Security Report: Massive Cyber Attack In Progress In the USA, Europe, Latin America: $2.5 Billion Siphoned From Financial Institutions So Far

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Headline News | 155 comments

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    Leading cyber security firm McAfee has issued a startling breaking news report that indicates the U.S., European and Latin American financial systems are under a massive financial attacks that have digitally siphoned some $2.5 billion from thousands of accounts from various financial institutions.

    According to McAfee, the attacks are ongoing and international law enforcement agencies are currently working to shut them down:

    McAfee and Guardian Analytics have uncovered a highly sophisticated, global financial services fraud campaign that has reached the American banking system. As this research study goes to press, we are working actively with international law enforcement organizations to shut down these attacks.

    Unlike standard SpyEye and Zeus attacks that typically feature live (manual) interventions, we have discovered at least a dozen groups now using server-side components and heavy automation. The fraudsters’ objective in these attacks is to siphon large amounts from high balance accounts, hence
    the name chosen for this research: Operation High Roller.

    With no human participation required, each attack moves quickly and scales neatly. This operation combines an insider level of understanding of banking transaction systems with both custom and off the shelf malicious code and appears to be worthy of the term “organized crime.”

    This study found 60 servers processing thousands of attempted thefts from high-value commercial accounts and some high net worth individuals. As the attack shifted emphasis from consumers to businesses, mule business accounts allowed attempted transfers averaging in the thousands of Euros, with some transfers as high as €100,000 (US$130,000).

    Three distinct attack strategies have emerged as the targets have expanded from the European Union, to Latin America, to the United States.

    Debunking the popular wisdom that only big banks are affected, the research documents attacks at every class of financial institution: credit union, large global bank, and regional bank. So far, we estimate the criminals have attempted at least €60 million (US$78 million) in fraudulent transfers from accounts at 60 or more financial institutions (FIs). If all of the attempted fraud campaigns were as successful as the Netherlands example we describe in this report, the total attempted fraud could be as high as €2 billion.

    Source: Dissecting Operation High Roller

    Video News Report “Biggest cyber bank robbery in history” from Sky News via The Daily Sheeple:

    For the last week the Royal Bank of Scotland has been plagued with problems that have made it impossible for its 12 million customers to access cash via ATM’s, maintain their accounts online or to even withdraw money at their local bank branches. Though the issues affecting RBS may be unrelated, they have alarmed many observers as indicators of problems within the European financial and banking systems. Silver Doctors suggests the attack discovered by McAfee may be to blame for the issues experienced by RBS:

    Sky News is reporting that McAfee Virus has uncovered a series of financial attacks on US, UK, and Euro-zone banks with individual transfers of over €100,000 being reported.

    Is this an extension of RBS’ NatWest’s complete banking system melt-down/ cash account rehypothecation, which is now in its 8th day?

    Our thoughts are this is either an Iranian ‘Stuxnet’ retaliation, or a false-flag banking system lock up by the Western Central Banks themselves on which they can conveniently pin the blame for an imminent derivatives induced contagion and banking collapse.

    Source: Silver Doctors via SGT Report

    Governments have needed a pretext to tighten banking regulations and gain even more authority over the individual movement of capital. Whether real or a false flag, this cyber attack may very well give them the ammunition they need to take complete control of the internet.

    Hat tip Silver Doctors, SGT Report, The Daily Sheeple


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      1. Sad state of affairs the govt. have put us in….

          • Hey, why not? They have a hotline now for ILLEGALS to call OUR gov’t and let them know that they are being suppressed and attacked because their ILLEGAL!!! And, the other hotline that allows them to call the gov’t and tell them they are being disenfranchised! So, this one just fits TPTB mode of operation!

            God help us all!!

          • Pathetic, I tell you!

            Thanks for the info

            • Back up at this time??? No probs…

            • not down now…working fine…

        • This is what is the problem with keeping all of someone’s assets in the phantom zone of electronics, it is not tangible. I have seen more and more people in front of me in line using credit cards to make their purchases. If and when the syastem shuts down, these people are going to become panick stricken. Many of these people do not even see the feel of cash money anymore, let alone any true currency such as gold or silver. These individuals could have someone siphon their accounts and not even have anyway of purchasing food.

