Shock Report: 150,000 Chinese Troops Have Massed At The North Korean Border As World Moves Closer To War

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Headline News | 89 comments

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    Less than 24 hours ago we warned that it is time for Americans to prepare for war. And not just another proxy war or an invasion of a country with a military utilizing World War II era armaments. This time, it could be disastrous.

    Amid reports that Russia and Iran will use force to counter any military action by the United States in Syria, it is now being widely reported that China is massing some 150,000 troops on the North Korean border.

    Via Zero Hedge

    According to Korean news agency Chosun, the “Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.” The reason: the prospect of “military options”, such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, like the one the United States launched on Syria.

    More Google translated:

    As the United States announced its independent North Korean behavior and moved the United States Navy’s nuclear-powered Calvinus (CVN-70) carrier class to Singapore, the Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

    “The report said. It is because of the prospect of taking “military options”, such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, just as the United States has launched an air raid on Syria.

     Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported on the 9th that the Syrian missile strike in the United States shocked China, suggesting that the People’s Liberation Army forces are moving toward the Yalu River, .

    The newspaper said the video was also broadcast on the Internet, but the authorities removed the relevant information, saying the move was a medical and aft support unit for the Shenyang bulb (the northern light bulb)

    The military ramp up follows a weekend meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    It is not clear if China is deploying troops in support of the United States or as a show of force in response to President Trump’s recent missile strike on Syria.

    The more likely scenario is that the Chinese are now mobilizing their military in anticipation of some sort of response by the United States to North Korea’s continued nuclear and missile tests.

    Though we’d all like to think cooler heads will prevail, the fact is that several of the heads involved could act completely outside of the status quo, meaning that a nuclear conflagration because all the more probable.

    In such a scenario, all bets are off.

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      1. Texans prepare for invasion from the Mexico border. The Chinese are there, 65 miles south and Loredo and the first 150,000 are on standby..Good luck when you come here chi-coms.


        • Hcks, China is no where near Mexico. Mexicans cross US Boarders, Chinese come from China. Go look at a world map 1.0 2017 Addition World Maps to update your 2 brain cells. Then get back to us.

          • Herpes- It only takes one brain cell to spell “border” correctly. Just saying.

            • Is that all you got, one misspelled word vs 150,000 Chinese illusion ready to invade from Mexico. You sound just as warped as Hcks. Thx for the laugh.

              • You really DON’T know about the Chinese troops at their Mexican bases?? Wow!! You need to do some checking on that fact, son! Lol. Katy speaks the truth!!

            • The spelling lady got you..HA-HA!

        • This is all pretty much playing out as Jeremiah Johnson said it would in his article–“This is what an attack on America will look like”… (maybe not exact title of article).

          • I am betting that Trump and the Chinese came to an understanding about the crazy fat boy. If Trump takes him out there will be chaos and the Chinese do not want millions of NKS pouring across their boarder. China cannot feed them or take care of them.

            • Really???

              An understanding huh??? Ever look at a global land map??? Just like in Russia in Syria… You really think China is gonna let N.Korea fall to the US and then have us sittin in their back yard cookin burgers and drinkin beer??? Nope…. Not now, not neva’

              Fuk people… Pull yer damn heads out yer ass and BREATH!!!!

              Is all this really that complicated???

              Soon as anyone of these “leaders” shows a weakness or blinks, the knives are comin out… Bet on that.

        • I understand there at least 40 million, maybe more, stationed just south of Laredo now.

          But they’ll probably need a lot more than that if they plan on coming through Texas anytime soon.

          • Can you explain to me just exactly how you hide 40 million troops and their equipment?

            I really want to know.

            • You are really dumb aren’t you? He was referring to the 40 millions Mexicans prepared to cross the border not troops.

            • Disguise.

              They’re disguised to look exactly like Mexicans and their tanks and trucks are disguised as donkey trucks.

            • Camoflage!

        • “It is not clear if China is deploying troops in support of the United States or as a show of force in response to President Trump’s recent missile strike on Syria.”


