protest from those who love great clams, Texas is superior to Maryland.

      • Slick One

        Layred security i swhat I have to get me you have to
        #1. Get over chain link fencing front and back.
        #2. Sneak past security lights, automatic type.
        #3. Get past security cameras.
        #4. Get past steel deadbolted triple locked doors.
        #5. Get past my canius familarius, large and mean.
        #6. Then haveing done that you get shot!
        And should I have to appear in a court of law, I can
        show that the bad guy was REALLY out to get me.
        Oh yeah I forgot one #7. Burglar bars that might or might not be electrified.
        Any ideas?

      • Anonymous

        This is off the subject, but did you hear of the storm that struck Philipines yesterday, killing 10,000 people in ONE city, alone?

        And the storm that sent thousands homeless recently in Boulder, Colorado? Hurrican Rita? Hurricane Katrina? Or when Russia was on fire all summer (summer before last)?

        This folks, is coming to a town near you. Don’t believe in Catastrophic Climate Change yet? You will, you will, you will.

        • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

          it’s called an act of God…not climate change

        • Plan Twice, Prep Once

          There is no climate change there is no global warming. However, due to a massive growing human population, people live in less safe locations, and in less safe housing. Look at the pictures from the Philippines, these people live in hovels that are no protection from a storm.

          You can build homes with shelters that will survive the worst disaster, but it takes effort. You can have a personal, local, state and federal disaster plans, but it takes effort. Millions of people choose not to, and unnecessary death is stalking them. They will look sooo pitiful on the six o’clock news.

      • DEBO


      • DEBO

        U know as a black man I was starting to think this whole racism crap that my people are so quick to spew is a bunch of hogwash but after reading this article I don’t think so, here’s a case where if there’s ever a justification for self defense this is wud be of them but yet this man is being charged, but yet the story of the guy who shot the black girl in the back of the head that was standing on his porch is facing no charge’s, go figure! it just goes to show u even if u are white and u kill another white the law is coming after u hard, even if u are in the right, America is truly a racist, wicked, nation.

      • Qwerty

        I’ve thought about this.

        I would dial 911 then set the phone down, not hanging up, to defend myself.

        Talking to 911 is usually a waste of time.

        Had a car hit the house yesterday. One of the 911 operator questions was “What color is the car?”. I guess they send help only for certain colors on certain days.

        Took the fire department over an hour to get one of the victims out of the car. They had to cut the roof off of the car. Took some balls on their part. The car was leaking gasoline next to the gas meter.

      • peck2

        I will call 911 if I break a bone and can’t drive to get it fixed. I will NEVER call 911 for anything else. If I have to kill an intruder, the coyotes and ravens will clean up the carcass.

    2. prep49er

      Knowing my luck the perp would have kicked in the door while I was still sitting there wondering “which gun do I shoot this a-hole with?”

      • sixpack

        Answer: Whichever one you get your hands on first.

        • braveheart

          I have security doors on my home front and back. If the perp comes in through a window, he’ll get a dose of 00 buck from Bertha.

          • sixpack

            If a window was supposed to be a point of entry, it would have steps and a porch light…

    3. 1940--me

      it’s a no brainer, a gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone

      • Facebook Page

        Or in the safe. Or left at home because I didn’t feel like carrying it today.

      • Rick

        Well put !

      • C Howard Fields

        No cop answers phones, who knows who’s on the other end of the line!

        Good year 1940!

    4. Smokey

      They just got a donation from me, hope a lot of others here do the same. It’s costing this family at least $50,000 in legal fees and bail so far, even if the case is dropped next week.

      Where is the link to a recall campaign for this worthless prosecutor? And where is the state Bar Association?

      • drclean


        • Smokey

          Take it down, today.

          Don’t give the legal system any reason to screw with you.

          • lastmanstanding

            Depends where you live.

        • braveheart

          I was taught in a gun class back in the 70s, NO WARNING SHOTS EVER! A bullet of any caliber will travel only so far up before Newton’s Law Of Gravity kicks in. Whatever goes up will come back down. you fire a warning shot into the air, that bullet can come back down and kill an innocent person. Any credibility you have goes straight down the tubes. NO WARNING SHOTS EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

        • Bheki

          Please, for your own safety, don’t advertise to anyone what you have, otherwise, you won’t have it much longer. You’re setting yourself up to be a victim.

      • Red Leader

        The state bar association is a joke. Sharks don’t eat each other.

    5. 1940--me

      the question should have been, would you call the cops after you shot someone that kicked your door down? If you live in a blue state and try to defend yourself, you’ll spend your life savings and the rest of your life in the courts trying to defend you actions. the judges in those states just want the cops to draw a line around your body and get back to the donut shot, no paper work.

      • TnAndy

        Which is why anyone with any sense needs to move out of Blue States.

        • braveheart

          Blue states are communist and have no respect for anyone’s rights.

      • Shootit

        Always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    6. Archivist

      As I was firing, I would shout to others to call 911. Then it would be a matter of them not getting there in time. Luckily, in my state, if someone breaks in, you can shoot them. Just make sure they are inside. If they fall back out, drag them back inside.

      • Smokey

        Do NOT drag them inside or move the body. That will guarantee you get a charge filed against you. Powder marks and blood patterns will tell the story and you will be in jail.

        You shot him inside, then he staggered out and collapsed. No reason to touch the body.

        You mess with the evidence, you will lose all your credibility and there goes your version of the event.

        • Canadian Vet

          The only reason you should touch the body is when you hit its owner in self-defence. Or to restrain him if he does surrender before you shoot him.

          • sixpack

            If he surrenders, there’s no longer any justification for shooting him.

            THAT is cold-blooded murder and, the reason why the law generally scoffs at people in self-defense situations…because it might not have been self-defense.

            • Canadian Vet

              That’s where I was going. And honestly if I can either subdue the aggressor and restrain him, I’d rather do that than kill him. If only so I don’t wind up the one facing criminal charges where, against the basis of our justice system, the onus will be on me to prove the homicide was justified.

              • sixpack

                absolutely…justice can be expensive, if not totally elusive.

        • laura m.

          Smokey: Agree, After watching many CSI shows and Criminal minds, Law and Order, etc. it makes you think more about what to do next about the perp if you were a victim who acted on self defense. You’re right, don’t touch the body. Now, in a shtf situation, you wouldn’t want dead bodies near your place, so you would have to dump them somewhere sooner or later like a river, lake or dumpster? Any ideas?

          • lastmanstanding

            lmfao…laura, God gave you commonsense to survive.

            Do yourself a favor and explore it.

            The earth only works one way.

          • Anonymous

            My personal favorite is like Count Vlad Dracula – impaled on a pike as a warning to those that may want to come and visit me…

          • Barefoot in MN

            oh, please, NOT in a river or lake if you can avoid it. Think of the ickiness of that body rotting in there & fouling up some otherwise lovely bathing/drinking water. Ish ! no – place it where the birds of prey/carrion eaters will see/smell it & get a nice meal.

        • lastmanstanding

          so mr. know it all, perhaps you have some definite info that you are not being transparent with…not everyplace gives a fuck about csi bs.

          I am along way from 911…we will handle things ourself.

          Provide some additional info, first hand experience or stfu.

          • Smokey

            Who said anything about CSI? You shoot someone, in self defense, you have to admit to a homicide, first off, and then explain why it’s self defense.

            So go ahead and move bodies around, wipe the blood off the porch, maybe plant a kitchen knife, whatever. You’ll find out who is going to believe your story then.

            Good old boy County Sheriffs aren’t stupid.

      • Brane Frees

        Drag them back inside…???

        Bubba’s gonna love being your cellmate.

        You’ll have lots of opportunity to reflect on the wisdom of that particular piece of advice between romantic interludes.

      • braveheart

        Archivist, smokey is right. don’t touch the body or anything else. that is evidence in a crime scene. After calling 911, call your attorney if you know one. Don’t talk to police without an attorney present, ever! I wouldn’t even shoot UNLESS THEY GET INSIDE! If they’re still OUTSIDE there’s still some chance you can get them to leave. I wouldn’t even go outside to confront them if that could be avoided. if you can get the perp to get away from you alive, that’s the best thing that could happen.

        • Shootit

          Don’t even speak with them with an attorney present! Ever. They will use everything against you. Everything. Shut up.

    7. DaisyK

      Anyone who’s paying any attention to what is going on in this country shouldn’t be living in Maryland.

      • M

        Umm retard , home is where the chair force sends you. Not like you can say no or give two weeks notice when told to PCS>

      • robert paulson

        I am surprised you can own a gun in maryland

      • PO'd Patriot

        DaisyK. It easy enough for you to say. I have a business here and here’s where I’ll stay. Why would I leave such a target rich environment. I know the marshes and can hide a lot of bodies there in that black, soft mud that can grab your boots and make you walk right out of them. I can stand on top of you, jump up and down a couple of times and your corpse will never, ever see light again. No, I’ll stay here. If they want to establish a communist Utopia, they’re going to have to deal with me first.

        • REB

          …now that’s one way of looking at the saying…”when life hands you lemons…” 🙂

    8. Hey You

      For general information, I keep a can of “Wasp/Hornet” spray near the front door. The spray goes 20 feet. While non-lethal, it will stop most intrusions.

      • GDawg

        So simple but effective. Kool

      • Walt Kowalski

        It’s also like taking a knife to a gun-fight.

        • JayJay

          Nope–they are blind for a few seconds, if not minutes.
          Long enough to get an extension cord, cable ties, or rope.
          You know what to do with them.
          And where are the pictures with the cell phone??
          ALWAYS get your cell and take pics.

          • Facebook Page

            You are so dead.

            • lastmanstanding


              People need to move ahead and forget the past if they want to survive.

              The earth only works one way…and most haven’t figured it out.

              survival of those who can “survive its death”

              kudo’s bro.

          • Shootit

            Call the cops in the morning and just tell them you were going to work and found this in the driveway.

        • sixpack

          WK, taking a knife to a gunfight, with a blind and confused man, isn’t as much of a disadvantage as one might think.

          • Juan A DeGuise

            No. It’s like taking a can of insecticide to a gunfight. I’d rather have the knife.

            I think they’re assuming the guy breaking in doesn’t have a gun.

            Big mistake.

          • Facebook Page

            Sixpack please don’t tell me you risk your life on advice like that

            • sixpack

              Not unless I had to FB, but if faced with a situation where I’m not holding the upper hand, I will use ANYTHING I CAN GET MY HANDS ON to even the odds. That includes bug spray, spiked high heels, a coat rack, tablecloth, the door itself, ANYTHING that might help me survive the incident.

              Even if you have a gun on your hip every minute, and you intend to open your door with your gun drawn every time, you can still find yourself at a disadvantage somehow…DEAL WITH IT or LAY DOWN AND DIE.

              I don’t just give up in the face of superior force—I figure out how to even it up.

              • Facebook Page

                Now that better.

          • Smokey

            My dollar is still on the blinded, angry, assailant who is still perfectly capable of emptying a 15-round magazine of 9mm Parabellum into the foyer of a house, not on the poor bastard holding the can of bug spray and some zip ties.

        • DollarstoDonuts

          Ok that was totally cool. Gonna use it on bag worms next spring!

      • JayJay

        Oddly, I have read this advice twice in 2 days and now you share this.
        Will get some wasp spray this week. Said to beat mace easily; goes further and costs less.

      • Ragnar2345

        Wasp/Hornet spray is essentially a legal nerve agent to be used against the named insects. Catch a man full in the face with a good blast and you might watch his twitching on the ground as the “nerve agent” like ingredients take effect. Or maybe not. There are no tests as to what it WILL do, but since the active ingredient does attack insect nervous systems, one might assume it will do the same to humans.

        • LSB

          Are you the Ragnar who writes books?

      • Anyone for Chips?

        If your insect problems are that severe, I wouldn’t worry about it if you killed a few. I think in Maryland you can kill insects if it’s accidental.

    9. Wilson

      “What Would You Do If Someone Kicked Your Door In?”

      The SAME EXACT THING Matt did, with a 230 grain JHP bullet .45 cal. fired from a model 1911.

      • OutWest

        I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow
        your house down said the Big Bad Wolf
        to the Three Little Pigs.

        The Three Little Pigs with their cocked
        and locked 45 autos looked at each other
        and said, double taps, or give him the
        whole damn magazine……

    10. hammerhead

      the perp showed up at 2am on a booty call to pinkertons wife , thats enough reason to shoot the stalker , let alone kickin the door in .

    11. Hammerun

      Armed assailant, refer to the 21 foot rule. Say nothing but my life was in danger. Don’t curse, be calm, be very careful what you do, be caucus what questions you answer, call your lawyer and shut your mouth. Some officers might be looking to make their careers on YOU, prosecutors the same way. Theyre ammune from civil actions.

      • Obtuseangler

        Hammer, that is good advice. When some police show up the first question in their mind is who are they going to arrest. When some prosecutors look at their caseload their focus is on their conviction rate. If it’s a weak case they start looking at the lesser included offenses rather than a dismissal.

        Not all are like this. Some, though, are. If you have to use deadly force, please, please, please tell the police that you decline to speak with them until you consult with an attorney. They may get pissed, but odds are they would do exactly the same thing, and do when they are called into internal affairs themselves. In their mind, they are investigating a possible crime and you are suspect number one. They want to put someone in handcuffs, spend a couple hours writing a report that justifies the arrest, and then go home.

        I hear some people blow tough about using deadly force. Just remember that if you do it had better be a clear life and death situation, because you are looking at bankrupting yourself defending against criminal and civil actions even if you were justified.

        I keep an over-under by the front door and a side by side in the basement in case I have a situation arise like the sergeant did. I would have done the same as him based on the facts in the article. So would the District Attorney who is pushing the case.

        • robert paulson

          Has anyone checked into insurance like u.s. sheild. It seems fairly priced and it would be nice to have someone to call before giving a statement to the cops

          • sixpack

            YOU DON’T GIVE A STATEMENT TO THE COPS. You will get a chance to call someone eventually. Wait for it. Remember, When a cop shows up in these (or most) type of situations, HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Obtuseangler is absolutely correct.

            Old School Rule #3: You can only talk yourself INTO jail, not out of it.

            • Hunter

              Correct 6-pack!

              Always remember the words: “officer, I have nothing to say until I speak w/ my attorney”

              SAY NOTHING ELSE!!!! EVER!!!!

              • robert paulson

                that’s not always the case, I know 2 people that have used their weapons and both were cleared at the scene because they were legit shoots. but then I live in Orlando and as long as you shoot a scumbag you are probably going to walk.
                but the down side was the cops took both guns and they didn’t get them back

                • sixpack

                  How many of the people you know who were “cleared” on the scene, were friends of cops or their family? The COMMON GUY doesn’t often get treated with such respect, especially these days.

              • Smokey

                It’s acceptable to say, “I shot him, he was trying to get down the hall to the kid’s bedroom. I’m pretty shaken up right now, I’ll be able to give you a full statement tomorrow. My attorney and I will come down to the station.”

                • sixpack

                  Is that right? You mean, cops in your neck of the woods go against all training and let people have a break before they take official statements?

                  Damn. Here in the real world, we (unless we’re cops) are immediately required to give accounts of what happened, “while it’s still fresh in our mind”…usually, down at the station.

                  Must be nice.

                • Smokey

                  Sixpack, you are within your rights to consult with your attorney at any time, that’s the law. Some cops don’t like it, but they have to live with it.

            • robert paulson

              there are insurance companies for concealed permit holders that will represent you after a use of force incident. all I am saying is that it would be nice to have a attorney on retainer, rather than hunting through the phone book at the police station trying to find a lawyer. lately I’ve been hearing a lot of commercials and I curious if anyone had looked into it

              • sixpack

                I would be wonderful to have an attorney on retainer, but even the best attorney can’t help you, once you’ve unwittingly incriminated yourself to the cops before he got to you.

