Shock Report: White House Immigration Details Leaked: Obama Policies Will Create A “Country Within A Country”

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Headline News | 240 comments

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    The White House has finally unveiled it’s strategy with illegal immigration and according to well known radio host Mark Levin it is in its advanced stages after many years of scheming and implemntation. In the following interview Levin is joined by Sue Payne, a radio host in Baltimore, Maryland, who happened to be invited to a series of conference calls with Obama administration officials.

    What you are about to hear is shocking.

    As noted by Sue Payne, the administration is, in effect, establishing a new country within the borders of the United States, something confirmed by a high level Obama administration operative on the conference call.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    In reality what he did was sign a memorandum that created the Task Force on New Americans which is going to  implement his amnesty mill for the 5 million illegals, which I believe is going to be more than that… and on these conference calls it became clear he was looking at 13 to 15 million to give protection and move them on to citizenship.

    What became clear is that once these illegals come out of the shadows so to speak, their communities that they’re living in now are going to be re-designated as “receiving communities.” And what this task force is designed to do is to create a welcoming feeling among these receiving communities to bring in these immigrants…bring them out in the open… and the receiving communities will then morph into what was established as an emerging immigrant community.

    To do that, what they said was that we need to start looking at the immigrant as a seedling and for the seedling to grow the seedling needs to be in fertile soil…


    Eventually the seedlings will take over the host… and the immigrants will come out of the shadows… and what I got from the meetings is that they would be pushing the citizens into the shadows… they would be taking over the country… In fact, one of the members of the task force actually said that we would be developing a “country within a country.”

    The White House spokesman said that immigrants need to be aware of the benefits that they are entitled to… which led to another comment saying that this group Obama’s going to give amnesty to would not be interested in assimilating… they would navigate but not assimilate.

    There were also a couple of other things that were very disturbing… one was that as soon as this decision is pushed through these immigrants need to be treated as refugees… they need to be given cash… they need medical care… they need to use credit cards to pay for any documents that they need… And also, we need to convince state and local governments to cut these people no interest loans with tax payer dollars so they can then then pay for their papers… as if we were funding our own destruction here.

    The Executive Orders signed by President Obama last year are now coming to fruition. Millions of people who have illegally entered the United States will be given amnesty. New immigrants will be sent to “receiving communities” as explained by Before It’s News:

    The “new Americans” are considered “seedlings” by the White House and the “receiving communities” are the “fertile ground” to nurture them, according to comments made during the meetings.

    At the meetings, it was said that “immigrants need to be aware of benefits they are entitled to”.

    Obama’s plan is to treat the “new Americans” as refugees as soon as amnesty is pushed through. Refugees are given an allowance, housing, food, medical care, education, and an immediate pathway to citizenship.

    And where will all the money come from to feed, house, educate and provide health care?

    The answer is simple. It will come from you and if President Obama has his way it will be forced upon you without congressional approval, as highlighted by Infowars just two days ago:

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Monday that President Obama is “very interested” in the idea of raising taxes through unitlateral executive action.

    “The president certainly has not indicated any reticence in using his executive authority to try and advance an agenda that benefits middle class Americans,” Earnest said in response to a question about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) calling on Obama to raise more than $100 billion in taxes through IRS executive action.

    “Now I don’t want to leave you with the impression that there is some imminent announcement, there is not, at least that I know of,” Earnest continued. “But the president has asked his team to examine the array of executive authorities that are available to him to try to make progress on his goals. So I am not in a position to talk in any detail at this point, but the president is very interested in this avenue generally,” Earnest finished.

    Via Townhall

    The pieces of the puzzle have now revealed the bigger picture and the ultimate goals of the Obama administration.

    Moreover, it is clear that President Obama has completely trashed the founding document of the United States. First by ignoring his Constitutional duty to enforce the laws of the land by securing our borders. And second, by mandating forced taxation through executive actions that will further impoverish an already struggling American citizenry.


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      1. NOMFI

        • Multi-cultrualism does not work. Ask France.

          • I could puke. I hate these people…deeply and passionately.

            • Old news, read it days ago.

              Same shit, new day.

              GMAFB and hurry

              • Time to relive the Alamo.

                • The best time to kill a weed is when it is a seedling. Bring on the 2,4,D.

                  • All I can say about this, is that I agree with every single word of the following speech, and it would be to OUR advantage if it was applied here:

                    “On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

                    In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

                    Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

                    When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.

                    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.”

                    • Sixpack –

                      I believe Australia’s Government said the same thing to these immigrants as well. If these people find it to be racist or unfair, then they should stay where they are or go to a place where their values are accepted. There is absolutely no reason any Nation should cater or give special treatment to outsiders.

                      Unfortunately, the US Government can’t even live within its own laws of the land, and certainly has no values. Just based on those two (laws/value) is it any surprise to anyone that this country is the way that it is?

                      ……and for the Article itself….is anybody really surprised by it? I would think most are not, question is. What do they plan on next, and whats the next disgusting move they are going to implement?

                    • Seedlings? Nope. Foreign Invaders brought in by Treasonous Despots is more like it.

                    • SixPack, thanks for blessing us with that speech from Putin. At least that political leader loves his country. Just like Netanyahu loves his country. They will both protect and defend their country from enemies within and outside.

                      Obola? He’s the Enemy-Tyrant-Usurper to the people of this country.

                    • Putin will be seen as one of the greatest Russian leaders by history. I certainly can’t think of a better leader on the world stage right now and give him serious props for keeping us from declaring war on Syria and embarrassing our moron of a president and secretary of state at the same time.

                    • Very good words from Putin! He has hit the nail on the head: the reason for the prosperity and social order and success of various countries has been culture and freedoms. This is what, initially, attracts Muslims: they want to better themselves and improve their living standards. But, then they start to follow the bigger agenda, which is to establish a global caliphate and take over the new country they have moved to. Like zombies, they start Skyping with militants back in the Muslim world and start plotting. Useful idiots try to placate and mollify these people by introducing Sharia law, halal food etc. But it is never enough. Eventually, it dawns on people the pressure will never stop until Canada, the US, Denmark, France etc. look and feel like Saudi Arabia.

                      But then they will tell you it is racism and bigotry: that “insert country, language and ethnicity here” are bigoted against Muslims and need to learn tolerance. You eventually discover the entire planet and all its people are either the enemy of Islam, or its absorbed subject.It is an insane, barbaric totalitarianism even worse than Nazism because at least the Nazis were incorrigible modernists. These are totalitarian medieval fascists.

                    • Thank you for this transcript. Somehow I missed this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia’s muslim minorities nod their heads and say okay while they continue their progress toward a worldwide calculate. The Russian army is roughly 50% muslim. What happens when it decides one day it’s no longer the Russian army but the islamic army? Putin articulates the problem perfectly but I don’t think his muslim minorities care.

                    • Did you mean ‘worldwide caliphate’, instead of ‘calculate’?

                  • 2,4,5,T

                • No,time to relive San Jacinto, we won that one.

              • Wonder what Oprah Winfry has to say about this?

                Pass the fried chicken, please.

                • “That’s enough for me, now what are YOU gonna eat?”

              • “and the receiving communities will then morph into what was established as an emerging immigrant community.”

                So , if they import all them Syrian refugees theyre talkin about, they can practice sharia law ?
                And build mosques with them big towers to holler to the other “new americans” ?
                MAN , This is some sick shit.
                And this president thinks we will sit by while or towns are turned into third world hell holes as they rape and kill?
                As we also PAY for it ???
                I highly doubt it

                • First time i go into the resturant for lunch , and i am told i gotta eat goat taco’s for lunch so i dont offend the “new americans” i,m gonna lose it .
                  DAMN !

                  • I hear you. Funny thing is I prefer goat over any other meat. Tacos not so much. Venison, rabbit and squirrel and (wil boar are good too. Beef, no so much.

                  • Are we really going to need to round them all up and herd them back across the border?

                    • sixpack,
                      YUP. round them up (including the scum in the whitehouse) and herd -em back!

                    • Got news for you. The ones being rounded up and escorted out of the country will be us. The elites are through with us and need a new type of draft animals to exploit. We will all fold like a cheap suit. I wonder just what Obama has on Boner and Mr.Turtle.

                    • we could spray roundup on all of them

                    • along with the sobs that love and wants to take care of them

                  • New OhBlama Law
                    Sex with Goats and Queers now Legal and Mandatory.

                • He thinks Americans will sit idly by? Of course they will.It’s too late now.obama owns the country.

                  • NOT in my town , john

                    • NOT in mine either, we are ready and PRIIMED!!!

                    • Nor mine…barry can dream and they can come but the fact remains they are invaders and can be destroyed as such…hard times ahead but the death of America isnt …suck on that barry O! REB

                  • It is simple math. White people aren’t having enough children and mexicans live better here on welfare than they can in mexico working their tail off. They won’t stop coming and the aging of the white population, and eventual decline, is baked into the cake for several decades at least.

                    The numbers speak for themselves, soon whites will be a minority in this country; 25 years tops. I fully expect my mother to live long enough to see it. Whites were 90% of the population when she was born and will be less than 50% before she dies. So sad.

