Shocking Slap In The Face: Hillary Clinton JUST HIRED Wasserman Schultz As Campaign Chair!

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Headline News | 109 comments

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    You really can’t make this stuff up.

    In a shocking slap in the face to Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has reportedly hired disgraced DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    Wasserman Schultz, whose leaked emails showed that the Democratic National Committee worked to scuttle the Sanders campaign while ensuring a Clinton primary victory, will now serve as “Honorary Chair” for the national Hillary Presidential campaign.

    Here is the full text of the Clinton Campaign’s statement:

    “I want to thank my longtime friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her leadership of the Democratic National Committee over the past five years. I am grateful to Debbie for getting the Democratic Party to this year’s historic convention in Philadelphia, and I know that this week’s events will be a success thanks to her hard work and leadership. There’s simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie–which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states. I look forward to campaigning with Debbie in Florida and helping her in her re-election bid–because as President, I will need fighters like Debbie in Congress who are ready on day one to get to work for the American people.”


    Hillary just gave anti-establishment Sanders supporters the middle finger.

    Also See: Wasserman Schultz gets booed by Democrats on the opening day of their convention


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      1. “You really can’t make this stuff up.”
        You said it, Mac.
        Hope it backfires on her righteously.

        • Downer deb better watch her shít. Helldawg keeps her enemies close

          • Who says “Crime doesn’t pay?”

            DWS Has committed FRAUD against Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Crimes have consequences and this Lying Bitch should be indicted.

            The DAMAGES in a class action civil suit by Bernie’s supporters against DWS, and the DNC that she chaired could be in the tens of millions of dollars !!!

            LOCK HER UP !!! 🙂

            • All wishful thinking but it’s not going to happen. There is no “Justice” in “Just-Us”. That’s where we are in the timeline of this aging Empire that’s in terminal decline.

                • 2 and a half minutes was all I could watch. I suppose I could have muted it but that song (music) was as bad as it gets. Hope those guys have day jobs.

                  • yeah, that band Black Sabbath will never catch on…


            • The justice system and DOJ are fully under control of Obama. I wonder how far a law suit would go.

              Kaine and Unable 2016

            • Good point, DK, but as you know, the fraud Clintons will NEVER EVER pay for any of their crimes – rapes, illegal cattle futures trades, selling national trade secrets from Los Alamos, Vince Foster flying into Ft. Marcy Park AFTER he was dead, Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater, illegal email servers, killing 4 people in Benghazi.

              She is, in and of herself, the prime exemplar of the dissoution of a nation the used to be under law, but is now just under cronies. Disgusting.

            • What are the odds Hillary moves to Canada in January of next year??

            • this is an example of how supporting the crooks will be immediately rewarded if you’re ever “found out”. Nobodys going to prosecute these people. That’s a fact, get used to it.

              Hitlery will be sElected in November, we’re fukced, and frankly for all the internet bravado, there isn’t a damn thing we can do.

          • Why does Hillary want your guns? Wolves don’t want armed sheep.
            Makes it more difficult for the wolf to slaughter the sheep.
            In reality small arms are not particularly a big player in modern warfare.
            However Criminal Hillary still want you unarmed for convenience. Then they slaughter.

            UN -Foreign-DHS-troops and illegals are their Army. That is why Obummer wants immigration. That is why he has purged the US military.

            Communist kill people. Genocide is a tool communist ALWAYS use.
            The NWO-Agenda 21-UN version of banker controlled communism is the same.
            Extermination camps will be a reality under boot of UN-NWO.

            We have a pack of wolves deciding who is for dinner….YOU and your children.
            They want “Population Reduction”. They want to start a WAR to achieve that.

            Their Plans for You:

            Buy Bullets. Buy Food. Buy more bullets. Have multiple fall back positions well stocked. Hillary elected will result in 1776 to reclaim Liberty STOLEN.

            These banker controlled UN-NWO people are seriously EVIL.

            • A sheepdog with small arms and guerilla warfare can kill alot of wolves.

      2. Most the people I know don’t vote.
        I’d like to see grazing fire at the
        voting places for those that do. I
        vote absentee, as I can’t stand to be
        in a room with that
        many Democrats.