          It is incredible to see the lack of any insight to what could happen to someone’s entire financial well being on a small scale individual attack on them personally. It is amazing how these individuals “TOTALLY DEPEND” on their electronic world to function or they don’t eat for the day of longer. These people don’t even have a cash back-up for IF the world stays stable, but their banking collapses individually. Happens all the time, and sometimes their credit card institutions won’t help them until they discover the problem. A personal financial SHTF.

          I don’t know if others out there have seen this at the store like I have, but these individuals don’t have anything other than plastic cards to get food. I pretty sure that at their homes there is little or nothing in the cupboards. What has happened to everyone? Are the 1% of preppers the ONLY ones left with a brain in their skull? I am totally ashamed of what has happened to the 99% of people that have travelled into LA LA land that I share citizenship with.

          • Makes you really want to jump into a cashless society does it not? That is what the government is wanting to do. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, no? People take control of your life. PREPARE! Deep down you know what to do, break the mold.

          • This is the intent—and for me, I’ll worry about my house.
            They have the same opportunities we have to prepare.
            Can they eat those ‘blings’?
            I have a niece, great-niece, and sister–all in the same household—that will starve when this goes down, whatever the disaster is.
            All on govt assistance.
            Oh, incidentally; the three receive $100 less per month in govt assistance, etc. than dh and I receive w. his SS and VA disability.
            They live like trash–no car, needs water pump; rent a mobile home that’s trash; much more….just no heart to divulge it.

        • Rehypothecation? Is J.P. Morque up to their old tricks?
          Just joking! Please don’t sue me.

        • True. But then, this is what we get for electing nice looking glib incompetents at all levels of government.

          • You hit the nail on the head…I bet Scott Brown of Mass. would not have been such a sensation if he looked like….Harry Reid?? Bawny Frank??
            We do vote the face!!!

            • If this is true, who voted for pelosi? Imagine waking up to that each morning…

        • “””McAfee and Guardian Analytics have uncovered a highly sophisticated, global financial services fraud campaign that has reached the American banking system. “””

          The global financial fraud IS the American banking system. It did not reach it, it started there. It doesn’t take a lot of sophistication when you are stealing from yourself.

          I would suggest the banksters are creating a NEW fictional enemy to blame when your “money” disappears.

        • this may be the false flag, some have been expecting

      2. Sure glad us preppers are ahead of the game. Are you?

      3. To bad i pulled almost all my money out of bank accounts.

        hahaha, boy its good to be a prepper!

        • You are right on the money Ryan!

        • I’ve been slowly debanking over the last year. I keep only enough in the bank to pay bills.

          • are you familiar with gift cards or pre-paid credit/debit cards to pay your bills–they work fine. no chance bank can rob you.

      4. July 9, 2012 was suppose to be date when the feds shutdown the net.

        • Tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc…

          • Search ” july 9 2012 internet shutdown”. I just think its interesting that these two stories are somewhat similar.

            • Yup. I know. I have seen those stories for a while now. The clock is ticking…

        • jim… Not singling out your post but some of these “internet shutdown” stories are misleading. True, there are around 4 million computers affected by this Trojan horse virus, but the FBI took over these DNS servers a year(?) ago and have been telling people they will be shut down.Go to to see if your IP address is among those affected. If it is, good luck. I hope you know your computers. Luckily, mine was not.

      5. President Obama has employed a new group of people for raising funds for his campaign.

        • The one on the “news” this am is that he is asking newly weds to ask their guests to give cash to Obama in place of getting wedding gifts.

          • Coverage of this, in the middle of the news broadcast, is just like a campaign commercial.
            Too cute by half. Dirtbags

            Obama Event Registry
            Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up?

            Let your friends know how important this election is to you—register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift. It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate—and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.

            Setting up and sharing your registry page is easy—so get started today.

            • Obama Event Registry
              Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up?

              Let your friends know how important this election is to you—register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift. It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate—and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.

              Setting up and sharing your registry page is easy—so get started today.

              • LMAO-I saw that on the Blaze too
                {{Register with Obama 2012}} Because a contribution goes further than a gravy boat and Barrack had to shovel snow when he got married….

                I’d rather have a chipped gravy boat

                • My Gravy Boat sunk..the day that Traitor took office

                  • I would keep my gravy boat to remind me that I never supported Treason.. Make a fine display case with a plaque, and some nice lights to shine down on it.

              • So very many laughs! yes we’ve all seen it. Thanks for the pick me up JayJay! Its actually the funniest joke I’ve heard all year.

