SHAMEFUL: World Leaders RIDICULE Biden

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    Wake Up, America…
    The President Invites Trouble

    Winning has made you pathetic and weak, and I can’t stand to watch it.

    The United States is the tale of two stories. The foundational legend, a land of opportunity where entrepreneurship and individual rights determine the fate of one’s journey through life is certainly alive and well when I see people going from rags to riches to rags and back to riches unlike in any other country!

    America is, was, and will be a land of boundless choices and limitless opportunities in the private sector, but the government is a huge letdown.

    After WW2 ended, the United States rose to be the only formidable force in the free world. The defeated, humiliated, impoverished, ruined, and tired societies of Europe all expected to be summoned to New Hampshire’s Bretton Woods conference to be told how they’d take it up the tailpipe and walk in the shadow of the United States, the same country they scorned and looked down upon before the war.

    Instead, they were met with a fairytale strategy, a luminary concept of how nations should operate in the world after Europe’s slayers and maniacs almost brought it to extinction.

    We didn’t bring you here to become our little bitches, the Americans told the fatigued and anxious European leaders… We invited you here to include you in a future where we will help you rebuild and get back on your feet. Not only that, but we’ll form an alliance to protect you from Soviet nuclear war while we also ensure that trade runs smoothly in the open oceans.

    What those Europeans thought is beyond me, but they probably reported back to Paris, London, and Bonn that they had in their hands the most one-sided deal in human history: a country that could rule the world was willingly deciding it didn't wish to do so and believed the path forward was to share in the spoils and help others.

    It worked. For a while, it looked like Europe was on the path towards civilized life instead of more bloodshed, and then came the fall of the Soviet Union. For a spilt second, the West believed that wars were largely a thing of the past.

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      They say good times make weak people, and a governor from Arkansas with zero real-world experience but a nice smile and talent playing the saxophone charmed his way into the White House and began to fall in love with the idea of expanding this circle of friendship among nations. He even liked the idea of getting closer to those that hate America because who wouldn’t want to be friends with America?

      It turns out there was a long list of nations, but the weak leadership in Washington, those that inherited the spoils of the labor of WW2’s Bretton Woods miracle, were like a headless chicken, and they allowed disaster to strike on 9/11.

      From then on, a chain reaction of lousy decisions birthed unwinnable wars in the Middle East, the Great Financial Crisis, the worst president in history (Obama), and the brainwashing of our youth by the same government that lied about the origins of a virus.

      They’re laughing at you, Joe. America is desperate for a leader – not a leaf.


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