Shock Video: Ferguson Police Deliberately Tear Gas Journalists

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Headline News | 221 comments

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    Shocking footage out of Ferguson, Missouri shows that police are deliberately targeting journalists as part of a military-style crackdown that has caused outrage, with even Newsweek acknowledging that U.S. law enforcement is now akin to an occupying army.

    The clip shows Al-Jazeera journalists preparing to do a live camera shot of the scene in Ferguson before they are hit with a round of tear gas. The reporters run in the opposite direction. Subsequent photographs show militarized police officers seizing and dismantling their camera equipment as another officer points a sniper rifle at the fleeing reporters.

    It is important to emphasize that this is no longer about looting. The police were AWOL when the looting unfolded on Sunday night. Since that time the looting has all but stopped but the crackdown against peaceful protesters and journalists has intensified.

    Two journalists working for the Huffington Post and the Washington Post were also arrested for not leaving a McDonalds quickly enough, as shown in the video below.

    Infowars reporter Joe Biggs was also struck by rubber bullets and tear gassed, in addition to having a sniper aim a gun at his head.

    St. Louis alderman Antonio French was also arrested and held overnight for the crime of exiting his car. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced this morning that he would visit the town as concerns about wider civil unrest grow.

    In arresting, assaulting and intimidating local officials and journalists, Ferguson police are clearly trying to create a chilling effect to discourage media coverage of their brutality and scare other reporters away from covering the story.

    The situation in Ferguson is so ominous that even Newsweek is now reporting that America’s police have “become an army” and are “indistinguishable from soldiers,” a chilling acknowledgment given that we were labeled “conspiracy theorists” time and time again for warning about martial law in the past.

    By instituting a military-style occupation of the town and aggressively targeting journalists and peaceful protesters, authorities are only increasing the likelihood of further disorder and civil unrest spreading to other areas.

    In a related development, the Anonymous hacker group publicly released the name of the officer responsible for shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown and have vowed to release his photo and address if authorities do not respond today.


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      1. Welcome to the “land of the free”. Won’t be long now. Think maybe that MSNBC et al will open their eyes? …….. NAWWWWW!

        • “We’re winning the war against al-qaeda, but we’re losing the war against Al Shaprton!” – Clayton Bigsby (Dave Chappelle)

          • I’ve wanted to do more than just gas so called journalist. Let’s not forget it’s their profession that brought us Obama, doctored up photos of Zimmerman and lied out their ass in order to incite race divisions, covered for the left and continue to persecute patriotic Americans and propagandize for the DNC. Now add a foreign owned news corp that’s owned by a people that want nothing more than to destroy our way of life, to kill you and I.

            There are no good guys in Ferguson, no one to root for or side with. I’m quite content to sit on the sidelines and be an observer. I shed no tears for the Al Jazera scum bags.

            • Unless Michael Brown had posed a direct threat to the life of that officer, the officer had NO justification in killing him…man, boy, or otherwise. Simple as that. Apply the same rule as you would to any other civilian. Unless Michael was killed IN THE ACT of posing a direct life ending threat to that officer, he was murdered.

              I totally disagree with the way the black community has responded, but police brutality WILL cause some serious blowback. At the end of the day, the cops are vastly outnumbered in a country with 300 million guns. They better be careful about how they pick their battles and what hills they choose to fight on.

              Was Michael Brown a gang banger guilty of crimes? Maybe, maybe not. That isn’t even the point. In violation of the 6th Amendment in the Bill of Rights, Brown was not given a speedy trial by the a jury of his peers, nor was he served due process as specified in the 5th Amendment. Unless he was in the act of killing that officer, which he wasn’t according to witnesses (no lethal weapon and shot in the back), then the cops committed a serious crime.

              • Couldnt agree more. This whole scene is disgusting.

                Link at Drudge saying the St Louis Co police have been yanked. The State and or Feds are going in.

                • “””By instituting a military-style occupation of the town and aggressively targeting journalists and peaceful protesters, authorities are only increasing the likelihood of further disorder and civil unrest spreading to other areas.”””

                  That is exactly what the corp would like. so the economic collapse can be blamed on some looting by the people rather than the massive looting of the banksters.

                  Ferguson is merely a test run they HOPE to expand on. The question was “What will cause the people to riot?”. The answer is having a cop shoot and kill an unarmed man/boy in the back. Regardless of skin color.

                  I think a black boy was chosen to further instigate the races to battle each other over skin color, rather than the killers themselves, who will be protected.

                  The cops will stand in the middle of the created race war and kill on both sides with impunity. Hopefully, the protestors will learn they must first arm themselves BEFORE protesting in order for it to succeed.

                  Would the cops being throwing tear gas at 5 guys toting legally owned guns if they stood between them and the media? I doubt it.

                  Also, I found it interesting that the twitter account linked to in the article was already suspended when I tried to go there.

                  • GC,

                    You’re out of your mind.

                  • Perhaps, but you don’t think it is possible that someone got the unnamed cop and paid him to do something like that in promise of protection and a large payday? It certainly doesn’t make sense any other way, not even if you throw in Roid Rage and anti-depressants.

                    If you discount that possibility, you have underestimated the banksters and how far they are and will be willing to go force their NWO down the throats of those who want no part of it.

                    Was it an ordinary cop, or a CIA/FBI plant? Why is his name not being released? If he needs to be protected, why not put him in “protective custody” in a jail cell where they would put you?

                    I have no preconceived notion of what really happened. I wasn’t there. But I do know the lengths the psychopaths will go to in effort to maintain control.

                    That control will only be maintained until such time as the “peaceful protestors” bring their guns with them, while still desiring a peaceful protest.

                    Otherwise, the police will ALWAYS resort to violence against the UNARMED, which is all they know, and be protected from any crimes they commit, until the judgment and sentencing returns to the people who witness the crimes and is dispensed quickly against the perpetrators.

                    The only way the people will EVER be able to peacefully protest is if they are well armed and present a force the corp does not want to attack because they will lose as many as they victimize.

                    The protest should remain peaceful, but the protestors must become equally well armed to be heard.

                  • He’s right, you’re making stuff up with no basis in reality.

                  • @GC
                    Swingin on a star at a base root is not only underestimating the banksters, he is underestimating satan and evil in general

                  • The media are owned by the NWO creators and so is Newsweek so why are they suddenly “reporting” on this?

                    Their agenda is against the people so remember that when you read any of their stuff. And ask yourself “what is their angle?” Divide and conquer is generally their game plan so do not give them their weapon= division and aggression between parties.

                    Angry people are more easily manipulated because they are not thinking, they are feeling. No matter what the situation, when you get angry, step back and take no action and speak no words till calm. Now you have removed their weapon and armored yourself.

                • St Louis Co police have been yanked. The State and or Feds are going in.
                  IMO..I think this is a bigger mistake. they will come to do nothing but escalate this..because that is their agenda

                  be on your toes around this one

                • The American public is so indifferent. The jackboots taking orders from the oligarchy behind the white house and both houses of congress have been trying to instigate a trigger engagement for some time in order to get the ball rolling that will lead to absolute tyrannical martial law and civil war. What they didn’t count on was the apathy and nonchalance of their engineered experimentation on the unsuspecting public (flouride, chemtrails, GMO, EMF, etc…). Weekly, Obama commits impeachable crimes with impunity and the TV just keeps rolling with entertainment; the EBT cards keep refueling, and the reports of war in Iraq, Mexico, and Ferguson are just reality shows for enjoyment. Nobody gives shit! This has got to be frustrating for the engineers of this desired collapse. They way over estimated the masses and underestimated their control measures.