                • Hammerhead,
                  we have been thinking about retiring “down South,” for a number of reasons.

                  you will be SHOCKED at the INVASIONS of Dixie which have already happened. local LEO now openly on camera saying: “we can’t cope with these violent Mexicans–we are literally outgunned and under funded.”

                  wherever you need “cheap illegal workers,” such as landscaping, ag, heck, even taking care of your horses “on the cheap,” these infiltrators are there as the “seedlings.” next comes the drug lords, then the rapists and thieves.

                  how long will Dixie put up with this new invasion?

                  makes me want to vomit.

            • me too.

              the gop has proven they are all in for an elite/serf system.

              cruz has been quiet as a churchmouse on the gop funding obama amnesty and ryan has all but disappeared on any challenging of obamacare, things you would’ve thought they’d go down swinging on a year ago.

              cant think of one of them i wouldn’t throw up on if i saw.

              • Lena–>

                Cruz a republican, per his silence on the “brown squat-monster amnesty” in progress??? Hells-bells madam, they’re ALL on board (both parties)!

                ..’tis merely additional proof that the jew-ess-ay govt has been neutered…by the “Mohels on a mission” tribe!

                …betcha big buck$…they tossed the knife…then threatened to use their teeth!

                • While many of these “refugees” will be Mexican and Central American Hispanics to mobilize the sympathies and political power of the Catholic Church; I would expect the majority of these “refugees” to be Muslim: and refugees from the Middle East.

                  Expect a LARGE wave of Muslims to outnumber and overwhelm the Jewish influence in America. Just saying, every group wants the America our Founding Fathers created and they want US to pay for them to assimilate it.

                  Obola’s plan to spread Islam to the United States and take US over. 🙁

                  • That is the plan. Bring in 20 million + immigrants that don’t even have a pot to piss in, much less a window to throw it out of.

                    Pass the loot from middle American taxpayers and basically bankrupt their lives; which will further the Illuminati/jooster controlled cause to bring about a one world system that won’t have a middle class.

                    The elites will have a large pool of slaves to work with, and eliminate the useless eaters, as they call them..

                    That is their goal. It will look like it is taking shape, but God Almighty is still on the Throne, and He will put an end to it after the Slavemaster has his little time during the hour of temptation. The 3 & 1/2
                    years (tribulation) has been shortened, and no one is flying away on a cloud in a pre-trib rapture.

                    Just when that hour comes about is the million dollar question. It will not be past a 120 year generation that saw the springing forth of the Fig Tree (Nation Of Israel). More likely that generation is based on a 70 year time period, but many things must be fulfilled for that to all come about before the year 2018.

                    Time will tell, and surely the birth pangs are getting closer together. Maranatha!

                    • Just what the world needs, another religious wackjob who talks to God and crowns himself the voice of God on earth. Take a hike wackjob.

                  • Could be islam is the black cloud of Washingtons vision…

                    • Who the fuck does Obama thinks he is. When he is done you know there are going to be a lot of people wanting to visit that sob!!! What is going on!! We have to bond together and help each other. If police try to take our weapons its going to be a lot of court hearings or none at all depending on us resetting our system. We can’t afford to be picked off one by one but I’m afraid that’s how things are going to happen and then one conviction leads to total all weapons ammo confiscation. I’m not joking they will come and get everything and you will never get that back. These are dirty people anymore. Only way we can change things is in my opinion peacefully if we have millions at once with one message and one message only, you come for our guns for any reason we will come after you. Stay out of our lives.

                    • And the light of a thousands suns in washingtons vision. Could be the use of tactical nukes on our own soil , strange and disturbing times we live in .

                      Semper Fi

                  • Our liberated females are in for a very nasty surprise. They have been bitching about a male dominated society and eventually they will get to see what on is really like. Hope they enjoy the rape gangs and public beatings for simply being rude to a male. They never realized how good they had it.

                    • I really hope you and most other men do not think all women have been hoodwinked by women’s lib. I do believe in freedom and liberty for ALL (even women 🙂 ) but I and most other women that I talk to have profound respect for male strength (both physical and mental), hard work, and sacrifice. If this country is to be saved it will be clear thinking men who will save it, possibly in battle. I will be supporting these men as best I can. The left has done a good job of pushing all kinds of laws that have driven a wedge between men and women. One group should not be brought UP by smashing another group down. Our gov. excels at doing this.

                    • Never saw anything in our American dream(freedom)that said being female meant one must “respect”a male just because of its maleness…Americans,woman included have every right to be free and to express that freedom,wether it offends an opposite sex person or not!

                      Alot of problems are happening between men and women these days but islam and other dominating/destroying cults/laws do nothing to enhance or heal those differences,they only force submission at the point of a sword…and I will oppose that for man or woman till my last breath…rape teams?…public beatings for insulting/disrespecting some idiot who happens to be male?…male doesnt equal man,being born male doesnt make one a man,a man is grown from a boy,he is made into a man by those who raise him and by his own choices and actions…my dog and my bull are males but man they aint!
                      I will be burning alot of rounds on “males” if God forbid hell walks this land in any form like that,dont want those type breeding…REB

                    • Reb, you are of course right about the difference between being a male and being a MAN. It is the strong and honorable men that I respect, certainly not just “males”. LOL I have buck goats and I really don’t think a man should be like them. Nanny goats must be “real easy pleased”.

                      Females also have problems in our culture. I am dismayed at how shallow they can be, even the smart ones.


                • Cruz…Really?

                  tarnation! HIS WIFE IS EMPLOYED BY GOLDMAN-SACHS!

                  G-S=the blood-sucking vampire squid of all times.

                  they are behind every money scam on Planet earth.

          • agreed– by 2020, France will be past the threshold for Islamization. The native French are being out-birthed 6.3 babies to 1.4 babies for every 2 adults. Throw in the massive Algerian, Sudanese and Libyan immigration and France will be eating Halal and under Sharia law in a decade.

            PS: It appears as if several of the alternative media websites who dare print the truth and agendas of the globalists are under concerted and organized assault by trolls and red thumbers — it may be nearly past the time for freedom loving Americans to change anything.

            • You can look it up online: there are ‘French’ politicians now saying things like ‘France is a Muslim country now’ and people must just get with the program. As if the real problem is harmonizing the laws and habits to recognize the new dominant faith, Islam. France and the UK are the bridgeheads for turning all of Europe Islamic.

          • Reads like Balkanization…

            • Balkanization? No actually it will be extermination of the existing populations. In fifty years the earth will have returned to the eight century as all knowledge and technology are lost. Remember if it is not in the Koran it does not exist.

          • What are you going to do? They are already here … I suggest for you to “Habla Espanol” and assimilate to them … this is their lands long before the european arrived …

            • Are you serious?

              Central Mexico was ‘theirs’, if you’re referring to the civilizations of ancient Mexico, the rest belonged to local Amerindian tribes. Outside of the California mission sites and Rio Grande agriculture, there were very few Mexicans in what became the US, and they were Mexican for only 20 years, before that, they were Spanish.

              Take that ‘It was theirs’ crap and shove it. Nothing but a lie based on ignorance.

              • You sir win the internet today!

          • We need to act, not talk.

        • You wouldn’t have an old volcanic tube I can hide in?

          • Unfortunately,,
            Am considering similar plans myself, just walk away from it all, dont really care anymore,
            Will not go along no matter what so just really dont care

            • The best part of all of this: Watching them fulfill biblical prophecy. I truly enjoy with every ounce of my being when atheists and evolutionists prove, by their own actions, that God exists.

              Heard a prophecy a long time ago (decades) when I was young that through the doings of man, our Constitution would “hang by a thread” by the first part of the 2000s. This was during an era when such discussions weren’t commonplace. Another one I heard was that we, in the future, would be “taxed beyond our ability to bear.”

              These were not associated with any present-day occurrences…both were future prophecies to occur by the early first decades of the 2000s.

              And I would be amiss not to point out today’s headlines with:

              Revelation 20:4

              And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

              • Hey Preach, did it ever occur to you that TPTB know very well of the writings of the Prophecy and they are using this as a guide? Even call it a playbook if need to be, this is an ultimate weapon to use on religious people around the world.
                Believe in what you like, it bothers me none.
                I only expect the same nature in return for being a nonbeliever.

                This remark you made bothers me:

                I truly enjoy with every ounce of my being when atheists and evolutionists prove, by their own actions, that God exists.

                Let’s say that is true and becomes reality. Now that you have complete satisfaction and you can throw your “I told you so, I told you so” into everyone’s presence. Would God condone your behavior and actions? Your God loves all, regardless. It’s in your book, maybe you should pay more attention to the message.

                • You are confusing love with apathy where God is concerned:

                  If you have a child who murders, do you pat him on the head and send him on his way…or do you turn him in?

                  If you have a child who rapes, do you pat him on the head and send him on his way…or do you turn him in?

                  If you have a child who douses another with gasoline or beheads him, do you pat him on the head and send him on his way…or do you turn him in?

                  God is all about consequences. He doesn’t have to punish you, you punish yourself by your own actions.

                  Ever get drunk? How did that work out for you?
                  Ever lie? How did that work out for you?
                  Ever cheat? How did that work out for you?
                  Ever scream at your wife? How did that work out for you?

                  And if you really want an eye-opener, research what “turning the other cheek” really meant in Christ’s time.