            • My gravy boat sunk too.

              And damned if it didn’t happen to have all of my guns on it at the time.

      6. Could it be Jamie Dimon trying to recover his recent losses by any means necessary?

        • Could be, Hal. I’m wondering when the next MF Global will be and how soon it can be trussed up and butchered for the benefit of The Morgue.

      7. I keep very little of their counterfeit money around. There’s no fiat to skim in my account. Any guesses as to whom the real thief is???

        • Got more digits on debt than I have in the account. Let it fry for all I care.

          • Gravlore,

            Unfortunately, our debt won’t be wiped out just because the system melts. The banks, CC companies, etc will go into hyper-speed to collect on your debt just before, and during a SHTF scenario.

            That’s why I do not do CC’s anymore. The only “debt” I have is a vehicle, and they can have that one if it comes down to it. We learned our lesson on over-extending 4-5 years ago.

        • who not whom

      8. Don’t know if any of you have watched some of the “Drinking with Bob” vids, but in his words….”Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me”?! I wouldn’t buy this bullshit with Greese’s drachma. This is a planned siphoning and they can play this Jamie Dimon-John Corzine horseshit until the cows come home. Sometime, somewhere these bass-tards are going to be leaking red fluid from a little blue hole made by a hot lead injection. Bet on it!

        • BTW, the spelling of the country “Greece” was a mistake. I was supposed to put an “a” after the first “e” cause Europe is going to apply that to their skids.

      9. It would be interesting if any here would post, be it in the US or abroad, if they were (or are being) affected by this attack. It would not only be interesting to know the demographics of where the attackers are targeting, it may help us out to see that we need to take immediate action if it’s happening within our individual area(s).

        • BTW, so far in central OK, all is good at our banks and within my like-minded friends banks in western OK. I have yet to hear from my compatriots in the northern and southern TX areas. Will keep you all abreast…

        • Or has your account balance increased??
          Robinhood mentality wouldn’t be bad for those needing a little monetary lift right now.
          I can ‘always’ use more prep funds.

          • The theft is targeting $100,000 from accounts? Oh, yeah, I’m really worried…NOT!

          • Sorry… no ill-begotten booty for me…

        • “V”

          That depends on if the RBS shit is part of this. If it is there are many of us being affected here in the UK. They are saying itis all sorted now, but many are still having trouble accessing their accounts. The website for the bank works intermittently .

          Take care

          • Thanks Burt for the update!

            Take care, let us know what else is being done out in your neck-of-the-woods.

            God bless…

        • Problem is that it looks like nothing has been touched in the account. An online balance/activity query will show everything as it was. It is only when a withdrawal is attempted that the theft is discovered. Pretty sneaky and dangerous.

        • “V”

          We had something strange happen with our bank a couple weeks ago. We received an NFS notice in the mail for our checking account. According to my records, there was money (keep a low balance and only deposit cash as needed to pay bills) in the account. So, I went down to the bank and asked for a print out of transactions since the last statement.

          On the statement was listed a check number (not ours) for a utility payment. It took a week for the bank to “confirm” that it was NOT our check. In the meantime, I had to deposit additional money, because I had written some checks and wanted to make sure there wasn’t any problems with them. It took a week, and the bank did put the money back and reversed the NSF fees.

          Has anyone else had “glitches” at their bank?

          • KY M.:
            Friends of ours have reported that their online statements are being “rearranged” on a weekly basis.some posting are made,posted and paid.BUT then a week later when another item comes in the paid dates are then changed to something different.Something very funny is happening in the electronic banking world…..I’d blame the Chinese if not some “friendlies” in suits up to nothing good.

            • GrayFoxGreen

              I agree…something very “funny” is happening in the electronic banking world.

              Take care.
              KY Mom

          • Sorry about that. We had my identity stolen 2 months ago from some moron in Florida! He charged up $1000 on a BOGUS Cap 1 card. Capital One are WAY too laxed to trust them too far. It’s strange too, because I am more than careful on who, how, and where I make any transactions. To date, they still don’t know “how” it happened. I am not even with Cap 1!

            • “V”

              Sorry to hear about that. 🙁 I hope you got that mess cleared ok.

              We often get credit card offers in the mail. I take them home and put them in the shredder. At the post office I sometimes see the credit card offers just thrown in the trash can. In my opinion, not a good idea.

