Shock: Texas Democratic Rep Threatens To Kill Republican Rep On Legislative Floor After He Called ICE On Illegal Immigrants

by | May 29, 2017 | Headline News | 128 comments

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    rinaldi2(Pictured: Texas State Representatives Panco Nevarez (Left) and Matt Rinaldi (Right) Came To Blows On The House Floor Over Illegal Immigration)

    We’ve repeatedly warned that the division festering among the Left and Right could soon lead to violence across America and the real possibility of a civil war. Earlier this year we reported that Anti-Fascist groups were beginning to arm themselves for physical violence after taking a beat down in Berkeley.

    And while attacks have thus far been limited to protesters clashing on college campuses and speaking venues for Republicans, things have now taken a drastic turn.

    Hours ago, as supporters of illegal immigration massed to protest the policies being put into place by the new White House administration and the Texas State government, two Texas legislators nearly came to blows in the Capital.

    According to Republican legislative representative Matt Rinaldi, he was accosted by Democrat Poncho Nevarez.

    The argument stemmed from the fact that scores of protesters were waving signs in Austin, TX, with many identifying themselves as illegal immigrants. Rinaldi reportedly had enough of the disturbance and contacted ICE agents. When Rinaldi advised the House Floor that the agents had been contacted, Nevarez apparently lost total control of his faculties and began assaulting him, to the point that other legislators had to step in to break up the fight.

    Nevarez then directly threatened violence against Rinaldi because of his call to ICE. Reports claim that not only did Nevarez threaten Rinaldi’s life but indicated that he would wait for Rinaldi to leave the legislature and would get him on the way to his car.

    Rinaldi, who is a concealed handgun licensee, responded by saying that he would shoot in self defense if forced to and reportedly said that he would put a bullet in the head of Nevarez if confronted.

    But even after the protest ended, tensions remained high. Rep. Ramon Romero, a Democrat from Fort Worth, said he was standing with fellow Democratic Rep. Cesar Blanco of El Paso when Republican colleague Matt Rinaldi came over and said: “This is BS. That’s why I called ICE.”

    Rinaldi, of Irving in suburban Dallas, and Blanco then began shouting at each other. A scuffle nearly ensued before other lawmakers separated the two.

    Later, a group of Democratic lawmakers held a press conference to accuse Rinaldi of threatening to “put a bullet in the head” of someone on the House floor during a second near scuffle. They said the comment was made in the direction of Democratic Rep. Poncho Nevarez, from the border town of Eagle Pass.

    In a subsequent Facebook statement, Rinaldi admitted saying he’d called federal authorities and threatened to shoot Nevarez — but said his life was in danger, not the other way around.

    “Nevarez threatened my life on the House floor after I called ICE on several illegal immigrants who held signs in the gallery which said ‘I am illegal and here to stay,'” Rinaldi wrote. He said Democrats were encouraging protesters to ignore police instructions and, “When I told the Democrats I called ICE, Representative Ramon Romero physically assaulted me, and other Democrats were held back by colleagues.”

    Star Telegram

    Rinaldi took to Facebook to share details of the incident and express his concerns:


    Supporters of undocumented and illegal immigration will no doubt applaud the threats made by Poncho Nevarez, underscoring just how tense the situation has become across the country.

    The only question now is… how long until the shooting starts?


    Civil War Is Coming to the U.S.: “Left WILL Resort To Large Scale Violence… To Stop Fascism”

    There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”


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      1. The situation is getting way out of hand.

        • Hell the democrat rat looks like one of the scum illegals himself. The one that was threatened should allow this attack and really shoot him in self-defense ending this particular discussion.

          • Enzo, if I had been the one who was threatened and that spic made a move on me, it would’ve been the last thing he’d ever do to anyone. That spic can kiss my white ass. Looks like it’s going to be time to play cowboys and libturds soon.

            • I meant to say Menzo NOT Enzo. My mistake. Libturds had better be careful what they wish for.

              • Menzo, BTW, those Hispanic members of the TX legislature might all be illegals themselves. It shows where their true loyalties are.

                • No doubt. This ain’t fucking mexico and we are not going to pay these piece of shit’s bills for them anymore. There is only one way to get rid of them. When you have an insect infestation, you kill them all and eliminate their means to return. It sounds to me as though they have declared war on us so give them their fucking wish.

