Shock Video: Chaotic Scene as Cali Police Open Fire On Women and Children; Unleash Canine Unit

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Headline News | 171 comments

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    Crowds gathered on the streets of Anaheim Sunday afternoon to protest an officer involved shooting earlier in the day. According to the Orange County Register, known gang member Manual Diaz attempted to run from police after officers approached a vehicle he was riding in citing “suspicious behavior.” Diaz fled the scene and officers gave chase on foot. He was subsequently shot and killed. Diaz was reportedly unarmed, though exact details have yet to be released.

    A report from the LA Times indicates that as police were investigating the shooting incident a group of people began to encircle them. The crowd became unruly, had obstructed roadways, was throwing bottles and rocks at officers, and was, according to police, on the verge of rioting when APD officers on the scene began unloading rubber bullets on men, women, and children. A video of the chaotic incident shows a dog attacking a woman holding a child. According to the LA Times the dog, “somehow got free from an officer’s car and went at several people,” though other reports and witness statements indicate the canine unit was purposely unleashed into the crowd.

    The APD has requested the assistance of the California Attorney General in investigations involving the shooting of Manual Diaz, as well as the incident that followed.

    Video via The Daily Sheeple and

    *Update: CBS Local Los Angeles reports four witness were approached by police, who offered to buy their cell phone videos.

    Correction: This report has been updated to reflect that police officers were from the Anaheim Police Department, not LAPD.


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      1. Both sides are starting to lose control. The last straw has been made when will it be put in place is the only question.

        Wait until force has to be use to repel a starving crowd and you just ran out of supplies to give out. Police Nat Guard are going to have to make decision on how to protect their people. And no matter what the decision is someone always gets hurt. At least now with everyone having a camera you can sort it out. But it also cause commanders to use caution which often cost lives on both side of a riot. Sometime you do need to go in and just take control. Because the people are good the mob is a disaster

        And I mean the men and women on the line actually trying to help not the idiots in charge that caused it in the first place

        Before you start blaming the dog it was doing what it was trained to do. And you can see the handle just didn’t have complete control. Probably a young one still learning

        Don’t throw bottles and rocks at anyone with guns, back-up and a radio. It never ends well for the bottle throwers

        I’m amazed they can still find street cops to work in the areas. Even the “hardcore one” must being seeing the risks. Losing their life there are many ways to do it and our system we have why risk your future for that kind of pay.

        To much caffeine tonight

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        • Sell them your camera if you have already uploaded video to YT.

        • The police claim, that the crowd was throwing bottles. I don’t see any bottles being thrown or for that matter any bottles on the floor or road in the video.

          It is not the first time the LAPD claims to have attacked people because they were throwing bottles and the video did not show any bottles anywhere around. In fact, a few years ago, the LAPD broke up a party claiming the crowd got unruly and was throwing bottles and beat and arrested a bunch of party goers. When video came out showing no bottles had been thrown the DA dismissed all the charges.

          Fact is, in this case the cops seem to have shot someone in the back that was unarmed. The people have a right, no an obligation to fight back, when one of their neighbor’s is murdered or we all all just supposed to lay down and die and not fight back. Look how well that turned out for the people in the theater in Colorado.

          • Unless you run into a band on winos where do you get bottles that harm. These days bottles are plastic not glass. Did the crowd just happen to have wine and beer bottles with them? Soda and water and most drinks now are in plastic. You can barely throw them unless they are full. I am confused by the bricks and bottles thing. And does LA just have bricks and rocks lying around in the streets? I don’t in my city so again did the people just happen to bring them along? I feel I am missing something. Somebody from LA: can someone just find these things on the street there?

            • No you generally can’t. I mean I suppose if they were near an abandoned house or construction site or something it’s not toitally out of the question. But it’s extremely unlikely.

              This is just LA’s finest doing what LA’s finest always do.

              To quote the old Joker: this town needs an enema.

            • Please. Corona for one is in glass bottles as are most other beer brands. Sterwart soda are glass.

          • Interesting.

            We’ve got both sides in this post.

            Cops overstepping and the masses losing control.

            Whichever the true story of this is; it means society is getting a little loser to me.

          • I had heard that *A* water bottle was thrown. Still far from any excuse for the cops to use such force.

          • i think it is high time we the people put some gun
            control on law enforcement.

            • this reminds me of the sixties civil rights
              peace riots,things are still the same.take the guns
              away from the police, great idea.

        • It is not LAPD. LAPD does not have patches on their sleeves. That is Anaheim PD. Even the mother with her kid say that a water botle was thrown. The guy shot in the back was shot with a non-lethal bean bag gun. Those are supposed to be the equivalant of being punched by a pro boxer (manufacturer claim, not mine). You can see the dog handler trying to get control of the dog. I don’t know how he lost control but he did. If you can only identify the shooting victim as “Stomper”, then you are obviously in gang territory and his friends Flaco, Stupid and Little Puppet were probably the ones throwing the bottles and rocks and starting a mini riot. In LAPD, line units are not allowed to use a bean bag gun in riot control for this very reason. It looks bad on camera.

          I am not saying everything was clean in this video. The worst being the dog handler losing control of his dog! That dog will shred a child in seconds. But if you can’t tell that “Stomper” was probably up to no good, good shot, then the mob came up to surround the cops, I don’t know what to say. LAPD had a similiar incident in the 90’s with a shooting in the project with Henry Pico. He and four cops were all laying prone shooting at each other and Pico was armed with an AK47. One of the cops rounds hit the magazine and jammed the gun (mag reload drills anyone). As he was trying to clear it, they smoked him. The crowd came in and pushed the officers back until mass units arrived and took the area back, but the crowd took the AK but left the damaged magazine. They then proceeded to claim that since there was no weapon, it was murder (even though there 7.62X39 shells everywhere).

          The bottom line is, we have no idea why Stomper was shot yet. A dog unleashed on a crowd is never good and some scared cop shooting a non-leathal bean bag gun (which I have seen turn lethal) makes for a horrible news night. Where is the Sgt on scene controling this? This one will be hard if not impossible to defend, and i agree with several brother/sister commenters that this country is at a boiling point. The DOW is down almost 250 points today, get ready to defend you and yours.

          Good luck all,

          • What I find troubling is that a dog would be trained to attack children.

            These dogs should be trained to NEVER attack children, ever.

            • The dog didn’t attack the child…he went after the mother, let go and attacked the other guy..even the mom said the dog scratched HER with his teeth, not her child.

            • Remember it is a dog…not a philosopher. Talk to any K-9 handler and you will hear how many times they have been bitten by dogs in training… even their own.

          • This took place in gangland. Large parts of Anaheim are not just Disney Land anymore. Welcome to the new America of Hispanic and Asian gangs. All you fat asses sitting back in your chairs need to get out more.

        • If everybody thinks this is bad, just wait and see what will happen WHEN the San Andreas breaks and kalifornia gets to face firsthand a Haiti type disaster and how the law enforcement will react to that. Everyday that goes by that the San Andreas doesn’t break more stress builds up, kind of like the tally on the national debt that keeps rising.

          When faced with a 8+ earthquake with 3 minutes or more of shaking, then some of the thrust faults breaking to finish off the area with up and down motion that several minutes of horizontal shaking did not take down. Almost any structure will come down when it is shaken long enough, and 180 seconds + of shaking should collapse 80-90% of all structures. Thrust faults will take care of the remaining ones still standing. Then there will be the fires and the lack of any sewage and water. People will be lucky if the cops aren’t using Syrian tactics with the shear scope of millions of people desperately fighting and trying to find water, food and other items.

          Having lived in kalifornia, the laws out there are the most suffocating that there is. There is a good reason why southern kalifornia is the lawyer capital of the world. When those laws and the system that is held so tightly around everyone’s neck like a python comes apart, people are going to the streets and act like savages when SHTF.

