Shock Report: NFL’s Oakland Raiders Threw Game After White QB Refused To Kneel For National Anthem

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Headline News | 131 comments

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    This report was originally published by Alex Thomas at The Daily Sheeple


    A new report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world after it was claimed that members of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem.

    If true, this would essentially mean that an NFL football game was illegally thrown over anger that one of the teams star white players did not believe that kneeling during the nation’s anthem was the correct way to protest supposed racial injustice in America.

    In other words, an epic level scandal.

    During the anthem, virtually the entire team was seen kneeling other than the teams coaches and star quarterback Derek Carr. Unfortunately, this may have not set well with the team’s offensive line as they were apparently the players who spearheaded the entire idea to kneel as a team in the first.

    “This is one hell of a scandal with the NFL, could ruin the whole league,” claimed the show before detailing the fact that Carr was sacked two times in a row on the teams second drive and that the team’s usually dependable center snapped the ball at the wrong time in three different instances. Extremely capable receivers also made multiple “weird” drops of passes thrown by Carr that T.V. announcers even noted at the time.

    The radio show then revealed bombshell “insider information” from an “extremely reliable” source who claimed that members of the Oakland Raiders did indeed throw the game as a sort of punishment for Carr choosing to not use the countries anthem to make a political statement.

    “He wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field,” one of the teams offensive lineman said, according to the shows source. Keep in mind, the offensive line are literally the guys whose job it is to protect the quarterback, in this case the star player who didn’t kneel.

    Amazingly, the circumstantial (and possible direct) proof didn’t end there as the show then claimed that this same source also revealed that a local team reporter got wind of the story and asked a team official for comment. What he was apparently told in response has all the hallmarks of a team trying to cover up a major scandal.

    “If you report on this, you will be blackballed, you will not get access to the Raiders period,” the reporter was supposedly told. “Your career covering the team will be over”.

    While there are obviously major legal and ethical issues if this is true, it also paints a sad picture of a football league divided by a political and media establishment all too happy to cause as much racial divide in the country as possible. For as long as Americans focus on differences between each other, the global elites power remains completely unthreatened.


    Additional Reading:

    Author’s Note: Its also important to consider that there is almost no chance that any member of the Raiders organization, whether coaches, the front office, or players (especially Carr himself) will publicly admit that this happened if it is indeed true. The sheer amount of mayhem it would cause is enough to keep almost anyone quiet. Anonymous player quotes and sources may be all we will ever have to go on.


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      1. Ask any of us if we care about the prima donna’s in the NFL.

        • NFL = No Fans Left

          • I actually played football at university in the US, and played with or against some guys that made the pros. Love the game, but hate the ignorant blowhards who are as deficient mentally as they are gifted physically. Same with utter ignoramuses like Lebron. Time to start watching rugby.

            Oh yeah. Last I looked we had a black pres for 8 years. Some racist society. Truth is, these No Fans Left non-Einsteins are just more cultural Marxist cannon fodder, like Trotsky, Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa or Lavrentiy Beria. In 10 years these “stars” will be living on the street, while the true racists – the far left that uses them, then discards them – will be living, as always, in their uber-luxe mansions (google SPLC’s Morris Dees House Beautiful and check out his uber luxe digs)

          • Arby 5 – Right on the nail head. I never thought I would see the day a team admitted to throwing a game. If Al Davis were still alive these babies would be benched or fired and he would have hired players who weren’t picked up. Why are these NFL owners letting this controversy kill the NFL and football altogether? I can’t believe how many diehard fans like me are boycotting the games.


            • …and we feel sorry for you too, you just don’t get it!!! So sad.

            • The only stupid sheep here is you. Take it somewhere else ya panty, we dont care what you think

            • Really, HYPOCRITE MUCH? They have their right to kneel in ignorant protest and disrespect this country and it’s citizenry, but we have the right to not support their political agenda! Goes BOTH ways not just your leftist way! These low intellect morons have bitten the hand that feeds them. The fans pay for tickets to watch them play a game, NOT to see their political protests and disrespect for country and fans!

