SELCO: The Importance of Friends and Family When the SHTF

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    This article was originally published by Selco at The Organic Prepper

    In one of the previous articles, I mentioned how to deal with people who might show up on your doorstep once when SHTF, looking for help from you. And I mentioned that a lot of people worry about the fact that their friends and family will be among those people.

    The topic that cannot be separated from that is trust, and it is something to think about (and write) here.

    Friends and family in the world today

    I was talking a few days ago with a friend about the issue of friends and family when SHTF. I realized that some 15 years ago if something serious happened, some event that needed a strong group of bonded people in order to overcome that event (riots, serious weather event, disruption of law and order, war…) I could count probably on 15 people I really trusted, organizing together with me in a very short period of time.

    Today if something serious happened, I can count maybe on 5 or 6 people.

    I am talking about the number of people that I can trust with my life in a strong core group.

    That count includes all of my friends and family. Only 5 or 6 would be trusted enough.

    And you need to know that I live in a region of the world where family connections are traditionally very important.

    So yes, things are very bad, even here.

    We are living in the world where, intentionally or not, we are being pushed or dragged into a reality where materialistic goods are the only thing that is important.

    Or to use philosophic words, it has become more important “to have, not to be.”

    It is visible in any aspect of life across the world, so without being too grumpy, I have to say that respect is gone.  Who knows how all this going to look in 10 years? Family as the most important unit of humanity is being twisted into something weird, and at the end, it has lost its basic purpose.

    All this goes to the topic of friends and friendship. For many of us, it is almost like,“Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?” 

    This is why the “lone wolf” has emerged.

    Over the years of my survival /prepping work I have always mentioned and capitalized the importance and necessity of having group or network of friends and family with you when the SHTF. Together with that topic I always emphasized how hard is to survive a real SHTF if you are alone, without that network, or if you are actually that “lone wolf”.

    That problem got summarised in the comments on one of my articles. (Thanks for the comment, Gab.)

    “I’m sourrouned by liars, cheaters, and backstabbers, but most of all they want to live off of the substance of other like a parasite. So this why the lone wolf is my only option.”

    Indeed, we are all sourrounded by them. The way of life that we are living today kinda pushes a lot of people to be liars, cheaters, and backstabbers. It is, to them, the easier way, and a lot of people choose it because of that.

    It almost looks like a conspiracy to completely corrupt every bond in order to make it easier to manipulate folks.

    It has kinda already hit the fan.

    After all these years, I do still believe you have to find a network of people in order to overcome serious SHTF, but I also believe that it has gotten harder and harder.

    So what are the solutions?

    It is easy to say “connect with like-minded people” or “have trusted people when the SHTF”, but it gets harder and harder to achieve that.

    Let’s keep it simple and use three words here: time, trust and skills.

    Usually, it will be a combination of these three words.

    The best case would be if you have enough time to get know people with whom you want to connect so you can trust them, and if those people have skills that can be used in hard times.

    Time and trust

    You need time to find good people, simply because there is a shortage of good people, as we already mentioned.

    You will not find it by hunkering down in your home waiting for the end of the world, so basically, good advice here is to try to socialize, to meet other folks.

    It is common sense.

    The preppers movement has in its core a distrust of people around us, and while it is common sense not to trust to everybody around you it somehow very often turns into a parody of common sense. Nobody said you need to trust everybody, but it is a good thing to socialize and to meet other people. Otherwise, what is the point?

    A lot of preppers tend to be waiting for the end of the world so hard that they simply forgot to live and have fun.

    Go out, hang out with people, and enjoy life some. One day, when the SHTF, you will appreciate every memory of those moments.

    The process of finding trusted people takes time because you obviously cannot go out and say “I am a prepper, and I look for other preppers”.


    You need people with skills. It is simply like that.

    Two points here are important. You need to think a bit outside of the box and you need to think from the opposite end of the spectrum of survival.

    Often preppers think about a few most important fields of survival only when it comes to the skills, fields like violence (weapons, shooting) or food (farming, hunting.) Survival is much more than that, and it is often connected to your personal setting too.

    One of my friends during the war had a lot of experience in building. He was actually a structural engineer.

    My setting in that time included a lot of moving, sleeping, and living in partially destroyed buildings.

    For the average person, a partially destroyed building looked like uninhabitable.  For example, an apartment building looked like this: the second floor was burned down, 3 walls on the 4th floor were missing, and the top 3 floors were completely gone. The walls in the apartments were full of holes, etc.

    In that setting, it was a big help to have a man who could tell you that a particular wall or ceiling could collapse on you on the next distant detonation and that it was not a smart idea to sleep there. He could warn you that it was not a good idea to climb those particular stairs because some pillar under them was destroyed.

    I am not saying that you are gonna be in same settings that I was. I am saying when it comes to skills you need to think out of the box. Starting to look for like minded people from the opposite spectrum of survival is common sense.

    Let’s say you believe that the world is going to face a cataclismic event because of the eruption of a supervolcano and that the climate is going to change after that, then food shortages will come, and everything else that happens after that.

    Are you going to approach people and say, ”I believe Yellowstone is gonna erupt! Let’s prepare together”?

    Probably not a good idea.

    Start from the opposite end. From the point of skills. So you could look for people who share your love of the same skills, like farming, gardening, shooting, hiking, nature, solar energy or anything similar.

    They do not need to believe in SHTF or already be preppers. They need to share the same love for activities and needed skills.

    After you socialize with people, you are starting to make a bond with them. Out of ten people like that, you might find one that is worth the trust.

    He still does not have to believe in SHTF, because one day if a supervolcano erupts, he will believe then, because it will be a fact.

    People usually do not want to believe in a bad future, so do not start from that end. 

    Don’t be afraid to network.

    We must be aware of OPSEC and we have to hide our settings and prepare in order to be safe. But it does not have to go into paranoia. We have to use modern communication – like the internet to connect like-minded people through the careful process of getting to know people.

    Let’s use this what we have today – there is a huge help from the internet in connecting with like-minded people. Blogs, forums, and even Facebook groups (like Prep Club) can help you to connect with people who think the same way.

    It is a process that usually takes some time, to find good people and gain trust and connect with them, but it is possible and this media giving us great opportunities for that.


    Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations like Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world. Read more of Selco’s articles here: And take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge and advice by signing up for the outstanding and unrivaled online course. More details here:

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    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. Im self reliant and will take care of me and mine. Friends and family need to do the same. I will not enable anyone. And I Don’t Trust Anyone. Remember DTA your life may depend on it.

        • EXACTLY – I basically posted the same sentiment.

        • DTA – descending thoracic aorta
          DTA – don’t trust anybody
          DTA – don’t trust anyone

          And 105 other meanings for DTA

          Acronyms are ftb, for the birds.