                  And you really, REALLY may want to review Pascal’s Wagner…and quit making so many demands. It’s unbecoming of you.

                  • And in case you are still confused, highlights are:

                    1. God loves you, but he refuses to dwell with evil, so you get to decide by your actions your own eternal address down the road.

                    2. Pascal’s Wager requires research…don’t depend on Wiki shortcuts.

                    3. As Christians, we may try to love you, but we sure don’t have to like what you do.

                    • This is a site for Prepping for Survival, not prepping for Jesus or God. Maybe you are better off spreading your message on Craigslist Religion or Rant and Raves Forums. Nobody likes to be preached at. Share your religious ideas there, not here.

                • The TPTB know? Talk about paranoid.

                  • TPTB don’t care, because they are demonically controlled and have nothing but a desire to pleasee their dark master. Thay have no problem mocking and blaspheming, because they have no moral conscience. It was sold to get their worldly wealth and prideful power tripping.

                    I agree with you PWYPreach, and God doesn’t “love” everybody. That kind of philosophy is what liberals, abortionists, and faggots use. They cling to the idea that God still loves them and therefore they are not going to be held responsible for those evil actions.

                    Repentance is free, but it has to come with actions and from the heart or else it is a con job.

                    God can’t be conned.

                    • You’re right pisswind, God can’t be conned, but YOU are trying your hand at conning everybody with your nutcase views on who God will ” allow” into heaven or not. Who the fuck do you think you are anyway? God’s chosen voice on earth to everybody? You sound like an old, deranged hillbilly who people in your neighborhood likely avoid like a plague. Get psychiatric help quickly.

                • Almighty Whitey,
                  Let’s just suppose tptb are using bible prophecy as a guide. What would be the purpose or the end game of this charade? They may fool the so-called religious but not the true believers. There is a difference but since you are a nonbeliever you wouldn’t understand.

            • Walk away to where Kula? From what I can see there aint nowhere to go. I tried walking away, under the assumption that all these internet tough guys were gonna do the same. Well it seems every order our king issues everyone just goes along. No mass non-compliance. So walking away hasn’t panned out to well for me. Good luck with it, I kinda wished I woulda just played along like everyone else, I’d probably at least still be able to put food on the table.

              • Would still have my full preps in store also, may have even been able to add some more, but there plan is succeeding, all they gotta do is wait us out.

                If we don’t stand then they just keep stacking them inches that y’all say you aint given any more of.

                Keep on stacking and hoarding though. Won’t be able to get .223 much longer, if you even can now. Get it while you can!

                They will keep taking inches, which have grown to miles now.

                Lets see who’s stack wins? lol

            • That’s where we’re at too.

        • Demn the Libs.

          “White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Monday that President Obama is “very interested” in the idea of raising taxes through unitlateral executive action.

          Anyone remember when U.S. History was taught properly before the onslaught of Common Bore?

          Anyone remember what the Boston Tea Party was about? And why the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence occurred?

          Our Founding Fathers rejected executive tyranny. They did so through political means, through political channels. They tried for a long time. That failed.

          What happened next? And why is there a 2nd Amendment? And why is Obully trying to gut the 2nd Amendment?

          Libs are the enemy within.

          • All this multi cultural crap and regionalism is all parts of Ageda 21 being implemented.
            Now Agenda 21 was signed in 1992 but NEVER ratified by the senate , and yet , here it is.
            Should we expect that the UN gun treaty that has NOT been ratified by the sanate will be implemented as well?
            And TAXES raised by EO ?????

            Anything else i may say from this point will only contain profanity , so i will stfu now .

            • Sites getting hammered by Soros’ empty-headed red-thumbers.

              • LOL! They got you and me both.

                • Wonder how smug they will be when their government paychecks start bouncing?
                  NO QUARTER

                  • Just be sure to keep a list of the parasites so when TSHTF they can be hunted and eliminated. The phrase “I didn’t know” or “it wasn’t me” will not be tolerated. Do not allow them to be forgotten or to hide.

                    • What would Dr.Phil say?

              • DMC, Naw this ain’t the Government nor a Red-Thumber. There is an enemy amoung us, someone that claims to be a lover of freedom, but someone that gets voted down when they make their asinine comments and they don’t like it, so they try and destroy the system Mac has provided for us to know wether our thoughs are excepted or agreed with in this community. Just remember the the Fed and the Jew ain’t your only enemy. Trekker Out.

                • That aint right MT. It is the Net Neutrality kickin in. You like it? Everything has to be fair and balanced you know.

                  • If you like your internet, you can keep your internet,,,
                    This is fun now, but i will have a lot better attitude when its all dark,,,

                • Acid etch

                  • Dunjin, Naw it ain’t Assed Itch. He often makes perverted comments and gets a lot of red-thumbs, but he just takes it in stride and keeps on truckin. What you see is what you get with him, and I believe its the same with WWTI, they maynot like the thumbs system, but I don’t believe they would stoop to sabotage. Trekker Out.

                    • I have a feeling ol’ MT knows a lot more than what he let’s on here.

                    • Yup. I’ve been spectating this forum for years, but just recently started commenting. I never would post because I’m convinced its a good way to get on their “red/blue lists”, and I just stopped giving a shit. God’s will. I just pray that the pre-tribbers are right and my two year old baby girl won’t have to go through hell on earth. I’ve prepared the best I can, moved to Florida for warmth. If we were still in Wisconsin and shit went down we’d be screwed. Killed by cold and starvation. Better chance down here. Lord help us.

                • M T I just took notice when I gave you and some others a thumbs up there was also one added to the thumbs down W.T.F is going on here???

                  • Probably two posters at the same moment.

              • Net Neutrality at work my friends. The ‘Fairness Doctrine” and all. Gotta have open, fair and balanced information.

                The funny thing is I never saw Mac cover that issue in this site. I coulda missed it though, I dropped off visiting here for awhile.

                • Outlaw I wouldn’t know Net Neutrality from a Hoop Net. Well that ain’t really true, cause I do know what a Hoop Net is, and Net Neutrality ain’t good cause it has something to do with the Big Brother. Trekker Out.

              • It’s pretty obvious when that happens.

                But it’s not a bad thing, it shows that they are paying attention to sites like this, and what is being said on them, which means they consider them both influential and enough of a threat to attack. (Net neutrality will, of course, give them the option they don’t yet have of just shutting them down.)

                Who knows, perhaps a few of them will actually read the posts they are red thumbing before they red thumb them and maybe even give some consideration to the points they are making (assuming that they are real people, actually read posts, and have the cognitive ability to consider points that have been presented on their merit rather than the site they are being presented on).

              • Commies red thumb anything anti bommie. Or anything a non-commie writes.

                Red thumbers are commies, but all demos and most repugs are commies as are most on this site. Mark Levin knows as do all non-commies. Commies everywhere so when does the show start?

                Film at 11:00.

                f ’em

            • I cant wait!
              Bring it on!
              NOBODY lives forever,,,

              • my ‘Ol mans jaw dropped when I said something very much like this the other day as we were discussing the disgusting pigs we have for representation and the shit thats going on in this country

                • Enemy:

                  I misplaced the link you gave for the speech that Mike Van? gave about the sorry state of our nation and the “hundred heads”.

                  Would you please post the link so I can save it. I thought it to be one of the greatest patriotic speeches I have ever read.

                  I will be sending $$$ to him, if ever there was a stand up guy in America, he is surely one.

                  Thanks ,Enemy.

                  • POG-
                    It was at .
                    Pretty sure .

                  • POG, Mike V has a bog named Sipsey Sreet Irregulars, all of his speeches are there.

            • I watched this video, several times. 44.5 minutes long, very interesting on islamic history of killing Christians (among others) and destroying classical civilization of the Greeks & Romans. Appears to be what they are doing now and obamma bringing more of them. But maybe the Agenda 21-one world government will be sharia.

          • Oh i have no doubt that there is no political resolution or remedy possible.
            I fully believe this can only cone to a violent push comes to shove end,
            I DONT CARE!
            Lets get it over with,

            • “no political resolution or remedy possible”

              SURE THERE IS , bUt it would require law abiding political representation .
              Seems to be a general lack of backbone as well.

              So yea , aint gonna happen.

              If shit like this continues at this pace Putin will get on a plane and ask Obama for lessons.
              This is gettin sickening, i actually get sick thinking about whats happening.
              And NOT A SINGLE story about it is run on MSM.
              Kinda makes them complicit in my book .

              • “no political resolution or remedy possible”

                There never will be, as long as the spy agencies have all of our politicians under surveillance. I still believe they were the intended target all along. I think they’re all being blackmailed to go along with this.

                It’s the ONLY explanation for why seemingly good men did 180s shortly after getting into office.

            • As much as I hope you’re wrong about no political solution, I have to acknowledge that this is how our country came into being in the first place when all political solutions finally failed to produce a resolution to the Colonists grievances.

              It’s always interesting to recognize that all the political failures by themselves didn’t trigger the rebellion against the Crown, it was that attempted gun confiscation trying to seize the colonists weapons and ammunition -the Lexington and Concord peoples militias, but that is an additional story- that was the trigger with the resulting battles beginning at the North Bridge and moving into Concord making any further attempt at a peaceful solution to British Crown abuses impossible.

