Shock Medical Notice: We Need to Have a “Short 5 Minute PRIVATE Conversation With Your Child”

by | Jun 5, 2014 | Headline News | 230 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Do the government and its ancillaries have ownership over your child?

    Do they have the power to detain and question a child without parental permission?

    Apparently they think they do according to a new Michigan medical records access law which reportedly requires doctors to have a private conversation with minors when their parents bring them in for medical care.

    This is the notice Christy Duffy saw posted at her physician’s office when she brought her 17-year old daughter in for a minor foot injury.

    private conversation

    When Mrs. Duffy returned home she penned the following public service announcement warning parents about what to expect the next time they visit their doctor:

    Let’s get one thing straight: no doctor or nurse is going to sequester my children in an exam room and talk to them privately. Period. This public service announcement made necessary because of this sign, posted at the check-in counter of my doctor’s office.

    I was there last week for an appointment for Amy. She hurt her foot, which makes dancing difficult, so we had to get that checked out. Amy is 17; I asked if this policy was in effect and if so, how could I opt out. The receptionist told me it’s a new law and there is no opting out. Working to keep my cool, I said, “I’m sure there is.” She said, “No, there isn’t.” At which point I asked if I needed to leave and go to the urgent care center because I was not submitting my daughter to such a conversation.

    That did not go over well

    The receptionist closed the window. Almost immediately, the office manager turned the corner and said, “Mrs. Duffy, may I speak with you?”

    She said there was a new policy that would allow a child to access his/her medical records online and the child would be allowed to block a parent from viewing the website. The nurse would also inform my children that the doctor’s office is a safe place for them to receive information about STDs, HIV and birth control. That is what the nurse would be chatting about with my children without any pesky parental oversight.

    I kindly informed her that no one would be talking with my children privately, and I needed to know how to opt out of this policy before bringing Amy back for her physical next month. (Yay for physicals! Amy is so excited.)

    By this time, the doctor was ready to see Amy so I had to cut the conversation short because I was not letting my girl out of my eyesight or earshot. Not when it was clear that these people were angling to undermine my parental authority.

    Does that sound a bit dramatic to you? It shouldn’t. Because that is exactly what they are trying to do.

    Make sure this is crystal clear: what they want to do is talk to your child about sex and drugs (maybe rock and roll – who knows?) without your input. Is it really such a stretch to imagine that a doctor who does not value abstinence before marriage would encourage your daughters – as young as 12! – to receive birth control? Is it really such a stretch to imagine a nurse telling a young boy – because a 12 year old boy is a BOY – that she will give him condoms so he can be “safe”? Is this what you want told to your children without the ability to filter the info through your world view?

    Should a doctor ever ask to speak to a child without a parent present? If he/she suspects abuse then of course. But short of evidence of abuse, a doctor should not need to speak to a child alone.

    I am the Mom. I will pick who can talk to my kids about sex and drugs. And rock-n-roll for that matter.

    Regardless what health care provider you choose, please know that no one has the right to remove you from your child’s exam room. Perhaps if more of us stood up for our rights as parents, this ludicrous undermining of parental authority might end.

    We are living in a new America, one in which officials and their subordinates will stop at nothing to control every aspect of our lives, as well as those of our children.

    They pass laws forcing medical providers to do their dirty work or risk losing their practice. They attempt to force parents to comply or risk losing their children to Child Protective Services.

    These kinds of transgressions against personal liberty are being attempted on all levels.

    In our school cafeterias children are having their lunches thrown away and being forced to purchase Obamafood pushed through by the First Lady via no-pay/no-food policies.

    If your child is diagnosed with a medical condition like cancer and you opt out of traditional medical treatment for fear it will do more harm than good or because of religious reasons the government can usurp your parental rights, take your children and force them to receive experimental chemotherapy.

    And, if it were up to the Justice Department, parents who choose to homeschool their children would be deemed criminals, or worse yet, terrorist enemies of the state.

    With tens of thousands of laws on the books and more coming, it is only a matter of time before the government will have given themselves permission to do whatever they like with you… and your children.

    And if you disagree, protest or fight, they have a heavily militarized domestic police force standing by and ready to rescue your children by kicking in your doors and flash-banging your baby’s crib.

    This is the America of the 21st century.


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      1. All part of the ‘See something, Say something’ narc program. They will ask your child if there are guns in the house, if mommy and daddy drink, smoke, etc…

        Better have a real good talk with your children first….before someone else does!

        • Yep, you’re right on target Socrates.

          What if mommy and daddy talk about how they disagree with the government?

          Then they get a welfare visit from a state psychiatrist who determines they have oppositional defiant disorder and diagnose them as mentally unfit (… CPS shows up, takes the kids, gets a hefty paycheck, and you lose all parental rights.

          They have so many angles of attack at this point that reversing this trend may be impossible without a complete system reset.

          • Mac this one is your lowest reach so far. Your exploiting and sensationalizing to reel in the emotions of parents who want to protect kids from the govt but this was nothing more than one office (if it actually happened at all).

            Sorry but I aint biting on this one. This what-if, coulda, shoulda, woulda article is irresponsible of you to not just post but to churn it even further.

            Fan the flames much there Mac?

              • Calgagus = moron

                • Walt, good at name calling but there aint anything else. Did your comment get cut off again./

                  • Calgagus
                    evidently you voted for o-puke-ama as well you seem to have the same type of idiot logic, and if you don’t understand what i just said then it proves my point! your type of thinking is partly why this country is falling apart!

                  • Calgagus=troll. troll=dickhead.

                  • Clitoris: oops .. did I miss spell that. They tried this crap on my daughter last year. When she refused they sent a cop to their house. I had already at this point retained an attorney in their state, “clocked out” and boarded the first flight to their town. As I work for “Home Land” you should have seen the look on the local sheriffs face when me, the attorney, two city council men, and a state senator showed up that next morning. When it was over an apology was given, my daughter had several thousand dollars in the bank and a new doctor, my two week “vacation” was completely covered, and soon after that the doctor and hiss group of butt heads had to move their practice. Go post somewhere else PRAY, PLAN PREP, FORM TEAMS,… and start fighting back… its time……

                  • Apache
                    because this story is over sensationalized and there aint much here to go on aside from heresay and 1 persons experience, its not real journalism or researched at all.

                    Nice try hoping to conveniently put me in w/ the libs and mindless voters who chose Obama. I did not vote for any Ds much less Obama, either election.

                    What you and the other red thumb sheep here have proven is that you all take this story as the gospel truth. If all of you are as gullible as youre proving to be, youll all be easily fooled in the future.

                    QUESTION EVERYTHING.
                    And for Gods sake, learn how to gather up a fact or two, stop the ignorant namecalling because its not only what kidds do it shows a weak hand.

                    If some docs office decided to post a sign like this, it aint a law. It aint forced compliance. Get a fucking grip. If you are all keyboard warriors, stand up against shit like this and protest. Dont get behind your computer and play all tough and then suck it up later w/ another chip added onto those broad shoulders you all believe you have.

                    The funny part about this little group attack is that this reaction aint no different than how libtards jump onto the anti gun platform. Course none of you reactionaries will see that but it aint no different. Keep jumping to conclusions. Its always some one else, never you or your bias.

                    Been posting here long enough for people to know I aint some libtard. I dont waste time in every article posting junk just to be posting. I sure as shit dont play gang up like some of you are doing. That knee jerk behavior will get you killed or put in isolation. But have at it, show your lack of strength, if thats what gives your testosterone a bump up, keep at it.
                    To that character braveheart, your a farce. Most would say hothead. Hell you cant even hold yourself accountable to what you say. One comment is opposite the other. WTF? Hot heads and those who think w/ emotions, not sense, will be the first ones downed.

                • Always your knee jerk reaction. Do not ague, just do an assassination.
                  Just fall in line. Never challenge.
                  So, if Calgagus is wrong, it will prove out.
                  But, such a little mind you show off, Walt.

              • Relic you indeed are.
                Did you read that article you posted a link to?
                It says only the same garbage here. There aint no verification on anything.

                Heres the #1 comment from your WT link

                Teri LaMay Chambers • a day ago

                This article does nothing but copy the blog that I have already read. Please throw some real journalism in there and research whether this is a legitimate story and this law actually is in affect. You are not a journalist if you have not input and are only copying the information from a blog!

                • Calgagus, I will try to be civil to you. Mac presents these articles to us for our consideration and community discussion. MAC SLAVO NEVER INTENTIONALLY MISLEADS ANYONE WITH ANY ARTICLE HE POSTS ON THIS SITE! It’s possible, on occasion, that maybe Mac himself has been misled on some of these articles, but Mac never puts out propaganda. You want propaganda, go to the MSM, and you’ll find a whole world of propaganda. You’re free to believe whatever you choose, but I won’t stand for you coming on here and making unfounded attacks on Mac or anyone else.

                  • All I can say about this is, “I am sure glad I don’t have any kids. For a thousand different reasons. Good Luck Parents.

                  • 2 Words= “HOME SCHOOL” Get it done.

                  • Braveheart. You talk way too much and with distorted enthusiasm about killing to have ever heard shots fired in anger. I have heard shots fired in anger and my pervasive memory is being scared. Are you delusional or maybe just a liar?

                  • Braveheart persona

                    Since you always force your opinion and emotions on everyone, why doesnt someone else get to have an opinion?
                    If Im “free to believe whatever you choose” then why you attack me for saying what I believe?
                    I aint attacking Mac. I gave reasons for what I said and for my opinion. And from what Ive seen, still aint changed my mind because the bottom line is the story is pure sensational garbage. This is like the papercopy Natl Enquirer only for conspiracies.
                    I dont give 2 shits when you try to threaten me. This aint your site so stfu. You aint Macs bodyguard. If Mac wants, he can ahave at it w/ me. He can ban me or put me into a moderation or censorship queue. His site, his right. He can be a success or a failure, his choice. HE owns this and its his property. It aint yours to pretend with. You want to play website moderator then get your own site and play brave man. Good luck on that one.

