Shocking: From the House Floor: NOT ONE MEMBER HAS READ THIS BILL

by | Feb 13, 2009 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    $1 Trillion — some estimate as much as $3.7 Trillion will be needed to meet the projects outlined in this bill.

    No republicans voted for passage of this bill. All but 7 democrats voted for the bill.

    This video speaks for itself:


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      1. Great attempt at grandstanding youquisling, look up the grammleachbliley act and see which party repealed glass steagall.  You should all be hanged !

      2. Tell us how you really feel!

        This is all a show. And it’s pretty good reality TV. That’s why I watch.


      3. Uh, the same guys who are on Obamas economic team to fix what they created.. Tim Geithner, Paul Volker and Larry Summers… Under Clinton, not the republicans. Not that it matters, there isn’t a differance between the two parties, they’re both marching us ahead to world government.

      4. Who read it is not important. The mantra that “no one has read it” is a cover up.

        The questions is: Who wrote those bills.

        From the movie “Shooter”:
        “There are no republicans or democrats. There are no Sunnis or Shiites. There are only haves and have nots.”

        The K-Street Pimps  that feed the fascist grocery clerks we confuse as government with pleasure toys and little boys are agnostic with  regards  to political affiliation. So are the clerks in our hoses of governments.

        The only people that seem to think political affiliation is fact are the hillbillies in Dogpatch that think their vote means anything.

        Let’s work the numbers. Take the most recent bailout. Add it to the last bailout and it comes to about 1.5 Trillion dollars. There were other “under the table” bailouts that most of us will never be aware of. But let’s just look at the numbers what we “think” we’re are aware of, the 1.5 Trillion.

        Divide the 1.5 Trillion by the number of IRS returns files last year, and you get a number that approaches a half million.

        That’s our debt their slipping into the coffers of their K-Street pimps.

        If the “criming against the constitution” K-Street Johns in our houses of the unholy: our phony global baloney government, had instead, giving everyone who filed a tax return in 2008 a half million bucks.
        We’d all be sitting pretty right now. Instead we peer into the emptiness of the abyss. We wouldn’t be using their C-SPAN faces to bore-sight.

        Are we too dumb to realize that screaming as we fall into the nothingness is not near as fun as  some good old “don’t tread on me”  retribution against  the boy lovers and stretched skin nose jobs we feed in that institutionalized Ponzi fraud they tell us is our government?

        They belittle us a sub-human “consumers, when, in fact, we build, own, sow and harvest everything. We are the producers. This is our infrastructure. We own it. We control it. It is they are the consumers.

        They really don’t want us to become consumers. We’ll roast them on a spit and slug them down with a side plate of Lima beans.

        And they know it.

        Be careful of what you wish for DC John and TV face guys. You might be our next main course. We’ll serve you out on a table with the Declaration of Independence as linen.

        Isn’t it weird that these frauds always begin with  couple of crossover senators who put “country” before “self”. Is it not amazing that this fraud extortion stuff continues by just a one vote margin. What are they  doing – drawing straws to see who will be the next few to save us from impending doom.

        I’ll tell you what they should be doing. They should watching their ass.

        They should be afraid. Very afraid.

      5. where was this guy when the Patriot Act was on the floor? (either one)

      6. Comments…..Dit he allso tel the house how the Patriot act was past and how other bils are past?
        It’s allways the same retoric of someone that is against  someting.

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