SHOCK: 72 Hours After Grid-Down: Starvation, Supply Shortages, Food Lines, No Clean Water, No Gas, Transportation Standstill *Independent Reports, Pics, Video*

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    A recent study noted that the majority of people have enough food in their pantries to feed their household for about three days and that seemingly stable societies are really just nine meals from anarchy. With most of us dependent on just-in-time transportation systems to always be available, few ever consider  the worst case scenario.

    For tens of thousands of east coast residents that worst case scenario is now playing out in real-time. No longer are images of starving people waiting for government handouts restricted to just the third-world.

    In the midst of crisis, once civilized societies will very rapidly descend into chaos when essential infrastructure systems collapse.

    Though the National Guard was deployed before the storm even hit, there is simply no way for the government to coordinate a response requiring millions of servings of food, water and medical supplies

    Many east coast residents who failed to evacuate or prepare reserve supplies ahead of the storm are being forced to fend for themselves.

    Frustration and anger have taken hold, as residents have no means of acquiring food or gas and thousands of trucks across the region remain stuck in limbo.

    Limited electricity has made it possible for some to share their experiences:

    Via Twitter:

    • I was in chaos tonite tryin to get groceries…lines for shuttle buses, only to get to the no food left & closing early (link)
    • I’m not sure what has shocked me more, all the communities around me destroyed, or the 5 hour lines for gas and food. (link)
    • Haven’t slept or ate well in a few days. Hope things start getting better around here soon (link)
    • These days a lot of people are impatient because they’re used to fast things. Fast food, fast internet, fast lines and fast shipping etc. (link)
    • Glad Obama is off to Vegas after his 90 minute visit. Gas lines are miles long.. Running out of food and water. Great Job (link)
    • Went to the Grocery store and lines were crazy but nail salon was empty so I’ve got a new gel manicure and some Korean junk food (link)
    • So f*cking devastated right now. Smell burning houses. People fighting for food. Pitch darkness. I may spend the night in rockaway to help (link)

    Things are starting to become horrific for the unprepared, as food lines stretch for miles and Meals-Ready-To-Eat are in short supply:

    (above images via Gothamist)

    With mass transit out of service and no gas, residents have no choice but to commute by foot. Survival Blog founder James Rawles has referred to the masses of starving people who will roam the streets in a post-collapse world as the Golden Horde – here’s a small taste of what that will look like:

    The situation has become so desperate that some have been forced to resort to rummaging through the garbage for food:


    “We’ve seen everyone here from the elderly, to families with children…”

    A simple 72 hour survival kit and some basic hurricane preparedness would have prevented days of heartache for residents of stricken areas.

    The vast majority of those waiting in mile-long long food lines, rummaging through the trash, and criticizing their government officials for a slow and insufficient response have no one to blame but themselves.

    This may be harsh – but it’s true.

    We wish all those having a difficult time dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the best going forward. Perhaps it will be a wake-up call for the rest of the nation.

    Hurricane Sandy, while disastrous, is not nearly as bad as it could have been.

    It has happened before. It will happen again. Prepare or suffer the consequences.


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      1. To every person who has ever rolled their eyes at me or acted like I’m crazy for living the way I do:


        • Amen those that rolled there eyes and looked at you as if you were crazy will some of the frist to come knocking at your door when shtf

          • Katrina and Sandy, any more questions on why one should prep? These two events illustrate perfectly the loss of freedom. People are not self reliant and when something goes wrong they have an escape goat: Uncle Sugar. The greatest con is to get others to trust in them rather than in oneself. Nothing wrong with helping others. It’s a shame that that many people are willing to wait in a line (for hours) for hand outs yet won’t spend the time to prevent being in these lines, i.e. prepping. We use to call it: For a Rainy Day.

            • What’s an “escape goat?” Lol!

              • A…goat… that escapes?

                Hmm… a goat that helps YOU escape!

                Delta Xray Niner my fighter jet is going down…

                Ehhh roger… pull your escape goat…

                • hey mac are ya going for ,,,the most comments or what?

              • a “scapegoat” is something or some one to place the blame on when something goes wrong in your life… this case…people are pissed at the government and using it as a scapegoat…….like it’s the governments fault that they weren’t prepared….even though they had days of notice before the SHTF…..the term itself…is Biblical….when disaster would strike, the Hebrews would caramonially place everyones sins on a single goat and send it off into the desert.

                • They still do that today! Always blame others and themselves are always the…”Victims”

              • A goat used to lead the “Cattle” or “Goyim” inside the slaughter house…

            • Escape Goat (Noun); A domestic horned animal, used for digging escape tunnels, overpowering guards, and riding swiftly away to freedom. Considered mythical by most prisoners, but highly desired by all. Can be barbecued if necessary.

            • I’m gettin’ outta Dodge on my escape goat. I’m ridin’ high.

          • On the positive side, millions more people will now see the necessity in being prepared to survive without the corp. handouts.

            The problem is not so much that they didn’t prepare, it is that they thought there was no need and the corp would save the day.

            Now they know better….

            When enough people can get by without the corp, and know they can get by without it, it will no longer be considered a necessity worth fighting for. When enough feel that way, there will be fewer to fight for it, or against us.

            • Most won’t change their ways though. Instead, they’ll write a letter to their congresscritter telling him/her that Big Brother needs to do more to keep things like this from happening again. Instead of becoming more self-reliant, they’ll seek a firmer grip on the government teat.

              • sad but so true oldfart. me for example im 31 and i started prepping about a year ago i dont make a lot of money but me my wife and our daughter have enough supplies to get through
                about 6 mo. we only lost power for 24 hrs. but never noticed
                that we lost it i just wish more people could wake up after this but we shall see

            • GC I think that is wishful thinking. They are getting hand outs from the Corp and by summer this will be forgotten and they will be getting their “obamaphone.” The biggest accomplishment of this storm is going to be causing people to prepare its making it possible for the lame stream media to present Mr. O’Failure as a all “presidential.” O’Failure got sent a gift from God and is using to roll into another 4 rounds of golf. And watch they’ll be after the 22nd amendment and seeking to ordain him King before too long.

              • by this summer, most of those who survive this are gonna be sitting in fema camps and fema tents and fema campers. and they will still be on the dole. and they still wont “get it” about being self reliant and prepared.

                • Carynverell, It’ll probably piss everyone off even more to learn that displaced people with no insurance and a destroyed/damaged home can live ‘rent free’ for a total of 18 months while their home is being rebuilt or refurbished. They can live in a hotel, a motel, an apartment — whatever they find and arrange. Oh, and a very high dollar limit based on cost of living per region.

                  Our tax dollars at work…..

                  • Yeah… I’d be SO much happier knowing they were out on the street, starving.
                    Gosh, I just wish there was a way to ensure that No one could EVER benefit from MY tax dollars and hard work except, of course, you know , hard working people, like me.
                    God, I just wish we could go back in time, back in the old days, before ‘welfare’ and ‘unions’
                    ‘health care’ all that communist , liberal bullshit, Wild West , man. Every one, and I mean EVERY one should be working, 8-10 hrs a day. Christ, I’m gonna do 20 push-ups right now just to offset the guilt and shame I feel for sitting on my duff in front of the computer durin my gaddamn big government-mandated ‘weekend’. Shit, I’m just gonna dig some cache holes out back tomorrow for the sheer work of it! Cache some red wheat and beans… (Maybe a lil pea shooter to protect it from the handout zombies with too, if ya get my drift…;-)
                    What’s my neighbor doing this weekend? Probably drinking malt liquor and polishing his wheels on his friggin BMW….. idiot, he won’t be able to trade that damn yuppie yo-yo mobile for a can of beans when the shit goes down… Idiots!!!
                    I’ll never understand these folks, when they finally do get out of ‘da ghetto’ what do they spend their money on? Garbage. Tryin to live like friggin rock-stars, going into debt and for what?
                    I’ll tell ya, they’ll be the first ones in the damn soup line with their hands out, talking about all the ‘taxes’ they paid, and ‘hard work’ they’ve done, acting as if they’re OWED help from ‘their’ government when catastrophe hits. These scientists are yappin’ about another ‘dustbowl’ and drought coming like we had during the depression…. I’ll tell ya right now, those farmers aren’t gonna be sitting there with their damn hand out, looking for some kind of entitlement, free ride bullshit, because they are hard workers and they’re ready for ANYTHING!
                    I’m sick if all these idiots looking for some kind of return on their tax dollars when things don’t work out for ’em. Handout Harry’s and Bailout Betty’s the lot of ’em.
                    Well, I’m going to do another 20 push-ups and go get my beauty sleep. Haha.
                    God Bless, let the fool ‘live it up’ while the wise man prepares, that’s what I say.
                    O’connor out!

              • Jim, you are correct that the vast majority will forget what has happened and stick their hands right back out.

                But there will be, let’s say 5 percent that were already full of questions and now finally “get it” and will come over to our side, ready to fend for themselves and stand against the corp when the time comes.

                Five percent of 10,000,000 “victims” is an additional 500,000 soldiers in the fight for freedom and independence.

                There will always be a large number of hopeless souls who will never get it. They will pay the price when the bill comes due.

                But let us not discount the fact that many may end up far better off than they were before by expecting less from the corp and more from themselves.

                If the winds and waves of Sandy doesn’t wake them up, most likely nothing will. But there are many who will have been awaken to the dangers of corp dependence and seek freedom from it.

                Our numbers grow, corp dependency falls. The silver lining from the Sandy cloud. Each baby step helps us out.

                • Sandy was just a baby of a hurricane. Down in coastal N.C. most of us don’t even roll out of bed for a Cat1 hurricane.

                  What N.Y. and that whole region better wake up to is the fact that they are, according to history, right in the sweet spot, or slightly past due for a “real” hurricane. I’m talking a good Cat 4 or 5. If they think this little breeze of a storm was bad wait till they get the real deal.

              • So, sunny Jim, if a hurricane or wildfire or flood came and swept through your little bunker and wipe out your ‘preps’, would that be a ‘government teat’ you’d be lazily sucking on?
                Of course not….. You’re prepared, right?
                ‘Handouts’ eh?
                None of those people probably ever paid taxes, or worked a day in their lives, right?
                Just all sat there on welfare, or stole from responsible, hardworking conservative folk, waiting for their hurricane Katrina photo op?
                Where do you people come from, seriously?
                You want to talk victim mentality?
                Listen to yourself!!!
                Bitching and whining and losing sleep over the thought of someone getting a ‘free ride’?
                That’s how you spend your days?
                When the shtf, you’re going to have to learn to work with people, real people, all kinds,
                That’s the reality my friend. Sounds like you enjoy having things the way they are right now, the whole ‘us’ and ‘them’ thing.
                Good luck with that.

            • They knew better after Katrina.

              Here’s the part I’m waiting for: they vote in Romney, gas stays at $4.30, we don’t drill (still) for no apparent reason, and we keep bleeding jobs. And the wealthy and the corporations keep getting welfare.

              This is apparently what it’s going to take for people to realize it doesn’t make even the slightest bit of difference who you vote for.

              I came to that conclusion after the Bush / Obama power shift.

              • I see 12 people haven’t learned the lesson yet.


                Vote for your corporate savior of the month. Sadly I probably will be too, ’cause what else am I gonna do…

                See how nothing happens. Maybe then you’ll get it too.

              • Wanna bet that not even 1% had flood insurance, even those living a block from the ocean?

              • I came to the same conclusion after the Bush/Obama shift I thank God I woke from the Left/Right paradigm hypnosis.

            • Not trying to argue against your point,..but, assume these same idiots have learned a lesson. I emphasize they have not. These “give-me”sheep are the same breed that BLEATED for food during Katrina. A Lazy do it for me slave never learns. This is what is known as a useless eater…..a man endowed with God given common sense will prepare for the “rainy” day….not cry as a child and beg federal money from the rest of us…..poo poo on the whinny as*’s

              • Give a man a fish and he eats for a day… Teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time… Problem with allot of these folks… they just don’t want to learn. LAZY…..

                • Sheesh. It’s funny as f$&k reading this stuff after being in Cuba for the last month.
                  Ha, we live in a country where we have an elected government to whom we PAY TAXES to provide an infrastructure and yes goddamn it a SAFETY NET.
                  This is the CIVILIZATION we chose over communism, socialism, etc.
                  you guys all whining about ‘sheeple’ being ‘dependent’ upon the government for ‘handouts’ and so on and so on…. Yeah, you want to live in the Wild West right? Every big man for himself, less government , blah blah blah.
                  Go move to Somalia.
                  Give your heads a shake. Yes there are people who leech off of the system, many who do are very wealthy, not just ‘minorities’ and ‘lazy people’ from the ‘ghetto’
                  Give me a break!
                  So much thinly veiled hatred, racism, selfishness, and fear on all of these shtf sites.
                  Bunch of fat rednecks praying for ‘disaster’ so they can shoot ‘looters’
                  That’s why I don’t feel safe in MY OWN COUNTRY.
                  RIP Trayvon

              • where is poor 99 on this one,no posting huh, guess she is eating her shoes about now, anyone have any ketchup for her, she is an example of a loser

              • All about the ‘breed’ eh, ‘wild west’?
                You poor victim you, carrying all of those greedy, lazy, stupid, ‘useless eaters’
                On your big, strong, aryan ( just guessing here) back.
                What a life it must be.

                Yours truly,
                An EXPAT happily living in CANADA.
                You’ve got one less to worry about, Captain America.

            • Like to think you’re right GC. I do enjoy your comments. Some will have that enlightened moment, but it will just a few I’m afraid. Remember only one pig out of three was smart enough to build a brick house.

              • Shame on you, saying only one out of three cops are prepping.

              • But remember that at least the other 2 pigs had enough sense to seek better shelter when the SHTF. These idiots not so much, even with days of warning.

          • In Utah – LDS or not, we all prep. We have destructive floods where homes float away but as a small town, we do not have enough homes damaged to get any help. We just suck it up. Neighbors stack sandbags and eat food from their storage. Keep the video of the city dweller dumpster divers- for your kids.

          • Bad idea… I may not “win”, but I can make the cost very high…

          • Rant. Just got back from “trying” to deliver 2 generators to Long Island. 220 mile drive one way. Deal was brokered, $7000 cash, for a business owner to open his shop. After driving all day, having the gensets load banked, the buyer’s power came back. I don’t blame him for not doing the deal. So here I am, in NY with 2 generators and fuel. Slept in the truck, to try to do a deal in the daylight. This should be a peice of cake. I coudn’t give them away! Well, maybe. That’s pretty much what they ALL expected.
            Here’s the problem, as I see it. The Anti-gouging laws do not let a business owner the ability to recoup their costs. I could have easily got a store open, but the owner would have to be allowed to charge $5 for a coke, and people would be gratefull to pay. As it stands, they can only raise their prices 10%, or $20,000 fine.
            Let the market function and these folks will have all they need in no time.
            Feel sorry for the folks. Screw the stupid politicians.

            LIFT THE STUPID ANTI GOUGING LAWS. You see what you have now. See what miracles happen.

            • Supply & Demand is a law, maybe not “the” law for the little people.

            • I disagree 100% thr ant-gaugung laws have a purpose, so as to stop people from doing exactly what you are proposing. Fair market value is one thing but enriching yourself on thr misery of others has nothing to do with fair market value. $7000 for two generators is an example. In noral times the price would have been no more than $1750 for 2 generators, some fuel and transportation. You made a killing on the misery of others. You might think this is good business. Rest assured, when the emergency is over this client will not know you. If you are a business, perhaps he will even report you. Now is the time for Americans to unite and help each other, rejecting people who want to profit from their misery. People who gauge are no better then those who loot, except they do it without a gun or violence. Perhaps someone should have stopped you en route to the delivery and taken the 2 generators from you, after all, you believe the person who has the upper hand should prevail.

              • @gunny. 7000 bucks for 2 generators that would get a store operating is not neccecarily a rip off. if its for a business it needs to generate more power than most smaller generators. and if gas was 5 or 6 bucks a gallon, youd also get supply coming in very quickly, a few generators and it could make a huge difference. the anti gouging laws are ridiculous and they will never do anything but hurt those in disasters like this. think about it.

              • You sir, are a complete idiot and a perfect example of the reining stupidity .

                • Oh, and by the way, don’t worry about any stopping and taking along the way. Only a fool would go to that cesspool “unprepared”.

                  p/s. just for your info, one of the sets was a MEP003 on a trailer, Overhauled at Letterkenny in 05, less than 250 hours. Ugly and noisy, but built 10 times better than the junk at the stores.

            • What did you pay for your two generators?

              • Why on earth would that matter?

            • Lift just about ALL laws. Here’s the problem. People like laws that: 1) helps them and screws other people 2) forces your beliefs on other people. As long as people want to use laws/force/guns to control others, you are going to have laws that cause you problems. and of course ultimately this means that government is the problem…Reagan was SO right about that.

            • You sir, are a crook. It’s that simple.

        • I hate (standing in) lines (being herded), with a passion.

          Maybe that’s why I prep.

          • EA I seem to have a pathological aversion to feeling herded so I’d agree with you.

            I’m in the UK so maybe really missing a crucial point here. How are they starving already?

            Most of those pictures aren’t from the burnt out/totally devasted areas (no power is NOT that big a deal at this stage after a storm that big). Most of the people in line aren’t elderly infirm. If that’s true then these people were going hungry BEFORE the storm hit. How many people in the lines were already homeless and destitute before Sandy?

            The lines are by definition located in areas where it’s pysically possible to stand around for 5 hours (no chest high flood water yet to recede.

            How can they say there is STARVATION after just 3 days in places like this? I’d expect a few belly rumbles as people adjust to rice/beans & ramen noodles cooked on the camp stove after a diet of fancy steaks.

            I’ve just concluded that I’m obviously a really lazy mare, as evacuating sounds like the far easier option for those of us who like the “easy” option in life. Same goes for gradually prepping over a few years, (even if all I’ve done this week is tuck away a bit of sale candy).

            Looking at those images I’m shocked to find it’s the representatives of “gubberment” tasked with keeping order, & controlling the herd I have the most personal sympathy for. Who’d wanna be a rescue worker/1st responder for lemmings?

            • >> I’m in the UK so maybe really missing a crucial point here. How are they starving already?

              New York is different. The vast majority there do NOT cook. Real estate is very unaffordable so the emphasis is on finding somewhere to sleep. And then you use “the city” as your back yard/playground/kitchen/etc.

              The “kitchens” in most apartments are pathetic. Dinky and dysfunctional. I moved to NYC after b-school and was shocked at what rented for what price. What passed for a bedroom (we call those “closets” elsewhere…seriously, I’ve had closets bigger since) and the “kitchen” in one 1 BR was literally a hot plate on top of a mini fridge with a sink jutting from the wall. That was nearly $2k per month and in Brooklyn, not Manhattan (cheaper). That was the worst one, but many aren’t much better. They aren’t a priority.

              And 99% of the time that is fine. What do they do instead? Delivery. Most New Yorkers have a stack of menus they can have food delivered to their door in 15-20 minutes. And it is wonderful food. Ethnic food from all around the world, 5-star food, you name it. Or they meet friends at restaurants. Or grab things at food carts, which can be amazingly good. Or pick up ready food on the way home from Grand Central or any of the small shops or hundreds of green grocers.

              It’s a completely different mind-set and life-style. I never got used to it.

              • Oh, so the point is – no they weren’t starving. And also, no I’m not condoning not buying basic supplies in advance of the storm. That was just stupid.

              • i cannot imagine that lifestye , seems foriegn to me.
                but thanks for the very enlightening post .

              • What ever happened to personal responsibility?? It’s not like these people were not warned for several days that a HUGE storm was coming their way. Why did they not stock up on food and water to least a few weeks?? Now they are complaining and want the gov to fix it all with a magic wand. It’s the same every year. A hurricane or snow storm comes and people are surprised and unprepared. I just don’t get it…

                We have stocked up about 6 months worth of food and personal hygiene supplies. All neatly stashed away under the bed in our small 1 bedroom apartment. My best friend is a consultant for a company that sells freeze dried and dehydrated food at great prices. We love the food so much we use some of it every day, even without having an emergency. They sell everything from freeze dried mushrooms, freeze dried ground beef and even freeze dried cheese. No refrigeration needed and a shelf life of 25 years. The freeze dried fruit is unbelievably good. My daughters just eat it as a snack right out of the can. Anyway, … Just check it out Who knows what coming our way next. Natural disaster or TEOTWAWKI – it’s time to get prepared!

                • People can get this food way cheaper than this by buying direct, your “friend” ain’t doing anyone any favors at that price!

                • This hurricane happened at the end of the month…how much money do you have by the end of the month ?…me not much, so I understand how some did not “stock up”….as for prepping some people don’t even have enough money to live each month SO how do you expect them to prep.

                  Where is some campassion people???? There are millions of poor people in this country now that the jobs have disappeared, just because you have the ability to prep doesn’t mean others do.

                • @ earthspirit7
                  First of all, it seems to me that the preppers that post here are some of the most compassionate humans around. I think you might be taking things out of context. Furthermore, who says you need money to Prep?

                  Prepping can be a frustrating and lonely occupation. Case in point: the story of Noah and the Ark. On the other hand, it can also be one of the most spiritually fulfilling and empowering endeavors on the planet. In fact, the entire process for me is more than just collecting (hoarding; as seen from outsiders) provisions and skills to ride out the storm, no, it’s a journey, of great spiritual value, because as one goes through the process, one’s life opens to a whole new realm of existence; one of self reliance, self sufficiency, self discovery. That’s one of the reasons we come to this site. To share the experiences, the adventures, the “ups and downs”. In the beginning, one gets the strangest looks and is perceived as a “survivalist”. I personally don’t like that label. It’s so incomplete. It’s selfish and far from how I live my life. Anyway, those that post here constantly have to deal with those that choose to live in Denial. It’s like beating one’s head against a brick wall. “Wake up, wake up, don’t you see what’s coming?” we find ourselves repeating, ad nauseum. You just wonder where peoples brains are at. How ignorant and selfish people are. It gets old, real fast. So, we see what is going on on the east coast. We here stories of people “starving”. Starving? After 3 or 4 days? Highly unlikely. Yes, there are homeless that are on the hunger edge on a daily basis, but that’s not who we are talking about. When “perceived” coherent humans act like children; i.e. as if someone else is responsible for their well-being, someone else should be taking care of them, now that is what upsets us. These are not children. These are adults that go day to day, living for the moment, self absorbed. ME FIRST. No, these people need to learn a listen. We did, that’s why we have skills and provisions. We learned the value of being prepared so that we could travel the path of least resistance. These people, lost in their make believe, picture postcard world of Denial are in for a rude awakening. This is small stuff compared to what is REALLY COMING. Some will GET IT, THIS TIME. But for those who don’t, those who want to keep living in la la land, they, they are the one’s that will deserve exactly what they get. Those are the ones we are tired of whispering and yelling to, Wake up, wake up.

                  This is a cliche, but God helps those who help themselves. Everyone, no matter if they have money or not can PREPARE. Just have to begin to move in that direction and Higher Forces will start to support.


                • Thank you thank you thank you. You saved me having to write this. Watching people on tv: shocked, in disbelief, and cursing the ‘govt’ for not being there immediately with everything THEY need (WANT) to maintain their comfort…burr under my saddle. Those who chose to ignore GTHOOT evac orders and nearby folks who KNEW this was coming and refused to prepare deserve no pity. Empathy, but not sympathy. Even people whose homes were badly flooded SHOULD have had SHTF caches: we, for example, use 55 gallon food grade barrels (a dozen of them) – sealed, floodproof, and stocked with everything our family would need for more than a month, sufficient to start over (with resourcefulness nad our tools) in a true TEOTWAWKI scenario. Why the 80%+ refuse to do this I cannot fathom.

                  There is so much easy to find and use foodstuff today. Add water and stir or eat from the pkg. make your own stove, even gather and purify your own water. It is not rocket science and if you devote just a small amount of resources on a regular basis it is not a burden. Sigh

                • I’m a prepper and all I have to say is that some areas that were not even close to the ocean, but had inlets from rivers had homes floating 20 feet under water. shit happens, so as the adage goes for survivalists, two is one and one is none. this is why it’s important to have a back up cache.

                  so if a tornado hit your house would you still have 6 months worth of food? And hygiene would be the least of your worries.

                  not singling your out, but before this I thought just like you, I’m just happy that the homes less then a mile from my house who were 20 feet under water didn’t get any closer. and I just got power back yesterday.

              • Your right. It is a different culture along with different habit for meals/cooking in NY. However it is the same in ALL large cities! People don’t have cars because it is cheaper to rent one on the weekend you need one. (rentals are cheap on weekends) Or you have to pay $250-$500 a month for parking. Without a car you really can’t go food shopping because you simply can’t carry all of it 7 blocks and then up to your apt. Also as stated above you are surrounded by instant great food at the flip of the dial. Well now they will pay and they may even take a lesson away with them. I commented a few days ago when this began about how those who didn’t prepare and those who did prepare by going to the store 4 hours before the storm hit would be disappointed when the storm was over, Here is my earlier post……..

                disector284 says:
                October 29, 2012 at 7:23 pm
                After the storm many people will go to the store thinking that it automatically refilled itself. Imagine their disappointment when the selves are still empty. This could be a good time to reinforce the need to prepare with your neighbors. You might want to strike up a conversation while you are grilling some nice steaks about a week from now having a cold beer while waving at your wife preparing you an appetizer from the nice cozy kitchen.

                Well I digress and stick to my guns when I say these poor people are just idiots. F&cking idiots! This is just a taste of what is to come people. Just a taste! Before this little storm ends we will see cold snaps/rain and snow dampen the efforts of those who are trying to repair this mess. You want to see tempers flare. Wait until the EBT mouth breathers have their say when they go to Wal-Mart tomorrow and there is nothing but empty shelves. LOL! Then you will see the poor take it out on their leader O-Bumhard. Where’s my free shit they will cry!

                Yes this is going to get very interesting by this time next week.

                • Anony(mouse),

                  You wrote, “Wait until the EBT mouth breathers have their say when they go to Wal-Mart tomorrow and there is nothing but empty shelves. LOL!” You think this is funny? Scum is the best word to describe all of your little jolly moments that you have posted time and again.

                • Live free – i think the piont is people that think ahead, set a little aside, and try (least try a little )have been the butt of jokes for too long.

                  Assistance program should be a hand up not a hand out. A few years back i was on foodstamps for 2 months. I never ate that good when i had to put the bill. So i don’t it would be unheard of to buy a few less ho-hos and instead buy a couple cans of soup to slide in the back of the cabinet. (just in case)

                  Cause you never know when “Sandy Hits The Fan “


                  One of these will hold 2 weeks of food for a couple on the bus/tube. My 76 year old mother can get her shopping home with one ffs. Not trendy I’m sure – but it does the job if you don’t have a car in a large city & wanna get a sack of rice of potatoes or rice home for your preps.

                  Mine comes with an integral seat for waiting at the bus stop/family picnics/camping

                • Stepabove,

                  It is not what the idiot said, it is how he thinks that it is funny. Isn’t he the same guy who told someone a while ago to just kill themselves if they felt suicidal? Anonymous is a slimy slug and that is being kind. I have no dissagreement with people paying the price when they are ill prepared and knowingly use the system, but I find it sad, not (lol) funny. That is all I have to say so take it for what it is worth. I really don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

                • Sorry live free and die a horrible death.

                  I have no idea why my posting….disector284 was posted as anon. Apperently you don’t understand sarcasim. I don’t wish pain or hunger on anyone! I do think it’s funny for those who choose a lifestyle of LIVING OFF THE PAYCHECK of hard working people though. A great many people get into situations that blindside them. The system we all pay into is there as a backstop to help folks who need HELP! Not for those who a bloodsucking leeches. You can feel good giving part of your paycheck to all the mouth breathers but I don’t. And as a matter of fact I am entiteled to my own opinion as you are yours. Just learn how to read between the lines a bit before you go blasting off on a rant.

                • LIve free Sorry For some reason it won’t let me reply directly that being said

                  Point taken

                • Live Free; I see this at the food banks all the time; Big white HUMMER or some SUV pulls up BOOMIN with bling,bling, around 8 to 10 minorities jump out, usually all following an overweight woman, all go in and get this, EACH claim they have a large family. When their all done they leave out of there and load up with at least a half ton of food, yes for real 1000 lbs. And a pickup truck appears out of nowhere and loads up. And if anybody says anything the large woman gets in their face usually with the older kids screaming names at everyone. I’ve seen this happen many times.

              • Exactly, different mindset, set in their ways, unwilling to change until change happens to them. Thats New York City for ya

              • Depends on where you are. No one where I grew up ordered out. Everyone cooked except for special occassions, however that was in Queens not Manhattan.

            • Cause maybe one out five of them or more are on benefits. Which are mostly paid out on the 1st of the month. Often the last two or more days of benefits these poor bastards are on thin rations.
              So now they have no way to shop without cash . So good possibility they are already in the nine missed meals stage.

              • I was going to say the same thing. This happened Monday, the 29th. TANF, SNAP, SSI, etc., plus many employers’ (especially for big companies) payouts don’t kick in until the 1st (and possibly 15th). And, unlike when my grandma was on social security, where she waited by the mailbox for her check to cash on the 3rd, this is all on cards. Even our military pays on the 1st and 15th via direct deposit only. The cost of living is very high, so many people (barely) live check to check, and the last few days, if not the full week before, things are very lean.

                Coming from a poor, urban upbringing, and by poor I mean not always having something to eat, not just something good to eat, I understand the cycle. I’ve been working hard, steadily, as I can, to prevent that from ever happening to me again. I live in a major city too, so I get it. Just get a little further each time.

                I’m happy there are so many trying to keep it together and helping each other, but as we all know, desperate people do desperate things. And the mayor wanting to have the marathon? Really? I’ve seen Twitter posts telling the runners, where the starting point is in Staten Island btw, to run the opposite direction at the sound to help those all but trapped there. I’d pay money to see that.

              • Think about it M. No power= no EBT swiping.

                • Jerk.

              • It is the 1st of the month. How are all the welfare funds going to reach these recipients if there is no electricity? Remember what happened in Antlanta, GA when the welfare funds weren’t sent out. There were some angry people. But it wasn’t millions of them.

                Oh My God! There is discomfort now, but there will be rioting soon.

                • I know someone posted above that all large cities are the same. They are not.

                  South Atlanta is crammed with a very poor, very angry black population. During normal times I have felt VERY unsafe just fueling the car there on the way to the airport. I’ve never seen such hatred in someone’s eyes for no reason.

                  There are some nasty, nasty areas in Brooklyn and Bronx, but they weren’t really affected terribly. The areas that were are mostly working class. Or controlled by the Russian mob. I would not expect to see similar behavior to Atlanta.

