Selfishness and Preparedness: Why Prepare?

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    This article has been generously contributed by Jim Roberts.

    Recently, a small firestorm was ignited by Valerie Lucus-McEwen, a government Emergency Management employee, who had the temerity to accuse preparedness types of “selfishness.” While your immediate reaction may be – as mine certainly was – “Are people really and truly this thoughtless?” – this question does deserve a proper answer, particularly as those who are easily influenced by the leftist media, or who believe the state really and actually is the omniscient, omnipotent savior of our personal and corporate lives, are actually asking this question. So, let’s examine the issue:

    First, many preparedness types have, as part of their goal, the intent of helping neighbors and family who were unable – or unwilling – to prepare. In my own case, part of what I have in mind is assisting a large group of mentally retarded and Down’s syndrome children that my church has taken under its wing. (A group the state would do no more than “warehouse” if it were under their direction!). Not all preppers feel this way, but I would bet my bottom can of stored tuna fish there is an exceedingly large percentage of preparedness types who feel similarly.

    One significant point of observation – that has significant ramifications relative to preparedness – is that, in my experience, the non-prepper type is generally of a socialist orientation. Of course, as most of you know, this approach was tried – and found wanting – all the way back in the Pilgrim era. Many of you are aware that when the Pilgrims first arrived, they worked out of a communal system. The result was starvation and death. As this approach did not work, they then “privatized” their system – and of course flourished.

    You can easily research this history yourself, but if one has any experience with human nature, it is immediately apparent why this didn’t – and has never in history – worked. The issue is that human nature is imperfect and selfish, just as Adam Smith wrote about in the Wealth of Nations. A simple recognition of this basic aspect of human nature – and finding a way to work with this reality, rather than against it, provides the most good for the largest number of people – exactly as Smith wrote, and exactly as history has shown for anyone who has eyes to see. To do otherwise impoverishes people, and in times of crisis, will lead to otherwise avoidable deaths. Working with this reality of human nature, rather than against it, has brought the greatest good for people overall in both good periods of history, as well as difficult.

    And for those of you with Judeo-Christian worldviews, this issue is why Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called Communism “a Christian heresy” – viz., the Communist assumptions about human nature were completely off-base. Long story short, the question is: Is man perfectible (particularly with the best and brightest, such as Hilary, George Soros, Al Gore and Obama telling – nay, forcing – us what to do!), or are all men fallible, and the dictum of Lord Acton correct that absolute power corrupts absolutely correct. There is an unbridgeable divide between these two assumptions, and this divide makes itself manifest in the Hamlet-like “to prep or not to prep” debate.

    The Fleet Street Letter put this matter perspicaciously a number of years ago, and is worth quoting at length:

    “There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan. This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.

    The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century. But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience. Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives.

    A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political. Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).”

    Perhaps you, like I do, remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? How did that one work out? Or, if that news is too stale, perhaps you care to visit present day Detroit – which was the first city to adopt the socialist “Model Cities Program” in under Mayor Coleman Young a number of decades ago. Similarly, Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” was a quasi- socialist endeavour, which was intended to end poverty. You can judge for yourself what all those $9 trillion dollars spent on this “war” resulted in (hint: we now have just under 48 million on food stamps, up from 32 million when Obama took office, and with more poverty than ever).

    The basic misunderstanding is, as Frederic Bastiat wrote in The Law,

    “Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Following this pattern, they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.”

    There is yet another misunderstanding to clear up for those of Christian persuasion, as exemplified in the Book of Acts, 2:24, in the New Testament, which states about the early believers “And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common.”  Dr. Jay Richards addresses this superbly in his book Money, Greed and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and Not the Problem by simply noting that the early Christians held things in common privately, voluntarily and without compulsion. This is light years away from state forced sharing, and under compulsion.

    And one more important observation, that is applicable to the prepping community: When I donate my own money at present, I watch like a hawk where it is going, and what it is doing. When my money goes for taxes to “help” others –  for the few dollars that actually make it past the money sucking gauntlet of bureaucrats –  how much actually reaches its destination? Some research shows as little as 10% or so. As the saying goes, it is much better to teach someone to fish, rather than just gives them a fish for a day. I can do a thousand times more, with a million times more love, for 1% of the money, that the government could ever dream of doing, if I were left with my own money to donate as I wish. Similarly, preparedness is most optimally left to the individual, not the state. I am clearly not saying there is no place at all for the state to assist. However, it should be ancillary and secondary in function. To do otherwise is to set expectations that can only be dashed – exactly as was seen during hurricanes Katrina or Sandy.

    So, how does this relate to preparedness with potential future catastrophic disasters?  In a collapse – whether it be Argentinian/Greek/Zimbabwe style, or EMP, or a global war, compassion must be personal and voluntary. Not only is it more effective, it is more ethical. And it is more ethical because it is more caring, more direct, and more efficient.  In a collapse, there should be a voluntary exchange, and for those that are not prepared, there should be some type of assistance rendered by the one who has not prepared (it could be cooking, gardening; perhaps doing guard duty or carpentry). Where this is not possible, simple humanity and compassion should – and undoubtedly will be – the hallmark of many preppers.

    In a serious collapse, there may well be a need to choose whom one would help, or not, but that is a decision that will be very personal. For myself – in contrast to the government representatives who so condescendingly accuse preppers such as myself of being self-centred, I will indeed (as noted above) look to help the weak and helpless. You may object by saying  “A lot of good that will do – we should, as per people like Dr. Peter Singer, just let the weak die.” To which I reply “A society that only values those of utility is not a society worth keeping – and in fact, is precisely the type of society – with its abortions, euthanasia, etc. – that got us into this mess in the first place.”

    Another point: I would be remiss not to mention in the context of this article is the very self-apparent fact that for every person who is prepared, that is one less mouth to feed in a real crisis. This needn’t be addressed further, as it is patently obvious, but is yet another reality that the debunkers always seem, somehow, to neglect to address, though it is staring them right in the face.  The regular silence by these debunkers is a stark testimony to what is either a lack of critical thinking, or a purposeful lack of honesty while examining the relative merits of preparedness.

    God – or for the non-believer, nature herself – has written self-preservation into our very DNA. Certainly, from a Judeo Christian perspective, each individual person has the right to self-preservation. The Bible is replete with laws allowing for self-defense in the Old Testament, and even in the New Testament – while unequivocally admonishing believers to be irenic and forgiving, Even Christ instructed His disciples to be prepared in Luke 22:36 when he said, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” There are historically several approaches to defense in the Bible – complete pacifism, the use of “police” force, and just war, but that is beyond the scope of this paper. Suffice to say, self-defense is well within the historical understanding of options for Christians in a violent world, although admittedly this can be a difficult issue to navigate, and there is a range of conclusions which sensible people can come to within the pale of faith. Similarly, I extend this self-defense conception into the realm of preparedness. I think the extension is fair and reasonable, about which reasonable people can disagree in some areas.

    Also, relative to preparedness and faith, clearly Proverbs 27:12 explicitly states  – and which passage many preparedness types are familiar – A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.  The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”  In a world where well-regarded individuals like Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston University state the total amount of unfunded liabilities – federal, state, municipal and corporate – are now a staggering $222 trillion, where the amount of derivatives (which Warren Buffet famously once called “financial weapons of mass destruction”) world-wide makes that amount look like a molehill, in a nation where people like Jon Corzine can “lose” $1.6 billion and simply walk away without a day in jail, where lives are lost during Fast and Furious and people just shrug their shoulders, or a in nation about which Billy Graham’s wife Ruth once said “If God doesn’t’ judge America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah,” is preparedness unwise?  Leftists may object, and that is their prerogative. However, if they wish not to prepare, then perhaps they ought to take to their own hearts and written commentary the one thing they forcefully invoke for everyone else in every other situation – tolerance. What business of theirs is it?

    With all due respect to them, why is it our non-prepper friends, as exemplified by the written commentary of Ms. Lucus-McEwen noted above, why cannot they practice what they presumably preach about tolerance? Why must people like this actively vilify those with whom they disagree? (But of course, the answer is obvious – just as in the days of Imperial Rome, everyone but everyone must bow to the all-encompassing supremacy of the state. To do otherwise means crucifixion – 2,000 years ago, this was in the arena; today, it is the high tech lynching of a Clarence Thomas, the fashion execution of a Sarah Palin, or the just the “mere” thuggery against those of us who beg to disagree with big government by modern day Kristalnacht Alinsky ruffians.

    The whole area of faith and preparedness admittedly needs much further and deeper exegesis – but hopefully this scratches the surface of the subject, and opens up additional conversation.

    But even for the non-believer, one’s body is wired for self-preservation. And if nature is all that exists, logically one has no basis to “backtalk against one’s DNA,” which has written self-preservation into the body. From either a Biblical or non-Biblical perspective, self-preservation is an intrinsic “good.”  Why should preppers then be castigated?

    One final – and extremely telling – point about “selfish preppers.” The woman who wrote this disparagingly of preppers was a government worker. This means she makes a good living off of private sector people such as myself. As a matter of fact, I cannot currently make adequate preparations for my family because I have to provide a “princessly” salary and retirement package for her (the average government worker may make a third more in salary than a private sector worker, and retires much, much earlier). But here is the kicker: If there is a disaster – it will mostly likely brought about by yet another miscalculation by the self-proclaimed “best and brightest,” (think Vietnam, the internet bubble, Long Term Capital Management, Jon Corzine, the housing bust, etc.). Do you know where these “important” will people go? To the safety of government shelters! In other words, if there is a miscalculation, and a nuclear war starts, or an EMP or biological attack starts, they are all set to retreat to giant, specially built, lavishly equipped caverns – while you and I fend for ourselves, due to  a mess of their creation!  Any word from our “preppers are selfish” commentariat on that? Why not?. If nothing else in this article sinks home to you, this should make crystal clear the hypocrisy behind the prepper criticism. The truth is, just as we see with today’s cronyism in high places, as George Orwell so aptly noted, “In the socialist workers’ paradise, we’ll all be equal… only some of us (usually them!) will be ‘more equal’ than the others.” Just ask Nancy Pelosi why her Congress exempted themselves, their cronies and their districts from ObamaCare if you don’t believe that.

    In sum, I prepare the same reason my all my ancestors prepared each fall: I don’t know what the winter (in this case, the future) will bring. While for believers, God has promised to be with us and sustain us, as the old saying goes, we can’t ask God to direct our steps if we are unwilling to move our feet.  I trust, and my feet move.


    This article has been generously contributed to by Jim Roberts. We encourage you to share, excerpt and republish this information as you see fit and ask that you please include proper attribution to the author.


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            Nothing to worry about folks, move along, nothing to see here ……. go back to being sheeple ……


            • Baaaa! Baaaa!

              • A couple of weeks ago Sweden had a “confirmed” case of Ebola – then the next day they didn’t.

                Guess TPTB just aren’t ready for mass panic yet?


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                • I’ve been to Sweden, it probably froze to death! Just jokn, you’re right, and it makes me wonder where it went too also. thanks

            • hey aussie…fuck it.

              “no one lives forever”

              The sick fucks that are orchestrating this, well, someone knows who they are…there will be no place for them to hide.

              No where.

                • So I guess based on this artical, we shouldnt say something like “useless eaters”

                  • Well let me put it this way.

                    If the people beneath YOU are “useless eaters”… then is it that big of a stretch that you are a “useless eater” to a rich person?

                    Let’s start with that.

                    Now, I know most already think that’s the case… but dare I say, this is POTENTIALLY a case of projection on your part? I had supporting evidence… bah I forgot what it was and I’m out of time to post. I’ll think of it eventually… 9_9

                    Basically, how do you know you don’t view all welfare recipients as “useless eaters”… extrapolate from that subconsciously that the rich MUST see you as so as well… and just freak yourself the eff out because you hate welfare recipients?

                    … yeah… I hate many of ’em (not all but many)… so I ain’t lecturing, I’m just saying… something to think about.

              • James Chap-3 Vs.5 this pertains to Christians as well as Non-Christians. “Even so the tounge is a little member and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth! Trekker Out.

                • The DHS Was Hacked. Their Employees Personal info stolen.

                  The federal Office of Personnel Management plans to terminate its massive contracts with USIS, the major security clearance contractor targeted last month by a cyberattack, agency, congressional and company officials say. The computer network intrusion compromised the personal files of as many as 25,000 government workers.

                  The early August cyberattack against USIS’ computer network compromised the files of 25,000 Homeland Security Department workers and is under investigation by the FBI. The OPM official spoke on condition of anonymity to provide details of the internal contracting changes. USIS has said it was targeted by what it described as a “state-sponsored attack.”

                  LOL – OK folks once the list has been distributed world wide, which I assume the Hackers will do, look for the traitors located in your areas. lol If they attack your family, Then Karma’s abitch.

              • i been hearing this crap for 50 years about whats going to happen to them, its a bunch of horseshit.

            • I can just bet half of the A-holes on welfare and food stamps laugh their butts off, laughing at Whitey scurry off to work everyday as worker bees so they can pay their taxes patrioticly so that money can be funneled back to the food stampers for free. Like it or not, they know how to play the game. And game the rigged system. We need to force the Feds to stop rewarding failure.

              • WWT: “force the FEDS to stop” ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because they are the reason there IS a freebie program for the people of color. (Oh, yes, there are whites that enjoy this freebie stuff too, but, the percentage of them is miniscule). This program was DESIGNED for people of color because the FEDS were smart enough to realize that “they” would come quickly (kinda like the walkers on The Walking Dead)to feast on the free shit, and then vote to keep the enablers in office. Good Luck!

              • It’s actually worse than you realize. There are ~40 million federal, state and local employee’s per the 2012 census. I expect at least half add no value, but would be on government assistance if not employed by the government. Oops, I correct myself, they are on government assistance.

              • I agree with cutting off benefits to people who won’t work, but please remember the food stamp program is controlled by the United States Department of Agriculture to benefit primarily white farmers. The food stamp program is not controlled by the welfare branch of the government as a lot of people think. Paying for whores calling themselves single mothers to go to college while I pay full tuition for my children is what chinks my armor. They are the ones I’ll be looking for when teotwawki hits.

            • RDU
              Take care of yourself, and pray that it doesn’t spread. I would hate to loose a friend here.

        • I’m sickened by the number of spiritual retards who use Luke 22:36 to support self defense. If you read the entire verse it makes it clear that Jesus said that only to fulfill Isaiah 53. He in fact admonished Peter for drawing the sword promising those who live by the sword will surely die of it.

          You cannot fix this kind of stupid.

          • (Exodus 22:2 NIV) “If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed;

          • I like the retards that quote the bible and believe it to be true! It makes me laugh.

            • He who chooses to be Gullible, deserves to be slaughtered. From the book of CommonSense 101.

            • must be lonely up there in your tower

            • The New Testament was written by eyewitnesses or those who talked to eyewitnesses. Most of them knew Jesus in his lifetime and/or saw him after he rose from the dead.

              Here are some examples:

              (Luke 1:1-4 NIV) Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, {2} just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. {3} Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, {4} so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.

              (2 Peter 1:16 NIV) We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

              (1 Corinthians 15:3-8 NIV) For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance : that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, {4} that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, {5} and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. {6} After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep. {7} Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles, {8} and last of all he appeared to me also, as to one abnormally born.

              • Barn,not going to debate religion but eyewitness testimony is actually pretty weak,especially when you get someone elses account of eyewitness testimony.

              • over 51% of the bible was written by st paul (and he was no saint)and st paul never met Jesus. He was a liar and story teller working for the Romans.

                • And your comment is based on what facts?

          • ‘Spiritual retards’?

            Holier than the rest of us, are you?

          • Pretty insulting talk coming from a “pastor.”

            • If the Pastor did one thing successfully., he took us off topic. 🙁

          • You are implying the Bible does not condone self-defense? Moreover, Peter was using the sword to impede God’s specific plan for Christ’s self-sacrifice. Finally, you do not explain how the reference to Isaiah 53 in any way invalidates the reality of self-defense. It is also inappropriate, mon ami, to add the harsh coda to your post.