            • America is like a Sinking Ship, the first hole was punctured in the hull back in 1913, when the Fed Reserve private corporation hijacked our money supply, then Hollywood was hijacked, and then Banks were taken over, then the Media was Hijacked in the 1950’s, then the presidency was Hijacked, and congress, and the Supreme court was hijacked with 30% occupancy by a group that only consists of 2.1% of America’s Population. Then our military and Foreign Policy was Hijacked, And our wealth was transferred over seas, and our Jobs sent over seas, because a bankrupt population offers up little to no resistance. Then they are attacking our Constitution by stifling free speech, and the 2nd Amendment to take away any personal defenses we have left. 4th and 5th Amendments are under assault under phony policies like the patriot act when (((They))) attacked us on 9-11 and danced in the streets, as another pillar of America was destroyed. And you want to know (((WHO))) did this? Give you one guess. Its the biggest Enemy of America. Our ship is listing from side to side, taking on more water than we can bilge out. We will have nothing left but to sink or swim. You better keep your arms well oiled and plenty of firepower to take on this enemy, because the next step will be knocking at your doors, ready to slap chains and shackles on you for your free labor. You and I are disposable pawns to (((them))).

              • Of which I am aware, Nazism afforded honorary, Aryan status to people who it liked, and designated as ‘J*wish’, those who it didn’t like it.

                Even still, nominal ‘Germans’ ate from the waste of Ally forces. Ones who used the ‘suggestion box’, constructively, in good faith, were disappeared, as quotas would be met any whichway.

                Integrating flawlessly, blamelessly, or even being one of your own kind, was not a guarantee of loyalty from within your ranks.

                • Then look up Operation Paperclip.

            • The video is more nuanced than the title would lead you to believe.

            • music by Rich Strauss 🙂

              Jesus had some things to say about “enemies”

              think I’ll follow His advise

              • Matt 8:22, Luk 9:60

                People could be ‘foreordained’, ‘elect’, ‘predestinated’, ‘chosen’, to hear the message, or not.

        • For crying out loud. It is customary to spell out an abbreviation — Pain in the A** (PIA) — before just using the abbreviation. How the H*LL are we supposed to know what you are saying?

          See B from CA below.

        • We can recover from natural disasters, wars, terrorism, and economic collapses.

          We cannot recover our comparatively high average IQs after mixing with non whites.

          Idiotic white women think theyre really making a statement by dating disgusting black men and adopting black babies.

          They call it “progress”. I call it SICK.

          It makes me want to vomit.

          This is what happens where there is no father figure around to keep the idiots is line.

      2. This topic to me has got to be one of the most difficult items to cross off on my “prepper preparedness list”
        Even when we have a gentle discussion about being somewhat prepared to any sort of disaster family and friends think I am going off of the deep end or am a depressed person,.. It truly baffles me to see them bitch and complain when the power goes out for a day, they wont even consider a small generator as backup let a lone having matches, axes, firewood, and flashlight.
        Yes I do feel vary alone in this perspective esspically when I see the world falling apart at the seams all around us at an ever increasing rate.

      3. ” love of the same skills, like farming, gardening, shooting, hiking, nature, solar energy or anything similar.”
        I like shooting and sailing. I hate all the other crap he mentions.
        I don’t know anybody that likes to shoot and the sailors I know are blind or have physical problems that make sailing pretty hard to do.
        I have a “gentlemans farm” but it is not a passion it is a necessity, like taking a dump, something unpleasant, but needs to be done, and bad things happen if you don’t do it.
        I have a network available, but I don’t have a lot in common with, and don’t generally socialize with them.
        Were it not for my wife of over 40 years I’d be on a sailboat somewhere far from civilization.

        • I don’t know anybody that likes to shoot

          That is because you live in a pussy state. Come to Texas and we will show you how much fun it is to shoot. That is why there is not a single stop sign in Texas without at least three bullet holes in it.


          • JS,
            When I lived in WA state, I routinely ran through about 500rds a weekend. The guy who bought my home there wondered when they would find an end to all the 7.62 steel leftovers when he was trying to put in a Yuppie yard.
            Hawaii is a “pussy” state. But some things are better left un-said.
            As usual I state I do not violate any constitutional Federal, State, or Local laws.
            Have a good weekend!

            • Well said rellik. My family and I will be visiting that pussy state again next month. Kona again, just like every other year. What sucks is I can’t take my carry piece with me.

              • If AND only if you guys are strong swimmers.
                Try out Mahu Kona at slack tide ONLY!
                South end of “69” around the point where Neil Young’s
                house is, is also good snorkeling,
                but you need to be a strong swimmer.
                Enjoy your visit.

                • I have plenty of friends that will be with me….

                  Want to say hello to my little friends? 😀

                    • I am telling you, this is just the illegal aliens terra-forming California to make it look more like “home” for eventual takeover.

      4. Wasn’t there an article on this site a couple of weeks ago from Selco that talked about telling family and friends to get the fuck out when SHTF? No room at the Inn.

        • I guess what do you do when you don’t think you have enough food for your family for the perceived duration , and your brother shows up with his 6 kids?

        • You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family”. With that in mind I have a friend of 50 years I’ll call McGiver with the exception that he is a shooter. You name it he can build, re-build, repair or redesign it. Welding, electrical, automotive including transmissions and rears and diesel, plumbing, gunsmith, parachute him in to the jungle with a knife and Robinson Crusoe has nothing on him. Conversely there is my brother who would be very applicably (golf nut) a “handicap”, literally less than useless.

      5. I have found it nigh to impossible to meet people I would want in my camp – or basement – during a crisis. People by and large are self absorbed, obssessed with spectator sports, and are focused on whatever thrill or pleasure they can get right now; tomorrow be darned. And an increasing number I meet are just plain amoral. The adage that “the average person would sell his grandmother for a plugged nickel” certainly applies to this current age we unfortunately live in. I know no easy answers to any of this.

      6. Ounce again , If the foolish virgins parable doesn’t seem to people as the bottom line of the tribulation . He will rule with an iron rod , and his robe will be red with blood. He will be directly involved. So you can pretty much count on having to join in.

      7. “You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family”. With that in mind I have a friend of 50 years I’ll call McGiver with the exception that he is a shooter. You name it he can build, re-build, repair or redesign it. Welding, electrical, automotive including transmissions and rears and diesel, plumbing, gunsmith, parachute him in to the jungle with a knife and Robinson Crusoe has nothing on him. Conversely there is my brother who would be very applicably (golf nut) a “handicap”, literally less than useless.

      8. I’ve often wondered, if on a low budget group. If two person teams , had assignments, for water trucks ,fuel trucks ,food trucks. And all met at a designated site. Good or bad?

      9. rellik hit on the 4th word to add to the list. ‘Ability’. I personally have 2 very good friends. That’s it. 2 men I’d trust with my life, they theirs’ with me. But… one is grossly overweight, the other old with a heart condition. Should the SHTF, neither would be of a hell of lot of physical use for much of anything. It’s a hell of a quandary. I know I’d do all I could to safeguard them as best as I could; but, for the doing of things…. they’d be a burden. I wonder how many others here have similar situations? A wife who is physically unfit? A kid or close relative that just ain’t right in some way?

