Secret Surveillance Program: TSA Can Track ALL Americans Like Terrorists

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    The TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) has a secret program called “Quiet Skies.”  This program is tracking normal everyday Americans and surveilling them without their knowledge or consent – and without the ordinary travelers being accused of a crime or being on any watchlist of any kind.

    “Federal air marshals have begun following ordinary US citizens not suspected of a crime or on any terrorist watch list and collecting extensive information about their movements and behavior,” reports Jana Winter, a Boston Globe Spotlight fellow.  The program has been criticized by the Air Marshalls who are tasked with carrying it out because they have been commanded to follow around Americans who pose no threat. Many see it as a waste of time and resources.

    As first reported in the Boston Globe, the “Quiet Skies” program uses a computer algorithm to spot flyers (including ordinary and everyday American citizens) whose travel and activities match with current threat intelligence. Those flyers are reviewed by a human team that vets the information. If the human team decides something in the flyer’s background raises concerns, that flyer will be surveilled by Federal Air Marshals.

    Although the Air Marshals still followed the orders to invade the privacy of ordinary citizens, they have expressed some concerns. Some air marshals, in interviews and internal communications shared with the Boston Globe, say the program has them tasked with shadowing travelers who appear to pose no real threat. One example is a “businesswoman who happened to have traveled through [Turkey] … a Southwest Airlines flight attendant [who was on duty] … a fellow federal law enforcement officer.” One air marshal’s message to another read: “jeez we need to have an easy way to document this nonsense. Congress needs to know that it’s gone from bad to worse.”

    The TSA said in a statement to CBS News the program’s primary purpose is to “ensure passengers and flight crew are protected during air travel,” adding that it doesn’t take race and religion into account and “is not intended to surveil ordinary Americans with routine reviews and active management via legal, privacy and civil rights and liberties offices, it is a practical method of keeping another act of terrorism from occurring at 30,000 feet.”

    Most Americans should know better than to accept that answer, however.  It’s a massive expansion of government intrusion into the lives of everyone.

    “Big Brother is watching you.”  –George Orwell, 1984


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      1. I’ll state it again; the day they start this shit on the road and I’m commanded to submit to some search or other violation of my rights, I’m gonna take the goons lives away from them in the bloodiest mess you’ll ever see.

        • Menzo, same here. Whatever we do is none of the feds’ business. Not their concern, period. I went to a gun show yesterday and stocked up on more ammo. It’s all going to be needed one day. Bank on it. Like Reagan once said beware of anyone who says, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” YEAH, RIGHT! GMAFB!

          • Gun shows, its best to use cash anyway. We have’t flown in decades and they would get awfully boarded tracking us anyway.

            • Laura Ann, I always use cash at the gun shows and I never fly. If I can’t get somewhere by driving to the place then I just don’t go.

        • No you won’t my friend. You will be shot while “resisting arrest” when you answer your own front door the day before they start the program. All because you posted terrorist threats on a public forum.
          What a shame.

          • Stuart, how do you know what anyone will do?

            • That’s a good question BH.

              • I mean DR

          • I’m not your friend and I most certainly will do just as I said. Gotta draw the line somewhere, sheep.

            • Everyone here is ALREADY on their list, and when the Civil War 2 starts…..everybody here will be taken out first. “They” have been planning on this for a few hundred years.

              • They’ll try. Their success is not assured.

                • Menzo, damn right. I’ve already been on lists going back to the Clinton era. And we have lists of our own. Two-way street. In my case they’ll fail.

              • Centurian: Several tuned in folks I know, are in their 80’s running around to functions, others are retired over 65 still active, attend speakers conferences, so we will die from old age as slow as globalists move w/planned depopulation agenda by 2030. (into globalist issues since ’78 and posting comments incl overseas anti Muslim sites.) It will probably happen with bio weapons or an EMP crisis. After the mass die off, gestapo foreign UN troops will round up the red and blue list folks unless they hide @ bug out location, but land purchase records are filed in the ct house, so red list leader patriots may be hunted down later in the boonies.

              • Lol they don’t have enough footsoldiers to carry out a genocide like that…they will not even try what you have suggested.. Matter of fact they dare not try.. They will run and hide in bunkers.. They will bury themselves alive in fear of the righteous wrath of the American patriots

                  • Lol you give way too much credit to those idiots that couldn’t even win a rigged election

            • “I’m not your friend ”

              Duly noted you fucking blowhard.

