Shock Report: U.S. Military Misplaced Samples of Black Plague and Other Deadly Pathogens

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    plague-grave(Pictured: Grave site of Black Plague victim during the Middle Ages)

    What could possibly go wrong when you mix deadly pathogens with inept government bureaucracy?

    Well don’t look now, but the DoD is out warning that the army might have also mishandled samples of the black plague which isn’t known to be dangerous unless you count the time it wiped out 60% of Europe’s entire population. Here’s more from CNN:

    The U.S. Department of Defense is looking into possible mishandling of bubonic plague and equine encephalitis samples at its laboratories, a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

    The new inquiry is part of an investigation into the mishandling of anthrax at Department of Defense labs, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said.

    The department hasn’t determined whether samples containing plague bacteria and specimens of the deadly virus were shipped from its labs, Cook said.

    The latest investigation started after CDC inspectors found a sample of the plague in a freezer outside of a containment area on August 17 at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland, Cook said.

    Investigators are working to determine whether the sample posed an “infectious threat,” Cook said. Army tests found it was not infectious.

    That’s the scientific work that’s being done at this particular time, determining exactly what happened there, and whether or not … there was mislabeling,” he said.

    Yersinia pestis, the same type of bacterium that was responsible for the plague pandemic that wiped out 60% of the European population between the 14th and 17th centuries, maintains a foothold in the United States and around the globe in rodents and the fleas that live on them.

    Today, the infections are treatable with antibiotics if they’re caught early enough. Since 1970, there have been anywhere from a few to a few dozen cases of plague every year in the United States, most of them occurring in Western states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Yes, only “a few to a few dozen cases of plague” per year, but that bubonic dearth is nothing the US military can’t fix with a few “mislabed” samples and a FedEx account.

    For their part, Fred Upton (chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee) and Frank Pallone (ranking Democrat) are incredulous: “Anthrax being mishandled is disconcerting enough, but now the mishandling also includes [the] plague.”

    Via Zero Hedge

    Last month The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington reported that the Centers for Disease Control put U.S. doctors on alert for Bubonic Plague as cases began popping up from Georgia to California.

    In a world where we have been told by officials that there is no threat of such a virus ever grabbing hold and wiping out our population, we wondered, how could such a thing happen in modern times? How can a plague from the Middle Ages still be killing people?

    We may now have our answer. You see, when you leave a deadly pathogen once responsible for killing off 60% of an entire continent in a freezer with TV dinners, there is a distinct possibility that it could be released into the wild. While we understand that the recent outbreak of Plague could have occurred as a result of natural means, an accidental or purposeful release cannot be ruled out.

    The government would never release a deadly pathogen on a population, unless of course you consider that this is exactly what we did when we dropped Bubonic plague infected fleas on North Korea. But they’re the enemy, so that doesn’t count.

    We’d never kill our own people, though. Not intentionally, right?

    Human Experimentation – An Overview on Cold War Era Programs

    “…we have identified hundreds of radiological, chemical, and biological tests and experiments in which hundreds of thousands of people were used as test subjects. These tests and experiments often involved hazardous substances such as radiation, blister and nerve agents, biological agents, and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). In some cases, basic safeguards to protect people were either not in place or not followed. For example, some tests and experiments were conducted in secret; others involved the use of people without their knowledge or consent or their full knowledge of the risks involved.”

    “The effects of the tests and experiments are often difficult to determine. Although some participants suffered immediate acute injuries, and some died, in other cases adverse health problems were not discovered until many years later–often 20 to 30 years or longer.”

    On particular experiment involved spraying thousands of unsuspecting Americans with radiological particles:

    It is now confirmed that during the Cold War, the United States Army conducted experiments on St. Louis, Missouri residents, which at the time they claimed were for the purposes of protecting the population. Sociologist Lisa Martino-Taylor filed multiple Freedom of Information requests and obtained documents from the US Army that confirmed her worst fears: Some 10,000 people in St. Louis had been sprayed day and night with radioactive particles in the 1950s and 60s.