      10. Don’t trust anybody dta. Have known people who’s own family members screwed them over. Remember one thing when resources are scarce people will look out for their own ass. Look at all these reality show games like big brother everyone forms alliances but there is only one winner but if they didn’t join an alliance and said this is a competition and I’m here to win they’d be eliminated for not playing the social back stab game. You have to socialize with people because this is how you figure out who the players are. Everyone put on a front but their true colors always come through. You need to figure out who you can use to your advantage like a stepping stone in a creek to get across. You need to know who the weakest link is. Who you can bully. It’s a dog eat dog world. Hell its the Wild West out there now. You can’t trust your own family members when it’s really desperate. If push comes to shove I’m surviving my family will be left in the gutter. That’s just how it is. It’s every man for himself in shtf. It’s best to have a cold heart and be a phony to get what you need out of others.

      11. Rely on family? Where are you living? What country. I don’t know any family groups that are functional. I know lots and lots of family groups that are dysfunctional. I know a lot of family that haven’t spoken to each other in decades. Most of the families I know live hundreds and thousands of miles apart. The support system that family is supposed to provide just doesn’t exist.

        • True, you CHOOSE your friends, you do NOT CHOOSE your family. Bad choices will get you killed.

        • I’m from one of those dysfunctional families.
          I lost count of divorces, and all the crap
          that goes along with it. There are only two
          people in my family I’d loan money to.
          I’ve provided room and board for maThat has worked for me.ny of my family,
          more than I can keep track of.
          You take care of family when you can, but it has
          to be under your rules, eg I feed and shelter you
          but I won’t give you money.That has worked for me.
          They stay until they get their shit together
          and then they leave.
          I charge a symbolic rent($50 per person) and
          they pay my additional
          costs for their being there.
          I have a baseline budget and can show
          increased costs.
          That has worked for me.
          Non-Family is way different,
          but basically the same rules, and Rent is higher.

          • ’ve provided room and board for maThat has worked for me.ny of my family,
            more than I can keep track of.

            Should be read as
            “I’ve provided room and board for many of my family,
            more than I can keep track of.

            • Yeah, well. If you weren’t so fancy pants about your prose style you wouldn’t have to unwarp yourself from your poetry.

            • My rules are you are a guest for three days (if you make advance arrangements). After that you work or starve or find another place. I am old school. Contribute or leave.

              There is no one to whom I would loan money.

          • My senarios always play out where a few do not like the rules and kill you and take your preps. Rules only work in a CIVIL group.

        • Agree. If any one related to me shows up knocking on the door I will probably slam it in their face. I might talk to some of the great nieces or nephews at the local diner. Would I invite them inside my home? Oh hell no!

          Some of their parents were complete idiots. One is dead and was a whore and drug addict. Dead last year at the age of 45 due to AIDS. Ended up breeding with anything that showed up and has three kids by three different fathers.

          I have been thinking about this issue for some time. Looking to join the local radio club and a nearby shooting range. My kinda people.

      12. Lone Wolf has plenty of advantages over Group Think Sheep huddled in masses.

        I found myself as the usual dominant leader in most groups. Either in business or anything physical. Others seem weak and I surely dont need any dead weight slowing me down. I myself consider dead weight to be children, pets, women, elderly, low IQ, and many other burdens, that will blow my OPSEC, stealthyness, speed and precision.

        I enjoy being a Lone Wolf. Sure I socialize, but keep my info close to my vest. Even my BOL property in the last 3.5 years I owned this land, about less than a dozen people total have set foot on my property. Mostly just once. And a few persons, just a few dozen times. Thats the way I like to keep it. I have pretty good security, which are my force multipliers. With a good set of force multiplier tools, you dont need the human factor, group, etc.

        The weak and needy like groups. Groups are like communism. There will always be those in groups that fail to pull their own weight and look for the Free Ride.

        • One more Force Multiplier I really need to get is night vision. I could take out a group of 50+ in one night with night vision. Shoot n move, shoot n move… Your Group BS theory will be helpless against that. Just saying.

          • My closest family are 1200 miles away, and mostly women. A non factor anyway, And not to disparage against women, but in looking for a mate, the lady needs to be a warrior, an outdoorsy kind of woman who is willing to work out, physically fit and surely better have domestic skills like gardening, cooking, sewing, and keeping the place clean and tidy, keeps a smile in her face and loves lots of great sex. And can handle a gun to ride shotgun. She needs to pull her own weight and not a nag. Women who just want to sit around and watch TV all day can hit the road jack. I dont date women with baggage. I’d rather be alone and in peace enjoying life and come and go as I please. I am plenty self sufficient. And guys if you are with any woman who likes to fight you on every issue, show her the door.

            Dogs? They have their place, love them but I dont want another mouth to feed, vet bills, nor have them scaring all the wildlife away. Hate cats, frigging wildlife killers. Worthless, unless they live in a barn to keep rodents in check.

            Kids, can’t stand the whiny crying needy demanding back talking useless eaters, just like the elderly. I like my space away from all of that. Unless they can provide some benefit. Too many people need that emotional crutch of groups. Thats a weakness, get over it, or go suck your thumb with your binky.

            • My dad married my mom because she was a fighter. He didn’t understand that the person she was going to fight was him.

            • I am guessing you will remain single. I don’t know but one woman like that, she’s a widow, and doesn’t tolerate arrogant people. She’s a lone wolf too, and likes it that way.

            • TSB,
              The last time I checked an overinflated ego was emotional baggage.

              • Too Bad, I consider it leadership. Maybe why you hide behind your Anonymous moniker. Afraid? You should be. I will waste you in the field of battle.

            • You sound like me. Was at the grocery store last week and some useless eater was at the pharmacy with an unleashed mangy dog. You would think if someone has a dog they would at least put it on a leash inside a store. But noooooo. Same for a new neighbor. I watched while the dog ran out into the street. When that dog becomes a pancake I can see this woman going boo hoo, my dog! Well, if you cared about it, why didn’t you put it on a leash?

              I agree about vet bills. It is one thing if the animal is working and providing a service. But to simply feed it and take it to the vet to have as your buddy? No thanks.

              • PD,
                You don’t like animals but I do. In fact, I prefer big dogs and I take very good care of them. My dogs will make a meal out of some clown with ill intent. That is if I don’t get them first.

                • Dogs will be shot on the battle field, another emotional attachment burden for the losers.

            • Everyone has some kind of baggage. Some self made, some is guilt by association. No one doesn’t have something that they wonder what would have happened ‘if they made that other choice’ or ‘took a different path’. Those who claim not to have that kind of baggage is either content with their situation, or lying to themselves.

            • It’s easy to be arrogant when you’re in your prime. Eventually, time will take its toll — you will lose your “stealthyness” and all of the other fabulous attributes of which you boast.

              I seldom criticize anyone on this site; I come here to learn, and bickering seems useless. However, I find it unfathomable that anyone who professes to rise above those of “low IQ” is so benighted as to make sweeping generalizations that ALL children, women, elderly persons, etc. are worthless.