              • I was on foodstamps once for 6 months while raising 2 children. At the end of that 6 months I literally had 2 and a half months worth of stamps left and a packed out pantry, fridge, and freezer.

                What i didn’t do back then, and still don’t today is waste money(or stamps in this case) on junk food, frozen dinners sodas, etc. I also didn’t buy ribeye and strip steak, which I have seen MANY people on stamps do. I’ve seen them buy cases of brand name bottled water even though our city water tastes very good and tests clean. I rarely bought brand name items because most generics are made by the same companies that make the brand names and they taste pretty much the same(not all though, but most)

                It’s this waste that causes people on stamps(as well as people paying with their earned money) to run out near the end of the month, not the amount given.

                And let’s not forget that quite a few of them have smart phones and loaded up cable//satellite TV and computers with internet. These things are nice to have, but it takes a special kind of stupid to have them and run out of food every month. A $20 prepaid flip phone(and no home phone) with a few hundred minutes is plenty to hunt a job with(I pay $25 a month from Virgin Mobile for 300 minutes and unlimited data)but I think It has gone up to $35 now(petty sure I’m grandfathered into the old price) Very basic cable, unless they actually get good OTA reception, then no cable TV at all is needed. And I don’t mind them having cable it really should be the slowest/cheapest they an find.

                We have become a nation of people who put their wants above their basic needs. Which I suppose if all fine and good as long as your paying your own way. Not so fine and good when others are having to pay for it.(we buy their food so they can pay their cable TV bill, means we are in fact paying their cable bill and all the other unnecessary luxuries as well).

                I truly don’t mind helping those in need, but I damn well expect them to tighten their belts as much as possible to help themselves out and reduce how much money they take away from those paying. I don’t expect them to eat prime rib while watching HBO and talking on their smart phone and then complain they don’t get enough help from the government.

                I bust my ass at work and my bills are tight enough that I’m very careful of my spending so that I can have money for a few of those luxuries(even though my smart phone is a 2YO prepaid, it surfs the net well enough), and I still can’t afford any “pay” channels, I’m doing alright as long as I’m not wasteful(above mentioned junk food, expensive steaks etc.) they could do the same.

                • Oh, and yes I do realize that some do tighten their belts a lot, and I commend them, so don’t jump up and down screaming that not everyone is that way, I already know this. BUT, that being said the majority try their best to keep the same lifestyle as much as possible while on stamps. Totally stupid and selfish to put it nicely.

            • perhaps they should say will be starving…. it’s the shock value… millions on the coast starving! c’mon we’re sick of here obama romney news, boring- give me starving americans, better yet in nyc with no water and the nat. gaurd on the streets! now that’s entertainment!

              as far as people on the street, displaced from the storm, many probaly already “food insecure” cuz, what is it something like 1/2 kids under 18 in NY are. Many people born and raised in NYC that i’ve known don’t have much knowledge outside thier little world that never sleeps…superficial at best.

              my daughter whines every night at supper that she’s starving! yet refuses to try new foods, or eat onions… i tell her than you’re not starving yet- it takes about 5 days to really start breaking down physically, mentally

              but in those 5 days- remember it’s been three already, people start to get nervous, like will i eat again, also remember a large # of americans are diabetic, while taking insulin, no food for a couple days can be life threatening.

              i thought fema was reported to have bought sooo much mres recently. 1 mre is plenty for an adult for 1 1/2 days, something like 3000 cals? but for spoiled rotten nyrs, used to three meals a day, of their favorite junk, and coffee- you know how many go nuts without joe? (i’m from ny, so i’m not slamming nyrs from an outside perspective either)

          • I agree 1000%. I will not be herded. It is in my blood. My father was the most stubborn man you never met and I and my brothers are just like him. Sometimes these traits come in real handy. God Bless the independant men of our nation.

            • Must be hard getting through life with that attitude. No one can tell or show you anything,Huh? If someone through you a life ring when you were drowing you would refuse it?

        • @ Daisy. Exactly. And you can expect this ANYWHERE in the country or world after a SHTF event that is more than possible ANYWHERE. What they need to do is to take these pictures and post captions under them that say, “This is your DESTINY when you fail to prepare WHEN a disaster strikes your hometown, state or country”. “Learn from this, don’t get caught like these people that didn’t plan ahead”.

          • these are people that even if they want to plan ahead they can’t. they live with tight money. what you are saying is ridiculous! of course if they could, they would prepare. who has 500 bucks to buy the emergency food? think!

            • How about $20 for a 50 pound bag of rice? If every one of the impoverished quit drinking, smoking and cancelled their cable tv I’m guessing that I just found another $50 per month. I know, not all of them do, but I would bet the vast majority has at least one of the 3 habits I mentioned. Any of them saves $50/Montgomery.

              • Per month, not Montgomery. Stupid phone…

                • @ Norse Prepper. Your wisdom again outshines someone that would rather use excuses than try to prepare.

                • Norse, gives us credit, we understood, now if you get rid of a stupid phone, how much do you save? Having fun with ya.

              • @Norse Prepper…(and all others who would like to participate) Can we share the main items in our 72 hr bob? I would like to put several together for some grown children and grandchildren who I know have nothing in their cars. Just the real essentials, I even saw or heard somewhere that you could do a real neat package in a tin coffee can??? but can’t find that now.

                Copperhead did give me good ideas for a winter supply in the trunk of car, and did get some of those items recently…BTW, where is Copperhead?? He really shared a lot of good info with us back on Oct 17th!! I do love his posts!! Thanx in advance everyone!! take care CC.

                • Great discussion. Taking the chance that I will be dropped from the circle of trust, I admit that I don’t have a bob or 72 hour kit. I do have a basic winter survival kit in the car consisting of candles, food, blanket and winter clothing though.

                  The reason I don’t have a bob is by choice. I have no plans to bug out because I if the SHTF I plan on bugging in. I don’t have a retreat location to go to and in the initial stages of a SHTF event I will be hunkering down at home. By leaving my place I will be making a decision to be a refugee and that is a much worse alternative than staying put.

                  I may live to regret it, but that is the path I have chosen.

                • Norse – I have gear in my truck in case we are caught away from home and need to get back. Hiking gear, some lightweight camping gear, extra boots, some food and some water. I worry more about getting home than leaving home.

                  I also have no intention of bugging out or evacuating. I do have a bag for each of us though – if the house caught on fire, for example (God forbid) it might mean that we at least had a change of clothes and ID – just my .02

                  ~ D

              • I used to be a landlord. Rent was the LAST bill paid each month. Cable or satellite (multiple LNBs) was always up and running. You can buy a lot of soup for what most of the SNAPpers spend on junk food.

            • Getting prepared doesn’t have to take $500… at least not all in one fell swoop…

              Just $5 a week in preparedness supplies is $250 per year invested. For that you can buy 200 pounds of dry goods like rice, beans, corn, wheat, flour and cornmeal.

              $150 – what someone spends on their monthly phone, car insurance or cable bill, could provide you with the most essential supplies to get you through at least a week with no assistance from the outside world.

              -15 Cans of High Protein Soup/Stew: $15
              -5 pounds of beans: $7.50
              -5 pounds of rice: $7.50
              -5 pounds of flour: $5
              -7 Meals Ready to Eat or Freeze Dried Packs: $50
              -Emergency Solid Fuel Stove: $15
              -Basic Camping Water filter: $50

              Anyone – Even someone receiving nutritional food assistance aid, can swing what’s on that list.

              Again, not to sound cold hearted here, but there is NO EXCUSE for being forced into a position where you’re holding your child in your arms and digging through a trashcan for food 72 hours after a transient storm.

              Here are some resources:

              Prepping on the Cheap: The $5 a Week Shopping Challenge

              You Can Prep for $5

              • @ Mac. Well said, I mean really well said. These have been very good articles to read. I have seen homeless people put away what they need. I have seen very poor people use coupons to put away canned goods and other needs. It can be done with time and using someone’s body to put into motion preparing for tommorow’s disasters. The simple fact is the lack of desire to do so. I have said this over and over again to many different individuals that I know, “people do what they want to do”. It takes sacrifice of time more than anything, and people are usally just too lazy mentally and physically to prep.

                Sad, so sad when this just a couple of generations ago was a commonplace of preparing and teaching children the fable about the ant and grasshopper. Society has certainly decayed like a rotting tooth hasn’t it?

                • BI, I agree that most are too lazy. As for what Mac states, it is a shame they can’t even prep marginally. But, you know that cities (especially big ones) are a breeding ground for laziness.

                • About homeless people.
                  I watch a homeless person for sometime as he went about doing small jobs for the stores in the area. He looked rough. Still he would go into the Dollar store to buy his food. Nothing special. Then one thing I did notice after awhile is that on Sunday he had clean clothes on, ( White Shirt no less), and carried a Bible. Got on the bus and I assume he was going to church.
                  He lived under a bridge.

                • those who were already homeless are now better off than the newly made middle upperclass homeless. at least they are armed to the teeth with knowledge on how to survive on the streets. they were teaching the occupy movement this time last year how to stay warm with minimal effort on the streets.

                  sad indeed- be informed- about one generation’s all it took, and the average person can’t home cook a meal, let alone hunt and clean one, grow dry can or otherwise preserve, mend or repair that which needs it. all stuff my grandparents knew, that my parents forgot (damned 70’s?!) and i have had to relearn on my own. mine is a generation if highly educated dumbf#$*s who’d throw away the bone on their steak, not knowing they could cook it down for soup tomorrow. but they sure are full of useless info, and a lot of hot air, and a vain demanding selfishness that cries where’s the government? i’m starving i haven’t eaten in a day, while rescue workers try to save lives from under rubble, find missing persons, all they’re thinking about is themselves. i’s not just nyrs, it’s a large majority of the most recent 2 generations of adults in this country

                • We have no idea how many who did Prep lost it to fire or water. Let have some good thoughts for all and hope that next time more are Prepping in the months ahead.

              • Don’t buy anything you’ll have to cook or use limited water resources for. Rice, beans, flour will be useless unless you want to eat them uncooked. Also when you cook it smells and brings hungry people to you. Canned foods is the way to go, no cooking required and you can get protein from tuna, chicken, beans as well as veggies and fruits.

                • You make a good point about water being limited, but I don’t think this means you *shouldn’t* put away rice, dry beans, flour, etc. These things store for a *really* long time, whereas canned goods only store for a few years before losing nutrients. I think a reasonable balance is the way to go — long-term preps and short-term preps.

                • Kem…Beanie Weenies, spam, sardines, 1 lb. hams, and vienna sausage??
                  Umm-UMM good!!

              • I sure agree with Mac. Not one single person in any of the above photos looks to be so poor that they could not afford a few staples in their kitchen cupboards. I would go so far as to wager that many of these people have nice cell phones, name-brand clothing, manicures, plus more. It’s all a matter of choices and priorities. And we all know what they chose.

                Also, let’s not forget that these people were all given the order to evacuate. They live just above sea level in a coastal flood zone where there are limited means of transportation. And they’re over-crowded. They are on the streets scrounging or waiting-in-lines for stuff because they’ve been living in the moment and chose not to plan for the ‘what if’ scenarios.

                You gotta be tough when you’re dumb….

                • “You gotta be tough when you’re dumb”. LOL ! ! ! !

                  People outside the area cannot imagine what New York City has become. In one epigram, “It has evolved to cater to the rich, the stupid, and the lazy.” Resourcefulness to New Yorkers is knowing where to get the free shit. Producing your own is for retards, as far as they’re concerned. Just ask them. Been there, seen that, burned the T-shirt in disgust.

                • Old Coach, my hubby uses that phrase all the time when his crew needs to be snapped-in-line. Oh the stories he tells….LOL Hey, wait! They’re like stories we’re reading about now! LOL

                • Where I work, the temps (lowest paid personnel in the place) have the nicest phones, usually smart phones with unlimited data.

                  JC said: Have to get tough or die…

              • Mac Salvo: You and the others are correct; it doesn’t take a small fortune to prep like Anonymous believes. But then again, Anonymous won’t know that because he still lives in mom’s basement and is marginally employed where he’s required to wear a name tag and a hairnet/cover. His mom buys the food and complains about the cost while he blows his little check on XBox and other games. Is it any wonder he thinks food preps cost a fortune?

              • …and this is EXACTLY how I started in the late 90s. Simply told the wife that she should spend and extrat $5 on canned goods or dry goods and we’d put it back. For years I had a shelf in the basement, just one, with a weeks supply. Then, in about 2004, my wife said, “You know, this is pretty handy. Can we expand it?” Here reasoning: It sure is nice to have a grocery store in the basement. I told her we could and then I had 4 shelves.

                Then, something hit me in about 2008 our economic system collapsed and I ran into this site and some enterprising promoter of ideas gifted me a book by James Wesley Rawles entitled “How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It”. Then, for non-perishables, we started “doubling up”. I bottled a hundred pounds of corn and a hundred pounds of rice and a hundred pounds of wheat. At any time there is a grocery store in my basement. The only thing the wife asks me to pick up on the way home from work, occasionally, is a gallon of milk.

                Now I’m setting pretty with 2’x6′, 5 shelf units packed with canned and dry goods, some MREs, a few blocks of salt, etc. My original 4 shelves hold paper goods and toiletries.

                I don’t think we ever even noticed the increase in costs. I don’t know how long the 4 of us could eat, but, 3 days wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar. A month would be almost unnoticeable.

                As I think back, though, I’ve always had “survivalism” in mind when designing and building everything. Its just good common sense to buy and build things that don’t require either outside help of a lot of imported resources.

                This is the opposite of what the world promotes. Show it off! Flaunt it! Buy that huge house with all electric heat. Get that monster SUV that you can’t fix. Show the neighbors how much money you can waste!

                …no, really, thats what the world wants because it wants your money, your labor for their profit.

                I’ve always been into efficiency and affordability and I’ve always been efficient when it comes to keeping my money.

                There are a lot of ways to prep beyond guns and food but thats where most people think it starts. It really starts in your mind. I never really thought about it as “prepping” until about 2004. It was just “common sense” and “convenience” until the high likely hood of collapse started entering the picture in 2008.

                Most people are so completely involved with their careers and families that they never even think about this stuff. We, here, are in a different universe. I know lite preppers and I know preppers that make me look like a liteweight. The fact is, you should have something, otherwise you’re not even as smart as a squirrel.

                I say good on you to anyone that buys an few extra jars of peanut butter and a water filter. Anything you do, use it to make your access to food and water more durable.

                Good luck everyone and Godspeed.

                …thanks to all my friends on here that have helped me out. You know who you are.

                Keep building and rotating. I believe the day is coming where you will be glad you have all that stuff and have kept it in rotation.

                • Net, beautifully written. I never thought of it as prepping either. I learned from my dad who went through the G Depression. He never had to explain setting aside for an emergency. Veggie garden, fruit trees, side of beef, canning, etc…this was normal living. Then you live in a city for some time and find male and females that can’t cook, wash cloths, iron, sow or even change their own oil/tires/batteries. What a boring and enslaved life to be so dependant on others.
                  My children (40 and 30 yrs old) amaze their age groups by all they can accomplish on their own. I made sure they knew how to cook and hygiene first.

              • Outstanding Mac. Bravo.

              • Mac…. I think what Anon means is how do you prepare for something like this. I mean really. You need to have extra resturunts in storage and additional food flown in every week from around the world and run freezrs the size of a house to always have what ever you wanted at any given momment. Come on Mac. This is a real task we are talking about here.

                • Anon @11:40am. Are you joking or something? If not you are a poster child for ignorance!!

                • in the case of this storm, the flooding would’ve greatly diminished many folks food stocks if they had them… point is, you got the nj gvt saying no workers if not union, you had that sort of thing in katrina, volunteers turned away, food, supplies turned away; and i’m sure the same is happening now. now you got nat gaurd overseeing elections, instead of helping rebuild save lives. also hotels are charging insane prices for displaced people- at least in katrina, govt required hotels to put “refugees” up free of cost.

                  we will try to send extras from our farm in donations in our next shipment to Brooklyn, but i wonder if they’ll just put it on the shelf and charge an exhorborant price, as is the NY way. that being said, if you live in NYS and think this hasn’t affected you in any way, just wait till your taxes and insurance skyrockets AGAIN. gotta pay for the billions in damages somehow. looting is a reasonable response to this sort of outright neglect. wall street’s ticker still ticking while the coney island rollercoaster floats into the atlantic, along with western civiliztion’s novelty made in china lady libeties & dreams of unsustainable living at sea level overcrowded in constant demand of more more more….

                  also realize that the ports that got hit in NYC are the ports that much of the NATION’S supplies come in from. if they aren’t functioning, neither is the economy, trade, production. NYC never sleeps for a reason, for if it did, much of the nation would have to rest as well. another grim truth we’ll see unfold in the next couple months as restoring a sense of “normalcy” gets underway.

                  more destruction than 9/11… war on nature now? oh wait the elite have been waging that one since time immorial

                • It was joke kids! Again I was being sarcastic. I was playing the part of someone who lives in the city. They need extra resturants! Really people.

              • What most have been saying about preping is all well and good, but not the end of the story.

                Look at the long lines at gas stations where people are trying to find gasoline for their generators. They did prepare, but are either out of gasoline, or have lost it in the storm. It might have been a good idea to buy more gasoline before the storm, but how many 5 gallon gas cans can one store? Even those whose gasoline did not just float away in the storm, or get burned up in the many fires (and contributing to the flames), or whose gasoline was not stolen by desparate neighbors, will eventually run out anyway.

                It is all well and good to store extra food under the bed as well. In Queens it would have been destroyed by the many fires. In other places where the dwelling was destroyed by flood and wind, the food was probably destroyed as well. Even if it was not, but you were driven from the area by flood waters, is this food still available for your use?

                The point is, that not only does one need to prep, they need to store these preparations in a secure way so that they have them when they need them. They also need to store them in such a way that, if they are driven away for some reason, these preps can be easily transported, and still be of use.

                Also, a preper needs to understrand that they must NOT use up their supplies in a hurry. If you only have 20 gallons of gasoline, do not run the generator continously. Run it for only short periods of time to maximise your supply. Same goes for food. Conserve your supplies whenever possible. Go a little hungry now, instead of starving later. Find other sources to augment what you have stored.

                • Well, in my shed there are (5) 5 gallon gas cans, full with stabil.
                  Today, I searched several stores for more gas cans; couldn’t even find but one store with 5 gallon, and they have increased a lot–$16. I’ll keep looking cause I want 5 more.
                  Should have bought all TSC had @ $10 when they had them. 🙁

                • One more note–in Ky, if I am warned a flood is coming, my food is going upstairs in the attic till I can get back and retrieve it.
                  How, you say?? Because, this little girl bought 4 X 4 plywood for $1 a piece(they were not cut straight), nailed it to the floor joists, and made a 14 X 12 ft attic floor!!:-)
                  It is a huge storage area.
                  Stack ’em deep!!! 🙂 I am a prepper–I will not go hungry if I can help it.

                • Good job, Carl!!

                • In every case, they had to fight long and hard to evict the “Katrina refugees”. The hotels all got trashed and paying customers found other places to stay because the refugees acted like animals.

                • jayjay, check EBay for the gas can vents. I got 25 for $28. End the CARB madness. HF sells a cheap fluid transfer pump for when you can’t, or don’t want to, pour.

              • Good list, Mac.

                You might consider:

                1st: 4 sticks of jerky per day (total 28 sticks for a week for one person). Make your own from ground lean. Press the sticks into 1 1/2″ x 1/8″ x 5″. Dehydrate at about 125 degrees F for about 15 hours.

                2nd: 2# peanut butter.

                3rd: 2# crackers.

                Sort of like Bob Wills’ song, “Big Balls in Town, … sleeping on the ground, eating saltine crackers, 10 cents a pound.”

                The above list of good food costs about $30.00. Add to it if you want.

                • Anon, you know what you’re doing. That is, indeed, good food – jerky, peanut butter and crackers. Get you over the hill, that’s for sure.

                  It’s not hard to make frying pan bread, so you might throw in a couple pounds of flour, some baking powder, salt and a pound can of lard of some kind.

              • Can i get an AMEN brother !

              • MS

                What’s your suggestion for me, as a college student? I’ve already made my first step — getting some emergency food, but I am moving out at May 2014. Doesn’t it make my preparation more difficult? How can I transport all my supplies elsewhere?

            • @ Anonymous. I have proven many times that using coupons you can get a lot of free food. That word I use is FREE. I do “think” a lot, and the truly poor have stashed away food because they use effort to do so. Many people have more than enough money to stocked up, but they don’t think it is necessary, they rather purchase idiotic toys and pure junk. They rather spend $100 or more on asinine entertainment than put $100 worth of food supplies into their pantries just in case. I have picked up candles for a nickle each at garage sales.

              You know the one excuse that people use so often is that they can’t afford it. In some cases this is true. Try this though with these ass monkeys that refuse to prepare for tommorow. Give them a choice between a “toy” and a box of supplies and see how many of these morons choose the “toy” or gadget. Even with the box of supplies having much more worth than the “toy”, these retards will most of the time choose the junk. Yeah, I think a lot, I think most people are pure talk and rather be day and night walkers at walmart than spend a little effort trying to secure their family’s safety.

              • being “poor” most of my life is what has always made me sure to have some extra food in the pantry (food banks are great sources of canned and dry goods to stock up on for FREE.) i smoke, and drink, but i also grow my own tobacco, and brew my own beer/ cider, as well as stock up with my lovely govt issued SNAP i break down and apply for every winter when farm income drops. not to mention all the produce i preserve throughout the growing season(sad when those who feed the nation are generally the poorest, but that is as it always has been.) i am a happily dirt poor farmer and can tell you no one is too poor to have some amenities stocked up in an emergency.

                • @veggimama…”food banks are great sources of canned and dry goods to stock up on for FREE.” I run a food pantry and your just the person that takes resources from the folks who we want to reach. Our food is donated by people with the idea of it going to folks with nothing, not to help others deepen their larder.

                  God bless

            • I’m willing to bet serious money that most of those who “can’t afford emergency food” smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have cell phones, and have cable TV. These items are luxuries, but most people view them as necessities. Now you think it’s somebody else’s responsibility to feed these grasshoppers because they have no food.

              $500?? $50 will buy 40 lbs of rice, 10 lbs of dried beans, 10 cans of stewed tomatoes, and a 3 lb sack of onions — which will feed 4 people for a week or better. These things can be bought a little at a time, in place of that 12 pack.

              YOU think.

              • Geezer: I have seen homeless people on video with cigarettes being interviewed about losing their jobs, living in cars or tents. Can’t feel sorry for them as they are wasting money smoking. I wouldn’t hire anyone who smelled like stale tobacco. Many on welfare programs buy beer, junk foods, tobacco and other crap we have to pay taxes for. NYC and other large cities are hell holes anyway, people living on/near beaches whose houses were trashed by floods knew the risks like the ones in Fla., Miss, etc. too close to the coast..are stuck in stupid.

                • I have to agree with you laura m. Until one gets their priorities right, they are asking for trouble.

                • Cigarettes in NYC cost about seven bucks a pack. What a waste of money.

              • Geezer:

                Don’t forget the hot sauce (Texas Pete, Tabasco, etc). Sometimes those rice and beans need a little zip!

                • MAke sure to pick up the cooking oil in bulk too. It is cheap, caloricly dense, and adds nice flavor.

            • i stock rice and noodles and im unemployed at the moment, its not very expensive to get a couple months worth of the stuff. it seems also that these very same people have the money for new shoes and video games but scoff at you when you tell them you are a “prepper” and that they should do the same.

              • If you have no source of clean water, electricity or heat your rice and noodles won’t do you much good in an emergency. Canned foods require no cooking and are fairly cheap.

                • Amen to that. When I was an (almost literally) starving student on the ’60s, I very often ate Campbells soups right from the can. Beef vegetable was one favorite. Or chicken noodle. I called it my “combat rations”. Still do it when I’m in a rush.

                • I once held a tin can over a propane torch,with a pair of pliers, long enough to heat water for my ramen noodles. I ate them with 2 screwdrivers, used like chopsticks.

                  If you are hungry and half even half a brain cell, you’ll figure something out. You really don’t have to heat noodles, you can SOAK them in cool water until they are soft enough to eat. Ramen noodles are pretty tasty when you eat them out of the package, they taste similar to a kind of corn chip type food. You CAN even sprinkle the flavoring on it or not.


                • Kem if you have no clean water and no way to cook your doing it wrong

                • Well, along with that rice and noodles, buy a Coleman camper cooker, fuel for that cooker, and a Berkey.
                  How about storing (free)water from the faucet with those (free) empty juice jugs???
                  Or a little $4 pool shock to purify that water!!!
                  It took me a while to acquire these!!
                  As the comedian ??? what’s his name says—-
                  Save Up!!!!

                • Oh, wait—10 cotton balls soaked in alcohol will burn for 16 minutes and no smoke.
                  I know; I did it!!!

                • Kem no offense boy but you are missin it.people on here have been prepping for DECADES. we understand canned goods and dry goods and gardens. YOU miss the point son. it’s a Total program. where canned goods are good for a few days to months; think YEARS. YOU CAN’T do this alone. we all need help. be discrete but find some partner families and grow and GROW!

            • It doesn’t cost $500.00 to buy a couple loaves of bread, peanut butter & jelly, baked beans, mac and cheese. A full tank of gas and some water. Sorry, no sympathy.

            • some people never grasp the concept of saving for a rainy day, or the concept of saving a little as you go toward emergency supplies..normalacy bias..or just dont have the mind set to look at the possibilities..

              but , just because you dont see its possibilities, doesnt mean they dont exist, hard lessons

              lessons I bet , more then half of these people dealing with this right now , are not even learning, once they make it thru this, they will go right back to their old ways

              Im so sure of it, I’ll bet money on it..or maybe i should say gold

              • VRF says, “lessons I bet, more than half of these people dealing with this right now, are not even learning, once they make it thru this, they will go right back to their old ways…Im so sure of it, I’ll bet money on it…”

                You are so right that I wouldn’t even put up a can of beanie weinies on some of these people learning anything from this. I do hope that many others will though, and for everyone who learns to prepare next time, it’s a step in the right direction. I thought about something when I looked at these pictures of the hordes of people being herded around and that is that with the huge populations in these urban areas there are an awful lot of folks not out there. Hopefully, the ones hunkering down in their homes, eating canned goods, wrapped up to keep warm will stay safe and well. The ones we don’t see in the lines are probably the ones who will learn from these lessons! God bless and keep them!

            • Anon, that is a crock of manure. These folks are walking around wearing $200 Nike sneakers, with iPads, iPhones, the latest and greatest “BLING” money can buy. They have “Obama phones” and SNAP cards to buy liquor and cigarettes.

              Don’t stand there and tell me they can’t buy a Berkey water filter, or a few cartons of MRE’s, or an oil lamp with lamp oil, or a StoveTec “rocket” stove to prepare a meal with.

              This is where the rubber of personal responsibility meets the road. There will be winners and losers when the SHTF, and they made their decision by doing nothing at all to prepare! They placed their blind faith in the government coming to their rescue and are paying a dreadful & terrible price for that misplaced trust now. It is no more complicated than that.

              • They knew a big storm was coming but did not have enough sense to fill their cars gas tank and get some extra food. A fourteen gallon Rubbermaid container with canned goods and some other basics would sure take the edge off hunger for a few days. Stoopid is as stoopid does.

            • Anon ~

              Even by spending his or her regular grocery budget upon hearing that a storm like this was coming, a person could have prepared for this by getting:

              a few of boxes of crackers
              a bug jar of peanut butter
              cans of baked beans (really not that bad at room temp)
              some kind of “treat” like a bag of cookies
              a 3 lb bag of apples and a 3 lb bag of oranges
              some cans of tuna
              pudding cups
              as many big jugs of water as you could afford

              Not a fantastic diet but it sure would get you through a week a lot better than those people standing in line and reasonably healthfully too. None of that needs to be cooked or heated and I believe the food portion could be done for well under $50, with the remainder of the budget going for water.

            • Hey Anonymous. Please look up the word “dolt”.

            • I know a young family that is currently on food stamps. The husband has been ill and unable to work. They have 2 young children. Yet, the wife shops wisely and has saved up several months food and other supplies. They also have a garden and have eaten and put up food from that.

              • Hey, Ky Mom…I’d bet they aren’t from New York, but our southern states???

            • I did not post this

            • Wait a minute–those same people you say don’t have 500 bucks to prepare do have cable @ $70 a month or more; in 6 months with no cable and cell phone, they’d have money to store food…I am not buying that line of crap.
              I don’t have cell phone or cable tv.
              Give it a break.

              • I think they are different families .

              • Bet they sink fifty bucks a week into lotto tickets or other games of chance for suckers.

          • Never happen to me attitude….. Then, someone call a WAAAAAAAMMMMMMMBULANCE… I do not have anything… Where is Schummer and Obama with a spare tit for them?

            Keep voteing Liberal Democrat and depend on them…. Now you know you are just a useful idiot to them

        • Ditto.

          I live in an area where floods can cut me off, where massive storms (many of which make Sandy look tiny) can take out power, and where things can go FUBAR in a hurry, nature-wise.

          ‘course, out here folks don’t roll their eyes – these days, they compare notes on which gear works best, who has the best firearms, and who got what sized deer last week. 🙂

          • What

            What can we do to get the rest of America to be more like the folks around your town Odd Questioner? These people in the article are idiots, how can a person have enough money for booze or cable TV yet not enough for even five days worth of food? I can understand not prepping three years of food for an EMP or economic collapse but NATURAL DISASTERS WILL FOR SURE 100% HAPPEN! I couldn’t fail as miserably as these sheeple even if I tried!

            • Do you always have several hundred dollars of cash on hand? You should because ATM’s won’t work and banks will be closed. Most grocery stores will have bare shelves and price gouging happens. Do you have 5 days worth of food in your cupboards that don’t require clean water to cook, refrigeration or heat? Worry about making sure your stocked with canned foods. Dry rice, beans, pasta won’t cut it in an emergency, plus do you want hungry people smelling the food you cook? It’s easy to call names when your not in their shoes so prepare now, sock the food, water away in a safe place you can get to fast.

              • One more time—10 cotton balls soaked in alcohol burn for 16 minutes cleanly.
                Can’t afford $1 bags of cotton balls and $1 alcohol jars??
                Dollar Store.
                If not, give it up and crawl somewhere and die–we’ll look after your children. 🙁

                • Or walk your big butt to a place where it’s less expensive to live. Never understood the concept of being homeless in NYC. Long, cold winters. Just hope you can beg hard enough, i guess.

                • you folks ever heard of a rocket stove??/i have build about 50 of them so far,,look it up made from veggie cans and or stove pipe i have both,,

            • First option? You can, if you live in the area, share some necessities with the neighbors you do trust, but only say you stored enough for a couple weeks at most. Then you start trying to persuade them to stock up as well.

