Shock: EPA Employees Asked to Stop Defecating In Office Hallways

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Headline News | 228 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Have you ever wonder what it is that government employees actually do?

    Well, in addition to giving Americans grief over just about anything you can imagine, according to Government Executive they are apparently so bored that some have resorted to pooping in the hallways of government buildings, purposely clogging toilets, and surfing porn on the taxpayer dime.

    Contractors built secret man caves in an EPA warehouse, an employee pretended to work for the CIA to get unlimited vacations and one worker even spent most of his time on the clock looking at pornography.

    It appears, however, that a regional office has reached a new low: Management for Region 8 in Denver, Colo., wrote an email earlier this year to all staff in the area pleading with them to stop inappropriate bathroom behavior, including defecating in the hallway.

    In the email, obtained by Government Executive, Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor mentioned “several incidents” in the building, including clogging the toilets with paper towels and “an individual placing feces in the hallway” outside the restroom.

    Confounded by what to make of this occurrence, EPA management “consulted” with workplace violence “national expert” John Nicoletti, who said that hallway feces is in fact a health and safety risk. He added the behavior was “very dangerous” and the individuals responsible would “probably escalate” their actions.

    This is where your tax dollars are going.

    If you were in the private sector, as Karl Denninger notes, you’d be fired immediately and prosecuted to the full extent of the law when applicable.

    An EPA spokesperson says that the agency is investigating. “Management is taking this situation very seriously and will take whatever actions are necessary to identify and prosecute these individuals,” said Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor .

    Here’s an idea, considering we live in a surveillance state and billions are being spent on monitoring Americans.

    Why not take some of those cameras that we have at just about every street light in America and utilize them to instead monitor the activities of government employees. Put them in any venue that requires tax payer money to function including police stations, regulatory agencies like the EPA, Congressional offices and meeting rooms, and the White House.

    And because we certainly don’t need the government spending more money on yet another monitoring agency, make those live feeds accessible to the public.

    The American people would be happy to crowd-source the counter-surveillance. Moreover, we’ll happily capture, record and upload videos of interest to outlets across the internet.

    The only way to stop government corruption and indecent behavior is to hold the employees of the taxpayer accountable. Since the government itself is obviously incapable of doing this, why not let the public take over?

    With this strategy we can achieve full transparency, as promised by the Obama Administration. It’s the only way to hold to account those who would defecate on Americans and the U.S. Constitution.



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      1. And all this time I thought they didn’t do shit over there. Turns out I was mistaken…

        • LOL – Pure comedy my friend! Haha!

          • Sadly, Mac, I have to laugh at these kind of things or I’ll go off the deep end. 🙂

            • I’ll bet this problem goes all the into the White House. They’re shitting in the oval office, in the halls of congress, and all over the people. This is no secret.

              • More government follies,
                crap shooting without dice.

                • I would TRY to laugh at this, but it reminds me of what is happening to the human species. Acting and behaving like chimpanzees, no baboons. The other day I saw this 20 something girl with all this cheap jewerly in her lip. It looked like she had been hit shrapnel, it was one of the most disgusting sites I have ever since. Where did humans go that they start piercing their mouths like some African jungle native that sticks plates in their mouths or rings around their necks so they have necks like ET and if the rings are removed their necks would break from lack of support.

                  I have a libertarain attitude and to each their own what they want to do to with their own bodies. It shows though I very sick level of self abuse that is gripping this country and the world. It doesn’t surprise me that some ass monkeys take a dump outside a bathroom, or flinging fecal material around like some animal. It is something that is a sign of BAD things to come.

                  I grew up in which someone that was wholesome was something to be looked up to. Now the most disgusting and close to vomit someone can be like the more “status symbol” they get. You looked at the perverted music that is out there and the following of it.

                  You look at this and you want to wall off your life from this disease. This is exactly what this is, DISEASE of the soul and mind. The human species is in deep, deep, deep SH@#. 🙁 🙁 🙁 A lot deeper than a bunch of government workers could crap in a lifetime. 🙁

                  • Bi,
                    I tried to tell you guys, it was gonna get weird….

                    lets see how funny this is, when these EPA crap shooters shut down 400 coal fired power plants…

                    Yup… I can see it now… rolling blackouts, rationing, a/c ‘permits’… oh wait.. AC will be a thing of the past…

                    Remember what CANDIDATE Obama said; “… electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket…”

                    This is pure evil. Last I checked, we used to put rabid animals down… and these, are animals.

                  • Is this really that surprising? After all, everything government puts it’s hands on ends up a shitty mess.

                  • B.I. what is more disgusting is that probably that hardware was paid for with welfare money.I feel if a person on assistance can afford a new tattoo each month,they are getting waaaay to much money.

                  • I agree BI.

                    “It is a DISEASE”.

                    But, we were warned in the good book. In the last days….

                    People will become lovers of themselves.
                    They do the most stupid shit for attention and to get their cheap thrills. Hey look at me, “I’ve got 42 holes punched thru my skin w/ hardware inserted, and $5000.00 worth of ink that nobody can read or understand….I’m so cool, I make snow cream out my poot-shoot”

                    The idiots in gov are just as bad. They go to work and draw a paycheck for being ape-shit all day. It’s like they have no conscience. Don’t believe it, try dealing with an IRS employee.

                    The little woman’s accountant(an alcoholic), screwed her over on her taxes a few years ago. Last year she got a bill for that particular year for $1700.00 and change. She asked me what to do. I said; “In my past experience with the IRS, You will never get a reduction in what they say you owe (unless it’s in the tens of thousands) so you are better off in the long run to pay the thing completely off, even if you have to borrow the money.”

                    As often the case, she played the “hard head” and was on the phone for two days with IRS. She said she was able to get payments set up without interest and could pay as little as $50.00 per month. I told her I’d have to see it to believe it, and those IRS people are trained to lie: and then she smarted off; “You don’t know everything, and you aren’t always right”. OK!

                    Six months later,…. She was paying some bills and I saw the statement lying on the desk with the IRS/US Gov letterhead. I picked it up and began looking it over and realized she was being penalized $47.68 each month as a late penalty. Her $50.00 mthly. pmts. were all going to late fees. I said, “that four year college degree you got, must have come with a, forget common sense clause”, and showed her what she had been failing to read each month. Her reply, “WTF!”

