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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Should you care who wins THE COMING ELECTIONS? The answer is YES, more than ever before.

    What is SO SPECIAL about this November vote? The answer is that unlike the majority of American history, today’s government plays such a huge role in the life of the average person that he MUST VOTE.

    In ancient times and even just a few decades ago, the role of president was important, but it didn’t matter as much as it does today.

    The government is PRO-ACTIVE in the life of the average voter in 2020 in the western world in ways and ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE unlike any other time in the past 80 years.

    The next president will decide on tax reforms, foreign policy with China, and the fate of industry, commerce, and federal incentives.

    The incoming administration will intervene in your local state, city, and municipality, with either MORE REGULATION or less of it, with stricter rules on education or with flexible ones. The agenda will either include open borders or enforcement of immigration laws; most of all, the administration will either STRIVE TO INCLUDE more people in the booms or keep it all to themselves.

    More than anything, the next elections will either be, for the first time in American history, EXTREMELY GOOD or really bad for you, depending on your views – no in between.

    Having said all that, the next president CAN’T MAKE you rich, unless you’re already tight with the key people in the administration, since the wealthy are the ones who care about elections the most.

    If you want to become wealthy, you’ll have to DEVELOP SKILLS, not connections within the government.

    Being around politicians is certainly a MAJOR ADVANTAGE in business, but it is reserved for the few in each city.

    Having financial security in your own life will depend upon BUILDING STRONG TIES with successful people, be they your hotshot boss (if he/she isn’t, consider LEAVING THEM the first chance you get), a loyal and capable partner or a few CORE CLIENTS, whom you’ll need to make sure NEVER LEAVE YOU.

    In the 21st century, riches are about BEING EXCEPTIONAL in a profession or FLAWLESS IN RELATIONSHIPS and judgement.

    You’re either going to be paid a ton to make a few CRITICALLY IMPORTANT decisions every week and connect with people, so they’ll want to follow and do business with you; OR, you’re the one EXECUTING ORDERS, but in a way that few can.

    If you’re neither, know that Biden and Trump can’t help you. The way you get out of this mess is by CRAWLING OUT of it.

    Know that there are AMAZINGLY TALENTED people working their asses off to become the next CEOs of America’s biggest companies or the proud owners of a small business; they’re your direct competitors. Escape mediocrity, refuse to accept any of it, and STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE.

    Can you and WILL YOU give it your all? Can you put the stories behind you and BLOW PAST the competition, by knowing no limits to your craft?

    The world is YOUR OYSTER then, no matter where you’re reading this and what the balance of your bank account is currently showing.




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      1. There is evidence that covid was a U.S. / Chinese collaboration with the Wuhan weapons lab studying coronaviruses and the virologist traveling to the United States and working with the Fort Detrick Bio-weapons lab shut down by the CDC.

        Now the Chinese are serving as the lynch mob for the elite and the rentier class. The Chinese demanded a 25 year contract to be signed by the Iranian government for trade relations. China has veto power yet never exercised it throughout the U.S. global tyranny. I believe that the high number of Iranian parlimentarians that died from covid were extrajudicially murdered for opposing the 25 year agreement with China. China will be building a port for Iran which the Iranians are totally capable of doing and have the raw materials to do it. China refuses to trade with Iran unless Iran fully caves to China’s demands. China is a military power yet has honored U.S. embargoes placed on Iran until Iran signed a 25 year agreement with China.

        Not coincidentally, China is rebuilding the port in Lebanon.

        Money without borders will see an exodus of U.S. and European wealth financing the Belt Road Initiative, exactly as the exodus of U.S. wealth built up China and educated their citizens. 

        We will witness the homogonization of culture in a destruction of purity, and death of creativity into a generic empty sterilized Wal-Martization of the world. Cultural heritage will die. 

        Andrea Iravani

      2. “What is SO SPECIAL about this November vote?”
        this is our last chance to vote our way out of socialism
        after this it gets ugly

        • Sound, there is no voting our way out of this mess. If the Dems lose the election, they plan on tearing the rest of the country down. Just like they’re doing right now in Dem controlled cities and states. If the Dems win, the communist cultural revolution continues.

      3. U.S. foreign policy is not only in violation of international laws, but is also treasonous and threatens U.S. national security.