              On my part, I took the second option: I did some research and found a home where most folks consider prepping to be a natural thing to do. Given the occasional hiccup in climate out here, I know very well why that is, but I’m still glad to see it.

              The reason I went with option #2 is simple: my immediate neighbors in PDX metro were mostly folks who were renting for a few months, then moving on. Few knew each other. Fewer still wanted to. When most (not all, but most) of the outgoing ones found out you weren’t as “progressive” as they in your ideology (“you own guns and go hunting!? You Barbarian!”), they ‘punish’ you by excluding you from contact with their social circles. Long story short, the last place I wanted to be when feces met air-handler? Somewhere surrounded by a mass of folks looking for someone to lead them, and a bunch of starving self-important prima-donnas who think that ‘wealth redistribution’ is the solution for everything. So yes, my situation is a bit different, no? 🙂

            • have you ever been to the jersey shore, or nyc… people there are all consumed by material toys, tv etc. had some goats go missing and some downstate yuppies here for the great fishing thought they were deer…i thought, who spends their $ on fishing trips these days? the sort of people who fish for sport not food. couldn’t process a fish to save their life. the sort of people in their t shirts and $300 shoes with their useless dead iphone bagging for handouts who used to scorn the poor who do so reguarly (and probably will continue to do so after this passes over and their insurance check comes in.

              we have some folks from nyc and jersey come every summer for a party at our farm, they freak about hot showers, bugs, dirt, cold, hot, bugs, dirt hot showers…can’t wait to go to this resturant when i get home or that theatre performance…. oblivious. i often wonder why they come at all as they seem to be miserable in nature. they have their good qualities too, but this is the sort of people suffering here, not hardened floridians used to hurricanes, or midwesterners used to flooding and tornadoes.
              nyc and nj is kind of a differnt world than much of the country-if you’d ever spent much time there you’d likely know this

              • Agree Veggimama.Except locals in South Jersey,where the Garden State derives it’s name.Farms,pine lands,decent local folks.But it’s being infiltrated by outsiders as investment properties/vacation homes foe the NYC $$$ folks.South Jersey traditinaly is the go to vacation for blue collar Philly folks.It’s changing because central jersey is bought up.

                • The area near Tabernacle is real nice. There is one roadside eatery there that has a farm in the back and in the growing season most all veggies come from there. Olgas Diner and the Blue Diamond diner are great. Gaetanos over on Rt.38 has the best Philly cheese steaks. Hope all these places are still there.

        • I think it’s all about the chocolate Daisy. Just saying …. 🙂

          • Speaking of chocolate, does anyone know how long properly stored chocolate and candy lasts? It’s the day after Halloween, and the candy is on a hella wicked sale right about now.

            • OQ: Its all about the temperature. In “Daisyland” you just but it in a bear bucket, hang it from a tree limb, and keep it out of the reach of Yogi and Boo Boo.

              Another couple of weeks and it won’t thaw until Spring! 🙂

            • If you freeze it it should be good for a year or more, if in a non self defrosting freezer. Weevils are one of the biggest reasons why chocolate gets thrown away. Freezing also kills them.

              • Speaking of weevils … most dry items that people are prepping – like rice, beans, barley – have weevil eggs in them. If you freeze the stuff for 3 days before you put it into storage, you’ll kill the eggs.

                I buy my everyday bread items from a bakery thrift store, and store them in my freezer. It seems that my bread sitting out (previously frozen) never gets moldy anymore …

                • i freeze mine also add bay leaves to my containers,,eating some things i put away in 1999 still good,,ate some c rations that was put up in the 30 and 40s,,damn fine fine eating when you are hungry,,of course a little hot sauce helps,,,had a meal of salted fish last week,,put up in 2004,,,

            • OQ I am still going through chocolate liquers from last Christmas and they taste fine and have not given me a belly ache at all. The oldest I ever ate was 2 years old.

            • Chocolate stores poorly in general, as it turns a chalky white after about 6-9 months. It still tastes OK, but not as good. Chocolate is one of those things I would rotate regularly. 🙂 Buy some now and then buy more after Valentine’s Day and eat the Halloween stuff. 🙂

            • @ Odd Questioner…I live near a chocolate factory, and purchased a bunch in clear plastic bags…cheap! The gal on the checkout said keeps well for 1 year(kept in a dark place but not in the freezer) I tested a couple weeks ago, as it is nearly a year since I bought…and it is ok, but not real fresh tasting?? I think hard candies would last much longer..take care CC

            • M&Ms dark chocolate lasts the longest – about 2 years. Next is the other M&Ms – maybe a year and a half. Normal chocolate bars will last less than 6 months.

            • OQ ~

              My stash of chocolate is substantial. (Just thinking about it makes me want to write poetry!)

              I have some 5 pound blocks of dark chocolate. I left them in the manufacturer’s packaging, wrapped that in foil, then put that in ziplock freezer bags with the air removed, then put that in a big food safe bin that closes tightly.

              I also have things like chocolate chips and my daughter’s Halloween candy that I put in the freezer in the original packaging, then inside freezer bags with the air removed.

              I’m not sure the statement it makes that my freezer contains only some whole chickens that I just bought on sale and haven’t had time to prep and can yet, a couple of turkeys, 20 pounds of coffee and about 30 pounds of chocolate. 🙂

              • I’ve heard that a little dark chocolate is actually GOOD for you. Europeans seem to prefer dark chocolate.

            • I cannot tell a lie; 20 years ago I moved my moms sofa and found 2 MM’s, plain, under it. They had to be 15 plus years old H candy. The’re gone, and I’m still alive

              • So much for the “five second” rule.

              • “My stash of chocolate is substantial”. Substantial? Substantial?

                Daisy your stash of chocolate has the Easter Bunny so green with evyy that he was mistaken for the Grwinch who stole Christmas!

                GMAB! 🙂

                • *busted*

              • OK Paranoid , I’ve been a shadow lurker on this site for years and I finally have to make a comment. When I was in my early 20’s a roommate and I bought a 40 $ couch from the Salvation Army. When home with the couch I suggested we search the couch liner for gold or goodies. We found some pennies and dimes and a ……smartie. I looked at him and he said “no you won’t” I did , 15 years later I’m still typing. To this day when someone drops food on the ground I say “5 minute rule”. It turns some heads.

            • I would go for candies that have long shelf life, such as lifesavers and root beer barrels. It’s not chocolate, but it won’t go bad in my lifetime.

              • Key phrase, Scout.

                “It’s not chocolate.”

              • Just make sure to store the candy in pakaging to keep the bugs out. I had a bag of root beer barrels in the original package and left it out on the table in a spare room. The ants found it. Amazing how they were able to get in the “sealed” bag and eat the candy but they did! By the time I discovered what was going on about half the candy was gone.

        • Right on Daisy.

          And I might add, the people in the picture should blame Bush, it’s worked for Obummer for 4 years.

        • I highly doubt any of them come to this site Daisy, which is unfortunate.

        • Even in Canada?

        • Amen Daisy, if I didn’t know any better you would think you were looking at pictures of Greece during their collapse. I live in an apt and have at least 6 months of non perishable foods. If I got desperate for water I have bio filters which are good to treat raw water.

          God I hope I never have to try out those water filters. 😆

        • it’s precisely why all those of us here do what we do… i need several more gasoline containers – i can see that now and we were unaffected by the storm…

        • I don’t understand you don’t even need to be a prepped to survive 2 days without help

          • You do – even if you’re waiting for your hand out. No one in that mind set thinks. Forget about “Sandy Big Bad Hurricane,” what if the mail is a day late. or the government put a decimal in the wrong spot and the hand out just doesn’t show up on time.

            They’ld be just as screwed.

            Just cause you get assistance does not let you off the hook for your own safety

        • I prepare for volcano’s, earthquakes and ice storms. Those are the worst case natural disasters I have to deal with. On the plus side, I am also prepared for dollar collapse, social collapse, zombie pockyclipse (Mad Max phrase), etc…

          • PDXer,I was born in Portland, live rural now, at the foot of Hood.

          • Rehabilitated PDX metro resident, now living way outside of the area (though I do commute there a day or two per week).

        • Just look at yourself,….. You do know you cant take Romen noodles to your grave woman !

          • I have 396 packets of Ramen noodles–surely, you jest!!! 😛

            • I saw a vid about ramen noodles, how they are like cellulose, and don’t properly digest. They are an easy, fairly tasty way to fill the void, but not the healthiest thing to eat a lot of…

        • Daisy, it is now confirmed, there are at least 4 very, very stupid people who came to this site and read your post…..

        • All these urbanites keep little to nothing in their homes. I have friends in the city that eat out every night and I can’t believe what I hear when they come over and make silly comments about a full pantry. Yeah, they don’t get to see the private areas of my supplies.

          Sorry, you reap what you sow. The article nails it in saying, “They have nobody to blame but themselves”. So true. I wish these people the best of luck, but in my life, luck ain’t got shit to do with it.

          • They are lucky they don’t live whereyou have tornados or earthquakes. They had days to get ready not minutes or seconds BUT DAYS !!!

            Are you kidding, Hell even the Looters had a plan.

        • Who’s the crazy one now (insert mad scientist laugh here)

        • It’s nice to have validation. I feel like you do, and have had some of your same experiences. My son-in-law, bless his heart, has come around as has my oldest son. The girls, not so much. We have two adult children (oxymoron, I know), two teens and two under ten years old, and trying to stock up for all of them is difficult. The teens are doing pretty well (Mom has a temper) and while they won’t discuss it with their friends because they don’t think it’s “cool”, they are some help and are learning. The younger kids are enjoying it, and it’s hard to keep them from telling everyone about it. The 4th grade is doing the “Little House on the Prairie” series and my daughter kept popping up and saying “My mom does that!”, or “We do that”, to the point her teacher called me in and asked if we were “preppers” in the same fashion you ask “Are you a child molester?” I told her “No, but we try to have a couple of days worth of food in case of winter storms.” She seemed satisfied with that, but I’m trying hard to instill op-sec in an eight and ten year old. Home school next year. I still don’t understand the hostility or negativity associated with this movement. We don’t live in a large town and I’d think they would have more sense. I’d never be dumb enough to live on the beach or next to a river, but if a storm came through but left the house intact, we’d be fine for a month with everyone here, and probably six months with just my husband and myself.

          • movement, vicky? 2 generations ago it was the norm, handed down through generations, recipes, thrifty tips etc. i get the same reaction from friends “you’ve been canning like a mad woman, don’t you have better things to do with your time?” then ” i know where i’m heading when shtf” hell no! do your own work jerks! good luck getting here in an emergency! my daughter’s interest in it lead her to start reading little house in the prarie. on the other hand the amish around here appear to have heirloom canning rims! and their stockpiles would put most of ours to shame… bet they’re on a watch list too?

          • Hi Vicky,

            The response you get from people is, I think, a variant of ‘Oh Ye of little Faith!” In doing something which – by thier standards – is ‘un-ordinary’ you are effectively calling into question some of thier most basic assumptions as to how ‘The World’ functions…it IS uncomfortable for them to be faced with anything which calls such into question. They will – time and again – when faced with this circumstance stridently proclaim to all within earshot that you are the abberation, the ‘odd’ one. In some sense this is human nature, but in recent years it has become so prevalent it’s almost like a communicable disease…and it seems to be spreading more rapidly as time passes.
            Unspoken, always, is the underlying unstated assertion ‘YOU are doing something different than I am
            YOU ate doing things that I don’t see the need for…THAT majes you SUSPECT (in some sense…)” Again , at some level it forces them to – somewhere inside, briefly – brush up against a potential inadequacy and this is what stir’s them up against you and what you are doing. Go figure…Human Nature remains inexplicable 🙁

            • Thanks for the support. It does get tiring, and I’m irritated with being the wierd lady back in the woods. We’re originally from Oklahoma where this behavior was normal. I have more in common with women twenty to thirty years older than I am, than with my peers. I appreciate the support. Thanks!

              • I can completely relate with what you just said!!!

                Signed ~

                another weird lady back in the woods 🙂

        • I have yet to see a single sandbag in any photo. Like a city of infants who were unable or unwilling to grasp the concept of preparing for what was guaranteed to happen. I find it pathetic in more ways than one.

          • Goldman Sachs had sand bags …. and the only lights in the city. Just goes to show you that assholes and preppers are not necessarily mutually exclusive phenomena.

            Just wanted to point that out. 🙂

        • Amen!

        • Oh that’s so nice of you to rub it in people’s faces at the time of need, it’s about you bieng right, like MANY OF US MORON!! Only we help those who have nothing, not rub their noses in it BITCH! And I’m a woman bitch! Well you may have all the richess of the world but youare a person who is aobvious alone and will be when you grow old and you will, becasue only the good die young, so you will probabaly live forever… HELL bitch! yes that is what this is about getting back at those who really just didn’t want to beleive this could happen, those who are not as negative of a thinker as you bitch!

          • “New to town” I see. Daisy is as astute, intelligent, and caring as anyone you will likely ever meet. Enjoy your moronic rant, I expect you will soon be gone. What a shame! We need more ignorant morons to inspire the willfully prepared and always willing to share advice: Prepare now, or reap what you wouldn’t sow. Is it true that most TROLLS have purple hair?

            • Yental ~ Thank you.

              Anti-Daisy ~ I truly think that you have misinterpreted what I’ve posted on this topic.

              While I do feel validated in the lifestyle I’ve chosen, I certainly am not gloating over anyone else’s misfortune. I hope to learn from it and improve my own preps, and sincerely wish the best possible outcome for those affected.

              And I also hope that part of that outcome is a lesson so that one day, when the lights go out again (and they will), that people who have lived through and witnessed this tragedy will be more prepared.

              I’m sorry that you are so angry and offended. It causes me to suspect that maybe this disaster has touched you personally and if that is the case, I hope that you come through it safely. Best of luck to you in your own preparations.

              ~ D

              • Daisy

                I couldn’t be that nice to a total tossed if I tried. You are a better person than me.

                Take care

                • Burt:

                  Glad to hear from you dear.

                  Hope you are feeling better.

                  I like that the UK is telling the EU to FO.

                  NYC(after Sandy) is the true example of collapse.
                  …..get out of the city…..

                  Come to the Americas…Daisy has chocolate,lol.

          • OH BOY,

            Rest assured ADB, that though there – by thier own assinine postings here – in fact do not have the ‘Milk of Human Kindness’ flowing through thier veins DAISY AIN’T ONE. MEIN GOTT IN HIMMEL!
            WHY do you think that ‘we’ come here? Why do yo think that – time and again – we effort ourselves to point various potential situations and THE CONSEQUENCES out to those who will take heed? This ain’t exactly ‘sittin down to dinner with friends’ is it?
            First and foremost, those here live in the HOPE that if a catastrophe should occur somewhere, somehow that SOME of what’s been put forth here will help someone…perhaps be the difference between someone living and dying even. The single most important point at hand here is to recognize that YOU are tge only person on the face of the EARTH who can take responsibility for YOURSELF.
            Authority and responsibilty are the two sides of a SINGLE coin. Anyone who has authority but no resposibility is effectively a Tyrant; Withot accountability what else could such be called? Anyone who has resposibility (is accountable for) and has no authority to act is a SLAVE; Tasked by the authority of others and bearing the accountability got decisions they did not make.
            The illusion of an ‘irresponsible’ existence, a life of actions – without consequence – is being shredded before the vey eyes of America each night on the evening news. There exists no lack of compassion here for those who tonight are cold and wet and hungry on our east coast …but there is here ‘FRUSTRATION’ that all the counsel posted here – and elsewhere – day after day after day goes unheeded.
            “Behold, Look Ye Upon the Face Of Pestilence, Oh Columbia!”
            “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

            • In 1st Non-capped line should read

              “That though there here are those who -”

              Sorry, twas dashed off in haste and a little bit of anger,
              additionally my idiot keyboard is on it’s last legs….

          • Giving a drunk a drink a drink is not compassion.

            I get the impression that Daisy may be a little TOO compassionate, but obviously will get up to speed quickly, and takes care of her own first (what a concept!). At any rate, she is obviously much, much less cold hearted than me.

            BTW, I don’t belong to any Daisy fanclub, but she hardly strike me as one to kick poeple when they’re down, and probably would be more trustworthy than most of my neighbors.

          • I either assume you are a new poster or an old one who hasn’t got the guts to put her name on the post. People like you make make me sick. Go crawl back under your stone you pathetic twat.

            If only the good die young it seems you are in for a long, long life. Tell you what, I know what I’ve done with my life, and I know it’s hit and miss whether I’ll go up or down when I shuffle off my mortal coil, but you, you think you’ve got it all sorted.

            Well let me tell you you immature, pathetic low life… do not have it sorted. To come on here and launch an unprovoked attack for no apparent reason is disgusting. Your enom and vitriol has been noted and will possibly come back to you a hundred fold.

            Now do us all a favour and fuck off.

            • Oh Yah!…Too roight Burt…Get after Em! Those who listen and do not hear, those who look and do not see…F-off indeed.

          • Daisy is my girlfriend dont talk bad about her,,or something will crawl out of the wall and swallow you hole.If you dont like what she says dont read her post,,but if you do dont be ugly ugly!!!!!!!

            • And Snake Eater….shhhhhh….you weren’t supposed to tell anyone about us. 😉

          • This group is so supportive to anyone who is willing to learn, whether we always agree with the opinions of others or not. Because we tend to be independent thinkers we are definitely not going to be on the same page all the time.

            I appreciate you all sticking up for me. Thank you.

            • Truly, the ‘Wisdom of the Ages’ Daisy. Part of the basis of community – in any sense – is mutual self-defense. It is all that much the easier when that which one would defend is upright and straight all in all. 🙂

        • Amen to that Daisy!

          And after this was posted, the situations are deteriorating rapidly…

          and only to get worse …


        • Those who accused me of not having faith will probably still not get it.

        • Wow, this storm is a surprise. What is more of a surprise is that people are already out of food, and dumpster diving. It is hard for me to understand that lifestyle, and not having a stock of food to get you through at least a couple of weeks. Try some of our new Express meals that can be ready in a few minuets
          Its far better to spend a few bucks on food that can be ready to eat in a emergency, than to think it will not happen to you. Heck this is not even winter yet can you imagine if this was in February?

        • 2 weeks from now, they will all be back in normalcy-bias-distraction mode, and will have forgotten all about it…

          And most of them will still criticize you for prepping…

          • @ JustMe,

            Oh…I think, this time, it’ll be a ‘bit’ longer than two weeks…..

            • I donno, the average Amerikan has the attention span of an untrained Cocker Spaniel. Thier attentions will be properly diverted, and thier fave entertainers will send them sappy tweets, and they’ll settle back into watching TV, etc. A month from now, they will scarcely remember the event…

            • have you been to new orleans lately still blue tarps on roofs there,,,two weeks huh???

        • Let’s be real here folks..

          Who the hell can have a wood stove or alternate heat source or a well to draw upon in all of metro NY?
          This is NY City folks the epicenter of the capitalist world.
          The bastion of hedge funds and Wall street.
          One of the premier financial centers of the world where all the central bankers meet and planned the implosion of Europe and the US..
          and where their masters..
          The New York Federal Reserve resides..

          Surely all the well heeled left in a hurry to the Hamptons and Connecticut and left the working class and poor to fend for themselves…

          This is all a stage..and where the central planners are laughing their asses off at the plight of the ebt crowds and the janitors and maids, the first responders, etc are risking their lives every day to assist these folks.

          To ridicule them as a whole is absurd..they are blinded by government and the system that has them by the balls..and now they plead for help from their elected assholes for whom they voted..and those assholes have left them for the slaughter..

          Obama and Romney alike..

          If the loyalists are treated like this in a disaster..?

          just think of what they have in store for the likes of us..!!

          keep on prepping..


        • My brother called me yesterday. working from watching fox news, there was somone on talking about being prepeared,stored food,,fuel,also what ive preached the goverment can save you that you are responsable for your own life,his words were Ive heard this some were before,from you learn, prepare, live.

        • The sad truth is that even after this disaster, people still won’t prep.

        • Wow! I’m #1! I am woman…..



      2. “Angry citizens demand to be fed and watered”



        • Maybe, just maybe, they’ll notice that supplies are slower to come than they prefer, and maybe, just maybe? They’ll get the hint and take a few steps to help themselves out for the next time…

          • As Einstein said; the definition of insanity is repeating the same action expecting a different result…

            We shall see how many are truly insane, or, just so poor and brainwashed they just can’t help themselves. For them, FEMA camps are best… really.

            (I went to a FEMA trailer park after Hurricane Floyd, to visit someone… YECH, nasty smelly stinky and ignorance on display. It was a wonder the whole place wasn’t overcome by a cholera epidemic.)

            • You have to realize that most of these folks have never experienced such a thing before.

              Some will say “f$#k this!’, and move.

              Some will look at it as a one-time thing and continue on once things get better.

              Some will store a few days worth of stuff, perhaps a couple of weeks’ worth.

              And some? They will take it to heart and get serious about it.

              It’s that last bit you want to foster, but even if you can get them going on the second-to-last bit, you’ve got a better situation than before.

            • That was the old “Bush FEMA”. Great news, this is the new “Obama FEMA”!

              Did everybody see the huge wad of 5k generators, all cabled together, being held in “reserve” for the NYC Marathon! (now cancelled,boo hoo). While square miles are without power.

              Any truth to the rumor; Union NYC Linemen turned away non-union out of state help? If this is true, it takes the cake!
              I was there. The ONLY place I saw utility work being done was Riis Park. Oh yeah, looked like a utility convention. Money talks, baby. Personaly saw zero line work being done anywhere else. (doesn’t mean it’s not being done, just didn’t see it)
              Sanitation Dept. doing a great job with cleanup.

              I give it about 4 or 5 days, and the situation will go critical. Everyones’ in shock. They BETTER get a handle on the gas station problem. odd/even, what a joke! Military is bringing in millions of gallons. How do they plan on distributing it? Soon, it will come down to throwing taxpayer dollars like a ticker tape parade.

              • What no one is mentioning is the damage that the salt water will do in the subways. the salt will leave a film everywhere and when salt, metal and electricity are combined the effect is severe corrosion. The flooding will cause problems for years as the salt does it’s slow dirty work.

        • EIZENKREUTZ i know you mean well,,but the comment about “worthless old men”i`m sure you didnt mean it that way.Because i`m an old man

          • Friend,

            One of my grandfathers was a machinist who taught me to work on engines and the other was a farmer who made me plant first with the hoe, second with the horse, and only third with a tractor. I praised the Lord for the blessing of a tractor after my hands had bled a couple of seasons.

            My hatred of your generation is that you are responsible for destroying the American birthright with your irresponsible spending on socialist welfare programs which have gouged prices in healthcare and education via liquidity injections, as well as destroying our Frontiersman spirit, which heretofore had defined our national character. And for all this old people have the brazen audacity to presume to speak down to younger people and demand respect for our “elders”. The “greatest generation” is a filthy lie. You will be remembered as the most hated people in American history.

            • wow you have thought that through.

              i don’t agree but you do get points for being sincere (LOL)

            • @eisenwhatever:

              Our generation did not piss away your birthright, we passed the baton and you dropped it. Hate yourself butterfingers.


              • BA thank you

            • Eisenkreutz: I knew it! I could tell that you’re one of the “Real Christians” because the love of God just pours forth with your every word. Now don’t forget to say your prayers for us “old” screw-ups who left you holding the bag. My German is very rusty (45 years), but doesn’t Eisenkreutz translate as “self-righteous”?

              • lets not jump to conclusions there are spome real christains out here and we don’t want to lumped in with that. (god bless)

                • Stepabove: I was being sarcastic. No offense to the real Christians out there, just the many phonies I’ve seen and herd from, like Eisenkruetz. In one post he’s praising the Lord and in other posts his racist comments have a hidden Zieg Heil behind them; talking about ‘hood rats’ and ‘creole mamas’. The Bible says a tree is know by the fruit it bears; well Eisenkruetz’s tree is rotten down to its roots. No one can be a Christian and hate folks, that’s just plain hypocracy. Peace Brother.

              • It means Iron Cross. As in the military insignia the Nazis wore. It has a much longer history, but that’s what most people associate it with.

                He misspelled it though. There’s no “t” before the z.

            • The greatest generation was the generation that fought and won WW2. The generation that screwed the country are their children and grandchildren.

              But to be honest from what I’ve seen over my 43 years, the 30YO’s and down aren’t going to do better and might very well screw it up worse.

              A lot of the problems came from younger generations demanding this and that from the government and the politicians giving it so they would get re-elected.

            • And you sir, are overcome by the MYSTERY power that takes all minds through their hearts. The New Paradigm of the young, that are so superior because they ‘see the light’? You stand on the shoulders of those who went before you, and of course you see farther, lets hope so… but;

              WE, are and were, as deceived as all the generations are, including yours. The statue takes us all down, and rises as the Phoenix from the ashes, with you as cheerleaders, only to take you down in time. For that is the only way the Head of Gold, can remain in place, is to keep you divided while paying him rent.

              See the truth;
              pipermichael dot wordpress dot com
              on page; What killed the idea of America?

            • Which generation are you refering to? The greatest generation is mostly gone. Very few boomers had any say in anything. As is the case now the politicians said one thing and as soon as elected did another. That’s not changing.Reid has already stated thet if Rimney wins they will not work with him. Party over all, country and people can go to hell.

        • Eisenkreutz = Iron Cross

          Your hatred is astounding…I could be wrong, but it doesn’t feel like Arab or black hatred…more like German hatred.

          There has to be a story behind it. Did you lose someone close to you? Did you experience childhood abuse, either from peers or family? What fuels this hatred?

          If you want to learn about generational conflicts…read up on — it will become clear to you. Another great informational source is any of Colin Woodard’s articles and books.

      3. I truly feel for all the people on east coast that are suffering wake up this is just a preview of things to come and when they come if your not ready you will be on your own. use this as a learning experiance to help with your own prep your own plan stay ready stay prepared the time is close at hand

        • It’s too late for the majority to “wake up”. They’re programmed (it’s in their DNA now) to rely on the Government, on “somebody”. That’s why they’re in line and in the dumpsters!

          WE are a small minority and one better believe, when the government isn’t there to “take care of them” they’ll be coming in our direction.

          • Nah, not this direction, they’ll go back quicker than they came in…
            We are surrounded by creeks and bridges, and we, got plans too…

          • And the sad truth is that was how the gubmint planned it over the last 50 years. It’s their job security. 😉

      4. No one is rolling thier eyes now, that is, unless they have their eyes closed.

      5. I feal bad for the peaple that were not prepared.

        We do not plan to fail, But fail to plan.

        Even Noea had to build a boat.

        • But Noah DID build the boat. He got up off his butt and actually did it. He probably sat looking out the window wondering if the fishing was any good…

          • lol yeah but noah was told by god to do it personally.
            I am sure if god told each person personally to do it and not thru media or prayer but as he did noah they may of listened 🙂

            • Didn’t work for jonah

        • Speaking of God telling people to do things – I was told that God told Daniel to save the wheat for the lean years, and God didn’t tell me directly to prep like he told Daniel, therefore I shouldn’t prep. But, scripture doesn’t say that God told Daniel to prep. God told him the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and he used his common sense and prepped for the lean years. Nowhere does it say “God told Daniel to save wheat.”

          So we CAN use Daniel’s example to use our common sense to get ready for things we know are coming.

          Also, scripture says whoever doesn’t provide for his own household is worse than an infidel. I was told that if I had faith, I wouldn’t need to prep because “God is our provider.” That’s true, He IS our provider, but we normally have to go out and work and then go out and purchase or harvest, in a sense providing for ourselves – even though God makes the plants grow, gives us gainful employment, makes us healthy enough to work, etc. THAT’s how He provides for us. He normally doesn’t let us be lazy and then drop food into our mouths while we sit in the yard with our mouths open like a bunch of baby birds that are incapable of doing anything. If you’re able-bodied, you’re responsible for providing for yourself and your household, now and in the future. God just doesn’t want us to WORRY about it. When He says to not think about tomorrow, because he provides for the birds and will provide for you, he doesn’t expect us to just sit there and expect God to bring food to us. I believe he also doesn’t want us to ignore clear warnings of hyperinflation.

          Another thing regarding God and prepping: I’ve been told that if we follow Yeshua, God will provide for us so we don’t need to prep. But what about those in our extended family who don’t follow Yeshua? Should we let them starve? Yes, they’re supposed to be responsible for themselves, but unless you’re evil and heartless, you will end up helping them if possible, even if you’re telling them “I told you so” the whole time. Maybe we have elderly or handicapped relatives who can’t prep.

          Just something to think about, and points to defend yourself with if needed.

          • Spot-On LT,

            “Do ALL you can do, THEN stand in Faith…”

            Not some, not most, not 17%….ALL.

          • “Should we let them starve?”

            Well that depends on several things and how you look at them. I have two kids that I will have to provide food and water for when the shtf. They come before any other family members, including myself, and I come before anyone else except my kids. If I move them in with me and give them food and water what happens to my kids if I run out of said food and water?
            It’s not letting them starve. It’s letting them have what they wanted. They wanted the instant gratification of all the worlds “toys” instead of spending that money on food and supplies. I can’t endanger my children’s lives because some undisciplined idiot, related or not, suddenly decides that they were wrong after it all goes bad. They are on their own, because I don’t have any food. >_>
            Hence the reason why preppers and survivalists should never tell anyone what they are doing….ever.

            And you do know what Yeshua is right?

      6. “Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.”

        ~Thomas Jefferson – Notes on the State of Virginia

        • alt mis-quote version :

          “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

          ~Thomas Jefferson

          • As is already demonstrable by the vast majority of the Amerikan population today. Wouldn’t you love just five minutes with Jefferson’s ghost today!

          • The acquisition of Canada this year, as far as the neighborhood of Quebec, will be a mere matter of marching, and will give us experience for the attack of Halifax the next, and the final expulsion of England from the American continent.

            Thomas Jefferson ~1812. In a letter to Colonel William Duane.

            You win some , you lose some.

      7. What is a Freegan?

        Freegans are people who employ alternative strategies for living based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed.

        The word freegan is compounded from “free” and “vegan”.

        • It think it stands for “FREE-loading VEGetarian.”

          • That too.

        • I think that’s who a lot of the dumpster divers are in the pics. A lot of good food going to waste because the stores aren’t allowed to sell it.

      8. How does the song go? “If they can make it there, they’ll make it anywhere.” The arrogance of city folks has come back to bite them in the assets. Glenn Beck left just in time.

        Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18

        • Glenn Beck is a knucklehead and a right wing shill.

          • Glenn Beck is in the cards of the PTB.

      9. They should use their O’Bummer phones to call … O’Bummer. Before this is over there will be VIOLENCE and martial law as predicted by SHTF America, last January 1st.