                    She got the funds together and paid the balance in full.

                    Not all are bad people, I know; but, you never hear anyone speaking good about a gov employee.

                  • Yeah, Freakshow (FKA mankind) really had built a scaffolding of knowable rules and respected them for a while there, especially in America.

                    Kind of set themselves above Nature for a while at least. Thought they liked it? They do. It’s just that they’re run around in circles by the most controlling freaks among them. The control freaks snuggle up to the power centers and subvert the very laws which freed them for awhile.

                • They may be hoping for a visit from Obama and are just trying to get a buffet ready for him….

              • Bet they all once worked for acorn.

              • Do they wash their hands? Just asking.

              • Must be clogging the toilets (tur-lets, says Archie Bunker) with copies of the constitution. Where’s an executive order when you need one?

              • PITCHFORK COMING– at Zero Hedge:

                Here’s what I say to you: You’re living in a dream world. What everyone wants to believe is that when things reach a tipping point and go from being merely crappy for the masses to dangerous and socially destabilizing, that we’re somehow going to know about that shift ahead of time. Any student of history knows that’s not the way it happens. Revolutions, like bankruptcies, come gradually, and then suddenly. One day, somebody sets himself on fire, then thousands of people are in the streets, and before you know it, the country is burning. And then there’s no time for us to get to the airport and jump on our Gulfstream Vs and fly to New Zealand. That’s the way it always happens. If inequality keeps rising as it has been, eventually it will happen. We will not be able to predict when, and it will be terrible—for everybody. But especially for us.

              • You forgot about ripping out all the plumbing and wiring of the place.

            • You are not alone!

          • Mac, I have to give you credit for bringing us some humor for a change. Although it’s all done on our dime, nothing will happen to these govt. workers because 1. affirmative action and 2. the federal employees union. It’s a fact that minority groups get all kinds of special treatment under federal law. My Dad is a retired federal employee who had to take early retirement and has told me stories that would anger everyone here. go ahead with the red thumbs. I don’t care. I’m not afraid to speak the truth. I don’t follow the PC crap.

            • Braveheart,
              This does not supprise me I see stuff like this every day , you shoulld see the restrooms where I work at the end of the day.
              Makes you wonder what their homes look like. Been shocked a few times using the stairs instead of the elevator ( like to stay in shape I always use the stairs) I can not count how many times I startled two people in the act!
              Like you referred to affirmative action , nepotism , it all breeds this kind of conduct , every division has a fiefdom most of the time the managers and division heads look the other way and are more concerned with their own image than their employees job performance.
              We had a person in a very high level position with all kinds of degrees , found out they were all phoney they did not vet him because he was a minority besides being incompetent he was a security risk, they fired the investigator and he’s still on the job pulling in a three figure salary.
              Sooner or later the rot is going to bring the whole system down , as a conservative estimate I would say 60% of these people would not make it in the private sector .
              When it all collapses it will get very interesting.

              prepare time is short.

              This regime is going to EPIC FAIL.

              It’s going to be spectacular , are you ready?


              Semper Fi 8541

          • “Employees are required to wash their hands after using the hallways…”
            CO Dept. Of Health

            And we wondered why the muzak system always plays Lynard Skynard. ‘Ooh that smell. Can’t you smell that smell…’

            Denver Post Classified Ads-
            Wanted- One large fan. Have all other necessary parts for ‘The Crash’ Just need fan. Call Regional office of Environmental Provocation Agency. 555-2887 Ask for Squeeky.

            • How did you get red?

        • anyone remember the old Van Halen video to the song “Right Now” where the video says in a graphic “RIGHT NOW OUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING THINGS WE THINK ONLY OTHER COUNTRIES DO”. And in the background is a cartoon of the old schoolyard bully tactic of pushing someone while another person is on all fours behind them so they fall over?

        • I’ve never seen so many branches/offices of government with no accountability. Each week it’s a new scandal where a govt worker did something unethical. And the administration does nothing. It’s like Obama got elected, all Republicans in govt positions got fired, and they do whatever the hell they want with no concern of prosecution. And to their delight there is none! And of course all media except Fox is is silent.

          • Cancer

            • Yes,”CANCER”….Maybe it was a worker “protest” that required going to “extremes” to send a “message” to their handlers for intentionally fudging & watering down RadNet data?!! The “spikes” in Gamma radiation graphs when left for public viewing when some shit-flinging lackey forgets or forgoes pulling the data when radiation levels reach & surpass the levels of “alarm” & “concern”??!! They just went out into the hallway and left stinky,brown busts of their EPA elite supervisory staffers and the radioactive corn,peanuts & cesium-encrusted bungholes overwhelmed “SadNet”??!! Must be real proud to work in a prestigious place where co-workers want their workspaces to smell like the United Center bathrooms after a Bulls game??!!

          • Brome, it is sad all around. It’s against federal law to hold any FEMALE or MINORITY government employees accountable for their actions. the unions and affirmative action make damned sure of it.

          • Lots of misinformation going around. Having been a fed, I can guarantee you the mystery crapper will be fired the day he or she is caught.

            I’ve seen folks get fired for bullshit threats in the office, just loudmouth stuff, but they get fired for it. Or for stealing money out of purses and desks. Or coming to work on drugs or booze. It takes no time at all.

            For performance issues, that can take 3 to 6 months, depending on if the employee makes improvements. But the weird stuff, they are gone, no grace period, the unions won’t even defend them.

            Even political appointees can be canned, but not in this administration, it appears.

            • You can’t be fired from the post office if your a full timer. Part time is different.

            • What you say is mostly true. Most government employees take their jobs seriously and are dedicated. Things seem to be changing though. We are living in the audacity of hope….

            • I’m sorry – not buying it!

          • Shit trickles down from the Top, the Minions are simply emulating their Masters.

          • Why else do you think these elected idiots in DC are allowing the ILLEGAL ALIEN border bust!
            The want your focus taken off of them.
            I say screw em all, just refuse to cooperate, comply, etc, just say OH HELL NO

        • Hee! Hee! Hey Bevis! They have a bung hole. Hee! Hee!

