Shared Sacrifice: Lady Obama Spends $10 MILLION on Vacations In the Past Year

by | Aug 25, 2011 | Headline News | 193 comments

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    President Obama needs your help. In a July 15, 2011 briefing he told the American people that we have to be willing to seize the moment, but that it would take shared sacrifice to do it:

    And so during the course of these discussions with congressional leaders, what I’ve tried to emphasize is we have a unique opportunity to do something big. We have a chance to stabilize America’s finances for a decade, for 15 years or 20 years, if we’re willing to seize the moment.

    Now, what that would require would be some shared sacrifice and a balanced approach that says, “We’re going to make significant cuts in domestic spending.”

    -Barack Obama July 15, 2011 (video)

    While Americans are chipping in by sacrificing their jobs, homes, kid’s college tuition, and their retirement plans, Ms. Obama apparently missed her husband’s speech:

    White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers’ money on vacations alone in the past year.

    Branding her ‘disgusting’ and ‘a vacation junkie’, they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

    The First Lady is believed to have taken 42 days of holiday in the past year, including a $375,000 break in Spain and a four-day ski trip to Vail, Colorado, where she spent $2,000 a night on a suite at the Sebastian hotel.

    And the first family’s nine-day stay in Martha’s Vineyard is also proving costly, with rental of the Blue Heron Farm property alone costing an estimated $50,000 a week.

    The source continued: ‘Michelle also enjoys drinking expensive booze during her trips. She favours martinis with top-shelf vodka and has a taste for rich sparking wines.

    ‘The vacations are totally Michelle’s idea. She’s like a junkie. She can’t schedule enough getaways, and she lives from one to the next – all the while sticking it to hardworking Americans.’

    While the President and his wife do pay for some of their personal expenses from their own pocket, the website says that the amount paid by the couple is ‘dwarfed by the overall cost to the public’.

    Source: Daily Mail

    We would comment, but none is necessary.

    Hat tip Patriot One


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      1. Things must be pretty bad on the US. Here I am, driving my truck here in Australia, listening to the radio when I hear the strangest commercial in the world!!! A company (USA one) offering to put investors up for 3 nights for FREE in the US!!! When they fly over to America to BUY AMERICAN FORCLOSED BANK OWNED HOUSES!!!! And they are offering investors 1985 house prices!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! I’m an Aussie ….. And IM pissed off!!!

        • I love my trips to WA, tons of Landcruisers and people seemed to be able to take care of themselves better for the most part that our inner city dwellers here in the states. The lack of water is WA is a bit of a caution, but the fishing was great. Cheers.

        • What USA Company?

          • that was the go to site to sign up. They said it was an American comp. Sorry can’t be more helpful.


          • I agree completely. She is sooo fugly.

      2. All the while I’m trying to scrape together a few thousand dollars to buy a crapped out mobile home to renovate so I can live under a paid for roof with a small garden and better survive the collapse. How disgusting.

        • but in the end you won’t be spending an eternity in HELL like that shit-skinned bitch.

          • wow shit skinned bitch????? now thats a dumb ass comment

            • Cotton Patch!

            • Truth always hurts.

          • There are two kinds of black women, normal ones (who are acceptable in my book),
            and the kind who’s name isn’t used in society, outside of a kennel.

            • ILL just say for you that (BITCH)

          • I leave race completely out of it. That is very dangerous territory and that is not the issue for me. After all, I have tons of similar words, dislike and anger for nancy pelosi and clueless clinton. The woman who uttered the equally clueless, ‘Let them eat cake!” was white as the wall. The anger comes from the audacity and inconcideration of the sturggling americans. How much would it say to the american people if they canceled even on vaca and used the money to keep a few people from forclosure…or dontanted a truckload to a soup kitchen. I’m not talking government teet here, but a personal act of charity to set an example. I can’t imagine any first lady of the past who had an ounce of class and dignity acting the way this one does.

            • I’ll just be glad when that whole bunch is voted out!

        • Can anyone imagine Eleanor Roosevelt telling her husband on the evening of December 7, 1941 that she’s tired and needs a vacation? “All this WAR and stuff… you know how it is, Franklin…it’s just too much for me…”

          • Now that was one tuff & smart woman! No BS. +++1

        • Former President George W. Bush … reportedly used Air Force One for trips to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, which he reportedly visited 77 times over the course of his eight years in office.

          It costs $181,757 per hour to fly AF1. It’s about 2 hours from DC to Houston, so at 77 trips, that’s $27,990,578 JUST for AF1 trips from DC to Texas.

          • that’s over a period of 8 years. She spent over $10 in ONE year!!!!

          • The use of Air Force One was at the insistence of the Secret Service. The trips to Crawford were not vacations like the OBummers take, these were w-o-r-k-i-n-g vacations and the ranch had all the amenities necessary for the President to conduct business while he was in residence. The same can not be said for the places that are -visited- by the current residents of the White House.

          • and your point is what? that he went HOME instead of leaving the country and 100 times the cost expencive hotels and meals and entertainment and the like. Bush spent his own money nopt ours like king and queen ODuma . All he does is give speeches and then takes endless vacations in fact his whole time in office is a vacation .gone in nov thank god

      3. Yeah you got the no comment necessary part right. Not a darn thing we can do except replace them in 2012 with next big spender….

        Hey look at it this way. It was 10 million but probably 20 or 30 seconds in Bernake print time.

        • Well, the next CEO of the Corporate UNITED STATES might at least have some tact, some class, some forethought and a wife (or husband!) that make a bulldog look pretty. I mean, what are we trying to do? Advance the most unattractive of the USA in all physical, fiscal, intellectual and moral realms?

          I don’t mean to be cruel but we really picked some winners, this time, didn’t we?

          • I didn’t pick this one, hell its rigged for 2012, we will be lucky if we make it to elections. Oh and I’m sorry but the Obummer are like a can’t polish a turd, you only get crap on your hands..

            b.t.w awesome web site, God Bless the 1st

            • I didn’t pick’em either, but the rampant voter fraud is going to make 2012 an interesting race!