          Only 150,000 troops ??? That’s just enough to keep the N Korean refugees from migrating across the river when the US launches a First Strike.

          This move is evidence that Xi prefers that the USA do the dirty work to disassemble the problem that they created over the past 70 years.

          This is not, nor will it be WWIII. This will be the end of the “Police Action” that began in 1950. Peace may break out after it is over and the Fat Kid is removed from power. 🙂

        • Baloney.

          No disrespect to you personally, but that is utterly ridiculous.

          Please tell me what anyone would gain if they conquered the USA?

          You need to get out of the Cold War Red Dawn The-Russkis-Are-Coming! mindset. Nobody wants to invade America, aside from terd world savages bent on sucking up freebies. Any Chinese coming to the US are more likely to want to get free medical care, free housing, free food, free heating, free Barry phones, free education, etc than they are to be coming to conquer us. Anyone who wishes to destroy the USA at this point merely needs to wait and watch us do it to ourselves.

          • Why WOULDN’T they want to invade us. Look at the natural resources we have. The labd, the industry… Of course there are several countries which would LOVE to invade us… they’re just afraid of our strength. But once one country does ut, we’ll have at leAst 3 to worry about (Rusdia, Chiba, & North Korea). Grow up and get the facts straight!!

            • pt1
              What would be the benefit?

              What benefit is there to invading and conquering the USA?

              The costs outweigh the benefits. You pit your military against the world’s most-funded heavily-armed military, then you end up garrisoning a giant nation of millions of angry citizens. Very little of the productivity that made America “great” will be available to you. The US economy will probably be wrecked. Our productive capacity will probably be wrecked. Our wealth will probably be wrecked, as well. (what do you want to bet we would nuke our own gold reserves to prevent their use by an enemy?) And what good would our trillions of dollars be once you wreck the country and “win?” I suspect our money would be so much toilet paper by then.

              You end up with 300+ million people to oversee, 1/3-1/2 of which are armed with military-style weapons, and nearly 1/3 of which are on some form of govt welfare. (Not to forget the mountains of military-grade weapons stored at all levels of the nation from local cops to the feds.) You get the burden of a collapsing national infrastructure to deal with, a failing school system, a decadent and selfish national culture, and an economy poised to tip over into collapse at any minute.

              Also, anyone attempting to invade the US would be sending the entire planet into a global depression, since the dollar is/was the world’s reserve currency. That aggressor would also be facing our allies/client states. Additionally, anyone planning on, let alone attacking, the US would have to avoid our world-wide intel collection operations, which seems hard. How do you conceal your army, buildup, and logistics from us? Where? Then, upon an actual attack, you would be facing a nightmare Gotterdammerung scenario of WMDs, suicide attacks, sabotage, etc and a paranoid government ready to use WMDs, even if the citizens die in the process.

              What would be worth this nightmare?

              Our manufacturing was gutted over the last 40 years. The Chinese outright bought our best factories under Clinton. Read Year of the Rat for some great examples. For instance, in the 1990s, we had the world’s only 5-axis milling plant. Clinton green-lighted its sale to China. He sold us out for chump change and nights in the Lincoln Bedroom. Under Clinton, Bush, and Obama, the Chinese outright stole our intellectual property, patents, and processes when we sent all our manufacturing jobs overseas. Look it up-they got the best we got already. You might read Poorly Made in China or look up China Uncensored on Youtube. Look up their Technology Transfer Labs, where they backwards-engineer tech from the USA.

              • 2

                And you think someone would invade the US for its natural resources? Why do that when the US govt will sell them to you for a song? Why risk losing access to them if the US Govt decides to nuke them to deny them to an enemy? All you need to do is make some campaign donations and a politician will hook you up. And if the US Govt won’t sell to you, some businessman will.

                Invading the US for natural resources would be retarded. You might as well invade the internet for porn.