              • Sharon –

                Unfortunately, the above commenters are not wrong.
                This country is beyond a Political solution, that day has went and gone some time ago.
                The level of corruption is completely out of control, and all one has to do is look at your local County Courts as an example.

                Corruption starts at the highest Level, and trickles down and splatters onto everything in it’s path. There’s no Justice in this country or representation of any kind for the people.

                Justice = Just Us, as in Elite power structure. There is no civil structure to eliminate this kind of political fiasco, only a violent one will resolve the issue(s) at hand. (unfortunately)

                I like your post Sharon, keep ’em coming.

            • There is no way that communism can or will be voted out.

              Begin the games.

              f ’em

          • @freeslave, yup, damn them libs. If only we could get the repubs in charge of congress and senate right?

            Wait a minute…

            • The RINO collaborators are complicit and culpable.

            • HAH!!!

          • Man. Check out the Red Thumbs.

            • Slingshot, check out my note above. Commies everywhere. They rule, they are the super majority. They are tyrants, despots, sickos and perverts. They are commies.

              Let the games begin.

              f ’em

          • U.S History being taught now in school is a joke.

            • Slingshot –

              I graduated high school in ’89, it was a joke then. I can only imagine it is even worse now – Not only was it regurgitated information, it was for the most part all based on lies.

              History is taught from a one sided perspective.
              Which usually follows with manipulated, falsified information.

          • freeslave,
            notice all the red thumbs! I guess there is still more idiots out there than i gave them credit for!! DEMTARDS AND REPTARDS as well!

          • You’re kidding yourself if you think the “conservative” republicans are any better. It can no longer be fixed politically as the dumb masses (say that 3 times really fast) are too ignorant to understand the problem, too apathetic to even consider it, and too fat and lazy to do anything about it if they wanted to.

            The majority of this country just want to watch TV while eating from the trough and they want someone else to pay for it. They view anyone that wants to get in the way of that as the enemy and their government that provides them that as their friend.

            That my friends is the real problem and I’ve never heard anyone suggest a way to fix it without first going through a collapse of the current system.

            • On a positive personal note I’ve been using kettlebells to work out with and I’ve put on over 15 pounds of muscle in less that 6 months as of today’s weighing! 20 more to go.

        • On the positive side, I had a 1-night stand last night with a 29 year old Filipino nurse last night. I rule!

          • when the shtf, if you have regular income coming in; you’ll be able to take your pick for almost any woman and many men.

            the fed and bankers have all but assured scenes of mad max the world over.

          • Yea baby! Why not make it two Mclovin? 😉

        • We are watching the pigs too. Their treatment of us will determine if we let them live.

        • Fuck the scum illegal vermin.

        • I thought we went over this the other day Kula?
          Says who?
          They are taking miles a day at this point.

          Anyway, thanks for the condolences from last story I posted on. Sorry to hear your troubles also,

          I am not complying with any of it, have not and will not sign up for O-care, really messin up my tax filing efforts though. Fuck-it. It becomes really hard to not-comply when everyone else is complying. Puts you in the class of an outcast and becomes really hard to function in society. Particularly when you are not already independently wealthy.

          For non-compliance to work, it must be done on a mass scale, or they just take us out one by one. Anyway I will hang around and not comply for as long as I possibly can, which doesn’t appear to be much longer. Hope y’all wake up and join soon.

          • I never was much of a follower,
            You have a bit of a defeatist attitude,,

            • Defeatist?
              lmao, I am out here on the front lines brother, takin the first casualties, so others can sit on the fence.

              Watching what happens to me and mine will be what strikes the fear into the hearts of others to realize they better take real action and start using the bullets they stacked.

              I had just hoped that it would not have come to that though.

              • Well bud, hopefully it all works out ok,
                I just know it makes me physically ill to think of paying into this broken system, wont work my ass off to support it, and wont be dictated to as to how i run my business, so if the only way out is to adopt an extreme minimalist lifestyle, so be it, come what may i will work around it.

                • Thats where I am currently at. Dont pay in, dont take from. minimalist. Its just getting harder and harder to navigate this lifestyle. More regulations going in everywhere and nobody stopping them, much less reverting existing bureaucratic bs. It is becoming nearly impossible to stay off the radar. Thats the problem and why it can’t be done alone. Eventually if this cancer is not stopped it will absorb everything, no matter how hard you try and avoid it. Problem is its gonna take people in mass to stop it. Just like it has taken people in mass to get us where we are at. They put aside their differences to get to their goals. We gotta do the same. We believe we are majority and our mindset is majority, but we take the actions of a minority and try to go it alone. Just won’t work long term. Gotta prove our mindset is majority by acting together. It is kinda conflicting, and counter-intuitive to our mindset, because to achieve our goal of being left alone, we gotta work together.

                • Kula,
                  I am with you, I have lived around the system, and by nature a REBEL always have been, YUP Uncle Sam used that for HIS advantage when i was young and dumb, saw the light and never looked back!

          • Its gotta start somewhere bud,
            I have very little in the way of confiscateable assetts,
            Im tired of this crap,
            By being forced to go along with even more regulation that fucks with my livlihood i am saying fuck it,
            Im not going to be a good little boy and do what these fuckers say,,,
            What ever happens happens, at some point i am going to start documenting my path so all can see,
            I was trying to do like they want you to do, but then the inch became two, then three, then a foot then a yard,
            Im done, ill figure something else out if it makes me completely broke and sends me to my grave, im betting i wont be the first,
            Look at you, your doing it,
            Now im doing it,
            How many thousands more are starting to turn to walk this path,
            Nobody said it would be easy, nor did they say it would be fun,
            We make our own choices, we will live or die with the results

            • Spot on! You are right its gotta start somewhere. I guess I just didn’t realize my head would be the first on the chopping block. Front line casualties.

              • Well and i guess i need to clarify,
                Its more like im going to go ferel,
                One of the benefits of living where i do,
                The Cloward Piven strategy is alive and well in this place, full to the brim with takers,
                So who the hell is going to pay attention to one guy who eeks out enough to keep the utilities on and doesnt take any assistance?

                • This life would be a cinch if all I had to look out for was myself. However I have others that depend on me, so it limits my maneuverability for the time being.

                  • Those others who depend on us are the reason TPTB have screwed with the wrong people…by myself I could just fade away but to defend those who need me I will kill steal and destroy TPTB to stop them…they look at those we must defend as our weakness…I say they should never have screwwed with that and left well enough alone…its gotten to be personal now! REB

                • Going Feral.

                  I like the sound of that.

            • Kula, I’ve been doing the same for over 10 yrs with my business. I believe its called going Gualt. Hard part is finding others with the same ideas locally but they are starting to come out of the closet. Good luck my friend.

              • Who is John Galt?

          • If you don’t the only they can legally do under the law as it is currently written is deduct the penalty from your tax refund.

            So arrange your taxes so that you don’t have a refund coming.

            Not that they can be trusted to actually obey the law, of course, so cover your assets from every angle – there are no criminal penalties to ignoring it but it they *illegally* seize it from your bank account you may never be able to get it back without spending tens of thousands of dollars for legal fees in the Courts to do so and you’re certainly not going to be reimbursed for that when you win.

      2. All the idiots in DC have to be in on this, they (the house) gives the funding, they don’t even try to shut this idiocracy down. Just wrong on so many levels!

        • I Emailed Boehner yesterday.
          I said ” you guys couldnt pass a bill if you had 95% of the House in a Gulf Stream Jet.

        • 32 negative votes for MommaD. The voting system is obviously once again hijacked (just like Congress).

          • Mongo P,
            you are correct, the question is ARE they demtards- reptards or are they plain STUPID!!! sending the red thumbs?

      3. How much MOAR are you GENTILE GOYIM PUSSIES gonna take before you break and finally organize an start to FIGHT BACK against the Z.O.G.???

        • i tell other like minded, it hasnt gotten bad enough for a change (and its going to get real bad, like fighting over food like they do in greece bad; before enough of the country wakes up to even realize a change is needed.)

          • Just sucks that some of us are already fighting for food. While they hand it out to the illegals by the truckload.

          • lena: This could not be more true. Just watch ONE Mark Dice video and that is the entire story. Our country is dying, our freedoms are dying, and the entire mind-numbed robots just surf on like nothing is happening.

            I might piss off some of the jew haters here, but IMHO Benjamin Netanyahu is (like Mark Levin said yesterday) the real leader of the free world, and the devil obama is nothing but an infant trying to act like a child in a man’s world.

            Let the red thumbs begin…

            • Hammers Thor –

              You do realize that your buddy Benjamin Netanyahu has been committing genocide on the Palestinians?
              If you disagree, then just add up the body count from both sides and see who the unfortunate loser is.

              What Israel is doing to Palestine today, is like what Germany did to the Jews in the 1940’s. I’m not sure how you can get the idea that Netanyahu is a world leader of the free world.

              That’s like saying Obama has earned and does deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Benjamin Netanyahu wants nothing to do with peace, and the evidence is very much overwhelming coming from the likes of this guy. All he talks about is “me, me, and more of me and my enemies”.