        • Ive contemplated commenting on shtf for well over a year now, but out of fear ive held back, fear of being placed on a list… Ive grown to appreciate many of tbe regular commenters and yearn to find like minded individuals in an interloped lobotomized world we currently occupy.

          Fear is a weapon of control, ill live on my feet, retire those worn out knee pads. As my first internet post I might warn you of the shit rolling down the hill.

          • Splatter gear my friend…get some. You’ll be glad you did.

          • Welcome aboard Mysterium! About that list, you’ve probably been on it for some time now. We’re so monitored in every way, they could spot me just by the groceries I buy. But I know how you feel, I too held off posting. Take care!
            Standing ready in Daytona

          • No need to be concerned. If you’re afraid you might be on a list…you’re probably on a list 🙂

          • Fear not MD…

            Like you, I lurked for a long time also…
            But you know what…

            If we don’t speak, anywhere, we lose…
            Screw their lists…we’ve got ours too…
            And they getten’ long…

          • Mysterium, welcome to our community.

          • Welcome! I used to worry about the same thing, then I realized they have my IP from just visiting, and I’m already on the “list” as a veteran and a gun owner. I also finally realized I will die one day. I will no longer waste a lifetime pleading for one more day. If we fail to turn the tide, when our grandchildren ask how the world was plunged into darkness, at least mine will be able to say that their grandfather did not go quietly, self muzzled. I now speak my mind, attend protests, and keep my blades sharp and my weapons loaded. If they mean to have a war, I shall not deny them.

            • Precisely…well said… certainly on par with our Founders…

        • We know they are all full of it. Maybe one just got a little too full.

          • The Old Coach says:

            “It’s OK in foreign junk like AK and SKS though.”

            LOL… That “foreign junk” has conquered the world.

            BTW, it’s also more reliable.

            • No quite so with the ammo…
              In an American made weapon… 10% failure rate…

              It’s all in the tolerances….

        • I think that EPA employee takes his job more seriously than any of the other people at that location.

          He is so committed to preventing water polution, that he clogs the toilets to prevent others from using the sewer systems that always eventually somehow lead to a navigable water source. Truely a heroic act considering that these are EPA employees we are talking about.

          Next he goes the extra mile by defecating in the hallway. Some might call this a heinous act, but this dedicated EPA employee sees it differently. He knows he works for the EPA and he knows the type of people that would have the mindset to work there. Sanitation is overrated when compared to Environmental Protection, and by keeping all the excrement inside the building, the committed EPA worker can guarantee that no outside water source will be polluted by their refuse.

          To be honest, the most surprising thing about this entire story is that the EPA workers noticed that someone defecated in the hallway…. seems to me given the caliber of people that would work for said agency in today’s world, these people should just view it as normal protecting the outside environment and lowering the carbon footprint behavior.

          • poor guy couldn’t hold it anymore, every one he works with was too busy flushing the country down the toilet.

        • B.H.
          They do Shit over there. I’m happy they are doing it there because I’m tired of them shitting on you and I for so long.
          It is about time they cleaned up there own mess.

        • I laughed so hard, beer shot out of my nose! The winning post of the summer, thank you Billy Hill!!!!!

        • :):):)

        • A little something for the lunch menu in the cafeteria.

      2. Fire them all, and don’t start over…

        • Hey Mushy…where ya been? How’s everything on the island? The ten dollar bills are coming in handy lately…good advice Cherrio… Butch

          • Still sucking air on the green side, waiting for all hell to break loose. If you still have any #10 cans of $10 bills left, now’s the time to trade’em for all the food, silver, lead and gold ya can. Take care, Butch.

        • My question is where is Management.

        • I thought mushroom was dead

          • that aint the real mushroom… its an impost- er..or poser.. or imposer..

      3. Welcome to the future…..animalistic behavior by so-called intelligent beings…it will get far worse before it gets better….When someone has NO moral compass, they can and will do Anything….
        Pray….because your lives DO depend upon it

        • FOB, they’re protected by affirmative action and the unions, so there’s no stopping it.

      4. Government scum.

      5. I have heard more than once that Washington DC is home to more deviants than you could imagine. These stories
        go back to the late sixties.

        these stories

        • Swinging Richard, someone once told me that DC is “Wonderland On The Potomoc”. sounds fitting to me.

          • So true my friend.

        • The question is what about the deviants that send them back to DC for decades. That is the scary part. Not the a-holes in DC but the enablers who keep electing them no matter what they do. How could any normal person vote for Barney Frank?

      6. Old one, but fits the article….


        For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt?

        We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, ‘You don’t know Jack Schitt’!

        Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, you can now respond in an intellectual way.

        Jack Schitt is the only son of Awe Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, who married O. Schitt, the owner of Needeep N. Schitt, Inc.

        They had one son, Jack.

        In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt. The deeply religious couple produced six children: Holie Schitt, Giva Schitt, Fulla Schitt, Bull Schitt, and the twins Deep Schitt and Dip Schitt.

        Against her parents’ objections, Deep Schitt married Dumb Schitt, a high school dropout. After being married 15 years, Jack and Noe Schitt divorced. Noe Schitt later married Ted Sherlock, and because her kids were living with them, she wanted to keep her previous name. She was then known as No e Schitt Sherlock.

        Meanwhile, Dip Schitt married Loda Schitt, and they produced a son with a rather nervous disposition named Chicken Schitt. Two of the other six children, Fulla Schitt and Giva Schitt, were inseparable throughout childhood and subsequently married the Happens brothers in a dual ceremony. The wedding announcement in the newspaper announced the Schitt-Happens nuptials. The Schitt-Happens children were Dawg, Byrd, and Horse.

        Bull Schitt, the prodigal son, left home to tour the world. He recently returned from Italy with his new Italian bride, Pisa Schitt.

        Now when someone says, ‘You don’t know Jack Schitt’, you can correct them.


        Crock O. Schitt

        • eppe, I think you are on the wrong Web site. Just like Federal Employees taking up space and doing nothing. At least stick to the content of the article. Try the comic relief Website. When SHTF there will be people like you trying to make jokes. Seriously somebody will slap you silly then.

          • Actually,when it hits the fan there certainly will be time for humor,if not then no point in living,everything has it’s place in life,even your lame comment.