                Any good attorney will confirm that it is much harder to undo the damage from a statement, once it has been twisted around by the several officers who were there as witnesses. Notice cops they always outnumber you at the crime scene…always. It is THEIR word against YOURS.

                In Portland Or, one of the most feared District Attorneys, Des Connall, turned into a defense attorney years ago. He won’t even discuss your case over the jail’s phone, because he knows what you say, WILL be used against you at ALL times. His career win-loss tally is simply astonishing. He defended some very high profile cases in his day. Battling police corruption is no easy task, and we all know gun owners are the new targets.


          • lastmanstanding

            more insurance? Just keep paying them to keep your ass safe…just what they want. wtfu.

            • Barefoot in MN

              I got the subscription to Concealed Carry magazine & its one of the best things I have ever done. They not only let you have your choice (snail mail copies or e-mail version) but every past issue is also available to you online as well! AND they now have the insurance, it is called the Shield, it is awesome – I bought the lower package for now – they make it very affordable. Includes $ for paying an attorney, $ to live on while you take time off work to fight the case, etc …. please check into it. It really is one of the few good products at a good price that are left in the USA. Among other things they provide a card you carry with (I also made a copy to keep in the car at all times along with the car insurance info); that card has literally what to say (or just hand it to the officer who shows up), basically”I am very upset with what just happened as I am sure you understand, & I really dont want to make any statement until I have talked with my attorney.”

              as for finding an attorney – yes I also did not want to be looking for an attorney AFTER a self-defense incident, so I talked to local attorneys till I found one willing to work with this Shield system. It’s a good thing I did – he told me he had to get listed on their list of attorneys who work with them, it took about 5 days to process; but at least now I truly know who to call in a situation, & he will not be surprised or reluctant to represent me. Also he knows he will for sure get paid – he won’t have to wait till it’s all over either. More influence in my favor. Please check it out. USCCA — good stuff. 🙂

      • Highspeedloafer

        But I thought every prepper on this site hates lawyers. That’s just the impression I get anyway. Glad you see their usefulness.

        • Facebook Page

          Oh no when you get a good one hold her near and dear. She should be in every thought you have. And yes they can be worth every people. Be cause my and mine is.

    12. SmokinOkie

      In the interest of keeping future criminals safe from violence at the hands of their victims, why don’t we publicize the names and addresses of the anti-gun folks. That way the crazies and criminals will know which are the better targets for crime.
      The crooks stay safe and we might also lose a few anti-gun nuts. It’s a win-win!
      Oh, and let’s start with the DA who’s prosecuting Matt Pinkerton.

      • sixpack

        I’ll bet that sumbitch carries. He just doesn’t want the rest of us peasants to protect ourselves.

        • sixpack

          Matt’s Attorney needs to find out if the prosecuting attorney has a CC permit and/or owns a gun for his own protection. Kinda hard to prosecute something that you, yourself prepares to do.

    13. SmokinOkie

      I heard about a new mini gun on the radio today. I think it’s made in Switzerland, and shoots a .09 caliber. Can’t recall the name brand but the bullet supposedly travels at around 270 mph. What’s that? About 500 or 600 feet per second? Kinda slow, but a projectile that small would still probably go all the way through a target at that speed. Anyone else heard about this?

      • SmokinOkie

        Or is that just not enough velocity to do anything but irritate your attacker? Just wondering. I hadn’t even heard about these oh-nines. (but then, there’s lots of stuff I’m ignorant of) Surely one of our resident gun aficionados here can clue me in.

        • GDawg

          Not enough mass for penetration. .09 cal? That sounds smaller than a Daisey RedRyder. Have a .17cal HMR w/muzzle vel of 2500fps. 17 grain. Good small for varmint to maybe 150-200m. My 9 yr boy will use it for face shots. Mass then speed is where its at. Translates to energy. Like a 7.62×51 (M1A ohhh yeaahhh) over 7.62×39.

          The Great PIG Roast 2014. Reciprocate their actions in kind, 10 fold. Semper Fi. III

          • SmokinOkie

            Thanks GDawg. I took a minute to look up those .09s and you’re right. Smaller and less lethal than a BB. But the tiny little gun sure is cute. Looks about an inch and a qtr long. They’re made by somebody in Switzerland and sell for $6,000. (yep, 6 grand!) Plus the ammo is made by hand and costs about $10 per round! Wow! Guess Mrs okie won’t be getting one for Christmas after all…

            • sixpack

              Sounds like a great key chain fob, if it wasn’t so expensive.

            • braveheart

              SmokinOkie, I would spend that much on ammo and gun cleaning supplies before I’d spend that on just one weapon. My Ruger 10/22 would outperform that puny little thing and I bought mine way back when they were only $125 new.

              • Night breaker

                I probably bought mine at the same time after 35 years sending rounds down range the aluminum reciever finally cracked . I bet I had about 1,000,000 rounds go thru it.
                Was in the LGS the other day I was shocked by the quality of some of the new Ruger products
                I have a few the newest about 20 years old now , the quality of fit and finish has certainly changed over the years and not for the better. For handguns Smith and Wesson seems to be 1000 fold better. It’s sad that a respectable old company like Ruger has allowed quality control to slip.

                It pays to Seek out the most reliable and durable arms one can afford, that’s when the Internet comes in handy never before have we had a wealth of information at our fingertips for research.

                At work I get to test and evaluate at lot of firearms , some of the best products being used by us are HK and S&W . A very impressive battle rifle second to the M1A is the PTR91 ( HK G3 Clone US made) very impressive , very accurate and the magazine prices are reasonable. The only drawback it ejects the empty cases into the next county.

                Sub 2″ groups at 200 yards are not uncommon with standard 147 grain .308 FMJ and iron sights.

                I think this guy will eventually be acquitted of all charges in the end and the prosecutor will be shamed into resigning, somethings are just wrong and this idiot legal system will one day have to face reality one way or the other.



                Semper Fi 8541

                • braveheart

                  Night breaker, at the last gun show I attended, I inspected a newer 10/22. It didn’t have the same feel of quality as my old one. I was considering buying an extra 10/22, but now I’ll be looking for an older one for an extra. I agree the older ones are better quality. I’ve run maybe 20,000 rounds thru mine in all the years I’ve had it without one malfunction other than feeding issues from some bad ammo. Some people complain about feeding issues from the 25-round mags. I have several 25-rd. mags and never had any trouble with any of them. I tried one of the new 32-rd. mags during the summer and DID have feeding issues with it. For my money, I’ll stick with the 10/22. I don’t think there’s a better .22LR rifle, period.

      • ready down under

        I a dirtbag realised he’d been shot with one of those he would get really angry and you’d pay big time.

        45ACP with a Hornady 230Gr XTPHP is your first line of defense – use it to fight your way to your shotgun full of OO Buck………

        BTW – something puzzles me about you yanks, the way you seem to exclusively promote the pump action shotty over a semi auto. Why is that? When we were allowed to have them here I used both extensively and must admit I preferred the Rem 1100 over a Mossberg 500 (nothing wrong with Mossbergs either!). Sure, theoretically the pump is just as fast and being mechanical is ultra reliable but in times of high stress there is always the chance of short stroking by someone who doesnt train religiously – and isnt that almost everyone? That can get you killed when your heart rate is about 200 and you’ve just given your system a big squirt of adrenaline!

        I had a Rem 1100 once – never missed a beat. I used it for sporting clays and 150 rounds in an afternoon was normal. Used it in the field, sometimes a couple of hundreds rounds in a day busting rabbits. Lent it to a relative who had a rabbit problem and he went through a few CASES of ammo a week. Between us we probably put 30,000 plus rounds through that gun and NEVER had a malfunction. Apart from cleaning the barrel and wiping down the outside it only ever got stripped and thoroughly cleaned internally about every year. If I still had it I would stick an 8 shot tube on it and trust it with my life.

        You trust semi auto pistols dont you? Same principles and reasoning apply. Why not shottys?

        Not criticising, just curious.


        • OutWest

          You just gave it up willingly, Aussie! Why?

          • ready down under

            We dont have a second amendment OutWest and we dont have the percentage of gun owners you do to give us more clout. What really screwed us was that both political parties agreed on the same law, we didnt have anyone to divide them. I didnt have my 1100 then anyway, had sold it and was always intending to get anothert. Wouldnt have mattered anyway, in my State there was individual gun registration – I did have to hand in a Ruger 10/22 though. In states that didnt have individual regsitration I’m sure a lot of guns didnt get handed in and they’d be stashed somewhere safe. I also heard a lot of guys “sold” their favourite guns to guys in non registration states so they wouldnt get cut up.


            • OutWest

              Thanks Aussie — damn shame

              I can’t seem to figure out why stupid
              people get put into office the world
              around to reign over the smart people.

              What’s wrong with this picture?

        • Smokey

          There is a theorem, outdated now, that says semi-autos are not reliable. There is some truth to that, but it’s a variable, not a constant.

          They have the bugs worked out of them now.

          Figure out what load it likes, and use it. Keep ’em clean, if it rotates, oil it, if it slides, grease it.

          • braveheart

            Smokey and everyone else, that’s true. Some models can handle reloads and others can’t. Try various brands and loads to see what your weapon handles best and stick with that. Also the old maintenance rule still applies. Keep it clean and well-oiled and you should have no problems.

            • RickInOregon

              I was told once that if you have to use a gun in self defense to use factory loads, use a common round, load your shot gun with a hunting round, use a factory original weapon, don’t militarize your gun. The reasoning is that if there’s a trial that the prosecutor will look into your online posting, the rounds you used and the type of weapon you used, the appearance of your weapon. He will build a case against you and try to portray you as someone if given a choice, would chose as a first choice to kill when you could have called for help. You will be spend a lot of time and resources defending yourself against a manslaughter charge.

        • Warchild

          Aussie,grew up with a mossy pump 500 from 14 on,and yes,1911 my favorite handgun.I think we just do it to drives you Aussies bonkers!Please note,used a capital A on Aussies,unlike I will do regardless of spell check on obama/pelosi/epa/dea/,well,you get the idea!

        • gone under

          Because with a pump shotgun you can load slugs, and lowbase shells together without worring about the action failing to fully cycle another round. Some semi’s dont like to cycle different type of rounds. I prefer a super blackhawk over my semi. 6 shots, but only needs one at 250 grains 1500 fps. It does hang out about 2 inches under my jacket so I have to take it out of the holster when I go in the post office, bank or courthouse. When I go into the sheriff’s office, they dont care…besides they issued the permit.

          • ready down under

            gone under – I never used slugs in my 1100, we dont have shotgun only deer seasons like some of your states so we rarely use them – if I needed a single projectile I used a rifle. In a serious “social” situation I would have thought slugs in a shotty would have been contrary to why you were holding one anyway? I never had any trouble with my 1100 digesting everything from 1oz target, 1 1/8 and 1 1/4oz field loads, high and low base – nothing bothered that gun.


        • lastmanstanding

          have had a fleet of 1100’s for over 30 years…I care for them and maintain them.

          They have never, ever given me a problem…ammo, once in a blue moon…never the firearm.

          I know lots of folks who shoot semi-autos…they know that firearms need proper care and don’t have problems.

          It is like the guns kill people bs…unmaintained guns are unreliable and don’t go off.

        • PO'd Patriot

          I too have used the 1100. They’re ok. Got to keep them clean, change the ‘O’ rings in them now and again. Also take the stock off once in a while and do a cleaning and change the spring. More maintenance than a 870 pump but a decent gun as well. I switched over to Berettas for my bird guns and sporting clays though. But my hallway sweeper is still the 870 (in 20 and 12 gauge).

        • buttcrackofdoom

          on the 1100 you have to remove a hand from the stock to cycle a new round into the chamber…..i have used 1100’s to shoot skeet and trap too….an EXCELLENT gun, and i own SEVERAL. but i started out duck hunting with my 870 40 years ago(therefore, i know where that safety and slide release are, in the dark and/or sleeping). i got ANOTHER 1100 a year or so ago and went out to shoot it to see how it worked, and it wouldn’t CYCLE the rounds. so i’m going WTF, guess i will try the rounds in this OTHER 1100 i brought with me… workie EITHER. as i recall they were new REMINGTON field loads that were only a few months old. right then and there i KNEW i would never rely on a semi-auto shotgun for home protection! BTW, about that mossberg. i HATE the safety up on top and the slide release on the wrong side of the gun. the 870 has the safety right next to the trigger, right where it needs to be. and the slide release is in front of the trigger guard, where it logically should BE. the mossberg’s slide release is dowright hard to get to if you ask me(and yuh didn’t). for these reasons, MY advice to homeowners trying to keep themselves safe at home….get the BEST pump shotgun, the 870 remington, add an extension for more rounds….and there aint even a close second.

    14. Simplicity's Homestead

      Shoot to kill, and like where I live, the old farmers just burry the body and that’s it! If there’s a car, it’s broken apart and gone too…

      • JayJay

        We always fed them to the pigs on dad’s farm! 🙂

        • Kulafarmer


          • Facebook Page

            Use it only in soil without food producing stuff. Human disease does not break down.

            • yental

              “Human disease does not break down.” Anything, other that radioactive components, “breaks down” rapidly when exposed to the elements. Especially UV and active biological agents.

              Under your deluded premise, the “black plague” will still be ravaging “human kind”…Hell, it would have totally eliminated all HUMAN LIFE.

              Not a science or biology major are you!

              • Facebook Page

                Let see virus stay format outside of a host for years. Like say the yearly flu. No wonder you make stupid predictions. Turkey day can’t get here soon enough. Bye bye.

                • yental

                  You truly amuse me with your ignorant and infantile commentary!!! Do yourself a favor and avoid alcohol/drug consumption prior to “posting” those humorously non-lucid comments!

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  Yental, Yental, Yental

                  Every once in a while the shit gets to deep for your hip waders too?

        • Facebook Page

          Remember many truly do that. It not new.

        • Mountain Trekker

          J, I knew my bacon tasted funny. Trekker Out.

    15. armed citizen

      double o to the chest @ point blank. then the decision to wait an hour for cops or just feed him to the pig. Hmmm decisions.

      • GDawg

        Then the LEOs

    16. Donation

      Just sent my $20 turkey donation to the city mission.
      Folks.. make sure you support these places..then many you won’t have someone breaking in your house looking for food or something they can sell to buy food.


      Consider it crime insurance and just contribute.
      If everyone did a little…then people would not get desperate!

      • Paranoid

        In other words pay tribute to the pirates and maybe they will let you alone. We are already paying 104 million people off, just how much do I want to pay? No thanks, break in my door at 2 AM and I’ll do my best to make sure your expenses go way down.

      • CameronD

        Respectfully, Donation, while your action is admirable, it won’t stop home invasions or other crime. Many criminals are just that: criminals. Some plan crimes, other commit crimes when they see the opportunity. One of my employees was held up at gunpoint. The perp came in, stuck a shotgun in her face and took the money. Three days later the police arrested him while he was drinking beer by the pool at his apartment complex. At the arraignment, when I left my employee alone while I went to the bathroom, he threatened to blow her f’ing head off if she testified. A turkey isn’t going to buy people like this off. He committed crimes not because he was hungry or desperate, but because he was a walking piece of garbage who wanted to do drugs and not work. And I have seen this over and over again. MY crime insurance takes buckshot.

        • Anyone for Chips?

          Donation, please read Selco and see what this man who has lived through urban warfare for a year has to say about real SHTF situations. I know you’re talking about doing things to avoid that, but you sound like the kind of person–a good hearted person–who would make a great neighbor during normal times and a dead neighbor during bad times.

