Shock Body Cam Video: Armed ANTIFA Member At MIDDLE SCHOOL Shot And Killed By Cops

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    You didn’t see this one in the mainstream media because the man at the center of this report was not wearing a MAGA hat, but we’re going to show it to you anyway.

    According to reports, Charles Landeros, a man linked to the ANTIFA-related “Community Armed Self Defense” group, was involved in a custody dispute at Cascade Middle School in Eugene, Oregon. When police showed up to escort the man off campus, law enforcement body cam videos show he went completely nuts and attempted to evade them.

    As officers became more aggressive in forcing him out of the school, Landeros reaches for a concealed handgun (visible for a short moment in his right hand, as body cam video below shows).

    The situation immediately goes from bad to worse for Landeros, as police reach for their own weapons and fire back.

    Landeros was shot and killed in the doorway area of the school.

    According to The Daily Emerald, Landeros led a student protest at Oregon University in 2017 and was a member of left-leaning activists groups.

    About an hour before the shooting Landeros reportedly posted a threatening comment on Facebook:

    About an hour before the shooting, Perlow said, someone tipped the police department that a Facebook account with the name “Charlie Landeros” had commented “Death to all pigs” in a comment section of the post. The police department’s social media manager attempted to locate the comment but both it and the “Charlie Landeros” Facebook account had been deactivated or deleted.

    Video of the shocking incident:

    It’s not clear if Landeros was one of the members of ANTIFA groups preparing for armed confrontation as noted previously in Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation.



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      1. Thank You police officers for what you do.
        Oregon is a liberal wasteland.
        I am sure the community will go out of its way for these heroes protecting their children – Ya sure

        • “It’s not clear if Landeros was one of the members of ANTIFA groups preparing for armed confrontation as noted previously in Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation”

          It sure looks like he was prepared for armed confrontation.

        • Oregon isn’t a liberal wasteland, the Willamette Valley is. Eugene is at the south end of the valley, and Portland is at the Willamette’s confluence with the Columbia River. That corridor, Eugene to Portland, is where the liberal voting majority of Oregonians live, and they can always out-vote the conservatives who live in the rest of the state. And believe me, the rest of Oregon hates this situation. Check out the proposed Oregon bill SB501, which is the biggest gun-grab this nation has ever seen, even topping New York, New Jersey, and California.

          • Tom , anybody in Oregon or Washington knows about the west side junk and yes SB 501 must be stopped and likely will be. Thank God for OFF and others out there ! But do not take anything for granted, ever these days. As well the bump stock thing is being challenged by others. They are junk and simply a novelty but the greater point is how this is being done illegally.

            Interestingly my son went to this middle school years ago and we lived just a few blocks from it in Santa Clara back then. Been gone for many years now and would never go back for many valid reasons. Eugene and the entire I-5 corridor from Canada to Mexico is a wasteland of the insane running the assylum ! Nothing new at all. support OFF (Oregon Firearms Federation) They have done a great job in Oregon.

      2. Carrying concealed on a school campus is a felony in our state. Not knowing the law, ignorant. Breaking the law, stupid. Law enforcement +1.

        • Stupid WIGGER!

      3. Happily he won’t be the last dead antifa pussy.

        • Not by a long shot (cliche) 🙂

        • The marxists may be retarded, but pussies?
          They are winning the street narrative because they show up, en masse, and are not afraid to use violence. They know that powerful people have their back, at least to a degree…

          • JustMe, kinda, maybe, sorta winning at times but only when the local police stand down and help them. Just ask tiny toes in Portland and Seattle who wins ?

            It is not even a real contest because they (the right like PBs and others) have all figured out how to use video to their advantage and let these pussies throw the first punches. Works every time with evidence, but takes some training, some courage and common sense to follow thru. Notice the real men many times have a smile on their face when being attacked in Portland etc ? Because they are very confident and well trained out by experts and true warriors.

            • I get what you are saying.
              But, these are marxists, not normal people.

