Secret ‘Triangle’ Doc Strips NY Fed Power: “Reserve Bank Doesn’t Breathe without Asking Washington if It Can Inhale”

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    A secret agreement that was enacted five years ago at the Federal Reserve has just come to light. Known as the ‘Triangle Document,’ it purports to take away regulatory power from the New York Fed branch – long known as the most important outpost for the private quasi-government institution – and put it in the hands of the Fed’s Board of Governors in Washington, D.C.

    Until 2010, when the document was produced, the big banks essentially enjoyed self-regulation, with significant power over the board.

    Class A and Class B NY Fed board members are elected directly by member banks, with Class C members in turn elected by the board (not much different, really). JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon – intricately involved in the post-2008 bailout controversy –  was the Class A director for the New York Fed board for six years until his term expired in 2013.

    For Big Banks and the Federal Reserve, it was a sweetheart fox-guarding-the-henhouse arrangement that the public was never meant to fully understand.

    The Wall Street Journal’s Jon Hilsenrath broke the story:

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, once the most feared banking regulator on Wall Street, has lost power in a behind-the-scenes reorganization at the nation’s central bank.

    The Fed’s center of regulatory authority is now a little-known committee run by Fed governor Daniel Tarullo , which is calling the shots in oversight of banking titans such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc.

    The new structure was enshrined in a previously undisclosed paper written in 2010 known as the Triangle Document. Under the new system, Washington is at the center of bank supervision, exercising control over the Fed’s 12 reserve banks, much as the State Department exerts control over embassies….

    The lengthy WSJ article details a rather dramatic power struggle between Wall Street’s top banking interests and Washington bureaucrats for control over the institution that has taken control of the world.

    During discussions the same year over what became the Triangle Document, New York Fed bank examiners, led by supervisor William Rutledge, fought for more representation on committees but lost, according to people who took part. Mr. Rutledge, now at Promontory Financial Group, which advises firms on dealing with regulators, said he supported the reorganization…

    Nine of the Federal Reserve Board’s members are on the 16-person committee; the New York Fed has three representatives, and they answer to Washington. Mr. Dudley isn’t on it.

    “This reserve bank doesn’t breathe any more without asking Washington if it can inhale or exhale,” said one person prominent in the banking community.

    The move, in theory, is one towards greater accountability towards the public, as the Fed’s Board of Governors in Washington are federal employees and subject to FOIA requests and greater scrutiny.

    However, those gains are negated by the fact that the public didn’t even find out about this reorganization – set in 2010 – until five years later.

    Nevertheless, the Triangle document reorients power Washington, likely a good thing for those who’ve been considered about the power granted the New York Fed, who have long established cozy ties with Wall Street.

    This is partially a result of the Dodd-Frank Act and the creation of the Financial Stability Oversight Council.

    As Naked Capitalism wrote:

    This is a major win for Fed governor Dan Tarullo, who has emerged as one of the toughest critics of big financial firms at the Fed in the wake of the crisis. It is also a loss for the banks, since the New York Fed is widely recognized as close to Wall Street. Moreover, the Board of Governors is more accountable to citizens (its governors are Federal employees, the Board of Governors is subject to FOIA,

    And while there is some good news in moving the power center directly away from Wall Street, it is obviously enough that Washington, D.C. hasn’t been much better for the interests of the people.

    All in all, the significance of this move may be overstated – as it is now being made public – at a time when the Federal Reserve is trying to appear more accountable and transparent to the public, while also maintaining the appearance that life could not go on without its significant interventions.

    Via Naked Capitalism:

    Thus while this is generally a step in the right direction, the open question is whether these steps are adequate. As one can see from its monetary policy, which has worked out swell for the top 1%, the central bank is far too tied into orthodox, meaning elite, views of what its priorities should be. The Fed, for instance, appears to have no concern about the fact that the economy is overfinancialized and reducing the size and profitability of that sector should be a high priority. However, that point of view is anathema to the Board of Governors’ general counsel Scott Alvarez, who is unapologetic about how the deregulation over which he presided produced the financial crisis and continues to exercise outsized influence over regulatory policy.

    As we’ve regularly argued, large banks get so much support from the state that they cannot properly be considered to be private entities. They now represent the worst form of socialism for the rich. They should be regulated like utilities. Having utility-like profits and pay would mean that real economy rather than casino economy jobs would look more attractive to ambitious, highly-educated candidates.

    Thus the Board of Governors move, while salutary, is likely to turn out to be what the Japanese call “a height competition among peanuts,” where the changes look significant to insiders but are recognized as trivial to more objective observers.

    Too little, too late is definitely a fair criticism. Will these regulatory changes amount to any significant reform?


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      1. Just more dark corners in rooms where chanting and whispers can be detected. Burn them!

        • We will do nothing about it or anything else.
          We are a nation of followers, not independent.
          History tells us for example, like the civil
          war where 28,000 men blundered into the jaws of
          hell under one man’s order at Pickett’s Charge
          without question and were summarily slaughtered.

          • Time to back up the truck and load up on Silver. Below $16. And Gold $1160. Gold is risky, Buy Silver 1oz Rounds. Yes Load up on your brass, lead and copper too.

            • WWTI, good advice 🙂

              • What we have here is not a “failure to communicate” between the NYF and the FRB; but a coup, where power has been transferred from the capitalists (bankers) to the socialists in government.

