Shock Report: Domestic Black Sites Now Operational: “When You Go In, No One Knows What’s Happened To You”

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    For nearly two decades alternative media has warned of government internment camps where citizens would be disappeared, detained and tortured with no regard for their rights. For nearly two decades the notion has been dismissed by the general population as just another conspiracy theory.

    But a new report out of Chicago suggests that not only are such facilities real, they have now been actively integrated into the nation’s law enforcement apparatus.

    The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site.

    The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units. Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights.

    “Homan Square is definitely an unusual place,” Church told the Guardian on Friday. “It brings to mind the interrogation facilities they use in the Middle East. The CIA calls them black sites. It’s a domestic black site. When you go in, no one knows what’s happened to you.

    Source: The Guardian

    According to those who have been detained at the site against their will and absent their natural and constitutional rights, the Chicago facility is exactly what you might expect from a government run internment and detention center.

    • Family members and attorneys are unable to locate a detainee because those arrested and sent to the black site are never entered into booking databases. They are simply “disappeared.”
    • Detainees are beaten by police in what can only be described as torture.
    • Access to phone calls and judges are restricted so once you are in there is no way to call for help to let anyone know you are there
    • Attorneys are denied access because the site has been deemed a high security facility
    • People are regular shackled for extended periods of time

    Keep in mind that the people in these facilities, because they are never sent through proper booking channels, are being held without charge or trial, a gross violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    We’ve previously warned that these are exactly the kind of scenarios that would result from anti-terrorism legislation like The Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

    On December 5th [2011], ahead of Congressional voting, Senator Rand Paul warned that the new legislation would allow the government to detain American citizens under terrorism laws without evidence, charge or trial. Specifically, Paul cited the government’s own broad definitions and characterizations for domestic terrorism or suspicious activity as involving those who, among other things, own guns, ammunition or store food.

    The very fact that this bill was ever penned and allowed to get as far as it has gotten in our Constitutional Republic is cause for concern. A glimmer of hope existed for a few weeks when the President claimed he would veto it if it came to his desk. As has been the case throughout this administration’s term, however, our hope was for naught. Someone, somewhere needs this legislation to pass. To what end we can only speculate.

    In the following video Senator Rand Paul sounded an eerie warning. As has been proven with the Chicago black site, his warnings have now come to pass:

    Know good and well that someday there could be a government in power that is shipping its citizens off for disagreements.

    Do you want to have your government have the ability to send you to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention?

    …As a suspect. We’re not talking about someone who has been tried and found guilty. We’re talking about someone suspected of activities.

    Rand Paul, Ron Paul and scores of Americans who repeatedly warned about this were designated as having gone off the reservation.

    It’s not so far out of the sphere of possibility now, is it?

    Given the recent activities of government with regards to stockpiling weapons of war, ammunition, body armor, riot gear, and armored vehicles, one can’t but help to think that they are planning on something serious taking place in America.

    Evidence for the existence of black sites, known up until this point as government run internment camps, or FEMA camps, has been presented to the public for years with little interest. And chances are that the majority of the public will likely brush this report off as a non-issue, just as they have done before.

    But make no mistake. This site and others like it are real. And one day, should the government be allowed to continue with such operations, it may well be you or your family members that get detained and disappeared.

    And when we say disappeared, we mean disappeared:

    “It’s sort of an open secret among attorneys that regularly make police station visits, this place – if you can’t find a client in the system, odds are they’re there,” said Chicago lawyer Julia Bartmes.

    This is America, 2015.

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      1. We need to post our own army outside this place and shut it down

        • What’s the address of this Homan Square?

          Let’s have private satellite video recording this place.

          • Easy enough to google it’s location
            I found it last night
            Plenty of pictures
            Homan sqare
            Look it up

            • Pictures?

              Let’s get photos and identities of everyone entering and exiting this place.

              • Right on! FS
                It’s not hard to find
                I found a street map of where it is last night in like 5 min

              • FS, better yet, let’s mount a rescue operation to free whatever prisoners are inside it. Just waste the damn thugs in the process.

                • ROFL MAO @ all the arm-chair warriors that will never lift their collective asses up off the couch to do shit about this. 🙂 🙂 🙂

                  • There is a reason they put fluoride in the water and aluminum in the shots: passive citizens who think but do not do.

                    • No, fluoride and aluminum keeps them from THINKING. Not being able to think, keeps them from doing.

                  • Billy Hill.

                    Who knows better than anyone than those in Chicago.

                    Are there no Patriots there. Is there no Press to inform the public.

                    I agree the ACW have to get off the couches and do something to raise awareness in their THEIR Community.

                    • Any self-respecting patriot would’ve fled there long ago.

                  • I wonder why some of those attorneys don’t petition a Federal court for a permanent injunction on Constitutional grounds. That might have some chance of working.

                    Suggesting an armed invasion to free whomever might be captive there is looney tunes.
                    An armed attack on a government facility would get most of the attackers dead on the spot. You’d have 300 police there within fifteen minutes. The “liberators” who survived would be looking at long sentences in a federal supermax.

                    The only result would be to erode liberty further while making anyone who objects to the aconstitutional travesty look like WE are the problem.

                    • wonder why some of those attorneys don’t petition a Federal court for a permanent injunction on Constitutional grounds

                      seriously….you asked that question…wow.

                    • Yeah, W, I asked that question. IF that facility is real, and doing what the author claims it’s doing, what’s wrong with using the courts to protect our rights?

                      The Civil Rights Movement didn’t win on demonstrations or letters to the editor. Federal appellate decisions took them where they wanted to go.

                      Ditto for the same sex marriage campaign.

                      What this country needs is for somebody to challenge NDAA’s constitutionality in federal court. The right challenge (might) prevail. Or at the least force them to declare that the Constitution is a dead letter. That the federal judiciary is a farce.

                      Do you have a better solution? You’d charge in there with guns blazing?

                      Lead the way dude. We’ll see you in the media.

                      since the box to respond to you is disabled.

                    • John_Allen, when they brought the same sex marriage campaign before gay judges, of course it was upheld. They did this in Portland Oregon. They let Judge Michael McShane, an openly gay judge, decide the case…guess how he decided.

                      Similarly, the other courts are stacked against the common people and against freedom. Bet on it. The courts will be of no use to us.