            • Religion was put on this Earth to Cull the Ignorant and Gullible masses. By all the wars and genocide going on today…. I believe it is unfolding as planned. Like what other segment of society is so dumb to sacrafice their lives over who’s Big Hoax is more believabl than the others big hoax. Ok maybe the crack and Meth addicts believe their toxic chemicals will take them to the promise land too.

              • God created mankind and then revealed himself to mankind. Moses talked to God face to face. He performed miracles. He led the Israelites to cross the Red Sea ON DRY GROUND. Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible.

                Christianity is the only true religion. Every other one is either false or incomplete.

                • Barncat:

                  What is an incomplete religion?

                  Did you take the time to look up JQ Public’s link about Judeo-Christianity? It would serve Judeo-
                  Christians well to let your fingers do the walking to that website.

                • Barncat calls the Low Tide crossing a friggin Miracle. LOL BTW Low tides are usually twice a day, just like the clock work, 2 low tides and 2 high tides, and even a dumb dead clock can be right twice a day. Tell us again Barncat how Noah got all those animals on one boat, and what kept them from eating each other?? We all await your answer.

                  • Na Na Na Nan A! My Religion is better than your religion. Only those who believe as I do will get to heaven.

                  • If low tide crossing of 800,000- 1,000,000 people was great… How about all of egypts army drowning in what? A stream. The God of the bible doesn’t ask for blind faith. There is very much evidence.

          • Commentary from well-regarded commentators on this topic:

            1.) But now that ye are going forth, not as before on a temporary mission, provided for without purse or scrip, but into scenes of continued and severe trial, your methods must be different; for purse and scrip will now be needed for support, and the usual means of defense.’ (from Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary

            2.) Matthew Henry’s commentary notes: “They must not now expect that their friends would be so kind and generous to them as they had been; and therefore, He that has a purse, let him take it, for he may have occasion for it, and for all the good husbandry he can use. They must now expect that their enemies would be more fierce upon them than they had been, and they would need magazines as well as stores: He that has no sword wherewith to defend himself against robbers and assassins (2 Cor 11:26) will find a great want of it, and will be ready to wish, some time or other, that he had sold his garment and bought one. This is intended only to show that the times would be very perilous, so that no man would think himself safe if he had not a sword by his side.”

            There are certainly other important commentators that feel self-defense is, on occasion, necessary!

          • Seems like the Jesus folks are outnumbered tonight, father.

            Rebuked by Barn Cat below even… harsh.

            As a pastor, do you often refer to your flock as spiritual retards?

            I find it is easy to pick out verses from the bible to defend or attack any position.

            • I find it is easy to pick out verses from the bible to defend or attack any position.

              That is why using the context, the original language and the principle of scripture interpreting scripture is central to the whole process. Besides, as Mark Twain once said, “It’s not the things I don’t understand in the Bible that bother me, it’s the things I *do* understand.”

              So, if I may kindly ask, where do you stand on the things that you *do* understand? Or have you ever even read the New Testament? Just trying to make some respectful observations here…..

              • I do not take a book, written and corrupted by man over 2000 years, to be the end all be all. How many versions are there now?

                Are we to compare “understanding” now?

                Truth is truth.

                • Oh bro-ther…. This is the most hackneyed criticism in the world, and has been answered multiple times. A couple points. First, the authoritative version is the original Greek manuscripts. We have THOUSANDS more of these than any other ancient book from Homer to Plato to Marcus Aurelius. The issue is how do you translate from Greek/Hebrew to English? In fact, how do you translate words, ideas, cultural concepts from Spanish to English? Do you translate literally word for word, or by concept? How do you translate the word “sheep” in the Bible for the Inuit (Eskimo)? If you don’t like the translations, learn Greek and Hebrew, as I have.

                  Now, about that corruption issue. You seriously need to review your presuppositions on this. As a matter of fact, the slight differences in the oldest manuscripts (99.9% of the texts agree) NEVER impact anything of any importance. Further, where there are these alternate readings, it does, ipso facto, PROVE that there was no collusion with these texts, no intentional harmonization – AND THUS, IF THEY WERE INDEPENDENTLY COPIED, THERE IS AN INCREDIBLE FIDELITY TO THE ORIGINAL. You also miss how scribes worked. They would count the number of letters forwards and backwards, do it again, have others check the work, and if it was not 100% accurate, the page was BURNED.

                  Most of this is answered in books by scholars such as FF Bruce’s “The New Testament Documents – Are They Reliable” or Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict (I may have the titles slightly off). I suggest before you make a conclusion predicated on incomplete research – and on such an important topic – you review a couple books like this. You might be surprised.

                • The Bible hasn’t been corrupted. Whenever they find old scrolls they are virtually identical to the ones they already have.

                  The Dead Sea scrolls were 800 years older than anything previously discovered. The books of the Bible were virtually the same as what we had before.

                  God created the universe. It should be no surprise that He was able to preserve His word.

                  • Barncat – God created the Universe but can’t seem to maintain the scrolls? lol For some reason God also needs lots of money, your money in fact. Cause he just can’t seem to make his own. He created heaven and earth but hasn’t mastered the printing press. WOW that’s something to worship.

              • Sheep too, were put on this earth to be herded, fleeced, slaughtered and sacraficed. But to purposely choose to be a sheep, is hilarious.

              • Text out of context is just pretext.

            • Townsaver, can you defend SIN as being acceptable to God with the Bible?

          • Jesus probably should have told Peter when they left the Upper a room to leave his sword behind. He knew Peter and the others were packing that night. The sword was the .380 of the day, a close combat personal defense weapon. There is more to that scripture Pastor and you know it. If not I’ll refer you Pastor Baldwin.

            I’ll choose the death by the sword than on my knees in a gas chamber.

            • PH 2014:

              Make mine a katana.

              You have your honor again. Let me die with mine.

          • Defending myself does not mean that I am living by the sword. I suppose you would have all Christians in the world line up to be killed so the rest of the world would go to hell for lack of Christian witnesses. I also suppose you would declaw kittens and throw them into the woods.

            If my pastor ever gets that stupid, my church can quickly create a pulpit committee.

            • He’s not a pastor. At least not a true one if his understanding of scripture is this convoluted.

          • If you or your family were approached at gunpoint by a madman are you saying you would not defend yourself or your family? Furthermore why would anyone in their right mind work so hard to prepare only to let someone come and take it without putting up a fight. I will help someone in need but anybody with evil intent had better beware.

          • Did David not defend himself against goliath

          • I have re-read Isaiah 53, the complete text pasted below, and I still have zero idea what you are talking about. Ad hominem aside, perhaps you need to explain what in tarnation you are talking about. I have a graduate diploma in theology, incidentally, and have looked up commentary on this as well. Extremely unfortunate post, to put it mildly.

            53 Who hath believed our message? and to whom hath the arm of Jehovah been revealed?

            2 For he grew up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

            3 He was despised, and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and as one from whom men hide their face he was despised; and we esteemed him not.

            4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

            5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

            6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and Jehovah hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

            7 He was oppressed, yet when he was afflicted he opened not his mouth; as a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and as a sheep that before its shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth.

            8 By oppression and judgment he was taken away; and as for his generation, who among them considered that he was cut off out of the land of the living for the transgression of my people to whom the stroke was due?

            9 And they made his grave with the wicked, and with a rich man in his death; although he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

            10 Yet it pleased Jehovah to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of Jehovah shall prosper in his hand.

            11 He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by the knowledge of himself shall my righteous servant justify many; and he shall bear their iniquities.

            12 Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he poured out his soul unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors: yet he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

          • So, I suppose if a group of men break into my house then my husband and sons ought to stand by while they rob and rape me and my daughters? Sounds like solid biblical counsel. I’ll be sure to pass that utter foolishness on to my men and the other men at church and see what their thoughts are. I am always interested in hearing the thoughts of all those family leaders. Somehow, I just don’t think they will agree with you.

            What I think when I read/hear Christians who post dribble like you did is the feminization of Christianity. You know….worship music and dynamic presentations using video, women leading all kinds of silly groups. That sort of thing. It is why I ran like hell away from Mainstream Christianity.

            Anyhow. I get on a soapbox when I see/hear it anymore because it so screwed with my head.

            • You are not on a soapbox, you are on the ROCK, and any man would be proud to call you wife, daughter, mother, or sister. That was good stuff, and you’re right to run away from mainstream Christianity!

          • Why was response from last night delete? Strange I said nothing derogatory, or demeaning just stated the facts….

          • But was Peter acting in offense or defense? I think what happened is that Peter initiated and drew first blood. Plus, there is the whole context of the moment. Jesus knew what had to happen and Peter lacked full understanding. Thus it is possible that Jesus was trying to teach Peter something here. In Christianity, the sword is not seen as a way to spread the Gospel (at least Scripturally). As such, when in ministry it is sometimes seen as pious to lead a life with almost a sense of fatalism that your life is entirely in God’s hands and He will decide if you live or die. However, this also has to be reconciled with the whole panoply of Scripture since Jesus came not to condemn the law but to complete it. Thus, the moral codes of the Old Testament is still a valid way to live a moral life since God is unchanging. Therefore you can logically say that you should not kill in the name of Christ but as self defense is permitted in the Pentateuch, it is still permissible today. Then again, I may be wrong as I am not perfect in my understanding. (I worry that if I am wrong I may lead others astray and I don’t wish to do that and reap the woe that comes with it!)

        • That headline sounds more dire than it should. Checkout

        • Truly an excellent article and a must read for anyone who can see the hand writing on the wall, another biblical referrence. As another familiar saying goes, “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

        • check it every day not an ad just info about the daily solar activity. I look at every morning.
          Updated 09/11/2014 @ 01:00 UTC
          Major Solar Flare and CME
          Geoeffective Sunspot 2158 produced a strong solar flare Wednesday afternoon measuring X1.6 at 17:45 UTC. The event event was associated with a Type II Radio emission with an estimated velocity of 3750 km/s. This is indicative of a strong coronal mass ejection. Updated coronagraph imagery shows a full halo coronal mass ejection (CME) heading into space and directed towards Earth. More information on this below. Proton levels streaming past Earth are on the rise and a Minor Radiation Storm is now in progress.

        • Hey Mac

          this sight has become a real cespool ,what used to be a place where like mined people came to disscuss prepping and the current events of our country ,now has been high jacked by immoral scum with no compassion for the weak and old , and want to argue and spew there values that sound like somthing right out of a left wing play book ,i am a staunch believer in first ammendment rights ,so ill just turn the channel

        • Anyone else find their CO2 and smoke detectors malfunctioned after this event? Some of mine, and some of my family members experienced this, separated by miles of distance. The only thing consistent is that it happened in all sites right after theis CME.

      1. I am not selfish.

        I am preparing during a time of plenty, to help hold me over during a time of limited resources.

        Anyone, same as me, can take prudent steps to insure their future. We all have insurance for home, or car, and health. This is my way of having life and welfare insurance under my control.

        Those who think this is selfish are those who want the nanny state to take care of them, thus communists.

        I don’t listen to communists !!!


        … safe….stay the course…..BA

        • Idiots are everywhere, everyone here knows what needs to be done… Kill em all…

          • The strength to save the worthy.
            The grit to leave the rest.
            The wisdom to know the difference.

          • eppe…and let God sort them out.

            “don’t go down with out one helluva fight”

            • Killing idiots,hmmmm….,friends make me angry at times as do some ex’s,yet,in my own twisted way love them idiots!

            • Did any body watch Obummers Hate ISIS speech last night?? I chose not to watch it. Like why sit and listen to a liar , tell more lies to give reason to fleece tax payers for more war and murder. Like who trained and armed ISIS in the first place? I find The Dave Shapel show more entertaining and news worthy than Obummer.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Sorry… Can’t agree with ya. 🙁

                Me and the Lil’ hillbilly spent last night doing up a batch of pickled okra. 🙂

                That’s the way to spend an evening. Working with the kid and teaching him a skill.

                Y’all play nice and act like ya got some smarts. 🙂

                hillbilly SC

                • Hillbilly, you and your wife are going straight to jail if the government finds out you taught your child a skill. How dare you, don’t you have video games?

              • WWTI writes: “I chose not to watch it.”

                Fortunately, that’s still your call, brother, and mine, at least for the time being.

                Remember that everybody lies – everybody; but just because they do, doesn’t mean we are being reasonable in selectively discounting what they say, choosing instead to ignore them.

                As preppers, we are involved in this war on a very personal front; and as it has been said in so many ways, in war we must “know our enemies”, “fortune favors the prepared mind”, etc. And how do we come to know about anything? We gather intel. Gathering all available intel about such a public enemy is an essential part of any campaign. The larger the body of intel, the better; but accurate understanding of that intel becomes the big arrow in one’s quiver.

                We must never forget that “being prepared” includes (said better: “requires”) learning about and understanding the threats we face – our opposition/enemy/whatever…what they say, what they do, what they say they’re planning, etc. “Step 1” in the process of gathering intel is situational awareness, which includes paying attention to how the “threat” is acting, what they are saying, etc. Knowing that “everybody lies”, whether or not we buy into their argument/s is then up to each one of us individually; but if you/we don’t pay attention to the threat, as distasteful as it might be, how are we to know?

                Nobody said it would be easy or pleasant. That said, I absolutely feel your pain.

          • “A lot of good that will do – we should, as per people like Dr. Peter Singer, just let the weak die.” To which I reply “A society that only values those of utility is not a society worth keeping – and in fact, is precisely the type of society – with its abortions, euthanasia, etc. – that got us into this mess in the first place.”

            I disconnected right here. Everything was fine until we let compassion rule our logic. The weak should die. Those that abort their DNA should be allowed to do so, as they do not value life. Suicide can be honorable if the person is suffering and does not want to live, or burdens others while only living in pain.

            I truly fail to see how helping the weak and infirm helps our race – as a whole. I understand the values present behind such motives but Jesus said, you want to eat? Put in a days labor.

            Also, THIS IS SPARTA!

            • You can’t quote Jesus and then throw out everything the Bible says about compassion.

              • Sure I can, I do it all the time.

                It is to point out the hypocrisy of most religion. Organized religion is a control mechanism, an effective one at that.

                I have faith. I am a believer. But I don’t go around trying to kill and convert everyone to my thought process.
                Coddling the takers is not moral. Keeping an unproductive person alive is evil. Evil that you let them live, and suffer, so you can appease your own guilt.

                Defects happen. Recognize them. I find most religious people will spout their value system on others, but not follow it themselves.

                We are all sinners. Try not to cast that first stone my friend.

                • The hypocrisy objection loses its value when one grants that the church exists for precisely that reason. To help all of us hypocrites (you are welcome if you are one, too. Not sure if you are though… but I know I am, and find church a hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints!)

                  And keeping unproductive alive is bad? Really? The phrase “life unworthy of life” comes from the Nazis “Lebensunwertes Leben” to designate parts of the population which, according to Hitler, Himmler, etc. had no right to live, and were euthanized, inlcuding those with medical problems and who were grossly inferior The euthanasia program was known as Action T4. It was officially adopted in 1939 and came through the personal decision of Adolf Hitler. On the other side of the globe, the Japanese Unit 531, and others, did the same thing thing, horribly evil things, to the Chinese, as experiments.

                  I must admit I found your post very disturbing, given the above. Please reconsider your presuppositions about the intrinsic value of human life.

                  • Hey… Call a spade a spade I guess.

                    I don’t have to bow down to political correctness on an internet forum. Mankind is flawed. I accept this.

                    I also accept a higher power. Might not be YOUR higher power, but it is the source of all, and thus the only higher power. I need not name it, or be saved, or baptized, or forgiven, or accept it into my heart, or bow, or pray, or do all the things you are told to do by your master(s).

                    It works for me. I need not your approval or blessing. Keep preaching that tolerance while you condemn me. My point is made over and over.

                • However old, or disabled– mentally or physically–these are still children of God created in His image, regardless.
                  They all have souls; be careful what you wish for.
                  One of those you wish to eliminate from society may be your disabled wife, damaged in an auto accident.
                  Or your child born with a physical handicap or mental deficiency; one that you feel unworthy to breathe our air. 🙁

                  • Grind their bones to make my bread.