            • you have your opinion and rights based on the freedoms of the USA..just as you can lie down or whatever – I also have to right to ignore you and turn off your game and burn my merchandise and refuse to give any energy to you or your GAME anymore…buh bye

            • Anon, I quit watching NFL and NBA some years back. Too much money and political correctness has ruined it all and why should any of it be tax funded as many stadiums are for the benefit of these people in the first place ? Do you really buy into the false mantra that this is about black people being treated wrongly ? because that is the new fake paradigm that is trying to be floated and it is complete bullshit !~

              As well there are far more important matters before all of us and this has become just another major distraction from the real crimes in DC and every state capitol ! How many reports of crimes, rape and all manner of bad acts by these hypocrites in the last 10 years ? they are way past over paid and far too political for me to support any of it in any way, phuk em all !

              I think you need to rethink some stuff ? I have been calling for boycotts for several years now so nothing new at all for me. Every citizen should be boycotting every aspect of PRAVDA/MSM and all their outlets and sponsors. It is very simple and FREE !


            • these players are carrying their statements into their place of work. At a place of work the Amendment that allows free speech can be curtailed and is most times. I dare you, if you are in customer service for example, to cuss out a customer and then tell your boss when you are fired or written up that you were just “expressing” your right to freedom of speech. These guys could easily talk to reporters after or before the game and make their point that way but they choose not to.

          • thanks that made my day!

          • NFL banks on the idea, that retards whose lives revolve around watching football, do not comprehend the significance of the National Anthem anyway. It simply does not affect them, and they will continue to wear jerseys with the names of people who hate and mock them.

        • In his biography, I Am Third, Sayers – one of the best running backs in NFL history – said God is first, others are second, and I am third.

          Sayers was black. What a far cry from today.

          • Amen! Sayers was a professional, on and off the field, right to the end…

        • Eat Shit NFL….

      2. Bunch of entitled know nothing boneheads getting paid ridiculous sums of money for chasing a stupid little ball around,
        101 reasons why we need a solid crash and burn moment

        • There will be no shortage of targets when the fighting begins. Ammo, ammo, ammo, ammo……..

          • Menzoberranzan, problem will be finding and clearly identifying the targets. Ponder that part because it is not a simple answer as some nay think. I see this kind of comment often and it raises many serious questions that are NOT easily answered. It is like saying all the criminal politicos should be dealt with ? But how would they ever actually be available for that to happen ?

            I see no actual easy or practical answer, so seems to me a poor rationale’ even if it sounds good !

        • being a raiders fan is like being married to my last wife……meh, maybe NEXT year!…..burned my raiders blanket, and will probably NEVER Watch/contribute to NFL again…….just like them movie stars…..aint watching THEM anymore either!

          • I was done watching those movie star idiots for years since they all kissed Obama A$$. I now watching ‘Hallmark and Hallmark Movie & Mystery’ and I am very happy with it.

            Hallmark create good common sense movies no PC crap like the Evil Hollywood movies.

            • sk… your right about hallmark… if ya all get the chance watch, home for christmas day and operation Christmas… best movies I have seen since tombstone.

            • Hallmark! Would that be the Hallmark out of Kansas City Mo. that contributed so much money back years ago to try and stop the conceal carry law from passing? Trekker Out.

        • And expecting us to pay for the privilege of watching them. You’re kidding …right!

        • Nailbanger, agree on every point. gotta wonder why this is all so over done, is it another major distraction for far more serious matters and rel crimes ?

          I mean seriously I could give a fuck what these worthless fools say or think.

        • It’s really about time some kind of catalyst like this happened. Patriotic real men should stop wasting their time on games and using their spare time in pursuit of watching other men capering around on a field playing games with each other.

          I mean when you think about it, they started pushing professional sports and broadcasting them when TV came along in the 1950’s to get men’s attention off of their political fates. Now, the average man is filling out Fantasy Football and stupid brackets, while the Elite changes everything around them, taking away all of their rights.

          This current fiasco is actually a blessing in disguise, Maybe more Patriotic Men will spend more of their spare time organizing and being an activist and doing something to stay free.

          It’s kind of like all of us watching NFL Football while Rome (The USA) burns. You can bet the Leftist Marxists are not filling our brackets when they could be advancing their cause.

          May Patriots everywhere become unglued and un-mesmerized, un-entranced and get on the stick. We do not need to retain then current Marxified system, we need to “Drain the Swamp”!! I’d like to see Marxists in Prison or Deported!