                  • They are engaging in, promoting, and abetting “The Reconquista”. They have zero allegiance the The United States of America. They, as all leftists, have learned how to use The Constitution, to undermine The Constitution. They are in every state, now, and protected by the parasites, who see them as another useful tool, for the destruction of the U.S., Western Civilization, and White Genocide.

                    • i was just in our local mexican market where i buy my produce, and as i walked out, a latino girl walked in with a shirt on that said “we run this state”(california).

                    • Don’t buy your produce there, anymore.

                  • Menzo, damn right. They need to be careful what they wish for. What attracts them here more than anything is the so-called benefits. Cut off that money and their only incentive to stay here is gone. And if they won’t leave voluntarily, they can be forced out. With 100,000,000 gun owners in this country, I know damned well we can do something.

                • DB,

                  When push comes to shove people tend to gravitate to their own kind. This happens throughout the world. Loyalty to the flag and the country for which it stands is no longer in the equation for many of these folks. The Reconquista has become everything.

                  • Laeagle, as I just said to Menzo, 100,000,000 gun owners can and will kill the opposition’s plans for this nation.

          • Eagle Pass is right on The Rio Grande in the middle of nowhere and is a beaner smeared waste of water and electricity.
            The beaner representative from there is a waste of air and water and I hope Rinaldi plants one is his Mexiholian face, after he plants two in the cabron’s Center Mass.

          • The #1 Thing that will save your life when SHTF? Being a concealed carry permit holder and carrying your weapon daily and ready to deploy. When seconds count, 2nd place is a dead corpse, and it ain’t gonna be me, its gonna be you scumbags.

            Obama, Gun Salesman of the Decade:
            According to a recent article in Breitbart, concealed carry permits rose 215 percent between 2007 and 2015, and the murder rate dropped 14 percent during that same time period. Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) data shows there were 14.5 million permit holders in May 2016 and approximately 15.7 million in May 2017.

            In the CPRC’s latest annual report which covers 2015, it notes the number of concealed handgun permits issued that year set another record, an increase of 1.73 million permits issued, slightly higher than the previous record of 1.69 million. Currently, about 6.06 percent of the approximately 248 million adults in the U.S., have a concealed carry permit.

        • Makes me proud to be a Texan.

          I wish I was there to throw some gas on the fire.

          When the shooting war starts, it won’t be the conservatives that loose.

          • Maybe after the wall is finished, we can start building some camps. You know,”extermination camps.” Lots more efficient. We could think of it as a”final solution.”

            • Don’t you mean, “Campamento de exterminio para solución final”

            • I usually pray for imbeciles like you to swallow a bullet early in the fight.

              • They’ll never show up for the fight. If they do, it’s over for them.

              • Praying for someone to commit suicide? I pray for them to stop being imbeciles?

          • Just read that a bill passed the House in TX for permit-less carry. Not sure how long till it takes effect, but that will be REAL nice.

        • Rinaldi may need protection. He has just make a bunch of enemies and painted a target on his chest. Hopefully he knows how to use his CCW and is regularly visiting the range. Shooting on the range will be different from shooting in a stressful situation. I wonder what he carries?

          • Laeagle, those spics who threatened need to back off if they want to live.






          THEY NEED US


          • Eisen, not questioning your points at all, but let’s cool it.

          • That 97% is just because the white man stole it from the minorities. 🙂

            • Oh yeah, multi-cultural assimilation works great. I even read this growing up, in Public school history books. The Pilgrims who invaded N. America got along great with the Native Americans. They even had a Thanksgiving Dinner together to celebrate their new found friendship, and has been celebrated annually since then. LMFAO!!! Notice how the Winners write the history books.

              And today see how well this new friendship is still working? The Indians are stuffed into remote Reservation FEMA Camps, left to sell tax free cigarettes and run gambling casinos.

          • Anonymous

            Newsflash, your premise is ridiculous. People been assimilating since there were people. Mexicans are caucasian just like my ancestors Italians and they’re somewhat culturally similar. Regarding inventions your correct as technological advancement occurred with people from a cold climate.

