“She Must Be A Psycopath” – 5 Big Fat Lies Hillary Told at the Final Presidential Debate

by | Oct 22, 2016 | Headline News | 133 comments

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    Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple reports on the five biggest lies Hillary Clinton told at the last Presidential debate:

    We know, we know… there were more than five… but who wants to sit and listen to Hillary for 90 minutes to find them all? And if she lies this much in just one 90-minute discussion, can you imagine how many lies the American people will be subjected to in four years under Madam Hillary’s rule?


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    5 Wikileaks Revelations That Should’ve Tanked Hillary’s Campaign

    Video: Conspiracy Confirmed By FBI: There Really Is A “Shadow Government”

    Hillary Released “Extremely Sensitive And Thus Highly Classified” Material On National Television: “Should Result In Her Immediate Arrest”

    “She Was In Full Meltdown”: Hillary Unleashed On Donna Brazile For Unapproved Debate Question


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      1. All Zionist trained puppets are psychopaths. Look at ISIS as another example.

        • scum breeds scum and the Hildabeast and Billary bob are scum!!!
          enough said!!

          • You have 2 weeks to get your Black Rifle and High Cap Mags. DO IT NOW! Trekker Out. Don’t Be Late.

            • Or, you can train your wife to reload mags as fast as you can empty them. Enemies trying to encroach upon you are very much akin to a sinking ship. The fastest way to load spent magazines is to give them to the scaredest man for reloading, just like the best “bailer” for a sinking ship is a scared man with a bucket.

              I HATE magazines that constantly “ground” when I’m prone and inundated with multiple targets. That’s when “belt-feed” or “clips” blow away ANY magazine since you’ve now got an entire ammo-box before running low, and a reload (clip on the new one) takes a second or two (takes half THAT long just to release a mag, let alone load it if high-cap). I’ve gotten by using 20 and 30 round clips before as it was all the time I had to keep ‘some’ ammo ‘in the pipe’, buying yourself time with a few until you can reload an entire “big-boy”.

              Easier said than done.

              • Use Larger Magazines, 30,40,60,100. And it is wise to keep you largest magazine attached to your Battle rifle for first response tool. You may need to lay down a lot of fire in the beginning, to get yourself to a safer area or counter assault to take care of the scumbags.

                So like when you are at your Bug-In or BOL, and the marauders are lining up on your fence line, you rip off a few pee shooter .22 rounds. They will most likely laugh, and start climbing the fence. That’s when you open up with your 5.56 large Cap Magazines or AK, as they fall off your fence into a pile. They will look like popcorn within seconds. Lean how to bump fire your battle rifle to create a fully auto. Know how to make your battle rife “sing like a guitar.” “Full Auto Jimmy Hendrix.” Oh yeah!!

                Never bring out your biggest, baddast weapon first in the beginning. Draw them in a little to set them up, to lay waste to them. You already have your sandbagged LP-OP Gun Nest set up for cover, watching the choke points to your property. And keep a few extra ammo cans filed with extra prefilled magazines ready to go, and stash that behind the sand bags.

                ~WWTI… The cunning will survive SHTF.

              • Get a upright front fore handle with a spring Bi-pod mounted on your rifle forgrip and you wont ground as much. When you get up to 100 round mags you ground. Surefire make a 60 round mag the same length as a 30 rounder. Pricey but worth it, I have a few. One in a AR Pistol. Have 2- 40 rounder mags clipped together. That’s 80 rounds mounted ready to deploy.


              • Obama Administration Confirms Obamacare Premiums Will Surge By 25% In 2017

                ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-24/obama-administration-confirms-obamacare-premiums-will-surge-25-2017

                There are lies and reality.
                Remember this…
                Obama Promises To LOWER Health Insurance Premiums by $2,500 Per Year

        • “In 2014 alone, federal authorities seized over $5 billion in assets. That’s more than the $3.9 billion stolen by everyday criminals in the same year.

          That’s right: Law enforcement agencies are stealing more from us than the criminals cops are supposed to protect us from. Wrap your head around that.”

          • Well the Federal Government and Criminals are on the same team ripping off Americans and getting away with it. Just ask Hillary. She is part of the problem and not the solution.


            • RE: Hillary’s Campaign Manager John Podesta’s emails Hacked? LOL Here is how Podesta’s emails were compromised.

              Podesta’s email was hacked using what’s known as a spear-phishing technique. Podesta was sent a fake bit.ly link that redirected him to a site built to look exactly like his usual Gmail login, but that instead enabled the hackers to get his password and recode his email to allow them access.

              SO don’t click those links, as a Key logger will record every click you make. Best to change passwords fairly often.


          • Like like Lamborghini State Police Cruiser out of LA? The owner paid “cash on the barrelhead for that and waited several years for it to be built “to spec” …and then with relatively nothing for paperwork it becomes the property of the government and is used strictly to increase revenue from other law-abiding citizens (whom they are trained are 99% unwanteds, drug-heads, and lawful-targets).

            No problem with any of that right? Works for them!

            • OK Everybody here is what really matters. What you don’t see cause the Main Stream Media will not film this.

              Don’t believe Hillary his beating Trump in the Bogus Main Stream Media Polls.

              Here is what you need to look at. Who’s supporters Show up. Trump is doing 3 of these Rally’s a day.

              Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Rally Crowds
              2-1/2 Minute video.. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4K56KaJ7Ds

              Pass this video on to your Liberal Commie Friends and family..


          • As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I saw a new Toyota SUV in Santa Fe this summer with a sign on it that read:

            “This vehicle use to belong to a DUI Driver”.

            That’s scary. It’s one thing to get fined and jailed,and have your vehicle towed; then having to pay towing and storage charges to get it back. Its something altogether different to have your property taken for bad behavior.

            It’s called THEFT !!! 🙁

            • Everyone thought it was funny when they were taking stuff from the mob… then drug dealers…then drug customers…then the prostitutes customers…now DUI/DWS/driving without a license…driving without insurance…SEE THE PATTERN? Like ALL LAWS, they start by justifying it on the worst of the worst, which everyone rejoices at the new “justice” — then they work their way down in applying it to everyone else for an ever-expanding set of new “crimes.”

              All of those middle class people who were all too happy to impose this “justice” in the poor, are now catching the inevitable backlash.


              What? You didn’t expect them to set their “justice” on bigger catches and greater profit/returns? Did you really think they’d settle for old clunkers forever?

