Shock Videos: Government Snipers Open Fire On Ukraine Crowds: “War Is Ahead of Us”

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Headline News | 427 comments

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    (Ukrainian snipers fire on civilian demonstrators in Kiev’s Independence Square)

    The massive demonstrations in Kiev, Ukraine have been re-ignited. And if you have any doubt about how far a government will go to protect its interests then watch the following videos.

    As we saw in Egypt, when people hit the streets and threaten to topple those in power, the government will stop at nothing.

    In the Ukraine, the government has reportedly deployed sniper teams. It’s not clear whether or not they are firing rubber bullets, but reports indicate that, at least in some cases, they are using live ammunition. In response, anti-government sniper teams with hunting rifles have taken positions to target police and military operating in the city’s main square.

    From Reuters via Zero Hedge:

    Activists who recaptured the square, known as Maidan or “Euro-Maidan” to the opposition, appeared to lead away several uniformed officers. Dozens of wounded protesters were being given makeshift first aid treatment in the lobby of the Ukraine Hotel, where many foreign correspondents are staying.

    Reporters said there were bullet holes in the walls and windows of the hotel overlooking the squareBoth sides have accused the other of using live ammunition.

    “Black smoke, denotations and gunfire around presidential palace … Officials panicky,” tweeted Polish minister Radoslaw Sikorski to explain the delay in the meeting at Yanukovich’s office, a few hundred meters from the square.

    Watch as protesters take fire:

    Anti-government sniper teams are using live ammunition:

    Flashback to Egypt: Civilian shot dead by sniper ***GRAPHIC VIOLENCE***

    According to anti-government protest leaders in Ukraine, there is no hope of a truce and the situation will likely escalate from here:

    Protesters were in a truculent mood despite the overnight lull and columns of men, bearing clubs and chanting patriotic songs headed to Independence Square at 8:30 a.m. (0130 ET).

    “What truce? There is no truce! It is simply war ahead of us! They are provoking us. They throw grenades at us. Burn our homes. We have been here for three months and during that time nothing burned,” said 23-year-old Petro Maksimchuk.

    “These are not people. They are killers. Sanctions will not help. They all should be sent into isolation in Siberia.”

    This may be just the beginning for all of Europe. As we’ve seen over the last several years there is much disullusionment with governments throughout the EU.

    Here in the United States, where Americans own some 300 million firearms, the military and police have been arming up and spending billions of dollars simulating widespread collapse scenarios that include financial panic and the potential for riots that could follow a complete meltdown.

    What we’re seeing in the Ukraine right now will be a picnic compared to how it will go down on the streets of America.


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      1. I feel for the Ukrainian people, they do not deserve this mess. I have been watching/monitoring the situation as best as possible. The situation is not good.

        • Paul Craig Roberts just wrote an excellent piece where he says the US is purposely trying to destabilize the area and it could result in a wider war between both Countries.

          I’ll post the link for anyone who wants to read it.

            • This is one of the better descriptions of the events that I have thus far read. Another five billion from our government to push an agenda to “make us safe.”

              • I’m sure our government isn’t buying
                rubber bullets. On the contrary, they
                are buying the most lethal ammunition
                that can be used against us.

                Crock Obama is full of shit up to his
                big flappy ears.

                • YUP, you can also bet our CIA is and has been in the middle of this all along!! when it happens here they will bring out the red list and try to get those first!!!

                  throw the scum out of the white house !!! NOW !!!!

              • There is a massive difference here between the U.S. and the Ukraine. First of all Ukraine is a chess piece between the U.S. and NATO and Russia. Russia will simply not allow themselves to be boxed in anymore. The ONLY solution for this in which the country of Ukraine becomes two nations, west Ukraine and east Ukraine. OR the protestors lose. Just like in Tiananmen Square, when the security of China or Russia is at stake, there are no options for anyone going against this. Ask any Geogian citizens about the three keys words of Russia, overwhelming brute force.

                Like I mentioned before, the U.S. cannot win a type of battle with their citizens like this. That is why the U.S. is in all likelihood planning some sort of way to make firearms as difficult to own as possible. Not killing the 2nd Amendment, but lawyering it up. In other words making all sorts of restrictions on all sorts of firearms. Remember the Brady Bill and Bubba Clinton. The future one will be harsh, and these a’holes will say that the 2nd. Amendment is not be violated because people will still be allowed to own firearms, just on very, very restricted basis. Don’t believe me? Ask people in New York about the 2nd Amendment in comparison to people in Wyoming or Alaska.

                Remember, those 300 million guns are owned by about 100 million people. How much of the population is preparing for emergencies? 1%. That is 3 million people with guns that are likely to be fighting for the Constitution. Perhaps a few million more might. Sorry, I just don’t have much faith and trust in people that own firearms and don’t prepare for tomorrow. I have tremendous trust in preppers/survivalists that is that 1%. The other 97 million people that don’t prepare and own guns, well I can see them turning in their guns when the heavy handed restrictions hit. Maybe I am just too pro prepper/survivalist, but I can’t have much confidence in a gun owner that is not also putting away for themselves and their families with everything that is happening.

                • As I have said many, many times. The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Make that your mantra when the time comes.

                  It is all about Command and Control. Eliminate the Command and they will loose control. Blue helmeted thugs and foreign troops first. Make it politically unacceptable at home, for the visiting team’s losses abroad.

                  Traitors to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, which they have sworn to serve and defend, but which they have tried to shred and obliterate, should be prime targets. Take no prisoners, give no quarter. Liberty or death. Its the or US.

                  Breathe, relax, aim, slack, squeeze. 🙂

                  • Valid point but there aint enough who can shoot through mirage, Durango. And windage can mess w/ the best at distance. Whos out there at 600yds or 1K yds? Better yet whos got access to the range to practice?

                  • There are six steps! After squeeze is “SCOOT!”

                    I have, for a very long time, realized that is there is mandatory confiscation, there is an easy way to stop it. Here is the recipe:

                    1 16oz Glass Container (Glass containers that easily break are better.)

                    16 oz Volatile Flamable Liquid

                    1 Strip of Cloth, 4″ x 12″

                    You can call it what you want. I would call it a “deterrent”. I have some Ukrainian cousins that can show you how it works if anyone has any questions.


                    As far as them lawyering up, forget it. They’ve stretched it as far as they can. New York is about to explode. The citizenry (and even law enforcement) are violating the new rules (they’re not laws since they were created by corporations, not governments) pretty much all the time.

                    Too many people realize the second amendment means what it says. Just remember this: Never try to claim your “second amendment rights”. In legal terms, thats gibberish or meaningless blather. You must do things properly when in court, and you are in court any time you are speaking to a government agent.

                    “I claim my right to keep and bear arms and I demand you follow the law written in the second amendment of the supreme law of the land.”

                    Never plead.
                    Never ask.
                    Never stand until you are ready to recognize yourself.

                    DEMAND! You don’t have to ask for a right. You demand it. And you never plead. You may state your innocence but a free man never pleads especially when they are violating your rights. You look them in the eye and you tell them how it is, unblinkingly. You remind them that there are consequence for criminal behaviour and that violating the rights of a citizen of one of the several states is a crime.

                    So you ask, “But, Nathan, how come we never hear about this stuff?”

                    Hehehehe. If someone walked into your courtroom, said something that made you pee your pantaloons, and forced you to let them go, would *YOU* let the world know about it?

                    I sure wouldn’t.

                  • DK…for once I agree with you.

                  • Calgacus: If I can shoot pinwheels at 500 yards with an M-14 and iron sights, anyone can do the same today with scopes and rangefinders. There are a lot of ex-Marines out there. ALL of them are excellent shots.

                    In the final analysis it will be Marines that stand between the NWO PTB and the US Constitution. 🙂

                  • Durango you proved my point. Theres only a small group able to shoot accurately w/ distance. I myself have tight groups up to 300 w/out much struggle unless the conditions are rough. I have to travel to shoot 1K yardage but at that distance you separate the men from the boys and theres less people shooting.
                    With marines and accurate distance shooters, were looking at a small percentage of all shooters and thats my point. Pistols at 50yds aint helping the skills for distance w/ accuracy.

                  • This is for NetRanger – don’t forget to use some dish soap with your “flammable liquid”……….that way it sticks to em.

                    Another nice trick is to melt styrofoam into gasoline – makes a cool gel that will stick to anything – THEN light it and toss it !

                  • When I read keyboard kommando bravado bullshit like this, I want to puke.

                    If you were even half the man you claim to be, you’d already be doing something. But no – you’re online bragging about how smart and skilled you are.

                    Your paper worship is also quite laughable. People like you are dangerously stupid, spouting off absolute nonsense.

                    I’ll stay far, far away from fools like you.

                  • “Breathe, relax, aim, slack, squeeze. :-)”

                    If I may add: “squeeze… “when the cross is on the bottom””.
                    Gotta keep that sinus rhythmic groove…

                    Now for a little James Brown… 🙂


                    I know…it is a bit esoteric…ask a friend…

                • Unknown factor here in the FUSA is how many gun owners are quietly buying more ammo in response to the what evil government is doing? While it is more expensive to purchase the 20 rounds per box, a couple of boxes here and there and at different stores, does add up and does not draw any attention. Also, a certain percentage of what the .gov’s stock of guns and ammo will turn up “missing” (lost, stolen, or traded under the table).

                  • Damn NR, I’m gettin’ doughy! Lookin’ for the oven.

                  • NetRanger is absolutely right! I saw this cool video of this guy who was being harassed illegally by the police and even though the guy was a foreigner- had strong foreign accent– he loudly proclaimed his legal rights with such precise language and firmness, the police looked like fools and backed down. You have to say it correctly!

                  • I agree Jeff,have always said the smalls add up when stocking up on anything,that said,good deal on cases wether in store or even net not going to let it pass by until feel am covered for a long time.I wish I had grabbed more .22 but it is making it’s way back with prices starting to drop.

                • Firearms dont have much power w/out the ammo. Why aint the govt going after components to make ammo? I still cant figure that out. Primers are only made by a few manufacturers (Federal, CCI, Winchester, Remington), copper jackets have just a couple makers, and powder is mostly imported. Govt buys an insane amount of premade ammo keeping the makers on permanent overtime.

                  Makes me wonder why they havent gone all out on the ammo mfrs w/ regulations unless the gun control agenda has an ulterior motive. Everyones watching what the left hands doing. Anyone checking behind the curtain?

                  • Help them out why don’t you? Jesus, peesus! Don’t give them bastards anymore places to look. FFS!

                  • In Arizona WE have pro-gun laws. WE have arms manufacturers, and WE have ammo makers. WE also have manufacturers for reloading equipment and supplies.

                    Any Federal Regs that infringe upon OUR rights here will be met with nullification. Any Federal attempts to enforce those illegal regulations will be met by armed resistance by OUR political leadership and OUR LEO’s.

                    Engage the enemy where you live. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, vote, and let your Barnhardt out! Start a Freedom Cell where you live. Amplify your voice in a group. Magnify your personal power in an organization.

                    Politics IS the responsibility of FREE men and women. 🙂

                  • they are calgacus, the epa is causing the last industrial ore to lead smolter in the usa

                  • to go out of business

                  • I found SW 40 @ Wally World yesterday for $12.99 a box. Yes..steel cased TulAmmo non corrosive 180 grain FMJ. Not too bad for 50 rounds. I’m gonna see how it feeds through my
                    40 cal SW Sigma this weekend. Just an FYI !
                    Standing by in
                    Montgomery County Texas

                • BI

                  Excellent point. More will show up with guns that want to steal and loot in between the government and the 1%. If it comes down to this it’s not gonna matter anymore anyway. Everyone will fall in line somewhere. I’m amazed at the foolishness of people.

                • Fighting for the constitution? What bullshit. The only liberty you morons want is the liberty to kill anyone whom you deem unworthy. The only good thing about that mindset is you morons will soon turn on each other if SHTF.

                  • NCJoe

                    You will find out how unworthy people are when they come knocking at you your door.

                    I plan to stay put and hope people stay away from me or suffer the consequences.

                  • NC Joe: You are unworthy if you do not believe the US Constitution is not worth fighting for. 🙂

                  • Double negative there … but you get my meaning Joe … 🙂

                  • @ NC Joker. You bet I fight for the Constitution. It is a beautiful document protecting everyone, the people from bad governments, past, present, and future. People have become too jaded and too stupid to even understand just what the words in the Constitution mean. It protects us from enslavement and the right to protect ourselves. You and your BO buddies want to take away that right. Not for us to go out and hunt innocent people, to protect ourselves from being hunted by criminals and those that would try to take from us what we have.

                    You were the one wishing braveheart dead and talking about how we ALL here at SHTFplan don’t deserve to live. Remember those words Joker I few months ago? The people here will fight for the Constitution because it is worth fighting for. That little document has keep the people more free, longer, than most any other country in the world. If you knew the people here personally you would be ashamed of yourself making such statements that we want to kill people not worthy. I truly feel sorry for you that you have allowed BO and feinsteinless and other corruption ridden politicians to warp your mind like it is to say such words and think such things.

                  • NCJOE, F#$% YOU! You better hope you NEVER see me in public anywhere because I will make you eat those words. Yes, you’re damned right we’ll stand up for the Constitution and we’ll fight to take this country back. BECAUSE WE LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND BELIEVE IN IT AND WE THINK IT’S WORTH SAVING. ncjoe, if you’re not happy with America, why don’t you find yourself another country to go to and you can still go f#$% yourself in the process! I swear I have no use for communists. NCJOE, YOU’RE THE F#$%IN MORON SO BACK OFF FROM MY FAMILY HERE!

                  • NC:
                    What a line of BS. The last thing I want to do is drop the hammer on someone. I have had to use a firearm 2 times in my life to protect my wife and my sons from a home invader/druggy. Thank GOD I did not have to drop the hammer. I got sick enough just have to use the gun.
                    You can bet I will fight like HELL to protect my family and friends, and yes I would and will drop the hammer if I have to.
                    Every man is worthy I have no right ot judge anyone.

                  • poor Joe missed the point!.

                  • America should never have replaced the Articles of Confederation with the United States Constitution!

                    If you think the US Constitution is the source of our freedom, you are wrong. The Constitution ensured freedom’s eventual demise. (just take a good look around!) The power it centralized in a federal government has gradually broken free from restraints. As long as the Constitution is worshipped, rather than understood for what it really is, America will never be free.

                    The Constitution gave Congress the authority to levy taxes on individuals, to institute a military draft, and to regulate interstate trade. It created a federal court system making itself the final authority, and made the Presidency into a powerful executive office.

                    Where the Articles had affirmed the sovereignty of the states, the Constitution declared itself to be the supreme law of the land. The Constitution IS an imperial document.

                    Before the Constitution was ratified into law, the Federalists (who wrote it) reluctantly added the Bill of Rights to guarantee individual liberties against federal intrusion. Without the addition of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution would never have been ratified.

                    The Constitution became law in 1789. But it only took 10 years before Congress adopted the Alien and Sedition Acts (1798), which suspended First Amendment rights; it became a crime to express “false, scandalous, and malicious writing” against the government or government officials or to stir up either sedition or opposition to the president and Congress. The text of the Constitution overpowered the Bill of Rights.

                    The best hope for this country lies within the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration is a statement of rebellion and rights. It was written by a free people to assert their independence from authority. The Constitution was written by federalists and vested interests to establish a system of authority under which to administer power.

                    The British “mercantilist” system of high taxes, controls, and monopoly privileges conferred by government was not defeated in 1783. No; it simply moved to Philadelphia in 1789.

                  • Calgacus: 300 yards is long enough. 50 yards with a pistol is fine and dandy if you can hit what you aim at. If they come for your guns and they are within 60 feet of your domicile they will be within range.

                    If you have a fence around your house at a distance of 60 feet, that is breached by an armed intruder after you have posted “No Trespassing” signs, you are within your rights to shoot. That legal custom extends back in English Common Law since, well maybe since the Romans conquered Scotland.

                    If they come for you, try to take two. If they come for me the goal is three. Its a numbers game and Patriots have the numbers. All politics are local. Make a list, check it twice, make sure you know who is naughty and who is nice on Judgement Day. 🙂

                • BI, good evening my friend and once more, I have to agree. Remember a year ago at this time during all of the panic buying on guns, ammo, and accessories, someone among the gun grabbers came up with the idea of having gun owners carry liability insurance. It’s possible that could still come about. I can also say there is no way braveheart will get insurance for his weapons. the day will come when gun owners will have to start saying no to even the current restrictions. if you play the game the enemy’s way, you’re guaranteed to lose 24/7/365. I already carry certain “non-lethal” self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go for the past 20 years. FOLLOWING ANY RESTRICTIVE POLICY ON SELF-DEFENSE HAS A PRICE TAG OF ITS OWN, POSSIBLY YOUR LIFE. Stop and think, is it really worth your life and/or the lives of your family to follow such stupid laws? I play the game MY WAY and that’s it, period! Say what you will about that, but it’s one reason I’m still alive. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • BI, BTW, AMEN to your comment #2945106 also. I just now found ncjoker’s post and jumped on him AND red-thumbed him. I know, I know I should ONLY red-thumb him to death but I’ve had a lousy week and had to stay away from here more than I wanted to, so I still have to let off steam on a troll for the time being. I’m standing up and fighting just like everyone else here, no question of that. Like my namesake said in the movie, “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.”

                  • @ braveheart. People like NCJoe don’t understand what freedom is. They just assume that BO and the other politically correct facists have all the answers to everything. They think that the police will handle everything and that we as citizens have no rights to defend yourselves from the criminal or a tyranny type government. This is an individual that wants complete protection from the state. It is a plague that is affecting too many people. You look at how many people turn in a $500 or $1000+ firearm to the police for a 100 dollar gift card because it will make the city safer is frightening to behold. Many times the person is doing this not because they are poor, but because they have been pressured to do under the crap notion that getting rid of guns will bring down crime.

                    You really think about this and it is unbelivably naive for anyone to think that honest people turning in their guns to become scrap metal is going to make the crime rate go down. Common sense is being taken over by this political correntness that a polite and obediant society is a peaceful one. Yeah like over in merry old england where the violent crime rate is 4 times higher. Or over in Russia where no guns are allowed and you will just cut up by knives that are extremely popular there. It is far easier to have someone else do the thinking for them. Mental laziness is the ultimate definition of being a sloth. People that go around preaching against guns and self defense are only vomitting up the anti-gunner’s propaganda and sadly have no real thoughts of their own.

                  • @ braveheart. Forgot to say. Sorry you had a bad week. I have known so many people that are saying that this week has been one of their worst in a long time. I think the lousy weather, the news, the economy, upcoming taxes to be filed, and many other factors are weighing in on everybody’s nerves. Many animals are in bad moods also. It’s only 28 days till the first day of spring. It seems like one of the longest winters in memory doesn’t it?

                • I think the number is a lot more than 3,000,000 preppers. I have been seeing this number alot lately, and I think it is fudged for appearance sake. If the number was truly alot higher, and the guberment admited it, then alot more people would think their might be something to this. Also, there is alot more than 3,000,000 people buying up all the ammo. I live in a fairly small town, and their are alot of preppers here, and that is just one small town.

                  • @ fishandmud. I sure hope it is more than 1% that are at least partial preppers/survivalists. To only have 3 million people out of 315 million that are preparing is very depressing. Until these figures came out throughout the survival community I always assumed it was 5-10% at least. Then I walked around the city after a storm related blackout and I saw about 1 in 100 people with electic generators and maybe 1 in 20 to 1 in 15 people with ANY light coming from their home. You would think that at least half of the people would have some candles at least. Someone that has food, water, and other necessities stored up almost always have candles at least.