        • no…its going the only way it can go. The is NO possibility for the two current factions to co-exist in this country. A country cannot both have conservatives seeking to have a sovereign nation and liberals seeking to have a globalist government. Of course that is the “big stage” description, but even as one looks to state and then county and city govts, the definitions are more and more clear; there are those that want rights and those that want to subdue those rights. That description should be enough to know that both cannot happen at the same time. What is different now is that those on the right that would normally “turn the other cheek” or “take the high road” have now been backed into a corner and have no where else to go but to fight for if laws are overlooked for everybody but those that would follow them then there is nothing left but a lawless land.

          • Digital, welcome, and you make some valid points. But I can promise you that no one at THIS site ‘turns the other cheek’ or ‘takes the high road’.

          • Obama summed it up best when he told the Republicans it was their turn to get in the back of the bus. Remember that?

            • A house divided against itself cannot stand- Abraham Lincoln

        • When it does truly ignite, it’s going to take an exceptional over reaction to plug the well.

          • Ar-15s vs. machetes

            it will be interesting.

            • you might want to go visit a gun show…take a look around you. you may be surprised at WHO you see there. i’m curious how y’all gonna tell which of those brown-skins you’re supposed to shoot at?….gives the phrase “kickin’ ass and checkin’ ID’s” a whole new meanin’, don’t it.

            • a friend just told me they got AR’s at bass pro for 399…..GIT ONE!…..but pay a little more and git a GOOD one.

        • “Getting out of hand” ???

          No. Coming to a head. And better now than later with a Patriot in the Oval Office and the US Constitution as our most powerful weapon.

          The NWO has master-minded an INVASION of America by foreign nationals with the explicit intention of replacing indigenous white Americans as we replaced the Indians here before US; who replaced the GIANTS here before them.

          At the same time that they facilitated the invasion of America by tens of millions of foreign nationals, they systematically sent 70,000 American Factories and tens of millions of American jobs to China; while sending American men and women to die in the expansion of the NWO Empire.

          Its treason plain and simple by our duly elected Representatives, and can only be described as white American genocide.

          The question is whether white America is going to allow themselves to be displaced. I don’t think so. Lock N load. If push comes to shove and someone pushes you and threatens you: shoot them in self defense.

          Engage the enemy and take the fight to them !!! 🙂

        • Slightly off topic:

          In Seattle, crime “suspects” must be called “community members” in police reports.

          And prison inmates must be called “students”.

          They are actually destroying the English language.

          Our college graduates and our murderers and rapists are all equal now. Nobody is better than somebody else. Soon we will be calling “Syphilis” a “tea spoon”.


        • I wholeheartily agree,laeagle

        • What situation!!!! It’s BEEN fuked up.

      2. Trump is being stopped by liberal judges in his efforts to slow down the inflow of immigrants from certain nations and in his effort to hold cities accountable for their sanctuary city stance. Something has got to give. Most likely we will see violence and rioting in the streets before this all settles down. The illegal aliens were enabled by the previous administration and have become bolder with their demands. Disorder and chaos are soon going to become the order of the day.

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Laeagle, if I was Trump i would’ve disregarded those libturd judges and just do what really needs to be done.

        • illegal aliens were enabled

          I think Obama did more than enable, he weaponized the illegals.

          Hell, Obama gave 2500 assault rifles to the Mexican drug cartel. Remember Operation Fast and Furious?

          That was another big F.U. to the American public.

          • You are right! They also are raising money to defend illegal aliens, they need to be swarmed with having to defend them that they go bankrupt. I have a feeling somewhere some shyster liberal lawyer has found a way to profit from defending and enabling the illegal aliens and raising money from their misery. I believe there was a prominent democratic lawmaker in California who boasted that half of his kin were defrauding the state with fake IDs, etc. They are all brazenly open about it. I hate to see a situation where folks have to live in terror in this country but somehow the situation needs to be reversed or there will be no USA.

            • laeagle, who you work for and which rig? I read your comments for you are in the same shape I am if we are on the rig and a shtf situation.

              • You may be right!

        • The illegal aliens have been actively enabled by every administration, FDR’s, not just Obummer’s. When Ronald Reagan gave in to the amnesty demands, we knew it was over, and just a matter of time, and guess what – time’s up. Since the Clinton years, they have some level of active leftist protection.