        Whose actions have led to the total collapse of the entire global economy? Iran’s? Russia’s?

        Saudi Arabia’s with intentionally crashing the oil market sending oil below negative $47 a barrel.

        The U.S. governmemt caters to money, in which ever country it may originate in. The U.S. government is willing to protect Saudi royalty and Israelis and is willing to deny protection to its own citizens, and is even willing to kill its own citizens, not only by sending them off to die in foreign countries that have nothing to do with protecting national security, but is also willing to kill U.S, citizens right here on U.S. soil.

        The Israelis and Saudis object to Iranian support and defense of people in the region that the Israelis and or Saudis ( they are usually in agreement ) are in conflict with. Now Iran is uniting with China. China is not as benevolent as they like to portray themselves as at all. China has not exercised its veto power at the UN over NATO wars, and China also honored U?S. Iranian embargoes, until it appeared that Iran would be willing to sign a 25 year agreement with China. Iran is capable of building its own port and has the raw materials to do it. Now the Chinese are also building a new port in Lebanon.

        The Chinese are taking over the Middle East.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. I cast my first ballot in 1976 and haven’t missed and election since.

      5. The article is flawed. In order for our nation or any place to be wealthy. We have to be productive. We must make durable goods and tangible items like food. Not fiat dollars and historic stock market numbers. Too many takers and too few Makers is never long term sustainable. That imbalance will need to eventually be addressed. Already grocery items are getting in short supply. Canned carotts and diced tomatoes, mackerel and canned salmon weren’t on the shelves at Aldi and Wal Mart yesterday.

        • OG – True, the ONLY way to make a country prosperous is to make things, this produces wealth. Specifically, manufacturing, utilities, construction, mining, food production, etc.
          It’s true society also needs a services sector to make society and the economy function, but they don’t produce wealth. Back in the 1980’s the lie was foisted on the American people we could have a service based economy with little to no manufacturing or production of real wealth, that we could just import everything, this is pure propaganda.
          We saw across the land in thousands and thousands of American towns and cities, factories and manufacturing leave, then we saw those towns and cities get boarded up, people left, and the towns slid into poverty.
          China (and other countries) know all this, look at them now, their economy may soon overtake ours. Unless Pres. DT can continue bringing back more manufacturing, the current economic growth won’t last. Our officialdom betrayed the American people, they not only let all these jobs leave the US, they even facilitated it. And rather than find ways to keep the jobs home, we watched incomes and standards of living fall. Why don’t more people see that TPTB and officialdom don’t give a good g*dd*m about the people or the working people.
          In less than 90 years after the founding of the US, it had the most powerful economy in the world, with the standard of living and quality of life for its people surging ahead of the rest of the world. Except for the War Between the States, no income taxes, corporate taxes, business taxes, and all the other taxes, only things like tariffs. Public and private debt and deficits and inflation were basically nonexistent.
          Our gov’t officials (elected and appointed) who oppose DT policies come from the same ilk who ran this country into the ground. If JB is elected president (it’s only possible because we have a vast underclass of g*dd*m stupid and brainwashed people), the economy will resume its downward trajectory with only the super rich getting richer.
          The most precious natural resources a country can possess is its energy sources, its top soil, its sources of fresh water, and its open spaces/wildernesses. But the most important man-made national resources are a large modern efficient manufacturing base, without it we become a second class country. The real strength and wealth of a country is not the size of its gov’t or its military. It is its economy, an economy based on producing stuff.

      6. It is frustrating to see how many simpletons still do not get that your ‘vote’ is irrelevant in a society of systemic corruption and power/ money worship. If your vote made any difference, they would not allow you to vote!

        The ballot box time is over. If you do not have your cartridge box filled and ready to go, then you will be treated like an NPC by those who do in the coming months.

      7. Pukey Pelosi & Upchuck Schumer lead the Demonrat Parade-of-Idiots in their quest for POWER & a COMMUNIST UTOPIA. These idiots are finally admitting their socialist agenda as many Americans have been dumbed-down to consider those goals as desirable. The question is: “Do we have enough Patriots to OUTVOTE the Parade-of-Idiots?”

        Old Guy makes a great point in stating that we have too many “TAKERS” and too few “MAKERS”.

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