              • You are the one running your mouth about terrorist threats. The government is the fucking terrorist threat. Where you fucking been? I just said I’d kill them if they ever violate my rights again.

                • You’re a liar you blowhard. You aren’t going to do shit. In fact, you are exactly the type of loud mouth loser who will
                  the first to rat out his neighbor.
                  People who mean business keep their mouth shut and would never post all the self-aggrandizing pablum you post here all day every day. Bet you also wear camo everywhere.

                  • Stuart, did you get up on the wrong side of your bed this morning?

                  • Well Stuart, you are as stupid as you sound. You are awfully new here. Government stooge or rat perhaps? I don’t care either way.

                  • Also, you spelled “pabulum” incorrectly.

                    • Stuart: It is spelled Paaaabluum! Yes, anyone is a fool to wear camo as a civilian, unless it is turkey, duck, or pheasant hunting season. “Gray dressing” is neutral colors, or toned down colors best worn in a shtf situation, comprende?

                    • “pabulum

                      noun: pablum

                      bland or insipid intellectual matter, entertainment, etc.”

                      Sometimes I wonder at the level of education (or lack of it) displayed on this site, especially from a person who calls himself “Archivist.”

                      A law enforcement officer who posts here cannot tell the difference between loose and lose. One wonders how many people he arrests get off on a technicality due to his poor education!

                      Quite a few posters do not know the difference between there, their, where and were. And the number of so called English speakers who stumble over your and you’re is appalling. So, to pull up one person on one supposed grammatical error shows the weakness of your criticism.

                      By the way, this comment is from someone whose first language is not English. America is truly doomed, condemned by its education system and its intellectually lazy citizens of all ages.

                    • The trademarked baby food name is Pablum. Pabulum is Latin from which the trademarked name is derived.

                  • Stew,
                    I wear USMC issue MARPAT pants as work pants every day. They are comfortable, rugged, and more cost effective than Levis 501’s.
                    I’m not making a political statement or playing soldier, I’m cheap. A lot of people here on the island wear Mil surplus clothing. When I worked on the summit of Mauna Kea I bought a West German surplus military insulated long coat for ~$25, used it for ten years, and I still have it. A lot of guys used M-65 Camo jackets with liners.
                    Our work environment was generally keep below freezing. Mil surplus, or the NEX is a lot cheaper than Dikies.
                    Camo is not bad, it probably does not belong in the office, but is fine when you go to the dump to get rid of your trash.

                • The Government Goons are cowards and will not waste their time confronting you face to face. They will drop bombs or laser your entire neighborhood from 20,000 feet in the sky above you. Or spread disease to you through mandatory vaccines. Look today how entire nations are destroyed without firing a shot. Venezuela is an example. Economic destruction. EMP the areas of resistance. They will cut off your communucation so you cant organize, then devide and conquer.

                  So do you think your strategy of paying cash for bullets at a gunshow will stop all of that?

        • Menzo: I do like the sound of it but honestly, you are not going to do shit like the 100% of everyone else unfortunately and there lies the problem my friends. The goons know we will not do shit and that is exactly what they are counting on… writing silly ass emails and letters and phone calls, which mean NOTHING at all anymore.

          • You’re mistaken in my case. I will make it count if I must lose my life over it. I’m so sick of this shit and my fear is gone.

            • Menzo, Stuart sounds like a new troll.

          • CC, I know you mean well but Menzo is right. And you’re mistaken in a lot more cases than you think. While there will be some who will to be scared to do anything I believe the majority will stand up and fight. I know damn well that I will.

            • D.R.: Yet look at Europe now ( over run with filthy scum wanting to rape, steal white women, kill off non Muslims esp.males, and take everything over for themselves, Euro men all cowards, are wimps and losers allowing this stuff to happen for sometime. Don’t learn history over there. Many will allow them here to separate kids, spouse and haul them to slave camps.

              • Laura Ann, the Europeans have always been a totally different breed. Euro men have been indoctrinated with all of the PC/NWO/globalist propaganda. It’s tragic what they’ve become and those chickens will come home to roost one day. If I catch any muslims or any other foreigners harming any of my people I’ll simply take them out.

      2. “it is a practical method of keeping another act of terrorism from occurring at 30,000 feet.”

        I’m still laughing…yeah, act of terrorism outside isn’t our concern as much as terrorism by our own govt.

