Send All Debt Defaulters to the Gulags!

by | Jun 8, 2011 | Headline News | 87 comments

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    If you haven’t caught this story yet, then you’ll be shocked at how far the Department of Education will go to collect monies owed them (if that is, in fact, what this was about). Our government, it seems, is fully prepared to follow the route of mob style knee-cracking. If the banks had their way, this is how most debt collections would go:

    A father was dragged from his home and handcuffed in front of his children by a SWAT team looking for his estranged wife – to collect her unpaid student loans.

    A stunned Kenneth Wright had his front door kicked in by the raiding party at 6 am yesterday before being dragged onto his front porch, handcuffed and led to a police car with his three children.

    He says he was then detained for six hours while officers looked for his wife – who no longer lives at the house.

    Mr Wright was later told by Stockton police that the order to send in the SWAT team came from The U.S. Department of Education who were looking for his estranged wife to collect defaulted loan payments.

    An officer then grabbed him by the neck before dragging him out onto the front lawn.

    His 3, 7, and 11-year-old children were also removed by officers and put in a waiting police car.

    ‘He had his knee on my back and I had no idea why they were there,’ Mr Wright said.

    ‘They put me in handcuffs in that hot patrol car for six hours, traumatising my kids.’

    He even had words of advice for anyone thinking of skipping paying their college bills.

    He added: ‘People who have student loans , pay your bills, take care of your credit.

    ‘If you don’t belive me, this could be you one morning 6 o’clock.’

    Source: Daily Mail

    For those who are familiar with FEMA emergency “refugee” camps, after reading this story we can’t help but wonder if these are the debtors’ gulags of the future.

    Perhaps before going after main street debtors, we can first send SWAT teams with search warrants to the homes of those government officials who have taken on more than $14 trillion in national debt and in excess of $60 trillion in unfunded liabilities, as well as those who debase our currency on a minute-by-minute basis by printing billions of dollars daily.


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      1. This is a good scenario, but is their anything going on in D.C. that would justify such a use for federal law enforcement?

      2. Debt is slavery. Wait, make that prison.

        • In the old days, it used to be just that. Even slavery as defined in the Old Testament was purely debtor’s slavery (though to be fair, The Bible stated specifically that no slave under those conditions was to remain as such for more than seven years).

          I’m having a very hard time seeing how the law wasn’t broken by the bureaucrats here. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has had a metric ton of legal precedent (though this particular violation of it may not), and I wouldn’t be surprised if the first judge not only told the Department of Education to FOAD, but that the next judge to see it will be presiding over a massive civil lawsuit against that same department (or at least the shithead who authorized it).

          I bet every civil lawyer within 50 miles of this guy is scrambling to get hold of him for some potential contingency work about now.

          • I think we should cancel the Student loan program maybe we wouldn’t be in debt as a country.

            • I agree, the situation is a total mess. Right before Obama’s new student loan program kicks in at the beginning of 2014, all outstanding public and private debt should be forgiven, tax free. I’m not saying it because most of us don’t want to pay it — I’m saying it because we can’t. You can’t squeeze blood from a stone, period.

      3. Ouch…

        I suspect that a certain SWAT team is about to get the unholy crap sued out of them, followed very closely by whatever dumbassed bureaucrat signed off on such a thing.

        On a related note, thank Heavens I’ve never taken a student loan from those jackals.

        • Agreed. It’s Ruby Ridge without the gunshots. Someone high up the chain of command needs to fall on their sword for this one.

          • I’m thinking the same thing. Fortunately nobody had to die first, but damn…

      4. Gee, I hope they dont kick down the wrong door and end up acute lead poisoning..
        very stupid move over a debt..and one that wasnt even his..

        I hope he does sue the INDIVIDUALS…not our legal system…because that would just be sueing ourselfs

      5. Thats was uncalled for, however, people need to get a handle on there finances. I’m amazed at all the people out there still buying new cars, like there is no recession at all….

        I’ll continue to drive my 78 Accord.

        • While I know many people are hurting like never before, a lot of people haven’t missed a day of work since the crisis started. I know a lot of people who have had a hard time getting a decent job or even a job at all. At the same time I know a score of guys, who are steady working on jobsites across the country, on rigs througout the Gulf of Mexico, and in countries around the world. Work definitely did slow down, no doubt, especially with the moratorium on deep water drilling drastically reducing the job outlook in the Gulf now and in the coming years. Nonetheless, lots of folks are still making money. I reckon your thoughts aren’t irrelevant though because most of those new vehicles are on credit, and it seems like so so many people are just plain clueless about the economic/political situation in America: Bankrupt States, unfunded public AND private pensions, the Ponzi Scheme called Social Security, the gaping and corrupt money pit of Medicaid/Medicare, deteriorating Industrial/Manufacturing capacity, and anti growth/energy policies that are destroying domestic jobs.

      6. I don’t think anything will be fair in the near future. Unless you have the complete and utter support of all those around you then your at the mercy of those with badges. We’ve had so many police shootings in the past year where I live and not one officer was brought to justice. One cop even ran a pedestrian down in a crosswalk saying he was on his way to an emergency and didn’t notice the pedestrian. Maybe a couple more cups of coffee and doughnuts would have helped him be more alert. 99% of all illegal police activity goes unpunished. IMHO

      7. Wait till one of these SWAT guys have this happen to one of themselfs, or one of thier family or close friends…too bad these jerks cant think for themselfs, because if they could they would see that going after an educational loan is small pittens compaired to whats really going on out there

        • Not to mention a serious violation of the Constitution.

