SELCO: The Brutal Truth About Violence When the SHTF

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Headline News | 96 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper


    Selco interviewed by Daisy Luther

    Are you prepared for the extreme violence that is likely to come your way if the SHTF? No matter what your plan is, it’s entirely probable that at some point, you’ll be the victim of violence or have to perpetrate violence to survive. As always, Selco is our go-to guy on SHTF reality checks and this thought-provoking interview will shake you to your core.

    If you don’t know Selco, he’s from Bosnia and he lived through a year in a city that was blockaded with no utilities, no deliveries of supplies, and no services. In his interviews, he shares what the scenarios the rest of us theorize about were REALLY like. He mentioned to me recently that most folks aren’t prepared for the violence that is part and parcel of a collapse, which brings us to today’s interview.

    How prevalent was violence when the SHTF in Bosnia?

    It was wartime and chaos, from all conflicts in those years in the Balkan region Bosnian conflict was most brutal because of multiple reasons, historical, political and other.

    To simplify the explanation why violence was common and very brutal, you need to picture a situation where you are “bombarded” with huge amount of information (propaganda) which instills in you very strong feelings of fear and hate.

    Out of fear and hate, violence grows easy and fast, and over the very short period of time you see how people around you (including you) do things that you could not imagine before.

    I can say that violence was almost an everyday thing in the whole spectrum of different activities because it was a fight for survival.

    Again, whenever (and wherever) you put people in a region without enough resources, you can expect violence.

    We were living a normal life, and then suddenly we were thrown in a way of living where if you could not “negotiate” something with someone, you solve the problem by launching a rocket from an RPG through the window of his living room.

    Hate stripped down the layers of humanity and suddenly it was “normal” to level an apartment building with people inside with shells from a tank or form private prisons with imprisoned civilians for slave work or sex slaves.

    Nothing that I saw or read before could have prepared me for the level of violence and blindness to it, for the lives of kids, elders, civilians, and the innocent.

    Again, the thing that is important for readers is that we were a modern society one day, and then in few weeks it turned into carnage.

    Do not make the mistake of saying “it cannot happen here” because I made that mistake too.

    Do not underestimate power of propaganda, fear, hate, and the lowest human instincts, no matter how modern and good your society is right now and how deeply you believe that “it can not happen here”.

    You’ve mentioned warlords and gangs in several of your articles. Were they responsible for the majority of the violence or was it hungry families?

    Fighting of the armies through the whole period of war brings violence in terms of constant shelling from a distance from different kind of weapons.

    For example a few multiple rocket launchers (VBR) could bring in 30 seconds the destruction in an area of 3-4 apartment buildings, and being there in that moment and surviving it gives you a completely new view on life.

    Snipers were a constant threat and over time you simply grow a way of living that you constant scan area in front of you where your next steps gonna be. Are you gonna be visible and from where? Etc.

    Most brutal violence was actually lawlessness and complete lack of order between different factions and militias, so in some periods there were militias or gangs who simply ruled the cities or part of the city where they were absolutely masters of everything in terms of deciding of taking someone’s life.

    In lawlessness, you as one person could be really small and not interesting, or join some bigger group of people to be stronger, some family or militia or gang.

    An example of a gang would be group of people of some 300 or 500 people who “officially” were a unit or militia and operate for some faction, but in reality they operate mostly for themselves.

    That included owning part of the black market, having prison (for forced labor or ransom), attacking people and houses for resources, smuggling people from dangerous areas.

    Violence from those kinds of group was the most immediate violence, the most visible in terms of SHTF talking.

    If those people came on your door you could obey, fight, or negotiate, but mostly you could not not ask for help from any kind of authority, because there was no real authority.

    In any society, no matter where you are living, there are a great number of people who are waiting for the SHTF to go out and do violent things. Small time criminals or simply violent persons who are not openly violent because system is there to punish them for that. It is like that.

    Some gang leaders that I knew were actually completely sick people with a strange type of charisma that makes people follow them, weird situations that can happen only in a real collapse.

    They are people who just waited for their time to rise.

    Those kinds of people together with criminal organization that are already there in any city in the world will be the backbone of SHTF gangs.

    Who were the most likely victims?

    A very simple answer would be that the most likely victims were people who had interesting things without enough defense.

    But it was not always that simple.

    For example one of the first houses that got raided in my neighborhood, right at the beginning of collapse while there was still some kind of order, was a rich family’s home.

    They had a nice house with bars on the windows, a pretty good setup for defense, and they had enough people inside so they could give pretty good resistance to the mob.

    But they got raided simply because they were known that they are rich, so they were attacked with enough force to be overwhelmed.

    It was not only about how much manpower you had and how well-organized defense of your home was, it was also about how juicy a target you were.

