Shocking: How Your Political System Works *Video*

by | Sep 30, 2010 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    D.C. lobbyist Jimmy Williams joins Dylan Ratigan to discuss what most of us already know – the political system is flawed and the current model of how our Congressional Representatives do business must be stopped:

    The great news is, is that everybody’s writing a check.

    It’s a bad system and it’s got to stop.

    You write those checks because that’s the price of playing politics in Washington today…This is a system that has to stop.

    Money is so invasive in every single thing that we do in this city.

    It really is amazing, though not surprising, that our so-called representatives, once they arrive in Washington, throw ethics, morals and even the fundamental principles of this nation out the window just to make a buck.

    There can be absolutely no postive and constructive change in this country until:

    1. We throw all incumbents out of Congress and reset the Legislature. This can be accomplished by either a) voting them all out district by district, or  b) forcing bills through Congress that will enact #2 below.
    2. Enact term limits on all federally elected representatives and appointed federal judges. While this may not be a perfect solution, it offers some level of insurance that no single individual will be in Congress (or the courts) long enough to adversely impact this country in the long-term. With the current system as it is, we end up with lifetime politicians, rather than representatives of the people, most of whom spend decades in their positions.
    3. Ethics violations are dealt with swiftly and severely. If you are arrested as a citizen for a criminal act from possession of marijuana or drunk driving to assault on another person, you’re crime is prosecuted in an open court, with all evidence being made publicly available. If you are guilty as charged, you pay the fines, go to prison, do the probation or serve whatever penalty the judge declares. The same should hold true for Congress. Since these are our law makers, they should, at the very least, be held to the same standards as the plebes that elect them.

    The current system is setup so that only deep pocketed individuals or corporations can make changes happen, and generally, those changes are to the detriment of the people. Money makes the system go ’round, which obviously leads to corruption and a culture of favoritism. Unless this is eliminated, we can expect that no meaningful change will happen in America until the entire system comes crumbling down.

    It is important that individuals like Mr. Jimmy Williams discuss their lobbying experiences on news outlets, and we commend him for his efforts. But the only real solution to these problems are the ones that will leave Mr. Williams and those in similar lines of work unemployed.

    Watch the video:


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      1. this place is too far down the toilet for any peaceful correction to work.

        good luck……………

      2. My thoughts:  The problems in the District of Criminals is it is all being controlled by the big money people.  If you are a working taxpayer, you are marked as a target by politicians, and that includes both parties, to be taxed to death.  Because the poor can’t pay taxes & the richest won’t pay taxes, so we working tax payers are doomed.  And the system will not be changed by either party.  The best thing is gridlock, cause as long as nothing gets done, no more is being put on us.

      3. Don’t call that MY political system.  It is the corporate Political System and has nothing to do with the constitutions or the People of the states.

        It doesn’t represent, protect, or serve any interest of mine.

      4. Washington is the seedy rotting core of this once proud republic (yes they are lying when they tell you it is a democracy).  Vote them out again and again, corruption rules our federal government, and people like Pelosi are the best gangsters.

      5. All elected officials should only make the average income of the people they represent or a set max amount, whichever comes first.
        So if your average income for a state is $30,000/yr, that’s what you make. If most of the people you represent have no insurance, guess what, no insurance for you, unless you pay for it yourself.
        Any elected official that misses or abstains from a vote on a bill, law, whatever, gets a pass the first time. The second time they loose one month income. The third time, they are charged with treason against the people they represent, with any penalties that apply for treason.

      6. Ha! Just fooling. If you thought this was your government, you would be wrong. This is a for-profit (or for-power) corporation that has fooled you into thinking this is your government, but, it is not. Check out the site

        The fact is, its all on paper. See the above site for references. Whats more, you have contracted with this corporation as a pauper/vagabond/vagrant with your social security number. Oh, you didn’t really know it but when you signed your social security card and various other documents, you declared yourself to be in bondage to this giant corporation and you pledged all of your property to it, even your body. You don’t even own you, much less anything you think you own. Your land, your car, your children. None of them are yours. Oh, I know, you think they are, but if they were really *YOURS* how could the corporation, er, uh, I mean, the government take them away when you don’t do as it says? The fact is you have no constitutional rights. They are suspended for anyone that has declared themselves poor and in the care of the United States of America, Inc.