                The balance of power between the multinationals and the communists in power has now shifted again, just as it did with ObolaCare: from the doctors and the insurance companies (the capitalists) to the Death Panel socialists in government.

                Not unlike Illegal Immigration Amnesty by decree; against the law and the wishes of the vast majority of Americans.

                “Hope and Change” in action. How’s it working for you? 🙂

                • The “hope and change” hasn’t worked out well for millions.

                  Despite how the media spins it, this is NOT a recovery.

                  How America Added 17 Million People In 7 Years… And ZERO Full-Time Jobs

                  After unemployment checks end, those individuals are no longer counted – whether they found a job or not.

                  “According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics release, the UE (unemployment) rate fell to 5.5% as of February.”

                  “The US population grew from February 2008 to February 2015 by 16.8 million persons, or a 5.5% increase in total population, and on a net basis, not a single one of those 16.8 million persons got a FT (full time) job … while a net 2.7 million were lucky enough to get a (or multiple) PT (PART TIME) job.”


              • Puleeeez! The only reason this is just now “coming to light” is because it took THIS LONG for them to stack the board the way they wanted it. There will be more of the same, just from a different letterhead.

                • Truly! Anyone who believes that “command and control” for the Reserve and “our” government” are not one and the same synagogue of Satan is delusional.

                  • Yes and no John. Consider all factions as the NWO PTB. Within that group there are many competing groups seeking power.

                    Major Corporations are one group. The Central Bankers another. The communists in government still another. All want One World Government: with their ideology and their partisans in control.

                    The intelligence community serves whichever faction is in power, thus the pivot to Islam.

                    Each group serves the others and each is a parasite feeding on and off of the other two. All are jockeying for the most power; but they all have one thing in common. Each is willing to sacrifice the American people and American Principles of government to get that power.

                    While Rothschild may have started the Central Banking monopoly, it has long since passed to other like minded individuals and groups within the financial community who control global finance, and comprise every ethnic group. Some more than others.

                    Likewise, Marx Lenin, Mao, and Stalin have passed their ideology on to a new, diverse, generation of leadership who believe it “takes a village” to raise your children.

                    It is precisely because their are groups within each group and all are striving for power that makes it a bit confusing for the Sheeple to ascertain the good guys from the bad guys.

                    Hint: there are no good guys. 🙁

                    • So to blame our problems today and concentrating upon a particular ethnic group, IE the “Synagogue of Satan” is to miss the forest for the trees, and underestimate the forces arrayed against America. 🙁

                    • YEP, DK , Its the socialist left we need to keep an eye on .

                    • Among the banksters, Boards, and revolving door bureaucrats, there are indeed some shabbos goyim, but among the seriously powerful “command and control” there is not the widespread diversity that you postulate, DK.

                      Besides, ethnicity is not the problem. It is their satanic genocidal creed that is the problem. 95% depopulation and enslavement of the survivors—their goal, our problem.

            • Lead will probably be the best investment, soon.

          • Like I said, people have been stupid for eons…

            • Oh but they HAD to go fight or else they would be in trouble 😮 Why didn’t they just gang up and kill the order givers??? Just like today, nothing changes.

              • Amen Genius, Amen.

        • Yeah, blame it on the boomers Acid. I have no use for Clinton. this stuff goes back years and its on Congress. blame everyone like you always do. boomers,old people and woman are at fault according to you. you’re just what we need to take over the system….who will you blame then?

        • Acid Etch

          You are a spoiled little boy with a giant loser’s limp.

          Take responsibility for your own life you pathetic little pissant.

          One day, you will say the wrong thing to the wrong person (probably some “old person” or baby-boomer) and they are going to end you.

          Would like to be there when that happens. It will be hilarious.

        • @ AE

          Having watched both of them, your cites to policeone and the Perot video are righteous.

          Yeah, you’re sometimes abrasive. People who think for themselves often are. But when you’re right you’re right.

          The corporate fascisti of the 60’s to 80’s did sell out the American middle class. My question from a prior thread was, did they do that from stupidity or pure treason?

          Perot: Let’s give foreign importers the same tariff deal they give us. They’d have gridlock in a minute.

          If there’s something wrong with that point, calling AE names doesn’t refute it.

          I think I have an answer to my question.

          The ad hominem against AE isn’t an argument. All it says is you don’t have the brains to listen to what he says and tell him how he’s wrong.

          • It is my opinion, and I have nothing to back this up, politicians and presidents are a bunch of brainless fucking retards.

            But the men behind the throne sure as fucking shit are very smart and know what they are doing.

            The tribe under the star of David values education.

          • @John_Allen…

            Acid Etch engages in ad hominems on a continual basis. He has thoroughly earned every bit of rancor that gets directed his way.

            He is not merely abrasive. He’s a rude sociopath. Perhaps you haven’t read enough of his posts to realize this. He’s part of the reason that a lot of people who used to post on this site and actually contribute something, are no longer here. They just got sick of his BS.

            He’s a pinheaded little Nazi who hates women, other races, ALL law enforcement and military, ANY and ALL authority and anyone over 35. He blames others for every failure in his life. And you can rest assured that failure is his chief virtue. He will be a liability to anyone who even tries to help him because he thinks he already knows it all. And he talks much farther down the road than he has ever walked. Imagine a bar room braggart and you will have a pretty good picture of Acid Etch. He’s a pissant little boy with a mommy complex.

