Shocking Aerial Footage Shows What the Oroville Dam Looks Like Now

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Headline News | 79 comments

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    Earlier this month, we all heard the news that the Oroville Dam was damaged, and that thousands of residents living in its shadow would have to be evacuated. Fortunately the dam held, and the residents of Oroville were able to return to their homes. For the most part the story has since faded from the news. However, the damage remains.

    When the crisis was at its peak, you may have heard about what specifically went wrong with the dam. The main spillway was damaged when the dam operators attempted to release some water to control the depth of Lake Oroville. Essentially, a crater unexpectedly emerged in the middle of the spillway, and when the water flowed through that hole, it eroded the soil beneath. So the dam operators decided to let the water flow over an emergency spillway instead. But as the emergency spillway began to erode as well, an evacuation order was issued.

    But hearing that doesn’t really do it any justice. To really appreciate the magnitude of what occurred that day, you have to see it with your own eyes. And now you can.

    On Monday the California Department of Water Resources stopped the flow of water down the spillway so that they could assess the damage. Here’s what they found:

    I have a feeling that this isn’t going to be fixed for a long time.


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      1. i’m over 400 miles from there, but it’s going to affect our drinkin’ water if it blows out….i got a bad feelin’…. if that thing blows up, so do real estate values in so cal. i remember thinkin’ back in 09, why don’t they build a peripheral canal if they need to create jobs so bad….but no, they paved over roads that didn’t NEED paving…incompetence, i guess that’s why they work for the gubmint.

        • Mismanaged funds. I bet somebody pocketed tax money. 38 billion that went to is real hell, and we have crumbling roads, bridges, and dams.

          When are the people going to stop supporting enemies. If they are such good friends. Give us back the money we gave you, so we can fix our stuff.


          • Holy Eureka!!! California is experiencing a New Gold Rush. With all the rain washing away canyons, it has uncovered new deposits of Gold. So get out there and start panning. A few nuggets here and there will add up.

          • B from CA,
            Mismanaged funds and deliberately ignoring the problem because of a conflict of interest.

            Dams provide clean reliable energy, drought control, flood control, irrigation, fire suppression, recreation, an untold number of ecosystem benefits, 24/7 year-round water supply, etc. But dams are in disfavor with the agenda 21 lunatics.

            Jerry Brown is a proponent of the agenda 21 plans of “Rewilding”, which has marked dams throughout the US for destruction. There are direct links between agenda 21 and the plans for dam demolition. Mr. Moonbeam (along with his many cohorts) represents the epitome of government run amok. He needs to resign in disgrace or be recalled by The People of California.

            More re: agenda 21 and the destruction of dams:
            Dam Liars, Crooks and Killers
            Warren Buffett owns PacifiCorp (a subsidiary of Mid American Energy), the corporation that owns the dams on the Klamath River. He supports the demolition of the dams, and invested $50 million to consolidate nuclear uranium enrichment under the authority of the UN (which intends to control nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons).

            h ttp://

            • Gov. Moonbeam won’t resign and you have too many dumbass Dimms in CA to kick him out.

              CA is the perfect example of what happens when liberals run everything.

              You guys are screwed.

              Better get out while you can.

              • anonymous5,
                Probably not nice thing to say, BUT if anything there should be a BAN on LIBTURDS holding ANY type of office, BAD eough they are in the private sector, They have caused more damage to this country than any other reason!!

                • Apache54, I agree. Libturds are just like govt. They ruin everything they touch.

              • Anon5: Not to mention property values downstream. Now worthless. Dems. are missing some brain cells for sure.

              • Yep, unfortunately it will take a major catastrophe to knock some common sense into people. But more likely, the sheeple will still continue to blame gvmnt “for not doing a better job of protecting us”.

          • Well, Dam! Looks like their work is cut out for them.

            • PO’d Patriot,
              NICE humor!!
              that area is a heavy gold bearing strata, it is possible that IF they were allowed to dredge that lower area could be LOTS of placer gold was washed out. BUT BROWN is a ANTI-gold mining and I think he is ANTI everything, what a DIPSH_T he is!!

              • democrat: opposed to EVERYTHING GOOD in america…..THINK about it!

              • Would be a good way to pay for the repairs and clean up. But then again the commies don’t do the obvious. Might be some little minnow that has never been see before and is endangered. That dam would probably stay broke until forever.