          • Everyone always brings up “well it’s a violation of the Constitution”. Don’t you people understand our Constitution was done away with years ago. Everyone in Washington know’s this, you can tell by there actions. On the other hand all the sheeple , which is 95% of the rest of America doesn’t have a clue that this has happened. As our Founding Fathers said “government derives its just powers from the consent of the goverend and the people retain the right to alter or abolish government when it becomes destructive of these ends.” With the Constitution out of the way I think the sheeple don’t relize only by God’s Grace we can survive.

          • The Constitution is Dead they just Have not Made it a known fact. When any Government can bust into a Citizens Home for this kind of BS especially in this economy with people losing jobs, homes, and their reckless spending and the Banksters Owning America When our Government is nothing but Traitors, committing treason daily and selling out Americans daily when they consider us nothing but cash generating revenue and cattle then consider this what part of Slave to the state don’t we understand??? WE need a REVOLUTION but I honestly don’t see that happening until Americans unite together and realize that it will take blood shed to throw the monkeys off out backs!

        • I think you’re going to see more and more acts of retribution happening to the SWAT types, actually. There’s going to come a point when people have had it.

      8. Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, but I know, that she’s in default

        She’s is in dault,
        I’m in default,
        You’re in default,
        The Government is in deafult,

        And….. whose fault is this default?

      9. F*%K All that! if (SWAT)tried to kick in my door at 6:00 am. It’s going to get real ugly for a while! My house is not the normal “Leave it to Beaver” house hold! And you can’t kick down my door!

        It’s this kind of sh!t…that really pisses me off! and it should piss you off as well.

        Raw video: Sheriff’s Office interview on fatal SWAT raid
        KGUN9 ^ | 5/13/2011 | Jim Shields, Forrest Carr
        Posted on Sun May 15 2011 14:11:08 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by petitfour

        This week, KGUN9 News reporter Joel Waldman interviewed Pima Co. Sheriff’s Department Lt. Michael O’Connor about the shooting of Jose Guerena, who died last week when a SWAT team tried to serve a search warrant at his Tucson home. The victim’s wife Vanessa has stated that neither she nor her husband knew that the people breaking into her home were deputies. She said that her husband, who pointed a rifle at deputies, was only trying to defend himself. Guarena never got off a shot. But SWAT team members fired a total of at least 71 rounds, leaving the home riddled with holes. Ms. Guerena was hiding in a closet at the time with one of the couple’s children. Neither was hurt.

        A clip of raw video from that interview is presented in the Video Gallery at left. Below are selected quotes from the interview.

        O’Connor: “This case involves a narcotics conspiracy case, which means that we are looking for a lot of different narcotics related material. That can be drug ledgers, scales, anything that would be in furtherance of this narcotics conspiracy. And it involved all four residents that we were looking at in that quarter mile of so of each other.”

        (Excerpt) Read more at …

        • Wish I could say the same. I often wonder if I had the chance prior to them busting down the door would I could I go out in a blaze of glory or?
          How would my children deal with it, daddy laying there in his blood dying. Not sure they would be able to survive well enough without me so I wonder what would I do. I know what I want to do but that’s a different story.

          • Scott, I don’t wish to get shot any time real soon, or go out in a blaze of glory. That’s why I try to stay low key plus my family depends on me to help them get through the real hard times head, but with that said my house is my castle. Let’s just say some shithead or shitheads thinks their is going to knock down my door,shoot tear gas, flash bang, or any other mater of shit ..bad things will happen to them!

            I have served in the USMC longer then the minimum four years and I know a thing or to about taking down a door & everyone behind it! I had lots of (OJT) on the very thing back in ’04-’07 in Iraq. No door is %100 but, nothing will fu@k up a poorly planed (most are) raid like a properly installed steal door, secure windows and an early warning system!

            A good security system will not cost nearly as much as your funeral will. If things get a little nuts, buying yourself a few minutes can save your life!

            “Better to be tried by twelve them carried by six.”

            • Yea I was Charlie 1/1 0311 myself. Thanks for the response!

            • Scott: Semper Fi! I was 0311 with / 24 MEU (SOC) LF6F 04 1/2 Charlie Co.

            • I was the LCPO(chief corpsman)of the BAS, 1/2, 2DMARDIV.

      10. …AND THE WAR BEGINS.

        When we decide to stop this…THEN the fed’s will die of “lead poisoning”!

        WHEN we see hundreds, thousands or even millions imprisoned for debt in the FEMA prisons and camps, THEN we wake up and hunt down the bankers and their families (families used as “conditional hostages” for banker interogations and de-briefing).

        WHEN we see the local law enforcement officers (LEO’s)federalized and used as tools of terror and flushing the Constitution at the same time, THEN we disarm or disable them.

        WHEN we hack into banker and Federal Reserve databases, THEN the Internet becomes the library of data on global atrocities triggered by the Elite-and the MEANS to coordinate counterstrikes and take prisoners…..

        Think about it!

        Soon….all too soon.

        Be Patient….and prepare.

      11. “Mr Wright was later told by Stockton police that the order to send in the SWAT team came from The U.S. Department of Education who were looking for his estranged wife to collect defaulted loan payments.”