              What I have said so far, does this make me a Jew hater?
              No, it makes me a realists of the issues at hand. How others can not see this guy for what he really stands for is mind boggling.

              Iduno, maybe people that have feelings for Benjamin Netanyahu are not any different than those that have love for Barack Obama. Is it love or is it blindness?

              • Since 2007, the majority of Palestinian deaths has come from other Palestinians. They’re killing each other more than being killed by Israeli military. Israel has historically attacked Palestinian militants in response to suicide bombings and mortar attacks, and has shown an enormous amount of restraint when doing so. Additionally, Israel provides more aid to the Palestinians than any other nation. Suggesting that Israel is commiting genocide is simply parroting the anti-Israel propoganda that continues to this day. It’s not true, despite the plethora of mis-information out there.

                Don’t misunderstand… Israel has blood on their hands. We all do. They’re certainly no closer to perfection than we are, but I don’t believe, not for a minute, that they’re part of some cabal of NWO elites that are steering world events to their eventual domination of everything. They’re scattered around the world, they can barely defend their own country, and now, with the help of the islamonazi Obama, in short order won’t be able to even do that. Obama is going to accomplish what Hitler started. If Israel attacks Iran, which they should, Obama will unilaterally destroy Israel, under the direct orders of Valerie Jarrett, and half of this country will praise him for it. It’s inevitable, and it’s disgusting.

                What I am having difficulty understanding (truly, this is not rhetorical) is why there is so much hatred for Israel and Jews in general. Is it the same reason that so many people hate cops? Because they’be bought into the lie that most cops are bad? I wonder how many people would be getting their asses handed to them by the cops if they weren’t out there doing stuff they KNOW they shouldn’t do (regardless of whether it should or should not be illegal… that’s for a different discussion). The only time I have EVER had difficulty with a cop was when I absolutely deserved it, and am very grateful they showed so much restraint with me. In my experience, from people I have known, when they had trouble with the cops, it was directly correlated to the amount of alcohol they had consumed and the amount of attitude they expressed under said alcohol consumption.

                Back to the unabashed hatred of Israel. It’s unfortunate that this has become so ingrained in people’s thinking that everyone’s mind is made up. I have tried to find information that supports the arguments. Everything I find leaves me with the same conclusion… these people hate Jews, and therefore they will make whatever convincing arguments they can, using any combination of lies, half-truths, with a nugget of actual fact, spin it in a way that would make Alex Jones proud, and declare the conversation over. Sometimes I wonder if the hatred is genetic. Something beyond a grasp of reason. Something that CANNOT be refuted, because the information and bigotry are hard-wired. I am evidently not hard-wired to hate Jews, but I suppose if I was, then I would find it easier to believe the propoganda.

                We believe what we choose to, and sometimes we believe what we have to, whether it’s real, or imaginary. I’m just sad and disappointed that so many people are willing to deny that the islamonazis want to destroy us, which they openly claim is their mission, while at the same time believe that the Jews are trying to run the world, which they have never had any desire to do.

                It’s just, backwards. Like everything else in this world today.

      4. Sounds like the first part of the fulfillment of the Zimmerman letter of WW1. A plot of Germany to have Mexico invade the Southwest thereby giving it back to them, a race war to split the 7 southern states off for the blacks as a “homeland”, an invasion by Japan of California…well…who cares if California did go to Japan, and at the end of the war Germany and it’s allies would carve up the rest of what was left of the US. Ironic….

      5. By the way, if you are interested, you can google “The Zimmerman Letter” for an interesting read.

        • Barbara Tuchman wrote a pretty good book about this, “The Zimmermann Telegram”. It’s the reason we entered the Great War, more so than ship sinkings.

      6. Every sensible person in Ohio apologizes to the rest of the country for John Boehner. I am so anxious and frustrated about the future and afraid for my children. How on earth does Obama pull this off? It seems to me that “WE” are the good people and he is just kicking our butts. I never dreamed the US would descend to this level and that the only currency would be power. I am getting five-six phone calls a day from the GOP and Tea Party wanting money to “fight”. I don’t have nearly enough money to impress them, so will keep it for preps. Did the math on The Presidential Coalition and they have called our house 1,523 times without ever making contact. The Tea Party is closing in on over a thousand and the whole Washington scam is making me very uneasy. (I still have to find this site by going through channels on other blogs. Haven’t been able to pull it up for over a month. ???)

        • The only currency has only ever BEEN power.

          We’re not useful for generating it anymore. It’s really simple.

        • Shucks Vicky ain’t no apology necessary. We here in Maryland just had Mikulski, aka “Miss Piggy” announce her retirement. I would cheer and be happy but they’ll just put someone else just as bad in. Certainly it holds true that these folks get voted in by those receiving government money.

        • Odrama, Billery, and the Bush/Cheney camps are all part of the same group. Don’t give them too much credit, they are just doing the bidding of the jooster/banksters that really call the shots.

          When it all comes down, the politicians either do the bidding or somebody close to them soon starts to push up daisys.

          No one gets elected that isn’t playing to their leaders behind the scenes. Odrama is playing his part perfectly, as well as Billery.

          America/USA was sold out a century ago. The people can’t buy it back. it is finished. Turn out the lights and daydream our way into eternity. It is fast approaching and there is nothing we as patriots, Christians, or Americans, can do to stop it.

          What we can do, is find some little bits of joy along the way, as we wait it out. Anyone saying, “we can take our country back”, is just another Don Quixote wishing upon a star. It ain’t happening, and spending energy on wanting and wishing is time wasted. Use that energy to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, as is reasonable under the circumstances.

          Until one is carrying dead sticks and limbs all day, just for heat and fuel, to cook a bowl of mush over; then they haven’t seen the worst and things are better than they appear.

          Thank the Lord for what you do have, and ask him to lead you thru the firey pitfalls of Satan, until our Redeemer does return. Maranatha!

      7. So what ? Doesn’t matter, this country is over as founded.

        By 2020, minorities will become the majority and by 2050, whitey will be down to 35%.

        Not saying whitey knows best, but the govt has basically let people who will become the majority live by their rules and not adapt to adhere to the us constitution.

        And given the racial divisions obama has spent years encouraging; the usa’s future looks to exactly like the constant clashes seen in europe from different group while the elite look down their balconies and enjoy the show.

        • The funny thing is,
          When it gets to that their land of milk and honey will be a broke, polluted, violent waste where NOBODY will want to live,
          Im pretty sure I wont live to see that so I really dont care,
          To my family members who think im being unreasonable, FORK YOU,,,,
          Enjoy your complicit bath

          • Huh,
            Just like where they came from!
            Imagine that,
            No matter where you go
            There you are

        • Lena–>

          –(quote)– “..Not saying whitey knows best…etc”

          Ma’am…please never regret, nor feel guilt..or apologize for being WHITE.

          ..after all, it was us / we…who were chosen by GOD to spread his Gospel, to the four corners of the Earth..yes?

 was us / we who invented geometry, calculus, statistics, Boolean algebra, hexadecimal, celestial navigation, electrical power transmission, modern chemistry, digital circuitry including VLSI, the periodic table of elements, the transistor/diode, anti-biotic medicines, the laser, the submarine, the satellite, the computer, radio, television, space-flight, Western Civilization and the Constitution / Bill of Rights etc..etc…the list is to large to encompass / document here!!!


          Unfortunately, all the ‘good’, that has been achieved and the genome of its genius…is under merciless assault from every imaginable angle nowadays!

          ..while the “bad / historical screw-ups” are highlighted & displayed in never ending technicolor examples..scrolling across flat-screens..TVs..class-room films & textbooks etc..etc.

 as to reinforce the “NEW PARADIGM”…which is satanic & Talmudic in nature!


          The evidence is everywhere…

          ..the ‘enemy’ is advancing across myriad fronts…so much so, that its truly multidimensional & generational in scope…the chronology & list is long indeed..and breath-taking in its magnitude & successes to date!

          ..i.e.> ..per the wreaking of social, political, economic, academic, judicial, sexual, morals & especially….spiritual norms…again, the list is too long!!!


          We’re presented w/ MSM “acceptable targets” or focal points..for which we’re duly encouraged to “VENT” upon & implore others to do so likewise, all the while…neglecting to bother to question…why this is so!!!!

          …and “WHO”…is pushing / financing / controlling this AGENDA!!!


          Think for yourselves, folks…’cuz pretty soon..even that will be…OUTLAWED!!!

        • There has never been a single example of a successful multi-ethnic society in all of history and ours won’t be the first.

      8. Anyone remember Yugoslavia? Multicultural populations tore it apart…it no longer exists. Oblahma is satanic and Congress is brain dead. Nowhere in history, that I can recall, has any multicultural population worked. Gruber is correct, Americans are stupid when it comes to their freedoms and their personal welfare. When you dance with the Piper, you will eventually have to pay him. Time is short!!!

        • Tito at least held the different factions together, telling them they were all Yugoslavians first. After his death, they all started screaming for their individual rights, and, yes, Yugoslavia fell apart.

          Up here in Canada the government has had to tone down multiculturalism, and instead of telling immigrants to keep their customs they now encourage them to become more Canadian (i.e. try to fit in better). In fact, we don’t even hear the term “multiculturalism” any more – thank goodness (because the concept does not work).