                Have you ever been overseas? Ever met a Russian? The average Russians I’ve met don’t give a damn about America, except for how America affects Russia. They don’t go to bed dreaming of conquering us. In fact, the older generation are more likely to ask you why the US was so desperate to kill them in the Cold War. I met one Russian former tank driver who was proud he defended Europe from us. I met Russians who asked me why we were so violent and wanted to kill them all. It was fascinating to learn they had the same propaganda about us that we had about them. Russians, in my personal experience, pretty much want the same things we do: a family, good job, some money, a house, a car, a sports team to root for, etc. They’re not looking to conquer the USA or steal our freedom. And how many troops do you imagine they have waiting to come here, leaving their borders and internal threats uncovered? Where would they hide them? How would they support them?

                I don’t personally know the Chinese or the NORKs, but I doubt they’re much different. The Chinese are too busy being like us to want to march off to war to kill us. BTW-if you think the Chinese military has the strength to take us on, you need to do some actual reading and research. Their military is backwards, weak, poorly-led, poorly-equipped, and hasn’t had any combat experience in 40 years. You realize they’re only there to protect the PRC from internal and external threats, right? They’re not an offensive army as you might imagine. They’re primarily there to keep the people in line. Most of their military training consists of marching, ideological training, and singing patriotic songs. Also, they’re conscripts. Their leaders are party members picked for their loyalty, not their great military prowess.

                • 3

                  And the NORKs? I’ve known and worked with Korean experts for the army and their accounts of the NORKs are staggering. Watch some NORK propaganda. They’re convinced the US is even worse off than they are and we’re all homeless, starving, destitute perverts ruled over by a tiny caste of powerful rulers. The NORKs haven’t fought since the 1950s and their equipment is largely 1950s-era relics. They don’t have the ability to get them here, let alone support them once they arrive.

                  Finally, what do you know of those 3 nations’ histories of military aggression and expansionism?

                  Russia, for example, has no real history of expansion outside of their immediate sphere of control. Historically, Russia is more interested in INTERNAL issues than external ones. Even the Cold War expansion can be considered a method of protecting Russia from external threats.

                  China is similar-most of their expansionism is within traditionally-Chinese territory. With the size of the old Chinese Empire, and the large Chinese minorities in neighboring areas, it’s easy to see their rationale for flexing their muscles in their own backyard.

                  North Korea has no real history of expansionism; they’re primary goal has been liberating the southern half of their country from foreign capitalist domination. They don’t seem to have the ability, let alone the motivation, to project power overseas.

                  By comparison, one nation in the world has troops and bases in over 150 nations, never left Europe and Asia after WWII, devotes more money than any other nation on Earth to military spending, has toppled numerous governments with coups and assassinations, dropped two nuclear weapons in combat, introduced the Monroe Doctrine, and reserves the right to use force to defend its interests anywhere at any time. This nation just launched 59 cruise missiles at a sovereign nation with which it is not at war on as-yet unsubstantiated charges.

                  Grow up, indeed.

      2. I’d like to think the Chinese will take out fat boy on their own but I’m not holding my breath. This should be interesting.

        • Donald Trumps Stunt by launching 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles into Syria, cost $1.41 Million each a Pop. Total cost for Trump to Blow our wad? = $83.19 Million dollars. So what did it prove? Trump is a Zionist puppet Lying scumbag BACK STABBING Idiot. That’s all it proved. And moved the US closer to WW3. And the Nancy Pelosi’s and the Chucky Pedophile Schummer, and John McCain and Lindsay Gramm’s praised Trump with Glee. There you go you warmongering psychopaths. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???

          • Hermes, sad to say I have to agree. I was in a foul mood myself when it hit me but I bounced back from it. Gotta keep prepping for what’s coming. Neocons will be the death of us all.

          • I am very skeptical of Assad being the perp in the Non-Sarin “gas” attack. I also have No agenda that says the US has a dog in this hunt to remove Assad. Why must Assad GO? Like Saddam, Mubarak, Kaddafi, etc????? All dictators, but All suppressing Radical Islamic Terrorism.
            Now as ar as Chinese troops on the border, after their meeting in FL. I would tend to think that the Chinese have agreed to disarm the Korean peninsula from nuclear weapons, and given the US “cover” to pressure the N. Koreans.
            Chinese Troops are to prevent a Refugee flood coming out of N. Korea into Chinese territory.

