Senator Warns: The U.S. Is “Staring Down The Barrel of Martial Law”

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 20 comments

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    Martial law should be considered nothing less than a straight-up war on the American people.  Now, an Oregon senator is warning that Americans are “starring down the barrel” of martial law.

    Anyone who relishes any level of freedom and security should not ever accept martial law. It’s by far, one of the evilest and most deceitful ways to conduct a war on the people who the ruling class has stolen from for years in order to ensure they can outgun the enemy. We are on the cusp of it too, and some areas are already under martial law.  The government has declared war on its own people and they will not give up power willingly. You have two choices, obey or disobey. Neither are good.

    Agenda 21 Requires Martial Law

    In interviews with the Guardian, Democrat Ron Wyden said the federal government’s authoritarian tactics in Portland and other cities posed an “enormous” threat to democracy, while his fellow senator Jeff Merkley described it as “an all-out assault in military-style fashion.” Keep in mind, that it isn’t like the protestors in Portland are being peaceful either. If anything, they are being destructive and the regular citizens, are being restrained from protecting themselves in the midst of so many laws and regulations.

    Racism is Dead! Racist Elk Statue Burns In Portland, Oregon

    Speaking by phone, Wyden said: “Unless America draws a line in the sand right now, I think we could be staring down the barrel of martial law in the middle of a presidential election.”  Protesting peacefully and rioting are two different things.  Are some of the rioters paid agitators? That’s more likely than not. We know George Soros is funding the majority of this violence.  So should cities just burn? No, that’s not a solution either. It is possible to be against the violence of the federal agents and the violence of the rioters at the same time.  In fact, it’s hypocritical and immoral to take any other position.

    You Can Be Against Police Brutality & Looting and Rioting At The Same Time

    Prepare for martial law and continued civil unrest. People are not going to be content nor will they accept the outcome of the election in November regardless of which puppet the Federal Reserve has already decided will sit on the throne. If you don’t know how to defend yourself and some of the fundamental basics of self-defense, now would be an excellent time to learn. The mainstream media and the politicians are using predictive programming to tell us what’s coming, and from what I can tell, it will not be a fun autumn or winter this year. 

    Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For Us


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      1. What a complete farce! Coming from the Pentagon that lost
        $21 trillion in 18 years calling for law and order, and from the White House and congress that just did not do a damned thing about it, or the faked 9/11 attacks, and imported narcotics into the country, and have unconstitutionally shut the country down based on scientific fraud! Hey jack asses! After you prosecute the evil thieves, narco-traffickers, and terrorists and treasonists working in all levels of government, maybe you will be qualified to run for office if you seek power!

        What does spontaneous order of a cess pool look like? A swirling of turds aka Martial law!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Of course another Demonrat has a problem with any recourse by society against the TEMPER TANTRUM CROWD [snowflake Antifa & Black Lives (only) Matter]. The current “Martial Law” imposed by the CHAOS CROWD while they destroy tax-payer funded assets canNOT stand. Tax paying patriots support police and others that are tasked to arrest & remove the TEMPER TANTRUM CROWD. They can’t learn the easy way – let them learn through the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS.

        • I agree. But it starts with the communist mayors that won’t do anything to support their police departments and do the job they were hired to do. They should be taken into custody and shipped to Gitmo as enemy combatants.

      3. This force is only being used against the rioters who are destroying property and attacking the Federal Police. Somebody has to stand up to the leftist “foot soldiers”. The liberal city politicians and police are not standing up to them. President Trump is damned if he does nothing and gets accused of letting it happen, or damned if he tries to restore law and order. This is by the design of the leftist elites funding all of this unrest.

        Better to stand and fight than let the commie bastards execute you while you’re on your knees.