            • A new classic in “Gallows humor”… 😉

          • WWTI, now let’s ease up on Eppe. He provides a very valuable service to us here. he doesn’t joke every time he posts. There have been times when he’s made some serious posts.

          • Maybe you should just STFU. Who put you in charge?

            • He’s mac slavo’s favorite doom shill, that’s who put him in charge.

            • John W., who are you talking to?

              • Don’t look now brain surgeon, but I think it’s YOU, perhaps he doesn’t know you’re a protected species here.

                • Actually if you follow the comments he’s replying to whowuddathunilt. The relative placement of the comment boxes kind of gives that away.

                • John W., I don’t recall ever having any dispute with you before so why are you attacking me? I don’t claim to be in charge here. I know it’s Mac’s site and he can run it as he sees fit and I do respect that. I don’t have any problem with WWTI, just that Eppe provides us with something to laugh at when we see articles like this, and God knows, the way things are going we need all the laughs we can get just so we can keep our sanity. I don’t have any problems with John W. or WWTI, but anonymous is a different story, so anonymous needs to mind his own business.

          • Remember…All work and no play makes WhoWuddaThunilt a dull boy. Learn not to take all things so seriously and slouch a little. Eppe has consistently offered comic relief to the more serious articles for a while now…and I for one appreciate it.

          • Ok so it was a shi#ty joke. I thought it was funny.

          • WhoWuddaThuniIt’s comment reminds me of a Mormon guy I worked with. He never laughed (and rarely smiled) when someone said something humorous. I asked him about that once, and he said it was something to do with Mormon religious teachings. Weird…

        • eppe,

          You really should’ve posted a food and beverage warning with this one. I almost spewed my evening beverage all over my monitor. Thanks for the levity.

        • I always get a chuckle from that no matter how many times i read or hear it

        • Hee! Hee! “The Great Cornholio” You got TP? Hee! Hee!

        • Eppe, I’ve heard that one going all the way back to when I was a kid. A real classic. Thanks for posting it. Now that’s a real laugh in light of this latest article.

        • Eppe:

          Nice 1, as always thanks for the humor. 😉

        • That Schitt was HILARIOUS! !!!!

          You funny guy Eppe !

          Laughed to tears :’) dont know the emoticon for that though…

        • Eppe, BRAVO!

        • Keepem’ coming Eppe’…
          Your current nemesis is lost in the leach field searching for a meal.

      7. Have any of you ever contacted the EPA? They are a Toothless tiger, I swear at least half the people working for the Federal Government are Useless people showing up 40 hours for a paycheck but accomplish ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

        • we know what the EPA’s like…we been to the DMV and the POST OFFICE, and,…..

          • BCOD, ALL government agencies are useless. No surprise there.

        • Yes, but now thanks to 0bama they have hundreds, if not thousands of armed agents.

          • Thousands of armed agents and millions of hollow point rounds! And I would not be surprised if many of them are on antidepressants, antianxiety or sleep drugs. ANd that is just the list of legal meds!!

      8. World of Resistance (WOR) Report

        “through the eyes of Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former U.S. National Security Adviser and long-time influential figure in foreign policy circles. Brzezinski articulated what he refers to as humanity’s “global political awakening,” spurred by access to education, technology and communications among much of the world’s population.

        Brzezinski has written and spoken extensively to elites at American and Western think tanks and journals, warning that this awakening poses the “central challenge” for the U.S. and other powerful countries, explaining that “most people know what is generally going on… in the world, and are consciously aware of global iniquities, inequalities, lack of respect, exploitation.” Mankind, Brzezinski said in a 2010 speech, “is now politically awakened and stirring.”

        “The head of the OECD warned in 2009 that the world’s leading economies would have to take quick action to resolve the global crisis or face a “fully blown social crisis with scarring effects on the vulnerable workers and low-income households.”

        “Brzezinski himself said: “There’s going to be growing conflict between the classes and if people are unemployed and really hurting, hell, there could even be riots.” And meanwhile, the top-ranking U.S. military official and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, commented that the global financial crisis was a greater security concern to the U.S. than either of the massive ground wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. “It’s a global crisis,” he said, and “as that impacts security issues, or feeds greater instability, I think it will impact our national security in ways that we quite haven’t figured out yet.”

        “In November of 2008, the U.S. Army War College produced a document warning that the U.S. military must be prepared for the possibility of a “violent strategic dislocation inside the United States,” possibly caused by an “unforeseen economic collapse” and/or a “purposeful domestic resistance” and the “loss of functioning of political and legal order.” Under “extreme circumstances,” the document warned, “this might include the use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States.”

        it’s coming folks
        and “they” know it

      9. I would love to be a supervisor for the Federal Government going around to these agencies, and have the authority to Fire Useless People on the spot. I would save our Government Trillions of Dollars annually. Like the Post office, I would cut mail delivery to 2 days a week. Our Government can’t even get end useless Saturday Mail Deliveries. Or Cut mail down to every other day delivery. Odd addresses delivered on odd days, even addresses delivered on even days. You want to send something next day you pay more for it. And while they are out there, pick up the recycled paper mail for scrap shredding, that would cut down on land full costs.

      10. And these are the people we should fear and take orders from? Not now, not ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

      11. Here is a Question for Preppers: Have you tried to wake up your friends and family about the pending SHTF situations coming up by sending them links to articles? Here is what I see. I send something very important out and hardly hear a peep. But if I send some stupid photo or a dumbed down spam joke to these same folks, they laugh, chuckle and send a reply back, like “Thanks”. Is it just me or is at least 95% of the people out there too dumbed down, or still in denial, or have ZERO Coping skills to manage any crisis if their lives depended on it? What is your Take on this?

        • Pretty much everyone in my immediate family expects an economic crash. So it’s in our minds though we aren’t ready. I have my doubts that there is really any real way to prepare. I think a lot will be OJT.

          • For many numbskulls, they will finally wake up to the state of reality, when the UN Blue Helmets are pounding on their front door at 3AM demanding their guns and ammo and food, as they are rounded up to be taken to the nearest FEMA Work Camp.

          • Just keep at it Brome. Ain’t nobody here or anywhere gonna be totally ready for it.