          • Sit ok ghdsosxx FF gwwßàwakg so

        • I’m planning to go prospecting in Mother Lode country sometime this summer. If you live in Kalifornia, move your hiney to find the shiny. 🙂

          • durangokidd,
            besides gold there is also, platinum nuggets and sometimes a diamond may turn up. still allot of gold in Kalifornia, JUST most of it you can’t get to anymore !

            • Platinum ??? Yes, Soledad Mountain. A number of claimants on the mountain organized a public company to exploit their claims some years back.

              There are Seven platinum mines in North America to my knowledge. Five are owned by public companies. One is owned by a guy in Nevada, and I own the seventh. 🙂

              • durangokidd,
                we panned a couple of platinum nuggets out of that area years ago when we were looking for hot spots, thought they were lost fishing weights at first LOL had them checked out and one is over a 1.5 ounce nugget. things changed and could never get back there and NOW it is private and no access to the area. LOTS of gold still there, gave up mov ed operation to Alaska, MUCH easier to deal with for permits.

                • SWeet !!! What city in Alaska ??? Been thinking about Alaska too, in August. 🙂

                  • I had allot of claims on the south and north forks of the fortymile, long story short, got a divorce that i did not know i was going to get. she left all the yearly files for claims on my desk while i was out of town, when i got back she was gone and the papers were not filed and all 27 claims was jumped. that was back when gold was about $325. a ounce and i was pulling about $40,000. a 90 day season window then. would be REALLY nice money at $1200.00 a ounce NOW!!,You can go to the Alaska mining claim site and there was a map of all filed claims. none of my claims have ever came open again. Much harder to find open claims now that have not been dredged out, BUT there is still lots of placer gold, just harder to get in because of the short summer window about 90 days to find them, I am happy to pass on what I know there are some pointers yuo will need to know, IF your gonna dredge, such as the angle of your sluice box must be lower than what you use in the lower forty eight, most of the placer gold is flat and floats longer than it does in say Kalifornia! If you want more info, let me now how to contact you off from this site and I will tell yuo what i know.

      2. Looks like a good place to build a pipeline. Or lay out a big slip and slide. Then paint the rock in the river gold and it will be gone overnight.

      3. ca

        • CALIFORNIA

          The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks the Governor’s dog, then bites the Governor.

          The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie “Bambi” and then realizes he should stop because the coyote is only doing what is natural.

          He calls animal control. Animal Control captures the coyote and bills the state $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it.

          He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills the State $200 testing it for diseases.

          The Governor goes to hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged.

          The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while Fish & Game conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is now free of dangerous animals.

          The Governor spends $50,000 in state funds implementing a “coyote awareness program” for residents of the area.

          The State Legislature spends $2 million to study how to better treat rabies and how to permanently eradicate the disease throughout the world.

          The Governor’s security agent is fired for not stopping the attack. The state spends $150,000 to hire and train a new agent with additional special training for the nature of coyotes.

          PETA protests the coyote’s relocation and files a $5 million suit against the state.


          The Governor of Texas is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks his dog.

          The Governor shoots the coyote with his state-issued pistol and keeps jogging. The Governor has spent $.50 on a .45 ACP hollow point cartridge.

          The buzzards eat the dead coyote

          And that, my friends, is why California is broke and Texas is not.

          • A several square blocks in Miami discovers the Zika Virus. The FL Governor asks the feds for $100 Mil to study it. Mean while some poison manufacture gets a state contract to dump anti-mosquito chemicals throughout the state through the mosquito control agency. And these chemicals also kill everthing else in our water supply,
            Like fresh water shrimp that fish eat and dragon fly larvy. Dragon flys eat mosquitos just like bats. I live on a peninsula with fresh water on 3 sides. Only time I have mosquito problems is at dusk. My Free Solution is when the mosquitos come out at dusk, I go inside. Problem solved. At dusk the dragon flys and bats go on an eating binge. I watch them in action. Just goes to show you what happens when the Government gets involved to solve a problem. Its all about the money to give to their well connected buddies to fleece the taxpayers.

          • Always with the coyote comparison when the coons are the real trouble makers.?

            ht tps://

            • You have that right. Can’t we just relocate all of the coyotes to coonsville and solve two issues?

              • Poor coyotes………

          • “I have a feeling that this won’t be fixed for a long time.” I’ll go further and say it will NEVER be fixed. There’s other dams in Cali I’ll bet are just as bad as Oroville. They never have money to maintain their infrastructure but they can ALWAYS find money to take care of illegal aliens and other minority groups at the expense of white people. Cali state laws discriminate against white people just as bad, if not worse than, federal laws. Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix Cali. One day “the big one” will come along and destroy that state.