                • Socialist troll you are calagus.
                  so perhaps the article is not real journalism.
                  Neither is what the msm puts out.
                  That would be propoganda.

                  • Calgagus, you misunderstand part of my position. of course you can believe as you choose, but you were implying that Mac was putting out propaganda which is just not so. yes, you made some valid points about doing your own research, etc. I also researched last night and found the same article at several other sites. I also have a contact in MI who verified for me that there really is such a law, so Mac did present a bona fide article. You made a statement about Mac misleading people and I took you to task for it because that’s not true. If you want propaganda, go to any MSM site you want and that is all you will find. MSM practices deception, NOT Mac Slavo. take care.

                • Calgagus, I’m not a farce, ever! The only time I even come close to being a hothead is when I’m confronted by anyone with bad intentions toward me, and even then I do my best to keep my cool. You don’t know what I’ve been through in this thing called life. Try losing your wife or anyone else you love to a drunk driver and see how that feels. I lost my wife to a POS Haitian drunk driver just after our 6th wedding anniversary and it’s a pain I live with everyday. Not one day goes by that I don’t think about her. She was a refugee from Cuba and lost half of her family, including her father, to Castro’s butchers. My feelings ARE my feelings and they are just as real as can be, NOT SOME FARCE. I don’t BS. I call it like I see it. If I’m wrong about any particular subject, I do offer people a chance to prove to me that I’m wrong. I know how to play fair. I just felt your attacks on Mac were unjustified. As preppers, we get attacked not only in the MSM all the time, but even on some other alternative media sites and on this one. the attacks are always coming from people who have accepted the MSM’s propaganda as gospel without questioning it. I and the other people here just get so sick of it. I’ll offer you an apology right now for calling you a troll. I guess I did go a little too far in some of my previous responses to you. I admire and respect Mac for what he tries to do for us all here at this site. He covers things no MSM site would touch with a 10-foot pole. No, I didn’t accept the contents of the article as gospel. I did do some research first and found something to back it up and only then did I finally accept the article as the real deal. Take care.

              • The Blaze reported it too the other day. It is for real. Sadly and Pathetically.

                • I don’t even have kids and I am thoroughly livid at the moment!!! They will stop at nothing to completely destroy our country.

                  • they want nothing less than total control of the minds of children to indoctrinate them into what was referred to as Hitlers youth

                  • This condom at 11 thing has been standard in the UK for years now. Likewise girls can get contraceptive medicine or abortion without parental consent or knowledge.

                    To be fair a lot of teachers I know are VERY uncomfortable with it and do their best within the boundaries of the law to persuade the pupils to tell their parents. However the law is the law and they have to abide by it in the final analysis.

                    Homeschool or private school is a major sacrifice for many families, but the deeper down the rabbit hole you go, the more unpalatable the alternative becomes iyswim. Parental influence is becoming so much more important than it was in generations past as the world outside your front door gets crazier every year.

                • Alphonse, let me spell out my position for you. First, I admit I’ve never been a cop or soldier. I’ve never fired any shots in anger before, but I know the day is coming when I’ll have to in order to stay alive. No, I’m not delusional but the 99% of the population who are not preppers ARE delusional. they believe our system will always somehow manage to work, that we’ll always have supermarkets, hospitals, movie houses, etc., all of the things that make up parts of our current lifestyles. the day is coming when TSHTF and all of those things will come to an end. life as we know it in this nation right now will change 180 degrees and most of the people out there will die because they wouldn’t listen to people like us and prepare. I’ve been a victim of crime before and I won’t be a victim again. I’m not letting ANYONE with bad intentions toward me have their own way with me. Anyone who allows something like that to happen to themselves is signing their own death warrant. I’ve often asked myself if/when someone forces their way into my home if I have what it takes to pull the trigger. No one really knows for sure until the moment really arrives. somehow I believe I can and will do it. I will be forced into such a situation and won’t have any other choice. No, I don’t want it to happen but I know it’s coming; kill or be killed. the only wayI see to save this country is either a 2nd civil war or revolution. voting our way out never achieves anything but business as usual. Alphonse, you can believe what you will, but I want the same thing everyone else here wants and that’s to save this country and take it back t something like it used to be. I’m not surrendering to tyranny, period. Take care.

                • Calgagus, who are you to tell anyone to stfu? the way you carry yourself just reinforces my suspicions about you being a troll. So f#$% you!

              • “We are living in a new America, one in which officials and their subordinates will stop at nothing to control every aspect of our lives”..

                Yep, “full spectrum dominance”– complete control on all levels… land, air and sea”– and, apparently, here in the U.S. as well. Basically, Hitler.

                Please read article at Global Research, “US Plans first strike Nuclear Attack”. Its all about control/domination.

                F— psychopaths!

                • I was thinking about all this last night– how they can take our land if they want it, just like in China. We have no rights, according to them.

                  How is it, that so few people can control and dominate so many other people? Of course, the answer is in the military. Then it dawned on me, they have no power. THEY HAVE NO POWER. All they have is a bunch of guys with guns, which they call the military. Well, anybody can get together with guns and call themselves the military, or malitia, or whatever name they choose. No difference! TPTB are powerless! They are just a small group of people who have the will to make a military to protect themselves. That is all they are! If we had the will, we could do the same thing! They are powerless psychopaths! Crap, even old Cheney got himself his own army called Blackwater.

                  • The problem is the low level govt employees that blindly follow orders. These idiots will kill our asses with a simple “go team US” mentality and look forward to a pat on the back or employee of the month award. The actual lawmakers are never on the frontlines enforcing their laws and performing the no-knock drug raids. At some point they are going to push the wrong group too far and affect too many people like myself and the shit will be on. We are slowly moving towards the cliff and I don’t see anything stopping us from goin over at some point.

                  • I wonder what the Iraqi Republican Guard thinks about our supposed lack of military power? We did in fact grind up the fourth largest army in the world in 100 hours of ground combat. We lost more people in accidents before the flag went up than we did in the shooting war.

              • I read the Wash. times article which lines up with what I said many times. This country is trashed big time. Never trust political scum, or the justice system and don’t participate in voting since it’s corrupted and phony. Also doctors (not specialists) are not to be trusted either. Maybe some are even asking their adult patients if they own guns. I avoid them all I can. We are really going down hill. Not enough people will stand up as history shows. Cowardly church leaders (see: Dave Daubenmire’s post on News with views)will not speak/stand up and neither will local community, political or business leaders.

                • Laura M., I agree. the ‘reset’ can’t come soon enough.

              • I would like to hear input from the nurses to hear how they feel about these new laws. I’m sure that many are jumping through hoops to keep their jobs while others are probably distressed and pondering if they can stand up against this.

                • Follow the money. Someone somewhere higher up IS getting $$$ for this, I don’t pretend to know who or how but after 39 years of being an RN I do know that money is the lubricant for the sadly-misnamend healthcare system in this country.

                  Get out of the system NOW. Stop eating the GMO’d factory/fast food. Stop taking all the BigPharma poison-for-profit medications. Stop drinking the fluoridated water. Protect yourselves from cellphone/wifi/smartmeter RF.

                  Educate yourself about herbs, nutrition and natural healing. We all need to take responsibility for our own health because the “system’ is NOT healthcare, it is sickcare, designed to keep us chronically ill so we can be milked for life paying for medications and never-ending “care”.

                  I could see this coming down the pike 10 years ago when they started the “mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers” crap. I said screw it, quit nursing and started a commercial building maintenance business. Earned more money per hour than I ever did as a nurse.

                  Pretty twisted priorities in this land to be willing to pay more to have fancy windows washed/carpets cleaned/papers shredded/toilets sanitized than you’re willing to pay a person who holds your life in his/her hands in a hospital…

            • MAC

              Ten years ago a friend of mine had to take the
              day off, he and his wife were summoned to the
              grade school their young daughter attended in

              It seems CPS or some such were baiting the young
              kids with things like ‘have your parents ever
              spanked you? etc. etc.

              The kids thought they were playing a game with
              them. These loving parents went through hell
              and high water disproving the sham that was
              being perpetrated on them.

              What you are saying is no surprise to me.

              • Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one Rule, Regulation, or Law at a time.

                If not US who? If not now, when? 🙂

                • The only time I will ever engage “My Employees” again will unfortunately be via their proxy thugs, and I will begin engaging them from as far off as possible, up to the time that I am out of “engagement materiel”. And then I’ll use my hands.

                • DK, I will engage them so they can receive “lead nutrients.”

            • Calgagus: You are obviously a troll.

              Anyone with a sound mind who has been watching the snatching of children for no reason by CPS, paying attention to the NEW psychiatric definitions re; oppositional disorder, etc., hearing the phrase “children belong to all of us, not just parents,” following the child trafficking issues in the US and abroad, watching the indoctrination of kids by common core, the travesty of vaccinations/poisoning our children, ETC., cannot fail to be very, very alarmed at this article.

              So go troll somewhere else. You are doing us no good here.


              • PKLauLau, AMEN to your comments. Calgagus definitely=troll.

              • PKLauLau s
                Been posting here for months. Where you been?

                All of the issues you listed are definite threats. All of those have legit sources and some even have laws or statistics to back up claims.

                If you cant tell the diff between realities like those you listed and this article, its time to figure out how you can do online research so youll know the difference between fact and myth.