          Too many in southern kalifornia have no idea what 3 minutes of shaking can do with 30 + feet of slippage. The San Andreas MUST move northwest, there is at least the energy for a 8.1 and up to a 8.4 in there right now. Everyday that goes by that number goes up. Just imagine what life will be like with 20-30 million that are suddenly in a similar situation like Haiti. Those cops are going to be brutal, 100 times worse than this video.

      2. This is what happens when you have uncontrolled illegal immigration, from a criminally corrupt country, into a sanctuary state. Can’t blame the cops. Many departments have been cut due to lower budgets. Stand by, it’s only going to get worse in Cali. The “gang” mentality is spreading to every neighborhood. The cartels have infiltrated the state and are making enormous amounts of cash from the drug addicts. A lot of the tax-paying citizens are leaving the State as soon as they can or have left already. What’s left won’t be able to pay for all the tax-takers. It’s gonna get ugly!

        • “This is what happens when you have uncontrolled illegal immigration, from a criminally corrupt country, into a sanctuary state.”

          Yep, they must be illegal, then again my your standard so must have been all the college kids that rioted in Penn State because that Pedophile (He must also be an illegal Alien) was fired.

          Good to know that the cops do no wrong.

          • Mike: So let me get this straight; you think the best place to get justice is in the streets going toe-to-toe with armed cops? WOW, that kind of thinking just takes my breath away, that level of stupidity is only going to get folks hurt or killed. Forest Gump is alive and well in that community (stupid is as stupid does) and it seems, with you as well. The police are going to answer for the shooting of an unarmed man but in a court of law, not in the streets by his idiotic neighbors. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for those people. You pick a fight with the cops and get your ass kicked, it’s on you dipshit. The cops were wrong on some many levels but no one is going to win if they fight with the cops. A good attorney may get some of these folks, as well as the family of the shooting victim, some money, but with a judge and jury. As we have seen time and time again; if you tangle with the cops in the street, they can be the judge, the jury, and sometimes the executioner. Folks have to be smarter and pick the battles they can win.

            • No Gregory8 the people should just bend over and take it without vaseline because no one can beat the cops. Only a coward would think like that, considering that in Mexico (I know savages) the cops are scared of the people. in Syria the cops are scared of the people, in Iraq the cops are scared of the people, in Afghanistan the cops are scared of the people, shit in Slovakia the cops are scared of the people.

              But in the home of the brave and land of the free the people are scared sh*tless of the cops.

              Please, you and your type are the problem.

            • There will come a time when cops will wish bottles of water are thrown at them. Get the person who threw the bottle and leave the rest alone. IF the cop was not shot at or a weapon drawn at him from the assailant and the cop kills the assailant then the cop should be shot. Eye for an eye regardless if you are wearing a badge.

              Police should not have free reign to kill without trial.

            • Mike: You sound just like all the other Mall Ninjas out there, talking tough from behind your computer screen. I’m sure that if you were there you’d open a big can of “Whip Ass” on the cops and done some real “Van Dammage”. You and the other morons here just don’t get it. It doesn’t matter if the cops were wrong, you’ll lose every time if you challenge them in the streets because it’s their territory and the can’t and won’t back down. You pick a fight with them you’re going to lose and you’ll end up in jail, or worse the hospital, possibly even the morgue. If you manage to survive you’ll have to post bail, go to court and pay for an attorney, and if you resisted without violence, you’re still going to end up with a criminal record. If you’re convicted of resisting with violence, that’s a felony in most states. And either way, the next time you get pulled over for even a traffic ticket, the cop runs your name and guess what smartass, you’re name’s in the data base and the cop will look for the least little provocation for taking you down again; why, because you’re a convicted criminal who like to fight with the cops jerk-wad. So go ahead and show them who’s boss tough guy and see how far that gets you. Me, I’m staying under the radar, the last place I want to be WTSHTF is in jail. Oh, and one last thing: if you really want to intimidate the cops you can always move to one of those countries you mentioned and get some training there first and then you can come back and try that crap here. Let me know how it works out for you, o.k. pal?

            • @GREGORY8— YOU are the moron.
              Remember the RODNEY KING RIOTS IN LA? WHO BACKED DOWN?

            • James: You got memory problems or are you just a complete idiot? King got his ass beat badly because the odds were 4 or 5:1. It was after the trail that the riots began. Only then did the cops back down because the odds were 10,000:1 against them you ignorant piece of butt-wipe. That changed when other cops showed up along with the National Guard. They were still out numbered but they had the firepower and the law backing them and they did take back the streets. The police won, again. Or did your memory problems block these vital facts out? A lot of rioters got hurt, went to jail, and ended up with criminal records. Well, actually most of the already had one, this was just icing on the cake. So James, tell me, how does one get be such a bad-assed armchair warrior/mall ninja like yourself? Watched a lot of martial arts movies or play those “Call to War” and other such games? You’re legend in your own mind who’s probably a fat little turd still living at home sounding tough from the only place you can-safe at your keyboard in your folks basement. Or did they let you keep your bedroom?

        • “This is what happens when you have uncontrolled illegal immigration, from a criminally corrupt country, into a sanctuary state.”

          Is this what the natives thought as well??? For some reason, we dont consider ourselves “illegal immigrants”. Is this because the winner of the war writes the history books as they see fit? Please stop being pawns of the cartel by re spewing their shit.

          • If it bothers you so much leave. What a crap post. Everyone everywhere including many so called Native Americans displaced or otherwise took over where someone else thought they had it made. Grow up punk.

            • He’s one of the Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free of Charge.

              The only way he justify his incredible and unearned good fortune — grandpapa’s steerage class voyage to Ellis Island — is to denigrate the natives.

              Piss on him. My people made America with their bare hands starting at Plymouth Rock and they have the damned land title and receipts to prove ownership fair and square.

          • White europeans were the first settlers of this continent not the amerinds. Get your history right!

          • James and Mike: It just happened again last night in Anahiem. Were you two bad-asses out there leading the crowd this time kicking some major butt? Oh that’s right, these morons who were out there looking for trouble got their collective asses handed to them once again by the cops. The police still have a un-defeated season going here. But hey, you two studs could get down there and maybe turn things around. That’s if either one can can work up the energy to get off your lard-asses and if, and this is a big IF: If your mommies will let you go ! See you on the news tough guys.

      3. The mob mentality is never a good one. What I am curious about is, what good is it to throw bottles at cops? I’m sure you all have heard never take a knife to a gun fight. What mother stays close to something like that. Maybe I couldn’t run, but I would be making my way away from the violence. I would never purposely put my children in harms way.
        My brother has been pulled over many times for “suspicious ” behavior, or they want to find a reason to pull him over. Most of the time HE IS DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL. We have to remember that all police aren’t jerks. Just a lot of them.

        • Excellent points JL. And, based on this video we really don’t know what transpired prior to them opening up. Though the LA Times says that the crowd got rowdy and was throwing rocks and bottles, I’d really like to see that evidence, and I am sure the LAPD would too. While I understand that situations like this can get heated, and that we have seen all sorts law enforcement outrages against civilians (like the pepper spraying of restrained protesters, intimidation, beatings, etc. – many of them documented on this web site) there are also a great deal of instances where cops – good cops – act in their own self defense or within the boundaries of protecting the rule of law and maintaining order.

          There are reports that suggest police approached four video witnesses and attempted to purchase their cell phone footage. If true, that means we’ve got three more videos of this incident, and the video footage from the news report above was edited, so we really don’t have the whole story yet.