                  • Sterling, well put.

                    They are doing their best to start shit, but the people will not cooperate.

                    There are too many dependent on the system, and those who are well armed have more patience and an understanding of what is happening. The time is not yet right, as the people have not yet had THEIR new Pearl Harbor to bring them together to fight the common enemy (the banksters).

                    I suspect many will attack once reports of dead cops and soldiers start getting pushed on the TV. Of course, it will always be the shown as the cops being innocent victims.

                    Perhaps the people sense that it is not supposed to be this way, but there is nothing they can do yet to stop it. YET. The ONLY success freedom has to show was at Bundy’s place, and they only succeeded because they brought their guns.

                    Maybe the corp does not really want a war with the people because they shoot back. It wants the ability to slaughter them and hide the truth.

                    An ability that this incident shows is still lacking, but being tested here and now. The results of the testing will be showing up in a city near you in the not too distant future.

                    When the people will show up armed depends on when they can no longer believe the evil they are spoon fed daily.

                    It can’t happen here, until it does.

                  • Well put Gods Creation. That is what I was trying to say but you have a much more eloquent way with words.

                • Censorship of the free press, classic tactic used by tyrannies for too long to remember.

              • Don’t worry…Help is on the way.

                Eric Holder dispatches team that ‘inflamed’ Trayvon case

                Based on documents from the Trayvon Martin case, Eric Holder’s CRS (Community Relations Service) “acted in a manner so as to INFLAME racial tension, rather than minimize it.”

                It wouldn’t surprise me that they would PURPOSELY stir up tension.

                WND dot com
                (currently posted on Drudge Report

            • I didn’t know the penalty for jaywalking was death.

              The only people who still tell the truth are dedicated journalists. You’ll never get the truth sitting on your duff in front of the TV

              • evidently being a dog is also an immediate death sentence

            • In a way, this article is a form of leftist brain washing. The journalists mentioned, are so far left that their main objective is to side with the poor little looters and against the truth being told. They are Obama lap dogs and have an agenda. This is a volatile situation that is spinning out of control, I don’t buy this article at all. The cops are doing what they can to stop this dynamite keg before it completely explodes.

              I find it very interesting how one article can completely blind true patriots from the truth. This is propaganda, plain and simple.

              • @ swinging on a star

                Yes, I quite agree: these kool aid chuggers didn’t give a frog’s fat ass what happened to the people at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, when the BLM sent in attack dogs and snipers with shoot to kill orders. Nor did they care about patriot groups being targeted by the IRS, nor have they lifted a finger to help American citizens whose jobs are being stolen by illegal aliens. You mention the “knockout game” and they either scoff, or you get the blank “deer in the headlights” look. They had no problem whatsoever when some liberal rag in NY state outed gun owners and published a street map of where they lived. For YEARS, people on this forum and many others have been warning that the police of this country are being turned into a cross between the Gestapo and the hell riders in Mad Max, and all these ObamaNazi douchebags ever did was to jeer.

                Aha! but now that THEY are in the crosshairs, its adifferent story. Its OK for the Tea Party, preppers, gun owners, libertarians and patriots to be harassed, mocked and oppressed, but oh no! now the cops are attacking liberals. How DARE they?

                I am sorry for the biting and sarcastic tone of this post, but I cannot help but notice how people like us will leap to their defense, but even after this, they won’t lift a finger when its OUR civil rights that are being violated.

                Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

                • NEVER apologize for the truth, or your sarcastic tone.. WE the People and You have earned the right to say it like we feel it!

                • Not sure what your rant slant is about? InfoWars was on top of all of those things you mentioned. Al Jazeera here is kind of new to US, but Huffington and SOME of the others, YOU ARE RIGHT. They were there only because it was a minority neighborhood. Still, in the end, what they HAVE done is to show the main point. Militarized police AND the police and powers that be got what THEY wanted. As if to say, “look at us! WE’re the bad asses here and WE’re in control. NOT YOU LITTLE FKS!” Thanks.

                  • Well said Crystal….some here with the left/right paradigm disease only want to cherry pick.

                    I have actually seen, as disgusting as it is to say, some much more truthfull news accounts from Al Jazeera than american LSM.

                    And IMO, I don’t give a rats ass, they were there as journalists, I dont care that they are liberal, conservative or any other title you want to put on them……they were trying to cover a story.

                    Some really bright people here sure can be dim sometimes and totally miss the grand point of it all. And this is a big reason why, americans will never unite and have enough truly awake.

              • Ya know what? If they are “leftist” journalists or “rightist” journalists, it doesn’t matter.

                It ESPECIALLY doesn’t matter if you disagree with what they say.

                Their right to free speech is more important to uphold if you disagree with them than it is if you agree with them. That was the main point of guaranteeing free speech.

                And their natural right to freely travel on the roads is being severely compromised.


                • The State-run media is in favor of suppressing the speech of those who are not members of their cabal. Reading the White House press releases is not freedom of speech! If you are not under the employ of CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/Al-Jizzim, they would like to limit your access to the facts. Look at how they IGNORE the black-on-white violence; watch as they refuse to publish pictures of non-white perps! The major outlets attack and malign those who report on the stories that they ignore! The romantic idea of a watchdog press is long over!

                • @ Crystal BJ SRS

                  You have completely missed the point of what I was saying: these VERY SAME JOURNALISTS never gave a damn when it was OUR heads on the chopping block. You think that ANYONE at Newsweek, Al Jazeera or anywhere else in the so-called mainstream press gave a tinkers damn when people like us are attacked? Of course not; dollars to donuts, most of them probably said something like “serves ’em right”. Oh, but now its happened to them, and they’re somehow “real people who actually count”…as opposed to us, who somehow don’t really matter. If they are going to pretend to be journalists, they should try pretending to be even handed, and — how do they say it? oh yes — speak “truth to power”. Even when the truth is that those in power are stomping on people they don’t like, people like us.

                  Likewise, when people like Mac, or any of the contributors here, or Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, or even Alex Jones, kept pointing out over and over and over again that the police forces of this country were becoming a lot more like a cross between the Waffen SS and the Stormtroopers from Star Wars, these VERY SAME JOURNALISTS either scoffed, or they completely ignored this story. They dismissed our concerns out of hand,even though the evidence was there if they actually did their damned jobs and investigated.

                  THAT is what I was talking about. Do you get it now?

                  Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

                  • No you totally missed the point and continue to miss it….by a MILE.

                    I don’t care if they like me or I like them. I don’t care what they believe or what they do. I only care about the constitution and it being followed to a ‘T.’ Period!

                  • “I am sorry for the biting and sarcastic tone of this post, but I cannot help but notice how people like us will leap to their defense, but even after this, they won’t lift a finger when its OUR civil rights that are being violated.”

                    Yes, that is exactly the point, IMPCALGI. That is what sets people like US on higher ground than people like THEM. WE don’t care what THEY might believe or promote, what biases they might have, or even if they lie about US, if THEIR rights are violated, WE will stand up for THEM.

            • Really well said Rick in Or, I’m not a fan of the militarized police, but when you loot&burn local business’s you earn the right to be shot on sight. Don’t care if it’s a citizen or a cop that doe’s it. Al Jazera? they are lucky they got away alive!

              • “you earn the right to be shot on sight”

                Tell me where that right is enumerated. And tell me which law or laws state the punishment is death on sight by any cop unless there is proven emminent threat of death.

            • Could this be a case of; Karma meet Bitch? I do concer with RickInOregon, there are no good guys in Ferguson.