            • DB, the “big one” will not destroy the state of Kalifornia, rather it will repair the state, like you repair your computer’s hard drive by wiping out viruses. And it is in dire need of that kind of repair, so long as it wipes out the parasites infecting San Fagcicso, LatinoAngeles, and SadSackramento.

              • BlackMoe, it would be a miracle if any part of cali could be saved. 50 years of libturd control have ruined it so much.

              • Dang BM I see it now in a new light.

                • PO’d Patriot, LOL! My advice to all of the GOOD people is leave if possible. I just find it impossible to see how any of cali could be saved at this point.

          • BadDogNoBiscuit,
            NICE synopsis, now comes the harder part and that is HOW do we get rid of the F—–G idiots that are in office, just like Jerry Brown?? of course i know how, but that won’t work for very long, and that is where i keep coming back to a more complete break-down and civil un-rest to allow for the house cleaning to occur!!
            anybody have a better idea?

            • it don’t MATTER what you want….it requires a complete collapse of the system. just remember that calipornians will always do the right thing, but only after exhausting ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES. only THEN will people wake up and realize what they did(actually….DIDN’T do). you can ignore politics, but politics won’t ignore YOU…..and they/we so RICHLY deserve what they get.

          • Perfect explanation of the difference between the two !!! 🙂

          • Bad-Dog: Wow, that honestly is just what those flipping liberal, progressive retards would do…God’s honest truth my friend!

      4. Panning for gold the easy way…

      5. Notice what isn’t there? Re-bar.

        • Just like this was engineered to fail? Surely it was. Now some are going to pocket millions in misappropriated funds and bloated contracts to rebuild it in a project run by corrupt project managers and will go overtime and over-budget all at the expense of taxpayers.

      6. That looks fooked up… how did it even break down that much? Sounds like it was either not built correctly, or not maintained to me

        • RW, they didn’t maintain it. Cali spends 25 BILLION DOLLARS on illegal aliens and minority groups every year. That money comes from white people and white people can’t get any kind of help when they need it.

        • Or the geology professor in charge was drunk that day??

          • Oh the one that was screwing his students?

      7. You are what you eat:

        More Fast Food Fraud. Subway- Chicken Sandwiches claims to be healthy food and the Convicted Pedophile Jared claimed that food helped him loose weight over the years. Uh Oh… News Study out.

        DNA Testing Results are in: Subway: The results showed the Oven Roasted Chicken patties averaged 53.6 percent chicken DNA while the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki strips came in at 42.8 percent. The other half of the sandwich is just SOY.

        Link:ht tp://

        **Even McDonald’s Chicken nuggets a few years back, were found mostly not to be chicken at all, but reconstructed chicken and other parts including sawdust were added to make it look and taste like chicken.

        I have a neighbor friend close to my age, who just had his 4th heart attack. You know the type, heavy chain smoker, drinks booze pretty heavy, never exercises, eats shit food and now half his heart is gone, and he wears a life vest and battery pack that will shock him if he goes in to cardiac arrest. I took my blood pressure and its up, and I am taking natural steps to recheck what I am eating, and I know I need more exercise, like just going for more walks and more bike rides. Your healthy life begins at the Grocery store and what you put in your cart. Avoid, high salted chips, read meats, buttery Garlic bread, soda, caffeinated coffee, candy, sugar, white breaded products, most all the things we love and crave to eat.

        So I am not buying all of that anymore and back to eating good salads daily, lien meats, like real chicken, fish, salmon, tuna fish in water, fruits and vegetables, low salted cheese. Eat these vegetables raw. Go buy a bag of apples and use that for snacks for the kids. Oranges over orange juice which contains added sugars for flavorings. Get your self a good blood pressure cuff and stethoscope and find out where your BP should be. High blood pressure can lead to strokes and aneurisms, heart attacks and death. Certainly avoid Fast Food Joints which will kill ya sooner than later.

        I have also mentioned on here many times, that much of these BS survival foods like WISE contain 300% times the recommended daily salt content in their packets of mush. So if you are already stressed out in a crisis, you can just go kill yourself buy eating that (Survival???)Crap pretend food.