                Funny that Ive posted my thanks and kudos to Mac in past comments. No one complains about that. Only when I decide to challenge this article.

                There aint one person here who has put out the place, the doctor, or the law to prove this article is more than just hyped up bs.

            • What part of the article referring to the new law of the state of Michigan did you not understand?

            • Calagus
              Oh dear is free speach like posting this article something you are opposed to
              Well why dont you move to Cuba?

            • When my 22yo daughter was 13 during her yearly physical the doc asked me to leave the exam room because she needed to speak in private with my daughter. While not state law it was a policy the practice had. This was in MA.

              It’s not a stretch to think that MI has gone overboard and passed a law.

            • You are in denial Calgagus. It’s the frog on boiling water. At the surface this may seem like a single incident, but really it’s just another step toward the same agenda, where many steps have already been taken, steps that still serve the same ultimate purpose.
              It will get worse over time. I wish your viewpoint was right and more than willing ignorance. Your religion is man, and stories like this go against the grain of it.

          • Mac, did you do any research here…. call other doctor’s offices to see if this is really true. If it is a law there would be an article number to go with the law. Good journalism should be presenting the facts not loose propaganda for either side. I’m seeing more and more “the sky is falling” articles on your sight that just are speculative at best. You occasionally have some good articles but more and more it’s conspiracy with no teeth. You are losing your credibility.

            • And your screen name is the TRUTH?

              • Actually I am inclined to conclude that truth/ Calgagus are one in the same. Just a thought……

            • Aint it the truth. I only read about half of the articles now, if that. Dont have much time to play on the internet and theres enough shit going on in the real world so who needs stupid lies just to try and get readership up? Been noticing that comments been going down. Views been going down too. When shit like this piece gets posted its an insult to those of us who aint following along like the sheep taking it all in just because. So all you sheep, say baa and push your red thumbs.

              • Calgagus, this is not an MSM site and we’re not sheep. So why don’t you just move on if you don’t like what you see here?

              • Folks, I’m in no hurry to be flamed but I have to agree with Calgagus on this one. I did a little research and it turns out The Blaze did run the story. They researched this and found no Michigan law stating this. At this point the story is a she said, he said tale and the only compelling evidence is the photo of the sign and this could have been easily manufactured.

                We need to be cautious about what we allow in our minds, garbage in, garbage out.

            • the truth, Mac Slavo is loaded with credibility and he does practice good journalism. are you any relation to Calgagus? I hope not for your sake.

              • Define credibility.

                Define “good journalism”.

            • Hey asshole you hijacked my fuckin screen name! Truth my ass your a piece of shit! I go by Truth folks…not “the truth” like this communist mouthpiece ass licker.

              • Truth, I don’t blame you one bit.

            • The truth: “…presenting the facts not loose propaganda……articles on your site are speculative at best…”

              I’m sure Mac called the lady, said, “Hey, print this paragraph on a piece of paper, post it on the dr’s office window, take a picture, make up a story, tell it to everyone and then I’ll write about it…”

              Ya…right…that’s it….(sarc)


            • The truth, you are a hypocrite. Your reply clearly shows your ridicule of the article without knowing or finding out for yourself if it’s true or not. Your reaction is no different than someone who chooses to believe it. You rather choose to not, specifically by your comment “You are losing credibility”.

          • “…system reset”—now that is as gentle a euphemism as is possible.

            • In computerland there is a “soft reboot” and a “hard reboot”.

              In a soft reboot, you let the computer software do its job, save it’s files and shut down…reboot.

              In a hard boot, you literally interrupt the power. You yank the plug out or otherwise force the computer to shut down—RIGHT NOW.

              For this particular political system, I recommend the hardest freaking shut-down we can manage to pull off.

          • Time is running short to find doctors who will HELP you, your children, your politics, and your prepping.

            • Went to the doc the other day….talked to the receptionist and doc about privacy and laws….put a bug in his ear about alternative compensation and MY privacy, my dr/patient privilege. Both said that by law they now have to ask you to go to a private website to see your medical records/test results and then fill out a questionnaire that is very, very intrusive.

              I opted out….

              Make sure you feel out your dr’s and put a bug in their ear about alternative stuff….


          • It is worth mentioning that in general pediatricians are the most socialist, anti-gun, and pro-police-state-power of all medical specialties.

          • Mac, I’m with you all the way, It’s NOBODY ELSE’S DAMNED BUSINESS WHAT TAKES PLACE IN SOMEONE ELSE’S HOME. IT’S NONE OF ANYONE ELSE’S DAMNED BUSINESS WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR OWN HOME, EITHER. Like I said in my earlier post, sorry for the rant, but something has got to give with these ‘control freaks’.

            • I would think that if you’re running a meth lab, as a logical extreme example, that is in fact our business what you’re doing at home.

              • If they can breach someone’s privacy over suspicion of a meth lab, they can breach your privacy for any damn thing they want to. It’s just a matter of time.

                It always starts out with something that sounds reasonable and rational…but it never ends up the same way.

                The right to bear arms—either we have that right, or we don’t. Not just to bear certain “govt approved” weapons, at certain approved times and in certain approved places, with the appropriately approved paperwork.

                We lose every single time we allow the govt to take a black and white issue and turn it into a gray area. The government lives in the gray area, because that is where they have the most influence. In the gray area is also where WE are the most vulnerable and compliant.

              • So, you believe that government should have the “right” to dictate what you choose to put into your own body? What if they define as banned a substance like alcohol? [already been done in the US]. Tobacco? Raw milk? Organic food? Herbs? Vitamins? Movements are afoot to ban ALL these things. You must be in favor of them-

                If someone is cooking meth at home that should be THEIR business. If they start selling it to minors, then and ONLY then should it become “YOUR” business…

          • this office is the provider,so they have all the necessary contact info to INFORM CPS that the MOTHER DENIED HER KID ACCESS TO CARE following an accident.
            I’d like a follow up to this report if CPS paid a visit YET.
            it’s NEVER A GOOD IDEA to let them KNOW ANYTHING POLITICAL OR WHY U OBJECT TO THEIR CRAP-mom should have quietly exited and warned others.

          • MAC a friend of mine called from north carolina,she said the doctors took her FIVE YEAR OLD in the back room and asked him all kinds of questions about his sex life and his parents sex life and if he had sex with adults,or friends at school,and on and on..a FIVE TEAR OLD,I asked if she BASHED IN THEIR FACE,she said no,I told her next time breakout the windows in their car………..

            • this is what i thought too.

              what kind of parent am I if i let an adult have unsupervised access to my child. EVEN A SUPPOSED CAREGIVER. what if THEY have intention to molest my kid?

              it’s upside down world.

              THat or they will nudge the conversation (as interogaters do in some circumstances) to implicating parents for something just with the intention of getting CPS involved. Heck, they didn’t even go thru those motions with Justine Pelletier’s family. They just got her.

              I can’t believe somebody with special skills didn’t break her out yet.

          • Time for 1776 part 2.

          • Mac it sounds like its time for garage medicine!

        • This signage may have been in a doctors office but this is not legal as it stands this way. That phrase using “medical access records” has to do w/ HIPPA. The sign didnt mention HIPPA or the actual law.

          This is bullshit and people should have known this was a con in the first place.

          • So what are you trying to say Calgagus? Your logic sounds like asking a rape victim if she was raped once or more in order to prosecute the rapist. No one and I mean no one can use a half developed child to exploit anything no matter its purpose since half developed children are not aware of the evil intends due to their lack of life experiences.

            • Aint trying to say anything. Making a statement and my logic is sound. Do you comply or raise a hissy for everything you see written somewhere? Do you really believe everything?

              There aint no law forcing parents to do this. This is bogus.

              Name the law in michigan. Name the doctors office. Unless you can, stfu.

              • Calgagus, YOU STFU YOUR GODDAMNED SELF. Do some research and you’ll find something to confirm the article’s contents.

                • What links do you have for that proof?

                • Did the looking. The wife is retired RN. She got online and came up dry too.

                  so back at you:
                  ” YOU STFU YOUR GODDAMNED SELF. Do some research and you’ll find something to confirm the article’s contents.”

          • Calgagus-

            Yes it all wreaks to high high-heaven of HIPPA and GINA violations, but since *when* has the government or even private industry been known to adhere strictly to the law?

            The whole See something, Say something program is unconstitutional as a disgruntled employee or neighbor can turn in anyone on a bogus charge, all in the name of ‘safety’.

            On 16 January 2013, President Obama announced a list of 23 executive actions intended to address the issue of gun violence in the U.S., one of which was to “clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes” (to counter the claim that a provision of “Obamacare” legislation barred doctors from asking such questions).

            Nothing in that action mandated that doctors must ask such questions of Medicare patients (or any other patients), however.

            It also doesn’t state that they cannot. Just saying…

            • @socrates….and that bonehead that called mac names earlier. i go to doctors here in so cal loma linda univ med ctr. and OFTEN am asked on the paperwork if there are any guns in my home. so how the HELL it is much of a stretch to believe THIS story?

              • BCOD, I personally know of other people who have been asked this same question by doctors si I kn ow it’s taking place.

                • BCOD, I forgot to add, Calgagus=dickhead.

                • YUP! Happened to my husband….he said it’s NUNYA and was pissed….


            • But since the government is becoming part of the medical system/health care provider, they are not excluded under HIPPA. Part of the encouragement for EHR/EMR systems being forced into medical practices is providing accessibility to your medical information, not just for you and your doctor but also for Big Brother. Many of these packaged systems include inputs for possession of firearms in the home, illegal drug use and mental health problems, that must be answered before the computer allows the nurse/doctor to move to the next screen.