    Keep in mind that this is not conspiracy theory. These citations are from official government documents. Though most of the experiments documented are from the Cold War era, the key takeaway is that to government scientists and military personnel we are all just guinea pigs.

    Whether the latest string of Bubonic Plague infections is the result of natural causes or government carelessness we may never know. What we do know is that there is a distinct possibility that the American people are actively a part of yet another experiment for the greater good.

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      1. The Illuminatist will continue to encase the world in their long time view of depopulation and control.

        They will have a short window to operate until all has culminated into the periods of wrath, in which they lose all control and begin to disappear into their caves of death.

        • They know exactly where they misplaced it from the time they misplaced it. We’ll be the ones who eventually find it. BLM has got more than Crackers and Po-Po to worry about……Black Pllaaaaguuee.

          • Remember this…

            *The bioweapon research lab near the epic center of the latest Ebola outbreak was closed. The new Ebola virus now has a much longer incubation period, for most up to 21 days.

            Was Ebola Accidentally Released from a Bioweapons Lab In West Africa?

            “Nations such as Russia, South Africa and the U.S. have long conducted research into how to make deadly germs even more deadly. And accidents at these research facilities have caused germs to escape, killing people and animals near the facilities.”

            Interview with Top Bioweapons Expert about Ebola
            “Dr. Boyle made it clear that he is not suggesting – as some others are – that Ebola was intentionally released into the African population.

            He’s speaking about an accidental release of germs from a biowarfare research lab.

            He’s convinced, in fact, that this Ebola epidemic in Africa started with the release from a U.S. bioweapons lab in West Africa.

            One of the reasons for his conviction that the outbreak started with the release from a bioweapon lab is that this Ebola strain seems to be much worse than those previously seen in the wild.”


      2. Hello I am from the government. Trust us.

        • Just for the record Plague is caused by a bacteria.
          Yerstina Pestis (not sure if my spelling is correct)
          And it is extremely deadly to anyone with a compromised immune system.
          Which is why it killed so many during the 1349 outbreak because Europe was overpopulated and having trouble feeding itself after the end of (global warming in the 1100-1280’s also known as the Medieval Maximum). Look for a similar rhyme of history as we are now having trouble feeding ourselves. Which has nothing to do with global warming, maybe Inverse warming do to low solar activity we shall see.


      3. How does one “mishandle” and “misplace” samples of deadly pathogens known to spread like wildfire and depopulate? I could see misplacing car keys or mishandling a product during delivery. But deadly pathogens. Not so much.

        What was their thought process, assuming there was any — ‘maybe I’ll place these deadly pathogens here… oh wait, no, I’ll put them here instead,…or maybe over here is better. Oh no, shit, now I forgot where I left the first batch of samples.’ WTF?

        On another note, it begs the question; why do they even have these (deadly to humankind) samples that could be “mishandled” or “misplaced” in the first place. What would be the point and purpose. Why do they even exist. These are the things I am wondering about.

        • We still have an ‘African virus’ in the WH that needs to be dealt with.

          • BH – LMAO.

      4. I got my plague shots in the middle 70’s. The last of the smallpox in the late 70’s. I’ll have a better chance than most.

        • Cancer was introduced to large populations that took polio vaccines.

          ht tp://

          • Yes Passin, that’s true about those who took the Polio Vaccine, especially during the 1950 & 60’s, mostly the Baby Boomers. It’s called the Simian Virus or SV40.

            It suppresses the immune system of some people, which allows cancer to set in. I’ll check out your link. Thanks.

            • Is that the now believed beginning of the AIDS epidemic? Simian virus being Monkey virus. I read somewhere that AIDS previously was believed to have originated from the practice of consuming Monkey in the African diet. Also the practice of cooking the bones of the dead as part of the traditional funeral service (canabalism). But recent demographics narrowed the beginning of the epidemic to tainted polio vaccinations. yes. No. Does anyone know if this is true or more Internet disinformation.

              • B from CA – All I know, which was verified to me by two doctors pre-internet, back in the late 1980’s, is that some of the Polio vaccines administered during the 1950’s, and throughout the 60’s as well, were tainted with SV40, which can weaken the immune systems of those carrying heavy toxin loads. Beyond that, sorry, I don’t know.