              It makes ya wonder what could happen if your mail gets accidentally put in someone else’s mailbox.

            • Yeah KY Mom, all is good now. But I laid into Cap 1 let me tell you! I have a block on ALL my bureaus now, and ANYTHING that tries to use my name notifies me and they ask if I am the one applying for — whatever. If not, they immediate flag it, trace it and block it.

            • If you dont have your wallet lined in tinfoil your Credit cards can be ‘bumped’ if you have a tap style smart card. Then the info can be used agaisnt you.

            • Gravlore,

              Another reason for not having CC’s!

          • Watch out for this one. I have a High Net Worth friend. Keeps his cash spread around for FDIC insurance. (20+ accounts, you do the math).
            He was fed up with BOA and closed his account. Went in to a branch, said “close my account, and give me a check”.
            Next month, got a BOA statement with a 1 cent balance, and a $25.00 maintenance fee. He had to go and threaten to bring in a local TV station to get them to wipe this clean. They said it was an error. yeah,right.
            How many High net worth people have bookkeepers pay bills? And don’t personaly scrutinize every statement and bill that comes in? How much has been fleeced using this trick?

          • I’ve had a couple of issues over the past few weeks. I check my balances (as little as they are!) at least every other day. Charges that appear to be duplicates but then disappear in a day or two. I’m working toward being much more on a cash basis with groceries (saves money anyway) and other retail purchases. My debit card was hacked a few weeks ago and I had to get another one. Of course, for anyone trying to get any real money from my accounts it will be like pulling hens’ teeth (sometimes being poor is a good thing.) I agree, there is something weird going on and I think it’s just another sign that things are going from bad to much, much worse and that collapse and chaos are getting closer every day. Misneach, fianna.

      10. Anyway, y’all have a good evening. I gonna head on down to the chickens and pick up the eggs and then kick the shit out of “Barry” the rooster.

        • “I gonna head on down to the chickens and pick up the eggs and then kick the shit out of “Barry” the rooster.”

          Roger that. I had to do that with a rooster we once had. He developed a real bad habit. He would jump me from behind and spur the back of my legs when I was tilling the garden. If I turned on him, he would jump back out of reach. One day, he spurred me, I turned, he jumped back, I turned away and then spun on him just as he was coming in for another spur job. My kick caught him full in the chest and he went about 30 feet arse over tea kettle. He stood in the shade by the smokehouse for 2 days with his wings and neck drooping. I thought the sucker was gonna die on me. He didn’t though. He recovered and a week later was back to spurring again. Totally PO’d now, I went into the house, grabbed my .41 mag and blew a hole in the bastard the size of a 4-bit piece. End of spurring.

          • LOL, thats what this big Rhode Island Red likes to do. I swear when I turn my back on him I can “feel” him comin’. I’ve spun around a couple of times and caught him with my Redwing boots(how appropriate) and knotted him up in the corner of the coop. Its a love-hate relationship I guess. The ladies (hens) love him, but I swear one day…..he’s gonna make a great pot of chicken and dumplings.

      11. Does anyone remember Anonymous and his threats on video??

      12. My gut tells me it’s Iran getting back at the U.S. for putting a virus in their nuke program computers. This is just my opinion, nothing more.

        As the rabbit caught in a trap begins to die, it’s struggle become more frantic.

        • @thebible

          yur’ a puckin idiot … pro-fedgov splc adl aipac fascist israeli joooo troll much ???

          iran didn’t do sheeit .

          like always its the puckin israeli zionist joooooooooo’s .


          • Everyone on this site hates your guts U POS. Take the hint and go hump the leg of somebody who gives a shit.

            • @bible-

              I don’t believe iran has anything to do with this so called attack, I believe the bankers(whom the majority are jewish) are doing this to themselves, to cover up their crimes.

              One of my personel heros in life, (whom I owe much to) is Erwin Schiff, he is an american patriot, a soldier in the war of the illegal income tax, and banking system in which we are prisoners.

              He is jewish. Am I not allowed to dislike or like people on the content of character, or countries by their actions?

              There are around 180 countries at this point in history, The us has pretty much f^cked over,exported inflation to, dictated policies at,medled internally with,installed private central banking in, bombed,dronned, or invaded at least half of them.(low ball#)

              There is plenty of motive in the world for countries to do what they can to hurt us (kick the big bully in the nuts) and believe me, they will smile when we fall. So WHY do you exclude all the other countries that hate us if you think a nation state did this.