    If you are faced with 150 angry people attacking your home because they are sure you have good stuff inside your chances are low, no matter how good and tough you are.

    People who were alone were a pretty easy target and old people without support of family or friends.

    It was not always about killing someone or violence. For example, if you were alone and without resources but you had something else valuable like some kind of skill or knowledge you could easily be “recruited” for some faction or group, not by your will of course.

    What were some ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of violence? How do you recommend that people prepare themselves for the possibility of violence?

    It can be done in steps, or in layers.

    Do not be interesting (or attract attention) when the SHTF.

    This means a lot of things, for this article I can give a few examples with shortened explanations because it is a huge topic:

    • Do not look like a prepper (before or after SHTF). There is no sense in announcing that you are prepping for EMP, civil collapse, apocalypse, or whatever. With that you are risking the probability that when the SHTF, people will remember that you have interesting things in your home
    • Your home should look ordinary. For example, if you are living in the city on a street where all houses look similar, there is not  much sense in making your home look like a fortress. You’ll just attract attention.
    • Your defense should be based on more subtle means. Some examples are having means to reinforce doors and windows quickly when you need it, or to reinforce them from inside. Make changes in your yard to funnel possible attackers where you want them to be (trees, fence, bush…). You can make your home look abandoned or already looted.

    Think about what survival is!

    Survival is about staying alive, it is not about being comfortable at the expense of losing your life.

    I have seen many times people lose their lives simply because they were too attached to their belongings (house, car, land, goods…) so they simply did not want to leave something and run in a particular moment.

    Everything can be earned and bought again except life.

    Forget about statements like “I will defend it with my life” or “over my dead body” or similar because the real SHTF is usually not heroic or noble. It is hard and brutal. When you are gone you are gone and there might be nobody to take care of your family just because you have been stubborn or trusted in movies when it came to violence.

    To rephrase it: Be ready to leave your home in a split second if that means you and your family will survive, no matter how many good things you have stored there.

    Be mentally ready for violence

    In a way, it is impossible to be ready for violence, especially widespread violence when the SHTF, but you can minimize shock when that happens with some things.

    If you are not familiar with what violence is, you can try to get yourself close” to it today (in normal times). It can be done, for example, by doing some voluntary work for example in a local hospital, ER or similar… or simply by working with homeless people.

    Sounds maybe strange but activities like this can get you a bit of a feeling of what it is all about, not to mention that you can learn some practical and useful skills for SHTF.

    Have means and skills  (physically) to defend – or to do violence

    No matter how old or young you are, your gender or religion I assure you that you are capable of doing violence. It is only a matter of the situation and how far you are going to be pushed.

    It is not just “some people are capable of violence.” Everybody is capable. Not everybody enjoys doing it or is willing to do it so easily.

    In today (normal times) you can learn some violence skills and you should do it, again no matter if you are a woman or old or young.

    You should own a weapon and know how to use it. You should practice with it, or have at least some basic knowledge about hand-to-hand combat.

    The worst case scenario is to have a weapon that you try for the first time when SHTF.

    Be familiar with your means for defense, let your family members know what they need to do in case of attack of your home, have plan, and go through it.

    Only through practice will you minimize chances for mistakes.

    Use common sense

    I know lot of survivalists almost dream about how they are going to use weapons against bad guys when SHTF, and that they will be something like super heroes from movies, saving innocents and killing villains.

    Truth is that in a real collapse, a lot of things are kind of blurred and you are not sure who the bad guys are. Good guys turn out to be lunatic gang members who want to bring food to their kids.

    There are no super heroes when SHTF, and if some of them show up they end up dead quickly.

    There is only you and your skills and mindset and what you prepared.

    Use  violence as a last resort because of the simple fact that by using violence you are risking of getting killed or hurt. Remember when SHTF there is maybe no doctor or hospital to take care of your wound.

    It is a time when even a small cut can eventually kill you through infection and lack of proper care.

    I’m a single mom with a household full of girls. In an SHTF situation, what would our best strategies be to remain safe?

    Just like I have mentioned before, strategy is always same for any part of survival, and shooting from the rifle is pretty similar no matter are you man or woman.

    Being single mom with household full of girls on first look make you as a ideal target in some situations, but we are talking here in prepper terms so there is no reason not to be perfectly well prepared as a single mom with girls.

    But yes I admit it is not perfect situation, even if you are prepared well, some things are sure, you need to connect with other people even more.

    House with couple of girls will always look like easy prey for some people.

    It is like that.

    Were people in the city safer than people in the country? Can you tell us more about rural living during this time?

    In my case definitely no.

    In the essence it always come to the resources and people.

    City meant more people less resources, country (rural) meant less people more resources, and because that level of violence simply was lower. That was most important reason.