                I do know that although some people who have died from AIDS did get the Polio vaccine somewhere between the early 50s and early 70’s, some people who have died from AIDS never had a Polio vaccine or were born in the 1980’s or 90’s, so I don’t think there’s a connection with AIDs and SV40… but could be wrong.

                But we also want to consider that the govt covers up patterns so that we don’t make the connection. This way, it adds to the confusion and we are left guessing. CC

        • Hey Rellik, take this damn haze back over to Puna would you! Jeeze, cant see shit today, haze is so thick i can taste it!

          • Hey, I wish I could help.
            I have to buy the most expensive
            windshield wiper blades, because the VOG
            destroys the cheapies in mere weeks.

            And you are right it does taste bad.

      5. In this case misplaced really means, planted.

      6. The Black Plague is in Chicago. For the month of August, 336 shot, and 44 of them died.

        • …and the Whitehouse too!

          • PO’d P, I thought that was the African virus in the WH.

        • We are not supposed to talk about that black/cia drug war plague, it’s not pc.

          A documentary film called “Freeway,A crack in the System” tells of how the crack epidemic got started and how one man’s involvement led to a gov cover up/involvement,etc.

          Also the Iran Contra drugs for guns deal shows more of the same. aka Arkansas gov involvement, etc

          Eventually the Chicago gang drug violence/killings will also show the involvement and cover ups.

          “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
          when we practice to deceive.”

          • Stuff the PC crap.

        • But black lives matter,,,,,
          When it fits an agenda, the rest of the time they kill eachother off like it doesnt matter at all, but sure hey blame it on whitey, its all my fault??? Huh??
          Hows it my fault?
          I was born into what i was born into, didnt have much say, what I do with my life,,,
          Now that i do have a say in,
          I just love how people try to blame everything on others and make everyone else responsible for their decisions and actions and situation, they need to get a grip.

      7. The black plague- The Obummer, Sharpton the slimeball. the scumbag Rangel, Maxine ‘the mouth’ Waters, Criminal Holder,The rev pervertJackson, I know I’m forgetting some other pieces of shit too. But these are the biggest pieces of shit I can think of. Oh yea, moocow Obummer.

      8. The black plague is in the White House…..enumerably more dangerous to Americans (and the world) than the actual pathogen.!!!!

      9. Black Plague?

        isnt that racist?

        • No, its a government hand out. “If you like your plague”………

          • Black Plagues Matter!

          • Hahahhaha

            but I’d like a better plague ..

            • A white plague would be a libturd.

      10. Can’t wait till we unleash the Hemp Plague on the PTB. Got over 150 ft of it. Even got quite a bit of the lead plague stashed away. Though I might have forgotten where they’re stashed……

        • Now that’s a good plague unlike the one in this article…..

          ht tp://

      11. This article adds
        new meaning to the phrase “close enough for govt work!!!”

      12. The hell they did. Obullshit more than likely ordered it to be put at the boarder so the flood of illegals can spread it all over the USA. I wouldn’t put this pass this POS. Just wait when the turds come in from the middle east. They will spread even more plagues around the country.

        Just watch when the turds come over from the middle east. We will see just about everything you can think of. Remember when they had the hoards coming across the boarder this spring. More TB, Measles, Hooping cough, ECT, ECT.

        Keep bring them and let them with the law makers.