            He is PRECISELY the kind of person that most of us will have to watch out for and defend ourselves against when SHTF. The only consolation we have is that when this country is WROL, he will finally encounter the wrong person and his big mouth will write a check his ass can’t cash. Whoever it is that finally gives him the beatdown he so dearly deserves, will put their boot so far up his ass he’ll be able taste the shit on the sole. That’s if he’s lucky. Most likely, someone will end him and put him out of his misery and rid the world of his stupidity.

            • COPY…

               Acid Etch says:
              Comment ID: 3217781
              September 2, 2014 at 8:46 pm
              Eat shit and die old man,
              Gay sex is awesome and every state in the Onion is going to give equal rights. You disgusting boomer bastards will soon be nothing more than a memory

              • Reason why some species eat their offspring

                • WHAT?

            • a2. That sure fucking told him. Wow.

          • It was done on purpose. The NWO Un agenda 21 types believed that the USA blue collar had more then their fair share. They the Middle class had more then the deserved. So Laws Rules & policys where put in place to entice & corecerce The production jobs to be redistributed to other places. It is impossible to build your self up by tearing someone else down. The predominately white Former USA middle clas I no longer needed or wanted. They don’t need our votes. They don’t need our labor. We don’t make good peons & serfs. We they open the borders to len in folks who do make good peons & serfs. Like the native americans back in the 1800,s The Middle class americans are targreted to be put on reservations or exterminated.

            • Good post old Guy. Don’t in any way mean to cause any offence to you but I’m guessing you need new reading glasses. Sorry if I’ve said the wrong thing, just trying to be of help.

        • Acid, Blaming whatever generation of people is futile. Look at your generation, a bunch of zombie morons that can barely tie their shoes. Sitting around with their Iphone in their faces with an IQ of 50. Now just imagine what their kids will be like. People have been stupid and duped from the beginning of time. The generations before the baby boomers were just as pathetic. A lot (well a few) baby boomers are awake and know wtf is going on but the masses of people choose to be ignorant because it’s more comfortable. Don’t worry man, these people will get a big assed suprise soon enough.

      2. I think the article is a disinfo. the FED reserve CONTROLS the government! this is just a ploy to make the sheeple think the feds have it under control! don’t be fooled this corruption in our government will not STOP until we the people take our country back! PERIOD end of story!!

        • That pretty much sums it up Apache54
          The Federal Reserve does not have to abide by the laws of this land, they are above them all – just ask them, and they will concur with my statement.

          Most people don’t realize that the Federal Reserve is an unConstitutional, unorganized mafia banking institution that has been raping the country since 1913. If people would follow the money trail, it will lead them to the cause of problems we face in today’s times.

          Corrupt banking practices, produces a corrupt society.
          Death to bankers and the like –

          • “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!– Mayer Amschel Rothchild

            • I’m not buying…he who has the gold makes the rules and Fort Knox has been collecting dust for years where our gold once was stored before it was stolen. It started long before the bozos in office now. It is more highly probable that the scum suckers in Washington don’t take a breath let alone a shit without asking permission of the Rothchilds.

              Same shit, new day.

              GMAFB and please hurry…

              • The thing that everyone believes is just true in the degree that everyone believes it to be false.

                In other words, “everyone”, “knows”, the gold in fort knox is “long since gone” precipitating an eventual flight from the USD.

                What does a company do when it wants a stock buyback?
                it undermines the market confidence of that stock to drive down prices to get the best deal.

                Russia dumps the dollar. China dumps the dollar. The dollar comes back to America. Everyone thinks the gold is gone.

                Otherwise the shell game would have ended a long time ago.

                When your shoe-shiner is giving you tips about ‘the next hot stock’ its time to exit the market. When all the ‘insiders’ and the ‘awake’ people think they have the bankers number, it’s a sure sign we’ve been duped.

                And if I was a banker, or a Joint-Chiefs member, what then? This would be the *exact* strategy to employ for effective long term economic warfare.

                Russia and China will lose their shirts in the long game.
                Everything else is just fluff and posturing.

          • Don’t be shocked if one day NY and DC are nuked by someone.

            • I don’t get the nuked by someone maverick. How does your comment relate to this story or reality? Just a general dumb ass statement. Don’t be surprised if if oil fields, missles, miltary targets, various large cities will be nuked by “someone”. Ominous vauge statements are not taken seriously here. No one bit.

              • You sure as fuck don’t speak for me Liv. How presumptuous of you!

            • Who cares!

            • Mav/BH, I wouldn’t be shocked at all. It might be a reason to pop the cork on that bottle of ’69 Dom Perignon.

              • Nobama showing his true colors there folks… A true champagne patriot of the worst kind. Fuck these undermining implanted treacherous goons. As always the mask has slipped no matter how carefully they try to dupe us real folk. FUCK YOU Nobama.

          • Right on Montana!

          • Right you are, TM.

            The article states:

            ” They should be regulated like utilities. Having utility-like profits and pay would mean that real economy rather than casino economy jobs would look more attractive to ambitious, highly-educated candidates.”