    There are few more reasons why it was much better in the country.

    People in the country (rural settings) were much more “connected to ground”  they were more tough if you like, they grew their own food, had cattle, lived more simple life prior SHTF and when everything collapsed they had less problems getting use to it.

    Yes they also did not have electricity and phones, running water or connection to other places but they adapted easier to the new life because they had more useful skills then people in the city.

    Life was harder for them too than prior to the collapse, but they had means to get resources: land, woods, river…

    Another thing is that people in small rural communities “in the country” were more connected to each other, people knew their neighborhood and some things were easier to organize, like community security watch, help in case of diseases and similar.

    What types of weapons did people have for self-defense?

    It was different political system prior the collapse where it was not so usual to own a weapon legally. And to own one illegally could mean a lot of troubles.

    Right prior to SHTF, it became possible to buy different weapons on the black market but still, a majority of people did not own weapons.

    When it all collapsed, it was possible to get a weapon through trade.

    Because of the military doctrine here prior to the collapse, we used “East Bloc” weapons. A favorite was AK-47 in all different kind of editions, or older weapons like M-48 rifle, SKS rifle, 22 and similar.

    People used what they had, so in one period you would be lucky if you had any kind of pistol and knife.

    Later through the different channels weapon become more available so people had them more. A lot of that was actually junk that some warlords somehow “imported”.

    Weapons 50-60 years old without proper ammunition, or not in operating condition. A lot of people simply did not have a clue how to use any kind of weapon so a lot of accidental deaths happened.

    I remember people storming abandoned army barracks that was mostly looted, but they found in one building a lot of RPGs while other part of the same building was burning.

    Two guys were trying to figure out a single-use RPG, and while they were messing with it clearly not knowing how that thing worked, they accidentally armed it and launched a rocket that flew through the crowd, not hurting anyone and exploding in wall 100 meters from where they stood.

    They were smiling, clearly happy because they thought they figured out how that thing worked.

    What weapons do you suggest to have for SHTF?

    It is a never-ending discussion and a favorite prepper topic, and I must say that whole discussion is overrated.

    I have used them in a real situation, and tried and tested lot of different kind of weapons and what works for me may simply not work for you.

    For example, here for me good choice is AK-47 rifle, maybe for you wherever you are it is very bad choice.

    Good advice is : you need to have a weapon that most people have around you because of multiple reasons: spare parts, repairing, ammunition availability, possibility that you can pick that rifle from other people and you know how to use it.

    What caliber and similar is a matter of discussion again. I am talking from the point of owning a rifle.

    Another thing is that you need to know how that weapon works. Luckily, most of my readers live in an area where gun laws are great comparing to region where I am.

    You have much more choices when it comes to owning a weapon and practicing with it. Use that.

    And do not forget that using weapon in a real life situation is not like shooting at beer bottles with your friends after a barbecue.

    In real life you might be in a situation to use a weapon while you are tired, dirty, and hungry and while someone is screaming next to you.

    It is going to be maybe when you are not ready to do that, maybe in pitch dark, maybe after you have been awake for 48 hours.

    At least think about that.

    When should you use violence?

    Contrary to some popular beliefs in the prepper community, the point is to use violence only as a last solution.

    The reason is as I mentioned already, the risk that you can be hurt or killed too, but also once you do violence you change your own rules, or push it more forward, and it is easy to get lost in violence.

    There are consequences to that, and you are not going to be the same person ever again.

    Violence is a tool, not a toy. You need to know how to use it as best as possible, but also to avoid using it when it is not necessary.

    It is a good idea to set up a clear set of rules (mentally too) when you are gonna use violence and to try to stick to it.

    For example you will use weapon if someone tries to break your home and attack you, and you need to be ready to do that without hesitation.

    What else should we know about post-collapse violence?

    Think with your head and research.

    One thing that is absolutely important when it comes to understanding how violent it is going to be and what can you expect in your own case of SHTF, is to understand how much media can influence people in making their decisions about violence.

    In my case, the media built up situation where people feared so much from other people that they actually hated them. They hated them so much that they actually strip them down from humanity.

    In a real-life example, it works in a way that people killed other people, including kids and women, because they hated them so much because media told them.

    It may look ridiculous and not possible to you, and you might again think “that can not happen here” but please trust your own resources, look for independent information, not mainstream media, in order to get the right information about what is really happening in the beginning of collapse.

    Do not be pulled into “popular opinion” just because the “man from TV” (whoever he might be) told you so.

    It is easier today. Because of the internet, you have much more choices for correct information than in my time. But still be careful, you might find yourself rioting together with 500 people just because you trusted some media.

    More from Selco 

    More information about Selco

    Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution.

    In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today.