      13. I got a question for any really informed prepper out there. I live in Los Angeles, And yes I know I am in potently one of the worst places in the country for a SHTF. Anyone who has thought about this prior what do you think would be the right play for a SHTF in the LA area. I just moved out here from AZ so my gun and ammo situation is good, AR15, 308 bolt gun, HK USP, and a few others along with a couple thousand rounds of ammo. I’ve also worked in Law enforcement so I know my way around firearms. I’m in a house with a mediocre supply of food and water as well as a couple hundred oz’s of silver. From the research I’ve done it seems as though I’m boxed in with the desert being east, ocean west, and Mexico to the south. Only logical play seems to be to head north into the more sparcely populated more fertile central part of the state. There is also the Sierra Nevada mountain range for resources. There is also places like the Azusa canyons, and Mt Baldy that reside in LA county. I would think a lot of other people would have the same idea to head to the local mountains if it got really bad so I’m not sure how safe it would really be or how quickly the resources would be depleted. Anyone with some valuable insight it would be much appreciated. I also don’t have the resources to move back out of the state so that’s not an option. Thanks

        • Buy a sailboat

          • A seaworthy boat is not a bad idea as long as it’s stocked well. And hooligans don’t steal it!

        • To much brush fires up north.

        • I’m no expert prepper but for what it’s worth here goes.
          Weaknesses and Strengths:
          Strength-Law Enforcement fire arms experience.
          Weaknesses-Too many to list.

          Advice:fortify your home. Windows, doors. Fire escape ladder if upstairs. Medic bag. Bug Out Bag. Improve supplies of food and water. Purchase enough to last for one to two years of every nonparishable necessity. Toothpaste,deodorant. Whatever you wouldn’t want to live without.

          Then checkout the areas that are near your job that would be a safer alternative for your family.
          If you can’t afford to buy a Bug Out Location offer security services to some family in a farmstead who may need help in a SHTF. Consider an RV so you wouldn’t be without shelter.

          Keep boxes, heavy duty garbage bags, tape for quick move. Organized.

          See if you can’t create some sideline that is home based income not restricted to a location.

          Good Luck.

      14. Update

        Shooting at Union Station in D.C.

        Florida Man captured by FBI for making pressure cooker bomb for St Louis 911 memorial events.

        Jacksonville Florida and Syrian Refugees. May get 10,000.
        Two thousand plus per year according to the social services. Wonder what the Southern Baptist’s think of that. Maybe the city will get more Sharia law than they expect.

        Keep them coming! Obama, and the Goody Two Shoes.

      15. The only thing you can do is make sure your immune system is capable of fighting off whatever the psychopathic fascist monsters have planned for their Final Solution and NWO de-population plans. Get off the GMO filled processed fake food destroying good gut bacteria and you will be way ahead of the boot licking disease ridden brain dead dumbed down Zombie trash in the collapsing Corporatist evil psychopathic monster controlled fascist shithole of the world.

      16. The military does not need to be handling the plague for any reason. Let’s see if a low ranking soldier gets the blame for losing the sample.

      17. ***PREPPER TIP*** Anti-microbial & anti-parasitic — NO prepper should be without it!!!

        It’s called GSE – GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (not to be confused with GrapeSeed) — sold in liquid concentrate. Some preppers know about it, but some don’t. So here goes.

        I am not claiming that this is definitely a cure for the Black Plague(although it could possibly be a preventative) but it is known to prevent, as well as cure, many types of viral and bacterial infections, and most illnesses and infections caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites.

        I’ve been using GSE (Citracidal) for over a decade, and it never fails. Talk about a miracle product. GSE is an all-natural antibiotic that works where many pills fail.
        To me this is a first-aid kit in a bottle.

        The expiration date is always a few years out, like 2018 or 2019, so it lasts a long time. It is made in the US.

        NutriBiotic sells the organic liquid GSE concentrate in 2 oz plastic squeeze bottles for about $12…but I DO NOT recommend buying this product from Amazon. The bottle content from Amazon says Citracidal/GSE 30-something percent & vegetable glycerin 60-something percent, when it really should be the other way around, 60/30.

        There are two cheap imitations of this great product out there, so be careful. It’s best to buy it in a well-known local Health Food Store or at Whole Foods where you can read the label.

        FOUR Good-To-Know: 1- GSE is sold as a liquid concentrate and MUST ALWAYS be diluted, verrrry strong alone. Use daily for anything that needs to be disinfected, including wounds, but 2- should not be used internally everyday, 3- GSE may remove pesticide residue from fruits & veggies, but is not intended to remove toxins, and 4- GSE could temporarily reduce the effectiveness of certain birth control pills, so be careful ladies.