            • Agree, Rick.

              The bigger problem here is not the militarization of the cops, but rather a real-life look into what TEOTWAWKI will be like WROL. Both the po-lice and the knee-grow rioters are just as bad characters in this clusterf*ck.

              Keep aware! Stock up on the four precious metals: Gold, Silver, Brass, & Lead!

            • I think you have to see Al Jazeera the same way you need to see RT. It’s a propaganda news outlet. However, that is also an advantage too as it means that it’s interests are not necessarily aligned with the US government. This means you will find truths on there that you won’t find on US based news outlets as it exists partially to embarrass the US government. At the end of the day it is important to note that truth (as pertains to the news) is relative and is always delivered with a slant. It’s up to you to look at all the information from multiple sources and determine what the actual facts are.

            • Exactly, there are no good guys here. There is video of Brown robbing a store, that is why the cops confronted him, not just because he is black like the media and black panthers are saying. He supposedly went for the cop’s gun, but who really knows.

              Now there are reports that the McDonalds the reporters were arrested in was actually boarded up and closed because it had been looted and trashed, they were trespassing and should not have been there.

              Obviously the militarized cops went on a rampage that was totally designed to strike fear into the protesters, but the protesters started looting and destroying private property.

              Like I said, there are absolutely no good guys in this entire situation, everyone is just doing what they think will best advance their own agendas.

          • So now LE is going after the press?!?!?!?

            LEOs are going after the only people who have a chance to peacefully resolve the situation? Shooting and tear gassing Joe Biggs?!?! What moron politician is in charge here? I say politician, because it HAS to be someone with little to no common sense. Are they really thinking that going after a veteran will do them any good? Now they have the military lovers and the gang-bangers against them. Now they are fighting a war on two fronts. Ask the NAZIs how that worked out.

            Oh, wait a minute, this is already kind of a “National Socialist-type” of area, with all the EBT card-users and all, so the NAZIs have been in charge for a while. They’ve just been using different names for the last 40-50 yrs.

            Let’s start a list. What are the new names that the NAZI party is using today?

            • What?

              >>”So now LE is going after the press?!?!?!?”<<

              We are not dealing with police anymore. We need to start calling them what they are. These are soldiers. They have military weapons, vehicles, training. These are no longer police by any stretch of the imagination.

              • What, The press is kind of like the cops in that some, very few are honest and not manipulating the truth. I’ve met some good cops, it’s been a while.ABC,NBC,CBS,MSNBC,AL JAZER, are all useful tools of this administration.So there’s that…

              • “We are not dealing with police anymore.” We are also not dealing with “The Press” anymore, just another group pushing a political agenda.

            • Neither side has any public relations skills. Its good TV entertainment. Buy your body armor. The congrass is trying to ban that too. Fockers!!

            • Does any with any brains really care what happens in place none of us been or ever cares to go to? This is all part of the SPECTACAL created to distract you from what’s really important. This story is all bullshit and doesn’t affect the lives of any one of us, just like the Ebola story that’s fallen off the screen with the newest and most improved story that’s guaranteed to get ratings and make the media masters happy. They jerk you from one fake news story to the next; floods in the east, no wait, draught and fires in the west; bored with those we’ve got Ebola. Growing tired of that, we’ve got mayhem in the streets of a city none of you’ve been to and will never go to. But they say “you must care because we tell you to and you must see our sponsors so they can tell you about the newest and most improved crud they’re selling because they don’t want you to stop buying.” It’s all a distraction. Kill your t.v. before it eats your brain !!!

          • This is getting out of hand! Just shows the underlying frustration and anger slightly under the surface in many areas of the country. When things get worse in economy, people will lose it.
            What amazes me is that the rioters haven’t yet taken out the guns and then things will get real very quickly. Would police fight or retreat? Only time will tell.
            I can not imagine what it would be like living in large city when society collapses. Pure hell on earth. God Bless, James

            • Blacks don’t qualify for any guns even though 75% of all shootings are black on black.

          • This rioting could be stopped in a half hour. All the cops need to do is get on their loud speakers and tell everybody that they have 30 minutes to leave and go home.

            Then announce that those who don’t leave, will have their EBT Cards turned off!

            Feets don’t fail me now.

        • HOLY FUCK!!!! I would have beat the idiots ass that did that. That is not helping anyone’s cause when you throw a gas grenade at the press.

          Maybe I retired at the right time if this is what is acceptable now??

          Keep your powder dry,

          • And just FYI, not a fan of Al Jazera. But a free press is a free press. If you would rather deficate on Al Jazera than watch them, then the best thing to do is not watch them or give them any mind. Normally they would just go away from no sponsors. But I think Al Jazera is a state sponsored America hating station that is only fueled to post Anti-American hate….. and gassing them was stupid and fed their Anti-American fire.

            Just my opinion.

            • They’ll be cutting his head off next and some homie will come by pick it up, make a jump shot from beyond the foul line and get three!

            • For the most part we do not have a free press. The MSM is as much a free press as Goebbels’ propaganda ministry was. Al Jazera is owned and financed by a foreign government, in the end that government is it’s master, you may call AJ a member of the free press, I sure won’t.

              • I hate to say it, but AJ is far more likely to get closer to the truth than the cops who threw tear gas at them.

              • Cannot justify interfering with news reporters for any reason whatsoever. We have the photos and this is going to go worldwide. Who will mourn the downfall of America when it so obviously a fascist police state?

                • ENEP
                  As much as I agree with you. why in the Hell were they in the same location as the rioters? When you have this much smoke and people running all over the place. What can you expect?

                  • Sgt: I expect a police dept that is on the side of the Constitution and the Public. That defends our rights to assemble, Freedom of the press, and. Uses the Minimum amount of force REQUIRED. Not the Maximum they can get away with. I am not in a position to judge this: But the Cops aren’t looking too good.

                  • They were following the story. It’s what reporters do. Sadly, we are getting closer and closer to an American Tienanmen Square crackdown, where the press is kicked out first and then the government police/soldiers/goon squads (choose all that apply) go in for the kill. Because the press were exiled from the scene and the people whose rights were violated are now dead, there is little evidence to prosecute the perpetrators. As public opinion is now largely controlled by pictures and not facts, few will protest or challenge the government lies.

                  • Sgt. the photo I saw made it obvious they were reporters filming what was happening. That is how you get the news and they had every right to be there. They were deliberately targeted. It wasn’t an accident. And yes, we need Al Jazeera and Russia Today because they tell us what our government tries to hide.

                  • Are sane minded people starting to see how even the so called “good” cops think? They can’t help it, they have been brainwashed and this type of thinking has been permanently ingrained in their brains

                  • Brings to mind another time in our not-too-distant past when the media was excluded, even though they wanted to go where the smoke was. Waco, Texas

          • Totally agree.

            When a moron receives LE training, TPTB in LE need to get out of the union mindset and realize that person will still be a moron.

            Not everybody will eventually “get it.”

        • Better yet, they got Huffington Post. I’d be glad to get a few of those Liberals to get the point that this Police State isn’t going to be on their side.

          • Stop seeing it it as a left/right divide. No matter what opinion a person holds to, they are still an American. As such they have certain rights. When their rights are trampled on it makes it that much easier for the government to trample on yours when the time comes.

            • I absolutely agree, but the left press never seems to get the Idea that a free press is dependent upon the second amendment also. I have no problem if a few of them take a little heat finding out big government isn’t their friend.