                    I live in an area that has a lot of thunderstorms and you would think that the people would learn to have back up light. This disturbs me a lot because this means that people have empty pantries and very hungry people come the shutdown of the grocery stores. People have become so laxed in putting away for tomorrow. I totally blame the BO adminstation for this. Of course this would send a signal of encouraging people to prepare that the government could not handle these emergencies. BO and his puppet masters want people to be totally dependent on the government in mind, body, and spirit.

                    So many people are all talk. I just hope that this 1% of the people is not lower than 1% or going in that direction. The rural communities are the ones that are usually more prepper oriented. Yet the suburban and urban areas are the ones that will be quickest affected by any shortages and the ones with the least percentage of people preparing because of all the perceived illisons of plenty everywhere. Plenty of people competing for one scrap of bread. I just feel that before the masses wake up it will have already been too late.

                  • BI, good morning, and I’m just now catching both of your responses to my post of last night. At least the weather in my area has been decent this week, that’s the one bright spot for me and it will be nice this weekend. Yes, we still have the remainder of Feb. and March to go thru but braveheart will be just fine. actually, things have started looking up for me this morning so the week won’t be a total loss. Every time I see these upheavals in other parts of the world, I can’t help but think, “America, your turn is coming, even if it’s delayed awhile.” My prepping is continuing and I hope everyone else’s is also.

                  • Them Guys,

                    Watch your ‘6,’ my friend!

                • Since Be Informed mentioned Georgia, let’s remember that, like the Ukraine, it was the usual suspects who started the trouble there.

                  August 2008 Israelis train, instigate, and assist Georgia (the region of the former kingdom of Khazaria) in attacking South Ossetia:




                  See also: Matthew Raphael Johnson, “Israel, Oil and Death: The War for Ossetia,” Culture Wars, October 2008, 6-11 & 25.

          • True Rodster;
            The United States is DELIBERALTELY trying to un settle this particular area. WHY? Because Russia; along with China; REFUSE to go along with the United States as a NWO dupe. Russia AND China want to retain National Soveigntry. The DO NOT want to hand they’re country over to the NWO banksters. THATS WHY the U.S. is; once again; stirring up trouble where we have no business being. Usually; I’d be for the anti government protesters. THIS TIME; though; Putin is clearly in the Right. And; for those with eyes that can see; its not even close.

            • Very interesting…. never thought of that view…. kinda changes things… good post…

            • @Mac,
              I’m certain you’ve got this all wrong (SARCASM)when you write, “What we’re seeing in the Ukraine right now will be a picnic compared to how it will go down on the streets of America.”

              Afterall, this is what the Obama administration says:

              In Washington, the White House called on Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to “immediately withdraw his security forces” from downtown Kiev and to “respect the right of peaceful protest.”

              “We are outraged by the images of Ukrainian security forces firing automatic weapons on their own people,” the White House said Thursday.”

              I’m SURE this will never happen on Obama’s watch here in the US (MORE SARCASM). Surely all of the conspiracy theories about Obama’s Executive Orders, and declaring Martial Law, and comments about agencies like DHS buying train loads of ammunition, and FEMA camps are just ridiculous theories (EVEN MORE SARCASM). Unfortunately, like you I believe it’ll go down ugly. Like you and many of the great people on this site I am preparing accordingly(NO sarcasm).

              Source for the above quotes:

            • The Ukrainian people lived under Russian control for 70 years, they were systematically marginalized in their own homeland, Russians moved in and pushed out the Ukrainians, the Russians took over shops, farms, businesses and banned the Ukrainian culture and language from the media, schools, churches and public spaces. The Russians got the best jobs and preferences, the Ukrainians got shit on. The ethnic Ukrainians want nothing to do with Russian domination, the Russian Ukrainians want to keep their cushy ties with mother Russia.

              Putin is a dictator, when his two constitutional terms were finished as president of Russia he just created a new office and gave it power over the president. He controls Russia, he is a dictator. The Ukrainian government is a puppet of Russia, he who counts the votes win. The Ethnic Ukrainians do not want another Russian dictator in control of their lives. There are still enough of them that are alive with the memories of Russian control, of starvation and of freezing.

              Not too long ago Russia (Putin) cut off fuel to Ukraine in order to teach them a lesson which left them cold in the winter, Putin also threatened to do the same to Europe if Europe didn’t show him favor.

              It wouldn’t or didn’t take too much convincing to get the ethnic Ukrainian’s to take a stand against Russian control of Ukraine. They are ripe with anger and can be manipulated by outside geopolitical entities.

              Putin want’s to control the flow of energy to the continent and because of that Europe is trying to open new routs for energy, think Libya and Syria. Putin is opposing the new routs because he’s a dictator, a communist, KGB trained and he want’s complete control of everything on the continent.

              If the USA is involved, I would bet that it’s because the Euros are being the chicken shit, back stabbing cowards they have always been and that the USA is being played and our arrogance is allowing it to happen.

              • Methinks you’ve been reading too much propaganda. When i comes to the NWO there is only one rule of thumb—BELIEVE NONE OF WHAT YOU HEAR AND, ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE.

                • Look up the Holodomor and you might start to understand the Ukrainians opposition to Russian control.

                  • Rick is more correct I believe. Ukrainians left in Ukraine are owed a lot. many, or most, Ukrainians from 100 years ago were driven out and relocated I believe. Also, when USSR pulled out, the buildngs, apartment complexes, shops etc were given to the communist party members as per a Russian with whom I worked a few years back. What is empowering the people of Ukraine? Surely a government who must use snipers on its own people does not represent the people. Government should always be only by the consent of the governed.

                  • Communist control don’t you mean? Ukraine was under Communist control, as was Russia. Which is exactly what the EU is, a bunch of disgruntled, totalitarian Marxist/ Zionist freaks.

                  • The scenes of those snipers made me chuckle. That towering building about 2 blocks directly behind them would be where I would be sitting and putting a bullet right under the right, rear of the sniper’s helmet. Then I’d rack another one in and put #2 right through the left binocular of his spotter as he turned to see from where that bullet that caused his sniper to meet his maker. Well, thats assuming he didn’t just dive for cover. If he dived for cover, its scooting time and I’m gone!

                    The guy on the ground with the bipod is a wannabe sniper. You try something like that in the USA and you’re very likely to get a second anal orifice. But, I guess, in the Ukraine, since they’re all disarmed, he’s pretty safe. …well, except from that guy in the last article with the Powerline 880. Ouch!

                  • Absolutely!..this is a major factor in how they think over there…russia is their enemy and they remember….

              • Excellent post Rick.

              • You don’t half come out with some post-war conformist shite! The Ukrainians lived under Communist rule, as did the Russians and we all know what little race of snakes pioneered that vile ideology don’t we? Russia is now surrounded by these mass murdering vipers and with a bit of luck they will strike back in a minute. America is a diseased and sick Zionist colony that inflicts misery upon mankind.

                • A very concise little rant, there Della. Thumbs up!

                • Jawhol, Herrin Della!

                  • DELLA: Makes a great Point. Seem’s some folks here are confusing Todays Russia and Putin, with the Old Soviet USSR rulers, which were jewish Bolshevik Kommies.(putin Booted out or Jailed most jewdeos from russia, perhaps Thats main reason there is so much Hatred of putin? Especially on FOX Tv news shows where 24/7 it is predominantly Dominated by at least 90% jewish folk on your tv screen, and they are all zios too…Putins Bad for jewish zios and swindlers cause he deals with them Harshly and Quickly)

                    Weather or not folks want to believe it, Putin is a Christian Man. Orthodox Christian. And no humans can acuratly judge if hes honest of that or a fraud christian.

                    Schools in russia under Putin have returned to teaching kids about not just their russian heritage, but also Orthodox Christian heritage etc..

                    Under jewdeo-bolishe-kommie rule in the soviet, aprox 40,000 Christian churches were demolished totally. The few left standing were used by jewish CHEKA-secret police aka Murder Squads, to interrogate, Torture and mass murder millions.(24,000 churches in russia, rest in other soviet ruled states of ussr) (Yet! Not One Single of Many jewish synagouges of satan were ever harmed! Guess that fact destroys how we were taught soviet were atheists eh..No not atheist, just Talmudic jewish!)

                    The same Jewdeo-bolshe-Kommies are the ones who did holodomere forced starvation, and more purely evils than all others in all recorded history.(Recent infos show even Stahlin was at least part-jewish, plus his wives were jewish, one at least was Lennins Daughter, no doubt Lennin was jewish like trotsky was.)

                    So before one can Properly analize these events, one Must first become aware of the Vast difference between Todays Russia as compared to that of the 1918 Soviet USSR rule of Jewish Kommies.

                    And to naysayers: yes of Course there also were NON jewish members in key official positions in the soviet ussr era…They represented a Very Small percentage, like less than 5% or so…So sticklers for detail can whine or cry that it wasn’t 100% jewish kommies doing such Evils.

                    But thats how that Tribe Always functions and operates…They Always have a “few” Sayanims(good goyim gentiles aka Traitors to their Own) as Front-Men, Goyims for all them jews to Hide behind.(see curtain in wizard of Oz movie)(also see Torn curtian in Temple when Christ Died, that exposed jewish rabbi pharisee fraud then too!).

                    Thanks to Mr. Roddy Piper, some of us has special Dark eye glasses that when worn show us the Hidden Hand!

                    From Movie, “They Live”!…Just kidding about eye glasses, as once one becomes jewzied-up, no special eye glasses are ever necessary to See whom that hidden hand tribe really are.

              • I think the Ukrainians lived under Soviet control, not Russian control. Not the same thing. I would question the sanity of anyone choosing to ally themselves with the EU (or U.S. for that matter) and not Russia. Very short sighted. Stop living in the past and grasp the reality of the future. The EU is an anti-Christian, pro-Muslim economic and social failure (I guess that applies to the U.S. as well).In the long run Putin and Russia will come out on top. The EU and U.S. will fail. I have no problems with Ukrainian snipers thinning the herd. The protesters = Obama, EU, CIA, Socialist/Commie scum. Blast away.

              • Rick, Thank you for your update and analysis. I agree with you. Even though both the Russians and the Ukrainians are Slavs, there is no love lost between the two ethnic groups. I also agree with BI who pointed out that the Russians cannot afford to have a pro-western Ukraine and Putin will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening.

                The world has seen the recent pictures/videos where the Ukrainian government is deploying snipers against the demonstrators, so, world sympathy surely will favor the demonstrators going forward. All freedom loving people will surely support the Ukrainians who do not want to come under the control of Russia again. Civil war may be inevitable. The Ukraine is not Georgia and it is hard to see the people capitulating to the Russians. The people have a right to protest. One of these days it will be us! Like Sarg is fond of saying, be prepared to ‘ASMS’.

                Thank you Mac for bringing this to our attention.

                • Are You aware that aprox 1/2 of people in Ukraine are Russian?…May need to re think that info eh.

                  • Them Guys, I am very aware of the large population of Russians in the Ukraine. I am also aware of the hatred that the Ukrainians have for the communist and what they did to the Ukrainian people during the period of the USSR.

                    People are very inconsistent in what they are writing including Paul Craig Roberts. When I was referring to the Russians above, I was referring to the people represented by Putin and the Republic of Russia. I don’t think you can compare the Ukraine with Libya and Syria. I also do not believe that all of the demonstrators are there because Soros and his ilk have bought and paid for them to go out there and sacrifice their lives. The demonstrators have some very serious and legitimate grievances against the current regime and feel it has betrayed their country and they have articulated their concerns very clearly.

              • Sorry, but you are stupid. If you don’t know sheeeet, don’t show it to everybody.

              • To:
                February 20, 2014 at 2:30 pm
                It was the Bolshivik-jew-run-SOVIETS during the 70 years you talk about.
                NOT the current Russian gov’t.
                Learn to distinguish between the two.
                Soviets = current jewnitedSnakesofAmeriKa
                Russia = United States of the 50’s (face value on the surface)

                • Thank you! Folks, Here is what Putin has done:

                  1. Rebuilt the Christian Orthodox Churches burned down by the Bolsheviks
                  2. Limited and discourages abortion, promotes family values and reproduction
                  3. Laws preventing sexual propaganda directed toward minors
                  4. 13% flat tax! unlike our communist progressive income tax
                  5. Multiple years of 7% economic growth
                  6. Purging of the Yeltsin oligarchs who destroyed post Soviet Russia
                  7. Prevented another US invasion in Syria
                  8. Rebuilt the great Russian Christian identity prior to the Red’s invasion

                  Meanwhile, we have been invaded and destroyed by the red’s, roles are reversing, empire-building, it’s what you all realize and know,, what you don’t comprehend is that Putin may be the last man capable of stopping total world Bolshevik control, and the last Christian nation on earth capable of defending the institutions of Christianity. So stop living in old paradigms, the internationalists roam the world, looking for any nation they may devour, they have devoured ours, but a great Christian nation is rising in the East, and the actions speak far louder than words, or old paradigms!

                  • Exactly! Too many people seem to equate russia Today with what Used to be Jewish Bolshevik Kommie run Soviet ussr.

                    Here’s why so much Hatred still exist for OLD Soviet Jewdeo kommies.

                    in Virtually EVERY nation state, county, city, village or locale that was invaded by soviet kommies, once there the soviet jews found as many fellow jews as possible within Those overtaken cities etc.

                    Then after kommies Killed former, current mayors, cops, state reps, parliments etc etc…

                    Soviet Jews Used fellow local jews to Replace now Dead former mayors et al…

                    Except for Poland which was over 1/2 population jewish, most areas were more like the usual normal ratio of jews represented only a FEW small percetages of total POP.

                    Yet once soviet jew kommies took over, every place now had jewish rulers and mayors and “cops”.

                    And if You think those jews now in control did not think, act the same as fellow kommie jews of soviet?

                    Pull your Head out of John hagee’s Ass, Please!

                    Soon as local folks got killed off, soviet used CHEKA operatives(secret police aka Mass murderers and ALL 300+ jewish!) to locate a jew family, and then to Move in that new jew family into the homes and Buisness’s that Had local ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian etc etc folks in them.

                    Its akin to Today if every white and christian in america were being Hunted down, mass murdered, and all of their homes and buisness’s etc were Then handed over scott free to be now occupied and run By Illeagle mexican imigrants!

                    PUTIN & Todays Russia is predominantly WHITE and Christians. Like Russia was prior to its 8 million Jews of the Pale settlemet(part of russia, most of poland and other areas which was Massive Huge area! jews called it a Ghetto but NOT in same sense we today use word ghetto, ghetto refered to jewish areas is all).

                    Prior to 8 million jews of Pale area acting in unity, along with their Soviet Leadership causeing the orig russian 1918 revolt based on…LIES, and False promiced equality to Union worker party Dupes etc and aprox 1/2 red army members.

                    SIX Jew men, Hired Hit men Killers, first killed off the Russian King Czar, his Wife and 5 Kids to end permanantly any chance of succeeding rulers.

                    Then began the revolt…70 yrs Later, 250-MILLION dead, and Putin come on scene to BOOT OUT Current Jew bolshevik swindlers and those jews still left in power positions.

                    THEN as stated above Putin began to RESTORE Russias Christianity, churches, schools and act as if he cares for His people, whites, mainly, and His nation Russia.

                    Thats exactly how it Used to be in america.

                    unfortunatly Our parents and grandparents fell asleep at wheel, disregarded Every Voice alerting them to the Growing Kommie presence and threats here in usa.

                    And allowed the exact same Jewdeo kommies to gain more and more political, Media msm, hollywood, union heads, Fed Govnt control.

                    Untill today america is a similar Cess Pool of Khazar fraud jewish run swindles and scams poseing as govnt authoritys, with fellow jewish run MSM tv news keeping most every american sheeps dumbed down and totally ignorant of it all.

                    And NO others has done More to dammage america than most every one of todays and past 50 yrs of Preachers, who have bought into every jew/israel Lie, taken jewish Cash bribes, and have become a vast number of Judiazering Phony men of the cloth!

                    They along with TV and hollywood and msm news has totally brainwashed 99% of americans that under no terms, never at all, ever, can these duped citizens ever even Dare to question anything jewish or related to jew issues..

                    MSM, Hollywood and Pastors constant 24/7/365 spew past 50 yrs of “Self Chozens” are the Only Victims that matter, are Always victims, never do one damn thing bad or wrong to deserve persecution etc…And that its Always been everybody Else in 109 nations that Booted jews Out that You american folks need to Blame!

                    99% of usa folks bought that crap hook line and sinker.

                    by time we was age 20 in 1973 era..America was already a Gone, Lost Colony ruled by Zionist and Bolshevik jews, thru their front goyim gentiles who really are every crooked politition and gentile still left in msm and tv etc…Traitors all!

                    America is a colony of israel ziojew rulership.

                    How many folks ever get elected now without First wearing a jew skull cap and banging their foreheads against that jew wailers wall in Israel?…NONE!

                    even tea party darlings like Rand Paul went first to israel for jewish talmudic Rabbi and state officials of israel PERMISSION to get elected to usa senate!

                    Doubt that? View YUTUBE videos of Rand “darling” wearing his skull cap banging his head against their tribes wall.

                    Did Your pastor convince You that, that wailling wall in israel is all thats left remaining from that jewish temple that got destroyed in 70 AD?

                    Wake Up! like Jesus predicted, that jew temple was completely destroyed so that NOT even One single Block of stone shall remain standing upon another stone!

                    So how can that wailers wall still stand if its a real temple wall?…..It cant, it aint.

                    That wailers wall is nothing more than all that remains of a ROMAN ARMY Fortress Built for Roman soldiers stationed in jeruselem safty due to Jewish rebelions, and jews always attacking Roman soldiers etc.

                    LOOK IT UP! yet Most pastors today Parrot john hagee and entire southern baptist conf of preachermen, and teach that wall is what still STANDS of 70 AD Jewish Temple!

                    So those pastors refute Christs prophecy and claim jesus was Wrong?…because somebodys wrong!

                    It aint Christ who was wrong folks…Its phony judiazer pastors whos liars and wrong!

                    ok go back to dances with stars, make sure its a six point zio star they dances with folks!

                • Joseph Stalin was not a jew, he ordered the Ukrainian genocide. The Ukrainians remember who it was that ordered the genocide and who carried it out. I know it’s difficult for you to see past your hatred. Putin is KGB, he is the head of the current oligarchy that kills opposition voices, imprisons girl bands because they criticizes him, uses the natural resources of Russia to for his own advantage and to acquire more power for himself and to ensure his dictatorship. He’s not backing backing Syria because he’s a nice guy, he want’s to control the energy flow to europe, with the control of energy he controls europe and it makes him more powerful. He invades countries that were once a part of the soviet union because like many, he has fond memories of “The Good Old Days” of the soviet union and it’s totalitarian control.

                  You tell me to learn, I have learned that there are people in this world that have agendas and people like yourself that are full of hatred have some of the worst agenda. I find your type of people very repulsive and if there was a worthwhile lesson to be learned, your type have made it so that I am now closed minded to the process.

                  • Thats not true. More like FOX TV info you rely on.

                    That girl band did far worse than critize putin.

                    Like all nations russia too has Laws. One such Law is that nobody is allowed to desecrate a church or religious site. That girl band is a bunch of atheistic kommie lezbos and sex freeks. They performed Live sex with a frozen chicken inside a super market while shoppers were there etc…Yutube vids shows her cramming a frozen dead chicken from off shelf in store, up into her vagina.