        • relik, Quit wasting your time and move to the mainland. Property is cheap and your chances are 1000% better. Get off that island Gilligan your just in a fools paradise. What ya gonna do get a bugout boat? Think about it deeply, am I right?

          • OK so I had some drinky poo’s but I never lie and I want to say to you all “LEARN TO SAY THE WORD NO!” I MEAN NOT JUST NO BUT FUCK NO! Teach your kids the same! Fuck the govt. and theyre shit rules etc. be a man and do your thing.
            Oh but I might get in trouble (shake shake) grow a fuckin pair and do what you want to do because in the end you will be better off for it. “oh but I need a building permit” Fuck them let them catch you if they can. I have built a lot of shit without permission from the masters and still do. Wanna come out in the sticks and have a look? One less TV dinner to serve that night mfer. Quit being a bunch of pussies and cowing down to these freaks, anyone can find out where they live and ummm you know. Do you understand that govt. workers are not even americans? They are slaves to the beast. Oh but it pays well…. So asshole sell out your freedom, your country, your people for a bowl of stew? Fuck you! I will fuck you up if you fuck with me assholes. I absolutely hate all govt. workers they are parasites and brainwashed idiots! Play into the system for a sandwich because they cannot think for themselves and mindlessly perpetuate the antifreedom agenda. Rule over me? Steal the fruit of my labor? Give my wealth away to yourselves and whoever you deem? Threaten me with complete destruction if I don’t agree? Imprison me because I call you out? Fuck it, I’m to old for bullshit, the time is short and so is yours ……..

            • Good Job Genius. And Everybody STOP getting sucked into this BS Propaganda by the ZOG. Another Witness comes forward and says the Holocaust was a Friggin HOAX. 6 Million Jews did NOT die in Nazi Concentration Camps, Its all a BIG Lie.

              Article: Germany: Since 1945 a Vassal State to Israel

              An 87-year-old lady of high intelligence and spotless reputation, Frau Ursula Haverbeck of Vlotho, Germany, has recently been sentenced to 10 months in prison for speaking out against incessant German-bashing. What did she say? Demanding proof about alleged atrocities in Auschwitz, as so repeatedly and vociferously claimed. She says no such proof can be found.

              Sheer heresy!

              Specifically, Ms. Haverbeck insists that Auschwitz was a work camp, not a death camp. That’s good news – isn’t it? She agreed that there were casualties – as there will be in any war – but no deaths due to gassings. There never was a Führer plan to kill the Jews of Europe in government-sponsored, industrial-type fashion.

              She said all this, and more, on an hour-long national television show called Panorama, similar to America’s Sixty Minutes.

              Frau Haverbeck (right) is certainly no skinhead. She comes across as poised, articulate, and very well-informed. For her heretical assertions, she is expected to be incarcerated for almost an entire year. For her principled stand on behalf of historical truth, she earned herself the leftist slur “Nazi-Oma,” repeated with palpable relish on just about every European network and print syndication.

              Off with her head!

              As Ian Greenlaugh, a VT colleague of mine, noted this morning:

              What sort of nation throws 87-year-old women into jail for speaking the truth? Certainly not one that can consider itself to be a functioning free and fair democracy.

              A “free and fair democracy?” Well, that’s exactly what Germany is not . We’re talking faux “democracy.” The Bundesrepublik, as a truncated post-war Germany has been rechristened, is still a vassal state, a fossil of a war lost by the German military more than seven decades ago, as we are never allowed to forget.

              Here’s what’s not widely understood. Germany is an Allied -occupied colony and has been for more than 70+ years, despite a threadbare democratic façade. A conqueror’s ceasefire was declared in 1945 when the military arm of the Third Reich surrendered. A pro forma ceasefire came into effect on the 8th of May 1945 as part of the military alliance called NATO. But there was never a peace treaty. Ever.

              A genuine peace treaty was never allowed to be born.

              It is my firm contention that World War II didn’t end. In Germany, there is a bitter saying that the Bundesrepublik has been installed “… to keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down.” That folkish wisdom fits the situation.