              • I agree, but this isn’t that fight. It’s not about left versus right here. It’s about big government versus the private citizen. It’s a fight that all people, left and right, should join hand in hand to fight. We can worry about the differences later. Perhaps the need for the average man to be armed will become apparent at that time. I hope it doesn’t get any more bloody and violent, but sadly it seems that the opportunity for a peaceful, bloodless resolution is rapidly passing us by. I don’t like what I see on the horizon.

                • The problem is that so many “private citizens” believe that the press is on their side, not the side of big government. This is so far from the truth that it isn’t funny, but a vast majority of people in this country still seem to believe it. Events like this sure as hell will not help, either.

            • see how fucked we are Winston…..even good people who are considered patriots by most….still don’t get it. Truly sad and sickening…..the founders have to be absolutely rolling

        • From local news, the reporters camped out in the eatery for quite some time. When the manager asked them to leave, they refused, bought a coke or something, then lipped off to the cops when the manager called them to get them out.

          Whatever they got, they earned it.

          • Actually Smoky the Pig tried to kick the reporters out of MacDonalds cause he wanted all the greasy fries for himself.

            • you misspelled smoky….it’s smokey

        • Id love to hear the local pigs to this site justify this or say some same ole same ole bullshit that this is so bad blah blah blah, but not me I am a good cop…blah blah blah. There are NO good cops, if there were they would be reisgning and/or standing up to this with more than some bs on a internet site.

          All cops are an enemy to freedom liberty loving patriots and the contitution. And IMO the pigs have officially declared war on the american people. And if you’re a cop or used to be a cop…then that is the side you are on….period!

          We just need 10% of the people to wake up and unite, to be FULLY AWAKE!

      2. I guess those gas masks would come in handy now!!!

        • This is just a simple case of everyone in the area getting a bit of practice for a civil and societal freefall. The ethnics are pep rallying their hatred fueled by the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama. The cops are pulling out their shiny new toys of terror and mayhem; the preppers are watching quietly in the shadows locked and loaded to protect whats important, and the masses are stuffing tax purchased twinkies and burgers in their mouths while the catch a bit of the chaos on the news, only to lose interest quickly and turn back over to Dancing with the Stars or some other time wasting sitcom.

          When the tear gas and molotov cocktail smoke clears, and the grocery stores are bare and lights don’t work and nobody’s federal reserve notes are worth their equivalent weight in toilet paper, then, yeh, then the fun starts. Keep your head low, tighten your networks and cement your resolve to persist and rebuild.

          • allow me to correct you, sterling?…did you mean DUMB masses?

            • If you’re considered one of the masses, then I think the term “Dumb” is already a foregone conclusion.

          • Looks like Officer Willman better go into hiding for a while, his life could be in danger, I know I would have disappeared 4-5 days ago. Extended vacation ya know…

        • Nope because im not going to be out side filming or hanging out in the street. If I see the gestapo coming im going to be long gun before they can tear gas me. If you have to fight then it should be hit and run don’t plan on staying around.

          • If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!!!

      3. Gas ’em hell, they should have shot the commie traitors.

      4. It’s beginning!

        • Things are falling into place, the ebola scare, the water scare in Ohio, Israel doing it thing, ISIS doing its thing, militarization of local PD complete, 9/11 coming right up.

          This could be it.

          Who knows how agent provocateurs there are in St Louis inciting all this nonsense, but they are sure giving the LEOs plenty of excuses to feel OK to stomp on Americans and abuse the press…. and no one is doing thing to stop it.

      5. Sure would like to know ALL the facts (yea, not possible), on this shooting of M. Brown. It will no doubt be different from what is currently repeated by all the media.

        That aside, this is not mourning. No way those looters & pillagers can be encouraged to stand down by offering latte grande, fat free cookies and more taxpayer resources.

        No words to describe the hell we all are about to be forced to journey through. This is just another preview of things to come. It is just FUBARed.

        Watch your six.

        • Julie,believe this is just a final straw for these folks,I will never condone looting for fun/burning neighbors cars/burning your neighborhood but folks across country just sick of babies getting flash banged/folks getting killed in no knocks,pets getting killed,folks are just sick of it.This was the straw that cracked the camels back in this neighborhood,could easily see it grow across the country and perhaps even martial law before the elections,hmmmm….coincidence?

          • Excellent comment WD. The fabric of society is getting frayed all over the USA

            If my Duke, a super large GSD, were to get zapped due to an untrained wuss (or any wuss), I will be a nightmare on Red Bull.

        • The one fact in an incident like this is that the poice version is ALWAYS totally opposite of the victim and witnesses.

      6. I have been around long enough see looting, rioting and so on … but even the LA riots during the Rodney King debacle did not last this long.

        • Dont forget at the onset of the king riots they were very violent at first, then LAPD was told to retreat, and for several days it was a freforall. Then Pres. Bush ordered Fed troops, Marines from 29Palms, 7th ID(L)(Actual Light Infantry Batt.) and Calif NG (MPs)in which the NG werent given there firing pins LOL.
          And when the Fed troops came into play they were loaded to bear. The Marines had there main guns on the LAV(R)’s? loaded and weapons from M16 up to the 60’s also. So did the Inf. boys from the 7th, the only thing that sucked was, we were made to wash off our “warpaint” and had to put on those gay ass helmets with the plastic face shields. We were told we looked to intimidating with our warpaint and “Manchu Hair” on our Kpods.

          • ’cause rolling the military on domestic soil is always a great idea…

            • Since 1794, you are right.

      7. Im on a sailboat and im just going to sail away when the time comes good luck to all.. dont 4get the pet suplies

        • 95,thanks for remembering your four footed family members.

        • can I come? I got supplies to share!

      8. And some of you said Martial Law is a Conspiracy Theory! Well, St. Louis is about to burn, especially if this cop gets off. Here’s the catalyst people….time to get your go bags ready!

        • Tis a shame Jon,I looked rather dashing with me tin foil hat,ah well!

        • Go bags to where? You gonna survive in the magical forest eating twigs and berry’s? Sorry for the sarcasm, but unless people already have a retreat 50 miles away from any big city its more like “Bug in”

          I’ve spoke to people about this who say to me “be ready to bug out” How much food, ammo, gear, water…etc and one person carry?

          I’m not military, but I recall ready about how military personnel would have to carry over 50lbs of gear, how many of us are in that good shape to carry all of that 10+ miles.

          I’m staying put.

          I’ve got popcorn and beer if anyone wants to chill out and wait it out.

          • I’d eat Hallie Berrys

        • St. Louis burning, that is just a good start. I’d like to see about 10-20 more go up in flames too!!!

      9. Everybody talks, nobody does. This will be forgotten in a few weeks when the next news of the moment happens. People will talk then and do nothing, until the next thing after that happens. Endless cycle of whining .. but nobody does anything. Put up or shut up.

      10. By the way, the little “darling” that got shot and killed by the PoPo, was a gangbanger (the Bloods). In case you didn’t know. For those of you with no real life experience “in the hood”, these are animals in the streets of Ferguson. These are not normal people. They are a sub-class of humans. IQ’s bordering on 75. Too stupid for peace. Unable to reason peaceful conflict resolution.

        • poon tang. you are a fucking coward racist.

          • No, Poon Tang is simply a racial realist. Why believe the lies of “diversity is our strength”, when direct observation proves that idea the absurdity it is.

        • Gangbanger or not, he was not given a trial by jury and from what we can tell so far (future evidence forthcoming) he was gunned down with his hands in the air. That equates to murder no matter who he was.