            • Wrong. The nurse claimed the law required them to speak with the child in private. The law you cite states they have the right to receive service. Take note of the final sentence.

              “In those cases, the health care professional will try to inform you of their duty to notify your parents before
              contacting them.”

        • “They pass laws forcing medical providers to do their dirty work or risk losing their practice. They attempt to force parents to comply or risk losing their children to Child Protective Services.” You are right Sir. There is an “agenda” here. It interferes with parental rights and is similar to a mind control state. They WILL ask if there are guns, alcohol or drugs in the house, as well as physical punishment ie. spanking or extra chores. God help us as we fight to preserve the America decent people remember !

          • Right you are Booger,

            God help us…..

            When any person wants to have five minutes alone with a minor child, something smells fishy.

            If parents are that dumb than they deserve what they get.

            It doesn’t take but 10 seconds to secretly insert a tracking microchip into an unsuspecting child. Then WTF are the parents gonna do when they come home one day from vacation, and the gov thugs have ransacked their home and taken all their guns and ammo,gold and silver, and/or all their food supplies? It could happen.

            They were warned. “Don’t leave your kids alone with anyone you don’t know personally, for five seconds, much less five minutes”.

            • pissin in: Dumb parents are also those who send the kids to public schools where they teach like they have for decades, that people came from apes and now it’s ok to have two moms or two dads, etc. These are the same morons that don’t care what the gov allows to violate their parental rights.

              • We humans (homo sapiens) did not come from ‘apes’ but we do share a common ancestor. We are most closely related to chimpanzees with which we share about 98% of our DNA.

                The entire history of our species and our relationship with all other life on this planet is written in our DNA. If fact our near extinction due to the eruption of the super volcano Toba (~ 75,000 years ago) is also recorded in our mitochondrial DNA.

        • I will not even give a warning about messing with my children. I will ruthlessly kill you over this.

        • OK, everyone, sorry to be late for this one. Socrates, you’re right on target. If I had children, NO WAY THAT ANYONE, REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE, WOULD TALK TO MY CHILDREN ABOUT ANYTHING WITHOUT ME BEING PRESENT. I DON’T CARE WHETHER IT’S A LAW OR NOT. IF THEY’RE NOT WILLING TO TALK TO MY KIDS WITHOUT ME BEING THERE, TOUGH SHIT! IT DOES NOT, REPEAT, DOES NOT, TAKE A F#$%ING VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD! IT ONLY TAKES THE PARENTS OF THAT CHILD AND NOBODY ELSE TO RAISE THE CHILD! To Mac and everyone else, sorry for the rant, but this article really gets me fired up. I don’t have any use for ‘control freaks’, except maybe some target practice.

          • OK big talker, let’s see you take some target practice on everyone you don’t like. Jesus, you are such a full of shit old geezer.

        • Read every document before you sign any document at any medical facility. You are agreeing to have them do all that is stated. That is what they agree to do to you. You should cross out most of it. If they do more than is agreed to… Like have students present, photographs, video, and the like it is malpractice. Been down this road. If is is a planed procedure ask for the admission documents in advance. There is always a little sentence about sharing with the GOV. Pay attention. U do not have to agree.

        • If this is allowed to stand, “private” questioning by police, (fill in the blank) is just around the corner.

        • Happened in Kansas city at a dentist also.

        • Friends don’t lose sight of what is central in this child control situation—the “mental health” cult. Do not take damnation into your spirit by believing anything a psychiatrist, social worker or psychologist, “clinical” or otherwise, says. If you stop to help a stranded motorist, first ask them what occupation they’re in. If they’re in mental “health” field—leave them stranded (unless they agree to give you their entire net worth).

        • Socrates,

          I’ve already had that talk with my children. They know how to claim their right to remain silent, their right to be secure in their person, papers and effects and their right to report every sylable the doctor utters. You never know when they will suck your kid into a room and interrogate them. I’ve warned them to never give any personal information out about our family, how we sleep, if we have guns, if we drink, smoke of curse.

          In the words of my redneck friend, just down the trail:

          Ain’t none of their f???ing bizness!

      2. We as Americans deserver everything that is happening to us. All we can do is just to complain. We only think we are free but in our hearts we all know that we live in a big prison.

        • Not true. As a Conservative, I don’t deserve what’s happening when 51% vote for more government.

          • Sierra Dave….I don’t completely disagree with you but the 51% vote is null. Last I heard Liberal Fascists like Fienstien and Conservative Freedom lovers like Rogers both are against the 2nd amendment. The same goes for the entire constitution. Illegal laws are being made by the libs and conservatives comes to the Fox news and bitch and then shale hands with behind the scene. McCain, Graham and many others are the shiny examples. Even the so called conservatives destroyed Ron Paul more aggressively than their libs counter parts. I guess one body with two heads are still fooling us and we are not able to see who really controls them.

            • Left wing, right wing part of the same bird. One that has to come down. Shit … now they are looking for me. I am on the list now. Luck to all of you, we are going to need it.

            • Anyone who is against the Constitution is not a conservative. Most Republicans are not conservatives. Most Democrats are not conservatives. Most bureaucrats are not conservatives. It doesn’t matter what they say.

              • Archivist,

                Most conservatives are not conservatives! No, really, they call themselves that but they are NOT conservatives! They’ve been brainwashed into believing that their luke warm liberalism is conservatism. It is not.

          • Remember the Roman Empire? That is what is happening today.

        • Hey, some retired Army Col. tried to do something two weeks ago with Operation American Spring. Nada

          I guess it scared little Barry so much he is calling up the dreaded “DOMESTIC TERRORIST TASK FARCE…er FORCE”.
          (Right now the Empire strikes back music should be playing in you head)

          Who will save us from the mean Mr. Eric Holder, boys and girls? Who?

          • Mr. Spitzer will save us!

      3. Sounds like a clinic that is over reaching their authority.

        Time to find a new clinic.

        Vote with your wallet.

      4. Sorry Folks time to start shooting the bastards ! ! ! !

      5. I hear that the NSA has a new device called “The Pooper Snooper” which places a camera in you toilet and lets “The Party” know how much/what color ect.

        It’s all part of the First Ladies program to get us to eat more roughage. (sarcasm)

        ” It’s Springtime for Hitler (BO) and Germany” 1936, only it’s America 2014!

        • Uh, if the bullshit they are cramming down our throats was roughage, we’d be way over the RDA!

      6. I’m just glad all my children are grown. No way I would have allowed this. Fucking idiots are pushing and pushing.

        • “yep. As long as its not happening to me!!

        • Midwives.

      7. My kid would refuse point blank to talk to anyone who wanted a “secret word” with him that I was not allowed to participate in. His attitude would be very mistrustful and he’d automatically assume they had bad intentions towards him.

        It’s been made clear to him from toddlerhood who the inner circle of adults are that if for any reason at any time he needs help he can go see in complete confidence. The reason for it being an inner circle rather than just his parents is that there are just so many sickos/peados around nowadays that I felt he needed to be able to raise the alarm FAST in some circumstances. (Londistan born).

        That inner circle is made up of people HE trusts based on their actions (not words) over the course of his short life, and my much longer one. Anyone not in that in that inner circle isn’t allowed across the trust line full stop.

        Given that I remember asking my Dad to lance a boil on my bum at 15, I don’t see his attitude to “outsiders” no matter how embarrassing the topic changing anytime soon. He may not always agree with me (I didn’t always see eye to eye with my parents as a teen) but he’ll always TRUST me first and foremost.

        I’m not his friend, & I’m not some glorified babysitter for the state, I’m his parent,& he’s smart enough to know what that means. The ultimate rebellion against the state has become the formation of a strong, intact family unit in these last days.

        Teens are at the sharp end of this fight for freedom, and we need to empower them as warriors. Teach them to say NO to drugs and brownshirts alike. Teach them wtf freedom actually means ffs, while there are still a few elders alive that can narrate what it felt like.

        • Lonelonmum, I’m with you all the way. Nothing government does these days has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. Not one government official anywhere has a leg to stand on concerning any subject matter. Your kids are most fortunate to have a parent like you. When I was in government schools back in the 60s and 70s, I also received a certain amount of “homeschooling” to counteract the propaganda my ALLEGED ‘EDUCATORS’ tried to put into my head. I came out of the experience smelling like a rose. I’ve always been independent-minded. I’ve never accepted anyone’s propaganda on any subject, regardless of the source. I don’t fit nice and neat inside anyone’s box. I don’t have what it takes to be a mindless robot, a good little Nazi, a good little commie, etc. NOBODY tells me what the bloody hell to think or believe about anything. I believe your kids will make it just fine. Take care.

        • well, no, your inner circle theory is erroneous. I trusted an “inner circle” member– someone I called dad but who was really a step dad– until I was 13, at which time he started molesting me and I went into foster care to avoid more abuse… so the “inner circle” crap is/can be invalid. The only one you can trust is your Creator, and sometimes others. Sometimes its un-related folks who turn out to be your closest/best friends.

          • I agree fully with this article– there is no way in hell I would have allowed this crap for my kids when they were teens– thankfully, they are now grown.

            I will talk to my kids about what they need to learn- screw the system!

          • Sadly anonymous my kid has ASD which means he’s more vulnerable than some – all I could do when he was younger was choose that circle very, very carefully.

          • God Bless you and keep our children safe! Thank you for speaking out and breaking the silence. <3

      8. remember americans you voted for all that you have, did those that you put your trust in screw you over? the sad part is its too late for you to do anything about anything now. Not taking responsibility has a price. Maybe you can try and vote for another one, like you been doing for 100 years, and we sink deeper and deeper into the mire and filth, your whole world is getting ready to change in a way you have never dreamed of, enjoy whats left.

        • Ain’t this a great nation or what.