              You might be shocked at just how many people would support them, over even their own kind, standing up against them. For them, winning is not totally about kicking everyone’s @$$, and getting away with it. Tacit approval is powerful in it’s own right.

              Historically, marxist revolutions start with exactly these types of people, doing what they are doing. And, they have overt support in the media, and even in the leftists in government. Probably covert support in government, and definite overt support from cretins like György Schwartz (AKA George Soros). They have the support of the tech giants, etc. They have the support of everyone who wants communism.

              They have something else going for them, in the form of almost a century of leftist media indoctrination, and now almost an entire generation conditioned by an overtly leftist “education system”.

              Another thing they have going for them, is a general apathetic willingness to ignore them, by most of those who do not support them. The self-righteous willful ignorance of most people helps the marxists in many ways.

              They are preparing for marxist takeover, the seeds of which have been sown for a century. Most likely there will be no defining moment, that you will recognize as D-Day, nothing you can get those who would stand against them, to get off their @$$es, and do anything meaningful. One day, you will wake up, and it will be over…

              • JustMe, I fully realize every word you said and likely more. I have been on the front lines in this mess and know what I am saying from first hand experiences and a tremendous amount of on going research. I do that in every matter I speak about. Unlike many here and at many other sites that are just echo chambers. If you are seriously concerned and well informed, then do something or maybe a lot of somethings !

                Realize there are real warrior monks out there that are not just sitting on the couch in fear getting fat, they are actually doing something. And they are the only truly prepared people left in USA today ! All else are posers and wannabes talking crap and doing zero.

          • Yes, pussies.

      4. If CNN tweets out a picture of “Charlie” with his piece it will probably label him as a Republican…:-(


      5. This is the solution for the radical left and “radical” Muslims. They are like rabid dogs. They have proven there is no hope for them.

      6. Good, one less to deal with in the future.

      7. If this an indication of what we will have to deal with in CWII.
        It will be a slaughter of liberals. Pulling out a gun when one cop is already aiming a gun at you is not very bright.

        • It’s probably the first time this fool has actually handles and fired a gun. The comment that any civil war type event will be a bloodbath for libtards, is exactly correct. The liberal genome would be wiped out forever.

          • So what are we waiting for??

      8. What a stupid mfer. He just wasted his life and accomplished nothing. This isn’t call of duty where you can respawn. Gun control didn’t work in this case. Leftist are good at dying.

      9. There is a furniture store, by the name of Landeros, in Beaumont, CA. And, that’s ok. You believe that Latinos and Democrats — even left leaning activists — et al, have the right to own businesses, to self defense, and freedom of movement.

        So, who are the police statists supposed to be protecting.

        There is a day-by-day subsidy, to corral your kids, in there. They are not typically taught logical fallacies (which would be needed in a democracy) or even how to provide for basic survival needs, from within the environ, under their noses.

        The only utility in this, is corporate welfare.

        I got PE, in the garage, orchard, and hillsides, nearby — no thanks to you. I would generally finish your fake paperwork, in 10-15 minutes. I would bring a small, paperback book, from home, in the front pocket of my backpack, as though it was jury duty. 9ish hrs, a day. 5 days a week. A prison intake, with prisoner’s politics — a part time prison sentence, by day.

        Work opportunities, for pay, would not be afforded to kids with both parents or a couple of cars, in the driveway. But, now, a community service kind-of punishment, without pay, (slavery) is being forced on some municipalities as a condition to graduate.

        You’re telling us that prison guards are there for the benefit of the prisoners, in my estimation, yet you may just as well as passed Landeros into some position of petty authority, so you would get corporate welfare, on his behalf.

      10. Red flags everywhere after reading:

        “About an hour before the shooting, Perlow said, someone tipped the police department that a Facebook account with the name “Charlie Landeros” had commented “Death to all pigs” in a comment section of the post. The police department’s social media manager attempted to locate the comment but both it and the “Charlie Landeros” Facebook account had been deactivated or deleted.”

