Sheep: Watch How People Blindly Follow Orders From An “Authority” Figure

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    The always entertaining and insightful Mark Dice performs a Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures. People are told that a bench they are sitting on at the beach is not meant for sitting because it is for “decoration only.” Watch how quickly they will respond to a perceived authority figure with a clipboard, even if he is dressed in camo shorts.

    Hattip Infowars

    Here’s a video where Dice gives people a choice between a $150 bar of pure silver or a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Guess which one is chosen by the majority…


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      1. Someone’s not checking the details…the type over the second video says $150 bar of silver and 100 oz bar… a 100 oz bar is over $1500. Credibility lacks when random info is thrown out there. Just like gossip.

        • Yes, today it would be just over $1700, but I think the video is at least a few months old.

          • That Bench: That’s when you pull out your pistol and whip him with it. And tell him the ground is for him to lay down on. Face down hands behind your back Bro.

        • And who is it here exactly (zeus) who believes that merchants will be taking gold and silver??? And then making change for your purchase ???

          Just asking. 🙂

          • Change made all the time during a collapse. Some goods reading by a guy named FerFal that writes about the Argentina collapse. People, business and the free market always find do a way.

            • Yes, people ALWAYS find a way, but BUSINESSES will not be making change for anyone stupid enough to use their gold to buy things they should already own enough of, because ………..


        • You are way off – a 1.55 ounce Hershey bar costs maybe a buck, maybe $1.50. 100 ounces – that’s equal to about 65 Hershey bars.

          65 x $1.50 equals about 97 dollars.

        • Never mind, I read your reply wrong.

      2. People are stupid and no longer think for themselves. Sad. Off topic and not to sound paranoid but there’s been alot of choppers flying over my house, flying low. Now today I’ve noticed a jet flying low over my house. There is no airport in my town. Military base about 150 miles from here. This seems to have started about the time I was having trouble posting about the NWO aka Deep State.

      3. Bullshit.

        • Don’t mistake authority for ownership.

          If im sitting on someone else’ bench and they ask me to get off, i’m getting off.

          If i’m sitting on my OWN bench and someone tells me to get off, then the fight would be on.

      4. I’ll go to my grave smiling because: My kids volunteer, earn A’s in school, have jobs, own guns and pay their own way. I doubt they would have fell for it, (in fact I know one would have told him off). My secret? Be an example.

        • FL, spot on. I would’ve told him off myself and challenged him to do something about it. But the videos do prove a valid point about sheeple.

      5. Reminds me of the mindless Obama “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters.

      6. California….target rich environment.

        Stoopid is, as ……well….you know the rest.

        I can diss Cali, ‘cuz I live here. A couple, was swept off the rocks and swallowed by the sea for getting close up pictures of 30+ foot storm waves.

        When stoopid IS fixed, it is usually permanent.

        ….standing on the front lines….BA.

        • chlorine for the genepool…what’s the problem?

      7. When some idiot starts acting authoritarian and demanding stupid crap, follow this procedure: 1) Ask that he identify himself, who he works for, by what authority he makes these demands and that he produce credentials to back it up; 2) demand to know the actual law or regulation involved, and the penalties for violation of said law or regulation; and, 3) tell him to f*ck off if he cannot or will not comply with 1) and 2).

        • good advice, frank!

        • Me personally, if I was sittin on a bench in a public place and there were no signs telling people not to sit there, I woulda told this guy to piss off. I wouldn’t argue cause I don’t like to and I would’ve said nothing else. He’d have had to call da police. As far as the Ag goes, most people ain’t got a clue as to history or the history of money. Instant gratification and gluttony is the order of the day. Notice the fat woman who wanted both candy bars? There is a degree of humor in all this. Stupid is as stupid does.
          Stay quiet Be smart

        • Better still…
          When some idiot starts acting authoritarian and demanding stupid crap, follow THIS procedure:
          1) Introduce yourself – you’ve just met the new President!!

      8. In SHTF the authoritarian figure will be someone wanting to search your home to find out if you are hoarding “excess food” or materials that the government can use “for the greater public good”. Like all the others, they are just looters. However, in addition they are traitors.

      9. Mark Dice was dealing with people that aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but are unlikely to stab you in the chest. Go inland 10 miles into east LA and let us know how you make out.

        The bottom end of society respects no authority which is one of several reasons why they are where they are.

      10. Even if the ‘authority’ figure was wearing a uniform w/ a badge and gun…..this is a public place, so go fuck yourself. There is no law that I know of saying you can’t sit on a public bench. Even so, it would be a misdemeanor at most….so again, go fuck yourself.!!!!

        • “Even so, it would be a misdemeanor at most….so again, go fuck yourself.!!!!”

          I suggest that you don’t apply those tactics to a police officer in Philadelphia.

      11. Now you see why they will die off. They just don’t have a clue!!!!

      12. “I’ll take the bar of silver.”

        “And I’ll take the Hershey’s Bar.”

        Problem solved, just need two people.

      13. Yeah people do what they are told without giving it a thought. Obedient sheep who refuse to question authority, hey that is the vast majority of people. A perfect example would be the near dead silent antiwar opposition, ignored and relegated to the fringes. Trump now is blowing the horn that China’s island building in the South China Sea is unacceptable. These mf’ers think they own the worlds oceans. Trump has ditched Obama dictates to an extent and I expect that to continue. However, the warmongering will continue as scheduled. If this nations people cannot stop the endless wars we have absolutely no power as a people.

      14. The cool thing is I can go to the beach and be with all these fine people. Clueless people are waking up every day. Soon this silent giant of sleeping clueless media brainwashed Americans will join the fight for freedom. They just don’t know it yet.


        • Those that have critical thinking skills will wake up and understand the logic.

          Others cannot follow a logical path even if it’s numbered. They can usually follow orders though.

      15. “It’s Just Another day”

        Paul McCartney.

      16. First Video: Everyone has to make a choice about which “Hill they will die on.” Most people will comply (especially White Middle Class trained)if an authority figure makes a reasonably polite request that doesn’t ‘cost’ them much. Besides, in most situations when it is a chicken$hit item, the attitude is why deal with the hassle? This video is suggests politeness and cooperation rather than sheepleness.

        Second Video: I think we are forgetting the trust factor. “How do I know for sure that the bar really is silver? The Hershey bar is in its familiar packaging, I’m sure of that.”

        So given that I have 5 seconds to make my decision before I get back to my life interrupted, I’m going with the sure thing. I don’t think this video proves the stupid sheeple point at all. In fact, it might show the wariness and practical discernment of the people involved given the very limited time to respond to an ‘aggressive’ intrusion into their space.


      17. I forgot to mention that the Milgram studies really do show the scary lengths that people back 50 years ago would go in obeying authority figures. I don’t know how much we have changed, but lots of people have been shouting it from the housetops for a long time.


      18. I would tell the person ordering me off the bench to call the police.

      19. Pepper spray and attach the clipboard to his genitalia.

        KK clickety clack on the keys and signing off….peace owt

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