            • The US Government poisons its own people with GMO’s, Fluoride, cigarettes and coal fired plants. I think Russia should bomb Washingscum DC for that. Get on that Putin. Do us a favor. Everything is game on now.

            • OK. Here’s a thought: China is sending troops to insure a smooth transition of government when Fat Kim and his high command “succumb” to events. And China will breathe a big sigh of relief when Kim Un is gone.

          • poo

      3. Sounds like a bad time to plan a trip to mainland America?
        I’m pretty well set up where I am. Oh well,
        life is a bitch and then you die.

        • It’s a good thing the Mexicans can’t swim to your sanctuary of Hawaii, if they could it might tip over, according to one of our brilliant congress-turds.

      4. Here it goes.
        Feeling Patriotic? How do you feel about glowing at night? Sure will save on electricity?

        Idiot Politicians, patsies like Mr. Trump are trying to Start a Nuclear War.
        **Do you understand that? These people are mentally ill.

        Neurotic self serving psychopaths are in charge of governments WORLD wide.
        This is not just USSA. Their seems to be a war on caucasian bloodlines. The “they’s” want us to intermingle and water down our genetics. Why? Any ideas?

        Cattle are domesticated. Dogs are domesticated. Stallions are gelded. Bulls turned to steers. (FYI City Person: Balls cut off.) all are made Docile and Manageable for cultivation, relocation, and FINAL Harvest. DEATH. Easy to kill.

        Is that what they are doing to human beings now? What other explanation for the CONSTANT CONTINUOS attack on marriage-families-strong men-the white race-the jewish race-straight/normal people-Christians. The LEFTIST and those in power have declared ALL of the previous listed as threats to be neutered and destroyed. Why?

        These governments WANT violence and chaos. It is Intentional.
        **Do you understand that? Divide. Distract.

        Here are your enemies. Not Syria. Right here at home. And YOU ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE. Politicians ALLOW this. Politicians WANT this. They want you afraid and docile.

        —–Link. Remove spaces between ht tp: cut and paste in your browser search.
        ht tp://

        Welcome to USSA. Sure makes me want to fly. To be treated as a felon. Groped Grabbed Abused, thugs bullying you, strangers groping your wife and daughter. Strangers going through their underwear and fondling them. Being treated as criminals while trying to get to GrandMothers for Christmas.

        “It is for Security.” My ass. Go fly Israel airline. That is real security. Not theatre.

        To hell with flying. To hell with EVERYONE here for allowing this garbage in USSA.
        You blind Trump followers. Leading you to NUCLEAR destruction and end of civilization. Trump has shown how WEAK and Pathetic of a follower he is by his recent idiocy.

        Same as before. Just different name. Makes me sick.
        Morons supported Hitler too. Followed Hitler to War. How did that work out?

        Look at the video of the link I posted. THIS IS YOUR USSA.
        I’m gone. Leaving. Good bye. Enjoy the chickens coming home to roost.
        Follow your Trump right into Nuclear Hell. But Hillary would have already been at full scale war. There are no choices with these ONE SAME PARTY. Now you know what a normal person felt like as Hitler led his nation towards Destruction with a two front war. Sound familiar?

        Russia-China-North Korea-Iran-Syria all hitting USSA at same time. More than two fronts by my estimation. What about the Mexicans? Drug cartels? MS 13 and other gangs ALLOWED to take over cities by idiot obummer? What about the unknowns within the USSA ALLOWED in by politicians? Drug Cartels heavily armed? Rag heads heavily armed? Chinese troops heavily armed? ALL INSIDE USSA. Politicians allowed it.
        YOU allowed a traitor to hold office for eight years. TRAITOR obummer as president.

        Now Trump playing the fool. America was NOT attacked. So stay out of it.

        Do you think Russia will do nothing? Anyone pushed will fight back. Russian doctrine has NO distinction between Biological-Nuclear-Conventional, they fight to win. If it costs MILLIONS of their lives they absorb the losses and fight back until victory or defeat using EVERYTHING.
        **Do you understand that?