          It’s this lack of transparency that often leads to events such as the LA Riots of the 90’s… An incident such as what we saw in Anaheim today is, in some cases, all that it takes for things to spiral out of control…. And as we know, in today’s world that could very rapidly lead to unprecedented action by the US government and military… If this story gains traction, it’s for a reason, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a backlash… If it doesn’t gain traction then that in itself is a curiosity.

          We’re talking about women and children getting shot by cops; a dog attacking a woman holding her baby; and all of it is on video.

          • @Mac,,,I’m sorry to say that initially,while reading the article, I let visions of the LA riots of the 70’s prejudice my view. Back then, I could not comprehend how stealing liquor and TV’s would right an alleged social injustice. I still can’t. But, this riot may be different. It is getting far too common for Police to shoot unarmed people. Given the the fact that our Republic is a tinder box right now, one misstep, one wrong move by either side, could have far reaching consequences. When it happens, nothing will ever be the same.

            • I agree. I’ve been mentioning these things to my mother, who is my ultimate “sheeple gauge” — hoping to perhaps get some “on the ground” info from someone who was a young adult in the 60s and had first hand experience with the 70s.

              Her reply this morning to this incident, “Oh, it’s just the heat.”

            • Swift, agree about a tinder box. May I add some caution to the wind. Never,again, never stay in a mob gathering that is confronting leo’s. Cops are just as prone to fear as anyone else with one exception: they have the lawful right to use their weapon(s).
              Most mobs will have one or more instigators that whip up the gathering of people that then turns into an unruly mob. If you see an individual facing the crowd instead of the cops while ranting about the injustice, get out of there. Most of the time it is about instigating us verses them (the cops).
              Mobs are ill equiped to confront law enforcement. Very rarely do you see the cops retreating if at all. As a previous writer said “pick your fights wisely”.
              In the case provided here, the cops appear to be wrong, yet we don’t have the full picture and we are getting conflicting reports.
              Since the 60’s, I’ve studied the mob mentality from around the world. There is almost always a hidden political purpose for them. I believe everything happening now is basically orchestrated to remove our rights. Fear is what is being used, on both sides of the law.

          • “in today’s world that could very rapidly lead to unprecedented action by the US government”

            “We’re talking about women and children getting shot by cops”

            Ruby Ridge

            • Don’t forget the dozens that died at Waco, burned to death in their home or machine-gunned attempting to flee their home set fire by arsonist soldiers dismounting from tanks.

              Those perpetrators too need to be hauled to the docket at the next Nuremberg trials and scaffold.

          • We are close to a “Boston Massacre” type event. This and the Andrew Scott incident(murder?) is adding up with many other examples that is convincing evidence that those who are supposed to be lawful authority are not so.

            Gun running not answered for; UN treatise; gun free zones being enforced against lawful self-defense minded citizens (Aurora); sold out to foreign powers (china); Rex84; POTUS refusing his Oath to defend a State in the Union from invasion (Arizona); Soros Scytl purchase to have election machine vote counts for 26 States to be outsource to Spain (you can trust and the others, I don’t); GOP fraud, with mass media support, against Ron Paul and supporters; fiat currency ponzi federal reserve; complete overture against the Constitution is all lawlessness.

            Add a massacre, marshal law, State succession, foreign troop deployments here in CONUS, 2nd amendment devaluation and confiscation, and finally WWIII, this Country is set to burn.

            The answer to these happenings is obvious. Restore the Constitutional Republic in its’ entirety. Not just the parts you personally like better, and cut this other part out crap. The Republic or tyranny. Unless you have a seat at the tyrants’ table. Good luck keeping your head at that feast.

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

            • Foreign troop ‘deployment’ on US soil? I’d have guessed the US were/are simply training alongside with such forces?? YT shows vids of PLA and US troops in a friendly competition on Chinese soild somewhere, or am I missing something here??

              I hear you with the rest of your commentary.

            • No one will send in foreign troops. What for, when all they have to do is let Americans kill each other off, with the majority starving to death. No, there will be no need for foreign troops.

              In fact, I doubt there will be much trouble no matter what. We Americans talk a good game but in the end the vast majority are sheeple, that will take whatever the government gives them with vaseline.

              Just look at the number of people criticizing the people in this video for protesting, which I think is still protected by the First Amendment. The moment the police say, we attacked protesters for x reason, 75% of the people will believe the authorities.

              In fact, as history shows us not even when being lead into the showers to be gassed will people believe the “Conspiracy Theories”.

              Then again, the government can always use the excuse it is going to send people to the showers to disinfect them once they get off the FEMA trains, most Americans aren’t well educated enough to know what happening in World War 2.

            • First and formost the true believers in this country need to be praying for this country. Corporately as a nation we need to repent and turn back to God. Anything else will be futile. Jesus is our only answer.

            • Exactly what country could even muster enough troops to deploy to the US? None, not even the US.

            • I’m pleasantly surprised the ‘foreign troop deployments’ is the only hitch.

              I submit to you these moves in our hemisphere.

              United States

              If the US is to be replaced as the ‘Big Stick’ enforcer, this explains the free-trade and other decisive moves made in Sino favor by the usurpers.

              I further submit that all ‘theories’ like this one has it’s beginnings and with time gain prominence or crash and burn or even phoenix.

              I don’t pretend that we will all share the same priority of concerns to guide our preparations.

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

          • Error in translation, not that its a huge deal but we are not talking about LAPD. Just because its an LA Times report its the Anaheim police department. Why does it matter? Not all that much just that LAPD is probably 200x the size of Anaheims’ and the laters biggest job is “Disneyland.”

            Someone on this thread mentioned illegal immigrants, but didn’t Obama practically say no enforcement of immigration laws on those under 35 now? Something to that effect – amnesty for all – votes for Obama.

            The only honest party in the event I trust is the K9…would like to know what he saw that caused him to go after a guy 3 people deep in a crowd? Hmmm

          • Just to clarify: this was NOT L.A.P.D. Yes, L.A.P.D. has its own issues with use of force problems over the years. This latest incident was the Anaheim (think Disneyland) P.D.. Totally different jurisdiction.

            • I think we need to clear up some things about Anaheim.

              Yes….Disneyland is in Anaheim. But Anaheim is NOT Disneyland.

              Disneyland is an oasis in the middle of a crap-hole. The rest of the city runs the gamut from very well-to-do, to the dregs of society. It all depends on just exactly where you are in Anaheim.

              I can tell you first-hand, that there are places in Anaheim that are as dangerous as any you’ll find in S. Central LA. AND….Anaheim does have a high population of illegal immigrants….as well as a large population of middle-eastern immigrants as well. It’s a very diverse population. And in my opinion, the ideal breeding ground for civil unrest.

          • Sorry Mac,

            Even the headline is pro the mob, enough to incite more violence. Poor journalism is the rule of the day. Why were children there in the first place, and what about the other side of the story? The only innocent ones are the children and the dog.

          • Mac:

            Just an FYI for readers. I know the location of this incident. It is on the border of Anaheim and Fullerton in Orange County. People there are pretty sensitive to police overreacting especially in light of the Fullerton police beating of Kelly Thomas a while back.

            The area, especially on the border of Anaheim there, is getting rougher and rougher. My elderly parents lived in Fullerton off Orangethorpe for 30+ years right off Orangethorpe and Euclid a mile or so from this incident. In 2001, I moved them to a retirement community in Southern OC mostly to get them out of a declining neighborhood.

        • ” I would never purposely put my children in harms way.”

          But “Illegal Alien” moms must not love their kids as much. Or more likely the protest was peaceful and the cops are lying about the crowd getting rowdy. And rowdy of course does not equate violent but heck, the cops said so, so it must be true.

          • People have a right to protest and a responsibility to protect their children. When I see a LEO I casually head the other way. They are not for responding to happy incidents, but emergency responders. To a man with a hammer every problem is a nail.