          J. Smirnoff

        • Yo Charlie, You need to watch the HBO Doc “Hacking Democracy”. A relentless woman Bev Harrison digs into our voting and vote accounting systems. You’ll be shocked when convincing evidents proves our votes have been compromised.

            • JayJay: Wow….I just sent that to all my sheeple….thanks.


          • It is interesting to note the phenomenon of ‘red shift’ once the electronic voting machines came into use. It is also interesting to note that once the electronic voting machines went into use that the exiting polling results strongly disagreed with the official results. This is the primary indication of election fraud when those two numbers don’t line up.

            Funny thing is that it’s the Republican party that benefits from this shift.

          • Don I have known for years that the paper that I wipe with is worth more than americans votes, they only let you vote so give you the impression that you have power, but the rich and powerful aren’t going to let dumb sheep decide their fate. Voting has always been worthless, at the rate we are going voting will destroy the contry completely.

      9. This Michigan situation is outrageous beyond words.

        It has been proven again and again that “educating” minors on sex and drugs leads to only one thing: increased interest in both and eventually giving in to the temptation and/or curiosity to try one or both. In essence, sex and drug “education” programs simply teach kids HOW to do both, NOT to stay away from either. Neither topic is appropriate as a subject of study at any academic facility, taxpayer-supported or not. These are topics that are appropriate ONLY for the family home. And given the continuing rise in population, we needn’t worry about the message on sex getting out there, and given the increasing use of drugs, we need to worry about the message that IS being delivered about drugs.

        And I agree that doctors’ office staffs have become increasingly aggressive in bossing patients around — including responsible and obviously capable adults. Where they have been getting this idea that it is incumbent upon them to take control of the patient the moment they walk in the door, I don’t know, but it is unacceptable, demeaning, and intrusive of the patient’s freedom and privacy.

        I would hope and expect that this wild Michigan “law” will be fought and rescinded within a matter of weeks.

        Remember that Reagan said something to the effect of health care being the single easiest and fastest way to impose socialism on a country. He was correct.

        • Swing and a miss.

          You should note that states that insist on ‘Abstinence Only’ sex education have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and STDS.

          Thankfully my ‘liberal, heathen, hellhole’ of a state provides ACTUAL sex education and we’re at the bottom of the list for teen pregnancy and STD transmission rates.

      10. Fools are waking up, the people who laughed while saying you spend too much time on the net are suddenly surprised finding out their liberties have been Hy-jacked. Sorry, us conspiracy nuts have been pointing out this kinda crap going on for the past decade, if not longer. It’s too late to turn this tide without some real drastic measures being implemented. That will never come to be in this fat, uninformed, placid, apathetic, TV-hypnotized nation. You will now reap the seeds you’ve sown leaving it up to our children’s children to break the bonds controlling us. God Speed USA

      11. They are going to talk about things that you wouldn’t want to talk about in front of your parents: puberty

        Might also tell the kids the importance of checking your balls for lumps

        Most likely

        So instead of getting your panties in a bunch, why don’t you ask them probing questions

        • I’m pretty sure parents can handle the conversation about puberty without government mandates… Humanity has done just fine for the last 150,000 or so years dealing with issues of sex and such.

          This isn’t about being nervous or worried about talking to kids about sex — it’s about being forced to hand over your child to the authorities without any say-so in the matter.

          • > it’s about being forced to hand over your child to the authorities without any say-so in the matter.

            It’s 5 minutes of your child’s time. It’s not indefinite. The fact that you would consider a 5 minute private convo about medical maters handing over your child to the gov is absurd.

            I came here from /r/conspiracy and have my plan ready. So know that I’m on your side, but please be sane about this minute mater and unbunch those pantys – ask the medical persons what the questions may pertain to. Educate your child on what questions are ok to answer. And get them to wear a wire if you are still uncomfortable about it.

            The point is you are making mountains out of mole hills and this fright that SHTF ppl has needs to stop.

            • Oh Yeah!

              How about a five minute talk with child protective services.

            • The “TROLLS” are out in force today. NO ONE has authority to separate YOU from YOUR child for 5 SECONDS, much less 5 MINUTES.

              What kind of moronic parent would even consider complying with such STUPIDITY!

            • The very reason we should fear people like you is because you call handing over a child to a stranger…..

              a mi-nute matter.

              At least I think that is what you meant, because you spelled it as a….”minute mater”.

              But you could have been referring to those “quick growing tomatoes”, you know, the minute maters. Kinda like “minute taters” and “quick grits”.

              • Micro wave pork rinds. For the Red Neck on the go.

                • Foxworthy says: “Cleaning your ears is an activity that one should do in private, using one’s OWN truck keys”

            • I disagree, Zenoff. While, in practice, “Its just 5 minutes.” those five minutes could change your child’s life forever. To that I say:

              Will they? Probably not.

              Why risk it? Not only that, they will use the information they glean in a negative matter. Do you think it will be beneficial to your child? …to you? No. It will either be worthless or negative.

              Also, this is probing: lets see who will and who will not comply.

              Claim your right to privacy and that you do not consent.

              Also, this is conditioning: as more and more sheople get used to it and nothing happens (or at least they don’t know its from that) more and more sheople will give in.

              Its the principle of it as much as anything. Not only would I refuse but my son would refuse also. …and second degree black belts are often not very pliable.

          • parents don’t seem to be doing a very good job of talking to teens

            “Even though the teen pregnancy rate has declined over the past few decades, the fact of the matter is that the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate of the Western industrialized world.”


            in my generation
            all we ever heard was “don’t do it”

            just say NO to sex didn’t work any better than just say NO to drugs did !

            • The problem is not the high teen pregnancy rate. It’s the low teen marriage rate. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, more teenagers were getting married. After that, the marriage rate dropped and the out-of-wedlock pregnancy rate soared. The total teen birthrate dropped during that time, but not much compared to the decrease in teen marriage.

              It used to be normal for girls to get married soon after high school at age 17-19. Now they are waiting or not even getting married at all.

              Even longer ago, it was normal for girls to get married even earlier, at ages 14-16. For a lot of them, it was a means of escaping from their parents and getting their own household to run. As an example, my great-grandmother got married at age 14 and had her first child at 15. She was a teen mother, but she was married. She was my favorite great-grandmother. You could go to her house any day, any time, and there would be food on the table, cakes, pies, sausage biscuits, or something else. She cooked so much, she had two stoves in her kitchen.

              A chart of the teen birthrate compared to the marriage rate from 1950 to 2000 is on the following page:
              www (dot) guttmacher (dot) org/pubs/tgr/05/1/gr050107.html

            • Actually it DID work. All the time? No. But it the whole stigma thing in fact DID work, which I know for a fact, as I was in high school in the early 70s, and even most of the football team the last year were virgins (I know, because we talked). Yes, we need more than just don’t do it, but we need to both tell and explain. And more importantly, let kids know there is, in fact, a God who will judge.

            • every 6th grader knows that having a baby at age 13 results in a ‘paycheck’.

          • I’m surprised the bible thumpers didn’t attack you for saying humans have been here more than 6000 years.

            • Everyone is entitled their opinion, EH.

              Did you come by your opinion by taking it from someone else or did you do a little research and a few calculations first?

              I thought so.

              Consider the rate of spin decay of the earth. It is slowing down. Now, apply the universally known rule, the inverse square proportion to that spin decay, in reverse. How long would our days be 6,000 years ago? 60,000 years? 600,000 years?

              See, there is a thing known as REAL SCIENCE. Quite often Biblical history is actually reinforced by it. It is really a shame when you start applying just a few unmodified (as in unpolitisized) facts to intellectually research how old something could be and the politicized religion of “billions and billions of years” falls to dust.

              Usually, the religion of “billions and billions of years” doesn’t fall to dust. The facts demand it but the religion of normalcy bias rears its ugly head. People argue that its silly that the earth could only be 6,000 years old, they forget about the stupid young earther and they go on about their life, continuing to wallow in the opinions they’ve been given without giving it another thought.

              Remember, you are entitled to your opinion but if your opinion isn’t based on fact it makes one look like a fool. But, pardon me, I certainly don’t want to change your opinion. Why would I? Please, don’t check this out. I very much prefer that you continue in your repeater cycle. Don’t try and figure anything out. Just believe what they tell you. They would never lie to you, right?

              …and I’m just an idiot. I could never be the source of truth, right?

              You go ahead and rationalize it any way you like. That *IS* your right. In the end, you may still be wrong but that is the thing about freedom: You have the freedom to be wrong.

      12. It won’t be private. It will be the Thought Police….It will be questions like:

        1.Does your daddy own a gun’
        2.Do you go to church
        3.Do you have food in the basement
        4.Do you….

      13. Ugly, they have the 5th amendment for that.

        Get them to record the convo at their convenience (talking about your kid)

        Don’t just blindly fear things, take them head on!

        What if they were just literally asking your kids medical questions that they wouldn’t be comfortable talking to you about?

        Are you really ready to impede your child’s health because you are afraid? Teach your child what they should and shouldn’t answer/talk about and send em in…

        • Wow! just WOW! “they have the 5th amendment for that.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
          Good luck finding more rose-colored glasses once SHTF!!
          CUMBAYA BABY!!

      14. Ok another problem!!!

        If your kids are sexually active they are going to do it… wouldn’t you want them to be given free condoms so the 12yos screwing won’t get pregnant and or diseased?

        Just because you don’t want to enlighten your child about sex doesn’t mean they won’t find out, and just because you don’t encourage your kids to have sex doesn’t mean they won’t. GET A CLUE

        If you really want to deny your child’s health, why don’t you just go ahead and kill them? Because in the long run and in certain circumstances, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING

        • Zenof

          Life’s a bitch.

