SETI Warns Of Parent Body That Caused Recent Meteor Shower: “Looking For A Potentially Hazardous Comet”

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    Researchers at the SETI Institute spotted something odd on New Year’s Eve over New Zealand. A stream of meteor showers appeared out of nowhere and now scientists around the world are scrambling to figure out where it originated and whether the parent body of that shower could be headed towards earth.

    The shower, dubbed the Volantids, had not been seen before and has never been identified on previous radar observations, suggesting that a new, as of yet unknown object has now entered our solar system.

    A new network of video surveillance cameras in New Zealand has detected a surprise meteor shower on New Year’s Eve. The shower is called the Volantids, named after the constellation Volans, the flying fish, from which the meteoroids appear to stream towards us.

    “In a way, the shower helped chase bad spirits away,” says SETI Institute meteor astronomer Peter Jenniskens.  “Now we have an early warning that we should be looking for a potentially hazardous comet in that orbit.”

    Jenniskens and Baggaley describe the network and report on the new result in a paper submitted for publication in the Journal of the International Meteor Organization. The paper characterizes the trajectories of 21 Volantids measured on December 31, and two more on January 1.

    “These were naked-eye meteors and rates peaked at the time of the local New Year’s Eve celebrations,” notes Jenniskens. “One out of three meteors that night came from this shower.”

    The shower was not seen the year before and is not known from past radar observations.

    “A confined stream of dust particles must have been steered into Earth’s path for a brief moment,” says co-author and meteoroid stream dynamicist Rachel Soja of the University of Stuttgart, Germany, who calculated that the Earth will be safe from the comet and its debris in the near future.

    The meteoroids move in a fairly steeply inclined orbit similar to that of some Jupiter-family type comets.

    “The parent body of this stream still eludes us,” says Soja. “It may not be active now and the high inclination may make it difficult to spot.”

    Source: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI Institute)

    The body from which the New Year’s Eve shower originated is likely a meteor or comet, but given that it was visible from the Southern hemisphere and has yet to be identified, there will no doubt be speculation that it could be the long-rumored Planet-X making an appearance.

    Some reports have suggested that the planet, identified in historical and religious texts like the Bible, makes a pass around Earth on a 3,600 year orbit. Though no official evidence of the planet has ever been confirmed, various reports, including a NASA press release from 1983 suggests that it may exist. That report was retracted by NASA the following year.

    Astronomers did identify a tenth planet that is larger than Pluto sitting on the outer edges of our solar system in 2005, but data indicate this planet has not left its orbit, making it highly unlikely that it is the so-called planet Nibiru of ancient texts.

    While we certainly can’t say that Earth is on a collision course with an asteroid or planetary body in the immediate future, the head of NASA issued a cryptic warning in the summer of 2011 advising employees to prepare their families and friends for an as of yet unknown threat:

    NASA recently participated in a FEMA exercise called Eagle Horizon that was a part of a continuity of operations of government exercise that we do annually, and I became aware of some things that concerned me about family preparedness…

    So, what I’m asking all of you in the NASA family, whether you’re out on the West coast, here on the east coast, along the Gulf Coast, up on the Great Lakes, think about the natural disasters that could occur in your area.Think about attacks that could come like 9-11, from outside forces, and talk to your family about your work and what they need to do to prepare for the unforeseen.

    Develop a family preparedness plan in your house.

    In the Fall of 2015 public concern over a massive asteroid headed towards Earth was so significant that NASA actually issued a press release denying that a large body would strike the planet any time in the next several hundred years.

    A NASA spokesman said: “NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small.

    “In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

    So, for the time being, NASA says we’re safe and according to SETI-linked scientists, it is highly improbable that the Volantid meteor shower is an indicator of an impending global disaster.

    But, considering we are only able to observe a small portion of the sky, we certainly can’t rule it out.


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      1. We’ve already got either a Clinton or trump president, isis building bombs, iran building bombs,an economic recession and Russia starting stuff the world over; how about a break on the planet altering comet ?

        • What you said is all going to happen at once….

        • You left out Fukushima….

        • PFFFTTTT…….
          Russia “starting stuff all over the planet” = Bad
          America “starting stuff all over the planet” = No problem……Indespesible Nation.
          Fuck I hope this comet lands right on your fucking head (or rams right up your arse sideways)
          Fair Dinkum!

          Nuke em Duke
          East Coast,
          Imbecilic Southern Hemisphere Planet America Cock Sucking Nation.

          • we feed off your hate. its delicious. more please.

      2. This is the one prepping thing that I ask a question about. What can we do about it other than the preps we already have? There is no where to run too unless you spotted the threat. Then you would have to know where it is going to hit. Anyone have any thoughts on what to do about this one?

        • Duck and Cover

          • And drink an Evil Twins Molotov Cocktail.

            Have a good one.

        • There are some things you just can’t prep for. All you can do is prep for the stuff you can see. for example, we just got through winter and we had to lean on some of our preps, we went through some food and fuel. now we are looking ahead to planting a garden and getting ready for fire season. Once that stuff is set I can think about the bigger stuff. I am grateful the sun is up, the solar is making enough so we don’t have to run the generator and I still have a couple of cords of wood.