            A bunch of pc crap. “Regulated like the utilities”; what a bullshit statement. The electric utilities have been deregulated as to allow them to rape the citizens. The utilities are private interprises, and publicly shared, but owned and operated by TPTB. They are guaranteed a 10% return on money invested, so they will never go broke, no matter what amount of corruption exists within.

            When laws are broken that prohibit individuals from installing equipment that can, and does save the consumer savings on electric costs, the utilities take those persons to court with their biased team of corrupt lawyers and cause them and their inventions to go away/disappear.

            One individual, with millions of dollars and his own lawyers defeated one particular electric utility provider when they had denied him to use his own system of generating electricity and directing the excess back onto the grid. He used a nearby stream with micro generators and UL approved components.

            Only after paying out the big bucks for attorneys, was he able to safely generate. The “power” company didn’t know who they were dealing with when they tried to intimidate/bully, him out of using his system. He was not intimidated and had the funds to fight.

            The solar systems are now being allowed because of the push by wealthy investors for “green” energy. For the average person, it is not feasible, and therefore is not as much of a threat to them, but they don’t like it.

            They always come up with a scheme. The charity of theirs called…”Share the Warmth”, takes in millions each year, but pays out only a fraction of that $$. Guess where the “held/excess funds” go? Into other dollar generating deposits and such.

            The crooks/lawyers and banksters affiliated with those utilities will have their day of reckoning just like all the theives.

            There is no stopping the system of theiving that goes all the way to the top…until that day of reckoning comes; and there will not be a “taking back of our country”. It has gone on for too long, and that genie was released from the bottle a century ago.

          • @Tony Montana.

            Right on. The peeps are waking up to the fed. There is actually a current swelling against them. The fed will stop at nothing to preserve it’s power. The soon any measurable action is taken against them. Poof, a controlled economic collapse will be the order of the day.

            • If an economic collapse is what it takes to rid us of some money changers, so be it. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

        • apache

          Though I agree with your premise…just how are the few of us who even have a remote clue of the inner sanctum going to take our country back???

          I peruse thru dozens of like minded sites every day and we all preach to the choir…and agree on nearly everything,but..

          Who’s going to take it?

          We’re so damned fractionalized and separated…and outnumbered probably a million to one..


          • Possee,
            I am not sure how or if we can bring our country back, but I damn sure am not just going to roll over and let the bastards have there way, I hope there will be enough of us to do it!I guess time will tell if we can succeed or not!, any suggestions or thoughts of how to get all of us together?

            • Apache, I don’t think that is possible. Theyre are too few of us and to many of them. IMO the only way is guerilla warfare. Ignore the sheep even if they are family and do what you gotta do. Otherwise they will just drag you down and get you killed. Here’s a video that may give you some perspective>>> [youtube

                • Genius,
                  thanks I will look at the video!

                • The only question I have about the video is; “JUMP SHIP TO WHERE?” They will not let us go in peace—they will track us down and eliminate us, because as long as we live, we are a threat to them. Just like in that old movie ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’.


                  Tell me I’m wrong…please.

                  • sixpack, I wish I could tell you that you were wrong. Jumping ship to a place away from the herd will buy you some time but thats about it I feel. Eventually they will come for you and how it unfolds at that point is anyones guess. At least you will but time to see how it unfolds in the cities etc. Maybe you will get lucky and something good will emerge from the mess. Only time will tell.

              • Genius,
                without revealing to much, I am NOT like most people, I have lived a very different life ( not wealthy and not poor) and i am a survivor of many things and fully intend on surviving this , I agree and realize that most sheeple will not wake up and that is good as they are just boar anchors for the most part. ever hear of MK-ultra, well lets just say some things are better left alone and that goes for some people as well. time will tell.

              • YUP the ones who do wake now will be boat anchors, I have survived lots of things and don’t intend to have a sheeple be the cause of my downfall at this point

              • Genius.

                I stopped engaging people to warn them what is just over the horizon. Nonproductive. What I am concerned with now is how the events or events unfold.
                Duration, Intensity, Area Coverage and Proximity to the event will give you an idea you will survive. A time line of possible actions by people or authority.

                Duration. How long the event will last. Days or weeks?
                Intensity. Low level disturbance or highly destructive.
                Area coverage. One State, Country , or Global.
                Proximity. How far away and where you live.
                City, Town, Rural or Wilderness.

                I figure there will be flash points and Blow By.
                Flash points like sparotic riots and armed confrontation. Blow By. Storms that pass over us with little damage. There could be actions that speedily move through or pass your neighborhood.

                Maybe they will thin their own herd.

                • slingshot, That’s pretty much how I look at it too. As far as thinning their own herd that’s a given. People will die by the millions as they have no life skills whatsoever. Mankind is too stupid to be free, they never have been and I doubt they ever will be. One thing for sure, it won’t be boring…

                • Take care of you’re nearest & dearest. Welcome in the honest straggler who finds themselves amiss. Keep a open mind with ordinary folk, not all of them are armed and looking to snuff you out. You’ll be a better person for lending a helping hand. They’ll be ever SO faithful towards you. That’s the BETTER side of human nature.

