Shock Interview: New Black Panther Leader DESTROYS Democrat Politicians: “We’re Being Pimped Like Prostitutes And They’re The Big Pimps Pimping Us Politically”

by | Aug 28, 2016 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    It seems that Donald Trump’s recent speech urging black Americans to vote for him because of failing Clinton and Obama policies has not fallen on deaf ears.

    African Americans, who have for decades voted en masse for democrat party candidates to the tune of 90% support or more, have finally realized that just because a politician says he or she is going to do something doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

    We’re sure you remember Obama’s promises of free health care, free education, more jobs and better communities. That not even the first black American President was able to improve the lives of minorities may have finally woken some people up.

    The following interview with New Black Panther Quanell X requires no further commentary – he breaks it down quite succinctly:

    Let me say this to the brothers and sisters who listened and watched that speech… We may not like the vessel [Donald Trump] that said what he said, but I ask us to truly examine what he said.

    Because it is a fact that for 54 years we have been voting for the Democratic Party like no other race in America. And they have not given us the same loyalty and love that we have given them. We, as black people, have to reexamine the relationship. We’re being pimped like prostitutes and they’re the big pimps pimping us politically… promising us everything and we get nothing in return. We gotta step back now as black people and we gotta look at all the parties and vote our best interests.

    I want to say and encourage the brothers and sisters… Barack Obama, our president, served two terms… the first black president ever… but did our condition get better?  Did financially, politically, academically with education in our community… did things get better? Are our young people working more?

    The condition got worse.

    Watch the full interview:


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      1. They are pimping all of us, not just blacks.

        The only way to stop it is for ALL OF US – white, black, hispanic, asian – to speak with one voice in November.

        • and that voice is your going to trial and then hung from the nearest street lite pole!!

          • Now if only this were to be broadcast on abscbsnbc.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Apache54, anon is right. They have all been pimped. Kudos to the ones who have awakened and recognize it.

          • You must be a democrat. We can sense the panic.











          • Watch Donald Trump’s FULL Brutal Anti Hillary Clinton Speech! Manchester, NH August 25th 2016


            RE: This article: Dems betrayed Blacks and Hispanics go to Min: 19 of the Video..


          • OK, Acid, we know you can’t get laid. Now we know why.

          • Another democrat trying to make republicans look bad. Women are not better or worse than men. They do not want to control men or be treated better than men. They are the partners of men, reaching for the same goals. They complement men.


          • Acid, you need to get outside of the house and make some friends. You always sound so angry and hateful. Go to the range and meet some ladies who know guns. Then you might be happier.

            • Yes acid listen to lulu. Go out and watch the world being destroyed with a big smile. Be a bimbo.

            • … WITH ALL DUE RESPECT FOR that female “range” prowess you allude to, IT IS PRECISELY THAT FACTOR, wherein; ANY FORM of SUCH recourse & remedy in combination with this syndrome FOR WHICH YOU OFFER SUCH PROWESS – i.e. innate-emotionalism vs. innate-rationalism: coupled with a strong-enough dose of TODAY’S Hillary’-PSYCHOBABBLE-BOOSTED NARCISSISM could likely add “Lethal” to the options in the recourse mix!!!!

          • Acid lives in a cave. Of all the people I ever hired and worked for me, Women have been far more productive than men. Lots of women out there knocking down the big bucks. I recently hired a gay chick in the area to do some work at my BOL. Hard worker and I compensated her well for it.

            Re: Trumps speech, he nailed it. I will post the speech link.


            • Far more productive then men? Doing what ? Sheeting a roof? Setting trusses? Pouring concrete ? Carrying tieing rebar? Loading a roof with shingles? Doing drywall lids. ( ceilings )? Carrying 12 foot drywall sheets ? Carrying plywood? Carrying cinder blocks? who WTF Knows what?