              In 1998 in an interview taped five years before Ernst Zundel was politically kidnapped in broad daylight on American soil, he explained to an Israeli reporter exactly what this means:

              See Link for Video:

              The German “war crimes” trials and now their modern version, “hate crimes” trials, are a farce. They are the bull horns of a military occupation that likes to dress itself in democratic finery but is, in fact, an autocratic instrument enforcing a false history. The simple truth is that the German Reich was not obliterated when the German Wehrmacht surrendered. It was kept feeble on purpose by the victorious Allies so it could be ruled by a malicious cabal that took over as a provisional government whose function to this day is to ensure endless “reparation” for a “crime” forensic science disproved decades ago!

              The Bundesrepublik – it’s acronym is BRD – was meant to be a temporary measure, but you know what happens when unwelcome guests invade your house, rob you of your property title, dig in their heels and stay put. If they have the power that you no longer have, you’re stuck with unwelcome intruders that write the rules for you!

              The Bundesrepublik was never meant to last. It was put in its place because there was a vacuum – until such time as the ill-fated Germans, held to be pathologically addicted to authoritarian rule of grandiose design, were sufficiently “matured politically” to vote themselves a government more suitable to Allied tastes. This, sadly, never happened. From the Allies’ point of view, the occupation was a noble interim – on paper. Until desirable maturity in the German populace had taken root, the powers-that-be would rule the besieged, bloodied, starving, decimated Germans for their own good in their own ruins, and “re-educate” them thoroughly for as long as it took until they came to their senses.

              Ceasefire, yes – but no peace treaty.

              That ceasefire exists to this day. That means any minute new guns could start firing again!

              The pity is that the Germans were never told of this provisional arrangement that would have given them their freedom as soon as they showed proper remorse and paid enough restitution for crimes alleged to have happened. The facts of the matter were quietly swept under the rug.

              Thus was created a bottomless pit. A thoroughly “re-educated” German can never show enough remorse. Not as long as there is still a nickel to be filched or a submarine to be delivered as a gesture of “good will” to the State of Israel.

              Today, most Germans fancy themselves to be benevolently ruled by a smug entity dressed up in democratic finery that still remains, in fact and law, a provisional administration kept carefully controlled. It still serves an alien agenda.

              What alien agenda, you ask? The New World Order, waiting in the wings, that’s what.



              WWTI… Read the entire article: ht tp://

            • ” but I never lie ”


              • nunya, genius isn’t a liar.

              • nunya, Fuck off punk, I have proven myself…. have you you little faggot?

            • Genius, BRAVO! I’m the same way.

              • WWTI: Outstanding Info Post! And EVERYONE here that has not as yet read and seen videos on that Ernest Zundel travesty, where he was Kidnapped by Feds in, was it Tenn state? First, then taken still kidnapped by feds and israeli mossad to Canada for his “trial” on Hate speech, for speaking truth and ON usa soil! Then Re-tried in Israel where Zundel again Won! and Finally taken, still Kidnapped to Germany to finally get convicted and sent to prison for 10 to 15 yrs! released shortly before he died at age of almost Ninety yrs old! Zundels Wife maintains her own website deals with all he dealt with due to those scamming jews…Zundels Only “crime”? he Dared write a Book filled with documented proof evidence and own facts based opinions that the holohoax was indeed 98% hoax and maybe 2% truth…Last I heard 1st amendt protects such stuff no? Unless Mossad and FBI take orders from eile weazel and his rabbi pals.

                Canadas entire court system was turned in to a laughing stock swindle scam worse than usa fed ct’s are!

                Nothing canadas court could do to get any Sane persons to convict nor believe charges against zundel…Canadas judges even refused to allow zundels lawyer to present Evidence, solid proof, documented proofs, and a ton of Top witness’s that even included folks like, if I recall correct, that big liberal lefty Law professor that most today call usa’a Top leagle mind..He is also a jewish professor and was forced to admit zundle is correct!

                This has been an ongoing travesty for many Thousands of folks and Most were never even any type nazi or SS etc.

                Thank mainly Elie Da Weazel, recently deceased couple weeks ago, and elies Rabid Lust for fame and Big Big $$$$ fortunes earned Via a host of scam lie books about, wait for it! Based on their entire set of massive holohoaxes!

                He more than ANY other jewish person has turned the real actual events of holacaust, into a Holohoax Industry for more cash payments that are designed to never ever end period.

                Right Now as I type and for past several months, perhaps a full year now, Two More rabid leftist jewish female professors has come fwd with their latest scam version..