              • Genius is correct it,s impossible. Its pretty much over for the USA. A country deep in debt . a country in decline. And the majority of the citizens are very happy with what is happening. And they will be happy until SHTF happens to them personally. Im just going with the flow and will cross whatever bridges when I come to them. Even here folks cant grasp what has actually taken place. When bush took office The national debt was a great amount. He added more debt during his term than any president before him. The in 2008 a collapse happened. However it was bailed out propped up by the government debt. So since 2008 in just 6 years the debt grew from 9 trillion to 18 trillion and still climbing. You could get rid of everyone deemed to be a problem and it still wouldn’t change anything. The debt bubble just keeps growing larger. folks income keeps getting smaller. inflation keeps eroding the buying power of money. Who can you kill off that will change anything in a positive manner? Our best plan is to prep. If we take care of our own and leave the others to their own fate. In the end only the self reliant will be left.

            • I agree with Possee, and think it would require a commitment that most people aren’t willing to make. It would certainly lead to our deaths whether we succeed or not. We as a people are not nearly as fed up as our forefathers were. When we’ve had enough though, it will be too late if it’s not already. Just my opinion.

              • You are most likely spot on. As long as people have cold beer in the fridge, and the game is on, a thermo nuclear war could be going on outside their door and they wouldn’t notice until their windows started melting. When the .gov cheese gets cut off to the takers, that’s when things will start going wrong.

              • You said a mouthful with those words….

                “… it would require a commitment that most people aren’t willing to make.”

                The key words are, “most people”.

                Most people nowadays are too consumed with their worldly shit and don’t even see what is going on.

                Most people, that are democrats, will vote for scum of the earth liars and cheats like Billery, because they are locked in to their own selfish ideologies.
                I know the voting thing is pointless now, but that is my point. She will be the only democrat on the ticket and will get nearly half the vote, regardless of what she has done or continues to do, illegally.

                Most people, can’t even fix the problems in their own personal lives, much less care about fixing things on a national scale.

                Most people want a new car, nice house, and money for vacations and investments/retirement. As long as they “feel” like they are achieving part of that, they won’t rock the boat, nor get educated as to why their freedoms are disappearing.

                It all leads to the further eroding of the morals and well being of society. All we can do is self-protect.

                Which means, plan, prepare, and protect, what is important to us on an individual basis. Try to educate our children and grandchildren before they can become indoctrinated with lies by the educational systems.
                Lead them into a more compassionate and spiritual frame of mind, rather than a materialistic/worldly one.

                Try to educate them before the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber become their role models. Help them understand that in all likelyhood, to become rich and famous means selling your soul and becoming a public spectacle; and that it is short lived.

            • Apache54.

              Free Beer is nice.

          • possee, Good point. The medicated masses will not do a damn thing but do what they are told. We are fractionalized so much it is impossible to form a significant resistance. Even if we did come out on top there is a saying that applies.. “He who takes the tyrant’s head, becomes the tyrant in his stead”.

        • Apache, right again! The same people that own the fed own the IMF, BIS, World Bank, etc. They aren’t going to lose power ever. They will just change the name or like the article says, make you think they are controlled lol. Since they own the politicos all it really is is a shift in lower level management they will still do the same. How’s that go? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss 😉


        Pigs miss at least half of the time they shoot in gunfights. That I believe.

        This academic turd who wrote this article also seems to know how many shootings are directed at pigs every year vs. how many times pigs kill people. That’s fucking news to me because the government doesn’t track how many times pigs kill. Also, take a look at professor fucktard’s numbers and see if they pass the smell test.

        Why anyone would pay to send their kids to fucking college is beyond me. I think these fucking idiot college professors actually believe their own bullshit. Fucking morons. Don’t get me wrong I value real education.

        • “Don’t get me wrong I value real education.”

          Yeah….you just don’t have it.

        • The police may not track how many people they snuff, but this site does:

          I notice that the policeone website no longer allows you to read the comments unless you are registered LEO. They don’t want the public to know what they think about them.

          It used to be you could read the comments but not respond unless you were LEO. What are these “public servants” hiding?

      4. i call ‘bullshit’!

        there are 12 federal reserve banks in zog amerika, not 1, and they all answer to the bank of england (red shield – family rothchilds of england/germany)!

        this is just more smoke and mirrors bullshit as they continue to confuse you the very naive gentile goyim tax debt slaves of once free zog amerika!

        p.s. alex jones is a traitorous lying zio-jew loving zionist schill!

        • Peckerwood,
          I agree, this is just Propaganda, what this WORLD needs is to clean house on ALL the scum who have been getting all the scum to keep killing and controlling for there benefit,

          • i volunteer myself to be one of the cleaning crew, there are some retired and current u.s. congress critters and sleazy senators here in my state who need to be re-educated with some hemp rope.

            And i know where they all live now. ;0)

            “HANG EM” HIGH!”

            • Peckerwood<
              I'll second that and I'll bring the rope!

              • Screw the rope, I will bring the firewood and gasoline 🙂

      5. If this “secret agreement” known as the “Triangle document” has just come to light where do I find a copy of it to read?

        It certainly seems to be more in the “secret” category at this point than in the “come to light” category, at least I can’t find any actual reference to it outside of what one author is claiming.

        • The article is based on a WSJ article.
          I would start there .

          • Buried behind a paywall. It may as well not exist.

            If anybody does have the document pdf, please put a copy somewhere people can download it.

            If you just know the actual title of the document, please post it – that will make finding it _much_ easier.

            • There is no document, it is a phony claim.

          • I did, and I used an internet search and only came up with that article.