        • Pathological liar vs Pathological liar

          Disinformation is intentionally false or misleading information that is spread in a calculated way to deceive target audiences. The English word, which did not appear in dictionaries until the late-1980s, is a translation of the Russian дезинформация, transliterated as “dezinformatsiya.”[1] Disinformation is different from misinformation, which is information that is unintentionally false.
          The term disinformation began as a term of Soviet tradecraft, first defined in the official Great Soviet Encyclopediaas “the dissemination (in the press, radio, etc.) of false information with the intention to deceive public opinion.” Former Soviet bloc intelligence officer Ladislav Bittman, the first disinformation practitioner to defect to the West publicly, described the official definition as different from the practice: “The interpretation is slightly distorted because public opinion is only one of the potential targets. Many disinformation games are designed only to manipulate the decision-making elite, and receive no publicity.”

          • Большое спасибо!

            • The Je-wish 500 Boycott List
              ht tp://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=71304

              Want to Bankrupt the Cabal & Put them out of Business?, then Stop feeding the Beast by boycotting this list of 500 businesses. And if you work for one of these companies, Shame on you. Like Comcast “Lie TV” & Internet Service. Be the solution, not the problem.

              ~WWTI… Go to this site above, copy and paste this list to all your friends and family. Time to get ALL Americans On Board to save our Nation. Starve the Beast.

              • I went through this entire list from the link above and the only thing I can’t boycott yet, is the embedded Intel Computer Processor in my computer. Other than that good to go. How about you?

                ~WWTI… Take the space out between the http address to get to the list.

        • Do you fucking morons believe that in 64,000 years of human evolution all races evolved to have the exact same characteristics and attributes?

          Do you think that it is easier to survive at the equator or at the north pole?

          The northern races were confronted with the harsh reality of the life threatening winter at sub-zero temperatures.

          “Nordics” therefore evolved to have higher intelligence for the sake of building complicated shelters in freezing temperatures and using tools to obtain sustenance in the frozen tundra.

          We evolved to be more cooperative because teamwork is obviously much more vital to surviving in the winter than it is when living in a mud hut at the equator.

          Whereas violence in the black population is on an individualistic basis, white violence mostly occurs as a function of tribalism. The European countries waged war with each other for millennia on an unimaginable scale of destruction.

          Nordics tend to mate in monogamous pairs, male staying with the children for long periods of time because it was a much greater task to ensure the survival of the young in colder climates where the availability of food is much less. Blacks in contrast have much higher rates of STDs, have more sex, and mostly do not stay with children (some have pointed out that the black family was an intact unit up until the 1960s, yet it was precisely the Jim Crow laws that kept the black family together and kept them from burning our cities down).

          Whereas whites would have evolved to have a strong aversion towards the destruction of property after expending so much energy towards the construction of a warm shelter for the winter, blacks had no such evolutionary pressures and do in fact delight, just as gorillas do, in burning cities down, looting, making loud noise, and beating random white people as an expression of masculine dominance.

          The Jim Crow laws allowed the peaceful coexistence of whites and Africans in America. If the Jim Crow laws were still in effect all this BLM bullshit would not exist.

          These same arguments about the evolutionary result of life in colder climates could explain the dominance of the Japanese as far as their colonial activities in Singapore, Korea, and China.

          You didn’t know about Japan’s colonial history? They wouldn’t teach you shit in a poblik skool. Were so bad for bombing the Japs? We should have nuked Russia too motherfucker.

          This shit is so fucking simple to anyone who can think for themselves.

          Socialism isn’t the problem. In the 30s the entire planet was in the grips of a massive depression except for national socialist Germany which had a great economy because Hitler put the central bankers in jail and issued debt free currency.

          • Acid:

            Well written. Even I understood. My ancestors must have migrated from Northern Europe because I’m beautiful and brilliant. Take my word for it. And please don’t hate me. While you Nordics were freezing your tails off, my ancestors migrated south. We might have lost some brain power (doubt it, check the geniuses daVinci, Galileo, Michaelangelo, etc.) but the temperate climate was worth it. Sure Nordics are more industrious and better organized, but we have learned how to enjoy what we create, probably more than any other race or Nationality. So eat, drink, and be merry because tomorrow we may get Nuked.


          • Acid, I totally agree. That’s one of your best posts ever.

      2. Only 5 lies? You must have stopped listening after 1 second.

        • 5 Plus a few other Big Lies I caught. RE 2nd Amendment.

          # 6 Lie: Hillary said Regarding the 2nd Amendment, that she wanted to close the Gun Show Loop Hole. There is no Loophole at Gun shows, as every gun purchased from a Vender, you must pass the NICS background check, and still a waiting period for gun buyers. Concealed weapons permit can buy a gun and leave the show with the gun, with no waiting period just like in any Gun Shop in America. So there is NO Gun Show Loophole.

          #7 The other Big Whopper is, Hillary says people can buy guns online and have them shipped to them. That is False. Yes you can buy guns online, but the weapon is shipped to a local Gun Shop FFL Dealer in your area, and the buyer still has to come in to the store and go through an entire Gun Background check like buying a gun in the store before he can leave with his online purchase and waiting period. Even concealed weapons permits holders have to go through a Gun background check even there are permit holders. There is NO Loophole So every gun purchase there is a Background check.

          Someone selling a gun on the street to someone else, nobody can stop that, there is no law forbidding it, However, if you go buy a gun for someone else you can be charged as a straw buyer and you could get into trouble. However I personally would not sell anybody any gun unless they have a concealed weapons permit. And have them provide me a copy of their permit and signed sale receipt, for my records, incase they go commit a crime with the weapon I sold them. I did my due diligence.

          Also I have no desire to purchase a used gun, because I do not know what that person did with that gun. I prefer new with no track record or ballistics test that would come back and bite me if the gun was used in a crime. Plus how do I know if a used gun I buy, was not stolen, and being sold to me?

          Also Hillary quoted saying that there were 33,000 gun deaths, however she failed to mention that 62% of those Gun deaths were Suicide. That is a Fact. Like they would find another way to kill themselves, besides a gun. The questions is why are so many people committing suicide? So real gun deaths add up to 12,540.. 75% of those shooting are Blacks Shooting Blacks Gang related Chicago hit style. Source: (FBI and Dept of Justice Statistics) So subtracting 75% of those shootings, which the question should be why are so many blacks shooting blacks? That leaves 3,135 gun related deaths across America per year, and equally divided between the 50 states, and that is 62.7 persons killed with a gun per state, per year on average. 3000 gun death per year in Chicago blacks on blacks, so maybe 135 real shootings other than gang related per year across America. And those are Cops shooting civilians.