              Heck….Sheila Jackson Lee has 25,000 registered voters in her district where records show she should have no more than 5000!

            • There won’t be an election in 2012. Marshall law

              will be declared.

            • Hope for the best but expect the worst.
              This is Bushes’ fault though.

          • I didn’t pick ’em!

            • I didn’t pick him either. He’s NOT MY President. Bitchelle can go to hell!

          • I sure as hell didn’t pick them,,,so don’t inclued me in your we,,ok

      4. Sad thing is? There still will be those dumbed down embiciles clapping away for this usurper and thief, chanting “yes we can”.

        I just wonder how many serfs, minions, ostrichs, and lemmings will wake up by the time elections rolls around if we even get to that time frame????

        • Not nearly enough. They will vote for whoever they think will keep the welfare checks coming. Not that I believe voting works. I think the next one is already picked and we will go thru the motions to further the illusion that we have any say in it. It’s already a done deal. Why do you think he’s not sweating it? On vaca with a 28% approval rating.

          • I read somewhere that if you do the research, you will find that every president in the history of the United States has been the candidate that was most closely related to the “Crowned Heads of Europe”. Some were related to Charlemagne. Others were related to different kings. Who knows?

            • Guess that qualifies me as my ancestors extend through the kings of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, through the kings of France, including Charlemagne, and back to Ceasars father where the records for western civilization end.

              And I thought we were just horse thieves and cattle rustlers …. who knew?

      5. Must-not-say-anything. Nothing-good-to-say.

        • URP!

      6. I am amazed at how many vacations or get-aways the current president and family have taken…at our expense. No matter how many times they say they are like us they really are not. They live outside the norm. They have no connection to the average american.

      7. And I didn’t even get a bumper sticker or T-shirt.

      8. So should I get an lawyer and sue in small claims for my tax dollars back?

        One more reason to not wanting to give monie to the iRs, because they just give it away…

        • Yeah, but the pissy part here is this.

          A business owner where I live has just been convicted of tax evasion, to the tune of about $400,000. The news report said he was also telling other people not to pay their taxes either. They were parading him around in front of the cameras in his prison jumpsuit. Making an example….

      9. Maybe some of the following would help the US economy.

        1. Any corporation that sends jobs overseas will need to pay a higher tax rate to cover for the cost of unemployment due to out sourcing cheaper labor over American labor.
        2. The US government will be required to purchase more “Made in America” items. That is not saying the company must be American, but the products need to be made here providing Jobs.
        3. Illegal immigrants must leave or be deported. The country they are from will have to pay for their deportation or the sum of the cost will be deducted from the amount of aid that we give them.
        4. All companies that hire illegal immigrants will be fined the amount to keep someone on unemployment for 1 year per violation as well as having the right to own a business in the U.S revoked after multiple violations.
        5. Children must have at least one parent that is a natural or nationalized citizen to receive citizenship. There will be no more anchor babies that keep illegal immigrants in the U.S for 18 years.
        6. If you are on welfare, then the government reserves the right to put you to work.
        7. Inmates can be used to work in the fields where we are told that the Americans will not work. The will be paid by the farmers at a rate of 2.00 per hour. Half of that will go back to the prison so they can pay their own way. 1.00 will be kept by the inmate. That is double what they are paid for work now and less that the farmers currently pay allowing for a lower food cost.
        8. People on welfare will be drug tested. If you come up positive for drug use, then you will not get the welfare for 6 months for 1st offense and permanently for the second.
        9. All government employees will need to take a 10% decrease in pay. Most companies did this why should the government be any different.
        10. All cost having to do with the incarceration of an illegal will be deducted from the amount of aid we are giving the country they are from. Why should we continue to help your country when the people are coming here?
        11. All laws passed by lawmakers will pertain to them as well. If you want to keep healthcare then that is what you will get as well.
        12. Stop NAFTA
        13. Reduce compensation and perks to all elected individuals by 50%, being a politician shouldn’t be like winning a lottery
        14. Abolish the Federal Reserve and give back the responsibility of printing money and monetary policy to the US Treasury. It’s time that we relieved the mega bankers from making government policy.
        15. Only American Citizens should be allowed to vote, thus eliminating the offset of some 11 plus million corrupted votes by illegal immigrants who receive aid and assistance from the government
        16. Back Charge the first Lady for a salary she has drawn due to not holding a real position..

        Well I think it is a good start for open minded conversation. Reply if good or bad

        • I’ll sign that

          • I’ll Sign it too..

        • I agree with all of these. #6 and #7 are especially nice. Get to work, the rest of us have been paying the way of others. No more.

          The Fed needs to go, only citizens are allowed to vote and no more citizenship after marriage (from which some of them just divorce AND win money from the divorce lottery from some working bloke). Anchor babies? No non-western country has that concept.

          I also have some ideas regarding the trading of stocks. #17. All stocks will pay a dividend or there is no point. There is no investment, only speculation as to price changes under the current system. #18. All stocks must be held for a certain length of time, a year, month, even 30 seconds will be an improvement. No more computer fluctuation trades, people need to think about their investments.

          #19. No lobbying whatsoever, especially not from warmongering AIPAC, the drug lobby or the 1000s of welfare lobbies out there.
          #20. A drastic reduction in the number of “programs” which favor certain individuals over others. Government either benefits EVERYONE or it does nothing. No direct payments or assistance to individuals, period.

          • Good comment and input P.O.N.R and W74 and everyone else

            Why is it a regular Americans could have great ideas that could work now or 150 years ago( in comparison) and your well educated Elitists couldn’t come up with a simple plan?? Just asking

        • I agree that those would, indeed, be good changes, however, I propose the following:

          NOTE: I realize that some of these measures will create some hardships, however, none of it will be as bad as what is happening/will happen due to the current course we’re on.

          1) IMMEDIATELY close all borders to all incomming traffic. Screen all international flights for in-bound persons who are not citizens or have legitimate visas.