            • You mean protect their children- like the kid unarmed was shot ..I need proof that he was violent, aggressive enough that killing was warranted.
              He was a gang member, not a murderer..oh, that’s right, we let them back on the street with technicalities.
              I just know if that child was white and a non-gang member, we’d be more enraged?
              It happens quite often–just not reported.

          • No sane mother puts her children into the middle of what could be a gang riot, period. I have no pity on her or anyone else there. You redress your grievances in court, or you have anarchy, take your choice.

            • I lived in Long Beach during the riots in 92 and got the hell out of there soon afterwards. What I seen during those riots was likened to a pack of wild dogs. I don’t need to state anything about what races were involved because most people know who they are. I had to walk around with a loaded .357 mag at all times inside my coat because I was the only white guy for blocks around. Driving a primered ’61 Ford Pick up didn’t help things any. I will never live someplace that can be taken over by mobs that quickly ever again. The people that were rioting didn’t care that Rodney King was on parole and hopped in a car and sped from police at over 100 mph and the resisted arrest after being pulled over and refusing to obey commands from them. If you haven’t lived there it’s hard to imagine what it’s really like.

      4. This video just proves what many have been saying all along, you don’t want to be anywhere near the cities when the shtf. They may be shooting rubber bullets now…

      5. It’s like a noisy kettle right before the water comes to boil

      6. i understand that shit can get escalated, but c’mon. shooting beanbags and mothers and children?! power trip. “oh let me release my german shepard on this mother holding her baby, because shes a threat” not saying its the dogs fault. it did what its trained to do, cant expect anything else. all im saying is we always hear about police doing some dirty shit, especially in california. if it was me, i would have got out of there as soon as people started throwing shit at the cops.

      7. The LAPD wasn’t involved in this situation. It was Anaheim PD. Anaheim is in Orange County.

        • Why are most ‘chit’ problems in Orange County? Anyone else notice??

      8. ” Puckin pussy K-9 Cops ! ”

        that was a illegal use of force .

        listen to me – if a pussy k-9 cop ever releases his k-9 dog on you face the dogs attack dead on protect your balls – brace for the impact and just start swinging punches at the dog nose eyes ears as fast as you can as hard as you can , if it locks onto your arm hands – stand up fully lift bring the dog off his feet – then reach out with your free hand and choke the dogs wind pipe – “crush it” as hard as you can . if you can’t get a grip on its throat go for its very eyes rip them out with your finger nails , the pussy k-9 dog will pass out or flee . dohn’t stop your attack till the dog does and beware it will try to circle you and attack you again . from behind , if there are two go for the bigger dog .

        these dogs cannot not handle full on direct attacks – they will flee . that is there weakness .

        i’ve done this 3 times in my life against attacking k-9 police dogs and each time the dogs gave up and stopped the attack !!!

        Puck the nwo pig police !

        Puck the nwo goon gestapo !

        Pay back is gonna be a bitch nwo pigs !


        • also use anything handy as a fast hard as you can whipping weapon at the dogs face – belts rope chairs knives – don’t aim not for the dogs body – aim for its very face nose eyes inner ears – you can beat the dog back by just repeatedly hitting it in the face muzzle as hard as you can . it works . i’ve done it . i don’t care what kind of dog it is it will drive them back they’ll break the attack . don’t run it will just give them more drive to attack . face them and attack back .

          i know all of this cause i use to be a k-9 cop .


          • You used to be a K-9 cop? Bull shit. The dog would be smarter than the handler.

            • @john w – eventually we all “use to be” something. ya’ fedgov troll pillow bitin’ traitor dimtard.
              ;0P pssszzt

          • Tn you did not train your partner correctly. No wonder you use to be one.

            • ;0p all my mwd’s always k9 certified and two became k9 demo dawgs and i worked the dare program with one . so attack me as you desire my above post is true and correct and all animals eventually flee when given the choice between life and death – self preservation over-rides all training in the end !!! even with k9 police dogs !!!

              *** and not everyone was born to be a tax debt soldier slave to the globalist bankers nwo . some of us were born to fight it and you !!!


            • The terms you use are not correct either one more hole in your statement

          • And I used to be a Cleopatra.

        • also remember go for the eyes every animal on the planet will try to get away if you stab there eyes even sharks will let go with a good eye gouge

          • A pitbull just locks down. That is the instinct to do. Also attacking the eyes on a dog open your face and neck open to his teeth.


        • We also didn’t see the people attacking the police. We have the police saying the people attacked them. Then again I am sure the police was just as justified to kill that guy in Fullerton, because the police said so.

          • Those cops in Fullerton should all be doing serious time. That was a crime.

      10. Stick a fork in it !

      11. just remember that before cameras came out on every cell phone we were always told that the cops had no reasons to lie…guess that was a lie too

        • Yeah, no reason to lie, except protect your own.

          Its been like that forever(since the police started getting paid to do citizen arrests).

          For some reason this comes to mind-

          I was watching the movie open range last night.

          I was thinking- Is this how it would be if we turned into the wild west?

          Everyone armed.

          Was it really like this back then?

          Or just a movie.

          Citizens rising up to fight evil. Justice served, greedy banker(cattleman) tooken care of, and justice served to corrupt lawmen?

          To bad it only happens in the movies.

          • This video and the comments made me think of another item in the news. This morning I noticed that Drew Peterson is finally going to trial for the deaths of two wives.

            From the information
            released about the death of wife number 3, it sounded too odd to be considered an accident. But why was the death not investigated:? Did the husband being a police officer have anything to do with that? It certainly looks that way to me.

            Then the lawyers go to work and delay the trial for three years. The jury pool had to sit and wait three years for the trial to begin.

            The police are running amok in so many ways and the entire legal system is set up to help them. My guess is the police department in Anaheim will continue an
            their “investigation”. At most,they might place a few people on “administrative leave” (paid time off) and wait for things to blow over. How many times has that happened?

          • Actually, “Open Range” could be nearly a documentary for what happened in the old town of Waterloo, Texas. After much abuse by a local ranch owner the town people rose up en masse and either killed, hanged or run off all of the evil doers. It happened all to often in the old west.

      12. If its starting to go nuts over a gangbanger being shot… just wait until there is no more “nanny state” to pay for everything. Or thr shelves are empty of food…
        Sorry for typos, I’m using my stupid phone

      13. I do not like seeing people fire ANY kind of weapon in the direction of little kids.

        I do not care what the circumstances where,to me they do not matter.

        The cops could have done a tactical retreat.

        BUT on the otherhand, why bring your children to a protest?

        It is a parents duty to get your child out of harms way(not put them in a position like that to begin with).

        Many emotions came out watching this from anger at the cops, anger at the people, anger at my government allowing an invasion of illegals, anger at what our nation has become over the last 60 years, to wanting california to secede.(please secede california(and take illinois, and new york with ya), I promise I will not come and fight and kill and burn to make you stay in the union, like the north did to the south)

        The American experiment did not fail, it was destroyed from within by greed,ignorance, and apathy

        • > “[…] to wanting california to secede.(please secede california(and take illinois, and new york with ya), […]”

          Hey, don’t forget Arizona – we want out, too!

      14. Just yesterday, my wife and I were at a picnic. The conversation turned to the arrogance of Police Officers today. Many of us were old enough to remember a time when many of the Police actually wanted to help and were well liked in the community. The change in attitudes has been dramatic. Even the uniforms and patrol cars have taken on a sinister look. Once upon a time, police uniforms were uniquely American. Now,all across the country, they seem to want to look like German SS, or Gestapo, with an attitude to match. No good will come from this, as some of us will not back down when confronted by out-of-control thugs.