        GSE has MANY uses. But the thing I use it for that is beyond genius (aside from LifeStraw)is purifying water in the wilderness. I’ve used two drops per quart of water from many a mountain stream with deer and bears, etc., upstream, where Giardia and other nasty bugs were known to be, and after shaking real hard and waiting a few seconds, I drink and move along. It’s especially helpful when we are moving quickly and I need to keep up with the group.

        To date, after many uses, not once has GSE failed.

        On one hike we were drinking the cool, clear spring water. I squeezed two drops of GSE in a quart of water and shook real well and was the only one who didn’t get sick from drinking the water. Later that night almost everyone in the group had stomach cramps and the runs, while I was fine. The strength per drop is amazing. Only downside, it does change the taste of the water a little.

        It kills viruses, parasites and the bad bacteria in our gut, and also bacteria on surfaces, such as toilet seats, faucets, handles, kitchen counters, etc. It also kills microscopic mold/spores (especially on fruits & veggies) that aren’t visible to the naked eye, but are very toxic and bad for our health as mold weakens the immune system.

        I’ve even used GSE to get rid of a tooth infection. Just stir 2 drops in a cup of water and swish/rinse real well & gargle every few hrs throughout day and it’s gone – in one day. Or you could wet your toothbrush and put a half-drop on it and brush your teeth if you run out of toothpaste.

        It’s very safe for babies & children, including infants (just mix one small drop in two cups of water as it must be well diluted) and let the child sip one cup (of the two cups) of the GSE water) over the course of 10-20 minutes.

        For infants just give them a few teaspoons of the GSE water mix (ONE drop GSE in 2 cups of water) but only give a few teaspoons as an infant doesn’t need to drink the whole 2 cups of water, and use the remainder of the GSE water for something else. Also effective for diaper rash; mix two drops GSE in a 1/2 gallon of water and soak their little bottom in it, every 4-6 hrs until the rash is gone, usually in only 1 day.

        It’s also safe for pregnant women, and for all adults, as long as it isn’t taken internally on a daily basis. If you take probiotics do not take at the same time — take a few hours apart. The only time you want to use it everyday is externally, like for an open wound or scratch where you squeeze a few drops into a clean, damp towel and apply to open wound or infected area every few hours for a few consecutive days or until the infection clears up.

        GSE is a great non-toxic hand disinfectant. Squeeze a few drops on a clean, damp cloth and disinfect your hands as needed, throughout the day. Works great. It’s also great for wiping kitchen food prep area and countertops — just squeeze a few drops on a damp cloth/paper towel.

        I also squeeze a few drops into a damp paper towel and disinfect/wipe fruit & veggies clean when I don’t have access to running water and am unable to rinse them properly. Sometimes I take GSE soaked towels with me (in a plastic baggie) when we go to the cherry/apple orchards.

        Stock up on a few bottles and keep them in different locations. One 2oz container lasts me for over 6 months. Remember, it MUST be well mixed with water (or juice or tea) as it’s only sold in concentrate form.

        I once put 2 drops in a cup of water, mixed it real well (as it sinks to the bottom) and drank it and was the only one out of 4 adults who didn’t get sick from the food while traveling abroad. And I mean they were all very sick all night and the following day and I had no symptoms at all. I had taken the GSE in water as a preventative (while they laughed at me). I had sipped some, about 2 cups, of the GSE water during and after the meal.

        So, it can be used as a preventative, as well as a cure. If used as a cure, it’s best if it’s early on.

        It’s not something you want to drink on a daily basis, but GSE is a MUST HAVE. In many cases may even save you a trip to the doctor and could eliminate the need for antibiotics.

        • Good information. I put it on my shopping list. Thanks

      18. Too bad we couldn’t get all the psychopathic PTB in one place, unleash it on them and air the results on national TV.

      19. Another Hoax?

      20. They sure managed to release that horrible morgellons disease into the world to infect many thousands of people. I know because I have it. Disgusting Bastards. What genetically engineered nightmare are they gonna loose on us next?

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