        • Sounds like you need to order a pallet of…..FAITH.

        • Pretty much anything that would save you from something like that would be out of everyone’s reach but the very rich, and even then, it is probably a crap shoot. Reminds me of that Nic Cage movie “Knowing” or “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”. Best solution would be to have a deep bunker in rock and hope you are out of the way of floods and that the bunker wouldn’t fracture? Then hope that when you finally emerge, the planet is still habitable…

          Even more “what ifs” than an EMP.

        • It’s actually quite easy to prep for it. All you have to do is find a habitable planet and then invent a method of interstellar travel that will let you reach said planet within a short amount of time.

          Barring all that, pray that it’s not a planet destroyer and that it only causes regional damage. That is something you can prep for by building a bunker on an inland mountain far away from the expected impact zone and filling it with supplies and a way to recycle the air (maybe just get the air scrubbers from a decommissioned nuclear submarine.) Now, if you can’t do all that well you are just as screwed as the rest of us. You may survive and you may not, depending on the hand fate deals you. Good luck, and my God have mercy on your soul.

        • A lot of Christian “preppers” visit a website called They do have articles pertaining to your question.

          I would also recommend downloading an app called TruNews. Excellent info everyday. Or go to their site

      3. Mike I don’t really know what to do. All I can do is try to survive.

        Now on the funny side. What to do? Bend over and kiss your A@@ good by!!! (LOL)


        • Sgt

          I never give up or give in. That is after I kiss my A@@ by the way.

      4. These things go beyond small concerns and up to the big kahuna. A bit hard to prep for past normal stuff.

        • No just enough for Obama and his handlers to call Martial Law ans assure continuity of Government, then he won’t have to give up control of the Govt. suspend the Constitution take away all our tights and be the Dick-Tater he always wanted to be!!

      5. Maybe the government knows something that we don’t. If there was something that big coming,telling the people about it would cause panic worldwide. Probably better to be surprised than knowing your luck has run out.

        • Don’t give up that easy.

          Where’s Bruce Willis ? He can knock it out, but Obama has knocked off all use of space shuttles by anyone that’s not a muslim, so he may need to do some of that acting stuff.

        • Exactly. Think about it this way: by saying nothing, they keep the population distributed around the globe rather than concentrating them in one place they calculate as safe. This gives the human race the greatest chance to survive as a species while also eliminating a large chunk of the population that would be fighting for resources post-disaster. It also lets them concentrate a select few at bunkers located in highly survivable zones, thus acting as a life raft for the elites to ride through the disaster so they can resume power once the dust clears. Among this elite group would naturally be scientists, engineers, etc. to allow them to remake the world in their image as most politicians, bankers and industrialists lack the technical skill necessary to carry out such a plan.

      6. Well, I HAVE been warning you guys, haven’t I? Hasn’t my in the loop poster here tell you I have been predicting ” horrific doom” for everybody? Haven’t I continued to tell you that we’re all ” phucked” for sure this time? Anyway, I have to return to my super secret meeting with four star general and Dave Hodges. I’ll keep you all posted on how the ” horrific doom” will be hitting SOON!

      7. Not worried, if this were to happen, it is game over for 99.99999% anyway. You would have to be already in a deep bunker and set the time for a year or so to make it. The entire globe would be dust covered and then frozen until “the dust settled” so to speak.

        • Dust settles??? You go underground for an ELE… Your not coming back up… Ever…

        • yeah, THAT lends it some credibility…

      8. Of the total number of such objects that exist, only a very small percent have been discovered.

        “As of February 18, 2016, 13839 Near-Earth objects have been discovered. Some 880 of these NEOs are asteroids with a diameter of approximately 1 kilometer or larger. Also, 1679 of these NEOs have been classified as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs).” = h ttp://

      9. It will hit in the ocean when it finally happens.

        Loss of life will be limited largely to ocean life and everything along low lying coastal and low lying further inland areas,

        As long as you don’t live below a thousand or so feet or on an Island like Hawaii or the Philippines you should survive the direct impact after effects and only need to worry about longer term problems that will result from the destruction of most modern essential infrastructure.

        • you forgot to mention the nuclear winter….THAT’s the one i’m worried about.

          • Just hope you are at ground zero. or tan comes and get you.
            See the coming of tan by Riley Martin.

      10. You can get in an airplane if you see it in time and stay in the air when the comet hits, once it hits you can fly around for hours and land somewhere safe.

      11. Nope if a rogue planet AKA Nibiru does come near the earth. It will not be a extinction event. It supposively has a elliptical orbit and passes by the earth every 3600 years? supposively the last time was during the EXIDOUS? Did everyone die then? What it would likely do is effect the magnosphere. Causing things like magnetic pole shifting. That would affect the weather and plate technonics. That would cause weird weather floods big snow ect. It also would cause volcanos to erupt,meterior showers and earthquakes ect. So you make up your own mind? Are these type of things occurring? If Nibiru was true would the government tell you?

        • its global warming ,silly.