            Ever wonder about articles referencing documents that have no reference to those documents other than themselves?

        • The document is an “internal paper” which means it isn’t on the internet, and may not be for a while.

          Maybe someone will get hold of a copy and put images online for everyone to see.

          • Or maybe they will just make one up and then hocuspocus
            There you have it
            One triangle doucment

      6. Smoke and mirrors.

        The banks tell government what to do not the other way around. The devil is in the details and your not privy to the details. The Federal Reserve Act was sold to the ignorant public as a means to control the bankers.

      7. Transparent????
        All they are doing is showing just a little bit of what has been hidden for years. They are trying to get us to drop our guard.
        The Fed should be audited now not tomorrow now! then again if the do audit the Fed they will hide as much as they can where they can. If not here overseas. You can bet on this.
        They only thing that will help is to shut it down and raid it. Not anyone from the Government. Just let us common folk go thru it. That is just a dream and it will never happen. When the crash comes the Federal Reserve will be nothing but dust and ash.

        • Sgt Dale

          I only wish that it were so…

          The “Central Bank” has existed for a millennium under different monikers,rulers, families, and empires over the centuries…

          Until a vast majority awakes from their sleep ,albeit well contrived and manipulated,only then will it occur…

          Most of the “awake” population totally distrusts the central govt yet few of those even know,nor realize, who the puppet masters are….


        • Pig,

          Now I’m grateful you bluebirds get some of the drunks, rapists, robbers and psychos off the streets.


          Did you people ever think to take down some big fish? Like investigate some fucking banker scum? Or is all that off the table when a menorah is on the table?

          • Acid, that’s like the fox guarding the hen house. Congress sure isn’t going to do it. Many of your state prosecutors are politicians themselves.

          • AE
            would love to, but you have heard too big to fail. With the Federal Guberment protecting them they are too big to arrest. The attorney General would stop us. Obullshit would pardon them.
            The day will come when there will be nobody to protect them. I hope very soon.

            • Sarge,
              One thing i really admire about cops is how they stand by eachother,
              They will shed the personalities and stand on principals,
              Just my experience

          • @Acid Etch

            “Now I’m grateful you bluebirds get some of the drunks, rapists, robbers and psychos off the streets.”

            I’ll be glad when they take YOU off the streets.

            You are a seething mass of psychotic, sociopathic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, queer shred of human debris.

          • Acid Etch….on a lighter note I found a frozen waterfall outside Madison Indiana. It was only 60ft so I soloed it with only my German Shepherd watching. It was -1 so the ice was brittle, but doable. My point is I like the way you ignore the haters. Right or wrong you’re entitled to your thoughts.
            Have a good one.

            Keep your head on a swivel people.

            • I have never had the chance to do a frozen waterfall.

              Glory to you.

      8. Where is Andrew Jackson ?

        • Turning in his grave.

      9. Zionist Globalization

        Making Zio-jew Globalization Work?

        Making Globalization Work? Is it not already working for the purposes of its creators? I’d like to know how it isn’t already working for those who it is meant to work for; but until I get that answer, I would love to explain why it doesn’t work for 99% of the people on this planet. I find it more important to warn of its dangers and how this Globalization is leading Humans to their demise . ‘ Globalization’ , it may sound great to those who are very ignorant of the current affairs of the world, and past history, but for the few of us that do, Its all just a big scheme leaving chaos and destruction it its wake.
        A google search to get the meaning of this wonderful word brought up this “Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.” Great! Right? People from all over the world doing business with with each other, A world Economy that every nation participates in for the most part. The process of Globalization really kicked into gear after World War Two I wager, I’d actually say Globalization is one of the ideas being fought over in the Big War.

        International trade and investment should never be what a nation strives to progress in if it cares for the future of its people. One of A states objectives should alway be to secure the needs of its Nation, all of its people, Now and for well into the future. Rarely do we see a Government doing this today anywhere in the world, but thats what the purpose would be in an ideal world. I imagine that a government for the people and by the people would care about the people very much, as well as the grandchildren of the people and far ahead into the future. So how does a state secure the needs of its people? Not every country is so lucky to have had its borders drawn over areas of land rich in resources.

        Some countries were drawn up purely for political reasons on tiny lots of land that ought to have been apart of another Nation. Like how Britain made Kuwait, taking it away from Iraq to lessen its power. So how do the powers that be answer the question of getting what you need? Globalization. If a country does not have oil, it must buy from a country that has enough of it to sell. No Fertile soil? Buy food from some place that does have fertile land. Trade and commerce is how one secures the needs of its people today. But can Trade and Commerce work forever? And what happens to Nations far to small to support their ever growing populations? The Resources of the world do not last forever; Soon enough what the whole world relies on to survive and operate on will be in short supply. Will trade and commerce work then? Who would be willing to sell something that they themselves need for their own people? With the population of the world ever rising, the situation will be much dire.