                    Me and the wife have a DNR. True love would be to allow my wife to move on, instead of bankrupting me and our children so she can be a vegetable “in God’s grace”.

                    Give me a break.

                  • The Church is the Hypocrits support group system. Look up Affinity Fraud. The Church is the Holy Grail for a selection of ripe ignorant sheep and another great place for military recruitment. Young dumb ripe ignorant followers.

                  • and Every person when they die their soul is set free. the weak infirm defective ect. are no longer imprisioned in a failing defective body.

                • How about the Puppy Beating Charities? For Just $2 a day you too can stop the puppy beatings. They will even send you a photo of a caged puppy with sad eyes that beggs for the beatings to stop. Oh the humanity. Quick send in your money today and we will send you a copy of Rustys bloody collar. Last years poster dog.

                • So Townsaver,

                  With the logic you apply here…I have a question…

                  At what age does someone become useless or useful, 2… 20?

                  For those that can’t fend for themselves for whatever reason, IS the reason we have compassion empathy…
                  Without it we all become the useless eaters.

                • Hey Townsaver……we must have been separated at birth!

                  You tell em Brother.

              • How about the Puppy Beating Charities? For Just $2 a day you too can stop the puppy beatings. They will even send you a photo of a caged puppy with sad eyes that beggs for the beatings to stop. Oh the humanity. Quick send in your money today and we will send you a copy of Rustys bloody collar. Last years poster dog.

                • You are making a gross category mistake. First of all, puppies are not human. But, I get your point – people can be fleeced by false religion. In fact, the Bible explicitly goes after false religion from the Old Testament through the New, including the Pharisees.

                  But your point is that faith is gullible. That may be sometimes so. And in fact, we need to expose fraudulence wherever it rears its ugly head (let’s start with Lois Lerner’s scam, OK?). What is worse, however, it the cynicism that you evidence. Hell is where you believe nothing, trust nothing, love nothing and sees beauty in nothing. I am very critical of the Puppy Beating Charities. I do not take the other, *equal* opposite error of being cynical of everything, as your email advocates. Just as a life of being a dupe is no life, neither is a life of cynicism

            • When you lose compassion, you lose all that makes you human, or a Nazi acolyte. Compassion does NOT mean you become a doddering sentimentalist. It does mean you keep human values. If you are willing to sacrifice innocent life during a crisis, I truly feel sorry for you.

              • GW Bush called himself a Compationate Conservative. Then went out and murdered millions of poor Afgans and Iraqi’s.

                • I’m sure Emperror Hadrian, King Charles I and Franklin Roosevelt and Slick Clinton thought of themselves as compassionate, too. And your point is??

                • WWTI, Bush didnt do shit. He had his brainwashed minion yes man, just following orders, non critical thinking, psycopathic, dumn assed dogs do it for him and the bankers. Whats so pathetic is theyre masters mock them and consider them the lowest form of life there is. Ever wonder why theyre called dog tags?

                • God help us if he wasn’t compassionate, huh. He was compassionate towards getting Haliburton its oil contracts, promoting uniformed traitors in the Pentagon such as General Betrayus, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld disbanded the Iraqi army and put 500,000 unemployed highly trained kilers on the street. And then we wonder, “Where did Isis come from”?

              • How can you say innocent lives when they refuse to prep. I just can’t fathom how you could say such a thing. Grow up…naw, it will never happen…you are a permanent member of the diaper corps.

            • No, it’s not Sparta. It’s 21 century America, but since you brought it up, it has been noted that while Spartans were indeed “The Finest Soldiers The World Has Ever Known”, they also had a great deal of COMPASSION and JUSTICE.

              Spartan society was also a highly cooperative society. Anyone who has really studied what is known about those ancient civilizations, knows there was more to them than what could be had at the tip of a sword.

              I think you’ve drawn too many history lessons from the movies, which were meant only for entertainment.

              One can be MERCILESS in battle, yet COMPASSIONATE at home, my friend. That is what makes us “human”. IMO, a society without HUMANITY isn’t worth living in, so why save it?

              • Well said Sixpack.

                I am just being a cruel heartless bastard tonight.

                Sometimes it brings out the best in others.

                I am conscious enough to know if the tables were turned I would likely not be spouting such things. However I love my community of like minded thinkers. Very humbling indeed.

                Yes, I invoked 300, a semi-accurate movie. I knew it would stir some hearts.

                • I’m a cruel, heartless bastard all the time.

                  That is why I will be the lastmanstanding.

                  Join me…ladies welcome. Unless your a feminist bitch.

                  • I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but “feminist” sure ain’t one of them.

                  • 6…I was absolutely not referring to you!

                    Look at all the red thumbs! Must be a bunch of zips in the wire here!

                    Look ladies…I have never, ever looked down at the fairer sex. You are far better than most of us guys. The feminist movement was brought about by losers who can’t cut it in the real world. They needed an excuse to “fit in’ or “get paid better” or a “cry of racsism”, etc. to be equal, or in their mind better.

                    Once all the lies surface, like they are now, none of that shit will matter.

                    …and it will.

                  • Key word here folks…Unless.

                  • “6…I was absolutely not referring to you!”

                    Dude, I didn’t take it that way. 🙂 I was just injecting a little of my notoriously dry humor. No one ever needs to guess if I feel personally attacked … you’ll know for sure how I feel.

                    What you see here, truly IS what you get.

                  • I think my post got “anonymized”, so excuse if this is a repost from an anonymous post…My bad.

                    LastMan, I did not take offense at your feminist comment, nor did I thumb you down for it. Dude, it’s not easy to personally offend me on a public forum, but if you ever do, you won’t have to guess about it.

                    What you see here, truly IS what you get.

                • Hey, “cruel and heartless” has it’s place in the order of things to come…hold on to that, we’re gonna need it later…

              • Well said.

            • I agree with town saver. Let the weak & unfit die. Those down syndrome and mental retards are the responsibility of those who produced them. What is coming isn’t going to be easy. it going to be horrible beyond comprehension. Its gonna boil down to root hawg or die no holds barred survival of the fittest. And the ones who survive will be mean ruthless and have know how & self reliance. Those who are not killers wont make. those who cant make rational choices wont make it. Im planning on only taking care of me & mine. And if everyone else does the same there wont be any problems. Mess with me & mine and Ill try my best to make shure you don’t ever do that no more times. The native americans lived from hand to mouth on a daily basis with limited resources. any child born that was defective was set out to die. when the old folks became oxygen thieves the where set out to die. Its going to be extremely hard to make good sound decisions based on logic. Yet if you plant on your grandchildrens DNA to be passed on you must have the resolve to do whatever is required. Killing the oxygen thieves will become a necessity. 90% will die and this wont be a short term event it will go on for decades. There wont be a reset it will be a stagnating dismial decline until it bottoms out.

              • I can see from the number of thumbs down ive struck a nerve. That’s ok. Now at present we are mainly in so much trouble because the parasite oxygen thieving takers greatly outnumber the producing making self reliant folks. Now those oxygen thieves and free shit army taking parasites must be enabled at present. What value will they be when SHTF? Over half the folks think that they don’t need to produce. They think someone else will produce for them. Now the productive are beginning to ask themselves WHY? Why produce when the fruits of my producing are taxed & robbed and then Redistributed to those who had ought naught to do with me producing. So the productive simply don’t produce beyond their own needs. Ill not enable usless eaters & oxygen thief parasties. Too many parasites will eventually kill the host. It will take a certain core concept mentality to be able to cope and make the difficult decision. Ill equate it to the pioneers decision when in a hopeless fight to the death with indians to save the last few bullets to kill the wife ,children & himself rather than be taken captive by savages. Even today I kill varmits. The groundhog that was destroying my garden. the coyote that was attacking my poultry & livestockect the worms & lice that infest my livestock. We killed a dozen tomato worms yesterday. Yep I have no qualms or guilt about killing varmits & parasites even human to keep whats mine. ill do whatever is required to take care of me & mine.

                • I suggest you re-think your presuppositions. The nerve you struck is the nerve that distinguishes us from amoebas. We all agree here, most likely that the free lunch system is absurd, unworkable, and ultimately evil. The issue is those that cannot help themselves, such as the mentally retarded and similar. And who defines who is a parasite in your view? I have two graduate degrees, and I can tell you with complete certainty that I have learned more that is is critical value from a mentally handicapped family member than any class or degree I have had. By far. And who decides who is the oxygen taker in your view (as if it were a zero sum game)? And once you decide that, who controls the controllers? Will it be you, a new Heinrich Himmler?

                  The article advocates making people responsible for their lives, even to the point of starving if they refuse to work (as St. Paul advocates – “If a man will not work, neither let him eat.) However, this must be paired with INTELLIGENT compassion, or you become no more than an animal or a Nazi.

                  These are the facts, and your point is not well thought out

                  • Who decides. Hate to shake you but the meanest fittest most ruthless will decide. So far im the mean tyrant in my domain. I took care of my aged parents in their last years. Good grief I was burnt out coping with 90 year old with the mentality of 5 year olds & I couldn’t spank them. Altizmer zombie oxygen thieves. They didn’t even know who they where. Shit in their pants almost daily. Meaner than a bulldog. If not for autopsies I would have smothered them. It was a relief when they finally died.

                • Now you are saying something different. Killing someone that is threatening you or yours is one thing. But talking about disabled people being oxygen thieves is a totally different matter. Come on. You can’t mean that.

                  I’d be the first to defend my children and husband with deadly force.

                  • Yes indeed I mean that. Feed some senile old non producer or some pet retard and jeporadize the survival of others. or do the hard cold mean logical task. Its a choice many will have to face. The native Americans made the logical choice.

                  • His parents probably glad when they were gone. Can you imagine having a son like that?

              • Life unworthy of life was the term the Nazis used for this. Bonhoeffer response to this was “It is sheer madness, as some believe today, that the sick can or ought to be legally eliminated. It is virtually the same as building the Tower of Babel, and is bound to avenge itself.”

                More on the Nazi T-4 euthanasia programme you seem to advocate for the present – as early as 1929 Hitler proposed 700,000 of the weakest Germans be “removed” per year. By Aug. 1939, every doctor and midwife was notified they must register all children born with genetic defects, retroactive to 1936. By Sept. the killing started. They were told the forms were for STATISTICAL PURPOSES AND THAT A MASS TRANSFER OF CERTAIN PTNS TO OTHER INSTITUTIONS MIGHT BE NECESSARY BECAUSE OF WARTIME DEMAND FOR MEDICAL FACILITIES. The ptns were to “give their lives for the greater cause “ Nazis used injections, then later carbon monoxide, then sent a letter to the parents saying the kid died of pneumonia and had already been cremated. T-4 run by Hitlers doc, Karl Brandt.

                So, Karl/Old Guy…. I hope you aren’t too old, or they may cart YOU off next!

                • Not everything the Nazis did was a bad wrong thing. Yes indeed When Im no longer useful and cant pull my own weight Ill be more than ready to die and get the fuck outta the way. In not skeert of dying. For me Being alive and losing my mind & body functions is a fate Worse than death. My children will make the logical choice.

                  • Calling me a Nazi isn’t much different than the politically correct bullshit of calling me a racist. It don’t bother me at all.

                • and during the same time the folks running the tuberculous sanitarums in the USA . those folks did gruesome experiments & torture on the patients. They where just as bad or worse than the Nazis.

              • You won’t have to “let” them brother…sad thing is you can just about pick them out.

                If I/we are one, well I am good with that.

                • I will help those that have helped me. Something to consider, once you give out charity food or whatever they will most certainly be coming back for more. Every item you give away is an item you and yours will be without. People will become savages when theyre belly is empty and if they know you have food you had better watch your back 24/7 and be ready to make the hard decisions. A tisket a tasket will your charity become your casket? 🙂

              • WOW. You are not a nice old guy we would have to dinner, that’s for certain.

                Our daughter has a very rare disease. No idea what caused it. But she would have died had she not had massive medical intervention at birth. She had part of her large intestines removed at 6 weeks old (and it was done at that late date so we could spend the holidays with her in case she didn’t make it). Sadly, they didn’t remove it all. But she is totally rocking life. She has blown her drs away. She needs no meds and no ongoing medical care at this point, very likely, ever for this disease. They cannot figure her out. Her dr. talked with some of his mentors regarding her dx and one of them suggested he just give her a colostomy bag, because he had no other suggestion, another said do nothing, another said take out more. We all decided to wait it out and she what she did. She lives, and well, and normal! She is one fighter who would be dead if she was born 100 years ago without the surgery that failed but did enough that she functions normally and has no pain.

                I suppose what I am trying to say here is, you just don’t know. She is a normal child and her body works well despite the birth defect and the not totally successful surgery. If she were ‘put out’ a precious life that gives, would be lost. You can’t know the outcome, so you do what you can with what you have. If the means are available to provide care, then do it. If not, well then, it is what it is and you say goodbye.

                I cringe at your comments about down syndrome. I guess you have no real understanding of the value of life. Whose to say mentally disabled people aren’t in a better reality than we are. Lifes value is not in its length (though I want to live long) or in its ability to produce. Good grief. That is short-sighted of you.

                Try to understand it isn’t all black and white, there is too much unknown to make blanket statements.

                • Anon Who paid for all of the surgerys your child needed. Is she ever going to be a productive member of society. Or does se draw a government check every month. Will she reproduce and if she does will her offspring be defective. There is a great culling in the future and 90% will perish. Only the mean ruthless and best fitted will survive. Cold hard Root Hawg or die no holds barred Survival of the fittest. Not some reset. Its the end of civilization as we know it. Back like the early 1800,s.

                  • Old Guy you the risk of burning in hell. I have a grand son who is missing a bone in his arm. The result is one arm shorter than the other. I’m sure you would just as soon shoot him as look in his innocent eyes. Just as you would protect your own, if ANYONE ever harmed a single hair on his head, I would hunt them down to the ends of the earth and make sure they died a horrible painful death. Everyone of those innocent people who you would just as soon “take out” have family who would do the same to you. Make your choices wisely a-hole and live or die with the consequences.

              • You can’t be serious about letting a sick child die. Think about giving account for those words at the judgement seat of Christ. Down syndrome children cannot be turned away for any reason, but in a teotwawki environment I can’t give any advise as to how to save them. But it won’t be from intentional neglect. God will not forgive the intentional harm of a child. Your soul hangs in the balance. Think!

            • Peter Singer is a phony. When his elderly, useless mother was very sick he did everything he could to keep her alive. Just another FOS POS who says one thing and does another.

            • I truly fail to see how helping the weak and infirm helps our race – as a whole. I understand the values present behind such motives but Jesus said, you want to eat? Put in a days labor.
              It was Paul who stated your reference, not Jesus. (2Th 3:10) For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
              The key words here are “would not work.” Be grateful that God does not say to you that “Since you are weak compared to Me, I will make you disappear.” To care for the infirmed and the weak helps our humanity(not race) in its character. Without that compassion for others less fortunate, we would be nothing more than zombies determined to destroy ourselves. It is through the work we do for the infirmed and the weak that we display the love that God has towards us. God says we are to take care of them when they can’t do it themselves. Jesus left us with two great commandments that covers all the other Commandments. It is in these that we find our purpose for being!

              • When push comes to shove. like it or not. It will eventually boil down to (that if any will not or cannot work neither shall they eat. The Luxury of enabling the parasitic will simply not be affordable. Ok heres an example you have you old feeble parents & your wife & children to feed. You supplys are running out. Do you continue to feed the old & feeble and let everyong starve? Or make the hard choice to ensure the survival of the young? Hard choice for some. logical decision for others?

                • This is a discussion that is worthy of debate. In fact, the epic naval disaster of the whaler the Essex is a case in point. Interestingly, so is the case of the HMS Bounty. In neither case did they kill the weak. And that, mon ami, is the difference between this corrupt culture and that time, which – while also very imperfect – has much more honour and integrity than today.

