Shock Compilation: Dems, Celebrities & Mainstream Media Push Violence Against Pro-Trumpers

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Headline News | 27 comments


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A video put together by The Daily Caller shows how the mainstream media, entertainment figures and establishment politicians are all urging Democrat party voters to wage a violent revolution against people who support President Donald Trump.

Also, check out Alex Jones’ and Owen Shroyer’s report: “Breaking! Leftists Surround Mitch McConnell’s Family, Confront His Wife”

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    1. The Deplorable Braveheart

      It would give me the greatest pleasure to see and/or hear about something happening to all these libturd scum calling for the destruction of our country. There’s already been 2 articles on here this week saying civil war 2 is coming. Hell, I knew that even before I ever came to this site. That’s the No. 1 thing I’ve been prepping for going back many, many years. The left will face a bigger backlash than they could ever imagine. so let the f#$%ers bring it. I, for one, am sick of all their shit.

      • Mrbude

        Same, here. It has always been in the back of my mind ever since my younger days.

      • Menzoberranzan

        I cordially invite all these celebrities and all their bodyguards with everything they have to come out into rural America and start fucking with us.

    2. Jim in Va.

      Its funny watching libs vent…..lotsa smoke!

    3. Fritz

      They are communists and they are making their push.

    4. Mrbud

      As far as I am concerned, everything is cool UNTIL leftists start pointing weapons. Everything else is a fly on a horse’s butt.

      • Sgt. Dale

        240 H.P 45ACP.
        Try some shit that threatens me and Mine, and you just might get one given to you. Free of charge.

    5. Menzoberranzan

      Come on out of those cities where the sheep live you scum ass celebrity trash. Come to where those of us you hate live. We’ll show you what we think of you and your “protection,”


      Bring it on, you idiotic Democrats, etc.

      Since you are ANTI-GUN, you are really going to be at a disadvantage….AND….you will learn why us racist, redneck, cracka whiteass White Men buy and keep guns.

      Bring it on.

    7. True Grit

      Bring it to my house. Hurt my family,
      I will go to War!
      All out War!!
      I will target those with big mouths that brought it on.
      Carefully and meticulously, One at a time!

    8. B from CA

      Desperation causes people to make poor choices. One thing I agree with info-wars on is that the far left Communists they call Fascists are losing and that’s why they have dropped the social mask of civility, and moved into open Bolshevik style.

      For a better understanding of Communist Hollywood research Senator Joe McCarthy.


      “Blacklisted By History – The Untold Story Of Senator Joe McCarthy And His Fight Against America’s Enemies”

      By: M. Stanton Evans




      • Son of patriot

        So true.

    9. aljamo

      Communist means they want to live in a commune sharing possessions, work, income etc., hell there’s no money in that. That’s just a dirty word meant to scare those who live under capitalism and its natural all or nothing pursuit of more, the real reason for the US decline.

    10. jakartaman

      Please rember that this folks are not the sharpest knifes.
      This will backfire like everything else these dopes try.
      We just need to VOTE an sit back and watch the circus called Liberalism

    11. Jim in Va.

      Whats good for the goose………

    12. Beaumont

      Boomer conversation, a few minutes ago —

      A — Mad Max is a very mean nickname. Why. Why?!

      B — Do you know what she said, in specific?

      A — All I need to know is that Tucker Carlson is in the middle of lots of things. Why must he have an opinion.

      B — …

    13. Old Guy

      Many media and U Tubers are already declaring that we are in a cold civil war. Its generally accepted that those on the right so far have shown remarkable restraint. When the left welfare crows riots a part of the citys usually burn. I predict if the right finally gets their belly full and enters the fray the entire nation will burn. Nothing we as individuals can do to change the hearts and minds of those looney leftys. So we cant prevent the bad events that seem likely. The Left will never accept any election result where their candidate doesn’t win. They don’t seem to have common sense or logic. The only cure is a great culling of taking parasites. A culling is the only remedy that will MAGA.

    14. Tired

      Bring it, coward motherfuckers

    15. Moses Strongbear

      War is not a game it is killing and destruction on an industrial scale. Many a good man will fall in battle they are not to be wasted in silly actions to no end. Once gone they are gone forever. Let the left spend their cannon fodder and conserve your warriors as the most vital thing in the world. War will come to all soon enough

      • Menzoberranzan

        Wise words

    16. TommyD

      such nonsense. There will be no “Civil war”. There may be unrest in the Cites, but thats it. They are not going to go to rural america and cause trouble
      also the “right” are a bunch of pussies. Hiding in the woods with their guns like girls. For all their talk, they are cowards and scared. And i cant blame them for being scared.

    17. Batfire7

      Very simple you want to stop this before it becomes a civil war……you go to the source of the problem. The source is Soros, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Maxine Waters and her goons, Pelosi, and the 80 members of the house and congress of the progressive socialist party which wish to end this country by destruction of the gov and constitution. Until this is done the escalation will continue.
      What do you think Obama is up too down the street from the WH. He and his mob of leftist which still consider him president are actively working to take done not only Trump but this Government and the constitution. This is not speculation this is in fact in the making all around you as we speak. Who do you think is funding these leftist groups and paying them wages to demonstrate? If you stop the money flow you stop the demonstrators. If you don’t this will only fester and grow out of control into a civil war.
      A final note: Who is pumping Latin America and south America along with entry points in Latin America for over seas Muslims then sending them north across Mexico into America? Who is training the MS-13 in warfare and terrorist tactics then sending to America? Do you think they are doing it on there own while carrying leaflets dropped from the sky to invade America? You can not be that naive to think they are just looking for a better life, here can you? Do you not know the real purpose? They come here to infiltrate our country, protest in our streets, infiltrate our local, state governments using them as stepping stones to House and Senate positions to gain control of the US. Having been around the world many times to many, many countries over my lifetime I can tell you NO other country would put up with what this country does on illegal immigration or civil rights of these people until lately. Soros has flooded the EU with his money and illegal immigration and you can see how that is working out. So… nothing and you will reap the rewards of conflict…….or you could get off your couch and go out and counter protest, to the polls and vote these people out while you STILL have a vote. Soon, very soon you will not have a vote……its coming quicker than you think and when it does it will be too late.

    18. TommyD

      such nonsense, there will not be a “Civil war”. Just some unrest near the cities. And the right are a bunch of cowards. Hiding in the woods with their guns like scared GIRLS. And i really cant blame them. But just shut up and stop talking tough.

    19. Steadfast

      We all know how to end this thing very very quickly, truckers. That’s right, truckers are by a vast majority “ Conservative “.
      So tell me how those liberal cities will do if those “ truckers “ decided to stop delivering anything to those cities for say, a week, two weeks ?

      Seriously America’s truckers, you could end this debate before it begins if you wanted too.

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