        Unfortunately, in NYC, guns are outlawed so only outlaws will have guns.

        • When Romney wins, what will they call the Ostupid phones??

          • Maybe everyone already knows this, but for an idea who pays for the free phones and internet access, open your phone bill and look for the Universal Connectivity charge. This is another legacy of the Clinton administration from the mid ninties. I suppose we could call them Slick Willy phones.

      10. It is truly the “least” coast.

        Maybe a download of the latest Ifood,Iwater,or Igas app will help them get by.

        Gonna get cold tonight, I pity the fools.

        • One more thing….be safe… stay the course…stay frosty…BA.

        • Awesome! Thought you might be channeling Mr.T. Glad I left. Now I can weather anything. Keep prepping and laughing… I have a saying, “I’d rather learn by watching someone else screw up”. Sad thing is, most will be back to their normal in a week, and forget about this over their mocha lattes…

          • @Leigion7:

            thank you

            There is no known cure for NYC Stupid.

            …stay the course…….Sandy did……BA.

          • Not mr T i think it was “Soap” Quote

      11. Tri-fuel small gen sets & 12/24/110 volt freezers filled and two weeks H20 would have gone a long ways BEFORE. Oh, and one other thing, absente ballots… Vote and vote often.

        Disclaimer: I am not against tuna or PB.

      12. Ah Yes, blame the government… PLEASE!

        as Piper goes out, and picks up a dozen eggs from his girls…
        Breakfast anyone?

        Seriously, Daisy is right. I learned my BIG lessons in Hurricane Floyd and the flood of ’99. After two weeks of living in and being surrounded by the nastiest water you’ve ever thought of… waking up to screaming wife…(water moccasin in the kitchen…) finally down to eating homemade biscuits and mustard, then finally able to make it to town to get gas for the genny and fights breaking out over 5 gallon limits and EMPTY SHELVES…

        Oh yeah…Miss Daisy is right. Prepping is a way of life.

        NEVER AGAIN.

        • Even in the city, in an apartment, you could have a Honda 1K or 2K genny on the balcony, and some food… As far as the guns for protecting your goods… the majority voted for the guys that took the guns,and now they reap what they have sown… solution…MOVE. Fox news just had an anchorman saying…”wait until the weekend” from New York. Should be fun.

        • Floyd was a nasty one, complete with floating caskets in flooded river areas. UGH.

          Glad you woke up.

      13. No, but see, if I hoard food I’m a terrorist, remember?

        • THEN SO BE IT – I’m a terrorist…but I’m a well fed and comfortable terrorist.

      14. just put your head down and keep prepping. nothing to see here.

        sheep are too stupid to learn. over and over they will fail to plan and will again and again be herded like the sheep they are. these same idiots will be the same idiots you see on tv lining up to buy shit they don’t need the day after thanksgiving. this will all be a distant memory…until the next time shtf…

        • I like rack of lamb. Rare.

        • I was thinking the same thing. Gee, those lines dont look half as bad as the ones that they will get into for the latest apple gadget. Even with camping gear and sleeping bags, and of course food for three days. Would’nt want to lose your place in line you know.

        • Actually, SHEEPLE give SHEEP a bad rep…

        • @ asian prep. Isn’t it amazing how someone can continue to suffer the same fate over and over again and not learn from it? This is like they derive pleasure from pain and agony, masochistic. You are so correct that these imbeciles could suffer through this over and over again, and yet be the same people waiting for tidbits thrown to the monkeys at the zoo the next time a disaster hits. The real problem with this is that one day there will be no help there because the diaster is just too severe. I ask these people, what then? The usual reply is that someone will eventually come to help them, they always do. WHAT?!!!!

          This is the notion of most people that live in a country that is not stressing be prepared, your government will be there for you no matter what. This no matter what is so crazy I can’t believe it. I can think of 3 events in which the U.S. government could not and would not help for a long time, they couldn’t because of the enormity of the situation. They are called the Cascadia, San Andreas, and the New Madrid. Either one or more of these faults break with the severity that they should, those in these areas better have supplies stocked up for their families and some survival knowledge or they are going to likely be numbers later calculated in books.

          There are also active volcanoes around the country that would make government help near impossible should they erput on a VEI (volcanic explosive index) of 6 or more. I have always been concerned about the Long Valley Caldera in the Sierra Nevada mountains as a sleeping giant one day to wake up. The early 1980’s swarm of four 6+ earthquakes had many also concerned. Coincidence that Mount St. Helens went off about the same time? I don’t think so.

          I was reading more about Hurricane Sandy and how IF there had been more time and about 3 degrees warmer water, a little less wind shear and Sandy could have been a lot worse. Sandy was trying to form a eyewall, and had this happened you would have seen rapid intensification. It already had hit a little over 939 MB which was a category 4 pressure. If this had happend you could have had the pressure drop to 900 MB or about 26.5 inches of pressure. This was Hurricane Katrina. The storm surge would have been near double, instead of 14 feet, 25-27 feet. The winds would have grown from 90 mph to about 130-140 mph, a little more time it would have top 150 mph. In short New York would look like it had been hit with tsunami and been bombed out by an enemy airstrike.

          Why I brought this up is because it could have been far worst, and the people now are being told it was a 300-500 year storm. So they are no longer worried, they lived through it, no big deal. Well the ocean temperature is what creates these super storms, as hurricanes are nature’s air conditioners. The ocean temperature for whatever reason is warmer now than in thousands of years and we can expect more super storms that look like they have come up of some science fiction novel. The people now will just “know” that it won’t happen again. This stupidity will once again surface with the same lines somewhere else or in the same place.

          Interesting that the same European weather service that predicted this storm Sandy within “15 miles!” of where it hit a week before, is now calling for a northeastern to hit the “same” Mid Atlantic states, New York and New Jersey by Wednesday of next week. Will people listen and try to prepare now, or be zombie like? Probably not. I will say this again, Thank God there are preppers/survivalists still left out there, the truly only people left with brains.

          • They don’t have power so no TV-internet to warn of the pending storm. LMFAO!

          • @ BI

            “The ocean temperature for whatever reason is warmer now than in thousands of years and we can expect more super storms that look like they have come up of some science fiction novel”

            I have read several things about the current getting warmer. For whatever reason scientists seem to be in agreement that it is getting warmer. They also seem to agree, from what I have read, that the Atlantic current is shifting in such a way that storms like Sandy shooting up the east coast will be the new normal.

            Any insight on this current shift? Or what the changing temps in the ocean can mean other than the obvious bigger stronger storm occurances?

            • @ john ina box. I was reading in an older book from 1992, The Weather Book, by USA Today, about the frequency of Atlantic hurricanes. Garage sales are wonderful for finding out of print books that offer a lot of information. What it says is that when there is an uptick of wet weather along the western coast of Africa, especially the Gulf of Guinea, the hurricanes increase a lot. Evidentally this is because this area is one of the birthing areas where hurricanes begin and then travel across the Atlantic. These African patterns can last for decades, both dry and wet periods that either starve out hurricane production or feed into it. I know there is a lot of information on the internet, but good books are just so much better to have and sit down in a quiet place and read.

              Anyway this book goes into detail about about hurricanes are the way heat from the equatorial areas is tranferred to the middle latitudes. They said that this is quite efficient, but still ONLY 3% of this heat is transferred. Any further efficiency and we would all be in big trouble. The problem is that when you have more heat, the oceans eventually warm up. The heat through convection must go somewhere and it will. People can debate that greenhouse gases are not responsible, but through physical law is when you add carbons to the atmosphere there has to be some sort of reaction to this. That can be rapid or gradual, but it must happen unless this carbon escapes to space, which it has not.

              The volume of greenhouse gases is 200 years worth since post industrial revolution, this is a lot as core sample in ice caps shows. Now this of course has been added gradually and therefore the reaction to this could be slow. Even if it is slow, the fact is that this will mean more severe climatic changes. Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma all had something called a stadium effect in which the thunderstorms were packed so closely together, like a crowded seats at a stadium, that those that hunt hurricanes have never seen them this close together. This hurricane itself was again and again commented over CNN, FOX, the Weather Channel that they have never seen anything like this.

              When you have trained weather people often with doctorines saying, they have never seen this, something rotten is going on within the climate. When you start seeing records broken all over the place, this means something even if the records are at the oldest 200 years old. Comparing other planets, the stability of the planet Earth is extremely calm by comparison. Countries like China that burn coal like it is the 19th century without any regard to what they doing to everything around them, are killing the planet’s ecosystem. The planet will react, NOT as some entity with a conscious and thought, but as a physical mass trying to rebalance what is wrong.

              The same goes to say with an addition of a basic to an acid, the chemical reaction is exactly what the planet will do, try to reestablish an equalibrium. Many people put a mystic property to this, but in reality everything seeks a balance and when this balance is out of whack, the more severe the reaction will be to try to bring back this balance. People being sick often can heal themselves by seeking out this balance within the chemistry of their bodies for example.

              In one word to describe what is going to happen, EXTREMES. You will have instead of having a flood with 10 inches of rain, 20. Instead of a drought lasting 12 months, maybe 5 years or 10. You get the idea, much more intense. This is showing up with tornadoes, hurricanes, weather records. Here is what people don’t see. Global warming doesn’t mean that it has to be warmer than average. The planet can be extremely cold as a reaction to the above average temperatures in many spots as this balance is trying to be reached. Buzz word global warming should be changed to global change.

              Back to your question. Will the Atlantic storms become the noraml. YES. So will hurricanes that wallop california that is at the same latitude as South and North Carolina. The ONLY thing that prevents california from not being nailed is the cold upwelling of the california current. This upwelling should it stop, would raise the temperature 10F and would allow San Diego to have 80-82 degrees ocean water, this would be prime time for hurricanes. There is an El Nino coming up that will warm the Pacific ocean this coming summer. If the temperatures from San Diego to LA get above 77 degrees this time around and a hurricane is driven into california, this time it WON’T fizz out. Like back on Sept. 25, 1939 when southern california was last hit by a tropical storm. 1938 was the last time New York really got nailed by the Long Island Express, one year later there was an El Nino in 1939 and california got nailed. 2012 superstorm Sandy, and 2013 there is going to be an El Nino. Interesting for california next year perhaps as weather follws patterns!

          • @BI…I have just been reading something on HAARP…have you done any research on them, and what are your thoughts?? This is pretty scary information!! take care, CC.

            • @ Canada Canuk. The HAARP system seems to be more directed to weather modification than anything, of course they won’t tell you this. It would take magnitudes more energy to direct it at the planet. Not saying it cannot be done, just don’t think that anyone in their right mind would experiment with something that could kill the person along with many others doing the testing. These people are usually nuts, so who knows. It always seems that good intentional devices end up being used as weapons against someone.

              Years ago a very strange low pressure system was over Australia. It was almost perfectly circular at one point. With prevailing winds this should not happen. Experimenting with their toy, you bet. How much power it actually has is what is debatable here.

          • Hallelujah!!! Can I get a witness here!!!!!

            Hi BI,

            Had another GRB yesterday, same have been very sparse lately. It occurs to me that we seem to see a LOWER seismicity when these things ARE active, and the reverse also, From September forward the frequency with which we were recording those was way down. As per a previous post – I can’t remeber who it was though – speaking to the idea of the Earth ‘Heating Up’ and the concommitant’s associated therewith. IF a volume of anything is heated and it is contrained by the presence of a boundary then pressure goes up right? due to confinement of the tendency to expand. However, that’s not actually what occurs on a terrestrial scale. It’s more like the circumstance of a bunch of flotsam – the continents and plates – and it follows that if the average temp went down that’s when the interplate stresses would rise…similar to the bubbles in the bathtub draining out when you’ve pulled the plug…getting more and more compressed as they are pulled more and more tightly into proximity to the throat of the drain. Modernsurvival blog is running an article now about the possibility of a 9+ event on the west coast in light of the recent 7.7 up near Haida Gwaii…you might stop over and take a look if you haven’t already done so, it seems to be principally similar to what you;ve been saying lately. Again, Seismic is NOT my Forte’, Astro and Solar are. 🙂

            • @ JustOneGuy. After the 7.7 I did bring this immediately up about the Cascadia Fault as I could see how close it was. Many times others read what I wrote and write their own opinions on this. That’s is okay, especially when they can provide maps and visual aids to illustrate this. I have thought about outside influences such as HAARP and other manmade devices like the collidor in Switzerland and they could be influces the planet. However, these earthquakes are still following the same patterns they have decades before any of these devices existed.

              When you have a polar earthquake in a location it points to where there is going to be an earthquake that is larger most of the time. This is how I was able to predict where the last 3 earthquakes were going to hit. The 6.7 in Indonesia that was 10 miles away from where it hit 2 years ago, the 6.6 in Vanuatu, and the 7.7 in Canada that was 135 miles off. These devices are not affecting where they are hitting, as much as maybe accelerating the time between when they happen. When the Cascadia fault breaks it will allow the San Andreas that space to slip and move into, like it did back in 1700.

              Now, when the 9.1 in Indonesia broke, several weeks ago there was a huge earthquake of 8.1 down south of Australia. This was a lot of movement of the southern portion of the Australian plate, which of course moved against the area of the 9.1. I think that this earthquake was close enough and 7.7 is defintely powerful enough.

              I feel the longer we wait, the bigger the earthquake will be when the Cascadia fault goes. If it was going to be a 8.5-8.7 I really feel it would have broken by now. 8.8-9.0, you could probably give it another week to 3 weeks. If it is going to be 9.1 or larger it could take months or longer. The more something is locked the more time it s going to take for a powerful jarring like this 7.7 will take to cause it to collapse. If it goes into next year, then you are taking about a mammouth earthquake when it breaks. You are quite bright, does this make logical sense to you?

              • Hi BI,

                “Now, when the 9.1 in Indonesia broke several YEARS ago…” There fix’t if for ya 🙂 It is exactly the locked and under starin thing I was pointing towards…specifically, “What is the genesis of the pressures at the interplate boundaries? If, instead of a cooling occuring it was the case that a thorough (meaning like ‘microwave cooking a potato’ throughout) heating, an increase in the total heat energy, were occuring then we’d likely see some seimic occurances as the boudaries came to be under LESS strain. In so doing any local irregularities in which strain existed would begin to relax and possbly register seismically. It’s the corrsponding ‘cooling’ phase that would be like ‘soap bubbles down the drain’, ie, interplate pressures rising as the effective surface area at the magma/mantle interface decreases….kust like a ballon stuck into a refrigerato, volume (total) decreases. It is interesting to note that larely the averafe height of the magma at Kilahaeaha – Damn, ‘Hawaii’, never could spell those Hawaiin names from memory, too many durn consecutive vowels. – is rising. Did You mention that before? I think so actually. If the pressure (locally) in the center of the Pacific plate is rising, forcing magma up the caldera then counter-intuitively the average pressure at the plate boundary’s might be falling. “WHOA, GOT TO BE WRONG THERE BUDDY…” you will be thinking (I presume here, yes). Maybe not though: Consider a bar of any given material sitting flush and flat on a table top. Ig pressure is placed axially on the bar – sufficiently – then the bar will begin to bow, it can’t bow downwards so it befins to vow upwards as more and more is exerted against it…Yes? eventually the cenetr of the bar lifts from the table top leacing a gap through which onme can slip something between the two. TO BE SURE, the preceding is simplistic…it’s intended to demonstrate the notion, that all. The crust of the Earth over large distances is far more fluid than we’d otherwise think – as you well know, I’m NOT trying to ‘Instruct the Instructor’ here -…I digress here. In the future I’ll simply use ‘NMF’ to denote ‘Not My Forte’, Eh?
                Continuing. There something more to the pattern here than meets the eye, I’m sure. I’be collected over 200 Gb of the NOAA Solar archives over time and actually have just lately been through the entirety of the NOAA X-Plots back to 1996 looking, of course, for a central underlying theme, the pattern to it (beyond the obvious) 11 year greater cycle. Suffice it to say that – superficially – there isn’t any. Yet, when you start going back to look at the historical record of GRB’s there does seem to be some small correspondence in the patterns. Science, Physics moreover – as embodied in the ‘Standard model’ – knows both VERY much about out existence and simultaneously VERY little at the same time…if that sounds perfectly contradictory well it actually is, just about. The GRB thing is not so much an issue of a (as in the Pre-historic case) blast of Gamma which ELE’s us all into oblivion. It about what we don’t know but suspect. The entire universe and everything in it is almost perfectly transparent to “Gravity Waves” which proceed at EXACTLY the ‘speed of light’ no matter what. BTW, even the speed of light, over VAST distances, isn’t the speed of light as it were. The ulra-high energy stuff, gamma and extreme gamma are completely expected to proceed over such scales at an effectibe velocity different from lower energy impulses like radio, microwave etc. A veriety of experiments right now are attemting to answer some DEEP questions based on exactly this premise. In any event ‘something’ perhaps something science hasn’t successfully quantified well yet seems operant over long time scales allowing for extraordinary occurances in the depths of time. Lunar samples from the Apollo missions – analyzed by BASA researchers – suggest strongly (by odd isotopic composition) that over the last 1-2 million years truly gargantuan Solar events have occurred here in our own solar system…way beyond a mere X-20, 30, 40…
                I’ve just about concluded that ‘something’ is at work in all these things and that MATBE we just now have enough data from a huge number of sources to begin ‘seeing’ some of these additional connections which are bow so mysterious to us. Gee, I REALLY hope I hope that I don’t piss Mac off for this amount of rambling in the comments section…as I said, I’ll be REALLY glad if he can get that PM going over here…this is part of what I was alluding to previously. This STUFF just goes on and on and on….
                Anywho, it’s awful late…I’m outa here for the night. I know I didn’t give you – even proximately – an answer to your question tonight, my apologies therefor. On a final note, even though those on the east coast might not have had the good sense to prepare for this terror which has come home to them I have been cold and wet and tired many times in the past… I still am praying for them even though some of those here do not seem to have any respect for ‘Divine Agency’ ‘Night BI

                • OMG!!

                  I AM GOING TO SHOOT THIS DAMN KEYBOARD AS SOON AS I GET IT replaced with something better. Apologies to all. I wonder if I can get this thing strapped to the arm of my skeet/trap claybird launcher? Why do electonics make me soooo vindictive lately I wonder…AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh.

                  Yes Coco, I was BAD, using CAPS tonight… I am guilty, you may gloat at your conveniance.

                • @ JustOneGuy. I sure do enjoy the think tank type of communications that goes on here, it is very stimulating. I understand what you are saying about the convection waves of heat transferring from one point to the other. The plate boundaries that do release pressure in a violent 9+ however is more of a process of the entire planet’s internal system. The plates are more less like that of an eggshell, and putting that egg into a constant state of being heated, but not quite to the point of blowing up egg yolk all over the place. Really the pressure and heat is only vented when there is some sort of volcanic eruption. Weaker points, oceanic crusts are moving and lose to continental crust everytime that is denser. The question is why does the crust drift in the direction that it does.

                  Like you said there are cooler and warmer points of the pressure cooker that is under the planet. Now do these cooler areas mean that they are being relaxed and from this the seismic activity increases. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think so. Many areas around the world where ancient plate boundaries were as violent as Japan and the coast of South America is now, are in a sense dead cold rock for the most part, all depending on the strain from the direction and movement of the plate. The New Madrid is an anceint plate boundary that was like the Kuril Islands. IF the direction of the North American plate was different, the directed strain would be away from it and now earthquakes on the New Madrid. Much of the strain directed towards the New Madrid is from the Cocos and Caribbean plates and the fact that the Atlantic Ocean is expanding in size. Like when the axis of a car breaks, it focuses toward that one weak point, in case of the New Madrid that point of fused rock.

                  When an earthquake does go off there is a sharp decrease of pressure along where it broke, and pressure is heat. The problem though like in a pressure cooker is that unless there is some sort of venting that occurs, volcano, the heat would rapidly be replaced in this zone soon after the earthquake. The reason why Hawaii is experiencing what is happening is first it is on a hot spot like Yellwostone is and that the Pacific ocean is shrinking. The Atlantic Ocean is spreading and why you have this pulling apart of the oceanic crust there. The Pacific Ocean is being compressed in a way that a trash compactor kind of works and you have this bulging effect going on and why the magma is filling up like a boil.

                  The plates and their direction of movement is really what is determining the stress points. When the plates try to move they concentrate energy away from the most locked positions to areas that are not so locked and smaller earthquakes occur. By figuring out the direction at which this “wave” of energy was directed FROM, you can forecast earthquakes. The more something is locked is smaller any type of earthquake activity will be in that area. The whole system is connected.

                  Why do plates move in the direction they do? In all likelihood in a mass pressurized system like under the planet it has to with where the least amount of pressure is located that everything is being drawn to, just like in a hurricane’s eye. Everything is seeking out balance, and this drifting is likely this heat and pressure attempting to reach an equilibrium. The internal insides of the planet are irregular and you have these eddies of currents of heat and pressure. Everytime there is a venting, the system goes further out of whack. However without this venting, one day the planet could expand so much like a pressure cooker and literally blow itself outward. These weak points on the crust are where the venting occurs. Yellowstone could not go off for a long time because the hot spot is now over a thicker crust that can withstand the pressure. Idaho use to be the Yellowstone of North America.

                  The crust itself is a result of being cooled enough rock to form a crust. As I mentioned the cooling effect of the rock decreases earthquake activity as less and less pressure occurs. I see where you are coming from like the balloon in a refrigerator, or a car’s tires when the temperature drops a lot. That this relaxation process is because the center of the mass is taking up the pressure and the plate boundaries are coming under less strain. The problem with this is that the entire system is not losing enough of the heat without a true venting. Unfortunately for humans this means a super volcano along the weak points, my bet being Indonesia or New Zealand.

                  Now for the solar part of it. 260 million years ago or so there was a mass extinction of 95% of the species. It has been thought that this was either some widespread disease that is very possible or it came from space. If it came from space it was like either a gamma ray pulse or a huge solar flare that fried the planet with cosmic radiation and killed off the plankton and other sea and land food sources. Yes solar flares are probably more in the X100-X200 range when they really erupt. X-40 is chump change to what can happen, like Sandy was a spring rain in comparison to what can occur.

                  People continue to under estimate what is happening and can happen from Mother Nature. By the way there was a large 5.8 on the Mid Atlantic Ridge today at 7 degrees north, this one was directed right at the Caribbean plate like a rifle bullet. 5.8 is larger for the Mid Atlantic Ridge as spreading areas like this earthquakes don’t get that big. Any other thoughts on anything, throughly enjoy your comments.

          • Had it hit thirty miles further North it would have been much worse, the storm surge in New York harbor would have been ten feet higher.

      15. People have excuses for not prepping – mainly that if you prep you will be a target. Well NOT if everyone preps, and not when the disaster is temporary, like it is now.

        At the very least, make sure your pantry has at least 72 hours of food in it! It’s not that difficult and will save you having to join these hordes!

      16. Before Sandy, Prepper was implied as a nut job by non-preppers!!!
        During Sandy, I wonder how many non-preppers & atheist found religion!
        After Sandy, Non-preppers have learned the hard lesson of Humility as well as meeting all the nut jobs at the gas station, except the preppers, who are home enjoying a cold drink! Who’s laughing now! The Looters are! In Houston since we have guns and we go “Jericho” after a Hurricane, we don’t hear of many looting reports..Imagine that. The only positive, is the entire NE seaboard now has learned the hard way and they will remember it! Boy Scout motto, “Always be Prepared”. It’s makes for an easier low stress life in an extreme situation. Houston, TX

      17. ALT HEAT cooking SOURCES … winter is soon here Preppers

        Do you have enough “propane” or “back up heat source” for heat and cooking in the event of a power outage ???

        *** i use both LIL’ BUDDY PORTABLE propane heater and SCIENCE LAB alcohol burners for “emergency heat source” works great in a small 200 sq foot spare bedroom i use as my “bug-in safe room – prep storage ” with the window cracked for ventilation exhaust in 0′ degree weather . $100. in both fuels combined covers me for two + weeks and its all transportable fits in a foot locker .

        plus i can burn any kind of fuels i find in my alcohol burners even kerosene gas diesel – just gotta be careful of air toxicity .

        i.e. always Have proper outside ventilation exhaust through wall exhaust port or stable window metal exhaust pipe system with insulated outer heat shield sleeve that extends 3 feet from outer window frame and only burn when awake – supervising the flame at all times .

        *** If you store fuels in home do so in area 20 ft away from spark heat sources with ventilation . Fuel / Change Fuel Cartridges on cool stoves outside no matter what in safe area 25 ft min or more from structures .

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • Had an Ice storm here in Kentucky a few years ago and didn’t miss a thing. Got out the Coleman camp stove to put on top of my electric range, got out the Coleman lantern for plenty of light as well as the heat it gave off and also had some propane lights and heaters to attach to a 20 lb propane tank (0ne of several I keep on hand) which kept the living room toasty. My pantry was well stocked and the ice storm barely made a dent in it. By my calculations, there is enough pasta and pasta sauce plus the assorted canned meat to last at least 6 months {to make me sick of the taste of canned pasta sauce and canned meat), but at least it will keep me alive. My FAVORITE is Sweet Sue Brand CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS. Nearly as good as my mom used to make and definitely worth checking out. Absolutely delicious and Sweet Sue also makes canned chicken which is just like the canned tuna but I have not yet tried any of the many cans that I have in the pantry. My faith is in just how yummy the chick’n and dumplings is. Will have to go ahead and try some to report on.
          To sum it up, BE PREPARED, just like the Boy Scouts motto. Just think about all those folks in NYC and NJ etc that knew the hurricane was coming but did not have a clue what to do.
          Take care and stay safe. Steve

          • The only drawback of canned white meat chicken is that it is dry. So, after you get tired of chicken salad, just take a little cooking oil, saute some onion and add the chicken to the sauteed onions. After a couple of minutes, add in whatever else you have/want/like and serve over rice/pasta.

            Another alternative is chicken croquettes. Lots of recipes online. You can use reconstituted dried egg for these. Top with a white sauce or a country gravy.

            I love Coleman butane stoves. They use very little fuel, so it goes a long ways.

            Keep a large jar of dehydrated onions in the cupboard or make your own. Dehydrate whatever is leftover from the garden or on sale any given week. I know most of you already do this. To cook, read the label.

            We have used dehydrated tomatoes that were put up 18 months prior and they were still good. Over 2 years, they tend to become tasteless, though not spoiled.

            Dehydrated beef liver w/garlic powder is really good for your dogs, too.

            Right now, we are emptying the freezers in preparation for deer harvest. Legs and hooves for the dog and any shed antlers you find will keep them busy for months.

            Once a week, try something from your stores to find out if you like it.

            Once you have some sort of power supply figured out for emergencies, add in some portable submersible pumps. You don’t need to live in a flood plain to have too much water in the cellar that will be beyond the sump pump’s capacity. Heavy rains will always drain from the ridge to the valley.

            I feel for the city folks and am glad I always seemed to have this allergy to concrete and crowds. My parents were teens in the Depression and my grandparents were immigrants, so everyone always had food put back. My grandmother gardened even when she didn’t have to because the produce was better that way.

          • Steven…not a week goes by that I don’t have chicken salad using that canned chicken. I have shelfs of sweet pickles just for that and a case of mayo bought @ 99 cents a jar 🙂 Piggly-Wiggly!!
            Lots of recipes online to use that canned chicken, whether 5 oz, 10 oz, or those weird 12 oz cans.
            Just saying.

        • People get so freaked out by propane indoors, and they SHOULD be careful, but my Dad lived in his van. He used an old, pump-up-the-tank type coleman camp stove for cooking and heat in many Pacific NW winters. He lived like that (by choice) for decades. He always cracked the driver’s side window for ventilation and never had a problem. From him I learned that those coleman stoves CAN burn unleaded gas instead of coleman fuel, you just have to clean the regulator coil more often.

          I’ve done the same thing for as long as I can remember.

          When your resource list is very short, is no time to be afraid, it’s time to be cautious and conscious. If I’m freezing and all I have is a propane torch, I’m gonna figure out how to use it to stay warm and alive…believe THAT!

          My Dad used to tell us kids: “If I tell ya a piss ant will eat a bale of hay, give it to him”…and as I grew into an adult, I often found that to be true.

          • I didn’t mean I’ve lived in my van for as long as I can remember, I meant I used a coleman stove inside, for as long as I can remember, with no problems.

      18. It’s sad that most people didn’t learn from the aftermath of Katrina & more sadly yet… most won’t learn from this disaster either…:( As always, the blame is put on the bankrupt government to “do something” and as always what little can/will be done by the bankrupt government will be severely criticized.

        Until people take on the responsibility of taking care of themselves & preparing for situations like t his, which most won’t, this type of outcome will occur time & time again. I wonder how long it will be until massive rioting begins to break out?

        Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


      19. The saddest thing are the truly vulnerable people who are hurting. I heard a report from an elderly woman in New York. She lives in a high rise for the elderly and there are hundreds of people living there. Most of them were afraid to evacuate- they were afraid their homes would be looted or they didn’t know where to go. Now they are essentially trapped in a building with no electricity, no elevators and no heat. Their food is running out.
        I would how many elderly people will be found dead in their homes. The highest mortality rate for Hurricane Katrina was from elderly people who were reluctant to abandon their homes and I suspect that we may see a repeat of this.
        I guess the prepping lesson is for people to consider making extra efforts to look out for the elders in their families. I have plans to evacuate my parents if I need to. They are fairly good preppers but, if they need help, I will do what I can.
        I wonder about the elderly people in nursing homes and people with illnesses that make it difficult to evacuate. Many of these do not have families or friends to turn to and they are not necessarily people who just live to sponge off the government. I appreciate the need to build supplies for myself but there are also people around who do not have the skills and means to prepare themselves. I have my private list of those I would help out. Any thoughts?

        • Hi Merree. I read your post after I posted mine, below. Do what you are doing. Me and my anarchist friends know who we can rely upon and who we will carry when it comes time. That is a large part of the equation of survival right there. You try to educate while you can. It comes slowly, but it comes. When the shtf, you have what you have. At that point, regrets are useless. So the solution is to do what you need to do and what you can do now. That’s it.

          • ABC!

        • I agree we need to help the elderly and the young. We have taken steps to do so in the event of a disaster (shtf). The rest home is 2 blocks from our house and so part of our neighborhood responsibility.

      20. Damn I never cease to be amazed at peoples stupidity.

        Hmmmm, after Katrina things were pretty messed up. Hmmm but this time St Obummer is prez now, things will be different, I don’t need to prep.

        FFS this wasn’t a sudden SHTF event.

        • Katrina wasn’t an overnight phenomena either.