        • What you said. People are in denial. They believe if it was that bad the govt would warn them. Stupid stupid stupid

        • Scripture describes it as “strong delusion”. Just always realize we are not here to convince anyone, we are here to plant seeds – biblical and otherwise. After that the folks are on their own!

        • WWThunkit: Same here….sigh….


      12. Just proves what we all knew,govt. employees full of shit.

        • …and apparently, willing to fling that shot wherever it may land.

          • Wasn’t there a poster here a year or two ago who’s handle was “WhoFlungPoo?” Maybe he works there!!!

      13. Send in the SWAT

        Stinky Waste And Toilet

        • Shit Wipers And Thugs.

          • Shit Wiping Anal Tongues…

      14. The entire government and all of it’s agencies and all of their employees are parasites sucking the life out of the taxpaying hosts. If it keeps up much longer, nothing but bones and dried out husks will be left.

      15. I’m sure they will get to keep their jobs if caught.

        • That is their job. They will get a promotion and raise.

          • Shootit and Stan522, they’re protected by affirmative action and the union.

            • I would like to see the email from Lois to the EPA directing them to poop in the hallway. Lois also needs to learn how not to look at you through her nostrils. Maybe that directive came from the oval office?

      16. Staff bureaucratic jobs like these in the EPA go mainly to those who know someone, and it flows from the top — meaning the White House. With Obama in the White House you should be able to guess to whom these jobs are going and so it therefore should be no problem in guessing about the types of behavior they display.

        EPA is a government entity that in reality is not needed — one of its primary purposes is simply to provide job slots for politically connected community organizers and other political workers/volunteers.

        Remember when, not long after the Obamas moved into the White House, Moochelle had to ask their friends to cool it when they came to the White House for parties because too many furnishings were being damaged/broken from rowdy behavior? Well, these are the types who have since received federal bureaucratic jobs at inflated salaries with few or no qualifications beyond political connectedness.

        If those of us who work, earn what we have through merit, achieve, and keep the country running could see what slithers through the halls of places like the EPA under the Obama administration, it probably would make us incensed and likely would make us puke.

        So reading that they are defecating in the hallways should come as no surprise.

        • Anonymous, apparently it’s worse than ever now. My Dad was forced to take early retirement in 1993 from fedgov over a false complaint from a black worker that was totally useless. He told me stories that would piss off everyone here. Female and minority govt. workers have been getting special treatment under affirmative action since the early 80s and they have the union to stand up for them also. Nothing new here. talk about job security. They’re just a bunch of losers who couldn’t make it in the private sector. They don’t know how to stand on their own 2 feet so they had to get Uncle Scam to help them.

          • I really think that when the people that do the hiring for the gubmint see a dipshit applicant sitting across from them looking for a job, they must hire them because they would be on welfare the rest of their life, if not hired by the gubmint, so at least they get a LITTLE work out of them.

            • And they know that if they hire an even bigger dipshit than themselves, they don’t have to be afraid of them doing a better job and taking over their position. More job security.

      17. And this is what this country has come to. So not cool.

      18. Its 9:26 pm on the east coast as I type this. Check out Drudge Report right now and tell me what anybody finds humorous. I hate these people. Truly and deeply.

        • Pelosi’s pearls. Maybe she will catch something she doesn’t already have?

          • Npgh and shootit, I’ll print that picture and use it for target practice this weekend. thanks for the tip.

          • Syphilis or the clap would be nice for San Fran Nan. She sounds like she has brain damage. How did someone so stupid get so far.

            • She was born and raised in Baltimore. Its something in the water over there.

            • Who would vote for Nancy Lugosi?

              San Fransicko LGBT adherents, newly arrived immigrants that would even vote for an indicted rep like Leland Ye, the fetish clowns that hang from meathooks, the welfare and food stamp parasites that infest San Francisco, the public sector unions, and the medicated SOBs that live in Pacific Heights.

              Those are the constituents of the Botoxed Bungler!

          • Or paper train your new puppy.

      19. Mac,

        I respectfully ask you to consider running Dave Hodge’s latest article as of 6/26/14:
        “The UN Is Positioning to Lock Down the US”. []

        It seems like such a vital article.

        Thank you for your consideration.

        – The Lone Ranger

      20. Whoop, There she is.
        Whoop, There she is.

        Pelosi who else. I read they are sending them to live in a closed warehouse in New York state.

      21. By the way.. did any body see the story at the blaze where pigs shot and killed a dog in fenced in private property. I feel really bad for that guy. He got it all on video. Utah.

      22. The gov shits on the floor, shits on our beliefs, shits on us. I’m sick of their shit.

        • I could not have dreamed up this shitty behavior in a million years. The whole place needs to be condemned.

      23. Im ready. Bring it.

      24. Seriously, we come to these websites looking for useful info. I can find stupid any place like in a tabloid mag. Is this what we are downgrading to now? What does this article have to do with SHTFPlan? Time is running out, I see little time for jokes.

        • @WWTI
          maybe it’s shit hit the floor plan. com

      25. Affirmative action and Unions. Two big reasons America is doomed.

        Unqualified morons get jobs and then you cannot fire them.

        • “Unqualified morons get jobs and then you cannot fire them.”

          oh yer talkin’ about unions

          I thought for a minute you were talking about Congress !

          but that would be CORRUPT,unqualified morons

        • SD, I’ve already made reference to those facts. spot on.

      26. Ugly’s Toast….

        Dudes, we Americans are toasted. Just keep preparing and do the right thing. It is an honor to be an American. Our Leaders have sold us and they were nothing’s anyway….you do the right thing even though evil is lurking its way to destroy America, do the right and honorable thing–love this country and go forward….

        I have a beer in my hand. I am raising it for a toast to all the Great Americans and to all the great Friends that we have in other Lands. I wish Peace, Safety, and Prosperity to all. I toast to the safety of all our families….America is not gone with the wishful thinking of the elitists. We are Americans and we will respect this Land that way….

        • Hear, hear! I raise my glass of tea to you, as well!

      27. @sd…no its not affirmative action and unions. With all due respect…its evil. People have no morals or self respect. This in itself is nothing new but in the past millennium its been frowned on. Now its our method of operation. Im sick of all self serving maggots. I take that back. At least maggots can clean a wound. Time is here…wheat is being separated from chaff.