                  Your argument also devolves to one where the slippery slope of this argument keeps moving up the food chain as it were. The result is the Nazi “logic,” or “logic” of Japanese Unit 531, 731, etc. In fact, you have NO POINT WHERE YOU CAN DRAW THE LINE. If you do, let us know where, and how and why you draw the line.

                  Yes, if a man will not work, neither let him eat. We all agree there. But your “logic” appears to move a category over from that, and apparently denies – if I read you correctly – that man is made in the image of God. And when you go there, man becomes a monster. Can it be that we have forgotten the lessons of Nazi Germany so soon????

                • Old guy, you are a farce and a phony. Did you own a Chevy Vega in your younger days? If you are ever in Victoria Texas drop by and pay a visit. I sincerely hope you have raised better children than your parents did!

                  • No vega. I had a Z 28 Camaro. big block four speed hedders ect. and Ive been to Victoria Texas. I drove truck for many years and have been to lots of places. S I hauled some construction equiptment there for a company that was installing phone cables.

                  • A farce & phony? You have resorted to the tactic folks use when they disagree with the message and have no valid rebuttal. You attack the messenger . Childish Name calling? now why not attack my spelling? Now I can see by your response you are giving me free rent in your head. Don’t worry there are no mental retard pets in my domain and im the oldest so ill likely be gone first.

              • Old guy, the old and feeble are no brainers. My parents are in their eighties and smoked for 40 years. I wouldn’t give them the time of day after teotwawki. Just like I would walk past an amputee if he got it from a dwi. Neither would I help anyone that has self inflicted wounds. But that helpless child is an entirely different situation. Yes, a culling will come, but for the defenseless child it will come after I have given all to save them. “Better that a man was never born than to harm one of these little ones, for their angels behold the face of my Father always”. What was his name, the guy with the crown of thornes, nail scars in his hands, arose on the third day and sits at the right hand of his Father. Find Him, you need Him!

          • Wow eppe you really stepped out of your shell there. Glad to see you back. Sharpen all the blades and re-oil all the moving parts of the tools. Then let the great culling begin. Let er’ Rip!!

            • WWTI, Funny you say that, about a year or so ago I said the same thing, got thumbed DOWN 10 to 1. Different crowd on this site now. Or maybe the scene in the landscape is different. Maybe we are FED up with all the BS. When I say ‘KILL EM ALL’, I mean the PTB at all levels….

              • used to be mostly “hang the bankers” type shit…

                Now it’s kill the weak, infirm, blacks, muzzies, Persians, immigrants, dogs, cats, chickens, zombies, sheep and Bud drinkers.

                Regular slaughterhouse…

              • 10 Thumbs Up Eppe.

              • Eppe, I believe the mood is changed now in America. We are at the tipping point. No Mo BS!! The tide is going to flush out the corrupt.

              • Yes just a year ago I made the statement that police & firemen wherent heros . I stated they where government funded taking parasites who produced nothing. That they where funded by robbing (taxes) from the productive. Boy was I chastised & lamblasted. Now Very few disagree about the fact that we have far to many government funded taking parasites and far to few making producers. I don’t know if it a different crowd or folks can see the facts? Cops especially are seen in a entirely different viewpoint today. I can state things like Leos ate government funded vigalantie thugh enforcers and most are in agreement.

                • OG;
                  I read you loud and clear. I have been pissed forever about the “hero” unions. If you follow the rants of Police, firemen, and teachers you would believe that membership in their unions automatically provided hero status. It always brings a tear to my eye when I see a 400,000 dollar fire truck at the grocery store stocking up on their barbeque supplies for the week.

                  • They gotta eat ya know–just like you.

                    And if there’s not enough men to allow a man to leave in a private vehicle, they gotta take their unit with.

                    Come on. They have to buy their food with their own $s.
                    Want your home to go “uncovered” while they get a meal.

                    Many times a meal is interupted for a call and they come back to a cold supper with puke and blood all over their clothes and then by the time they get cleaned up to reheat, well–another call comes in and off they go again.

                    You are raggin’ people who are there to help you !

                • Yes you did say that(hubby a firfighter), and I still say go in peace.

                  But as I recall you claimed to be a vol fireman. Do you use the thinking you base your multitude of comments from above and bring that thought process to “the scene” when you are volunteering.

                  Mercy man.

        • I’ll tell you what selfish is….

          Selfish is when the facts regarding a deteriorating economic, moral and spiritual condition is engulfing the world are perfectly clear, and you do nothing about it….but instead continue to immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood, sports and gangster culture…and then expect others to take care of you when it finally all falls apart.

          • Walt for president!


            With about two thirds of the 50 million on gov subsidies/welfare; we could get a whole lot of gardening/farming/ranching and firewood detail accomplished.

            Food and warmth to the needy elderly from, the takers/users, hard days work, would go along way to solving some problems.

            As for prodders and shotgun toting overseers at the work zones, I feel sure some patriots would volunteer some time.

            No reason to kill ’em if they run, just catch ’em and send ’em to Africa/homeland. They will never earn enough $$ down there to get a plane ticket back.

          • Walt, that’s the best description of selfish I’ve ever heard anywhere.

          • Right on Walt! We have so many neighbors and family members who simply refuse to do anything to prepare. Nothing! Yet when the shft they will be over at my place with their hands out wanting help. At that time I’m going to give theem a bag with the tv remote, People magazine,an empty can of tuna, and a condom and tell them to go reproduce themselves. Helping a child with Downs syndrome or Autism is a salvation issue and I would never turn them away, but to help an idiot that smoked for thirty years until he/she doesn’t have enough lung capacity to walk up one flight of stairs is a grevious sin. And we can throw in fat people, the free s### army, veterans that are manipulating the system reserved for the amputees and a host of others.Let them die and good riddance. Hang tough Walt and let no one erode your attitude or lead you to compromise. thanks

          • Selfish is billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money being wasted. I suspect Valerie Lucus-McEwen could buy us all a 10 year supply of Wise Foods and much more with the waste her department does every day. My friend’s parents live in PA. Said there was a mountain across from them filled with FEMA living trailers. Apparently FEMA buys billions of dollars of stuff and then just parks it somewhere and lets it rot. Talk about SELFISH.
            Taking only for your self is SELFISH.
            Taking only for your amusement is PATHOLOGICALLY SELFISH. Many if not most government employees are PATHOLOGICALLY SELFISH.

        • @valerie… fuck you. My emotional side would be ecstatic to shoot you when you would come to me and mine for substance….However, i feel sorry for you. Live or die…your choice and by your words, i expect you yo seriously kiss my ass for your life. (Valerie is fema employee at start of article)

          • Npgh, AMEN to your comments about Valerie. I wouldn’t even want that crazy bitch in my bed, regardless of what she looked like.

            • I wish her father had heeded your advise with her mother.

          • If a lowlife alleged altruistic like Valerie Lucus-McWeen thinks I’m “selfish”, just because I LOVE my family enough to make sure that our family is prepared, then, Ms. Lucus-McEwen is surely going to perish in the coming famines.
            Couldn’t happen to a better creature, either.
            I am also astounded that someone calling himself the “prepared pastor” would have the gall to call anyone who chooses to NOT believe exactly as he does, “spiritual retards”. Such a person is neither of God, nor cares at all for humanity or the sanctity of life. He is simply(if a pastor at all) a slug, telling the people what they want to hear for money. The Bible is FULL of incidents regarding hypocrites like that, and is rather specific about their “reward” in the afterlife. We should not listen to creatures calling themselves”prepared pastor” nor allow ourselves to be labeled “selfish”, by the diva of egotism, Valerie Lucus-McEwen. Those people will be relegated to the sewers of ignominy.

        • What is selfish about preparing for a natural, or man caused disaster for my family….? I don’t buy it.

          • That is their strategy, call you a ridiculous name and then have you defend against it when it needs no defense.

        • Amen
          I am not responsible for anyone but myself and my loved ones. I am struggling to cover the present while making sure we will have enough in the future,
          How exactly does that make me selfish?
          If my desire to be prudent and conservative makes me selfish then people who view me as such are IGNORANT and IRRESPONSIBLE!
          In days gone by having food, protection and other needed goods was just plain good sense, as was patriotism and defense of the constitution and our American way of life. Now we are viewed as villains.
          MOLON LABE

          • nomi brother.


          • Hey Kulafarmer,
            Hi From BI. Is it not part of Hawaiian Kuleana to prepare and share, but also expect everyone else do the same?
            No Da Kine for lazy! We got to feed the pigs. The lazy Bra will do.

            • @Reliik
              IF it was like old school and everybody was working to grow and build and live then yes the kuleana would be ideal, thats why this is so frustrating at times because there are still many of us with the older knowledge and mindset, i had a Hawaiian brada from Waiohuli homesteads tell me that they were just going to take what they want from us Haoles, i just told him i hope he can outgun me in a dug in position

        • Wow I dodge a bullet, I’m not a selfish prepper, I’m a selfish homesteader. I’ll be damed if I’ll give an unprepared condescending obamanite one of my goats, they would either sacrifice it to some satanic god or have sex with it or both.

          • Then they would ask for another goat when that one was gone,,,

          • Rick and Kula.

            My 2 favorite shtfplan guys…we live exactly like you survivors.

            I will help those like me, the rest can go to hell.


            • Where is PO’d Granny, and KY Mom?? Those Ladies know how to Let er’ Rip with good factoids and common sense. SixPack is packing heat here too. Ladies!!!! lol

              • I’m Back WWTI. Went on a fun trip to Reno and brought back some of THEIR COINS.

                Needed to give the red-thumbers a rest!

                Thanks for missing me……

                • PO Granny. lol I do like your wisdom. Keep em’ coming. So did they have any water left in Reno? I’ve been there on my way to Lake Tahoe. My Fav is Roulette. I have a stradegy and a lucky table. I usually am up about $650 to $750 in a week, playing.

          • Rick…tell us another fishin story…

        • Badamerican, I’m right there with you.

        • Prepping in a time of plenty. Like in Egypt, when they were told there would be seven years of plenty and then seven bad years. I don’t see anything in the Bible that says it is selfish to store up for an emergency.

      2. We live in such uncertain times – economic, viruses, natural disasters, etc.

        I can think of countless reasons to be prepared. I don’t understand why EVERYONE is not taking steps to be prepared.

        “Scientists warn that a solar flare approaching Earth could disrupt power grids, radio transmissions & satellite signals. They consider this an unusual event.”

        • Mom,would say many still cannot cross the mental bridge to accepting that a man made/huge natural disaster can drastically change things,I honestly believe many of these folks will die by their own hand things go real south.That said,have also gotten folks to see the light and prepare,even a little bit may be enuff for a start as I honestly believe if you can accept how bad things can be you may have a chance at survival even with limited resources,reason being you have opened your best resource,your mind.

          • Our Government is plenty Selfish. They Rob us blind to build fallout shelter for themselves and award all the federal contracts to their buddies. They even create laws and programs desugned to funnel all our money right to their buddies for profit. The useless DHS and the MICM Military Industrial Complex Mafia is a pure example of selfish greed. ISIS the new boogie man.

          • Thankfully, more people are waking up and starting to prepare.

            The Weakening of America

            In less than a generation, our society has turned AWAY from centuries of common sense and the values of being independent, self-reliant, prepared and hard working.
            The weakening of America has been a multipronged effort – to weaken spiritually, morally, intellectually and physically. Our current society is a reflection of these changes.

            Those ‘shaping’ America, have successfully encouraged most citizens to become DEPENDENT on … the government, medications, stores open 24/7, etc.

            “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
            –Abraham Lincoln

            You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
            You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
            You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
            You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
            You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence.
            You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.
            -William J. H. Boetcker

            It comes as no surprise that the “45 Communist Goals for America” include:
            -Discrediting the Bible
            -Infiltrating the church
            -Eliminating prayer
            -Weakening the basic American institutions
            -Discrediting the family
            -Encouraging promiscuity and easy divorce,
            -Getting control of the schools
            -Discrediting the Constitution
            -Belittle all forms of American culture
            -Discourage the teaching of American history

            • Thanks, you always write good stuff.

        • Thanks for this. I look at almost every link you put through. Keep ’em coming from one mom to another.

          I have been talking with newly married, out of the house daughter about preps. Last night she text me, finally, that she stopped and bought 9 gallons of water because Santa Cruz is running out. She said the shelves were pretty bare. I told her, “See, no go get some food”.

          Hopefully she gets it and will start working on a get home plan too.

          But many thanks to you for all the helpful info you pot. I gotta ask, how do you find this stuff?

          • Anon1970,

            I like to read. When I find something useful or interesting, I save the link so I can share it.

            I understand the concerns having young adult children and wanting them to be prepared. We can just keep encouraging them and sending information to help them along their journey.

            Even spending just $5 a week, the little preps do add up.

            Take care! Keep prepping!
            KY Mom

      3. I have said would try and take in two/four footed orphans to best of ability,still do believe my fate is to die in the early round,and as have said ad naseum am comfortable with that.Good article Mr.Roberts,I liked that you added god or nature herself has imprinted this in us,as I view nature/god the same thing,(perhaps gods,no one knows,just believes/has faith),you included all in that point.Prepping is just like checking tire pressure/oil/fuel level in car before a road trip,life is a road trip and has(will have)some damn big bumps.

        • You either have a spare tire, or you don’t…best not to wait to find out which, 100 miles from nowhere.

          • Churches always seem to beg for your money all the while they claim God will provide for you. Hello Sheepy Numbskulls get a clue. Its all a scam. .

            • Most “churches”, yes. True Christianity, no.

            • Do you know who Deitrich Bonhoeffer or Martin Neimoller are? William Wilburforce? John Newton? I personally have a friend who is a pastor who right now, who has lived in poverty and literally risked his life on a daily basis, living in Medellin, Colombia, during the VERY worst of the drug wars and murders there. He would bring in ‘sicarios’ (young kids, say 10 yrs old, whom bad guys would give 10 bucks to kill someone) into his very home to work with them. He had to leave for a while when there was a contract put out on his life. He then moved to the town of Armenia, Colombia, and stayed thru the horrible earthquake. He lives in what we would consider poverty. And then I read your post.

              Yes, there are hypocrites in the church. To some degree, the church is a hospital for hypocrites, not a hotel for saints. But those that abuse the Living God for money, power, prestige, etc? You can see what Christ did Himself with those types, when he drove the money changers out of the temple.

              You will only be alive for a brief period, as will they. It will be a sobering experience – despite all the cultural pollyana stuff currently in vogue – when people are called to stand before an actual, real, live, living God

        • Well said, Warchild.

      4. If you still care on ANY LEVEL what the bought/paid for MORONS in the DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS believes, says, and/or endorses, then you have already LOST.

        Know when to “hold um” and know when to “fold um”.

        Better yet, KNOW WHEN TO LOCK-N-LOAD and FOLD THEM!

      5. Damn right I will be selfish when and if I need my preps. After all, I am choosing to take care of myself, unlike the other half. That’s not selfishness, that’s common sense.

        • Half…..?

          Do you really think it’s that many? Outside of my neighbors who happen to be of the Mormon faith, there are only a couple who have done anything proactive to prepare….

          • you bet your ass I’m selfish….I WORKED for the money to BUY the preps that I’m gonna USE when the time comes…no lazy bastard is going to get a damn thing from me or my family.

          • The ‘other’ half I am referring to is the 47% that receive government aid, sucking off the system vs. contributing to it. Last I read there are roughly 3 million preppers. I doubt seriously though that more than a few thousand of the so called preppers could last a year on their own if something happened to disrupt food distribution.
            I’m at the point where if I can’t eat I then I have to ask myself if it’s important. When I shop, it’s all about the consumables. If your pantry is not a complete and separate room in your house, you may be fantasizing, not prepping.

      6. The Lord helps those who help themselves. If you sit around and expect someone else to come to your rescue then you are a fool just waiting for it to all blow up in your face, which you richly deserve to have happen. You the public at large need to take care of business for you and yours way before you ask for someone to step up and take you on as their burden when you have failed your family and yourself.
        I learned today about a group of people wanting to set up a soup kitchen in our town of almost 700 they say the need is so great, my answer is you are not really helping them; you are allowing them to get deeper and deeper in the system and not doing for themselves, as we all know that it is way easier to have someone do for you then to help yourself we have become a nation deeply entrenched in the give me system. Lord help us all, he is our only salvation at this point.