              Since you have such overwhelming disdain for anyone who seems “weak”, I trust that when you become elderly and/or ill, YOU will not then seek assistance from anyone else.

              I sincerely hope that you get exactly what you wish for: to remain isolated from the human race, and to die alone.

          • Don’t get over-confident. It’s possible that intruders –especially authoritarian forces– might be equipped with gear that negates the advantage of your Night Vision equipment. It’s also possible that the development of this new gear might have been kept under wraps, so that you don’t know about it.

            For anyone who may have missed the news, here’s an excellent example of what I mean:


      13. I agree with the lone wolf assessment and also with the reasoning that family pretty much sucks. Most relatives are jealious and hateful full of advirice. So called friends when push comes to shove will stab you in the back. The early trappers & mountain Men Guys like liver eating Johnston where lone wolves. Greatly outnumbered by the natives who where very proficient killers. And yet many survived just fine.

      14. There’s nothing like tragedy to bring families back together.
        For some families it’s going to take a whopper…. but when it happens they will finally realize how petty their differences have been.
        I’m not sure what it will take to bring our country back together but for some reason feel like it’s coming soon.
        I was at a lake yesterday where Confederate and Yankee soldiers came together after the Civil War to make amends and maybe that’s where my optimism is coming from.

        • ht tps://

        • Anon, I think most of America is in the same oage. We just have this (((cabal of agitators))), that like to constantly stir the pot and create hate and division with wedge issues to make our country weaker. (((They))) are the real enemies of America.

          If you love America, expose these (((cockroach parasites))) at every turn to squash them.

        • Anonymous says, “There’s nothing like tragedy to bring families back together.”

          One more reason to avoid tragedies.

      15. TharSheBlows says, Can you tell us what other types of force multipliers you could use?

        How to judge a person to know if they will be a problem or not during STHF?

        • G Dog, That’s easy, don’t allow any persons in your space and trust no-one. Stay armed and your situational awareness on full alert. Forget charity in SHTF, as soon as you let your guard down, you will be over run. There will be lots of scammers and tricksters out there in SHTF, looking for an opening, so don’t give them any opening and they will move on to a softer target. Groups will easily be exploited. As a Lone Wolf, I may exploit a group, just to find out what assets they have and learn all of their OPEC. Groups are dumb and only as strong as their weakest link. Don’t be the weak link.

          Also as a Lone Wolf, If you are defending a piece of land, first purchase a piece of land with as many natural obstacles on as many sides as possible, to funnel the threat into your developed shooting lane, for easy target acquisition and dispatchment. I have water and a miles of swamp on one entire side of my property, water and other owners on the other 1/3 of the other side of a lake, and its full of Gators as well. Again, using nature as your friend and a defense mechanism. My 4th side of my property, I put up 350 Ft of 6 Ft tall 3 strand barbed wire fence with cattle fencing on the bottom with only 2 inch wire slots on the bottom. Not big enough for a human foot to climb on it. Motion detectors at the choke points, and trail cams for other areas to see what’s moving in the area. A 6 Ft similar chain locked gate. Chain is 3200 Lbs strength, encased with a bike tire inner tube to avoid rattling when I unlock it. Nobody is going to cut it with bolt cutters, with the lock on the inside of the gate. Located on a dead end road, in a private subdivision, and anybody that passes down the road will be assaulted by my neighbors 5 dogs, that I can hear when someone comes down the road, even on a bicycle. Consider good tree cover to hide your assets from spying eyes from above. Whether it be planes, drones or Google mapping satellites. Out of sight out of mind.

          Always keep your gates closed and locked at all times, unless passing through the gate. If you only close or lock your gate when you are gone, and out of the property, people will know your predictability and movement patterns to exploit. Get off the Grid entirely. Not one Commie Utility Co can shut off my power, water or septic system. Be self sustained, and work towards that. Your brain is your most valuable tool. Think, and test your defenses. Put up No Trespass signs, Video Camera Signs, and any other Stay Out signs with bullet holes in the sign outward, to reflect you mean business. Its OK for your neighbors to call you crazy, as they will fear coming to you or try to snoop on you.

          Try to keep all your assets hidden from any street view, like your house, barn tools, vehicles, trailers, tractors, etc. They can’t steal what they don’t know what’s back there, or even is you are there or gone. Then we get down to weapons, and other traps, snares, booby traps, hazards to slow an intruder down. Basic round Rocks in a tin cans, that I have connected to my gate chain and other parts of my fencing, and it will rattle when touched or moved. And camo everything as much as you can to disguise your assets. Even my solar panel frames have been camo’d for minimalized of vision identification from the sky. Out if sight out of mind.

          Is it full proof? Nope, but security is about layers upon layers. Something is better than nothing. Good luck as SHTF, as its a coming. You are either ready for SHTF, or you are still living in the city wasting time watching the boob tube in your lazy boy.

      16. The devil chooses your family thank god you can choose your friends.

        • You mean in-laws and outlaws? lol

      17. OPSEC is the biggest thing in all this Keep your mouth shut and do not tell everything you know to family. Your sons trusted wife today is the hostile exwife of tommorow Your young kids talk to teachers in school. Prior to the Hungarian revolution the people there said 12 yrs old was the youngest age to trust your kids with secrets. In a local high school a student surbey asked if their parents stocked food and owned gold and silver coins. What kind of guns do they own and how much ammo do they have My kids avoided that trap. By the way all safe deposit boxes have been opened and inventoried by the banks for confiscation in the future No joke that is reality

        • Groups will be penetrated, infiltrated and exploited, and your OPSEC will be discovered, blown then robbed. With a group you will be heard hundreds of yards moving through the woods, kids yelling and crying, women btchin, out of shape slobs will be an anchor, sick, disease will kill off many, useless eaters will eat all your food preps, dogs barking. All easy pickins for the Lone Wolf.

          As 2 Lone wolves sitting on a hill watching a flock of sheep grazing in a pasture, one lone wolf says the other wolf, “How about we run down there and F@ck one of those Sheep” The othet wiser Lone Wolf replies, “How about we just walk down there and F@ck em all.”

      18. If you were to open a well know basic ancestral skills book like the terrific but old Reader’s Digest Back to Basics book, and then poll a million Americans, chances are none of them knew them all. 25% knew one or two. 1% knew more than ten. 0.05% knew more than twenty.

        This is what preppers are up against. In the USA today, 2% claim to be preppers but this is very misleading as many are knew and might only have a year’s supply of food, some weapons, some tool, but very few skills.

        This means that in a true SHTF situation, say a worldwide serious contagion that could only be stamped out by deliberate social distancing by shutting down transportation networks, that we could expect 90% casualties even in just a few months, not based upon the contagion, but based upon weather,lack of supplies, impure water, no electric, gas, or water, secondary infection, mayhem, theft, violence, arson, murder, rape, slavery, etc.

        Under these guidelines and with social distancing, even if you were inclined to help friends and family, you probably couldn’t as this wouldn’t be possible due to the governor’s shutting down interstate travel to prevent the spread of contagion.

        So there is not always a choice about helping friends or family.