        • Npgh, sorry to disagree but affirmative actions and the unions are part of it. My Dad, a retired federal employee, can testify to that. lack of morals and self respect are also part of the problem.

      28. Even HuffPo has picked this story up—–

        • HuPo can pick up shit, but they can’t handle anything important…

          • Liberals think they can pick up a turd by the clean end!

            • @MXL
              you can’t polish a turd….
              (steven king)

      29. Shit…just turn on your local news to see how far down the scale humanity has gone. You dont need Drudge with Pelosis fake, plastic face…just watch local, murder, shits, child abuse, corruption, lying, thieving fucks are everywhere. Im sick of honest people being beaten down and the slaves of satan getting away without punishment.






      31. One more thing and I’ll stop my rant. Is anybody else being bombarded with the World Cup news? I could give a shit about that but now all suddenly Pittsburgh news cares?! Fuck them. They found a strain of polio in the sewers of Brazil and the establishment news thinks its in my best interest to cheer team USA?! WTF!

        • Npgh. The media doesn’t cover the mass demonstrations in Braziltoday protesting the Billions odlf dollars wasted on a soccer game as their countries infrastructure is crumbling into ashes. Showing dreadlocks chasin a ball is a distraction of the pending world crisis

      32. Alright. Im done. God Bless.

      33. I work for the Government,
        I am here to help y….
        Damn! I need to take a shit. Think I will go right here….

      34. We;re lucky we dodged the bullet this time. You know. it could have actually hit…………………..


      35. With shit in the Oval Office…..what did you expect?

      36. Good time to call Joe the Plummer,him and a plunger to rid us of these people.

      37. Off topic for the naysayers: weather modification. BTW they sprayed very heavily here in AZ again today. I watched the planes do loops around last night and we woke up to silvery skies and lines crisscrossing the horizon. Mac it’s time suck it up and do a piece on this, you know it’s true….


      38. On the subject of poo. Vegetarian animal poo is great for fertilizer . What about human,dog , pig, etc poo. Got a 5 gallon bucket with 2 2x4s to sit on. But (or butt) how can this be mulched or disposed.?
        Steel cased .223 is coming out cheaper than brass x41 that it may not be worth reloading. Can steel case be reloaded or just trashed? Is steel cased harder on the breach end of barrel than brass?
        As a locksmith (last warning on this) I was called to open a high end Audi. It was a government agency on a search warrant. I opened the car , however the trunk was still locked . One agent was already on U-Tube before I could explain. Jokingly I said that I was in the wrong bussiness (multiple “goodies” found inside. I asked how are most of these people caught. Oh thats simple The internet and charge card history.
        You think thats after they have a suspect. WRONG . They get there suspects FROM the internet and Charge card use. That is why this will be the last warning from someone whos feet are in the trenchs. Stupid comments about shooting the president will hit alert. Multiple phrases and words get filtered through a computer program to pic out possible Threats to Amerika. Buy you ammo with cash. DO NOT ADD YOUR NAME TO MAILING LIST FOR “PROMOTIONAL GIFTS” WHEN BUYING AMMO.

        • The Chinese have used human and pig poo for centuries. Which is why so many new diseases appear first in China.

        • You can compost any “night soil”…yes even human. You just want to mix it with other things like leaves or grass or most anything biodegradable and let it compost for a year or so before spreading it on your garden or it may be too “hot”.

          I don’t use human manure, but I do use every other type. I even use urine tea at times for a nitrogen boost. One of the most common nitrogen fertilizers you can buy is is Urea…I have 5 gallon buckets of it. Works good to melt ice, too.

        • Mike, the steel cases have two major issues making it non-reloadable, and a third issue making it undesirable. First, the lacquer louses up your dies and will foul the chamber once it starts flaking. Under 40,000 psi, it is not good for smooth surfaces. Second, the steel is not malleable enough to properly resize. Third, the inside of the case rusts over time.

          Just recycle it and buy brass.

      39. Steel case does not reload at all well. Steel case ammo is hell on American made rifles. Their chambers are too accurately made, so you get a lot of FTE jams. It’s OK in foreign junk like AK and SKS though.

      40. Yes, Here is my GOLDEN RULE; When your life depends on it Brass filled with Lead trumps Gold any day.

      41. Animals will be animals !

      42. Well we all knew they were shit-heads, so who you going to call SHIT BUSTERS!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      43. Simple fix, DNA testing of personnel working in the AO (area of operations) wil reveal the true culprit. This individual needs to be terminated and sent to the NEW vacation (FEMA CAMP) until they are retrained correctly.

      44. They need to find out who shit in the hallway and shit can him or her or it or the combination of him-her,or …whatever.

        Then too they could bring in the Border Patrol and do a good janitorial service on the building. This is kind of what the BP is doing for all the noble ones coming in from May-He-Co.

      45. There are 2 adds below the article. One says the stock market will climb 399%, the other says stock market crash. I am confused.

      46. Come on relax this is SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT TRAINING.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      47. didnt see if it was said before or not..but what a shitty subject

        (poking fun is all)

      48. EPA = Eradicate Poopy Aisles

      49. I’ll bet the EPA has photos. LOL. Not a freedom of Information item for me though…

      50. These are animals. Rub their nose in it , then take them outside to finish. Train them to scoop it up when done.

      51. Maybe the culprit is a SHTFPLAN reader and was just planting evidence of what is about to happen…..or they are just plain nuts…LOL

      52. If the culprit smeared it on the walls with his hands and is caught, he will probably get a govt grant to pursue his artistic talents. Mapplethorpe move over, a new star is born.

      53. In the private sector:
        We hired temps for a job. I fired 3/6 of them for trying to buy booze on work time from a neighboring pharmacy, drinking, smoking in their elevator, peeing on bathroom walls, and being useless anyway. (Cough black people, sorry cough).
        I think its just the crap culture they force on us and we have to live in. Scumbags have more freedom and money than us for taking advantage of the dysfunctional system. Everything is broke or breaking so luckily it only gets to go on for so long.

      54. Is an Israeli/Palestinian-type conflict coming to the U.S. southern border?

        I know GB can be a sore spot on here, but..there’s something to what he has to say here.

        link to follow

        • So what is the end game? It is no secret the Obama Administration and progressives on both sides of the aisle are looking for a way to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S.