                    • thanks sixpack…

                      I find it almost comical and then sad that anyone thinks they have a say in what is going on. from the meatball that pulls you over to fill his quota to the supreme court that won’t even “entertain” an eligibility question based on “no standing”.

                      “on constitutional grounds”, ha, a pig in a poke.

                      guns blazing? not yet.

                      I bet you think your vote has meaning too, maybe locally, but I wouldn’t count on it.

                    • You can’t expect attorneys or civil rights organizations to do anything useful anymore. The organizations have been corrupted from within, as has most of the major media and journalists financed by the CIA/FBI have been.

                      They could have overturned the Patriot Act long ago had the terrible uses for their targeted surveillance and criminal operations been exposed.

                      Every one is too afraid of the Real Terrorists, running this country now, to do anything about the travesties of justice going on.

                      Watch Kay Griggs videos on you tube, as she gives her testimonial for what has been going on for a long time now.

                      Since 2011, I’ve been targeted for surveillance burglaries, vandalism, pet torture, vehicle tampering as well as the planting of stolen and unknown origin property and malicious prosecution. My safe deposit box was even burglarized. No one would help me, out of the dozens and dozens of organizations and attorneys I’ve contacted. I can’t get my FOIA Requests fulfilled for information on my surveillance “Watch List” targeted crimes and it’s even common knowledge in Washington state that Homeland Security personnel are involved in my targeted surveillance crimes.

                      The only hope people have is to get out of the country before the dollar collapses. As a targeted activist, who can’t find an attorney or a civil rights or constitutional rights organization to help me, my only hope is to leave the country. My cruise control stopped working on my 140 mile trip back from Spokane WA, on Thursday last week, and I was gang stalked on the road by multiple vehicles (one of them with a Big Transformer Decal on the Back Window, one with a Big US “Infantry” sticker on his back window, as well as by WA license plate # WEPLAY2) and after they all turned off and I got past Colville, WA, I tried my cruise control again and it started working. I know they have had remote control over my car alarms on my vehicles for a long time now, and it looks to me that they can also remote control my cruise control as well now…… It is too dangerous to stay in this country for me. scribd (dot) com/CrystalSpirit_US

              • go for it, that should be really easy with your “private satellite!”
                So- now you have photos and identities (Face recognition software in your private satellite I suspect, right?) now what Dr. Evil?
                Since what they’re doing (unlike you) is legal, they’ll arrest you for stalking or some other excuse. Not to worry though your satellite will have photos of you being hauled in there.

                dude. Think before you type, huh?

                PS- Before your head explodes, NDAA makes this legal. Legal does not equal moral or right, simply legal. If you have a problem with this, perhaps you could start by writting your reps in DC and ask them how they can support this? (Maybe?) Then you can go all James Bond if you want!

          • Refuse to be arrested. Unless there are many around me with rifles, I have them outgunned from the vehicle. I’m going to fight even if I’m outgunned though. Better than being dragged off and friggin tortured.

            • I have warned many about a fascist coup against this country that has been taking place. Well, it’s here. These are indeed internment camps, these are death camps for those who do not conform.

              I can tell you one thing: I’m going to lay low, and the hell with this society and it’s institutions – including the medical institutions which are now fully under federal control due to Obamacare. I’m out, I’m staying very clear from now on. I’m out.

              These are fascists running our country, please warn people.

              Our right to bear arms is *THE* only thing keeping Americans from experiencing the horrific fate of mass murder and mass concentration, notice how this torture site is in the most ‘liberal’ , Anti-gun city of them all, Chicago IL.

              Coincidence? No. Hell no.

              • I’m with you, its time to get out or do something about it, but most americans do not get off their asses.
                the only things that work is the same treatment, so eliminate the leaders !!!!

            • FP, I’m with you all the way on that. Nobody will take me, either.

        • Move along people nothing to see here, this is obviously being done for our safety and I’m sure the only people that it’s being done too are brown skinned “terrorists”.

          All the more reason to never be captured or detained. Two words Escape & Evasion. And if that don’t work I guess three words Click Click Boom!!!

          One of these days everyone of us will be faced with a Choice…eiher Fight, Succumb, or Surrender? Btw, death is not a choice it is inevitable.

          • Richard Head, surrender is not an option. It’s not even in my vocabulary. For me it WILL be click click boom!

          • Are you for real?

            • Maverick is for real.

            • Smartypants, I’m as real as can be.

            • Maverick is the same old ACW renegade braveheaet. You know, impotent in every way, poor downtrodden mental midget of yore. Always up for really empty mouth spouting, but never offering cogent nor relevant discourse. Yep, that renegade braveheart……

              • Fox, couldn’t have said it any better. Same old BS from the master BS’er himself. Ready to serve lead and brass nutrients to all his enemies, real and imagined. If you’re in the business of doom porn, this mope is your dream shill, salivating and ranting at everything de jour. Tomorrow he’ll be foaming at the mouth about new enemies to conquer, both real and imagined.

                • Hey JT, braveheart will be that tallest blade of grass cut down first. 🙂

              • Foxglove, go f#$% yourself! You’ll f#$%ing WISH I was impotent if you ever cross my path.

                • OOOOOOOOO, more threatening hot air from the master of internet bravado himself, I’ll bet ole’ foxglove is shakin’ with fear at the very thought of you bravegeez.

                  • JT, only politicians and other government people blow “hot air”. I know how to back up my statements and I really don’t give a shit what you trolls think. I don’t owe any of you anything.

                • Uh,Brave,you do know what impotent means?!Sorry,too easy,step on rickety stoll and put noose around neck Warchild can’t resist but kick out a stool leg!Don’t listen to em,have a few fish!

                • More of same…. Hit a nerve? Got compensation issues much, braveheart? 🙂

                  • Foxglove, JT, and Hamilton, just what is the problem with you people? I can hold my own against anyone and if I have to play EXTREME hardball to protect myself, I will.

          • I posted this on a previous thread, but It was in reference to this situation. I felt it was appropriate to repost:

            I would encourage everyone here to watch the movie “Conspiracy”. This movie was produced by the BBC/HBO and is a story about the Wannsee Conference in Berlin, 1942, where the Nazis outlined their program to implement the “final solution” in regard to the “Jewish problem”.