                    Plus many more vivid similar acts those girls did.

                    Most nations has laws aganist Public freek animal sex as that.

                    All recent infos I have found says that it appears Stahlin was 1/3 to 1/2 Jewish.

                    Even if he was not, so what, most ALL top soviet Were jews.

                    I do not hate persons. I Hate evil, mass murderers, and religous based mass genocide like jews talmud promotes.

                    I Hate their master race ideals and beliefs.

                    I Hate how utterally stupid most christians today are to fall for falsehoods of “special status” awareded to jews due to birth as a jew.

                    I hate that so many reject tons and tons of proof evidence, even proofs FROM jews and jewish sources that CONFIRM 98% of todays jews are really Khazar eastern europeans decendant.

                    You simpy refuse to believe that jews were so evil and did such vile genocidal mass murderous deeads.

                    but they Did, its proven Facts, and they own and control worlds entire MSM medias and hollywood hence jews are able to Keep foolish folks in the dark, and keep such truths burried and hidden.

                    but the Internet has proven to be their undoing!

                    Some folks reject facts and truth even if it comes in Boat loads…YOU seem to fit that description as its obvious You rather continue belief that jews are just poor innocent “Victims” and no others has a right to ever dare question jews due to their self chozen status that folks like You fall for.

                    Just like most pastors today preach a double standard message on jews.

                    First they preach that ALL need Christ to be saved.

                    Then next breath they preach…jews are special chozens so do not spread Christ or His gospel to any jews cause jews has their OWN path to be saved due to old covenant.

                    HOGWASH!…God is Not racist, nor is God a respector of persons. ALL are equal in His eyes…NONE are special nor chozen.

                    Once long ago yes God did choose 12 tribes…not a one single judah tribe but ALL 12 tribes of ISRAEL…NOT of JEW but of ISREAL get it yet?

                    But everything promiced almost. to those 12 tribes DEPENDED on Obedience to their covenant with God.

                    ALL 12 tribes Failed to OBEY it and God both.

                    Jews have NO covenant since 2000 yrs ago…get Over it already!

                    jews had for 2000 yrs and STILL do have the same opertunity as ANY other persons to accept Christ.

                    And IMHO They should as they have NO special back door path to salvation based on their Talmudic religious jewishness…Because Thats ALl it means to be jewish…Its a religion of talmudisim, which is a perverted biased mater race belief system that teaches jews to Lie, Steal. Kill non jew gentiles and its considered a Virtue to do all of that.

                    And folks like You defend that…It figures when a lifetime of brainwashing sets in so deep. but You can come Un deluded, others have so can You!

                    Try it you may like the new You. Plus I agree with Jesus on Know truth and set self free…

                    Well no other Truths has been so Hidden and ignored as truth on jews issues eh…learn some.

            • I don’t agree. THE PEOPLE have a RIGHT to protest, without fearing being fired upon by the “government”! Doesn’t matter which side they’re on. Its all about the rich versus the citizens. I hope the protestors kick the ass of the police and hang the leaders!

              • Protests shouldn’t have to become violent, but provocateurs often see to it that they do.

                In this case, the protesters remind me of the obamanites that fought so hard for obamacare. I’m not so sure they even know what they are really protesting for either.

                If they are protesting for joining the European Union, then they are protesting to give up their sovereignty to the NWO globalist banksters.

                Americans should be all too familiar with being mislead by the ramifications of deceptive national policy.

                • I have trouble believing what we are being told about the causes of this conflict in the MSM.

                  Next door is Romania and Hungary – countries that were accepted into the Capitalist dream when they joined the EU. Just a few years later their situation is worse than that of Greece (I get news from the region direct from my step son and ex-MIL who has retreated to her mountain BOL). Joining the EU was such a mistake for Romania that virtually every able bodied young person who can has already left, the few who remain are either the incompetent, the stupid or those like my step so who truly have the ability and means to live off the land. Financially the central bankers destroyed that nation in a way Ceaucescu never managed.

                  The Ukranians understand suffering like few other nations on earth following the Holomodor and Chernobyl. They are cynical as a result about big government and wise to the tricks & depravity of the elite in a way most westerners are not.

                • I have trouble believing what we are being told about the causes of this conflict in the MSM.

                  Next door is Romania and Hungary – countries that were accepted into the Capitalist dream when they joined the EU. Just a few years later their situation is worse than that of Greece (I get news from the region direct from my step son and ex-MIL who has retreated to her mountain BOL). Joining the EU was such a mistake for Romania that virtually every able bodied young person who can has already left, the few who remain are either the incompetent, the stupid or those like my step so who truly have the ability and means to live off the land. Financially the central bankers destroyed that nation in a way Ceaucescu never managed.

                  The Ukranians understand suffering like few other nations on earth following the Holomodor and Chernobyl. They are cynical as a result about big government and wise to the tricks & depravity of the elite in a way most westerners are not.

              • It’s a staged event. CIA been doing this stuff forever. You think the U.S. has the right to start trouble in other peoples countries.
                This could lead to a major war with Russia. You know what happens then?

            • I’ve noticed that, particularly in the LSM, they are quite vague about what the ant-govt protesters are protesting for. It’s like they don’t want people to know the western-backed protesters are trying to destroy Ukraine sovereignty, by joining the NWO owned and operated EU.

              The same thing as in Egypt and Syria. They fail to mention these countries are fighting the NWO takeover.

            • Dave,

              I read the Paul Craig Robert piece referenced above. That should put the kibosh on anyone’s claim that “Russian troops are here in the US to eventually do us harm … be very afraid.” Russia is NOT part of the NWO. They oppose it so far as it has designs on conquering them.

              That Putin is more authoritarian than Thomas Jefferson was I have no doubt. BUT he is a Russian nationalist first. He loathes the banksters as much as anyone here does.

              Russia’s historical problem for 1100 years was being encircled by enemies. Also having too few men to defend too much land.

              To say in one breath, “we the US are trying to de-stabilize Ukraine, to encircle and subvert Russia” is probably true. Then to follow that with Putin is working in concert with our power elite” is a barrel of drivel.

              Oblunder might not have brains enough to disdain Putin. But Putin certainly disdains him. Putin would put his own head in an oven before he’d cooperate in any way with

              Most of Russia’s population is west of the Urals. They have vast mostly empty spaces and enormous mineral wealth. The only thing they want from a militarist US is to be left the hell alone.

              Finally, anyone who thinks Russia is eager for military adventurism should compare the @ 425,000 the uS lost in all of WW2 with the 30 million Russians lost during their Great Patriotic War [The Eastern Front]. Every family lost someone; some families were wiped out.

            • “In the Ukraine, the government has reportedly deployed sniper teams”

              Who is reporting this? The same “media” , bought and paid for by the same cabal that brings us “hope and change we can believe it”? Bullshit.

              This article is no different than the propaganda MSM has been programming the gullible American masses since the “beginning”.

              Stephen Lendman has a handle on who’s really behind the scenes and manipulating the masses, and eloquently expresses it here…

              Its International Affairs Committee chairman Mikhail Margelov called ongoing violence stage-managed.

              “(M)ilitants dealt with law enforcers’ attacks…skillfully,” he said. “There is an evident organized nature behind the fighting, he added.

              Rioters “not only occupy state offices…but storm police wards and dismantle (special police unit) Berkut(s).”

              Everything ongoing was carefully orchestrated. It’s a Washington manipulated operation. It’s similar to what’s happening in Syria.

              At issue is regime change. It’s attempting a violent coup d’etat. Events remain fluid. Washington doesn’t initiate violence to quit.

              Expect no easy end of conflict. Perhaps things will get worse before improving. Maybe they’ll spin entirely out-of-control.

              Imperial ruthlessness operates this way. It’s longstanding US policy. It involves ravaging and destroying one country after another.

              It’s the American way. Advancing its imperium matters most. So is making the world safe for corporate plunderers.

              It’s carving countries up for profit. It’s looting their resources. It’s exploiting ordinary people mercilessly. It’s inflicting unspeakable human misery.

              Obama exceeds the worst of his predecessors. Rapaciousness has no limits on his watch.”

              • Perfect assessment EA. Judging from the comments here, most people are on to this western-backed game.

                • This is interesting, 6pk

                  take with a grain of salt…

                  Note – We cannot certify the veracity of this email but it fits numerous similar reports.

                  This message comes from “Alex” a contact inside of Russia. From the very start of Euromaydan each team leader of the “neo-Nazi” Right Wing Sector, RWS, receives a cash reward (for each active fighter for $ 200 per day and an additional $ 500 if the group is over 10 people; group coordinators – from U.S. $ 2,000 per day of riots, provided that controlled group performs direct offensive action against law enforcement officials and representatives of public authorities ) .

                  The cash for RWS flows from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev [through diplomatic channels] to the central offices of the “neo-Nazi” Freedom Party [leader – Tyagnibok-Frotman, half-Jew] and “Fatherland” party [leaders – Jewess Julia Kapitelman-“Timoshenko”, Jew Arseniy Jacenyuk, from the family of Rabbis]: about $ 20 million per week; PRIVATBANK of the Jewish tycoon Igor Kolomoisky is the main part of this financial backing [Kolomoisky is the main financial backer of Frotman` Freedom party and Bandera-Stetzko-Shukhevich` Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists]. In turn, these funds are distributed for the support of Euromaydan/RWS – for daily payments to active fighters, for bribes, drugs, weapons, Molotov cocktails etc. RWS leaders receive money by bank transfers on their personal accounts in Kolomoisky` Jewish PRIVATBANK. It is confirmed also, main financial backer of RWS is another Jewish tycoon Poroshenko; some assume, RWS is simply Poroshenko` private army. Interestingly, in 2006 already the future militants of RWS were taught special forces` and guerrilla` warfare in Estonia by NATO military instructors.

                  The main political backer of Euromaydan in the USA is the Jewess Victoria Nuland.

                  Btw – here: Jewish MP from the Fatherland Party Sergey Pashinsky with a sniper rifle in his car: presumably he shoots both at Berkut Riot police` guys [REAL ARYAN HEROES!] and RWS “rebels” – typically Jewish false flag` mode of operations.


                  However, it was confirmed, Ukrainian “far-Right” leaders, at their request, received firm guarantees from the USA and EU for an emergency evacuation from the territory of Ukraine, and the provision of accommodation and facilities in any EU country [a vivid examples are the Avtomaydan` leader Sergey Koba, who escaped to Germany, and Spilna sprava` chief Aleksandr Danylyuk, who lives in London already].

                  Yes, RWS` rank-and-file` militants are presumably Jew-haters – likewise, Libyan and Syrian Western-Wahhabi-Israeli backed “rebels”. At any rate, generally the Ukrainian war is in the same pattern as the wars in Libya and Syria. NB: RWS` heroes are Syrian “rebels”, RWS hoists Free Syria` flag together with Bandera` one. As the American blockhead John Friend writes in the recent issue of American Free Press, “Nationalism is on the rise in Ukraine”. Aha. And this naive idiot is the staff writer now for AFP, although Michael Collins Piper was sacked recently.

                  John Friend` Ukrainian favorites have NO allies among the Slavonic Nationalists, but collaborate closely with Meir Kahane` types


                  As my buddy Manuel Ochsenreiter tells during our Victory Hour podcast – after Ukraine next frontlines for THEM will be Byelorussia and Russia. Jewish\American-backed “far Rightists” are ready, already


                  All the best from Evil Empire,


                  • Euro American: very believable since going back since 1970 in USA, litterally Every self made Hitler nazi wannabe, “Leader” of all those many neo nazi orgs or groups that have sprung up every few years in usa.

                    Every one has been found out to be a jewish guy, Paid off by some form of fed govnt or zionist orgs here.

                    And thats all well documented at several online webistes with notated numbered documents for proof solid.

                    Got that yet folks…as it states in his posting, every far right neo nazi rebel or protest group that has been featured in american tv news as wicked vile nazis wearing swastika armbands etc and acting like hitler, has been a Jew who changed his name, and acted out as a neo nazi for MSM TV Propaganda galore.

                    RESEARCH it all! Facts are at several wesbites fully proven. If thats how its done here in usa, why would it get done any different in Ukraine?

                    Yet in Two days, on Sunday, again 50 Million deluded folks will go to sit in church pews, raise hands above heads and worship jews as Instructed by judiazer pastors who foam at Mouth, awaiting their Next jewish zio cash Bribe Installment for their next new caddy car or million dollar crib!

                    That should all abruptly End once as written in, LUKE 21:12 comes to pass here in america eh.

                    LUKE 21:12 “Then They(jews) will Persecute You, and take You Captive into their Prisons and SYNAGOUGES!”

                    Last I heard nobody else but jews calls their churchs a synagouge eh…So just whom was Christ warning us about anyways?….Maybe Hagee can tell ya!

            • Dave: Agreed, the US is stirring up trouble in Ukraine. This is the NWO GB PTB who want to wrest control of that country away from Russia. Absent nuclear weapons, Ukraine, Germany, and Poland could defend Europe from Russia very well.

              Point of order, CHINA is the NWO and full partners with the GB’s. Aggression? Yes, but an Empire on the defense is an Empire in decline. Thus the Wars of Crony Capitalism.

              Ukraine is pretty evenly divided between natives and third generation Russians, but all of them want the economic benefits of membership in the EU, if only to emigrate freely. After all, the goal of the NWO is an “Open Society”. Open everywhere except Israel.

              Engage your employees, if not for yourselves and your children’s children: then for the children of the world and the future of mankind. Or be enslaved by them to their system, one country at a time. 🙂

            • Get over yourself. This is all about the spread of Communism. Only now the US is also involved in the spreading as our govt. has been hi-jacked by communists. The cold war never ended they just changed tactics when the confrontational strategy did not work.

              • JOHN W: The usa or at least New york Bankster rothschild agent Jacob Shiff(jewish/zionist) Is who Funded Trotskys attempt to sovietize russia in 1918.

                In 1917, Trotsky went to NY, found about 300 More NY jews, who were All prior from Russia and now us citizens, and Trained them to be the Point of the Spear of comminusim when Trotsky took all 300 fellow jewdeo bolsheviks Back to russia to meet up with Lennin and start the russian revolution and usher In soviet jewdeo kommunist rule.

                Jacob Shiff, NY banksterman, TOP Bankster nationwide of usa, Gave Trotsky and his crew $20-Million in Pure Gold, to Add to the $10 million in Gold Lennin was Given by another jewish bankster in Germany of 1917…That was banksterman, Warburg.

                When both met up in Russia with a total of $30 million in Gold they begn the revolt and within 5 yrs the world recognized former russia as the NEW Soviet USSR under Lennin.

                So if one determins that NO revolts, NO natin take overs, NO regiem changes can happen without Proper Funding of it first….Then one can determine that YES american zionists jewish banksters(that really run the usa fed govnt) have been behind Communisim ever since Day One.

                New York has been a royal Hotbed of jewdeo kommies since boatloads of kommies from russia began to OFF load at shores of elis island and reisde in NY since 1880’s.

                By 1924 if I recall right, even usa reps and senate members were so concerned of such massive huge numbers of immigrants from Just Two main areas, Russia and poland, and All being jewish, congress tried pass new Laws to stiffle massive immigrations…It only lasted about 3 yrs before NY jew pressure on US Prez got laws changed back to allow for more kommies entry into usa.

                Without a doubt, NY is Kommie HQ for usa, and Main HQ for jewish citizenery…Coincidence? NOT! They Invented communisim!…Then brought it to our shores!

                Look what a royal Mess americas in today after over 100+ yrs of jewdo communisim in usa eh.

          • The Russians have released audio and emails that confirms evolvement of the US and EU. The EU needs the Ukraine to continue to hide their collapsing economy. The commies in Washington are continuing with world destruction and NWO takeover.

          • look at the map and the pipe lines for natural gas, this is not about the people. This is about wanting to take control away from Russia. if you think Russia is going to let this country fall into EU hands, think again. When Olympics is done, there is a good possibility that in the next few weeks we could see major hostile actions taken by the biggest countries.
            The Puppeteers are enjoying seeing the fruits of their labors take affect.
            This year is going to be filled with turmoil and devastation. The world is a powder keg waiting for the fuse to be lit.

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

            • When Israel starts sell NG to the EU and Arab states from its new feilds in 2015-2018…. taking away Rusia’s cash cow (Russia sell NG to the EU at 2.5 times the cost as we pay for it in the US), well…. then it gets real interesting….

          • Yeah, Paul Craig Roberts is really good! He recently published an article about Obama Care– what a scam! Its called “AffordableCare Act” for a reason– its affordable FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT because they steal poor peoples’ homes/assets to pay for it! And it NOT an option!!

            • I’m amazed the Stasi State hasn’t silenced him like a JPM Bankster with an out of control nailgun a top a 33 story bank building. I think he’s Ann Barnhardt’s dad.

            • Good catch, SoapDish…

              Yes, it is about control of the NG pipelines to Europe.

              The instigation by corporate DC in the Middle East and Asia is all about control of resources…yes, this includes Iran; that is not about nuclear weapons. Iran has vast reserves of NG and the Imperial armies want it for the EU.

              Russia has about 20 years of NG reserves already tapped…the EU has next to none. Vlad has a doctorate from St. Petersburg State Mining Institute and is no dummy when it comes to control of resources himself.

              Turkmenistan also has lots of NG (more than Russia) and they have an agreement with Russia for 15 years. The Empire has been talking to the president of Turkmenistan to try and get a deal for gas…no luck so far.

              Azerbejan (sp) also has a lot of NG.

              Look for “uprisings” in these countries soon if the Empire can’t strike favorable deals about hydrocarbons.

              A good one to read on the strategy of these conflicts is Pepe Escobar. No Western propaganda in his write-ups.

          • Another kinetic back door intervention for natural resources.yes Russia’s oil and gas pipeline distribution all runs through the Ukraine.yes we know Kissinger intervened back in the 70’s to force the Saudis to buy our treasuries so we in turn stop gap our oil production state side and buy the oil from the middle east and northern Africa..thus promulgating a worldwide state sponsored terrorism facade (Al Qaeda aka al CIA cada)to keep us safe here in the homeland by eliminating our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the name of nation building,fighting the never ending state sponsored war on terror and enriching the multinationals.thus destroying our way of life in the name of democracy…how fucking quaint it all is..

            Have any of you had enough???..or are you still buying into the muslim threat b.s still>?

            Now we have destroyed the economies of Libya,Egypt,Greece, Spain, Portugal,Argentina,Venezuela,Iraq,Iran,Syria..and are well under way to destroying Ukraine by proxy and eventually by economic weapons of mass destruction once the bankers step in…meanwhile they have gutted us without firing a shot while we still argue over petty b.s arguments over Obama vs Bush,dems vs repubs and all that other preconceived nonsense..

            Good God when will this country come to its senses?

            I fear never..


            • Good evening, Possee, and I fear you’re right. this nation will NOT come to its senses. But I’m willing to make the effort to try and save it. If I fail I will die trying.

              • I sense a bit of dislike for your self centered comments braveheart

                • Race2extinction, would you care to clarify that statement? what exactly do you mean by “self-centered”?

          • This is another U.S./NGO sponsored event using your tax dollars.
            This is payback to Putin for backing Obama down on Syria! And Paul Craig Roberts and some others have it right!

        • Another reason to keep our guns–rubber bullets or not!!

          • “In response, anti-government sniper teams with hunting rifles have taken positions to target police and military operating in the city’s main square.”