        Many countries will then have to contend with both securing living space for its people, and securing all that is needed for the survival and progression of its people, that is if those countries are lucky to have a government who cares. When Trade and Commerce doesn’t work, what will the world do? The Trade and Commerce will quickly be swapped out for Taking and Defending.It should not really surprise anyone that when Humans use up what the world has for us until only little remain, the world will erupt in War for who gets to take what they need for their people to survive. The law of Nature, is the only law that can never be broken, changed, or avoided. We may be able to delay the rules of Nature, but only for so long. Nature dictates that the strong survive and weak die off, only allowing the best to remain on this planet.
        Humans have ignored this for a very long time, and we can already see many of the negative affects, but the majority of people don’t connect the dots. People just take these negatives as facts of life when it need not be so. I cannot blame them though, Nature is cruel and hard to accept for us people. The strongest group, or nation or people will have to kill everyone in its way if it is to survive. The only currency of the world will be Strength, and those who enrich themselves will survive and take the world for themselves. The world has chosen to have peace now and war later, instead of having war now and real peace later. Though we see how wrong we are every time the United States invades, bombs, or stages a coup somewhere. Globalization works only to enrich a certain few people in the present, a new World Order will have to replace it soon enough. But even now, has Globalization done any good for the people of the world?

        Look around the world today. In most countries, a tiny portion of the people control most of the wealth. For these small percentages of people, Globalization has already worked very well, but for the masses it has left them robbed of what should be theirs to claim. The international thieves own business and land all over the world, the Globe is a big market for them. While the people of many poor nations struggle and suffer, foreigners enrich themselves off of these poor nations and people. Many Governments who do try to Nationalize their businesses and resources is then targeted by the big champions of Globalization, who sanction, isolate, overthrow, and even bomb and invade these Nationalists who refuse to submit to their international schemes. The United States and its partners will not allow their right to plunder countries to be violated. Millions upon millions of people have died horrible deaths, many hundreds of millions condemned to lives of misery for globalization to “work” for the ends that those who schemed it up intended it to work for, To enrich themselves with wealth and power, taking from every corner of the world.

        Using its stolen wealth and power to move on to bigger targets and keep the scheme going . Under the guise of World Peace, International trade and commerce, many countries have been plundered and destroyed.

        The latest victim being Ukraine in East Europe. To answer the question of how to make Globalization work, I say that it already works, and the results of it can be seen throughout the world today.

        The real question you want to ask is for who exactly does globalization work for? Globalization is a means to an end, to what end?

        Arm up Stock up Prepare for a Freeman Patriot Global Revolutionary Civil War!

        • Pecker___d just popped thru a wormhole from the 9th century. An archaeological treasure!

          • Old Coach:

            Please enlighten us with an intelligent reply to what you find wrong with P___woods post.

            You are putting yourself in the category of “troll” with your one liners. Is that where you truly belong?

            • POG, Ha ha ha, He can’t/won’t answer that question. It would require critical thinking 🙂

        • It needs to be said… KNOBHEAD.

      10. When people wake the hell up and realize that this is all just socialism , then maybe there will be some hope in fixing all this BS .
        Until then, its beer , darts and cards for me tonight .
        Ya,ll solve the worlds problems and i will read your recommendations in the morning.
        Be safe out there.

      11. A Zionist owned Government is now controlling a Zionist owned Federal Reserve system. We are safe now. Sleep well America.

      12. Wake up One Monday Morning and find the US Dollar replaced with a new US currency. Stock up on hard assets now. TP to PM’s. Keep no money in the bank. At least go to a credit union. They did not take any Tarp money. Move all your accounts away from Banks. The biggest fleecing is yet to come.

      13. If it is such a secret, why do you know about it?

      14. Burn it.

      15. … large banks get so much support from the state that they cannot properly be considered to be private entities. They… should be regulated like the utilities.

        Having worked with one of the largest utility companies in the West for nearly five years, THAT is no solution. They’re as corrupt and thieving as the banks.

      16. … large banks get so much support from the state that they cannot properly be considered to be private entities. They… should be regulated like the utilities.

        Having worked with one of the largest utility companies in the West for nearly five years, THAT is no solution. They’re as corrupt and thieving as the banks, with absolutely NO SHAME.

        The rampant fraud I uncovered was breathtaking, estimated at $10 billion, just from the projects I know of… I turned in the company to the Feds last year, still waiting to see if they’ll nail the bastards….

        • They are all in bed together.

          The electric utilities are owned/controlled by Jew York City. They are not gonna do like my little terrier does when playing….bite themselves.

      17. I read the comments and have to chuckle. AE so full of piss and vinegar. The last two weeks of seeing what TPTB are doing has squashed any idea of the little guys (us) changing things without a crash. We here have no power to change what is coming. All we can do, for now, is get iron boxers on. AKA cover our own asses and those we hold close. So… as I say and it seems to be getting resonance…. Bought See. BOTC Bring on the collapse. I had added a little to it. Boople. BPHL But please Hurry Lord. My best wishes to all. And remember…. for the believers…. I Timothy 5:8

      18. Hey, long time no see. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Have the opportunity to pick up some more land very near our place in va. 5 acres mtntop with a good portion flat, nice soil layer good for gardening. Only 37k, but not willing to finance the half I don’t have. Not willing to liquidate other assets to make that purchase. Got a good lead on a job in MS, would love to be out of this communist leaning hole by summers end. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise we may even be able to.have the place set so we can put in a fall garden.

        There seems everywhere. I’m highly critical of all that I read these days. Anyone left,right or middle has something to gain, so.they all got something to sell. Godspeed and good luck.