        The Department of Education has no law enforcement authority even in the DC Corp, much less in a state.

        Unfortunately, the Stockton police are willing to blindly follow “orders” from anything the US corp calls for.

        Rightly, the Sheriff should arrest the Chief of Police and all officers who participated. But of course, the Sheriff is also a federal officer working under a W-4 and an SSN so he has no jurisdiction to do anything to any other federal officers, ie the local police.

        The People, however, do have the RIGHT to do what it takes. They only lack in numbers assembled together for the purpose.

        All that is needed is a couple of hundred Citizens to come together with the idea of stopping that kind of abuse and it would stop. The problem is finding 200 people who are willing to “kick down the door” of the Chief of Police and Sheriff and haul them in.

        There are a lot of people who would do it, they have not come together yet. Incident like this will force that happen sooner or later. That day will come.

        • If this happens much more, there will be a Citizens Justice Posses and they will hunt these SWAT bastards down and imprison them. Look for this in the near future. These SWAT bastards better start realizing they are terrorizing their own families when they do this. The citizenry won’t stand for much more of it before they start applying opposite and equal pressure.

          GC, You are correct. We haven’t come together for this. Why? Because guys like you and I have a family and, while not afraid to do the right thing, we know it won’t make any difference unless there are many loaded weapons in hands of our fellow citizens over our shoulders.

          Basically, this mostly only happens near big FEMA camps, er, uh, I mean “CITIES”. There is a reason myself and many others have recommended that people GET OUT OF THE CITY. I know its expensive but it can’t be any more expensive than your life.

          • Well said! I need not say more.

          • That’s kind of what I have been saying. The people of this country can take it back, but that will take the right people in the right places and a lot of wisdom. And a coordinated effort with mass amounts of people all on the same page at the same time and in coordination with one another. I just don’t see how that can happen with all their snooping they are able to do. They can break things up while it is small, before the masses can coordinate and come together. And I don’t think you can find 3% that will fight back against the illegal factions

      12. Maybe there will be no mass SHTF. Maybe it will be a slow downhill burn. They read these sites. They know if it is a sudden SHTF that there will be cival unreadt, they are not stupid. They read, they plan, they execute.

        As usual, the mega-rich will get richer and the middle class become lowly worker drones.

        They have always used debt to enslave, and in this case they used someone who went into debt believing “the higher education lie”. College cost have soared 3600% in the last 20 years, while wages for college grads are no where near that.

        What is the agenda? What is the plan?

        Why did the global power elite allow China to become so powerful(while sucking the USA dry)?…… Maybe it is because the global power elite admire the Chinese model way of doing business, e.g. abusing the line workers, no middle class, no unions.

        How do the Chinese operate?
        Read this story from Greece. The headline should read…. No-a-break for yu werkerz!! Yu Piss in-de-cup!! Yu keep-a-werkin for half-A-wage and yu wike it!!

        “”In Greek Port, Storm Brews Over Chinese-Run Labor””

      13. The government is making criminals out of law abiding citizens. When you send in a special weapons and tactics team after law abiding citizens bad things are going to happen.

        Just look what they did to the Marine in Az. He tried to defend his family and was shot 61 times.

        Its classic “Government Gone Wild”

      14. Gee, Charlie Rangel, Tiny Tim Geitner never had their doors kicked in….. What gives? What was the count of politicians that owed back taxes at one time? Unbelievable!

      15. Govt has stated it wasn’t for debts unpaid as the victim believed and press reported, but for a criminal investigation……iDK what happened to good ole detective work? In the past we knocked on doors long before knocking them down.

        • Jim,

          Thats one hell of a way to investigate! Were you (are you) a cop? I get pretty derogatory to cops, old and new, but, I do realize they are mostly just bad apples, however, it seems that the bad apples are tolerated by all. I have several cop friends that would NEVER act this way. In fact, they’d switch sides, I believe, in a situation like this.

          I salute and retract anything that offends cops that abhor this kind of behaviour. But, if you condone it or participate in it, may you get what you deserve. I make no apologies to you as the evil which you represent deserves only one thing: The Fires Of Hell. If I am able, I will certainly help in their delivery.

          • In years long ago when the dept I worked for wanted a warrant we knew we needed some darn good evidence to get one. I was peeved when our local judge required three purchases of drugs from a house before we could get a warrant to search. Even then all of the same exact conditions were needed ( cars, people, tome of day etc) before he’d sign off.

            We got requests to investigate fraud, theft, and even horrible molestations. We’d go knock on the door in business or evening hours, and try to ask them questions. If they kicked us to the curb we waited for them to leave, follow, and find legit reasons to stop them. I can’t imagine them serving a warrant with SWAT tactics with out the target in the home. I can’t believe a judge would not have required them to make sure of it.

      16. The scariest thing is that you have idiots who have run up thousands in debt and feel like they should not have to pay it. I worked with a young woman at my work who owed $100k in debt and thinks she should not have to pay it back. What is wrong with these people? There are whole groups and institutions and facebook pages filled with people who think they should not have to pay back there debt. It does not matter that they signed there name to a contract. They don’t think they should have to pay it back. They didn’t get there $90k job when they got out so they feel like they are “owed”. In a weird sort of way, I don’t feel that sorry for the guy above. SWAT is certainly a little extreme but if you have been dodging the credit companies and the collectors for years then I guess that guy gets what he deserves. He signed his name on a piece of paper that said he would pay it back. Here is a news flash. If you work with some of these debtors they are more than willing to work with you. I graduated in 94 with a 40K debt and I am just about finished paying it off. I wish I would have done things differently but at least I can say I paid my debt. Does anyone have any integrity any mroe?