                They are trying to convince general global public that due to, jewish folks and Only jews are born with “Memory Genes”! which they claim means that Only a jew born with said memory genes and genes From another already dead jew! are haveing valid nightmares of life inside aushwitz camp and even vivid past memories of being Gassed!

                but Then they awaken! and act all normal once more…This is BY design another industrial size hoax scam by design in order to convince worlds peoples tghat once these Very Old holohax “survivors” die off and Lose that $1000 per month payout from germany, these two women claim that the Newset generation of small jewish kids, aged 3-4-5 yrs old Now should get continued hoax payments as “survivors” based on their dreams of torment and gassing deaths etc etc..

                Memory Genes from Long ago dead jews! That Now live On in a small kid, but ONLY if a jewish kid! As Only They contain such “self chozen special genes”!

                These global wrecker loons have really gone too far. And such fantasy leftist crap as special memory genes but only for their tribe, proves they need a huge bitch slap and be totally cut OFF fron every stolen, bribed, swindled cent period.

                That goes Doubly so for all that loot usa taxpayers fund to israel and 300+ pro jewry orgs in usa, and all that free loot going to israel yearly.

                Meanwhile every road and bridge and infrastructure within america keeps getting worse and falls apart at proverbial seams.

                When will the biggest fooled class of usa folk awaken finally so to halt such crap eh? That being 60 million braindead envangelicals that has so bought into this holyhoax swindle scam full bore.

                Hold their feet to fire and Demand valid answer as to why are we not seeing what they claim is a promiced great national blessings as long as america worships jewry?

                Does todays usa look Blessed you foolish loons?

                Everybody here OWES it to self to research Ernest Zundles “crime of the century” againsg him and done by “chozen peoples”…With alot of Help by usa fed govnt shabozz goy agents too.

                research them other aprox several Thousands in Prison across EU nations Today Now and all in jail for they Dared to question that Sacred six million phony claim number! Many of their Defense lawyers also went to prison for dared to enter into evidence Proof soild in respect to their Falsly charged clients…They got jail also for doing the very Job court appointed lawyer to do!

                And Americas Next up for same form “Hate speech laws” that jewry Uses blacks and other minorities for, to get passed into fed law so then its jews whom benifit Most as worlds smallest minority bunch.

                None of such agendas could ever remain reality unless a full Third of idiot white usa folks keep treating jewry as some type hero chozens. Then they have nerve to call selves a christian too?!! What a huge Joke their mind is.

                NO such special class of any type can exist within Christ centrered Christianity period. Its written so, look that up fools. Start with John 8:44 then get back to us okay.

                • TG, don’t count on the troglodites looking up shit lol. The mind control is set……

      3. Donald Trump will have to really mess up big time to lose this election…but, I’d bet good money that he will. The powers that be will see to that.

        • The same bribed, crooked, sold-out politicians who are going after Trump now sat quietly and allowed the Kenyan in The People’s White House to do everything he wanted.

          Donald Trump is not the best debater, not a smooth talking politician with all the politically correct pat phrases, and not part of the old establishment cronies, but he is a True American Patriot.

          A President who can’t be bought and manipulated is the corrupt establishment’s biggest fear. And when the illegals are protesting your candidate, you know he’s the right guy for the job.

          • ” When the ILLEGALS are protesting your candidate; you know he’s the right guy for the job. ” OUTSTANDING Point.

          • Sarge,
            I agree, I just hope Trump CAN pull off being elected against the Hillary rigging processes and IF he does they will be after him constantly, AND IF they don not go after him then we know we have been screwed over again, as the NWO are NOT stupid and have plan A-B-C etc. etc. All we can do is hope for the best and be as prepped for the worst that we can be!!un-known to most “i like it that way” we bought and have been living in our BOL for 12 years, and are as prepped as we can be, including spring fed water sources, etc. etc. there a few minor drawbacks BUT no-place is perfect. for the most part as good as it gets. I hope you have or are finding a great location for your BOL as well.