        Blind ass people. Sheeple. Following these morons into nuclear war.
        You idiots who have never seen war think war is “patriotic”.
        War is hell. War is INSANITY. WTF?

        God bless Smedley Butler book “War is a Racket”
        —————————–Semper Fi

        PS–This is where meant to post. So pissed at these idiots trying to destroy civilization.
        Damn you Mr. Trump-bush-obummer-hillary ALL THE SAME. And I voted for you, gave you money. Yes I’m the real IDIOT.

        • John…. Looks like Trump is being lied to by the deep state. You know after the attack they said this was protecting our national security, how in the hell does that make sense. More like endangering our security. The damn warmongers are going to succeed one day and nobody will win. It is ridiculous and criminal.

        • There is no such thing as mental illness.Psychiatry is a scam. These people are simply evil. They think their gang will be psared the horrors of the coming conflict.

        • well john, welcome to real world one o one. hope you are prepped physically as you are mentally. world destruction is on the horizon. sure glad I am old and had a great time, as these sheep have no idea the coming shit these elected asshats have programed.

        • Thank you John. I was also a Trump supporter also until he decided to bomb Syria.
          I had a brief moment of relief hearing you think the same way I do. I hope more people can wake the fuck up as well and stop being the blind Trump follower. He already broken one of his most important champaign promises which I thought at the time sets him apart from the rest of the corrupt politicians which was to not engage in unnecessary conflicts and build better relations with Russia.

          I guess the saying is true, politicians can never be trusted.

      5. While China wants to show support for Kim jong sucks, I believe they would be cutting their own throats to go to war with us. We provide a huge fiancial continuation to their acconomy and they can’t afford to risk loosing it.

        • *Losing.. And we owe them trillions.. They are getting edgy about it. Have been for a while now. They’ll fight.

          • Keep in Mind as they wave their one had, Look over here in Syria, Look over here in Korea, the Wallstreet Criminals are Robbing the Bank with their other hand in the cookie jar. Look at the Massive Rise right after the Syria Missile Attack then a business day later a massive sell off to reap the profits in Gold and Silver Markets. I want to know who bought such a large position, then sold off a massive position in Gold and Silver. Its astounding the massive manipulation going on here. Oh look over here Nuke wars ahead. My ass!!

          • KRS One? Are you Thee KRS One of Public Enemy fame? The kill whitey KRS One?

          • KrsOne…Interesting point. History continues to repeat itself…This is just like when the King of France Phillip IV and Pope Clement V decided that they owe far too much money to the powerful and growing Knights Templar.

            With the blessings of the church and the other states that owed the Knights Templar great sums of money as well, the elites created the most notorious “Red Flag” moment with the Friday the 13th, (10/13/1307 attack on the Templars.

            Result…Templars eliminated and massive debt wiped out and elites continued to rule and prosper over their dominions.

        • When it comes to war logic goes out the window. Germany and the UK were and still are trading partners but that did not stop them fighting each other.

      6. It’s all a mistake. The US Navy was on the way, so a large traveling massage parlor is heading south to greet the sailors.

        • Thats what I call hospitality.

      7. Get ready to listen to the, its not possible, logistic BS. Mexico cant feed, or provide water 1,200,000 Chinese with the current 2017—130,000,000 populous at current levels, its not able to because of logistics. I have to laugh at these dumbass trolls. They are so poorly trained by NSA when they come on these site. Totally laughable. 350,000 chi-coms were brought into the US under zi jing ping, under Obama. Russia has 24,000 right now. 10,000 jihadist and the camps are fully operational, and fuctional and so are the consentration camp. Once Trump starts WW3, the civil war breaks out, he then declares martial law and launches the attack on the US Patriots, and citizenry, takes down the grid and beings the culling.? Could this be what’s about to go down. Don’t listen to me guys, this is just all talk, maybe the trolls are right, I may be making up stuff and the North korea situation is not real. I just saw 3 hrs, ” Trump attacking Syria was Constitutional” ? say wtf?/

        The constitution was restored, the Amerian people will get what they want, and WW3 will begin, and assad just used chemical weapons on his own people what he is trying to protect from isis. So now the jihadist failed and got their assed killed by Russia, so now its comit 150,000 US soldiers to take out the isis jihadist that the US brought in and remove assad the brutal dictator what opened up Syria, allowed jews and christians to practice their religion freely, opened up the country to Europeans to have vacations, etc and this is the brutal dictator that they are trying to remove? Guys I am getting confused, is this what is really happening?

