She Wants To “Close Down Planned Parenthood And Deport The Dreamers”: NBC’s Law & Order: SVU Depicts Sickening Rape Of Female Conservative Journalist Whose Attacker Goes Free

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    While most conservative Americans are aware of the fact that both Hollywood and the mainstream media outright hate them, NBC has taken it to a whole new level with a recent episode of their highly popular police procedural Law & Order: SVU depicting the violent rape of a conservative journalist whose attacker is eventually let go.

    In what is essentially a liberal rape fantasy, the show follows conservative personality Martha Cobb who is seen delivering a speech to a crowd of Trump supporters, depicted as racists of course, that rips liberal snowflakes and their politically correct views.

    Cobb’s speech is cut short when a gang of Antifa protesters shows up and begins to clash with the mob of white supremacists. As the violence amps up, Cobb disappears only to reappear in a later scene unconscious in an alley after being beaten and raped by one of the hard-left protesters.

    Shockingly, the show then depicts the NYPD detectives tasked with investigating the horrific crime debating Cobb’s political views as if they somehow mattered in deciding whether or not Cobb deserved the attack and whether her attacker should be brought to justice.

    The detectives “argue” whether or not Cobb’s opposition to Planned Parenthood and her position on so-called Dreamers led to the attack.

    The openly liberal detectives eventually catch the Antifa member responsible for the sexual assault who used a protest sign to “mutilate” Cobb. Cobb not only points out the attacker in a police lineup, his DNA is also found under her fingernails.

    Cased closed? Not in the sick world that is liberal Hollywood as the show wouldn’t be complete without a fake white supremacist leader being blamed for the entire thing.

    Sadly, in this brave new world that is liberal identity politics, the hate for conservatives runs so deep that NBC felt the need to insert a fake alt-right leader into the show which somehow confuses the case to the point that Cobb’s OWN LAWYER literally gives up and calls for her attacker to be let free.

    Interestingly, the fictional female conservative journalist seems to strongly resemble at least two different actual conservative women who have both been highly critical of Antifa while being viciously attacked in the mainstream media.

    In an article about the episode, Infowars points to multiple clues that seem to indicate that the sexual assault victim in the show is based on their own reporter, Millie Weaver. Keep in mind that the title of the episode is literally the name of the website that Weaver works for.

    NBC’s Law & Order: SVU aired an episode titled “Info Wars” that slanders Trump supporters and depicts the rape of a conservative journalist by an Antifa protester.

    The episode, released on Jan. 31, begins at the fictional Hudson University where conservative activist Martha Cobb, who is a direct knockoff of Infowars’ Millie Weaver, is speaking to a MAGA hat-wearing crowd holding Pepe and “CNN is ISIS” signs when a mob of Antifa demonstraters attacks her, cutting the speech short.


    From titling the show “Info Wars,” to placing signs reading “CNN is ISIS,” (an Infowars slogan) to mimicking Infowars reporter Millie Weaver, there is little doubt that NBC is demonizing the nation’s leading independent media outlet.

    For their part, Breitbart News seems to believe that the female conservative portrayed in the show is actually based on pundit Ann Coulter, a claim that was seemingly backed up by the shows own writer.

    NBC police procedural Law & Order: SVU depicted the gruesome rape of a fictional conservative pundit, who eerily resembles author Ann Coulter, in Wednesday’s politically charged episode titled Info Wars.


    On Wednesday, SVU writer Robert B. Cohen responded to a tweet by Ann Coulter. “Timely. #InfoWars,” Cohen wrote in response to Coulter’s tweet about a California city government’s vote to remove a Christopher Columbus statue from city hall.

    That’s right, a writer for the show, Robert Cohen, actually CONFIRMED that the episode was about Coulter while claiming that it was “timely” because Coulter is protesting illegal immigration just as the episode came out.

    Or, in other words, Cohen just publicly admitted that the episode is based on a sick fantasy that involves conservative women being sexual assaulted for their political beliefs. (Cohen himself is a hardcore anti-Trump propagandist)

    To top it off, other actresses who worked on the episode are actually applauding the show for publishing a liberal rape fantasy targeting conservatives.

    “Below is an example of Infowars reporter Millie Weaver covering a violent Antifa protest.”


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      1. Oh my …. Enough is enough. Time to put Ann C. in a cage match with Schumer.

        • The conservative lady pulls out her firearm and kills her scum attacker before he can violate her. The end.

      2. This is just a fictictional tv episode. But something terrible happened at the end of the war that has been excused because the victims were “racists, fascists, and white”. The war was over and the victors used rape to break the pride of the losers. Virtually all women and girls who happened to be German were raped.


        • That is true that as the Red Army advanced across Eastern Germany they did rape many German females and so was at the fall of Berlin that many German Women were gang-raped and murdered. No only Germans, but women from the eastern nations that they conquered from the Germans.

          On the other hand, in their advance towards Moscow, The Germans raped and murdered Russian women and upon the arrival of the special units, they murdered entire families, mostly Jewish, to include children.

          Not to excuse the Allies coming in front the west is some instances.

          Very evil war as you look at the acts committed against the innocent.

          • To the victors go the despoiled.

          • That was in the past we can’t do anything about it now but we can do something right here and right now. “BOYCOTT the SVU show as people are doing with the NFL”.

          • For your information, American troops also raped German women. The history is all out there but you’ll have to search, they won’t tell you about it in the USA.