            • Apache, The so-called illumined ones/NWO have their little finite plans, but thank God they’re not God! God still has a Destiny for America, tho we need to be prepared to go down a very tough road for a time in order to get back on track.
              As far as being prepared, I think the main concern for everyone, besides shelter from the elements, is going to be water. The infrastructure will no doubt be compromised, water flow could stop or be sabotaged. Even independent sources could become impure with the effects of radiation, chemicals, who knows what. Have a filter just to be on the safe side.
              Stay ready, keep alert, and be safe all, as we transition BACK to our Republic!

      4. She got found out! …and now the payoff.

        She was an insider pushed in to do Server Wipe’s bidding and throw the primaries. She did it and now her master will reward her!

        So crooked.

        What are you going to doing, Sanders supporters? They did it to Donald Trump be he overwhelmed them.

        Team with us. We’ll have disagreements and arguments, but, we will listen. Donald Trump is for what works.

      5. Birds, who have black soot and tar on their feathers, stick sickly together!!!

      6. To see Hillary choose a confirmed lying piece of crap says volumes.

        Like a dog returning to her vomit. Hillary loves to hang with other criminals.

      7. I guess that dummie debbie has “the goods” on shillary and threatened to tell all (but will that lead to debbie having a clintonesque “mysterious accident”?)

        • Downer Deb better not use a nail gun this week. Danger danger

      8. “Fůck you hillary” –


        hillary is a national security threat. She has a snuke in her snizz

      9. Too much attention on hilldawg at the moment. Huge false flag bombing imminent. Get out of large cities or crowds now

      10. I think the bernie followers are gonna shit all over hillary dem convention

        • That would be great man. Rivers of runny shít running everywhere would definitely enhance the atmosphere when hilldawg gets the nomination

          actually the more I think about it the more I think she wont even be able to accept the nomination. She cant talk for more than about 4 minutes or she starts coughing. Hell she had a seizure on camera yesterday. Donald Trump spoke for 76 min and could have spoke for 76 more. Hilldawg has 10 minutes maybe. Then think about trump v clinton debates. Tptb cant let that happen! Trump would bring up some mighty tough subjects for ol rod ham and they will not let that happen. I promise you they wont let it happen.

          If I were a betting man I would bet my meager FRNs on massive false flag nuke in an american city courtesy of shítdawg rod ham

          fúckin traitor

        • you know they just might do that…

      11. This will cost Hillary thousands of votes from Berners.

        Wait for more email releases, they’re going to be carefully timed over the next 3 months for maximum effect. The week before Election Day is going to be ‘bigly’, as Trump might say, that’s when the really good stuff is going to come out.

        Hillary might not even carry New York or California if things are done properly and the third parties pick up enough steam.

      12. I like it ! Hillary has no fear that she wont win and she showing it !

        I am not so sure Bill and monica Lewinsky had oral sex in the oval office, it’s pretty clear Hillary is the one in the family with the organ.

        If you thought living under Obama was fun, just wait until Hillary is at the controls !

        • Bill used a cigar to violate Miss Lewinsky.

      13. The Bernie Brigade will vote for Hillary in the final count. Another question is how many more debates and rallies can Hillary Handle. The constant release of new e-mails will take a toll on her and keep her off balance.

        I would love to see her freak out so bad they cart her off stage.

        • She is not well.

      14. Dems promised they will come for the guns.

        Foolish choice

        • CC

          The Doctor said they are going to die.

          • We are all going to die. Just a matter of who deserves it first. Just live like you are going to die in a year and you will be happy. Git er Done and have yer fun! And tell yer loved ones how much you love them 😉

            • Genius

              You may be right if things fly off the handle.
              I’m ready so WTF.

      15. I get the feeling that for Hillary it is All or Nothing for the Presidency. Her last shot and she might die soon after the election if she fails.

        I also feel this is payback on a large scale to even to include those in her wrath, that have supported her road to the White House.

        Her underlying statement is, “I will show you”.

      16. Being a senior citizen has its benefits. I recall serving in the military during the Reagan years. Didn’t think much about it then. No, he wasn’t perfect. But head and shoulders above Anything we have now.
        Back then the soviets were our enemies. Now, our own federal government is.

        • And that federal govt. consists of? Oh ya your friends and kids and other bootlicking sadist retards that are like who? Oh ya the military and cops! Well now with that said who is your enemy? The asswipe in a suit or your asswipe yes men that actually ARE RESPONSIBLE for carrying out the fat mans wishes? You cannot escape your actions by saying I was just doing what I was told. YOU ARE responsible for YOUR actions! Makes ya kinda proud huh………..