        The fact is, you having a social security number means you get to use stuff but you don’t really own it. You have title to it, not ownership.

        The United States Federal Corporation was renamed The United States of America in the 1930s. Its all documented and codified. Essentially, the government we have is a pirate government. It has invaded the original government and put it to sleep. It is not a republic, it is a corporate democracy. They say its a democracy because when they speak of “our country” they speak of the corporation, not of the dormant republic which has been usurped.

        Unlawful, immoral, dishonest and deceitful. Few things scream for a horrible painful death to restore moral balance than this corporation we think is our government. While I’ll never initiate any kind of violence, I will certainly do my part to spread the word. The evil pit of vipers that have stolen our republic must be tossed out. Electing new, better ones people to populate and operate the beast will not kill it. If anything, it prolongs it, giving it fresh life. The best we can hope for is full collapse. I know it sounds crazy, but, worse is better. When I hear the stock market fall. When I hear the job loss up, in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “Yee! Haa! Here we go!”

        I know it will be hard and I know a lot of people will, unfortunately, die, but, it has to be. Freedom has been stolen and it will trample a lot of people when it returns.

        I have voted in every single primary and election, minor and major since I was 18. Embarrassingly, I admit to helping electy Jimmy Carter. I am very near stopping my voting completely. To help repopulate the beast with fresh meat is simply to prolong its life. It must die and it must do it fast. Gods Creation knows this. A few other, less vocal readers, know this.

        Do your parts. Spread the word. Arm yourselves. TEOTWAWKI is coming but that’s not a bad thing.

        The “core” of the republic is still intact. The 3% remain. They are here and they will be here when the appropriate time comes, ready to make the move once the rats have left the ship.

        Even the flag has been manipulated so that this crooked corporation can do this all within the lawful boundaries of international law. All flags are 1×1.5. Were they to be the true stars and strips, Old Glory, they would be 1×1.9. Fact, not conspiracy. The 1×1.5 flags are war flags. We are at war with this corporation. We are under pseudo-martial law. The international law of the flag demands it. If you have a flag pole, fly old glory. Find what they call a G-Spec flag. Buy it. Fly it. Under that flag, you own your land if you paid for it. Under that flag you have constitutional rights. Under the war flag, you do not. Nor do you have constitutional rights under the Admiralty or UCC flag: the flag with gold fringe. …and you thought that was a constitutional court room you were walking into, huh? (As a side note: Does 0bama maybe know something with his crotch salute? We should thumb our noses at that war flag. It makes enslaving and controlling us legal!)

        Check out:


        Everything has been manipulated and messed with. Nothing is as it seems. It is very much like the matrix. Will you take the blue pill or the red pill? Will you wake up and fight the beast or will you go back to sleep and claim it was a bad dream?

      7. Gods Creation, you would make a great leader, right up there with  Shiklegruber.
        “It doesn’t represent,protect or serve any interest of mine”

      8. We may be too far down the tubes…but I hope not.  We have never had a push from the people like we have now to get things “corrected”.  We need to push for TERM LIMITS.  I think we will do a pretty good job in throwing out the incumbents November 2nd and hopefully again in 2012.  I keep wondering HOW did we get in this mess….and that is probably because people like me were asleep.  But no longer.   STAY awake America – our country needs us.

      9. I recently heard a speaker remark that when Thomas Jefferson was President he removed from office 18 of the then 35 sitting Federal Court Judges for not following the constitution. (Jefferson wrote that document and was well aware of the powers of the judicial branch and their limits).  He claimed they were not interpreting the laws but rewriting them to their own opinion or view.  Sound familiar?  He did not impeach them. He removed them. The Congress could do this. If  judges settle court cases based on their opinions rather than the Constitution they should not be allowed to continue sitting. The trend for the past 15 years has been a blatant disreguard for the will of the people. Look at Calif. The people have voted and passed laws and the courts have overturned them several times each. Judges that don’t respect the people are also part of this government problem.

      10. Al Franken evidently calls Amy Klobuchar before each vote.  They have only missed on one vote in the last year.  They haven’t missed a yes vote on social spending in the same time period.  Let’s just elect a computer to put in its automated votes and save the cost of senate seats.

      11. We need to have each state pass an ammendment so that each congressional district is required to have the smallest possible perimeter possible.  This will put an end to gerrymandering and “safe” districts. 



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