          So do we have a gun problem (OR) is the problem, Blacks shooting blacks and people committing suicide? We need to ban Blacks from America Not Guns and watch crime drop by 75%, and fix suicide problems. Hillary won’t tell you all of this, but I WWTI will.

          I will add that 1 in 25 hospital patients having surgery, will catch an infection from that surgery. And 45,000 People a year die from Hospital infections they caught during surgery or while in the hospital as a patient. Where is the Hillary’s War on Hospitals? They are deaths too. Or smoking deaths or heart attacks, cancer deaths, etc. See the Hillary BS?


          • WWTI, I’ve also watched the debates and caught all of those same lies in the last debate. I also buy my guns NEW. Used guns do carry all of the risks you mentioned. guns have never been the problem. It’s people with bad intentions toward other people who have access to guns that have always been the problem.

      3. Introduction to Hypnosis as a Weapon

        The Reverse Blockade

        “Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite of the truth blocks the average person’s mind from perceiving the truth. In accordance with the dictates of healthy common sense, he starts searching for meaning in the “golden mean” between truth and its opposite, winding up with some satisfactory counterfeit. People who think like this do not realize that this effect is precisely the intent of the person who subjects them to this method. ” age 104, Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski
        More about this here

      4. HILARY’S LIES

        The leftists don’t have a clue, and even if they did, are too morally corrupt to care.

        1. LIE: All of her grandparents were immigrants to the United States
        Hillary Clinton told a crowd of supporters in Iowa, “All of my grandparents, you know, came over here. So I sit here and think, well you’re talking about the second, third generation. That’s me, that’s you.”
        TRUTH: Only one out of four of Hillary’s grandparents were immigrants. Why did she have to exaggerate and lie about three of them? That’s just what Hillary Clinton does.

        2. LIE: She criticized the war in Iraq before Obama did
        Hillary, wanting to come off as a good liberal, said, “I actually started criticizing the war in Iraq before Obama did.”
        TRUTH: Even the Washington Post, not exactly the leading newspaper of the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” recognized this lie. They gave her a ‘Pinocchio’ for this lie in “The Fact Checker.

        3. LIE: She didn’t email any classified material
        During the life of her email scandal, Clinton came out and said that she “did not mail any classified material to anyone on [her] email. There is no classified mail.”
        TRUTH: Over two thousand classified documents were found on her email server, and at least twenty-two of those classified documents were classified GREATER than top secret.

        4. LIE: Clinton Foundation Donors Didn’t Receive Special Treatment from the State Department
        Hillary Clinton stated that mega-donors to the Clinton Foundation did not receive special treatment while she was secretary of state, but eyewitness accounts, as documented in Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary, tore that lie to shreds.
        TRUTH: Wealthy foreign donors DID receive special treatment, including a Canadian businessman, who after donating to the Clinton Foundation and paying Bill Clinton an honorarium of half a million dollars, was allowed to sell control of 20 percent of American’s uranium production capacity to Russia. Sounds like special treatment to me.

        5. LIE: Clinton voluntarily handed over all of her work emails
        Hillary Clinton claimed that she voluntarily turned over all of her work emails to the State Department, but volunteering usually doesn’t require the force of a subpoena first.
        TRUTH: Hillary Clinton was not going to turn over those emails, until a subpoena forced her to, and even then, she withheld several Benghazi-related emails exchanged with non-State Department employee Sid Blumenthal.

        6. LIE: Clinton used a private email server for “convenience”
        The impetus behind Clinton’s private, poorly secured email server was “convenience,” she and her staff claimed. This convenience included the ability for Clinton to only use one phone, because two or more would have been too much to handle.
        TRUTH: Clinton owned SEVERAL electronic devices, and she wasn’t even the one who carried them. Her right-hand-woman, Huma Abedin, had that honor.

        7. LIE: Colin Powell told her to use a private email server
        In an attempt to cover her own hind end, Clinton had the audacity to claim that Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and one of the most respected statesmen in the United States, told her to circumvent the law and use a private email server.
        TRUTH: Powell refused to be slandered and said, “Her people have been trying to pin it on me. The truth is, she was using [the private email server] for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did.”

        • Hillary’s great-grandparents were all immigrants, but they all came from Canada, so it’s not like they came from eastern Europe.

        • Test: I disagree with this statement: Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and one of the most respected statesmen in the United States.

          Colon Powell lied to the American People and the UN in stating The Railroad lab cars BS with dirty nuke bombs story. Powell was used as a tool to Lie for George W Bush and Dickhead Cheney to get the US into a war with Iraq and take Saddam down.

          Powell is a Friggin’ Coward and a traitor to the Truth. He deserves NO RESPECT. So Powell telling Hillary how to cheat the system with private email servers to pass classified Docs, they both deserve Prison.


          • Archivist and WWTK – I should have noted this is from Ed Klein, his words, not mine. The key point for me here was that she lied about Powell and the server, not whether he is a good or bad man.

            Relative to grandparents, Politifact says “Clinton’s paternal grandfather, Hugh Rodham Sr., was born in England, but her three other grandparents were born in the United States.” http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/apr/16/hillary-clinton/hillary-clinton-flubs-familys-immigration-history-/ Similarly, http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2015/04/16/hillary-all-of-my-grandparents-were-immigrants–facts-no-they-werent-n1986241 and http://nypost.com/2015/04/16/hillary-fudges-the-truth-about-her-immigrant-grandparents/and even the twits at CNN all disagree with you (see http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/16/politics/hillary-clinton-2016-grandparents/index.html ) Great grandparents is not what she was referring to, and when you go that far back for a 70 yr old, so what? That’s probably true of everybody outside of Sitting Bull

            • I was simply stating the fact that her great-grandparents were the immigrants, not her grandparents as she claimed. She’s mostly French Canadian.

          • Secretary of State is a job that always goes to a puppet of the globalist cabal.

            The Sec O State is always a puppet, who tells presidents what the global cabal want done.

            If presidents don’t take the recommended Sec O State, they are assassinated. If they don’t listen to their Sec O State, they are assassinated.

            The powers that shouldn’t be don’t accept not being in charge.

            It will be very interesting who becomes next Secretary of State, regardless of who wins.

            These people are helped by Satan himself. It’s like being in the Matrix and taking on agents. It is very evil and very real. Time is short and the prince of this world knows it, his desperation is giving way to scorched earth revenge. Are you prepped?

          • Colon Bowell also voted for OBAMA, and so did the other Magic Numinous Negro, Condosleezy ‘Mushroom Cloud’ Rice.