          • Genius. Perhaps a name change for you. Less than genius.

            • How’s that Jimmy? Refute me? Go ahead I’m listening….

              Look little boy, I know you can’t but go ahead and try.
              I have buried men way smarter than you in the dirt. I see you are one of those with nothing to say except some BS crap you parrot. I’m all ears dude…….

              • Ok, you are caustic in speach.

                • Damn man thats a good one lol. I suppose your going to bag on me for spelling and punctuation too? Like I said, you did not refute me and are butthurt that you can’t so give it a rest and take a nap. Don’t cause trouble with someone who will beat your ass in an arguement/debate. Save what little bit you have and don’t throw it out the window by making me make a fool of you. I am not a genius but pretty close and I haven’t wasted my brain with trivial shit like most do but used it to learn useful things and fun things. Ahhhh but you hate me for my moniker, sorry man, but in comparison to you, I am a genius lol.

                  • You find it easy to attack and destroy people. It’s a comfort food, mentally.

                    • I find it easy to call people like you out. I speak only the truth. Please quote what ever I said that isn’t true and refute it. It’s not comfort food it’s reality. Now come back with something intelligent please….

                    • Well Jimmy, you couldn’t say shit if you had a mouthfull. I hope you learn to think for yourself seriously and learn to investigate things closer. Since you are even here shows you have interest but you may want to learn how to research things a bit more. I am willing to help anyone who really wants to learn and also share my knowledge. I also want new knowledge from the people here. That is the beauty of this place, it is a knowledge campground. I love truth and I always want truth no matter how bad it may be. Learn to love truth and you will bne free…..

                    • Pay no attention to the rantings of the resident drunkard. He likes to piss on your back and believes “in his own alcohol soaked mind” that he’s clever enough to convince you it’s raining.

                    • Jimbo
                      You were the attack dog. Step up to the plate.

                    • He never will Reb, he’s a dumb assed punk with nothing to say . Aren;t you? Well put on ypour big boy pants and say something smart ok lol.

          • The Federal Government consists of the House, the Senate, the Executive branch and the Supreme court. The military is an extension of the government. Cops are cops.. local, county and state. In replying to this I had to read your post a few times and just ended up confused. Do you have a drinking/chemical addiction that you are battling? There is an 800 number!!! I’m just asking because normally you have coherent posts.

            All Jimbo was pointing out was that our current Federal government is out of control. That’s a no-brainer. Even for a genius… LOL

            • Stephen, I hope you do realize that the military serves the fed reserve j##ws. I do like my drinks but it does not impare my thinking/ideas. In fact I do most of my best plans while drinking. My posts should be pretty coherant unless I am really fooked up. Did you know that most geniuses are alcoholics?
              I have a theory why that is. You see, when a person of above average intelligence has been surrounded by average and lower intelligence it drives them nuts because they cannot understand why the surrounding people are so stupid. When in fact the surrounding people are average which only seem stupid to those with high intellect. Take for instance the elite rulers, High intellect and look at the masses as cattle. I could go on and on about how humans are cattle but to long to post here. All it takes is some thought on why things happen, who makes it happen, what is the results. In other words the hegelian dialect. In fact I agree with some of they’re shit believe it or not. I am a realist and truth seeker, look up my older posts. Ask away my friend because I have a shitload of theories 🙂

              • Thats It!

                now I know why I cant stand most people.. its because they are idiots

                and I’m not being jerk saying this .. what Genius says is true
                and it explains a lot about why I’m such a misanthrope.. I have been tested and shown to have a high IQ and ability to think on my feet and be a critical thinker since I was a child

                I also agree with him 100% on the servitude of our men and women in the gestapos military, hey it sucks to be duped and never wake up to it .. I get that .. it also sucks to wake up to it, and not own it and try to change it for the better

                sometimes I cant even read the stupidity on the internet or talk to the average person .. my brain starts aching and their mouth sounds like Bla Bla Bla

                I’m not so sure of the alcoholic thing .. I’m as sober as a Nun all the time , flat out don’t drink..but there are some days when I wish I did

      17. I’m Not saying it’s the J*ws, but it’s the J*ws.!

        • Noooooooooo 😮

          • Genius you’re new handle should be Pisshead.