          Selco has said in many places that some of the first folks to die off are those who still are trying to “see the good in humanity” as the jackals are loosed. If you get in the habit of thinking you will be able to keep criminals and psychopaths pacified by feeding them, you will be a nice guy everyone will remember fondly.

          Here’s a alternative: Keep your good wishes and positive sentiments alive in your heart, ready to influence your neighborhood or town after the chaos ends. To do that, you must be alive. YOU WILL NOT BE AROUND TO HELP RE-ESTABLISH GOODNESS IF YOU TRY TO USE IT PREMATURELY.

          There is a time for it. When the zombies are hungry–either now or in the middle of SHTF–it’s the time to be tough and survive.

          I hope you take this not in the spirit of criticism but as advice to keep you healthy. We are going to need all the good hearts we can muster when the tide goes out.

      • Warchild

        I contribute to charities not for crime prevention but because I want others to have a better day.That said,the majority of the few dollars contribute goes to 4 footed charities along with some time/carpentry for animal shelters.I do contribute though people wise to Pine Street Inn and Rosies Place,two shelters for folks in my hometown of Boston.

    17. GDawg

      The Great PIG Roast, 2014. Reciprocate their actions in kind, 10 fold. Semper Fi. III

    18. Walt Kowalski

      Hmmmmmmmm…..let’s see….when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. In this case a little under 5 minutes.

      I wonder how much mayhem a bad guy can commit in a little under 5 minutes?

      The mistake this guy made was choosing to live in a police state like Maryland.

      I’d like to see the prosecuting attorney in this case hung, drawn and quartered. Freaking nazi scum.

      • king krazy

        jury nullification 😉

      • laura m.

        Walt K: Any relation to Mike Kowalski in Reading, Pa?

        • Walt Kowalski


          Just took my handle from the Clint Eastwood character in the movie “Gran Torino”.

          I’m not quite as ornery as Walt K in the movie…..but I’m getting there. Neither of us suffers fools gladly.

          • Smokey

            ‘Get off my lawn!’

            Classic Eastwood.

    19. Tactical

      The legal fees are part of any such action regardless of being justifiable or not per “Massad Ayoob” regardless of state’s standing on self defense or even having a strong castle doctrine. Off course we need exclude NY, Sickago, or any states being run by criminal mayors ( you you who they are). So the net of story is as follow:

      1- Use deadly force when and only when your life is in danger or eminent bodily harm to self or the loved one.

      2- Live in a sate with pro-gun tendencies (at least for the time being).

      3- Wish all such DA’s to witness their loved ones being raped or killed so they can feel the pain of being helpless to do what is the GOD GIVEN RIGHTS to defend self and the loved one.

      Now I’ll join the site to do my part to help this man and his family.

      BTW: F$%%#@ YOU Diane Fuckstien, Eric Holder, Natzi Bloomberg…..and the rest of commies.

      • sixpack

        There’s a Gerard Butler movie you all should see. It’s called “Law Abiding Citizen”. It’s about a good family man who when through our worst nightmare of a home invasion. Here’s a link to a summary. It is a little known movie, I’m sure TPTB didn’t want anyone to get any ideas…

        • PO'd Patriot

          Yeah but the ending kinda sucked.

          • sixpack

            Yeah, but he made his point. I didn’t expect establishment media to produce anything close to real justice.

    20. king krazy

      castle doctrine in this state. they walk in and leave in a body bag. 911 is a joke anyways.

      • Prepared Pastor

        I live about an hour from Maryland. They enacted a law that adopted castle doctrine in 2010, but it does not prevent activist prosecutors like this from charging them anyway.

        A couple years ago a guy got robbed at knife point in the Logan, WV Walmart parking lot. After handing over his just cashed paycheck, he chased the mugger down and shot him dead in the back. They originally charged him, but there was so much public outrage that all charges were dropped.

        • Tactical

          PP…..I personally use deadly force only if myself or my wife,son, loved ones are in immediate danger of being killed or being injured by a criminal. I under no circumstances shoot a low life criminal for minor crimes. I can always replace my stolen cars or TV etc.. but just don’t want to waste my life savings fighting a DA who’s sole goal is to convict someone even wrongfully . Plus many ambulance chasing attorneys will take the civil cases on behalf of the criminals and make your life like hell. The shooting must be justified. My two cents…..

          • lastmanstanding

            sage advise…I’m on board with you.

            For now.

            • Tactical

              LMS…… Indeed I agree with “For Now”.

      • Night breaker

        Call 911 ? Better off calling 1911!

        Semper Fi 8541

    21. Jack Hammer

      Folks, listen up! NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE! If you are involved in anything even remotely similar to this event YOU should NOT be the one to call 911 unless you are the ONLY one there. Have someone else make the call and call your lawyer at the same time. DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE! I teach concealed carry classes and I cannot be more direct than that. If you talk to the police you WILL say something that can be used against you. Get a card that fits in your wallet and write steps to be taken in case of an altercation or shooting. When you call the police read from the card in your wallet and always state “I was afraid for my life! I was attacked! I had to defend myself! I need to go to the hospital!” You are the victim, not the dead guy who attacked you and you must not say anything else. You will be pumped up on Adrenalin and your tendency to say a lot will be high so keep your mouth shut! Once you get to the hospital and get examined you should talk with your lawyer and no one else.

      On another note: MOVE OUT OF STATES THAT HAVE NO CASTLE DOCTRINE LAWS! Those states are evil and will prosecute you for protecting yourself.
      Stay Frosty!

      • Nopittypartyhere

        100% right. A good video for anyone is “bulletproof self defense”. Say nothing is No. 1. The video demonstrates various calipers and damage caused, also response times to a knife attacker 25 feet away. The multiple attempts by people to draw down before the perp reached them shows that a man with a knife 25 feet away is a definite immediate threat. I paid $10 for the video, found it on the Internet. I recommend it to everyone.

      • JayJay

        These must-watch videos are in two parts: the first part is by a DEFENSE ATRONEY.
        He discusses the dangers of talking to the police without a lawyer present.
        The second part is by a POLICE DETECTIVE confirming everything the attorney says discussing his own tricks to get people to talk to him and even to confess to crimes.

        • JayJay


          • Facebook Page

            You are going to get people dead. Stop with oh I save it all with. Whatever crap.

            • nopittypartyhere

              not advocating anyone use deadly force, neither does video (unsure if you are referring to man with a knife part of my previous post). The point of the information is to inform your attorney, in the event you were ever attacked by anyone with a knife and defended yourself, that they are indeed a threat and that you didn’t need to use a firearm to save yourself or family.

              btw FBP glad you seem to be feeling better. everything you’re dealing with ain’t the easiest.

            • Tactical

              FP..Some people just need to be shot. Clint Smith.

          • Warchild

            JJ,care to elaborate?!Really,am here as a friend/understand what your going thru!

        • Jack Hammer

          Those are the exact same videos I have in my concealed carry class presentation. I suggest watching the videos once a month to stay on top of things.
          Good post!

          Stay Frosty!

      • Federalist45

        Great videos on Zero Hedge on this point. Law professor explains the 8 reasons why you should NEVER–REPEAT, NEVER–talk to the police. Don’t have the link. Probably on page 3 or 4 by now.

    22. Rich

      I’m leaving the initial response to my 95lb pure bred German Shepard. He has this very quirky reaction to anyone that does not belong in or around my house , which is somewhat in the country. When you see him trotting around the yard carrying a 4 ft long 4×4 it’s pretty apparent that any intruder will most likely be begging ME to call 911 for medical assistance:-)

      • sixpack

        My 147 pound pit’s favorite chew toy, was an old Dick Cepek Monster mudder 33.5

        • PO'd Patriot


          • sixpack

            He was one dog you didn’t want to play tug-o-war with…we used the truck for that.

      • Wolf359

        Haha Rich. Thanks for that visual. I wanted a german shepherd but my home insurance would have dropped me. Settled for a yellow lab. He’s 85 lbs and tall for a lab. Nothing gets remotely close to my house without him alerting me.

      • incognitio

        I gave my dog a couple foot long piece of 4×4 to play with and he ate it :).

    23. Shooternv

      Sexual assaults were up 40% last year in the military to an average of 10 a day. The SSgt stopped one. Good job!

    24. The wrinkle

      ” he suspected of having an affair with his wife,” From a related article on this topic.

      I think this case has the love triangle wrinkle under the eyes of the law.
      So naturally the prosecutor will taint the charges.

      Maybe he should have dragged his cheating wife’s ass to the door and
      tossed her out of the house.

      Now the guy is deep in his own SHTF because he stuck by a sinful woman.

      Better to have tossed her out and traded her in for a woman half her age.

      I’m just saying!!!

      Yes, 2nd, castle doctrine, home defense and all that.

      You marry a whore… see what she brings into your life?!!!!!

      Let’s all just learn from this.

      1. Don’t marry a slut
      2. If she cheats….she’s out.
      3. The first line of defense is a big dog!
      4. If the dog fails…then pull the trigger.

      Yeah, I’ll get some thumbs downs here…but think about it… why was the guy at his home? PUSSY!

      This type of stuff has been going on for years…

      Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.

      GOT God?

      • RE: Cheating Wife Slut

        “If you calculated the money spent versus time actually used, vaginas cost more per hour than the space shuttle.”

        Better to buy your love by the hour with some totally hot 24 year old..then end up in jail for gunning down her ex. lover, even if he was a home invader.

        Marriage is a trap where women own men.

        No thanks.

        This dude should have been in his man cave, leather chair getting a hummer from his latest flavor chick of the week and counting his silver in his safe.

        You are only given so many hours on this planet and this guy is just about to spend many in court, coughing up mad cash and for what… He’s still got a cheating slut wife that he’s now taken a man’s life over. Yeah…home invader and all that.
        But in the eyes of the law.. Love triangle gone bad.

        I’m just saying.

        I change my single women out like I change the oil in my car…just like clock work.
        I love getting older… great job six figure and as 50 nears…the man competition is down. Many guys are still working at walmart with three kids, divorced and cannot afford a sandwich.

        Just wear your rubbers and you’ll be fine.

        I bet if this guy took my advice a decade ago..he’s be very happy..
        Nice place to live, nice car, bike, endless flow of hot women.

        Fuck having kids. They grow up and leave and that’s that. You’re back on your own.

        Enjoy getting pounded up the ass by the brother in jail dude.
        *****You’re wife put you there!*****

        You pull a gun only when there’s no last choice…of life and death.
        I respect the 2nd..and it should never be abused.
        That’s where everyone gets a little crazy. The law looks at EVERYTHING!!!!

        Hot head… headed for jail and don’t forget your knee pads dude. You’ll enjoy that I’m sure.

        Yeah…I’ll get thumbs down…but I’m off to jump into the vette and pick up
        a very hot woman who is 15 years younger…have some drinks, lobster, a movie, home for hot sex and a morning soak in the hot tub with a true Goddess.
        Then next week…rinse repeat with another hot lady.
        In the spring, fire up the harley for a weekend at a spa with another beautiful woman.

        What sucks is being trapped in a marriage with a cheating wife..
        Just about the time this guy is in the pokey getting his colon explored by a line of 7 large black brothers…his slut wife will be back in this guys arms.

        I’m just saying…
        Don’t drink the marriage cool-aid.
        It always ends badly…. either a cheating wife..or a fat TV zombie where you come home and the TV is warmer than the stove.

        I say to all younger guys.. you want to get married. Then first pick your favorite dish and eat it three meals for three months. Then tell me if you still love it?

        I left that marriage shit life and have never looked back… pure happiness now.
        The best time of my life. Online dating is quite the adventure and my little black book is quite thick.

        The guy should have opened the door and invited the guy in and cracked a beer and watched the show. ha

        Think for yourself…don’t get sucked into BS.
        You only have one life…so don’t get tied down.
        LIve the life you always wanted.

        ps. Now we can all learn from this bone-heads mistake.
        He pulled the trigger on a guy he knew…so there’s motivation under they eyes of the law.

        For all we know…this guy could have friendly opened the door invited the guy in and then snuffed him out out of jealously.


        • Tactical

          CWS, Most folks on this site are conservatives with high regards for family values. I am not sure if you are just a troll or serious about the garbage you posted. Regardless your values matches the New Organization for women (NOW) and the libs. Go and seek professional help since you are a prime candidate to be shot by someone one day.

          • REB


          • lastmanstanding

            no shit T…where are all these new posters coming from tonight?

            Fucking comical!

            Time for an old married guy like me to go happily to bed with my honey.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Tactical

              LMS…I guess these are the Obama Health Care applicants who can’t get into the system and have nothing else to do except to show their true class in this site.

        • Facebook Page

          Same thing I learned after 25 year of custody. And a divorce.

          He right and we all know it. Marriage is just so the government can try to track who’s fucking who.

          • this old guy

            Yes, Some married nice ladies and marriage is great. Other’s married and their partner fell apart and was selfish….sat in front of the TV for decades and got fat, lazy and the health problems cursed them.

            You wake up one day…the kids are grown and gone and you realize you only have one life to live. After a sincere attempt at trying to help the spouse be a spouse…you realize you’re just married to a fat lazy bum.

            With just 25 years left on the planet you try and salvage some happiness.

            Some people go slut and cheat..others go TV zombie.

            At any rate…. Cheating Wife Slut.

            Just wear your rubbers man and all will be well.
            Date only single women and you won’t be the guy that got shot.

            They needed to add a few commandments.
            #11. Thou shalt not let thy self go in to gluttony.
            #12. Ever 25 years, you are allowed to opt out of marriage cleanly.

            Glad I have a prenupt.

            After my kids is out of the house… I’m dropping the legal papers on the table, mounting the harley and headed off to a cool life like Cheating Wife Slut has.

            Marriage… don’t drink the societal cool-aid.
            It can be a blessing but it also can be a trap.

            To quote my Mom..
            “Son, get a prenupt, who knows.. you might want to divorce her one day.’

            THANKS MOM!!!!

            PS. Family values and all that… yes fine…when the spouse observes them too.
            25 years late you wake up to a lady who looks like she has her pants on backwards and you are getting more hugs from the dog. Yeah… time to exit and find love again.
            What’s cool. Gents in their 50s are in hot demand if you have a nice career and have kept yourself up. It’s like all the men are still little boys and cannot afford their own life and time has put the sorting hat on us all.

            I’m looking forward to the new freedom.
            Cheating Wife Slut…don’t let these people put you down
            I completely understand your post.
            Marriage.. feels like I’m getting paroled!!!! SO HAPPY!!!

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Your real name Bill Clinton? You have always had a hard time remembering you are married.

          • Tactical

            LOOOOOOL. Great respond POG.

          • sixpack

            RE: Cheating Wife Slut
            Comment ID: 2840739

            The interesting thing is, many women could say the same about men. Without respect and honor all around, gender is irrelevant. It is a big mistake to confuse sex with love.

            You often find only what you look for.

            • REB

              …and living the lifestyle they suggest will get you a few things you aint looking for…like the clap…. 🙁

            • Facebook Page

              It OK for a woman to leave and have a life too.

          • gone under

            In clintoon’s defense, he is married to Hitlery…a known carpet muncher.

            • Highspeedloafer

              Wonder who gets more, Hillary or Bill?

          • braveheart

            Howdy, Granny. That CWS makes ncjoe look good.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Hi Braveheart:

              Yep, Braveheart. I don’t recall NC Joe stooping to the level of depravity of CWS.

              One thing about CWS, he is never going to be cold. His little hotties will keep him warm in this life and it looks like he will be headed for the furnace room when he exits this earth.

              Just sayin……

              • braveheart

                Granny, it sounds like CWS will be going to the place where everyone wishes for ice water.