            The reason I believe this movie is important is because if you watch it, you will see how careful the Nazis were to insure that what they did was “lawful”, or at least had the appearance of being “lawful”. At least that was important to several of those who attended the conference.

            I think it’s important to understand that what the Nazis did as regarding the Holocaust and extermination of some 10 million people (not just 6 million Jews), was framed in “legality”. And that is what is so chilling about this movie.

            It is also what is so chilling about the anti-terrorism laws that have been enacted in this country now. NDAA gives such broad powers to police that the Constitution is effectively emasculated. When people can be “disappeared”, you no longer live in a free country.

            But it is all legal you see.

            The lesson of history is, that if you don’t pay attention to the lessons of history, you will continue to repeat the same evil. Over and over again.

            We are witnessing just such an event. Here.

            I would have posted a link to this movie if I could have found it in its entirety. A complete version of it used to be on youtube, but it is no longer there. Individual clips of the movie however, can be seen on youtube.

            • excellent movie

              I re-watch it every year

              just as a reminder of how very evil bureaucrats are

          • There was voices down the corridor, I thought I heard them say

            “welcome to the hotel California”…

        • Sorry off-topic…but a BIG HEADS-UP to Sgt.Dale & N-Reb!!!

          Hey guys, looks like the kooks in your state are getting goofy again. Check out this newly introduced anti-gun/freedom legislation..(Illinois SB-1413) -link below-

          ht tp://


          ht tp://

          Remove the space, of course..good luck & stout hearts fellas..

          • Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.

            • Well said sir! I wonder how many of these armchair revolutionaries would have held the pass with you at Thermopylae, alongside Leonidas? Perhaps some of us have lived as you have, and then again, until that final moment when the die is cast and there is no going back, None of us can truly know what they will do at that juncture. You sound as though I would pick you to walk point for me, and thus, I have your six!!

          • My rights can’t be legislated away!! A quote from Armed American Radio. “Don’t be an unarmed caveman, never leave home without you club”

            Tomato tip #1 Simple watering trick. Wash out a 2 liter bottle. Cut the bottom off, then duct tape it upside down to the tomato cage, next loosen the cap just a little, the fill it with water. Now you have simple drip irrigation, just fill it a few times a day when your plants get bigger

        • This stuff is on tv every week on shows like Chicago PD and people cheer the cops for unlawful arrest and interrogation. Its the way thy control us and soften us up. Most people just learn to go with it.

        • I can’t say what I would suggest, for fear of being put in one myself

        • yes, and bring a couple of news crews, and groups of protestors

        • Never gonna happen, because people, even the most patriotic, have become so SCARED, comfortable and distracted, that you wouldn’t be able to get 10 patriots to stand together to do that….. ALL of us are complicit in letting it get this far, ALL of us have done nothing and will continue to do nothing but sit and stroke our keyboards about how angry we are. Then we’ll go back to Castle or Keeping up with the Kardashians or Dance moms or the Bachelor or Whatever happens to be on the IDIOT box while we eat our GMO popcorn. Enjoy the descent folks, landing mihgt be bit bumpy so don’t spill your kool aid…..

        • If you see one cockroach there are hundreds more you havent seen. Im sure there are these places all over.

        • I hope someone living near this facility will help us. Please help the rest of us by shooting videos of this place and people coming and going. You could do this from the safety of a vehicle with tinted windows. Please get the scoop on these monsters before none of us have any freedom.

          • If it is in Chicago, it is in dozens or even hundreds of other places too

      2. I wonder how many of these places and how many cities or states use them?

        • Good question Kula — I have a hard time believing there is only one.

          • Mac, it’s a safe bet there are more such facilities scattered all over the US. This is something straight out of “The Gulag Archipelago”. Now I know more than ever I have to stand up and fight the NWO. This is just one more reason to do so. There’s no telling when these domestic black sites were set up. They need to be attacked, the prisoners liberated, the thugs killed, and the facilities need to be destroyed. NOBODY WILL EVER TAKE ME ALIVE, PERIOD. TARGET ME FOR ANY REASON AND YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

            • yeah, and braveheart is going to lead the charge. I’m sure they’ll be cowering in fear when they are subjected to the red thumbs brigade in cyberspace,LOL!

            • Good old braveheart with the ineffective chest thumping. Ever heard ok don’t know, being effective? Fighting back intelligently? Being a gray man and fighting with gray matter? A frontal assault of any sort on this problem will utterly fail. Fight with your intellect and you may win. Oh, I forgot….. We are talking about you. Fighting with intellect is beyond your capacities…..

              • Hamilton and Foxglove can both go f#$% themselves! 2 useless trolls who don’t know what they’re talking about.

                • bravegeez, anybody who’s ever read 2/3 articles of your comments know exactly what we’re talking about, you’re nothing but an aging internet badass who mindlessly flails out in all directions with his emotional breakdowns.

                • Ah braveheart….. Master of the snappy retort. You just make this too easy…..

                  • Foxglove, JT, and Hamilton, you must really enjoy those crack pipes, don’t you?

          • WHY?

            • Why smarty?A lot of folks would rather be dead then submit,kinda what this country started from as birth of the US,not sure what folks here before us thought about freedom.A lot of folks do not have family that needs care and thus realise country heading to a point of nothing to lose.Many would rather be dead(while taking enemies with them)then submit to tyranny,really simple if you think about it.I would say the firearm purchases of the last 10 years along with a lot of other actions by citizens many believe this country headed to a point that they will not willingly participle with it’s govt.that is why.

              • WD… My question was towards Mac not Maverick… The delay in moderation can sometimes makes comments seem out of place. But who gives a shit?

                • Smart,use a false e-mail address soon comments come right up when reconized as a regular poster,not many comments for that to happen.You post links and they are live will get moderated(should be changed for regular commentators!),why many post links with a space between http in link to avoid the “moderation game”,hope that helps if you plan to visit much.

              • Most all have “submitted” and it’s not the April 15th deadline yet- and they’re not dead either so I must politely disagree.
                Say what you wish but I suspect most will willingly go to the showers. Not a slam on anyone, just history and “conditioning”. As for the guns? They needed several 40 ft. containers for all the guns folks voluntarily surrendered after Katrina so they could get into the Superdome and get some MRE’s. Fact- I know some of the volunteers that were there and saw it.
                We submit to tyranny all the time, in a thousand little ways. Did you pay for your dog license? put quarters in the parking meter to park on the street you paid for? Finance (by taxes) the arming of those raping and be-heading Christans? Paid your “sin tax” for the booze you’re not allowed to make? Yea- sadly, so did I.
                See- I’m no Braveheart. No chest thumping here. No lines from some cheesy Hollywood script. Wish things were different, but they’re not.