            • Penius, because I will literally piss on your head lol. Is that the only thing you can say man? Thats some serious weak sauce! You really need to learn a few skills and learn about books before coming here idiot. Bring some truth and facts or just stay in yo mammas basement loser…

      18. All I have to look forward to is to listen to Bernie (Burning Down the House) Sanders give his speech at the DNC.

        Hey Hillary, how is your Damage Control working for ya.

        • I just watched it… I guess a Klinton gave him the options before his speech. He’s all in for.. Hillary!!!! I’ve Bernie supporters in the family that are saying he just pissed on everything they did for his campaign. Interesting times… 🙂

          • Killary, just told Bernie she would delay his Fatal Accident, if he would support Her!!

      19. Love this $hit! What stupid move..if this doesn’t kill her campaign,you know it’s all a sham.I think this election will be a blow out for Trump!If not get ready for war!
        Gonna get real interesting!F– the popcorn,bust out the jug,watch the show! Be well!
        Maniac –out

        • Maniac:

          My thoughts exactly.

      20. Like Goldmun Suchs? Vote Hitlery

        • Test
          short and true

      21. I got money that Waco Willy nails her the first week on the job…. hey there debaroo… wanna come up to the house and see my saxophone ? ? then Hillary will have to silence her

        • Enjoy the hard blowing bro… Then when it’s all over and you’re left feeling disgusted with yourself… Put your boots back on and kick her in the face. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      22. So far Bernie will further divide the people of this nation with his Bombastic diatribe.

        Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

      23. My grandmaw was fond of saying if ya give them enough rope. They will hang themselves. I think they got more than enough rope. This shit really delights me. That walking witch corpse actually believes her own lies!

      24. I noticed that both the blond beech senator and bernie sanders both stated they wanted to break apart big banks and wall street and how trump wants tax breaks for rich so dont be surprised that the stock market drops a large amount soon as to help trump get elected

        • The stock market is going to drop soon because it always drops after a climb.

      25. This political revolution will get ugly. Shluts is part of it. It like the catholic priests when the accusations of abuse start they move the priest to another church telling the congregation he retired. He still in the church. Shluts is going nowhere she is loyal to hillbeast and the demon party.

      26. Just been checking out the BARE NAKED ISLAM site.
        Top story was focused on the Democrats meeting and rightly asking the question “where are all the flags?”
        You know, the only flag being waved in the crowd was a shitty Palestinian rag!
        Second story at that site, White American school girls are being given a lesson on “subservience” by having their heads covered with the militant Islamic femonazi head garb, the hijab-WTF.

      27. These “election” conversations are about as ridiculous and useless
        as discussing or actually even caring one iota about who the next WWE champ will be or which sports team will win.


      29. I am reading that ISIS is still killing people in France. Black Lives Matter is on the back burner.
        Kaine wants to have amnesty for illegals in the first 100 days. Democrats have a bait and switch plan to take away our guns.

        The world moves on, I guess.

        • The irony is more white people have been killed in the past month by terrorists in Europe than any black people. Yet, blacks still run around shouting “Black lives matter” when it is white people that are getting killed. Eventually, that will not go down well. It will be like when you are on the subway train and a crazy black woman is always yelling and cussing people. For the first part of the trip, everyone gives her a wide berth. Then, as she keeps yelling and swearing, somebody says “Miss, can you keep quiet – there are children on the train.”

          Instead, the black woman gets louder and louder and more profane. Eventually, a crazy white woman with tattoos all over her arms walks over to the black woman and gets in her face: “Look, bitch, shut the f#ck up or I will call the police. And no, you do not intimidate me, b#tch, you want to go, we go.”

          “Black woman mumbles to herself “I’s be just wanting to get maself heard.”

          Whites are like the lazy dog you poke with a stick every day on the way to school. One day, you poke the dog too hard, and it jumps at you and bites your arm.

        • Unfortunately, the Soros-funded BLM thugs are still hard at ‘work’. Proof this is another of the globalist-supported efforts to instigate riots and chaos in their ultimate goal to take down nations for their planned NWO:
          Black Lives Matter Protesters Torch French Town

        • Unfortunately, Soros’ BLM thugs are still hard at ‘work’. Proof this is another of the globalist-supported efforts to instigate riots and chaos in their ultimate goal to take down nations for their planned NWO:
          Black Lives Matter Protesters Torch French Town

      30. Hilary: The Goldmun Suchs approved candidate. 100% approval rating from crooks, cronies and banksters. The PURRFECT candidate for the lemming left.