          2) All law-enforcement are REQUIRED to check immigration/citizenship status of ALL persons whom they have a reasonable blief may be here illegally. Deport ALL persons found to be here illegally.

          3) IMMEDIATELY abolish ALL federal programs and laws which exceeed the federal government’s constitutional mandates. Close all US Military bases on foreign soil and end the involvement of ALL US personnel in ALL conflicts which are not the result of a direct, physical attack on the United States. Reorganize the US armed forces back into a defensive role and eliminate all personnel and resources which are not necessary to that end. Remove all foreign military personnel from the United States. This will dump a very large number of people back into the work force, however, several new jobs will have opened up due to #2.

          4) IMMEDIATELY abolish ALL state laws which are not based on natural laws (without just cause: do no detain/injure/kill another, do not violate/take/misuse the property of another, etc.) Eliminate all measures taken to militarize law-enforcement, and remind them that they are civilians too and their job is to protect and serve. Nothing else will be tolerated. For all states that do not have them, add the laws to the books that allow an individual to resist an illegal arrest by any means necessary, up to and including the death of the arresting officer.

          5) All laws concerning business should be left to the states (people will move to the states that are the most business-friendly and therefore those states which are not business-friendly will lose their tax-base).

          6) Eliminate ALL federal direct-taxes. Each state shall have to pay their share (either equal or determined by number of citizens) of federal operating costs (which are now extremely low due to #1).

          I could go on, but you get the idea.

          • Of course, you realize, that you could eventually reopen the borders and international flights if you wanted. That should be up to the people.

            Also something I left off of #1.

            …remove all those holding federal offices (from the president on down), replace, only as necessary, by direct vote from the people (abolish the electoral college). No person currently holding office or any of their family members/decendants should be able to run for office for at least 5 generations (remember, these people are the ones who got us into this situation). Personally, I would replace the idea of congress with representatives from each state that only have the power to authorize military action (in defense of our soverignty ONLY), authorize purchase of equipment to that end, and to adjust the pay of military personnel) The pay of these people should be directly linked to that of an active-duty Army/Marine Captain with 12-years in service, and should only be paid while in session. These “congress men” should no longer have the ability to change their own pay/benefits.

        • PONR: Good list, but #9 is much too generous for government employees. I believe that public servants should get a premium of, say, 10% over the rate for a similar private sector job; but the data indicates they receive approximately 50-60% more in pay and benefits than a comparable private sector job.

          Thats too much.

        • Good great joyful sound. Thanks

        • I didn’t see anything that I would have changed. I’ll have to think if I’d add anything. Maybe someone should cut-and-paste this into an e-mail addressed to

          • Amusing to read what changes you would all implement, immediately, if you had your way. If you were KING or QUEEN. A sample:…”remove all those holding federal offices (from the president on down), replace, only as necessary, by direct vote from the people (abolish the electoral college). No person currently holding office or any of their family members/decendants should be able to run for office for at least 5 generations (remember, these people are the ones who got us into this situation)” Just precious. You can’t make such changes, at such speed without anarchy, total chaos and of course much bloodshed. Get real people, not just daydream … ” If I had my way “

          • Man you guys are awesome I wish I would have thought of some of the revisions. Thanks for the comments I’m not alone 🙂

        • Some very good suggestions. I always thought people on unemployment and welfare should still have to work for it. This is one of God’s principles, you reap what you sow. There are millions on unemployment/welfare and they see no incentive to get off it. The unemployed should have to work for it, whether it is doing volunteer work to help the elderly or cleaning up the neighborhoods they live in. By doing this, they will develop skills, a sense of pride, and a sense of working for what they receive. They will also attempt to attain an actual job that pays more, since they have to work anyways. Your suggestions are common sense, but that’s just the problem today, people, especially those in power, have completely lost sight of common sense. There is a disturbing lack of integrity and honor at the highest levels of leadership. Obama is simply concerned with staying in power and benefiting his friends and those he wants to lift up at the expense of those who have earned their own way in life. But you cannot lift people up by entitlements and freebies. It has been proven over and over again. Success is not determined by handouts, it is determined by people’s values, integrity, principles, and hard work.

        • I’ll vote for that!!!! But we’ll never get the chance.

        • I think your ideas are spot on. Fantastic. Why in the hell should we all have to struggle while the obummers spend money like they have an unlimited credit card. I also think your idea about the illegals is EXCELLENT. i Also like the idea of making them work to earn their keep. That was great.

        • Dude you are high none of that will ever happen.

          I like the print time joke lol

        • I’ll sign that. Do you want to run for President?

        • I LIKE!! A LOT!!!

      10. Rumor has it that Marie Antoinette died thinking the people of Paris just really didn’t like cake.

        Mac- did you post this article just to see if you could piss me off? Well, it worked!
        I have just about had my fill of this nappy headed ho. (note: all you guilt-ridden, white, multicltural nitwits and the rest of you race-baiting disingenuous twits of any color, go ahead and kiss my ass now. I’ve had it with you, too) I call her a nappy headed ho because she IS one. This shallow, self-serving, hypocritical douchebag is the embodiment of everything that is wrong in American society, wrong in politics and wrong in the black community.
        She had an opportunity that comes only once in the life of a nation, and she has totally blown it! As the first black first lady, she could have built a legacy for herself that would outlive and outshine her husband’s for generations. And it could have been a legacy admired by people of all races and all political persuasions. She could have built on the pattern of quiet but effective SERVICE set by many of her predecessors. Many of those women joined or started a cause and devoted their time and popularity to it for the entire length of their husband’s presidency, and beyond.
        Names like Betty Ford, Rosalyn Carter, Laura Bush, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower and others come to mind. These women, regardless of their husbands political successes and failures, are held in high esteem by millions of Americans. Michelle, unfortunately, will NEVER be seen in a similar light.
        She could have done wonders for the black community in America too. She could have taken a stand for personal integrity and challenged young black kids across the nation to stay in school, avoid gangs and drugs, to set a high standard of behavior for themslves, and achieve a high level of success based on their own merits. And she could have encouraged the notion of service to others. She could have modeled that behavior as well.
        Instead she has behaved, from day one, like a welfare queen who just hit the lottery. Pathetic. She is projecting, and reinforcing, the false notion that all you really need is one lucky roll of the dice and, presto- you’re on easy street. And once you get there, you should indulge your every whim, no matter how extravagant. This is a horrendous message to send to young blacks who are already over-exposed by movies and music to the idea that getting the big bucks (by any means) and then spending it ALL on yourself is the ultimate goal.
        The closest she has come to demonstrating service to others is the rare, and carefully staged photo-op for the media. And it’s all hypocrisy. She wears $300 shoes while serving poor people at a food bank. She makes a show of planting a garden behind the white house, then jets off to Paris or elsewhere (at our expense) and dines on lobster and filet mignon. All while her husband is talking about ‘shared sacrifice.’ Plus she reportedly has more staff members (again, paid by us) devoted to her every need, than any first lady in history.
        Meanwhile, millions of Americans are praying for a job, or to keep the one they have. And hoping they can, somehow, feed and clothe their kids despite the rising cost of everything.
        This pathetic excuse for a woman had an opportunity that is unique in all of American history. And she has more than wasted it. She has modeled the worst of the black stereotypes, and the worst of what is wrong with our entire society- black, brown and white. She will be remembered by history as Selfish with a capital S!