      19. I don’t feel I should just leave my community because I don’t like the way it’s managed. But my vote doesn’t matter and I don’t think it ever will people have sold out. Tptb have kept us down and when people find a way to get free shit everybody jumps on board. If the way to survive is give up your rights people will do it. Because there are no good jobs out there. Why work you ass off for $10 or 12 an hour when you can get about $50,000 a year between housing food medical cash assistance programs it comes out to about this. Sit down and do the math. Or you can bust your ass like a slave for $30,000 yr and pay your medical by force even if you are young and healthy and decide you don’t want it. The lazy people have it all figured out that they can have tons of kids and be provided for by the state and sell dope on the side make $ tax free. Drive a nicer car than you and me better clothes too.

      20. This is all just BS to quiet the call for an audit of the Fed, something that will never happen.

      21. Who’s going to police the police. Seems like the pres is the supreme leader in the us. The congress just caves in to the administration. We now live in a dictatorship past presidents have used executive action but none have like obummer. Can’t run the country within the structure of gov so they must change the way gov is operated. Constitution and bill of rights don’t work for leaders. It’s like changing the rules of the game so you can dominate it. How do they get away with this. The foundation of our nation always had cracks but now it’s crumbling away. More attacks on the way you can bet on it. Now the agenda is more important than doing the peoples will. Washington involved is the worst that can happen. Who is gonna bail them out. No one we are on our last leg.

      22. Boys and Girls just remember where your standing: ON THE RUG, HOLD ON FOR THIS MAGIC CARPET RIDE WILL END IT ALL!!
        Prepare your family time grows OH so short.

      23. We witness here the indignity of secret societies. The root of the problem. But hey, don’t kill the messenger, eh.

      24. Acid gonna get his ass kicked in by some boomer. Don’t blame the boomers it’s not their fault. I blame the free shit army and the elites. People in the middle have no say anymore. We are the minority. Forget about the elites for a minute look at the free shit takers there are more of them than working folks. The rich are not gonna give up a dime to take care of useless eaters they talk about population reduction. The elites are in position to refuse to give up$ for bums and they have the power to take from the working folks. Elites are not gonna reduce the population of workers. The useless have to go it’s gonna happen soon or later the useless trash has to be taken out. What other options are there. The folks in the middle you and me are gonna be made out to be the villains. I don’t know what class of people are on this board but if your in the useless group you got 2 options rise above it to the middle group or run to the hills and hide because tptb will come to the projects and take people to the camps and who knows after that. People in the middle expect to be moved down to the bottom we will be the working poor. Think about your job situations companies are making people take pay cuts or pay higher medical premiums all while taking on more tasks throughout the day. Do you think it will stop I don’t the financial pains for the poor financial decisions by the banks and CEOs have been put on the worker plus the cost of carrying the dead weight of the useless. It’s not hard to see were we are heading. Anyone who doesn’t have the resources or tools to get throughout the coming shit storm is gonna suffer dearly for their inability to recognize there is a problem with the system. I think none of these so called leaders have the know how or the guts to make a tough decision that will make them unpopular and a target of anger. we don’t have any one who will stick their neck on the line to do the right thing. It’s not popular and will make you the enemy. Political correctness is morally wrong it’s easier to go with the flow than to make an unpopular stand against something. Go to a town council meeting and be an outspoken opponent of the majority’s ideas and plans. You will be the talk of the town and people will condemn you. I don’t care about popularity myself I think people are phony anyway. Now if I was to run for office and campaigned about giving drug tests to the welfares. This would be the morally right thing to do after all if your on assistance it’s a small thing to ask to make sure the taxpayer $ is being used the right way. It would be unpopular as hell and my opponent would use it against me in his campaign. Bottom line is we have lost and doing something unpopular will never work . This is why democratic process doesent work it dismisses a whole group of people. I’m mad as hell about all this but until someone steps up to do the unpopular I have no one to stand behind. There is no resistance group everything needs to be challenged .

      25. Don’t it make you pissed when you are going to work and the free shit army is going to the beach while your working to take care of their needs would you willingly give up fruit of your labor to help lazy people out. If you would your nuts . Gov has to rob peter to pay Paul. This is perfect example of Ponzi scheme. Do you still have confidence in the economy.

      26. I’m here to encite anger toward the useless eaters. This what has to be done some on here have spoke about being pissed about it as well. Some agree that the time to stop providing for the useless is now. It’s sad for the children of these folks but the truth is they will grow up and think this is the way to live and that they are entitled to live of the fruit of your kids labors. My kids will grow up thinking they are servants of the scumbags. I do not want my kids working to be robbed for scumbags survival. There has to be an assault on the useless eaters. They have to know they are hated and looked down on by working folks. I don’t think enough people are pissed about this. The attitudes I’ve seen toward this is what are you gonna do. Basically people feel they can’t do anything about it. This is wrong attitude they do not love their kids if they are willing to let their future earnings be stolen. I do not associate with welfare people. I can’t stand them being a drag on me seriously how can you not be totally outraged about this.

      27. All I can say is THIS COUNTRY IS FUCKED! No sugar coating. I fucking hate/despise the clueless sheeple for their WEAK minds and lack of critical thinking skills. Majority DUMocracy sucks!

        And trust me, this situation is CRITICAL.
        We the people are waaaay beyond the point of NO RETURN!

        Oh how I wish I could get the fuck off this god-forsaken planet. God, if you exist, reveal yourself! Quit hiding!

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