                • "We kill the dollar"

                  Sorry guys…there is no God. It’s all a shame. In the universe it was just a numbers game..sooner or later after millions of big bang, contractions, then big bangs and we’re hear to talk about it. Two things are vast…space and time.

                  So the concept of hell only plays out in your mind and any guild you have.

                  There you go.

                  Funny…one day you’re dead and then the lights go out and that’s it.

                  Orgy anyone?

          • this old guy

            Yeah…HIllary would not do her job and sleep with her man.

            They need to pass a law on that stuff.

            It’s a marital agreement…. trust is breached and one party is no delivering on
            what was promised.

            I’m not dead yet…. there’s still life that runs in these veins.

            I think many men are turning their back on marriage now as they see it as a trap.

            • sixpack

              I wonder how much blame for the destruction of the institution of marriage, lies within the new and improved definition of “marriage”.

        • Anonymous

          Amen to that brother. 48 years old, no kids, never married, never divorced. Still own 100% of my shit. My toughest decision is deciding if I should ride my Beemer, drive my Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel, or my IH Scout to the airport to get in one of my two airplanes to fly to somewhere cool with someone’s hot ex wife for the weekend. Shallow? Sure, but it sure ain’t boring,

        • Cessna driver

          Amen brother,

          48 years old, no kids, never married, never divorced, still own 100% of my shit!

          My toughest decision is whether to ride the motorcycle, drive the Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel, or the IH Scout II to the airport to get into one of the two airplanes and take some hot piece of ass somewhere cool.

          Shallow? Hell yes. But it sure ain’t boring!!

          • Tactical

            Cessna driver. I bet you were raised in a very abusing home with abusing parents. Your attitude in life is the cause of societal decays we are witnessing. The point is nothing is wrong with staying single, getting rich as long as you didn’t screw someone for it and etc.. but the choice of word such as taking some piece of ……does show the truth that money alone doesn’t make a person to be HUMAN. Have fun with your distinguished POA’s.

            • TRUST NO ONE

              Tactical… you are such a loser. Cessna driver.. Thumbs up to waking up and living the life. Marriage and kids are just a life of slavery and misery.

              You only get so many hours on the planet.

              Live the life.

              Tactical.. go eat oatmeal.

              Just because a guy does not want to be “owned”…gee!

        • Gonetoolong

          If this fucker’s post is not heavily thumbed into oblivion, I am done with site (not that anyone cares). Only I care and I don’t want to associate on a site that has patrons that believe or support this point of view. This is the same lack of morality and decency that most on here agree is lacking in this country. Damn, I hope you guys don’t let me down, but…. damn, this is a raunchy SOB. Peace.

          • "We kill the dollar"

            Cessna driver !!!!

            YOU ROCK MAN!!!!

            Most men in their 50s wake up after the kids are gone and they look at the fat, lazy troll who is a TV zombie. Then they dust off their prenupt and restart life, before it’s too late.

            Funny how life gets women into this zombie death funk.
            Hit the gym bitches! Lose some weight and get on the back of the Harley and
            don’t forget the war paint. Look good.

            If you done…we trade you in for someone half your age.

            Sorry all you religious freaks… we all don’t share your enslaved mindset.

            Thumbs down this!

            That guy will be in jail for murdering a guy he just should have punched.
            That’s the view of the law I bet.

            Killing a man… despite all your religious shit.. it’s a serious thing.
            I suppor the 2nd..but you only kill when there’s no other option.

            Just cause your slut wife wants to bone a guy and he wants some more pussy does not give the guy a right to wack him. Even if he pushed his way in. Shouldn’t have answered the door.

            ps. All you religious fucks just cannot stand to hear an opinion that’s different from your.

            • Pissed Off Granny


              I have known women that started marriage on the right foot, with high hopes, only to find they married a wretch just like you. THAT WOULD SEND ANY WOMAN INTO A FUNK.

              I know you are too high brow to have ever set foot in a WalMart so I have a hot press release for you…..your male sidekicks don’t take any better care of themselves than their WIMMIN do.

              Your astounding ASSumption of what happened in this shooting is just that… ASSumption. Just makes you a dumbASS trying your best to be a smartASS.

              What you are selling, WeKillTheDollar troll, we aren’t buying.

              • TRUST NO ONE

                The more I read from pissed off granny…the more of a bonehead she is.

          • "We kill the dollar"

            i just thumbs down YOUR ass!

            “Cessna driver” for president!!!!


        • Anyone for Chips?

          The only thing you left out of your narrative was the part about the electricity bills to keep your Fortress of Solitude toasty.

          What a load of horseshit. Not that I doubt your veracity, I doubt your sanity. What you’ve basically said is you’re a middle-aged man who life totally centers around his dick. Your idea of great literature is probably your archive of Penthouse.

          Yeah, all of us want to grow up to be like you. Infantile obsession with hooty and a frat boy attitude.

          What a catch you’d make. You sure it’s not the women dumping you after three weeks?

          • Facebook Page

            Yes compare to many men’s lives out there they would love to have the balls to step up and step out.

            Hell 80 year old nearly men are in demand to the 30 and 40 year old ladies.

            • sixpack

              That’s because it isn’t age that matters, it’s LOYALTY.

              LOYAL people don’t cheat.
              LOYALTY means no lies and deceit.
              LOYALTY breeds trust.

              Trust creates love.

              …anything else is, clearly unacceptable.

              • "We kill the dollar"

                Loyalty does not perform in bed anymore. Sorry.. Marital contract breached.

                • Tactical

                  “We kill the dollar”…Are you sure your x’s or current GF’s are not saying the same about you?

                • sixpack

                  Well then, I guess in your case, loyalty means you’ll never have to WAIT YOUR TURN…

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Just how many 80 year old men do you see with 30-40 year old women?

              Don’t know where you get your info; but the only women that age interested in an 80 year old guy is because that 80 year old has buckets of money that those women intend on helping to spend.

              A 40 year old woman has about as much in common with an 80 year old man as a dog married to a cat.

              So, FaceBook, I hope you have buckets of money and live to be 80 and catch that 40 year old you are pipedreaming about.

              • Facebook Page

                So what if it is based on money. Both are happy that is what counts.

        • Night breaker

          And you will be a causality when the shit hits the fan,
          You can not do it alone for long, with out a faithful companion they will betray you.

          some of us did not have a choice being single ,

          15 years in the USMC , numerous deployments , did not get involved . Had to work thru service related issues , Belief in a higher power saved me.

          As my service motto say’s Semper Fi ( always faithful ) I take this seriously and live it to the best of my ability.each of us is a ambassador of rightness the choice is ours.

          Was not sure I was going to still be on this planet day to day at the time , did not want to leave a grieving family behind .

          It just was not my time to settle down.
          Some day when the rebuilding starts and God wills it then it will happen, now I have a mission to perform just survive until then and help others do the same.

          The ones married here long term have something special that is a rarity these days are are better men for it and will be well rewarded for it in the years to come.




          Semper Fi 8541

          • newbee

            Nb….Thank you for you service my old my is a former marine served in Vietnam 68-69. He and a few of his marine veteran buddies just went down to Virginia to celebrate the 239th birthday..

            • newbee

              sorry 238th birthday

          • "We kill the dollar"

            Marines…banker’s pawns.

      • hammerhead

        yep wrinkle , thumbs up .

      • Walt Kowalski

        Did you ever stop to think about the fact that almost 30% of the 10 commandments deals with people keeping their grubby paws off other peoples “stuff”.

        You shall not steal.

        You shall not commit adultery.

        You shall not covet.

        And when you think about it, two more deal with the same thing basically….

        You shall not murder (stealing someone’s life)

        You shall not bear false witness (lying about someone steals or destroys their reputation)

        So that’s half of God’s moral law right there…..just minding your own business and not messing with something that belongs to someone else.

        And when you realize that the welfare state also violates directly two of these commands (stealing and covetousness), you understand why it is so immoral and illegitimate.

        • hammerhead

          WALT , i seem to remember a sermon on that very topic.
          that is , the idea that its all about minding your business and keepin your hands to yourself.
          It really IS that simple , aint it ?

    25. Mal Reynolds

      So I’m reading the article wondering what state is poor Matt living in… and then I see the word “Maryland”. Ah, poor Matt. Living in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, you should know better than to think the state would respect the 2nd Amendment. If you’re assigned to the Pentagon, Bolling AFB or Andrews AFB, you should have chosen VA. It’s still free… for now.


      • Federalist45

        Mal: Virginia is charging right behind. WE JUST ELECTED TERRY MCAULIFFE, FOR GOD’S SAKES. Now, Gerry Connolly and the national level Democrats are trying to STEAL the Attorney General position as well (Gerry happened to “find” 3000 absentee votes in Fairfax County AFTER the election). Virginia, by the way, imprisons for litter, “reckless” driving (failing to signal is “reckless”), and “baby DUIs” (where a driver with as little as .02 BAC is guilty of DUI, if he is under 21). Virginia is a tyranny. Pockets, such as Fairfax County, are TOTALITARIAN. By 2020, Virginia will look exactly like Maryland does today, or worse. North Carolina is another 5-10 years behind that. . . It won’t be long before everything East of the Appalachians and West of the Rockies will be solidly “Blue State” (but RED politically; notice how the MSM turned those colors around so the Statists/Progressivists/Democrats would not be colored red?). Texas will become a huge target, as well, as the Hispanic population takes over what was once a proud and sovereign nation. It is over, folks. Flee to the Heartland and hunker down, or flee to Alaska and work to secede. America, as you KNEW it, exists no more, and it never will again.

        • Mal Reynolds

          That’s why I put “for now…” But it’s a shame to hear VA’s fallen so far so fast. I lived in Spotsy Co. for a few years quite awhile ago. It was “old school” for the most part when I was there. Loved it. Loved the history and the people. Sad to see Old Dominion slipping away. Guess the proximity to the shithole DC was to much to overcome. RIP, VA.

          Have a great night,

        • Wolf359

          Federalist 45,

          Good to see you posting. I can tell from the urgency and pessimism in you’re post how dismayed you are in the VA election.

          I feel your pain. I have long advocated against splitting the vote for a 3rd party and in no other race has it been more exemplified than fast terry’s.

          One single silver lining I can find is that between Sarvis and Cuccinelli theycarried the majority of 18-23 yr olds.

          That is huge as it is hopeful. If enough young people can recognize the brain washing from the Marist elite and turn Libertarian then there still is hopeful optimism.

          That is where we will win. We need to win the minds of the youth.

          We know we have won the argument we just need leadership to promote and voice our cause.

          It starts with the individual, through the family, with in the community, throughout the state and finally nationally.

        • John_Allen


          I live in Mosby’s Confederacy. It isn’t “over” until I run out of progressive shit stains to engage. They can have academia, government schools, and the media. We have our brains our heart and our courage. They are a small but noisy minority. I call that an even fight.

          Bottom line is the political vermin can make whatever laws they make. Our rights don’t come from government and if enough free people stand tall it doesn’t matter what the political vermin, and the progressive scum, do. THEY LOSE.

          You might be right about one thing though. If we think we are safe and can rest easy because the NRA and VCDL on the job for us … the progs might win. Emotion that stampedes the low information person is their primary weapon. It takes daily activism, by EACH OF US who are pro-liberty, to defeat the progressive scum.

          They have institutional advantage. Including institutions we are forced to subsidize. We win if we are more pro-active than they are.

          This is from in April 2013:

          My Five-Step PLan to Ban Guns in the US Within 10 years, by Jason H.

          Give it a look, pick your spot in the cultural war, and go on the offense.

          • Hunter

            Agreed John!

            Retreat, defeat and surrender are NOT an option!

    26. Tank

      He should have followed the Three S’s.

      • anonymous

        If it flies, floats or lays on it’s back for more than 20 minutes, it’s expensive.

        • Pissed Off Granny

          If it has tits, tires, or testicles it means trouble…..

          • Anyone for Chips?

            If it has all three, and you can get it on a clear video, you can probably retire on the proceeds from the sale.

    27. watching and waiting

      Most of you are going to hate me. I am no troll.
      The fact that he was told to leave and still maintained a presence on the property, 911 should have been called then. The article does not say how long a verbal exchange lasted until the deceased kicked the door in but it seems it was enough time because Matt had to go and retrieve his Glock.
      The article does not mention if the deceased was armed, I’m just curious. Matt seemed to have no idea and probably didn’t have the time to sort that out. If he knew the intruder was unarmed, then he could have used Pepper Spray and with the other adult in the home, restrain the deceased until police arrived. In reading this report, I have to think that some alcohol and drug consumption was involved here not excluding an over whelming desire to be with someone’s else wife, With him there, at 2:00 AM in the morning. More here than meets the eye in my opinion……

      In calling 911 and with the deceased kicking in the door would have taken the justification from The District Attorney’s Office from filing this type of charge in my opinion. Secondly, by kicking in the door and charging Matt, he the right to defend himself. Thirdly, despite the fact that his wife may have been an accidental instigator in this matter, I believe that Matt had the right in his home to “Stand his Ground” and not be force to retreat.

      Anyone knocking on the door at 2:00 AM is a reason to the suspicious. In a town near me two years ago, a pastor heard a rumbling in his garage. He turned on the light and opened the door and was shot dead by the intruder and who has not been apprehended to this day. A church lost its pastor.

      If this story lead off had read Matt and his wife were entertaining guests at 2:00AM in the morning and suddenly someone begin to kick in his door and as MATT grabbed his trusty Glock, the intruder kicked in the door and entered the residence and charged him, then I would ask Matt, “What kind of round grouping did you have in that case?”

      They say hindsight is 20/20.

      I hope Matt gets pass this. Regardless, it is a bad situation. Lives changed forever……..
      That’s my opinion……Maybe I am wrong……

      • JayJay

        This is a great reminder for all of us—when the door bell rings at 2AM–call 911 THEN!!!
        Don’t even think about anything else.

        • Facebook Page

          What. You get your gun in your hand first. Do you not know the world you live in. You truly are delusional with your posts. Sorry to say you might as well save your money. If you are ever targeted you are all ready dead.

      • nopittypartyhere

        “It was 2 AM. After being told to leave by Matt Pinkerton, who closed the door, Kendall Green decided that he’d kick it in and force his way into the home.

        Matt Pinkerton, having armed himself with his Glock17 9mm prior to approaching the door, then proceeded to discharge two rounds into Green.”

        He was armed before he even answered the door….after he shut the door, the guy busted in, then he shot because he was ALREADY armed.

      • Walt Kowalski

        One thing for sure….

        There is one guy that will not be kicking in anyone else’s door. If the loser had respected the right of Matt and his family to left in peace, he might still be alive.

        There is no one to blame for his death but himself.

        • lastmanstanding

          Fuckin A Walt…he made a choice.

          it was a bad one.

          That is how the earth works…if he would have thought for a minute, and stayed home…he would still be alive.

          Making a choice…a life or death situation in some cases.

      • Sierra Dave

        watching and waiting, you’re an idiot.

        You’d be dead in Mr. Greens’ situation. If someone busts in your door and comes at you. You don’t hem and haw and wonder if using a gun is too much force.

        Also, Pepper spray doesn’t work well on some people. Especially if they’re hopped up on drugs.

        And let’s see. Inside a house with pepper spray fumes all over and they’re supposed to wrestle the perp covered in pepper spray and restrain him.

        AND, even if he DID call 911. Sounds like the shooting would still have happened.

        • watching and waiting

          Sierra Dave: That is a matter of opinion.
          It is not you facing these charges and have you ever been in that type of situation? I have not, but we’ve been asked to give our opinion.