        • Mallardhen and everyone else, I couldn’t agree more with your comments. I recall a similar article last year with that same brain-dead federal bitch calling preppers selfish. I said it then and I’ll say it again now; ALL OF THOSE GOVT. MORONS CAN GO F#$% THEMSELVES. My preps are for my consumption only and no one else. fortunately, I have no spouse or siblings to provide for so that does make things easier for me. I just finished checking my weapons for tomorrow, 9/11 anniversary. hopefully it will come and go without something happening.

        • The soup kitchen should simply be PART of the road back to self sufficiency. I certainly can’t agree with you here

        • Give them a couple packs of seeds and tell them to get off their ass or die.

          That is how the planet works.

          • We as a society have been forced whether we want to or not to keep folks in a social safety net instead of a social safety trampoline to get folks back on their feet,as I have said before nets are to capture people,not help them.We have across the country made it illegal to help out the homeless by feeding them(unless you pay huge money for a permit/license),this feeding is done voluntarily and not by govt.theft,once again govt.trying to keep people dependent on them.We should revolt on these issues,not burn neighbors cars/steal from local business but take the battles right to city hall,literally throw them out!

        • I keep seeing people quoting The Bible to justify selfishness. I’d just like to mention a few point for your personal contemplation.

          The Lord also helped those who couldn’t help themselves. He gave whatever He had, and asked nothing in return…But we’re not Jesus. He knew His Divine purpose, and was familiar with the terms of His own death. We don’t know the time when we will leave this place, so we have to prepare for a (hopefully) long haul.


          There may be times when we could safely help someone else, and to fail to do so would be against everything Jesus taught us. Jesus led by example, but He knew we are imperfect people, and we would not follow His example exactly. Still, we are expected to try.

          There is nothing “logical” about withholding common decency, when it will make little or no difference to you, should you choose to provide it.

          Pride goeth before the fall.

          Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you…and/or yours.

          For all you black-and-white people, I’m not saying anyone should give away their labors and stores. I’m not even suggesting that you should be “charitable.”


          That’s how you’ll know you’ve stepped over the line between self-preservation, and selfishness and greed.

          Judge not, lest ye too be judged…or something like that.

        • We can’t ask God to direct our steps if we are unwilling to move our feet. Amen!!

          I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

        • OK I promise I won’t be selfish. I will give each and every beggar some of my lead, one by one.

      7. In some cases, killing those responsible for what we may endure is too merciful and quick. Place them in locks and stock to have the people they inflicted harm upon, inflict injury upon them. Not to imprison them but right out in the town square for all to see.
        I don’t care what they say about me or what I should do.

        Yesterday I brought a small double bladed hand axe. Under two pounds, forged steel shank/head and balanced. Last chance weapon.

        • Sling,though hate those that are powers that want to be,we also are responsible for allowing it to happen.Thus,tis our responsibility to try to best of ability to make it right,that said,can see my self killing,but torture ect,nope,also,we will need to be efficient as there is a lot of work ahead of us.

          • as mean and heartless as I am. Im still not about to torture anything animal or human even the evil banksters ect. A quick kill is my preference.

        • They need to be put in an orange suit, given a 20 lb. sledge, a blanket and a bowl of gruel.

          That is what they have planned for us.

          Death will be a relief.

        • My Religion is KARMA!!! Deliver it swiftly and justifiable!

      8. one of my favorite of all time quotes

        “Any community that fails to prepare, with the expectation that the federal government will come to the rescue, will be tragically wrong.” Michael Leavitt, HHS Secretary.

        lets amend that a bit

        “ANY individual who fails to prepare ,with the expectation that the federal government,or anyone else,will come to their rescue,will be tragically wrong.”

        you can quote ME on that !!!

      9. I’ve been preparing since 08/09…

        Have a years worth of purified waters,food, medicine, and such all tucked away..

        Wife periodically says “let’s eat all that food you have stashed’ll go bad…”

        “It’s for emergencies and no emergencies have occurred yet”

        but when they do…we’ll be the “selfish” ones who did prepare accordingly..

        Stay alert and always be prepared

        and most importantly

        enjoy your loved ones, family, and friends every damned day

        life is a gift

        embrace and live it..

        Til the shtf..I’ll continue to do so without any fear


        • Right on Possee,
          That stuff is all for the just in case so we dont starve to death, there are so many people who just dont get it. Is quite troublesome but in truth i sleep relatively well because of the knowledge that we will be ok under most circumstances. Theres always the outliers, but such is life, and yes, life is pretty damn good so best to just enjoy it.
          God Bless

        • Forgot about you brother in my comment above about Kula and Rick…no fucking fear.

          God, we just want to be left alone.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • Always rotate that food out and track expiration dates. Sort your food by expiration dates not by the type of food so you eat the soon to ecpire foods first. Your wife is probably right, eat then replace..

      10. Ubic,I hope you are rotating stock at least and eating the oldest as fresh added.

        • I have stock from 2008-it’s fine; preppers do NOT store short term foods.

          • Your right anyone can live through a hurricane, short term prepping is no prepping at all. If you ain’t prepping for teotwawki, then your doing nothing but setting yourself up for a great fall… and great be the fall of it.

        • All stock is either pressure canned or mylar sealed with o2 absorbers..opened a bag of rice from 09..perfect,fresh and delicious..

          If properly sealed,most foods will last past my lifetime.

          Researchers have opened tin cans from the 40’s and except for some minimal loss of nutrients..all was fine..

          It’s all in the preparation..

          As a chef, and preparer, I made ready to eat complete meals in quart masons(should no heat or cooking facilities be available)consisting of root veges,greens,proteins,legumes,garlic ,onions. and herbs.


          complete Italian meals with peppers,onions,garlic, tomatoes,assorted proteins etc..

          The only canned foods that will not hold up are pasta and rice/grains..they will break down over time due to the enzymes inherent..


          • My pasta and macaroni is just as fresh as the day I put it in 5 gallon buckets–2008.

            No absorbers. EVER

          • Good info, ubiquitous.
            I believe you are saying once cooked and canned, pasta and rice wont hold up well?

      11. @everyone…its 9:01 pm est. And im feeling uneasy. Im tired and its been a long day but im compelled to listen to obama. God bless you all. Tomorrow may be a very different day.

        • Npgh, I’ll stick to the internet before I go listen to the BOY in the WH. Don’t want to hear his propaganda anyway.

          • You need to listen to him so you can prepare. What ever he says is the opposite of what he will do.

            He said he was going to bomb ISIL so that means he’s going to bomb for ISIL. He’s going to bomb women, children, schools and hospitals so ISIL can use it for recruitment propaganda, get prepared.

            He said he was going to form a coalition of arab states to go against ISIL, he means that he’s going to form a new islamist terror group to use against us, get prepared.

            He said he was going into into Syria to go after ISIL, he means Assad in order to expand the ISIL caliphate, get prepared.

            He said that ISIL isn’t real muslims, he means they are the only muslims, all others will be brought into the fold, get prepared

            • The only thing Obummer is going to protect is his legacy. He is doing this to suck up to the war hawks. OB is a puppet.

            • @RickInOregon…Your points exactly! Big Green Thumb from me.

            • Absolutely agree. You gotta know your enemy!

              • Anon1970, you are right know your enemy, but when teotwawki hits, you will have no friends, and that just about identifies your list of enemies. Hang tough!

          • Leading from behind. Ooops! I mean the golf course.

        • Did he happen to fess up about his unilateral withdrawal from Iraq and support for the Syrian rebels as having been major policy mistakes made for the sake of partisan politics, resulting in huge losses of life and causing the current situation he finds himself in?

          Didn’t hear his speech, was wondering if he did that.

        • Amen pissin…I don’t ever read any of these articles.

          The headline is enough for me.

          I want to know what all of you have to say.

          I can take heed in all of your bs or I can listen to a commie, muslim, faggot pos that no one has any idea who it is.

          yet 50+ million so called people voted for it.

          I’m waiting patiently for our last stand. lms.

        • Vacuum pack pastas in masson jars 15 lbs of pressure. Recheck all lids on occasion to make sure seals are holding. If one pops then eat it.

        • @passinthewind…I don’t consider it wasting my time. I don’t ususally watch the Bull-Crapper Chief but last night I did. We are living in very, very precarious times, don’t you think?
          I feel that it is also my responsibility to gather as much information as possible.
          What did I learn from him from last night’s speech?
          Nothing really. Just re-inforced my belief that he is a bold faced traitor to this country and he is a bigger threat than Ebola, illegals and ISIS/ISIL combined. Why? Because he has lulled the ignorant into complacency.
          We need to be standing up and fighting back but we are not.

      12. I chose to prep to give my family the best chance to survive the events of today. I have learned to keep my prepping quiet so as not to draw unwanted attention. I hope others make plans for their families, but it is up to them. I may be wrong but it is a chance I will take.

      13. I prep AND I help others too. Selfishness is having the ability to provide for yourself but instead insisting on the government to do it for you. I empathize with the truly poor who find themselves in bad situations through no fault of their own. Not everyone has the ability to fix their life and certain people do in fact need assistance (people with mental health issues, disabilities, etc.). However, I have little pity for the middle class schmuck who gets himself into debt up to his eyeballs just to buy a fancy car, a fancy house, plenty of gadgets.etc. and then complains he has no money. Those people can screw off as far as I’m concerned. You had the ability to prepare but chose not to allocate your wealth wisely. You didn’t hedge and this is what it comes to. It’s not my responsibility to help you although, if you have kids, I probably will. It’s not their fault their parents are morons.

        • Winston, I agree. I have never had a car loan, or mortgage, or credit card. I’ve always bought cars from private owners and paid cash for them. I don’t really care for gadgets. I always have more to spend on preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. Being debt-free goes a LONG, LONG, LONG way to getting prepared. I invested my hard-earned money wisely toward prepping for myself to get through whatever curveballs life throws at me and I’ll never apologize to anyone for it. I also refuse to sympathize with anyone who chose to go drowning in debt to buy an overrated new car, McMansion, gadgets, etc. They made their own bed so now they can lay their stupid ass on it.

        • That’s what I’m talking about. I might add, those people who choose to stay drunk or high throughout their lives, while expecting the govt to keep them that way, with our money. I knew of a few who sold their food stamps for dope or booze…no sympathy for them here, either.

      14. I usually use my variation of speed reading on most articles…

        This was worth reading word for word…I hope you all do the same.

        • Don’t forget to buy a lot of starting fluid, red devil lye, denatured alcohol and sudafed…another easy way to get followed out of the store and get your license plate taken…

          • I found a great price on sinus/allergy tablets at DG.
            I’ve been using that brand for a few years.
            I tried to buy 10 to add to our shoe box of meds and vitamins.
            I could only buy 5–the register was programmed that way. I could have someone else buy the other 5, but why support that type of business ethic?/
            I went to IGA Priceless store and bought 10 with no problem–saved $10 for great generic tablets and the 24 package directions say ‘take one’ so the savings are really more than that–the DG brand directs you to take two!!

            • nice grab.

          • I take a Sudafed pill before I go scuba diving. It helps clear out any congestion I may have in my head nasal cavities. lol It helps clearing compression down under easier.

        • Satori,

          We make it harder for them to spy on us if we pay in cash. What your bank doesn’t know about you won’t hurt you.

        • The DHS Should focus on the real Criminals in America and that is those in Congress and the Whitehouse. Americans are no threat to anyone, unless we are attacked. Then you are F*cked.

      15. Probably the toughest prep of all is learning to say no to those who are un-prepared. It’s all going to come down to Neighbor vs Neighbor….at least in the suburbs anyways… so might as well get ready for the tough decisions.

        How ironic, invite a neighbor to a barbeque one day, watch him and his family starve the next. God I hate the federal reserve and the global elite.

        • Thats one thing that worries me,
          I have a reservoir and acreage and grow veggies, some i will help but where does the line get drawn?
          If things come unglued i plan on plowing EVERYTHING under. Will leave the reservoir green,,,
          Hopefully that will deter ill will, if not…..

          • One day at a time my friend.

            One day at a time.

            • Thats all we can deal with isnt it

              • Told that to another friend today as well.

                It is very difficult. Life regardless of the rotten fucks that want to destroy is sooooo sweet.

                I want more of it for sure…and I saw a sign today that said…”free beer and hotdogs tomorrow!”

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • Smart move, Kula–after you grab what you can hold and store from that field!
            Those that say they’ll construct a bigger fence forget that hardware stores have long ladders and wire cutters aren’t on the terrorist list–yet!

          • Kulufarmer, please get the “help people mentality” out of your brain once and for all. If you let one in they will bring friends, and friends of friends that will all be your enemy within three days of arrival. Remeber, the media will not be there to film your beheading at the hands of your so called “friends”. Take care of yourself, let the rest fall.

            • Think about it—are these idiots that did not see the necessity to prepare for their children really the type we want to save??
              Think about that a while. 🙁

          • Figure out how many you can take in. You need arable ground, defensible location, security and labor day and night, medical expertise, etc.

            Those who will work for the common good will be welcome. Those who will not get sent down the road.

        • Cellar Spider, I’ve already wrestled with that issue many years ago. I agree it’s one of the toughest decisions anyone can make, but there are good reasons for saying no. You’re only responsible for yourself and your loved ones. there’s no way you can be responsible for anyone else’s family. No single individual or even group of individuals can go and save the world. the world is getting what it’s had coming to it for centuries. I hate what’s coming also but all anyone can do is prepare to the best of their ability and try to ride out the whole storm. Take care.

        • Cellar spider, please take this as life saving advice. Please! When you say no, do you think they will just say, well ok and leave and not harm you. If you are in the suburb when teotwawki hits then you are dead. It will be war and you will be kia [killed in action]. If you have kids think of them.You call it a tough decision,then you need to understand your decision to have contact with anyone you do not absolutely 1000% trust in is nothing sort of suicide. What does it take to get people to understand what we are up against?

      16. Off topic
        Am trying to figure out my pressure canner, so far everything has sealed, does it matter if the headspace liquid wise is lower than the veggies? Am canning green beans today, tomorrow corn, but being new to this am a little squeamish about it. Have read and read and read till my eyes are sore so think ive got it, but…
        Since im so selfish learning how to preserve my harvest and not give myself botulism,,,,
        Anywho,,, input is welcome!

        • Kula, I’m no expert, but have canned nearly 600 qts. of green beans over the past eight years.

          Here are a few pointers, that I have learned from experience:

          1 make sure jars,lids and rings are hot when filling jars with hot beans. We heat jars to around 220 in the oven right before filling them, and have simmering water to dunk lids in, one at a time as we use them. Spread rings around stove top whereby they get some heating.

          2 keep green beans below the threads on the jar, and make sure you have plenty of cooking juice/water in the pot you heated/boiled the beans up in. We boil the raw beans just long enough to see them change color to sort of translucent.

          3 when filling jars add cooking/boiling liquid as you add beans into jars and when about 3/4 full add a teaspoon of salt and poke around sides of jar with a butter/plastic knife to release air pockets.

          4 very important!!! don’t overfill. Keep water/cooking liquid covering beans and leave at least an inch of headspace. Better to have too much empty space as too little. Why? during processing pressure builds up and sometimes pushes out air and juice, all at once. a little is always gonna escape, but if too full or packed too tight in jars, you could have an inch or two of beans without any liquid over them.

          5 very important!!! only finger tighten rings. pressure needs to escape jars somewhat. over tightening can cause sudden “push out” of liquid into canner.

          6 something else we learned that is very important!!
          as you are filling jars, have canner heating as you fill and seat jar lids and place them in heating water immediately. Don’t give them a chance to cool down any.

          7 very important!!! once canner is full and no jars are touching each other or sides of canner, then lock down lid and increase heat until steam comes out the top with enough pressure to make pop up valve snap up. Let it keep heating and steaming for about ten minutes and then put pressure weight on. We are at 1550 ft elevation so we use one weight on our Presto Aluminum Canner.