              • Since you asked.. LW….This Gay chick 23 yrs old, helped me put up fence posts, cementing them in, and hanging barbed wire strand fencing, and she swings a hammer putting in 1 inch staples, just as good as any guy. Up on the ladder at the peaks staining buildings.. No hesitation and I asked her to move a couple of cases of water to my Cottage, she grabbed both cases 64 bottles and took them right over. No complaining. And for kicks, we also split some wood, which I also gave her a trailer wagon load for her home outdoor fire pit.. SO not sure what you mean lone wolfy? I could have hired several guys in the area to help me, but they would have showed up either drunk or stoned or not showed up at all. And I also tipped her with a 1 OZ Silver round.. And fifty lighters which I told her to go sell for $1 each. She sold them in about 5 days to other locals. My cost about $12. As this is also a teaching moment for your young to get into investing, and sales about how to resell products for profit.. I would rather spend my time with the younger kids mentoring them than some old BS’r who thinks he knows everything and women. Expand your horizons, you could also learn a few things.


        • Death to the New World Order. Its TOTALLY Constitutional. By ballot or bullet, the Anti-American policies of the New World Order Elites MUST end.

          Its our DNA. 🙂

        • And that is because ALL LIVES TRULY MATTER.

      2. I am no fan of the black panthers but this guy is spot on.

        • Imagine both the KKK and the Black Panthers endorse Trump. That is a sign of a Great Leader. We need Trump to help Fix America. He struck a reality cord.


          • Trump is right. ALL Americans need to see “Hillary’s America!” It includes the TRUE history of the Dem party. Any doubters, go to a good library and research it yourself!

      3. And now, news from the girly-man PC left:

        Men Are Getting Weaker — Because We’re Not Raising Men

        August 22, 2016/by David French

        If you’re the average Millennial male, your dad is stronger than you are. In fact, you may not be stronger than the average Millennial female. You’re exactly the kind of person who in generations past had your milk money confiscated every day — who got swirlied in the middle-school bathroom. The very idea of manual labor is alien to you, and even if you were asked to help, say, build a back porch, the task would exhaust you to the point of uselessness. Welcome to the new, post-masculine reality.

        This morning, the Washington Post highlighted a study showing that the grip strength of a sample of college men had declined significantly between 1985 and 2016. Indeed, the grip strength of the sample of college men had declined so much — from 117 pounds of force to 98 — that it now matched that of older Millennial women. In other words, the average college male had no more hand strength than a 30-year-old mom

        • Beyond strength, many of the modern girlie men lack even basic mechanical, construction, or repair skills.

          • Yet it still only requires aprox 25 lbs Hand force to…

            Smack the Living Crap out of most idiot Liberal Marxists eh. Thank God for that!

            And thats precicely what I used to do often when I was a bit younger. Whenever some stupid college liberal kommie brainwashed type would try to convince me that “Them Guys there’s absolutly NO absolutes”! and I’d attempt to convince the fool that his very statement parroted from his professors was a total Oxymoron since it in itself Is an absolute statement!

            If that failed to work to straighten them out, as it usually did…Thats when I’d do a Fast Open Handed side of his head slap! Whappo! and when they always give me their totally shocked look like deer in headlites.

            I simply reminded them that it was They who told Me that “Whatever a person Believes is right or correct then Thats what it is as there is zero absolutes”

            So My act of savage side head slappery was due to, at That particular moment it is what I believed to be correct and right!…They never did change their warped minds…but it always felt swell to smack them like that.

      4. Ralph Nader joined out the common ground between the real left and real right. The Free Trade Agreements have hurt both sides. Bring back good solid employment in masse and watch most of the other domestic problems fix themselves.

        • Yep Kenin2, I want to see Trump FIRE half the useless federal Government employees, the dead wood useless slobs on the dole.

          And then hire young aggressive young kids out of college, looking to make a difference in their lives. Watch a lot of problems get fixed in a hurry then.

          All this minority quote BS is killing our country. Lets get back to hiring the best and brightest, not by skin color.


      5. pointed not joined…… spell,,,,,,damn

      6. The Black Panthers should follow every democrat to the bathroom and offer to hold their penis’s while they piss and thank them for all they do for them.

        • If the panthers wasted those democrats, they would be doing something useful for a change.

          • There is nothing wrong in usa black ghettos today, that aprox 10,000 Bull Whips in the capable hands of 10,000 Hells Angels Biker guys cannot Fast repair or remedy eh.