    He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations like Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

    Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

    Read more of Selco’s articles here:

    And take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge and advice by signing up for the outstanding and unrivaled online course. More details here:

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      1. I will be a contest between the haves and have nots. Some imagine a so called reset to a 1800,s lifestyle. That’s not gonna happen. You watch the Amish will be over run and trod upon. If there was a SHTF-WROL to occur this spring. there wouldn’t be any gardens this year. no harvest this fall. I you really wish to not be in conflict you better have a year of preps and hide in a remote cave for a year. and hope the have nots do not find you. I really don’t think the government is worried about the prepped folks. Its the Trouble Makers that they want to pen up in FEMA camps. The prepper folks need to worry about the no good have not gimmie dats.

        • Agree Old Guy, but some FEMA folks are troublemakers and some of them are have-nots and some of them are both.

        • It will be a war between the n!gger thugs and everybody else.

          • Yes. And the MSM has taught them that whitey is bad, whitey keeps them down, whitey is the reason for their poverty, whitey is the reason they don’t have a job, whitey is the reason for every ghetto thugs problems. You and I know that is propaganda and not true. But the hood niggers believe every word. Like Selco said, some people are waiting for their time to be violent.

            • From my perspective, I think it will be less racial when SHTF, and more a divide of Left and Right. The author talked about propaganda influencing the crown. You can bet that the MSM will be screaming out that White Old Christians, Republicans, Conservatives, are “The Enemy”. People you meet on the street today saying “hello”to you now while walking their dogs, will be merciless to you when SHTF. CNN will be blasting us Christians, screaming “Kill Them, Kill them!”.

              I liked one comment the author made, that when you use violence for the first time it changes you forever, it violates your own rules. If you see the Stephen King Movie “The Mist”, the rules have changed so much that the “Hero” in the movie kills his friends< thinking that they cannot be rescued,just as rescuers show up, the movie ends with this grown man weeping and sobbing as he made the "Wrong Choice". Many in SHTF will make the "Wrong Choice", even perhaps to their own detriment.

          • Sheesh, , you missed the whole point of Selco warning against being corrupted by hate mongers making you into a blithering hater. What exactly did you get out of his writings? Are you one of the guys he described just waiting to become the violent thugs he described. As he said, it’s all about your “humanity.” Do you want to descend to the level of a reptile when SHTF?

            Besides, you wouldn’t know a N thug if he was in your face.

          • :yawn:

            • Orion, Indeed yawn. Daisy and Selco , what a pair to draw on for real or accurate info except perhaps how to can some corn or dry some fruit in the sun or some such thing that only takes common sense and a little effort. Not exactly experts on anything, but how many dumb ass supposed fat preppers bought into most of it ?

              Wake the hell up people and get your own shit together and actually accomplish something and set yourself free from all the BS ! There is no question extreme violence and civil break down causes people to act in extreme ways. Nothing new at all and easily counter acted by thinking and then acting on it, so you have confidence in yourself. That does not mean you may not suffer as well in some way ? It only means you are better capable to survive, adapt and over come whatever exist before you.

          • not ALL black people are “niggers”. this BETTER not be about black and white. it WILL be about the haves, and the have-nots…..and it will be VERY difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

        • The left has been pushing the dehumanization of anyone to the right of them, for a century. It is becoming a daily thing here in the U.S., especially, if you are White. Dehumanization is #6, of the 8 stages of genocide.

          In all likelihood, there won’t be a “collapse” moment, where it is obvious to everyone. We will probably continue to see a long slow demise, a rise in crime, maybe some gang turf battles, increased illegal immigration, more treason, more degeneracy, ad nauseum.

          Anyone who stands, will be gunned down, and summarily demonized, etc. And, most people will meekly rollover and die, rather than grow spines and brains, and assert the courage their ancestors had.

          Most people will always choose the easy way out, if given a choice. They (White “men” especially) have abdicated, and forfeited the right to a decent civilization. They will just be mopped up piecemeal, by the poisoner’s puppets…

          • Quote “Most people will always choose the easy way out, if given a choice. They (White “men” especially) have abdicated, and forfeited the right to a decent civilization. They will just be mopped up piecemeal”

            The only people i can see agreeing with the above statement would be those weak, skinny jeans wearing white manginas I’ve seen protesting for Social justice. Me, and mine on the other hand, have no intention of being killed, or mopped up be anybody, of any skin color!

            • Think about the people you have known, especially the “men”. How many of them are physically fit? How many of them have experienced any real hardship? How many of them are truly awake? How many of them prep, in any way? How many of them are appeasers, who go with the flow? How many of them do you really trust to have your back in combat? How many of them would you really trust on your SHTF team?

              I’d wager, that if you are really lucky, you might have 3 or 4, out of every 10 you know. Most people are not that lucky; I’ll be doing good to really trust 2 out of every 10. Of course those odds are different for everyone. But, simply put, the math does’nt look good.