        Trolls list:

        anonymous and his other fools-TROLLS.

        I know, the cops are lying to me, and they are making up fake stories for me to spread fake info, eh.


        • Hcks a delusional paranoid skitso. Ate too much Chinese take-out and got a bad fortune cookie that said, “Just kill yourself please!!” Lucky numbers 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,… So this is her revenge.

        • HCKS- I don’t think the NSA wastes too much time trolling here. I’m sure they get a few
          good laughs when they do.

        • India can’t feed the Untouchables nor Ethiopia its masses yet they “survive”. Not too combat effective, can’t transport themselves but they survive, diseased, malnourished. Jonathan Wainwright surrendered 77,000 men on Bataan. Water, jungle, coconuts, mangos do not an army make. Masses of Germans surrendered in North Africa. It was a lack of supplies.


          So there are 1.2 million people scattered across Mexico incognito or in a as yet to be seen base? Trucks? Motor Fuel? Ammunition? Some armor and air support would be helpful. Maybe if they disguise themselves as marijuana bales the Mexicans will carry them into the US. The vision of this is actually comical.

      8. China is concerned about the refugees fleeing NK into China in event of war. NK is both a liability (possibility of dragging China into a war not of its choosing) and asset (as a border state hostile to China’s enemies keeping them geographically at bay).

        • Are you saying China would turn away the good comrades at gunpoint? Some friend.
          Maybe they could give asylum and put them to work in a Apple sweatshop for 5 cents
          an hour.

          • “Are you saying China would turn away the good comrades at gunpoint?”

            Yes, they’re communists. That is 150,000 individuals, unskilled, useless eaters.

        • HCKS has reduced you to troll status. Hope you don’t lose any sleep over that.

      9. Oh boy. Now what are all of these god damned smelly Chinks doing on the border like this? I can tell you they are not there to “help” the US, that is for damn sure folks. Maybe the time has come to just END IT ALL for everyone.

      10. Should of took care of this when Curtis LeMay wanted to.

      11. Its one of two things:
        An invasion force into NK;
        Or backing NK and telling US to F%*k off

        • Or it could be a force to keep refugees out of China. China went into NK during the Korean War because they thought the US was going to invade China. That’s when things went really badly for the US at Chosin Reservoir. Perhaps Donny and Xi came to a friendly agreement over the weekend that Donnie would take Fat Boy out and China would hold the northern border and stop refugees.

          • If we haven’t already, we should cut a deal with China to get rid of Porky and let China install a puppet regime we can both live with.

            You’re up, Donnie “The Art of The Deal” !!

        • How are things Down Under? Didn’t your government disarm all you blokes?
          Last I heard, your government still allowed citizens to own bb guns.

      12. Conserned-Citizen!, welcome to the board. Your comments are in line with the narrative. Welcome to the


        Yours truly, delusional and misinformed.

        • Remember, you said it this time. Not us.

      13. Conserned-Citizen!, = Hcks sock puppet friend.

        • I never thought I’d say it, but Hermes makes me miss Acid Etch.

      14. Sum Ting Wong Hare!

        • Sum Ting Wong. Wi Too Low. Ho Lee Fuk.

          • LOL.

        • Hu Flung Pu?

      15. People keep thinking that ANY invading Army is going to give a rats a$$a bout wiping out the natives if they invade America..NEWSFLASH, they don’t know you, they don’t care about you, you are a PROBLEM they have a solution so that you will never be problem for them again. if you think anything else but that, you are dumber than a box of rocks.