          • Arkaden, I don’t trust what MSM says about the incident. We’re still not sure of the circumstances. So I’ll stand by Poon Tang’s remarks because they are the truth. DD, you can think whatever you like, but we will never practice political correctness here. so go somewhere else with the censorship.

          • He wasn’t given a trial by jury?

            That is correct, the officer was in the process of arresting him to take him to his trial by jury when he grappled for the officer’s gun.

            That equates to attempted murder of a police officer, no matter who he was.

            • Did he have the gun when he was shot 8 times????

              • Show us the official report of how many times the young man was shot.

                • Oh yeah, stupid me, had it only been one bullet in the unarmed victim it would totally change everything. Because that would of been just fine.

                  You know what? The majority of the people in this FUBAR country DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE THE CONSTITUTION ON 1787

                  • Yeah, stupid you. First you’re squawking about him being shot 8 times, when asked to prove it, you realize you can’t prove it, and in fact won’t be able to, and suddenly change your objections to him being shot just once. When the facts don’t fit your preconceived ideas, just ignore them, right?

                    Hate to burst your little ‘cop is a pig is a thug’ bubble, but you’re just repeating Al Sharpton and his babble.

        • Where did you get your information? From a cracker jacks box? Michael Brown had just graduated high school and was getting ready to go to college. He had never been in trouble with the law.

          • So that means that it’s not possible he grabbed for the officer’s weapon?

            Ted Bundy was a college graduate and also had never been in trouble with the law. Is he another innocent man railroaded by the justice system or something?

            Citing meaningless facts is, in a word, meaningless.

            • Hey I got an idea, next thing is if you hit a pig…..then you get to be able to be shot 8 times until dead too….great idea!

              Trying to get the gun and getting the gun make ALL the difference in the world. He should of hit him or doen what ever he needed to do to get him hand cuffed and in the car to go to jail…..cant handle that then you shouldnt be a cop.

              He was unarmed when he was shot….PERIOD!

              • Here’s a good scenario for you.

                So the kid attacks and tries to get the gun. During the struggle the weapon is pulled out of the holster. Cop maintains control of the weapon and pushes the kid off of him. The kid gets freaked and comes back at the cop. 8 rounds out of an automatic pistol… maybe 2 seconds. You keep ripping rounds out until the threat is neutralized. Cops are trained to never under any circumstance let someone get their gun. Jus’ sayin’.

                • nice imaginative scenario, although I haven’t heard that i s what happened here, and would definitely doubt it if I did hear that is what happened, depending on who was reporting it.

                  Cop and an automatic piston huh? Don’t you mean semi automatic?

                  • So, you haven’t heard what happened, and if you did, the cops are lying or going to lie.

                    Now who’s talking about imaginative scenarios?

                  • BJ=Brainjacked

                    Nobody really knows what happened at this point. Yet you take the side of the gangster? Speaks volumes of your mentality. I would be willing to bet you’ve been slammed to the ground after doing some misbehaving huh? Carrying a chip on your shoulder?

                  • True story: A Christian policeman was recently asked to speak at a church gathering. The officer works in the traffic division of a small town. Mostly, he gives out parking and speeding tickets. As he opened his address to his fellow churchmen, he said, “I am a cop; I work among the dregs of society.” Really? People who get parking tickets and drive 10 or 15 miles an hour over the speed limit are the “dregs” of society? That statement should have disqualified everything the officer had to say after that. But, sadly, the vast majority of Christians in the audience thundered their approval with choruses of “Amen!” This illustrates the depth of the problem we are now facing.

                    Chuck Baldwin

                  • You accuse me of being brain jacked when I rest on the side of the Constitution? I want the Constitution followed to a T.
                    Nothing more, nothing less….but I am brain jacked?

                    This is why the Constitution of 1787 is dead…….a majority of americans don’t understand it, know it or even want. And they don’t deserve it!

                  • Ole buddy….what do you think the Constitution is? It’s a bunch of laws.

                    Law enforcement literally are working with an onslaught of gangster/criminals who have 0 regard for their lives. These cops have family just like everyone else. They want to go home at night just like everyone else. They do work with the dregs of society and have to adjust their “sight picture” to compensate for this. The thugs will antagonize, incite and attack when given the chance. As evidenced by recent events. Police have to act with force or they will appear weak and the thugs will walk all over them. We are at war with a people who will piss all over the Constitution if given a chance. Force
                    has to be met with Force.
                    I have never had any trouble with the police. If your polite to them they will reciprocate every time.
                    Just because you don’t agree with the method or outcome doesn’t mean it isn’t right. Cops are the people who help keep the Constitution going.

                  • Rednek……you truly lived up to the meaning of your name….backwards

                    The Constitution is not a BUNCH of laws, it is a few laws, all that were necessary and most were to control the govt, not the people.

                    The police exist outside of the constitution, IOW, they are not constitutional. And every one, no matter who you are in this country, and no matter what you are “accused” of, deserves a trial.

                  • BJ, you’re an idiot. You’re not ‘resting on the Constitution of 1787’ or any such thing here. You’re parroting Al Sharpton and conflating a lot of conjecture into your personal feeling about cops and what they do.

                    Time you just shut up for a while.

                    The facts are coming out on this thing, and you have not been correct one whit. Not a bit. All you’ve done is look like a damned fool.

                  • If I am a fool for siding with the founding fathers and the constitution, then so be it. I am in the minority in america and apparently this fubar supposedly prepper site. Just goes to show you, even constitutionalist are in the minority even amongst preppers.

          • He was a self admitted gang member (the bloods). He had just committed a strong armed robbery on camera. He was 6’4″ 290 pounds. He was a low life animal thug. Suck on that.

        • 1. So our little banger attacks a cop and gets killed. Cut and dry. You don’t attack cops in any way shape form or fashion. This mantra has been lost in the past several decades. Total and complete disrespect for the rule of law. And here we are…
          2. We have a dead banger laying in the street. Oh joy. Black leaders form up a huge protest to see if just how much freebies they can procure from whitey. “i wants a smarts pone and two EBTs honkey”

          I say let’s inflame this business to a full blown riot. Let’s go multi city. Then go in and crack some friggin’ skulls. Rodney King riots got out of hand. Ever since then there’s been a implied threat looming every time some white person defends themselves.

          There needs to be a message sent here.

          • A badge or so called title of auhority will not automatically get my respect or compliance.

            • Well Miss X, does the rule of law gain your respect? Without the rule of law there is chaos. The laws are for all people. If you don’t respect laws, law enforcement your an anarchist.

              As stated there needs to be a message sent. The choice is simple. Allow the laws of the land to work or there will be problems. I fear the response being seen now pales in comparison to what will happen if things take a turn for the worse. Unlike the RK riots, it won’t be allowed to proceed like they did then.

              • You are a fool in respect to law. You are a brainwashed tool who only knows the conditioned brainwashing in which you have obviously ate your whole life. What you know is color of law, you obviously know NOTHING of true law, the only real true law.

                • What are you babbling about?

                  • exactly, you are a misinformed ill educated fool in regards to the Constitution of 1787 and know nothing but the illusion of the color of law.

                    You are among those who will deserve what they get.

                  • BJ, you are an idiot, and a loudmouthed one at that.

                    Shut up for a while.

                    Go argue your version of the law in a courtroom somewhere and see where it gets you.

                  • See you don’t even understand the truth about courtrooms and true law…..funny you calling me the idiot.

                    Feel free to email me at [email protected]

                  • When it comes to the constitution, you bet I am a loudmouth and it’s a damn shame there aren’t more loudmouths wanting things to go back to the constitution for the last 143 years.