      3. To Mac and everyone: I have been forced to change my moniker. Last night I discovered some shocking information about someone I considered to be a hero that blew me away. So in good conscience I will no longer post under the name of Braveheart. I am now THE DEPLORABLE RENEGADE. This doesn’t change who I am or what I believe in and Hillary would still call me deplorable anyway. I allowed myself to be misled by a Hollywood movie. That was my mistake and no else’s.

        • I’ve been telling you for years that you used a phoney and silly handle. But each time I did so you derided me. You who deplores Hollywood were, in fact, completely brainwashed by them. Brainwashing isn’t something you can undo instantly. You’re still susceptible to the thoughts of others. Learn to be a critical reader and thinker.

          And stop being a keyboard warrior. It only makes you seem even more stupid than you appear in print. Hard men don’t issue empty threats. You’re over 60 for crying out loud! Oh, and avoid the evil spider. He’s psychotic.

          • Anonymous, if I want a sermon I’ll go to church. So I got misled about one particular thing and you think I’m brain-dead? GMAFB. Plus I’ve been a critical thinker and reader since I was a teenager. I don’t make threats, only promises. And you’re going to say you’ve NEVER been misled by any part of the MSM? GMAFB. All of us have been misled by them at one time or other. I’ll just leave it right there.

            • “The cake is a lie.”

          • Quite psychotic when it comes to stopping tyranny and the idiots that support it. You’ve not yet really seen psychotic though. You might simply know the definition. The real thing is very ugly.

            • Still playing fantasy games? Issuing fantasy threats? At your age? You really should realise that d & d is a tad dated. Shows everyone that you haven’t quite reached adulthood yet. Will you ever grow up? Naah…another keyboard warrior just like your lackey braveturd.

              • It’s just a name, man, you are too brain dead to even come up with one. BTW, EAT SHIT

              • EAT SHIT NO NAME

                • Your response shows just how intellectually challenged (ie: another synonym for thick) you really are. Go cuddle up with your boyfriend, braveturd, you do seem made for each other.

              • I see by your spelling of “realise” that you use the spelling used by people outside of North America. Don’t be to quick to judge Americans, after all we Americans have saved European countries on more than one occasion. As I have said numerous times, I hate blanket statements made about people. There are still some very fervent minded Americans who have raised their children with the same zealous mindset. Don’t bet money on what you might think to be true. Realize you can be wrong. The next few years will tell the tale. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

          • There you go again using that European spelling of “phony”. Like I said before, don’t call us , we call you.

      4. “it doesn’t take race and religion into account”….then WTF is the program good for.? Last I heard, the majority of worldwide terrorism is emanating from the “religion of peace”…primarily practiced by a specific race.!!!!!

        • Hmmmmm sure is odd guys that all the terrorists are no good vile muslim goat rapists…Folks islam is the so called religion of pure feces and should be treated as such.

      5. You treat us like terrorists and we will behave like terrorists.

        Anybody noticed the reported increases in terrorism on airliners, not less? The diverted flights, and bad behavior, increases in abuse of alcohol, people dying from drug overdoses on airliners (Carrie Fisher), the having and the leaving of dead babies in rest rooms (rest rooms . . . how’s that for an oxymoron?), brawls breaking out between passengers and passengers, brawls breaking out between passengers and flight crew, instances where private security has had to come onboard, increases passengers being held captive in airplanes, seats getting pushed closer, rest rooms getting smaller? Increases in fees. Always the increase of fees. Passengers trying to open escape hatches on air liners while in flight. Increases in flight crews trying to open escape hatches of air liners while in flight.

        Where’s that “Passenger Bill of Rights?” How’s that coming? Meanwhile, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

        Governments and corporations. They never learn. They always double down. I can hear the screws being tightened.

        • Blame: So true. We desperately must have some sort of a reset, a start over if you will, this garbage we call society or life is definitely NOT working. The Gov’t and vile Corp America has ruined America beyond words.

        • Blame-e, good points. WTF does the govt. expect with the attitude they have toward us? And they want to complain when any of us start looking at them the same way they look at us. They can cry me the biggest f#$%ing river. No one has any obligations to any govt. people, period.

      6. FYI. All new cars have a gps tracking device and can be remotely accessed

        • My newest vehicle is 14 years old. I cannot afford nor do I want one of those vehicles that allow for constant control and tracking of what your vehicle is doing.