        Whew! Glad to get that out of my system. I shall now retire to the okie compound with a small jar of shine, a double dose of blood pressure meds, and the soothing sounds of the Carpenter’s Greatest Hits (or something that’ll put me to sleep) Please wake me in time for the crash, elenin or Wheel of Fortune at 430pm whichever comes first. Thank you…zzzzzzz

        • Okie,

          No [Like] button available, so, I’m making my own!


          Thumbs up. YOu saved me a bunch of typing and said it better than I could.

          • Thank you Okie for summing up my feelings about this so-called “first family” especially Michelle Obama. If the liberals don’t re-write the history books as they have been doing, this disgraceful family will go down in history as the worst 1st family we’ve ever seen and the worst President as well. Thumbs up to you Okie 1+.

        • I agree with most of what you said about Mrs. Obama. It’s sad to waste such a position. We need to be praying for both of them.

          I also agree that shared sacrifice means both sides. What he was talking about, I’m sure, is Democrats and Republicans both making compromises. I think it means all our leaders should lead – by making salary cuts to themmselves. It’s what most of America is going through. They need a haircut also because most of this mess if of their own making, not ours.

          • We need to pray for THEM? Like you said, they need a haircut, that’s what this whole article is about.

            They need to tone it the hell down but are either too oblivious or choose not to. Methinks it’s a little bit of both.

        • +2

          I am glad you tasefully said it Okie I would have offended some…

        • can’t we just sell them to the chinese and wipe out the debt we own them. If this was the 1700s they’d be talking about that. ha. yeah a racist comment…but just could not resist.

          • I don’t think we could sell them to anyone. BUT! If we could convince the Aussies to TRADE, which I don’t think they would agree to because they’re considerably smarter than to do so, for one kangaroo and one cute little koala bear, we, obviously, would get the better end of that deal and said animals would, unlike the current sewage in our White House, make a real contribution to American society. Whaddya think?

          • He’ll we would have to pay the chines to take them

        • +2 Okie. Don’t believe anyone could have stated your points any better!

          • No need to speak……… +3

        • Could not have said it better. Welfare Queen exemplifies the Soetoro behavior. The whole bunch are a disgrace to the WH. Worst part is when we throw them out they will still be on the biggest welfare binge for the rest of Barry’s life. Truly disgusting.

        • +3


        • Sorry, Okie.
          Your excellently written and well-thought-out rant was dead-on. (Did I really use that many hyphens in one sentence? Crap, I’m thinking out loud again. Gotta stop th…..)

          However, the history scribes will slant her “service” as exemplary, and she will go down in history as greater than the women you mentioned, or at least, ranked among them. No mention will be made of her foibles.

          IMHO, her “service” could be defined more in terms of how a bull “services” a heifer. Screwed.

          We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…

          • wait a minute, isn’t she providing jobs to other countries. the bartender in paris, the servant of all those hotels, it provided them with jobs. perhaps if she took those many vacations here in the states, perhaps it could help this economy……….or not!

            • oh and okie……..+5 to the 10th power…

            • You think that woman tips, no freaking way.

        • LIKE


          Nothing (suitable for families) to add.

        • YOU’RE KILLING me, you’re are are killing killing me me Okie. We’ve only just begun…

        • Okie, you may prefer “The Best of Bread” to calm you….
          Thumbs up on that post. 🙂

        • I couldn’t have said it better. Wow!

        • mighty fine, mighty fine…

        • +2

          “all you guilt-ridden, white, multicltural nitwits and the rest of you race-baiting disingenuous twits of any color”

          Absolutely love that!

          • Yea, I kinda liked the whole “go ahead and kiss my ass now. I’ve had it with you, too”-thing also. I’ve been saying that for some time also.

        • Your my f@%king hero, Okie.

        • SmokinOkie thank you for one of the few SANE and INTELLIGENT comment on this blog.I am affraid that what is happening with the USA , is a reflection of the moral stand of what is happening in the rest of the World; power being grabbed by people who do not have the right values to handle it…

          Don Fernando – Maputo -Mozambique

        • I have never been so worried about the future of America as when I read these blogs. The hatred and the racism and intolerance is like looking into a sewer. America has many serious problems and none of them will be cured by this kind of irrational talk. Whatever your political persuasion; the president and his wife are under incredible pressure. All wives have been spenders,think Jackie Kennedy. They can not travel on the cheap, would you like them to stay in a hostel? Neither Obama or Michelle grew up rich, they came from a background of the common man; with the additional burden of being black in America. I disagree with many policies of both parties. We must put aside our hatreds ,support our country and our leaders . Some of these blogs sound as if they came from a nazi party.