        Doesn’t matter what nationality an invader is (see how the muzzies treat Americans on their own soil…AND YOU COWARDLY SCUM LET THEM PHUCK YOU UP ON YOUR OWN SOIL WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE OR FIGHTING BACK?

        and then you surmise you are going to fight back against CHICOM troops?

        HAHAHAHAHA…Ridiculous that you wont fight the invaders ALREADY HERE but you got “something” for the CHICOMS…..These comments are the very reason why I know America is done gone and over with, LONG DEAD in spirit. Americas only hope is smack talkers trying to appear brave…what a joke.

      16. Indeed!

      17. Thats a lot of troops. I dont believe they were moved on short notice because it would take a lot of planning and logistics. The troops might have already been near the border, or this could be a fake story. How do we know ?

      18. As if that is not enough US Navy P-3’s and P-8’s have been flying in fixed patterns along
        the California coast for over 15 hours now. Thats what they use to hunt submarines and
        things under the water. ( X22 Report/ Newz Sentinel ) A huge fireball was recently reported off the southern California coast. It’s getting interesting in a bad way.

        • That was the sun setting.

      19. Too many people smoking dope today. Chill out,we’re doing what every other country is doing….blowing smoke. It’ll clear.

      20. Maybe we could use those guys on our border.

        Lol. ?

        No. I’m not serious.


      21. Two hold out countries with no Rothchild central banks, NK and Syria . Earlier was Libya, Iraq , Somalia. Coincidence. Not likely . Trump is a Rothchild puppet like each one since Kennedy. No doubt they will make their play to put together the NWO.

      22. I wonder whether the cartels in Mexico may have an opinion on that potential threat to their territory control? Might spark some internal strife within the borders down south. THAT could possibly be some interesting fireworks:-)



        AGENDA 21

        REVELATION 18






        what next…


          • Anon
            The other stuff might happen. But what you said will NEVER happen.
            “Whites are evil and do nothing but oppress. And police do nothing but kill innocent blacks. Blacks are all “good innocent boys.” Women are perfect in every action. WOmen should always be deferred to. Media never lies. Treason is normal for presidents and politicians.”

            Don’t you know all that by now? Do you need to be reeducated? Didn’t you learn all that in your re education campus…..oops college campus?
            You really should go back to college and watch more tv.

            If you did you would learn that “War is peace. Nuclear war is no big deal. Russia is just a fuzzy bear that will roll over and be kicked without a fight.”

            If you watched more tv and listened to media programming and not “fake” news you would know all that.

            Also you would not put forth such a silly proposal. Kim don’t do white. Silly man.

            • Golly Gee Willickers Wally, I mean Mike, we all know that.

          • Going back to watch or even think about Kardashian anything is how jaded we have become, to feel anything of bitter tartness that shows we are still alive anymore these days. If that fails to get any response people can always go and lick the powder residue on top of their car batteries for the same effect….

      24. Ever notice all those countries the U.S. and Israel have an issue with is the countries that opted out of.the international.banking cartel..

      25. They look pretty General, but can they fight?

      26. I do not care about Chinese troops at NK. I do care that they won Long Beach Port, Smithfield Foods US largest pork producer (also makers of bleed stoppage products) and The Panama Canal. They have been in Mexico for a while.
        It is also known that Globalist want to install Chinese style living for all humans left on earth after the shake down.
        I suspect it will be like when the Germans rolled into Poland when they cross the southern US border. They will move into your house etc… Topo is just right.

      27. The Chinese want to deal from a position of strength. So do we. Out of the crisis comes a more lasting arrangement. The problem is Kim Jong Un. He is a loose wire who might restart the Korean war which nobody wants.

      28. I think Trump may have made a deal with China to help them just take out North Korea and annex it.

        • I do believe you are correct. We bomb the crap out of them and kill Fat Boy and China occupies.