            • Smartypants, uh, where have you been? Sounds like you have overdosed on the federal koolaid put out by the MSM. Lay down the crack pipe.

            • Maverick – forgot to add smartybritches to the troll list…

              • Hammers, that’s right. I need to add smartypants, jt, foxglove, Hamilton, etc. SOME trolls do show themselves.

                • braveheart,the thing that “shows” itself that destroys any semblance of your credibility is the truth, and feel free to add that to your ” troll” list. Geez, what a flaming moron you are.

          • The answer is…
            ht tp://

            Live Free or Die…Patriot

            • Thanks for the link Talon ’76…looks to be a ‘good resource.’

        • I bet there are tons of them
          This one so far is one that got attention recently
          It’s been around for too long already in my opinion
          I’d almost venture a guess that every big city has at least one

      3. It is things like this chicago prison(figures chicago!)that make folks realize and fight for bill of rights,especially 1&2.Keep in mind though,there are many ways to gum up systems,learn what you can do while net still up and running.I will say folks being imprisoned in masses(not the insanity masses now with insane laws)but just seen as “problem citizens”will be a interesting time.Keep finding and looking for those who support/work in such systems,know who the enemy is.You are unwilling to fight this insanity,well,the enemy is right in your mirror.Time to get to work in land of “fruits&nuts”!I will say some very nice people here in Kali,some actually seem awake and ready to best of ability.

      4. The people running these have homes and families
        They gotta go home some time
        Maybe they would like to have a taste of their own medicine?

        • The whole point is to scare us, keep us silent and compliant. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES LET THEM SCARE YOU INTO BEING SILENT!! At that point, we all lose.

          An article at Chris Hedges site comes to mind. Its an article about prisons. Forgot name but something about us becoming like prisoners (what’s going on in prisons is a taste of what’s to come for the rest of us.) You have no idea how the prison systems have changed and simply turned into a corporation, where the workers (prisoners) get paid around $1/hour and yet are expected to pay for all their room and board, medicines, etc. Please check it out! Little by little the corrupt top elites are squashing us.

          • Anon, couldn’t agree more.

      5. people often ask how will the police act WTSHTF ?

        this article gives you a little taste

        how are they acting NOW ???

        I’m a big history buff

        my favorite period to study ?

        Germany in the 1930’s

        deja vu
        and not in a good way

        Bosnia war survivor warns of things to come in collapse of America

        a quote from Selco

        “Men become monsters”

        • @Satori…

          “I’m a big history buff

          my favorite period to study ?

          Germany in the 1930′s”

          Same here Satori. The parallels between what happened in Germany in the 30’s and what is happening now in this country are ominous.

          • Satori & Anon2, Just how bigga ole boy’s are ya’ll. Just kiddin. Anywho, just remember that sheeple come in many different shades, just like in Germany in the 30’s, be careful, be very careful, lies can come from all sides. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

      6. Figures that the first one publicly outed, would be in a Democrat-controlled-ruled city and state. Not surprised at all that the LittleMalignantDwarf-Rahm Emmanuel has this in “his” city.
        Just another Gaulietier of the Obamafuerher’s Party.
        It does seem a shame that HerrGoebbels-Brian Williams is no longer “available” to promote the Party’s propaganda machine.

      7. Please note that Rand Paul is on the correct side of an important issue again. Many of the D.C. cretins don’t think about the unintended consequences of laws enacted for the “public safety.” Just like the 2nd amendment, the Bill of Rights shall not be infringed.

      8. Nothing surprises me anymore…nothing. Our country is almost gone. The internet is next,tv after that. Healthcare gone,politics corrupt,jobs gone,money..gone! everything is coming to a head. Even the repubs have caved! US now stands for Undone States!

      9. Domestic Black Sites in Chicago? Rahm Emanuel is the Mayor? Don’t worry folks this is just the operations manual of the Zionist occupied force.


          • Dummypants, do you have anything useful to say? Anything at all? All your posts are nothing but worthless trash. Every one of them.

            • Nobama, he sound like another troll.

      10. What qualifies one to get in this gulag? What prompted approval of this facility? What funds it?
        What occurs there? What are they seeking? When someone disappears, does that mean they were killed? Does it have a crematorium? When someone gets out how come we dont have a better idea of what it is? Doesn’t this story sound a little far out?

        • If it’s true Chicago PD are torturing people inside, that’s one more reason not to trust law enforcement. I can easily believe this story considering everything else we’ve seen and heard since 9/11. Bush would be so proud of the African virus right now.

      11. And this is suppose to surprise anyone in “the land of the free” the land that has a quarter of the WORLDS prison population. The land that detains people in Guantanamo INDEFINITELY without cause or trial for so called war crimes in a war that has never actually been declared… oH wait those are all terrorists, so it’s ok. But yet PBS wants to bang the drums with a bunch of anti N. Korea war propaganda because they apparently have work camps for dissidents. I’m not saying any of these other countries are better, the worlds full of assholes and tyrants, but I am saying we need to take a damn long look in the mirror and remind ourselves what a free country is suppose to look like. FYI, free aint always pretty but it sure is beautiful to be free. Maybe one day I’ll get to see it

        • And they detain them in Guantanimo because technicly they are not on US soil so are not even able to question the legality of their detention if they ever got out.
          The fact that this is happening in a US city should be trumpeted far and wide, i like Mike Vs method, post names and home addresses,

          • The reason they can get away with it there is the reason they’ll get away with it here….. Apathy and blind patriotism. Apathetic Patriotism. I know it’s a bit of an oxymoron, kind of like “America Land of the free”

      12. Thing is, this doesn’t really have much to do with the NDAA. That was more about indefinite detention by the Federalis aka the military.

        This is even worse, as it is local law enforcement…you know…the “protect and serve” costumed clowns.

        Funny, though…If this were true, I’m SURE all the “good” cops would have come out against it. And don’t tell me they wouldn’t know about it.

        Where are all the “good” cops on this?