            Darn hunters with their guns, somebody get PETA on the phone.

            • PETA: People Emulating Targets Anonymously

              • PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

            • Those weren’t hunting rifles they had they were 22lr. Too bad for them.
              In the videos. The government snipers were using live ball ammo.

              • Don’t underestimate the 22lr. I assure you that well placed head-shots are fatal.

                And shots to the groin are demoralizing, to say the least.

                That’s what I’d do. At the very least, I would end the family and “social” life for every goon I could get in my sights.

                • WK, that is oh so true about the .22LR. People really become shocked when they discover what the .22LR can really do. get yourself shot in the face or the gut with a 22 and see what kind of day you have. .22LR is what John Hinckley used on President Ronald Reagan. .22LR was also used for assassinations in Vietnam.

                • Well don’t tell the government that. They seem to be more interested in 223’s and 308’s for us.

                • WALT:
                  If you can drop a 1200lb steer and or a 400lb hog with one round to the head/brain, I would say that fatal.
                  I have read that it is the favortie of most hitmen.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • In Sarajevo the .22 was the preferred round for urban snipers, head shots , low sonic signature perfect for urban operations because its difficult to detect the rounds origin from sound due to sound scatter off of buildings.

                  In Nam it was used in a modified Ruger semi auto pistol with a bolt lock and a suppressor for removing dogs ( and geese used as warning sentries around villages ) . It was called by the name of a “Hush Puppy” also effective at close range for sentry removal. Shot placement counts with this small round not a lot of stopping power but it’s very effective in some cases . added option not known by some in the mutfi world handguns can be aimed with NVG’ s head mounted easier than rifle sights which require lasers designators to be more accurate.

                  Maybe this is why it’s been so difficult to find lately it is the perfect harassement round and a lot can be accumulated and stored in a small space. If kept dry and cool will last indefinitely . The arms that use this round rarely wear out most are worn out by excessive cleaning. It believe this is the next thing Ostainshit will go after next.

                  A trick learned in Bosnia use the .22 as a defensive weapon to draw the assault teams in closer to your defended position then switch to large caliber penetrating weapons (7.62×54). Finish with precision directed fire.

                  Rinse and repeat as necessary .



                  Semper Fi 8541

              • Delton,
                Obviously you need to read a little more and you will read numbers of weapons taken by the protesters from the government. It isn’t all .22, nor is it pellet guns. And by the way, what makes you so damn sure it is ball ammo. Have you seen it in the videos?

                • Maybe we need one good surgical strike—no, not surgeons taking vacations. We need the strike on the next Bilderberg meeting. It must be deployed after they’re all in there, and it must level at least one mile square…absolutely nothing slithers out alive.

        • Well now they have gone and done it. RT is reporting that the police have been given orders to use live fire to take the protesters. They are telling them to lay down their arms and peacefully protest, If they do that they will be slaughtered. This is going to spin out of control fast.


          • III%

          • DPS, welcome back, long time no hear. How have you been?

            • Brave,

              Doing pretty good now, been busy getting ready for spring. Even though I don’t post much I always take the time do read SHTFplan and most comments.


        • As I stated in a previous post…. Many on our team train for the Long Shot. I would not call us snipers (two on our team were, in the military) but we are getting good out to 600-700 yards. The girls are better than the guys…. So Train, Train, Train…….. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • “The girls are better than the boys”. Cause they hadn’t had a chance to develop any bad habits and they listen to instruction without prejudice.

            OTOH, I would be on the roof top of the KFC with one arm wrapped around a “family bucket” and the other hand holdin’ a leg piece ‘nawlin’ on it watchin’ the shit goin’ down. And yes, I would be lickin’ the grease off my fingers before I picked my rifle up to take the next one out, so as the next guy could move up one spot in the chow line.

            • PO’D,

              Pass that bucket my way when you get done.

              Man on the inside,

              Sounds like you have got the right team bud, have to agree with PO’d about the bad habits we tend to pick up. I really have not got to do much shooting for the past month or so, but I can still hit a running pig out the window of the moving truck so its all good.


              • County, state for fed?

              • Mmmmmmm bacon……

        • This is a great site and sometimes viewed by as many as 40,000 people. So just remember that it is not only a great listening post for the NSA but also a great place for a Communist Agitator. What is going on in the Ukraine ain’t no party, so don’t be in to big of a hurry to get something such as this started in America. Trekker Out. OPSEC.

          • I hear what you’re sayin’ but sometimes I just need somebody to aggravate the living shit out of. Especially loser fucks in the NSA. Besides there’s probably communists, facists, and every group that could be given birth to, involved in whats going on in the Uke. Maybe it’ll get down to the final stand off like in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. Angel Eyes gets killed and the final two split the gold and ride off. Maybe that’s the best that anybody can hope for. In the words of Ron White when he was a passenger on a private plane having trouble, ” Take her down, I hope I don’t want to have to limp away from this wreck.”

          • Trekker,

            Let them listen, let them hear we the people. I really don’t care anymore what they think. They don’t represent the people. They serve only themselves and their masters.
            Besides what kind of a American would I be if I wasn’t on their list?


            • NSA, titt-sucking bastards, are like the TSA….what have they accomplished??
              NOT ONE DAMN THING. The billions spent on these two could have been used to start small businesses here and help the economy—but that isn’t in the NWO plan.
              The plan is to take America down and it is working.

            • Well said.

            • DPS, I’m with you.

        • According to “Daily Impact,” the fighting in Egypt is over food…!

          • The Ukraine was known as the breadbasket of the ussr.

            • Breadbasket of both Russia and Europe.

            • Like Southern Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Africa before it became Zimbabwe and they started killing and displacing the White farmers. Anything to knock off the food supply. Drought in California, lots of produce grown there as well. This world is in for a rough time.

            • And all the pipelines run smack dab through it.

        • I don’t feel for the Ukrainian people one wit. They allowed themselves just as we are presently doing in becoming subjects of the government. If they want out from under the tyranny they are presently under then they need to do what we are going to be forced into.

          A reset of government and a back to the principles we were once governed under. Just because it is going to be expensive in terms of human life that is the price you have to pay (as we will) in order to regain your freedom.


          • You need to get a little more knowledge about Ukrainian history before you bad mouth the people. Mass starvations by their own govt. under stalin and then the German invasion which killed millions more and destroyed most of the country are something we would never have survived.

            • I am aware of what they have gone through. Sorry, I don’t care and I doubt if the tables were turned they wouldn’t care about me.

              I am looking at this as a preview of what is to come to a neighborhood near me. I will be greatly pissed of in the HNIC commits anything towards helping these people in any form.

              It is not as if I am not a compassionate person. It is just that we (I) have more than enough to handle that I feel is ore important than a people who would do nothing for me. It is a matter of priorities.


          • The Ukranian people suffered the same fate as the first nations of the America’s. They were genocided and starved out of existence in many parts of their own nation. Those that remained did resist the Soviet regime as best they could.

            Given the selfless bravery demonstrated on an ongoing basis by Ukranians after the Chernobyl disaster your comments have really annoyed me! These people really are on the front line of the battle against the NWO, and have been for a long time.

            People have and are dying across the globe to overcome the relentless march of the NWO. It’s so easy for an armchair warrior to criticise what he fails to comprehend. The least we can do is honour their sacrifice, made on our behalf.

            • It is really hard for me to understand the lack of empathy for the Ukrainian uprising. I agree with some of the posts above about the positive changes that have occurred in the RU under Putin and oly time will tell whether this will last. John W and Anon you are spot on.

        • These videos show precisely why the founding fathers put the Second Ammendment in The Constitution!

          They are fighting a foe armed with modern weapons with bodies and bricks. They have the power of conviction but all civil wars are bloody and the question is will their conviction hold? The 2nd gives the ability to keep the ground level if not slanted to the militia. TPTB are taking notes for if/when this happens here.

          Enjoy life, save something each day, train and hope you don’t have to use your preps.


          • Yes but since they owned some slaves everything they did was evil. That is what the left has the dumb shits that make up most of the country believing. Did you see the Jimmy Kimmel man on the street interviews where he asked the dumb as a box of hammers how they felt about Franklin Roosevelt dying last week. The morons had no clue that he had been dead since 1945.

        • Obama shreiks about how the situation in Ukraine should be handled peacefully. When this happens in America, the US government will make Assad and KIM look like alterboys.

        • I am baffled and puzzled that there are so many posts suggesting the Ukrainian Government and the Russian President are the guys in “White Hats” and the demonstrators are the guys in “Black Hats”. I was also surprised to see posts defending the use of snipers by the government as well. I have not been able to find anywhere that the demonstrators represent the communists. The true Ukrainians have always hated the communists and what they did to their people and to their country. They have been some of the most strident anticommunists in the past.

          I pray for the Ukrainian people that they will not come under the domination of tyrants and that they will at long last come to realize their aspirations for freedom and self-determination. I pray that the current efforts to bring about peace and reconciliation will work.

          Epp, I loved your anecdote about the mouse. Something to ponder.

        • Good post.

      2. Coming soon…to a town near you!!

        You’d better be prepared.

        • Will we know what is happening when the SHTF?

          More CONTROL of news organizations is coming.

          “Participation in the Critical Information Needs study is voluntary—in theory.”

          “FCC’s queries may be hard for the broadcasters to ignore. They would be out of business without an FCC license, which must be renewed every eight years.”

          NEWSROOM RESEARCH – Warnings FCC study could stifle press freedom

          FCC plans to issue new ‘net neutrality’ rules

          • Obama Plans to Put Government ‘Monitors’ in Newsrooms

            “The American Center for Law and Justice is warning of an Obama administration plan to place government monitors in newsrooms via an FCC proposal that could turn every major news network and newspaper into little more than a state media mouthpiece.”

            “FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai recently lifted the lid on a shocking White House proposal entitled ‘Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs’ that would dispatch researchers from the federal agency “to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run.

            According to Pai, the program is about “pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.” In other words – the fairness doctrine on steroids.”

            • gummint MINDERS not monitors.

            • KY Mom,

              Honestly, who really cares? The news coming from those outlets is so highly manipulated now. Does anyone here think they can make it any worse? Not me. Even if they do, I’d have to be listening to care. Every few weeks I turn on MSNBC until the gag reflex kicks in. I then turn to CNN until I’m laughing histerically and turn the channel to FOX. I last a little longer on there but end up hitting the “OFF” button just shaking my head.

              Worthless Sheople News.

              So, why does it not bother me that the most crooked evil corporation on the planet is putting “monitors” in the newsrooms of other corporations? Because it can only get so dark. Once it is that dark, it doesn’t matter any more and I think, as far as LSM goes, we are pretty much there.

              • It’s just another project to steal money from the people paying taxes.
                The technology is already there to spy on news organizations.

            • I ready about this earlier KY Mom. If this doesn’t get people riled up in addition to the assaults in the 2nd and the 4th, then we are truly lost as a nation.

              • (crickets)
                We’re lost.

            • They all loved O until he came for THEM.

            • “Government Minders” is just another “jobs program” for the Party Faithful. No one watches LSM anyway, as evidenced by the ratings.

              Engage your employees or you be watching One Channel. 🙁

          • Perhaps what they’re doing in Japan- inprisoning anyone who goes against “the official story” is coming her, KY Mom. No wonder people have problems sleeping, not feeling up to par– what’s happening around the world– this EXTREME SHIFT towards totalitarism– is unnerving!

            • Yes, ” unnerving ”

      3. “What we’re seeing in the Ukraine right now will be a picnic compared to how it will go down on the streets of America.”

        The people in the Ukraine have had enough!

        The people in America still don’t realize they they are being screwed over.

        So it will be awhile before SHTF here.

        • “The people in America still don’t realize they they are being screwed over.

          So it will be awhile before SHTF here.”

          2nd this.

          most of the usa doesnt grasp that someday the trillions of debt, entitlements, food stamps, drug free states and lack of rule of law(ie 10 million illegals) will come back to bite the country and when it does, youre going to see scenes like this all over the usa.

          cities that punish their citizens with taxes and fees will be on the front line of what kiev looks like and those cities will have seen kiev and will not mess around. you can expect to be dodging real bullets if you try and take a torch to your local city hall.

          • lena,

            You seem to think city hall has the power. WE have the power. Even if most have been brainwashed to think otherwise. When the action goes hot those people who think they have a putative “monopoly on the legitimate use of force” will be taking lots of incoming. Just three percent of us knowing who really has the power will put the vermin in city hall on their knees.

            Some fraction of the tyrant’s thugs will cast their lot with the tyrant, against free people defending our freedom. Those thugs sooner or later will be dead men walking.

            I’m crunchy and taste good with ketchup. Dragons can roll right over me. But they are going to pay a price for trying.

            Compared to the US population, what percentage of Ukrainians are well armed? Point made.

          • Ghostrighter and lena, I hope you’re right on that time frame. the longer we have for prepping, the more supplies we can get for ourselves. But I still get the feeling this summer will be LONG AND HOT………….

            • Unfortunately, TPTB are amassing technologies and supplies at a much greater rate than we are…not so sure the “more time the better” idea is in our favor.

        • When it comes here it will be very different. In the Ukraine we see the people fighting the government for a cause they believe in. In America a small fraction will be fighting for freedom. Many, many more will be looting, raping and murdering within hours. Look carefully at the video out of Kiev, the people are respecting the property of fellow citizens. That will not happen here. Sorry to say, most of the sheeple here have been programmed takers.

          • You’re correct! Many will panic like chickens without a head. This will be the “Zombie Apocalypse”, no it is not you’re conventional “Zombie”. They will act like “Zombies”, because they will be senseless and mindless. I am an American that realizes this, but the stakes are high. We are on a double-edged sword where the timing of execution is EVERYTHING. Even if we do fight, we must go against tanks, military armored vehicles, choppers, drones, stealth bombers, and battleships that fire missiles from off shore. We, as an American society as a whole, have given too much power…. We only have only guns, ammo, make-shift explosives like Molotov Cocktails. Hijacking tanks will be the toughest and scariest idea ever, but its worth my life to die as a true patriot.

          • I don’t think so, Maddog… The right wingers and the liberals- both– are sick of this government… they both know how fetid it is with corruption… they both want revolution.

            • ” The right wingers and the liberals- both– are sick of this government… they both know how fetid it is with corruption… they both want revolution.”

              This is correct however compared to the masses of ignorant sheeple as the Ocommie phone women the people you point to are drop in the bucket.

            • Anonymous, your wrong! but you just hold on to that thought. “Thought” is when you feel like you’re going to fart and end up shitting yourself. That’s what “thought” will do for you.

          • Ukraine doesn’t have our diversity.

        • American/Israeli armed and sponsored revolutionaries trying to destabilize the area and encircle Russia. Hopefully by starting on the Ukraine (Which Jewry did also in the 1920s) we will see the demise and eradication of the evil that is America and Israel.

          • Not only that, if we push to a Revolution it will only push their agenda of creating a one world government (NWO) much faster due to our actions. They will recognize and come together as one…

            • Nope. “They” believe no one will rise up. Hell for the most part were proving them correct. Human nature is to be lazy and if you haven’t noticed most Americans take that to the maximum. If TPTB provide Joe Sixpack with his vises he will do little more than collect the check, drink his beer, smoke his dubbie and watch his porn or nfl. How ’bout some of us show a little more initiative. Please something more than “vote the bums out”. Just sayin’.

        • Just had an argument on another forum where I claimed World War 3 is nigh and that people need to get prepared….and wouldn’t ya know it, a small army of clueless retards felt an overpowering need to call me every name in the book. They said I was a raving lunatic conspiracy theorist nutball. They will go to their graves believing that everything will be A-OK if they just harness the power of positive thinking. They sure did get a good laugh over it. But guess what assholes…..he who laughs last, laughs loudest!

          It’s really surreal, isn’t it, to be living in these times and seeing the world collapse around us, even while people ABSOLUTELY FUCKING REFUSE TO EVEN CONSIDER that it’s happening!

          • That’s what I’m thinking too. I pray and hope some light will shine into Ukraine and instead of war they will choose peace. What does it really matter if one dude is president? Can’t he have a good life if he lets someone else take over?! Less headaches to boot. Just make peace with the people and work it out.

            • If they let another globalist puppet run their country, they’re doomed to NWO slavery. If that isn’t worth fighting for, I don’t know what is.

          • They think in bumper sticker levels.

            Visualize Whirled Peas

            • Smokey! That is a very apt sentence. “They think in bumper sticker levels.” I’ve found this to be true. While we sit on here discussing things all the way to the top, most people rise to bumper sticker levels, get their news, and go back to American Idle. (…and no, I did *NOT* misspell “Idol”. I’m not referring to the TV show…)

              Thats why that stuff must be taken away before the average Joe will do anything but sit in front of that TV.

            • COEXIST

          • Ref: Shiftless I hear ya Man. I have family that agree things are not good right now BUT they say “IT” ain’t gonna happen in our lifetime. He has a box or two of ammo for his pieces and says that is enough. Borrow a bag of sugar from us when they run short etc. etc. It is TRULY UNBELIEAVABLE.

        • Enough people of America aren’t hungry yet!!

          Then we will see riots like Ukraine is experiencing, but with guns; real bullets.

        • Ghostrighter,
          It will seem like a picnic (what the Ukrainians are going though now) because the Ukrainians, or even the Egyptians, are not quite so quick to massacre their own peoples as the American military-industrial complex will be.

          Can you imagine transplanting the Kievan masses into downtown San Francisco, or Denver, or Dallas, or Chicago, and turning them loose to conduct a protest of the same kind and degree as the one they are carrying out now? Our government would mow them down and make fertilizer out of them.

          That’s because Ukrainians are still somewhat a “people”, and they don’t hate their own. But they’ve resented Russian hegemony for decades.

          In the States, a small military-backed minority has a visceral hatred and a seething contempt for the “American People”. And indeed, we are not like a homogeneous nation such as Japan or Ukraine. We are (to them) a bruised, mottled ocean of flotsam to be humiliated and then liquidated. We are Kissinger’s “useless eaters”. We are “unorganized, grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit”, to quote Sgt. Hartman.

          • Excuse me, thats Mr. “unorganized, grabasstic pieces of shit” with rifles that will shoot a hole in a golf ball at 200 yards and a basketball at 1000 yards.

            Once the true nature of things because unavoidable by the American Sheoples’ cognitive dissonance, I sincerely hope it won’t be too late for them to turn the the likes of you and me and we can get this rolling back to where it should be: A Constitutional Republic instead of the corporatist occupation we have now.

        • The reason that the US does not have riots is the government prints over a trillion dollars a year to pay people off. People with food in their bellies and a place to stay, don’t riot.

          If the dollar takes a dump and they can no longer print non existent money….Stand By!

          • That’s right, Red Leader. And just now at, I read the following articles:

            “142 Cities in Brazil are Now Rationing Water as Drought Goes Critical”. (I remember years ago reading that wars in the future will be over water, as water will be the new “Oil”… seems to be about to come true)!

            Also, the article states that Brazil is the world’s leading supplier of a number of foods– including coffee (Got to have my coffee!), o.j., soy and beef.

            According to National Geographic, the drought out West could last 200 years or more.

            • Anonymous, as Mark Twain once said; “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over”.

            • California is now experiencing a drought caused in part by a federal judge denying farmers in that state access to water. If the idiots would just rise up and take back access to that water, they might have a fighting chance. If they keep following what the commie idiot said, they’ll eventually get dehydrated and die. Looks like God’s judgment to me.