          • The system can be unplugged or disabled

          • Mine is the same vintage. I feel the same about new ones with all the “must have” stuff on it that I consider junk. Don’t need satellite radio, bluetooth anything, connecting to a cell phone, etc. It’s all stuff that will break down or worse. Also, none of them seem like fun vehicles either.

      7. But, but, this is America! We have the Con stee too shun! This is the Land of the Free! One day you wake up and realize it was all a lie. Facial recognition technology, license plate scanners, electronic interception of everything you do on the internet, phone, credit cards, what you watch on TV, tollway passes, etc. For what purpose? You and every other American have been given an algorithm by the NSA. For what purpose? Our government is the largest state sponsor of terror organizations. So, it’s not to stop terrorists. Hmmm. It’s to stop those who woke up. Act accordingly.

        • “The cake is a lie.”

      8. And to make matters worse… The Chinese may be ahead of the US in the quest for quantum computing. When that technology is perfected, all info, everywhere, will be available to everyone. The first place to get hacked will be the NSA. The entire world will have all of our personal information. I wonder what they’ll do with it?

        • They can then shove it up their fucking slant eyed asses.

        • They will laugh at mine. They will see that I look up quilt or sewing patterns, gardening information, knitting patterns, the price of a 2×4 or kitchen faucet, recipes for healthy cooking and cat videos. Nothing very exciting.

      9. The corrupt government must feel that the citizens are a threat to interfere with their diabolical plans. It’s more than obvious with the spying on the internet, the roadways, airways and all other means of travel. So everyone needs a secret file detailing a possible threat level that they may present just by opposing actions detrimental to freedom. To realize who is in control look at the Supreme Court, 5 catholics and 4 jewish justices. No protestants who are vilified and ignored.

      10. Sir Edward Coke, the greatest jurist of the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras, wrote and spoke on The Magna Carta (Great Charter), Common Law, the basis for The Constitution Of the USA.

        I google “Coke” and get a page of info about the sugary acidic beverage, and one line which says merely that it is also a “substance” or “person”.

        The deliberate Dumbing down of America.

        A terrorist is a “Nazi”. All white people are born racist, and therefore Nazi. The greatest threat to America is from domestic terrorists, women holding babies, children of a religious oddball, white heterosexual males with an IQ above 90. Preppers, campers, and sportsmen are also dangerous Nazi.


        • You are, as usual, being obtuse and selective in stating a specious and nonsensical argument.

          Of course you’ll get the definition of coke that you quote if that’s only what you put into Google. It (Google) works by algorithms, not by emotion. Put the full name of the subject you’re looking for and it will give a correct definition. Try it. It can be quite a revelation for an old reprobate like you.

          I honestly believe it’s people like you who dumb things down by never being entirely truthful.

        • B, good points. And you’ll get that from any and all MSM sources 24/7/365. MSM can go f#$% themselves.

          • You really are a silly man aren’t you? Not one original thought or idea in what passes for your brain.

            Brainwashed and not able to realise how stupid you really are. Keep on following the spider…he’ll lead you directly to perdition. And your rebuttal will be %#@xx* which is your default mode!

            • Why are you so obsessed with Deplorable Braveheart,aka Deplorable Renegade? I don’t get it. Does it make you feel more confident to put him down? It seems every time he post you’re waiting right there poised to pounce. Give it up, please, it’s getting old.

        • Camping is dangerous? Darn… I thought is was just fun to commune with nature and get away from it all for a few days.

      11. TSA is the enemy folks. Try dealing with the vile scum & see how that works out for you. . .

      12. Have you ever wondered how many people posting here are actually government agents ? I have.

        • Several I’ll wager. Scumbags all. They give head to their masters daily. Pathetic lot.

        • “The cake is a lie.”

      13. I’ve never flown, I never will fly, and I’m not rich enough to fly anyway.

      14. What baffles me is law agencies are using all “indicators” of criminal activity except those indicators that prove right 98% of the time such as gang affiliated tattoos, specific religions at war with America, specific cultures hostile to the US, etc. Amazing they want to frisk and follow 90 year old Christian Grandmothers from Iowa and virtue signal they are “keeping the skies quiet at 30,000 feet”. Such nonsense a first grader can see it. Then when stuff happens they blame the “right” for believing in freedom or gun rights or religious liberty. They call for a totalitarian crackdown in the name of saaaaafety. These people love bondage so much maybe they should move to NK or Venezuela……and stop trying to “change” America. It works fine just as it is.

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