      4. The country people, living in remote and dangerous places, used to be the backbone of America. But with the injuns not waging war they have become milquetoasts …. and vote for Democrats. Time they meet the Thugs and Commies and get some wrist stiffener

      5. We could take care of ANTIFA and BLM in TWO nights if they just let us do the vans and Gulf Streams. We know who they are, we know where they be at. A coordinated pick-up in the middle of the night and swift transfer to waiting aircraft and a trip to Gitmo would clear them all out.

        Then bog them down with legal garbage for a decade until they all grow old and tired and then drip feed them back into civilian life, grey haired, rickety old dudes.

        All legal and human rights obeying but also very, very effective at bringing the unrest to an end. They can spend their days tending gardens in the Cuban heat and playing cards at night. Once a month a flight will bring over legal teams and they can meet them to wrangle over their cases. Once every six months a UN team can come and check out the conditions and see that everyone is fed.

        In ten years from now society will be under the control of AI systems, Chinese-style social credit and constant surveillance. They will be under tight digital control when they come back into the US, including a small device embedded in their skins that makes sure they never misbehave again.

      6. It is obvious this is just another attempt by Democrat politicians to put Pres. DT in an untenable situation, they’ll fail again. I see states as sovereign, and have qualms myself about sending fed. personal to states for law enforcement. But if they are there to solely protect fed. property then that is acceptable. If they must arrest those who trespass on, and destroy fed. property, and threaten lives on fed. property, so be it.
        Libs prefer “truth” over facts. They twist, reinterpret and redefine truth, but one cannot argue well against facts. That is one reason why they are hell-bent to control the narrative, control public discourse. They don’t want to discuss facts (reality), they want to present only their version of truth. When someone presents indisputable facts they go berserk, and instantly accuse everyone who is not in lockstep with them of racism and all the other garden varieties of hate. Therefore, they support censorship, stifling free speech, and use of violence to shut up those who do not agree.
        As for those in Portland who riot every night (60 consecutive nights now); don’t they have a job, or go to school? No doubt most of them live with parents, stupid and spoiled children, now stupid and spoiled adults, so unthinking and easily manipulated. They want the world to conform to their version of the truth. But what they are really doing is activating for others which they aren’t even aware of. Wasting their own life, and in the end accomplishing absolutely nothing for themselves. What utter and total losers, no other way to put it – to be “woke”, to seek validation by hating yourself.

      7. Put them in Gitmo with the radical muslims and other garbage. After they wet their pants and live in the hot outdoors they might appreciate what they left behind.

      8. I feel time is running out. When the Baby Boomers die off . Then the millenials will be in power. Or those in power will be in control of then. There isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. not enough ready willing and able Patriots to fight any kind of shooting war. We can hope for Divine Intervention. We can hope NIBIRU is Real? Or when they (the NWO order crowd) make the vaccine mandatory. We take down the Grid and keep it down. They have already told us their plans. Its written in stone. Georgia Guidestones. So we know what they have planned. Now its up to us what we decide to do about it?

      9. We are in our 8th month of a 70 day corona virus. And they’re dragging it on for ever. I think we all know why now.

      10. Remove the fed. officers from Portland-what happens next-a demolished fed. courthouse.

      11. The brain-dead-fools managing Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Chicago,IL; New York, NY; etc. have enabled the chaos crowd to destroy assets owned by all the tax-paying CITIZENS. These Demonrat-run cities are bankrupt & cater to those that scoff at society’s laws. These same idiots want the fiscally-well-run cities to bail out the irresponsible folks with federal dollars.

        Keep voting for Demonrats & they will bring the Mad Max world to your neighborhood.

      12. Scientific research shows liberal men compared to conservative men are physically weaker. Also conservatives are better looking. Research from Brunel University in London found that physically stronger men tend to be more right wing and are less in favour of social and. … weight, waist, size, muscle circumference, hand grip and arm and chest strength. … Discussions between the DUP and the Conservative party are also continuing …

      13. It is a race war and the race war has gone into a biological weapon race war. Both the Chinese and blacks are using the Covid-19 as a race biological weapon to take down whites. Just as the Chinese used opioids to destroy many white communities across the US (something Obama encouraged), the Covid-19 is being allowed to rip through the country, destroying the economy and wealth.