      11. And Americans sit back and do nothing and watch while the blatant criminal offenses continues all at the expense of their childrens generation and their future…so sad and if u say something bad about them they say things well we are going to take whole world down with us…yeah really something to be proud of!!!!
        If u even mentioned an article like this to most people in the US they would say u’re a liar Obama wouldn’t do that or act unconcerned and do nothing…Even though his popularity has crashed it is still unbelievably high considering all the horrible lying and things he’s done to the american people and to their future…now don’t get me started on the fukushima radiation thing when Obama said on live tv accross the us”radiation will not effect the us at all” go look on youtube there are dozens upon dozens of reading of geiger counters reading from around the us and when the meter reaches high or dangerous levels of radiation i don’t call that having no effect!!!

        • Jules, they’ve been taught to set back. Its been a 150 year brainwashing campaign (since the Act of 1871) to make the populace docile, dumb and dependent (3D).

          CONGRATULATIONS! It Worked!

          At the same time they’ve convinced most people to be part of the 3D crowd, those that couldn’t be contained are instead inflamed and divided so they’re not a threat.

          Its a great system TPTB have cooked up. Funny, though, how the thing that will take them down is something they’ll never be able to protect themselves from: Their own greed.

          I’m laughing my ass of how its all falling apart around them all BECAUSE of what THEY have done TO THEMSELVES. The economy. The environment. Society. If you really study whats happening, you realize that we knew it was going to happen years ago but TPTB are so deluded, so drunk with their own selfishness that they couldn’t see it.

          While the crash may be painful, it won’t be nearly as painful on me as it will be the criminal bastard class.

      12. as she turned and said..In yo face Mother F&%Ckers!

        oh you know she did

      13. Yep! Fashion for the classless, tactless, brainless race card polishers.

        Just a little over a year, the American People will say “In yo fact Mother F’ers!” and the pie will be on HER face.

        Funny stuff, that.

      14. she feels “entitled”

        • her and her husband are as about “entitled” as 2 turds in a punch bowl…

      15. relax people – what she is REALLY doing is helping the local economy where they vacation at. the help has to eat cake too, you know.


      16. So how much of it went into their slush fund? I want my 2 dollars back

      17. She is no different than the dictators and the whores of dictators overseas who rape the wealth of their own countries living in luxury while their own people either work as slaves or starve.

        She is no different, and IMO worse than Obama in terms of her entitlement mentality.

        • Like

      18. 50 years ago she’s be cleaning toilets.

        Note…when the riots break out and the black are screaming “kill all the whities”…
        They will be in for a rude awaking as they cross over in mass to the burbs.
        Many burb homes on the fringe are armories. It it’s wrol…then it’s open season. Fuck deer hunting…. gang banger season…as they fucks only have a few clips it will be a turkey shoot. Baiting…free food spot….then when the bangers come in to take over….there you go. Despite the recent cultural shift..they are still the minority and history might repeat if they don’t watch themselves.

        • I don’t think a lot of blacks understand that whites are still in the MAJORITY in the US. The ones that have never left the city streets, never left the HUD offices, will be in for a surprise.

          Makes me feel sorry for the decent blokes who DO work had and DO take care of their families, but they are few and far between and learned our values system from their grandparents’ generations instead of the value system that predominates urban areas today.

          I’ve only met a handful of blacks who had even been in the woods (army and one more) much less would be able to survive. To experience Terra Incognito in one’s adulthood during a crisis situation must be frightening indeed.

        • wow, good thought, that had not occured to me, makes you wonder about the preparedness level of the average blood or crip, sure, he’s got a glock, but zero training, probably doesn’t even practice much, and has what? one or maybe two magazines on him, and he’s likely to piss that away real quick right from the word go… however, 20 or 30 of these morons still amounts to one hell of a problem…

          • One hyphenated word:


            oh, and….


      19. What’s that expression, garbage in-garbage out!

      20. The obamas remind me of the TV show “The Jeffersons”…moving on up. At least George Jefferson earned his way up !

        • Weezy!

      21. Funny thing, I asked this Black Dude one time “Hey why do you Guys always hold your Crotch, and he said Because you White people done took everything Else” This my friends is the Mentality!

        • Pretty sure the taking is the other way around.

        • ….and I always thought they were doing a practice “dry-draw” in anticipation of the day when they will shoot us dead in the public street

      22. Don’t forget, they will have SS protection for the rest of their lives. Wonder how much that would cost us?

        American royalty.

      23. Nah, they’ll just “tax the rich” more.

        • News Flash POA!! There are not enough rich to tax any more. I’m one of the ex-millionaire club. I now owe more then my net worth.

          3 short years ago I always kept my LTV at about 34%. Today I’m in the 137% LTV range. My business gross sale are down 66% and I have no liquidity period.

          In short, I’m not creating jobs anymore and I’m not buying anything I don’t absolutely have to have.

          • I fully understand P1. I was being srcastic about the stupidity of their talking points.

      24. Stop being racist!!!!!

        It isn’t easy being Mrs. black jesus, or is that black mary magdalene????


        • Aunt Jemima?

        • I wonder how many are white?

      25. The “First Wookie”………and YES! I am a racist!
        HELL YES!

      26. #5 Okie. You’re KILLING ME.

      27. It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.

        • Extremely insightful. If you weren’t quoting someone else, you should be writing professionally.

      28. Patriot One is the shit stirrer today. Take a bow PO.

        • I bow to no man, only God. Anonymous the worse part is we will be paying for their vacations for the rest of their lives.

          Hey, when I sent it, I said it was Outrageous!!!

          Laura Ingram is Hammering the Obama’s on this right now on the radio.

          Maybe, just maybe, the MSM will have to pick this up.

          • “Maybe, just maybe, the MSM will have to pick this up.”

            And maybe there are ski lifts in Hell, too.

      29. No different than her kind looting New Orleans after the hurricane. It’s mine if I can take it is the rule of the jungle. These shit weasels just take whatever, whenever, whether they need it or not…

      30. I understand everyone’s feelings about michelle, but am I the only one that wants to call Bullshit on these dollar figures?
        There is absolutely no way that all her trips,vacations have only cost 10 million dollars! She travels with a whole gaggle of secret service agents, personal staff, our jet, armored cars, etc ,etc. I would think the costs would be much closer to 100 mil+.