          • To bad Canada has already excepted socialism. There will be no turning back as here in the US without copious amounts of blood.

          • You’re not multicultural you’re commies like most Amerikans.

            f ’em

          • If Canada had decent gun laws like we have here in the south, we’d be there in a new york second. America is becoming a third world nation faster than anyone thought possible. It shouldn’t be happening.

        • WhyDieLost; I can understand why you think as you do but it is out of frustration that you think that Americans are stupid. It isn’t so; Americans are very far from stupid but they do suffer from a grievous racial sickness brought about by seventy-five years of indoctrination and mental conditioning by the TRIBE that controls this country. Note that I speak only of Americans, no HYPHENATES, no DUALS, no blacks, browns, or any other people of this planet who would use the WHITE descendants of our European ancestors who built this country to finance and guarantee their existence on this planet. It is too early yet, as bad as it is, we must sink further, we must suffer much more before our race awakens to the ancient, axiomatic fact that our ancestors were aware of, NATION IS RACE, RACE IS NATION! Until that time comes, we must be patient and endure the opinions of the many people who have been damaged by the TRIBE and yet struggle to undo the indoctrination that they subconsciously know is wrong and somehow evil.

          • Aurelius,
            This isn’t about race…no where did I mention race. I refer to the “low-information” people who make judgments on based upon what a party does. 51 % of the American people put this ridiculous president back in office. These people voted for him and the Democrat Party to get something from them rather than what could be gotten for the country and the rest of the American people.

            It is obvious that people do not care about what the cost is for those things they are promised and get. They care only about what they can get themselves. “Get your Obama phone!” “Get your tax credit.” “Get money for not working.” When the “Affordable Care Act was passed, no one read it and the low-information people were saying, “Yeah, give me my free health insurance.” I meet people all the time who have no idea what is happening in the world…or their space for that matter.

            The mind of today’s voters is based on what can I GET! Yes,those people are stupid! They sell their freedom for a “gimmie!” I fear there is no return and millions are headed for slavery or death. No, there is no race attached to what I have said and I stand by my words.

            • Only white people say silly things like it isn’t about race. I assure you that Mexicans (think LaRaza), blacks, chinese, Japanese, and pretty much every other group think this way. It doesn’t make you a racist to acknowledge that whenever society is multiracial there is conflict and no amount of singing kumbayah and holding hands is going to change that.

              The reason China is like it is and India is like it is isn’t due to geography or any reason other than the race of the people in each. If you were to swap the people in India and China the chinese wouldn’t start behaving like the Indians and vice versa. The chinese would simply reshape India until it’s like China today and the Indians would let China regress to be like India today.

              Any country is simply a reflection of the people living in it. Change the people and you will change the country.

      9. Every time I green-thumb it, a red thumb appears. Nice trick.

        • Yup, the same folks who took care of the last elections ballots are using the same equipment.

        • Net Neutrality, cool huh?
          /sarcasm off

      10. perhaps this is why dhs has said for so very long that right-wing patriot types are the greatest threat. They suspected that once fed-gub begins taxing us to subsidize the “new folks” they may be proven right. Of course they’ve been saying that for a couple years and this just hit the news so I’m sure those two things have nothing in common.
        Any info on which inner-cities they’ll get “planted” in? A hearty welcome to the 20 million new members of the FSA. (Free Shit Army)

      11. Isn’t that what happened with us and the Indians, I mean Natives, I mean Aboriginals, I mean First Nations. We basically took over their territory, only now we earn the money and give oodles of it to them. I’d better stop.

        Good luck down there paying for your new upstanding fellow citizens.

        • sorry, those natives were basically conquered. the govts felt bad about it and gave them stuff; but isnt the same as altering written law by decree from the white house.

          lots more outbreaks of disease that were eliminated in the usa to start up again in the spring, make sure you get a good one and then go and find an elected official and give them a hug !

          • Canada didn’t kill its natives like the early USA did, different story up here.

            Civilizations have been overrun by barbarian hordes, i.e. the downfall of the Roman Empire (in conjunction with internal issues). Very sad when a leader legislates the demise of his own country (but of course we know that Obama is only doing what he was “elected” to do).

            Yup – just wait till the hot weather arrives and people get sick. Then the call will go out for more vaccines (but not for the “invaders”).

            • You got that right, Canada. bommie was elected by 60,000,000 commies.

              f ’em

        • I am quite famaliar with the American Indian. They are a prime example of how the welfare system destoys the desire for Freedom. If you go back a hundred or so years, the Indian would and did, die to escape the Reservation, now that they are free to leave the Res. and work and have some semblance of freedom, you can’t drive them off the Res where they get their monthly welfare check. This is the way TPTB are enslaving a whole generation of people, Red and Black and White. Everybody Loves Freebies! Trekker Out. Freedom Ain’t Free!

      12. Hey yippee,,,,
        We got the stupid government buttkisser trolls out today!
        Hey ya donkeys!
        You enjoy your government jizz on your face?

        • They are sucking so hard on Obama’s ass, that they are each getting a healthy mouthful of shit.

          Eat up bitch’s, enjoy your shitty AssSamWich.
          Would you bitch’s like corn or peanuts in your AssSamWich or both?

      13. The END is near…get your preps in order won’t be long before the USA is no longer. Good Luck and Good Night

        Bravo Two Zero Out

      14. Went to court today for a medical support order for my kids. I have been court ordered to pay for about 8 years now. And I’m gonna be free from paying the state for it now yippee I save $ yay. Fuck you state. You wouldn’t believe the bums and losers in the court house it makes me sick couldn’t wait to get out of there. Me and my wife were like the only white people in there. There is a lot of dead weight out there I fucking hate supporting people who will not get a real job because they want to do drugs. Yay more$ for me yaaaaaaaaaaaaay hahaha. They wanted me to pay double what I was paying I said oh hell no. I called the union and said how much to put the kids on the insurance they said free. Can’t beat that union dues at work for me yaaaaaaaaaaaaay sweeeeet. The $ I save gonna get me some cole cuts whoo .

      15. Does it really matter ?

        The country is gone anyway ……

        All that is left is the BIG BOOM !!!!!!!!

        And a lot of us will be going into the heavens on the first wave.

        Or the second wave.

        Or stuck down hear in the zombie apocalypses…….


        • if you’re suggesting armageddon and then most of revelations coming true, dont be so sure.

          it is possible everything is just going to suck for decades except for the elite.

          i see economic collapse, WW3 and armageddon all as possibilies; could be one, two or all three.

          i recommend weekly doses of macanudo toros and newcastle until then.

      16. Calm down.

        It’ll never happen.

      17. Mac,every time i voted an up thumb it was added to the down thumbs. Sabotage is ruining the votes. Well,my vote means nothing nationally either.

        • Now you’re catching on.

        • Net Neutrality at work. See its fair now, before this site was all one-sided. Made some people feel uncomfortable. Obama took care of that for them though. Now they can feel at home wherever they go. 😉

        • At 3:25 EST the site seemed to crash ?
          Had 503 error pop up .
          Somebodys playin games .

      18. “When the music over, turn out the lights.”

        Jim Morrison

      19. I have twice written comment to this post.The first time, the page locked when I tried to enter the comment, and was then lost. The second time my browser crashed. This time I will save it to text first. Has the Jewish Bolshevik monitoring of the Web begun in force? I will break my rant – I need to cool off -but here is part 1.

        I found a good comment posted to this article:

        “The LA Times, Oct. 27, 2004 stated that David Gelbaum who had donated 200 million to the Sierra Club said “I did tell Sierra Club director Carl Pope that if they ever came out anti-immigration they would never get a dollar from me.”

        Does anyone think this rich Jew loves Mexican peons? Obviously, he was buying silence from the Sierra Club on the trashing of the Southwest by the flood of illegals. Open borders and immigration are the rule in all the Jewish run nations of the “West”, while racism and apartheid are the policy in the “Jewish State”.

      20. “Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.”

        I submitted a comment three times, using my usual email address. The first time, the page locked-up when I hit Submit, the second time my browser crashed. The third time, I received the above message.

        • MongoPissed is still using windows. Now, because of this, and his comments on this site, the malware worm that infected his computer is keylogging his entries and sending them to a special room in a very secure place with psychotic socialists that would love nothing more than to peel his fingernails back one by one while forcing him to watch reruns of the devil obama, aka the islamOnazi, speaking at college compuses about how great he is.

          Sucks for you. Switch to Linux.

      21. This is just the implementation of the planned North American Union. Obama’s every move is out of the NWO playbook. Bring in tens of millions of illegals so business can pay much lower wages. I don’t see this invasion slowing, and like has been mentioned, the illegals hide in the shadows, when they come out publicly together American’s will see how our existing population has been sold out.

        • it is predicted in 2024, Texas goes from red to purple.

          Not sure if the fed can keep the shell game going that long, but i imagine if Texas flips to democrat in 2024; its a whole new country.

          hell, even engineers may find they have to accept jobs for less than 20 per hour because any protections for us citizens will be no more.

      22. We are going to look like South Africa soon.

        • Slingshot, I think we are already there.
          All that is left is the full invasion to be ordered from the Elite.

          • I hope the south east holds together but I doubt it with all the God Damn Yankee’s living here.