          This is just one more mounting crisis that has been designed to overwhelm the U.S. from within.

          • Why do you think democrats are against voter id laws. Mexicans don;t have state driver’s licenses so, at least in Texas, they can’t vote.

        • The Supreme Court will rule soon enough and the extensive CASE LAW, including rulings by the Supremes are completely in the favor of POTUS.

          Legal precedent is well established and will be up held again, once and for all. 🙂

            • Yes, that’s why the decision is being APPEALED to the Supreme Court. That fake law will be overturned. The US Constitution IS our most powerful weapon.

              Liberal judges can delay an immigrant ban temporarily, but they cannot stop it. The system will correct itself as our Founding Fathers intended and designed it. 🙂

      3. Ronaldo has every right to self-defense and it doesn’t matter what anyone says about it. I would’ve told that Nevarez scum to bring it. He would’ve definitely needed medical attention if he tangled with me. All the other libturds need to STFU.

      4. When the shooting starts we have a bullet for every piece of shit scum illegal and those that are assisting them.

        • I was going to give them a job. My house needs a new roof.

          I have never seen a white roofer. White boss, but not a white nail driver.

          • You are in the wrong state. We still have white roofers here. Landscape maintenance and bricklaying are Los Hermanos pequeno morenos.( little brown men)

          • Keep looking, they do exist.

      5. Folks,like many,am sick of the bullshit and would fight/die to defend myself and others.That said,would be very happy not to unless absolute last option to full blown dictatorship/genocide ect.,I wish for this nonsense to end,hopefully not with full blown violence though may be last defensive option.

        • Do you really, honestly believe that you can “vote” your way out of this?

          • Without the “VOTE” in the election last November for TRUMP; Hillary would already have US at war with Russia over Syria, FEMA buses would be used to ship millions of ILLEGALS to every major electoral college state in the Union, and the ships of The Clinton Foundation would be filled with tens of thousands of Jihadists.

            So yeah, “voting” makes a BIG difference. Engage !!! 🙂

            • I never understood the democrats pushing for war with Russia, but they really were.

              Probably why Russia wanted to open communications with Trump, to pull back from the brink of war.

              • The Democrats have been hijacked by the Globalists / Military Industrial Complex. The Republicans under the Neo-Con banner likewise. Political party affiliation has little to do with nationalism. Trump is largely a nationalist.

              • “I never understood the democrats pushing for war with Russia, but they really were.”

                The Globalists want a conventional war with Russia because the WEST will never be stronger militarily in comparison to Russia than it is right now; and Eastern Europe (former Soviet client states) would take the brunt of the destruction and depopulation (more white genocide).

                Q: Where do you think white caucasians (slavic / aryan people originated ???
                A: From the Caucasus Mountains and plains of Eastern Europe. (Russia, Ukraine, Poland, & Scandinavia)

                It makes perfect sense if you are psycho and racist. 🙁

                • DK

                  The globalists are mad. Once conventional metal starts flying between parity nuclear armed nations both sides will fear a first strike that would be the justification for a first strike. How damn important can the complete control of the worlds resources be to them?

                  100% psycho…….Hell Charles Mansion might even sit back and say, “Thats crazy and I know crazy”.

      6. Warchild, it looks like we’re going to have a “party” whether we want it or not and it’s the libturds pushing for it. They’re in for a dose of reality.

        • The liberals are usually limited to the urban areas. Not to many liberals live in small towns or rural areas.

          That means they will be tearing up their own sh!t. Just like when all the black riot. All they do is tear up their own a55hole.

      7. The masks are coming off at all levels.

      8. Here we have law makers breaking the law; grow up Democraps. Poncho made a threat to Rinaldi’s life, where I live that’s against the law. It’s a misdemeanor assault charge. But of course the libtards think they’re above the law, you know special. These a$$holes are going to keep on threatening people until they get hurt really bad. Poncho should have had the police called on him. Then there is the illegal aliens thumbing their noses at the law by showing up to protest, and I guess they thought the Demotards would protect them by making it another sanctuary for them. These idiots have no respect for the law and should be impeached. I just can’t imagine someone being so obvious and offensive. Lock ’em up and impeach them. Lock up and impeach the libtard judges too. The law abiding citizens of these USA are getting damn feed up with the situation this country is in.