      31. +1 PO.

      32. Correctomoondo Steve. MANY things worked out two months ahead. One month ahead. Two weeks ahead. Last minute clean up. FLOTUS walks up steps. Rotate, wheels up.

        • How come I wasn’t part of the entourage?

      33. It’s not that she is spending the money but rather that it can legally happen. The 1st Lady holds no government office. How can one take a vacation when they don’t have a job?

        Regardless it is a tremendous amount of money.

      34. God I hope the Hurricane doesn’t go to Martha’s Vineyard. If it does it will cost the tax payers another million to evac the Obummers and another million to take them some place to finish their vacation.

      35. I don’t want the Secret Service rapping on my door in a few minutes so I think I will keep my mouth shut as to what I think.

        • To late Beefcake, the second you clicked on this site they had you on radar.

          The more we allow the government to tax us the more powerful they become. The only way to get the government out of your business is to cut the budget.

          • Ron Paul in 2012 should make that happen. I don’t care if they are tracking me, let them.

        • puss.

      36. $10 million is couch cushion money for the country. I’m more concerned about the trillions Obama’s been spending.

      37. The entitlement crowd moved into the white house. They are sickening to the absolute core.

        I read a story once about one of the first ladies wanting to replace the White House china during the depression. Public outcry, dignity & human compassion kept her from doing it.

        Bubble butt could take a lesson in class if she’d just study history a bit more. But again, we are talking about someone who said they were not proud of America until her marxist husband was elected by the masses of sheeple, the biased/communist media and the “gimme” crowd.

        • Yeah, funny thing is, There was an article online yesterday about Marco Rubio catching Nancy Reagan as she fell. All the liberal crack pots could bring up on her was the “expensive” set of dishes she had while Reagan was in office!!!!!!!!!!! Seems like small potatoes compared to Bitchelle’s vacays!

        • I remember an article in December of 2008 about Laura Bush buying a 250K set of china for the White House. I thought it was inappropriate since they would be vacating the next month. But compared to Moochelle, she was a regular Ebenezer Scrooge!!!!

          • Didn’t thunder thighs “liberate” the one before. Paper plates anyone?

            • The only thing she liberated was the fart that rocked the East Coast yesterday

        • Knock, knock.

          • Who’s there?

            • I wonder how much coke she does? which is providing the S.Americans our jobs, no wonder B.H.O. made a deal with Brazilians, she has expensive habits, she had to lose a lot of the Ghetto weight fast for the lime light. She used to be my best customer back in the day..

              jk…. 😛

      38. Let them eat cake….

        • nah let’s force feed them some ham and bacon

          • funny………..

      39. But the average American is addicted to extravagant (psuedo)reality shows. Michelle and S Palin have always been trailor trash; they’re just trailor trash with someone else’s money.

        But remember, the US rarely elects to change whores, er horses during armed conflicts. Just hope it ain’t on home field. They got a plan, but life is what happens while you’re making plans. Life plays by its own set of rules that absolutely refuse to change to comply with your plans.

        If you can’t manage your own family, whatever would lead me to think you can manage the business of America? Dems, Reps, it is all the same. Tax and spend my grandchildren’s future.

        Oo, oo, do you know the difference between Republicans and Democrats? One party knows where the money comes from and the other party doesn’t care. Not their money.
        T’were Eleanor Roosevelt; FDR’s cousin wife. BTW FDR was a banker. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

        • Palin is hot, the wookiee is not. Looks makes up for a lot of shortcomings if you know what I mean.

          I like women just a little on the trashy side.

      40. What did white people do during the million man march in Washington D.C.? We went out and stole our stuff back! Damn straight!

      41. I thought Sara Palin sold the State Jet the previous governor used and returned the money to the state coffers and gave up her State Police body guards when she was governor.

        “That ahh be ahh different” . Gary Cooper as Alvin York.

        • that would have been interesting character for Cooper, but hid did favor him didn’t he???

      42. Mac, this article is completely disingenuous. The First Lady is a hard worker – I know! I see her whenever my kid watches the propaganda machine I call “The Disney Channel.” She’s on there telling my kid what to eat and what she should do to change the world. That’s busy…isn’t it?

        A complete lack of leadership from both sides of that relationship.

      43. Looks like Okie has been passing us on this one… There’s a lot of things swimming around in “that there” PBR head of his while cowboying up the highway of life. Sure wish you were my neighbor.

        • I think his first is going to be hard to top. I can feel him thinking though…..

      44. When it comes to saving America,

        “It’s going to take some time, this time.”

      45. I’m not surprised with the condition the American people are in, just by reading these racist comments it shows that we the American people are far behind and just ripe for the picking. While you racist sit back and comment on the vacation status of YOUR 1st family, the country in being ran into the ground by the people who REALLY OWNS IT, there’s a great transfer of wealth that is taking place and everyone will be affected by it one way or another and all you can do is spit racist comment on a blog that’s trying to prepare you for the ultimate downfall and collapse. You just don’t get it, well i’m here to let you know that in the eyes of the people who REALLY RUNS the CORPORATION OF USA don’t give a damn about color, creed or nationality becuase in the end they want all of US to be slaves to them. They want you working for pennies and building their wealth even more, they want you begging for hand outs, they want all of your asses on some type of welfare/umemployment and they don’t care who you are. It’s all about the MONEY and so-called freedom and all you rednecks are still stuck on being racist, lol. I applaud you, bravo. Let me ask you something, who was in office before our CURRENT president? And before that, and before that? If you don’t know by now all of our problems started way before Obama came into office,but you don’t want to here that. Obviously, you can tell i voted for the man, but now I do have some regrets BECAUSE AND ONLY BECAUSE I was voting for a change and I got it, only it wasn’t the change I thought it was. So, still today it’s more of the same more racism, ignorance and self hatred and more of the same from our leaders. Truce, Obama didn’t cause this this,but he sure as hell help make it worst. Now that’s the truth.