        • Ben, you have to look beyond the individual and ask yourself how the debt came to be.

          First, private banks seized all the property in the country in the name of the State. Then they stole the money from circulation and replaced it with a debt currency. The debt currency is used to pay off credit debts, and is backed by nothing. The debt is an asset for the bank.

          Where did the money come from?

          Banks have no money, they create it through the issuance of debt. When the issue a credit card, for example, they are giving you the authority to create debt currency based upon your signature. Once you make a charge, and placed your signature on the receipt, it becomes an asset for the bank and a debt for the signer.

          Now, the bank has nothing invested in it. YOU created the “money” with your signature. All the bank did was allow you to create an asset for it by use of your signature. Without YOUR SIGNATURE, there would be no asset. You created it, not the bank.

          Why should anyone have to pay for a credit card debt that was established by a through a fraud?

          The effect of not paying is that all parties are left where they were before anything was ever done. The bank loses nothing because it had nothing in it. The credit card user has managed to regain a little of what has been stolen from him and his family for generations.

          It’s the banks game and it has been the most massive fraud in the history of mankind. They have used the system to ruin this country. It’s time that people stop sending in debt currency to offset an asset they created for the bank by THEIR signature.

          Take back their authority to create money base on your signature. You don’t owe them a nickel, which the largest denomination of lawful money in existence thanks to the bankers fraud.

          • very true… well said GC.
            nothing but a bankster scam is what it is..

            Ben you must not realize the fed government does not pay it’s debt’s, they pay by issuing/creating more debt to cover the maturing/outstanding debt..

            it is all nothing but ponzi pyramids.. we are surrounded by ponzi bankster pyramid scams.. like any ponzi gig, only the first fools in it make out good on it.. and of course the bankster gansters take the largest payoff..
            Have a great day all !!

          • Spare me your federal reserve ponzi scheme bs. I know the drill if you want to get into monetary debate then fine. That’s not what I was talking about. I am simply saying that if a person signs a contract he is liable for said note.

            So does everyone get a pass? You run up debt and you are not responsible for it.

            Grow up for Crissakes.

            • Ben, I did not direct my ponzi pyramid words at you…them lines did not start with Ben.. what I was meaning is, that is all I see in this country.. sorry if I urked you with my observations of how this country operates..

              for the foreign creditors to take over this country in 1933 when it went bankrupt (20 years after the creation of the federal reserve).. there where things that where promised to the people such as being able to discharge debts if we would use these UN-constitutional FRN notes… sorry but they are NOT real money… thus there is no real monetary debate to be had about FRN’s it is monopoly money and I am FORCED to use them… but I guess you will say you already know all that.. but others reading may not so there it is..
              btw, I had 5 grandchildren already in 94…lol
              Have a great evening sir, I wish you the best !

            • “That’s not what I was talking about. I am simply saying that if a person signs a contract he is liable for said note.”

              Ben, in the world today, everything is already bought and paid for. The banks fraud makes you pay it (govcorp) for the privilege of use.

              The gov corp claims ownership of everything on behalf of its creditors, even you. It’s courts enforce that claim. For example, You are allowed to use your body until you do something to it the corp does not like, say smoke a joint. Then it exercises its RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP over you by either putting its (your) body in jail or taking its productivity (a fine, forced labor).

              Lets say a guy signs a mortgage agreement for $1,000,000 stating they will pay X dollars a month for 30 years.
              They will then sign a Promissory Note for $1,000,000.

              The bank takes these documents and creates the “money” based on the promissory note and YOUR SIGNATURE, and then gives EVIDENCE OF THE DEBT to the seller in the form of a CHECK, payable in FRNs which are more evidence of debt.

              The Bank has not paid the seller anything of value. The “money” to cover the transaction was CREATED BY THE PROMISSORY NOTE, and only by YOUR SIGNATURE being on that Note.

              When you sign the mortgage agreement, you owe the bank 1,000,000 million dollars. When you sign the promissory note and give it to the bank, you have paid the bank to the limit of your ability to do so under the current corporate “law”.

              Debts can no longer be paid, only discharged. The Mortgage agreement is a charge, the promissory note discharges it. The fraud begins with the first “payment” accepted by the bank, which has already been “paid” by receiving the promissory note.

              Here’s the kicker. The RIGHT OF DISCHARGE belongs ONLY to the sovereign People of the states of the Union. Anyone who uses a Social Security Number or possesses a license is required to have their legal domicile established in the United States (the corp). Upon doing so, the right of discharge is lost because you are no longer acting in a sovereign capacity. Your “debt” becomes the debt of the United States Government owed to the banks holding it in receivership.

              As for a credit card, you sign a user agreement that states only the conditions under which you are allowed to CREATE ASSETS FOR THE ISSUER. Each time you make a purchase, your signature creates an asset which you loan to the bank.

              If you had 100,000 in credit card debt, it is only because you created 100,000 in assets for the bank by virtue of lending it YOUR SIGNATURE.