      21. Mac, a great piece by you. But I have some critiques, if you don’t mind.

        First, I realize that you did not write the portion stating “nine meals from anarchy.” You were just posting the link, and that article was pretty good, although it had a couple of faulty premises. But I just have to say, the author’s equating the term “anarchy” with the “chaotic” situation that would follow a supply shut-down is ignorant. (You, commendably, used the term “chaos” when you picked up the thread in the next paragraph.) The reality is that the anarchists are not relying upon anyone else for their personal security (including food, water, etc.). I know a lot of folks on this site don’t understand anarchism, and they are ideologically opposed to it, maybe even violently. But I also know there are a number of people on this site who are anarchist, including me. (I miss Ocumgachee, btw.) Either way, the anarchists have been preppers for longer than you can imagine. Think Henry David Thoreau, to get a time perspective.

        The second thing is this: Those people depicted at the dumpster were anarchist, guarantee you. The first tenet of anarchism is, you don’t waste anything. If that food was edible, it needed to be preserved as edible. If there was a surplus, it was distributed among those who were supportive. If anyone on this site can find fault with that reasoning, let me know.

        And I just want to say this in closing: If you are inclined to have a knee-jerk reaction to my references to anarchism, ask yourself first, what is informing my issue with this? Next, read. Wikipedia will take you a long way, but it is just a scratch in the paint, so to speak. Learn. You can feel free to refute and debate and criticize all you would like, but wouldn’t it be nicer to be coming from a position of informed understanding?

        I am a Ron Paul supporter. He is “labeled” Libertarian. How many people on this site understand that Libertarianism is a branch of anarchism? Hmmmm… Think that might have anything to do with his marginalization?

        Love, support, prepare.


        • I too consider myself an Anarchist and have for decades. I have a lot of good friends in Austin, and although it was never reported, many ANARCHISTS from as far away as Texas, manning their own private boats, to go pull trapped people out when the Feds failed. They rescued many people the Feds forgot about.

          Hundreds of ANARCHISTS were turned away at the NO city limits, with caravans of food, water and other supplies for the people, being told by FEMA “we don’t need your help”. Even the Russians were trying to send cargo plane loads of aid to Katrina victims and were not allowed to land here in the U.S…meanwhile, people died.

          The Federal response to Katrina wasn’t a “mistake”, it was intentional, as they want to get rid of the poor black folks living there, to turn the gulf into one big oil refinery operations center. Do the research and see for yourselves. You may have to do some digging though, as the info is publicly scarce on that subject.

          • “The Federal response to Katrina wasn’t a “mistake””. No it wasn’t. In fact, it was a trial run for near future events. From the willingness of the “military types” to ignore their oath, to the planned desperation of people willing to accept whatever absudity is offered…short term hope that will EXTRACT a long-term price. The lesson is crystal clear for those that are currently HERE.

            • Very good point. I do not believe some people do stupid things because they didn’t know better — I believe they KNEW but did it ANYWAY, and I don’t get the few thumbs down, what…ya’ll hate to hear that they LET people die after Katrina? Look it up and learn the difference between indifference and stupidity.

          • Sixpack, one article suggested FEMA camps are for the disenfranchised/poor when TPTB get what they want–the gulf as one big oil refinery center.
            Makes one wonder how all that went down.

            • I think they’re working on it, they just need the right power player in the right place first.

          • Never underestimate stupidity. They did the same thing to the volunteer firemen when the big fires hit the Austin area. The Feds took over told them all to get lost. Smart move. Made the damage worse.

      22. The Rural Electric Administration was formed in 1935 to bring electricity to everyone in America and just 77 years later sheeple are completely paralyzed when the power goes out. Imagine that, a gubbmint program that has turned the vast majority of Americans into complete wimps.

        Events like this should be a wake up call that the conveniences and gadgetry (which has turned most Americans into pussies and slaves to the electric coops) are the distractions that keep people from being self sufficient and self determinant.

        This event should also be a wake up call to: 1) keep a supply of non perishable food and bottled water stocked up and 2) evacuate a danger zone BEFORE the threat arrives.

        I’m not very sympathetic for those that stayed in harms way, YOU WERE TOLD TO EVACUATE. The Government gave fair warning, issued MANDATORY evacuation orders and those that IGNORED the warnings are screaming for the Government to rescue their sorry asses? Screw you stupid people! The Lord helps those that help themselves, the rest should be left to suffer the fate and the consequences of their stupidity.

        Sure enough I like the convenience of electricity, but frankly I am certain that I could live with out being hooked up to the grid. Propane fridge, wood stove, solar panels, battery bank and inverters for the communications gadgets. Losing power from the grid would not diminish my quality of life (as long as the internet is still accessible).

        I will say this again, this should be a wake up call to work on lessening your dependence on the grid and to think ahead to the possibilities of supply chain problems that could occur without notice.

        What’s that saying about never learning from history?

        • In the not too distant “history” the internet was not “accessible.” Just sayin’ …

        • Most people have nowhere to evacuate to, have you ever thought about that?

          • First rule of tactics – know your line of retreat. ’nuff said.

            • Ever been to New York? The city and adjoining areas are huge. Many areas are dangerous. Many in NY do not own cars as it is too expensive. Stick to what you know.

          • There is ALWAYS somewhere else to go. Maybe not long term, but if it comes down to it, you just gotta GTFO.

          • Eisenkreutz: There are two types of people: those that can’t escape (the sick and elderly) and we can feel for them. But most folks that are caught up in this are in the second catagory: those that are too lazy/stupid to have some place to go. To them I say; “I hope you learn something from this”. I lived between Miami and Homestead during Hurrican Andrew. Folks left town for N. Florida and even into Georgia and Alabama. They gased up the cars and took money and credit cards to stay with family or in motels. So I don’t want to hear that crap about no place to go. Being a responsible adult means being ready for emergencies and having the preps needed to meet them. We’ve grown into a nation of fat, lazy, dependent sissies expecting others to do the ‘heavy lifting’ should things go bad.

            • How would they when price gougers are ripping everyone off and people have no money as it is with all the greedy, evil rich people sucking up all the wealth? Jerk.

              • Eisenkreutz: That’s awfully brave to admit you’re a jerk. We accept your ‘mea culpa’.

      23. To those that make it through this mess, if it opens their eyes to prepping this could be the best thing that has ever happened to them.

      24. Let’s see a show of hands: Those who have 6 months of food AND water set aside, hit the like button. Those who have less than that, hit the down button. Don’t lie, now. No one is tracking this (at least not me). Simple, do you, or don’t you, honestly?

        I don’t know if I can like my own post… But I could sit in my house for a very long time.

        • Nehwah
          Can’t do either, six months food, less than half that in water.

          Take care

          • You are (and have been for as long as I’ve been reading your posts) aware of that Burt. That’s a darn-sight better than most folks around you. You take care too! =0)

        • Don’t have 6 months of water stored. However, plenty of underground water with lots of wells in the area, with multiple ways of running the wells. (farm area, with wells used for irrigating crops)

        • Not enough water.

        • Just getting back to this after being busy yesterday. 101-27 … THAT is heartening! But of course, it should be like that on this site. The exercise, mostly, was simply to get people inventorying in their head, if they haven’t already. Burt, I know you needed no such exercise to increase your awareness! ;0)

          Water filtration is relatively cheap. 20,000 liters of clean water can be had for 400 fiat bucks (1 SafeWater jerry can). That is just 2 cents per liter! I’m not sure I beat that price with my tapwater. So although it is a big up-front expenditure for many folks, the investment cannot be beat. Also, there are several methods of building water filtration systems that can be researched.

          I live near one of the major rivers in this area. It flows through the largest metro area. Not that I would drink its water unfiltered now, but a week post-shtf, that water will be toxic and ridden with very bad stuff. Most rivers will quickly get that way. They will be one of the primary disease vectors.

          Water, water, water.

      25. Darwin is cutting in line.

      26. Oooooh thaaaaankyou Mr. President………………. mmmmmnnnn mmmmmmmnnnnnnn.

      27. Sandy is a Libertarian, and she already cast her vote.

      28. Living in Northwest NJ we got hit pretty bad by Sandy. Nowhere near as bad as the NJ shore. People here have been without power since Monday night at 7pm ( almost exactly).
        Fortunately, we got our power back on exactly 24 hours after we lost it ( strange).
        Power is slowly returning in surrounding areas however there are still trees down, power lines tied up in poles, wires across roads and driveways, trees on top of houses and cars. This is just in a 5 mile radius that I’ve seen. It’s widespread throughout the state. The tap water in my town has become contamintaed and we have received a boil advisory ( no thanks I’ll use my stored supplies then replenish asap)
        Now gas shortages are becoming an issue. The people who are fortunate to have generators have run out of gas. Lines at gas stations are up to 5 miles and 4 hours long so people are traveling out of state ( using plenty of gas) to fill up their cars and gas cans. Cars are running out of gas waiting in line. Fights are breaking out, stations are price gouging. Scumbags are starting to siphon gas from vehicles and robbing houses while people are out waiting in gas lines.It’s insane!
        I have to say that I’m quite relaxed through it all. I only needed my generator for a couple of hours for the fridge and to charge phones etc while we were trying to figure everything out. I’ve got enough food and water for months ( working on making that years). Nearly 25 gallons of gas stored only needed a few for generator. Helped out a couple friends with some for their gen’s and one borrowed my gen tonight. Have 10 gallons left ( not enough but will back me up til there’s more available or I take a carpool road trip with some friends)
        Got my family ( even Mom, Grandma and Mom in Law) and a friends family who have all lost power here at my home, comfortable and warm with plenty of food and water. Enough fuel in the vehicles for now ( 3 cars with full tanks, one with 1/2). Plenty of firearms and ammo if it starts getting worse around here ( made it to a gun show to add to the ammo supply the day before the storm hit).
        Now we hear that there’s a chance of another storm headed our way. Hoping to have access to more fuel to get ready for that one.

        Through all of this I have discovered that I need a bigger generator and more gasoline in storage. Can always use more food and water and more emergency lighting. Need an alternative cooking source and solar everything.
        Came through this without having the fear of starving, freezing, being stranded or worrying about loved ones. Though I can always do more, add more to my supplies, learn more and help more.
        Keep prepping. Keep learning more and don’t forget to have enough for family ( even a little extra for some friends that may be in need due to circumstance).
        I hope the best for everyone going through all of this right now. I hope that everyone will learn from this and wake up. Things are getting really shaky to say the least.

        Be ready! Stand Strong! Watch your six!

        • HaganaHBB, check on possibly getting a LP conversion kit for your generator. LP stores better than the current gasoline, and if you happen to have LP for cooking/heating on your property, so much the better. Glad to hear you’re still here and getting along. Cudos on the firearms and ammo.

          • I’ve been looking at generators and thinking of buying LP outright, not conversion. I really like the idea of using grill-style tanks to fuel them, seems clean, quiet, and convenient. Is there any reason I should go for something else? (i.e., Honda’s are SOOO good they are worth getting and converting, or particular feature I may not be able to get w/LP ones, etc.)

            I have no idea how to get my well hooked up to one 🙁 Can’t find the well head, pump info, AND I rent so not jazzed about dropping $$$ for a transfer box… but that’s a different problem.

          • I no longer use my generator now that I bought a ProCom vent-less gas space heater. I was running it constantly to keep the furnace fan running. Now I use a $100 inverter to power my freezer a couple hours a day and if we want to watch TV in the evenings. My diesel has dual tanks so between that and the Jeep we could meet our electric needs for six weeks before needed to refill with stored fuel.

            Consumer Reports did an excellent article on this running everything from a freezer to a sump pump on a cheap PW900.

            • Awesome. I’ll check it out… thanks!

      29. Question?
        What would make for a good ham radio communications setup? Anybody out there into this and would care to share?
        How about back up power?
        Possible to run a comm setup through the computer or no?
        Thanks in advance – DT

        • Amazon: BaoFeng UV-5R 136-174/400-480 MHz Dual-Band DTMF CTCSS DCS FM Ham Two Way Radio


          Pocket digital Ham radio. Only bad thing about it is the rechargeable battery, so you’d have to have a small solar cell.

          • Thanks Joe! – DT

        • Yes you can run a HAM through a computer. You can also send data through the HAM such as the PSK31 mode.

          I just got my HAM license recently so Im not an expert.

      30. There is no starvation going on where sandy hit, a good ole fast and cleansing of the body which is a healthy thing. Especially if they’re Americans they will have plenty of fat reserves to help them through.

        FASTING AND STARVATION: CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEVE,FASTING IS NOT STARVATION! During a fast, the body is braking down the fat in the body that is being stored, while conserving the essential tissue and
        muscles. Fasting causes the body to use Fat for energy! Starvation however, is the point to which the body has used up all of its fat,tissues, muscles and reserves. Starvation begins to break the body down of its own essential
        tissues. This is starvation….. A very big difference between fasting. The point of starvation for a human being of normal weight can take quite some time to happen. Some scientist believe it can take up to 35 days or more for the body
        to go into starvation mode. Of course this is for someone of normal weight and eating habits.

        So these folks are fine a little denial wont hurt them it will be good for them physically mentally and spiritually, get rid of all those poisons from the gmo foods they have been eating.

        • >>Especially if they’re Americans they will have plenty of fat reserves to help them through.

          And what god-forsaken country do you hail from?

          Thank you very much, but not all Americans are fat. Yes, I know the statistics. Ever heard of lies, damn lies and statistics? And averages tell you nothing. If you stick one hand in dry ice and the other in boiling water, on average you’ll be comfortable.

          Manhattan has <10% obesity, it's very low. Playing the numbers, I'd bet you have quite a bit more fat than the average New Yorker. Most of it in your head, apparently. "If" they are Americans? Where do you think Sandy hit? While many may not like NY/NJ it is typically considered part of America. Again, odds are, they're American.

          • i live on the west coast and have driven truck across our great nation for many years. and what i see is a lot a overweight folks and when they say obesity is on the rise it is one stat that isn’t wrong. Go down to your local chinamart and people watch, you see it.

            As to my comment if they’re Americans was because its NYC area where there are a lot of immigrants who tend not to eat the same shit processed junk food that we do and aren’t overweight,

        • I have found fasting to be mostly a mental discipline. Those who drink caffeine often get headaches at first and after about three days one stops feeling hungry. I did it for a week once and was impressed/horrified by what came out of my body.

        • With all the two stoolers walking around and also going to all u can eat buffets a little fasting will be a good thing.

        • Al,

          I’m not sure where you are getting your information. Fasting is in no way good for the body. As mammals we are designed to eat every 3 or so hours.

          After about 40 hours of little or no food, regardless of how fat you are, your body will start eating its own muscle for fuel, while storing and trying to hold onto fat cells. That is starvation mode.

          It is not, let me repete this, IS NOT a good idea to fast. I understand a lot of people do this for religious reasons and there are a million fad diets. But fasting will only hurt you in the long run. It throws off your metabolism and throws your body into starvation mode, which as I mentioned, will eat away at your muscle while holding onto fat. This is all very basic nutrition information. Don’t trust me, please look it up. No credible nutritionist anywhere, has ever, recomended a fast. It is simply not how the body functions efficiently.

          • That being said, I can definitly agree there is a large portion of our population who could benefit from drastically DECREASING their daily food intake.

            And when I said we are designed to eat every 3 or so hours, I was talking about SMALL meals every 3 or 4 hours. Something like a 6oz piece of meat, a small apple, and a small handfull of almonds or peanuts would be the perfect meal fopr most of us.

      31. Only for the grace of God go I. What do you have you have not been given. Don’t gloat preppers. A calamity can strike anywhere. Have mercy on the poor souls regardless of their fooly combined with unfortunate circumstance. It could be you no matter how well you have prepared.

        • Darkside,
          What you post is all well and good. That being said, there are some that are not worth saving, or even caring about. (By their fruit you will know them)

        • What do I have that I have not been given? Everything that I have earned. Yes, God gave us 24 hours in a day and talents, but he also gave us FREE WILL which many used to defy 1 Peter 2:13 and the authorities both before and after Sandy.

          All were instructed to assemble a 72 hour kit. Many were instructed to evacuate. The difference between me and them is that I appreciate charity when facing calamity where they demand an entitlement.

      32. Hi guys,

        We saw all that on the news.

        I hope that you are ok.

        Any news from Clay?

        Keep preping and stay strong.

        We are going to see more crap ahead. I’m praying for you.


        • Good to hear from you Manos, keep fighting the “good fight”.

        • Hey man hope you and your family have been doing ok.

        • manos

          You have survived a lot worse than a temporary interruption of services and goods..

          Just imagine NYC and all of the US under your economic situations..

          This is but a precursor for the US as you have often stated.

          Stay well..


        • Good to hear from you, Manos!

          What is new with you? How are you holding up?

          Thinking of you and hope you are well.

        • Hi Manos!!!

          I heard from Clay – he’s doing just fine and had little issue from the storm.

          It’s great to hear from you!

          ~ D

      33. would it have been easier to have prep 3 months food storrage at very least 3 months wont break the bank….when i see these food lines the word dumb ass comes to mind

      34. “Preppers should Own their own body weight in Physical Silver.”

        ~cocopuff crackhead proverb

        • No CAPS at all…will miracles never cease. I am soooo proud of you Coco. 🙂

          • Oops,

            Meant to say, “No excess CAPS”. I eerily feel like a proud parent strangely?

      35. CIA False-Fag Wars: There are No Winners … Revisionism, Fascism, and the CIA | John V. Denson Nov 1, 2012

        THE AGE OF CONTINUOUS GLOBAL WAR will Destroy AmeriKa … it is now time for THE REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS TO ARISE !!

      36. And after all this proof…there will still be a lot of people who will not prep, even after they have seen, or been thru this themselfs.

      37. RULE ONE FOR FAMILY SURVIVAL You cannot live in large cities you cannot live close to any coast you must have 3 months living supply at all times that means all of it money food water fuel anything less than this and you are a loser who cares more about your job than your family or loved ones because without these basic preps you just don’t care.

        • Anonymous says:
          “…anything less than this and you are a loser who cares more about your job than your family or loved ones because without these basic preps you just don’t care.”

          That’s a pretty ignorant statement in an economy where more and more people are becoming homeless and jobless. With the prices of food going up and the incomes, if you manage to keep your job, remaining the same, your judgemental blanket statement doesn’t take any of that into consideration.

          I have supplies but I sure as heck don’t have 3 months of expenses put aside. For me, it is a choice of one or the other. Serious sacrifices get made to build our supplies.

          I hope you’ll reconsider your statement damning those of us that may not make 6 figures.

      38. Im paying close attention , and learning for my future when this comes to my front door.

        • It’s highly doubtful they’ll knock first…….

          • thats ok, its the ones thet dont knock that get shot

      39. i still can’t wrap my head around the concept of people expecting – even demanding – that they be taken care of by someone else or by some agency that is supposed to be ready, on alert and standing by with exactly what each person needs(wants, really)… i’m wondering if any of them will ever wake up to basic personal responsibility because that’s what it boils down to – taking care of one’s self and being aware of what’s happening around you…

        • see my comment about “Fox and Friends”

          the” take care of me” mentality is everywhere

      40. Did you ever think that maybe people did prep and their houses were destroyed therefore the supplies were destroyed too or maybe washed away with the storm. Also this picture is not of people lined up for food ! They are lined up waiting for buses to take them to their jobs.

        • @Val:

          Never keep all your eggs…

          Rule of threes…

          A stitch in time…

          Fool me once…

          Once upon a time…

          Pick from the list and apply generously.

          there is no known cure for NYC stupid.

        • Val,
          Your point is well taken, but most likely misapplied. The people who did prep but lost it all in the storm, did not prep in vain. They developed a mindset and likely acquired skills to last a lifetime. Even having lost all, they are miles ahead of their neighbors who never prepped at all.

          “it is not how many times you are knocked down, but how many you rise that will define you.”

          George Custer 1839-1876 (loosely paraphrased)

        • Youre so full of shit its coming out your ears. Common sense tells you them hood rats did nothing to prepare. Idiot.

      41. These City Rats are so very strange people. I lived in a large mid-western city during my collage days and met people who had NEVER been more than a few miles from where they grew up.

        Never grew a tomato, saw a corn field, a Red Tail Hawk, or shot a deer. If it wasn’t at the “corner store”, it wasn’t in their world.

        I call them City Rats, because many of them had the morals of rats.

        Cured me of crowds and big cities.

      42. Only thing missing in the streets is an old Desoto rolling by, music coming from the speakeasys, and the kids on the sidewalk hawking the daily newspapers.


        • dang, Patriot, this is the third time you’ve made me literally laugh out loud over the past few days…you must have gotten some more oats in your feed or something.

      43. It looks like the chickens have come home to roost. I find it amazing that these people want the government out of thier lives and when a storm or other event hits they are the first to scream for Government assistance.

      44. Yes. Most were unprepared. Most know that now. But please, at the very least, say a small prayer for the families and innocent children. These are our firneds, neighbors, co-worker, and most importantly, fellow Americans. Lets get thru this together.

      45. help me out here with a couple things .
        i read here about people not having satalite/cable tv .
        how do you get local news or weather?
        and whats with all the beans and rice talk ? is it a regional thing? i live in n.lower michigan and beans and rice are something you saw cowboys eat on old tv shows.
        its never been in the diet . beans are for chile and rice is for the chinese restrant take out(around here).

        • Lol im in se mi and its beans and rice because they last long store well and are cheap.

        • Beans and rice are inexepensive, thus you can stock more in order to keep you and yours fed if food is unabtainable from the grocery store. Also it,s a figure of speech around here meaning food stuffs in general.

        • Hammerhead, you need to get down to the New Orleans area and do some eating. Beans and rice form a complete protein, and it’s really hard to beat them with some roux, Cajun seasoning and hot sauce. Maybe some ground up chicken gizzards thrown in, or hamburger if you’re going to be all fancy. Soul food at its finest. I too am upper Midwest and didn’t discover them till I fell in love with Cajun and creole food after taking a cooking class in NOLA.

          • That Creole ass on them black girls will feed a mans soul.

        • Well, all of us have internet service . Beans and rice cheap ,long term, filling foods. Wheat ,pasta , corn maybe more what you are used to. My question to you is don’t you eat Mexican food? We ate refried beans all the time. If there is a will there is a way to food storage . Do a little research about how to store food you like long term .

      46. My questions are, why didn’y any of these people (who knew the storm was coming for DAYS) become better prepared and do you think they will be better prepared next time?

        Unfortunately, I doubt it! Most people are too stupid to learn a lesson from this, except that Govt. should do a better job to save them!!!!

      47. Don’t worry New Yorkers, I’m sure Michelle-O is sending you some of her leftover caviar and wine bottles as I type.

      48. Looks like NJ will go without electricity when the repairmen are non-union.


        The hurricane-ravaged east coast has been receiving north Alabama help, but crews from Huntsville Utilities learned they’ll be doing work in Long Island, New York instead of in New Jersey.

        Crews from Huntsville, as well as Decatur Utilities and Joe Wheeler out of Trinity headed up there this week, but Derrick Moore, one of the Decatur workers, said they were told by crews in New Jersey that they can’t do any work there since they’re not union employees.

        The crews that are in Roanoke, Virginia say they are just watching and waiting even though they originally received a call asking for help from Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

        The crews were told to stand down. In fact, Moore said the crew from Trinity is already headed back home.

        Understandably, Moore said they’re frustrated being told “thanks, but no thanks.”

        At least Huntsville has now found someone who wants their help.

        Source: waff dot comm

        • ya just gotta love them union thugs , in a time when the people need them most these idiots are gonna play politics.

          • that story has been debunked

        • The same thing happened during the wildfires in the Austin area when the Feds took over the fire fighting and told all the Texas volunteer firefighters that they were neither needed or wanted by the all mighty Feds.

          • That same thing happened in the Colorado wildfires also. Red tape BS.

      49. It amazes me how people have that “it cant happen to me attitude” and how fast they forget the disasters the US has gone through already. As for a wake up call, this alarm has been sounding off for a long time with documentaries on the weather channel “it can happen tomarrow” and others! new york is as bad as new orleans, live by the sea, deal with the sea! people need to pull their heads out of fantasy land and be ready for whatever disaster be it man made or natural wake the hell up and PREPARE!

      50. with the amount of people per square mile and are completely clueless how to work together. this is more of a watch and learn event between dumbasses , the communist rule..and when to flick the saftey off

      51. Those people were just through Hurricane Irene in the spring. They were told this storm is coming. They could’ve left or they could’ve prepared. Having seen a disaster of this magnitude I’m sure the rest of the country is now fully preparing 😉

      52. I made the mistake of watching a few minutes of “Fox and Friends”
        on the Faux News Network this morning

        it was hysterical and absolutely REEKED of hypocrisy

        “its anarchy’ “its lawlessness” “there’s no food no water”
        etc etc etc
        blah blah blah referring to the situation in Staten Island

        why don’t they do something????

        “they” being government

        everybody bashes “big government”
        and WTSHTF what do they do ????
        absolutely scream for big gov to save them
        and this includes the douche bags on Fox and Friends

        what an absolutely pathetic display it was
        I had to turn it off

        • usually theres delivery trucks that stock business on a daily run and knows exactly the volume of comsumption of such area… suppose theres orders to stand down and keep out….Let the clueless outsiders do the thinking.

          • The stores are closed. No power. And with anti-gouging laws limiting price increase to 10%, a store owner would be an idiot to source and pay for a generator, and not be able to recoup his costs.

            For all you that defend anti-gouging laws, are you starting see how they muck up the system?
            Would you rather have a plentiful supply of $8.00 gas, or no gas? And what do you think the end value of a gallon of $3.85 gas is after you’ve sat idling in your car for 4 hours. Is your time valuable? Do you really think you can’t get a station working, just because the utility power is out? They could get gennys hooked up and working in less than an hour. But that has a cost. And if that cost can’t be passed on, why do it? Thank your Governor for protecting your wallet! What a sport.
            He needs someone with a clue to advise him.

            There is NO SUCH THING AS GOUGING IN A CRISIS!. Both the cost and value of “things” go up, up, UP! Supplies will get to where they are needed, with NO government intervention. Entrepeneurs will see to it. The market will see to plenty, and it will not be hoarded by the first in line. That’s what happens with artificial price controls. Prices will only be high in the beginning. And you’ll whine, pay, and have what you need. Then others, sensing the profit, will join in the fray. Supply will jump, and competition will kick in, and equalibrium will be acheived. The only reason all these stores are closed, are these stupid laws.

            • well said rick , i attempted to wage this very arguement last night , but just couldnt make the bonehead understand that if the price is high people wont hoard and everybody gets some ,later competition will bring down the prices. seems soooo simple.
              but the point was lost to stupidity.arrrgh!

        • Its because you listened with that expectation. I thought they were making fun of big gov’t. and the people who depend on it. You just don’t get it.

      53. If this doesn’t pop open the eyes of the still asleep people, I really believe nothing will. This makes me prep more.I was in shock when a newscaster was amazed that u could use bleach to ” clean” the water.I thought everyone should know that, that’s given..I’m so thankful for finding this site, its very scary to watch what happens when ur unprepared.My heart goes out to the chidren that are cold and hungry because their parents chose to not be prepared.

        • Just like any gambler, they will double-down in the hopes of getting back to even…
          Big government failed them so maybe bigger government will make them whole?

          I am also doubling-down… I got a bunch of stuff and looking to go get a whole lot more.

          • I get your point, but I hate that phrase or the overuse of it,”doubling down”.

      54. Time is short.. If the bamma isn’t elected.. And ejected.. The natives may get restless!

        What a better time to do so in the midst of a disaster..and a presidential changing of the guard.

        Preps maybe will come into play next week..

      55. well they’re gonna get hit again

        nowhere as bad as Sandy

        but a north easter should be hitting them about Election Day or so

      56. I have at least a months worth of food for 6 that will be expiring over the next month and will need to be rotated out. Wonder how best to get this stuff back to the effected areas?

        • American Red Cross takes donations of non-perishable food. Check with your local chapter.

        • BB: Give it to your local food pantry’s. If you have room keep for bartar.

        • DO NOT throw that food away..those dates are only put on for idiots that will sue.
          I made a cake using mix 3 years old–it was delicious.
          Ramen noodles best buy date, 2009, I ate last month were great with bouillon cubes??
          If the packet isn’t great, a little dry, use beef or chicken bouillon cubes.

      57. The madness begins. Look at what is happening and project this into what will happen in the future. Our society is not ready for this, we have become soft and goverment dependent. Patriots need to study what is happening on the east coast closely. Be genious but learn.

        • LC, now don’t talk like that. The US is trying hard to sell us on Agenda 21 so we can all live in the urban settings because ‘they’ believe it’s a better, more ‘collective’ way of life. I can’t wait to live on concrete and share my brown suits!

          • when I want to share my brown suits, I flush twice, lol..


          • Zoltanne,
            High gas prices will help to achieve all their goals with Agenda 21. It will squeeze people into moving out of the country and closer to the city if they drive to work every day. It will also make “alternative” energy sources look cheaper if gas prices go higher. If Obama is re-elected, everyone better start prepping for higher gas prices. Just yesterday, a “Climate Change” guru on Bloomberg channel said gas prices MUST go higher to make alternative energy more palatable and “repair the damage” we’ve done to the climate.

            • Sunshine, It appears the plan to force higher prices for gas and other energy resources is intentionally set. To be forced to live in a city to avoid high gas prices requires deeper thought. Maybe it’s time for more to get back to simpler less hectic times.

      58. If you don’t think this country is not screwed, just look at the pictures. Hundreds of free loaders yes free loaders in the lines of sheeple. 98% are looking for a free hand out. Electric line crews turned away because they are NON-UNION, now that is total BS, plain and simple. I say enough is enough, Obama care is going to have you list your medical history on your tax forms, give me a break. Just when is the people going to put an end to it. Early voting machines recording vote’s for Obama instead of Romney, and everyone thinks the election’s will fix it by voting Obama out. Do not get me wrong he has got to go, but come on Romney will be better. Romney is just as two faced as they all are in this wonderful two party system we have. I know anyone can be the president what a crock, oh only with you belonging to the system right. We vote red or blue colors they = brown the color of (SH-T). We truly have no choice in the matter, we will all be left out to dry. You must prepare and prepare some more.
        This should be the best wake up call for the non-preparer’s as any. No it will not be, because the government will come to the rescue. That means I don’t have to give up my dancing with stars, my professional sports, or my whatever.
        Having said all that, if we the free people (not relying on the government) do not take back this country soon I feel we will never be able to. The longer we put it off the less chance we have. PREPARE FOR THE FIGHT THAT IS COMING!

      59. So, apparently New Jersey only wants help if you’re
        in a union

        let em live in the damned dark and starve.

      60. IT appeasrs that the FURER of NY MR BLOOMBERG, is diverting generators and supplies meant for the storm victims to the NYC MARATHON. What a Philanthropist. I hope that DIRTBAG COMMIE RINO gets LYNCHED by a hungry MOB! Hes asked for it. IF the people of NY Re elect that POS they deserve exactly what they get!