              We have bombed more countries then I can count(in my life time). Our so called #1 ally in the middle east has bombed many also. I cannot think of ONE country iran has attacked.

              I do not like iran, I say f^ck them.
              I do not like isreal, I say f^ck them.
              I say f^ck them ALL!!

              Including our usury, bull$hit, fiat, and illegal banking system that is place right now.

              America FIRST.

              The usary the muslims hate??? I can’t blame then, I hate it to.

            • @bible-Americas #1 ally-

              Attacked a us flagged ship named the liberty, to trick us into war with egypt.

              Payed john pollard to spy on us.

              Took those secrets sold them to our enemies(ussr)

              Has not signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty.

              Bribes and pays off our politicians(or they are “duel” citizens, with their loyalty towards another nation).

              These are ALL documented FACTS.

              Out of the dictionary for a free man-


              1. The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power; disloyalty; treachery.

              Please tell me WHY,

              Are they are our #1 ally in the middle east?

            • @thebible

              Bwaaahahahaha ;0)

              ;0P pssszzt naaa na na naaa na ;0P

          • Fascist…That certainly wouldn’t surprise me none.Since WWII Mossad has been behind 99% of the attacks and false flags against America.

          • Ah, shut up!

        • @bible-(forgot something) the WSJ said ISREAL and the us developed stuxnet and deployed it against iran.

          WHY are no isreali banks getting hit?
          IF iran is behind this, wouldn’t they want to take some of their banks down as well?

      13. Is this a small scale trial run before they try something many times larger? They learn how the powers that be respond and work around the fixes?

      14. I suppose the ECB have got to get the bailout money from somewhere. Robbing bastards they are. This is just the beginning.

        Take care

      15. could it be bullshit? misdirection? a lie to pilfer?

        • VRF

          I would not be at all surprised if it is a government thing. Like I said Europe is broke, they need money.

          Take care

      16. Sometimes being broke has its advantage–nothing to loose!!

        • I looked in on my silver and it’s all still there.

          • Words to live by, PP. Words to live by.

          • Absolutely correct. Unless you can touch an asset it is at risk.

      17. Domestic Terrorist said recently, that to “think lulz”. Well, if THIS is the lulz he’s referring to, then whoever is involved with this type of group is not only a CRIMINAL, they are part of the ‘new age’ global meltdown! They think they are doing “good”, when in fact, they are hurting people, stealing, and committing crimes that cannot be tolerated. Here’s a link to a BREAKING news story related to all of this:

        news. yahoo. com/british-lulzsec-hackers-admit-cia-cyber-attacks-201841408.html

        Also, here’s another Yahoo! News story about this stories topic and it’s fresh off the presses too:
        sg. news.

        And… this one. I have to wonder if these people are all in this as “Anonymous” would be, and the idiots at OWS and ADBusters?!!
        news. yahoo. com/24-nabbed-us-led-cybercrime-finance-sting-200702154.html

        • Well, I was thinking more of the lulz NinaO provides…

          And again: Don’t keep money in a bank that you can’t afford to lose.

          • Is there a difference?

          • This is a U.S.S.A. CIA SECRET SERVICE , Zionist Israeli Jooooo MOSSAD FALSE_FLAG !!!

            They create the Fake False-Flag threats to Bring into Zionist Fascist Commie Law the Controls and legislature to change and enslave the World !!!

            Its that simple … your greatest threat is your OWN PUCKIN FEDGOV !!!

            Arm Up Stock Up Prepare for Zionist Fascist Commie Freemason FEDGOV Biological Nuclear Economic False-Flag’s , Illegal Martial Law and then FreeMan Free-American Revolutionary Civil War !!!

            It is happening NOW !!!

            This is the LAST DANCE FOLKS !!!

            Predator or Prey of the Zionist Fascist Commie Freemason NWO !!!

            The Choice is Yours !!!

            Choose wisely , your “very life” depends on it !!!


      18. Like @jim says- could this be a false flag used to shut down the net HMMMMMMMMMMMM! Thats 12 days from now. Just a thought.
        Live Free

      19. Burt, you can use chocolate for this exercise!! lol

        We can tell the number of times you are prepping during a week and your age too.

        It takes less than a minute.
        Work this out as you read. You may need a calculator.