              If you don’t pay it, who loses anything. Upon discharging the balance you owe, the bank has still profited by every penny that had been paid on the account before the “default”, and is still left exactly where it was before you LENT IT YOUR SIGNATURE under the terms of the user agreement (which is NOT a VALID contract).

              Ben, don;t feel bad if you don’t understand. your not supposed to. otherwise, how can they keep fleecing you.

              But if the people are going to even win, they need to quit paying the banksters. The People DO NOT owe any debt based in fraud, even if that fraud is beyond the comprehension of its victims.

              The banks are betting everything that it will remain beyond the ability of the average dumbed down public school graduate to understand it.

              They will lose the bet. If 10% of the victims discover the truth the jig is up. With the internet, that is likely to happen in the near future.

              Integrity, Ben, is between Men. The corp has no integrity, and no right to expect it from you when dealing with a fraud. And yes, the bankers know it is a fraud.

              On the other hand, when dealing with Men, there is nothing more valuable than integrity and the truth of your word.

              I will never lie to another Man, yet I will never be truthful with the corp. I am a Man of high integrity, just a poor example of a corporate slave.

            • Wow GC, THAT was an AWESOME post!

          • Well said GC. It is not any more complicated than that, although many would say differently.

        • Ben, the banks that expect the loans to be paid have stolen 10’s of trillions in form “AAA” rated trash, aka, derivatives.

          No one should owe a dime until we the people are off the hook for this fraud. We are expected to cover the trillions in bad bets made by these criminal institutions.

          If this is the system that we all must be forced to live in then so be it. But, until they prosecute these white collar criminals that have crashed entire countries, then I see no reason for SWAT to be acting like mafia madmen running around collecting for these rotten predator banks. The whole system of private banking was criminal and shoved down the worlds throat, and that is why Jefferson and Jackson tried so hard to fight it.

          The banks need to collapse and all the debt should belong to those who create it. And if they have throngs of angry investors hunting for their heads, oh well, that’s the flip side to being a billionaire, I suppose.

      17. Evil and grotesque abuse of state power. I hope he sues them and gets justice. All over a student loan? I expect this behavior by the Nazis or the KGB but HERE??????????

      18. The police better straighten this out or they loose credibility in the community. I am sure they realize this. This is police brutality of the most atrocious kind. Those kids are scarred for life I am sure and probably have PTSD.

      19. I think it is just a matter of time before these government jackbooted thug types do something really egregious, like kill a kid or someone’s pregnant wife during one of these unconstitutional raids and then it will be game on. Don’t think I would fire on those thugs while they doing their raid, but if one of my family was hurt or killed then mark my words, everyone involved would be a target for retribution even if it took years. I have seen enough IED’s to know a thing or too; don’t think they would get away forever. Most likely course of action I see is SWAT and BATF types becoming the enforcers for whoever seizes the reins of power once the government collapses. Military is too unreliable because most soldiers just poor dumb bastards like rest of us; not wanting to fire on their fellow citizens. Don’t even see military officers ordering this type of crap cause they don’t make much more than the soldiers and they have families too. But those SWAT/BATF types have already sold their souls; they are evil, they are already the enforcers, they see us as criminals, and there are more and more of them every year. Someday when there are enough of us of like mind then they will not be safe. Outside their armory and away from their tactical weapons and with no fancy body armor, they can be killed just as easily as the rest of us.

        • From what I’ve heard, there are foreign troops being trained on US soil and elsewhere, (Northcom for example and the Canadian forces) will also be used on US citizens if things start hotting up.

      20. The Beer Summit…

        Weiner Gate…

        SWAT teams responding to student loan defaults…

        (just to name a few)

        You literally can’t make this $#!^ up.

        The plot of the movie “Inception” barely seems like science fiction anymore.

      21. In order for there to be a fire, three things must be present. A fuel source, an oxidizer, and a spark. What happened in Stockton was two of the three coming together. SWAT thugs are the fuel. We are the oxidizer. When one of those trigger-happy morons kills the wrong person, that will be the spark. Because of twitter and other social networking sites, when it happens in an area with enough oxidizer, (us) there might just be that chief of police that ordered the raid having his police station surrounded by an angry mob numbering in the thousands while he is dragged out and strung up and the station burnt to the ground. Ever wonder why this stuff happens so readily in the middle east? A large population of unemployed young men with the latest instant communication and networking devices and some serious grievances against TPTB. We too are rapidly approaching that point. Let several more million fall unemployed or graduate and not find employment at all and this stuff will not seem so far-fetched anymore.

      22. ben

        • …because if someone (no matter what justification) kicked in my door and held me at gunpoint over some financial BS my ex-wife pulled off, two things would happen:

          1) I’d start looking for a good contingency lawyer, and

          2) I’d really, really, really, *really* have to fight the urge to hunt down and strangle the ex-wife myself.

      23. I think CONgress must go to prison for getting We the People in this debt. We told them NO bailouts, they gave us the middle finger. What do we have to show for all Congresses spending?

        Lets not forget, they, CONgerss, must also be charged with Treason.,

        • What is the opposite of PROgress?

          btw- I might caution any commenters about posting too much what might be perceived as “terroristic” threats.