        • Its a bummer(our country is pathetic now) but you are 100% correct.

          Keep in mind, we also work(for them) to pay taxes for their salaries and golden parachute retirements.

          It seems they do not work for us, they are the boss.

          If it seems that way, it IS that way.

        • Sadly you are pretty much 100% correct. things are not as they were then again where are the cops raised and taught that it is ok to be a prick. They come from the same place as the rest of us. Maybe a little better screening is in order and an easier process to fire them. Oh wait the Union will always save them.

        • Nowadays, the bigger, dumber and obedient the person is the better cop they make. They are nothing more than the enforcement arm of the state. The state wants knuckle-dragging idiots working for them. These mouth-breathers believe that they are doing ‘good’ by thugging out for the police state. They are easily brainwashed and have no problem turning against average citizens. It’s a paycheck to them, then it’s home for NFL football, Nascar and all the other idiotic things these morons find entertaining.

          • Bullshit. That one’s about as intelligent as calling US troops brainwashed baby-killing cannon fodder. You need to find another paradigm to believe in, the cops I know are nothing as you postulate.

          • The problem is that the position of “police officer” attracts a fair number of “power seekers” whose self worth is defined by how much force they can use and the control they can gain over others.

            There are two kinds of cops. Ones who truly wanted to help people and ones who want to control others. If they wish to progress in the corp, the former must become the latter.

            Thus, there are scant few good cops looking to help, and many seeking control through the violent enforcement of inapplicable “laws” against Men who are superior to them in every other way.

      15. If these people were black, it would be racism, sharpton would be marching, and dear leader would be speaking and drinking beer with holder.

        At least we dont have to see jesse jacka$$ on the tv the next month!!!!!

      16. It’s dreadful to see this sort of footage, there is no excuse whatsoever to fire rubber bullets into a crowd with women and children involved, it’s completely insane.

        I live in the UK, and at the moment this sort of behavior by the police would not be tolerated. However I fear that things are about to change over here as the economic crisis deepens.

        I have done an animated cartoon explaining the scary future that lies ahead for us.

        • So there we have it, just put a few skanks and their anchor babies in the crowd and you can riot all you want, the media will run a tear if you shoot at the attacker next to her.

      17. There is always plenty of blame to go around in a “bad” situation as this. Let’s blame the cops,the “Illegals”,the dogs,or the moms with a lack of common sense. Everyone involved was/is to blame on some level. The phrase “innocent bystander”, doesn’t have much weight when you see cops/guns/dogs. If you have the opportunity to get the hell away from the area and you choose not to, then you are no longer an “innocent bystander”, you’re a “dumbass”. If you are the parent/guardian of children and you keep them in harms way, you should be charged with “neglect”.
        As far as what I have seen, while spending some time around Anaheim in past years; It is a very clean and well kept city. Mostly hispanic and some asians, that have always been orderly. As a white male, I never had any problems and never saw any crazy stuff going on. Most of the hispanic neighborhoods want to live,work, and play just like everyone else that has migrated to America. Yea there are some illegals and some “bad” apples as there are in any city.
        The cops are just being cops. Some are the “gung ho” type and do get overly aggressive. Some are just exciteable and can’t think very well under pressure. They make stupid mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are fatal. Never assume you will be safe around cops or in a situation where they are present. If it doesn’t involve you personally, stay the hell away. Most cops are just trying to make a living and would rather not have to deal with these kinds of situations, but it goes with the territory, and as more economies deteriorate, we will see more and more confrontations and situations go from bad to worse. The more that cops are attacked and killed in the line of duty, the more “on edge” and “trigger happy” some are gonna be. If I were one (never happening), I’d be the same way, trying to save my own ass first.

        • I’d like to see the first few minutes BEFORE the cops appeared; to guage the ‘riot’ mentality. I, like most here, do find all reports skeptical and under scrutiny.
          Where’s the video before the cops arrived??

        • In response to you don’t tread and all the other “just get away” comments.

          In order for evil to flourish all it takes is for good men to do nothing.

          I understand the staying away from potentially bad situations but when evil is occuring in front of your eyes it is our duty to intervene. It is precisely because everyine feels that “it’s not my problem” that things have gotten to where they are today. I suggest you reasses you walk away attitude for when it is you getting your head kicked in by the cops I can only assume you would like someone to help stop your attacker.

          I have much respect for this neighborhood. The cops killed one of their own and they had the self respect to confront the cops about it. To bad more people arn’t like this.

          • I see what you are saying about..”It is our duty to intervene….”, but; Just because it happens in your neighborhood/community doesn’t give you the right to get in the middle of something that you probably know nothing about. Most of the immigrants are living in a state of “nirvana” compared to where they came from, so they have a different mindset altogether than, say persons that have lived from generation to generation here in America. I’m not saying all latinos and others are stupid but, bringing children to a chaotic event where force is being used is kinda stupid. Example: I was leaving East LA/little Mexico with a Big Rig driver/trainee at the wheel. This guy was always making short turns and taking down stop signs,hopping up on curbs and hitting utility poles(dumbass that never made it as a professional driver) and luckily I was aware of the situation when he made a right turn while a Mexican girl was getting ready to cross the street with her baby,in a stroller, sitting on the curb. Before the trainee finished his turn the baby was almost dead because the driver was only two feet away with his trailer wheels when I screamed for him to stop. Then, and only then, did the girl stop talking to her lady companion and pull the baby/stroller back from the curb. It’s a whole different world in the CA cities where Latinos dominate the population. They need to sharpen up and stay TF out of harm’s way, especially with the little ones. The adults get what they have coming. That’s all I’m saying here. For you to say ” they had the self respect to confront the cops” is ignorance on your part. There is a time and place for everything.

        • After watching the video, one thing is clear to me: the dog got away from his handler. You see the officer charging after him and trying to drag him away. the dog probably got excited from all the commotion.

          It will take a while before we know what happened there, but as a parent you make sure your kids are far away from a situation where guns are involved.

      18. Long train of abuses…

        Can we go back to the Constitution now?

        • Barn Cat,

          The headline for this video leads you to believe the police used real bullets on children. They want to make it a shock video but left out the other half. Anything for a chance to rile up the people who are already at the breaking point. Chaos and confusion, class warfare. Let’s blame it all on the cops, people are without work, without purpose and without much of anything to do but pick something to go berserk over. They have time on their hands, it is hot outside and the frustration level is at a all time high. I believe the police knew what this could turn into, given the atmosphere.

          Why aren’t these same people storming the white house, after all it is because of this administration that we are in such turmoil and uncertainty. Why is the focus put on the police and not where it belongs; watch the other hand.

      19. Non US chiming in, sorry, don’t see a real problem here.

        What I do see is a very small vid example of how people of a certain calibre, will ‘similarly behave’ when there is no food in shops and their babies/selves/families are hungry, with no fuel etc and so on. Would sadly be a lot nastier than this.

        Hope then it doesn’t come to that, but news fresh only a few minutes ago tells me the economic slide just keeps on arriving.

      20. This is what happens in a POLICE STATE. Also, as obeserved by so many of my Legal Proffesors in College, nearly all Legal Trends in the U.S. Start in Kalifornia. This is jst the begining and Kali is just one of the first places, it will spread and it will get worse before it gets better, the question is what are you gona d about it. I used to tell people to Sue, but the courts are going down also so that is a waste of time. Truth is while the SHTF in some places, we have been for a while WROL. This administration has consistantly shown its contempt for the Courts, the Constitutiton and the American People. They have run around the rule of law and legal process as tenet of their operational standard, this IS how they operate and wat they believe. IF I lived where these people live, I would be BUGGING OUT as we speak.

        • I hope all these fine upstanding people bug out to your town. You would change you mindset real quick if Calif. lowlifes suddenly appeared on your doorstep.