        • “but now I do have some regrets BECAUSE AND ONLY BECAUSE I was voting for a change and I got it”

          You still don’t get it, but after a couple more years you will “hear” “it” and truly feel it. Thanks a lot. Please do “some” of us a favor & don’t vote next time. If you truly expect some change, a leader will look at the camera and start by telling the truth. I hope you’re not in the HR field.

          Michael, down below, is still lost in the past and tries to compare a Texas President serving barbeque to the people that serve the White House and the other, post dated Soylent Green. One is a vacation, the other is a home.

          This country is in crisis and you’re playing tea with the rabbit in the hole.

        • Baiter…
          I threw up in my mouth a little, but, for what you were trying to do, you did a great job!

      46. So what this “news” item is saying is that Mrs Obama is still way behind the 69 vacation days taken by George Bush in his first year. Tempest, meet teapot.

      47. Wow, the…wait for it, wait for it….”N-word”. It’s been a long time since I heard that one, even here in SOUTH MISSISSIPPI….well, except for them. They call each other that all the time. But, don’t let whitey call them that. Then, it’s war!!!

        I wonder if all this plays into the White House’s plan to start race riots.

      48. Didn’t know that Mrs. had a J=O=B or was elected. The State dinners & D.C. kids must be getting boring. Get a life and a debate brain.

      49. “Let them eat cake”

        The French (of all people) overthrew and executed their version of these TREASONOUS clowns, and for ALOT less.

      50. After reading all the comments I came to the conclusion…remember what they did to Mussolini and his wife when the people caught up to them….

      51. Do the Obamas have to report this expenditure as ordinary income on there taxs like the IRS forces the rest of us ?

      52. The clueless ignorant people that voted for Obama get exactly what they deserve. Any nation sick enough to put up with this kind of insanity will end up poor on the land their forefathers conquered.

      53. At the risk of sounding “preachy”, racist comments or criticism of Mrs. Obama’s appearance weaken and overshadow an otherwise cogent argument decrying the kind of excesses described in the article. The issue has absolutely nothing to do with the Obama’s ethnicity. Instead, it is yet another glaring example of the sense of “entitlement” possessed by so very many Americans, including, apparently, Mrs. Obama. Fortunately, we have this example to serve as another reminder of liberal hypocricy. Many of you may remember the late hotel magnate Leona Helmsly, often referred to as “The Queen of Mean.” Mrs. Helmsly is reputed to have once uttered the statement, “Only the little people pay taxes.” If I may paraphrase Mrs. Helmsly, it is obvious from Mrs. Obama’s numerous and costly excursions that she and her husband believe that “Only the little people sacrifice when the economy is in a tailspin. The rest of us can continue to live the high life, largely at tax payers’ expense, of course.”

      54. What do you expect from a woman who was handed a manufactured $200K do-nothing job at a Chicago hospital which was then killed when she left for the campaign trail?

      55. I wish that her husband would go on vacation with her and stay there until Nov. 2012 when we can finally get someone in the oval office that knows what he is doing.

      56. I hear a lot of anger hear and a lot of call for reform. I do feel that this is positive. Not because of racial slander or corrupt policiticians but because I think people are finally reaching the stage where they have been sufficiently pushed to say, “ok…..that is just about enough of this”. That is a start because it means that perhaps morals are changing a bit. Perhpas ethics are being re-evaluated and “what is socially acceptable” is once again being questioned. This is nothing new, even here in Canada we have the same political morons doing the same kinds of idiotic, hypocritical, and arrogant/in-your-face type actions. The party continues until the masses have had enough. I mean are the politicians going to stop it? Would you stop a gig that you were allowed to work six years and collect a pension for life on, like Canadian politicians are allowed to do. From what I hear it is similar in the US.
        However the only way it stops is to have a public voice that says, “you are accountable for my money and my childrens money”. “If you abuse your power and your responsibilites while in office, you go to jail”. Period. I think that might discourage some of these clowns from attempting some of these disgraceful actions. Think of it as bankers who commit fraud, with no penalty. If there is no consequence then the behavior repeats. It is that simple.

        • It is Mac, Senators full pension after 1 term, 6 years. Congressmen after 3 terms @ 2 years each or 6 years.

          These are golden pension and benefits packages. On average they get $12k to 15k per month. Most of them view this as nothing because the made so much money insider trading while in office. Yes our elected representatives have exempted them selves from insider trading laws.

          I think we should put term limits on them of 12 years and no pensions or benefits.

      57. I see Mr. Herman Cain as the only person that has a life time of “non” political experience that is running for office. Yes, yes, I know. But I would be able to say “again” that I voted for the right man.

        If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read english, thank a vet.

        • Anonymous

          I believe Cain was on the Federal Reserve board.

          • Yes, yes, I know.

      58. the fat lady just’s called redistribution of the working mans wealth.michelle lives ‘fat’on our dime.lets remember this come election time.

      59. What an ugly baboon

      60. What a shame politicians play monkey see monkey do, and so do the wives.

      61. Michelle Obama is far more complex than this makes her out to be. She was the one who targeted and pursued her younger husband & guided his career. She’s the one who has his ear which is standard operating procedure for CIA “handlers.” I suggest everyone rent the DVD “Ghost Writer.” Polanski was trying to tell us something and, even though “Barry O” has probably been tampered with psychologically by the CIA since he was a young boy, it’s Michelle that keeps him in line.

      62. “If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read english, thank a vet.”

        This is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen posted here (and that’s saying a lot).

        I never hired those brainwashed, murder-machines to act in my name. If any one of them had a shred of humanity left, they would put down their weapons and fly home (at their own expense) from whatever the hell country they are currently meddling in.

        War is a racket and the most profitable one ever devised. The BEST that can be said of any individual who has ever been stupid enough to put on a uniform is that they are useful idiots (to their corporate masters) and arrested adolescents.