      31. That Debbie what’s her name creepy hag is another Florida criminal J*w tool. What is it with this state, all these repulsive J*w D.C. suckups, Jeb, Marco, this shit stain in the DNC, the Hildabeast’s *unt lapping whore, and the rest of what passes as representatives of the people in Florida. None of them have done a day of work in their lives, a herd of worthless political suckups. Call for the firing squad, it’s long overdue.

      32. A 83 year old priest in France has had his throat slit by a couple of disgusting Islamic pricks.
        Celebrating diversity… My fuckin’ ass – murderous cunts.

      33. As the clock ticks down we will be forming our opinions on the issues before us. Many of us have already made our decisions and will stick by them.

        What drives me almost insane is that the actions of others that can put Freedom and Safety in harms way.
        A total disregard by ignorance for the danger they will bestow willfully on their fellow citizens.

        And I tell you. I feel No Democrat deserves quarter should the country go under. Their constant assailment on my/our Constitutional Rights over the years is beyond rational comprehension and would serve them right if they were drag from their homes, interned in the camps by the same policing machine, created by their treasonous acts.

        • The Dems have yet to figure out that true Social Justice comes from a lamp post, not a court or government program. It’s immediate, effective, and administered directly by the people themselves.

          Keep on poking the sleeping Grizzly Bear, then suddenly it wakes up.

          • In the springtime they awaken with claws grown long. Aggressive with merciless hunger and something best avoided. But that is in the spring. We still have to fall and endure winter first. Then the bear. I have lived in grizz country long enough to know where to place my bet.

      34. Stop flashing that finger Hillary. I don’t enjoy imagining your dick. LOL

        • TheGuy
          That’s photoshop. It is the writer’s Feelings about Hillary and phony as a 3 dollar bill. But hey, lies only count if they are Hilllary’s lies.

      35. It becomes more an more obvious that criminals are what remains of this once great republic. They do not even pretend to have shame, it is about criminals protecting their own until the end. Yesterday I sang “Ding, dong one witch is gone; a more evil one comes next”. I hope enough good people remain to vote against this progressing evil.

      36. You weak ‘n’ feeble Americans. We British left you as caretakers “janitors” of our outer isle… You screwed up major and let a bloody nigger rule over you! Reap what you sow with another Clinton. There’s no helping you now.

        • Red Coat

          We kicked your ass back to England and bailed you out of two world wars. Say you not doing so good as I see it.

          Your empire is not as big as it was.

        • One huge difference Limey. We still have our guns, we are not prey for the muslims in America. Limey’s however gave up their guns a long time ago. You will be a suburb for the Arab world unless we bail you out again, in about 5-10 years.

      37. Smoke and mirrors everyone. This phoenix will rise from these ashes. Wait and see.

      38. Antidisestablishmentarianism doesn’t roll of the tongue as well as “Lock her up” does. Same disenfranchisement, different century, same oligarchy. Any case must involve a full audit of the Federal Reserve as a first start. One must know where they are at and how they got there before they can move properly in the right direction. Comey was right about Hillary, that she is just a small time unsophisticated thief. But compared to whom exactly is my question. We are just getting started folks.

      39. It was a slap in the face
        How quickly Bernie was replaced
        And are you thinking of him when you f*ck her?

        Paraphrased lyrics from yet another batshit crazy b*tch from the 90’s…

      40. Bernie people HATE D Shultz. This will certainly cost her votes. The Hillary people know this so why did they do it? I think they had to do it to keep her quiet. Nothing else makes sense. Unless they are just plain stupid and they are not, they are very cunning in every move they make.

      41. I think they are keeping DWS close, as in the old saying… keep your friends close and your enemies closer??? They do not want her depressed and maybe committing a real suicide anytime in the next few months. They are keeping an eye on her so that she doesn’t embarrass the campaign further. DWS would do well to go to Canada and get a “real” job and stay low key. They love a good liberal hypocrite up there.

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