            • slingshot… you got that right! The snowbird’s flood down here like the monied hordes they are. It must be nice to escape the cold with enough money to afford two places to live. Meanwhile the yanks pour here into Florida clogging the roads to pure saturation. The business people love it and even the local evening news has become sales pitches for every product under the sun. It’s capitalism gone berserk. The quality of life is gone here, wiped out by the almighty dollar. Hurry up April, send these interlopers packing.

            • WELL…. now that aint nice , come on up north and we can go snowmobileing.
              The north an south better get over it .
              It looks like bigger problems are on the horizon.
              To be continued at a later date seems about right !

              • Hammerhead.

                You don’t get it. We are never going to get along.

                You know how tell when a Yankee is around? He is the loudest one in the room.

                • hahahahha-
                  I do get it,
                  Point is , we got all these illegals to deal with.
                  Lets clean up ONE mess to a time , friend .:)

                  AND BTW , I lived in Tenn. for a short time in the eighties and everyone was great , no problems here .
                  But the mason dixon line conversation can wait , comprenda ?

                • Having trouble letting go of the Civil War Drama, which has no direct conflict with you or I? If you and others are having difficulties to this day to cope with Yanks, then you will be worthless down the road when we all will need you the most.
                  That Yank that you speak of, just may be the one saving your life or helping you out when you need it most.
                  Evidently you are battling an issue in which you had no personal involvement in.
                  It’s attitudes like yours, is one of the many reasons why we as Americans will never be able to work together to fix things.
                  Time to move on and grow up!

                  • Srsly.

                    All the Yankee’s talk about in the South is that we need this law or that law to fix things. They love to tax the hell out of things. How’s that gun control doing for you in the Northeast. Don’t need you people down here if that is how you think. We have CCW in my state while most northerners have to beg to own a gun for self defense. Oh they want you to turn in your guns and 30 rd. magazines. I have personal involvement everyday at the store, on the highway and their politics for now they live here.

                    • I’m not part of the North East, I’m part of the North Central.
                      Those people you are referring to are those fucking Liberals. So it is not All the Yanks you are talking about. My State is a lot like your State is when it comes to gun ownership. If I lived in any of these liberal northern states that you speak of, I would relocate asap out of there.
                      Yanks like me, think like you, and that sir is what my post above was all about.

                    • Actually that anti gun stuff is mostly clustered in NJ, NY, RI, Mass, Md and of late Conn. North of that is no problem as is De, Penn.

                      NJ is almost in a class by itself and I believe is the most anti gun and restrictive state in the US that it really shouldn’t be part of the US.

            • We left our beloved Dixie because we can see the writing on the wall. Love it here in Idaho but are just amazed at how many mexicans there are here. There are many towns here that are majority mexican now. It’s so crazy to see. We stopped at a burger king once in Burley ID while traveling and were the only white people in a full BK. Every table was occupied and not a single patron or employee was white except us. The nearest big town to us, if you call just over 10000 people big, has a 50% mexican high school and is over 1/3 mexican now.

              Even rural Idaho is being overrun. Where can you go?

        • i say mexico. a functioning country where the top lives large and everyone else scrapes by, still got a lot of natural advantages over most everyone.

      23. All nations in the “West” are under Jewish Bolshevik control. Open borders and non-White immigration, implemented by the tribe, are the official policies. The Bolsheviks Jews have repeatedly stated in Marxist literature that their goal is a mongrel race, not even capable of thinking of freedom from their Jewish bonds. Of course, the “Jewish State” is free to practice apartheid and racism. Anyone in Europe who dares speak out against the Jews implementing these policies is labeled as an “anti-Semite”. Obama is a Jewish sock-puppet, with no power past that delegated by his masters.

      24. The Ultimate goal of the Obama Administration?

        More like this: To cull you and I. The illegals will be the worker bees happy to do what those in power, i.e. the wealthy elite want them to do. The Mexicans are used to being slaves. You and I aren’t (more or less). That’s why they will remove you and I from the equation. And the Mexicans will be happy to do as they are told 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with 3 meals a day thrown in.

        Ever wonder why and how millions could be culled by the same residents of the same nation? What kind of mentality it would take for fascist militarized police, those living in your neighborhood, to point blank kill you and me, so by removing any threat to them and their handlers?

        Check this out:
        This is the real deal…


        You eve

        • YEP , Cull anyone who ever read the constitution and understands the bill of rights .

      25. Anger

      26. Here is what I sent my rep today:

        I could not be more disgusted with the Republican Party (at least since you approved the last omnibus spending bill) for allowing the DHS to be fully funded thus funding the president’s EO on unconstitutional amnesty. I realize you voted against this bill but since you voted Boehner to remain speaker of the house you are guilty by association of selling out the people of your district. There is no noticeable difference between the republican majorities in both chambers of congress than when the democrats had control. I suggest you and the other spineless bureaucrats in the Republican Party stand up like men, like patriots and put a stop to this “fundamental transformation of America” before it is too late. REMOVE BOHENER AS SPEAKER – we need a strong vibrant leader not a coward / crybaby – I still can’t believe you voted him back in…

      27. Yes, I should have said “orange crybaby” I know…


        THIS is what the Obongo administration has been doing INSTEAD of actually, like, ya know, formulating policies to make the country safer, stronger and economically better.

        But it gets better!!!

        Evidently the Busy Bees have processed 7 MILLION applications in 1 year for illegal amnesty. Man o man who could have thought that an Administration that couldn’t build a freaking website in 3 years and for $1 BILLION bucks could pull that off???

        Here’s the math: If there are 52 weeks in 1 year, with 5 work days per week, less 13 federal holidays, that works out to 247 possible work days. (okay, okay, I know this is the and there is likely another 25 days of vacation…..)

        7 million applications divided by 247 days is 28,340 applications PER DAY!!!!

        Does anybody believe that these applications are properly vetted? Investigated? Jesus my beads.

        When does it become TREASON to replace the citizens of the USA with illegal aliens, by executive FIAT and without proper LAW?

        Lamp posts – MANY. Hemp – LOTS. Tar & Feathers – BY THE TON.

      29. The Obummer is also thinking ways around the constitution about raising your taxes through executive order. He can’t do it legally. I have a strong feeling if he does this tyrannical thing without congress, someone will be paid an awful lot of something to do something.

      30. For all the bluster and chest thumping, Americans won’t do a damn thing about this. Just keep polishing the brass and watch your country be taken. No action will be forthcoming from the people.

      31. Voting Hijacked! Every time I add one thumbs up, two thumbs downs appear with my thumbs up. Please Mac, Fix It!!!

        • Working on it Drew. Thanks!

      32. There is only one thing to do and that is to save yourselves; and to save yourselves you must secede from the state. Minimize legally what you pay in taxes, become as self-sufficient as you can (stop buying things not necessary and stop buying junk), save as much money as you can and don’t put it the bank, take care of yourself and maintain good health.
        Associate with like -minded people, educate yourselves, learn to think independently for every part of your life. Start a blog and use it to spread your views. Support private schooling or home schooling.
        ALWAYS insist on your rights being maintained. Remember, government does not confer rights, even the Constitution doesn’t, Only GOD gives us our rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence affirms this. It is not legal or moral for any entity to minimize, alter, or take away our rights. George Washington said government “is not reason, it is not eloquence-it is force”. In other words government will ultimately act against the individual, they only want more power no matter how irrational or regardless of cost.
        Forget about voting, there is no use. All you do is lend legitimacy to a candidate when you cast a vote for the person. Ideologically, there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans, but in practice there is not, they are both heavily statist. Demo.’s want a welfare state, Rep.’s want a warfare state; neither can have all they want unless they give each other what they want. In the this case they both want mass illegal immigration because Rep.’s want cheap labor, Demo.’s want votes. All the political news you see is theater. Both parties are equally culpable of putting our country in a mess.

      33. Attn Mac – you’re site is all jacked up sir. I believe you have a hacker or intrusive surveillance. Your green/red thumb system is hijacked too from the looks of it

        • He knows and is trying to fix it…:)

      34. I’m with you incrediculous no spine in this country just a consistent amount of pissing and moaning. I just comment on the stupidity of the stories on the board. The gov is not stupid it’s just made to seem that way so folks won’t get angry at leaders. Haven’t you played dumb knowing full well what you were doing. I have because I was just looking out for myself I wasn’t trying to fuck anyone over. We as preppers need a united front under the same agenda it’s the only way. But people are not suffering enough yet. The free shit army is bigger than you realize they will be the enemy of true patriots the battle lines are being drawn. I suggest you seperate yourself from the free shit bums I don’t care if it’s your sister and her kids. I have distanced myself from the bums I work everyday I’m angry about the freeloaders living off the fruits of my labor and I know the day will come when they will lose the free ride. They will insist they are taken care of and get violent and hurt and rob the folks that worked hard and save up. The writing is on the wall I will not negotiate with the enemy I’m not Obama. Anyone that try’s to take what I got will be dealt with period. Fuckin welfare cases are not gonna screw me.