            Both of these blacks are unindicted war criminals. Both actively participated in helping to spew the neo-cons lies and falsehoods and fabricated evidence that did not exist and peddle the exaggerated threats that also never existed – in order for the mostly (but not entirely) jewish neocons to lie us into attacking Iraq.

            I do not for sure if these two were ‘in the loop’ on the 9-11 false flag event that was primarily done by the Israeli MOSSAD, with support from the neocons at the top of the Bush-Cheney Administration – but, they sure as hell took the ball and ran with it once they got their ‘cue’ from the events on September 11, 2001.

      5. americans are nothing more than damn fools to even support this corrupt process

        • agreed. We have cut our noses off to spite our face.

      6. In case you haven’t seen James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video on Democrat voter fraud, this is one of two, wher foul mouthed Democrat operatives tell how they are implementing voter fraud on a massive scale http://therightscoop.com/watch-new-bombshell-video-just-released-james-okeefe-mass-voter-fraud/

        For the left, there IS no basis for truth, so all that is left is a lust for power, so that is why they do these things. What they are too ignorant to understand is that, like in the USSR – think NKVD head Lavrentiy Beria here, or prior to that, good ol Robespierre – a good majority of these leftists *themselves* get taken down for various reasons. Referring to the original leftist stupidity in revolutionary France in the late 1700s, it was Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749 – 10 May 1800), in his 1793 essay Considérations sur la nature de la Révolution de France, et sur les causes qui en prolongent la durée
        (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”
        ******”the revolution always eats its own children (lit. the Revolution devours its children*****

        Why? The fascist left is amoral (see vote hacking above, or see Bill’s sex assaults, or Hilary’s “bimbo eruptions” management by threatening all of Bill’s victims; recall also during the 1990s, when word of Slick’s assaults and affairs got out, the leftists’idiotic, hypocritical mantra of “Ethics don’t matter” and “It’s only sex.” You may be too young, but I wasn’t. I VERY well remember that being the buzzwords of the left excusing Slick… that is until the vile leftist media wanted to change the narrative and the same things Bill did (Note: Trump’s words were ugly and despicable; but Slick’s ACTIONS were criminal and EVIL. They don’t jail people for sleazy talk, but the DO – or should – for rape) suddenly became horrible when Trump “merely” spoke them.

        • FTW,

          I saw your comment to something I wrote earlier. I got the impression that you thought there was no difference between the wicked witch from shtcago and Mr. Trump. It is hard to see how blind people can be in not seeing the absolute evil the democrats/femocrats/liberals/communists/globalists/and NWO types represent. I recognize that some republicans, like Paul Ryan, have also fallen into the globalist trap but I don’t think Trumpman is of that ilk. I would love to hear your enlightened opinion. Thanks.


          Thanks for teaching us about ‘reverse blockade’. I need to learn more about this phenomena/technique. The communists use to keep repeating lies and untruths until even they started believing it. This is what the MSM has been doing nonstop. Every thing the MSM broadcast is suspect and has a spin and a purpose to further their cause and agenda.


          You make a great case in laying out the lies being propagated by the witch and her minions even if she IS only a puppet. Some have said that Soros is the Puppeteer but others believe there are yet individuals behind him.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • laeagle –

            There is a difference between Hillary and Trump.

            Trump is only in the race to “entertain” and grab the majority of support of American voters. I don’t believe Trump is part of the Worlds Elite Club –

            Hillary – Well … what is to say … she’s nothing but the devil, and that is putting it nicely. She has been already designated to be the next President.

            Otherwise – by Constitutional Law [with her background] she should of never been a candidate in the first place, let alone being allowed to hold any public office.

            Again – another 4 years comes around – and the Circus Show [political theater] remains – but the faces and names tend to change.

            Republicans and Democrats are the same – I’ve never said otherwise.

            • FTW,

              I agree with all that you wrote. Not all Republicans are the same as Demoncrats, some still respect the constitution and have not fallen into the NWO/Open Borders trap. If there are no borders, then the US Constitution becomes meaningless and a new document will need to be drafted (it probably has been drafted already and is waiting to be pulled out of a drawer somewhere at the right moment).

              Louisana Eagle

          • Soros is a front for Rothschilds who have many names.


        • There are two parts out now, and three videos.

      7. Mac… it would be nice if the content of videos was summarized in text.. not everyone likes to watch a video on the computer..

        • oUCH… How about you go do the research, and post the speech transcript. You sound like another lazy person on here who likes to be spoon-fed everything but contributes nothing. Then calls it all Fear Porn, and bashes people for acting on the Intel. Some don’t acts on nothing, and continue to fiddle, and why they have no weapons or BOL, etc.. . You know who.

          Ask not what SHTFPlan can do for you, but what can you do for SHTFPlan?


          • shows what you know… I just don’t like watching videos on a computer.. talk about jumping to conclusions.. sheesh.

            • oUCH,.. OK then, no harm,.. I have to limit my video watching during peak hours, so I wait till later on during no peak hours to watch videos, and not to eat up my Internet data plan. Yeah I could pay more for data, but this is fine.

              Try googling that speech transcript. Mac does not give sign language either for Video’s. So those folk’s are left out as well. If you find a transcript website, post a link. Thx.


            • Same here, i almost never watch any of these videos, if im being totally honest i dont even read the articles anymore, can pretty much predict what the message is, more come back to vent or read comments

            • I can read many times faster than someone narrates a video.

              • I like to see most all the Videos first hand, Its more compelling watching that Lying POS Hillary spews BS out of her trap and seeing it first hand, really makes me want to vote for Trump even more. I cant even stand to hear Hillary’s condescending voice witch, toll, puppet, beast. That bat tells everybody that “if you work hard and pay taxes you can be successful too” like her. Yeah The Commie Criminal Thieving Witch. We don’t want to be like you.

                ~WWTI… Watch Hillary Rape Americans by loading us down with more Taxes to pay for all the deadbeats freeshit in America.

            • I refuse to watch a damned television, so computer videos are okay by me. You can always stop them and come back later, and you can fit a hundred dull length movies or even more shirt videos, on one little 32G SD card the size of a postage stamp.

              • I meant FULL length movies…

        • You can’t summarize the text or you’d be screwing with “Intellectual Property” …for one, (I think).

      8. Some pollsters say Trump is winning:

        This NY Political Science prof has had his last five popular vote predictions hold up. Dr. Helmut Norpath on Lou Dobbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTq6pKXUcbI (3:30 min. This is from early summer, but other more recent stories at http://primarymodel.com/2016-forecast-full/ or http://legalinsurrection.com/2016/10/suny-prof-with-reliable-election-model-predicts-87-chance-of-trump-win/ or http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/10/suny-professer-trump-now-87-chance-winning-election/ .