          8 very important!! regulate heat in small increments.
          When the pressure weight starts rocking, I start turning the heat/temp down until i get a slow back and forth rock and steam squirt. If the rockin stops, it’s not a problem, just increase the temp until it starts back up and leave rocking for about twenty minutes and gradually and incrementally start decreasing temp every five minutes until heat is completely turned off.

          9 very, very important !!!!
          never open canner or remove weight until popper valve has fallen down and no pressure is left in canner.

          I usually remove weight and then leave canner closed for three to six hours before removing canner lid. I then leave jars in canner for another hour or two and then slowly remove them and let stand until i can handle them without gloves or oven mits. (bare hands) Then I remove rings of jars that are sealed and wash off bean juice residue under warm water. If a jar doesn’t seal just redo, if you are doing two batches back to back. other- wise I leave ring on and put into refrigerator for later use or canning later on. I have kept unsealed jars in the refrigerator for two weeks before using.

          Good luck!

          • OOPS..didn’t see your – much better than my own – post!

            Thanks for the expansive info…much obliged!

              • I’ve used the Blue Book from Ball Jars for my go to canning guide. IMO it’s an absolute must have if you own a pressure canner.

                • Got one,, been using it, but when stuff doesnt come out exactly as they say i worry,,, murphies law

          • Thank you for the input,,,
            just noticed that some of the jars had beans not in the water after running the batch, Im going to put those ones aside and maybe re process them tomorrow, or just eat them up first,, I was hot packing and had the jars/lids/rings in hot water in other pots on the side,, headspace was 1″ per the American pressure canner book, on the USDA site it says 1/2″ headspace,,, so guess I will see

            • all good info…just remember. cleanliness is next to Godliness! Keep all your lids and jars hot and sterile. You have time to breath and do your canning. It is satisfying to preserve what you grow for later use.

              If that jar seals, you are golden.

              Remember, directions a made to be bullet-proof and free of LIABILITY!…so idiot can attempt it.

              You brother, are no idiot. I was the same as you at first. We canned everything when I was a kid…everything. I am your age. I have not died from eating my own food. (this comment is proof of that!) I have only had 2 or 3 jars ever not seal…of thousands.

              You know what is good…and what is bad.

              Being clean and hot is the key.

              • @ lastmanstannding,

                All that is GOOD info, there is one little thing I’ve picked up from JOG lately that may well help a small bit; in laundry, in dishwashing use Borax; the stuff permeates clothes and always leaves a very small bit of itself in them and on any surface it comes into contact with. Bleach kills yes…but then evaporates letting it all start again. Borax STAYS behind in ever so slight amounts that are not harmful even via ingestion (trace only..night actually help keep some things to go better, we need it to metabolize all forms of calcium…) but that slight residue that remains is quite good at stopping ALL fungal life and severely retards the growth of virtually ALL bacteria; he brought TONS of that with him and I’ve been eating off dishware washed thusly daily for months…adequately rinsed of course.

                Since the damn funguses are EVERYWHERE – even Antarctica – then there is something ‘there’ in-place to interdict any possible growth from what may inadvertantly fall onto it from the open air itself when it’s out in the open…every little bit helps, No?

                • Homemade laundry detergent recipe:
                  1 Bar Shaved Soap ( I use Zote and only the one grater specifically for this job )
                  1 cup of Borax
                  1 cup of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

                  • hmmmmm;
                    I’ve been using borax, washing soda, and fels naptha combo for a little over a year now. And I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the results. Not to mention the cost savings!

                    Now granted, this isn’t a high performance laundry cleaner, but for everyday stuff its great.


                  • @ hmmmm and GR,

                    hmmmmm, that’s as good as any Sir, another one you might use for REALLY heavy ‘duty jobs’ is any decent detergeant mixed with both Borax and TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate…the orginal ACTIVE additive in most detergeants 35 years ago…same stuff you get at the hardware store to clean siding with) stuff cleans ANYTHING, though you’d probably NOT want to BATHE in it, JOG says it’s alright to handle…nothing patently toxic results.

                    GR, you’re ‘greyed out’ so I’ll respond here.

                    The Borax is an amazing substance for a HORDE of reasons. What seems to make it so damn good at cleaning things is that it appears to radically help solvate ‘lipids’, fats and greases of all sorts.

                    A friend of mine ( 🙂 ) related a story in which he was in basic training in the Army and it happened that him and s couple of others got detailed to assist in CLEANING some brand new AR’s that had just been sent in from depot. Those came with the barrles PLUGGED with ‘Cosmolene’; done so delibeately to make aure that there was no corrosion durinmg long-term storage. As he related the story, they simply stripped the weapons down to metal (the barrels, that is) and had set aside several cut-in-half 55 gal drums full of water and detergeant, heated near to boiling by propane. With the addition of the Borax to the mix they then immersed those and twenty minutes later, JOB DONE, clean ‘as a whistle’

                    Also, what he told me was that the Borax allows the soap to ‘ionize’ properly in any water containing calcites of any sort; which is something that strongly impairs any detergeant’s ability to do much of anything. JOG ticked off to me one day ALL that that stuff can do…the list just goea on and ON! I listened to him for near on 15 minutes as he went through it rapid-fire. The stuff is AMAZING indeed!

                • The boric acid is a good all purpose preservative and pesticide too, has an antimicrobial action when used for laundry that helps clothes not get as smelly too,

                  Thank you for reminding me about this,,, just had a light go on. Sometimes i think im a little slow,,,,

                  • boric acid and sugar 50/50 good for killing ants too

          • Just two weeks ago I rushed and messed up step six on your list Kula. Shattered 3 jars when the heat was put on.
            I did not heat the water when I was canning carrots.
            Had to de-can the remaining jars and heat the water in a separate pot then put it back and re-sterilize the lids.
            When the pressure is off I take the cans out and set them on a towel that is double folded to cool off. I let them sit over night just like Mom did/does. When everything is cool I like to take the rings off and give them a quick wipe to remove any juices that will stain the rings and make them harder to remove after storage.

        • @ Kulafarmer,

          FWIW….a while back we got into the ‘canning thing’. In our case the knowledgeable person helping us elected to start us on a prepared beef recipe for the process. As we prepatred that, filling jars, I filled one up to what I THOUGHT was the ‘right level’. Our ‘expert’ immediately corrected me saying,that “never overfill… always leave a certain amount uncovered at the top.” I suspect that that injunction comes as follows,; both the heat and the STEAM act as the steilizing agent in the canning…once so sterilized, there isn’t any remaining concern.

          That doeasn’t mean that veggies might be different…I haven’t gotten to those as yet. Perhaps you might want to lessen the amount (total contained) for those in the jar so as to accomodate all fully immersed…veggies have a different constition/composition than does meat of any sort. Lastly, our ‘expert’ said that under no circumstance do you want to have a boil over from one or more jar(s) get INTO the surrounding ‘bath’.

          Hope that helps….

          • Thank you for the input,, any info is greatly appreciated, am going to move up to canning stews,, wanted to make a curry but need to figure it out without any dairy or coconut milk, might just cook it up and then add the coconut milk whenever we eat it,
            also was looking at making a lamb stew, have a couple nice legs of lamb I need to do something with,

            • Vinegar, salt, spices, heat, time, cleanliness kills everything.

              Add dairy, cm later…adding them is just to much of a risk.

              I am not afraid of risk…certain things just don’t make sense.

              I am not into reinventing the wheel.

        • I don’t think you can corn.
          My mom canned many things–but, corn was always frozen.

          • You can, pressure canner, 15# 55 mins for my elevation

        • When filling, Leave at least 1 inch of air space above the top rim. I would fill liquid over the veggies anyway, to keep air from the veggies. Over filling will cause food parts to boil up and get caught in the seals. I just canned 12 Qts of Spaghetti Sauce with meat, mushrooms and onions. I have not bought any store sauce for about 2 years now. Love pure food, non GMO crap. My veggies n Tomatoes I buy at a farmers Mkt. 28 Lbs of Tomatoes for $16 in a box, made 12 Quarts and a quart or 2 left over for a current meal.

          • Oh and to also to get a good seal, boil the lids to soften the rubber seals, and also after filling the jars, take a paper towel saturated with vinegar to wipe off the top of the jar rims with to make sure they are clean of food for a good seal. Canning is somewhat time consuming, but is a great feeling once you are done with a batch. also parents teach your kids these skills. Boys and girls alike.

        • Kuala,
          Boiling water can only get as hot as the boiling point of water no matter how high of a flame you have. The pressure canner raises the temperature well beyond that of boiling water, it kills bugs that boiling water can’t. It’s the temps that sterilizes the contents of the jars.

          If the green beans in the jars are not completely covered in liquid, the temp in the jar was still more than high enough to have killed all the bad bugs. They are safe to eat and for storage.

          Try adding some sliced jalapeno peppers in with the green beans to give them a little added flavor.

          When I can tuna or salmon, I raw pack the tuna/salmon with a pinch of sea salt and a jalapeno pepper. I don’t add any liquid, they will make their own and it’s not enough to cover the contents. I’ve eaten jars of tuna that were more than ten years old. I’ve even canned beef, venison and elk the same way. Sometimes I’ll first run the chunks through the smoker for an hour before canning.

          I don’t like adding garlic cloves to the things that I can, it seems to turn rancid in flavor but still safe to eat. Also pepper as in salt and pepper seems to turn into an unpleasant flavor as well.

          • Cool, was thinking about the venison, got lots of deer and no fixed season.

          • Just had an idea,
            Meatloaf in a jar,
            Mix up a meatloaf mix, no breadcrumbs,
            Stuff it in pint wide mouths then pressure can it,

            • I rolled out some ground beef about a half inch thick, lightly salted it and used a jar to cut out patties then used my fingers to form the diameter down a little. I stacked them in jars and pressure canned them. I didn’t care for the finished product. The texture and flavor wasn’t very good. Eatable in an emergency or dog food if you run out.

            • Beef chunks packed in a jar with a pinch of salt and a jalapeno pepper is good. It will make it’s own juice when canned.

              Using it, we open and drain the jar, put the meat in a pan add some BBQ sauce and in a couple of min you have BBQ beef for a sandwich.

              We also use it and some canned mixed veg, seasoning and instant mashed potatoes to make a simple shepherds pie in a dutch oven when we go camping. Works in the kitchen oven too.

        • You are prepping and that’s great, but we canned for years to find out dehydrating is better. You can literally carry three months of food in one good sized backpack if you have to bug out, and you will. Get you some lifestraws and you are much ahead of the game than carrying all that water around that it took to can. Please take this as good advise and not admonishment. God bless and keep on keeping on. Thanks

      17. I feel safe now.

      18. Valerie Lucus-McEwen made these negative comments back in late 2012 in response to National Geographic’s “The Doomsday Preppers” series I think. Yawn.

        She’s a typical government bureaucrat and no doubt an adamant Democrat. Intelligent, highly educated, opinionated and couldn’t find her ass on a clear day.


        IF NOT SHAME ON YOU…………..

        1ST TIMOTHY 5:8.

        MAN UP, OR WOMEN UP.






      20. Selfish preppers????

        I go to work every morning. When I get my check we set our priorities and make our purchases. Because I choose to purchase a hand tool, long term food storage items, or a water filter, somehow I am choosing to be selfish???

        You on the other hand, being a “good” consumer-chose to buy more shoes, the latest big screen Korean television complete with built in wireless, or a new 2015 BMW along with that venti white chocolate mocha and I am the problem????

        How is it you think you even have the right to judge how I spend my wages? Rather than buying that Starbucks go to Wally world and buy a canned 1lb ham and a couple cans of vegetables and put them away. Do this when ever you find yourself going out to buy something that will be gone in five minutes and forgotten. In time you too will be able to survive while those around you are busy dying in the streets over the neighbors half eaten bag of chips.

        Your life is your decision, God gives you the freedom to choose you own path. This is sometimes referred to as, “the pursuit of happiness”,

        You may choose instant gratification and throw away your money or choose to be frugal and salt something away in the event the future is different from today.

        In the same measure, I too am free to chose my own destiny. No man lives forever and neither will I: but, while I am here I will care for my family and provide for their security and well being no matter what the politics of the day are or the state of the union in future hard times.

      21. like im going to let them insult me with name calling?
        wtf is this the 3rd grade sand box? if so.., shove a fist full of sand in their mouth , thats how i did it back in 3rd grade worked great too i might add

        • VRF, you must’ve been reading my mind. I did things like that as a kid also. Ah, to be young again………

          • Being young today just wouldn’t do for me. I too, was not in the shit business when I was young. Nowadays, they handcuff 5 yr olds and take them to jail for throwing temper tantrums, chewing on the “wrong side” of your pop tart, smacking your classmate on the butt and pointing your finger at someone and saying “pow”.


            • SixPack. Yes as the government steals Trillions of dollars they they cannot account for, with zero ramifications, they throw a 5 year old into jail for pointing his finger, or eating a poptart in the shape of a gun. We are well Ripe for a Revolution. No Doubt.

          • no one in that school ever bullied me again after that

            didnt happen again until 12th grade, got sucker punched while working on a running car engine in auto shop ( something they dont teach anymore) i slipped on oil and he came down on me to punch me in the face , i turned my head he fist bumped the concrete
            when he came back for another try i kicked him in the face with a hiking boot, I was laying on my back still
            broke out 2 front teeth and his nose

            3 days off for good behavior (lol)

            never got fucked with by any of his friends or him ever again, sure if i was a kid today i would have had “charges” brought against me..oh the good ol days

            Im not a huge guy..and im not ruthless
            just had enough

            • VFR,perhaps not all around country but many schools have multi town programs for carpentry/plumbing/auto body/auto repair,and other vocational courses.You can still also at same time get your high school degree and go to college if you choose but you also have a foundation in a trade,perhaps college and trade,cover both ends of spectrum,see this all around New England at least and think it great as gives kids the start of actually making money out of high school beyond say minumum and gives em a chance for college and a skill that helps pay for college.

      22. Funny how only doing things the government doesn’t like are considered selfish. Not spreading STD’s or fathering out of wedlock children. No, only prepping to protect and provide for your family is considered selfish.

        We’ll be providing for me, my wife, her son and his family. Hopefully another child we know as well.

        It’s hard to take in more people because of the uncertainty of when the collapse will take place. We can’t just take all of our money and use it to buy more food. We don’t know how much time we have until the collapse.

        I have an internet business. The fall is usually my best time of year. This month so far is the worst fall month in the 6 years I’ve been doing this full time.

        • “I have an internet business. The fall is usually my best time of year. This month so far is the worst fall month in the 6 years I’ve been doing this full time.”

          I am sorry to hear that. However, in a few short months things will worsen appreciably. The system around us has NO redundancies left and has been pilfered so thoroughly by the banksters that now it is ‘as bare as Mother Hubbards cupboard.’ There is in any systenm this large an actual ‘momentum’ that we still see today as ‘motion’…but that is slowing daily, soon to stop altogether; there is now no ‘dribing force’ keeping it in motion. Often – even here – People ask, “When will the crash COME!’ I contend that it is happening all around us now, today…but in slow motion. This has only a BAD termination….and all too soon.

          Several months ago I LEAPT out of my Life…into ANOTHER. I’m not sure where the courage to do so originated from…actually, I misrepresent that, I DO know…’another’ here – previously – had done that and after I thought about that for some time I relaized that many of the things that troubled me so…- one of those being the point of this article, in fact – had no meaning if me and mine were ‘elsewhere’…sufficiently seperated and self-sufficient.

          Many intractable questions with which wrestle here – and elsewhere – regularly, are sinmply artifacts of the ‘boxes’ in which our minds are confined; once our MINDS are removed of those confines then those QUESTIONS cease …made null by the change of circumstance, ‘moot point’.

          Best of luck, I hope you find the courage to think ‘outside’, that all here do SOON…I know it is NOT easy….I look back at my previous Life now – all of it – and just smile slightly…finally content AND SAFE. I have not thought once in all time since, that ‘it was not worth it’ or that ‘it was a mistake’…far, far from it! Again, best of Luck.