        • The local law enforcement are increasingly becoming federalized. The lines are becoming blurred.

          This is why my advice to guys like Sgt. Dale when SHTF, is that they take off their uniforms and go home.

          There will be no friendlies in uniforms.

          The Brown Shirts in the 1930’s were not there to serve the people.

        • Discussing this very topic over donuts…

      13. All of this happens while the boot licking fascist Zombie trash still wave that filthy vile disgusting Corporatist Fascist Murican flag, and the Zombie trash recite that Corporatist Fascist Murican pledge of the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered fascist boot licking slaves of collapsing evil genocidal Murica.

      14. At one time, I would have been outraged (80s and 90s). But just walking down the street these days I can see why they need these places: the general civilian population has sunk far in every category you can think of: deportment, behavior, morals/ethics, smarts, hygiene, work ethic, etc. They probably need to pull a percentage off the streets every day in all the major cities and disappear them just to keep things ticking over. Mass round ups can’t be far away, because to be honest, there are whole neighborhoods just filled to the top with human garbage in the major cities. London had a taste of the extent of the problem when there was mass rioting in 2011. It was vicious, indiscriminant rioting, burning, looting, raping etc. on a scale never seen before. If you want an urban scum holiday, take a trip there for a week.

        Nope, I feel more sorry for the police and the security services for having to clean up the mess made by the politicians.

        • Soooo…You approve of just trashing more rights so you don’t have to deal with any “human garbage”?

          Slippery slope there Frank.

          • slippery slope my ass! what franks talking about is a cliff and we’re falling off it. Surely frank you weren’t being serious

        • Sorry Frank, much of what you say is true, but I’ll still go with the “Innocent until proven Guilty” And that means in an open trial, not in some dimly lit basement. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

        • problem is Frank

          one day they will come for you

          • MT and Satori, I’m with both of you on innocent until proven guilty. Frank Thoughts, I agree about how far society has sunk, but I’ll stick with due process of law. I must disagree bout any ‘need’ for these type of facilities.

            • Frank, if it can happen to any of us, it can happen to you, too. UNLESS you put up a fight and don’t let them take you, period.

              • I prefer”Innocent unless proven guilty”,though the system failing until makes guilt sound inevitable(which soon may be the case).

                • Warchild, my apologies. “Innocent unless proven guilty” is what I meant to say.

                  • No problems,have a few fish!Someone in past posted a recipe for home made ones,not sure they will look like fish as much as,well,scat but if they taste good what the hell!I will try when home from the sunny lands of fruits and nuts!

                    • Warchild, funny you mention goldfish. I’m having some as I type this. I went and got restocked on them earlier. HARD to put down.

            • I agree with you.
              Frank doesn’t seem to realize what it is he was talking about… it’s the stuff dystopian movies are made of – which we love watching in movies but dread becoming our own reality…

        • There is a process for dealing with those who break the laws and harm others. That process should be followed.

          Secret detention locations, where people are “disappeared”, even if it’s for a day, go against EVERYTHING the founders of this country bled and died for. It is an affront to them, as well as every man or woman who has died since to protect the RIGHTS that are GOD GIVEN.

          Those who violate those rights deserve to swing from the end of a rope.

          • Anon2, I agree, but I’d prefer to just give them 2 quick head shots and be done with it.

            • Ok, s what’s stopping you? Oh yeah, the fact that you’re an old man who doesn’t want to prison and get butt fucked everyday probably has something to do with it.

              • JT, go suck an egg.

              • Maverick/Braveheart = Big talk, little do…….

            • A bullet gives them too much honor.

              Hanging is a dishonorable death, and more fitting for tyrants.

              • Hanging is too easy and humane. Think real payback, impaling, burning at the stake, drawn and quartered, staked to the ground while starving rats eat them, you get the idea 🙂

                • You think you are funny, but you just don’t realize what you are saying.

        • Frank – agree with you, except the part about pulling people off the street without due process. It would be better to let a thousand criminals go than to incarcerate one innocent man or woman.

          It is the abject failure of due process rights today that are causing so many of us to become so angry and frustrated, and it’s only getting worse. Sometimes it feels like it is getting worse at an exponential rate.

          Someone else here had it right… where is the outcry from the good cops? They’re out there, but their numbers are dwindling, and a recent article suggested that fewer and fewer good people are seeking jobs in law enforcement because of the hatred that some existing law enforcement officers have rightfully earned.

          Hopefully, we’ll see this turn around when the local sheriffs stand with us against the imperial stormtroopers. I still believe it’s possible.

      15. The facility is at the corner of S. Homan and W. Filmore. Search for Homan and Filmore, on Google Earth, the facility is on the North East side of the intersection. Of even more interest, on the north side of the building, train tracks. Of course, this is info is just for your information.

        • WOW… !

      16. Rights are based on Natural Law, and can not be rightfully or morally taken or regulated by government or police. “The problem is order followers. That’s why they call it a POLICE STATE!” This is a one-hour condensation of Mark Passio’s 9 hour lecture on “Natural Law – The REAL Law Of Attraction And How To Apply It In Your Life.” This seminar took place on October 19, 2013. The full presentation appears elsewhere on three separate videos. Here are the links to the full presentation:

        • EOTS, Mark Passio ROCKS! His lecture should be REQUIRED for ALL students and adults alike. I got turned on to him a few years ago and he is the best at explaining Who, Why, and How everything is so fooked up Many refuse to listen to him because he shatters their false belief systems. From religion to the enforcers, he covers it all! For those who want a good dose of reality visit his site Thanks for posting those links Enemy of the State 🙂

      17. I saw it coming and expected them psychos returning from gitmo ect to become cops and then trained by mossad

      18. I think Progressive/Liberal/Demorats should become “endangered species” with a $5.00 bounty on each head.

        • Confed……$5 is way too much for parasites. It should be a free and open range.

          • I was factoring in inflation.

          • Shit for brains.

            • Smartypants, you gays always crack us up…

            • Did you just make a confession about yourself?

          • Oh gosh, I was a Dumba$$ and tried to get into an intelligent discussion with a friend who is a complete liberal turd. It was about the measle outbreak. One guy said he couldn’t believe I quoted the CDC website, because the govt wants us to believe BS, then he called me a conspiracy nut. Can’t have it both ways bubba. One of their friends said I was just a crazy “conservative…love America…2nd amendment loophole crazy”. WTF does that mean? I just walked away. Can’t wait to get out of this godforsaken state. We’re pricing the house to sell quickly. Don’t give a shit about the little bit of equity we have. Just want the freak out.