        • Bullshit. The kid just graduated. Show me a banger that got his diploma and enrolled in college. Nonexistent.

          • Well, apparently there was at least one graduate banger, CNN just released the video of Brown strong arming a convenience store for cigars, just prior to the stop.

      11. O p $E C….. Confirming what many of us know and suspect

        Jihadists in U $ a ready and waiting. they know it, yet they are using the pigs to shoot innocent kids on the street to distract us.

      12. Al-Jazeera journalists? they should be happy its not mustard gas like back home.

      13. There are reports that whites marching with the black “protesters” were attacked by blacks at the end of the march. I hope they learned a lesson from that. Fools.

        • I’m not sure who is more racially divisive, you or Obama.

          • If the statement is true, then it is not racially divisive. The actions described in the statement are, but the fact the actions occurred is not the fault of the messenger.

          • I am not sure who is out of his league, you or Obama.

      14. poohtang you are a racist coward

        • Truth hurt?

        • DD, as I said earlier, go somewhere else with the censorship. We don’t practice that here.

      15. What I don’t understand is how these folks can justify rioting. All this is going to do is bring out the Tact teams. One of them is going to hurt and some of the guys/gals will get pissed and the first one they catch they are going to get a taste of street justice.(EVEN THOW IT IS WRONG) they are still going to get it before they go to jail.

        Destroying your own area doesn’t make any sense to me. Don’t they understand that it ain’t going to get rebuilt?

        The other thing that doesn’t make any sense is when all the race baiters arrive the trouble gets worse. Tues, wasn’t that bad, Weds. night was worse. Guess who arrived Weds. Al & Jesse.

        What happens when our dark skins brothers and sisters start going to lite skinned brothers and sisters areas?

        No Pitty
        You bring up something I have been thinking about for a while now. What happens when Jihadist start shooting at the cops and some of the folks there think that its time to join a F-up group like the Jihadist?


        • It looks like that Viet Nam war movie with Marlin Brando and Martin Sheen, A pac of lips now !

        • This is no longer a matter of race. As a conservative, well armed Christian woman, this is highly disturbing. With DHS settling in everywhere, including where I live near Kalispell MT it is clear to me that they will be coming after every one eventually. Unfortunately the media, blogs, and social networking is keeping this focused on the skin color of these people. This is a police state happening in front of us. This will not end well. These people are fed up seeing their young get murdered for no reason other than being black and in the wrong place at the wrong time. The police are the ones who have gone “feral” as the police chief’s wife has said about the blacks down in Ferguson. What a shame this is, but soon, it will all be at our door, with the tanks and guns aimed at us.

          • WOLVERINES!

        • Sgt I Read earlier that Chicago commies were sent there. Cant say the looting grew to riots w/out any outside help. TPTB want this. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” “All this for a dead black”. “At this point what difference does it make”. “He could be my son.”

          • “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order.” – David Rockefeller

        • @sgt. I don’t know. TPTB know. I don’t want to go into detail. But it’s for real. And “so much worse than you can imagine”

          • NO
            I hope the LEO’s I know will follow the Constitution. and Fight TPTB.

            • I can’t believe folks downthumbed my post above. I can’t say more, I won’t say more. I’m checking the status of my investments in lead, brass and steel. All of the stateside BS is a distraction. Did you see the posts on zero hedge of the person in front of the white house waving their “ISIS flag on a phone” and posting the picture? We will have blood spilled on American soil once again. I live in the NE, so I’m sure it will probably happen in a city near me. God Help us all when these idiots bring Jihad to America.

              Makes me wonder about obozo and the Muslim Brotherhood visiting the white house under aliases. He is a puppet and he couldn’t give a shit at this point.

      16. to the lying ass media

        welcome to the party pals

        so NOW you want us to feel sorry for YOU?

        LMFAO.. where were you when the public needed the TRUTH?

        I think what happened is wrong yes.. but where were you when all this wrong was being done to US?

        Uh?….. silence as usual

        • VRF
          I agrees with you!
          The only guy that is speaking the truth right now is Jones.
          Big media are lying their ass off. Only telling enough to keep the riots going.
          As I writing this Fox is talking about it. and coving as I think very well.
          Again my fear is that they keep throwing gas bombs, and then add shooting at the cops. If this happens we are in for a hot summer what is left of it.

          • Im with you on that good can come from this now..its too late and both sides have crossed the Rubicon least on this one issue..
            Time will tell where or how far this will go. Im looking for the Government to “step in” with their solution and take this to a level of incompetence we all know they are capable of
            and when that happens ..all bets are off

            • or on the other side of the coin..
              they might look at it as ..”never let a crisis go to waste”.. and use this to further subvert our liberties

              • Bingo!!!

          • Right. I read on beforeitsnews that they attacked Infowars reporters even worse than Al Jazeera.

        • VRF,

          100% spot on correct. Karma has a funny way of rearing its head when we least expect it.

      17. 1. Disrupt and or deny the enemy communications.
        2. Identify the leaders and render them combat ineffective.
        3. Deny Medical personnel access to the wounded.
        4. Disrupt or stop their supply chain.
        5. Injure as many as possible in order to overwhelm the logistical capability of care and evacuation.

        • “The Gaza Creed”

      18. Now would be the time to keep your canner running. Garden,fruit,meat sales coming in. Buy bulk and can all you can. You could be put in a position of not being able to get out.

        TAPIOCA to can:
        70 cups water
        6 1/2 cups tapioca (sm pearl)
        buy bulk from NUTS dot com
        Cook until clear. Take off heat.
        then add:
        7 cups sugar (or to taste)
        8 cups jello~any flavor
        cold pack 20 minutes

      19. “There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.”

        • exactly as they have planned

        • Very well stated. I agree 100%. We have been designated enemies of the state. Damn Stalin would be proud !

        • Nice quotation, but without the source.

          Also, it’s entirely meaningless to the rioting in Ferguson. Lawless people are out of control, and it’s not the cops.

          • “Lawless people are out of control, and it’s not JUST the cops.”

            There, fixed that for you. No one is innocent in this shitstorm.

      20. Cops have already trampled First Amendment rights, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Why aren’t they in jail?

        • They are testing what we will do and no one will do a thing. They ran tests in Greece about the human reaction, they learned and now it is time to crumble our once great country.

          S is HTF… it will be in slow motion, but it has started.

        • because the pussy media is too afraid to confront them with the truth, or do any dam thing about it..until it affects them directly, and that is still up for debate
          Im waiting to see if this grows legs or not

          will all the other PAID for “news” channels realize this will be them next? or do they still suffer from cranium stuffed up sphincter disease?

      21. Interesting image with info about tear gas defense-

        It seems a common spray bottle filled with 1/2 water and 1/2 liquid antacid (maallox or Mylanta) can help ease the pain.

      22. making power out of a soft drink

        ht tp://

        hey if it lights your way one dark night, or gives you enough juice to charge up something necessary, it might just be a good use of soft drinks other than harming your health

      23. This is all small change as far as scope. When several big cities go off then you can defecate in your knickers. We got a long way to go.

        • Meanwhile Commander in Chief is dancing the night away at Martha’s Vineyard.

      24. wonder why they wouldn’t want pictures and film of them doing their “duty”?

        Im wondering if they are (police) are planning on escalating this issue, and don’t want it on film for evidence?

        • VRF,

          If my duty involved enforcing undeclared Martial Law, and inflicting brutality against mostly peaceful protestors, and the entire world is watching, I would want to get rid of the video evidence as well…if I were one of these so-called ‘police’.