        Now historically, other than merchants and soldiers, if one lived in a rural area, then following a pattern from ancient times to the 19th century, your friends and family, while certainly including diverse immigrants, likely lived within a hundred mile radius.

        Now in that scenario, outside of contagion, then almost all had a wealth of ancestral skills, and had to rely upon friends and family in a mutually beneficial reciprocating relationship.

        Now fast forward today. Your friends and fair weather friends, not to mention ridiculous folks who are barely acquaintences who call each other friends, might live thousands of miles away and have nearly no ancestral skills but are basically widget makers and have whatsit “skills” ie of no worth under 19th technology.

        This idea of helping friends and family is always absurd unless the scenario is very narrowly defined.

        Now personally, though this surprises me, after reading the World Made by Hand novels, the best transitional system is likely to be a medieval feudal lord who accepts serfs who then are taught skills so the tribe is able to withstand that scenario.

        I think you would be shocked to learn that while people say “serf” they literally know nothing about how medieval serfs lived. Serfs actually worked less for their feudal lord than we do today. Smart feudal lords made less demands on them as then they had free time to tend their own homes and gardens and develop items for sale, and this fostered TRADE which greatly enhanced the local economy.

        What made serfdom bad was lack of home ownership and land ownership as it fostered a dependency an inability to create wealth. But these are not important when just trying to survive.

        But my guess is under various true SHTF scenarios, that the preponderance of people could not cope, and would die. But some survivors might just make it, and willingly band together under a feudal lord for self-protection.

        And those survivors would effectively become your friends and family. It would devolve to a 19th century stable rural village life eventually over a hundred years. But from the inception of the SHTF scenario and for a hundred years, the survivors would devolve to a feudal lord system. Thus this is a natural transition state in the absence of rule of law.

        Why? Our 19th ancestors largely had ancestral skills of else they couldn’t dream of homesteading but were forced by lack of skill level to living in urban environment as specialists.

        Some brave folks with some legacy money, but few skills might try to homestead, but 2/3 of them in history failed at homesteading during a seven year window. That often was the result of crop failure due to fire, disease, weather, insects, raiders, etc.

        The typical term for such failure at homesteading was called “going bust” which traces back to railroad engine failure when an overworked coal fired steam engine blew up.

        Since the Back to the Land movement began in the early seventies, various subgroups have returned to rural life. But with varying success by learning ancestral skills but relying upon financial resources so they could stake a claim and still buy supplies.

        But this would largely be improbable under SHTF scenarios as currency has no value and thus an inability to acquire sufficient supplies.

        Given our looming financial crisis, civil unrest, lack of ancestral skills, gun control, ability to acquire livestock, financial ability to pay for the land, lengthy agricutural season and suitability, adequate rainfall, security, etc…

        …then the window of opportunity for homesteading to extracate your family from perils of urbanization is rapidly closing.

      19. It has never been my way to try to convince others of anything, to insist that my opinion is correct and they are wrong. For one thing, it doesn’t work. For another, it is counterproductive. I am not very well prepared. I don’t have much to steal. I don’t have tons of things, preps. I do have a few things, very few. One reason for this is that I moved and had to leave everything behind. The other is because not even my family are into prepping. They are against cluttering up the premises with more stuff. And I can relate. Clutter is a bad thing. It makes housekeeping difficult. I don’t like clutter myself.

        What’s my point. My point is priorities. My priority is the health, well being and survival of my family, whether they are right or wrong, good or bad, lemmings or leaders. I do not hate sheeple. I do not agree that the hypnotized masses are useless eaters, cattle, etc. But I don’t attempt to Wake Them Up either. Except that I do drop hints. I do jump on board when they’re into something that promotes their survival and mine. That is what works for me.


      20. The animists have a saying about the ‘hungry ghost’, which is implacable. So, it runs people, into overdrive, in hopes of achieving some kind of vicarious fulfillment.

        And, the more-charismatic among evangelicals believe in a demon called the Jezebel Spirit, which requisitions the fame or resources of productive, trendsetting kinds-of people.

        A few facts of life, which I have observed, over the years:
        1. Do not show unfinished work. (That’s a cry for ‘help’.)
        2. Do not show finished work. (Also, a cry for ‘help’.)
        3. If you build it, they will come.

        She is an authoritarian spirit; the discussion on friends and family, in a scarcity of resources, demands claims of ownership, priorities, and responsibilities.

        If you are not in a position to enforce those, I submit that someone else will be making those choices for you, as a matter of animal dominance, if you like.

        Or, you could try to exorcise someone like that.

        Whatever your approach, or whatever the ‘turf’, whether your idea is half baked, half broken, enviable, or something only a mother could love — someone thinks they know what to do with it, better than you, always everywhere, every time.

        Consumers and producers.

        • I have no idea what point you were trying to make. None.

          • amen

          • I agree with Beaumont. His point is other folks are quite fond of thinking they have the right to tell others what the ought to do. Unless their a childs parent or have a court order giving them Guardianship. Its none on their business. Only you have the authority to decide and determine what you ought to do. And close family is the very worse at sticking their nose In others business and demanding they take certain actions. When they have ought naught to do with any of it. Ive got one relative that I will even talk to. And those conversations few and far between. The rest of my kin If I never see or hear from or about them for the remainder of my gays I will be happy.

            • Ya I really HATE people trying to tell me what to do. I don’t do it (I make suggestions) and I won’t hear it (unless it is likewise). There are those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave people alone. If you think you need to be in command or give orders you have a serious mental defect (can be fatal if used on the wrong person). Unless there is a victim there is NO CRIME! With that said here is yer prep tip of the week:

              Homemade deodorant (much better and cheaper than ANY commercial shit). Take a small container that you can seal (small jar) and fill it 3/4 with baking soda. Add homemade colloidial silver (very cheap and easy) and mix until it becomes a semi soupy paste. Use a cotton pad as an applicator. This stuff works fantastic and you can use it for athletes foot too. There ya go, now go out and chop me some wood! 😛

      21. What friends, what family.

        • You aren’t the only orphan. Get out more. Local gun range. Local amateur radio club. Do you what you like and enjoy and you will meet like minded people. Take your time and you’ll sort out the bad from the good.

      22. As I can see the advantages and disadvantages of each. I lean toward the Group. Main reasons are. You can’t do everything yourself, or stay awake 24/7. But to each their own.


        • Try doing it for 10 people.

        • You better never sleep Sgt Piglet cause you created 10,000 enemies you pissed off over a lifetime, and lives you destroyed. They will all be looking for you piggy, to serve you up some payback.. You are a major target pig, as Uncle Karma is not your Friend. It will haunt you for the rest of your short life. And they all remember what you look like. And I bet the others in your group are also pigs, and all the lives those pigs destroyed as well. You will be a pack of pigs on the run forever. Run piggy run.

          • 10,000 Lone Wolves vs a pack of piggys. I’ll put my money on the Lone Wolves. And Bacon for you ?.