      21. A gang banger gets shot that was unarmed in a Hispanic community and his neighborhood steps up to the police out of emotions. Everybody talks about how our freedoms are being abused and taken away and how the people need to stand up against government. These people did this and stood up with what they believed in but payed the price. Know the dumb ass people that brought their children to a battle is a different story. As the way our country stands today we will see more of this and people need to get used to it and prepare for it.

      22. So….I’m confused.

        This took place in Anaheim, CA, but LAPD was there???

        Some clarification is in order here.

      23. When something bad happens we all have a desire to play Judge Judy and determine where the responsibility lies. We have a situation with multiple layers of lawlessness. A neighborhood populated with people who likely came to this country illegally, a man who illegally fled from officers, possible illegal use of deadly force, people illegally participating in rioting, people illegally assaulting officers by throwing things at them, and likely illegal use of force by officers. Both sides feel their actions were justified. This is what chaos looks like. IMHO, this is the reason government in Cali cuts fire and police but not “social services”. They know that if the bennies stop flowing the streets will start blowing.

      24. You don’t bring a baby to a fire fight.

        • this is what drives me nuts. they go where they know trouble could start and they bring little kids. then all hell breaks loose and she is crying they shot a kid. i don’t know who is at fault but i would never let my child be near anything like this.


      25. Post collapse these people will be raiding your home, stealing your preps, murdering your sons, raping your your wife and daughters.

        Much as Zetas do today in Mexico.

        I only see a single plastic water bottle on the ground by these tough guys. Anybody see more than that?

        • your right joe and in mexico the people are not allowed guns to protect themselves so only the drug cartels and military,police have them. sounds like what obama wants here.

      26. Almost every police department offers a ride-along program and /or a citizens police academy. I would suggests that any one who felt that the police instigated this event look into spending an 8 hour shift with an officer in a similar neighborhood. Better yet, sign up for the citizens mini academy. It’s a limited version of the police academy, less the complete version of the extensive legal block of the training. For the conspiracy theorist they will take you behind the scenes, you can get intel on every aspect of the job, view gun lockers to access weapon intel, visit all police structures throughout the city, equipment, weapons storage etc. For those with a little common sense you will walk away with a completely different understanding of what the job consists of before you start blogging about the brutality. I think you will find that the majority of officers are a lot more like this group, with the same concerns and they are preparing for the same things to happen. Most will walk away from the job before they would ever turn on the public as a government assassin. Unfortunately, some will stay and as they are simply pieces of shit. However, as most of you will agree there are people on this site I don’t want around me or mine either. My point being, there are freaking nuts on both sides. Make a well informed decision before casting disparaging blanket statements about a police state. Better yet, go to where there is a police state, and try to find a blog where you can bitch about anything to do with the government – if you find one, I bet you will have unexpected guests storming your crib before daylight. GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN!

      27. It’s time to start prepping for the decline of the US as a civilized culture if you hadn’t.

        I have been on the fence, even knowing how bad parts of Chicago are, but that’s primarily been violence between people. This story said to me that some people are ready to take on cops. Wether the cops used excessive force or not, which should be a job for internal investigations; that mob says to me that parts of the US will be unsafe when the next recession really hits the US.

        If you don’t have the supplies to stay in your house and protect yourself if those mobs decide your neighborhood has down something to them; you better start.

        We’ll see if the US decides to turn back the tide of financial and cultural rot that governments have allowed to happen.

        • @lee,,,,, “prepping for the decline of the US as a civilized culture”, is as good a reason to prep as any. But in my lifetime, I’ve learned that civilized culture is one thin veneer. I’ve seen men (and women) be pushed, or have an “issue button” pushed where the gloves come off and so does any semblance of being civilized. That includes me, you and darn near anybody who breathes air. We must all be careful that we don’t become the uncivilized folks in the coming issue.

      28. I saw this video earlier this morning on my local news and it contained just the portion of the dog attacking the gentleman on the ground. The newscaster said it was an accident when the dog got away from the cop during a demonstration. Imagine my surprise when I saw the entire video with the accompanying context of what had really happened. You just can’t trust everything on the news anymore. Sigh…

      29. I neglected to add, standing up for our rights is what this country was founded on. However, don’t protests at the scene where there are no decision makers. You will get shot with rubber bullets, bean bags, pepper sprayed and obviously attacked by the occasional stray ass police dog! That is what they are trained to do, what else would you expect? Go to where the decision makers are, away from the stray rubber bullets. They are actually empowered to make changes unlike the bean bag launchers. See the District Attorney, The Sheriff, The Chief of Police, hell even the Mayor if he isn’t off on a cocaine binge. But to line up and challenge armed people when all you brought was you mouth and pop bottles, well, that will never end well. Either go all in and man up with your best gear, or try to resolve it on a different level and live to fight another day. For you website warriors who wished they had been there, go poke any any officer in the chest with your finger, tell him loud and proud and in person what you and your friends really think, and let him know that you have your friends, a twelve pack of Blue Ribbon, and plenty of guns in the car to back it up… duh du! Your own instant riot!

      30. Lastly, SHOCK VIDEO? What a stretch for a title. Shocking would have been that there was nobody there to protests because they were all at fucking work!

      31. A friend of mine, who is a classical musician, had in the past trouble with a lot of noise that is passed on as music by rock bands.

        “Three chords and 150 decibels do not translate to musical enjoyment” he says. But a submission of Madison Rising and its version of the Star Spangled Banner was a rare treat that welled patriotic senses rather than the typical disdain that occurs with other bands’ trashing of our national anthem.
        Enjoy. (See:

        Y’all Beware! I’m buying this one and every time I hear BO, I’m turning him off and this version up and through an open window!!

        • @y’ll- Great vid. That guy can sing.

          You need to tell your “classical” musician friend, that just because some one plays rock music, doesnt mean they cant play all of Bach’s inventions (with their eyes closed standing on their heads).

          Some musicians play rock, because they enjoy rockin!!!!!

          Just sayin.

      32. Hi all! I know it has been quite a while but life outside of the internet keeps me busy. I think there is always blame to be shared in situations but I can’t help but think this:

        These are officers of the law -trained and armed to a higher degree than the average person on the street and they felt SO “threatened” enough by the “unruly crowd” that appears unarmed that these officers just HAD to open up on the crowd?

        Sorry, but I’m not buying it. I hope you and yours are all safe and well.

      33. Can’t a rubber bullet destroy eye sight??
        Just saying..this is crowd control??

        • Crowd control means non-lethal, not non-injurious. Nerf balls won’t work and live ammunition isn’t called for.

      34. Years ago I used to work for a PD crime lab. I was not a cop, but a civilian science dork in the lab. Most of the cops I worked with were awesome, hard working citizens that took their job seriously. But there were a few bad apples in that bunch. Bad enough that when I blew the whistle I lost my job. Every single workplace has those that just aren’t good at their job, whether it is at a restaurant, a school, PD, etc.

        Though I am in no way excusing what any of these cops did, let us not forget that this man that was killed was a known gang member, and in my book gang members are domestic terrorists and should be treated like terrorists. And if you have had to deal with real gang members before you would likely agree with me. As many others have stated, what sort of a parent in their right mind brings their young CHILD to a protest against cops? That is 100% irresponsible. That parent could have protested and left their kid with a friend or sitter. Does it suck that the crowd was fired upon? Yes…but if the crowd is going to use children to hide behind then they are idiots!

        Regardless, things are spiraling out of control. People no longer have a appropriate fear and respect for the police that they should and many of the cops abuse their power. It’s just all really sad.

        • quote : People no longer have a appropriate fear and respect for the police that they should
          … respect is earned and fear has no biz in law enforcement – fear only creates hate !!! hate brings violence eventually death !!!