          Listened to the music lately. That rap kind of shit. Wait till the WILDING ramps up. Everything is good if done in the Name of the Government.

        • “why don’t you just go ahead and kill them?”

          To paraphrase a quote from the GEICO pig…

          Seriously, did you really just say that?

      15. Virginia Moms Have Lost Their Constitutional Rights

        These articles explain what is *EXACTLY* going on here.

        Parents are going to have to stand up sooner than later.

      16. Make very plan and simple to your healthcare provider.
        Tell them HELL NO!!!!!!
        By law the can’t refuse to treat a patient if they except medcaid or medicare.
        The law is called Impela(sp)
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S N.REB

      17. Orwell was off by 30 years. 1984 in 2014.

      18. the most disgusting thing is all those office holding supposed liberty lovin’ tea party types, some that have been holding down cushy DC congressional seats since 2010 have been quiet as church mice.

        this country is gone as founded, imo.


      20. See Something, Say Something. It takes a village to raise a child. Trust Government. Trust Medical Professionals. Rat out your parents.

        Agenda 21 is here. Better learn to love it.

        • Sieg Heil.

          The “New” Administration Brown Shirts. The Gestapo will be knocking at your door.

          • They be wearin’ brown shirts so when ya ventilate ’em ya can’t tell fer sure if ya hit ’em or not cause the brown stuff inside ’em won’t show stains on the shirt. Triple tap!

          • Great. I’ll send her the bill for the Yale tuition for four years.

            Just joking. I would never send my kids to fascist leftist Yale.

        • Mr. B….

          You know, that see something – say something program is open to exploitation, in a round about way…

          …imagine a million or so “smart folks” ramping up a call in campaign, of disinformation to the myriad alphabet-soup agencies.

          ..make the bastards chase ‘snipe’**

          Call it…phone spamming the regime or whatever.


          **see ‘snipe hunting’ for details.

      21. Where in the hell did all these shills come from? This site must be getting very popular for all the paid shills to be on it. Yes, you can read through the comments and see them. Names like “the truth” and “Calgagus”. Please, more like, “The Lies” and “Cointelgus”.

        If you want to verify something, DO IT YOURSELF. The article provides the lead, get off your ass and find out if it’s true on your own terms. I do it, so should you. Stop being lazy asses. Oh that’s right, it’s not about that. You’re paid shills out do discredit. Well then, this message is for anyone else attempting to not think for themselves.

        • Amen JR.

          • AYE!!!

      22. On the subject of zog teaching children about drugs to INCREASE rather than reduce sales, I remember how they promoted “glue sniffing” back in the 60s or early 70s.

        Most people (at least in England) at that time had no concept of solvents having any kind of “recreational” use. They just knew they were dangerous if inhaled, so every evening some shill would appear on the tel-aviv-zion “news” pretending to “criticise” probably non-existent “idiots” who, we were told repeatedly …

        “Take a plastic bag, just like this one, and a tube of this kind of glue, then squirt the glue into the bag and inhale”.

        That was no warning but detailed instructions even the dumbest idiot could follow, and it worked, Soon there were zombies everywhere sniffing any harmful substance they could get their hands on. Glue. Tippex. Butane gas. The list goes on.

        Read the talmud, meet the devil. It’s all in there.

        They DON’T intend to discuss medical matters with your kids. They’ll be interrogating them about YOU. Read George Orwell’s description (1984) of the “spies”, kids trained to report on their parents, giving disgruntled kids the power of life and death over any adult they dislike.

        It’s worse even than that though.

        Follow lonelonemum’s advice and trust NONE of zog’s agents and enforcers, and be careful what you say in front of the kids. They don’t always understand the dangers of an apparently innocent remark.

        • Read the talmud, meet the devil. It’s all in there

          Barney: Welcome to the jewnited Snakes of Amerikwans

      23. A Federal Government No Longer Interested In The People ~ link ~ This is one that you really need to read in full at the link…great article! Stirling

        A Federal Government No Longer Interested in The People
        •Posted by Doc Vega on May 22, 2014

      24. Know Your Enemy (Part 67 – The War on Parents)

        Vote OUT all RINOs and democrats like your job, wealth, health, privacy, your kids well being, our states rights, our Constitution and your LIFE depends on it.

        NOVEMBER 2014 and 2016

      25. In the 70s, when I would go see the doctor as a young child and I had some injury or concussion or some other result of what happens when active kids play, the doctor would take me to another room to ask if my parents had caused the injury. Big whoop. Find some other “conspiracy” to get your panties in a bunch about. Although most of you probably now think Obama travelled back in time and told my doctor to do that. Idiots.

        • Where did you live in the USSR? Just curious.

          I was in high school then, too, and nothing like that every happened. Ever.

          I suggest you shills stay posting your ignorance at HuffPost. Your lies and ignorance are too visible here.

        • Funny, doctors never asked me anything other than ‘How did this happen?’

        • Cam, it’s not conspiracy, it’s fact. do some research before you say the article is false. never judge the cuisine until it has been served and tasted.

      26. Kudos to the mother who stood up against this crap. If only more people were like her.

      27. While the sheeple are busy throwing a fit about Obama’s Taliban/soldier swap, the govt is quietly erecting a cage around us with bars made of unconstitutional laws like this one here.

        Oh how well they’ve trained their flock……….

      28. I kept my children out of the public school system, once Columbine happened, and teachers started suggesting their “hard to manage students” get doped up to sit in class so they don’t have to deal with anyone high spirited. One of my son’s teachers wanted him doped up because he had to use the restroom twice in a class period due to an illness. I got my kids out of that thanks to the psychopaths running the system.

        So now they want to pull this shit at the doctor’s office. It will be a cold day in hell before I leave my minor alone with a doctor in a room for any sort of questioning. They do not have a right to usurp my parental authority, they did not give birth to my child. I will make decisions and be responsible for my child until they are no longer minors. Until that day comes, my ass remains firmly planted inside of the doctors office right next to my child.

        • Patriot Mom, I hear you loud and clear. I would be the same way if I had kids, but my wife was killed by a drunk driver before we could have any.

          • Hi Renegade.

            Taking a moment to pray for you now. I am SO very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. I wish I had something wise or helpful to say.

            Take care, my friend.

            • Test, thank you for that. not one day goes by that I don’t think of her. she was a very strong and intelligent woman. never had another one like her since and looks like I never will again. it’s a pain that never leaves you.

      29. Co-opting the children was *exactly* the modus operandi of Lenin and his compatriots. Research this youself by googling the topic. But then, the Fabian socialists and rhinestone Marxists in gov’t are well aware of this, and doing this on purpose. Now… back to your regularly scheduled Common Core-wellian schlock.

      30. Just another nail in the national coffin! the govt. already knows more about you than you know about yourself. The government knows whats best for you without your input. we’re all just pond scum and are here for the government’s benefit until we no longer contribute. I expect before long when we reach a certain age we’ll be uthanized to make room for younger and more compliant subjects. SOYLENT GREEN!

      31. When is it enough?

        • Day before yesterday. An equally pertinent question: WHEN will a FORCEFUL PUSH-BACK begin. NOW seems appropriate. But where are the WILLING/ABLE participants?

          “Barry” should have been impeached, tried, convicted, and quite frankly—Executed! The latest scandal trading 5 enemy combatants for 1 deserter is simply the “icing-on-the-cake”.

          I have written letters and made calls to my “nonRepresentatives” for years. Waste of time and postage.


      32. more bad news from the energy sector
        better get used to it

        Peak Oil Revisited…

        “In a lecture to the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy in February of 2014 Steven Kopits, who is the Managing Director of the consultancy, Douglas Westwood explains how conventional “legacy” oil production peaked in 2005 and has not increased since. All the increase in oil production since that date has been from unconventional sources like the Alberta Tar sands, from shale oil or natural gas liquids that are a by-product of shale gas production. This is despite a massive increase in investment by the oil industry that has not yielded any increase in ‘conventional oil’ production but has merely served to slow what would otherwise have been a faster decline.”

        “Further to this, unfortunately for the oil industry, it has not been possible for oil prices to rise high enough to cover the increasing capital expenditure and operating costs. This is because high oil prices lead to recessionary conditions and slow or no growth in the economy.”

        oil is the economy

        it’s all unraveling

        • Lucky for us oil (fossil fuels) aren’t the only source of energy available to us. We can, and do every day, rip apart atoms to release energy. A couple of weeks ago some bright bulb in a Navy lab announced that her team has found a way to turn sea water into diesel fuel (or gasoline, jet fuel, methanol, what ever you need). That catch is that we need to input twice the energy (or a little more) than the fuel contains, but we have plenty of Thorium available….

      33. They have lied so much we will not believe them if they did tell the truth.

        Be wary of Do Gooder’s. Many are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      34. It is time for parents to say no to the system enmasse. find a good old fashion country doctor, they still exist, who have no intention of following the government rules. If you can’t find one, then make it clear that unless they suspect child abuse, they will not be talking to your child alone.

      35. Theres soon going to come a time where these guns must be put to use. We all know this is fascist tyranny rotting to the core, in-our-face. No-knock raids are next for not conforming to their never-ending lawless policies, best have plans to counter those with bullets, or even better, homemade pipes.

        • In Germany pre-war the Gestapo come during the day & rung the door bell & then arrested you!
          In Soviet Russia the KGB come during the night, knocked at the door & then took you to the gulag.
          Today in USA the jewish trained police come during the night. Knock your door down. Shoot your dog, you & your family!

          • I reject your filthiness.

            • Shabezz Goyim?….Or…Sayanim?