        • It will take less than a week for people here to figure it out.

          We just haven’t had the right “event” yet.

          • Oh..NOT.
            Some idiots I know will be sitting on the corner with their suitcases waiting for the FEMA bus.

            • Don’t forget to wave Bye-bye! I know I won’t.

              • I was on a FEMA bus once. I tried to get off and was threatened with arrest by my own local police. Circumstances left me little choice but to comply. They had the men, they had the guns, they had the equipment, they had the transportation. I looked like a homeless man, unbathed and unkempt, wearing those disposable clothing. It is easy to talk big in the comfort of your home but quite something else when surrounded by the enforcement officers looking like a vagabond!

                • I guess the goal is to avoid getting into that situation to begin with, huh?

            • Those are the Darwin candidates who never would have survived anyway if it weren’t for the fact that they have lived in a world where everything they needed, and most of what they wanted, was freely available to them without struggle or work.

              Just think how much better off we’ll be if SHTF thins out the herd of useless eaters that have done nothing but live off the producers in this country for the last 50 years.

              Let them get on the FEMA bus. We won’t miss them.

      4. Wars and Rumors of Wars! Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

        • “But when you hear of wars and commotions, do not be terrified; for these things must come to pass first, but the end will not come immediately.” ~ Luke 21:9

          • LUKE,21:12, And Then They will Persecute You and Capture you to Take you into Their prisons and SYNAGOUGES.

            So much for best friends and allies eh.

            For Naysayers that find it difficut to decipher that verse, the “They” it says are going to Imprison You and Persecute You and take you captive into synagouges.

            That “THEY” means “jews” and of course zionists.

            So be Carefull whom you trust, defend, or unquestionably support. as they just might be Your enemys soon!

      5. Next time you see some whiny fucktards throwing their hands up in the air and claiming it’s hopeless, that revolution cannot occur because the government owns a bunch of shiny toys and “modern weaponry”…..just post a link to the video of that APC getting lit up by molotovs! Bet those guys thought they were invincible too!

        • Right on shiftless, lets get the party started.

          • Better start saving those beer bottles…

            • Better start saving those beer bottles …..LOL !
              Now there is another thing I need to add to my prepping list !
              At least empty bottles will be fun collecting …..
              Heading to Specs now…
              Standing by with a cold one…in
              Montgomery County Texas

        • Isolate it.

          Disable it.

          Burn it.

          • Isolate it.
            Disable it.
            Claim it.
            Fix it.
            Use it yourself.

        • I only had one thought when they lit up that APC: I want some of those. Not the APC, but, the glassware. Thats gotta come in handy someday soon.

          • I hear wine bottles work well.

      6. What a fuckin mess over there. Glad nothing like that could ever happen here.

        I noticed none of the guys running around there had a weapon. When it goes down here everyone will be shooting. Well, except for the gun hating libtards. They’ll be trying to dial 911.

        Crazy shit going around

        • You’re wrong,as your name implys, WrongSays. Not every liberal is anti-gun, just as not every right winger is clueless about global warming. Most people nowdays are Independents… haven’t you seen the latest polls? republicans–25%, liberals–35% (or thereabouts) and the rest independents? That means MOST people are awake now, and realize the whole fedeal governnment is a scam!

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah……………..

            And not every Anonymous is as stupid as you.

            • Wrong — pay no attention to that man behind the screen.

              Anyone who thinks that most people are awake today
              is comatose or moribund at best themselves.

              Maybe they are taking advantage of Colorado’s
              new Rocky Mountain High, sans John Denver.
              ‘Hey maaan, pass that spliff back this way, I
              think I’m having a revelation, can ya dig it’.

              • John Denver? He was stoned when he crashed wasn’t he?

                Speaking of Colorado… I need to drive out to Colorado Springs in the next couple weeks. Not looking forward to that at all. Can’t do the 24 hour thing anymore. I’m gonna have to stop along the way. Nasty. Anyone own a motel between here and there?

                • Ran out of gas…
                  But, stupid is as stupid does.

            • Wrong, that Anonymous sounded something like eisen or ncjoe to me.

              • Cuz Braveheart I don’t think you know what you want. You whine, rant and cry to Mac about trolls, and then once they’re gone you can’t leave it alone. If your lonely, come on home to North Georgia and bring the rest of your supplies, we could sure use them.

          • So you think most of us are clueless about global warming? As Shirley Q. Liquor says, “That’s just ignunt!”

        • 911
          Government sponsored dial a prayer !
          Standing by in
          Montgomery County Texas

      7. I think the USA will keep giving free stuff more and more and more to keep people contained and divided. They will do anything because they know most gun owners are good people and are not going to snap and start a all out war. They know this. So they are so desperate to get our guns before the financial collapse happens and the government here loses control of its people where they cant do anything but mass attack on a grand scale.

        • That is also why the recent resurgence in “news” about Syria, Iran, and North Korea! I have noticed a number of articles recently appearing which all seem to be geared towards “manufacturing consent” for a war in one or all of those countries. I think the elite see pretty clearly that everything is coming apart at the seams, and they will try their damnedest to start WW3 as a distraction.

        • clint hospo,

          Re: I think the USA will keep giving free stuff more and more

          I think it has been part of the ‘plan’ to make the population weaker – not self reliant and ‘dependent’ on the government to survive.

          It has taken years. Look how far they have come.

          “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The course of history shows us that as a government grows, liberty decreases.”
          -Gerald Ford

          • KY Mom,
            And the media didn’t make that quote from President Ford popular. They just concentrated on sight gags that cast him as a stumble-rummy.

            • One of the best men, ever.

          • Thanks Ky mom, as usual you are very articulate and insightful. Ronald Reagan said “Man is not free unless government is limited.”

        • The free stuff is all contingent upon the dollar remaining the world’s reserve currency (i.e. it can be used to buy stuff). When it takes all the funds in their EBT cards to buy one sack of groceries, the unrest will begin. The ONLY reason they can print money now and get away with it, is because the dollar is still considered to have value. When that ends…..the party is over.

      8. Egypt didn’t have a civil war…they had the equivalent of a fracas with a brief time expended overthrowing their government and put in the government that the US wanted…until they overthrew it again, again in a short period of time and with relatively few casualties.

        Ukraine has become exponentially more bloody in a shorter period of time and may blow up into a civil war along the lines of Syria. The speed reminds me of Bosnia in terms of ferocity and quickness (as our Bosnian friend has often reported). Of course, it will depend on how many of the “Super Powers” get involved as to how long it lasts and how bloody it gets…back to having a “Big Brother” who fuels your arms needs.

        • You are right, IIC. I only mentioned Egypt and Ukraine in the same sentence because they are ethnically more homogeneous than is the USA.

          The Ukrainian conflict could become something much bigger than what people expect.

          • Nimrod Hunter: What I find, shall we say, “unusual” in the current situation in the Ukraine is the relative ease in which the population started targeting the police and the government officials, something people really have never experienced here in America, having a completely different mindset.

            Of course, we have never experienced the Holodomor courtesy of the Russians either, which must still play in the mindset of the Ukrainians, not to mention all the facets of the years of Russian occupation.

            • I talked to some Ukrainians many years ago. They were from a nationalist organization called RUCH. The Ukrainians have always resented having Russian language imposed upon them, and began in 1990 to make Ukrainian the effective national language. Instead of turning over the nuclear weapons on their soil to the Russians, they dismantled them. They insisted on keeping most of the Black Sea fleet.

              More recently, they had the Orange Revolution, wherein the Uniates (Ukrainian Byzantine Rite Catholics) voted for V. Yushchenko and Orthodox (and, by implication, collaborators with the Russians and proponents of the Ukrainian-Russian natural gas treaty) voted for Yanukovych. The latter is still a major irritant to most people.

              You mentioned the Holomodor. They believe that the 7 million were “murdered by hunger” to destroy their ages-old nationalism.

              So I guess I am just augmenting your point made that the Ukrainians easily assumed the role of antagonists against the perceived Russian collaborators. Centuries of history are bound to foster the conditions in which such battles as those currently being fought are fomented.

              Though Americans have lots of guns, not many these days have the moral fiber to go up against an oppressor in the manner that the Ukrainians have done. The latter, with their home-made tin shields, have shown great valor so far. My gut feeling is that Americans would never rise to the occasion in great numbers.

              To paraphrase St. Paul, “Be not deceived. Ease, ignorance, and sloth corrupt good manners. Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God. I speak this to your shame.”

              • And the globalists are masters at exploiting age-old hatreds and rivalries, to get people at each others throats. Once weakened by civil wars, the NWO can walk right in and take over. It’s one plan that has yet to fail.

          • Here’s another thought, NH…and tell me what your thoughts are too, please:

            Do you not find it odd that this involves the Ukraine … half of whom want to align with Russia and take Putin’s financial offer / half of whom want to align with the EO and take their financial offer (whatever that may be)?

            And that whomever is behind this wants to involve Russia in a war (and turn their attention), even if peripherally?

            Now remember: Russia is the country whose HUGE natural gas pipeline runs through the Ukraine and feeds natural gas to Europe. A big money maker for them.

            …NOW at exactly the same time, the United States is making more “noise” about going to war with Syria (in their supposedly limited “bomb the hell out of you and finance the Al-Qaeda rebels at the same time” way the US loves to do), and that the current Syrian government is the ONLY THING stopping the Saudi Arabian energy moguls from running their natural gas pipeline through Syria – which SAID ACTION by the US has ONLY been stopped by the checkmate moves by Russia?

            The “big dogs” are fucking the world up again.

            • Yep. And they’ve lined up the pawns for battle.

            • Funny you should write that,IIC. This morning before work, I read the following:


              There are many pipelines running through Ukraine to Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and points beyond, and to the Black sea.

              As for US interests in the region, I can put it no beter than did Dr. Nafeez Ahmed’s summary in The Guardian: “It would seem that contradictory self-serving Saudi and Qatari oil interests are pulling the strings of an equally self-serving oil-focused US policy in Syria, if not the wider region. It is this – the problem of establishing a pliable opposition which the US and its oil allies feel confident will play ball, pipeline-style, in a post-Assad Syria – that will determine the nature of any prospective intervention: not concern for Syrian life.”

              The big dogs are indeed fucking up the world.

      9. I repeat, if this happened in America, the protesters would also be armed. Look what an easy target the Government loyalist are…

        • I have yet to see an “armed protest” in America over anything. It just doesn’t work that way over here.

        • ….wash your hands….

          Keep preppin’

          • and your behind……

        • H7N9 and H5n1 are already here in the Conus, Something wicked has been infecting everyone in the pacific northwest lately, even my doctor told me something nasty, crazy is going around, and “we don’t know what it is”

          I will tell you first hand, that #1. I had this crazy sickness going around and here are the symptoms:
          dehydrated, dark urine, fast heartbeat, heart palpitations, thirst, cold, pale and clammy, puss infections in the sinus area, dark green mucus in the lungs (super thick and sticky), hard to breathe, strep throat (white strips in the back of the throat, hard to swallow, elevated blood pressures.
          no energy, lethargic, sleeping all day long, blurry vision, dizzy, body cramping, stiff joints, backaches, headaches, plugged up and the runs at the same time!!!

          all and all basically I was the walking dead for 11-days straight.

          how did I get well:

          10 glasses of water daily
          2000 mg of vitamin C
          2000 mg of multi vitamins
          B12 sublingual.
          500 mg of vitamin D
          Penicillin VK 850mg 4 times a day
          Amoxicillin 500mg 2 times a day
          battery powered Cpap for breathing at night.
          scrapped out both nostrils with betadine and hydrogen peroxide,packed both nostrils with triple antibiotic ointment

          today is day 12, and I am still feeling like shit, but I am up and walking around, strep in gone, green goo is gone, still out of breathe a little, and taking it easy.
          nose infection is also gone.

          also note that I am not the only one in my area to have all of the same symptoms, many are being hospitalized.

          I am a true believer that these are test runs, to knock us down and out so, when SHTF we will-not and can-not fight back…..

          • GAR: You had me upchucking lunch at “puss infections.”

            Seriously though, next time take a look at turkey tail mushrooms…it’s very interesting.

            • IIC,
              I didn’t know about the Turkey Tail mushroom (though I should have), so I read about it. Thanks for posting that.

              I have actually picked Ganoderma lucidum in the wild. It’s another mushroom (a polypore, like the Trametes spp.) that has antiviral and antibacterial properties and “Ganoderma lucidum produces a group of triterpenes, called ganoderic acids, which have a molecular structure similar to steroid hormones. It also contains other compounds often found in fungal materials, including polysaccharides (such as beta-glucan), coumarin, mannitol, and alkaloids. Sterols isolated from the mushroom include, ganoderol, ganoderenic acid, ganoderiol, ganodermanontriol, lucidadiol, and ganodermadiol.

              You can read about it here:


              • NH: If this is a duplicate response, please bear with me (the upload got hinky):

                I enjoy reading the medical studies at NCBI and their results. They had one study regarding Turkey Tail and in the mice that took it, even though they received the stimulus/cells that would grow prostate tumors, they didn’t get any tumors at all.

                TT apparently/allegedly has antiinflammatory effects, immune modulatory effects, and anticancer properties and is a much beloved weapon in the Chinese medicine arsenal, and there are several random testimonials throughout the net where people say they just don’t get colds or flus when taking this.

                The big thing about these flus is NOT to even get them. I know people sing the Hallelujah chorus when it comes to elderberry, but knowing that any one supplement or any one FDA-approved medicine only has positive effects for approximately only 30 people out of every 100…backup plans are most definitely in order (plus I personally didn’t find any benefit to elderberry after much experimentation with syrups, lozenges, etc., different brands and seriously, one day’s less worth of an end-tail of a cold is not something to get excited over).

                Anyway, thanks for your input on the Ukraine situation and thanks for the link on the shrooms!!

          • No elderberry??? 🙁

          • Interesting; I’ve had a lot of those symptoms over the last week (fatigue, dehydration, racing heart, throat issues, green snot, a few mild fevers and sinusitis) but haven’t become completely sick yet.

            To combat viruses you shouldn’t take antibiotics. Elderberry and black currant are great antivirals and loaded with vitamin C. If you add syrup or tea of either/ both to your rehydration that should help you shake what’s left. Thanks for your post- I’ll add Elder and Currant myself get on the Vitamin D right away.

            • The cells in your body are surrounded by an oily membrane.
              Bacteria are found on the outside of these cell walls and Viruses are on the inside of the cells.
              Regular antibiotics are unable to penetrate the cell wall and so they only work on bacterial infections, not on viruses.

          • Holy antibiotic overload! Practices like that is how we end up with drug resistant super-bugs.

          • GAR,
            It sounds like you first got a viral infection. That caused so much tissue disruption that opportunistic bacteria were able to bloom. The secondary infection was what actually brought you low.

            If I were you, I wouldn’t use the triple-antibiotic ointment in the nose or mouth. It’s meant for topical use only. The polymyxins and the neomycin are absorbed through mucous membranes and, together, they are very toxic to the kidneys.

            Hope you have a complete recovery soon.

          • WOW, GAR, sounds like you almost didn’t make it!
            Keep up the good work! Add in extra potassium and
            Yogurt if you can handle it.

            Keep preppin’

      10. Kim Jung Un had NO military experience
        whatsoever before Daddy made him a
        four-star general.
        This snot-nosed twerp had never
        accomplished anything in his life that would
        even come close to military leadership.
        He hadn’t even so much as led a Boy Scout
        troop, coached a sports team, or commanded
        a military platoon.
        So he is made the “Beloved Leader”
        Of North Korea ..


        Oh… OOPS! Never mind

        I’m sorry.
        I just remembered that we did the same thing.
        We took an arrogant bastard community organizer, who had never worn a uniform,
        and made him Commander-in-Chief.
        A guy, who had never had a real job, worked on a budget, or led anything more than an ACORN demonstration,
        and we made him “Beloved Leader” of the United States
        I’m sorry I brought this up.
        Never mind.

        • Tis OK Vet,as your handle includes the word old will just write that off to a senior senile rant!

          • 62 thumbs up. Rant…yep, and a good one too.

        • WE didn’t do shit vet,THEY PLACED that lowlife POS in the temp position and tell him what to do. I am SO SICK of the WE shit.. stop it already. WE HAVE NO SAY IN THINGS! ok? They dont care what we the people think do or say. WE dont matter.. SO FVKING QUIT SAYING THAT… fvk

          • .02 is right—Our electoral process is compromised now and has been for years; he who counts the votes wins.

          • .02: You sir hit the nail on the head WE DIDN’T DO SHIT. Back when all this started WE could have stopped it, but WE DIDN’T DO SHIT. As WE sit here at keyboards, cell-phone or just talking with one another WE DIDN’T DO SHIT. WE will more than likely not do anything to try to set this WRONG RIGTH. Yes the ballet box has been broken for years, our two party system is broken for years also, So the way I see it WE DIDN’T DO SHIT back then and WE are not doing shit now. WE are all that stands between being free or a slave.

            IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776
            The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America
            When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
            We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

            As you can see in the first part of Declaration- WE hold these truths.

      11. So our little Molotov tossin’ knucklehead get his head blown off. We should analyze a bit. The guy down the street was tossin’ and he’s just fine. He was throwing in front not at. Big difference in the response. If your a threat to police or anybody else for that matter, you jus’ might get some crosshairs lined up on you.

        Force Continuum. Response is equal to threat. Jus’ sayin’.

        • The response of the police and military is often NOT calibrated to counter the threat; in fact, it is often overwhelming and the asymmetry between threat and response is exaggerated.
          Just sayin’…

          • I partially agree with you. If in fact a full blown SHTF riot scenario did occur stateside, we could probably expect the response to be more “shock and awe” in an attempt to force submission. The degree of shock and awe applied will still be a function of the violence demonstrated by the participants. Burn some tires, get a water cannon response. Start shooting or throwing Molotov’s at LE trying to hurt folks, yes I think you would see your asymmetric escalation. IMHO.

            • Also…there are many LE and military who will not go against said uprising. A lot of LE will go to the house to take care of their families. A couple of ex and current military have said in this forum they would go UA. So now the question has to be asked, “how many will be left to perform this asymmetric escalation?” And would they be willing to face reprisals if they fail?

      12. First off, many comments are supporting the protestors, but they seem to not know what these people are protesting about. It isn’t against the government. These protestors are bought and paid for by SOROS, US, EU etc… In order to destabilize the country and attempt to FORCE the Ukraine to JOIN the EU. Now – I don’t know about you all, but I am against any country joining up with the EU. These protestors are idiots, they aren’t protesting for freedom, they are protesting FOR ENSLAVEMENT… Can we say, Bolshevik? OF COURSE they are going to catch bullets, what with their crappy thin metal shields…ALSO – these protestors are the ones who FIRED the first SHOTS and were the ones to blame for spilling the first drops of blood. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They are idiots for accepting dirty money from corporations that want to enslave their country.

        • @Informed
          Good try at attempting to be seen as “Be Informed”, a regular here. Your use of English is very-very good. You must have studied in Moscow, yes?

          FSB I’m betting?

        • What was that definition of Democracy? Two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner?

          The Ukraine is the sheep, poor bastards. They can be financially ravished by the West or continue to be brutalized by the Russians. I don’t think there is any way they come out of this as a free country.