        • HANG them ALL and be done with it all.

        • in Texas a senator or Representative can not be arrested while the legislature is in session. OR coming to or leaving the legislature.

          This keeps democratic sheriffs from trumping up fake DWIs on republican law makers.

      9. What part of “I am illegal” do the DEMONCRAPS not understand. Although I see them as Illegals too!

        • Obola was illegal too, look where it got him.

          • You got that right.

      10. Is this the best the Democrats can send to Washington?
        If so, this country is in deep trouble.

        Next Election – DO-NOT Vote for ANY Incumbents!
        We need to clean house, let’s start by firing this Fool.

        • I have to say, I no longer vote strait party ticket for Republicans. I never vote for a democrats, but now I pass over the occasional republicans too.

          The republicans are not Conservative anymore. The Tea Party really died and the republicans are the ones that killed it.

          • The Tea Party is NOT dead. It makes NO sense to have an independent THIRD party. The strategy is to take over control of the Republican Party and its political apparatus.

            Globalists commandeered the term “Conservative”. It is a euphemism for RINO now. Barry Goldwater was a Conservative. Do you think he would support the invasion of America by foreign nationals,facilitated by our elected Reps; or free trade (which is managed trade) and managed to the detriment of the American People ???

            Goldwater was a Patriot. Goldwater would proclaim: “America First”. It’s time for American Patriots to take control of the politics, parties, and institutions that run this country and pull the plug on those individuals, groups, and institutions engaged in Un Constitutional and therefore, Un American activities.

            Engage. 🙂

            • All politics are local. Get involved where you live. Control the parties at the grassroots level. If you refuse to participate in the process, then you better stack your ammo twice as high as you planned….

              and save the last metal jacket for yourself. 🙁

      11. While the use of lethal force may be legal (depending on the jurisdiction) to protect yourself from a physical assault, just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean its the right thing to do. There is little doubt that any assault in such an environment would be minimal and stopped swiftly. Shooting the assaulter under these circumstances would make him a hero and its justification while passing legal scrutiny would generally be not so kindly judged in the court of public opinion. The anti gun lobby would have a field day with it.

        Simple fact is the Democrat State Representative made an ass out of himself. The sad fact is its likely that a majority of his constituents looked at his actions favorably. I would push for criminal charges.

        • Granted if he does proceed to come after you post this situation one must look at that threat in a whole new light.

          One thing about the underclass. You can take them out of the jungle, ghetto or barrio but you can’t get it out of them. The instinctive impose to use violence to settle disputes is too engrained to be erased with a college degree or the veneer of a suit and tie.

          • Impulse not Inpose

        • just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean its the right thing to do.

          Agreed. I think of that every time I pistol whip someone instead of shooting them. Of course, these piece of sh!t Glocks are made of plastic and tend to break when you are smashing them on someones teeth. I usually have to follow up the pistol whip with boot to the nose because the Glocks just don’t hold up.

          Now the Colt 1911. You could pistol whip 3 or 4 Mexicans with out having to clean the gun. I miss the 1970s.

        • Yes but shooting the assaulter after being threatened multiple times with- you have to leave sometime and I will get you then- threats I think changes the situation.

          • Shroom

            Certainly from a legal perspective it would be in the defenders favor in both the courts and public opinion assuming the other State Representative was armed. When the armed shoots the unarmed (unless they’re a LEO but thats a different debate) their better be a serious attack beyond a mere bruise. Its often the threshold of keeping control of the weapon. If the beating inflicts, or has the potential to do (disparity of size, strength, ability) grave harm that is a mitigating circumstance as are multiple attackers. Armed, even with bludgeon, designed as a weapon (club) or used as a weapon (hammer) is within its range or soon to be reach is still deadly and would certainly justify the use of lethal force. Fist fights between presumed relative equals can get quite confusing in outcome justifing the use of lethal force even in the event that one is the clear aggressor.

            Punch the SOB in the nuts.