        Think about it: which two communities are the most racist and see everything from the perspective of race? As study after study has shown, American blacks are the most racist Americans, and as we can see from the actions of the Chinese government within their own borders, they do everything from the perspective of pushing the Han Chinese as the superior race.

        So no surprise both these communities have seized on the Covid to use it as a weapon to take down whites.

        Investigate who is funding this, who is coordinating this.

        • Frank is correct. Its A Race War. its a war on the middle class. They want Peons and slaves. White folks do not make good peons serfs and slaves. They demonize Russia. Russians are mostly white. Russia was our ally during WWII. If not for the Russians we would be speaking German right now. And its possible we would be better off if Germany had won WWII?

          • I consider Russians as allies and I will not demonise them. They are part of the original Viking and Mongolian stock – two of the strongest races to exist.

            I also love German culture and its people. WWII was a tragedy and the world would be better off with a stronger Germany.

      14. So I have a question. Why, if everyone knows Soros and his son are funding all this destruction and civil unrest, why has he and his son not been arrested?
        Surely, if they can send out a world wide search for Epstein’s partner on something they have only testimony and no actual hard proof, they can find this bastard and arrest him?
        At least put a team together and put a slug in each of their heads. Anyone want to take a whack at an explanation?

        • John I think I have the answer? Soros is a gew. Trump is a Gew lover. While Trump appears and is probably better than Hellery or Brain dead Biden. He isn’t a savior wearing a white hat. He is still part of the NWO system. Having stated that. I think the various factions are in a power struggle. And none of them give a hoot about the plight of the White Producing Middle Class. Remember its a Circus. A dog and pony show. They only let us see what they want us to see.Even if Soros and his son where removed his money would still be used in the same manner by their successor. The difference between those elite and various factions is the same as the difference between a stack of turds and a pile of poop. Look how quick Trump went to wearing a Mask? He only does what he is told to do. Look at how chief Justice Roberts has veered to the left? Like Trump he is following orders.

        • John C and readers,
          Because there is a “BIG” club. Guess what? YOU are not in the BIG Club.

          The Laws/Rules do not apply to you, if you are in that BIG club. Murders-Theft -Bribes Given/Taken -Corruption -Lies-Lies-More Lies, ALL are acceptable for those in the BIG club.

          The whole system theater (Media-Politics), is for you sheep.
          The Wolves in the “BIG club” have Already Decided what’s for dinner. YOU and your family are on that menu.

          MILLIONS of American families are about to be Homeless/Jobless and out on the streets.
          Just wait and see what the next 36 months brings.
          1984 was a resort compared to the “new normal”, “changed”, society the dirtbags are bringing in.

          HELL has been unleashed. The BIG Club is making their final push. Their “Final Solution” will be death.
          (Bill Gates, a publicly admitted Genocidal Eugenicist, Soros and his friends have a “solution”/vaccine for you.)

          * Problem. Reaction. Solution.
          Solutiojn is vaccine, and Death.

          SHTFplan readers, “Get squared away TODAY.”
          – Prepare for everything closed or Gone.
          – Martial Law is one of their goals.
          – NWO communism Beast System coming online.

          Fear Not.
          Ask for the God of Jesus Christ for Help. You will need to put on the Armour of God, so as you are not Distracted/Decieved.
          Surround yourself with believers of Jesus Christ.
          Be an “Outlaw” and attend Church services.

      15. if a Republican or Libertarian lead government imposes martial law, with the intention to quell a hard communist insurrection within America from taking over, this would be preferred rather than having a bloody civil war where citizens are threatening to kill their neighbors because they belong to a different political party or their color of their skin and causing massive population shifts fleeing for their lives to another region of the continent. We dont want the USA to become another Yugoslavia.

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