        • You are a liar. Weeks ago peaceful protests began in Kyiv against the corrupt government of Yanukovych. The Berkut killed a man, busting his skull simply for demonstrating. Until that happened a lot of people were on the fence. After that the protests grew to thousands and then ten thousand. Now they are not just on Maidan Nezolezhnosti, but through out Ukraine and even in some eastern cities. Other folks on this thread have made the mistake of thinking in terms of halves when describing Ukraine. 2/3 of Ukraine is wanting autonomy and/or a move toward the EU (yes I know, out of the frying pan…) because even some ethnic Russians see the danger of coming under Putin’s power and so they resist.

      13. BULL SHIT! the antigovernment forces that are getting help from NATO and probably NATO’s Arab Legion. Ukraine doesn’t want to be fleeced by the EU like Greece and Lithuania, however the EU is desperate to get their hands on more money (like Khadaffy’s gold!)
        I guess if the EU cannot subvert elections they go with plan B, phony “color-coded” Revolutions and when those fial they resort to outright insurrection.
        I guess Mac Slavo is finally showing his true colors as disinfo agent.

        • @ Doug Diggler
          Your English is very good for a Russian agent, where did you learn it?

      14. While watching the videos I saw the guy with the AK shot (He look military) and the guy in the window shot (He looked civilian). The guy in the window looked like he was shooting a 22 rifle. The guys in the window that I could see wasn’t using a military rifle, (AKs or Dragunov). They didn’t look like they were wearing military uniforms. But the guy was shooting 22 had a military helmet. (That is were all the 22 LR. went)
        The sniper on the grassy knoll didn’t fire a shot while they where videoing. (grassy knoll where have we heard that before?)
        The guys that were moving up to a position what were they trying to do. Those shields won’t stop a AK FMJ. All my sympathies goes up to the families of the dead and wounded.
        You can tell the Gov. is getting scared when they start ordering Live ammo.
        THIS IS WRONG REALLY WRONG. This is only going to get worse.
        NEVER CONFRONT A SUPERIOR POWER HEAD ON. Don’t forget the Obullshit administration has ordered Millions of rounds, and I think he wouldn’t think twice about using them.

        • 300 WIN mag. 😉

          • K.K.
            I love my Remington 300 Win Mag, with Nikon 4x12x40 BDC.

            • Good evening, Sarge. Let’s not rule out the .22LR for it can certainly play some kind of role in “the upcoming festivities”. Just put a new scope on my 10/22.

              • BREAVHEART:
                You bet that 10-22 will play a roll.
                When you hear bullets flying over your head and hitting the dirt around you, you will keep your head down and I bet you will crawl like a snake to get the HE!!out of there.
                I read a story about a prepper that was teaching his daughter, about 8 years old, to shot a 22. The reporter asked him why a 22. He just said 5 in the gut will stop any man.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

              • 1braveheart—

                One most likely can’t bring down a deer with a .22. So it’s not going to put dozens of pounds of meat on the table with one shot.

                Won’t stop a man either. But who wants to be the first to get a .22 in his liver or lungs?
                Step right up. At 100 yards it’s better than throwing rocks at them.

                So instead of dying in minutes he dies in a week. And requires several people to care for him while he’s doing it. Something to think about.

                • 22LR in the eye drops a deer instantly. No damaged meet. No following a blood trail. This
                  Has been proven many times. Remember a country boy can survive ! No need to waste a high power cartridge….if a 22LR will do the job…..
                  Standing by in
                  Montgomery County Texas

              • Brave:
                No not ruling out the 10/22. I have one set up for hunting and one set up for combat. That’s right combat. Choate M-4 stock red dot scope, two 30 rd. Ramline mags snapped together with a little black duct tape. flash hider. I have many 30rd. mags for it. got them when they were $10.00 a piece. My hunting is in a wood stock with a 3X9X40 Bushnell scope on it. 1 bullet 1 squirrel.

            • Sgt,

              Funny you brought up you scope, I picked up a little Nikon 6-18×40 BDC a few weeks ago. Still need to go sight it in. Really not sure which gun to put it on yet. But it was just to good of a deal to pass up.


              • DPS
                I would put that scope on my designated sniper rifle. You got a honey there.

            • I have almost the exact same rig, Sgt. 700 CDL (fancy wood…) and a Nikon Monarch 3-12×42 BDC. Love looking at it, and shooting it.

              • Savage 110, .30-06, 26″ stainless fluted heavy-barrel in a Choate Ultimate Sniper stock. 200gr. Hornady A-max with 59gr. of SR22 makes SMOA holes in paper at 100 yds.


                Remington PSS/LTR, 7.62X51, 168gr. SMK’s with 45gr. of BLC(2). Another SMOA rifle.

                Need I go on?

          • KING:
            300 Win mag with 180 gr, Speer Grand Slam and a good dose of h4350 or Imr 4350.
            You hear the report of the rifle then you hear the THUD!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • N.R.
              I like H4350/ WW 748 in my 30-06 works great.
              WW 680 Supreme, H4350 in my 300 Win Mag.
              680 Supreme is my favorite in the 300.
              All my other rifles I use WW 748. for 9 different rounds.
              223 6.8mm 7mm 8mm 8X39 mm (wildcat) 30-30 308 30-06 35 Rem 35 Whelen
              Varget is another power I have playing with, with good results.
              If you want to know about the wildcat round let me know and I will explain

              • Sgt,

                I have been using the Varget for awhile and really like it. Works great in the 5.56 and the 30-06. I went with it because it loads in most everthing I shoot.


                • DPS
                  yes that is why I’m using it along with WW748. They will load everything I load except the 300 Mag.

            • sign in our local gun shop says,
              “If you heard my shot you werent the target”

              am going to start loading for 300WM,, am thinking sierra 200 grain or 190 grain match kings,, or the Berger 220 match/hunting,

              • I’ve had great results with the 190 grain MK’s. 208 grain A-max’s are also excellent out of my 300 Win mag.

                I’m testing the “new to me” powder from Alliant. I got several pounds of the 2000 MR for the 308, and 4000 MR for the 300 Win. If anyone is interested I will post the results. I usually stick with one combination that works, but figured I would play around a little. Always need an excuse to dimple more primers.

              • KULA
                My Remington like the 180gr. the best. I think you are making good choice of bullets. I tried 190Gr. and 200Gr. My group opened up a little. So I stayed with the 180Gr. (Barnes-Nosler-Hornady)
                GOOD SHOOTEN

          • It’s the best all-around cartridge for big game!

        • I won’t think twice about using mine. Matter of fact if we meet, I’ll hand you some.

      15. Lexicon is important to the discussion. They are not protesters. They are rioters or insurgents. There is a difference. Protesters are legitimate. Rioters or not. I don’t see any good guys there. The people are the victims, caught up between two empires fighting for control.

        • Well said. The EU vs. The Russian Federation.

        • Maudy, not looking for an argument, but if and when,WE take up arms to restore the Constitution, will WE be considered Protesters or Rioters? Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • MT, ‘mong us we’ll be God blessed, dyed-in-the-wool patriots (guardians of the constitution). Protectors of our birthright/freemen and freewomen.

          • They already labled us as terrorist, that way they can invoke the pattiot act and treat us as enemy combatants,
            If they call patriots terrorist, i say give em more than they bargained for,,,

        • It’s my understanding that they have been protesting peacefully since November. TPTB in Kiev have evidently decided that they had protested long enough and began forcibly trying to remove them. That is when the violence started.

          So……who is initiating the violence here?

          We saw a similar thing at Tienanmen Square. Peaceful protest until the goons got too uncomfortable….then they attacked.

          • I spent some time yesterday watching RT’s coverage of the riots/protests. When one of the protesters was being interviewed he intimated that there are many different factions working under the guise of protesters, some much more violent than others. He also expressed concern that since these violent factions were at work things are spinning out of control rather quickly. The peaceful factions, while still present, have been eclipsed.

            The report also stated that violence has been escalated by both sides.

        • They are protestors. They were protesting the about-face Yanukovych did from his campaign promises to forge ahead with relations with the EU. I have friends there and they were so thrilled at his election- to them they were moving westward and leaving Russia behind. These weren’t Ukrainian nationalists but ethnic Russians from Kyiv. The riot police attacked the protestors in December and killed a man. That got people off the fences. More brutality followed with kidnappings and torture of protestors. Tell me half the folks on this thread wouldn’t do exactly what the protestors did next and even more when faced with jack booted thugs. I have little doubt that there are people getting into both sides and even some false flag operations taking place (those who broke the first truce of yesterday for example) but don’t assume that it’s all an espionage game with no real input from the people of Ukraine.

      16. I remember as a young man in the Navy, how proud I was to be thought of as one of the better coxswains aboard my ship. I loved the “Gator Navy”, my USA and my President Kennedy. Now, as an old man of 70, I despise this government and could care less if the pos/potus lived or died! Now, as every nation on Earth conspires to destroy the nation of America, that is to say the descendents of Europeans with White skin who settled and built this wilderness into the greatest country on this planet, we must stand ready to repel, not only the bastards wanting to come here to take what the “Chosen of God” are ever so ready to give them but the myriad of hyphenate “citizens” who are already here accepting what the “Chosen of God” have chosen to give them! Finally, the “Chosen of Gods” Federal Reserve Bank must be destroyed and bulldozed. Once again, the ancient truism, Nation is Race and Race is Nation will once again be understood and progress will once again commence!

        • Hey bro, I like your pride but must remind you it was the native Americans who built America as we know it. Add in some Scots and a few others for sure; but, without the native Americans then the USA would look like Europe. The ideas of freedom of the individual were well established in native American cultures; so much so the nation councils really could not vote anything unless the people had agreed (and the downside was disunity of course). There is a strong story about the Trails of Tears; but most of the people in the “South” of the USA are part native American. And there’s a good reason guns are still legal in the South. In fact, most non-city people in the south simply laugh at the ideas of gun confiscation.

          • Snowed In, now tell me your 1/8th or 1/16th Native American! How much time have you really spent around Native Americans or on Reservations? I have a heart for Native Americans, but you my friend need to get real. How Romantic it is for people to say they are part Indian, and then they go and look at a Res town, and then they’re not so proud of their ancestry. Trekker Out.

            • Can’t argue that……Trail’O Tears, the Seminole, Wounded Knee, just to name some off the top of my head. Mighty hard to get past that. Truth be known MT, its probably what those we despise have in mind for us.

              • White European Christianity is what the orig whites that began with the Mayflower group is what ideas and ways builst america into greatest nation ever known.

                Indians built it? All they ever built was Tpees, as houses. They never built a single road, school, street sign, Rail Roads, etc. Indians Craved white mans Steel knives to replace indian knives made of rocks or stone.

                besides following the buffolos for eats, and moving away from cold weather to set up new warmer camps and tpees tents, there were 100 tribes constantly at war killing each other off.

                Where does folks get these fantasy ideas from? It sounds exact same as Al Sharptons fantasy claims that it was Blacks and slaves who really built america up into so great a nation!

                Maybe indians and blacks just aint as advanced as whiteys eh….Read mayflower Compact and other early settelers writings and diary acounts etc..They believed they were to go into the whole world and spread Christs gospel.

                For 2000 yrs besides a few eras of not good things done, for the Most part of past 2000 yrs it was Whites and christianity that did more good, created more viable nations, invented more things than you can count, assisted more others less fortunate than any other tribe, group, religion etc…And no other group has civilized more folks and created a proper system of nation of Laws than whites and christianity.

                Yeah you can pick out a few bad or rough spots, a few bad popes etc…What group or religion aint had that also?

                we Are afterall Humans with human nature and as Gods word states human nature tends towards not always doing right or properly…But no group has tried, harder, done more, shared more, civilized better than whites and christainity.

                And just maybe if indians would have way more of their groups at least Try to accept a more civilized christian way to live instead of a desire to remain heathen and pagan savage…Maybe things would have fared better.

                But bottom Line is the Worlds plans and ways tend more to be civilized and lawfull as opposed to remaining brute savage beast like and pagan heathens…

                Anybody who thinks america or entire world be way better off today if instead it all stayed as it was before whites did all they did?

                Thats absurd, or plain ignorant. I guess they also would rather live in a canibalistic, savage african lifestyle eh…Complete with africans contribution to Building Projects and archetecture such as what we have seen africans produce for towns and cities after 10,000 experience…That being Mud and shit mixed into material to erect houseings!…That last and last, untill the next Monsoon rain MELTS african villages of huts made from that wonderfull material to build with, of mud mixed with shit and dry long grass roofs!

                Maybe if we could go Back to a mix of africans and indians ways within another few thousand yrs, they can invent Indoor plumbing and toilets eh!

                best to toss those public school and univ history text books into the closest fireplace, and research real factual history and events…

                And Please spare us stories of great intelligent indians who were so badly dealt with by whites…Maybe if when whiteys came back from hunting, and didn’t find their entire town raped, pillaged and killed in most brute savage ways, with scalps missing etc they’d have had way Less reason to finally begin to deal with savages on their same terms as in fight fire With fire eh.

                I love how so many delusional types whine of atrocities against indians, yet never remember to include all that savage pagan heathen behaviours indiands were so good at doing to whites..

                Everybody seems to Love progress, better, faster Cars, higher flying airplanes, safer boats, better roads, warm homes, etc etc….but they just hate that its the white folks who usally have invented and buit all those convieniences they so cherrish..

                How Many Leer jets, or nice Harley Hogs has been built on indian reservations of late eh?…Oh None?..hmmmmm.

                • Your perception of the native Americans is seriously flawed.

                  The Incans built an extensive road system and had a culture that was apparently money free. The Aztec built extensive cities and along with the Mayan culture, amongst others, had an advanced knowledge of astronomy. The Iroquois style of government is what our democracy was modeled after. There are significant discoveries being made along the Mississippi corridor that suggest that the native peoples were far more advanced than previously thought. Peoples of what is now the southwestern U.S. created an extensive network of canals to move water across the desert as well as devising a housing system that stayed cool even on the hottest of days. The roundhouses of the Pawnee were/are an engineering marvel.

                  The tipi was most utilized by the plains peoples that were nomadic for at least part of the year because of their extreme portability and versatility.

                  Without the natives its highly doubtful that those that came over on the Mayflower would have survived their first winter here.

                  • You Left Out how mayans sacraficed their folks to their pagan stone statue god, then believed if they ate the innerds, and Wore those deads skin like a suit it will enhance their own spirit forces etc…

                    Better read a few actual Diarys from the oirg sailors of the ships that first discovered mayans…Read what They wrote of mayans brutal savagery and cannibalisim etc.

                    Those I read stated that the sailor spent 50 yrs at sea, visited litterally Every island, nation etc globally while at sea so long…And of All the prior cannibals, african black savage tribes etc the very worst ever and most savage and brutal were mayans.

                    Todays TV show and history “experts” and college prof’s have a Vested intrest at inventing fabulous historys of intelligence, genius, great inventions etc of NON white pagans. Its all part of the jewdeo marxist franfurt school of cultural marxist communisim being implemented to destroy whites, white unity, while rulership of their Own white nations, etc etc.

                    Whatever cannals or other issues they did or made do not compare to what whitemans inventions and modernizations has acomplished. but if you prefer to cling to romantic fantasy’s of it being reversed go ahead.

                    Make a List with two sides, one for whites inventions and acomplishments, other side for indians or mayans etc…See how That ends up.

            • I am from the South and the guy is correct in saying that many/most folks in the South have at least a little Indian in them. My 3rd great grandparents were each part Cherokee. Maybe I’m something like 1/64 on paper, but in practice it doesn’t really work like that. There are certain dominant genes which are passed along from generation to generation. There is no doubt that some of those Cherokee genes are a part of me, influencing how I think and behave. Regarding the Scots, they got along famously well with the Cherokee due to certain similarities in their cultures/way of thinking. This is why there are so many folks living today who are of Scot/Cherokee descent. Like me, for instance.

      17. Maybe not go face to face but when it starts,start shooting back/shoot and run/home made goodies ect.When the govt. starts firing on citizens the body count for govt. must build up swiftly,otherwise,they will just hunt group after group until guess what,you are the only group left.

      18. We shouldn’t be involved in this in any way…..but we probably will be….damnit. Let the Ukrainians settle their own problems. We are competent to solve our on problems, why try to solve theirs?

        • the phrase is “aren’t competent.” My bad. Thank you for your support. Carry on.

      19. To prevent this from happening here, Washington will have to come up with some reason to take away our guns. Look at the gun/ammo buying binge both sides have been on.

        This one issue is the most emotional for the average citizen and is easy for them to understand. (They want them and we ain’t giving them up)

        Like I’ve written here twice before, the “gun issue” will start violence and may lead to civil war.

        It’s America’s line in the sand. NOMI-Wolverines

        • I agree Moe,really think the Ct./NY registration and non compliance might lead to a few smaller Waco type situations,after that,well,it’s beginning.

          • Is what NY and CT have done legal? Why is the law not being enforced? Why do our federal government and the federal courts sit idle while two states directly break the law of the Constitution?

            • The fed gov is full of the same control freak assholes who passed that legislation in Ct and Ny,,,
              If they try to push the issue it will give new meaning to stand your ground,,,

        • Big Sky Wolverines.

      20. Its really simple folks, this is what happens when you don’t have the right to keep and bare arms. Trust me, if all these people were shooting back the government would think twice.

        Shield, sticks and stones are no match for a pistol much less a rifle. They need to start gathering arms if they want to survive.

        • RT TV News reporter on ukraine scene says they broke into military and polcie armorys and now have stolen well Over 1000 guns including full autos, and at least so far 50,000 rnds ammo. Maybe even more ammo and guns by now as that was last nite rt news reporting.

          Although that report may just be lies to coverup usa state dept/cia along with israel mossad supplied weapons like to alquedas in syria…hard to say for ceretain anymore whats true.

      21. If we keep letting these jackasses run this country and republic into the ground, this is your future your watching

        and if the question was ever asked will they fire upon me?, well heres your answer

        will we fire back? probably..but not until pushed way way to far before its probably even too dam late to make a difference

        with each small tyrannical step taken forward, your life, your kids lifes and all of your futures hang in the balance.. what the hell we are waiting for, is beyond me..its just prolonging the pain and giving the enemy way too much ground before the push back begins ..if it ever begins

      22. ummm … just a lil’ friendly reminder my few fine prepper friends ;0p

        america is the LAST STOP for the economic global collapse train .

        what is happening in the pee.u. e.u. will eventually come to zog amerika .

        last stop for the fake federal reserve american fiat dollar is zog amerika federal reserves .

        this will increase in volume as the real-gold backed chin yuan takes over the worlds finance trades and daily global international purchases .

        its only a question of WHEN now .


        n.o. ;0p

        • * his is a bad thing for those UNPREPARED not in the know .

          cause as more fake federal reserve fiat dollars are forced to return to zog amerika vaults by the real-gold backed chin yuan …

          the weaker the purchase power of the dollar becomes .

          making you ‘POORER’ .

          n.o. ;0p

          • ‘We’re GOING TO REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR!’ in zog amerika .


            n.o. ;0p

            • @NinaO:

              I am your Brother.

              ….I won’t be outdone…..I’ll be out doin’…..BA.

              • @B.A. … Respect .

                i’ll take some of that action

                on nwo zog martial law day ;

                he or she who collects the most bloody lil’ zog dhs gestapo piggy badges with a bullet hole through it on nwo zog martial law day

                “WINS” wins the pot of gold


                WINNER TAKES ALL !!!


                n.o. ;0p

            • N.O.;Op

              Might happen after mid term elections. Funny instead of powering up I am powering down. Oh I have the gear but concentrate on what I am doing. Putting things in proper place, like a Slow Motion Buildup.
              Trying to reduce stress levels.