          • Okay, you’re my new Hero… 🙂

            • Thanks Sixpack,

              Gee, it’s not EVERYDAY that I get to be a ‘Hero’, except to my kids!

          • Maybeso, there is limitless knowledge to your quote, “leapt out of my life”. I am spending more and more time every day in the woods learning to eat what nature has provided and living off the land. I don’t work anymore, but I don’t spunge off the taxpayers either. Wish I had done it years ago. It’s sad to say but working is just not smart anymore. When we work we help and enable those that are putting the screws to us. Like you said, ‘get out of the box’, and if you will allow let me add, “and into the woods”.

        • Business trends, the facts are that now that kids are back in school, parents now have the time to open up their businesses and work harder at it. That is part of the natural business cycle trend.

        • @Barn cat
          Your not alone with the slump, lots of shops over here having real low volume including the market I supply, last month was brutal, we will see how this month goes but all my friends who are in retail are slow

      23. shoot to kill
        take their shoes
        worry about it later

      24. “Why Prepare?” Sounds like the motto in New Orleans in 2005.

        • Some people who were prepared were disarmed and forced out of their homes at gunpoint, leaving their preps behind, to go sit in shit and starve, with thousands of others at the stadium… meanwhile, as a final insult to the injury, their homes were looted.


        • Why prep when they can loot, and then blame the preppers while the police were confiscating the homeowners guns by force. Why prep when the government will transplant them free of charge to other states where they can complain and loot again. Why do anything when everything is done for them. Look at the complainers and looters and you can see they have just enough mentality to do a Sonic commerical.

      25. Listen, don’t worry. Obama just really, really, really talked tough on the tv. He will not rest, we will not sleep, until the cancer of ISIS is eradicated. Now, don’t you feel it was all a bad dream? Benghazi, Fast and the Furious, if I had a son……., all that was just a bad dream. Obama is channelling Marcellus from Pulp Fiction. I feel so safe, I am adopting 8 La Raza members, I am allowing the Muslim men in my neighborhood to date my daughter, I am giving away all my guns and preps to the local food bank and the police department. Ahhhhhh. I feel so much better knowing the noble, Nobel Prize Warrior has talked tough tonight.

        • Please also note that the president said ISIL is NOT Islamic. Phew. I was worried that the religion of peace was anything but!

        • This is one post that did not need a sarcasm tag…

      26. First the govt(Fema) tells you on their website to keep 2-3 weeks of supplies on hand and then turn around and accuse people of hoarding the same amount. I’ll help those that try or through no fault of their own can’t but the hell with rest of them. Its not hoarding if there is plenty when you buy it. I would think the govt. would appreciate that I’m one less person that needs govt. assistance.

        • ~~~I would think the govt. would appreciate that I’m one less person that needs govt. assistance.~~~

          Nope, you are one that can’t be pressured to get in that truck that takes you to the FEMA camp/incinerator.

          • Precisely, control the food and water and they will hand over their guns without a fight.

            • yup, funny how all the “cold dead hands” types overlook all of the other stratagem for disarming us. No ones going to come for your guns… but through resources, health care and mental health law, federalized insurance etc they can make it darned difficult for folks to want to keep them.. I’m still waiting for some small paragraph in Obamacare to be unveiled placing a $10000/year premium on “hazardous activities” like gun ownership for example.

      27. It is no surprise that the gov demonizes those who can think for and help themselves (and others). They do not WANT you to do that, as it empowers you to see that THEY are not relevant, or needed! They WANT you to be weak, dependent slaves on them for everything and everything.

        Just imagine:

        -If you could provide for yourself, you wouldn’t need them.

        -If you could defend yourself, you wouldn’t need them.

        -If you could decide what’s needed in your life and what isn’t…

        The list goes ON and ON but the truth is still the same.

        -To keep being submissive, sluggish, self-centered, socialist, mindless drones. Anything else…is a threat to THEM.

        The Moody Blues “In The Beginning”

        [First Man:] I think. I think I am, therefore I am… I think.

        [Establishment:] Of course you are my bright little star,
        I’ve miles
        And miles
        Of files
        Pretty files of your forefather’s fruit
        and now to suit our great computer,
        You’re magnetic ink.

        [First Man:] I’m more than that, I know I am, at least… I think I must be.

        [Inner Man:] There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
        Face piles
        And piles
        Of trials
        With smiles.
        It riles them to believe
        that you perceive
        the web they weave
        And keep on thinking free.

      28. I’ve actually heard it from family I’ve tried to help prep: “Why should I? if SHTF, I’m coming to your place!”
        And I’ve actually had to reply that I’d be forced to sweep them off my lawn with gunfire, just like the rest of the locusts.

        Would I? I don’t know until it comes down to it and I pray I’d never have to, but hopefully it makes them think about maybe doing for themselves as an alternative.

        • I see you have met my brother in law!

        • Marcus, remember Jesus’ words in Luke 19:27, “A person’s enemies be the of their own household”. ‘Bout says it all, doesn’t it?

      29. Solar update;

        Proton counts continue to rise, and have abruptly begun rising almost vetically last I looked…this might be a tad worse than I initially thought it would. Eyes open all.

        • Time to break out the Faraday cage! While I don’t think it will actually do anything (this time), I still keep at least one portable shortwave radio in a 50 cal ammo box at all times ($10 at a thrift store!). In the event that I am wrong, I want to be hedged against not having a way to find information. Since terrestrial radio stations on the side of the Earth that gets hit will be dead, it’s imperative to have a shortwave radio so you can get broadcasts from the other side of the planet. Love it or hate it, China Radio International is a very strong signal and likely would have information about just what happened to the US (it broadcasts in English). It’s strong enough that you can get it with a $6 Ebay radio with a piece of wire used to extend the antenna (I use a Slinky).

          I also keep another radio in the refrigerator as a secondary backup. You can never be to sure!

          • Winston,on a side note,think of all the fun a slinky can be in a post apocalyptic society!

            • Oh, it’s fun right now! I used to keep it by my bed to calm my nerves.

              • till you get a kink in the lil sob

          • Worst case you can quickly shove all your electronics into your Microwave oven. That too is a faraday cage. Something to pick up at a yard sale just for a cheap cage.

          • “China Raido International”,

            Hmmm, that’s one I HADN’T thought of! Much obliged…”you learn something NEW every day” GOOD Thinking!

        • @MayBeSo….just checked solarham, appears solar flare risk ….m-class 85%, x-class-40%…think I should wrap my new laptop in tinfoil? darn, just bought it as my old one died last week!! ): p.s., left a message for you to pass
          on for me (on the previous article) hope you got it. take care, CC.

          • Good Morning M’am,

            Apologies for my tardiness…up a bit late trying to ‘JOG’ the situation with my meager knowledge. To answer that, I think that it will suffice to disconnect your laptop from the grid temporarily…the threat of EMP currently is passed, having gone so with the initial passage of the X-flare. All subseqent attendant effects would be the result of the impact of the follow-on CME which will not include any EMP-type phenomena. That said….when last I checked, there has been another M-class event around an hour ago. Here’s the rub…from what I DO know, when any region on the solar face has effectively expended itself through activity there are no further M-class events to follow; hence, LIKELY this region has NOT yet ‘expended’ it’s potential.

            Futhermore, after having looked back throgh JOG’s ‘library’ of NOAA records (VAST!) at the associated proton flux graphs for the Spring of 2012 I can definitely state that the curve’s being seen now are a near perfect match for the period post-flare, prior to the onset of the mch higher counts seen thereafter. In short, we MIGHT well see counts in the 6000-10000 range wjhich WOULD make this one of the larger events in the last 20 years or so.

            Whew, that tasked my poor LITTLE brain a bit too much!

            M’am, I expect that you frequent this place as a pure ‘regular’, Yes? As such, then mayhaps you have seen wehat I have here mentioned to a few others…that the ‘front’ and the ‘rear’ are disconnected? Just so, I am departing for THERE in a few days to give my ‘report’, thereafter is the likely point of a ‘reply’ I trust you’ll get my drift here…thus my initial mention of ‘patience’, Eh?

            Be Well, be safe…rest assured, you are much on his mind, both of you.

            • MayBeSo..I don’t post often, but will read with great interest ‘fur immer und jamals’…that is what I wanted you to pass on to our friend…and yes I got the ‘drift’ to ‘how info is being passed on’….take care, CC.

      30. Give a man a fish
        Teach a man to fish

        doesn’t matter cause the inbred fucker , will still vote for the person , who promises to give him half or more of my fish

        die sheep
        die screaming

        • Land of the Fee, and Home of the Slave!!

      31. The needy will probably drop like flies. just saying

        • I actually believe some of the homeless will have better survival skills like scavenging and avoidance of threats then a large portion of society,they have these skills down already.

          • Not likely, most of them live at the benefit of other’s labor. The addicts and mentally ill will not survive long, one way or another.

        • Deaths, will start from about a week into SHTF, and carry out to several months. The peak death will be about day 20 to 30 when there is no more food or water left for the unprepared. And mass looting will take place. Make sure you have barbed wire to string around your home exterior and yard as tangle foot and add random pungi sticks.

          The first few days into SHTF most will still be in denial, and still fail to gather needed preps.

      32. From a practical an ethical standpoint, the people you should help should only be those who a) are useful to your wider goals, b) are self-empowered and are able to take initiative and contribute. Others, in particular those who have grown accustomed to receiving welfare or charity, need to be very low on your list of priorities. These people are effectively parasites who will feed on the host until a better host comes along. Like pigeons chasing bread crumbs, they have no loyalty to their food source, and will just hope over to the better option. In short, have no illusions about these people and expect nothing from them.

        To look at my inner circle of a prepper community, there would be muscle for work and security, their would be sexual and emotional comfort, and their would be intellectual and creative thinking. Those three areas are priority and anyone who can fulfill those areas will be supported. I would harvest these people’s services and then sell them to others. A well-run prepper community would create surplus and thus it could sell or trade that surplus to others.

        • You mean the video that was taken AFTER the shooting? So all the new evidence is: he said, they said.

          Interested how six shots fired just became one or two, according to the witness.

          The photos of Brown’s body in the street did not show massive head trauma, so just who’s brains came out of their head?

          It certainly could be faked, they’ve had enough time to do that, including police costumes in the far background.

          Maybe there’s more video, but what I saw was nothing.

          They’ll try and hand the officer with this, but I wouldn’t buy it, if this is all there is.

      33. Why on earth would someone, with a major event going on like a police shooting, hide in the ground and keep their camera trained on two people who have nothing to do with the event just to capture their conversation which conveniently provides counter narrative? I say planted by the DOJ setup. And in 9/11 too. Sorry to rant, just pissed off.

      34. I tried reading replies to see what I could add or question, but couldn’t help but to notice how the subject matter shifted into personal belief on the meaning of bible passages. lol.

        Regardless, I just wanted to say (as a fellow Christian) that I see nothing wrong with prepping. I don’t feel greedy nor out of place for doing so, and no one is going to tell me any different. I (like so many others) am sick and tired of my hard work, determination, and insight being questioned and/or given away by/to those who choose not to better their own situations on any level. So, in my opinion, all freeloaders(the lazy and unconcerned)need to get their crap in order or perish- that simple.

        I prep for a family of 6 ‘alone’. All but one does not share my interest or concerns, but I do this because it is my responsibility to do so. I do this as their provider (a father & husband), because I love and care for them, and as a Christian.

        It is however, not my place to do this for others. This is not to say that I do not or would not help others, but that will always depend on the situation and person who needs said help. I mean, am I also not responsible for providing for my families security and safety?

        • Good post,,
          It will be interesting to see how events unfold,
          In my direct neighborhood i know people who think nothing will ever happen beyond a storm that maybe disrupts power for a day or two. Most dont have anything stuffed away in spite of the fact that we are susceptible to tsunami and hurricaine as well as earth quakes. They figure they can run to Costco and get what they need.
          So bravo on your post, we are each responsible for none other than our family and ourselves, and yes depending on the situation a little charity, the only thought that comes to mind with regards to the charity is those like this woman the article was written about, when they say we need to give of what we prudently put by because others have none? Or you have it i dont and i want some, how much will they take? Will they be satisfied and not come back? Or will they come back with a group and try to “distribute” your or my goods?
          These are things that worry me, things could get real ugly and there will at some point be situations that will require us to ask the Lords forgiveness.

      35. You gotta love govt.! ht tp:// ,as always,space in http to avoid every ones favorite moderation game.

        This comment pretty much says it all!Cue Brandis saying unless we increase AFP funding, they won’t be able to afford to train their people not to leave explosives laying around.

      36. “Liberal Paradise’ would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns.
        Such a place already exists …… It’s called prison”

        Sheriff Joe Arpaio

        • While I agree with joe on immigrationthat said,fuck him!He treats folks like shit that have not yet been convicted of a crime.Go ahead and say well they deserve it for being charged with a crime,till you get falsely charged as has obviously been rampet in this country by lying /constitution breaking cops,in that manner joe is just another little tyrant supported by the taxpayer.He is also very costly to the tax payer as 10 of millions paid out in civil suits due to detained(not convicted)people.

      37. Off topic:
        I’ve noticed that the price of oil has been going down. There’s turmoil in the middle east and tension in Ukraine, China claiming territory and flexing muscle. This is a recipe for higher oil prices.

        Are oil prices being manipulated down in order to hurt the Russian economy? Russia gets a big chunk of their revenue through oil sales, I wouldn’t doubt it if the USA is putting pressure on OPEC to pump more oil and to lower the price. That it’s being used as a tool to hurt Russia wouldn’t surprise me, not that I have anything against it, I have no love for Russia and lower oil prices showing at the gas pump would make my life easier.

        Then again, every year around the Christmas shopping season gas prices drop. Last years Christmas retail sales were poor, hopefully the cost for gas will fall even lower this cycle.

        • I see that Gold has fell below the base of 1250.00 and silver is below 19.00. Time to buy as this might be a small bellweather of something coming down real soon.

        • Rick…it’s bad news that oil price is dropping. Drillers need the price high to keep drilling the tight oil.

          However, world demand is falling off (demand destruction) since economies are slowing and people can’t afford high priced oil.

          If drilling slows down, eventually the demand will pressure the supply again and the price will go up again. I look for a price spike in the future and when that happens the economy will tank even further.

          World conventional oil production is declining. Tight oil and tar sands (unconventional oil) is the only production that is rising. This will most likely implode because of too much debt to production in the next year or so. They are overleveraged and seem to be a catastrophe waiting to happen. Just my opinion of course.

      38. This was an excellent article, but to put the whole thing into redneck terms, ther are only two types of people in the world, those you can’t start, and those you can’t stop. The stoppers have always inhibited the starters, and when shft comes our way it will be long past time to stop their stopping. Anyone not prepared to instantly defend what they have worked for is only fooling themselves. Just as the bible states,”a fool and his money are soon parted”, then rest assured a fool and his life will soon be parted. The very idea that we should help the non prepper is a sin against God and all thing Holy. And I want to leave you with one piece of very, very good advise. Never, but never pull a gun and start talking. Talking and shooting don’t mix! When you pull, you shoot..there will be time for talking later.

      39. That aggravates me when people call those who prepare, selfish. There is nothing wrong in making sure you and your family are prepared for various scenarios .. ie natural disasters, power outages etc.

      40. You prep your way and I’ll prep mine.
        I’ll believe the way I think is right and you believe the way you think is right.
        I will leave you alone in your preps and believes as long as you leave me alone.
        You have that RIGHT and so do I.
        Wasting time arguing gets you no were.

      41. Modern Survival Site reports UPS has stopped all flights.

        • Hmmm. I’m not seeing it.

          Here’s the LiveTracker website that shows plenty of UPS movement still.

          h t tp://

          I also checked the ATCSCC FAA site and the alerts there are not showing it, maybe I missed it?
          h t tp://

          Remember there are a TON of ’emergency’ drills and whatnot today. What timing.