          • exactly

      25. By interfering with reporters they are violating all Americans who deserve freedom of the press. We all need to protest this. How can we do it?

        • Go to Ferguson and join the crowd of looters, that should do it.

        • That would actually matter if we still had freedom of the press instead of political activists masquerading as journalists….

      26. We need to stop referring to these combatants as ‘police’. These ‘police’ are equipped and trained like Army Rangers in Afghanistan. I don’t care if they are using re-purposed military ‘surplus’ weaponry and equipment. It is still military hardware being used against protestors holding cardboard signs and throwing stones.

        These are no longer police. These are full-fledged combat soldiers, and part of a new unauthorized and illegitimate standing army. It’s time to call a spade a spade.

        • Thoughtless

          thats what their army should be called


          these are not peace officers, these are not acting like local cops ..too governmentalized and its just going to get worse the more government entities get involved

          • VRF,

            The camels’ nose is under the tent. This will only get worse before, or if, it get’s better. These ‘police’ will not give up their military equipment without a fight.

            • and right you are

              and on that note: Im not giving up anything of mine either!!




        • AE
          for once I agree with you! Put them between the Police and the Rioters. They would be able to keep things calm. I believe.

      28. A few racist comments in this thread, nothing surprising, but disappointing nonetheless.

        If any one of you was born black in this neighborhood, you would be out there too, venting your rage.

        Try to imagine living in their shoes, just for a moment. The U.S. government shows CLEAR signs of institutional racism (a white guy with a joint gets a fine, a black guy with a joint goes to jail), with a history of screwing over your people, time and time again. Every time they give you something, they take away something better.

        The government integrated schools. Good idea. BUT, when they did, they closed ALL black schools. They fired ALL black teachers and principals. Umm, thanks?

        Then they built housing projects, taking down the tenement houses. The housing projects were worse. WAY worse.

        Then the created a system of ‘set asides’ to help the people that they screwed in the first place. BUT, they made a rule that said unmarried women get more benefits. In one fell swoop, they DESTROYED the institution of marriage in lower income black communities.

        So to all of you racist cocksuckers talking about how these people (our fellow AMERICANS) are animals: Go fuck yourselves. Walk a mile in their shoes. See how you feel when a cop shoots one of yours, and obviously doesn’t give a shit. Then they shoot another, and still don’t give a shit. Then they show up with tanks and military weapons. What the hell would YOU do?

        When TSHTF, who do you want at your back? Someone whose family had lived here as long as yours has, who is aware of how full of shit the U.S. government is, someone who is tough, and someone who knows how to do more with less?

        OR — would you rather have someone who came to our country very recently, decided they didn’t give enough of a shit to even learn English, and plans to leave as soon as possible, but to take advantage of all the U.S. taxpayer can give them in the meantime?

        I hire locals. You will never find someone named ‘Manuel’ working on my farm. I’ve made my choice. Black people are my family; they are my brothers and sisters.

        • How many of these black people have you tried to wake up? How many white people n the SAME neighborhoods have you tried to wake up? It doesn’t matter what color they are, they still choose to sleep.

          It has NOTHING to do with skin color. That is merely a line which the banksters will use to initiate hostilities among PEOPLE to deflect attention away from themselves, the REAL enemy here.

          My question to the protestors is WHY LOOT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES? All that does is harm the innocent while letting the guilty go free.

          A meaningful protest would have been to overtake the police station, put the killer cop in jail, have an immediate trial with the witnesses and a protected press, and shoot him in the back just like he did. Both men could be buried together to serve as a reminder to the police of what happens when they kill the innocent. Black or white.

          We don’t need more protests, we need to instill the fear of the people into their enemies, in a just manner. It is OK to pass judgment and kill on righteous principal and God’s Law, just not to murder as the cops did here.

        • I agree,

          Racism was created as a tool to divide without any justification, other than generalizing a group visually. I can understand the disgust for those who are rioting, but what does being racist prove?

          Truthfully nobody who’s rioting gives a crap about this dude who got shot, how many have lit candles, set up a memorial at the site where the man was shot, offered help to the family, started petitions…etc anything constructive. Instead they go out looting like loosers.

          What a disgrace!

          1000 yrs ago or even less racism didn’t exist. One thing that has always existed is psychopaths who feel the need to oppress others and lots of those racists are mentally ill.

        • You should try being white sometime. Everything we say is racist. Our average pay has dropped 36% since ’08. We are being asked to pay food and lodging for millions of illegal aliens on top of the current debt load for our “citizen” freeloaders.

          Our children are now schooled to the least common denominator. So they’ll be as ignorant as the ghetto bum or gusano setting next to them in class. Not to mention the Marxist indoctrination they are being exposed to. Why? Because we don’t want to alienate. Everyone will be schooled the same way. You know, the level playing field.

          I could care less what color a persons skin is. It’s all about social values, integrity and honor. Whites are different than blacks. Blacks are different the Mexicans. Mexicans are different than whites. The core values each race holds near and dear are different. Period. The problem is when the dominant race,that being whitey here in the US, is being asked to give up the core values that he has lived by and thrived by for decades, just for the sake of “making the playing field level”, you end up alienating the core group of people who both founded this country and made it the strongest country in the world. We have been going this direction for the past 30 years and we are now reaping the rewards for this.

          Plain and simple…If your values support this country and the American way of life, I support you regardless of the color of your skin.

          If a drunk is laying in the gutter in a drunken stupor he is there because he is supposed to be there. If that same drunk pick himself up, finds Jesus, and ten years later is the CEO of a major corporation, he is where he is supposed to be. He put himself in the situation he is in. If your in a ghetto or barrio………Don’t blame whitey.

          BTW there are a lot of locals named Manual where I’m from. I would hire local as well.

          • Rednek101:

            Your answer to BeforetheCrumble was spot on. “Leveling the playing field” has worked out perfectly, as planned, for TPTB.

        • Because of people like you I was bussed into the negroe ghetto for high school, was a fight every day.
          After the Crumble says: “Black people are my family; they are my brothers and sisters.”
          Well they damn sure are not mine.Im tired of being taxed to suppoet welfare ghetto mammas and their 4 to 6 head of bastard ghetto children. Im tired of having to pretend to love the negroe. Why is it that people like you who love the negroe,insist we all must love them?
          Personally Id like to choke everyone involved in sending me to a 78% negroe high school. You love you can keep them, just do not expect everyone else to feel the same.

        • AtC – Yes it is true that liberal gov’t policies have destroyed the black family, black schools, black neighborhoods, etc. But tell me, when will they wake up and realize what these policies have done to them, and stop voting for the people bent on destroying them. I don’t dislike them because they are black, I dislike them because they are stupid tribalists perpetuating their own demise on purpose.

      29. Obama calls for peace, transparency in Missouri after shooting.. lol like the transparency of your administration?

        please dont patronize me

        “Now is the time for healing. Now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson,” Obama told reporters on Martha’s Vineyard, where he is vacationing with his family.

        the last sentence says it all for me on Obama…too fuckin busy screwing off to even care, hey the golf green is callin my name ..barry barry bring your little balls and see if you can use them

        so his do nothing ass is going to have the attorney general and U.S. attorney on the scene to report back to him in the coming days about the process


        • VRF
          When I heard this POS say transparency I about spit out my Mountain Dew! This lying SOB wouldn’t know what TRANSPARENCEY if it bit him in the ASS!!!!!