          Education time:

          1) You do not spray pepper spray/mace liberally in a close contact environment. Only old ladies and amateurs who watch too much TV. The residue from the spray will effect you. Eyes/nose(maybe wearing glasses). Even outside it is a risk depending upon the wind. Short 1/2 one second bursts. If he/she is wearing glasses, the spray will cloud the lens. Advantage::: you.

          2) Defensive spray is to give you a short term edge/advantage to step to the next level of force in some cases. It is true defensive spray will have no effect on some people especially when they have been drinking or even using drugs. BUT, IT LOOKS GOOD ON THE POLICE REPORT AND IN COURT…….ADVANTAGE YOU::::::

          3) In this situation that has been presented to us, Matt had more options and he could had just shot him once and I know the report said after the first shot, he still attempted to come towards him. He was not alone, he has three other adults with him. A bullet wound, a short burst of pepper/mace and they would had had him.

          4) This situation that has been presented to us on this site is not the situation we envision to occur at 2:00 am in the morning. We envision a door(s)/windows kicked in and at least two-four intruders coming in, masked heavily armed and could be wearing protective body armor without warning. THAT IS A SHTF SITUATION. SHOOT…….

          5) A second SHTF situation we envision to happen and speak regularly about is the total break down of society. The court system, Law Enforcement, National/state/local goverments etc…..
          That is what we discuss on this site and prepare for and believe soon to happen.

          6) The report did not speak of the deceased being armed.
          Matt should not had opened the door to begin with. He had no knowledge if the deceased was armed. THAT WAS THE TIME TO CALL 911.

          7) As I posted earlier, this is not a typical home invasion
          scenario. When the deceased kicked the door in, well, Matt
          did what he thought he had to do.

          8) I have close to 30 years experience in the LEO field.
          Much that is said on this site is good information. Some is hot air. Regardless of what occurs in your home, if you shoot someone and they live, you are responsible to provide first aid until LEO arrives and EMS. Do not scoff.
          After the Criminal hearings, comes the civil hearings(suits). Use common sense. That stuff you see on TV is to not real. Out think, the DA’s office. They have unlimited resources, do you?
          It is you money, it is your freedom.


          Be safe all of you, it is going to get worst before it gets better.

          • gone under

            Now if LEO would just read your post and stop throwing out 30-40 rounds into everyone the shoot plus 10 for the dog. Check the stats on how many shots are fired when LEO shoots someone.. Start with the 13 year old they just killed and work your way back a year.

    28. JRS

      As I said before, you’re either an LEO or a perp. Had Matt been an off duty police officer, we would not be having this discussion. It would have been called justifiable homicide. Maybe a couple lines in the local rag.

      Good luck to Matt…the courts will either suck him dry and bankrupt him, even if found innocent, or he will join a whole bunch of other innocent people in prison… sentenced under unconstitutional statutes.

      • braveheart

        JRS, any and all restrictions on self-defense violate the Constitution in some form or fashion. I don’t follow them anyway. I carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go since the Clinton era. They may be illegal for me to carry, but as I said before, I don’t care about any restrictions on self-defense. I’ve been a victim before and I won’t become one again. These prosecutors and judges are so bogus and corrupt. They don’t care about going after real criminals. Forget about the judicial system, they are totally useless.

    29. Barn Cat

      We all should defend ourselves first and dial 9-1-1 later.

      • sixpack

        I wonder what hat DA would do in Matt’s situation—call 911 and hand the phone to the intruder?

        Nope. He’d probably shoot first and call one of his buddy cops to do the paperwork.


        • Slick One

          When the time arrives I hope to see people like this liberal retarded D A removed. I’ll leave the method up to the reader. However it is interesting to note that there is no shortage of lamp posts in the country.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Here’s a good one…….


        George Phillips, an elderly man from Walled Lake, Michigan, was going up to bed, when his wife told him that he’d left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.

        He phoned the police, who asked “Is someone in your house?”.

        He said “No,” but some people are breaking into my garden shed and stealing from me.

        Then the police dispatcher said “All patrols are busy. You should lock your doors and an officer will be along when one is available”.

        George said, “Okay.” He hung up the phone and counted to 30. Then he phoned the police again.

        “Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed. Well, you don’t have to worry about them now because I just shot and killed them both; the dogs are eating them right now,” and he hung up.

        Within five minutes, six Police Cars, a SWAT Team, a Helicopter, two Fire Trucks, a Paramedic and an Ambulance showed up at the Phillips’ residence, and caught the burglars red-handed.

        One of the Policemen said to George, “I thought you said that you’d shot them!!!”.

        George said, “I thought you said there was nobody available!!!”.

        • Anonymous

          Is this a true story? I like it anyway

    30. Nina'os lil brother

      6 germanshepard/wolf hybreds on 60 acres
      14 mile dirt road 3 locked gates…
      I have to walk 1/2 mile up hill just to post this!!
      Not even my sister will come out here! 🙂
      60 miles from town.. And yes it’s Cali so F’n what

    31. Shootananny

      In the future, 911 will be more a danger to the innocent, than to the criminal.

      • M

        No that is time is already here

    32. Canadian Vet

      Our family’s procedure is simple. I confront and if need be engage the aggressor while we have 911 on speakerphone. These calls are recorded so they can hear what is going on, the fair warnings that’s will be issued if there is time and my response.

      As for gun use, our gun laws make it very impractical and our attitudes make it almost impossible to beat the murder rap afterwards.

      • jk

        Can you clarify? You mean you would be ok as long as you have 911 on the line, and they clearly heard that you issued warnings, etc?

        • Canadian Vet

          Of course.

          The idea about keeping 911 on the line and on speakerphone is for my legal protection. It won’t guarantee my use of force won’t be investigated in greater detail but it will be one piece of evidence that will be available right off the bat.

          As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I have been trained in the use of force continuum. Cops will know that and the prosecution, just by virtue of me being I the military, will be assuming I am a highly trained killing machine (even if I am actually in the Communications and a Electronics branch) and that therefore I should have always full control of the situation. So really it is to prove I am hitting as many of the escalation steps as possible along the way given the time I would have to work with.

          And if I have to hurt the other guy, something that would go on my favour would be to request an ambulance for him too, to help show I had no intention to hurt anyone until my hand was forced.

          Mind you, if it comes down to it, I will kill the bastard. And if it is with a gun, well, once again training I have received will help save my ass because the shot placement will be within the scope of my “official” training.

          But unless I am actively restraining the aggressor, I’ll definitely take the time to get dressed and wait for the cops on my knees with my hands on my head and the weapons I used cleared and ready for pickup.

          Because Canada has no castle doctrine and regardless I will be arrested and it would be points in my favour to cooperate with the cops.

    33. swinging richard

      Identify the town, the Asst DA, and time for his re-election. Make sure all efforts are made to remove this man from office. In his upper class neighborhood I’m pretty sure his police protection is much better than the good Sgt’s. Let’s show these political morons that they are out of touch with the people .

    34. Uzziel

      Just like Britain: you can call 911 after a self-defense shooting, but for the love of God – *don’t*!

      Time to learn about body disposal, I reckon.

      • Facebook Page

        Its no different then cleaning up after a 140 pound rott with the runs. Just do it.

    35. Goldwing

      In my state an attempted break in is enough to take the bad guy out. No need to drag them back in the house. Utah, the state the Brady gang loves to hate.

      There has been so many bad guys shot by homeowners they now believe it’s safer to rob banks as witnessed by the rash of bank holdups vs. home breakins.

    36. jk

      Maryland. Arguably the most fascist state in the union.

      • Walt Kowalski

        I once saw an episode on the TV series “Cops” that featured the Maryland State Troopers. The thing I noticed was that their uniforms made them look just like Nazis. And the attitude that I saw displayed by the officers did nothing to dispel my impressions.

        That was probably 10 years ago when I saw that. I can only imagine it’s gotten worse there.

      • braveheart

        MD has nothing over NJ, the east coast branch of Cali.

        • Night breaker

          You got that right BH!

          Semper Fi 8541

    37. thisTexan has had enough

      I have wasp spray on the sofa table by the front door all the time. Wasps are pesky, you know? And my trusty .38 on my desk a few feet from the front door might come in handy too.

    38. MongoPissed

      I would probably use a knife, since I keep one on my nightstand, and one next to my door. A silent kill is what one needs to avoid facing charges. Merely wounding is not likely, since my instincts are to prevent any injury to myself. I would be as merciful as my cat who recently fought and killed a large rat. I would carve the S.O.B., than tie a rope to his ankles and drag him to the ravine behind my rural house. Coyotes and Ravens would do the rest.

      • Facebook Page

        Use a suppress 22 keep the distance and unload the mag. Then reload and 3 to the eye. Very quiet. And little mess.

    39. Warchild

      I would have shot the intruder also,they do make some pretty nasty bear spray but will still take my chances in court instead of with my life.This incident should be the momentum for not only getting this man free but also pushing for more home self defense rights,as time gets tougher and crime increases maryland will learn the hard way.

    40. braveheart

      OK, time to get on a roll again! What would I do if someone forced their way into my home? To all of the regular members of this site: We;ve discussed this and related subjects many, many times here and everybody here knows my position all too well. As long as I can keep a would-be perp outside of the house I will give him/her ONE CHANCE AND ONE CHANCE ONLY to turn around and get away from my place alive. If I see them taking the advice to heart and go away, then I know that they’re no longer a threat and I’m satisfied with that. I would also breathe a big sigh of relief that I managed to talk my way out of a situation instead of shooting. I don’t want any situation like that and I believe no one else ever wants that to happen to them, either. My answer to the question is simple, regardless of what my state’s laws say. If you force your way into my home, youwill lose your life, plain and simple. So just forget about it if you want to live. I can’t make it any more plain and clear than that. I’ll be happy to donate something to Sgt. Pinkerton’s legal defense fund. So the prosecutors in MD say that acting in self-defense is “bizarre behaviour”? And they refuse to consider the action and behaviour of the perp? Maybe someone should do a home invasion on one or more of these prosecutors. Let them and/or their loved ones suffer at the hands of the same kind of animal that forced his way into Sgt. Pinkerton’s home. If the prosecutors and their relatives live to talk about it, let’s see what kind of song they sing then. There’s no question in my mind that these anti-selfdefense clowns are trying to use Sgt. Pinkerton’s case to make a political statement. Maybe it’s time for these prosecutors to get targeted themselves. Something’s got to give on all of this anti-selfdefense BS! Let anyone force their way into my home and it won’t end well for them! If anyone targets me over a legitimate act of self-defense it won’t end well for them either! I’m just so f#$%in sick of this crap! Good people get punished for protecting themselves and their families against criminals and nothing happens to the real criminals! To everyone, I’m sorry about ranting like this. But articles like this really do set me off. I’ll donate something to this man’s legal defense fund. He needs and deserves all of the support he can get. braveheart

      • sixpack

        They’d just sing louder for gun control. It would not change their views in the slightest. THEY WANT EVERYBODY EXCEPT THEMSELVES AND POLICE TO BE UNARMED. Period.

    41. Kevin2

      Even in anti gun Maryland they’re going to play hell to get a jury to convict him.

    42. Patriot One

      How Maryland has changed! I grew up there in the 60’s & early 70’s we had to walk about 6 miles through the neighborhood with our weapons, across some main roads to the woods where we hunted and no one said a word about thirteen and fourteen year olds with real guns.

      If we did that today I suppose our parents would be locked up and the state would have custody of the children. I guess back the children just had more responsibity, we ran around the neighborhood a 4:00am delivering papers and then tried to get someone to let us mow their lawn for $3.

      But then again the parents in my neighborhood had names like Schwarzkopf, Ailes, Vessey.

      Personally I think DA’s like him and our very own Angela Corey here in Florida should be held liable for these malicious prosecutions of innocent citizens.

      • Federalist45

        Virginia is charging right behind. By 2020, Virginia will look exactly like Maryland does today. North Carolina is another 5-10 years behind that. . . It won’t be long before everything East of the Appalachians and West of the Rockies will be solidly “Blue State” (but RED politically; notice how the MSM turned those colors around so the Statists/Progressivists/Democrats would not be colored red?). Texas will become a huge target, as well, as the Hispanic population takes over what was once a proud and sovereign nation. It is over, folks. Flee to the Heartland and hunker down, or flee to Alaska and work to secede. America, as you KNEW it, exists no more, and it never will again.

        • JayJay

          Federalist–you might like the movie–An Ounce Of Courage.
          About war, freedom, and Christmas.
          Great movie.
          Fighting for freedom and our rights; what we talk of here.

    43. Plan Twice, Prep Once

      I live in a state like Maryland where castle laws are weak to non existent. For this reason I have hardened all doors, door frames, hinges, and locks. If someone kicks in these doors, first of all they will be hurting and exhausted, second I can easily argue that I am we’ll barricaded and anyone breaking in is displaying an excessive level of life threatening aggression.

      A LEO once suggested that if you shoot someone and they fall dead out the door of the house, drag them back inside before the police arrive, avoid leaving drag marks. Blood outside is ok, you could argue the shots made them fall back and they got up and kept coming…..

      • sixpack

        A DA in Iowa said the same thing to me, decades ago.

        • BackSpace

          Was told the same thing decades ago by a LEO…

          Also told to keep shooting till clip was empty. Not all shots in the body though, but once the intruder was down put some rounds in the wall/ceiling. Supposedly adds to the fear/terror one was under.

          But I think I was told that because I was a single mother whose home had been burglarized twice prior to buying a gun.

          I think I’ll still do the same thing… cuz I know I’ll be scared shitless…


          • Canadian Vet

            Over here, using a gun in self-defence will lead to a whole lot of bogus charges, a lot of them based on our ridiculous storage laws.

            Handguns, unless they are in a safe or a gun closet/room must be trigger-locked and in a locked case, with the ammunition separate. If it is in a safe, you can store a few mags with it but the gun itself must be unloaded.

            And unless all guns are in a safe, ammo has to be stored separately. So the theory is that if you got time to get to your gun, load it and use it, you weren’t storing it right and you will be charged with improper storage.

            If you confront the other guy with your firearm, you will be charged with pointing a firearm; if you fire a shot and miss, or a warning shot, you can be charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm, careless use and/or weapon dangerous.

            And if you actually shoot the guy at the very least it will be attempted homicide and if you kill him, murder and unless YOU can prove self-defence, you will be lucky to get away with just manslaughter.

            Welcome to Canada, where politicians with armed bodyguards decided the little people don’t need guns to protect themselves.

            • sixpack

              AMEN, same here in us of a.

              • Canadian Vet

                At least gun ownership is a right enshrined in your Constitution. Here, it is a crime to own a gun, in any Province or Territory, unless you have a license, which is federal. Or are Native and it is a non-restricted long gun. And even a victimless gun crime like taking a restricted firearm like a handgun to a gun shop for maintenance without a short-term Authorization to Transport can land you in jail for 5 years.

                That is if you are a otherwise law-abiding gun owner (I guess the cops and prosecution think you should know better and should be made an example of) because I’ve seen cases in which some repeat offender gangbanger with literally dozens of convictions under his belt get a mere matter of months for robbing a corner store at gunpoint, having the gun charges dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to a mere robbery.

                • sixpack

                  That’s american political justice for ya…

    44. NC joe

      If events are accurately depicted in this article, the sergeant’s actions were justified. However, given I have on numerous occasions found “facts” presented on this site to be everything but facts, I will reserve judgement until I can find independent corroboration.

      • Walt Kowalski

        I can’t recall ANY time I’ve EVER heard you speak the truth about ANYTHING.

        You are not bastion of credibility.

        As for you…if the source is not the leftist MSM or your own communist comrades, you don’t believe it.

        Why don’t you troll someplace else?