        • The Panthers aren’t as bad as people tend to think they are. They do not generally condone offensive violence, just defensive. Plus, they do tend to be realists about what is wrong with their community. They are militant, but how many of us are also sick of what we see happening in our communities and the exploitation of the average person by the wealthy elites? How many of us also believe in a defensive fight when attacked or in protecting our interests with firearms? (For all the fear of the Panthers using open carry at the RNC, they never fired a shot nor provoked a fight. It was purely defensive.)

          For what it’s worth, I think the Panthers are far more likely to be able to enter into an honest conversation about race relations than the BLM crowd are. Conversation is what we need to move forward and that requires both sides to actually listen to the other and try to understand the other side’s perspective. This also needs to be done on a personal level too, not just a national political one.

          • Good point, Winston. In the past, whenever I heard about the Black Panthers it had a negative connotation. Media indoctrination, I guess.
            Still, I’d rather be well armed in their presence, and would take measure of the content of their character first.
            Trust but verify.

            • but No amount of Talk etc can ever replace the Truism of.

              Best ever suggestion by Govner. George wallace that..

              “The Only real solution to all these forced integrations and forced school bussings, is to Keep them and Us Seperate…Us and Them Sepperate…Seperate Today and seperate Forever”.

              If it ever would be a good plan to have non whiteys in usa?…Then God would have never created em all within African jungles period. He is very Wize and Knew that only in such vast jungles and where most animals are far too large for savages to mess with would things remain safe and normal like. Safe for Civilized White folk that is.

              Like Martin Looter King Jr the Third, I too have a Dream!

              I Dream of a huge Shortage of Non whiteys some day within america,

              • Except that Wallace was a phony racist. He was known as a person who was even handed with blacks before his political career, and eventually had a change of heart and turned against segregation in the 1970’s, which almost got him assassinated.

                The issue we have, as I see it, is how to get past our personal prejudices while also dealing with the social problems caused by hundreds of years of discrimination and distrust. You can’t just hand a poor person a good job over another person simply based upon a desire to make right the sins of the past, especially if that person is not qualified. Black people are just as intelligent and capable of learning on average as whites, Asians or any other group but because of history many do not try. How do we change the culture in those poor neighborhoods to reflect the opportunities that exist today and the society we wish we could have? That’s not just about black people either as you will find the same attitudes in traditionally poor neighborhoods occupied by people of any color. It does us no good as a nation to have a permanent underclass of people who believe they have no chance because of race.

                As far as segregation goes, many radical black groups have called for a form of it. They want a separate territory of their own, free from whites, because they believe that there can never be equality as things stand now. I personally dislike the idea, although I am a secessionist myself based not on race, but culture and ideology. I want the south to secede from the northeast and the west coast, and Alaska to become an independent country.

                • Wiston: Thats what You Want to believe. Most folks also want to believe that Blacks are the same etc.

                  But so far every type IQ test and various other medical profession brain scans etc etc have proven that but for a small Few, on avg black IQ’s are and remain well Below avg whiteys IQ.

                  And that accounts for just One major difference that cannot be reconciled. Too Many more differences exsit to list here. I lived with and surrounded by blacks from Birth to 43 yrs old and In Detroit aka Ground Zero of agendas to destroy whitey and cities etc.

                  There is not ttoo much left about the issues I am not already well aware of and from lifelong Experiences that most folks never get.

                  I have heard and seen every possible excuse ever made on behalf of negroes. So far 99% have been a weak attempt at twisting facts or truths to cover up the stuff done by blacks. Like gun control dem lib claims always. Blame firearms so to Hide Facts that americas biggest crime and violence problem is in FACT Blacks. Which FBI stats from every year since FBI first began to assemble crime stat Facts proves and in Spades!

                  That gun issue stuff is but One issue or fact and there again are far too many more facts to list of here.

                  And now at age 64 in a few months, I have seen and paid a huge Tax payer role in close to 50 yrs worth of whiteys trying to comply with whatever blacks demands are so to assist blacks to rise up via their boot straps plans.