        1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to prepp (more than once but less than 10).
        2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold).
        3. Add 5.
        4. Multiply it by 50 — I’ll wait while you get the calculator.
        5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1762 .. If you haven’t, add 1761..
        6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.
        7. You should have a three digit number.
        The first digit of this was your original number
        (i.e., how many times you want to prepp each week).

        The next two numbers are -YOUR AGE!

        This is the only year (2012) it will ever work, SO SPREAD IT AROUND WHILE IT LASTS.

        You can change this around for whatever you want (boxes of specific ammo, number of sisters/brothers, sex per week, chocolate, banking transactions etc).

        Y’all Beware! Have some fun today and smile!

        • Thanks, that was fun and it was right. Everyone needs to smile at least a few times a day.

        • Y’all

          How the hell did you work that out lol. Spot on and very clever. I have to say, as it’s you, I would have told you if you’d asked lol

          Take care

      20. For some reason I don’t care. Oh, thats right, I’m poor.

      21. Nice thing about Cyber attacks…
        …they can’t touch my rice
        ….they can’t play with my guns
        ……they don’t impact my GOD

        I’m good.

        BTW didn’t we fire the first (and so far only) shots on this war front already?

      22. When our government, or Wall Street, steals, it is never for a paltry 2 billion. Bernanke made off with 4 trillion not accounted for. So, to my mind at least, this is a foreign endeavor. Pure speculation rules out China as they already have all our money. The Russian FSB has the technology and they are a treacherous people. Just guessing like everyone else.

        • Could be. Did you copy and paste the 3 links I listed above? In the related story about the CC fraud, 2 minors in the USA were arrested! Telling me that the Marxist/Anonymous wannabes are fulfilling their self-proclaimed prophesies. Of course there’s many others involved, and foreign “helpers” are definitely in the mix.

      23. Wouldn’t the thieves have to transfer the money between countries and banks using the swift payment/transfer system?

        Something IS happening,but it seems this sky tv knows EXACTLY how its happening, but the banks cant stop it????


        This has to be either one of two things

        1- A smoke screen to cover the banksters a$$es because they are BROKE and have used their customers accounts to pay their bills.

        2-A smoke screen to cover the banksters a$$es because they are BROKE and have used their customers accounts to pay their bills.

        @thebanksters-BYE BYE BITCHEZ, your fiat money system is dying!!!! and tyranny WILL die with you.

        • Oh, and by the way, the us government CONTROLS the swift system and has weaponized it against countries.(the fed controls the government, and the private owners control the fed).

          If they wanted to track the money and stop this they would.



          RED THUMB THAT!!!!

          • Are you talking large sums of money kevin? The reason I ask is that a couple of my banks transfer money via the internet, in fact I can do it it too. From one bank acct to the other. These folks have been targeting individual acct’s more so than business accounts.

            Anyway… just wondering…

            • Oh, BTW, I don’t know who red thumbed your 1st comment, I’m not into all of this thumb up, thumb down BS.

              But, since you dared us, I’ll oblige! Here’s a red thumb for ya! LOL! 😉

            • You TELL your bank ON the internet to wire the money to other bank, they wire it.

              Wire,as in hard wire, as in telephone(now days fiber optic across the oceans).

              American express would be the most hacked entity in the world if they transfered funds over the net, it would be an hourly occurance.

            • @V-its funny, once I posted a link to my favorite version of america the beutiful by ray charles, and it got 15 red thumbs, because the haters out there.

              @haters-I know, I’m a racist because I hate jesse jacka$$.

            • kevin,

              Must’ve been the version Mark Levin plays… it’s awesome! I listen to Levin for entertainment purposes once in a while. I love it when he’s on the attack and says, “GET OFF MY PHONE, SCHMUCK!”

            • @V-they recently upgraded that fiber optic system across the atlantic so jp morgue and their ilk could gain some extra milli seconds on their stock trades,currency swaps, and payments in and out.

            • @V-If I listen to “conservative” radio I listen to mike church.

              I can”t/don’t listen to levin. He is to much of a schill of isreal and the republican party and supports the endless wars.

              I support none of those.

      24. If this attack is organized crime, what does that make MF Global, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs?

        • Richer.

          • Exactly.

        • Scumbags.

          • Big +1!

        • Really, really organized?