      61. There are way too many obese people in your country. Get lean and fit and the same amount of food will last longer. That is one of the best forms of prepping.

        • And there’s too many in your country walking in rice patties behind buffalo as they shit. Get a John Deere tractor from your long time enemy Japan and he’ll LOVE YOU LONGTIME!

      62. Whatever happened to PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? How and when did so many people become so dependent upon the government to come to their rescue?

        I was born and raised on a farm and you had to work and take care of yourself because THE GOVERNMENT was not going to do it for you. If anything, the government was always looked at with mistrust (lots of moonshiners where I grew up) and were never welcome.

        If you needed help, you looked to your family, neighbors, community and church…not the government. The government was always the option of last resort. I am only 40 years old…it hasn’t been that long ago that people had some resilience and common sense…where did it go?

      63. 72 hours and they’re starving already?

        • (sarc) Must be the GMO foods lack of giving adequate nutrition

        • @ David. I am going to expand on VRF’s brilliant little comment the other day.

          Vote for one with X:

          ____ barack obama democrat conformist

          ____ mitt romney republican conformist

          _X__ aware, never let your guard down nonconformist

          • And there is the irony on noncomformists. Eventually the noncomformists become the conformists.

      64. You know one problem with gas storage is that new york has an incredible and ridiculous law that prohibits anyone from storage of more than 2.5 gallons of gas on their premise. This of course does not excuse that EVERYBODY should have had a full tank of gas in their cars before this happened, and this is beyond stupid that EVERYONE did not top off their gas. Federal law says that you are allowed to store 25 gallons of gasoline at your home.

        People could have said screw this crap law in NY of 2.5 gallons maximum and stored gas anyway, I would have. In any case they could have at least bought empty gas containers and had them ready and gone a day or so before the storm to fill up. To be waiting in line with your car, or even worse pushing your empty car to the gas station shows that those are beyond being as stupid as manure, they are stupidier than manure. I recommend this to EVERYONE in the U.S. and all other countries, NEVER LET YOUR CAR’S FUEL TANK FALL BELOW 1/2 full.

        • 25 gallons? Maybe just inside city limits? Have a link BI, I’d like to read the specifics. There’s companies in my state that deliver in bulk with 100 gal minimums.

          • @ HighN’Dry. Okay here is one:

            This is New York City laws on storage of gasoline, look at Chapter 34, paragraph 3. Oh God when I first read this, I was so thankful I don’t live there:

            Another one:

            I wish I could have found the state by state laws on how much gasoline you can store, it was unbelievable in some states. Normally those states that limit your self defense, also want you to not be able to store enough fuel to run your electric generators for more than a day or so. Hope this helps.

          • Gasoline?? I think you mean #2 (heating oil/diesel). Most folks can’t safely or properly take delivery of and store gasoline in bulk. Also, there is no viable market for this. Almost all bulk fuel users require diesel (construction, farm, on-site power gen, etc.).
            There is a HUGE differance between gasoline and #2.
            Not saying your wrong, but this would surprise me, for safety and liability reasons.

              • @ HighN’Dry. If you live in Wyoming you have nothing to worry about fuel storage or restrictive suffocating laws of the east coast. Wyoming and the surrounding states will be the last states to fall, if they do, when martial law hits and true SHTF. Only real concern with the Wheatland area is hail and a random tornado. World War 3 is another story as the ICBM’s of the state are in a line up to what I believe is Chugwater. These are primary targets for Russia and China. As long as the missiles don’t fly, this is an excellent place to live.

                • I just grabbed three links at random from a search. I didn’t include my state, but I can tell ya it’s available in the upper midwest states too. I don’t purchase it that way, between tanks on the vehicles and toys, gas cans, and a couple 35 gallon HDPE barrels I’m comfortable with the gas situation. Plus I wouldn’t want the attention it might bring having a tanker rolling here in every few months. I get enough questions on why I need 3 500g propane tanks. 😉 I have a cheap source on the barrels, so I swap them out every couple years just to be on the safe side. Northern Tool sells an inexpensive hand pump that’s gas approved, about $30 if I recall.

      65. Hey Who’s going to the marathon!!!! Bloomberg (I)[bullsh*t] says it’s on! What a libber idiot. Every runner should boycott. But every libber will run and the damn thing will last 6-1/2 hrs…..Run the water bottles and MRE’s to people that need it! What an upside-down country.

        • JG
          Just in

          NYC Cancels Marathon

          Drudge Report

          • Bloomberg’s still an idiot.

        • And it was expected for the Hotel(s) to evict storm victims to honor reservations for Marathon attendees.
          Kudos to the hotel owner on Staten Island that stood his ground, and told the reservation holders “puck off!”

          This will be controversial; In times like these, temporarily push a Bloomberg aside, and “install” a Trump. What NYC needs now is a field marshall with absolute authority, not a wishy-washy politician. There is a total lack of control going on now.
          For those who disagree; Remember during Katrina, how screwed up it was, then they brought in General Honoree?
          (if I misspelled his name, sorry) And how the situation started to come under control. I say Trump because he is intimate with the area. He should at least be a senior adviser.
          For all his “showmanship”, the man can get it done.

          Thumbs down away!

      66. mac, I’ve tried to submit two posts on this article today and they’re not getting through. What gives? braveheart

        • BH, sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve had some server issues this morning. Apparently it has something to do with a high number of ‘bots’ visiting the site and overloading our processors, coupled with some other technical issues. We’re trying to isolate exactly where the problems are coming from and have restored most services though server reliability is intermittent right now… We’ve tightened up some firewall security settings to prevent mass “hits” from these bots that were using up tons of resources per second.

          Hopefully it stays up for the remainder of the day without further issues.

          We’ll also be upgrading to a much faster distributed cloud server in the near future to give us more processing power, faster database access and an overall better load time, especially during peak times.

          Apologies to anyone who has experienced trouble this morning.



          • Mac,

            Also just an FYI, I got routed to a strange word press page after trying to post a message yesterday. The message said something like…….”Slow down, you are posting too fast.”

            This came on the heels of making maybe 1 or 2 other short posts. Just thought you should know.

            • thx john…that’s wp freaking out a little i think…anytime it detects rapid succession posts it could throw up an error like that.

            • that happened to me on another forum, same message.

          • Thanks for the 411 Mac,

            Couldn’t even get a response from the site this morning, disregard the previous open post below – Clarified now.

      67. I find it very irresponsible confusing the term Anarchy where Chaos is the term we are looking for here. Anarchy means without leadership. Chaos is the pandemonium we are seeing here and there is plenty of leadership in the chaotic monster our government has become.

      68. Heard a laywer is already getting lawsuits started to sue the fed and state govt because they are not delivering food and water to peoples doorsteps.

        • Don’t have enough union people to do that either.

      69. It just goes to show you what mayor Bloomberg thinks of the people of NYC, not much. All he is worried about is image. What a piece of shit this man is.Kick his ass out of office.

        • @ YankeeD

          +50 thumbs up. WHAT was that POS thinking in not cancelling the marathon immediately as a chunk of his ‘city’ lies flattened…Oh, I REMEMBER, his crony-rich-buddies who’ve got thier fingers deep in the marathon-pie…

      70. One good thing has come of this horrendous show.. my kids have seen the scenes on the news.. WOW.. Dad isn’t paranoid or crazy after all… Gee Dad, what else do you know that we don’t ?

        • Funny Your kids have already learned what 80% of newyorkers probably never will even after this huge mess.

          how many people are ready today if this hit New Orleans again.Have they fixed the levies, do they have provisions set aside, would they evacuate or throw a hurricane party because “it couldn’t happen twice could it”

          At least your kids are already learning from mistakes (even if it’s somebody elses.

          Sad when you really think about it

        • @ oUCH,

          “When I was 16 I was ashamed of my parent’s ignorance …by the time I turned 21 I was AMAZED at how much THEY had learned in those few years….” 🙂

      71. The Prepper people have earned about 1 million brownie points 🙂

      72. Food Bitchez!

      73. Since these people did not prepare in any meaningful way, my only comment is: CRY ME A F***IN RIVER!.

      74. The best storage tank for home generator gasoline is your cars fuel tank. The problem is the anti theft syphoning device incorporated in them. Does anyone know of some aftermarket thing you can attach to your car so that you can relatively easily get to your cars gasoline or a trick to get it without dismantling the damn lines?

        • Well most gas thieves puncture the gas tank from below…..

          just sayin’….

          • Zoltanne

            That was helpful.

            • I knew you needed that info, Kevin2…..


        • If you have a vehicle with efi, depending on the vehicle,
          it should have a schrader valve. It looks like a valve stem
          and is used for checking fuel pressure. If you pull out the
          valve core, and attach a hose to it(5/16 inner diameter)
          Find your fuel pump relay, pull it out, determine which
          terminals are #87, and #30. One those terminals should be
          grounded, apply 12 volts to this terminal, and your fuel
          pump should start pumping gas out of your tank through the

        • For later model Ford trucks anyway, look inside in wheel well next to where the gas door is at. Attached to the filling ‘neck’ that leads to the tank, there’s a 5/8″ or so flexible line that connects to it and runs into the tank. It’s connected with a small hose clamp. Remove the clamp, pull the hose off, and push a smaller hose inside it and into the tank. Easiest way I could find on a Ford anyway.

      75. I’m sooo scared – Big Government please save me! Idiocracy has arrived comrades.

      76. Hello all from Brooklyn,

        I am faring well but my mom and her dog don’t have heat or power on the other side of town. She is very frail and sick – I am going to get the both of them and head for a bug-out location further upstate in the Catskills Mountains (prepper central, Vermont is my alternative bug-out which is “The Prepper Capitol of the U.S.”). Hopefully, things will calm down for awhile in NYC while me and mom and pooch relax in the mountains.

        Shame on NYC for taxing the bejesus out of everyone and still have the city in darkness and cold for a week now! And thank you NYC for “anticipating” power to come back on in another 10-14 days in a fast approaching winter!!!

        Sarcasm off

        But on a more serious note, thank you to all of my mom’s neighbors for giving her some power for her cell phone and getting her some meals to hold her until I can get to the other side of town (yeah, things were just that insane down here)

        Looking to the Catskills and Adirondacks for a permanent stay!

        Think fast, look alive, prep hard

        • Good luck Missy…thanks for the update.

        • Glad you’re ok but you knew it was coming why didn’t you grab mom and runfor the hills before it hit.

          We’re praying for you but next time less toughin’ it out more tuckin’ tail and runnin’

        • God Bless y’all and stay safe!

      77. Please realize that this is happening when people know that power and services will be up and running in a week or 2. Now imagine what would happen if there was no return to normalcy in sight. It would be indescribable.

        The main lesson here is GET THE HECK OUT OF THE BIG CITIES!

        • yeah, You got that right

      78. Also one more thing,

        As for some people on this board that are mad or blaming those in NYC for not prepping: you must understand that NYC is designed in a way that people normally don’t prep for anything let alone “natural” disasters. Farms, self-reliance is engineered out of most New Yorkers. Heck, a couple of years ago, prepping was the farthest thing from my mind! I was into designer bags, shoes, celebrity drama, TMZ, and just hitting the NYC social scene bc that’s what we as New Yorkers (and dare I say most Americans) are engineered to value most. After the housing crisis in 2008, I started to worry about protecting my elderly mom’s retirement from the reckless spending of TPTB and b/c of my research I came into the prepper world.

        I know some of my fellow NY’ers will become down right ruthless when food becomes scarce (heck, I see it happening with the fuel shortage in the city right now)and I can’t stock up on lead-based protection bc that can land me in prison being violated in every way possible bc I wanted to defend myself and my family from looters, theives, etc. (believe me, that is how strict NYC gun laws are).

        So when people blame others for not prepping, in certain cities prepping and self-reliance has literally been manufactured out of our being, many times it’s not the fault of the non-prepper. We as a people, a country, has been lulled to sleep.

        • I was into designer bags, shoes, celebrity drama, TMZ, and just hitting the NYC social scene bc that’s what we as New Yorkers (and dare I say most Americans) are engineered to value most.

          Whoa…this Tn/Ky girl doesn’t carry a bag, has Kmart shoes, had to ask what a taylor swift was, and what is TMZ????
          I value being able right now to have homemade veg/beef soup cooked with 3 votive candles in the oven, and warmed leftover cornbread.
          Move on down; we’ll help adjust your priorities!!

        • Missy my thoughts exactly. The media has played a major role in the non-chalance of people. We get so many dire warnings, especially weather wise, that don’t come to fruition so it’s easy to say “yeah, right.” Even here in Arkansas the weather guys miss it so often that I rarely go to the basement anymore. Hopefully we have all learned more this past couple of years!

        • Hi Missy,

          Astute observation. BTW, I liked yout previous comment abou getting rid of the ‘useless’ designer bags.

          • Just one guy.

            I believe in keeping all my options open…that’s what you guys have taught me. So, in light of that, I have one rather nice handbag and matching shoes, just in case I need them lol. If the s does hit the fan there will always be some idiot who will still see them as valuable and want to trade me for them…..

            Take care

            • @ Burt

              Nothing wrong with having a ‘Precious’ or two, don’t we all? It’s when those things become a’ way-of-life’, when we divorce ourselves from the underlying reality that things start to ‘all pear-shaped’, Eh? If there is one underlying, fundamental thing above and beyond all others that people seem to have misplaced over time – seemingly EVERYWHERE – it is this; Think, Think, Think…and Think for Yourself. Dont take others assurances that all is well and will be so in perpetuity. The attitude that “as was yesterday, so today and hence tommorrow…” is exactly the type of unthinking – lately particularly AMERICAN – thoughtlessness – that near drives me to the brink of sanity. BTW, I look for your comments each time I’m at the board…they are typically pertinent and frequently humorous. Well, G-Day Mate, Too-Doo-Loo for now.

        • Missy: Cultural shock time!!! Time do do things differently in NYC. Time for “industrial farming” in the City: vertical farming!

          Google “The Plant” about an old factory converted in Chi-town for agricultural purposes. That example must become the wave of the future if Cities and citizens are to survive.

          Start that movement in the aftermath.

      79. The Crap has Hit the Fan in NJ and NY. Listen & learn people.

        Look at those who are totally helpless and dependent upon the government. Imagine that times 1000 if it were nationwide.

        American Citizen Independence is officially dead.

      80. And yet they can hold a marathon, i know it’s not the people fault except for voting in the worthless Bloomberg but it can send the message that NY doesn’t really need help, afterall if you can afford to run an event like this while the people are hurting obviously it must not be that bad.
        Just remember when disaster strikes the State is only days or weeks away.

      81. Let’s put it in prespective. Northern Jersey and NYC have a population larger then the states of Florida and Georgia combined all jamed into less then 225 square miles, if that.

        If they don’t get food, power and water soon they will start moving uptown taking what they need. They are already shiting in the hall ways of their apartment buildings. How long before they can’t take the smell and move to your street??

        What if a pandemic breaks out?? This could get a whole lot worse by Monday.

      82. Hey, the shmuck New York a-holes didn’t prepare. let them suffer. Stupidity is not a crime and anyone who calls you stupid for preparing is the STUPID one.

      83. Been away for a while…
        Saw an earlier comment,and have to ask, what happened to Ocumgachee??

        Was caught in a flood many years ago (before adequate warnings were given), and can testify to having to evac and leave supplies behind. But these folks had ample warning, and the vast majority did not listen.

        For sure, this weekend will be more than enlightening, as we see how the hungry and desperate begin to handle no ‘1st of the month’ handout.

        • He had a string of nasty posts against him, and I think was just generally sick of some of the negativity and craziness, so he informed everyone he was leaving the site. I really miss his wisdom and thoughtfulness.

          • Yeah , that sucked..I had a connection with him as fellow First Nation individual.

            If you are still reading Lil Wolf Heres to ya..Ohcumgache

            • He was one of my favorite posters – his kindness and wisdom are sorely missed.

      84. in about two to three weeks i expect we will start seeing lots of folks moving into fema camps, fema trailers, fema tents, fema campers, or being transported to those fema camps we have been reporting about the past year or so….so, it may also be a good time to start watching for strangers amongst our own too.

        • Naw, they just put them up at the Four Seasons at taxpayer expense…

      85. Carynverell, From my work at FEMA, I can say that they generally provide trailers and campers only to people who’s homes have been destroyed — and who have no insurance. So with that in mind, once it’s known how many homes have been destroyed — are there enough trailers available? And as well, are there enough manufacturers still available for fast assembly for large trailer orders after this lousy economy has put businesses under?

        Another consideration is where trailers would be placed. These hard-hit areas have a very high population density and there may be limited ground (or suitable ground) to place a ‘city of trailers’.

        Often FEMA will rent small efficiencies or other facilities for those who have been displaced from major disasters like this one. And FEMA is only going to provide these services to people who have no insurance. People with insurance must file w/ their companies. If they have no flood insurance, they’ll be able to file with FEMA since the major cause of disaster is flood, but that would be determined by a FEMA inspector and every home gets inspected. If they have flood insurance, they’d make their claims through NFIP, a govt program run through FEMA.

        I suspect many will be given offers and funds to relocate.

        • fema is a joke, you are a joke, they will give trailers that have formaldehyde in them and the elderly and infirm will die as they did in new orleans, Fema is and and always been a joke as they are another Failed Govt Agency who let people die in New Orleans as they sat on Food and Water for day to see what would happen, FEMA is nothing more than a Nazi Organization of shit

          • bbbbrppp, Hey I left because of principles so you won’t get an argument out of me about FEMA. Like most of the Federal government, they’re an inept agency and what’s worse, there are 4 separate regions running duplicate operations — beyond redundant!

            Instead of defunding FEMA, as should be done, it grew as it had been destined prior to 9/11. The word “homeland” was bandied around before then and before DHS was created too. FEMA is but one agency under DHS — they’re there as a machine to control and manage population. They’re not that effective yet. But don’t think that the ineptitude of today won’t become something more coercive later.

        • Fraudulent Emergency Mismanagement Agency

        • Thanks for the insight. Also, wouldn’t puncturing the gas tank create a … spark? 🙁

          • most todays tanks are polymer..and the steel ones are either galvanized or coated with an epoxy , doubt you get a spark puncturing with an awl or other sharp object

            you also would already have the tool in contact with the surface, so the only impact would be to drive it inward

            had the rear tank on an extended van hit on an unimproved rail crossing for the algonquin rail way back in the 70’s , it punctured the tank and no kaboom..but a real bummer of a leak that had to be fixed asap.

            • I rented a car in Vegas that I punctured a hole in the gas tank while out in the desert at an event. Gas was pouring out. Guy came up with a bar of soap smashed it into the hole. Never leaked for the next couple of days when I turned it in. I thought it was a good trick.

      86. Looks like pictures of the old Soviet Union doesn’t it . If that does not tell you something about this country …..nothing will .

      87. Great coverage Mac, but sadly just tip of the iceberg:

        I’m an hour and a half north of NYC and our stations are putting up No Gas signs or have lines — heavy with NJ plates — that are in some cases dozens of cars long.

        Local distributors are rumored to be tapped out and unable to restock.

        Nor’Easter predicted to hit between Tuesday and Thursday.

        My fellow readers here are sharp enough to do the math. While Sandy was smaller than Katrina, NYC metro area is much more densely populated than New Orleans. Just as that mess unfolded slowly, I can see from my vantage point that its the same thing just south of here, much too close for comfort.

        Gotta get back to things, ratcheting up in anticipation, be safe all! Will try to update again.


        • Please provide any links regarding a noreaster next week

          There is nothing on nor accuweather..


          • Hi possee,

            I don’y have any links at hand with respect to that as yet but they DID hit on it on the NBC Evening news tonight, specifically. So….if the MSM can pick up on it then surely something should be out there SOMEWHERE?

        • Not surprising that gasoline is short. I mentioned here last week that refineries were transitioning over to heating oil … they do EVERY year at this time.

          When they transition over they do their semi annual maintenance. This cuts production.

          I got a lot of thumbs down on that one. DUH! 🙂

        • Good luck AS. As bad as this is for you folks it is with out a doubt a valuable lesson in real time for the rest of us. We will see just how a mob mentality works.

          Could give the rest of us some thought on how to improve our prepping in ways we have never thought of. Take care.

      88. Hello to all

        First time to post though have been reading since about February when my family started to get serious about “disasters.” Events such as this only reinforce the extra money going weekly for supplies.

        This is off topic but had a couple of questions and not sure where else to ask.

        1) Has anyone ordered from (are they reputable)? They have excellent prices.

        2) Has anyone ordered from the Antibiotics here and is it a reputable company?

        I really appreciate all the info given on this site. Visit several times daily.

        Thank you Mac and all the other posters!

        • CountryGirl

          I have ordered from them many times..always prompt service and delivery is always 100%..
          They have a comment box on the bottom of the order guide as well..

          After perusing many sites, I have stayed with them..

          Give them a try..I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied.


          • Thank you possee. Have you ordered the mylar bags, antibiotics, or both? Appreciate the info.

        • I have ordered bags and o2 absorbers from them.Great products and from what I remember,they charge actual cost of shipping and send priority mail.

        • CG – Ordered antibiotics recently from Dr. Vic. So far so good, but no product yet. Will advise.

      89. Mac, have you become a Fisher of men? I hope to I find my calling someday.

        Thanks for your service.

        • I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! 🙂

          • mayor of NYC, just sayin’…lol…nuttin’ but love..BA.

            Mac is the NEW Snake Pliskin….booooyah!!!

      90. Now take the above and multiply it on a national scale. The work people could be doing to get ready, and instead are relying on government help.

      91. A refreshing article. Instead of bashing Obama, this article puts the blame where the nation’s prblems really lie, on the heads of the people, including the people who frequent this site who are critical of the Obama, corporations or whatever.

        • Indeed, this article is the very essence of how unprepared looks. This is an article we can learn from, for when it all hits the fan.

        • If that’s all you took from this article, I have little doubt that you would end up being just like people in the article who have done nothing to prepare for the situation they are in.

          (Hey fellow preppers….this is instructive. Guys like JoeinNC are why we can be certain that some people will NEVER get it…think that the world owes them everything they want…and will learn nothing from what is going on in the cities devastated by this storm. For Joe…it’s all about protecting his “god” Obama)

        • @ JoeinNC. Just bashing those that portrayed this storm as some category 1 weakling that had Category 4 pressure of 939 MB. Many people died because they did not understand that the wind is not what you look for in a hurricane, it is the pressure. The pressure shows how much kinetic energy there is and how much destruction will occur. Bashing those that falsely gave the wrong information to the public about the hurricane deserve to get some bashing.

      92. Here is a way to use their own studies and reports, as a proof tool..

        With this article, I am going to show that gun ownership and the right to use them as protection, and not being completely fucked over buy our judicial system for doing so, has improved the numbers on violent crime. You would agree that in the past 5 years more CPL holders are out there, and generally more people are packing heat..right?

        theres a reason I ask that question, you’ll see why later on.

        Please remember , this is their information, and not mine..I am just using it to make my point, even if its only based on “their” numbers and news printing.

        Lets face it people, when criminals get killed in the act of thier criminal act, the criminals take notice, and some of the worst ones get eliminated from the general public, and thats the way it should work.

        it also helps in over crowding, and it gives the criminals a hostile work environment, and when you are heading into some of the most uncertain times of our lives, the last thing you need is empowered criminals.

        last article spoke on guns, we all read it and had our opinions..any awake person these days is matter the “bull shit laws in your state”
        as far as im concerned, no state law trumps the Constitution, or Bill of Rights in this case, or even trumps the will of God. these states should be brought up on charges Human rights violations..period NOW! and be serious about it!
        we have the Human Right to protect ourselfs with what ever is necessary from a broom handle to an AR-15 etc….if you dont believe there are human predators out there, then you been walking with blinders on, or living under a mushroom (no offence to our beloved “Mushroom” R.I.P. bro)

        Here is a quote, the typed story of one reporter Abby Rogers , for Business Insider – Thu, Nov 1, 2012 5:07 PM EDT

        her title to her report, The 25 Most Dangerous Cities in America

        The opening statement she made..

        Every year the FBI compiles a giant collection of data on crime in America. Local precincts report everything from violent crimes to rape to art thefts.

        And in a stroke of good news, the most recent report shows that violent crime last year was at a five-year low.

        The FBI defines violent crime as murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

        We’ve rounded up the most dangerous cities in America based on the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people reported for each city. We only considered cities with 100,000 residents or more.”

        Did you see what I read? “5 year low”

        I’ll put the link below due to the slow load up..
        ya’ll can go check it out on Google or Yahoo ..whatever..type in the title i gave you above, and the author..check it out.

        good intel

        ya’ll be safe, and never allow anyone to tell you, you are not worthy of protecting yourself with the tools that even the score.

        • So to paraphrase – more guns, less crime? jk

        • Seems the good thing about roaming mobs looking for gas and food is by the time they realize its a problem. they do not have the resources to get out to the city to country and take ours by force. They seem to be stuck to eventually fight it out amongst themselves

        • I’d be willing to wager dollars to donuts that just about all of those cities are run by liberal Democrats..

          I’m just sayin’…..

          • I didnt look into that, but if i were a betting man, I would agree with you..

            if you find this to be true, come back and post it, please

            • Just looking at the mayors of these cities…..

              The one exception is the mayor of Indianapolis. He’s a first termer that won an upset in the last election (which means the city previously had a Democrat as mayor)

              The top 10 worst all have Democrat mayors.

              I was a little shocked to NOT find a Texas city in the top 25. I expected Dallas or Houston would at least make the list, but they aren’t on it.

              Here’s an interesting site that has a rundown on it.


        • Chicago isn’t on there at all? Interesting.

      93. When Andrew came I was living in n bay village in miami beach. I dealt with it by driving to tampa. It was a pleasant evening.

        When Francis and then jean hit we were without power each time for about three weeks. Life revolved around the generator. Feeding it has and changing the oil. Gas was easier to get than the 2 cycle oil. We would alternate running the frig or the bedroom ac, and shut it down overnight. Just about worshipped the damn thing.

      94. Country Girl, welcome aboard. I’ve never done business with either of those sites, so I’m sorry i couldn’t answer either of those questions for you; anything else I may be able to help with. Mac, I’ve tried to post twice on this article today, but they didn’t go through for some unknown reason, so I’m trying again. for those on the east coast who did prep to any degree, i hope you’re alright and I salute you. For those who didn’t prep and are whining for Uncle Scam to come save their bacon, i don’t sympathize with them in the least. I work and pay taxes into the system just like everyone else on this forum and it burns me to no end to see this same crap after each disaster. Like some other people say, there’s no cure for stupidity. I’m a prepper. I take responsibility for my own well-being. I’ve been through regular storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, even a power outage when some idiot knocked down a pole in my neighborhood. I’ve had food, water, medical supplies, etc., everything I needed to get through those situations and I SURVIVED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE EVENTS JUST FINE! I made it through all those events depending on myself and no one else. I didn’t go crying for Uncle Scam to come save my bacon or any of that crap. I still ate pretty good because i had extra food stored away along with water and even some comfort foods. I had and still have a Coleman propane stove for cooking; still managed to have hot meals. I had and still have battery-operated radios for nes, weather reports, etc. with plenty of spare batteries; also some battery-operated lanterns, candles, flashlights, etc. i came out of each and everyone of those events smelling like a rose. I AM A SURVIVOR! Except for my late wife, I’ve never trusted anyone; never depended on anyone but myself. If I was anything like those idiots crying for the government; i.e., our tax dollars to help them, i would be so ashamed. I would have too much trouble trying to live with myself. unfortunately, that’s the mindset of most of the population today. Direct link: i threw up a snack i was having when i read this article; that’s how sick i am of all this crap. Going shopping again this weekend. Stay safe and keep prepping. Braveheart

      95. The Red Cross is serving hot coco and cookies? Huh?

      96. Remember just last week preppers were terrorist. Now what? Who’s your daddy?

      97. VRF, I’m with you all the way; I’m about to start packing heat myself with Election Day. There are some studies out there that prove violent crimes have been reduced due to concealed carry. Looks like the east coast is in for some ‘interesting times’ as the old Chinese proverb goes. I’m sure Election Day will be interesting regardless of which sock puppet is chosen. Anyone out there remember a movie titled “Escape From New York”? it came out in 1976 and starred Kurt Russell. Maybe the scenario of that movie will become real life for them? Only time will tell. braveheart

        • Yup, I remember the Movie..and if I lived there I would have escaped a long time ago

      98. stories like this make me go absolutely ballistic

        the utility workers should walk off the job
        and leave the electricity off for good

        many Americans are showing how weak and spoiled they have become
        this generation could never travel across the country and settle the West like their forefathers did
        they could never step up and defeat Germany/Japan like their fathers did

        • Our society has lost community values.
          A socialist hand out society.

          It’s why we’re all armed now.

          Imagine a multi-year crop failure?
          Which I think they are trying to engineer!!!

          If that ever goes down… better have a battle plan and protect and move your shit.


        • Satori

          That generation was hard from birth regardless if they were from multiple generation Americans or first generation. The depression tempered them all. I read that 20% of the inductees into the Armed Forces in WWII showed signs of malnutrition either then or prior. First generation Americans had it even harder generally. Of course those share cropper kids like Audie Murphy had it tough as hell and could fire a rifle accurately out of necessity.

          I think NY just got a wake up call. 911 killed many but the core of the city operated. This is a more widespread misery. They’re seeing the limits of government having woke up with a splash in the face from the dream their government officials lulled them to sleep with. The dead in 911 don’t complain but the living cold, wet and hungry do. Some of them may actually start thinking.

      99. I have been reading this site for awhile now first time responding…..what happened to self sufficiency?
        Had a big storm up my way last year,power out,trees down and I don’t remember whinning for someone to fix it for me.
        You are right… can’t fix stupid

        • Welcome home rockymtn.

          Tighten that tin foil cap, sometimes the ride here gets a little bumpy.

          Unfortunately, the sheeple have been trained to depend, not to be self-preserving. You can’t fix stoopid, and you can’t fix lazy.

          Again, “welcome to the party,pal”—Dir Hard.

          …be safe…BA.

          • Die Hard—–oops…lol.

      100. 10 days w/o power from hurricane fran in 1996…gaping hole in roof and no food or water…did i beg fema for help…hell no!…i got off my ass and did what i needed to do!…stop your bitching and take care of your family…the only folks i feel bad for are the really old, the sick, and the small children…everyone else had almost two weeks warning to prepare or leave…if you chose to stay and do nothing, then nobody owes you a damn thing…call me a cold-hearted s.o.b., but sometimes the sheeple need a hard slap upside the head

      101. I might have missed it, but has anyone heard about Long Island RICH99? For a long time dear RICH has been talking about nothing happening for 5-8 years for any reason. 5-8 years sure goes by quickly doesn’t it? RICH is a lesson to everyone that we all prepare for what could happen tomorrow, not decades away, tomorrow. RICH did prep, but didn’t feel it was necessary for years. I bet that RICH is very happy that RICH didn’t follow those words of crying wolf or long term something happening. Still hope RICH is okay. SHTF can happen to ANY of us, ANYWHERE. That is why we prepare, and how and why this cannot be ever taken for granted.