                  ALL has been abject Failures period. And ZERO blame can be applied to anybody else BUT Blacks period.

                  I realize some folks, you too it seems, wish this were not so. I too wish such agendsa had worked..But they aint worked, we have paid too much too long and Now its past due time to change plans.

                  You stated blacks want seperatizim lands? GREAT! Give em all free Boat ride back to africa where they can do zero harm. And will reside with NO whiteys to blame always…And if ever done? I wager that too will Fail miserably even if blacks have no other race But fellow Blacks to live with in africa.

                  Because from all my 43 yrs detroit life experiences etc, I KNOW in advance that whatever is done for or by blacks.

                  Blacks Are going to royally fuck it all up and very Fast too. You cannot Name even one single nation or civilization ever created by africans/blacks that even comes close to a mirror immage of a white created and built/run nation.

                  And the same goes for blacks main Mentors and funders and trainers of blacks to be and remain savage violence prone ingrate inbred Militants against whiteys. That being blacks’ jewish kommie mentors and funders.

                  In Fact..Besides blacks even jewry and muslims and most all other non euro whiteys has never yet created a nation nor civilization that compares to all whitey has achieved in those areas.

                  Why So Many whites are so unable to comprehend and accept this stuff is very baffeling at best. Must be their lifelong whitey-Guilt and PC combo of traing/brainwashings they been suffering under for so long now eh? Personally I never yet had an ounce of whitey Guilt and I never yet have agreed with nor done any PC crap…Tell it as it really is I believe to be best option and make zero excuses for unexcusable savages and thrid worlders that even live within first world america yet remain third world in their small Minds.

                  ps Be Very asstute and very carefull if You plan to devote time to assisting blacks to improve Winston..Never turn yer Back on Black is good advice and from personal experiences more than once too!

                  • Winston: ps: I forgot to mention that it may work better if you Focus upon the Statement as quoted, rather than on was that guy racist or whatever?

                    Because what Really does matter most is was the guy correct?

                    Take Henry Ford Sr. as prime example. in His day many folk and especially jewish folk called henry a antisemite.

                    but Why eh? only because henry too spoke and wrote as it Was or Is and never played the PC crap agenda.

                    And besides his creation of his very Own paid for Independant Newspaper, done due to NO other usa newspapers dared publish Henry’s great true facts filled info articles.

                    so he did his Own paper called “The Dearborn Independant” and he wrote and ran in it weekly ongoing article segments which well outlined and well described the jewish problem as many called it then.

                    Plus he also wrote a Book in 1920 or 1922(?) Titled “The International Jew…The World’s Foremost problem”

                    Thats reason Henry was vicsiously labled and smeered as an antisemite. Because he dared disagree with and dared to Publish truth about their tribe/problem creators globally. With plenty Facts to prove him correct too!

                    So My main point here is, should we all Judge Henry Ford Sr. based on That segment of his long life and many great contributions? NO! we all should READ his Book and newspaper editions, now online free to read! and Then judge it all based upon Was henry correct on the jew issues or not? Antisemite is just a perjorative word designed be russian kommie jews to stiffle free speech and bash all goyim folk that Dare question or disagree with Any issues jewry supports or maintains or claims.

                    but at Close examination of every instance that you seen or heard of where somebody jewish has called another an antisemite…NONE never Ever has spoken of the Vital facts or Issues said by the so called antisemite person!

                    Like todays dem lib leftys always does…Antisemite like it’s first cousin word of Racist, is always used to obfuscate the real main message by attack upon the speaker or writer, and to Hide Truth that once known of totally destroys most all jewry ever promoted or claimed as nothing but half truths or outright lies.

                    Yes, yes yes, as always there are a Few exceptions to such rules..That wont change facts though and those exceptions when issues are about jewry or negroes or liberals are always in that FEW camp of exceptions it seems eh.

                    Read David Dukes website articles, a few of them at least…Then compare WHAT he states and with What facts backs it all up, to the typical forever now MSM TV method of destroy duke via calls hes antisemite or racist etc.

                    in Fact its been done so often for so Long now I use it as My Main term to explain to folks whats going on.