        Wise foods needs to be sued, they show these packets with vegetables on the packaging, but none is contained within. Massive Fraud and false advertising. A few years back I bought a sample bucket of Wise to try, with like 30 meals, and I almost puked eating it. It initially tasted OK, bit a few days in a row, and it all tasted the same. That’s the result I found.

        • Only low-IQ low-class dumbass idiots go to McD’s and Burger King and similar fast food establishments with any regularity. People that are too stupid to know what real food isn’t.

          • BlackMoe…I was going to comment earlier, but now is as good as before.
            I read Natural News a lot.
            One day the headliner caught my attention about McD. and this is why I stopped buying this.
            It said for the Russett fries at McD. that “farmers won’t venture outside into their fields for five days after they spray.”

            I just went one step further and thought if they do this to one type, what about the other types of Russett.
            I haven’t bought one since.

            “””McDonald’s french fries are doused with extremely toxic chemical to kill aphids that cause discoloration”””

        • i eat VERY little out of the ocean anymore…fukushima is killing the pacific?

          • So right, I will not even feed fish to my cat. People that hold these crab feeds should get a clue.

        • Last night for dinner, I cooked a rack of baby-back ribs (on the pellet smoker/grill) and made some twice baked potatoes… My wife and I ate for less than $4 each and something similar in portion and quality would have cost more than $20 ea if we had gone out for dinner.

          Fast food is a rip-off because its not cheap and has questionable nutritional value.

          • Fast food is much more expensive than the original cost of the food itself. You pay big later with the poor health you get from consuming it.

          • and OFTEN it’s not as tasty as i can make it at home. i just hate payin’ for mediocre!

            • Lurker, BlackMoe, and BCOD, I agree. Anything in my preps beats fast food HANDS DOWN ANYTIME. Hell, I’ll open up a cold can of something before I go out and spend outrageous money on fast food. Plus, I’ve never found any nutritional value in fast food myself.

        • Zeus:

          Soy is in many products, even ice cream. Most soy is GMO and has been linked to sterility, cancers of the breast, ovaries, and testicles. Soy can cause disruption in competing hormonal functions. Soy, and plastics are linked to the feminization of males in the early weeks of life in the mother’s womb. Soy can cause obesity in some individuals.


          • Ain’t no wonder we got a shit ton of folks wanting to use the wrong bathroom. Its been the friken Soy all along. Damn them dinks.

      8. From an engineering stand-point, the problem while large, should not be daunting. Use what the video has shown in terms of the stepping carved into that hillside by the erosion. A concerted effort, rapidly done – now, with earth-moving equipment should be able to terrace with a series of ramps.. the entire hillside within 6 months. Thick reinforced concrete facing poured and the other structural issues can be determined @ the dam proper. I’m sick of people giving up before they ever try. So? Try. Do it. Quit jabbering like scared children, put your unemployed population to work to earn their hand-outs and fix the “Dam” thing.

        • that’s a good plan…….if it stops raining……

        • The fix as you describe it is entirely possible. I have not dealt with water flow and erosion on that scale, but the fundamental geo-engineering principles are the same. A tiered spillway could be constructed and the poured concrete would have time to sufficiently cure for use if the project was started at the beginning of the dry season and was not sabotaged by bureaucratic delays.

        • DJT can have the formerly created FSA fix it. It would be amusing just to watch the work being done, in time lapse. In the time lapse I’m sure that the positions of the shadows would move quickly but not much else. That until they were told that their checks would stop coming unless the work proceeded on schedule for the entrepreneurs. Maybe.

      9. Now is the time to let the Chinese have it. Look at the money we would save!

        • Jim in Va.,
          Your sarcasm does b riing up another poiint and that is we need to stop ANY outside countries and or NON-USA citizens and or the represenatives from holding and USA properties!! this is the USA and no-one by Americans can own it!

      10. Well, it’s MUCH better that they give all the millions to fix this dam to illegal aliens! (sarcasm off)

        PS: Kim Jong Un has banned sarcasm in N. Korea. I have to suspect the People’s Socialist Republik will follow soon.

        • Anonymous, those ‘speech codes’ are only aimed against white people and no one else. I never follow any censorship, no matter what someone’s motive is for it.

      11. I can guarantee that spillway had voids under the concrete for decades and no one ever thought to test for them

        How do I know this ?