      • braveheart

        ncjoe, f#$% you! You say the same stupid things every time you come on here. If you don’t believe what you see here, why the f#$% do you keep bringing your sorry ass back here? there’s a whole world of other sites where you can earn your trolling check, so go. also, go f$%# yourself!

    45. Roscoe

      Being a former MD police officer, which I’m embarrassed to admit after a stellar career, MD is F’d up. Don’t forget the insane gun laws they have passed, never had CWP’s w/o a provable need, ‘King” O’Mally, Gov. has taxed them to death, they lock-up kids w/toy guns. Anyway, correct on no Castle Doctrine, BUT, most important of all, YOU HAVE A DUTY TO RETREAT! This action MUST be provable before using DEADLY FORCE in your own HOME!!!!! OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED…PERIOD. Why do you think there is a very active Succession movement to create the STATE OF W. MD?

      • Walt Kowalski

        Same law applies in California I believe.

        One of the reasons I left that communist utopia.

        Imagine……having to retreat from your own home. Essentially, that law removes from you any right of self-defense. At what point would retreat be considered impossible? Answer: Never. So they ALWAYS have justification for prosecuting you for defending your own home and life.

        The law is immoral. Those responsible for it, should be hanging from light poles.

        • braveheart

          Walt, I know I’ve said this many times before but it bears repeating. Anytime some POS politician comes up with legislation restricting anyone’s right to self-defense it’s the same as tampering with life itself. There is never any legitimate basis for restricting self-defense in any way, shape, or form. Such laws have no legitimate basis whatsoever and should not be followed. Following such laws has a price tag which could very well be your life. I’ve always lived by a set of rules called The Bill Of Rights and The Bible. I’ve always stood tall and defended myself when attacked by someone else with bad intentions toward me. I’ve lost count of how many times I was suspended in school for fighting. THERE IS NO WAY I’LL RETREAT FROM MY HOME; THE SCUMBAG IS THE ONE WHO HAS TO RETREAT! Anyone who tries to target me over a legitimate act of self-defense will have a fight on their hands, so I’ll advise them ahead of time, FORGET ABOUT IT!

        • lonelonemum

          My thoughts:-

          I’m not retreating from ma house at 2am!

          This is because I’m a prudish middle-aged hag who does NOT step foot on the street in my underwear, & without combing my hair. What would the neighbours say? The criminal would have to be punished for subjecting me to that humiliation alone.

          Also the street is NOT a safe place for me to be running around with my baby at 2am. Respectable families don’t do that half dressed street corner middle of the night thing.

          The only way I’m leaving my own home at that hour, is if there is a raging fire. Not because of some over sexed drug crazed fool with a sense of entitlement. He can always be hog tied till a civilised hour if need be.

          I have every right to be tucked up in my bed, sleeping peacefully. Noone comes knocking with good intentions at that hour – even a family member would phone in the event of a birth/death. No other good reason I can see for disturbing my sleep.

          If the poor guy is military he would have no choice but to live where he’s sent – Maryland or Afghanistan. The inability to house your family somewhere sensible should be a damn good reason for not joining the military in today’s climate. Why risk your life and that of your kids for the corporate criminals? There’s no honour or glory in that. The military is not being used for what it was intended for nowadays.

          I’m confused as to why there were at least 3 adults in that home but only ONE took action? I live alone with a child, and am trying to come up with a low cost CCTV for my home to mitigate this factor. This poor guy seemed to live with a bunch of idiots.

          Was the wife having an affair? If so she should have taken out the trash herself to the kerb in her night gown- not disturbed her hubby & BIL. If not why hasn’t SHE invoked the stalking laws? At the very least she should be able to refer to her log of complaints to the police about this stalker so that her hubby can use it in his legal defence.

          Dogs are a warning system. You shouldn’t have to use your faithful servant as a weapon, it’s a betrayal of their loyalty, if they are maimed or killed.

          Birt the brit should comment here as like me she’s stuck in the UK where self-defence is an art form as regards the law.

          However – when I lived in Londonistan I ALWAYS invested in a front door with a five bolt deadlock. Good luck trying to kick one of those in – even with an ax to help the criminal it’s gonna take long enough for one of the several adults in that home that night to dial 911 + a lawyer BEFORE the perp breaks down the door. Delaying the criminal is stage one of my home defence.

          Boiling water from a kettle or 6 is gonna land on a perps head while he’s still trying to kick down my door, and from there things are gonna get hard for him. Wasp spray ain’t nice. Neither are the neighbours with metal baseball bats. Without access to a gun we have to be creative in the UK.

          • sixpack

            Amen, lonelonemum. My dogs are always trained to fight WITH me, not FOR me. To peospective perps, I say:

            Never mind the dog—Fear the owner.

            • sixpack

              uh, prospective perps…

      • armed citizen

        man I love Arizona, if your yard is posted and you fear for your life drop the bastard right there. And you can’t be sued because he was commiting a crime. And we can concealed carry without a permit. The police are an hour away so my previous post wasn’t all sarcasm .

      • InsanityISContagious

        Are the criminals such bad shots in MD that the government feels the need to give them a “better chance” at their home invasion?…like making you run for your life? I have heard of affirmative action, but affirmative action for criminals? This country has gone EFFING NUTS!!!

    46. Warchild

      Two things,one,will be contributing a bit to the fund,not a lot but everyone does will make a good defense happen.That could be any of us,sucks someone died but would never risk my life/family/friends/pets ect.

      • Plan Twice, Prep Once

        With improvements in CSI work, and prosecutors with political agenda, probably best not to move the body these days.

        Rules for home defense
        1. Be aware of current laws and expectations.
        2. Have a series of plans, and backup plans that will protect you within the framework of your state and local laws.
        3. Stick to the plan.
        4. After an incident make no statements to police without a lawyer.

    47. Si

      Hey! Shoot, shovel, shut up, Jack.

    48. EastTenn

      Tennessee has a castle law that extends out to the yard. If your state does not have it, then you could very easily find yourself in the very same plight. It is time to call your state reps to demand it.

    49. John Q Publik

      i woulda just let him kill me. then the cops would have something to do besides harass pot smokers and speeders. they would have to haul my dead ass outta my house. lol.

      this guy did nothing wrong. other guy shoulda known better. shoulda emptyd the mag to make sure he wasn’t going to harm any one.

      • John Q. Public

        ^^^^ not the original


      I believe in God because I have met A dog named satan!

      Freak out… tried to climb roof to get away… finally someone came to door and all ok. never ever went back!

      • sixpack

        My favorite was a 180 pound great dane named “Tiny”, who stood about 4.5 feet tall at his head. LOL.

        In my travels, I also met a rather huge akita named “fluffy”…and a tea cup chihuahua named “spike”. That little bastard tore up my pant leg and chewed up the toe of my boot before I could get away!

        Life is full of surprises, huh.

        • sixpack

          EDIT: it was a miniature chihuahua, not a tea cup…

    51. Federalist45

      So, what is the tipping point? Is it this? Is it the slaughter of the poor wood carver in Seattle? Is it the NEXT murder-by-cop or the NEXT politically-driven prosecution of a man exercising his 2nd Amendment rights? Is it when the BATFE, armed with some new Executive Order, knocks on YOUR door to arrest you for failing to register your guns with the Federal Govt? Is it when a Federal SWAT team (pick damn near any agency) knocks down your door and tosses flashbangs into your bedroom and shoots first and asks questions later?

      Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, the Shah, the Ayatollahs. . . they had nothing on we Americans.

    52. Chris45

      3 rules people. Shoot, shovel and shut up. I actually had a veteran cop tell me the worst thing to do if you get in a shooting scrape is to dial 911. It is probably easier for those of us that live in the boonies. Anyway whatever happens, KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT!!!

      • Warchild

        The 3S rule,a favorite in the Northlands,though hope I never need to use/live by those rules.

    53. Federalist45

      Recommended: Read every day, just as you do

      Recommended: Read Bracken’s trilogy–ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. It is our present becoming our future. . . Bracken has it right, except the end. . . his is far too hopeful.

    54. Pat in Florida

      As bad as stupid drunk “friends” can be, I hate to see them picked off. Not that I’d charge Pinkerton, but I would like to hear more about Green, his relationship with the family, and how much physical threat he presented. Mr.Pinkerton seems like a fit sort of guy.. was Green?

      • Smokey

        Should he have taken him on in hand-to-hand combat?

        How about just shooting him in the leg?

        The man kicked down the door of a residence and entered illegally. He doesn’t even need to be armed, it’s presumed he was a threat to any and all people in the home.

        What if he gets his hands on the gun? Willing to bet your family on his just being ‘drunk and stupid’?

    55. toboldlygo

      this asshole deserves the death penalty
      perhaps the family of the man killed will have this guys children burned alive in front of him first then get nasty on him

      • Pissed Off Granny


        It sends chills up my spine to read what you think the family of the guy who was killed should/could do to the children of the shooter.

        What kind of evil soul are you to think those kids should be punished for what the father chose to do.

        I shudder to think what America is headed for when people like you even have a suggestion of burning innocent children alive.

        Your post proves you are a MONSTER!

        • gone under

          He’s a Lib. They are all like that. Useless eaters. FEMA built camps for them.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Just in case you are unemployed the CIA, IRS, TSA, HOMELAND SECURITY, EPA, are looking for a few “good men”.

          Your “resume” sounds spot on for them.

          • Tactical

            POG, Maybe this specie just came back from Syria after killing the Christians in their villages and was hired by Saudis and Israelis.

        • Hunter

          P.O. Granny

          You nailed it, baby!

          -toboldlygo, was probably employed by some inter-agency task force & contributed “boldly” at WACO & RUBY RIDGE, back in the day.

      • Tactical

        Hey taboldlygo….. Please try to break into my house. PLEASE. Bring your friends as well.

      • braveheart

        toboldlygo, f#$% you! Come to my place trying anything stupid and “Bertha” will make damned sure you go “boldly” TO HELL!

        • sixpack

          …where it sounds like he came from. Hell.

    56. Anonymous

      Hopefully he gets atleast one good juror that can nullify this.

    57. Be informed

      I tell everyone this, I am so sick and tired of self defense being looked upon as something that someone has doen is wrong. The anti-gunners value the criminals more than the victims, and it sure shows. SELF DEFENSE in one’s home is not even something that should ever be up for debate.

      This is why it is so much better, IF you can, to live in a gun friendly state. Let’s face it, these NEW europe states such as most of the east coast, california, and others give rights to be a maniac and thug, and people that defend themselves against their friends, the criminals, you are risking problems with the state.

      Remember these hell holes are many that ban stun devices. Yes, NON LETHAL devices to stop a criminal. You live in a state that bans these devices you know what will happen should you defend yourself with a lethal weapon. ANY state that voted heavily for BO is a state that is dangerous for self defense of the innocent.

      I think that probably the best advice in a dangerous state for self defense is to protect yourself with a shot gun or something like a Taurus Judge that holds both shotshell and .45. It seems like these idiot prosecutors and the state gives more leeway to someone spraying out buckshot than a single round. It’s kind of like the weird idea that someone is simply trying to protect themselves than actually trying to end someone’s life on purpose using shot shells. I know this sounds crazy, but if you kill some criminal with a 9 mm you are far more to have troubles than if you blow them apart with some double ought buckshot. Like these asswipes feel that if you good enough to hit a target with a hand gun you should be aiming for the criminal’s leg or something. Bizarro land, but you will find this to be true.

      • Canadian Vet

        Welcome to Canada. Except that for us, stub devices ARE banned right off the bat and if you use a gun to protect your home and family, you WILL go to jail unless YOU can prove you didn’t do anything wrong. Gotta love reverse-onus charges.

        And what you describe reminds me of a righteous shoot involving a police sharpshooter, don’t remember what force it was, local Provincial or RCMP, but when questioned about his shot placement, he said his job was to instantly incapacitate the threat (which he did with great proficiency) at which point he was accused of being a cold-blooded murderer and a “lethal weapon”,

        Cop was cleared in that shooting, but mind you it was on my side of the border and before cops started to openly becoming a law of their own.

    58. AR15BOB

      When I read this I felt something wasent right,2am,friendship gone bad?horse shit there was more to this than friendship,love gone bad.i would have shot the asshole .357 ruger with me all the time,two german Shepards,wife out the door that night just sayin.

    59. I would

      Clean my gun and r.eload

      • Facebook Page

        Buy a glock. And keep shooting. Doesn’t need cleaning.

        • Canadian Vet

          All guns need maintenance, even the dishwasher-safe ones.

          And if you think the Glock is a magical firearm that will maintain itself and not malfunction when it gets gunned up good and proper, I got some really nice oceanfront properties to sell you in northern Saskatchewan.

          • sixpack

            “Dishwasher-safe ones” LOL. Good one.

            • Canadian Vet

              Yeah… I just don’t much care for polymer framed pistols. They don’t feel right in the hand.

    60. Stew Pedaso

      I would grab a camera…cuz I am definitely posting that debacle on Youtube. I have an Irish wolf hound, I would call 911 after a couple minutes though…lmao

    61. RED PILL





    62. Yuri

      The Castle Doctrine is applied in COURT.

      A defense of Self-defense is made in a TRIAL.

      How can one make these arguments if one never goes to COURT … never has a TRIAL?

      If you could simply make the claim to the police and have them leave without questions, investigation, or arrest … that’d be a pretty sweet deal for anyone who actually wanted to murder someone.

      Heck, you wouldn’t even have to kill them in your home. Just kill them somewhere else, drag the body home & prop it up on your porch (maybe kick in your own door, maybe not — maybe put a gun in the dead guy’s hand, maybe not) and then call the police. They will dutifully go the hell away when you simply TELL them it was self defense, or the Castle Doctrine.

      I’m sure that’s the way it’s supposed to work. You know, rather than an arrest, a speedy and fair trial, and an acquittal based on the justification of self defense.

      • sixpack

        No, Yuri. It’s supposed to work by allowing the innocent victims their right to see another sunrise, while ridding the people of an ongoing threat to their person and property.

        ANY law can be abused…just look at our own govt for a few pointers.

    63. Trailer Park Investor

      Kick in my door and walk in and YOU WILL BE CALLING 911 (if you can)

    64. raiderh8tn

      1st two shells – less than lethal double ball

      Last 6 – 00 buck

    65. Relax first. Shoot later.

      Does anyone one know why the man went nuts and ran back into the house. It must have been a very bad dispute. Another strange incident that could have maybe been routed with some stable words and temperance before that lifetime of B.S. occured.

    66. old guy

      It the last thing I ever want to do is kill another person. It depends if its a lone intruder and nobody else around. Ill just dump the corpse in a remote location. and never call the cops. If I have to call the law I have a extra handgun to plant on the dead body.

      • Facebook Page

        Depending how far we are into SHIF. I suggest using it as an ordiment on a pole in the street as a warning. It will help you sleep better. And why let it go to waste.

    67. Buzzfix

      Unfortunately the dead guy wasn’t given enough time to prove he was intending on committing bodily harm against the occupants of the residence. That sounds terrible but that is the law without a “castle” provision. Urge your law makers to pass “castle” laws and “stand your ground” laws. If a castle law was in place all the resident would have had to do is prove fear for his life or the lives of those in his dwelling and that deadly force was the best option to protect life. I feel for the guy and family. He did what he thought was right but unfortunately the state of Maryland says other. When in doubt watch Goodfellas. Hope you learn something.