        • In spite of his screaming the opposite line all the time, at least he kept coming back here. I hope he’s ok too.

      102. hmmm

        look like New Yorker’s had at least 7 years to prepare

        (sounds kinda Biblical don’t it ?)

        that is if they quit staring at their phones and Blackbbery’s
        for a minute or two
        and would read a damn newspaper

      103. It’s time to work on people whom you have tried to wake up but failed. They will listen this time. They may not when the aftermath is no longer covered in TV news. Wake one more relative, neighbor or friend up, you have one less family to take care of when the shtf. Wake one more guy on the street up, you have one less potential looter. This is active prepping.

        • You sir are 100% correct.

      104. just to add a little balance to the argument

        we do well to remember that

        “good news doesn’t sell papers”

        no doubt the media is actively looking for the worse in human nature
        (and is finding a fair amount)

        but undoubtedly there are literally millions of untold stories about people helping each other through this
        we probably won’t hear a lot of those though

        • Good news sells until after the election.

          The un told stiroies are of looting and true hard ship which i haven’t seen yet

          there are reports of looting and arrests but not one video i find that strange.

          But i am synical and paranoid (it’s probably just me)

      105. I’m starting to wake up some guys at work…it has been a slow process. When we are together talking,somebody always says when the _hit goes down I’m coming to your house!….I look at them and say ”unless you can bring some supplies or a skill to share,no your not! I gave you all the facts and info you need,you have to start to do something for yourself. ”……then we have that ”awkward moment of silence.”

        • An E.F Hutton moment?

          Can hear a mouse piss on a cotton ball?

        • I was afraid of this as I posted earlier. This affects anyone who gets payment transfers on the 1st/15th of the month and really depends on that deposit happening on time. This applies to anyone who’s reliant on direct deposit only, including our military, and it’s especially hard for people whose banks are not brick and mortar (like USAA). Sure, they can head uptown where the power’s working, but it sounds like that’s a crazy commute with so many of the trains still out of commission and the bus lines are packed.

          I’ve lugged groceries on buses before when we couldn’t afford a car. And let me tell you, it is HARD, especially when the bus gets full and the sardines give you the look of how dare I hog space with food. (I’ve gotten into full-on arguments with people before over it, making me feel bad about my situation.) It must be even worse now.

          Many New Yorkers don’t have cars, as it’s prohibitively expensive for poorer folks. Not to mention the ones who have cars probably aren’t driving now with the gas shortage. They’re used to doing the bulk of their shopping at bodegas, or as we call them, the little stores, as in “Go to the little store and get a gallon of milk.”

          Yes, you can get so much more with your money at a supermarket, but like I said, that was a major chore on a bus, especially frozen foods in summer with no a/c on the crowded buses – or even a half trip with the granny cart every few days. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that people pay premium at bodegas for convenience on just a few things. And, with the way the system’s all but set up now, it also doesn’t surprise me it’s now Day 3 past the deposits and people can’t buy their own groceries, no matter who made the deposit.

          • I’m really confused–couldn’t one possibly carry home a couple items each day and in two weeks have groceries for a week with not eating out??
            day one: 1 lb.ground beef, 16 oz. pasta, 1 envelope of spaghetti sauce, one onion??
            How much room could that possibly weigh and space consume??
            And leftovers for Tuesday.
            Day three: you get the point…make enough for two days?
            Gee…I am not getting this.
            So far, we have pasta in a box for next spaghetti meal and have started a pantry of food for further days??

          • As usual, I’m late to the table – but I’ll post this anyway because I just can not imagine living this life style that Lori is describing. But then I’ve lived my entire life in the rural country side. BTW, I spent the morning picking up buy one, get 2nd for a $.01. on a variety of meat / chicken / pork. Our local Brookshires does this every once in a while. Then I spent some minutes packing it into vac-sealed bags and into the deep freezer (this is not to be confused with the side freezer on the refrig). So I packed away multiple lbs of meat >forest gump sigh.. Again> that eventually gets pressured canned into easy fix meals. I guess I am missing something found in the Big City, but I choose to remain ignorant. I might spend a few minutes contemplating WHY would a human subject themselves to this torture… it must be a really good reason. But only for a few because rural life has it’s own laundry list of chores.
            Carry on warriors, the battle continues even if you don’t participate.
            Wee ~..~

      106. MY RANT… Enjoy.
        PS. It’s not pretty.

        7 BILLION people on the planet…all in competition with your meal plate and those of your children.

        Chem trails messing with the weather….
        Seems this storm was mother nature going WTF….right back at you.

        Folks….think for yourself….plan well.
        Assume things will screw up.
        I see this all the time at companies… Competent folks built the systems…then all the lazy folks who never created anything….are expected to keep it all running.
        Followed by liberal Kumbya mgt. hiring all the dumb fucks.

        It’s a formula for fuck up 101.

        Plan well.
        Be strategic.


        VOTE THE BARRY S. OUT!!!!

        The guy has never ran a business.
        Never met payroll.
        Never had to create anything of lasting value.

        Just another fuckup baby boomer.
        Spare me any crap about the boomers. We know they all sold out the factories to China. Bill, Hillary, Al…their generation. Traitors to the United States.
        It’s time we all start just saying what’s on our mind. And for the “silent generation”, now in there 70s and 80s…. They pissed away their inherited wealth on RVs, second homes and vacations while their kids struggled in a time of currency collapse.
        The US Dollar has fallen 45% since 2000. Gas used to be $1.88…now over $4.
        Thanks Obama!!! Then the fucker spends more money than all US presidents in American history! WTF.

        This man will be first in line to vote the fucking asshole out on Tuesday!!!!!
        And don’t call me a racist…..we all are in some way.

        To all those whites who want to sing Kumbya..go live in the ghetto of Detroit…see how long you last…. They fucking hate you and will shoot your ass dead for fun.

        As for the government accusing us preppers of “hoarding gold”…
        WTF? Why not hoard stocks or hoard real estate. Like the language they use.

        It’s time all red blooded American stand up to the socialist communist forces working against the United States. The UN!!!

        I’m glad all those folks will go a day being hungry…now they will stop and think and take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND PLAN AHEAD.

        Didn’t you just love how they make all the preppers out to be nuts?
        Who’s crazy now?

        Anyone who does not have at least a one month supply of dry and canned foods on hand to feed the family are just plain….. HERE IT IS…

        C R A Z Y
        Enjoy your week long new diet!

        • Great infromation

          But sadly most of the country just doesn’t care

          We need Turnout, Luck, and lot of prayer

      107. I’ve lived my entire life on Long Island and have to say, it’s lost a lot of its charm for me over the years. Overcrowded neighborhoods, ridiculous property taxes, most everyone is an asshole…to name a few of my grievances. Anyway, I digress – mostly what I wanted to say is that I’ve been following this site since before ’08 when I was going about the process of ‘awakening’ (I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to here). The info and topics discussed really opened my eyes to the direction I saw and continue to see this country heading in. So when I heard Sandy was on the way, I stocked up; full tank of gas in each car, two weeks of non-perishables and essentials. As it turned out, my community somehow never lost power, as amazing as that sounds. But from the chaos I see out on the streets JUST FOR GAS (the lines are over a half mile long in some areas) to the empty store shelves, to the shell shocked expressions on people’s faces – it’s really bad on Long Island. I made sure I was prepared, and I don’t have to contend with lines for gas, food, etc. The point is this – the average American is completely oblivious to a SHTF situation. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to the NY area. If 10+ days (a very generous estimate IMHO)for full power restoration isn’t enough, then I don’t know what it is. What trouble is on the way, from someone living through the worst national disaster this area has EVER experienced, PREP!

      108. a very interesting article in The Rolling Stone by Taibbi

        Americans are literally schizophrenic when it comes to government

        “Americans on both the left and the right have, for the last decade, consistently voted for high-spending members of Congress and consistently supported ever-higher levels of government intervention and regulation at all levels of public life. As a result, the federal government expanded under George W. Bush’s administration at a rate that was, at least until President Barack Obama came along, totally unprecedented in U.S. history. ”

        “Hurricane Sandy is a perfect, microcosmic example of America’s attitude toward government. We have millions of people who, most of the year, are ready to bash anyone who accepts government aid as a parasitic welfare queen, but the instant the water level rises a few feet too high in their own neighborhoods, those same folks transform into little Roosevelts, full of plaudits for the benefits of a strong state.”

        • Satori

          Sad fact is that almost all the incumbents in the house and senate are to be re elected once again..given the latest poll results…go figure!


          As the majority root for the red or blue teams to save us from our selves next Tuesday..some of us must go on preparing for the inevitable decline of the dollar and society..

          and those in the northeast quadrant will still be without power/heat/gas,and food…awaiting big sis and the rest of the idiots to bumble their way through the bureaucratic nightmare..

          Perhaps they should send in Halliburton or XE to rebuild the areas affected..after all we hire them for nation infrastructure rebuilding overseas all the time..or send in the Army Corps of Engineers..

          The more I witness government at work(or lack of) the more I just want to escape it all..and all the millions of lemmings who beg for government assistance..


      109. Our present form government and economic system aren’t able to deal with this level of disruption let alone what’s coming. We deserve what we get for our own ignorance, greed and selfishness. Just because it hasn’t happen to you yet isn’t an excuse to remain catatonic.

        OsiXs (Common Sense 3.1)

      110. “…seemingly stable societies are really just nine meals from anarchy.”

        I believe you meant to say, “nine meals away from chaos (or hubris).” Anarchy is merely the absence of government, which does not necessarily imply violent disorder. (In fact, probably most of the readers here would welcome a little less government.)

      111. I just burned my mouth on homemade veg/beef soup taken from the fridge, heated in the oven by 3 votive candles.
        20 minutes tops; would have taken less time if from a can and not cold.
        Oh, keep those aluminum pie pans..great to put your candles in. 🙂
        I’m a country girl with common sense!!

        • JayJay (and others), Have you ever make emergency candles using soy wax? The how-to instructions are online. The wax is melted and poured into canning jars — usually the half-pint jars. A base and wick is added, then the poured candle needs to cool to a solid candle. They are unscented, easy to make, and each candle of that size lasts 50 hours. I’ve made several cases of these candles. Some call them “survivor candles”. Worth making!

          • I do have many wicks..haven’t tried that, but have put my lantern oil in a pint canning jar, lid w. a pre-made slit for wick, and made a lantern.
            Lantern oil, jar, for every room, smoke….and put inside a tin coffee container to carry!!
            For emergency if needed.

        • Thanks Jayjay! What a great idea to use the oven to burn the candles on aluminum pie pans. That, I think, is the best way to cook with votive candles. I have been saving a lot of candles of all types and sizes. Yet, I never have used them. Your post has let me know how to use them when I need to use them. I might be very academic, but I have no common sense whatsoever, and I am not even a city girl. I am just one of those people who are not very hands on, but would rather read and study as I sit and think about important things. My sister says that I am book smart, but I have no street smarts. She is very hands on, that is, she can change a tire all by herself. I have to depend upon the mercy of the Lord, and hope that a passer-byer will stop by and help me. And some one always does help me by-and-by.

          • CWS..don’t forget– if nothing else is available–the soaked cotton balls in alcohol trick. It could save you from being very cold since 10 soaked burn for 16 minutes. And..heat water while warming the room??
            Heck, shut the doors and heat just one room.
            Dollar Tree has these little tin cans with wick and they heat for 2 hours!!!! 😛
            I have one in each car with matches. I’m more afraid of freezing than starving—I am very cold natured.
            Peace..jayjay 🙂

      112. 1st.. Take down haarp- this is man playing god..
        2nd.. Vote out all scum bags from congress and senate
        3rd.. Take personal responsibity for you and your family
        4th.. Have pride and dignity
        5th.. Learn that you are Not your brothers keeper..
        6th.. Live your life..but set goals
        7th.. A couple hail Mary’s once and while wont hurt you.
        8th.. Eye for an eye.. Always..
        9th.. Mind your own business..
        10th.. It’s non of your business what others think of you or your country!

        God bless the USA..

        • The Lord Jesus Christ does not teach an eye for an eye. But I do not think you know that Realist since you think saying a couple of Hail Marys will get you by, which abominable thing the Lord Jesus Christ does not teach for any believer in Christ to do.

          I think you will be greatly helped if you read the King James Bible to learn what the Lord Jesus teaches instead of what you have apparently learned from the catechism of Roman Catholicism.

          The Lord Jesus also teaches for us to be a good Samaritan. And it is critical to help those that we consider to be the least among us whether they have food storage or not. A city is only good as it treats its poorest and its least.

          • You are 100% right.. Forgive and forget.. Help one another ..

            When the SHTF – just lay down.. Because if you don’t defend yourself and your family.. You will be slain.. All in vain..

            I believe that 2 wrongs do not make a right.. But also feel when
            The time comes.. You will take self preservation over self sacrifice!

            I read the holy bible day and night.. Buy I do have my own views..

            I’m only human.. And a sinner by design.

      113. Their might be a Nor Easter for Tues,wed for the East Coast.Just sayin

      114. Hi Mac,

        Hey Buddy, I think you have an ‘errant’ process loose on the server. I just noticed this a couple of days ago – haven’t a clue as to whether this has been ongoing or not – but each time a comment is posted, or when accessing the site itself…though NOT for ‘Thumbs Up/Down, my browser is being continuously ‘thrashed’. Near as I can tell it just doesn’t stop. Just to see how long it would go I let it run last night for over 30 minutes before forcing the page to quit refreshing. I have a very high-speed connection now and I don’t see it ANYWHERE else I go. How’s your traffic utilization lately…maybe excessively high for no apparent reason? Maybe time to get out the ‘RAID’ Brother. G’Night…

      115. The only people I feel sorry for in this situation, are the folks who have had their home either damaged so badly that they can’t enter it, or totally destroyed.

        Anyone who can still live in their home, and hasn’t acquired sufficient food, fuel and means to purify water deserves whatever happens to them.

        Katrina should have been warning enough to people that government CAN NOT and WILL NOT take care of your every need….and in fact….it SHOULDN’T.

        I hear about these people having no food, no heat and no water…but yet it looks like the buildings are still standing. That tells me they did nothing to prepare for this.

        The bottom line is….they had normalcy bias….and some of them will end up having a terminal case of it, because they aren’t going to make it.

        The one hope that these people have is that eventually, the power will come back on. Food will eventually be delivered to them. They will eventually have water. Gasoline will again become available.

        But take this scenario and expand it nation-wide…as would be the case if we had power-grid failure due to an EMP or solar storm, and we’d be in a situation where there would be no guarantee that the power would come back on for months…or in some cases years. And there would be no prospect of food, fuel or water being available at all. What’s the saying? “We are 9 meals away from anarchy.”

        What is going on there on the east coast is instructive….if we will pay attention. Watch carefully people. Learn. Because what you are seeing there could be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

        (And gee….I wonder where all the trolls are who have been saying that a SHTF situation can’t happen? Guess what….for the people who live in the areas devastated by this storm, the caca HAS hit the fan.)

      116. We don’t need to worry about the election. Obama is going to get it because our country has been hypnotized. Thus no rioting to worry about. I pray the 2016 movie was conjecture on one mans part. And I also pray
        God grant me the courage to change the things I can, to accept the things I cannot, and wisdom to know the difference. And thank you for guiding me to places to increase my knowledge. And for the ability to act upon it.

      117. Good evening everyone. I have been lurking long enough and have decided to send the odd post to this great forum. I have read this site and comments for years. I am in my mid thirties , live and work throughout mid to Northern Canada , have some Infantry experience and spend the vast majority of my Winter time outside working and driving in the snow and cold. ECWS is an acronym for extreme cold weather system….or survival. My goal is to post snippets of my cold weather knowledge both tactical and practical on this forum for viewer pleasure. I believe I can add knowledge here in this area. I have worked and work throughout Yukon the Territories and Northern B.C. and Alberta. I work in Celsius but will (Fahrenheit) for my Southern Cousins. Keep in mind the only time these temperatures are the same is -40 C(F). I call it the “Nexus of Insanity”. I will post regardless of thread theme on all topics concerning cold weather from the mundane and widely known to the intricate and nitty gritty of getting things done when the weather is below freezing to The Nexus of Insanity and Colder yet still. I will speak plain and true. Thank you. And better yet thank the Alaskan man that chiseled my iPhone from the road in Fort Nelson that was just grated 3 days ago and was driving ten minutes behind me when he called to give it back on a 250 mile stretch of road after I lost it for 3 days before that. True story , God Bless America!
        (bought him a forty ounce bottle of Crown Royal for his troubles) , yummy!

        • Hi ecws,

          First…Be Welome Here. Like you I ‘watched from afar’ for a long time, saw the ebb and flow of what passed across the board, noted the good…and the bad. It took some time to come to the point where I felt ‘obliged’ to offer to those here something in return for the many good things which I gleaned along the way from the things which were posted here. Agaim , be welcome in this place…and ‘Well-met’

        • Welcome from a “Southern Cousin”. Looking forward to the cold weather info. Oh, BTW, I especially enjoy your Canadian “spirits”.

      118. These people in line for handouts should be ashamed of themselves. Even the MAIN STREAM media reported days in advanced that there were to be millions without power for weeks. These people knew a week in advance how bad the storm was going to be and none of them thought to prepare until the absolute last minute ony to realize that they were too late? I put this on those that have become to reliant on the handouts.
        Who in the world doesn’t have enough canned goods for a family of 4 to last them a week? Ramon noodles people, $5 – 24 packages. And this report is slightly annoying saying how people are starving. Its been 4 days, no one is starving, theyll live another couple weeks without food. Maybe the 30% obese population could use a diet. J/K to all the Plumped Ones (I’m one too). Pathetic and embarrassing how helpless we’ve become.

      119. Military To Run Elections In New Jersey With close to two million people in New Jersey without power in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, and an national election due next week, it has been determined that the best way forward is to hand over the reigns to the Department of Defense.

        Many polling stations will have no power and therefore no means of conducting their duties on election day. The deadline for processing mail in ballots has been extended until Friday, however many will still have no means of voting.

      120. Every time i see a pic of people from Ny,It’s like deer in head lights.Sad indeed.

      121. Cold weather 101 Vehicles

        =Vehicles have block heaters or oil pan heaters. You have to plug them in. If you are worried about your cord getting stolen – drive your tire onto it. I have always said “Thieves are like electricity they take the path of least resistance”.

        =Vehicles tend to drive away with said cord attached , you won’t notice until it catches your tire and rips your plugged cord to your engine out and damages your paint…….one wrap around your drivers side mirror will remind you.

        =Pay extra for a cold weather cord. Plastic gets very brittle in the cold. The cheap cord will become like iron when very cold. The rated cold weather cords are still malleable (if that could be said about plastic) in cold weather.

        =Have a lighted end on your cord. It ensures you are getting power to the intended area. Unbeknownst to me (I live in a Condo) I plugged into my neighbours power source at the outside garages and he cut me off. Fair enough , I found my plug stall later but that was a 20$ Taxi ride at 4 AM to get to work.

        =As I said before plastic becomes very , very brittle after about -28C (-19)F and increases greatly past that. When brushing snow of your vehicle take great care not to tap your brush on plastic rims or parts of your exterior. It will crack with ease.

        =A lot of American vehicles in the `Lower 48` do not come standard with an engine block heater. They sell magnetic oil heating pads that plug 120 Volt. These work reasonably well till -20 F. The more the better. Stick them to your oil pan.

        Maybe you can pick a plum of knowledge off this tree and maybe not. Either way I have many more posts about vehicles and cold……and that is just a tiny aspect. This is just the beginning. Thanks Mac. Not a whiner but this is a major site now. You should expand your knowledge tree , ie theme threads. Cold weather survival , hot weather , bucket food storage , bartering techniques , social interaction , energy , canning , dehydrating , bush skills , communications …..on and on and on. I just think we could use individual threads to share knowledge that separate the wheat from the chaff. Is there something out there like that….

      122. I was SURE that just mindlessly chanting “Yes we can” (or, more usefully, “Yes, we have no bananas”) would have fixed everything

      123. Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing it’s idiot.


        God Bless!

      124. Cold Weather Vehicles 102 Diesels

        =Gas vehicles start much better than Diesel vehicles in the cold. When running a diesel in cold weather you must put in `fuel conditioner`. Diesel will `gel` in the very cold and become semi frozen. Past -32C (-26)F this will become a reality……even sooner. More the better , hard to wreck a diesel with that stuff.

        = If you are running a diesel engine outside in the cold and storing it inside (say at night) in the warm confines of a shop or garage you should fill it up full with diesel fuel every time. The warmth promotes condensation(water) which is water in the empty space of the unfilled tank. BAD!

        =It is best to leave your diesel vehicle running overnight if the Temperature gets below -25C (-13)F if the unit is pre 2007. Something changed then and I don`t know what it was. May apply to Ford F-350`s only…..2008 – 2012`s are great starters.

        `=Diesels have `glow plugs`that warm the engine before starting. Apparently tripping the glow plug twice has no effect. Try at your own volition.

        =Rumor has it that the oil and gas companies switch fuel blends from Winter and Summer at the pumps. Winter having more additives out of the pumps for cold weather. I think this is true. Have not confirmed yet. Good to know if you have Gerry can fuel from Summer. I`m 99% on this.

        =When idling in snow covered cold weather , ensure your exhaust is not planted in snow. A couple deaths a year happen from that…..good wholesome families. The exhaust backs up and kills the passengers via Carbon Dioxide. I always check my exhaust pipe in snowy areas.

        • “via Carbon Dioxide” I think you mean carbon monoxide (CO). If CO2 is poisonous then we’re all in trouble!

        • In a pinch I use regular gas as my cold weather additive. About 5-10% keeps it from turning into jello.

      125. These freeloaders shouldn’t even qualify as Americans if they were too lazy to even put aside some food. Why the hell didn’t you leave when they said the storm was coming? This is the Oguano vote.

      126. Too many know about the 11SEP01 cover-up …

        Wait until they try to enforce this Fraud Election

      127. What good is preping, when your house with all the preped stuff is gone?
        Why don’t these smart preppers have any idea’s for that, in case your house disappears from a tornado, earthquake or hurricane? What do you eat then?

        • This is a question that I have asked myself many times.

          The answer is that you don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. In other words….you store stuff in different locations. But even that is no guarantee. What if you can’t get to your stuff when TSHTF? What if someone else beats you to it? And some people simply can’t afford, or don’t have the means to store stuff in different locations. For some…it’s all they can do to collect what they can in ONE location.

          I’ve just had to settle my mind about it and come to the conclusion that all you can do, is all you can do. You try to mitigate it some by having a survival kit in your vehicles. Enough to last several days maybe. So if you had to evacuate, at least you’d have something.

          I said in another post that the people I feel sorry for are the ones who did what they could to prepare, but their homes are either destroyed or uninhabitable.

          And this is also what I refer to as the “luck factor” when it comes to prepping. Sometimes…you do everything you can possibly do…and Murphy’s Law comes into effect and you’re screwed anyway.

          The best you can do, is to try to mitigate the bad effects of SHTF situations. Work on the things you CAN control. Leave the rest in God’s hands.

        • Someone further talked about this dilemma. They mention having caches food and other critical supplies in water tight containers in secure areas outside the home. Perhaps in the ground. This takes some work but if done right is a good backup in case the house is totalled. You can do internet searches on “caches” they are different sizes and shapes depending on what might work for you. Everyone’s situation is a little different though.

      128. They don’t have anyone to blame but themselves, but my heart goes out to the children. Did no one learn anything from Katrina.What has our society come to? just sit back don’t worry, don’t take responsibility for your own well being the Government and FEMA they’ll take care of you.
        Our world is slowly suffocating in laziness and stupidity.

      129. Don’t worry folks, some of these people WILL get the wake-up call. I live near a big city. This past summer a fast moving storm hit and left my town without power for 3-4 days. It was completely unexpected. One minute I was noticing how dark the sky was in the middle of day and putting my shoes on to go move my car into the garage, the next minute hail was pounding down so hard it was not safe to go outside. I literally did not even have time to move my car. When the power went out, I had an empty flashlight, no batteries. No batteries anywhere and no candle, nothing. The only food I had was perishable, except for a couple boxes of cake mix in the pantry. I don’t think it is that unusual for people not to have food, especially city people. I pretty much ate out every meal except for making coffee at home or a light snack. If I wanted food, I just hopped in my car and grabbed something. Even if I did have warning about a storm, unless it was a blizzard, I probably wasn’t going to take it too seriously anyway. Well, the wake-up call came in a way I hadn’t expected. I went to a local eatery to charge up my laptop and cell phone and saw masses of sweaty bodies hogging up every available outlet. Talk about a bunch of sheeple. And I was one of them! At night, with entire neighborhoods completely pitch black, I literally feared for my life inside my place that I couldn’t sleep at night. There was nothing to stop someone from going down the entire block and robbing everyone. All lights were out, alarm systems down and a general spooky quiet that makes you think every twig snap is a potential intruder. I had to throw out whatever food I did have. Driving anywhere was a disaster because all the street lights were out. In many ways, it really wasn’t that bad, not compared to what people have experienced in this hurricane but it was a DEFINITE wake-up call for me to at the very least have the basics of emergency preparedness and extra non-perishable food on hand. The lack of security and the masses of miserable looking people was something that will always stick with me. Sometimes people have to go through it themselves before they will learn. Yeah yeah, you hear about Katrina, you hear about wars in other countries, it’s always them, not me. One thing is for sure, some of those people digging through the trash will vow to themselves that they will do whatever it takes never to go through the trash again. They will count this storm as one of the best things that has ever happened to them.

        • It would be a really interesting study to go down to New Orleans and take a survey to find out just how many of the residents there have altered their lives to the point of preparing for the next SHTF situation.

          I’d be willing to bet you that it’s not a lot.

        • There is Hope—Does it matter how we get there??? The important thing is you made it and now encourage others to prep for ‘lights out’ time.
          Step by step.

          • jayjay, I don’t think it matters how you get there. I would hesitate to call these people stupid. Growing up with modern conveniences and expecting them to be there has nothing to do with intelligence. They are not thinking of possible outcomes. It is overwhelming at first but gotta start somewhere. I was able to help some friends in New Jersey and family in VA just by telling them what to buy when they went to the store to prepare and encouraging them to evacuate (one person didn’t want to leave). So things spread little by little like you said.

      130. Since power outages are inevitable having a long run time flashlight is a good idea.
        Lowes has a 65 hour run time flashlight for under $5.00
        I got mine in store. I also got one at Target.
        Or go micro solar for under $50.00.
        Emergency Led Lighting Made Ridiculously Simple:

        • I wish to share this if allowed.
          TSC has $3 LED lights…I bought one, took it to my shed.
          lordy Tordy–it lit the entire 12 X 12 foot shed like a regular light or better–it even impressed my darling.
          I bought 3 more for the house today–one is in our night stand.

      131. I have 2 things to say.prepare for the worst and hope for the best.better have it and not need it than need it and not have now on a lots of poeples are going to respect the Way of life of the prepper comunity.

      132. Sad state of affairs, tonight i had an epiphany, a future where one who desires to help his fellow citizen,to do the right thing, to help alleviate suffering will require the permission of the State, it has happened before in other nations, still occurs in nations around the world and soon will be the normal in this country. It will not be determined by need or compassion by the State but will be determined by political considerations, cronyism and eliminating segements of the population deemed undesirable by the PTB
        We as Nation are totally screwed.

      133. A tri-fuel generator can go a long way, no matter where you live. Propane stores for a long time.
        Share your ideas with the unprepared. Most will be very grateful you took the time to help them.
        Do a small prep every day.
        Help those in need when you can.

        God bless us all…..

      134. As usual, youpeople have it all wrong. What we are seeing is the natural outcome of high population density, not unpreparedness. Not amount of preparedness will help in the event of a long-term event. So, the only way things like this can be truly avoide is if population density cen be decreased, which would requires depopulation, which is the deluded on this site claim TPTB want anyway.

        • I’m all for decreasing the population.

          Why don’t you be a real patriot and go first.

        • This is why big cities that are very crowded are death traps when SHTF.

      135. Here in NWOh and many other parts of the Midwest June 29/12 was just about blown away. We are selves were with out grid power 7 days some many more, but we were ok, with what we had, so many people got a rude awakening of how people can act, fights in the one gas station in the county working, over ice, ect..many friends commented on the stuff we were hearing, I said now you know what will happen when something really bad happens, a lot woke up

      136. Question ..

        Since over half of NJ gas stations are inoperable due to no electricity,not lack of gas, why doesn’t FEMA send in generators?

        Never mind, the feds are sending millions of gallons of more gas..but still no power..still no generators..

        And OB1KANOBE just stated that all agencies cut all red tape..really? Isn’t red tape the glue that fuels government ineptitude in the first place?



        • possee; Read my posts concerning this. It’s my pet peeve, and I have experience in the related fields.
          That would be fuel storage/delivery; electrical and on-site power generation; retailing for profit; logistics and plain common sense.

          All of those factor in. In my opinion, as stated ad-nausem, “anti-gouging” laws are the biggest and easiest item to address. Suspend/remove these laws, let supply and demand rein free, and these problems will sort themselves out with no master planning required.

          The market, and individuals with a profit motive, will take the required steps. For those who don’t like the idea of a profit motive in these situations, grow up!
          If I have to waste my time explaining this, wallow in your misery, and wait for your precious government to come save you.

          Money will be pissed away by the TON! So why don’t we let the market do it’s thing. The needed supplies will dribble in until entrepreneurs are sparked. That’s not right or wrong. It’s just the way it is.

          • Oh, and this is rich!. The NYC board of licencse is out in force fining unlicencsed contractors.
            You’ve got a tree laying on your house. Do you care about regulations if somebody removes it?
            Their not rip off artists! Their trying to make a buck! In a tough situation.

        • possee: Red Tape is to protect each agency’s lines, nothing more than a truff war with one another. That’s total BS.

        • Why don’t gas station pumps just run on gasoline?

          • Or at least have the option in an emergency?

      137. I wonder how many new commers we will have on this site after this event..?

      138. Hard to imagine the short sightedness and cell phone zombies!

      139. What we are seeing in the NE is the effect of millions living in an urban setting for multiple generations. It is the epitome and posterchild of normalcy bias. Urbanites are so stuck in their ways they can’t think outside the box. THe exersize of asking “what if” doesn’t exist in their pysche.
        The really sad part of it is it’s not just those in the megacities. I work in and live near a small city (90,000) and most of them suffer from the same normalcy bias as those in NY, Chicago, etc.
        In a truly SHTF scenario the urbanites really will become the zombie apocalypse.