          “They” did not put this police state in place to deal with external (out of country) threats. They know damn well what happens when they keep pushing and pushing and pushing…. they know if they keep pushing good people that they will be turned into bad people, then “they” will label them terrorist… and then “they” will start using those powers to….. who knows?…. revoke citizenship?… water board…. seize property… etc etc etc…. anyway….

          One should be careful what one posts on public boards.
          Who knows what “they” might be tempted to do.

          • Very good point. I have been thinking about this myself. I see very angry, law abiding citizens on blogs and news comment forums everywhere that are just about ready to go ballistic. I believe that at some point someone is going to act out and then it will be chaos. From the picture of the little girl being molested by the TSA agent to the murder of the marine in AZ to this event it truly seems as though the fedgov is deliberately trying to provoke a response.

            I hope that we can make it to the next general election and enough folks are awake and PO’d enough to clean out congress and the WH. Then if we have honest folks we could start dismantling it peacefully.

      24. This a serious outrage!! Where are the media covering this!! First Jose Gurueno a former Marine shot at 72 times,20 of the bullets hitting him by the Pima County SWAT now this? Seriously this getting out of hand. They are seriously trying to piss off us Patriots by violating Constitution. They rare really asking for war by making veterans as a threat to the nation. They call conservatives,Libertarians,Constitutionalists,gun owners as extremist and a threat to the republic. They really want us to lash out. All I can say they will regret that wish when they push too far.

      25. they just keep chipping away at our freedoms, the rock is getting smaller..
        who and what will be terrorised buy our police, or government forces next..Corp. goons
        could it be you and your family? for something so un necessary, but somewhere down the line when shit like this goes on unchecked, innocent people lose freedoms, and lives..
        today maybe your neighbor, tomorrow…

      26. ABC talked with DOE spox today and he made it seem like the ex-wife had been under investigation for fraud of some type. the spokesman claimed that over 30 DOE raids like this are conducted per year.

        i can’t find the link to the DOE statement, so use your own judgment.

        i’m not surprised that the DOE has an enforcement capacity.

      27. also, i wanted to comment on how hilarious many of the comments are about how you’re going to revolt or making threats about what you’d do if SWAT raided your homes. most of you are middle-aged fat guys, i’m pretty sure. you might be cool dudes, but i doubt any of you are legitimate warriors.

        • You rent right…

        • True but a lot of middle aged fat guys went thru Nam and other hell holes. There is a saying: Don’t F*** with the old guys. They’re too old to fight, too mean to give in so they’ll just kill ya.

          It takes brains more than brawn.

        • Found it kind of funny myself. 🙂

          @ Plain Old American: Most of your ‘nam-aged folks are no longer middle-aged. My old man, who went to Vietnam at 19 years of age in 1968, is now retired and old enough to get Social Security. He’d most likely wait for them to get done, then call his lawyer and proceed to become wealthy – courtesy of whatever jackass ordered the raid.

      28. Don’t be sucked in by the sob story. Clearly this guy and his wife did more then miss payments.

        The government should not be making student loans. They should end the practice and sell the existing loans to collection agencies.

        The debtors should pay their debts. They got the money while we taxpayers paid our taxes so the government could give them that money. Now it’s time to pay it back. Quit whining.

        • “Don’t be sucked in by the sob story. Clearly this guy and his wife did more then miss payments. ”

          Then why was he NOT arrested ??… if you did something illegal they will not release you without citations at the very least.. Unnecessary violence/actions like this contribute to my distrust of law enforcement or any government person period.

      29. Based on what little to go on.What ever happened to good ole Survallience.It appears that the person of intrest was the EX Wife.Merely commiting to a tactical manuver which could of been avoided as far as disturbing the household and kids is the issue as well as Probable Cause.As far as debt owed,come on.We lost that long ago.Trump still operates even after how many times he uses bankrupt status.Remember under Bush Jr,those bankrupt laws changed in favor of killing what was left for the litte guy could use in case of a real life issues i.e. medical bills,loss of employment etc.Is their presently viable employment for someone to sustain any type of decent living? I think those here know that answer. McDonalds maybe.And to those who wish to beat the moral resposible issue of paying up remember the credit buisness entices KNOWING that payment in return in most cases will default.Mortgages remember.No real checks and balances on those baby’s,remember.

      30. I wonder how mush they owed, I know many people who owe over 100,000 and there are many DRs that still owe from the 70s-80s.

        where’s Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, the Child Protective Service? I think there are going to be law suits coming for yrs.You can’t do this to a black family and get away with it, a white family would be different, they don’t stick together, whites just say, oh well, it wasn’t me.

      31. Wow…they sure do things different in California…. If they came to my SWAT team and wanted a door booted for a ‘civil matter’ at my department, they would be shown the door……

        not paying a student loan is not a criminal offense in Michigan…

        • Is not paying a student loan a criminal offense in any state?

          what is begining to really piss me off is the enforcement teams in our different states , are really not held responsible for their fuck ups.. their unions work to keep their jobs when an individual fucks up, and we the tax payers get sued when they fuck up..

          there is no personal liabilty in acting like a fucking goon, this needs to change, Judges, Cops, and other enfocers need to be held personally liable for stupid acts that kill un necessarily.

          Im sick and tired of my tax dollars funding their Goon rage, and screw ups.

          another huge drain on our financial stability.

          and its flat out against the rules and constitution what they are doing..