            A book by Miriam Gebhardt suggests that members of the US military raped as many as 190,000 German women by the time West Germany regained sovereignty in 1955, with most of the assaults taking place in the months immediately following the US invasion of Nazi Germany.

          • The Germans typically did not rape women in Russia. In “Blood Red Snow” a first hand account by a German soldier on the Eastern front, it details the relationship between the soldiers and the Russians in the village in which they were based. They were ordered not to bother the women or steal, though some occasionally swiped a chicken. This was to avoid fueling partisan activity against themselves.

            One Captain who did rape two Russian girls who worked at his house was set for courts-martial, but disappeared. One account of a German assault on a Jewish village by survivors said that they took the men and boys and shot them but did not molest the women. Jews were often involved in partisan (guerilla) action and would sometimes mutilate and torture captured Germans to death.

            The behavior of Soviet soldiers was out of all proportion to that of the Germans. A Soviet propagandist named Ilya Ehrenburg wrote pamphlets, such as “Kill!” in which he encouraged the Soviets to rape and kill German civilians. Most women in the Soviet sector were repeatedly raped and often killed. Not so with Russian women in the German held sectors.

        • definitely sumthin’ to REMEMBER….when you abuse, the abused might just turn the tables on you…..the balance of power always seems to get upended, sooner or later. i just wonder if the russians who were raping those german women thought it was worth the MANY millions of russians killed during that war? …do you suppose the japs thought it was worth trading the dead at hiroshima for all those THEY killed on iwo jima? maybe there IS a god afterall…it sure was a brutal time. hope we don’t go through something even worse…something evil this way comes.

          • If something like that comes, I will be a professional coward. Keep my head down, keep my family out of the way as much as possible, and survive. I’ll have guns, but hopefully never have to fire them in battle. I’ll avoid that until the last possible moment.

            But I’m prepping as if that is exactly what is coming, because the worst possible situation would be to have it come and not be ready for it. Hope all my time and money is wasted.

        • Any idiot still subscribing and paying for Cable LIE TV deserves what they get. Being fleeced.

          • TharSheBlows, that the heart of the matter. As long as we subscribe to cable TV, go to a movie theater, or buy their DVD’s we are supporting and financing the deviancy that comes out of Hollywood.

        • ” Virtually all women and girls who happened to be German were raped.”

          That’s what is currently in progress, by the Muslims, and with the blessing of the German male population that refuses to do anything about it.

          • So, like, yeah. Between World War II and the Muslim invaders, German women have had plenty of experience with being raped. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a woman. a German woman), would say: “So, what’s the problem?”

          • Anon: And the Euro police do nothing, like the German and other Euro males just don’t care so apparently it is legal for Muslims to rape since those countries have already been conquered, thanks to Merkel , Macron and other E.U. leaders. Euro males are sissified geldings in pink lace undergarments.

      3. Serves as a reminder that free speech includes the right to speak your mind – regardless of any majority or surrounding sentiment. The left does not understand that. I only hope the right does fully.

        • Hillary soon will be gang raped in her prison cell. Forced to scrub toilets with her tooth brush. Cant wait for that series.

          • Maybe they could show that on cable.

      4. At one time, lawyers for an accused rapist would argue that the victim was “asking for it” by dressing inappropriately. So now, the victim is “asking for it” by saying something the rapists don’t agree with?

      5. change the channel.

      6. Always, always remember, folks: H8TE, bullying and violence like the rape described here are always evil, wrong and bad. That is, unless the fascist left does it. Then it is “justifiable,” “understandable,” and even “good.” Now you know why the left MURDERED around 100mm last century

      7. This is why I stopped watching this show and 99.9 % of the rest of abc, NBC , CNN , etc..

      8. Coulter’s and Weaver’s amoral libertarianism fails, in this case, because they are never allowed to say that she must be kept safe from savages. You’re supposed to play the cuck to her business interests or sexual proclivities.

      9. Reverse the principals in this gutter-show, and watch the left go completely nuts. They promote this tripe just to outrage people, which is their method, because when you can’t argue the validity of your point (they can’t) then you change the subject and lie your ass off about it. 40% of this country is involved in the socialist plot to enslave the other 60% of it. The left is a gang of murderers, straining to be free.

      10. The woman ? who was Raped was pretty close to a 10. Ann looks like a male drag queen with Aids. No comparison.

      11. (((Cohen))). They hate America. They hate us. Specifically targeting Whites. They wish to do to us as (((they))) did in Russia in 1917, and Germany in 1945 when they dispaced 15 million Germans from their homes. America is their last stand. Their undoing. The American heart is cold, stoic, a killer. It has yet to melt. We will bury them here.

      12. Time for someone to visit COHEN >.. react and play out that fantasy of his on him!!!

      13. And what the !;:? Was the point of that annoying video??? I wanted to punch everyone of them starting with that asshole with the whistle. GAWD that’s gonna be stuck in my head a long ass time

      14. Very disappointed in SVU. Always watched the show, but after this show, will never watch it again.

        • The only things I watch on TV nowadays are the shows from 30-40 years ago. Fairly decent stuff compared to today. (Nowadays even the commercials are outrageously deviant.)

      15. Burn it down.
        Burn it the fuck down.

      16. The only things I watch on TV nowadays are the shows from 30-40 years ago. Fairly decent stuff compared to today.

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