              • JustMe, in deed reality and truth are a bitch, so make your choices good ones grasshopper !

                Always remember this simple rule.

                There is a time and place for the Sgt Aliases and the Sgt Barnes of this world ! They both have a purpose and reason to exist. That is why you must be capable and like water at the same time ! Most are neither and that is true here as well.

        • The gimme dats will go first. Then the hungry will devour the rest.

      2. As always, Selco just states the truths we all need to know.

        • He said that for the most part, the population did not have any weapons, at the beginning.

          I would like to know the victim ratio to ones with and ones without weapons.

        • Selco’s SHTF School is worth every penny, if you have not checked it out, it is worth the investment.

          • I checked it out a long time ago and came to the conclusion it is nonsense and likely just a made up story that could be marketed to greater fools. like most supposed prepper junk is. Nothing new at all.

            Just curious, have you ever been in a war or even a real street fight ? Doubt it, so yeh you might think this is the real deal ?

        • Heartless,. that is because you don’t know shit from Shinola like most here ? Other wise you would know Selco is not real and Daisy is just a daisy know nothing.

          Keep buying more junk and get fatter and weaker and see how well that works out on any level of events 🙂

      3. Just imagine old west era indian wars like you see in the movies. There was constant threat of raids and sudden violence. At the same time life was hard work and uncertain. Safety in numbers was ideal but towns like New Ulm population about 500 were raided by the Sioux and only the center of town held out barely until help arrived. The more diverse the population in your area the more likelihood of violence. Us vs them idea. If you need to move then do it and have a better chance to stay alive

        • For the most part, the Indians did not have the same level of weapons as the whites.

          When they did, like Little Big Horn, the whites were slaughtered.

          ……. Never give up your guns.

      4. Prepare is coming…..

        • I really don’t think it will be like Selco’s situation. Selco was in a war. We will be in an economic collapse like Venezuela.

          • john stiner, at some point the two will merge and be the same thing. That was Obama’s plan the entire time, with the huge doses of real racism inserted for good measure to stir the fires !

            We now see his results all across the nation in a multitude of ways, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, BAMN and every aspect of what has been called people of color, which really means anti white hate !


      5. “Some gang leaders that I knew were actually completely sick people with a strange type of charisma that makes people follow them, weird situations that can happen only in a real collapse.”

        I personally believe that self-actuating people and masochists exist in much the same proportions as a queen bees are to drones. The same analogy applies to alpha wolves and rams. There is no secret, except for initiative. Most people will not practice self-ownership, during disaster or peacetime.

        • Psychopaths often make good leaders during crisis or make good leaders of criminal gangs.

          Those people get pleasure from violence. People get intimidated and follow out of fear.

          A good example of that is the drug cartels in Mexico hanging dead bodies off of bridges.

          What rational person would hang dead bodies from bridges? A psychopath, thats who.

          • john stiner, so take a look at some in our government and tell me if they are psychopaths ? J Brennan, Hillary, Obama, Holder, Comey, and a host of others. How much blood do they all have on their hands ?

      6. One of Selco’s best articles ever. Just telling it like it is. Do whatever you consider necessary to avoid being harmed and/or killed by evildoers regardless of what anyone’s laws say. Any law which can interfere with self-defense is null and void to me. If we’re in a grid-down/EMP situation there won’t be any law, period. It will be a free-for-all out there, no holds barred, anything goes. I’ll be at the BOL with family. Only ‘diversity’ in that area is ‘diversity of different caliber weapons’, LOL.

        • One wonders, Yugo only continued for years because outside parties kept up supplies on a low level. Here in the US without outside stuff and the huge amount of guns and ammo in the hands of the center right; combined with only a weeks food in the left wing cities. (I’ve got 50K rounds, the ave gang banger has 10,) How long can it last here? I think only a very short time but FAR more violent than anyone can imagine.

          • PARANOID

            Unless you are a AGENT fishing on this site.

            Why are you telling everyone and his brother what you have ?

            Does the term one shot one kill ring a bell ?

            Because that is what might happen to you.

            If I were you keep your mouth shut.

            Me I do not care my life is pretty much over I am not prepping I

            am ready to BEAM UP to the next life.

            • Are you nuts? I’m in Wyo, 1st off, find me, if you can; second Why would anyone look for me? I don’t know about where you live but here I’m not even considered unusual; of the eight houses on my street I know at least two of them have more than I do. Around here when a guy comments about his girls 38″s he’s not talking about her chest.

            • STAR CHILD, There are very few people who can achieve one shot one kill. Most of hat is fantasy by prepper types.

              I agree telling the world what you got is not a go idea.