          I may end up a pool of blood at my doorstep, but they better bring more then one bag..because i will look for the person giving orders hideing behind someone or something and put 2 in his cranium..will try my best to take out more then they get from me

          wonder how many raids like thiss they will go for if they get their one man, but pay with 4 or 5 to get him?

          • They will pay heavily in the civil suit…….

      32. It’s “almost” too late when anybody kicks down your door. The government knew this bubble was coming when they changed the law about student loans a few years back. This is just the pendulum swinging the other way. Which end of the clock do you want to be on? Change is coming and it’s here but I would never bend over to pick up that 90% junk dime without checking my six. Found one in my cash register this week.

      33. what about people who loses there jobs and can’t pay there debts anylonger? does that make them bad?.what about the student who’s leaving college thinking he/she might just have work after they graduate and has none.does that make them irresponsiable? i don’t think so, as much as there are those who abuse credit. there are those who are also innocent, i wouldn’t be too judgmental of all those who cannot pay their bills.we are in very extrordinary times and it’s not over yet. however i don’t mind saying that the gulags should be reserved for our inept political leaders and banksters, give them the deepest dungeons……

      34. The one lesson that everyone seems to have missed from this story is…


        If you can secure your door well enough to ensure it takes them at least as long to kick it in as it takes to arm yourself and hide your family, they will not like what awaits them when they finally get in.

        If you have just a little extra time, why not announce that “you are on private property, I will be firing shots through the door in one minute, anyone choosing to remain at the door does so at their own risk”

        Wonder if they would keep on trying? I doubt it, the only weapon they really have is the element of surprise.

        A reinforced door that will withstand the initial attempts to enter is all you really need. Once they lose the element of surprise and are still outside having committed a crime against the property owner, they will probably tuck tail and run.

        • ideas and links here would be welcomed by all 🙂

      35. Oh it’s coming alright, a false flag event, marshal law being the order of the day and door to door gun confiscation! That will be the line in the sand that gets people up set enough to fight back! If they take our guns we will have nothing left stopping them from doing anything they want! Fighting back requires everyone in your area responding to cops or military rolling down your street, or one heard shot down the street. If people don’t grab a gun and join the fight we will not win. It will take each and every person working together as a group to over come this out of control government overthrow. This is what happened during Katrina, cops and military going door to door after the floods, taking guns from people’s homes that were not even in the floods, but taking the only way they had to protect themselves! I saw one video where they went to the door and a old lady opened the door, they asked her if she had any weapons and when she said she did they throw her against a wall and hand cuffed her until she told them where the gun was! It’s coming alright! Standby!

      36. There won’t be a false flag event anymore here in the U.S. TPTB pretty much know that some of us are awake and talking about it. TPTB are monitoring these blog sites, videos from YouTube and internet radio channels. They are much smarter than any of us can imagine, do not underestimate them. Basically the more you anticipate an event, the more unlikely it will happen. It’s almost as if God has pressed the “Pause” button, nothing is happening and if something does happen, it probably won’t be as bad as everyone here makes it out to be. Just relax everyone, enjoy life as much as you can right now.

        • If God had pushed a button it surely would have been the eject button on the bankers.

          Don’t give them too much credit. It takes evil to manipulate the minds of others, not intelligence.

          There are only eight families that own the central banks of the world. The have been identified and can not hide from the billions they have harmed.

      37. I don’t understand why so many people want to fight when the fight should be to get all these crooks out of DC and straighten this mess out before it comes to people dying. Do you think our kids will be able to have a life if we let the govt push us around and strap us down with this massive debt and corruption. Wake Up America

      38. The politicians, LE and the judges are all lackeys for the Power Elite. If you think you have any redress at law from them you are delusional. The Constitution was written to give the elite perpetual power over us. If you think it was written to advance individual liberty you are delusional. The Founding Fathers cared not one iota for the “little guy’s” rights.

        I like GC’s “reinforce your doors.” But don’t stop there. If they can’t come in through your doors do you think they will recognize your windows sanctity? The tactical order of escalation seems to be physical breach, then gas, then fire. [Waco]

        One thing to keep in mind is that the barrier that is proof against them getting in is proof against you getting out.

        In all but rare instances, LE can do no wrong. They are free to brutalize and murder us without remedy. The paid for judges will almost always find for the police. “Justifiable homicide” 99 times out of a hundred. With rare exceptions one cannot sue the sovereign.

        We already live in a police state. Whatcha gonna do when your choice comes down to exercising your liberty or being called a “criminal?” You might want to look at Larkin Rose’s blog, Government: The Most Dangerous Superstition.

        3M makes a window security film that banks and jewelry stores use. Their site shows someone breaching it … with a pickup truck. It isn’t perfect protection but it’s better than nothing.

        Two vendors that equip public safety departments, Galls and North American Rescue, have interesting online catalogs. Look at their “dynamic entry” tools and think about what it would take to thwart them.

        It isn’t so much street gangs run amok in shtf that concern me. It’s the largest, best armed gang in my town, acting “under color of law” or not, that concerns me.

        If anyone has any suggestions on hardening a home, things the little guy can do without spending hundreds of thousands, those would be valuable links.