      3. To you idiot NFL buttheads and libtards and communist and anyone else trying to destroy our country,,
        When you wonder why things suck for you,

      4. That game was on tv, Oakland looked especially crappy. Soon to be the Las Vegas Raiders. In reality outside the home team, the rest can take a flying leap. Betting on football is enjoyable in Vegas. Everybody should kneel as a political statement. Indicating things are not as peachy keen as pretended.

        • The “new” Las Vegas Raiders, should aptly be named the NORTH Las Vegas Raiders. Far more in keeping with that demographic municipality and the majority behavior of that populace.
          The NFL and players long ago, became irrelevant in our home, and still are. Who cares what these whiners do anymore? Roger Goodall is an incompetent “commissioner” terrified of the players union who have effectively turned him into a corporate eunuch at best.

        • Betting on games is HUGH business. Especially with this team moving to Las Vegas, if word gets out that they threw games, you will find these players in the desert.

          They wouldn’t be there for climate conditioning either.

        • aljamo, anybody still watching this shit and therefore supporting via PRAVDA/MSM is part of the problem, simple as that !Probably time to rethink some stuff as others here need to do. This shit is all part of the matrix we all live under here in USA today ! If you do not fully grasp that part you are already way behind the curve and reality here in USA today.

      5. All i know, is that if on Nov 4 some idiot is dumb enough to stand in the road in front of me,
        They wiss get to see if a 4×4 superduty slows down much while its dragging their dying carcas down the road hung up on the sway bar or driveshaft, if you manage to stop me, i hope your wearing armor

        • Nailbanger, what’s this about Nov. 4?

          • The pussies of antifa say they are going to overthrow Trump and patriots. That’s a Saturday. I’ll surely have my battlepack and armor with me. My vehicle is also a great weapon. I suspect I know where they’ll gather in my area. The ones I see messing around are going to die that day.

            • Menzo, I still carry heat in my truck all the time. Nov. 4 may not be any different but if they want to start any shit with me they’ll pay for it.

              • Me too but I’m gonna take more ammo that day and a couple more things.

              • I do appreciate them revealing their plans in advance so that we may have them bunched up together in groups.

                • Menzo, I do have some new 9mm ammo that needs to be ‘tested’, LOL!

                  • 3006 here

                    • 300WM

              • The Deplorable Braveheart, just like the summer of madness and rage never really panned out this won’t eitherlikely ? Their best shot was Charlottesville and that false narrative failed big time. All they have left now is a lesser cadre of paid instigators and a lesser crew of willing fools. No doubt they will make a few showings, but most will be arrested and charged or get the crap beat out of them. My only concern will be if they start showing up armed and willing to use it. If any shooting starts it will change everything big time and we could see some deaths not just ass whoopins. Again Sessions has been very slow to charge these criminals for acts of terror and that is exactly what they are doing on many levels. As well any police that stand down or municipal officials who allow such should be prosecuted ASAP !

                I can tell you all from first hand experience, so far it has NOT been necessary to deal with these pussies with firearms. Just fisticuffs is more than enough and sufficient. No doubt you have to let them throw the first blow or fire the first shot or face any consequences. And all of that actually depends on where you live or are at when any such occurs. This link explains a lot about citizens arrest and your legal boundaries. Much is in your favor so learn your state laws, get super fit and proficient and well trained out ! Some USCCA or NRA insurance is a good idea as well if you are serious and not just talking shit ?

                We have entered in a time when it makes complete sense to have all bases covered as well as possible and not trust on anything except your own wits and capabilities.


              • Here is their latest stupid. Antifa are really just a bunch of rejects from the social fabric that do not fit in anywhere and are angry anarchist losers.


                Lots of fat chicks and guys as well as general nerds and TGs that are lost and quite incapable of any rational thought processes. Most are afraid of their own shadow and run like girls when they see any blood especially their own or their brethren. They will stand there and taunt you, call you all manner of names and get worked up to a frenzy and almost always throw the first blow and when you retaliate severely they run away because they thought it was all about their words and that would defend them or scare you or some such shit. It is really quite funny to observe and be involved in. The danger so far has been the stuff they throw like bricks and rocks and large metal objects. I do not think they are capable of any serious offensive actions. But they could be stupid enough to harm a few people seriously with firearms or improvised launchers. They did throw some molotovs and all manner of stuff at Portland, but the feds were there in force and arrested most of them carrying such before they could use any of it. Some of them are in prison but you don’t hear anything about it at all because it is covered up by PRAVDA/MSM just like the guy with the bike lock in Berkley. This is all another Obama creation same as BLM and BAMN. He and Holder should both be in prison !