          • Tons of planned outages too, sorta like WTF!!
            Timing is everything

      42. Space weather website down,,
        Too much traffic?
        Or something we should know or narrative manipulation in action?

        • @Kula-

          You might want to try the SolarHam site- they have pretty much all the data one needs to see what’s going on anyways. More of a geeky site, but Ham radio guys use it quite a bit as nasty space weather messes up radio comms.

          h t tp://

          • 🙂

            “Co-operation is a beautiful thing.”

            • And yes, yes it is

            • You know,
              With cooperation as a topic,
              IF people were still respectful of others and were considerate, cooperation would be a norm. Like in the days of the great depression, if our world was still like that we wouldnt have to worry quite so much about the what ifs of a disaster of whatever flavor it takes.

              • @ Kulafarmer,

                Indeed, I am always ‘minded of that when thinking of the ‘old style barn raisings’ which used to be the norm, broadly. Few are capable of ‘doing it all’ by themeselves withot ruinous effort…we are so much GREATER as a SUM of parts, working together, “Many hands makes for light work…”. So it is.

                He watches much of what happens here with regularity and – also – asked me to say ‘Hello’ to an old friend; it is only my poor memory of that one’s VAST pool of ‘friends’ that has that messsage out coming now.

                • Thumbs up and God bless.

                • The old style barn raisings? With the sue happy mentality of folks of today. only a fool would let a mob of folks tresspass on their property to do dangerious construction. If just one person gets injured you might lose everything. and some would come just to case the place and come back later to steal from you. The fewer folks who can trod on your land the better.

                  • Dang, old guy, for once you and I agree. There was a 12 year old girl that trespassed on my ten acres last year and she got hurt on a horse {her horse} and the parents tried to sue me. Judge threw it out of court as frivilous, but I still had to pay $3500.00 legal fees. Land of the free, home of the f#####!

          • Thank you,

      43. Off topic, but very much the most important topic. Today is 13 years since our country was attacked with thousands murdered, near complete loss of our constitutional rights enacted and perpetual war in progress. Obama laid down the extension last night from his teleprompter. Their has been no real investigation into the events of 9-11-01, just a sham inquiry with the lie fixers in charge. Meanwhile real truth seekers from many professional walks of life have produced overwhelming evidence that the official story is complete hogwash. I know the lamestream media protect the lies at all costs. How about the alternative media? Some investigate the truth and most ignore it. Some have paid shills to argue against truth being revealed. This event has fundamentally affected our existance and our future lives. The uproar needs to be much louder and prolonged. Most American’s don’t seem to care whether the truth triumphs over the lies fixed in undoubtable stone. You have given up America, shame on you for allowing these criminals to walk free without prosecution. The truth will come out if enough people demand it. Nothing is more important to our existance. Absolutely nothing.

        • Ajamo:

          Megan Kelly of Faux news during a recent interview with Ward Churchill, slipped up and said “building 7 fell but was never hit by anything”. Anyone with any brains at all that watches that building fall knows it was done with explosives. It took the 9/11 massacre to get the American people to agree to get involved in the middle east mess.

          Our government will sacrifice any/all of us with any false flag it takes to drag us into Syria/Iran. They will use “ISIS” as their tool to get the job done. The international bankster Zionists are getting impatient waiting for their one world government.

          As far as the subject of being a selfish, non-sharing prepper goes…….I owned several businesses and paid the piper dearly yearly. I have already donated my fair share to the feds to caretake the ungrateful takers. Thank you very much!

          • @POG;

        • Existence was misspelled twice in the above post, probably other typos, shake my head.

      44. Something funny is happening, Have you noticed?
        At my local Walmart food prices on everything has been creeping up and up and up over the last so many years. You say OK I understand that. We were told food was going up and up and up so we expect it.
        SO can someone tell me WHY is it that Sam’s Club prices for Rice a year ago was $18.93 for 50 lbs. of rice NOW it’s $16.37 for that same bag of rice. But in my local Walmart the smaller bags of rice have been going up as predicted. The same holds true for beans, a year ago I paid $37.95 for 50 lbs. of beans and today I pay $34.65 for the very same bag of beans. But in Walmart the small bags of beans have been going up and up and up so can someone tell me why?
        Still time to prep but not much. Prep hard, pray fast!

        • TPI: More people have access to local Wally-World’s than Sam’s Club’s, where I live the closes Sam’s is 60mi. away. No membership charges. Coarse this is just my idea.

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      45. Hey wasn’t it Homeland Security told American’s to prepare so many years ago?
        So what has changed???

      46. Am I the only one who thinks that Michele Obama is the most unlady like First Lady, ever? I watched her and the Prez and Vice Prez walk out on the grass this AM for a moment of silence. She was trying to walk on grass in high heels. Good plan. She wore a thin summer like dress. She stood with her legs about 1-1/2 feet apart. Further apart than the 2 men who were on either side of her. And when the wind blew her dress against her, I swear, I could see the outline of male genitalia. I can’t wait for them to leave the White House.

        • Na, she just has a gnarly beaver,

          Sorry, couldnt help myself

          • nappy? or gnarly?

            yer killin me

            • GNARLY
              you know what i mean

            • You know,
              Like if it was her concealed carry holster it would house a dillon mini
              Or if it was a single family home they would call it a rambling estate!
              Think BigFoot
              F350 on steroids

        • It is called ‘camel toe’: some women got it, others do not. Maybe she has some serious ‘toe’.

          She is just a big girl with some muscles. She does not have a dainty build, like Jackie O had (God, I wish she was still around!).

          My preference is for more dainty women who keep thin from a good diet, not from pumping iron. Laura Bush was nice but it has been a long time since the First Lady was a real lady.

      47. Yes, once again, the ceremonies and somber dignitaries are trotted out to celebrate the “heroes” who died in Sept. 2001. There are no heroes. There are only sacrifices…victims killed by a criminally insane “sect” of people and their accomplices in corporate DC.

        9/11 “was the largest real time experiment in mass hypnosis and perception management (cognitive dissonance quote) ever attempted.”

        Karl Rove…”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too. And that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to study what we do.”

        Jet fuel is merely graded kerosene with additives to keep it flowing at cold temps. Burning jet fuel will not weaken steel. Does your kerosene heater melt when you light it?

      48. OK,good/happy news time,baby bears at gold course:ht tps:// ,you know the routine,delete space,tis worth it.I see four cubs total,just wondering,was the filmers paying attention and making sure mom was not close by?:I.e. charging them!

      49. Oops! Australian Federal Police apologise for accidentally leaving plastic explosives at Sydney Airport

        was this supposed to be a false flag?
        one that got screwed up?

      50. Solar related,

        Ummm, the current WSA-Enlil simulation (updated) is possibly cause for some small concern; the current projection has the Solar wind speed peaking at around 17:00 UTC tomorrow at a spped at or above 800km/sec. If so, then from what I know then that will the highest such speed seen yet this cycle.

        An inital flux/speed increase will be seen around 22:00 UTC tonight which will then fall off….the main body will arrive at the later time posted. Remember, the effects at this point ARE CME related, hence the issue is not (unless another FLARE occurs) EMP but will be instead grid-related as it occurs. I would recommend staying abreast of the simulation until the latest point practicable before ‘disconnecting’ so that any last-minute updates may be had. There is always a small possibility that such might be re-evalated to a higher level, thence mandating stronger response measures. However, this is – categorically – NOT a ‘Carrington event, sooo probably you’ll want to refrain from cutting your ground loops and such…thus far at least.

        Till later, as (and when) things change…

        • @MayBeSo;
          I was thinking about your recommendation of a BOL. I like it. I wonder how long it would take us to walk the 3,294 miles to get there 😉 I’m thinking a solid 6 months, depending upon weather. I’m gonna need new boots!

          As always, I will add your suggestion to my files.


      51. Up at the Hedge, sowething that SUMS it all up PERFECTLY in one, single sentance (under the headline there),

        “Why Has Classical Capitalism Devolved To Crony-Capitalism?”


        The sentence I am referinmg to is simply this;

        “The money-shot: “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.”

        Yep, that’s about it as near as I can tell. The SHITZ that succeed are continously those who are willing to GAMBLE it ALL…even if it’s NOT thiers…every time, in order not to lose ANYTHING. The insanity implicit in this is simply STAGGERING…and perfectly comprehensible when so stated.

        ….God help us all.

        Read the rest of the article when you get a moment to spare, it’s as ‘Spot-On’ as anything I’ve EVER read. More’s the pity.

      52. When shtf I will be helping only my family and probably not all of them. It will be best to be invisible.

      53. Recently? This is OLD news (like 2-3 years OLD news). The backlash she got was nice, she deserved every bit of it.

        • Yes, I know. It took a bit of time for this to be published. The content is what is important

      54. Um
        Nothing for 9-11 Mac?

        • ht tp://

      55. Virologist: Fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia is lost

        “”The right time to get this epidemic under control in these countries has been missed,” he said. That time was May and June. “Now it is too late.”

        Schmidt-Chanasit expects the virus will “burn itself out” in this part of the world.

        ” With other words: It will more or less infect everybody and half of the population – in total about five million people – could die.”

        • In my work on epidemics in the 1990s, I would have to concur. It will need to rip through the population and take out a significant number until it reaches people who are not vulnerable to the infection. At that point, it will exhaust itself and the epidemic will be finished. It is a harsh experience for the population but it is the price you pay if you do not make the necessary changes (proper hygiene, clean water, urban planning, infection control measures, ie: don’t dump infected dead bodies into a sweltering hot public street, etc.).

          Hopefully, African countries will learn from the experience and change their ways. Not holding my breathe, but one can hope…

      56. /flamesuit-on/

        So… I quit reading this post after about 3 paragraphs. The guy gets too distracted with sub-thoughts and breaks the reader’s chain of thought in almost Every. Single. Paragraph.

        I counted 31 times the author used the character “-” to break off to a different subject then back. There are only a dozen paragraphs in everything he wrote (not counting what he quoted).

        Seriously, the message may be a good one, but it gets lost with the writer trying to over-use what he thinks are necessary topic jumps.

        Fire away!!!


        • Good point, well taken, and I agree. I should probably re-write it. Was done during a busy period at work, and I was trying to fit in too much (both in the article, and at work). Still, hopefully there is some *content* that is useful. We are at such a critical stage now, I am trying frantically to get information out.

          Thanks for your critique. It is spot on, and is a weakness I have in general… too much to say, and only so many paragraphs that people will have the time to read.

      57. I used to try to spread the benefits of prepping, but it encouraged people to invite themselves over to share my families provisions. They would say that if anything happened, they would come to my house. I was trying to make their lives easier and they decided to make mine harder.

      58. You live in this society, and you have the blind, idiotic temerity to call someone who doesn’t act exactly how YOU want them to… selfish?



        That’s like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500, to quote the movie we all know and love.

      59. Dude for real.

        What do you sheep think a 401k is, if not “prepping”? What’s your salary, if not “prepping”? How many of you morons in the McMansions donate to charity? How many of you actually get your hands dirty while doing that?


        This is the most surreal sh*t in the history of surreal shi*t, bar none.

        You guys know that when you are out there making your products / services and “competing for shelf space”… it’s zero sum, right? Your success results directly in someone else’s layoff, right? You know that, RIGHT?

        Ever been to a Chinese factory? I have. Several in fact…

        You people in society are lecturing ME on selfishness?!


        Just… yeah you know what? Eff you. Really. For real.

        • Keep it real!
          These same people who would call us selfish or hoarders are the same ones who create the very problems we are trying to hedge against.
          Surreal doesnt even begin to describe this crap
          Who is John Galt!

          • “Selfish”. Says the guy driving around in his Lexus through impoverished neighborhoods full of WIC recipients.

            That’s beyond ridiculous.

            It truly, truly is.

            It doesn’t matter how much you donate at that point. The point is that this is beside the point… look how much you COULD donate.

            Wanna re-think this thing? At least a prepper is trying to put food in his family’s mouth…

      60. To all; when TSHTF/TEOTWAWKI I will be one of the COLD’S HEARTED SOB on the face of this third rock from the sun. Make no mistake about it, if there is a knock on my door I know Damn well it’s not the welcome wagon rep, or someone wanting to borrow a cup of sugar. As a matter of fact it will be my fault that they got to my door and not stop at 100yds+. Enough said!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

        • Thats where back feeding a transformer with a dozen automobile batteries hooked paralell and charged solar feeding a few single bare wires run around your place will be helpful, ever try to cut through 11kv with a poorly insulated wire cutter while standing in the grass?

          • @ Kulafarmer,

            Ummm..Kula, MIGHT want to re-think that; batteries and transformers…’dat don’t work’, transormers are AC devices ONLY…just sayin’

      61. Hey, We have worked hard for 15 freaking years to be able to survive well in our group for many years and reproduce food on to of that. Developed a secure location and infrastructure to boot. We have also searched for others to help us and join with us and bear the work and costs.
        Nope they did not want to invest because they wanted to do other things. They had their chance. Bottom line here is we did not do all this to reward other peoples bad behavior. Yes they can go die in a crisis if that is what they caused to happen by doing nothing all this time.

        We work off the grasshopper and ants fable and it works for us…to bad for the grasshoppers of this world in the day…. The Bible clearly states the Biblical truth of sowing and reaping. So around here if you do not sow well when times are good you will never reap from our goods.

        That will be the way it is regardless of how you pretend you wished it should be……

      62. Rancher your brain is so contaminated with common sense and reasoning it is difficult to believe that you have lived so long!

      63. Rancher your brain is so contaminated with common sense and reasoning it is difficult to believe that you have lived so long!

      64. Well another 9-11 anniversary has come and gone without a major event taking place in America. Seem ISIS is just a regional power, Thank God. Trekker Out.

        • They haven’t given up, in fact they have manufactured a baby doll that talks to try and win over our kids. Trouble is we will never know what it has to say because no one has the nerve to pull the string!


        The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

        The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

        Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving..

        CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.
        America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

        How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

        Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah
        with the grasshopper
        and everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not EasyBeing Green…’

        Occupy the Anthill stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s
        house where the news stations film the SEIU group singing,
        We shall overcome.

        Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright
        has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper’s sake,
        while he damns the ants.

        President Obama condems the ant
        and blames President Bush 43, President Bush 41, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope for the grasshopper’s plight..

        Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid exclaim in an interview with Larry
        King that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper,
        and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

        Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

        The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number
        of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government GreenCzar and given to the grasshopper.

        The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant’s old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn’t maintain it.

        The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again.

        The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle, once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

        The entire Nation collapses bringing the rest
        of the free world with it.


        Be careful how you vote

        • Gadabout, that was as good as it gets. I think you meant to say anti-ant act didn’t you. But anyway it was truly and outstanding show of wits. Wish someone with the know how would make it into a cartoon. For the rest of my days there will be two kinds of people in my life…grasshoppers and ants…and this time its the grasshoppers be damned. People like you are woefully underused out here in prepper world. We need to hear more from you. For now, goodbye form South Texas. thanks

      66. Thanks for all the useful information about pressure canning. I bought one but haven’t used it yet; kind of afraid. I’m printing it out to add to my Ball Blue Book.

        This is what this site is supposed to be about, not all this arguing about religion. Face it folks, you are not going to change anyone’s mind about the bible at this point, you are just turning people off.

        • Thanks Plowboy, but I can’t take credit for it. I found it in my jokes folder from a few years ago. This morning a friend sent me a formula for killing ants and I looked for this as a reply to her. I don’t kill ants unless they get in the house.
          You are probably right about anti-ant. I hadn’t noticed that.

          • Regardless where you got it Gadabout, keep up the good work. The read you did clarified more in my mind and set my priorities straighter than all the politically correct economic professors ever could. A Masterpiece, and thanks again. PS:I’m probably leaving for the woods sometime this weekend and will be off grid ’til about Halloween. Keep the faith, keep kill’n grasshoppers, and see you in the ant colony [what few of us there are left out here].

      67. I went to the auction sale today. Bought a really nice Kiko cross billy goat. He has a terrific odor that will clear up your sinus! He outside now pissing on his wiskers and chasing the nanny goats.

        • Maybe you should name him “Bill Clinton?”

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