          On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn asserted that the Obama Administration has orchestrated this so-called humanitarian crisis in order to advance its progressive immigration policy. On radio this morning, Glenn took it a step further – explaining why he believes the U.S. will soon be embroiled in a two-state clash much like Israel.

        • VRF: This scares the carp outta me. It is epidemic now. Someone has to know of this “new training” and tell the public. Of course a dog is going to bark at a stranger in his backyard.

          I have two labs and while they are as sweet as anything, they would bark at a stranger. I know if they shot them, I would be going to jail.


      55. Uh-Oh. When the MSM ‘admits’ anything, that doesn’t bode well. Are they telegraphing what many here already suspect to be happening?

        Mainstream Media Admits “The US Dollar’s Domination Is Coming To An End”
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        The proof is clear. According to SWIFT, China’s renminbi is now the second most used currency in the world for global trade settlement, putting it ahead of even the euro. It’s happening. And based on the data, it’s completely obvious (as we continued to chronicle) to just about everyone but the US government. However, we were still surprised to see an article in the Financial Times’ banking intelligence subsidiary (‘The Banker’) entitled “The US’s dollar domination is coming to an end.” This reality has become obvious to just about everyone… Reserve currencies come and go. So will the dollar. This is nothing new.

      56. Off topic because this post is nonsense and doesnt have anything to do w/ shtf issues.

        But look at Drudge headlines right now about the Mexican helicopter firing into the USA at border patrol. And also check the article about Border Patrol agents now testing positive for the diseases coming south of our border.

        headlines are



        I know Im not alone in saying that the planned invasion from our southern unprotected border is probably THE event to tip the scales.

      57. Off topic because this post is nonsense and doesnt have anything to do w/ shtf issues.

        But look at Drudge headlines right now about the Mexican helicopter firing into the USA at border patrol. And also check the article about Border Patrol agents now testing positive for the diseases coming south of our border.

        headlines are



        I know Im not alone in saying that the planned invasion from our southern unprotected border is probably THE event to tip the scales.

        • So we need to send the Border Guards some stinger missles?…oh, wait, we gave them all to muslim terrorists

          • Maybe the commander zero needs to rethink that $500 million he wants for Syria.Maybe that $500 million could be used to build one more panel on that fence never built on Bushs watch.

      58. Chicago Public Schools announced a surprise layoff of 1100 employees. Half are teachers, or what passes for teachers in Chicago.

        • They don’t need them anymore, most kids in Shitcago drop out at 12 or younger anyway….

      59. oh you’ll love this

        Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claim They’re Private Corporations, Immune from Open Records Laws

        • VRF says:
          Comment ID: 3163237
          June 27, 2014 at 7:54 am

          Regional SWAT squad claims it is a private organization, not subject to public records law

          That doesn’t fly, and it can’t be right. As my colleague Jessie Rossman, staff attorney here, said, “NEMLEC can’t have it both ways. Either it is a public entity subject to public records laws, or what it is doing is illegal.”

      60. The warnings that the influx of illegals could be carrying disease has already proved true.

        The government is transporting groups of illegals to many different states, so this is spreading QUICKLY.


        TB, scabies, chicken pox…


        Posted on Drudge Report

      61. Stumbled across an article about a group people working to monitor the Fukushima radiation levels on the US west coast. They are doing this because the govt is not monitoring, so they decided to be proactive. Here is the link to their website. Super cool!

      62. To My Fellow Zillionaires: I See Pitchforks

        “And so I have a message for my fellow filthy rich, for all of us who live in our gated bubble worlds: Wake up, people. It won’t last.”

        it’s coming folks

        IT’S COMING

        the Arab spring started when one little guy
        hawking fruits and vegetables on the street
        just trying to keep his family alive
        got shaken down by a corrupt cop for a bribe
        lost it
        he’d had enough
        next thing you know
        the Arab world was on fire

      63. To brighten your day…

        Anti-Amnesty Group Asks Americans To Mail ‘Gently Used Underwear’

        “Instead of using our tax money to buy illegals 42,000 pairs of new underwear, we would like to send the illegals and DC politicians a message by mailing them our used underwear, and some of our pairs are in really bad shape due to the bad economy and all of the jobs illegal immigrants are taking from Americans.”

        The ALIPAC request for Americans to send their “gently used” underwear is specifically noted because “DC is already full of dirty laundry.”

        Drudge Report

        • complete with skid marks?

        • Let them shit their pants.

      64. awfully busy news wise for a Friday

        and it ain’t good news either

        Peak Oil’s Revenge

        “The oil prices for both Brent and WTI just broke out of a five-year triangle formation. According to Thomas Bulkowski, who back-tested these patterns in his book Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, oil prices have a 94% chance of going up 25-36% over the next three months to a year. The sample size was 310.

        If that sounds preposterous and you don’t think it could happen, all you have to do is look at the spring of 2007, when the oil price broke out and went up over 100% in a year:”

      65. The invasion of the US by peasants from south of the border is worse than the Marielita boat invasion of Florida. This is a planned invasion. It was timed to take place during a democratic admin. I charge Genocide! By the government of the US. It is designed to intentionally change the demographics of the US. This is in violation of the UN Genocide Treaty. By the way, your government in Washington refused to sign the Genocide Treaty. Now you can see why. Deadly force is justifiable, in order to prevent genocide. Only problem is that your government doesn’t recognize your right. And your government is the offender. Tomorrow, you will be weaker. And the day after, weaker still. Prevent the demographic genocide of your people.

        • Remember the old “Terrorist Hunting Permit” stickers that were so popular after 9/11? Maybe we need to make up some “Illegal Alien Hunting Permits.”

        • Poon tang, I was in Miami back in 1980 when the Marielitos came in and it was rough in its own way. the situation on the southern border is the mariel boatlift times a million. this could still be the trigger for our downfall.

      66. The EPA thing is a symptom of the Obullshit administration.
        Other administrations used the toilet but didn’t flush. Obullshit just shits where ever he wants, That is what he thinks of the USA. The worst part is keeps getting away with it.
        You don’t have to look to far. VA, F&F, Benghazi, IRS, just to many to mention and more coming next week, The SOB can’t even give a speech with out lying.
        An A.G. that won’t do his job. That is, only will do his job if you are white, Christian, gun owner. Just ask Mr. Bundy.