        Another article from another prof https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/09/23/trump-is-headed-for-a-win-says-professor-whos-predicted-30-years-of-presidential-outcomes-correctly/

        Unfortunately, 100% of the corruptocrats and banksters at Goldman Sachs and George Soros Fnd will be supporting Hitlery. And they SURE don’t want you deplorables showing up to vote in November, so that accounts for the vile leftist media’s recent polls trying to discourage people the part of the public that actually THINKS.

        • In the last week Fox News has raised “ratings” on Obama from 47% Approval to an even 50% approval rating. That’s a crock and one has to wonder why in hell would they be inclined to post such an outlandish lie about our beloved POTUS?

          Edited by Hillary perhaps?

      9. Sociopath (doesn’t care about other people, “What difference does it make?”) characterizes her better. Does she have any real empathy or does she pretend to have empathy for political gain?

        • Its all a put on, just listen to how she speaks, like she is reading a script for a mentally challenged audience, i know many snooty democrats, without exception they all are the most condescending assholes around

      10. Here ya go, please summarize it for the rest of us. Thanks

        ht tp://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/debates.php

        • Um, could I have that in OCR format so that my computer will read it to me? Thanks in advance!

      11. Should Hillary become President. All her lies will be defended or concealed by the PRESS. Her own Propaganda Machine.

        • Should Hillary become pres, it will be like the day of the baptism in the God Father. The body count will be huge. The shredders will be running full speed, and all the evidence and witnesses will vanish.

      12. Lies and Hillary Clinton…

        Coming off the plane she had to duck gunfire.
        But the reality, taped, included a dignified reception

        How could a college valedictorian say something so stupid.

        My guess is that a large per cent of these lies, but not all, are not lies but the confused thoughts and actions (including mishandling e-mails) of one suffering from dementia or brain damage from her plane accident/concussion, possible disease and/or drugs.

        She is too sick to perform the duties of the Presidency. I agree with Trump. She should never been allowed to run.

        This brings me to another conclusion.

        Communists seem to go insane a lot. Vladimir Lenin went insane. Joseph Stalin had a nervous breakdown. Is poison part of what happens to these people. One could put small amounts of poison in food. Read the labels. Some baking powder contains aluminum. Some artificial sweeteners contain an ingredient in rat poison.
        Even Hitler had a problem. Hitler was approached by his doctors who wanted Hitler to get rid of his “primary physician” because they discovered the physician was giving Hitler rat poison.

        When you are a puppet, being mentally sharp is not so important.

        • BC,

          Thanks. It is interesting. What was/were the poison(s) that were used? Rat poison was a form of ‘warfarin’, an anticoagulant, that caused the critter to eventually bleed to death internally.

          I have known of opposition leaders who were on the cusp of success who met an untimely and unexpected end and have often wondered if they could have been poisoned.

          From ancient times, poisoning has been used to get rid of enemies and powerful people often had servants whose job it was to taste the food before they ate it. I believe arsenic has been used as well. Jim Jones used cyanide. The Russian who was poisoned in England may have ingested some kind of plutonium concoction? Something similar was used on the Ukrainian opposition leader as well.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Plato was made to drink an infusion made from Hemlock.

            Has anyone written on the dangers and uses of poison?

          • Ever hear of DMSO? Foxglove? Belladonna? Phenylephrine? Any of those compounded into the DMSO and placed on an object they knew he would touch firmly could have caused scalias heart attack. He was old and had problems. He was where they knew he would never get posted (autopsied).

            I can think of a couple other things they could have done, but he may have noticed and not been offed.

          • Polonium, not plutonium. Plutonium would be pretty hard to manage.

            When I was younger (by a lot) my grandmother, who was in early dementia, put rat poison (warfarin, fortunately) in a cake to kill the mice that stole her false teeth and hid them under her mattress.

            We grandkids who ate that cake suffered no ill effects but our parents watched us like hawks for a few days; it was my first insight into variation in lethality and the importance of mode of action. Making our blood clot less hardly mattered to us monkey kids, but rats? Not so good. More substance per gram of organism is significant in lethality; consider salt, or water, or arsenic.

      13. It wasn’t a drunk driver, okay! She was giving head.

      14. Ok gotta question. Has anyone used white rice to store ammo. People use it in the salt shaker just a few grains keeps the salt from clumping. I’m curious to hear it’s use for long term ammo storage. We need to get off this political crap and get back to survival related stuff. So much of the threads on here talk about what a rotten cunt hill is pushing many toward trump. I say vote for who you want free of influence propaganda. To me it don’t matter because shtf is coming either way. So let talk about self reliant strategies not hiltlery. She’s not sitting there worrying about the posters on shtf plan. There is no political solution to the decline of the world people need to stop planning their futures by who is the next pres. All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. We have this kick ass site Mac sets up for us to plan our own agendas and share real info anonymously just remember mr trump and hitlery will be in their fully stocked bunkers with servants eating shrimp and drinking wine while your family fights off marauders and trying keep fed and clean. They do not give a shit about our families. I just don’t understand why we talk about them total waste of time and energy. Will be glad when this election is over. We can get back to reality.

        • AH,

          You make a good point. I do think though that we are at a critical juncture and it is important to be aware of all that is going on, situational awareness. Things appear to be headed into a devastating political and economic maelstrom, or perfect storm, but, the can may yet get kicked down the road depending on who is going to be our next president. Let there be no regrets in your choice and your actions.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Wow- great comment.

        • AssHat

          I agree with your post but after election which reality will it be. These last 18 days or so could be the last for communication. I do not sense urgency here. The comments are low and the number of views are misleading. Do I think other people care? Yes, but not the way we do as we prep for ways many would not dream of doing. Have to wait and see, AssHat. Not much longer.

        • Asshat:

          Real strategies for survival.

          If washing clothing is not possible.

          Hang it out to air out.

          Sunshine disinfects and bleaches whites.

          Don’t make the bed. Let it dry after sleeping.

          Remove dry skin from your body. Mites love dead skin. Dust your house with a damp cloth. Clean your floors and wash the walls for cleanliness and exercise every day. Keep up yourself and run a tight ship.

          Bring beans to a rolling boil for at least ten minutes. Beans cooked at very low temp without first heavy boiling are MORE toxic than raw.