      Living in Ohio is Nice. 🙂

    68. Anon

      Aircraft carrier, destroyer leave Persian GUlf, Mediterranean
      Published: 2 hours ago
      (Israel National News) The American aircraft carrier USS Nimitz was recalled from the Persian Gulf on Friday, along with the destroyer USS Graveley from the Mediterranean Sea. The move comes less than a week after Russia sent its most powerful warships to the Mediterranean.
      Al Jazeera reports the Nimitz moved through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea, and is anticipated to reach the US in late December. It was scheduled to return in August but was left in the region for a military presence.
      Read the full story ›


      • sixpack

        USS Nimitz? Is that old rust bucket still floating?

    69. TheGuy

      In the exact situation described, what would I do?

      Light ‘im up. That’s what.

      If I was in bed and someone broke in 3 rooms away… I’d lock my bedroom door, have something capable of penetrating walls, load that up, and call 9-11.

      Although now, that’s probably a mistake. The cops would gently escort the intruder out and I’d get 10 years for the fricking gun.

      Actually, I’ve been in a house (house sitting) that was being broken into. I woke up, realized that the rifle I had would present an issue with the cops… ran for the front door… racked the slide REAL loud… got out… went home, got my pistol, CAME BACK… at which time the guy was hiding in the back yard somewhere… yelled he had 10 minutes to get out as I was arming the security system which was disarmed for some damn reason… showed the gun… got back inside… and waited.

      Bizarrely it worked. This craptastical van was heard peeling out and leaving the block some 2 minutes later…

    70. systembroke

      Cops don’t come! it happened in my neighborhood today. 2 black guys kicked in a door across from my home and went searching for the guy that moved out 2 days ago. I rushed in and grabbed my 9mm and called the cops. They never showed until 3 hours later. Only damaged was a door kicked in and 2 blacks getting away with property damage. The point is self defense is the answer cause ain’t no cop going to reach you in time. Stay safe!!

    71. Nam Marine

      BANG !

    72. Mark McBee

      shoot them first then call 911

    73. Zazu

      I would:

      (A) Not live in Maryland.
      (B) Let my 6 German Shepherds answer the door.
      (C) Kill the bitch-boy.
      (D) Feed bitch-boy to the alligators.

    74. Old Vet

      Use the FBI method pow-thump, pow-thump, pow in the ground, floor etc. HALT—FBI!

    75. 22Mission

      Well, once a guy threatened me .
      I put one load of buckshot over his head .
      he was standing about 12′ from my front door.
      I dropped the barrel of my 12 guage to his chest .
      Told him the next one was going right through him .
      He left quickly .
      I was about 19 then .
      But have been around guns all my life, and have used them many times .
      I’ll never stop protecting me or mine ever .

      On another note .
      Osage Orange fruit is ripe and falling now .
      Has those huge bumpy green fruits .
      Those are excellent placed inside your home to repel cockroaches and spiders .
      If you got them bad slice the fruits about 2″ thick and lay them around .
      Has a slight odor of citrus .
      Best thing is they are free and totally non toxic .
      They are eatable, some call them horse apples .
      When you slice them, thick white latex comes out .
      If you rub that on an old jacket that is not washed,
      Mosquioes and no see ems leave ya alone .

      • wrong


        We use to roll those under cars as they were moving and see who would hit them. Big fun for kids back in the day. Guess now days you would be a terrorist for doing such a thing.

    76. Paos


    77. Be informed

      @ Canadian Vet. So poor Canandians have been poisoned by the new european Napoleonic laws that you have to prove your innocence rather than the state or country proving your guilt, even in your own home. “Nice”.

      I am going to say something, I frickin hate anti-gunners, they are pure evil and support the evil that is the maniac criminals. These MF’s would support the rights of some serial AIDS infected rapist over that of some victim. Anti-gunners are those that value CONTROL over freedom. Anti-gunners are those that value conformity of all over common sense and fairness. Anti-gunners are the friend of the evil, pure evil. I think ALL of those that retain any common sense or goodness in the remaining masses not infected with “zombism” agree with these statement.

      Anti-gunners are thankfully the very first ones to go down after the society collapses because they have no inner strength, no survival skills, no integrity, and most of all no brains. Anti-gunners will be a dying breed of, genetic garbage, that will go the way of the Dodo bird. Stupid people don’t live very long, especially when there is no society or civilization left to support their worthless asses.

      • OutWest

        Damn — that’s good, Be informed. Real good

        • nopittypartyhere


      • Mike

        Amen Brother.

        Anyone with half a brain that reads our constitution understands the importance of guns. Without the 2nd amendment all other amendments will go down. The 2nd was really intended to protect against tyrannical government. The bleeding heart, liberal, anti gunners, are so ignorant. Why oh why can they not see. If they give up guns then they give up freedom.

        Positive note here. Something good comes from everything. If we lose guns then at least we would not have to listen to the bull shit they spew. They would have no freedom of speech.

      • lastmanstanding

        Right on BI…that is how the earth works!

        It is surprisingly simple…it always amazes me how man thinks he controls it all.

        Right now, there are some really bad elements (don’t want to call them people, although they look like people) that have abusing people and the earth.

        I am praying that good will triumph over evil…

        and they will finally leave us good folks alone.

      • Canadian Vet

        This reverse onus BS only seems to apply to otherwise law-abiding folks. The repeat offenders and gangbangers, they get to enjoy our regular Charter Rights.

        That is how screwed we are.

        Oh, I am not an anti-gunner. I believe the more guns in law-abiding citizens’ hands, the better.

    78. maudy fricket

      Before you call 911, you need to understand who is on the other end of the line. Some dispatchers are experienced pros, but some are not. In the susburbs, the dispatcher is often a relative of the Mayor or Chief, etc. Someone who may not be the best person for the job. At large departments the dispatcher is frequently politically connected or affimative action. So any instruction they give you may only be the opinion of the unqualified civilian that answered the phone. Seldom is a police officer working as a dispatcher. Something to keep in mind.

      • sixpack

        I worked dispatch for an alarm company. I can attest to the fact that many 911 dispatchers are incompetent and/or untrained properly. I’ve seen the damage that can result from a wrong call.

    79. Mike

      I guess I am going to add my 2 cents to this discussion. For what it is worth.

      1) Never talk to the police. Even if you are justified. Because of adrenalin or just plane nerves you could say something that you will regret later. You can call 911. Just don’t say anything. They will show up. Personally I would try to contact an attorney and have him call the police. Use your right to remain silent until you do speak to your attorney. A good book for preppers would be The Boston Gun Bible. It goes over this scenario.

      2) I have dogs. One is half pit half chow. He is the smartest and best dog I have ever had. I have a full bread 1 year old pit. He I hope will be as smart as the other. We also have a blue tick that showed up here. Yes we are warm hearted suckers. She is so sweet. I was shocked though. She once made the U.P.S. man stay on his truck.
      Dogs are for early warning and deterrence in my opinion. Yes they can help with protection but are no match for guns.

      3) I disagree with trying to apprehend or detain someone who is breaking into your home for several reasons. You never know about other people. They could have hidden weapons. They could have trained for years in marshal arts. They could be on drugs. There have been cases where people on drugs have been shot several times before they went down. Imagine trying to detain someone on drugs. They could just plain get lucky with a punch or kick to you. They may also have friends on the other side of that door hidden. I am not willing to risk the lives of my family or my property for that matter on the chance of detaining someone.

      4) Pepper spray, Raid, or a stun gun are all good if you have no other choice. Luckily in the state I am in I do. I will not take the chance of the bad guy getting by me by using any of these.

      My final thoughts on this are God forbid. God forbid I ever have to shoot someone. If someone kicks in my door then I have no choice. If I go down then what happens to my wife or kids. I will shoot to kill. Never shoot to wound because you may miss. Also they can talk if you do that and you may end up in jail or in a lawsuit. In all gun training classes you are always taught to shoot to kill. I hope this never happens but in todays world you never know. It is getting worse out there in this world. My advice is prepare for this situation. Not only for when the shtf but for right now. The world really has become a mean and dangerous place.

      • Gone2hilo

        Nephew LEO told me if I ever do have to shoot….make sure there is only one side of the story to be heard..mine!

    80. Randy C

      I stopped reading when I got to the state in question: Maryland. When I moved out east to work in D.C. I asked my brother who was living in Wilmington, DE and he told me, “you won’t like Maryland.” So, I went to VA instead. My rule is don’t live in places with restrictive gun laws or restrictive self-defense laws. I now live in a rural area 1,000 feet off the public town road and have a dog. The fact that the shooter knew this guy did complicate matters for him, but a big loud dog would have given the attacker cause for pause.

    81. nopittypartyhere

      Okay, so I tried for 15minutes to place this post through another browser and it kept freezing up. lets see what happens here….

      when I was about 18 or 19, I was at my father’s house alone, as I had a late class start and parents had gone to work. As I lay in bed pondering my day I heard a car go over the hill (dirt roads). about 5 minutes later I heard the front screen door open, and the front door handle being jiggled.
      I hopped out of bed and grabbed the 12g shotgun from behind my door (been there since I was 12 years old) and the 00buck from the chest-of-drawers. I loaded 4 00-buck and stood just back from the door frame of the hallway. When the perp was trying to force his way through the carport door, I pumped the shotgun and yelled I would shoot to kill. About 45 seconds later I heard a car engine rev down the hill and speed off. I remember my dad trying to tell me I was just hearing things and imagined it. Later my cousin told me that my dad had told him to keep an eye out and an ear to the ground because if he found out who it was he was going to beat their ass, and he would have killed them if they had laid a hand on me. He figured it was someone he knew, who knew the keys to the shed with all the ATVs etc was behind the door they were trying to break into.

      I routinely keep a .380 by the bed, a .45 when hubby is out of town. I would prefer my 12g, as pumping the action is one hell of a deterrent, but in this part of the country, kids aren’t taught to mind their own damn business, not to snoop and they know jack shit about guns except what they see on halo and code of honor. My 16 yo son knows better, but have no control over his friends. It is too risky to keep the 12 g in the bedroom, when I can keep my handguns in an easy to access safe.

      And hell yeah, at 2am you’re freaking right that I would be answering the door with a gun in my hand. one of my own children decided to come here instead of to his mom’s a few years ago. I was home alone, and he did not let us know he decided to stay with us. At 1 am I heard the door close, then footsteps up the stairs. I called out twice (while getting my pistol) with no answer, the third time I said I have a gun and I will shoot if you don’t identify yourself. It was my then 17 year old. He didn’t want to get into trouble coming in 2 hours past weeknight curfew. Needless to say, he never made the stupid mistake of not answering me or not calling ahead of time to let me know he was coming over.

    82. Swinging on a star

      None of this matters so much anymore, Israel is getting ready to defend herself against Iran, Kerry is becoming Iran’s lap dog and world war three is just around the corner. Another scenario is that the U.S. sides with Iran against Israel and allows Israel to be destroyed, anything is possible.

      Not only is our freedom being stripped from us but now we are truly in the hands of incompetent, evil, ignorant socialists who actually think they are in control of the forces that can not wait to wipe us off the face of the earth.

      The elite like Kerry, (the fake war hero), Obama (the liar in chief) Holder (the tax fraud race baiter), Jarrett (the Chicago slum lord), Soros (the woman beater communist, who is Hillary’s best friend and supporter), Sibelius (the privileged idiot), Michelle (the he she who wears the pants), etc. etc., have no clue as to how the real world works, they sit in ivory towers and rule like gods, they are the human destroyers.

      • gone under

        After reading your description of mooshrill, I know you seen the close up pics of her in a dress on BIN.

        • Pissed Off Granny

          Seems more and more people are skeptical of just who and what the first lady of America is. While looking through utube I stumbled on a site that questioned Mooshelle’s gender. If that “conspiracy theory” would ever prove to be true; then the devil is certainly dancing in the whitehouse.

          Did we also need to “vet” the spouse of the president, too?

          Now, all you libtards out there tell me that the president of the US has a right to choose who he “marries” (and that was in question, also) and presents to the voters as his “wife”.

          For the sake of America; I hope that none of this is true.

          • gone under

            You see the pic too?

          • sixpack

            In order to “vet” the spouse of the president in this case, it would entail a gynecological exam—just to see if there’s actually a vagina there to examine.

            Which I doubt.

        • Swinging on a star

          gone under,

          I have not seen the picture that you are referring to, I base my description of her simply on her mannerisms, her facial structure, total lack of femininity and a mouth like a piranha.

          Is she really a guy, I don’t know but anything is possible.

          • sixpack

            Perhaps Pew should do a poll, to see how many Americans think Moochelle may have been formerly known as “Mike”.

    83. Baracalypse

      After I dropped the perp, I’d be calling 911. Then I’d be calling a realtor in New Hampshire.

      Live Free or Die.

    84. 22Mission

      We had many guns in the house growing up .
      My father always taught us to respect them,, use them and clean them .
      One rule he had was never point a gun at someone unless you want to kill them on The. spot .
      Anti gunners are just what you state Be Informed .
      I can’t stress how much I agree with you .

      A friend of mine is finally waking up to what is truly happening .
      He says what the media is saying just makes him want guns .
      Ya’ll have a great day .
      I keep trying to add some sort of helpful advise here now and again .
      You won’t starve if you learn what’s around to eat .
      And knowledge is the best prep of all sometimes .

    85. Sam

      I live on a farm for a reason and i don’t ever call police my gun is judge jury and executioner , i will toss your lead filled ass into my hog pen and with 150 hogs all over 200 pounds feeding on you, by morning you will be hog shit .The only thing that will be left is your teeth and those will go in my shit spreader and get spread out over my fields bad guys make the crops grow .

    86. Anonymous

      My heart goes out to this family.

      The family’s attorney needs to remind the a$$hat in DA these tid bits of inromation:

      The Supreme Court (LAW OF THE LAND) has said numerous times that the Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone…therefore calling 911 when someone breaks into your home…at 2am…is pointless.

      The DA need to go and retake his bar exam.

      • Big Iron

        The Supreme Court doesn’t have the standing to judge anything as “Constitutional” because “it” was, itself, “created” by the Constitution which in turn was created by the “People”. Therefore only the People have standing to judge the Constitutionality of any thing since it was “their” creation.
        John Marshall usurped that “power” for the SCOTUS in 1803 with the Marbury vs Madison ruling.

    87. TxMongoose

      My heart goes out to this family.

      The DA needs to be reminded about a few things:

      The Supreme Court (LAW OF THE LAND) has said multiple times in various cases that the Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone…therefore calling 911 when someone breaks into your home…at 2am…is pointless.

      People need to rise up against this a$$hat and tell him to go retake his bar exam.

      • VRF

        The ” British Accredited Registry (BAR) is part of the problem , not the solution

        • sixpack

          The “BAR” has only one real purpose. They control attorneys and collect fees from them for the privilege of doing their jobs.

          The Bar mainly only punishes attorneys for malfeasance when they fail to pay said fees in a timely and proficient manner.

          The Bar also punishes attorneys who get up on the wrong side of the political bed.

          The Bar protects attorneys with generations of attorneys and political favorites.

          In short: IMO, “THE BAR” SHOULD BE DISBANDED. It serves no practical purpose, of value to the people.

        • Big Iron

          The BAR is a private foreign entity. In many states it is “also” a “union” of Attorneys that seeks to limit the ability of the defendants to have non-corrupt counsel of their choice. Attorneys are often in collusion with the courts, judges, prosecutors, etc.

          In NC when you hire an attorney you automatically declare yourself a mental incompetent (yes, it’s in the statutes). There is no real freedom to choose counsel of your choice. Of course, NC is also a “right-to-work” state but with corrupt courts being in conspiracy (RICO) that will probably not be easily fixed.

    88. Shooty McBang

      Call the coroner. That’s all.

    89. Crustyrusty

      From what I see, he is an Air Force cop and did what was trained to do.

    90. El Borak

      This is exactly why good people should relish jury duty instead of trying to avoid it. We the people have a way to put an end to this sort of injustice, and we need to step up before we are the one getting stepped on.