        • Most federal employees I have met have an i can do no wrong attitude,
          Personally i cant wait till their paychecks disappear, state, fed, local, is all the same, at least here in the commy state i live in.

      67. Off Topic FYI: Broken record here…but important.

        Get some FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide (35%)…amazon or health food store. Google uses. Amazing stuff and very cheap.

        Research medicinal plants like Kratum which at this moment is still legal, but probably not for long. Used for pain and/or energy). Moringa Tree (grocery store/vitamins/minerals in a leaf). Hoodia will take away hunger pains very well. Get seeds and plant or buy already processed.

        Colloidal Silver: You can buy an inexpensive machine that runs on batteries and current. Also google using a silver coin to make solution in SHTF. Colloidal silver is really good also for purifying water.

        Bentonite Clay (Food Grade) for detox of radiation plus other uses…cheap. Amazon or health food store.

        Go buy some pink Himalayan Salt. It has many minerals that humans have not been getting for years in the age of bleached table salt, (GMOs, chem trails and American die)t…..and will help strengthen your body….

        And for goodness sake….check your house/water for fluoride and stop using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is banned in most countries, there is NO, NADA, NONE uses for fluoride in the human body. It is a chemical wast by product dumped into our water supply because it is too expensive to get rid of any other way. It allows the transfer of aluminum (chemtrails) across the blood brain barrier. There is an amazing video a guy researching this….it’ll make your blood boil….

        I’ll send links if anyone is interested.


        • Great post PKLauLau-

          Lots of good information there! All of these things are relatively cheap and abundant…now. Give it a little while and you may not be able to get it at all, or it will be ridiculously expensive.

          -The pink Himalayan Salt is a great choice and I would choose over Kosher salt even.

          -Fluoride is POISON, plain and simple. All one has to do is Search the internet for the two terms FLUORIDE and POISON and you will learn all you need to know. Fluoride also calcifies the Pineal gland in the brain, another way the controllers are keeping people sheep-like and stupid. Only gland in the human body located right in the center of your brain. Ever wonder why a gland would be located at the brains center? Another topic for people to research.

          I use my own toothpaste comprised of baking soda, Coconut oil and pure peppermint oil extract.
          Baking soda is a very effective mild abrasive and works well. Coconut oil is naturally anti-viral and great for killing germs and also very safe. Peppermint oil just works.

          Thanks for the post!

        • BTW, PKLL, the Aluminum in most deodorants and some cookware is another health hazard. Didn’t Al cookware get banned by the EU?

          • Yes, thanks Socrates and vincent: I will start using you toothpaste recipe.

            And I use the “crystal” deodorant. It is the best deodorant I have ever used and natural. People don’t even think about aluminum in their deodorant… I don’t know if aluminum coated cookware is banned but I did know that it is bad.

            I do wish people would get the fluoride/poison connection. It’s so much worse than they think and it’s totally evil the lie “they” have fostered on the American public.

            Also people need to research essential oils….I like Doterra brand….stuff is amazing with many uses.


      68. ”Management is taking this situation very seriously and will take whatever actions are necessary to identify and PROSECUTE these individuals,” said Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor.

        I think he mis-spoke. This is what he meant to say:

        ”Management is taking this situation very seriously and will take whatever actions are necessary to identify and PROMOTE these individuals,” said Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor.

      69. Phantom shitter’s are everywhere… not just at the EPA. Every carwash or laundromat is visited regularly by the phantom shitter. They shit in the washing machines and dryers as well the aisles and corners. Every Navy ship has a phantom shitter. Every military squadron, detachment organization has a phantom shitter. Every government agency has phantom shitter’s that prowl around shitting in the halls or all over the bathroom walls. They shit on the floor in the men’s room as well as the women’s bathrooms. They leave their calling cards in fast food bathrooms and restaurants. They shit in the aisles of Walmarts and under clothing racks at large department stores. This is nothing new. Who are the phantom shitters? No one but the shadow knows. Just saying.

        • However, there is something far more repulsive now taking place in most eateries and malls in the southwest. Human waste is now being put into trashcans. Without going into too much detail, a few of the newly arrived immigrants use paper towels as TP. Sometimes they even leave it all over the floors.

          As part of the coming collapse, expect an outbreak of previously eradicated diseases to work its way through the US. And no, the Obama-Biden-CoExist-Teach Peace-I LOVE OBAMACARE bumperstickers do not prevent infection. Libtards will get sick, especially the ones involved in HIGH RISK BEHAVIOR!!

          • Yup, that’s what they do in Mexico….they don’t put paper in toilets….

            In CA, they hire Mexicans to walk the neighborhood and put advertising flyers or cards on every porch. I happened to be outside and saw one guy duck in between two cars across the street. I started walking over to my neighbor’s car to check it out and then saw the guy run away…..and saw the pile of shat that he left in the street between the two cars. There was a strip mall ONE short block away where there was fast food, grocery stores, etc. Absolutely no excuse not to walk to a bathroom that was so close you could throw a rock at it.


      70. question: Do we REALLY need the US Federal Government?
        With 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties surrounded D.C. yet nothing of value coming out, isn’t it time to removed this tumor from our republic? Any thoughts or suggestions?

        • Do it.

      71. Why is this a surprise? Anyone who’s not a complete idiot (or Liberal), knows you can take a monkey out of the jungle, dress him up in a nice suit, put him in a nice office – and he’s still going to crap on his new desk the first time the mood strikes him.

      72. this article suggests putting cameras in the workplace since they are everywhere else. Tha kind of nazi nanny behaviour is exactly what ki dont understand about yoyu yanks. do ypu not want any freedoms, privacy?

      73. Was it elephant $#!+ or jackass $#!+? They are almost identical these days.

      74. Just waiting for them to start throwing it at the fan. LMFAO

      75. Meanwhile the employees of the NSA have been asked to at least put some dirt on their dung when they go in the hallways and beside their desks since apes can’t be expected to use bathrooms but are somewhat trainable.

        I’m fascinated by the EPA actually it seems to be the answer for the unemployable in society anyway.

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