            • “M”

              They bring their guns we bring ours. They shoot one time we shoot 1000 times. The only way to take care of rabid dog is to kill it. All these Commie bastards are nothing but rabid dogs.


              • Yes and it’s time to clean up this trash that’s messed up our country.

              • Sgt : I don’t know about the 1 – 1000 ratio. I am a one shot one kill kinda guy. I with you on the rest though.

              • Sgt. Dale, if none of you show up at any of the rallys how will all this happen as you say ? Just curious ?

            • Antifa- blowhard coward fascist brownshirts.

              Next question.

          • yeah….what’s going on nov 4?

          • “Earlier this week, far-left activists blocked the 101 freeway in downtown Los Angeles before holding up placards that read, “November 4 It Begins”.”

            Remember – doesn’t matter WHO reports it – the facts is the facts.

            ht tps://

            • Hmmm. My guess is that if you look deep enough down the money trail, you will find this is being financed by George Soros.

              • Boy, no duh there, eh, KYM! Soros may arguably be THE most evil man of our generation.

              • Amen

              • KY Mom, that has all been known for a long while and makes it all the worse ? Where is Sessions and why has Soros and crew not been charged under a RICO act prosecution ? There is lots of evidence and just like Hillary, Comey, Koskinen, Lynch, L Lerner and many others, where the hell are the prosecutions ?

                Bottom line is simple. No prosecutions and nothing will change and only get worse. We are either a nation of laws or we are NOT ? We are seeing what could be called the in between and that is utter bullshit and not sustainable! So is Sessions waiting for killings before he acts ? Sure looks like it. Get off your ass and do something DOJ or be held responsible which will only divide the country further you worthless turds !

            • November November…….antifa dismember…..lololol.

              Stay frosty….BA.

              • BA
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!!!!!


                • Remember Remember…..the 4th of November. Civil War 2 just might begin that day.

                  • Brave : You know if it ain’t a holiday nothing but a little normal every day non-working lazy protesters is all that will show. If these lazy good for nothing phucks had to work for a living, instead of us supporting them, they would not have time to be anywhere protesting.

                    I does not really matter to the prepared anyways. Keep on prepping.

      6. It is where your loyalty lies. Is it with God and Country or is it with millions​ of dollars and​ all the things money buys. Choose wisely grasshoppers​…..

        • God and Country for sure, enemies domestic and traitors

        • nlightened2 , all depends on what you think GOD may be ? But I agree on all points even if I do not believe in the supposed Christian GOD presented today, floating around in the sky with a white beard and white robes, observing and judging us all. I think it is all much simpler than that and much more realistic and practical.

          As far as our country ? well it does need some serious changes to be worth a shit ! Maybe some cleaning out, the opposite of the purges Obama did might help.

          As it stands today, our country, which is the deep state apparatus is our worse enemy in nearly every way ! That is a critical point to understand. The issue is what we want to create , not only what is ?

      7. I have been a football fan since 1960 when Dallas got a franchise. Watched any and all games available but no more. NFL has no idea who their audience is and I offer Justin Beiber as Super Bowl “entertainment” as further proof.

      8. If you idiot NFL bozos want respect, then you better show some, otherwise you are the cause of any lost respect,
        You need to show it to get it,
        I dont care if your green, yellow, orange whatever, you disrespect the anthem, flag, country, vets,

        • and NO Money!!!!!!

      9. The protests are a statement against Western Civilization. White Civilization. What’s left of it. They don’t like White people. Wake up. Defend your people, your family, your way of life.

        • These fools just want to destroy & piss on anything and everything that is WHITE and I am so sick and tired of that silly monkey-minded bullshit. November 4th, I got a lil’ something for you shit heads, come and visit me. I am bored and tired of damn paper targets. TARGET RICH Environment my fellow Patriots – get your asses ready boys… have been given ample notice.

          • Gonna pound the fuck out of them. I do hope law enforcement will stand down and let this happen. It is in their best interests as well. The communists want them dead too.