      12. How long until the shooting starts? What time is it?

      13. Kevin2, I always enjoy your insight and know you mean well. But when you’re in a life-or-death situation, you don’t have time to think about any potentially legal issues or anything else. You have to act and act quickly. Do whatever is necessary to get out of the situation alive. Nobody can hold you accountable for anything if you’re dead. I’ve been in many fights in my life and survived every one of them. I don’t see considering an opposing viewpoint or any consequences of my actions as a priority. I refuse to live that way. I do whatever I consider is necessary for myself and can’t help what someone else thinks.

        • There are only two things you need to remember with in a life or death shootout.

          1) when you load you magazines with ammo, use rubber gloves to keep finger prints and DNA off the shell casings.

          2) After you shoot someone, drive off. George Zimmerman taught us all a lesson. Don’t call 911, just drive off. You dont want to stick around anyway because the thug may have friends nearby.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          I certainly agree if its life threatening but a State Rep punching another State Rep during a heated debate may legally qualify for the use of lethal force by the mere attack as there is no exception for the where, when and who. The reality is perceived severity. The anti gun groups would have their case against carry to flaunt around. In effect take the punch and press charges as witnesses abound. Now if this nut threatens your life after this its well wise to take heed. That law enforcement protection he is receiving validates it.

          I would make it by duty to have that Representative legally removed from office. He has zero business being a Representative of “The People” regardless if the “People” in question, his constituents, cheer his street thug demeanor. It has no place in government.

        • If you’re carrying concealed or just carrying you should have already considered the ramifications of your potential actions. that is, after all, probably why you carry right?

      14. These fucking Illegal INVADERS need to go and be kept out period! We cannot continue to allow these scum balls into the US. I can’t believe the Left winged mental midgets are so screwed in the head!

        • They will do anything to stay in power, including selling out America.

      15. Nip this in the bud. That Mexican legislator was out of line. He needs to be sanctioned. If Mosques start being built in the USA, neither rednecks nor Mexicans will be able to deal with the threat. Nip it in the bud. Forcefully resist the Muslims, no refugees.


      16. USS Liberty


        • B from CA

          “USS Liberty”

          In George Orwell fashion that is being erased from history.

        • Another cover up by LBJ. The Jews will always be protected by the US government, even when doing harm to Americans. USS Liberty, World Trade Center(Jews and their cousins the Saudis).

      17. I believe it is a criminal offense to threaten someone’s life. This isn’t politics. Nevarez sounds like someone who should be committed to a mental institution!

        • He will claim to be oppressed and demand a “safe space” where he won;t feel threatened.

          Maybe they need a “no white day” at the legislature.

        • This is a case of Who’s protecting Who.

      18. Remember folks! H8TE and violence is intolerable… unless the fascist left does it. Then it is “justifiable” and “understandable.”

        • because of oppression and white privileged.

      19. I’ll supply the ammo to both sides if the politicians start shooting each other.

      20. The next county over on either side of mine are listed as “sanctuary” for the illegal aliens.. the obammy admin also dumped 5000 somali’s between the two main cities in both counties.. now we have (P)MS-13 and the somali gangs starting to flex their muscles and try to get a foothold in my county..
        Local farmers and veterans are starting to get pissed… this isnt going to end well for the invaders…They may be able to intimidate and threaten people in their homelands but we have lots of CCW holders and open carry plus about every truck has a gun or two… deer at 600 yards with an 06 is pretty normal here.. a dipshit punk gang banger at 20 yards is no contest…

          • Excellent libtard training video. Thanks

            • Rednek101, both of those turds might as well be in a movie.

      21. What part of illegal do they not understand? Try going into Mexico or most any other country illegally and see what happens to you. Here we give them everything. Time to cut off the faucet.

      22. So who got arrested for assault/battery here. I know people who have done less in public and the cops haul them off. If I pulled this at work I would be arrested and fired with a criminal record.

      23. Obama Administration Intervened in Canadian, British, and French elections. But THAT was ok, right???

        “There is a very serious hypocrisy over this whole issue of Russia trying to influence the 2016 election when the Obama Administration directly intervened in Canada, Britain, and France as well as Israel and is expected to do so again in Britain and Germany. The New York Times, Washington Post, and just about every other mainstream media, are biased and are NOT REPORTING THE TRUTH. They act as if this is something unusual and sinister yet Obama has continued in this very posture even after leaving office with respect to the French elections. Obama also intervened to overthrow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and failed as he did in BREXIT. The United States routinely interferes in foreign elections. So what is the big deal with Russia? Mainstream Media is not telling the truth that this is standard operational procedure….?”