              Preppers are NOT the brightest bulbs or by any means warriors, not even close. Something very different than capable in that arena. Wake up people and stop living in fantasy ! Get your shit together and actually set yourself free and be capable.

          • Paranoid. it is called common sense and simply self defense. Nothing more except some personal honesty and some simple courage

        • I would like to know what happens after he kills bad guys around his property.

          Disposal of the body?
          Family or friends seeking revenge?

          • john stiner, simple answer, same thing different day ! Bodies are dumped or buried elsewhere if possible and a higher level of defensive posture is assumed.In a real war not just a civil breakdown these are not even considered usually. Just the fact that you would fret on such means you would be at a great disadvantage .

      7. Great advice.

      8. It will certainly be “interesting and dangerous” times, there is no doubt about that! I can’t imagine what will come of all the trash and lazy welfare scum and all of the others that do not do a god damned thing in life but sit back and take and take and take. I can tell you for sure, I will NOT freely give them a god damned single stinking thing but 30 rounds at a time. Folks, have your preps in order, ammo completely squared away, firearms all in good working order, cleaned and oiled and locked and loaded.I do truly believe the time is very near. I just have that odd feeling, odd sense, whatever you care to call it, but something is a brewing guys. . .

        • I am going to give them some semi-precious metal. Copper, Led, and Brass.

        • Like you said, don’t forget the gun oil, that’s the one key prep most prep lists forget. It’s where stainless jobs come in handy.

          • Son of patriot, gun oil is a waste of money, time and effort. Any motor oil is just as good if not better. same with grease. You guys buy a lot of unnecessary junk !

            I know this from first hand battle experience, but you can take Daisy’s advice if you like ? Or Selco , HA HA HA

      9. It always comes down to violence for fear porn addicts. They love their guns. GUNS GUNS GUNS. The greatest violence here is the massacre of the English language. LOL

        • Stormy, why do you still come here then?

          • The Deplorable Braveheart, he is right about the greatest violence here or any capability to carry thru on such ? Most here are NOT capable of diddly squat, except talk or outright bluster bullshit. Same is true at every supposed prepper site. Do yourself a favor and wake the fuck up and wise up as well !

            Being truly prepared is a very good thing indeed. But that is NOT what most preppers do, not even close. Most talk cap and get fatter ! That is not a good plan, ever !

        • sounds like maybe you’ve looked at sights from the wrong end before, stormy….

          • BCOD, it must be because no one’s home upstairs [STORMY’S BRAIN].

          • BCOD, Stormy’s in a “brain-free zone”. LOL.

        • Guns equal freedom.

        • Stormy = liberal idiot.

        • Actually, I don’t love my guns; That’s sick. I just lust after them; I love my cannon.

          • Paranoi, drill Seargent Johnson had a saying at N Fort, FT Polk in 1967 ?

            This is your gun and this is your weapon. One was your dick and one was a rifle ! An M14 to be precise. He was truly a great soldier and died after 5 tours to RVN. I hooked up with him in 1969 in RVN and he went back several times more after that. He was the bravest man and a black man, I have ever known in my life . This world sorely needs more Sgt Johnsons ! I will never forget this man and always respect him in the highest order of events possible. I read about him in Newsweek magazine and his death in 1971. I cried a long while. Truly a great and brave man. He was fearless and very smart and I learned many incredible life lessons from him both times we met and fought to the death. Sometimes we get lucky and meet people like this at the right time.

      10. Thats why its called survival. Most people are under the thought pattern that survival is being butt ass naked in the middle of nowhere with just a pocket knife. People need to think more as in war survival and your behind enemy lines and like my dad taught me think and act as if help isnt coming. Cus in shtf scenerio it isnt. Think of it as being in the jungle and everyone is a tiger and all they want to do is kill you. They dont care if you talk nice to them or throw them some food they will just eat it then eat you or eat you first then have what you gave them for desert. We all have basic animal survival instinct fight or flight.. prey or preditor winner or looser so my suggestion would be take everything and give nothing i know the snow flakes would say how could you live with yourself? easy id be alive justify to yourself thats why God created us the way he did and gave us power over all creatures great and small and his design is for the strongest smartest faithful and willfull to survive

        • Three months if you survive the violence,diseases. Famine and environment you will prob be one of the few to tell the story to future generations

      11. Things are picking up speed…..

        • The fact that the FEDS are freely borrowing another TRILLION dollars in debt shows that they have no intention of paying off any debt. They are just trying to get as much pork as they can before the collapse comes.