        • The antifa crowd and Sorosites need to remember what we left in Zimbabwe after they stole the land from the white farm and ranch owners. That nation is still another fetid backwater in Africa. It used to be a nation with great resources before the slug Mugabe and his Marxism took over.
          Sorosites and company are intentionally trying to (and succeeding in some areas of this country) in Balkanizing and tribalizing, the U.S.A.

        • And yet half these protesters ARE white and traitors to their own race. That make me sick!

        • Him, it has now devolved into open hostility against whites, simple as that ! A contrivance created for a reason to divide.BHO and Holder are driving this bus today, as well as their many cronies and partners like Soros and the Clintons. And of course PRAVDA/MSM pumps it all 24/7/365.

          Nothing new in USA today, same shit rolling downhill on all of us !

      10. Him, agreed. That quarterback is white and all the other players are black. They were playing a combination racial and political card against him. Those black turds don’t have any damn business telling white people what to do. I’ll bet nothing happens to them because of affirmative action. After all they do belong to a minority group and minorities get special treatment under federal law.

        • Maybe a setup with the QB playing a role. . .

      11. You can take these black men out of the “hood” but can you take the “hood” out of these black men? Had they stayed where they once were and where their former friends are now, they might have have been eventually a victim of crime. In all probability the person who robbed them or killed them would also have been black. The police are the enemies of the criminals that would have preyed on them. Those police come in all races and ethnic groups. By inner city standards, they are successful. They are being held up to other inner city kids as role models. They made it, why can’t you? Your former friends are no longer your friends! These spoiled athletes need to get their heads straight!

      12. The blacks seems to be destroying the NFL just like anything they else they get control of. Ferguson, Detroit, Charlottesville, Chicago, Africa etc. I’m probably missing a few….

      13. I hope ALL of those savage apes drop dead – we would all be much better off. All of this b.s. makes me want to puke.

        • Maybe we should just ship them all BACK to the Planet of The Apes where their true home is!

      14. Remember: Racism and H8TE are always bad… unless the left and minorities do it. Then it is “justified,” “acceptable” and even “good.”

        Yep, hypocrisy. The calling card of the fascist left. Just ask any of the Learjet leftists infesting Hollyweird, or Chelsea Clinton as she boards her PRIVATE jet to go to a BIG GREEN MONEY global warming conference (google it to see pix. Hilarious)

        I am against racism of any sort. That includes reverse racism.

      15. I saw a story yesterday saying that certain restaurants had stopped airing NFL games in protest of the players kneeling during the national anthem. I wish they had released the names and locations of theses establishments so I could support them by eating there. It is a very small step, but this is the only way to show them that this is not acceptable behaviour. The owners should know, even though I do not like it, some kids look at these players like role models and if they are showing this type of disrespect for the national anthem, the flag, and this country then how will that affect the younger viewers who do see them as role models. I personally do not watch NFL and neither do my children, but I know there are many who do. This is just hurting are future and is basically showing younger kids that there is nothing wrong with disrespecting the flag and all it stands for. I think if you disrespect the flag or the country you should be charged with treason and taken out to a large oak tree and hanged.

      16. NFL: Mostly apes. NBA: ALL Apes…No thanks. I will not watch nor support any of these spoiled brats so called stars – running in circles and licking their balls, grunting, acting like chimps out in Africa, how appropriate. To hell with all of their asses. It is time we shut this shit down and down hard!

      17. Even the 1919 Black Sox (Chicago White Sox that threw the World Series) weren’t this disgusting.

      18. As Rush predicted years ago, the left is taking out the NFL. It was for men and was patriotic, which the left can’t stand. Kaepernick was their way in to stir things up. The problem is that the owners of most of the teams are liberal and can’t see what’s happening to them. The players don’t see it either. All of them are going to end up jobless soon, unless they wise up.

          • He is probably a sand negro pretending to be a regular negro- that is, a mulatto. The kinky hair may be fake.

        • Archivist, I would not go long on the wising up.

          I saw Rushes take on it and he is wrong again, but nothing new. None of it is that well planned out. Nearly all we see is just fools reacting to other fools being prodded. And I agree with many of his ideas over the years. I do wish he would identify the real criminals and sources of the deep state apparatus more clearly. He is getting there, but slowly. This is all another massive distraction of the many real crimes that have been committed within our won government or what it has become ! A giant criminal enterprise.

      19. Give em the courtesy of allowing them to kneel so you can put a JHP through the back of their head, traitors are traitors period,

      20. To hell with the negroid football league

      21. “The Russians did it.”