        A few other articles on this at

        • Obama spent 1/4 million dollars from the State Department trying to get Nehenyahu to loose his election. Remember that?

      24. Let a citizen put their hands on some”representative” and see what happens.

      25. Might sound far fetched, but maybe the Texas Rangers should be called in.

      26. Brooks-Sumner Affair of 1856 all over again, where a southern democrat almost beat to death a Northern abolitionist politician in the Senate.

        • Sounds like one of the last good Democrats. Trekker Out

      27. Workplace violence. Assault. Battery. Threats. Witnesses. Yet, NO ARRESTS.

      28. Sumner Brooks affair in US congress just prior to civil war One man attacked the other in congress and did bodily harm history repeats its self can war be far behind

      29. Don’t mess with an Italian.

      30. So hard rive went in one of my machines. Went to a few local places to get a new one. Everywhere I went they said they sell them but didn’t have them in stock. Had to go on Amazon to get it. I hate Amazon and do not want to get anything through them. I feel as if I was funneled to them cus I couldn’t source one locally. I’d pay more for it if I didn’t have to use scamazon. That’s how much I hate Amazon. Everything has gone to online sales. i didn’t want to wait for the drive and had the time to install it. Now gotta wait. Unlike most people I care where my $ goes and want to keep it from Amazon. This has happened in the past where I needed something and could only get it from Amazon. Being left with no other options is forced patronage. Monopolized by products you need. Pissed haven’t bought anything on Amazon in like 5 years and now my winning streak is broken. Down with Amazon.

        • Sounds like you shouldn’t have bought from Amazon, if you hate it so much.

          I don’t buy there, either, but I’ll wait for something to arrive and not bitch about it. You either boycott Amazon or you don’t. It’s not a matter of convenience.

      31. This is not “division between the left and right”.
        This is an American against a traitor.
        More mac slavo interloper bullshit.

        • Vocalpatriot, STFU about Mac. You didn’t exactly read the article, did you? So shut your stupid trap about Mac.

      32. Civil discourse is DOA. A death threat is criminal threatening at the least, why no arrest or summons?

      33. The real problem here is that most people do not see is that the issue being fomented by the “deep state”, the appearance of racism, is not what is actually going on. This is a battle for control of resources. Period. The racist issue is rammed into the minds of the pea brained illegals to incite their rage against the “evil whites”. Racism has been used again and again to great effect. Playing into the racist games the Mexicans are pushing off on us does nothing less than empower their cause.

      34. It was much better when the United States was an assembly of states come together to provide for the Common Defense. The growth of Federal Invasion, has turned this once Godly nation into a melting pot like the Balkans. I warned about this a couple decades ago. I have no problem with different races, what I do have a problem with, is those that WANT TO TAKE from this nation, and not earn it. Again I Don’t care what race they happen to be. If you do not want to become a Coloradoan, Texan, Virginian, or an American. THEY GO back to where you were before you illegally crossed the US BORDER.

        • I have no problem with different races

          Why not? You OK with black rate of violent crime being 8X the White rate? With jews calling for White extermination? [Noel Ignatiev]

          The Naturalization Act of 1790 says that the country is open to FREE WHITE PERSONS. The USA was founded on a racial basis- not as a “proposition nation” as the lying left asserts.

      35. Sorry, THEN not They

      36. I guess Mexican legislators are immune from prosecution.

      37. Does anyone expect anything different from these third world types?

      38. Mexicans are leaving Mexico because they don’t want to be ruled over by Mexicans? These people are third world special stupid. Isn’t it obvious?

      39. It never ceases to amaze me that when it suits their purpose, it is OK. God forbid they follow the LAW, when it doesn’t suit them. Take this for a great example. How many nations out there ALLOW an ILLEGAL to come into their country, get EDUCATED, then allow them to become a CITIZEN, let alone an approved LAWYER to represent the PRIVILEGED **ILLEGALS**??? Apparently USA, USA, USA!!! Mind boggling..either we are a nation of LAW, or we are not. Oregonian, you better wake the @#$# up!! The CA crap is coming up north!!!!

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