      35. I fucking hate motherfuckers home smoking weed drinking poppin pills going to the beach and shit while I’m working my ass off. This shit makes me so MADD. When the time comes I will crush these deadbeat scumbag freeloading pieces of shit with everything I can bring to bear. I know many guys that are boiling MADD too about it and they are laying in wait for the battle to begin. God says you don’t work you don’t eat. This is going to be the law of the land again shitbags I will starve mutherfuckers out. Scumbags are gonna be stacked like cord wood. These bums don’t take care of their kids total losers. Gotta get rid of them and their family’s to make America successful again. I am not a hateful person only toward these bums.

        • Dude, you’ve got some serious issues.
          Don’t worry about the deadbeats in this country, it is out of our control. Nothing that you, I or anybody else can do about it. Their lifestyle will come to an end soon enough. It’s the System that has allowed a deadbeat crowd, and this is where you should focus your anger at, not the ones who are getting sucked into the drain.

      36. How much fun to be had in naming this new country?

      37. That’s right I’m trying to encite anger toward the FSA free shit army. Put that in your pipe and smoke it . I don’t talk to them I’m not nice to them either. I won’t go to Wally’s on the first of the month because I’m not gonna compete with scum for goods fuck that I wait a few days and they run out of food stamps then I go. Bums eat all the food in the store too assholes and I work .I should get first picks of the food. what purpose do the lazy serve. They don’t deserve to eat IMHO.

      38. You all know as the Nation turns brown, Whitey is going to die. One way or another. So if you take the information in this article as credible. We are done.

        Just hope they get to Biden, Pelosi, Boxer, Fienstein and a few others.

        Maybe they will put Obama’s face on the Hundred Dollar Bill. Hahahaha!

        • SLING-
          The information in this article only supports Agenda 21 .
          We all know these asshat libtards in washinGton support the UN.
          We got some time , but not alot , I do believe the info is credible , but untimely , its comein as fast as they can make it happen , not today .
          Another spoonful of socialism , yum yum .

      39. Absolutely no Political solution can be had to fix this, why they are all the same being guided by the same puppet masters. As for any kind of revolution etc. to take back our country it will never happen we have no national leadership to be had. We can bump our gums and type on the keyboards till our fingers bleed and that will do nothing. The old saying; to kill the snake cut its head off well in my pea brain the head of the snake is the UNITED NATIONS plain and simple take the U.N. out and snake dies. Obama is just one of their puppets and is being used to destroy the U.S. we are one of if not the only country standing in their way of total world control. Folks the way I see it about all we can do is fortify where you’re going make your last stand as a free man, get right with GOD and say OK BRING IT ON. There is nothing more we can do. IMHO!

      40. When I was younger I believed that the illegals should of been given citizenship unless they were criminals, and this was all overblown racism hype. Now 10 years later I’ve seen how shortsighted I was. They say ever great empire is destroyed from within; with Muslims declaring Shari law, Chinese buying up large lots of land to build Chinese communities, and southern countries sending their excess population to America. I see now who would be used to dismantle this once great country, the guise in which it will come in, and who will suffer most. We will serve ourselves up on a silver platter in the name of political correctness, equal rights, and blind faith in the “good will of man”. But don’t be deceived. Take a lesson from what my ancestors should of done and let loose flaming arrows at Columbus’ ships. Remember who had this country first? It doesn’t matter nearly as much as who has it last 😉

      41. Well, we’ve been had, BAD.
        We voted all our Republicans in so they could help us
        legislate Obama’s unconstitutional actions out of existence
        and so far all they’ve done is help themselves,
        and have practically allowed Obama’s every wish to materialize.

        Now Obama can complete the building of his Communist country right here in America’s Nation,

        They’ll also get all they wish for and whatever else he wants for them while he does all he can in helping them to out-class real Americans,
        and all at OUR taxpayers expense,
        INCLUDING VOTING..!!!!!

        Thank you Republican politicians for helping to fund America’s destruction at the hands of Obama, you’re complicit and culpable and will probably one day be tried and sentenced by a Communist Leftist court you helped create,
        and we will not be there
        nor do we care to save you…

        You have tried to stack all your bets against the American taxpayers hard work and generosity, and thats too bad for you.

        When we all walk off our jobs soon,
        I hope you’re ready, for those
        Saint’s to Come Marching In..

        Sorry, but I doubt you politicians wil be allowed around when we rebuild America, so you better kiss her good-bye,
        you’ve ruined her

        and we’re coming to her rescue….

      42. The elephant sock puppets are complicit, holding hands with the jackass sock puppets like fags.

      43. no way jose; this guy is like hitler in the bunker commanding imaginery legions. not-going-to-pay, get it?

      44. So there are now 3 political partys. The Democrats, the RINO’s who are deeply allied with the Democrats and have eliminated the Hasert rule so they can all butt buddy vote together and pass all of Obama agenda. The Third party is the conservative Republicans who are by their mere presence in the Republican party keeping John Boehner in power. They MUST leave and form their own party, let Johnny boy hand the gavel (with tears in his eyes) back to Nancy. The Constitutional Conservative party should start inviting others to join and campaigning for president immediately. Fuck the Republicans, Fuck the Democrats, Fuck Obamas Country within a Country, we need someone to stand up for OUR country and that would be us. But we need a flag to fight for and I am afraid Old Glory has been turned into a progressive slut. At least we could unite behind the new party as a full blown army of patriots that no Army in the world could take on.

      45. Our once richly blessed nation is dying! We’ve turned from our Judeo/Christian foundations and allowed all this to happen. Besides, any country that murders almost 100 million of it’s own unborn is going to die a horrible death anyway! This nation has become Satanic in that murder is through the roof among minorities, massive government assisted drug abuse and war after war after war which we haven’t won any since WW2.
        When someone writes that we should return to our moral roots they get clobbered but I ask, what has all this “do it if it feels good” got us but judgment?!

      46. Meanwhile, in a neighborhood near you…
        My husband and I both work hard. We receive nothing we don’t work for. We have no health insurance, no dental. We fall into the “sorry you’re screwed” income bracket of obamacare. We also fall into the “sorry you’re screwed now pay us” income bracket with the irs. So we work, pay ALOT in taxes at every turn, have no insurance and no way to pay for it without working even harder (moving further into the ‘now you’re REALLY screwed income bracket) to pay for what immigrants are “entitled” to. My son woke up with an abscessed tooth this morning. I can only take him to the ‘clinica el mexciana’ where they treat people on a sliding scale fee. Unless you’re illegal where it’s pretty much free. Either way, I have to get my son medical care. Even though I’m sure the receptionist will tell me in broken english, “tax paying, law abiding, hard working american born? Sorry, you’re screwed. That’ll be four hundred dollars please.”

        • Just got home from getting son treated. And by treated I mean seen and written a prescription. Offending tooth is still there. All said and done, 300. Not 400.

      47. First to the jackass who said ” liberated women” This is the most dnagerous countryin the world for women. We have the highest rape rate in the whole world. Second, when did this board become filled with backwards racists, who just repeat all the bullshit off of faux news?

      48. Buy more 223 green tips and gun oil.

        • Sip the green tips. Buy 12 gauge 00 buck, or cast and load your own.

          Semper Fi

          • Skip the green tips, POS.
            Semper Fi

      49. hey all,please read Matthew Bracken’s “ENEMIES”trilogy it is prophetic.The last book even deals with the illegals having their own country in the former New Mexico!

      50. Nothing that well-placed, hot lead injections can’t fix… 😡

      51. All you people preaching the bible… more power to you, but judgement is only for God to do… so judging people openly by calling them faggots etc is only making your sins come to the surface. All religion is purely brain washing and until the whole world opens their eyes to see that there is and never was any God there will continue to be hate and war in the world. There is no reason or purpose for a God. It has been proven that the Human race has been evolving for over 400,000 years… do you think that early humans believed in a God? Do you think that early humans worried about going to heaven or hell? Really? Come on people. Religion is about nothing but control. All of it, every one of them. Control and money. And as far as this country is concerned, it is screwed. There are already far more illegal immigrants here in this country than we even know. They are ruining our healthcare system and are a HUGE tax on our economy. We as a country seem to enjoy rewarding laziness and we make it ok to be a worthless piece of shit because we will pay your bills and pay for your cell phone and provide health care for you and your 97 children to just continue the cycle. This is what liberals want. They want you to suffer and to make the minorities in this country the powerful because they are easy to control. Lets focus on getting his monkey out of office!!


      52. We’re watching…

      53. soon the white male will be a minority. don’t fall for the now you can get free shit line. if shtf was not inevitable this would be mean to say, but i hope it happens before the white male dies out. literally. and i’m not racist! but if you don’t want to be american, why come here? for the free shit apparently.

      54. Seems such a small minority is concerned that the snowball just keeps getting bigger?
        I no longer cast a vote or am perturbed. The die has been cast, far as I can tell? I will prep and protect my own until the day is done.

        You have to be called to participate in true Christianity. The majority of today’s faithful have not entered through the strait gate…and few there be that find it.

        That aside, if you can’t feel the water in the bowl swirling around, you’re not paying attention. I sincerely doubt that taking a personal stand at this point will affect the outcome? Vote for a republican and see what happens? Republican is the other side of the same coin as democrat. Both will ultimately lead us to ruination.

        Forget what you were taught and look at life with fresh eyes, there is a door leading out of here.

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