      22. Fake news.

      23. These pussy protesters. Black, White, Green, Gray what ever color they are. Should be fired and put people to play the game with out using their job as a bully pulpit.

        Screw the unpatriotic bastards! They can go to hell. Each and everyone of them. Fuck hem!!!!!!!!!

        Its Ok for one side to have an opinion but not the other side?

        I hope they fine this to be true and the all go to jail.


      24. Join me in not spending a fricking penny on any NFL product! Boycott NFL on TV too, as they generate income from advertising. Once the advertisement income stream is stopped, bingo bango! the buck AND TV program stops there.

        Fuck ’em!

      25. Couldn’t be more clear how rigged the games are. So sorry that so many years of being duped into thinking the games were anything resembling REAL competitions. What isn’t a blatant lie anymore concerning the networks?

      26. I don’t care about knuckle dragging, antiAmerican, uneducated, people who probably can’t even read their own diploma. Please ignore these ignorant people……walk away from them with your $$$$.
        They probably have cadillac health care and appreciate nothing.
        C of Doom:
        That is why I don’t have insurance. I figured in 1970 they were blowing smoke……but I had insurance until 20xx when I got laid off at work got bit by deer tick while mowing grass in my yard.
        They called me back to work after 9 months, but by that time lyme disease was taking over, so I took retirement, lost my insurance, took SS. Searched everywhere for insurance. At this point I couldn’t afford any… unless I moved to Chicago where they pay zero for anything. They wanted
        me to sign over my rental property to them, basically, I had to “buy” into Medicaid
        to have insurance. Now, if that is the ‘rule for everyone else’ in USA..fine. I can understand and live with that, HOWEVER…. I was told in every other state it IS FREE…except the state I lived in. (Racist, Affirmative Action alive and well!!) They can go suck sand. I’m done with crooked Gov. lies, broken promises, 30+ years of ‘paying the bill’ for every freeloader to get free benefits, (at my expense) while I do without because I live in the wrong town and or wrong state!!
        Sorry, I’m not whinnning….. just really p****d at the communist, swamp gov. and their bribery and trickery for votes.
        (They Cheated me out of my 2015 PRIMARY VOTE, also, but that is another story …for another time.)
        votes. And those people who have everything and turn Communits as thanks.

      27. NFL Goodell GO TO HELL!!!

      28. Everyone but the QB on the Raiders team should be fined and suspended for their behavior before the game started as it was against NFL policy. Period. In fact, maybe the NFL should end the season early and send all the players home.

      29. F**K Football!! This is a TACTIC Straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” to ramp up the Divide and Conquer Strategy to distract Stupid Americans. People better Wake Up to these Demonic Games the Zionist’s and their Conspirators are using to destroy the U.S. because what these Demons have planned for the “Goyim” will be Hell on Earth that will make EVERYTHING they have pulled off in the last 104 years look like a bad day at work.

      30. Another Black Sox scandal.I wonder how long it will take for the people who lost money in the raiders new home town to sue the players, teams and NFL to recover their losses. I also wonder if the other owners will get involved in the cover up.

      31. I quit watching NFL
        the year the Heehawks(AKA Seahawks)
        lost a superbowl due to obviously
        bad officiating.
        I only watch when Heehawks are in the superbowl.
        And with the latest BS I will no longer
        watch any NFL at all.
        Highly paid porch(Lanai) monkeys insulting
        Me, a Vietnam era Vet that protected their freedoms
        to be porch(Lanai) monkeys, is simply enough.
        I am done with them and their sponsors.

        • Rellik: Right on from another Vietnam veteran. Paul

        • rellik, shouldn’t watch any of it ! or you are enabling and participating

      32. When long time die hard fans are posting themselves burning the sports gear in protest and anger, that should be a wake up call that the football fans are pissed off at them. They don’t seem to get it, if the fans stop going to the games and or stop watching the games on TV, it is game over for them. Sponsors will pull their ads when it gets to the point of not being cost effective to advertise.
        The NFL is dead to me. As for the companies that advertise during the NFL games, it will be easy to boycott and find a substitute product.