        I have learned over the years to trust my gut and my gut says something not quite right about this story.

      11. If any not-in-uniform people, here, had found that perp, there, and gave him his just deserts, it would have been called mutual combat. The winner is called the primary aggressor.

        This institution and the people running it, are not in favor of traditional, common law.

        You can quietly look the teacher in the face when he is talking (staring), always raise your hand (not letting the other students answer), and be marked-down for bad citizenship.

      12. Sad. It is tragic that we have people running around with no grip on reality. These ANTIFA useful idiots are being allowed to bully at peaceful demonstrations, so they can get massacred in the end. This man was a fool to do what he did, pulling a gun on a bunch of cops. If this guy was an alt-right figure the MSM would be all over it. They will still use it as an anti second amendment piece eventually. Never let a crisis (or a tragedy) go to waste.


      13. There is no respect for human life and Americans are enemy number one. Wake up and smell the coffee. The Constitution is dead.

      14. I notice my info to submit a comment is no longer there. Others who forget to enter that info are posted as Anonymous. Why is that?

      15. and THAT is how it is done.

        No 20 years of appeals and $millions in keeping him in prison and lawyer fees.

        and, should only be a 30 minute review of the event for the officers,…

      16. One less asshole the world has to deal with. He had designs on shooting somebody.

      17. No shock…good riddance

      18. One doesn’t lament scraping a turd off the bottom of your shoe

      19. There is no good valid reason for a protestor to go to a school to make violent proclamations with a loaded firearm.

        What will it take for you to realize that ANTIFA are minions of Lucifer?

        The only reason ANTIFA cowards go there is the children and teachers are helpless. If they knew that armed security was there, they wouldn’t go there.

        The End Times are here…now…and some of you are fooling around and bound for Hell because you cannot pick the right side.

        A firearm cannot defeat Lucifer not even if every human being were armed.

        Firearms can defeat the minions of Lucifer as they are cowards.

        • You have any idea how easy it is to fix this from a technology perspective?


        • I pick the right side. It just doesn’t jive with your version of the right side. Bound for hell? I don’t think so. Bound for a school of higher being? Yes. Hopefully not on this retard ranch…

          • As a bonus, religious dogma absolves people of facing those who are behind their destruction, and in some cases, even serves as convenient cover for cowardice.

      20. People go ape shit over child custody disputes.

        This guy was likely going to kill his child. or kill mama who was going to pick up the child.

      21. Antigua = Dumb Ass

      22. Fricken spell check

      23. Beware of Provocateurs. Trekker Out

        • Definately!

      24. Somewhat off topic, but needed to share this (14 minute vid):

        ht tps://

        This is a recently discovered excerpt from G. Edward Griffin’s 1984 interview with KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who explains the four stages of communist strategy for taking over the U.S. from within. (copy of info with the video)

        I found this video disturbing.

        • I saw this years ago and ya, it is disturbing and becoming more so everyday. You can’t do shit about it but refuse to obey. It will come to a head so have your balls in high gear cause you will need it.

        • Yahooie, downloaded for posterity.

        • It’s old but considered a classic. I’m glad you found and shared it.

          There is a long version and it’s eerie how prophetic it is as the KGB planned this subversion a long time ago.

          I truly believe in demonic oppression and demonic possession. I didn’t always. I have seen too many weird things to disbelieve in them. I saw scary things and then read People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck. And then I also met a teenager who seemed to be demonically oppressed shortly thereafter. It gives me chills to recollect it.

          ANTIFA folks are mentally disturbed people who formerly would have been considered delinquients, but I sure that it’s supernatual evil, not just horrendous attitudes.

          • y3qkf3bajd4
            This is the full hour and twenty minute version of the KGB defector.

            • Similar books discussing Satanism and demonic possession/oppression.

              Alone With the Devil by Ronald Markham
              The Ultimate Evil Maury Terry

              The last is very graphic and shows how Luciferians have done horrendous attacks beginning in the seventies.