      25. I was scammed out of about $80.00 last week. Do not click on anything that says FREE DOWNLOAD. I did and it took me to a page to fill out information. After I saw it cost $79.95, I didn’t fill it out. I clicked off the site but they had my information from ordering soft ware years ago. I called my bank and told them I didn’t arthorized them to order anything. The bank returned my money and canceled my debit card. It was from an international site. I got a new card in three days. If you have used your debit card to order anything, it would be a good idea to go to your bank and have them cancel it and get a new one just so they don’t have your information.

      26. Holy Crap…why did I wait so long to be the one to hang onto my money instead of the bank…

        I have two pit bulls and lots of guns and ammo…those safeguards are impervious to cyber attacks. Live and learn…

      27. I can only find a twitter post , that 60 million euros have been stolen,mainly in Italy. Just a twitter post.It sounds like an attempted cyber crime. But if it is a viral outbreak that could eat the entire wealth of the worlds banks like some flesh eating virus, then we could be witnessing the shit as is hitting the fan ! So take pictures. And get ready for some fucked up shit.

        • Ha ha ha ha ha! I dont pray often, but tonight I will 🙂

      28. These days I would only keep enough money in my bank account to cover checks for bills. The rest should be in Gold, Silver, or Real Estate or other tangible asset that you can touch. If you can’t touch it don’t put your money into it. Paper does not count unless it is Toilet Paper and Can be used to wipe your but than again all paper can be use as toilet paper even stocks and “paper silver”.

        • ha ha ha! Many laughs today. paper silver…. I wish I would’ve thought of that…

      29. Beware of false flag.

        • Beware all manner of deceivers.

      30. And my husband doesn’t like to have cash,wants to pay everything online or with a debt card. I hope this article will help him understand why we need cash and hope he will be willing to help me prep. Right now he tolorates it. We have water in the basement. Why do you have water down there? Because a pipe might burst. That is as far as I can make him understand.

        • Oh, my…my neighbor is always talking about his payments online..
          What will he do when the crap happens that’s coming??–oh, it’s on its way folks.
          Online is not the smartest way in this day and time to pay bills.
          I bet he has no clue what’s happening in the other countries at the banks…well, I ain’t telling–he voted for the fraud.
          That alone makes me seriously doubt his intelligence level!!

          • I buy some of my preps online. What’s wrong with that?

            • I buy vitamins, great deals @ puritan, but I do not keep money in the bank or pay bills online; when I purchase online, I put the required purchase amt. in the bank, and use a debit card— instantly!!

          • are you really implying this cyber attack is because Obama is in office? Thats so damn silly.

            • Ah, shut up you f’ing troll

      31. Its all wierd, im in RBS and had no trouble using my card but, my brother in law is with Nat West, he couldnt use ours for anything but went into the next town and used theirs with no trouble at all.

      32. Welcome …. finally to why we are in the digital age..

        I think if your heavy in tangible gold and silver .. Once the bottom drops out – you’ll become royalty amoungst the masses.

        It is gonna be a few more years – maybe another couple more US Presidential Thugs need to ransack the Fed Res and the good tax payers before We The People say- Uncle.. And throw all these governmental bastards out!!

        Wake up Americans..

      33. How do you steal $2.5 billion worth of 1’s and 0’s and get away with it?

        • Floppy disk for sure…:)

        • …once you know what 1’s and 0’s to manipulate, you just rearrange them to suit yourself…

      34. “Sometime you get the elelevator, sometime the shaft”. Is that from the Bible, if not, it’s still true.

        • Or from Wynonna: Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes your the bug…

      35. No mention of this in the WSJ this mornin.

        @banksters- Just keep ignoring the problems with debt backed currencies’

        The problems will just go away! NOT!

      36. McAfee products are worse than malwares themselves, take everything McAfee has to say with a huge grain of salt:
        (the last link is the best – the McAfee founder arrested in Belize, where he apparently lives, on fraud charges :-))))

        • Sorry, but this sounds more like someone in power had a hard-on for him. I see little here worth hating on him for. I know what this is like and it seems odd that the alleged gun didn’t show up to be held up for the world to see the proof of his supposed crime…