            • Damn pity,without particulars what state are you in?!Keep in mind there are idiots everywhere in the US and the world,some places just have less of them!

              • Warchild, she’s in CT and purportedly moving back to the South.

            • Npph, I don’t see you as being dumb. I enjoy your posts and you sound intelligent to me. Hope you make it back down south soon.

      19. Off topic sorta

        Whats your take on this whole net neutrality thing,
        To me
        Anything government sticks their dirty little fingers in becomes a clusterfuck
        But want to hear what your take is on this. I know bad, but beyond that,,,
        Thanks for all you folks do Mac, this IS the portal!

        • “Net Neutrality” is as much a benign statement as “Affordable Care Act”
          And we know what results from the ACA.

          “”We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

          Live free or Die…Seven of Nine

      20. Where is the investigative arm of the PRESS? Lawyers having full knowledge of this Facility. Hmmmm.

        • The “investigative arm” is probably already caught inside the facility…never to be heard from again.

        • Where is the investigative arm of the PRESS? They’re rolling around on the floor giggling from the thrills running up their legs…

      21. “Interviews with local attorneys and one protester …..”

        Statements like this that are relying on claimed but totally anonymous and invisible persons statements lead me to doubt these reports.

        Where are all the real interviews from real and public people who have been “detained” in this facility?

        Where are the identities of the guards that are claimed to be guarding them, at least their pictures if they are plainclothes and have no badge numbers or name tags visible (really, unless they are teleporting in and out they should be readily surveiled at least going to and from the facility on the streets of the surrounding development, this isn’t exactly an
        Area 51 locational situation)?

        When an attempt to look deeper presents no real forensic evidence to support claims I tend to look at reports like this with a bit of skepticism until someone actually presents hard evidence of the claims. Till then, the most credible explanation is that it is simply a secure evidence and equipment storage building.

        Show me more if you have it, something real not just an unsupported claim, and I’ll take it seriously. Until then I’ll withhold judgment and refrain from writing my congressmen and such about it pending further evidence.

      22. If you watched the show conspiracy theory Jesse Ventura went to a place called a residential center when he showed up people came out to greet him and would not tell him any thing about it. I think they will use it to get rid of elderly and useless eaters. People who work will live in the projects think about it. There are so many useless eaters that do nothing for society. Bums essentially there is no other word for people who won’t work. The working folks cannot support bums this won’t last long. Look what hitler did if you were useful he would use you somewhere. If you were useless you would go on the train to the furnace. It’s that simple adults with no skills cannot just live for free forever. Welfare was never a way to live everyday. Just to help you get on your feet again. It has evolved into something else now. I’m out there busting my ass while people bring their kids to the bus in their pajamas. Wtf get rid of bums is will solve 90percent of the problems. I can keep going to the doctor and claiming health issues to get out of working too if I want but I don’t . I hold a job work 55 hours a week. My pay check is pilfered to support bums it pisses me off to no end. Why should bums capable of working enjoy the fruit of my labor. It’s not my responsibility to help them. So the gov has to steal from me to do it. The gov won’t do this forever so they need ways to kill lots of bums with less cost. It’s coming soon I’m fine with it too it will be a real leader that does this.

        • Asshat, I work 60-70 hours per week and my taxes also go to support the freeloaders. But wishing for a Hitler-type to come along is not the answer. When TSHTF, that whole welfare gravy train will come to an end and the freeloaders will be among the first to die. I hate giving up any of the fruit of my labor to support freeloaders as much as you do, but turning the country into a police state is not the answer. SHTF will kill them. They won’t stand a chance.

        • Some people are still directing their anger at the wrong people. The poor didn’t take anything from you. The NWO socialists with the big agenda are the ones responsible for this.

          How many people have they helped put out of work? How many people have had their hours/wages cut in half? How many jobs have been put out of our reach in China. Thailand or elsewhere?

          You can never know how many of those people WOULD work, if they could. How do you know who is providing for themselves?

          Perhaps those people bringing their kids to get the bus (in their pajamas) ARE WORKING FROM HOME or WORK SWING OR GRAVEYARD SHIFT? Maybe it’s just their fucking day off?

          Did you ever stop to think about that? NO.

          Did you ever drop your hatred long enough, to determine whether you even know what you’re talking about?

          Probably not. Hate prevails over common sense yet again, and we speak without knowing what we’re talking about.

          Divide and Conquer…and some of us are doing all the work for them…

      23. In 2000 I was basically illegally kidnapped off the street held in detention 3 years. My case was quite famous on internet I was the guy the feds used to start dismantling the 4th amendment, illegal search and seizure.which is now legal to do in Louisiana,Texas an one other state. At one point I was taken to a state prison and his in back of prison , fed holding place. While there in 2003 they had 2 rooms, cell blocks full of people separated from everybody. In them were people that had Benn in there for 10 and 15 years that had never been charged no trial, disappeared and were never getting out. Believe this article. Feds will do whatever they want with you …..

      24. Patriots we will not be going home till the LAST SHOT IS FIRED!!!!!!!!!! Be ready one of our commo channels is about to go down the Inter-Net. To all the ass clowns in charge fill your hands you S-O-B’s, remember “Patriots will not go quietly into the night– we will not vanish without a fight!!!

        What I’m so tired of is; This bunch of shit heads running this FU~K’N COUNTRY PISS’N ON THE GRAVES AND IN THE FACES OF EVERY VETRERN. All I can say is EAT SHIT AND DIE M-F’ers Rant over…….

        • Copperhead, I’m right there with you. I’ll be in the fight for the duration or until I’m killed.

      25. Two months ago if I read that we were turning into a “Police State” I would figured it was “nut job” stuff. NOT ANY MORE

        This being the last day of internet freedom, I just want to say thank you to Mac, Zero Hedge, Rawles, Drudge, Breitbart, and many others.

        And to Obama, GO TO HELL!

        Watch out fur them hogs

        • We talkin, southern hogs, texas hogs, west coast hogs, Hawaii forest hogs, domestic hogs, or them two leggid varmint hogs?