                    IE: Whenever another Truth-Teller gets hammerd bashed by some TV show host or guests simply for teling truth as it really is…I tell folks “here we go! yet another guy gets “David Duked”, so to Hide the facts and change gears with tv viewers so none focus on the Real truth deal as he spoke of!”….Too Many white guys today gets David Duked and its past due folks get over it and Focus on Was he correct on all he stated or not?

      7. Martin Luther King’s neice has also endorsed Trump,she said she doesn’t agree with all he believes but agrees enuff to give him a shot.Trump telling the truth in Michigan but also trying to at least offer some opportunity seems to have paid off.

        The feds and their string pullers love us divided on issues like race/sexuality/monied status/formal education/religion ect.We as a country can disagree on a lot of things yet can all agree WE have allowed ourselves to get fucked and is up to us to change that.

        • Warchild, I saw that. That blew me away that one of MLK’s own relatives would endorse Trump. Looks like more and more people waking up and we’re less divided than I thought. I give Trump credit for going to LA to meet with flood victims and PERSONALLY DONATING relief supplies to them. And what did the chimp-in-chief do? He didn’t want to interrupt his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and stayed on the freakin’ golf course, but he did have the nerve to try to lecture the victims about not practicing discrimination when it came to relief efforts. Hell, not one stinkin’ fed even went down there but Trump did and donated relief supplies out of his own pocket and didn’t discriminate either. Not even the hildebeast bothered with going down there. SHE WAS EXHAUSTED DUE TO HER HEALTH ISSUES AND GET THIS; SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE AS MANY RALLIES SCHEDULED AS TRUMP DOES. TRUMP IS STILL GOING AT FULL STEAM. Sounds like we have a potential ‘real leader’ in the making. F#$% Obama and the hildebeast.

          • she needs her rest for the debates. braveheart…..trump will RIP HER A NEW ASS! in the debates….COUNT ON IT!

            • BCOD, Trump is having rallies almost every day and the hildebeast lately has only had rallies 2 days per week. I think Trump’s health beats the hildebeast’s health hands down. has some interesting articles on that.

              • i hope you didn’t miss my point…it won’t matter….by the time the debates get here, trump will have good answers to all those talking points domon-rats use, like he’s rayciss, cause he wants to keep out EVERYbody, …he will answer back against ALL her jabs, and HER actions are INDEFENSIBLE….hence, she’ll be walking out of those debates with a giant piece of her ASS missing….i just hope she IS healthy enough to participate….so he gets a CHANCE at her ass….hillary(and BILL) for PRISON, 2017!

            • You mean IF HE LIVES THAT LONG, right?

              Fear The Clinton Body Count…

      8. If Quanell X is serious and sincere about what he said then I take my hat off to him. There have ALWAYS been a certain percentage of people in the black community who know the truth and refused to follow the message of the DNC, NAACP, Nation Of Islam, etc. While I salute Quanell X for waking up, what about the rest of his organization? What do they have to say about his message? Sounds like his days with the group could be numbered, a very small number. There’s more trouble to come from Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter and I’m sure at some point the Panthers will join in. Oct. can’t come soon enough for me.

      9. Its a glimmer of hope? I dunno it seems that there are some who have the agenda to promote Race War. Maybe divide and conquer?

      10. Who cares what the black want. They contribute nothing and only take. Bring on an emp Korea I’m ready for a start over.

        • FTW, one helluva video. If any of them see it, you can imagine the outcry.

          • Brave –

            Though it is a parody — unfortunately, this parody has a lot of truth in it.

            be well brother!

            • FTW, the video is spot on. if any of those turds come after me, they’re history. Take care.

              • That special, only militant type blacks have, Uppity-Mean-Angry hatefull of whitey facial expression as seen on that videos black faces. Is so far about all we have to go by when peering thru a rifle scope crosshairs and makeing a fast determination as to “is that a savage antiwhite race ape that needs killing? or one of that other 5-10% of good blacks we Must not whack?

                So Far I can think of NO other nor better method to determine which is which since to me most all look quite the same.