      33. The attitude is, “Deayyy OWEEs me”.

      34. I’ld watch if there was a white team. Call it “Borax” or “Clorax”.

        I know some team members and cheer leaders. What happened to the white players? There is no absence of whites capable of playing professional football. The use of virtually only black’s is part of the Communist/3ew agenda. Make Blacks role models, Sports celebrity millionaires so that white women will be encouraged to mate with black men, thereby disempower white men, and produce more black babies and less white babies.

        Whie genocide is not a Conspiracy Theory. It is a Conspiracy by Communist 3ews.
        Genocide of White people will end civilization. Blacks will become slaves without the glory of sports and without the big paycheck.


        I’ve been under the sports arena in Oakland. It is real. There is a series of walkways and rooms. The teams, cheerleaders, and entertainers go there while the masses congregate above for bread and circus.


      35. I’m done with the NFL. these idiots are going to miss their paychecks when it all closes down.

      36. Wonder if amy of these Raider losers had put any money on Washington to win? That there are real laws against and very real jail time – not just a slap on the hand from the Coach…

      37. Bring them to their knees. Stop watching and stop going to games and stop buying merchandise. Middle class – mostly white america is what keeps these guys employed. Roughly 70% viewers of National Felon League are white. Roughly 90% of attendees live are white. So average 80%. I watched 2 games last year and none this year. Never watch ESPN any longer. Finding a lot of “readiness time” on Sunday’s. I’ll admit I did steal an idea from Antifa – ice picks…..think about that for a second then go get a dozen. Looking forward to Nov 4

        • What are ice piks for???

      38. Time for QB to look for a better team.

      39. The sun shines, the rain falls: Nothing changes until the guns come out, and the drums begin to beat !!

        • We are way past due on that one,,, way way past due

          • Roger “way passed due”. Got home from Nam March of 69 and found that we had commies running wild right here in our own country.Since then it’s gotten 100 times worse.I was on a boat with the Mobile River Assault Force in the Delta and when I first hooked up with them we got a talk from our commanding officer who said that our job is to haul the Armies asses around and kill as many commies as we can.they loved those high body counts.Now it looks like they are protected,but that looks like it could end very soon.I told my wife that this time it should be a lot different.I won’t need to travel to the other side of the world to kill commies,I can do it right here at home.She can fix me a nice breakfast,pack me a lunch,and I can have at it all day,after I bag my limit I’ll be home for supper,then get a good nights sleep so I’ll be ready to go again the next day.

      40. I have never understood why someone would be a rabid fan for a sports team, when they don’t live in that city, never lived in that city, don’t even know anyone in that city, and most of the players come from some other part of the country or even from foreign countries.

        What possible connection is there between a fan and a particular team?

        I can see rooting for the teams of a college you actually attend or attended in the past. But most of this current sports worship escapes me.

        If all the sports teams of all types in the whole world vanished, I wouldn’t notice or care.

      41. Don’t watch ESPN, a big chunk of the cable goes their way. That must be declining as cord cutters have dumped that channel in large numbers as they have moved into some political commentary and driving cable prices ever higher. Even basic cable is too damn high always raising the rate. The NFL is trying to go global, games in London for years, a game scheduled for Mexico City this year, not sure if that is still on. An exhibition game coming in China maybe in a year or two. I would never wear any teams jersey or any other gear, no free advertising from me.

        • I don’t have cable or satellite. I just have a Roku and watch what I want for free. It’s like having a smart TV, but without the camera and microphone spying on you.

          There’s even software (Plex) that let’s you use the Roku to go through your wireless to your collection of old movies, TV shows, and music, so that you can have them on your big screen for free. I haven’t bought any movies in a long time. There’s plenty of free movies, TV, and music on Roku channels and Youtube.

      42. I just like the pissing off the establishment part of the refusing to stand for the anthem. Even the 6 year old kneeling for the pledge of allegiance is within his rights and totally legal. The football players may be angering fans and non fans alike by not standing because those people see the high pay and figure STFU. They can stand sit kneel or curl up in a ball and I don’t give a crap except as a slap in the face of those who would limit free speech expression like the ongoing moves politically to work against the right to protest war.

      43. My nephew out in California played against Kaepernick in high school. I’m not much for watching tv, but if the Bucs are on I can’t resist. They had two players kneel last week, Mike Evans who kneeled last year for one game and last week, also free agent receiver DeSean Jackson acquired from Philly. Both kind of primadonnas. I think this fad of not standing will fade out. It will go back to being ignored. Big freaking deal.