      37. U.S. Said to Make Arrests in Global Bank Data Theft Operation
        By Patricia Hurtado – Jun 26, 2012 12:35 PM GMT-0500
        U.S. agents have arrested dozens of people on four continents as part of a global sting operation targeting data theft from financial instituitions, according to a person familiar with the matter.
        Dozens of arrests were made in an undercover operation by the U.S. that prevented hundreds of millions of dollars in losses from illegal computer access, said the person, who declined to be identified because they weren?t authorized to speak publicly on the matter. Hundreds of thousands of credit card users could have been affected as well as dozens of corporations and educational institutions, the person said.
        As part of the probe, Joshua Hicks and two other people were arrested in New York today by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and charged in the two-year-long probe into illegal computer hacking. Hicks, of Manhattan, is scheduled to appear in federal court in New York later today, according to court records.
        Jerika Richardson, a spokeswoman for Preet Bharara?s office, declined to comment. The matter was reported earlier by the Associated Press.

        • Def sounds like a false flag to me…

      38. Finally… Drudge is covering this! It’s not a bad link either.

        news. sky. com/story/952931/fraud-ring-in-hacking-attack-on-60-banks

        Live link to follow …

      39. Just remember, if this online ‘theft’ in the US is successful and the funding isn’t retrievable, there ain’t enough money in FDIC to cover the staggering losses. How convenient…

      40. VRF

        Never having won the hundred yard dash. I was too slow and missed the boat entirely.

        Take care

      41. Bank holiday coming to your branch soon. This is to protect you from some other crook getting your money, not them ( remember- I’m from the goverment and I’m here to help you ). Get out of the banks now, this stinks to high heaven, keep only what is needed to pay bills. BOCHICA, they are going to get all they can. Look we all know the whole world is ready to explode, prep to the max while you can, I believe the days are numbered and not many at that.
        LIVE FREE

        • We don’t keep our money in the banks, and the direct deposit VA disability is taken out as soon as it gets there.
          We, like most, are at the govt’s mercy, if not their employer.
          Dh’s S.S. is mailed, but that’s only till 2013—IF we make it to that time.

      42. To Be informed: U S G S hired a private co. to shoot gound levels every 1/4 mi down IL. State Route 1. Any idea’s as to why? This is along with them installing the steel rods to bed rock every 1 mi. Sorry this is off topic but just though you might like to know ( New Madrid ).
        Live free

        • If they are surveying for elevations, they may be starting a measurement study. They may be going to keep track of any ground movements in the area. This doesn’t count if they are taking photographs, though. They did that where I live before they put the light rail tracks in.

      43. Financial False Flag: Beware Heads Up – Emergency Update

        June 27, 2012

        Right now banking systems the world over are going into meltdown due to this global syphoning hack that is occuring in over 60 banks worldwide with untold losses in the billions of dollars and counting.
        What I want all of you to know is this. It is DAMN impossible for any one hacking group or individual to pull this off. The sheer speed and scope of the operation as well as the precision through which it is being carried out leads me to believe an advanced source is at play.
        Look you can not simply hack this many accounts in this many banks simultaneously without leaving any tracks and yet there are no tracks left behind just a bunch of dead end false leads that lead no where.
        My sources have told me that the algorithm used in this operation is very very advanced and “they have never seen anything like this.” This leads me to one conclusion. A false flag, an inside job designed as a pretext to a broader event. I have been warning about a financial collapse for some time, I have also warned of an impending bank holiday as well as the market indicators pointing to World War Three. I strongly believe this event would be used in any one of these ways.
        All of our banking software has back doors built into them for the anonymous power brokers/masters to use as they deem fit. This is an inside job that is done by an International Banking/ Intelligence Agency conglomerate. Only they would have the accessibility, the infrastructure and means to pull this off.
        I fear this is a huge prelude to a massive event. I have told many of you through this web site to get your money out…What are you waiting for?

        • Amen.

      44. Off Topic:

        As military vehicles roll down streets and highways in St. Louis, Missouri amidst rising concerns about martial law, the U.S. Army has admitted that having troops conduct law enforcement duties is illegal in the United States.

        Who told them?? duh!

      45. At least 24 people were arrested in 13 countries in a US-led sting operation targeting cyber criminals buying and selling stolen credit card information, officials said Tuesday.
        Wanta bet we never get these names, or see a trial, or get that money back to those companies???

      46. It’s more cyber-false flags.
        It is coming just a few days before the latest round of cyber-‘insecurity’-bills roll in the House and Senate. Do a Google for Senator Hutchison and cybersecurity. You will see.

      47. Money What Money?

        Actually they will print some more and “Bob’s Your Uncle”.

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