      36. Anyone who wants to talk to a child about sex without the parent present sounds like a pedophile to me. Kids should threaten to report the doctor and his staff if this happens to them.

      37. YOU are the only device that can stop tyranny…only YOU……soon all of the YOU’s will have to make a choice…..for it is the YOU’s that have allowed THEIR politicians to make far to many laws that are anti-YOU’s…..imho

      38. Red State?


        • Truly insane. How much LSD did they put in your koolaide?

      40. If we need to blame someone we can only blame ourselves for not standing up against this. Look at how many people failed to march on Washington in the American Spring and instead poked fun at those people? Get out of your luke warm chuches and turn to God! He is going to remove his divine protection from this country and we are going to learn what real hardship is for allowing these devils to kick Him out of everything. It’s coming and it is going to be ugly for America. Dan is correct-we are all going to have to make a choice and you need to know what you are really up against.

      41. The Messages below are just part of the Messages that Christ gave to John Leary [, click on “June”]the past fourteen days which I believe are DIRECTLY relevant to the topic above and to 95% of the topics this site covers.

        Please note: Any references in Christ’s Messages below to “Refuges” are NOT in ANY way a reference to our government’s Fema death camps, which Christ exposes below:

        “My people, you saw on your news where the fields in California cannot grow any crops because they do not have the water necessary to irrigate them. They also told you how the unemployment was higher because those people, who work in the fields, are out of a job. This also hurts the local merchants who sell things to these workers. What the news people did not explain, was how this drought was brought about. I told you before, and you found it on the internet, that the one world people had the HAARP machine set up a high pressure system off the coast of California. All the normal rainstorms that provide California’s water could not come through the high pressure system. For three months this rain was diverted around this high, and it resulted in a serious drought that California has still not recovered from it. The drought also has been instrumental in causing many fires, even before the summer heat. Keep praying for a normal rainfall to be restored to California. It is this abuse of the HAARP machine that is creating bad weather for crops with droughts and floods. It is also setting up the conditions for a world famine, where man-made control will diminish the food availability, unless you have a chip in the hand. Do not fear this famine because I will multiply your food and water at My refuges. When your lives are endangered, I will warn you that it is time to call on your guardian angel to lead you to the nearest refuge. Trust in My help to provide for all of your needs.”

        … I have also been giving you several messages about a new division coming in My Church that will separate a schismatic church from My faithful remnant. This schismatic church will teach New Age which is a worship of things and not Me. Ultimately, there will be an evil in this schismatic church that will even go along with the Antichrist. This is why My faithful remnant will need to come into their homes for Mass, and eventually they will have to come to My refuges to protect their souls and their bodies from the coming mandatory chip in the body. Already you are seeing a coming mandatory chip in your credit or debit cards in the next year or so. Then this mandate will go to a chip in the body. Refuse to take any chip in the body, because it could control your mind and your free will. These chips are all about controlling you by the one world people. These chips in people will be how the Antichrist will control people by voices for those who take this chip. This is indeed the mark of the beast, no matter how many will criticize you for taking such a stand against it. Those, who refuse to take this chip, will become outlaws, and the evil ones will try to kill you. This is when you will need to come to the safety of My refuges. Trust in Me because My power is greater than all of these evil people and the demons.”

        Jesus said: “My people, your enemies know that your belief in Me with sound morals, and a central family life, along with your work ethics are what has made you great in the eyes of the world. By breaking down your society with drugs, sexual sins, divorce, and attacks on the family, the communists have been very successful in taking away your greatness. Your people have not even realized how your country is being destroyed from within. You have been great when you followed My laws in your documents. When you turn your back on Me, you will cease to be great.”

        Jesus said: “My people, it is true that America is in need of a great spiritual revival in waking up to the fact that you depend on Me for everything. When you put Me out of your lives, you are allowing the demons to take you over. Without Me, you are nothing. I give you all the gifts that you need for your survival. Those, who refuse to let Me into their lives, are inviting a disastrous fall. Depend on Me for everything, and your life will be prosperous and a joy. Depend only on yourself, and you will be headed for ruin and depression.”

        Jesus said: “My people, I have told you about a coming world famine, but some people cannot understand how this could be brought about. Your farmers have few people that they can buy their seed from, as well as the fertilizer. Much of your seed is controlled hybrid seed from places like Monsanto. You also have seen how the one world people can cause droughts or floods to wipe out your crop lands, using the HAARP machine. You have seen a lot of fish being killed, and a problem of radiation poisoning from Japan’s nuclear meltdown. All of these things are reducing the food supply, while you have an increasing population. You will see that the demand for food will be more than the available food supply. You already are seeing starving people in the third world countries. This is why I have encouraged My people to store some extra food before you leave for My refuges. You may not find food on the shelves, or you may not be able to buy it without having a chip in the body. I will multiply the food at My refuges that will be shared there. My faithful may have to share their food with other Christians who will not take the chip in the body. If it is necessary for your survival, I may have to multiply your food at your homes before you leave for My refuges. Whether at home, or at My refuges, all of My faithful will find enough food to survive. Trust in Me to provide for your needs, but you could see some faithful martyred for their faith in Me during the tribulation.”

        Monday, May 26, 2014: (Memorial Day)
        Jesus said: “My people, those people, who had to fight in wars, suffered much for your country, especially those who died in battle. When evil people, as Hitler, get in control of their people, many suffer from these evil people who torture and kill people with wars. The devil is always at work in causing division, so you need to keep praying for peace, that evil tyrants are not in positions of authority. Your country was founded by God-fearing people that respected My laws. Now, the one world people are putting socialists and communists in your government, as you are coming under their control. Atheism is thriving, as people turn their backs on Me in their sins, especially abortion. War is a punishment for sin, so the American people need to wake up from their sinful behavior, and change their lives, or they will lose everything.”

        Jesus said: “My people, today you honor all of the soldiers who fought in all the wars which America has entered. It is even a harder remembrance for the families who lost loved ones in your wars. Some of you are also aware of how the one world people purposely have led you into no-win wars so they could make money on the weapons. If your people had a real choice to choose war or not, very few would choose to fight foreign wars for no real reason. As it is, your Presidents have been entering America into wars with little or no approval from your elected government. According to your Constitution, it is Congress who should be declaring war, but your Executive Branch has usurped this power. Even your judges are making unfair rulings against legislation passed by your people in voting. Pray that your government stops playing the world’s policeman in stopping violence in foreign nations.”

        Tuesday, May 27, 2014: (St. Augustine of Canterbury)
        Jesus said: “My people, you have seen various military conflicts between the Russian separatists and the Ukranian army. This latest battle at an airport was a little more serious, right after the latest election of a new leader in the Ukraine. The lightning in the vision between the two camps is a sign that you will be seeing more conflicts as each side is fighting for control. The current sanctions against Russia may not be as effective, now that China is backing up Russia’s finances by buying natural gas. The Russian leader will use any excuse for a mock takeover of former Russian block countries. It will be crucial to see if the Ukranian people solicit help with arms or money to fight Russia’s takeover attempt. If Russia does not see any attempts to block their takeover, then this will embolden them for more takeovers. Keep praying for peace in this area.”

        Wednesday, May 28, 2014:
        Jesus said: “My people, some of you are well aware of the dangerous use of billion watt microwaves that are used by the HAARP machine to cause tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, and floods. This is one of the secret operations of your government to cause man-made disasters. When these things happen, most people are not aware that these disasters are man-made because there is little proof being publicized. This is how the one world people could even black mail nations into doing their bidding, or pay the price of a major disaster. Many people are not aware of the evil uses of the HAARP machine. It can cause weather disasters as well as large earthquakes. Currently, the one world people’s plans are to cause droughts and fires to affect your food supplies. When there is not enough food, it is easier to control people. Once this famine causes problems with food distribution, My faithful will be called to come to My refuges for multiplied food.”

        Jesus said: “My son, when you were in Ohio, someone handed you a sheet prepared from Cleon Skousen’s book on ‘The Naked Communist’. This reminded you of the ‘Agenda’ movie by Curtis Bowers. This collection was a set of communist plans back in the 1950’s for a takeover of America. On looking at the list, you can see how the one world people have been very successful in accomplishing their goals. They set out to destroy your morals, your families, your churches, and your way of government. Their plan was to turn your democratic republic into a socialist government which leads to a tyrant communist state. You can see by reading this list, how far America has moved to the left, and your morals are decadent. It will take a miracle, or a spiritual revival to turn back America’s path to ruin. Keep praying for your people to wake up to changing their lifestyles.”

        Jesus said: “My people, many of you have old pictures of how you dressed and came to church back in the 1960’s. Pictures of weddings were frequent then, but not as much today. Living together in sin, was shunned by your society years ago. Today such heterosexual and homosexual relationships are accepted or tolerated by your society. You can see how America has accepted abortion, some mercy killing, and even the use of marijuana. When you see the contrast of your morals years ago compared to today, you are shocked how evil you have become. Keep praying for poor sinners, and the stoppage of abortion, which most offends Me in killing My little ones in the womb.”

        Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that your addictions have demons attached to them. This is how evil has become so pervasive in many areas of your society. You are seeing addictions to pornography, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, smoking, and internet devices. My people should not let these things control your lives, because they take away My peace in your souls, and lead you away from your prayer time with Me. Addictions require deliverance prayers, exorcisms, treatment, or miracles to break them. Use your prayers, blessed sacramentals, blessed salt, and holy water for your protection. Frequent Confession and Adoration can also help your souls.”

        Jesus said: “My people, I have given you My Holy Family as a model example for your families. You have read of St. Joseph as a model husband and father, and My Blessed Mother as a model wife and mother. They brought Me up according to the Jewish way of life in the Bible. Your families today are being split by divorce and living together without marriage. Many children are being raised by one parent. It is hard to teach children the faith of following My Commandments, when many people are living immoral lives. Pray for your children to have a good prayer life, and live a proper moral life. You want your children to be saved in heaven, and not lost in hell.”

        Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you the prison cells at a large detention center. Most all of the detention centers in America are death camps, like Hitler’s gas chambers. Some of these death camps even have high temperature crematoriums to burn bones. The one world people have a plan to eliminate all Christians, and those people who will not go along with their new world order. They will also kill all of those people who refuse to take a chip in the body which is the mark of the beast. Those people, who take the chip, will be controlled like robots with voices telling them what to do. My faithful should refuse to take this chip, and refuse to worship the Antichrist. I will warn My people when it is time to come to My refuges, or you could be killed by these evil ones if they capture you. Once you pack and leave for My refuges, your guardian angel will put an invisible shield around you for your protection. Some people will be martyred, and become instant saints in heaven. Trust in Me to provide for your needs.”

      42. Never was too good at submitting to authority…leastways those claiming to have some form of it over me and mine…been fighting the man since my school days…taken some lumps and won some victories…plan to keep on doing just that till they shut me down for good and they wont find that all that easy…defy the man openly when you can and do anything else you can behind their backs…anything they say you cant do…do it…spit in their eyes and kick em in the panties…this govt has lost all legitimacy and until it is reestablished on personal liberty…defy it,remember you cant lie to a liar and you cant steal from a thief…this govt is allthem and more…theres a reason they call this hillbilly REB…

      43. I been saying the Dr s. and politicians are in on it together. We had a pediatrician nurse in Griffin Spalding Hospital, call (DFCS) and claimed she felt my daughter was mentally impaired and did bot know if her or her FAMILY could take care of the child. how could she make such outlandish statement not being in the room no more than a minute or 2 at a time and diagnose her and her family, come to find out through their own psychologist she is not (ADHD), NOT (Bipolar) not mentally Retarded) nor the evaluation her father did. But they still stole the baby and we fought 2 and a half years with them people coming in with more lies the (DFCS) people which can be proven by records, they committed fraud on the court and are desperately trying to adopt the child out, why if they adopt to outside of families the state collects from our federal tax dollars, which goes to the counties or a part of. this money comes under the Mondale Act signed in 1974. the late senator Nancy Shaffer still has a web site up, they target white babies, and these sick bastards give themselves bonuses, most times these people are not qualified social workers, they are hired thugs off the street, set to lie against you comit fraud and conspiracy to take these babies from you. to sell them to stuff the pockets of lawyers, and Politicians this stuff can be stopped by your attorney general but most times dont it takes money from the state we are still fighting this to find transcripts have been altered, the judges are guilty to, the separation of power is now combined all follow to the dictation of the attorney general judges and legislators it is known as imbalance of power Jefferson said if one had all the power it would be total corruption executive, legislative and judicial, these people write the laws together vote on them together and pass them together and exempt themselves out there’s my proof. The sad part is they can not even follow Constitutional law or there made up statue laws they make it up as they go. circumventing the laws. they lie to justify they are doing there jobs beware of Pike county Ga it is where we have been fighting and denied do process right to jury trial this child thus far has been neglected in DFCS care and sustained a head injury, the names of the perpetrators in the conspiracy against us i will be glad to give just send me an email. also by the open records act my proof is and can be gotten from the sheriff department the county lawyer wont do what is right nor the commissioners of the county the DA wont do anything to help and the GBI investigated me not the crime or the criminals that committed this crime. sounds like the crooks are looking to lock up someone falsely, so they can complete their crime so you all call or write Attorney General Sam O Lens and gov, Nathan Deal and tell them bring Beverly home I would appreciate it thank you all Randall.POPS

      44. All you yuppies can rub sticks, five gallons of gas is a redneck fire starter. It does make the s’mores taste like shit though.

        • A little bar oil or old car oil with a paper towel or napkin in a baggie works just fine. Set in the middle of the kindling and light it.

      45. H 0 M E S C H O O L.

        Any questions? Do whatever you can to get them out of the matrix, if at all possible

      46. Yikes! The shills are out in droves tonight, posting from mommy’s basement! Must be trying to earn a few dollars from Geo. Sore-ass and his fellow fascists.

        And BTW, I DO mean fascist – technically the merger of the socialist state and co-opted big business. Look up Mussolini’s definition for reference.

      47. Tensions and tempers must be rising in this country. This site has become more hostile than yahoo news. I know I’ve been personally attacked more here, than on yahoo news. I haven’t noticed any trolls following me around, thumbing even the most innocuous post on yahoo…here, I have 4 or 5. They even thumb me down, but not the comment I agreed with.

        I used to come here FIRST…Now I wait until last.

        Is that really what you had in mind for a web site, Mac?

        • Boo Hoo.
          Think about it. Have you ever said anything on here that pissed anybody off? Do you just expect the world to see everything your way 100% of the time?
          Get over yourself. You ain’t “all that”.

          • No. Actually, rather than resorting to personal attacks and name-calling, I expected people to act like adults and debate the issue, in an intelligent way.

            As far as how I see the world, that’s mine, and nobody can take that away from me, not even with all of the childish name-calling and insults they can think of.

            The only reason I came here in the first place, was that the dialogue was more adult-like than that on Yahoo.

            • The only problem is you don’t act like you preach. You’ve been a bitch to other posters when you wanted to without calling names, so please stop pretending you’re so damned innocent, if you can’t take any debate without crying, you’ve got no damned business shooting off your yap.

      48. Perhaps, it’s time for some parents to pay some Michigan state legislatures, a visit at the Michigan state capitol.

        I’m almost sure you can get some Michigan state laws changed, if enough parents show up, for an adult discussion with state representatives about your children, and your parental rights.

        If Michigan state capitol visits don’t work, perhaps visits to the legislatures home for a parent to parent chat would be effective.

      49. The state does not issue parental rights to people.

        Parental rights are not a privilege.

        Parental rights are ordained by God.

        Parental rights will be retained by the parents just as long as you are willing to fight and die for those rights if necessary.

        Few men are willing to die for another person’s children.

        Remember many state representatives are cowards in the face of a parent that says and means NO.

        There are more of us, than there are of them. And, the people will prevail if they are really serious about retaining their God given parental rights.

      50. NOT ON YOUR LIFE PAL !

      51. So… waste the f***ers and string ’em for the Commies to see.

        Problem solved.

      52. One Word

        • One parents sentence:

          Over my dead body!

        • That’s right saargint! Describes you perfectly!

      53. Where she says that private chats should be permitted in cases of abuse she is forgetting that they will simply use the false claim of ‘suspected abuse’ to give themselves this power. This policy must be stood-up to now by total non-compliance.

      54. People have asked the question, when is enough…enough, relative to rebelling against the direction in which our nation is headed. After reading such questions, I asked myself the same thing…what would trigger me to rebel in a manner other than whining on the internet? It was a very difficult question to answer, and only resulted in a few vague “what if’s” for me. Well, this article has forced at least one concrete answer to that question to the forefront of my thoughts. Don’t f*ck with my family, especially my kids.

      55. These commies all live somewhere and their houses and cars are “SOFT Targets.” It is way past time to start going after these people on an Up Close and Personal Level. To do otherwise is to surrender to this creeping tyranny. It is time for the killings to begin!

      56. 1 in 5 Children are reported to be sexually abused, molested, raped in some form. The real numbers are likely much higher. However, Child Protective Services have also been investigated for connections to Child Sex Trafficking by the Elite, so there really is no good side to this coin if not for the power of Jesus. Sources available- Listen to Dave Dodge on the Hagmanns Tonight.

      57. LIEberals embolden by the illegal-negro is implementing their communist/socialist plan without your permission.

        This is what you all get for practicing RACISM instead of Constitutionalism.

        As soon as you found the out the “negro was illegal” there should of been MASS protest to get him OUT OF THERE!

        Instead you put him in TWICE to confirm you are not a racist when you just did!

      58. Quite frankly, if your child isn’t ill and you are hauling them into a doctor’s office on a regular basis – you are ALREADY giving people connected to the government WAY too much access to your child. Why are you doing this? Do you think your child is going to suddenly just keel over unless they get a checkup? Are you aware that physicals don’t actually screen for about 99.99% of diseases? People have gotten to have a faith in the FOR PROFIT and quite-often-fatal medical industry that is very twisted.

      59. Actually, the government DOES legally own “your” child! You sign your child away to the government the moment you sign that birth certificate and/or have his footprint put on it as a signature. Look it up!

      60. Again, overreach by the state.

        I never gave the state the right to have any say in raising my children. That is my wife’s and my duty. I dare the state to interfere. I guarantee that’s the last thing they want to do.

        They are right to be afraid of veterans. Because we know how the system works. And we’ve learned how those we were fighting fought the system over there. We know the ins and outs of everything. In order to fight we had to learn how they fought. Hell, we wrote the book on COIN. Anything modern, we wrote it. We know it. They wanted us to think outside the box, well, we do. Sucks to be them.

        So let the state try to tell me that raising my children isn’t my responsibility. I’ll remind them where they can shove that idea. If they proceed to harass my family and I further, well. I won’t be harassed.

      61. It was in 1937 when Hitler himself said that the “youth of today is ever the people of tomorrow.”

        “For this reason we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth with the spirit of this community of the people at a very early age, at an age when human beings are still unperverted and therefore unspoiled,” the dictator said. “This Reich stands, and it is building itself up for the future, upon its youth. And this new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing.”

        Nuff said.

      62. I have nothing to say about this article. i just wanted to say that the picture of the chick in the tank top in the ad on the right is driving me crazy.

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