      12. I watched a U tube video by a guy called prepper Nurse. and he states that eventually 90% of us will willingly lay down our weapons and walk into a FEMA camp. He stated the government will not waste time & resources going after armed preppers. That they will wait us out and starve us into giving up. And I agree. They killed the Buffalo and starved the Plains Indians into submission. The army shot thousands of horses at places like Palo Duro Canyon and starved the Commanchie and Apachie into giving up. Even Germonimo Came out carrying a white flag when he could no longer stand to hear the cry’s of starving children. Only the Seminole couldn’t be subdues. Zachary Taylor went into the swamp and came out without any prisioner’s and minus a lot of his men.

        • Those folks didn’t have a shitload of 25 year shelf life food and stored water that will last for years and years. Not to mention an assortment of good weapons and a lot of ammo.

          • Nor did the Army require nearly a ton of stuff per day per man. And riddle me this Batman how is the Gov going to feed all the people in camps if the outlands don’t have food? That’s where the food comes from. Us deplorables don’t plant, the cities don’t eat.

            • Paranoid, The government doesn’t intend to feed people in FEMA camps, it’s why all the camps have coffins, incinerators and guillotines.

              Old Guy, this government sprayed the countryside of Vietnam with agent orange to turn the jungles into deserts, and destroy food production. Imagine a plane flys overhead and all your vegetable gardens just die over the next few days.

              Psychopath leaders provide license to everyday people to behave like psychopaths. Thus Italy followed Mussolini, and Germany followed Hitler, both to destruction.

              • they have been spraying us for decades with aluminum, barium and who knows what else via chemtrails.

            • hint hint fema coffins

          • Another example of why we cannot DEPEND on the government for relief after a disaster.

            FEMA Contract Called for 30 Million Meals for Puerto Ricans. 50,000 Were Delivered – 2/6/18

            “The mission for the Federal Emergency Management Agency was clear: Hurricane Maria had torn through Puerto Rico, and hungry people needed food. Thirty million meals needed to be delivered as soon as possible.

            For this huge task, FEMA tapped Tiffany Brown, an Atlanta entrepreneur with no experience in large-scale disaster relief and at least five canceled government contracts in her past. FEMA awarded her $156 million for the job, and Ms. Brown, who is the sole owner and employee of her company, Tribute Contracting LLC…”

            ht tps://

          • Menzoberranzan, and they were not fat, dumb, lazy spoiled Americans either ? Big difference and why they lasted a long time in resistance

        • Germonimo Came out carrying a white flag

          A single tear rolls down my eye.

        • We could only hope for a complete collapse of the Fedbeast, except for the invasion danger that would bring.

          If a Marxist faction or fifth column got ahold of the military arsenal, they wouldn’t hesitate to carpet bomb dissident hold-out areas and ruralistas.

          Secession is the only way.

      13. Another really great article from Selco.

        I would like to add that single mothers with daughters would most definitely benefit from having a male presence, no matter how well they shoot.


        • as long as they shoot well…….there, i fixed it for yuh….

        • He should expand on the raping and sexual assault.

          Does society immediately start raping women just because there are no police?

          I can understand why people would steal food and belongings, but rape kids and women?

          I don’t know,

          but the Russian soldiers raped the German women in WWII. They used to say, “Better to have a Russian on your belly that an American above your head (talking about dropping bombs.)”

          • JS, what you said about Russians in WW2 is true. Even in the years and decades after the war. I know people from the Baltic States, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the former East Germany who had plenty of horror stories to tell about Russians’ behavior toward them during the Soviet occupation. Some our own troops took part in raping Italian, French, Belgian, Dutch, Austrian and German women during and after the war. There’s no saints on either side. That’s why I don’t trust military. Whatever military is left here in the states WILL follow orders to act against us when the time comes. I’ll keep saying it: You come to harm me and mine you’re just going to get your dumb ass killed for nothing. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, what you look like, what you believe, etc. Avoid me and you’ll live.

      14. BCOD, some of the women in my family are better shots than the men so they can definitely hold their own.

        • yeah…..welll……SOME of U.S. have to sleep…………. i am under no illusion that i could/probly be killed in my sleep.

      15. I like his choice of guns.
        My general purpose favorite is the SKS.
        I have a politically correct AK 47.
        and a politically correct M14.
        My long range gun is a 7mm.
        I don’t own an AR platform, mainly
        because I hated what you had to
        to clean them correctly.

        As to violence,
        I lost way more fights than I won,
        but if you want to fight and I can’t
        get away, you will have a problem.

        I want to emphasize,
        unless you prep well and really
        mean it, you will lose far more
        battles than you win.

        I think they call that life.

        • I don’t own any guns…. They are evil.

          wink…. wink…..

      16. Many experts recommend a AR15? But night fighting seems to favor a shotgun? Buckshot is still 50 cents per round? Birdshot even cheaper. Shoot them in the face with birdshot , and I bet they leave. Bullet proof vest or not.