      26. Well, being in a collar county…my thoughts are related to ‘opsec’….their cover has been blown open…this was reported, yesterday, on one of the local MSM’s in Chicagoland…but if “its common knowledge” amongst attorneys etc. at the courthouses…WTF…you mean there is not one Chicagoland lawyer willing to challenge this in the past? Violating their client’s rights? The client whom they work for…fight vociferously for “attorney client privilege” in other aspects? Surely out of legions of legalese, there is one, just one? Willing to open their mouths? To challenge this? Well, if I disappear, you know where to find me….

      27. Hey All.

        We need boots on ground intel.

        Sgt Dale…paging Sgt Dale.

        How about it ?

        be safe….record every encounter…..BA.

      28. It seems to me that on face the Chicago Police are guilty of kidnapping and assualt to say the least.

      29. Im in. So when’s the Purge?

        • Vepr 762, it will come after they give you the prune juice and the big enema with soapy water in it.

        • Vepr, the purge will come after they make you drink the prune juice and then they give you a hot soapy enema from the big rubber bag that hangs from the ceiling, in the chilly room where you sit in a wooden chair freezing your sudsy water filled ass off.

      30. Im retired leo. Homan Square is primarily where the CPD narcotics teams work from. Never saw torture. Yes attorneys get pissed because they cant find there client. Thats because the client didnt hire the attorney. Family member hires the attorney or other drug member. Usually the arrestee is cooperating with le. This article is all bs.

      31. Think of this as NDAA moving into its ‘operational’ phase.

        Not surprised it begins in Chicago. Chicago has always been corrupt. My own family used to be involved in the corruption going back to the early 1920s.

        Thank God they’re all dead now.

      32. @ sixpack

        Are there some gay appellate judges? Yes. Are you saying EVERY judge who found for a gay advocacy case was gay? Bullfeathers. Prove it.

        Whoever does the best job of showing how the weight of precedent applies to their case wins. It has nothing to do with a judge’s personal preferences.

        NDAA is “legal” is it? That’s what the judiciary was established to do … to determine the constitutionality of laws.

        There are a lot of laws amended or vacated because someone challenged them. It was “against the law” to marry across racial lines until it was challenged.

        Doing it through the courts has a higher chance of success than some keyboard commandos going in there guns blazing.

        Those who think that’s a good move can be my guest.

        • No, I didn’t say anything about any judge except for the OPENLY GAY JUDGE MICHAEL MCSHANE, of Portland Oregon. Google it. Even the MSM posted articles on it.

          “Whoever does the best job of showing how the weight of precedent applies to their case wins. It has nothing to do with a judge’s personal preferences.”

          In a utopian world, perhaps. But not in this one.

          Let me tell you something that I learned from working in a district attorney’s office: Prosecutors, and some defense attorneys, will ask to get their cases heard before certain judges, because they know that judge, and how that judge most often rule on certain cases. THEY recognize that judges ARE HUMAN. They DO have personal views that affect their decisions on the bench.

          There’s a (now retired) judge in Oregon that they used to call “THE HANGIN’ JUDGE. Why, because EVERY SINGLE DUI that crossed his bench got the book thrown at them, no matter what. Why? Because he had two separate relatives, one of which was his daughter, that were killed by drunk drivers.

          TELL ME HIS RULINGS WERE NOT TAINTED BY HIS OWN PERSONAL FEELINGS, and everyone who worked with him at the court house, will tell you otherwise.

          THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS, John_Allen. That’s one inside joke that not everybody realizes. Judges are human too.

          Note: This is one argument you should’ve picked with somebody who had no inside experience with courts and judges…

          But I do agree with your statement: “Doing it through the courts has a higher chance of success than some keyboard commandos going in there guns blazing.” True, that.

          • @ W and sixpack

            Let’s apply lessons from “The Trolls Guide to Internet Disruption … The 15 Rules of Web Disruption”


            to our conversation

            W, I’ve never seen you here before. I’ve been posting here at least 5 years.

            To my “Get an injunction on that facility and challenge NDAA in the courts, your comment is “Wow.” That’s Rule 13: Hit and Run. Make a brief attack on the opponent’s position and then scamper off.

            W: “I find it comical and then sad that anyone thinks they have a say in what is going on…. I bet you think your vote has meaning too ….”

            That’s Rule 12 Straw Man: Create an element of your opponent’s argument that you can easily knock down to make yourself look good and the opponent look bad … while avoiding discussion of the issue.”

            FYI, I”ve left dozens of comments here over the years bemoaning the futility of voting.
            I will match my liberty credentials against anyone’s.

            @ sixpack

            I’m a graduate degreed law librarian and certified paralegal. Earlier in my career I assisted two public defenders including research on briefs and at trial. I provided law librarian services to several small advocacy firms similar to Nader’s Raiders, legal research mostly. Class action lawsuits IN FEDERAL COURT won protection for thousands of “little guys.” Twenty-five years experience.

            I successfully defended my CHP renewal pro se in circuit court against an anti-2A “hanging judge.” Left to his own devices, he would have ruled against me. I won b/c I had the facts and legal precedent on my side.

            “When they brought the same sex campaign [implies many, on-going] before gay judges
            [plural] of course it was upheld.” The gays prevailed because they were better advocates not because all those judges were gay. Prove your point … if you can.

            AND DON’T GIVE ME THIS PATRONIZING BULLSHIT ABOUT YOUR LEGAL CREDENTIALS because my experience is probably higher-level than yours.

      33. I had always hoped to leave the country when they started coming for dissenters, disappearing them, because I know I’m on a list because of a website I had long ago. However, now that it’s happening, well, there’s the issue of my parents being on the verge of needing someone to take care of them, and they would never leave with us. So I’m beginning to understand why people didn’t leave right before the holocaust and similar situations.

      34. as soon as it sucks so bad in America that even people who still believe that they have something to lose start putting their futures, freedom and lives at risk to stick their thumb in Big Brother’s eye….THEN and only then will things begin to change.

        Just remember that as we lose our jobs, get taxed increasingly, have our constitutional rights stripped away, as we are ignored by our paid-off congress, as our presidents are chosen for us by foreign conglomerates and ancient familial dynasties that own our banking system, as we send our sons and daughters to die and be maimed in wars for control of oil and generation of profits, as the unholy of Washington D.C. (District of the Caliphate), Wall Street and Holly Weird steadily pull us away from God as they lie to us…rob us blind…enslave us with debt and force-colonize us with muslims, homosexuals, anti-American radicals and marxists….