      23. Patriot One says:
        Comment ID: 2944801

        February 20, 2014 at 2:44 pm

        “Its really simple folks, this is what happens when you don’t have the right to keep and bare arms. Trust me, if all these people were shooting back the government would think twice.

        Shield, sticks and stones are no match for a pistol much less a rifle. They need to start gathering arms if they want to survive.”

        Very true statement and right to the point. TPTB have been pushing for ‘gun control’ for what seems like ages, slowly chipping away as they can. As more mass shootings take place they try to enact more restrictive and asinine ‘laws’ that are supposed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Yeah, right…like that’s gonna happen!

        Recently, they even tried mass registration in CT (Home of the Sandy Hook school shooting). They were surprised to see the extremely low turnout of citizens who agreed to comply with the un-constitutional requirement. They KNOW that REAL gun owners are not giving up or registering *anything* period. This poses a problem for their plans, plain and simple. Nothing is more dangerous than a thoroughly pissed off, heavily armed populace to them. Gee, I wonder why they’re pissed off?

        The day is coming when they will try to turn neighbor against neighbor to force confiscation and that too, will backfire. Nothing the government has *ever* tried to accomplish has resulted in any good, period. That’s not opinion, it’s fact.

        Keep prepping, keep vigilant and keep going. Never stop.

      24. OK,a smidgeon of good news,need to keep our spirits up(and I don’t mean lifting a bottle!):ht tp:// ,as always,to avoid the moderation wait just copy and delete the space between http,tis a ray of hope.

      25. Couldn’t have it said better :
        This begs another question. Why is that we have so many vile Jews like Nuland in positions of power and influence in Washington DC? No matter which political party is in power it seems as if Washington DC is constantly infested with these creatures. Take for example all of the Jewish neo conservatives that were in the regime of George W. Bush. There needs to be a serious discussion in America about purging these types of people from all government and political offices. How can any of these people be trusted when we have no idea if they’re serving the interests of America or Israel? It is unfortunate that such a discussion will unlikely happen anytime soon since the American people have been brainwashed by mass media and Hollywood to view Jews as perpetual victims who cannot be criticized.”
        If you are unemployed–my advice–sport a Star a David’s gold chain on your chest.Know a few Heb words and wear a black hat–in no time–you’d get a good government job.

      26. Woman Thrown In Jail, Cop Tells Her She Committed Felony For Recording Traffic Stop…

        “A Davie woman plans to sue the Broward Sheriff’s Office after she was forced to spend the night in jail for using her cellphone to record a deputy during a traffic stop.”

        “As O’Brien (the policeman) approached her vehicle, Berning hit the record button on her phone. She recorded about 15 seconds of the conversation before telling O’Brien that he was being recorded. That’s when the deputy told her she had just committed a felony and demanded that she hand over her phone.

        Berning refused.

        Bernings phone recorded her arguing with O’Brien for the next four minutes, he insisting that she was under arrest and must hand over her phone, she insisting that she didn’t do anything wrong.

        At one point O’Brien reportedly reached into the vehicle and grabbed Berning’s wrist, spraining it, according to the paper. Berning said O’Brien got into her passenger seat and reached for her keys as he tried to force her from the car.

        He eventually took her into custody and to jail where she spent the night. Berning was never charged and released the following day.”

        “In Florida, both parties are required to know when a conversation is being recorded. Berning recorded about 15 seconds of her conversation with O’Brien before informing him she was doing it.

        However, it is legal for third parties to record a law enforcement officer performing their duties.”

        Miami dot cbs local dot com
        (Posted on Drudge Report)


        israehell zio-jeeews are kicking afri-black-jeeews (yes-there are truly black jeeews) out of israehell .

        Israel shipping African refugees to Uganda: Report

        The Israeli regime is secretly transferring African refugees to Uganda, a report by an Israeli newspaper says.

        Over the past month, dozens of the Africans left for Uganda while some had already departed, a Wednesday report by Haaretz quoted a senior Israeli official as saying.

        The paper obtained information about a Sudanese inmate of Israel’s Saharonim prison in the Negev Desert, who ended up in Uganda.


      28. A ZOG FALSE-FAG ATTACK against the internet is coming

        an internet shut-down lock-down “virtual” 9-11 is coming .

        another zog fedgov attack internet shutdown false-fag , directed and executed by zio-israehell mossad jeeew agents and the zio-jew aipac puppet zog amerika fedgov .



      29. The battle, folks, is really one of peaceful ***education and information dissemination*** THAT is where we are losing the battle, and THAT is why people like Bombs-Away Billy Ayers are professors of **education**. If you take over the kids, take over the culture (Learjet leftists of Hollywierd, anyone?) it doesn’t matter how many tools you have on the other side. What we need to do is get more people to sites like this, or many others like it. Our battle is non-violent. This being said, the 2nd Amendment should be protected at all costs, and was envisaged by the Founders as a last resort. But really, we need to be engaged as precinct committeemen, handing out flyers, educating people, etc. THAT is our goal. ML King was nonviolent, and look at his success. We can emulate that. Yes, there are many who have drunk the Koolaide – but there are a lot of people who are reasonable, or open to reason, and we desperately need to appeal to them in a peaceful manner. Look at how East Germany fell: In Leipzig, *peaceful* protestors came out, and ultimately ***refused to fire on their fellow countrymen*** THIS is where we need to be. There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come said Victor Hugo. That time WILL come if we peacefully, but very actively, educate and inform.

      30. I need to post this about earthquakes. There was a 5.0 in a place that has never recorded an earthquake over 4.5 for hundreds of miles. It is in the South Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina. This shows something very similar to what happened last week in Georgia/South Carolina border area. This earthquake is near the center of the South American plate. It means that there is massive stress being foucused away from a location to this point. 4.1 or 4.4 in Georgia/South Carolina, then a 6.5 in Barbados. 5.0 here in the south Atlantic, large earthquake coming probably on the Nazca plate towards Ecuador/Columbia/Peru zone. Could be an earthquake in Central America towards and up to Mexico. Also could be another one on the Caribbean towards Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

        Since the spreading center to the east of South American plates would not be causing this, the only other reason for this would be a huge whopper coming down in the Scotia Sea area again, and South Sandwich Islands. It is very likely this is showing much tension within the South American plate’s hempishere to the west, northwest, and maybe the south and southwest. Expect within about 3 weeks from today a major quake on one of these plates, about a 85-90% chance based on the previous precursor quakes the past week.

        • BI, gotta question, do earthquakes pop up on the other side of the earth from another, or are they side by side in terms of erupting. I would say side by side, but the plates are not in a systemetic configuration. In terms of the earth being a orange and the peel are the plates, if one side is peeled away, would not the other side feel the effect? Or if one side quakes, why would not the other side react? Maybe a dumb question, just been researching and no one (so far) seems to have a true answer…

          • @ eppe. No question is dumb, especially from someone like yourself that is quite astute. Faults are connected all together in some way. The planet is not that large, and a pressure point on one side of the world can certainly transfer energy to another point on the exact opposite side of the planet. I have seen these precursor quakes occur, then have a major earthquake over 10000 miles away. There are volumes of past records showing these precursor quakes occurring, then within 15 days the same major earthquake happening a few miles from each other. Best example of this is an earthquake on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, then having lots of future earthquakes occuring on the northern Australian plate. Same places.

            Earthquake waves travel all the way through the entire planet when large enough. Seismographs pick this up all over the world and is the way they pinpoint an earthquake and determine the size and depth. This is also the way that the hollow Earth theory is totally destroyed. If the planet was hoolow then these earthquake waves could not travel from one point through the planet to outside the other end.

            Earthquakes that are big enough can definitely trigger other faults on the other side of the world. When the Indonesian mega strike slip went off, very soon after Mexico got hit with a 7 pointer. Anything over about a 7.5 actually rings the planet like a gong. The 9.1 in Indonesian actually changed the orbit and rotation of the planet very slightly and increased the day by a few microseconds. The planet would have to be the size of probably Neptune to where an earthquake on one side would not influnce the other side in some way.

            • Thank you sir, I saw that we had a quake out in the middle of the ocean where there is not a plate as far as we know, so it would make sense that on the other side of the world would see some effect, and side plates also. This seems to be a science that is hard to explain, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason sometimes, kinda random I guess? But you do have a knack for this, and I always read your posts on this subject. If one could ever figure it out, man that would be awesome, to forecast…

              • BI,if we have volcanoes on tetonic plates, would not the study of them be inter related to the same since they are interconnected? And would we not know of plates that have not been established as we know of as of now? I guess what I am trying to say is there more smaller plates dispensed between the known plates? I know there are tons of undersea volcanoes, could they maybe minor plates we have not confirmed yet, and could it be there are hundreds of mini plates not shown, but in real life be for real that could split at any time???

            • BE:
              Thanks for the info, that sound intresting. That a quake on one side of the planet can trigger a quake on the otherside.
              Now I have a question.
              I live in central Illinois and if the New Madrid shakes I’m going to fell it
              So were would I look for a precursor quake that might make the New Madrid go. THANKS
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Just an FYI to anyone in the new Madrid region….I followed up on dads homeowners insurance. Earthquake damage has to be added as a special rider. It is NOT standard. Just something to keep in mind.

            • If the Madrid event happens, having earthquake coverage is the last worry for us in the zone.
              Just saying.

            • NOPITY:
              I have had earthquake insurance for a long time now.
              we had a shake back when my boys were little so that been 25 plus years now. It only cost me about 7 dollars every 6 months.
              Just another prep I guess.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • @ Northern Reb. The Mid Atlantic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north is where the focus of any real precursor activity is going to occur. Also the Central San Andreas fault and the northern, eastern, and southern Caribbean plate is going to affect the New Madrid like back in 1812 in Venezuela also.

                As in regard to earthquake insurance. It is actually more likely, a lot more likely that the New Madrid is going to have a 6 pointer before a 7 or 8 pointer. This can cause much destruction to homes that are not well anchored or built to withstand earthquakes. New Madrid building codes have been much like before LongBeach was hit with a 6.3 in 1933. Earthquake insurance is usually like health care coverage, which covers about 80% of the damage. In some cases 90%. People that live by the New Madrid can make up this in costs even with a 5 pointer because the rock is so hard below that it magnifies the intensity of the quake waves. If one can afford it, earthquake insurance is a better idea in the New Madrid fault zones than out in the west coast because the New Madrid is way more due for a moderate size quake than a really big one.

                As what eppe was saying. Many of these earthquakes that occur in what appears to be the center of a plate are really happening on ancient plate boundaries that have been “temporarily” fused together. Someday the Pacific Rim will look like it is in the middle of a massive plate and the Atlantic will be the ones with all the volcanoes and mountain building. Eppe is correct that many of these volcanoes are part of a mini plate system of connecting hot spots. Yellowstone and Atka, Alaska are connected. A known plate boundary with a middle of the North American plate hot spot. The planet is too small to NOT be interconnected all over the world.

                • Be:
                  Thanks for tthe info, just one more reason to be a prepper. SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL!;-)
                  S.T.S.FP. N.R N.S. N.REB

      31. In other news today, Joe Miller’s excellent daily newsletter reported several MORE million rounds just purchased by the DHS… to go along with the ones the IRS, Post Office and NOAA (yes, really and truly!) bought.

        Question: If we do our job of informing others outside our comfort zone, WHO will be there to pull the triggers on the other side?? Yes, there are a lot of mindless leftists in the police and military. But I’ll bet there’s an equal amount that feel the opposite. Just think of all the CO. sheriffs that refused to follow the gun law there; think of the sheriff in western NY who won’t enforce Cuomo’s fascist gun laws. There’s a MILLION people out there in the military, police, etc. that are on the side of freedom and justice. It is your job, dear reader, to go make that a million and one. Communicate. Write. Pray. Educate. Email. Those are our weapons.

      32. War machines require oil.

      33. It is a shame to see this happen over there, and it could happen here just as easy, I am afraid. Here is a story about how much we need to watch over each other, and help make this world a better place if possible…
        I waited to post this so everyone could get thier comments in, but does have….

        >A LessonTo Learn
        >A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his
        >wife open a package. “What food might this contain?” The mouse wondered
        >- he was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap.
        >Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning: “There is
        >a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!”
        >The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, “Mr..
        >Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no
        >consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it.”
        >The mouse turned to the pig and told him, “There is a mousetrap in the
        >house! There is a mousetrap in the house!” The pig sympathized, but
        >said,”I am so very sorry, Mr.. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do
        >about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers.”
        >The mouse turned to the cow and said “There is a mousetrap in the
        >house! There is a mousetrap in the house!”
        >The cow said, “Wow, Mr.. Mouse. I’m sorry for you, but it’s no skin off
        >my nose.”
        >So, the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face
        >the farmer’s mousetrap alone.
        >That very night a sound was heard throughout the house — like the
        >sound of a mousetrap catching its prey.
        >The farmer’s wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she
        >did not see it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.
        >The snake bit the farmer’s wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital,
        >and she returned home with a fever. Everyone knows you treat a fever
        >with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard
        >for the soup’s main
        >But his wife’s sickness continued, so friends and neighbors came to sit
        >with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.
        >The farmer’s wife did not get well; she died. So many people came for
        >her funeral, the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat
        >for all of them.
        >The mouse looked upon it all from his crack in the wall with great
        >So, the next time you hear someone is facing a problem and think it
        >doesn’t concern you, remember — when one of us is threatened, we are
        >all at risk.
        >We are all involved in this journey called life. We must keep an eye
        >out for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one another.

        I hope I did not bore you all to death, there is a moral to the story, just think about it….

        • Now how about a funny one?

          >A woman went to a pet shop & immediately
          > >spotted a large, beautiful parrot..
          > >There was a sign on the cage that said $50.00.
          > >
          > >”Why so little,” she asked the pet store owner.
          > >
          > >The owner looked at her and said,
          > >”Look, I should tell you first that this bird used to live in a house of
          > >Prostitution
          > >and sometimes it says some pretty vulgar stuff.”
          > >
          > >The woman thought about this, but decided
          > >she had to have the bird any way.
          > >
          > >She took it home and hung the bird’s cage up
          > >in her living room and waited for it to say something.
          > >
          > >The bird looked around the room, then at her, and said,
          > >
          > >”New house, new madam.”
          > >
          > >The woman was a bit shocked at the implication,
          > >but then thought “that’s really not so bad.”
          > >
          > >When her 2 teenage daughters returned from school
          > >the bird saw and said,
          > >”New house, new madam, new girls.”
          > >
          > >The girls and the woman were a bit offended
          > >but then began to laugh about the situation
          > >considering how and where the parrot had been raised.
          > >
          > >Moments later, the woman’s husband Keith
          > >came home from work.
          The bird looked at him and said,
          “Hi, Keith!”

          • LOL That was funny. 🙂

            Poor Keith

          • EPPE:
            Thanks for the laugh, We all need them to stay sane or may be insane, pick your poison. At my age now I’m just a crazy old man.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Thanks, NR, I am going to start posting jokes at the bottom of the piles of comments, since by the time we get to the bottom, most are bummered out on all the bad news, then for the last, we can get a laugh at least to end the session. I hope we all can survive what could potentially happen, way too much stuff going around the world without it hitting here soon. But I figure if we can at least laugh once while here, makes it worthwhile….

              • EPPE:
                My brother, from another mother and father.
                If anyone will survive I pray it is you and yours. If the apple does not fall from the tree the world will be laughing ang smilling for a very long time.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • No shit eppe.

                I can hardly stay focused on a story or a post that is more than 10 words.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • EPPE:
          So very, very true.

          • Good thing I started collecting jokes 20 years ago, got tons of them, problem is with CRS and CRAFT, I cannot remember which ones I have posted before… Oh well…

            • Put an asterisk * beside each as it is used?? 🙂

      34. This looks just like I want to happen in the USA during the summer of 2014. It will make barry Obummer sssooooo proud!


      35. I have a question, are the bad guys using the heavy stuff military or are they leo’s?
        Or are they people dressed up like leo’s/ military to make things worse so the E.U./ NATO and Russia can get all mixed up in this mess?
        Also I notice that the people protesting were not armed with guns. I did see some light stuff 22lr’s and a glock handgun, but they were not no the streets, all they had were sticks, rocks/bricks and gas bombs.
        I know and I hope they know that it is not a good idea to go head long into an AK47.
        When the government issued weapons that telling me that they were afraid that they were going to be over thrown.

        It is hard fo me to watch this and think that there is not a better way to protest without getting shot.
        Kiev is not a small city, the people that live there should be able to get in behind those shooters and cut them off from there H.Q. Please know that I’m not bragging. I know I could in the area I live in.

        Now for this happening here like it is in Kiev , I don’t think so to many good old boy’s with there hunt’n rifles.
        Yes the military have there drones and the choppers and tanks, but if they can mess up the U.S military with IED’s in the sand box.
        WHAT do you think would happen over here In the Stated,
        with all these whiz kid hackers, city street gangs, and a few really wackout militia types, and I know that there are only a few of them that make the other ones look bad. Some of them boy’s already have IED’S and mines. I would not doubt that they would have RPG’s and Law’s (if they use them).
        Then you will have alot of Leo’s and Military say, we will stay true to our oath to defend the contitution against any enemy, foreign or domestic.

        I pray nothing like that happens here, but I don’t know for sure that it will not happen here.
        That is why I prep and have been prepping for 37 years now.
        I caught the fever to start prepping when Carter was the Prez.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        P.S. I pray for all those how have died and those are wounded and for there families, and for peace in that area. May GOD help them find the FREEDOM they are looking for. N.REB

        • NR
          I noticed that also. I can tell the cops/military (I think) they are black with yellow arm bands. The protesters are wearing everything. Some are wearing CAMO and military helmets. You are right it is hard to tell who is who?
          They guy with the 22 was a protester, (from the article) The guy who shot the AK was military/cops. The guy behind the sniper rifle looked to me to be Military/Cop. I didn’t see him shoot while being filmed.
          I also feel for the folks.

        • There are hired thugs on the side of the government called “titushki” and they are in all new gear. The folks with the old army uniforms, black balaclavas and home made stuff are the real protestors. They have some small arms and pistols, but are mostly armed with sticks, bricks and Molotov cocktails. The guys in nice black uniforms with metal shields are the brutal Berkut (riot police) and they have the big guns and live ammo issued to them 2/19. Hope that helps.

      36. The sheep of this country keep letting the gubbernut monkey around in other countries business. Then (the sheep)they say how bad that country is to defend their position of power. But guess what SHEEP our gubbernut will and have plans to do the same thing to us. So wake the hell up.

      37. Just a warm up
        The BIG SHOW will be in America in a few months.
        Then,GOD Help us ALL

      38. It wont be like that at all here in America, most people have already rolled or have no clue and don’t want one. We should have already started this sort of thing here, but everyone including myself is waiting for someone else to get things started. People are so used to reading about this sort of thing…we are all pacified already…it wont happen here and if it does it will end quickly when some one gets hurt. All a bunch of talk.

        • If you look at the the events leading up our revolution in the mid-1700’s, you’ll realize that it didn’t just happen one day. There was a slow build-up of grievances and hostilities…..little scattered events here and there….small localized protests. These kinds of events happened throughout the colonies, but there was no popular, wide-spread uprising until……..Lexington and Concord.

          I suspect that it will be that way here again. There WILL be a Lexington and Concord moment that will occur as the culmination of the whole series of government abuses that have been steadily increasing for the past 25 years. (yes…this began BEFORE the current administration)

          Now…..the problem is, we don’t know what the outcome will be. But don’t think for a minute that there will not be resistance to this tyranny they are trying to impose.