      17. Society is only a few missed meals (if none are expected to be forthcoming) from anarchy. Its not just defending what you have from theft. People will destroy what you have out of jealously even if there was no chance that they can benefit. Their reward? Your misery. In the event of this type of calamity anonymity and best of all the greatest distance from people. I’m of the mindset that an Argentina scenario is more likely than a Yugoslavian one. Therefore the low profile, look poor, act poor, cry hunger.

        • They want to destroy what we have now because of “white privilege.”

          • Do not underestimate the violent capability of hungry frightened people regardless of color. The underclass will loot at first opportunity taking a TV when there is no electricity. Given a week without food, the mild mannered person, once again regardless of race will be virtually indistinguishable from his one time looked down upon underclass. Worst yet, jealous that your eating they’ll burn you out in jealously. Misery loves company.

            • But carrying that TV will really slow him down and interfere with his shooting. Especially the 72 inch flat screen.

      18. JS, I don’t recognize the concept of ‘white privelege’, ‘white guilt’, or any of that libturd crap. It sounds like something that came from BLM or some other black criminal group.

      19. I like how he said be ready to leave all your stuff. You can get new stuff.

        • Your real enemies will bring new stuff to you.

          • Best line ever…

      20. Look up and rejouis. The tribulation will cull the foolish virgins and bring a better world. Exactly what’s needed? Regardless of the consequences?

      21. Roving gangs of heavily armed government employees collecting. What’s new?

      22. White people are 8% of this worlds population. The true minority? We are outnumbered 10 to one? Prep for it?

      23. The elimination of these rats won’t be easy? But fun?

      24. I live in Toronto public housing where thugs roam the halls,Staff is in with them as the thugs give them money.
        Many of us barricade the doors at night and hope it holds.
        Its already lawless so SHTF would be just an extension of what goes on.We are not allowed to defend ourselves but the thugs can rob from us,assault us.

      25. I think a lot more people will die from sanitation issues or lack of clean water than violence, followed up by starvation, disease, and the elements.
        Violence is definitely in the mix though.
        Selcos experiences and what we have seen in Puerto Rico are good examples.
        I dont think it is logistically possible, practical, or cost effective to try and house 350+ million people in FEMA camps. To me, they look more like camps for the well connected and to keep the riff-raff out.
        I think the govt would try to keep those in the cities fed and keep some degree of control or law and order. Until things really start going badly, i.e. lack of food.
        Those outside of major cities, does not take much to set up a road block with a front loader and a few overturned cars, trucks or tractor trailers. One stalled out car in LA or DC traffic causes major traffic jams, that is in good weather too.
        As Selco points out, safety in numbers. The bunker bunny mentality is a non-starter.
        I have a lot of Amish neighbors. They are good people, with a lot of the knowing. And they have horses. Me and the rest of us English know part of our survival is going to depend on keeping them safe and secure. Bring them into the larger community. We are going to take issue with anyone who messes with them.
        But this is all academic. No one has a crystal ball and can say with any degree of certainty how things would look.

      26. Great article!!!
        It will be worse that nay of us softies here have ever dreamed. This includes me too.

        I have only a slim idea of what is to come, because of what I have seen being a cop.

        When it happens may God be with you.

      27. There was a epic ice storm in the Ozarks. and There was one little group of homes after a week that got their electricity restored. And a vandal cut down a large tree so it fell on the lines and put them back in the dark. and they caught the culprit. It was the Jealous Grandson of one of the folks who had electric power. One guy had his generator in the garage. left the door open so the exhaust fumes could escape. Someone came and started up his lawnmower and stole the generator. He woke up because the house started getting cold because the furnace blower wasn’t working. Went to check assuming the generator was running because he could hear it. Imagine his surprise and anger.

      28. Get all the tips on survival. But I would advise that the best way to prep is to turn off the electricity,water etc. Then see how well your prep has been. I don’t think it will take long before you find all of the flaws of your plans comes to light.

      29. If that kid had broken in on me he would’ve gotten some 00 buck for his effort.

      30. I have seen people fighting over flats of water when part of the local supply system was shut down for a few days. You could boil the water to drink but most were too stupid or lazy. I can fully imagine the violent release of hate and anger that’s going to happen in a SHTF event.

      31. Hell is other people.

      32. A lot of the little things in life that we take for granted each and every day will be cherished when SHTF..Running water,indoor plumbing,electricity,a warm bed,being able to come and go as you please without being mobbed by desperate people,the list goes on and on…Common Sense,basic life skills,and the ability to blend in,will be critical to your survival.Don’t stick out like a sore thumb,and do not go looking for trouble..When trouble finds you,deal with it,and go about your business..

      33. Many of the comments actually believe Selco is real ? hard to grasp, but all prepper sites are the same ignorance and willful ignorance at that ! There is a far better way to live and think !

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