Self-Spreading Vaccines: Scientists Are Creating Vaccines That Spread Like A Disease

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Arsenio Toledo at Natural News. 

    Scientists are now creating vaccines that spread like a disease, an effort that obviously targets people who continue to refuse to get injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. This form of bioweapon could very well mark the end of the human race – or perhaps just certain races.

    Filippa Lentzos and Guy Reeves recently wrote about the self-spreading vaccines for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

    “A small, but growing number of scientists think it’s possible to exploit the self-propagating properties of viruses and use them to spread immunity instead of disease. Can we beat viruses like the SARS-CoV-2, the [Wuhan coronavirus], at their own game?” they wrote. “For at least 20 years, scientists have been experimenting with such self-spreading vaccines, work that continues to this day, and which has gained the attention of the U.S. military.” (Related: Self-spreading vaccines being developed right now could put society at grave risk of an uncontrolled, endless plague.)

    As Lentzos and Reeves noted, self-spreading vaccines are essential “genetically engineered viruses” that can easily spread through populations in the same way as other infectious diseases. But if engineered according to their actual parameters, these viruses will confer protection rather than cause disease.

    “Built on the chassis of a benign virus, the vaccines have genetic material from a pathogen added to them that stimulates the creation of antibodies or white blood cells in ‘infected’ hosts.”

    Creating self-spreading vaccines will have dangerous consequences

    Lentzos and Reeves pointed out that once the self-spreading vaccines are released, scientists developing them will no longer be in control of them or the virus that the vaccines were supposedly created to combat.

    “It could mutate, as viruses naturally do. It may jump species. It will cross borders,” wrote Lentzos and Reeves. “There will be unexpected outcomes and unintended consequences. There always are.”

    Furthermore, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, warned that the technology used to create self-replicating vaccines could easily be repurposed to develop biological weapons – and there is already historical precedent for this.

    During apartheid-era South Africa, the racist government had a program to develop bioweapons for covert assassinations, codenamed Project Coast. One of the weapons the project attempted to develop was a self-replicating anti-fertility vaccine. This so-called vaccine would be used primarily on Black women and without their knowledge.

    The idea behind Project Coast was developed at a time when the apartheid government of South Africa was concerned over the explosion in the country’s mixed-race populations.

    Adams said adding infertility ingredients to vaccines also has precedent. International aid organizations regularly give women in Africa vaccines laced with hCG, an infertility chemical.

    “They were going to inject Black women … with this self-replicating vaccine and then this was going to spread to other women, and then they were going to have infertility,” said Adams. “So, they were weaponizing the spread in order to achieve depopulation.”

    “This is not anything new folks,” Adams continued. “They’ve just now figured out how to really deploy it.”

    Lentzos and Reeves noted that it does not take a “massive leap of the imagination” to see how the apartheid South African infertility vaccine project would have benefited if they had known how to create self-replicating vaccines.

    Worse yet, Lentzos and Reeves warned that the self-spreading vaccine technology could be further combined with advancements in pharmacogenomics, drug development, and personalized medicine.

    “Taken together, these strands of research could help enable ultra-targeted biological warfare,” they wrote.

    Learn more about the depopulation agenda at

    Watch this video from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he explains Project Coast, a race-based depopulation program using bioweapons disguised as vaccines.

    This video can be found in the Health Ranger Report channel on


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