          • AmeriKan fascist corrupt banker gestapo society creates its own monsters … gangs form to protect the members , give them a family unit to latch onto belong to … its tribal at its best .

            Don’t blame the gangs blame the community leaders .


          • By fear and respect I mean the same fear and respect one has toward their parents, their God, etc. I’m not putting cops at the level of a deity. I am tired of people telling me that I should earn their respect. That is something that teenagers say all the time. It is ridiculous. Whatever happened to giving respect up front? And we wonder why America is struggling. People don’t have to earn a living anymore, but they have to work over time to “earn” respect?”

            By fear I am not meaning to be afraid…I mean one should fear the consequences that could come about of their wrong doing….aka ACCOUNTABILITY! Which is something that is missing.

      35. A couple of updates.

        There are reports on the News that the local’s are protesting at the police station now.

        Also a person is reporting that police, during the night, knocked on doors and asked people for phone video’s of the incident, and were offering $100 for “FULL” videos. The insinuation is that officers were claiming less than “FULL” story videos were surfacing.

        • @Jim,,,Thank you. Been too busy trying to build shelving to catch much news.

      36. can we say ” illegal use of force ” boys and gurls ???

        SSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssoooooouuuuuuEEEEiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee !!!

        HEEERE pig pig pig Piggggggggy !!!

        BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!!

        ;0P pssszzt

        puckin traitor gestapo pigs


      37. People, as much as law enforcement can go a bit overboard at times it is an individuals responsiblity to stay out of harm’s way. The woman with the baby should not have put her baby in such a dangerous position. Whe it started to get ugly people should have put their children inside and left the scene. The people knew this would get out of hand. I used to live in CA and AZ and have personally witnessed this type of crowd or mob behavior and ran at the first sign becuse there is never a good outcome from it. Latinos are known for being excessively angry.

      38. Big city life is DANGEROUS!

        When most of the Big Cities in America are more dangerous then being shipped to Afganistan, we have a hell of a big problem in our big cities.

        If you still live/work in a big city, then your city will have violent situations like this.

        I live in a very small town. We have no police department nor do we have gangs controling our streets. We do have our problems with drugs and petty theft.

        Now is your life worth living in the city, for what ever reason?

        If not, give it all up! Walk away! Come to the small town life. Be safe! Live on less!

        If you don’t, accept that you will have to deal with this kind of violence and much more.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      39. If you give guns to idiots this is what happens!

        • Kev

          You can’t be a free country and try to deny people the right to be stupid. Your either free or your not. Gun control is a total farce. It like saying the fork is responsible for obesity. I’m mean more people have died from disease compounded by obesity in the history of the world then all the wars that have ever been fought with guns.

        • Guns to idiots? Hopefully then you don’t have one. What is this turning into a leftwing hate the cops/US site rather than a prepper discussion site? Sems like alot of angry leftists have discovered the place.

          • I agree John.

      40. Poor judgement all around, but the worst is people bringing their children into the middle of a conflict.

        Seriously, where is their common sense….

      41. Typo it’s not L.A.P.D. it’s A.P.D.

      42. Look folks in most hoods when a gang banger or drug dealer gets killed the good citizens are relieved, they do not cause a mob scene. Oh, wait a minute, are those citizens or undocumented persons?

        Mob mentality is for the most part unpredictable and dangerous. In today’s world video is everywhere and its easy to make things appear to be what they are not. The police didn’t just walk into a crowd of law abiding citizens and start shooting, now did they?

        Is it the fault of the police that parents brought their children to a mob/riot? No its done for a reason propaganda and more law suits against the city. If their not suing American Cities into oblivion their sucking the life out of the county in entitlement benefits.

        I hate to say it, but America has gotten that fucking stupid. We are withering on the vine and we are still sending support to almost 150 other countries, including China and Russia.

        Just think about it!!!

        • “The police didn’t just walk into a crowd of law abiding citizens and start shooting, now did they?”

          Just like the police did not pepper spray and shot with rubber bullets a bunch of peaceful protesters in Oakland, Berkley, LA etc not to long ago.

          Just like a Bart Cop in Oakland did not shot a guy in the back, while he was handcuffed laying on his stomach.

          Nope, cops always always say the truth, especially in California.

      43. Good support of gun rights:
        The Most Pro-Gun Low-Crime City in the United States
        ‘It’s the law in Kennesaw’

      44. its been asked a hundred times…will they fire on us

        I guess the answer is..Hell Yes!

        are you ready?

      45. For everyone who says that the police and military would never fire on citizens, refer to the video. They are firing gleefully, with pleasure, in a very low risk situation with few people. In a real SHTF scenario you can be sure the ammo will be live and the shooting just as indiscriminate. If the police simply left the scene, the object of aggression (the cops) would have been gone and perhaps most people would have dissipated. Instead, they love the idea of meeting force with larger force, not diffusing explosive situations.

        • that’s what I was thinking–why didn’t they just turn and leave?? What prompted them in the beginning to be called is what needs to be exposed in this half story.

          • We don’t pay them to turn and leave when the riots start. We need our cities taken back from this riotous scum so decent people can live there again.

        • the police need to be trained properly,
          what i see in the video, thugs in uniform.

      46. anyone who would complain about the death of a known gangbanger shows that they are sympathetic to crime and its perpetrators. i don’t have any sympathy for them. although the video doesn’t give us the whole story, i’m going to side with the police on this incident. as far as shooting beanbag guns at unarmed people is concerned, just because nothing was visible in their hands doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t have something stashed away in their pockets. i think that woman knew exactly what she was doing bringing her child to the protest. too many people these days try to pull some kind of scam for one reason or another. i use too see things like this all the time in miami which has different ethnic groups from all over latin america and the carribbean. the 2 groups to avoid at all costs in miami are the haitians and jamaicans. they are just totally useless.

        • No, he was unarmed and I just ALWAYS think, that could be one of mine!!
          Insensitive and lacking compassion a little there?
          Let’s get the full story first–shooting unarmed is not my style.

          • Right, he might have even looked like one of Obama’s non-existent sons….

      47. If you surrounded me and my family with an agry crowd whether or not they were throwing bottles at me and you would get the same response with lead instead of bullets. Just look at the history of riots out there and it is understandable that the police are on edge. I also agree that the dog was not intentionally released. The officer could have possibly been hit by a flying object that caused him to lose control. I use to have a dog that was as big a german shepard and I weigh 250 pounds and if they catch you of guard, they will break free from you. It is also possible they wanted to buy the videos to help understand what happened from different angles. They knew this was going to go viral.

      48. Well, if you think about it – it WAS in Anaheim.

        Why wouldn’t you expect some sort of Mickey Mouse reaction from the police?

      49. My grandmother told me a story that happened to her a long time ago. It went like this. There were men dressed in black and they came into our village, they took away the boys that were feminine, and they also beat up and killed the gypsy’s that lived outide of the village. We didn’t think much of it since it was another group of people they were doing it to and not us. We thought we had superiority over them because we looked like the attackers and, they wouldn’t harm us, we were like them. You know the rest.

      50. Maybe its come the time we actually need to use our 2nd adm. rights.

        This govt. and its “for hire to the highest bidder” LEO force have crossed the line. No longer are Americans free,..nor do they have a working constitution in this POLICE state via the NWO. Just a cursory look at the daily headlines of our current media giants will prove there is a satanic/sadist power loose in the land
        No longer can we redress our grievances to a congress or legislative body. No longer do our County Sheriffs work for “We the People”…no longer can our voices be heard by a govt. of “we the people” for that illegal entity in our nations Capitol works day and night to destroy this nation and the goodness that once was the heritage of “CAN DO AMERICA”.