        • Hey Local…

          You might want to watch your mouth when you call someone who has served in the service stupid when they put on a uniform who was probbably protecting your rights well before you shot out of your Dads Sac. Why don’t you grow a set and try the uniform on? I still have my morals and traditional family values and it will be someone like me or anyone else here that will be saving your ass when your pissing yourself in a corner scared that some fucking Gestapo squad is coming for your ass.
          You sir are a hypocrite and I call you on it, you didn’t vote these bastards but you call the military idiots, I think you should retract your statement, your right you “F”-troll this was the most idiotic thing you did today other then breath air. Why don’t you wake up if not then… Shut up sit down and embrace the suck you fucking Moron

          • To everyone else,

            Sorry I hate trolls

            • D.O.L. 18….I hate Troll too


              Your a B.H.O. supporter. Why you ask? Here let me explain

              You state “Michelle Obama is far more complex than this makes her out to be” its almost as if you admire and idolize this woman and for what. She has no job or administrative position, no income but her husbands, nothing to bring to the table to fix this economy but spend our hard earned money in other countries, she is no better then a baby pumping welfare mother who cheats the system until they get SSI.

              Then you state “She was the one who targeted and pursued her younger husband & guided his career” what the hell are you thinking sir, see is just a piece in the game being played with our lives and our children’s future, sounds to me like you have a hard on the 1st Bitch and want to lick the dirt off of her feet as she said look at me now M*#$F’ers

              The rest of the post makes no sense whats-so-ever as you back peddle because you lost focus of the main topic which was “Shared Sacrifice: Lady Obama Spends $10 MILLION on Vacations In the Past Year of Taxpayers dollars” which you know nothing about because you still live at home with mommy and daddy spending their money just the same get a real job sir

              The you post again later “The BEST that can be said of any individual who has ever been stupid enough to put on a uniform is that they are useful idiots (to their corporate masters) and arrested adolescents.

              Big mistake, you sir have no clue or sense of duty and honor,since you probably are either to young to serve or was red flagged for being a fat, lazy bastard,

              To support 18 Delta, not every one who has served the military lost their values or morals, what you are experiencing is jealousy and confusion due to your high school buddies getting more ass then you will ever because they are serving.

              The Topic of this Forum is of a serious matter and you should leave the discussion to adults who have experienced life that of which you will never do when you end up being one of the first in a FEMA camp. So if your offended GOOD, because you offend us..

      63. Think WWII vet little bug brain village hero. Ever picked up a history book, watched the History Channel, gone to a rest care place for the elderly? I didn’t think so…or the bell might have dinged a little. The numbers are getting fewer every day. Ever speak with a Normandy survivor or speak with a survivor of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35), visited a American cemetery overseas? These are my kind of hero’s.

        I knew at least “one” would come out of the woodwork. LOL

        Did you save a cat out of a tree? That doesn’t count as shared sacrifice.

        • I noticed localzero wrote his drivel in english rather than, say, german. And he didn’t even say thanks!

          • He’s looking for a bell.

        • Anon,

          He just beat his Call of Duty Black OPs video game and save the world… 🙂 :p 🙂 :p 🙂 :O

      64. Elvis II is leaving the vineyard.

      65. What has color got to do with it? White, black or brown few leaders got things right especially at first attemp!

      66. moochell should bleach her pitts..or not wear sleevless dresses..ugh…but these two are laughing all the way to the bank, think the clintons..raped the white house ..yeh ahnt seen notin yet…

      67. Now that the obamas take all these luxurious/EXPENSIVE VAATIONS..SOME TRY TO SAY WHAT ABOUT THE bush.s..WELL WHAT ABOUT IT, HE WAS GOING ON VACATIONS TO WECO TX..TO TAKE CARE OF HIS HOME THERE,he is surrounded by trees and they need to be cut down ..watered as not to have a brush fire..etc..keep the brsh he did go to ROME to visit the POPE…proto call VISITS..TO EUROPE..BUT THE OBAMAS HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THE POSITION THEY STOLE, AND ARE WANTING BY AGENDA TO CLEAN OUT THE FINANCIAL ECONEMY OF THE UNITED STATES..CORRECTION, MOOCHELL DID NOT ERAN 250 K..ON HER GIVEN POSITION BY FORCE OF THEN SENATOR..OBAMA..SHE EARNED..315K..thats right check it out.a position that was created for her by chicago thugs..ACORN ETC…AS FOR ME..I am not a racist,however I am not blind ,i do read…the obamas hate america, hate our constitution,hate white people..they tolerate for gain.if there was a black man who I would have voted for it would be ALAN KEYS…this obama is a usurper, a puppet for big money a bought man..who stole this election by crooks and cheats.and has caused a great divid among the people, he will not be impeached, because as sheila jackson has stated in some of her stupid ..speaches ..does america want want sreet heat..meaning riotsfrom the blacks..which is horrible to use her ethnic crap.. to hold a nation hostage.she as well at s that crazy mckinny woman are nuts.and they walk among us.what we need to do as a nation, black whitE,red, pray for AMERICA.WE ARE BEING DISTROYED FROM WITHIN..HAVE YOU ALL READ HOW THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD HAS INFILTRATED THE WHITE HOUSE?

      68. She needs the time off to work on that booty!

      69. She needs a break?

        From what?

      70. Are you sure the figure is 10m dollars? The source is the Daily Mail which is a right wing shit rag after all. Sure, the elite enjoy the perks, but the 10m figure looks shopped to me.

      71. The current First Family is making a mockery of the System established that makes this Country Greater than any other country in the entire world. I for one, am discusted with the corruption starting at the TOP and trickling down to virtually all the departments and offices responsible for the safety, security and welfare of the citizens of this country.
        Lets identify them, make their names known, then vote them ALL out.

      72. I hope she enjoys her free vacations for one more year because that will be the end of the gravy train for her. and her idiot husband who have lived off the taxpayers long enough and I will be glad to send them back to Chicago or Africa or wherever they are from!!

      73. thank goodness those two will be gone in NOV. White trash Clinton was bad but these uppity N”s are the worst yet

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