          Avoid pork if you can’t control its proper cooking. It will possibly contain tape worm which when eaten in under cooked meat gives you intestinal tape worms. But if you or someone else has intestinal worm and poor hygiene results in transfer of infected person’s feces, usually while preparing meals, the worm now via infected feces goes from the blood to organs and/or brain.

          Wear gloves when preparing food, if possible. At least, wash hands vigorously. Be sure in a grid down that whoever handles food, has washed their hands.

          Kevin’s quality clothes pins (.com) $14.95 for ten. Buy them, or make them. So you can hang your clothes. A clothes line rope and clothes line pully (Home Depot). Get extra for barter.


          • ? bestdryingrack.com


        • Rice should work. I’m so squeaky cheap I never throw away those desiccant bags that come packed in products from furniture to electronics.

          A while ago I took all the desiccant bags I had saved up and stitched one huge one from an old Blue Jean leg. Recharge it in an oven at 200 degrees F for four hours.

          The test!
          I had an old brick of .22LR from grandpa that was circa 1964. At the range the failure rate was like 10%. I put it in an ammo can with my one pound desiccant bag for about four weeks. Recharged the desiccant and gave it another ten weeks. Failure rate dropped to about 0.1%.

          The old adage “keep your powder dry” is really accurate.

          Since the boating accident I only have my Red Ryder BB gun left, but I use lots of desiccant to keep those BB’s in tip top shape.

        • Dont think rice would be good, stick with dessicant packs, i like ZCORR liners in ammo cans with dessi pack for good measure. Stuff doesnt even age

        • i don’t know about rice in salt, but here’s an old indian trick for the brown sugar. if you don’t want it to get all stuck together and hard, just throw a slice of bread in the canister you keep it in…seems to work FOREVER, maybe even LONGER than that. a year later, it’s just like the day you bought it…and i even reuse the same bread when i use up the sugar and add a new bag in there….uh-MAZIN!…and thanks for all YOU contribute, you asshat!hee hee

          • The bread doesn’t mold?

            • nope!

        • For some long term storage of ammo, I went to the Army Navy store and bought some 81mm mortar ammunition tubes. They’ll hold about 850 rounds of 9mm. I used nitrogen from a welding supply place to displace the O2 as I filled it. I also used silica in the lid. There’s an O-ring so it’s airtight. Hard plastic so no rust. Give it a shot,Asshat. Good luck

          • I’ve been keeping the majority of my calibers in single or double-sealed Zip-Locks for years and years …no complaints. One large bag can easily carry 1,000 rounds of .308’s, without ripping, and it’s time-tested (it’s smart to use spray paint – like olive drab – and ‘fog’ the bags to take off the shiny plastic look when in the bush)! (Sprayed on the inside and let dry will not last as long as on the outside …we tried both). The brass erodes and beats up the paint quicker than “wear and tear” on the outside.

            If you “roll your own” and intend to do some “Ghosting”, then you need to waterproof your ammo (to reasonable depths), just ask the Pharmacy at Walmart for some Ichthammal (or ‘drawing sauve’), and you’ll get a tube of black stuff that smells like asphalt, is black and gooey, and if used carefully can be used during the bullet-making process just prior to inserting a new “primer” or “bullet” (and it keeps out ALL water). It goes a long way in keeping powder dry, and those that like military reloading have seen that “black crud” on “pulled” military shells. That’s the sealer that made those shells waterproof, and Ichthammol does the job quite nicely.

            Think twice, then move …maybe.

            • Ichthammal,{sic}, much cheaper for a tub at any horse supply store. We use it to draw out abcess’s from horse’s hooves. (wipe it around the coronet band at the top), has applications for us to as it, besides being a “drawing” agent, is antiseptic. I believe it’s made from pine tar.

          • Some archaeologist a thousand of years from now would appreciate that; “Ahh a chemical propulsion canister called ammunition from the rebellion period” . “We find a lot of these but this is an unusually good specimen”.

      15. I dont care what hillery said, she sucks, they all suck,
        I want to be left alone, i want to be free from all this bull shit
        I want to answer to no man or woman

        • Nailbanger, you hit it on the head. There are those who want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave you alone.

          btw/ I only call out liars on here, so I will not leave them alone until they stop lying. lol

          ~WWTI… Just stay hunkered down to see what happenes in 17 to 18 days.

        • NB,

          I am glad to see you back here. I am sorry to hear about the problems you had with growing kale. Your comments and insights have always been cogent and appreciated by all. We are living in most interesting times (according to an old Chinese blessing)!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Thanks, the crop issues are just part of the business. In reality mostly my own fault, the guy who was growing on this place before me only grew cabbage, years and years of cabbage production, then i take back the plot and fall into growing kale at the moment it was gaining in popularity, so by not following a good rotation i doomed myself, plus i refuse to use too many chemicals so thats just the way it goes. Then pile on that the reality of the FSMA and its better to let the place fallow for a few years then work back into an organic CSA type setup. Its all good and all timing, the phone started ringing as soon as i let go and decided to get back into the trades, divine intervention i like to think, certainly not by my hand i can tell you that much.
            But thank you, i always figure i am just a rambling madman

            • i’ll bet a good MANY of us appreciate you! thanks for all your VAST contributions.

            • I can attest, Nailbanger builds a hell of a Wine Bar, seen it for myself in his neck of the woods.

              ~WWTI… And to the newbees, go try to grow a garden one time and see how much work it is and what you get in return for food. It ain’t that easy. Nail, My Uncle Farmer, said “Farmers are the biggest Gamblers on the Planet.”

              • These days, for an excellent garden you MUST have a super water supply and spare nothing in the creation of the best dirt possible, right down to nightcrawlers …everything. Our very best gardens or just old, old woods-dirt (black as spades) mixed with ancient hay (all hay on top and never any weeds to bother with makes it sweet). Giant Heirloom tomatoes and about anything else you plant is the result.

                I have to swear by hay and earthworms (thousands of them years ago, so there must be 100’s of thousands by now).

              • People were stunned at how many Roma tomatoes I got on just one plant. I wish I could post a pic, but you’ll have to take my word for it that they taste real good. As do my peppers, potatoes and onions.

                My entire garden was only in buckets and bins with holes drilled in the bottoms for drainage. I’ve got everything put up and put away for next year.

        • I hear it’s been wet in your part of town.
          I agree with the political stuff you advocate.
          I lost my land line DSL, due to Hawaii politics,
          I’ve been going “Galt”, in preparation for the
          Democrat tyranny about to descend upon us,
          both local, state, and Federal.
          My shopping list after the election
          will be a 10 kW off grid solar system, 20,000
          primers, a Dillon reloader with dies, tungsten
          core bullets, and hacked data base of
          the addresses of all cops, Democrat, and OHA leaders
          local to my vicinity. Take Hawaii back
          from the Democrats!