      39. As GC said, fortify your doors, and sliding glass doors.

        and now im going to add to his list

        fortify a holding area for firearms that are not shot guns and rifles..

        build it inconspicous, and impenetrateable, never give its location up..never.

        if they grill you because they know you have a registered firearm,as do I due to my CPL than just give up that one..they will leave thinking they gave them something to leave with..
        they may stop looking for others, they will be in a hury and full of adrenaline, and once you difuse the situation by handing one they may go..

        your going to need the others, so never let them know where it is, false wall, bunker in the back yard, hidden in a hay stack out in the barn, under 6″ of pig shit out in the feeding stables..someplace you know the goons wont get themselfs dirty looking

      40. first they were not local swat. they were a branch of the DOE that investigates fraud. they were not there to collect the debt but to find the missing wife who is suppected of fraud. not default.

        though the tactics are off the wall the jump to having debters going into fema camps is far more off the wall than swat teams rading a guys house for a debt collector.

        the story was not reported correctly to begin with. then DOE made a huge mistake. They also recently purchased 26 shotguns for thier investigation department. Of course if the DOE decides to start home invasions the whole department is going to go under.

        the local police had nothing to do with this. The local swat had nothing to do with this. matter of fact when the DOE asked for a deputy to come with them the police said no.

        This is DOE private police and NOT swat.

        • “the local police had nothing to do with this. The local swat had nothing to do with this. matter of fact when the DOE asked for a deputy to come with them the police said no.”

          Rachel, you contradict yourself. The local police were informed by the DOE they were about to commit a property crime and the local police looked the other way.

          The DOE representatives should have been arrested and placed on trial for conspiracy and many other charges.

          Any other action, or inaction, is a violation of the sworn Oath of the local officers to protect the DOE victim through enforcement of the Constitution.

          They are corp scum from top to bottom. Used the be the bad apples were at the bottom of the barrel, now the bad apples are the whole barrel. As evidenced by the fact that not ONE corp “officer” would stop another from violating the Law in the execution of corp business.

          SAD SAD SAD

      41. In 2007 40 armed FBI agents busted into my house, held me at gun point along with my children and wife while they turned my house upside down. They took my PCs telling me they had a search warrant for hacking into a computer system, which I did not.

        Two weeks later they returned my PCs with no explanation as to WTF this was all about. Never heard from them again. Within a year I sold everything, even at a loss, and left the coast and moved as far into the wilderness I could.

        I al off the grid, self sufficient and on guard 24 hours a day. I am just a small businessman with a clean record, law abiding little guy.

        I used to just be a normal guy. No more. Now I wear the tin foil hat with pride!


      43. Hahah… Only in the United States of America! What a joke! And the sad part is it will only get worse before it gets better for the “The Home of the Free”!

        And…. Can’t you all go and do something about this instead of resorting to “free speech” on the internet.. No one gives a fuck about most of the opinions on the internet, only when it smacks them in the face, via a Rally or March and get some serious TV play, will your plight become front page and those with the power may sit back and listen.. Remember, those power brokers may control most of the wealth, But every body owns a VOTE! Use your power wisely!

      44. Regardless…you have attacked my home,my castle,my refuge my den… have endangered me and most of all my future…my children… will die,either here on my porch or later walking out of the store or in your bed but you will cease to breath up good air that someone else could be using! no bluster,no BS just a fact!Grrrr!

        I am perhaps middle aged but I sure aint fat and I certainly wont forget/forgive…as well my door will not be falling down when you hit it but your teeth may jar loose,already fixed that problem …… on a lighter note I bought an ACME Police Distractor unit…it dispenses coffee and donuts in a random or preset manner,buying you precious time to escape or shoot back….works every time although its illegal in most places for the same reasons youre not allowed to shoot game over a feeding station! 😉

      45. Debts are created primarily as a means of enslavement. The economy crumbles, unemployment
        Rises, inflation occurs, and the Banks receive no-strings-attached Bailouts they dont have to repay or even account for…Yet WE are all expected to pay back our little fabricated Debts?!?
        NO!!! If your financial situation has deteriorated then you have No obligation to pay these false debts.

        Like me, thousands were given loans to attend school with the expectation that, with an education, we would be able to improve our quality of life, as well as our financial situations. However, we come out of school with little to no real prospects and burdened with more debt And no way to repay. You can’t even make a living off of a shitty job equivalent to Walmart or McDonalds, much less have enough left from your paychecks to pay on these education loans. We gotta eat and survive, paying on a loan provides us with NO benefit whatsoever!!!

        The other more common forms of “debt” are mortgages and medical bills. First, in a truly civilized society, good health should be a RIGHT and not a privilege for the wealthy! Most of my personal debt comes from medical bills. The treatment I received was piss-poor at best then I receive a bill for thousands of dollars after I never got any real care?!? Like I tell the collection agency or anyone else…You will NEVER get one goddamn cent from me for your inadequate excuse for healthcare… which is privatized and ran as a fuckin for-profit business…healthcare for profit???!?? Now most prisons are privately owned for-profit businesses also. This country is a sick joke!!! It is profitable to imprison us. Is that not a problem?!?

        And why even buy a home in this shithole of a country? You never really own ANYTHING in America, you only lease it from the bank, then continue to lease it from the Govt for eternity.

        Do Not pay these slave debts!!! We don’t owe them shit!! If anything, it’s time to start taking back from the banks, corps, and gov agencies in this country! Time to stand up to the tyranny!!! Wake the Fuck up people!!!

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