            • Hey Blow Boy this article is about Friends and Family, and since your Family is 1200 miles away and you don’t have any Friends you better be a Lone Wolf! But you really just seem more like a Cur Dog.

            • I to this day resent every ticket I was issued by Parasite revenue producing cops. You betcha If There Is a SHTF WROL I wouldn’t hesitate to take action. Back when the 55 mph limit was first imposed. I got a ticket going 61 MPH on a highway that the week before was a 65MPH road. And the cop and judge treated me like I was a horrible criminal. When those parasites where the thiefs robbing me. I aint fergettin nuthin.

      23. The problem of prepping is…..having cupboards full from
        one year to the next…..means eating lots of old food.
        stock up on 25 year shelf life survival food (mostly
        starchy foods) you may survive…. but not living
        high on the hog, for sure. If you ‘can’ your own food
        every year….and SHTF hits one year….ok….you may
        not care.
        But are you really going to try to take a
        whole years worth of food if you need to run???

        Ok…. if you have a BOL somewhere stocked full…
        now you need to rotate TWICE AS MUCH. …which
        means you have to eat daily, only what you have stocked
        within a year or so, (to keep quality product and rotations fresh.)
        There is a point to which you cannot eat everything you
        are stocking if you over stock? Right?
        I suppose you could use that surplus for barter…or share with
        your dysfunctional family…..Lol ?

      24. Looks like government’s infiltrators are getting desperate that they are losing track of the “lone wolves”.

      25. While on the subject of friends. Why do I carry my 44 target bulldog, instead of my glock 29? Or my compact aluminum stainless Kimber, Or my Sig 229, Or my Kahr, Or my Python, Or the other ones I can’t remember. It’s only 5 rounds, and the first I keep is snake load. I must be a special kind of stupid. Gotta love speed loaders, and a non side plate ,Buffalo Bore strong mini monster.

        • Buffalo bore doesn’t recommend, but charter arms says limited use?

      26. I wonder if people have a hard time remembering, This is all about the burning of the Tares. You might not want to go against the intent of Him. Everyone knows a Tare. And has to grow among them , For now. Save a Tare? Empty flasks means a Tare? They might believe, But the door is shut, on the , poor ,foolish , virgins.

      27. A bit off topic I have a question for the BB contributors.

        Where in each state is the best place to be and ride out a SHTF event and why? Granted its quite obvious that some states are better than others and some are poor places to be but among even those where is the best place?

        • Kevin:
          I would not post my personal choice for best location but I will say this. I investigate these things when deciding where to live.

          Crime statistics
          Cost of living
          Water available
          Gun free or what
          Number of PHDs
          Schools ratings
          Close to freeways
          Close to shopping
          Close to FEMA Camps
          Close to Nuclear Facilities
          Close to Military Facilities
          Close to potential disasters
          Coast has ever had Sunami
          Any flooding. How close.
          Flooding house itself
          What about storms, tornado, hurricane
          Is the building old
          Is the area historic, cultural
          Are buildings inspections usually AOK or pos
          Are there successful farms
          Is the soil rich
          What are the laws and restrictions
          Do they have cameras and road tolls everywhere
          Can I stand my ground
          Will the taxes due me in
          What is the age of consent
          Can I die when I decide to
          Can I live in peace or will I be harassed
          Is pot legal
          Are there homeless
          How close is the big high density high crime city
          …County, and/or State???

          These are some of the things that I care about.
          And the quality of the weather
          Hospital and emergency care.

          I also check out the ugliness quotient.
          If there are too many ugly people, I won’t be happy there.
          Ugly people are generally mean and evil. Really.
          When people are nice they get better looking. It’s called the
          Ugly Principle.


          • Ugly people are mean and evil? Spoken like a true Commifornia sociopath that has the depth of a slug.

            • P. D.:

              You have no inkling of what depth of character I have. It is intended to be slightly humorous.

              As was the comment about the age of consent.

              California is diverse. There are all kinds of people living there. You are no one to judge who is or is not sociopathic, missy.


              • It seems that PD must be quite ugly. Haha. Good post B.

                • Infidel:



                  • Says the superficial douche. I don’t care what you look like. Based on your attitude I wouldn’t want you in the same county.

                    • Philosopher:

                      I usually don’t bother to respond to insults, but I bothered to explain that the comment that ugly people are mean was an attempt at humor, but still you persisted in demeaning me. Which has caused me to think more deeply on the subject. Actually, in all seriousness, ugly people sometimes, not always, resent beautiful people; and carry a chip around on their shoulder.

                      I feel sorry for you. You can’t be happy with yourself if you feel compelled to respond with such hostility. I don’t care for myself, but I see this a lot, especially in young people, the inability to call people on what they say that you disagree with without attacking the person. That is the problem. Personal attacks only stifle communication. Which may be your intent. I don’t know.

                      Let it go. Life is short.


                • You are really showing what you value, aren’t you? Just one more superficial useless eater, in my book.

                  I want to be around people that have skills, first, and a good attitude, second. What they look like is irrelevant when you need to cooperate with other people in order to survive.

                  I give you five minutes until you piss someone off and they tell you to leave the area and never return.

              • California might be diverse. But the crappy laws and excessive taxation are State Wide. Only a idiot would remain in Calif. Even a cow is smart enough to move to greener pastures.

            • PD
              That was uncalled for. Instead of cutting B from CA down tell him what you think, and maybe you guys could learn something from each other. We need more dialogue, not negativity.


              • SD: I wasn’t the one that posted “ugly people are mean and evil.”

                I simply called him on his crappy attitude. And you are mad at me? Whatever.

                • Sgt Pig thinks he is this websites policeman. Free speech piggy. And if you think running around town calling yourself Sgt is somehow going to command or demand respect. Think again. Respect is earned not demanded. I see you beaten up by a Mob one day, fed up with your big tuff guy cop piggy attitude.

                • PD,
                  Should call yourself projection deplorable. It figures you’d comment on somebody else’s attitude.

            • I’m not picking on you. I’m just saying that we don’t need negativity we need people to help each other and cut people down.

          • Thanks but I was wondering where the best place was in every state not the best place period. Its obvious that the best place in one state would be likely about the worst in another. People often must survive day to day in whatever location they’re in thus finding the best of the worst.

            • Very few people have been all over any state so that is a tough one. I grew up in Idaho and have been many places there. But there are 100’s of places I haven’t been there. Idaho is a police state with a shitty paying and bad economy. If you want my opinion Soda Springs area is nice (lots of hunting, water, etc.). As far as Nevada I would say Ely or maybe Pioche (still a lot of cops). Utah I would say Beaver or Kanab. Wyoming I would say Afton.

          • B of A,
            I suggest Minot ND for you.
            It gets kind of cold, but fits most your criteria.
            I spent 15 months there.
            Grave yard shift on a flightline.
            It might explain why I now live in a socialist workers
            “paradise” within a short distance of the ocean.
            I’ll take a hurricane/Typhoon over a Blizzard ANYDAY!

            • Rellik:

              Thanks for the suggestion.