      29. This is an article to sell NBC gear and related items. Who actually believes China and USA will engage in a nuclear exchange over N. Korea – no one, except a few kooks.
        Though no one knows at this time how things will turn out, one can do some degree of rational speculation. The Chinese army on the border presently is to keep masses of Koreans out if things get bad. But they surely realize if the US does conventionally bomb NK it will in turn attack SK, and they don’t want any fighting spilling into their own territory. The Chinese certainly knows the US will not nuke NK, mainly because of their proximity to China. However, you can probably assume if it appears NK tries to launch a nuke on the US even China will not allow it, they may send troops into NK to put a stop to the madness (By the way, history has many examples of communist countries attacking other communist countries). One can only reasonably assume SK is preparing for a conventional attack on them.
        And can we stop the silly thing about vast hordes of Chinese and Russians standing by just outside our borders to invade the US. Think about it, does it make sense we send troops and equipment and weapons in countries all over the world, yet leave our doors wide open and undefended against mass attack. To assume this would mean the US wants to be invaded. As for Jeremiah Johnson I don’t subscribe to his predictions, he is very rarely right, but never in doubt.

      30. All of this is part of the Zionists plan to bring about The New World Order.
        Obama stuck to the liberal narrative of being a sly fox who denounced war.
        Now you Americans have a loose cannon for President who really meant make war great again!
        Any belief that the U.S. will be facing against enemies is foolish.
        The U.S. government and its military are pawns for the Zionists of Israel.
        America was never free and never will be.
        The U.S. was founded by Freemasons.
        Americans are living pay check to pay check and their government is completely bankrupt. The Federal Reserve Bank
        continues to rape America daily.
        Soon the U.S. will suffer its most embarrassing military defeat in the history of its existence.
        In order to bring about The New World Order, The United States of America must be destroyed.
        Everything is going according to plan.

      31. For those who think that this is going to be a cake walk, just think of this…. If a NK soldier made it across the DMZ and killed a U.S. soldier, he could whip out his knife and remove the soldiers liver, fry it up with some onions, and he would have the best – most nutritional meal he has had since he was drafted into the NK army! It sounds absurd, but this absurd realization is TRUE! People who live in NK have little to lose. I pray for the poor bastards who are facing this nightmare. Our only real “win” would be to have a coup in NK. This seems highly unlikely. And as for those 150,000 Chinese along the northern border? Take a look at what happened back in 1950 and you will see a likely repeat of what happened then, if we ever actually start winning this war, only this time the Chinese wont be using bugles to communicate!

      32. Man all ya have to do is take a breath and look at facts,
        1Those planes are flying in a know ASW warfare excercise area
        2.The aircrafy mentinioned have loiter times in excess of 20 hours and train in that area all the time.
        3.Russians and N.K.s are not stupid,they wouldnt go sneaking thru a known asw excercise area where we have every inch of the ocean floor mapped when there are better places to go sneaking,even though we have a SOSUS system second to none,that can track a whale fart halfway across the Pacific,knowledge is power

      33. The Chinese are not that hard to read when one looks at the global picture. They do not only operate on the borders of North Korea. They are all over the face of africa, also. Here in South Africa we have 400 000 of their soldiers, disguised like civilian shopkeepers and traders, courtesy of the thieving South African terrorist ANC president Jacob Zuma. Few of the South African population realize this. These Chinks are waiting for something, who knows what. Their arms and ammunition already are in the country too. Whites in this Zionist controlled kleptocracy are outnumbered about 9 to 1 by non-whites and mostly brainwashed by the Jewish controlled “media” to accept anything.
        So, what’s the connection?
        If any state plans to get involved in a conventional war of any length, it will need strategic minerals like for instance, chromium and rhutenium found mainly in Southern Africa. No chromium–no internal combustion engine or turbine of any kind. No rhutenium–no high density computer memory.Fighting either an economical or a shooting war will need both, besides other strategic minerals and commodities. China knows that.
        It would benefit America if it looked after its interests in Southern Africa intelligently. Besides, the American embassy here is already built like a forward battle station. An impregnable fortress.
        What’s good or bad for America is good or bad for patriots of all nations around the world. How can we better coordinate international resistance to world domination by the Jewish “New World Order” Zionists?

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