        No longer are we allowed to have free and fair elections….if voting would actually change anything in our nation today,…they would outlaw it!

        Our Founders included the “2nd” for this very cause and reason….will there even be the 3% to rise against the King and tyranny this time????

        In my long life thru many Presidents and Wars abroad…I’ve seen a slow to fast decrepidation of America and the quality and quantity of its true MEN and lovers of Liberty.
        Have we lost our Backbone?

        “After a long train of abuses……….”

        • From another Old Vet! you are spot on..The JBT”s are ready to use all the Tools in the Tool Box, once the Puppet Masters give the Green Light! I Have seen this Once Great Republic Fallen on its Knees. we are at the Point of Civil War! Its not if but when…Semper Fi !

      51. Let’s review:
        A known gang-banger runs from police, is taken down with a rubber bullet. He’s in a hospital, not the morgue.
        Now a crowd gathers during the OIS investigation, instead of letting the evidence gathering continue, they start a mini-riot.
        The officers have evidence techs on site and need to protect them and potential evidence.
        They respond with rubber bullets and the dog gets away from his handler. Unfortunate overreaction on both sides.

        But unless you have ever been directly involved in a riot you really don’t understand how scary it gets.

        by the way,as far as the OMG they shot at women, I hate to tell you, but I’d rather fight a man any day.

        • What are you talking about? The guy was shot twice with a real gun and killed. Shot first in the back and then in the head.

          The people shot with rubber bullets were protesters.

          • They can protest in front of the police station the next day, peacefully. They were doing their damnedest to run the police off and obstruct justice and gathering of evidence. Keep this up and they’re going to have to use real bullets one day. If you can’t see the police are a hated American force in hostile Mexican territory, you are not seeing the situation.

      52. To the 55% that think the government is going to be there to help you. This is how their going to be there for you. This is how your going to be ruled, at the barrel of a gun.

      53. Kalifornia….Soviet Union …..whats the difference , those people have always had a problem with bad cops , its a way of life in the peoples republik .

      54. Don’t know why this is news… I have lived in So Ca all my 55 years and have watched it turn into northern MEXICO. Most people that live within 5 miles of the ocean are rich white people that behave, the rest is a shithole!! sorry people that just the way it is!!!!

        • No need to be sorry for speaking the truth , everywhere hispanics go turns to shit . They turn their own countries into a pile of fecal sewage , then when they cant stand rolling around in the crap anymore …….they move to another country and do the same thing all over again .

      55. OK this is a bad deal for everyone. Sure people have the right to protest. But here is what I dont understand. If you have small kids and you are out side and people are starting to protest the police, you see them get out there riot gear, why in the hell dont you get your kids out of harms way. I know the video just shows a few seconds before the police open you, but anyone that knows whats going on around them should have had an idea that the shit was getting ready to go down.

        • unless they are clearly blind , can the individual officer not CLEARLY SEE who he is attacking ? I aint buyin that argument . In that situation they do it because they WANT to , not because they HAVE to . I dont see how an unarmed woman and an infant is any threat to anyone ……..we are not talking about radical muslims here .

      56. Protect and what, Dogs on babies? shooting into a mass of people. you guys are a bunch of asshoes. I hope no police were hurt by a bottle! Way to win the hearts and minds of the people asshats

        • Best way is to up the anti…….. they want to do that , toss a few home made explosives into their ranks and see how they like getting fragged and are now in fear for their lives . Also , Molotov cocktails stopped tanks in WW2 , they also break up a shield wall very fast as well . My problem is that these guys do it with their own free will , they dont have to carry out ANY order given to them if they feel its wrong …..its a job , not like they are in the military and in a war zone ……I would have quit right then and there if ordered to sick a trained dog on a kid or cowardly beat on a woman .

      57. You know that a gangbanger will always either run,insigate,or fight the police and this is the prevailing mentality of most of them and others whom have no respect for authorityy of any kind,always looking for something for nothing or willing to TAKE whatever they want. The reality is that our society is crumbling and people need to take precautions so as not to be caught up in any whirlpools like that poor kid whom had no choice-was there cause his MOM probably had nothing better to do and being of questionable intelligence decided to enjoy “THE SHOW”!!!!The cops would be made to account for their actions,but to challenge them openly under those conditions,well you see what can happen all too fast and these “bangers”that some are giving sympathy too will be the exact one’s at YOUR DOOR when the SHTF,coming in and then the experience will be frightfully real and if the police aren’t there to intervene(and at that point,they probably won’t/cant)then it’s a crapshoot for SURVIVAL,but this much I’ll say;LEARN FROM THIS SCENE so you,my fellow preppers wont be exposed to such cause with inflation,unemployment,high taxes,foreclosures aplenty,NO MONEY,poverty,etc,damn if the formula ain’t ripe for some real B/S to come down,so like I always say:PQQP(PREP,QUICKLY,QUIETLY,PRAYERFULLY)and keep aware just like the ref says to boxers:keep your hands up-protect yourselves AT ALL TIMES and LISTEN FOR THE BELL. STAY CAREFUL PEOPLE-LUV U ALL.

        • The SHTF , the cops will ALSO be using their uniforms to gain entry into your home to take your shit .

      58. If the small towns, makes you feel safe? That’s where they will strike at you first. Out in the country they know people are growing food and prepping. You will be hit the hardest and the quickest. It will be devastating. They come with top of the line artillery and weaponization. They have men who are experienced in warfare and tactics. They have technology that will find you no matter where you go. They will have there way with your women and girls. In a big city you will not fair any better. Only destruction and death follows that pale horse. I believe that they(Iran,Russia) will first attack us with nuclear weapons, then when they have us on our knees and our young men are dispersed throughout the world they will come in through our unguarded borders. People will run south and some north, wherever is nearer to them. We will be refugees of war. We will disperse throughout the world and people will be mean to us. They will look down on us and say this happened to them because they disobeyed God. And that will be the truth. Shame will be on us in the presence of the people of the world. We will have enemys all around us. No more America. Read The End of America. Better yet read the Bible.

        • NO PLACE will be safe . Some will be better than others .

      59. Since there’s no video it looks like simple Liberal Govt. censorship via the likes of CBS or the Communist Broadcast System. No wonder I don’t tune in to that network and haven’t in years!

      60. when the public see that the rule of law seems not to apply to the police, and politicians, and some of their chosen few…it pisses off those of us that believe all of us should be held to the letters of the law, when you see the police act out in fear because they have allowed and perpetuated these types of acts, this is what you get.

        lately the fact that the police are not out to protect its citizens , but to beat he shit out of them if they dont understand the situation, or are trying to control something they dont understand , the police themselfs seem to have the ability to start a riot all on their own, and than blame the public for their actions.

        a lousy excuse for ever shooting into an un armed public..shameful if heads dont roll over this.

        the police could verry well light the revolutionary fuse if they dont reel it in some..people are viewing them as tyrants

        if you act like one, its not hard to be labled as one

      61. Day 3 – well morning of – update

        Actually I think the article says its the 4th day of unrest? Police close a gas station when they notice “individuals” filling containers with gas; I mean individuals they deemed related to the “unrest.”

        Disney Corp is going to want this put down quick….this is the height of the summer season. They probably have 40,000 visitors a day at $75 a pop right now….plus money spent inside. Can’t have that messed with.

      62. If any of you ever get attacked by a dog just do 1 simple thing…grab the dogs tongue ( spelling?) The dog can’t bite you if you have hold of it’s tongue and it won’t hurt the animal.

        • Any dog that attempts to bite me deserves to die as far as I’m concerned , dogs welfare is of no consequence at that point .

      63. Fucking pigs.

        I like how to video was removed, due to copyright claim by CBS. harharhar

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