      • Big Iron

        Yes, “Jury Duty” should be considered a “required” duty! HOWEVER after having experienced several “tours” and other observations of the courts I have become very disillusioned with the abuse of the potential jurors, the defendants, etc. by the courts and the abuse of the courts in general. The courts appear nothing more than a “mechanism” where by they “shear the sheeple”! They waste the time of most of those who are called for the juries via the last minute plea bargains.

        Remember that YOU don’t want a “jury trial” but a Constitutional “common law” “trial by jury”!

        It is easy to avoid being empaneled all one has to do is: give the impression that you are knowledgeable in the law and somewhat familiar with the court. When asked if I could find someone guilty under the law I replied that I could PROVIDED that law was “square” with the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of North Carolina. I was the juror candidate to be dismissed. I have since learned that I used the wrong constitution as the constitution of the Republic IS “The Constitution for the united States of America” and should not have used “The Constitution Of The United States” which is NOT a constitution but a corporate charter! Just small but a totally different document.

    91. Socrates

      There are a lot of personal judgments to be made by all of us here, but let’s look at the facts:

      Someone (or some group) just kicked in your door. FORCED entry. Means they were NOT invited. If someone is FOCRING there way into your dwelling who is NOT invited, what do you think they want? Coming over to borrow a cup of sugar? How about a spot of tea? a plain and resounding NO! Only certain types ‘force’ their way into someone elses dwelling- Thieves, murderers’ and yes, the three latter agency cowards as well. Firefighters sometimes *have* to force entry as the occupants may be in-habilitated due to smoke and fire. But this isn’t one of those times.

      If you don’t already have a firearm with a super-bright LED flashlight attached, you need one. This does 2 very useful things- Makes the attacker *usually* raise their arms and hands to shield their eyes (cause you just blinded them)AND it helps you determine if you know the attacker, your surroundings and if the aggressor is armed. As soon as their hands go up you have the tactical advantage. You make the call at that point, shoot to kill or to disable. Only you can make that split second decision, nobody else.

      Of course a lot of these ‘forced’ door kick-ins could be avoided with a good security door or bar. They even advertise the Bar-ricade door bar right on this site! Don’t make it easy for the bad guys to get in and they won’t get in easily, enough said. When seconds count, you can slow the aggressor down enough to collect your wits, your defense weapon of choice and make the decision, you won’t regret the extra time or money you spent to slow them down.

    92. D Knight

      This article seems to be doing everything possible not to mention what state this incident took place in. That is really all I need to know.

      • Baracalypse

        “Yet according to the state of Maryland, Matt should have called 911 first and waited for the police.”

      • Jack Hammer

        The article on this site isn’t exactly like the one that is linked in this article. If you follow the links you will see this travesty of justice occurred in Maryland.

    93. Iowa

      I used to be a juvenile delinquent. I deserved to be shot on many occasions. I thank Jesus Christ for being the least of His. Amen.

    94. VRF

      Some good advise on this thread , but way too much bad advise , and misconceptions have been put in so many comments
      Due to the fact that we all should know how this situation should have played out , we’re being tested , we all will be tested , everyone of us will be tested , some on different levels than others
      Seek the facts , question what your not sure about , learn the truth before the situation presents itself ,keep your true intentions to yourself
      Lawyers are not always the right answer , it’s situation by situation , and be careful entering their game, they are not your friend , they are deal makers and bribe takers , and a big part of the problem in this country , careful who you fund , and why.
      When the world becomes a way to where we won’t need lawyers is when things in this country will get straightened out , if we are not at that point when this comes to visit you , make sure you have a devil that needs you to be his client , more than you need him

    95. Warchild

      Call 911,nah,have 1911 on call in my home!

    96. kerdasi amaq

      In the world of the libtard, ordinary decent people are the guilty ones. Society(you) are the guilty one, not the criminally minded because they are the innocent “victims” of society.

    97. Tactical

      This is only a short summary. Do more research on your own.

      Personal Defense expert Massad Ayoob – what to do after a self defense shooting:
      Hoping and Assuming you survived…

      1. Call 911. Describe yourself such as your clothing etc. so when they arrive they can
      notice you easily. Don’t walk to the door and the responding officers with gun, knife
      in your hand.

      2. Officer this person attacked me, I will sign the complaint.

      3. Officer here is the evidence (knife, gun, ball bat, whatever).

      4. Officer these are the witnesses if any.

      5. Officer you will have my full cooperation in 24 hrs after I see my attorney.

      6. Without any emotions…just shut your mouth and don’t answer any more questions
      without your attorney.

    98. CWinOR

      way OT, but this might make the GRIDEX II test next week that much more “interesting”;
      Added 11/10/2013 @ 17:40 UTC
      CME Impact Expected
      Coronagraph imagery by LASCO C2/C3 is now available following the X1 solar flare Saturday night. Click HERE for video. Although not exceptionally bright, the expanding shock front does appear to be Earth directed. The latest CME prediction model released by the Goddard Space Flight Center is calling for a direct CME impact by late November 12th. Geomagnetic storming will be possible once the plasma cloud arrives. More updates in the days ahead. Click on the image below to watch the latest model.

    99. a. nobody

      Now, if they find this man guilty and they put him in jail, HE is going to get hurt by the same people that are used kicking doors to enter homes.

      He’s losing a lot even if they find him NOT GUILTY….. $ 50,00.00 down the drain. If someone says NO, what part of NO they don’t understand?

      Next time wait until you get really hurt, possibly for life before you take any self defense action.

      I’ll pray for you.

      • Henry

        Or just commit to a conscious decision to live in a state not run by complete idiots.

    100. brian

      If you come to my house at 2:00 am ill be armed also after dark im armed if im going to the door if i tell you to leave and you dont ill yell to my wife call 911 if you kick in my door ill hit you with everything ive got and let the good lord sort it out later the response time to 911 call can be between 3-5 min my response time is alot less

    101. Seen2013

      Wow… I can’t think of any other words to describe States’ decision to go pro-Sociopath, Psychopath, rapist, and etc…
      First, when someone attacks you, you have seconds to react. Obligation to retreat and/or calling 9-1-1 only serves as added seconds that are designed to legally train people to be both victimized and pick flight over fight. Pure and simple.

      This is not common sense; it’s only common sense if one’s aim is to create the most opportune community environment for the sickest of the sickos and even the b/s wannabes.

      Second, the seconds necessary to call for authorities or pick an escape route particularly inside a house or in the middle of a Suburban/Urban environment is more than enough for the attacker to be on top of you; provided, you saw them coming to begin with.

      Third, even if one does support obligation to call authorities and/or retreat, you are agreeing with as long as one possesses an escape route; you do understand you’re agreeing that the attacker not only controls the engagement but disengagement. This is why these laws are truly pro- sociopath, psychopath, rapists, and etc. All they have to do is play cat and mouse like many repeatedly do until you are exhausted into submission or plain and simply over-powered.
      And, people call that common sense.

      People really don’t seem to think this through… Un freaking believable.

      • Henry

        Gun-grabber Joe Biden’s home state. That says it all.

    102. USN SEABEE ....

      I wear my weapon just like I wear my pants. Always on and always in the ready ….. Maryland is so wrong in putting its people in arms way …

    103. bearbender

      ok to kill unborn children bad to kill law breakers

    104. steve

      It grieves me to see this man and his family being persecuted!
      If this man had tried to break into someone importants home, DA, mayor, etc., and that person had shot him, things would be vastly different!

    105. old guy

      Ok lets not knee jerk react. There is always two sides to every story. This apparently was a love triangle? The intruder wasn’t the typical home invaider. The victims knew him. Its possible the shooters wife had been intimate with the dead guy? Given the fact that its possible the shooters wife possibly had been intimate with the dead guy. Any prosecueter would be negelent if he didn’t charge the shooter. That’s what we have courts & jurys for to sort things out when its not cut and dried.

      • Barefoot in MN

        “This apparently was a love triangle? ”
        NO. The fact that the intruder knew the wife does NOT necessarily mean the wife was in his pants with him. Read the story carefully, please.

        I have been “misunderstood” by three males in my 50+ years on this planet. Each time I was merely making polite conversation, NOTHING MORE. But each doofus misunderstood me to be hitting on them! One of them was so deaf to my rejections, I had to point him out to my husband (in hearing of the doofus) before he would get off my back! Now I am usually “stand-offish” to most males, unfortunately, because I don’t like being misunderstood & having to take steps to alienate what could have been a friend. GEEEZ ! It saddens me to think of all the good men I am probably lumping in with the doofuses, who do not deserve to be in that category. 🙁

        There are plenty of males in the world who think all women are hot for their (insert male reproductive organ here)… simply due to the said male being full of himself, & NOT due to any female being hot for said male. Honest to Pete — & maybe the 2 a.m. intruder was high on something too. That will warp almost anyone’s sense of humility/reality.

        “Intimate”???? not all male-female interactions are made for the sole purpose of physical intimacy. Some are merely asking for directions, buying a part for the car, checking out a library book etc !!!

        (insert disgusted sigh here ) & thanks for listening.

    106. Henry

      Sucks to live in Maryland, eh?

      SHTF is all about advance planning, right? Not to rank on this particular victim, but this goes to show how other gun owners still living behind some progressive assholes’ Iron Curtain need to think long and hard about exactly why they are still there, and exactly what the risks are.

      This could happen to you.

    107. European American

      Honey, call 9-1-1, there’s a SWAT team busting in the door!

    108. Gil

      I wonder if that should read “better to be raped and/or bashed by 12 inmates in prison while doing a long stint in prison because you shot someone dead and the judge and jury disagreed that deadly force was justified than to be carried 6 pallbearers?”

    109. Pissed Off Granny


      On a post higher up someone said that some people just need to be killed. You certainly fit the bill.

      Either you are married to an insane person or you are lying about having a wife. No one, I repeat, no one would put up with that bullshit.

      So,troll, move on and don’t bother us with your feces anymore.

    110. Ginger

      The way I see it. The assailant, Kendall Green showed ‘bizarre behavior’ by not calling 911 but instead insisted on committing suicide by strangers gun in strangers home. R.I.P. Mr. Green.

    111. j Stuart

      In Maryland the racial component is not mentioned but it appears the wonderful Mr. Green was actually Mr. Black while the shooter is Mr. White. Both of these elements might explain why the white guy is charged and why the black guy actually thought it was okay to kick in a door of someones home.

    112. lonelonemum


      I can only compare your conduct to that of my own late father – who was a protector, provider and worthy of his wife and children’s respect, love and affection. Long after his death we all try and aspire to his example in our daily conduct towards others.

      Your behavior will eventually mess up your children’s heads. All kids have the god given right to be raised in a kind, loving environment & that starts by leading by example. You sir are NO leader, merely an kidult.

      It might be worth checking whether those young, cheap hotties are in fact as willing as you think, or whether you are unwittingly the ever growing slave trade. I think the PC word for it is “human trafficking”. Either way, it is as evil and disgusting a trade as ever it was. Those girls are someone’s daughter’s or sisters, and simple humanity demands that we all respect them as such. I pray your own sons and daughters are not one day to be victims of such depravity.

      I agree with POG – noone in their right mind would tolerate such nonsense in their own home. What does the cat do while the mouse is away at play?

    113. Mr. T

      In reality if you want this kind of problem to stop you don’t focus on the criminal that broke in, you focus on the “Jerk Off” DA that is pressing charges. I think some well meaning patriotic citizens should pay him a visit, kick in his door and threaten his wife and or family. I wonder what his response would be? Someone needs to threaten the DA and make it clear that he needs to back off. I’m aware of the legalities here, and I simply don’t care…these little pricks that hold office serve us…not the other way around and it’s high time that they get the message. This SGT did the right thing; the same thing any of us would have done for our families…why should his life be ruined. This DA is a Liberal prick trying to make a name for himself and he thinks he’s safe behind his title….someone needs to make him feel the fear!

    114. Robert

      `Here’s another Nifong prosecutor just like Angela Corey, the corrupt prosecutor who brought murder charges against Zimmerman in a butt-kissing move designed to stop the black mobs from rioting, even though a thorough investigation and the evidence justified the shooting.

      Only Nifong was disbarred and berated and it’s a shame these other corrupt prosecutorial punks like this one get a pass for their criminal behavior.

      This brainless political hack needs a bit of urging to pack up and get out before he’s made to understand his radical leftist politics are in and of themselves a crime for which he should pay for.

      I would advise him to refrain from criminal conduct, because one of these days that knock on his door won’t be a neighbor wanting to discuss the weather.

      • Big Iron

        The corruption in the court system is unbelievable and directed against those who can least defend themselves. The courts are just parasites living off of human misery. This I have observed personally while a being a witness to the proceedings.

    115. doc

      a little lady friend got her door kicked in just as she had finished some yard work so he got confronted by a little hellcat with long handles branch loppers- ha- nip it in the bud andy! – he backed out sayin- sorry wrong yeah, whatever’s at hand –
      i’m in the middle of wild west city, home invasions and whatnot all the while-
      got an alert dog, there’s weapons around, i dont fret myself much .
      being sorta old i do watch my step out in the park or going over to the store ,
      but again, the prepared aint scared , and i sure dont look to cops to help me whatsoever.
      one even gave me the pat down / chat down not 200 yards from my home last year-
      pissed me off quite a bit. ” just doin his job”

    116. Jean

      It’s time to start not only a registry of these offenders, but to make sure it’s well-publicized in the newspapers.

      We should see it in the Obituaries.
      List to grow daily.
      Collateral damage OK.

      We are under assault 24/7. Time to stop pretending this is a civilized discussion, we’re already spitting out teeth and blind in one eye.

      When will we wake up?
      How bad will that wakeup (some say “reset”) actually be?
      And why do we keep waiting, acting as if it will get better? It’s never going to get easier – only worse.

      We either defend ourselves, using the enemy’s tactics – or we lose before we even start.

    117. jimbow

      What ever happened to suit for false prosecution? Too bad the judge will not have a pair and tell the District Attorney that he/she will not bring a case like this in front of him again, and that the next time he will apply for the District Attorney being dis-bared.

    118. The Breeze

      Is it a trick question?

    119. jerry walters

      I am not buying it … this was his wife’s boyfriend coming to get his lady. He lost the battle but we will all find out that the dead guy had been calling the wife throughout the evening, she was telling him she just could not get away, etc., etc. Just wait — still may be a justified homicide but just wait for the real facts to come out.

    120. Spittin

      Some of you should maybe read the whole story on this incident. The wife had been having some sort of relationship with the intruder while her husband was away on assignment in Korea. He came home unexpectedly and found them together in their home. They obviously had met at this point and words were exchanged. So there is a little more to the story, at least in some of the articles that I read.
      However, that is not to say that he should not have shot the intruder. It merely means that there is more to the story and on that basis perhaps there is something more involved than what appears to be the motive of self defense.

    121. AnonamousDude

      My wife’s step-mom had a guy that she thought was just her friend. When she realized that the guy wanted to be more than friends, she ended the relationship. Then within that week, he showed up and killed her in front of everyone at her work. The husband did the right thing.

    122. scott

      A bag of lime, a sheet of plastic and a slow drive across state lines. No phone call needed.

    123. freewill2

      authoritarian government, change the players or get used to it.

    124. CB

      In my family if some one kicked down the door not only would father and mother both grab a pistol but each of us kids have some type of weapon in our rooms I have slingshot, katana, bat, throwing knives, bowie knives, crossbow, and a fighting staff that I have practiced with for years. My other siblings have slingshots and BB guns. If some one kicked in our door they would either leave immediately or in a body bag riddled with holes. I say he is innocent and should be applauded for removing one more predator from the world.

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