        • Nailbanger:

          Greta Garbo, famously misquoted, said not, “I want to be alone.” She said, “I want to be left alone”.

          Hitler said in one of his speeches that he only wanted peace, he wanted only to be left alone.

          When a so&so won’t leave you alone, maybe, just maybe, you fight.

          But it’s near the Holidays so here’s wishing you a good peace on earth and a good will, too.

        • well, you see, nailbanger….you can ignore politics, but politics aint gonna ignore YOU!

      16. Just saw a video that said since Hillary has 12 states she will win regardless of the polls. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Putin nukes us .

        • she has 12 states and they all lie!!!! LOL, hope she will lie down and never get back up!!! ( not LOL )

      17. Having a few days left to get things together I thought about body energy levels and how to maintain without all the problems of cooking during times of stress. Like Bugging out or after a firefight.
        I am not a big fan of Energy Drinks and the Vitamins are confusing to me as to dosage. Breakfast are so small I can eat a dozen of them. Cereal and Trail mix but they do not stay fresh long. Coffee as caffeine is my major jolt.
        But along the lines that you can’t always eat right. Have any of you devise a emergency battle nutritional packet. No MRE”S Please. :0)
        I know we have talked about them in a BOB or 72 hour prep. I thinking multiple BOB situations.

        • Anon:

          If you buy trail mix or nuts in one large bag; put contents into smaller seal-a-meal or long term storage bags that close with a heat seal. Use oxygen absorbers. I do this with nuts from Costco. They stay fresh longer.

          • The hungrier I get, the less I care about freshness. Survival is not a walk in the park. While we all ‘like’ fresh, nutritional fool, the reality is that if food does get scarce, then we’ll either settler for less than optimal or die hungry…finicky people first.

            • “fresh, nutritional FOOD”

              • …or maybe fresh fool, who knows…

      18. If that bitch told the truth, EVER, just once… I think the world would simply come to an end.

        She lies like breathing man.

      19. Any thoughts on spare parts for maintaining AR’s? What are the most common breakdowns?

        • Like any mechanical device anywhere there is a spring. Smaller springs are generally more vulnerable.

          • K2, thanks.

      20. What all this boils down to is a vote for Hillary is a vote to give complete control of your life to the corrupt political class. A vote for Trump is vote to give control of your life back to you.

        • Or at the very least, a chance to live and fight another day.

      21. JOKE TIME:
        A few minutes before church services started the townspeople were sitting in their pews and talking. Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church. Everyone started screaming and running for the front entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away from evil incarnate.

        Soon everyone had exited the church except for one gentleman, Bill Clinton, who sat calmly in his pew without moving, seeming oblivious to the fact that God’s ultimate enemy was in his presence.

        So Satan walked up to Bill and said, “Don’t you know who I am?” Bill replied, “Yep, sure do.”

        “Aren’t you afraid of me?” Satan asked.

        “Nope, sure ain’t,” said Bill.

        “Don’t you realize I can kill you with a word?” asked Satan.

        “Don’t doubt it for a minute,” returned Bill, in an even tone.

        “Did you know that I could cause you profound, horrifying, physical AGONY… for all eternity?” persisted Satan.

        “Yep,” was the calm reply.

        “And you’re still not afraid?” asked Satan.


        More than a little perturbed, Satan asked, “Well, why aren’t you afraid of me?”

        Bill calmly replied, “Been married to your sister for the last 41 years!”

      22. What I find amazing is that even after all of this, she still is neck and neck. This woman makes Nixon look like an alter boy.

        If she wins, the NWO, Shadow State, Deep State, TPTB, or whatever you want to call it will have the time to retool such that this “trump phenomenon’ will never be allowed to happen again…..at least in our lifetimes anyway.

        Bye Bye Alt Media, uncensored communications, free speech. and net neutrality. Say bye bye to internet browsing freedom too. of course you’ll still be able to visit “approved news and commerce sites). Go anywhere else, and it will practically be cost prohibitive.

        Oh what a brave new world.

        • Look at it this way, over a billion dollars spent by the Democrats, billions of dollars worth of positive spin being pushed by the media, the White House, and the upper levels of the US Government, on a populace that has been indoctrinated for decades to accept the so-called progressive agenda, in the sleaziest campaign in the last 150 years, bolstered by a political machine capable of casting at least 4 million, and perhaps as many as 10 million fraudulent votes, and Hillary is either going to lose by a small margin or win only by a few million votes.

          The public just won’t accept her.

      23. I wonder how busy the “Suicide Hotline” will be after Trump wins (have to be a landslide to stop the liberal election fraud though), all the snowflake liberals start thinking the world is ending.
        I could get a job there and direct them to the nearest high location to help them with their decision… I’m a Libertarian so its their choice and I am willing to help them out…
        “OMG Trump Won, I want to kill myself..”
        “Sir, where are you..?”
        “9th n Elm street.”
        “Well if you go 6 blocks north to the train overpass you can get a good place to park if you hurry, just leave your keys and wallet in the glove box before you jump..”

      24. The attitude of these people seem to be that if they deliberately lie, that it makes it true. They seem to be surprised that people can uncover the lies. With the help of the major media, they actually expect people to just accept the lies.

      25. bestdryingrack.com



      26. Watched NC early voting this am. There was exit polling. Why do we let some of these people vote?

      27. Donna to Hillary ” Yo pussy stink “

      28. Was just wondering if anyone had luck with rice for long terms storage. I use the desiccant packs but most people have rice. Figured someone might have used it to store ammo and could say if it was effective after like 10 or 15 yrs. butt crack does the bread get moldy in the brown sugar after a while or does something in the sugar keep the bread from going moldy. Sounds amazing. I mentioned the rice as an alternative to desiccant for folks who are on a limited budget. A little rice out of your stored stash for moisture control sounded like a good idea. People in times of short supplies had to make due. As far as election we are going one of two ways in the end the race is too close to call really. Hilbeast is gonna win if I had to put $ on it. Either way their is no political solution to our problems.

        • I think that all this election rhetoric is to keep our eyes off the important things taking place, such as everything related to The Middle East, the ever-growing fleet of warships gathering in one area, the majority of them nuclear-capable – and Russia is fully intending to “take care of it” by whatever means they deem is necessary, to include nukes. Yet there are crickets on the media when it comes to those things (at least where we live it is swept clean, bright and shiny without a worry in the world in print anywhere). That pisses me off to no end, buy we are powerless to stop that as well (short of burning their printers out somehow).