          During the first revolution, probably only 50% of the population was even sympathetic to the cause. Less than half of them even lent sympathy to it. And even fewer actively supported it. And finally…..only about 3% actually engaged in the fighting that was necessary to overthrow the tyranny of the British Crown.

          The reality is….the mass of people generally go along with WHATEVER kind of government is in place. They just try to get by as best they can.

          And always remember this……The history books are written by the winners.

      39. Those snipers? Do they speak yidish or hebrew??

        • Russian

        You all think something like this is coming to the U.S.A.
        The only way you will see anything like this is when the government stop giving out handouts to people that I call Zombie Mopes. No more freebees, phones, food, housing, medical care, utilities, cars, computers.
        That can be caused by a collapes in the economy, sever weather, meteor, earthquake, tidal wave, et ect.
        The government in the U.S.A. would not try anything like they are trying to do in the Ukraine.
        They (the government) know better than to pi$$ off us good old boys as long as we are armed and still have a fight in us.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • This is why….when SHTF….it would be advisable that when the riots start……DON’T GET INVOLVED IN IT.

          The riots here will be initiated by the EBT crowd…the porch-sitter-entitlement group. You know…the folks that riot over the newest Nike sneakers or if their team wins the NBA championship.

          The time to stand up and actually get involved will be when they start initiating draconian policies in RESPONSE to the riots by the city mob. That’s where the lines in the sand will be drawn. And it’s where we will have to decide if we are free men or slaves. And even then…the best resistance will not be open rebellion in the streets. I will leave to your own imagination the “how” of what will need to happen. But it will look more like Vietnam or Afghanistan……not New England in 1776.

          • I would add……when the riots start here, you can pretty much bet that they will be instigated and encouraged by agent provocateurs sent out by shadow agencies within the government itself….to then give justification for the draconian laws they will impose.

            Remember the Hegelian Dialectic.

      41. KGB & EU is getting COLD.

      42. Off topic. Thanks to whoever chatted up brazil resources a few weeks back. Ikde a small investment and have more than doubled my money, but I think it’ll do lots better. But even if it doesn’t I’m not on the hook for much.


        Celente: America’s overt actions destabilizing Ukraine as never before

      44. now this is curious

        CDC Warns Americans Who Have Not Gotten a Flu Shot to Get One Immediately

        “The Centers for Disease Control are warning Americans that anyone who has not gotten a flu shot this year needs to get one immediately. The CDC issued out serious calls for flu shots on Thursday afternoon, stating that the flu this year is turning out to be very deadly and the season still has weeks or maybe months to go until it is over.”

        • Ive never gotten a flu shot. and I never will. I had the flu once a few decades ago and haven’t been sick since. Im past sixty and ill take my chances.

          • Flu is more deadly to the young and middle aged, probably because of overactive immune response. Also by the time one is in their 60’s they’ve have enough exposure to be immune to related viruses. Once one is quite elderly though it doesn’t take much to lead to pneumonia.

            • SIGI.

              That is what I have now and pneumonia is an ass kicker. Sap you of your strength and Now I found out it can last for weeks.
              If you get it be prepared for a hospital stay. All sorts of Steroids and anti-biotics.

              It all started with a small constant cough.

              Just a heads up.

        • Big Pharma is represented well on the board of CDC.
          Only really stupid people let those deadly chemicals in their bodies or loved ones bodies.

      45. What is happening on the streets of Kiev right now is really a proxy war between the East and the West. On the one side you have the USSA and the EUSSR, which are quite determined to bring Ukraine under their sphere of influence. On the other side you have Russia (the former USSR), which is quite determined to keep Ukraine out of the EU and out of NATO. In addition, Russia is extremely concerned about the strategic natural gas pipelines that go through Ukraine that transport gas from Russia to the rest of Europe. Ultimately, it is not in the interest of the people of Ukraine to be dominated by either side, but that is going to be what ends up happening. The Cold War is playing out on the streets of Kiev as you read this, and this conflict is going to greatly increase tensions between the East and the West. As these tensions continue to rise, someday this Cold War could actually end up sparking a real war between the superpowers.
        (copied from another site)

        • If that were the case it wouldn’t be so quiet already today.

      46. In every rebellion in every country in every epoch it is always the military and police that are killing civilians, “following orders” with no hesitation.

        Still think the military would neeevvvveeerrr fine on Amerikkkan civilians?

        • I never doubted some would.

      47. Ronald Reagan once said, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

      48. One of the dumbest ideas for guns is now out, smart guns that will only operate with a special wristwatch or others by fingerprints.

        First you have the problem of a malfuction. Then the time frame or delay of such a gun. Then you have the issue of double the cost.

        They say, of course coming out of California that it will reduce crime and gun violence. The only thing that will reduce crime is more people able to defend themselves the best they can. Devices like this only make it one more step, one more chance of failure of the gun not working. I like revolvers over the standard magazine type pistols because a revolver is one of the most dependable firearm there is that will work. I wonder if any type of electronic jamming system by a criminal could make these “smart” guns jam up and not unlock the firing mechanisms. Another STUPID idea aimed at making self defense that more complicated.

        • BI,am sure some tech types have already found a way to beat this system(microwave your firearm?).That said,with 100’s of millions without that system in hands of public,well,let em play their games.Folks not armed and having a good supply of ammo by now for whatever reason chose not to be,which along with the right to own firearms is also someones right,so be it.

      49. Stay thirsty my friend!

      50. ramen noodles ma’roons ;0p

        i’m gettin sick of listening to inexperienced green-horn survivalist maroons , an wanna-be prepper website / prep radio guru’s sittin in their moms basement talk up ramen noodles as a food prep .



        same goes for white rice .

        buy dry goods in bulk non-gmo organic wild brown rice , lentils and beans .

        ramen noodles only do one thing … kill you … literally .


        n.o. ;0p

        • N O
          Respect,, but

          Ill keep my white rice and ramen noodles thanks,,
          can make up a mean stir fried and veggie chow mein from those ramen noodles and can make all sorts of good stuff with white rice,,, just white rice with soy sauce is a better meal than NOTHING!

          Ive eaten that stuff all my life and it has never been a problem,, same with almost every other local born and raised Island peeps here in Hawaii. We all grew up eating that stuff, and spam and canned corned beef,,

          • I’m 63 and on NO meds; I’ll stay with the rice and ramen too, Kula.
            Like you, I have dried vegetables for the rice, and can make stir fry with home made sweet and sour sauce, open a can of chicken and have a great meal.
            The cells in your body are surrounded by an oily membrane. Bacteria are found on the outside of these cell walls and Viruses are on the inside of the cells. Regular antibiotics are unable to penetrate the cell wall and so they only work on bacterial infections, not on viruses.
            Home Made Sweet and Sour Sauce(you won’t buy after tasting your own)

            Mix 1/3 cup white vinegar, 4 TB brown sugar, 1 TB ketchup, and 1 tsp. soy sauce- bring to a boil.
            Mix 2 TB cornstarch with 4 TB water and add to thicken.

            All these can easily be stored for long term–you have canned chicken, rice in buckets, and all these ingredients for chicken stir fry.

            • I have no idea how the post about viruses vs. bacterial got in there.

      51. The Game Changed in Venezuela Last Night – and the International Media Is Asleep At the Switch

        Listen and understand. The game changed in Venezuela last night. What had been a slow-motion unravelling that had stretched out over many years went kinetic all of a sudden.

        Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries on motorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting. People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees. There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street. And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, before any real investigation is carried out. Online media is next, a city of 645,000 inhabitants has been taken off the internet amid mounting repression, and this blog itself has been the object of a Facebook “block” campaign.

        After the major crackdown on the streets of major (and minor) Venezuelan cities last night, I expected some kind of response in the major international news outlets this morning. I understand that with an even bigger and more photogenic freakout ongoing in an even more strategically important country, we weren’t going to be front-page-above-the-fold, but I’m staggered this morning to wake up, scan the press and find…


        • MSM is basicly government controlled,,,
          they are all in unison making sure that we are reading about Miley Cyrus in her pakalolo leotard prancing around the stage, and football players beating up their girlfriends, and michelle obummer pushing her hubbys crack program,,,
          the international comunity doesnt really want citizens of the various countries to know shit about anything that is going on,, they prefer us to be like mushrooms, living in the dark and fed shit,,,,

      52. One good thing JJ,seems folks are tripping up those motorcycle crews and disarming them,did see a few examples of that on net last night.That country will always be in turmoil with their economic policies that result in shortages of toilet paper,just a small example.When the govt. went to stores of all types telling em how much they could charge for goods,surprise,those stores just shut down.No matter what the crackdown will be a endless cycle as long as their govt. operates in the way that it does.On a side note,shows why citizens should be armed,and not just with firearms.

        • When the govt. went to stores of all types telling em how much they could charge for goods,surprise,those stores just shut down

          Another reason to stock goods and supplies.

          • It’s going to be another 2 weeks before I’m home. Seems like an eternity. Trying to make sure dad is all set, and worried about my family, too. My preps have been on hold the last 2 months. I need to get back into overdrive. Trying to get into a Ham radio class. They are all full. 15 students per class. Seems like folks in CT are getting smart. Anyone know of online webcast classes? I do NOT want to be cut off from the world if we get Internet down. My ‘junk’ email is nopittypartyhere at gmail dot com.

          • It’s going to be another 2 weeks before I’m home. Seems like an eternity. Trying to make sure dad is all set, and worried about my family, too. My preps have been on hold the last 2 months. I need to get back into overdrive. Trying to get into a Ham radio class. They are all full. 15 students per class. Seems like folks in CT are getting smart. Anyone know of online webcast classes? I do NOT want to be cut off from the world if we get Internet down. My ‘junk’ email is nopittypartyhere at gmail dot com.

            • Do a search on KB6NU. He offers study guides for technician and general class for free. They will get you through the test.

              If you have a shortwave radio and a computer look into FLDIGI. It will allow you to decode packet communications and it will even read cw for you. Phone(voice) communications are a miniscule part of what is possible with ham radio.

              As a parting note, look at Broadband-Hamnet for computer communications, its fascinating stuff.

              • Thanks!

      53. ” will be a picnic compared to how it will go down on the streets of America.”

      54. This is the full reason why you never give up your arms, and you never register a dam thing. Everyone in this country should be paying very close attention to why these cops are even able to fire upon their own citizens ..because they have little to no fear of a bullet headed back their way.

        Here it is in a nutshell people..Our government has no fucking clue who has what when it comes to ALL the guns in this country..they want us to volentarily give up that information thru false laws anti constitutional laws..null in void laws. Do not fall for this. The guns are whats been holding this administration and those before it, from bashing in all of our skulls and shooting us like fish in a barrel. Although we see smaller fights and some rioting and abuse from the police and 3 letter agencies, it would be much much worse than it is if we didn’t have the right to bear arms and have the ability to use that right. We also need to start changing the tides when it comes to police brutality.. they need to start being named, listed, and delt with..their next jobs need to be non public servant
        but that’s after they get out of serving their sentence

        If the shooting starts around here, and they provoke it like they usually do, then they have to be careful of the war they started could be the end of their existence

        It could take just the killing of the wrong mans dog..

        There will be more FF centered around the gun .. bet your life on it, and they will stop at nothing, because the gun is all we really have to hold them off at this point in their game.

        when the ballot box no longer works .. and the politicians are corrupt , and the countries government has lost its way.. I still get a vote- Si Vis Pacem Parabellum


          • Im sure you ment REPUBLIC! didn’t you?

            when our REPUBLIC form of government is subverted and people are made to believe its a Democracy you have a huge problem , not only with your government , but the people that are to instruct their government how to go about being the government for the people and by the people

            Democracy a good definition
            2 wolfs and 1 sheep voting on whats for dinner

            2 wolfs with rules to follow ( or risk being delt with as a traitor)and 1 armed sheep, telling the wolfs how to act while the sheep reminds them whos running the show

            • A Republic is two wolves, a sheep…and a SHEEP DOG.

              The wolves: Government agencies
              The sheep: The masses
              The sheep dog: The armed citizen

      55. Do we in the UK need to Prep Up too?

        I can just about reload my old camera with film, I will stand no chance if this kind of unrest happens in the UK.

        We want out of the EU, we can barely find enough Foodbanks to feed our poor, having to chose between, heating, petrol or food. It’s a tough call and it hasn’t even started.

        Our government are pushing all the buttons, it looks like they fancy a face off with its downtrodden people too.

        Just a matter of time I suppose.

        • D.M.
          Yes Please for your own good prep.
          It could be anything from a Solar flare, flu, Riots, ECT.
          If you don’t do it for yourself do it for your family.
          I can tell you that it is one of the tuffs things to do is watch you family go hungry.

          • Yes! we in the UK need to prep.

            As this site is so UScentric let me guide you to a couple of UK based resources, as you sound like a newbie

            Neither of these are political & both cater to the basics like getting yourself out of debt, living simply,where to purchase, store and purchase staples, & a water filter etc.

            Hopefully they will get you started.

            Given the awful storm damage some parts of our Island nation is recovering whether UK subjects are suffering right now, the need for us in the UK to prep should be more blindingly obvious than ever. rationing didn’t end till the 1950’s and our population has exploded ever since. have you considered how you would cope if the local supermarket was closed for any length of time?

        • DM,no matter where one is located one should prep as best they can,disasters can be man made or natural,either way the stores and banks ect. closed.Star with long term food and a plan for getting water,have at least basic medical supplies i.e. bandages/anti biotic cream ect.Would suck to doe from infection from something as simple as a cut!To the best of ability have a way to defend ones self and property,firearms out of the ? think bow/crossbow/,hell a hatchet or kitchen knife better then nothing.Try and get a idea what may be available in your area to eat from the wild and how to get it.Have at least a few decent flashlights and plenty of batteries,may want to use sparingly to not attract others but still will need.Have plenty of the right clothing for the worst your environment usually offers,have at least a few lighters to start a fire where ever you may be,this is just a minimal start and keep in mind the smalls add up quickly.Keep in mind the majority of what I have mentioned is stuff will use anyhow,you are just stocking up on it and even thinking about it puts your chances of surviving a bad situation in a more positive light.With more general specifics of your area folks here can offer a lot of ideas that you might find helpful,i.e.,you live in country/city/small town,you get the point,good luck.

        • Just a thought Donna, if America grows enought food to feed half the world (just a figure) and Americans need to prep, you be the judge! Also if this Great Bastion of Freedom goes down, you can bet the rest of the free world will not go unscathed. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • Sigi:
          Thanks for the info. Answers my question.
          This is one reason I love this page, you will always get an answer.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

        • DONNA:
          Getting prepped is like having insurance., but this type just might save your life.
          You MUST have some water, food,(enough to last you 10 to 14 days) sanitary item,(tooth past, soap, female items, medicines.
          Some form of protection, and most of all keep your preps private until you find other preppers that you can get along with to form a group. You will need a group to survive the long haul. A person can not stand watch and work 24 hours a day.
          Good luck and my God bless
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      56. @ eppe. You were wondering about distant earthquakes affecting each other. This morning the same spot that had an earthquake 2 years ago had one. This is on the Southern Pacific Rise, the western Nazca plate. This same spot 2 years ago had an earthquake, then 8 hours later, almost 10000 miles away the largest strike slip earthquake ever occurred west of Indonesia. This same spot also has lead to several other major quakes on the Australian plate that followed within 15 days. New Guinea and east Indonesia especially. One in Taiwan, another in the Philippines back in 1976, Chile, and a 7.3 in the Sea of Okhotsk.

        These quakes are a result of pressure building up and the energy being released at certain points that interlink them with ancient, or not so ancient, boundaries that people are not aware of. It is no coincidence that one area of a plate boundary that is either spreading apart or sliding past each other has an earthquake, and then major earthquakes occur after this only on certain areas. In this case the northern Australian plate is the one that has the biggest bull’s eye on it, especially New Guinea. Like the way a crack on a windshield follows certain weak points all the way from one side to another, even rock has this same principle. Something good size is coming. The best bet for this would still be the Nazca, Cocos, and Caribbean plates from yesterday’s one of a kind quake in the south Atlantic. The northern Australian plate is red hot for a major quake also.

      57. Who would have thought it?? 😉

        As Ukraine Violence Escalates, Leaked Tape Suggests U.S. Was Plotting Coup

        • Remember Iran.

          (Google our involvement in the early 50’s)

      58. These are all currency wars, because the dollar is dying all over the world. China and Russia all but have ditched the dollar and are trading in the yuan and gold – other countries are starting to do likewise.

        • It’s not being their taxslaves that’s the worst thing. It’s being captive rapeslaves and NSA Webcam federalfucktoys that’s really galling.

      59. Today’s History Lesson

        Operation Nazification

        “After World War II, the U.S. military hired sixteen hundred former Nazi scientists and doctors, including some of Adolf Hitler’s closest collaborators, including men responsible for murder, slavery, and human experimentation, including men convicted of war crimes, men acquitted of war crimes, and men who never stood trial.”

        • Satori says:
          February 21, 2014 at 10:12 am
          You swallowed the lie (—)hook, line & sinker….0_o

      60. If you want to keep up with what is going on in Kyiv and with the government there check out the Kyiv Post. It is in English and as a peaceful parliamentary solution is being sought updates appear regularly on their Euromaidan page. The most recent development is:

        Several Party of Regions lawmakers leave the party

        6:48 p.m. Tens of lawmakers from President Viktor Yanukovych’s ruling Party of Regions left the faction on Feb. 21, signaling that the president was loosing his grip on power and influence over those once loyal to him.

        At least 28 Party of Regions members of parliament were reported to have left the faction, according to Interfax-Ukraine news agency. — Christopher J. Miller

      61. The ‘protesters’ raided a government armory and have shot several police as a result.

        One cannot expect the police, or anyone else for that matter, not to shoot back.

        Americans need to remember this when it starts here. Once that line is crossed by either side its too late to go back.

      62. I agree with Lazarus. These people are criminals. If you’re obeying the law, you have nothing to worry about.

      63. I could list pages of facts with regards to the corruption & lawlessness with in the government but one simple fact pretty much sums it all. That simple & very sad fact is that we live in a country where only 1 of 4 actually know that the earth revolves around the sun. Enough said, don’t you think? 🙁

        • And the college kids can’t name one of the amendments of the Bill Of Rights.

      64. These are people living in a state of conditional freedom, with no protection from predations just like us.
        You too can be executed by snipers or by other means upon Their whims and pretexts.
        Stop believing in Their fairytales.
        Close your ears to the bellicose blathering of their Beetlejuice Battalions of long dead Ghosts of Virtue.
        Don’t take another step in the eternal rigor mortis march of glory to the Holy Graveyard of Dessicated Powdered Wigged Zombie Heroes.

      65. Those are pro snipers. They are NOT there to fire randomly. They know the targets, who we all know are set up, armed and paid for by the PTB under the guise of the U.S.A..
        Welcome to the new world of “REGIME CHANGE” a la Libya, Saddam, Assad, and now poor Ukraine.

        In this battle between empires, the little man is irrelevent.

        The dumb students have, as always, set themselves up at targets for the moronic militia and media while the chess players play their game. So sad.

      66. I’m still trying to figure out how I make insane amounts of profit every week playing the stock market for the last 15 years, when everything is supposed to be falling apart. Just last week I made over 40,000 fiat dollars. You people are stupid, get an effin life.

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      68. Very good post. I absolutely appreciate this site.
        Continue the good work!

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