        • Head for the Swamp Kevin2, and get to know it like the back if your hand. That strategy worked well for the Seminole Indians, the only American Indian Tri-b-e that never surrenfered to the US Government. Every tree is a ghost, every animal is your friend and will give you a heads up if someone or danger is approaching. Get to be one with nature and learn their signals. Thats why I frequently see Deer with Turkeys. Deer can hear really well when something is not right, and Turkeys can see when something is not right and the signals they put off, alert eachother. Sqirrels alert each other and Doves all take off in flight if something is approaching. They are my natural force multipliers. I see all aspects of nature as a cohesive weave of fabric working together. Get with nature, its your best friend and will provide everything you need to survive if you respect it and observe and learn how it speaks to you. Take good care of nature and it will take good care of you.

          Going Kayaking 5-7 miles in the AM through the swamp and cypress trees to learn more back waterway trails. Its my back roadway that is also my escape route into the wilderness if needed.

          • Any fool who remains near human populated areas is dead meat. You may be prepared, and win a few battles, but 98% of your neighbors are clueless and unprepared. I guarantee you will abandon your city homes and try to edcape into the country. You cannot carry all your preps on your back, and will be over run in a matter of time, as looters will go block to block, house to house, toom to room. If you resist, they will burn you out of your city homes. Guaranteed. Remaining in the Cities is a death sentence.

            • People think that there is “safety in numbers”… Its the exact opposite. Numbers will do you in. Never Trust Anyone Ever. Your group think, is like a tbousand opinions, and will dust you when you sleep. As a lone wolf I never fear going to sleep. And sleep to a symphony of crickets.

              • ”’Numbers will do you in”’

                Especially with drones now. One person isn’t a bother, but a group will justify a drone attack.

          • TSB
            Going Kayaking 5-7 miles in the AM through the swamp and cypress trees to learn more back waterway trails. Its my back roadway that is also my escape route into the wilderness if needed.
            I’ll bet it is beautiful.

        • K2,
          Good question!
          I have a simple answer.
          Where I’m at, VERY rural Hawaii,SW WA state, or
          Shelter Island in AK.
          My priority is shelter, water, food
          and security.
          Have fun, I’m getting ready for a Hurricane hit next week.

        • Some say north Florida . Seems it’s mostly about water?

      28. Blow Boy you dipstick that ain’t Crickets you hear, that’s Tinnitus. Sgt Dale might be sneaking up while your slumbering to the sound of those crickets chirping in your head. Gator gonna get you Blow Boy!

        • Gators don’t want nothing to do with living legends….lol

        • NGIC.

          Thanks, but let us leave this responding to himself troll alone, and it like the rest will go away. We don’t need trolls here we need people willing to HELP!


          • Sorry Sgt. but you know how when you respond to a Domestic and the woman has visible injuries and she doesn’t want charges brought but it’s out of her hands. Well Blow Boy is out of your hands, he’s been an A**hole to a lot of people on this site.

            • NGIC has been a troll on this site for years. Adds nothing to the conversation, just blah blah. Ignore.

      29. I have run a lot of senarios and the only ones that work are the ones that include my son and his girlfriend. All the others play out real BAD.

      30. Gators can’t stand living legends!…

      31. I would agree going ‘lone wolf’ is the best option psychologically. You are the most resilient in that mindset. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build alliances with battle-tested people who you know can roll with the punches.

        The reason is simple: in bad times people die. And your most amazing friend/family member could easily die for want of an anti-biotic. “Best laid plans of mice and men etc.”

        Now, want to read some battle-tested shtf survival strategies? Real ones that really work because they are what we did back in the day.

        1) Rapid human assessments: when it comes to building human alliances you need to sharpen your skills in assessing who is a waste of space and who is solid. You need to get this down to within a minute of meeting someone. And, yes, you will need to use extreme prejudice. Don’t be afraid to face up to facts about some races and some cultures that are just walking fail.

        2) See no boundaries: don’t be deferential or wait for permission.

        3) Form a baseline for all arrangements: I will do this much for the group but only once x and y is in my total control, ie: food, water, shelter etc.

        3) Get a harem: women and older teens have many uses. This may sound crude but in a shtf the sex and gender roles get primitive, fast. Women are clever, can make babies, and have great sex powers. But they never prevail when physical force rules the situation. Women and older teens will end up being traded for sex in one form or another. Older, or ugly women better be genius level smart because they will not get any resources or protection in an shtf. The obese welfare mommies, the freaky trans folks, ugly black women from the projects etc. – all of those will die off in the first weeks and months. All those people only survive because of societies wealth and degeneracy.

        4) Learn how to fight: goes without saying but even the smartest person can’t avoid confrontation from time to time.

        5) Always have a plan.

        6) Humour: humour gets you through everything. Even sick humour works. When we would see the left-overs of female suicide bombers without their heads, a friend would make jokes about that. Only cry for the innocent, all else, laugh.

        • Lone wolf is best IMO. It sickens me to see soooo many so called men that can’t live without a woman (usually a wife). I know a bunch of these idiots that go from one marriage to the next asap because they can’t live without a mommy figure. For christ sake I have lived for years on my own (not married but occasional live in girlfriends) and did just great. Guess how old I was when I first got married? 52! Still married and doing good. Most men are pathetic as they NEED a mommy as an adult. When girlfriends start acting like my mommy I dump them. Grow a pair and get rid of your mommy complex and learn to take care of yourself.

      32. Frank, agree with the rapid assessment… I recently met a young couple that ‘fit the mold’ you described…he, ex military, (short timer), with the energy and a “get things done” attitude and I figured out right away they could be an addition to our lone wolf status.
        Especially if the worst happens and you find you need to leave your home. Remote as it is, there’s never any guarantees.
        But I’ve said nothing to him yet.

        Thanks to the posters here for planting ideas, I’ve figured out how to produce something for barter. 2 things actually; one is cooking oil.
        In a situation where it is safe to barter, you will need something that you can produce.
        You’ll exhaust your supplies of something, sooner or later.
        Being in the country helps, but if not, think about what’s around you…fish, crawdads, traditional homeopathic herbs, a fresh water spring or creek.
        I’ll pass on the harem and teenagers, Frank. But good post

        • I was catching some crawdads and God knows what kind of fish the other night. I think they were young Talipia.
          Get out of the city. Get some land. learn some skills.
          God gave us a great place to live, use it.

      33. I can see it now the SGT buys some BOL place. And the folks already there determine he is some yankee by his accent. The also just as easily find out he was a cop. Its simple. His name is on the deed. A trip to the courthouse will give all the info to do a search of the web. And they know everything they want to know about this interloper. In any south of the Mason Dixon line location that means he is fair game. And in a SHTF WROL I wouldn’t want to be part of his group. He and anyone with him aint gonna last long. He would be better off in New York where he could blend in. Me I would stick out like a sore Thumb any place in the north. The Sgt would stick out even in the deepest swamp.

        • Yea, But good guys on the inside will be vital for information, and warnings. You good guys on the inside, stay there , and sabotage the rats.