      44. If . . . “the [black offensive line of the] NFL’s Oakland Raiders . . . purposefully allowed their star [white] quarterback to get sacked multiple times [because] he refused to kneel during the National Anthem . . . .” then the QB [whitey] should consider himself lucky.

        They could have set him up to have his knees taken [chopped]. Both of them. Get it? “Take a knee?”

      45. It is a slap in the face to every veteran that has served. Spoiled athletes that have no idea of the hardships of the service man or woman. Freedom of speech my ass. Boycott these imbeciles and the products they endorse.

        • We had John Wayne, today’s men have Bruce Gender.

      46. Just like Nascar pro football has gone to shit. I mean damn I used to watch these sports to get my mind off the every day stress of working my ass off. I’m too old for porn lol guess I will start hunting on Sundays.

      47. I’d be happiest if both teams refuse to even show up for their game. I’ve spent $0.00 on games, movies, music since 1992. To me entertainment is background noise, I’d rather be doing things with my time than paying to watch others. I’ve never had problems picking up girls or having fun with friends, and that doesn’t require buying a ticket to a meaningless ‘play’

      48. Of course you racist faggots believe this

      49. Unfortunately, the NFL situation typifies that this once properous nation has become a cultural battleground for racists/nazis on the right and communists on the left. It sucks to be an american today.

      50. Been a lifetime Raider fan and I was watching this game and I noticed that Carr, who happens to be one of the only white players on the time, was the only Raider standing. I watched the 1st quarter and couldn’t believe what I was seeing: dropped passes and sacks. But they were so obvious. Before I even entertained the possibility of a thrown game I threw my raider’s hat away and I’m done with the NFL for good. Now that this comes out about then purposely throwing a game which was obvious, I hope people like Carr reassess their career path. What’s the use of making millions of it means rubbing shoulders with these little bitches.

      51. I knew it! Why else would the offensive line give up 27 points and make the Redskin’s QB look like a Hall-of-Famer?

      52. This NFL kneel is Marxist propaganda used by the elite to further divide a country that’s already divided.
        The elite know Americans are very sensitive about the flag and national anthem.
        The elite are using these ignorant players to destroy America by playing on long standing racial tensions.
        Americans pay to watch or attend NFL games to see football not political leftist propaganda.
        Every American has the right to free speech, but don’t use the flag and national anthem as a backdrop for a political and social reform protest on national television while working as a employee.
        Black Americans are not doing much to support
        their cause by supporting violent music and killing each other.
        The fact that President Trump is obviously trolling by fueling this Marxist propaganda proves he is another elite puppet.


      53. I have not been to an NFL game for 40 years. Then I could get in for $5 or less, sometimes free tickets handed out in the parking lot. The team sucked that bad. Smoked reefer right in the stands. Now it’s gestapoville.

      54. Watch the sorry performance of tom brady trying to justify his and his teams actions during his postgame. Too scared to stand for what is right. Afraid of his black teammates and opponents. The patriots were my team. Now it is obvious they don`t deserve to be called that. Jerry jones is another coward. No one talks about all the dead cops killed by black thugs. All the bullshit the cops of all colors have to put up with from black thugs daily. No one wants to deal with black thugs. But they will be dealt with i assure you.

      55. Raiders. A bunch of immature scumbags with a lot of money. Keep ruining the league. I and may others do not watch your BS any more. Let’s see how many endorsements you get if you keep it up. Businesses aren’t going to play your stupid immature games.

      56. sack the entire lot except the 1 who refused to kneel and try the lot for match fixing and fraud, also strip them of all earnings and sponsorships and let the club sue them for breach of contract, the day politics is taken into a game is the start of dying days and even now it is becoming all too evident that the USA is bordering on the verge of civil war all because idiots can’t see past their noses, THE PAST IS THE DAMN PAST the states DOES NOT have the ideals of decades ago stop making something of something from times that are not ours and now your wanting to ruin the very nation that gave you freedoms, a home, careers, financial support where applicable, lose ur bloody high horses and do something that benefits the country instead of trying to rip it apart you bloody idiots, i’ve never seen the point of what i term “forward rugby” or “rugby in reverse” but it’s your national sport and you have now ruined it’s good name, driving fans away in their droves all for what……events that didn’t even happen in our life time, events that the country moved away from wake up you buffoons

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