      140. Doesn’t the government response just prove that it just doesn’t matter if dems of repubs are in office, government is incapable of meeting the emergency needs when the chips are down. If they had to kill someone 10000 miles away, no problem, but simple relief supplies seem to absolutely flummox the government. If this isn’t a huge wake up call to stop funding this inept entity known as the federal government, I don’t know what is. Self sufficiency is a virtue, not an indicator that you are somehow dangerous. I wonder if some are rethinking living dependent upon government and others for food, water, etc…. in watching,reading the news, it appears people have generators, but no gas to run them? What the hell is up with that?

        • Tomas; Here is the situation.

          You own a gas station on Long Island. No storm damage, but no power.
          You could; Source a generator for $1000 a day, pay a sparky to tie in, and open your store. You may be the only place within miles to suppply fuel, lights, coffee, and a sense of normalcy.
          But, you would have to charge $10 a gallon for gas, $4.00 for a Coke, $3.00 for a cup o’joe. Let the neighbors charge their phones gratis. Maybe offer your well lit lot as a staging center. Your going to have to “entice” fresh deliverys. Entice means cold, hard cash! And top dollar!

          🙁 …you can’t. No, to protect the people from your greed, your not allowed to charge over 10%, or a $20,000 fine. So you say, fuck it!

          The End.

          • Breaking News!!! The Feds are going to set up free fuel distribution locations. 10 gallon limit.

            • Definitely – considering there are fights breaking out and 4 hour lines for the gas people are paying for this is definitely not going to go well.

              • Daisy–on one prepper site last night, several posted craigslist of A**holes selling gas they had stored at their houses for $15 a gallon!!!!

                • Of course there will be a booming black market in gas. And people will pay.

                  That can of tuna you bought for .75, would not be sold for .75, or $1.00 or even $5.00 in a SHTF situation. It’s value “changes”.

      141. contrary to recent news reports
        the New York City Marathon
        will proceed on schedule
        in fact it has already begun
        the Nature of the Event has changed
        and now everyone gets to compete

      142. The time as arrived for us as one voice to stand and tell them all- FED, STATE, LOCAL to cut the BULL SH-T, get it together or we will remove you, by force if necessary. It’s time to make a stand. Hey don’t feed the beast stop paying taxes, if 20-30 million did that they cannot through all of us in jail and they know. If they tried the fight would be on, just like coming for your guns. If we don’t make a stand now, well stick a fork in us we’re DONE!

      143. There are a couple of questions that MSM reporters are failing to ask people digging thru garage and standing in long food/water lines:

        1. Did you make any preparations for Hurricane Sandy?

        2. If you did prepare for this hurricane, what preparations did you make?

      144. What’s up with the FEDERAL RESERVE CHARTER ending in December? How can we stop them from turning it over to these thieves again?

      145. You need to watch this and decide how you will react, because this could be coming to your place of business, soon.

      146. Tomas, some one posted above that in NY you cannot have more than 2.5 gallons of gas stored at your house. WTF?

      147. NC was invaded by NewYorkers ABOUT 20 YEARS AGO. I hope to hell they don’t send more down here about Sandy. Maybe we could build a wall..

      148. ECWS, welcome aboard from another “southern cousin”. I will also look forward to your weather information plus any other information you have to share. braveheart

      149. Hey all, just wanted to give an update on conditions here.
        As I’ve stated before I’m in a somewhat rural area of eastern PA along the Delaware river in the middle about equal distance from NYC and Philly.

        So today starts day 6 without power and running water (well, technically day 5 1/2).
        My town’s downtown area (small town: literally 1 square mile) just got power back yesterday but we’re still out- we’re about 5 miles outside of town and there are still ALOT of trees and wires downed. Word is we’ll get power back anytime between 11am today through 11pm on Wednesday. Even though alot of people in this area are pretty well stocked, have fireplaces, and generators (we live in a flood prone area on the river) they are starting to get stressed. Food stores have been open on generators but even the one gas station in town and the 3 right across the bridge in Jersey have been either closed or they ran out of gas so there’s no fuel to be had in a 15+ mile radius.
        The upside is that I’m so well stocked that it’s really only an inconvenience…a major inconvenience, but good prepping has kept this from being a situation that could have been REALLY bad because the nights this week have been getting VERY cold (close to freezing last night and expecting a low of 28 for the next few nights.
        But overall me, my wife, and our 5 year old are doing well…However, I do admit that I’d kill for a hot shower 😉
        My parents 30 minutes away just got power back last night.

        Much better than NYC, especially Staten Island.

        My cousin who lives in Manhattan went down to the Battery to volunteer and she said that just going 30 blocks south is literally like crossing from the US into a 3rd world country. Lines there for water and food (mostly MRE’s) are huge and take she said most people have been waiting in lines for hours.
        She said it’s like 2 completely different worlds- the Northside of NYC had power, food, and they even went trick or treating on Halloween while on Southside it’s devastation, with people running out of food and water and freezing in the pitch blackness every night.
        She compared it to the movie the Hunger Games when the kids from the poor districts show up in the city to find people with money, power, food, and complete ambivalence as to what’s happening just a few blocks away.
        Thank God Bloomberg cancelled the NY Marathon because she said people were ready to riot.
        However, she told me last night that she was appalled by the reactions from alot of people when they announced the cancellation. She said they (the people in NYC who have had power and were left completely unscathed by the storm) were complaining that they think the marathon should still go on because it’s a “fun tradition”. Yeah, fun for the people who are still missing loved ones and fun for the dead people- whom they keep discovering more of every day.

        It seems like more people rallied around to help after Katrina than are rallying to help with Sandy.
        It seems the MSM is more interested in reporting on Obama and Romney debating Jeep commercials and their poll standings rather than the devastation from Sandy (which is STILL currently going on as we speak).
        I guess this whole storm business has passed beyond the American sheeple’s attention span already.
        I’ll say it again- I really don’t think this is going to end anytime soon and definitely not in a good way. I believe that this is definitely going to contribute a lot to the troubles just over the hill.

        Overall, we here are doing okay and on a posiive note, I am looking at this as being a great test of my preps and resilience. Shit, if I had to I could do this indefinitely…my wife, not so much 😉
        But at least she is finally happily acknowledging the fact that she’s kind of thankful that I’m a prepper and have set us up to be so comfortable and safe when many others are not.

        So to others also still affected- good luck & be safe!

        I’ll keep y’all posted.

        • Btw- I thank God for 3g and my iphone. Otherwise I’d be completely disconnected from EVERYTHING (news, communication with family members, shtfplan).

          I must admit that one thing this has really opened my eyes to is how scary the notion is of being so disconnected from the world if we ever have a complete grid down situation and we weren’t even able to use cell phones. We take them so for granted and I’m just glad that I still have mine up and running.
          One thing we all have to work on is a good plan for communicating with family and the outside world for news and to make sure everyone is safe if even cell phones cease to work.

        • “It seems like more people rallied around to help after Katrina than are rallying to help with Sandy”

          The painfully obvious thing is the difference in civility and concern of southerners vs. northerners.

          Sorry if that offends anyone, but I lived in Mass. for a while…if the shoe fits.

      150. A lot of people keep saying people should have left because they knew the storm was coming. They’re saying that people “got what they deserved” for staying.

        I would very likely not have left. I wouldn’t want to leave my home to the mercy of looters. I would have boarded up my windows, stocked up, and hunkered down. I wouldn’t expect a handout or a rescue, but I probably would have stayed too.

        It’s easy to judge the decisions of others after the fact or from a safe distance.

        Now, admittedly, living in an area prone to this type of disaster is not wise. But….what if you lived there your entire life? What if you were in the family home? What if you’d worked hard and paid off your home? What if your whole family was right there in the neighborhood? What if, in this economy, you still had a job that paid well and was secure?

        There are all sorts of reasons that people live where they live. Picking up and making a long-distance relocation is a big deal and takes a lot of dedication to a desired lifestyle, and you also catch a lot of flak from family members and friends.

        Be honest – would you leave your home because a bad storm was coming or would you batten down the hatches and dig in?

        • I’ve lived in my home for decades

          it is an area subject to hurricanes

          if they were predicting a Cat 4 or 5

          would I leave it all behind ??

          HELL YES

          if they were predicting a storm surge

          would I leave it all behind ??

          HELL YES

          I understand what you are saying Daisy
          leaving your home and everything you’ve worked for is
          and EMOTIONS are involved
          but I’m not gonna let EMOTIONS and SENTIMENTALITY
          get ME killed

          I’ll be back to rebuild after the storm

          and help bury the bodies of those who CHOSE to stay

          normalcy bias will get you DEAD
          EMOTIONS ain’t gonna get ME killed

          • Thank you, Satori.

            I have another question for you – how do you make the decision whether or not evacuation is the best choice? Is there a specific set of circumstances that you look for or is it related to the recommendations of the local government? (not being sarcastic – I’m truly curious)

            • like I said

              a Cat 4 or 5 and it is time to go

              my house has made it through Cat 3 with no problems
              just a few missing shingles one time
              and since then I’ve put on a better quality,more wind resistant roof

              I do listen to the experts
              sometimes they’re wrong
              and things aren’t as bad as they predict
              but so what
              even then
              it is only a minor inconvenience

              last time I left
              I left the state and spent time with family
              the predicted storm bypassed us for the most part
              my loss for evacing
              just a tank of gas
              I’m glad the experts we’re wrong

        • I would stay home at all costs. I would never leave my home unless it was on fire, or it was being bombed. It is hard to say how dangerous an upcoming storm might be before it actually hits, because we all have been misled time and time again by the hype of mass media.

          It is not in my constitution to run away to higher ground, that is, I like to stay home, because that is my safe ground.

          However, I do not live by an ocean. But if I knew that a tornado was in the area, I would at least drive in my car away from it, and watch it from a safe distance, and if it hit my house, then, I will be okay losing all of my stuff, and my house.

          I think I will be content as long as I have the King James Bible to pray-read. And I trust the Lord will take care of things for me from there, even if I have lost any stored away emergency rations.

          I just wish that the Lord Jesus will come back soon. I am becoming tired of living in this godless world, and in my case, it is that I feel cornered by so many people who are covetous, that is, they are coveting my house and property, and even relatives want to make money on it, since I am in North Dakota in the midst of an oil boom. All I want to do is live in my house in peace, and translate Bibles into many languages.

          The Lord Jesus Christ says, “Beware of covetousness.”

          Yet, many are coveting these days. They just want more and more, and they also want what others have. They will never be satisfied by what they gain. We need to be wise by being rich towards God.

          Coveting is condemned in the Old Testament, and in the Gospels of the New, and in the Epistles of the New. And Paul says that in the last day men shall be covetous. And they are. I have to stand against this sin, which sin is just as bad as a lot of habitual sins that will forfeit one’s reward of a rich entrance into the Kingdom of God in the next age, which age is almost here. Praise the Lord!!!

          • Hope you can swim like a fish and have the uncanny ability to dodge tons of flotsam when the 12 ft. wall of water hits your house!

            • In North Dakota????

          • I would never leave my home unless it was on fire, or it was being bombed.

            Dude…we had 3 tornadoes consecutively in April in Tennessee…
            The fourth year, we were packed and ready to leave.

        • ” Do I stay or do I go”. There is a song in there somewhere.

          @ Daisy

          Suddden impact events like earthquakes and tornados you should have made preps beforehand. Forest fires/firestorms, one must be aware of living in the wild or dense housing areas. I do not think you can reduce the danger 100% but there ways to reduce the damage.
          A superstorm/hurricane is a multifaceted event. Wind, rain, storm surge, and flying debris. The smallest intrusion to your home can become a major impact and become life threatening. Rain and wind intrusion even before a storm surge event. A Lesson learned from the homes destroyed in Queens N.Y. You must ask yourself if you can handle the aftermath of the event. Look at the water damage and there are those who would still not realise the danger of an 11 ft. storm surge.
          The answer to your question is that most of us would know when the jig is up and to get the hell out of Dodge. We are just wired that way and what we learn from the news, by those whom have had to learn the hard way.
          Each event is different with overlapping pro’s and con’s That is where our research and preps help us decide what to do. And experience is a major factor along with the trials and tribulations of what works and what does not work. Money well spent?
          Remember that poor planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on mine. A simple thing like a checklist can save time and keep you from forgetting items in times of confusion and fear should you have to evacuate.

      151. the “problem” with government aid in the face of a massive disaster
        is largely unreasonable expectations on the part of the public

        NO ONE is going to be coming by your house 15 minutes after the storm has passed to deliver you a hot meal and then help you put on your jammies and tuck you into bed with a kiss on the forehead

        no government or relief agency anywhere on the planet has that capability

        Americans have 0% patience about anything
        we want it NOW NOW NOW
        and we stomp our little feet and scream bloody murder until we get what we want
        we are little better than undisciplined,petulant little brats
        who need a good ass whoopin’

        at some point we have to learn to do for ourselves
        virtually anyone can buy some extra food and store water
        apparently millions have chose not to do even that

        too bad


      152. off topic
        but of interest

        “But can a third-party candidate win? No. So what is the point of voting at all, or voting for a third-party candidate? My answer is that this election is, first and foremost, practice for crisis moments. Elections are just one small part of how social justice change can happen. The best moment for change is actually a crisis, where there is actually policy leverage. … Saying no to evil in 2012 will help us understand who is willing to say no to evil when it really matters. And when you have power during a crisis, there’s no end to the amount of good you can do.”

        SAYING NO TO EVIL IN 2012

        if voting for “the lesser of two evils” ever worked

        I would still be doing it

      153. To all those who thought I was crazy for preparing: “I told you so.” I hope Sandy is teaching all of them a lesson. There was no need for people to be so unprepared. Even a simple emergency pack with clothing, some food and other essentials would have helped. What is next needed are FEMA trailers, placed right next or near the destroyed homes. This will allow people to keep looters away from their property as well as giving people a sense of “home” even if it is only a trailer. It will take at least 6 months to return to any sense of normalcy. I also think it is psychologically smart to deploy the Natl. Guard without any weapons. However, as so many times already stated, FEMA is moving too slow and their response is too sporadic. Again, what is really needed a national response with all of the govt. resources. Rather supply too much, then too little. You can always reduce your response, but it is hard to increase your response when not planned for. FEMA officials need to think outside the box and create a chain of command from the disaster site to the White House. You start with having Block Captains who know exactly what happened on their block and what is needed, up to the national command which makes sure the required supplies are being dispatched. Don’t have the victims come to you, but you go to the victims. If people remain next to their property, in a trailer, they will keep an eye on their property, make sure there is no looting and feel they have no lost everything. Trailer parks are not the desired answer, except where absolutely necessary.

      154. If Obummer loses this election most large cities will be burned to the ground by the thugs….especially if it’s a close, contested election…….they will feel cheated in their little minds and run amok…maybe it will be a good time for uncle sam to ” thin the heard out ” a little bit. I say lets get it done…..I like my chances locked down in my home with supplies vs. a bunch of lazy thugs that want to take what I have. I feel Defensive positions are the best positions to take….. just camp it out and let them come to you. A home with several people taking up defensive positions would not be my first choice to attempt to invade if I were a hungry little thug. A diet heavy in metals ( lead ) is all they will find in these parts and lots of individuals that are willing to administer this lead diet if needed.
        IMO these idiots put us all in danger by not having food and water on hand….they put themselves in a position where they have no choice but to steal or die. Who do they steal from? people like us… It seems to me that millions of people with no food or water handy could be categorized as a threat to national security…when the storm hits they turn into a roaming band of well…zombies I guess. Is homeland security concerned about this at all?
        Maybe thats why there have been so many zombie movies/ shows lately…… getting us all subconsciously ready for the tens of millions of starving roaming masses ( zombies ) that will be with us once a real disaster hits. ( frankly this sandy event could still be the big one…we still don’t know whats really ..fully going on there ) Didn’t Statin Island get completely wiped out ? ( 500 thousand people right there ) I suspect lots of these people will be the first to visit the new fema camps we have all been hearing about.
        I say everyone should triple their prepping efforts RIGHT AWAY. This isn’t over by a long shot.

        good luck to everyone and god bless

      155. Staten * sorry for bad spelling

      156. My favorite so far has got to be New York governor Cuomo on TV 36-48 hours after the hurricane condemning the power companies because they didnt have power back on to all the people yet! He was saying that “these people pay bills so that they will have power and he expects the power companies to provide that power.” Does he not realize that a hurricane just went through an area that rarely gets a storm of this magnitude? If I were a power employee and I heard some idiot politician saying garbage like that I would be very pissed! Those guys are out away from there families working in some of the harshest and dangerous conditions trying to get power back on to people as soon as possible and they deserve our gratitude! Not some idiot that has no idea what it REALLY takes to provide power to everyone after a major disaster like this running his damn mouth! To all the workers out there trying their hardest to provide for these people-much respect! The last place I would want to be during inclimate weather is out away from my family trying to provide for a bunch of people-most of whom dont even appreciate what you are doing for them!

        • you notice he didn’t invite those powerless folks to the governs mansion

        • Weren’t non-union crews turned away in Jersey?

          Cumo is an ass. NYC did nothing to mitigate storm damage, even though the city is right on the water. Fook him. The crews should go home and tell Andy YOYO.

        • Slackers! Can’t even rebuild the whole infrastructure in 48 hours. City employee crews would still be on break.

      157. K guys, need advise. I’ve been looking at generators. What would you guys recommend. I’m not plugging it in to my house, I’m just plugging a few things in to it.

        This also isn’t a long term solution to anything, but more of a 2 week blizzard type of solution.

        Looking for quiet and reliable.


        • Depends on output needed i.e. watts/hr.

          I’m interested in a solar generator from Solutions from Science…plenty enough juice to run my nat. gas furnace and a few small things; a lamp, cellphone charger, etc.

        • NP, Honda Generator hands down. I have a 2500 Honda that will only do 110 volt household current. Enough to do a couple of refrigerators or freezers at one time. I’ve got 55 gallon food grade barrels for water, plus a Royal Berkey filter system so I’m not concerned about not having power for the well. I bought this generator for having power on construction sites years ago and it still runs fine, very quiet.

        • We have a Honda 5000 watt 110v/240v gas. It will run most of our house at once. Frig., Freezer, furnace(nat. gas), hot water(nat. gas), well, tv, and a few lights. It will not pull my central a/c even with everything else off. If your run it 24/7 it will cost about $40.00 a day in fuel and a synthetic oil change every 5 days.

          The best thing is to get a disconnect at the power pole $750.00 – $1000.00 installed. Then you label all the circuits in the panel and can turn them on and off as needed. I turn the Frig. and Freezer circuits off when the girls use the bathroom/shower with all their tools.

          As far as being quiet. The 5000 watt and larger are not quiet, unless you consider a ridding lawn mower quiet.

        • Have any and all bodies been discovered and has the coroners office examined all of those to ensure death was by natural causes? saw that remark by Bloomberg and thought it was premature.

          • I think every state has to have a Medical Examiner do a preliminary Cause of Death for the Death Certificate. Don’t know the state procedures for autopsy but my brother is an ME and when there are suspicious markings or circumstances surrounding the victim’s death, an autopsy is ordered by another doctor/ another opinion.

        • I doubt if the cops are aware of what is going on in some NYC neighborhoods.

      158. I got on internet this afternoon and the home page to our internet shows a story..NE being given free gas because of Sandy?

      159. I am not impressed with Mayor Bloomberg
        of NYC. He did not order an evacuation
        of section A, the lower elevations of
        the city until Saturday morning.

        The marathon was cancelled late yesterday
        afternoon. It should have been canceled
        way before that.

        I question his judgement.

      160. Let me translate for you. That means “free for them”. The rest of US will pay for it with a price hike.

        Copy that?

      161. Mighta been a few people who were already hungry BEFORE the storm but the idea that theyre starving is ridiculous!People will dig through trash in good times,why the suprise when its a bit rough?…did anyone see any starving people in any of those pics?…I understand people are out of their comfort zone but if youre starving and ready to riot and deficate in youre hallway then youre most likely a moron without any hurricane or other reason to make you be! What the heck will they do when a real disaster hits and half or whole of the country or the planet is trashed?…sorry but Im not buying this nonsense!

      162. I guess this is Bush’s fault too?



        England and Australia got disarmed.

      164. I live in north jersey and I have to say this experience has just proven to me even more how unprepared people are and how mentally unprepared people will be as well when things start to break down, the first few days were not so bad but when we rolled on day 4 and 5 of those without power people were freaking out and tired of it. Gas lines are outrageous any store or food place that is open has long lines. The grocery stores are packed as people slowly get electric back on but still many without it. People are siphoning gas from cars in parking lots driveways etc stealing generators from people in the middle of the night and tempers are definetly high in the gas lines. I myself prepare for things and as im not as prepared as i want to be I did not panic in this situation and took notes on where i need to improve my prepareness but most importantly I have not much hope in the people around me being able to survive through a long term crisis its dangerous being in my area and this isn’t even the tip of the iceburg of what could happen in months and years to come when the whole system crashes down im afraid many will go quickly with it if not from lack of preparedness from taking of their own life because not many are mentally prepared for any life changing event. Thats just been my observation in this experience so far. I dont comment on this site really but i do read most of the articles and thank you mac for doing such a goood job. I see there are some well rounded people on this site and some i think that are just well idiots but to each his own. All i can say to everyone prepare for everything you can and being in high populated areas will not be key to ur survival. Good luck all

      165. All they care about are their lobby money, perks and power. Vote third party candidate

      166. What did one NYC dumpster diver say to the other?

        Have any Grey Poupon?

      167. I did a little pictorial on my prepping website, where I took $5 to the store and took photos of what all I got. I figured 3-4 days worth if food for one person. I then did a second pictorial at a different store doing exactly the same project. The projects are still on my site. The responses I got from people included, “I do not have $5.00″ , ” that food is yucky ” , “I do not want to eat Pork and Beans for breakfast” and other foolish responses. That was a very telling project for me. Stupid comments are still coming in.

        • Great site, Rusty! I thought a lot of those ingredients sounded pretty darned good.

          I think the thing that seems to baffle people is buying “ingredients” instead of “meals”. They don’t look at these items and consider the possibilities of what can be made with them.

          Keep hammering away at it, because for all the stupid comments you get, you may have inspired others to quietly start preparing.

          • Thanks Daisy. I just hope people are doing something, even if it is buying a few cans of beans or spam when they shop. As you can see from my site, I focus on canning, and buying local seasonal stuff and drying it. I am a dehydrating nut!!! Feel free to share the site. I want people to get ready!!!

        • Rusty, I really like your idea with the $5 in hand. The photos and the list of purchases PROVE that you absolutely have the ability to spend just a few bucks to set aside extra food in a cupboard or pantry. Fantastic job!

          • Thanks Zoltanne, I did that to prove that prepping can be done in a minimum budget. I am working on doing a pictorial on “How to get $5.00 of found money”. But even with $5.00 in found money and a pictorial on doing a $5.00 prep, many will still say they cannot prep. I often wonder if many people are suicidal.

            “Many Americans vacation in Stupidville on occasion, but these days too many are setting up residence there”

      168. Governments have never, ever had the skills, organization, and supplies to provide emergency services to millions of people. It is the duty of every head of household to provide for their family, including emergency supplies. Every family should have 2 weeks of water and 3 months of stored food. Every family need a water purifier/filter, power generator, stored fuel, portable home heater, and a means to defend their family, such as a shotgun.

      169. I’d like to hear about Sandy from the point-of-view of an prepper in the NE. How are are dealing real-world with being prepped when everyone around you is not? What plans worked and what didn’t? What gear is failing? Did world-band radio provide all the information you needed? Were water preps sufficient? Did the non-preppers somehow figure out you were prepared (bad opsec)? Etc. I suppose it’s too early to find out, but it will be interesting.


        • I am working on getting one of my pals to come on my radio program. She has already said she will do a write up with photos and gave me permission to put it on my website.

      170. this is a perfect example of darwinian de-selection.

        I have heard all of the excuses: “I dont have enough money!” “i dont have enough time” “I dont have a big house” blah blah blah excuse after excuse. Cannot prepare for a rainy day because of ____ (insert pitiful excuse here).

        Look, cut out the tobacco, video games, movies, cable, sports games, alcohol, and other forms of entertainment and start acting like a adult and start taking care of yourself. Buy equipment in little pieces at a time. Prepare for a rainy day so you dont have to wait in line hoping essentials dont run dry.

      171. @ Dboy
        Exactly what I’d like to know and hear. What worked? what didn’t?, and how are those folks getting along?

        I would like to hear from those on the front line when and if they can report to everyone. Some of those reports are what has me coming back.

        In general: I am a first time poster and will not get into your religion or politics. Life is too short. I just want me, mine, and ours to get by as best we can when the SHTF for us. It hit the fan for others this past week. I’m so much more than confident that I could do so much better than the inner city “that’s how we roll” crowd.

        @ Daisy, she seems to have her act together, I do like her persepctive in general. Many could take a lesson fron her positve demeanor.

        However regarding her once noted stance – hold the fort and stay at all cost “type” note:
        Mobility is important – look at how some of those homes held up?? Just saying. Even if they had all the stuff in the world….. They needed to be mobile.. (food for thought only)

        I prefer to regard myself as a mobile prep type. I wouldn’t say I’m staying put no matter what. I’m a 4×4 truck mobile if need be, stay put if it makes sense type. Hurricane coming – pffff I’m loaded and gone in 20-30 minutes. Snow storm? Hunker down, lights low, and stay warm.

        On another note: Why do some think they need 5,000/10,000 rounds of ammo and 15 different guns? Can you carry a 72 hour “BOB” and more than one or two decent weapons? I’d go for more of a same ammo for most everything, Pistol/revolvere= same. 12 gauge and/or .223 etc. etc. That 15 gun approach won’t work once the “Zombies” figure out what’s up(they will). What do you have a mini fort knox or a bunker? Just saying, between Katrina, Sandy, ice storms, blizzards, earthquakes etc. I haven’t heard of anyone needing to do more than point said gun and diffuse any situation. I know – just one week situations are noted. But really, if you are that good of a shot then how many bullets does it take to turn a herd/mob/crowd??? And how do you carry all that stuff? I’m just asking.. Once again I think mobility – Grab and go 20-30-50 miles down the road when and if need be. I’m sure someone wil have something to set me straight on that question and thought. Yes, it is better to have it and not need it but where does one draw a practibility line? Asking..

        I have thought about numerous things but in light of Sandy and seeing the shelter being wiped out regardless of Prepp one has to think on different levels and various situations.

        Everyone has an approach that belongs to them. Seeing Sandy I’m thinking “mobility” for me.

        I do appreciate being able to read on what makes sense and what works – or what didn’t and being able to take pieces of this and that and make it my own. The religion and politics, not so much. Each has thier own and I won’t step on that or approach it.

        Thank you to those that have given reports and noted something worthwhile to improve where we are, or at least,thought we were.

        Best wishes to those that deserve it and are hanging in there in the NE.

        Positive regards to all,

      172. why dont they just take a bus to new york which hasnt been effected and get some food there. why doesnt the government hire 20 buses. buy up all the food in one supermarket and drive the bus to there. its easy. they want anarchy. they want death, they want a starving population to fight each other and die

      173. Escape Goat= The first thing smoking out of NY/NJ area,if one stays for this second storm. You’ll quickly know what a scape-goat is when the Governmental help doesn’t come or shows up with converted girl scouts cookies, as MREs.

      174. ALL THIS TALK BUT NO OFFERS OF HELP, its just this kind of bulls**t that happened with Katrina!!!
        People, apart of occupy wall st and people protesting all around the world. DO YOU KNOW WE ARE ALL SUBJECT TO FREAK WEATHER, this is what happens in the caribbean every year. parts of america hit by drought, turnados, dormant valcanos suddenly coming back to life, tsunamis in malaysia, earthquake in Japan.
        DO YOU IDIOTS SEE HOW MOTHER NATURE IS LEVELLING THE EARTH AND RETURNING EVERYTHING TO HER, WHY? BECAUSE MAN HAS BEEN WICKED, OVER FISHING AND POLLUTING HER SEAS AND OCEANS, the whales who keep washing up especially in Austrilia have been telling us something for a long time
        70% of this earth is water, volcanos start in the oceans and seas, mount versuvias caught everyone in their sleep and immortalised them in hot molten lava forever.
        THIS IS HOw QUICKLY MOTHER NATURE WORKS, EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU HAVE, CAN BE GONE IN SECONDS! so don’t sit and make jokes because you think your allright jack!!
        everytime i see people on tv who are suffering its always the very old or young and sick, people who will not be able to rebuild their lives without alot of help.
        water is a powerful force in this world and it erodes things but we need it. the world water reserves, THE POLAR ICE CAPS have melted(and polar bears are drowning) this freah water has joined the rest of the polluted seas and oceans causing them to rise AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO GET HIT – RICH AND POOR ALIKE!
        Don’t you think every town and city should have emergency shelters and facities no matter what the disaster!
        yeah think about that and why it hasn’t been done.
        AS YOU GET OLDER AND UNABLE TO REBUILD AND IT DOES HAPPEN THAT YOU LOSE EVERYTHING, EVEN LOVED ONES – WHAT WILL YOU DO? Money just allows you escape but go where and do what and how do you know that where you GO won’t get hit by a freak storm AGAIN!
        NOW YOU KNOW WHY A NATIONS WEATLTH IS ITS PEOPLE AND WE NEED JOINED UP THINKING AND CO-OPERATION AND NOT SILLY JOKES ABOUT SCAPE GOATS. goats never escape they’re too stupid and have to be lead, they normally just follow the herd. most animals have a herd mentality
        The herd mentality has allowed bankers and politicians to steal your money and left you without a contingency plan and precious little education (just backbiting and infighting which doesn’t help anyone)hence gangs that roam our streets like a form of pestilence or a plague just when they are not needed or wanted especially in time of great distress or need. this is the very thing we don’t need in a crisis, the herd mentality who just do as they are told by rich people who want to get richer and spoil communities for ever. The OWS movement is bringing good talented people together and helping each other not to mention staying on the issues of OUR MONEY!
        so we don’t need to hear about thieveing jewish bankers and their WAR MACHINE along with the gangs who peddle guns and drugs in your areas. Yes it was done on purpose, to make sure as you got older and sicker you won’t be able to fight back. well they get older and sicker too -naturally

      175. It is a sad commentary that so many people believe the government should take care of them when a disaster hits. People generally don’t tend to take responsibility for themselves. Everybody seems to want a handout. A simple stash of emergency food or emergency supplies would have saved a lot of heartache in this situation.

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