          We keep hearing that if Hillary does NOT win we’ll have the problem of every major city on fire, due to displeased blacks, but that isn’t even close to the truth, so they are playing “close to the vest” and using terror tactics to influence votes. They are also having dead people vote a number of times in different states, and allowing immigrants to vote as well (or allowing the votes to count since they are for Hillary who is going to challenge them)?

          If Hillary does NOT win The NWO, The UN, China, North Korea UAE and others will have lost billions in “already invested monies” warranting that they would get “this or that” in return (they have “purchased the favors of the president”, and she’s going to run The USA just like The Clinton Charity (and herself, make billions on most exchanges).

          It also means we are about to come face-to-face with some pretty heavy duty gun slingers (when it comes to working in TEAMS), and all of them are excellent or better shooters with 8 or more years of “real time experience” under their belts. Like I’ve said, do not engage anyone, especially TEAMS (you’ll get creamed in a heartbeat “long-range style”).

          Looks to me that this business of politics where everything must be controlled for an unfair win is actually a bloodbath behind the smoke and mirrors …a double whammy.

          I enjoyed discussion of using rice to keep the powder dry, yet with what is coming the only powder left will be what hasn’t been gathered from the ground (for black powder) and processed yet in a few, short years. I know of NO WAY to make smokeless powder and you don’t even want to try gunpowder in a 30.06 🙂 KaBOOOOM! Where dat gun?

      29. On You Tube

        “Trump Just Dropped A Nuclear Bomb on Congress! We Have To Drain The Swamp!

        If he get elected, he says he will:
        Put in term limits
        Ban going from Congress to lobbiest
        Ban Foreign lobbies from donating money

        What! He’s going to ban foreign lobbies from donating!! Wow!!

        Good luck with that one Trump. Better be careful. That’s sacred ground.
        Trump knows the world will be destroyed. One man, or even a whole family. It really doesn’t matter. The world is going to implode under these people’s megalomania. Trump is putting it on the line for America. They can steal the election, but they can never say no one tried to stop the insanity. Trump rocks.


        • Agreed.
          God bless Mr Trump and keep him from being suicided, the alternative really doesn’t bare thinking about…

          Oh, and please rid us of George Soros asap, many, many thanks.

      30. B from CA.

        Well I guess that will about seal it for Hillary.

        Tip of the Day.

        How much chain do you have and what size is it. Do you have repair links, clevis and turnbuckles. Hooks are nice to have also.

      31. She also ducked at least 3 critical questions.

      32. Some really good comments here at SHTF… I learn a lot by visiting, thanks to all.

        Still wondering about rice and ammo storage though!


        • AG S… You could keep the rice in small netting bags. Seems like it could work. And if you get hungry your meal is in the ammo can. Just add hot water.

          ~WWTI… When you cell phone gets wet place it in a ziplock bags with rice. It works in moisture absorption.

        • The only “sweat” to ammo storage is where you are are going to place it. Some swear by ammo cans with “oxygen eaters and water absorbers.”

          I’m still shooting my father’s Winchester ammo, purchased in the early sixties, and if it not as hot as it was when new I’d be surprised. His .308 is very much unlike an AR LR-308 (without that big ole spring), and will have you yearning for a shoulder pad in short order.

          What I’m saying is he just kept his ammo in the original boxes, then later it was switched to zip-locks, and we’ve had 0.00% duds due to bad powder. It’s those little primers that do the failing about any time you have a misfire, and something as simple as reloading and not reseating a new primer can easily cause your ammo to act as if there is wet powder.

          So, we stick with the top-rated powders and the hottest tried-and-true primers from CCI or WIN (there are many that are excellent, and these days there’s a primer for every grain of bullet style out there). Reloading is becoming almost high-tech (if you wish to allow yourself to get into that end). I’m not going to split hair when making reloads, so I’ve no interest in it.

      33. Never fails to astound us Canadians how dumb down our neighbors in America are believing all the bs the media feeds you. Take a clue from us in dumb down socialist communist Canada but we thought you were a tad smarter. We had our chance to elect conservatives and blew it now we’re overrun by disgusting foul Moslem misfits and nasty Sharia Law idiots, no hope for us but maybe for you if you stop listening to every lie your told by your goverment news. If your still so stupid you have to keep arguing about your own cranky whiney crybaby little problems with a candidate that wants America great again then you deserve the same fate as we got. you’ve got one last chance to put in a decent man that wont put up with the corrupt goings on in your capital.
        Your holier than thou church goers
        say they can’t vote for a man like Donald Trump who talks rough well get over it you pantywaists. What if you were in some Moslem country or the United States aftr the devil Hillary got elected and you got captured by Isis Moslems. would you blame the Isis or would you blame your fellow countrymen who stood by and watched isis take hold of your countyr. The same thing is whats happening with your countrys elections, the whole world can see it but you cant. If you think you can blow this election off your dumber than we thought and welcom to the rest of the world controlled by communism because dumbasses voted for it.

        • Nancy, welcome, and although you make some valid points, NOT all of us are dumbed-down. There are more people awake and aware ‘south of you’ than you’ll ever realize. I’ve personally given up on the ‘sheeple’ we have here in the US. I’m just concentrating on survival for me and my own.

      34. Walking dead tonite people. Finally get to see if glen got his head smashed in.

      35. Hillary lies like a normal person breathes.

        Went joyriding today in E Texas. Pretty day… opened the roof. Drinking a bit of Crown right now at home. Want to make an observation about BOLs.

        We still have a little time to plan. Not even on a fun day like today was I not thinking of where we could go if an emergency arose here. Well, today I was reminded of a great place to bug out near Livingston- a golf course community that never really succeeded… Acres and acres of heavily wooded empty home sites with infrastructure. Right now, of course, if you tried to go out there and camp out- you might meet the local security patrol. But if shtf, it would be a great place to go. Much better than a well known national park or forest with loads of fresh water and wildlife…. with a very high rate of vacant vacation homes. The really unique aspect of this place is that the lots are incredibly cheap- saw one for 2K today. They are giving them away because they are out in the middle of nowhere but that is what you want for a BOL. Absolutely perfect remote… unthought of… location. You could easily pull up into one of hundreds of empty culdesacs and disappear with an RV into the woods if need be. At least for awhile… and it’s all about buying time.

      36. All EBT cards will expire on 01/20/2017 for good!

      37. We expect our politico to be corrupt. We expect them to be the worst of the worst. Does not say much for us if we don’t change.

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