        Just remember that every year as all of this is being done to us by “our” government, “our” media and “our bankers” A MILLION more people come here from somewhere else to replace us; and compared to the strip-mined, barbaric shit-holes they came from…in their eyes this place is still heaven on earth.

        How long are we going to wait? How long did ordinary Russians wait until the newly installed Bolsheviks started murdering them? How long did Germany’s Jews wait until their fascist Nazi government began murdering them? How long did Egypt’s Coptic Christians wait until the muslims outnumbered them and began murdering them? How long did the North American Native Americans wait to make war on the settlers until they were almost exterminated; their continent forever-conquered by a foreign race? How long did the Turkish Armenian Christians wait until they were systematically disarmed, arrested, and marched off into the deserts to die?

        Americans….we don’t know when it’s going to happen nor exactly what they have in store for us…all I can say is don’t be so fat, dumb and happy that you will fail to act when it’s time to act only to wind up disappeared in a labor camp somewhere; or killed by your own government.

      35. This is some scary shit

      36. the portrayal of bureaucrats, leaders, furhrers, etc., as people that killed so many millions of people, brings to mind an image of Hitler riding around in an old ww2 vw, shooting at people with his handgun…racking up a few million kills, or Mao Tse Tung riding around in a rickshaw racking up even more kills. Didn’t happen, it was the people at the bottom, the people that serve, that did all the killing, that’s who you really need to fear, not some weasel throwing a hissy fit in an office somewhere.

      37. A purge thats a good veiw and path towards redemption of how things should be in the U.S. unlike a war or revolution no rules or geneiva convention crap to follow and no liability for actions taken in the “cleansing” please only non democratic view responses on this tired of all the touchy feel good bull that is also back by the not fair poo and the sensitive gaga ass wipe crap I go to work and listen to a bunch prob around 75% of the guys age 19-35 are the biggest bunch of pussies all they can talk about is animai and video games and probably have less testosterone in them than a woman all I can do is just shake my head and think about how screwed manhood has become with all this sensitive shit and peoples “feelings” crap and the bad part of it is you dont dare say anything or your insensitive and will be sent for sensitivity training true story we are surrounded by a bunch of cup cakes

      38. So with my recent post on a few new articles ago, last week some time. Some afpha bet agency shill punk by the name of Kaynine on this site was bashing me about the chinese soldiers in the Sierra Madres mountains of Texas. “The chinese soldiers in mexico is a bunch of crap comment” and how 10,000 soldiers will heavy military equipment will take out a town.

        We are not Yazidi’s, this is not Irag, or Musol. This my friend is REAL. The hillie billes, veterans, cops and gun owners of this area, some of them have no teeth. Some of the patriots i ran into from East Texas, they were talking to me at the Ammo retail store and i notice that they had now teeth. Welcome to North Houston Isis, round us up, come one, we dare you to do it, try it. You will become and extinct species in my town.

        And not to mention the possible russian Spetnatz, who was up in my face in the Galleria Houston Tx area, damanding to see the computer because, my little girlfrind posted a negative comment on her face book page about russians occupying our cities. As i presented the facts, not this article pops ups with yet again, another stinking fact of life. See this link about a Jihadist trainng camp in Freeport Braziria county Tx, just 45 mins ouside of Houston.

        One can only imagine what will happpen next. One Hwy 290 last year, someone spoted one of these isis pataches on a muslims mans gound in a convenient store, and called the local cops to arrest the Jihadist. This one was on TV, then one my cop friends then told me with other sources on my area and side of town, just miles from the place of arrest, that they caught another one of these jihadi boys and arrested him, so it was a total of two of them. So Kaynine, Mr 3 letter agency employee, posing as poster. Good luck trying to discredit me. I present the facts and you attack me on my facts about chinese soldiers in Mexico. You take a look at thant link and read the facts to see what i am talking about.

        Steve Quayle taked about the russians in our cities, David Hodges talked about it. Hawk talked about it, this is a FACT OF LIFE PEOPLE.

      39. If this can happen Chicago, the sky is limit as to what happens next. The Movie Crey State needs to be completed and released, this is the wake up call needed to imform the dumbdown folks, who think this is all conspiracy.

        • Houst,would have liked to see Grey State,they got initial funding but then put project on hold while doing something else,know a main figure in creating the film supposedly kills family and himself(I question that incident!).They should have kept moving forward when they had the momentum,that said,the initial previews for investors basically tells you what you need to know,see it as a reality,not just a fictional film.



        I know I’ve been a victim of TARGETED covert surveillance black ops crimes by the ex-military, Homeland Security agency and secret society criminals who have targeting individuals like Kay Griggs, Michael Hastings, Phillip Marshall, Judi Bari and others.

        Civil AND Constitutional Rights Organizations are USELESS AND HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED FROM WITHIN. Every One doesn’t want to get involved and help people. I know I’ve been turned down for help by the ACLU, BORDC, and numerous other organizations who I contacted for help. If you can see what is going on now, you know that the government take over is progressing and can’t be stopped now. The only hope is to leave the country now. They are trying to stop people from seceding from the US in Texas now too.

        I’ve been targeted for surveillance burglaries, vandalism, pet torture, vehicle tampering as well as the planting of stolen and unknown origin property and malicious prosecution. My safe deposit box was even burglarized. No one would help me, out of the dozens and dozens of organizations and attorneys I’ve contacted. Remember this when they come for the rest of you, and to rob you using their surveillance technology and personnel in their targeted covert operations inside the US.
        NO ONE IS GOING TO HELP YOU WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU — I recommend to everyone: GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY NOW, BEFORE THE DOLLAR COLLAPSES, they close the borders and it’s too late. (SCRIBD/CrystalSpirit_US)

      41. Here is another FEMA Camp for you all to check out. It is in Hardin, Montana. The GPS coordinates are:
        45 degrees, 44′, 24.66″ N
        107 degrees, 36′, 01.29″W
        You can find it on google earth
        Here is also a link with photos:

        This comes on the heels of an executive order banning the sale of 5.56mm ammo today. Isn’t it coincidental that the so called “extremist summit” was just last week?

      42. The End Is Near.

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