        • @Yahooie

          There’s another interesting G. Edward Griffen interview from 1982 with an old banker named Norman Dodd. Mr. Dodd discusses the subversion of public education by tax exempt foundations.

      25. The civil war is starting, god helps us all.

      26. I have never met a person who laments scraping dog shit off the bottom of their shoe. Society should not lament this scumbag in the same way. The police foiled a school shooting and the perp is dead. This was a humankind and societal win.

      27. So, when is USFEDGOV going to actually make an effort to eliminate the rest of the violent DNC terrorist group Antifa instead of the odd attrition by law enforcement chance meetings? Take all the time you need, we are still waiting for them to do their damn jobs hint hint two tiered justice.

        • Where do you suppose the useful idiot got his indoctrination from…..

      28. If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

      29. that looks totally phony – contrived – like a little propaganda skit.

      30. Why didn’t he follow the cops’ orders?
        He still could be alive.
        Now his daughter has to grow up without a father.

      31. ANTIFA people are the scum of scum.
        We have enough of them in Germany.
        They are as stupid as the right-wingers
        in our beloved country.

      32. Don’t forget Dr. Peck’s more extensive accounts of possession in his later book, “Glimpses of the Devil”, the most frightening book I have ever read.

        – the Lone Ranger

      33. That’s one piece of shit we won’t have to scape off the bottom of our boot in the future.

      34. By the way folks I just started working at the local High School as a Security Office, along with working Part time at the P.D. I hope I never have to do this, but if I do I pray for the stupid turd.

        • Thank you sir for putting yourself between the kids and evil!

      35. The unfortunate outcome for this otherwise good man brings light to father’s inequality in the courts. We will never know the reason for the relationship breakdown between the father of two girls and his X-wife, but after losing in court and losing his daughters and trying to get them just to go to school, the fight-flight reaction he had to police seems typical of any animal backed into a corner with no place to go. I am certain his daughters did not want to see their veteran father killed in front of them that day. When you have a CCW permit, you must take greater care to avoid ANY confrontation, especially with police. Patriarchy is a FATHER based system, and so why he would wear a shirt calling for his own destruction is very confusing?

      36. Why does ANYONE call the POLICE for anything, all they do is escalate a situation, why aren’t there any responsible people in schools and colleges any longer, All snowflakes and #metoo moron’s, with big framed glasses and PC smiles of hidden evil, and hiding in their ‘safe space’…oh poor us !

      37. Guerrilla training compliments of “Little Nicky” Maduro in Venezuela.

      38. 1 POS wanna B anarchist down and so many more to go. Death is the only solution for these asshats! Thank you officers for ridding society of this POS!! DEATH TO ANARCHISTS!!

        • America was an anarchy. There is no such thing as a communist anarchist. Anarchy means you have no lawmakers but you can have laws. Even animals have laws. Every adult male in an anarchy is a sovereign of his life and property. Only commie scum hate anarchy.

      39. What most of you do not realize or grasp is that we reached a level of deliberately created dystopia and controlled insanity in the last 3 years that is unprecedented.

        The illusions and control mechanisms are so saturated in our society it is quite impossible to know any truth from the many invalid sources. Therefore you MUST seek your own valid sources and weed thru the junk and many echo chambers that are readily present and available. Prepper types are NOT the smart guys and that term preppper, is now a dead dinosaur and just another of the many illusions created for you. There is a far better way to live and think ! But it does take some courage and effort. Here are just a few examples. Some have already worked. And how many actually helped and how many just watched and complained as others did their work for them ?

      40. There is only one valid question left to answer. Who is actually doing anything to make any differences at all and who sits by and watches and complains and does zero except wallow on the echo chambers of ever more echos ? So who supports any truth at all and who doesn’t ? At this juncture there is no other valid question or answer. Trust me I know who is who in this zoo we call USA today and all the tentacles ! and I am not idle about it to be sure. Most of you here worship the wrong shit by a mile !

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