      12.…..Nasa states on March 5th 2016, a astroid 30m in size will pass within .044 lunar distance, roughly 11000 miles from earth. Margin of error could be 12000 miles. earth is covered about 60% water. My bet is it will hit directly on DC. Look it up… (I made the DC part up)

        • Link?

          • Can you type… ????

      13. Hahahahahaha!
        We Told You So!

      14. A NASA spokesman said: “NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small.

        “In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”
        Notice that he doesn’t state anything about something passing by and exerting a magnetic pull on the earth. The moon causes high and low tides. It don’t have to hit the planet to cause dispuption and disaster. The Elete plan to ride it out in places like Mt. Weather.

      15. Almost like when a person throws a rock at you. You see it coming right at your head and you duck. Whew! That was a close one.

      16. we do a VERY poor job of predicting what will hit the earth and when

        Scientists struggle to predict meteorite strikes
        h ttp://

        this statement by NASA is very disingenous to say the least

        ““In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

        as a high official in the European Union once said
        its not the governments job to tell the truth
        its their job to avoid panic

        Former CIA Director Warns of Nuclear-Generated Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

        ht tps://

        its absolutely treasonous that the government has done so very little to protect against EMP and solar flares

        it would cost so very little
        and preserve tens of millions of lives

      17. Like they say, “It’s so good you can’t make this shit up.”

      18. Could it be a disguised nuclear attack?

      19. Prepper Tip of the Day

        Rayovac has batteries and various flashlights and lanterns on sale today for 29% off

        use code LY29

        and a good way to build up a supply of batteries is to use their Subscription Program
        for me,its cheaper than buying at Walmart

        • Thanks satori, I like rayovac as well as any batteries. I usually buy them on ebay for great deals duracell too. I think my next move is to spend a couple hundred on bad ass rechargeables and a top of the line charger. I have not found C or D batteries in lithium though 🙁 I do have some sealed lead acid 6 volt batteries 4500mah that I can easily attach a plug to and run about anything that has a dc input. Heck I can charge those with a small solar panel. Please don’t mention walmart lol, it makes me puke in my mouth…

      20. About 4 years ago, Nasa issued a statement that our solar system
        as it moves through the galaxy was entering a section of the galaxy where there were increased clutter of stationary rocks, asteroids even rogue stationary planets.
        So the increase in meteorites does not surprise me.
        As for Planet X or what ever, I wouldn’t be surprised.

        But considering the damage exhibited on some of the planets and our in solar system, something terrible happened in our system
        eons ago perhaps.

        It is believed that the asteroid belt located roughly between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter is the remains of a planet in our system according to some.

        Much is going on. With all that is going on planet earth and under, now these threats from the heavens, going to have to accept that our way of life could change in a moment

      21. Would it be cool to know the true truth???

        • You do already. You’ve just gorra accept it eppe.

        • I’d like to know, but maybe not for the same reasons as some might think

      22. Uncool eppe,the reason being as Jack said,”The truth,you can’t handle the truth!”

        • War, bet I could, you could too, since we think outside the boxes…

        • War and Eppe, truth! Now that’s a hard one to determine. Especially since most all people are individuals, group thinking has proven to be more beneficial than the individual due to the variety of circumstances. So my thought is to plan for ones’ owns survival, group second. I saw lies where life was lost in the military, I’ll never believe what the gov says is truth. Pick your battlefields, stay ready and alert: for we know not when the master of the house returns… old adage. Zen uses koans (questions) to show the complexity of the individual mind: in college after class the prof posed this koan; there’s a full grown goose living inside a glass bottle, the glass will shatter and kill the goose if you even touch it, get the goose out of the bottle alive! Out of 35 people in the class, I raised my hand. Prof asked if I had heard it before, ‘ no.’. This is a example of how the individual helps the “tribe”lol.

      23. Where the heck is Nibiru mentioned in the Bible, I’m really curious (sarc).

        You do realize this whole Nibiru thing is the work of one really crazy chick’s imagination, right?

      24. A meteor that exploded over the Atlantic on Feb. 6 had more force than the Hiroshima bomb

        ht tps://

      25. In the past two years, more than 76 NASA scientists have met with “untimely” or suspicious deaths.

        Like the incredible number of witnesses to JFK’s assassination who died within a year or two, this, too, is a disproportionate number of deaths.

        Get right with God every day, and every night, because you or we might not have tomorrow.

        One last thing, according to a recent news report, NASA’s attorneys have forbidden the Space Center’s newsletter from making any mention of Jesus or Jesus Christ.

        Something wicked isn’t coming this way, it’s already here. The suppression of religious liberty, religious expression is both UNconstititutional and evil (ungodly).

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

      26. Maybe it’s Wormwood (from The Bible).


        360 year cycle the facts are irrefutable all documented history including the bible proves it! just watch 1month to go and you will see, March 26 2016!!!!!!!!

      28. I look forward to the day when that person who is flooding the Internet about Planet X crap finds a new hobby.

        Maybe if we issue a ‘Planet X’ postage stamp, we can get them interested in stamp collecting.

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