        • I thought Trump drained the swamp? Oh ya, he added to it I forgot. For 1 thing I would NEVER have a place in the south (bless you people). I HATE humidity and heat and bugs. This place here is bad enough with constant 90+ degrees and monsoon shit everyday. I really can’t understand how you guys can stand it. I flew to florida one time (in december) and when I got off the plane I damn near passed out from the hot humid wave of shit that hit me. Holy shit I guess you need a few decades of acclimation to live there. I am in farmland so all I have to deal with are flies. Winter is cold but it is easier to stay warm and dry than to stay cool and dry lol. I think my deodorant would be a great seller in the sweat soaked south! 😛

          • Gen,
            I grew up in So California.
            I spent a winter in North Dakota.
            I spent a winter in Guam.
            I spent 20 years in Washington state.
            I spent 18 years in Hawaii.
            I’ll take the humidity and rain
            over the hot and drought any-day.
            Enjoy your BOL.

          • Genius, Dec to Feb is the coolest months with little to no humidity. And cop dressed with all that crap and battle rattle gear will sweat snd pass out in an hours time. And blue helmet could never cut it trying to fight a war in Florida. That is what makes Home Turf in FL a great place to bug out. When the grid fails, thise living in the north will quickly die and freeze to death. I also have camo IR blocker sheeting. Will be very hard to track or catch a lone wolf in this jungle vined trees 85 Ft tall. It is very dense woods. Just look at a satellite map of the entire Central N FL. Green Swamp up to Ocala Nat Forest. Dense woods. I have walls of trees and vines 85 Ft tall and spanish moss.

            • All that cover sure will make it easy to sneak up on you Blow Boy. Just remember when the crickets stop, it means there’s someone out there. Oh I forgot those crickets in your head never stop, tinnitus ain’t it. Lone Curs are easy pickings.

      34. Watching the Tommy Robinson case, and wondering if the same rats that own and control our media ,own and control Britains, Germany’s,France ,Sweden ? Ask Barbara Lerner specter. Who’s responsible for this. And to you government and media employees and your extended families , who are going along with this ,to put in your 20 and pick up your pension. Payback will be a bitch.

      35. Have you checked out the price of buckshot lately? Talk about more bang for the buck?

        • it’s a buck a shot

          reminds me of a groucho joke- “we were on safari and shot two bucks, but that was all the money we had.”

      36. Part of being a prepper is assessing your level of ancestral skills, supplies, seed ie agricultural knowledge, and spirituality. When you do a full assessment like that, then based on what you know and own, you can determine true net worth, not based on traditional assets (although these play a part) but in addition the treasures you have stored up in heaven based on your righteousness.

        Spirituality without salvation through Jesus Christ is worthless.

        True righteousness is always found in living within the letter of YHWH’s Law and living altruistically within the spirit of YHWH’s Law.

        Two things on human dynamics.

        First, the higher your assessment on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the more you know, the more you accumulate self-reliance using ancestral skills, and at the top is enlightenment and beneficence.

        Second, by taking a Myers Briggs personality test, you learn how you act when at your BEST as well as whatever character flaws are revealed when at your WORST.

        Now even under ideal circumstances, particularly in urban environments, the people living there are like those building the Tower of Babel. They see the architecture and ignore the confused ignorant near dim awareness of what it means to be a created and creative human being made in the image of YHWH. This means they only see the monetary gain, but are so disconnected that the urban area is full of sin. Even though YHWH made us to be stewards of the Earth and manage all species, these urban louts have utterly rejected this commandment, in order to make useless geegaws and perform worthless ignoble tasks.

        Now when disaster strikes, as the urban area has no connection to Nature, and the people never bothered to cultivate any ancestral skill, and since that densely populated region can’t make it without a MASSIVE INFLUX OF DAILY SUPPLIES (look up carrying capacity), then 95% will be at their Worst. And simultaneous, they will devolve and descend to the lowest survival tier on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

        If you can’t shelter and feed your family and locate clean water, then you can’t act civilized or care about enlightenment.

        These are important life lesson not just a theory of human dynamics and leadership. You can’t adminster a tribe without knowing at least this much.

        Jesus tells us no one is good except YHWH. NO ONE.

        Our natural state ie the natural man, is selfish, greedy, a criminal, and if it persists, descends into sociopathic behavior, and if continues, it breed psychopathic behavior.

        Sin is missing the mark ie the target created by YHWH. Jesus is not only Lord and Savior, but worthy of emulatating.

        Show me a natural man who is merely allowing himself to be a biological robot, and that is a blind man unaware of his SIN. He claims to be a nihilist, but really is a rebellious anarchist railing against the authority of YHWH.

        If we were to go back in history, any number of people especially leaders were actually sociopaths and psychopaths who excused their sinful rebellious nature, and often only gave lip service to YHWH when it pacified the people they led.

        That is what a prepper faces. That is the REALITY.

        It accomplishes NOTHING to gain the whole world and lose your soul. It’s not worthy it to suffer an eternity in Hell.

        Being a prepper has never been about survival. Being a prepper is about claiming the abundant life through Jesus Christ.

        Watch the Alone tv series. People by themselves fail all the time as they presume a lone wolf can survive without a tribe. And what most often breaks their spirit is loneliness. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as if you put a human being is total isolation (like solitary confinement while incarcerated), they will go insane in as little as a month of days.

        •  “Jesus Christ is worthless.”


          • Some say north Florida . Seems it’s mostly about water?

      37. There is no historical basis for lone homesteaders making it on their own against Native Americans or later raiders who either were irregular militia or soldiers who were hungry and out for booty.


        Isolation will initially help until the throng comes along ie the Horde. Then you are overrun. And they will use arson to smoke you out or just dump flour into your well, or just besiege you, and sending probes to estimate your value and resolve.

        Now what is even more peculiar is then saying heading to the swamps. Yes, but it was since it was SEMINOLE tribe territory. Not single homes but a tribe. And the fleeing people were runaway slaves who then were taken in by the TRIBE.

        In history, when their were raiders of one kind or another, locals banded together to withstand through fortification ie a very serious level of defense or even formed a counterinsurgency to go after them.

        Often it came after the crop was ripening to the point of harvest or had just been harvested. And then the women folk would be captured as sexual slaves. It’s true that they were considered a resource.

        The raiders can cut you off and burn your fields, timber, kill livestock and game as soldiers did since ancient times.

        Open a history book.

      38. What wise leader would EVER desire a harem? Natural women in an unenlightened spiritual state are NOTHING like submissive ladies following Proverbs 31. As such, put three women together and two women will gang up on the other one as they on some level despise each other.

        Having a harem would be the most destabilizing element to a tribe.

        Put three or more guys together and they will end up giving each other nicknames and playing sports. Oh they will end up wrasslin’ but more for the joy of it, then be drinkin’ buddies. We are the opposites of women in nearly every way, and that is why Feminism is so ridiculous. Natural women are so competitive that THEY discriminate against every single one.

        How many mothers and daughters and mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws can even tolerate each other? Talk about chaos and destabilization!

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