      11. To Old Guy from nother OG, 0blameUS is dyin to have a race war. US been under attack at least since the Dems gave us the ‘Fed’. Now 0 is leading the attack,


      12. H. Clinton told Black lives members that she didn’t want to change hearts, she wanted to change laws.

      13. I just want someone to tell me what will happen when they are not 15% of the US. Population . But 50 or 75 % of the US. Population?

      14. Hillary wants to change the laws on everything. She has said previously one of her first priorities as president will be to censor our speech in every area of society. Lol, like it’s not already. She wants to take our guns and God knows what else. I totally reject her agenda and will fight.

        • Braveheart: For Hillary…EVERY Day is a Purim Day event! When it comes to Real and White folk americans.

      15. Two months after the ‘lone Dallas sniper’, who seemed to shoot from street level, and multiple triangulated and elevated positions – there are NO fotensic results from the Dallas PD. Odds become more likely that multiple shooters were involved.

      16. Hopefully they will look at the Dems with a different eye!
        They have been used for years,pimped fits perfectly!
        You noticed they just brought the new ROOTS out on film,hmm
        Was in highschool when the original came out,race relations sucked,man the attitudes!
        Been raised in the south all my life,we have played together,school together,work together why start that again!! I just wish more could wake up!
        HOPE PRAY PREP!!
        Maniac –out

      17. Quanell X:

        He is making sense. It’s nice to hear a black man talking sense. It has been a while since I’ve heard something from a black person on screen that isn’t parroting total nonsense. What he’s saying isn’t original, but it’s true and it’s right.


        Although, Tony Sotomayor and some other Blacks have been standing up to the bullies and talking sensible truths. Maybe there is hope for America after all. This doesn’t mean I’ve changed my negative opinion on Affirmative Action or mixed marriages. But it’s a step in the right direction.


      18. I’m tired of bending over for the jewish banking system that took control of the USA during 9/11 and if the blacks are the only ones that have the balls to stand up to the police state that protects the bankers “Interests” then i’ll be happy to join them.

        Voting in a new puppet won’t change anything when Congress pulls the strings and they are all paid by the foriegn bankers but standing your gound might fix something for the better unless you want to remin a debt slave

        • Mr. Smith:

          If you are advocating shooting cops, that is what the J*wPolice State, Marshall Law people desire in their devious heart.


      19. B from CA: WE Must At All times Always..In order to Maintain Our High Ground of Righteous Indignation, and Godly Goodness as well as proper form of white man christian compassion etc…Must always wait untill They fire first shot!

        For Now today and for some time going now WE possess the Moral High Ground and our Every Star is aligned in Our Total unquestionable favor.

        in every possible issue one can debate or question or name. WE whites are in total possession of that and WE alone. WE are right and correct in every possible matter or way on such critical issues.

        WE are whom has been royally shafted, royally scammed, royally Taxed to the Max to Pay for past 50 yrs affirmative action policies and agendas that benifit ONLY Blacks and other Minorities. And of which if white ever becomes a Minority in usa? NO such agenda nor programs shall ever benifit whiteys period.

        WE are who is OWED Reperations big time! And massivly Owed a Huge Thanks for all we have done or tried doing to appease and please savage blacks and correct past mistakes or wrongs that WE Had ZERO to do with creating!

        I have always stated and always shall state that when it comes to usa blacks and jewry? BOTH ethnic minoritys has Never Ever had it so damn swell and good as in america and due to Us white folks massive efforts that they both so bennifited from and because of period.

        And just Look at How each group so far has Thanked Us?!!

        jewry marxists zios Trains Blacks to be so Mean and Militant and Dangerous for us whiteys. And Pays blacks whatever cash needed to create riots and lootings and burn down cities whites spent 300 yrs building! and paying for!

        Yet most of both groups stare in wide wonderment as to just Why have so many whites recently awakened? and so many whiteys are Now so damn royally fed up pissed off to the max?!

        All I can now tell them idiot minorities and all others like that too is “If any of them are still confused as to How they can get to that Concord Bridge”?

        I say: “Just keep on Pushing Us Fed up Whiteys assholes!”

        ps bridge at concord where first shot was heard round the world at! 1776 era.

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