          • Amen Bro..amen

      30. Isn’t burning/looting private property a CRIME? Isn’t failure to DISPERSE a CRIME? Isn’t interference with police in the performance of their duties a CRIME? Well, lets dwell on that for a minute. If that IS happening in Ferguson, then those people need to be arrested. The rest can be dealt with accordingly. As for Jackson and Sharpton, and the Black Panther thugs, if they INCITE people to RIOT, then that’s a CRIME, and should be arrested.

        Now, lets deal with the officer who shot the kid. Naming him is “normal”. Giving him protection because of this abnormal situation is a given.

        Investigation should be done quickly, but THOROUGHLY, and let the chips fall where they may.

        You “freeloaders” breaking the law, be thankful that the real law isn’t there, otherwise, there would be a PENALTY for breaking the law.

        • David , let me start by saying I totally agree with you..

          this statement gave me a flash back to George Zimmerman’s issue

          “Now, lets deal with the officer who shot the kid. Naming him is “normal”. Giving him protection because of this abnormal situation is a given.”

          they only look out for their one else, period. even innocent or guilty (as they most certainly are too)

          they took his guns, and gave him no protection He had to hide and still does

          this cop will be given a raise , and possibly a bonus for this

          George on the other hand is probably flat broke, jobless and still scared to exit his home

          just showing the difference between them and us on a preceived government that preaches equality for all , yet never delivers it

        • FFS…

          Of course burning and looting are a crime. There are victims there. The cops aren’t “in the business” of protecting private property…just ask them. That is why we have armed citizens in front of tattoo parlors defending their own property, and rightfully so. That’s the way the founders wanted it. Punish the offenders.

          Failure to disperse? lol. What the fuck is that but some made up statute under color of law. It violates natural rights to travel freely and assemble peacefully. No victim there, so no crime.

          Inciting a riot? More doublespeak. No one can make someone else riot. Punish the rioters that cause damage. If speaker didn’t cause any damage, no victim, no crime.

          All these “laws” with no victims are, in fact, just statutory lawyer doublespeak to enable the state to control you. Their “legal” basis is determined by state decree and not grounded in natural rights.

          Cops are just tools of the state for control and revenue enhancement. They don’t care about your rights. As far as they are concerned, you are a perp until you prove otherwise.

      31. Just heard press conference from the Police Chief from Jefferson Mo. He stated that last night there were shots fired at the police lines. He showed no evidence, but stated that it happened. This is my greatest fear. I pray that cooler heads on the LEO side prevail, and not to let some hot head RAMBO LEO go charging in head first. This will just make things worse.

        Obullshit could get his chance to proclaim Martial Law. Just to see what happens, and how we respond. I just wonder if Obullshit hasn’t sent in some of his clowns to stir up more trouble? I can’t wait till he says something like Mike Brown could have been his son! That will just stir up thing even more.


        • Oh ,you know its killing him to stay silent about this

          maybe thats why his “people” are keeping him at MVY on the green hitting little balls around

          • VRF
            Obullshit plays with his PUTTER more any person I know!!!

            • Im not convinced he knows how to handle it correctly

        • Sgt, with the cameras and surveillance available, they could easily affirm whether the crowd fired at them. And many urban cop cars have equipment to track gun shots?

          • OK, how many urban cop cars in the State of Missouri have gunshot tracking systems?

            My guess is NONE.

      32. This will be a good shoot. That’s why we have a lack of info. No one knows what to do with the true. This could get a lot worse

      33. They (the police) want riots, they want martial law. Ferguson is a trial balloon for the entire country.

        I do believe at this point the best way to save our nation is to vote the corrupted politicians out of office. Stick with you’re guns and fortify you’re homes as best you can. Keep stackin’ silver and hard assets … when SHTF, keep away from those riots, the brown shirts will only detain or kill you. They want you to come to them – NOT vice versa! And when those nazi thugs do come for you, give ’em lead.

      34. That guy in burger king, I though that he was military with all the olive green, interceptor body armor, kevlar helmet.

        When he turned and it said “POLICE” on his back I was stunned. I’m convinced the cops have turned into militarized thugs. The U.S.A. is so far gone.

        These goons only understand the use of FORCE, threats and their paychecks.

        4409 on youtube has a good vid…

        There are NO laws, only threats.

      35. “We don’t have to put up with you and your pinko friends anymore.” — US Army officer in The Stand (1994) to a news reporter just before she’s shot.

      36. First, they came for the Tea Party

        you all know the rest

      37. ZOG AmeriKa DHS Gestapo Police Motto:

        “To Punish and Enslave!”


      38. I guess getting a first hand view and taste of the America the media has been complicit in fundamentally transforming ain’t so great huh?

        Well when the regime that they helped to install in power gets around to putting a bullet in the back of the their skulls in preparation for the death of us all, will end up taking in reward for the tyranny they help create, may they finally understand what liberty and the 2nd Amendment is about.

        Press you helped create this, Cops you also have helped
        and some of these Citizens aint so right in the head either , but before you go pointing out the sliver in my eye.. you should get something done about that phone pole sticking out of yours

      39. Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming….

      40. Our press has never been noted for their truthful reporting. They will omit facts or add anything that will sell their story to the masses. I think they have caused some of the animosity directed toward them.

        • Most of the press nowadays are just mouthpieces for the gov’t.

        • Gee, how nice, Congress has been funding the militarization for decades, now one of them want to get some votes for being against it. Where was he when the concept of destroying the black family in this country was put forward by his party?

          Tough titty, Demokitty. You made your bed, you get to lie in it, now.

      41. Sorry but I agree with another poster, Al-Jizzface is lucky they were not shot. Your lovely ex-vice president Al Gore – Global Warming Whore, sold his cable channel to them. They are not US Media, not that the MSM is any better.

        This has me on high alert. Watch closely people. IF you watch the press conference you can see how uneasy the Police Chief is. Everything, every response is measured.

        Just like in combat, when one or five or ten cops get killed, then this will truly escalate as the surviving force fully unloads in a blind rage.

        You thought it was hard to get ammo before… go check out a gun store this week. Get in line.

        • Pretty calm up here in Washington state, gun shops are doing normal business. Normal being busy, but nothing like folks are expecting imminent need for tons of ammo.

      42. What’s the big deal? Los Angeles has always been like this. Well, minus the tanks but that’s just (for the moment) a meaningless detail. Tanks were built to fight other tanks, RPG’s, helicopters, etc., none of which is in use by civilians. Three cop cars is basically the same thing when you’re intimidating barely armed civilians.

        So welcome to our world, once again, the rest of America. We did it first. Since like 1989-ish.

        Don’t you just love us? Yeah I don’t…

        This post brought to you by sarcasm (the “whats the big deal” thing…)

      43. Just a thought and question? Does anyone think that this is all “ginned”up because Mitch McConnell is a very close fight for his Senate Seat. I have considered this, desperate Dems do desperate things. Thoughts?

        • I’ll agree the Democrats need an issue to get their ethic voting bloc to the polls in the fall, but this incident happened of it’s own volition. They’ll fan the flames now that it’s started, no doubt about that.

          The problem is, it can’t go on long enough, there’s about twelve weeks to election day. Even the media and Al Sharpton combined can’t keep the propaganda flowing for that long.

      44. If people just refuse to be ignored,police cant get away with it.
        You call your local media,you call you state represenatives.You call all the people who feel the same as you.You show a united front.You hold peaceful vigils outside the police station.
        Post yur videos to youtube,etc etc….keep posting in these forums…eventually the spark take fire and people cant ignore the truth anymore.Sounds exhausting,but that’s what it takes sometimes….

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