        It’s part of my profession, I have saved earthen dams like this , but only through preventative maintenance, something this country refuses to spend money on

        That spillway should have been grouted and checked for voids regularly , but that means paying contractors like me the price to stop shit like this from happening
        Sorry if I don’t feel sorry for these cheap ass idiots

        So , this is what you get after years of blind neglect

        • EOTS, I agree wholeheartedly. It’s a safe bet the rest of Cali’s dams are disasters waiting to happen. Cali deserves what’s coming to it.

      12. If there is any truth to the global warming theory, then there will be growing stress on our aging, ill maintained infrastructure. There may be more Oroville dams coming down the pike.

      13. We are such moron’s when viewed as a species. Our technology is destructive and completely inefficient, when direct observation of nature shows a better way.

        I have been told and witnessed on several occasions, that it’s OK to create or invent something for the betterment of mankind, so long as it meets the financial goals of the board members, first.

        There are several historical accounts of invention/inventor suppression that threatens the profit structure of others, (message received).

        If we lived even a 1000 years or more, wherein we were forced to experience the errors of our ways in a personal manner. We’d think and do things much differently.

        However, in order to force such a change in thinking/habit. We’d have to hit rock bottom, (a big reset). If I have another 500 years, maybe… I simply threw in the towel.

        I can’t remember the last time I had a decent conversation with a complete stranger while waiting in line for something.
        In fact, when was the last time you had a meaning conversation with anyone without the impression that they were short in attention span, or on drugs?

        What motivates a person to risk their lives to gain one more car length in traffic?

        When was the last time you left the door unlocked and car running outside the convenience store, without worry?

        Pulling the plug seems more like a mercy kill.

        • “What motivates a person to risk their lives to gain one more car length in traffic?”

          No Kidding

          1 million thumbs UP!

      14. Jim, let Cali leave the Union. No more federal tax money for them. they’re already a ‘failed state’ as they are now.

        • DB, that is the exactly reason they won’t ever leave the Union. They are way too dependent on federal funding.

      15. Was stationed in Alameda for several years… biggest bunch of idiots ever assembled in the bay area… glad i’m back in the great plains… sensible people with common sense.. maybe rednecks but we have brains and know how to do things right..
        I’ll take poor working class over rich dumbasses anyday

        • Navyguy, I’m in TN and know exactly where you come from. AMEN to your post.

      16. National dysfunction, caused by too much government interference. Purge, rinse, purge again.

        • HIM, You sure are smart. Probably good looking, also.


        china prepares to attack all US bases in that region. They also announced that the will incinerate us, that we will burn to ashes.

        My message to the chi-com soldier down in mexico. If you come here, you will die our soil. You fucking chi-coms have no idea what your fucking with in this state. Get ready all you want, we will shoot to kill you fucking soldiers on site.


        • HCKS, same with me. ANYONE who comes to me with evil intentions toward me, regardless of where they come from, will be signing their own death warrants.

      18. If a private company would have done or been responsible for something like this, there’d be officials calling for blood.

        Given that this is a Govt entity, it’s just an exceptional circumstance.

      19. Did anyone see any re-bar sticking out of broken concrete spillway? I haven’t……..where is the re-bar????????
        Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to leave it out of the job? Was it even called for this job? Why not?

      20. What is it going to take to prove to the masses whenever gov’t manages or controls something it will ultimately turn out to be real crap. This is only one but empirical example on a large scale to see. They always do just crap. Then they exempt themselves from being responsible for the costly messes thet create. Our national civil infrastructure is almost in a state of uselessness, they’ve known for years, yet put money and resources only into those items that help portray themselves as working for the greater good to ensure votes while striving to hide all their grotesque fiscal mismagement, silly policies and priorities, non-existent long-term planning, and truthfully – contempt for decent working people. Their solutions are always tax more, spend more, and muzzle liberties. You can be absolutely sure they are upset over the dam, not the dam failing itself, but that it is being publicized and laid at their feet. To them, the dam dam isn’t the real problem, it’s that society can see their incompetence, corruption, and stupidity.
        If they could put people in special prisons for the comments made on this site they would; don’t think it has not been seriously considered. In communist, socialist, and fascist countries the worst crimes are not crimes against people, it is crimes against the state. Merely pointing out an obvious failure of the state is actually worse than murder of a fellow citizen. It does not even have to violate a concrete law, if it can be construed, such as not liking something that someone said is sufficient to charge with a state crime. Political correctness is leading to this, the foundation is being laid.

      21. Since California has indicated they want to secede and unburden themselves from the stifling yoke of the rest of the deplorable U.S., I say let them fix their own damn dam on their own damn dime.

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