Secret Russian Weapon Could Wipe Out NYC, Boston And D.C. In Minutes With A Massive Radioactive Tidal Wave

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Headline News | 79 comments

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    This report was originally published by Mike Adams at


    According to a high-level Russian source with ties to the military (named in the podcast below), Russia not only possesses a devastating secret weapon against the United States; they’ve already apparently put it in place off the East Coast shoreline.

    The existence of this secret weapon — which could unleash a massive radioactive tidal wave that devastates cities along the East Coast — has been covered by the BBC in this article:

    The Kremlin says secret plans for a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo – called “Status-6” – should not have appeared on Russian TV news. The leak happened during a report on state-run Channel One about President Vladimir Putin meeting military chiefs in the city of Sochi.

    One general was seen studying a diagram of the “devastating” torpedo system. Launched by a submarine, it would create “wide areas of radioactive contamination”, the document says.

    The “oceanic multi-purpose Status-6 system” is designed to “destroy important economic installations of the enemy in coastal areas and cause guaranteed devastating damage to the country’s territory by creating wide areas of radioactive contamination, rendering them unusable for military, economic or other activity for a long time”, the document says.

    Nuclear Moles: Warhead-carrying underwater drones that can be timed to unleash massive, radioactive tidal waves of destruction

    The weapon is known as a “nuclear mole,” and it’s an underwater drone that carries a nuclear warhead, then burrows into the seabed floor off the coast of the target country. Once buried into the sea floor, these nuclear weapons can be remotely detonated to cause a massive tidal wave that would wipe out coastal cities in minutes.

    I have estimated that a series of these weapons could be detonated in a timed sequence that multiplies the amplitude of the tidal wave, causing a much larger and more devastating wave than any single weapon by itself.

    In addition to the physical destruction that could result from such a weapon, the tidal wave would contain radioactive sea water, making it a “dirty bomb” in addition to the physical destruction. The “dirty bomb” aspect of such a weapon would deposit deadly concentrations of radioactive isotopes across the affected cities, leaving behind a toxic legacy of radioactive elements such as iodine-131, cesium-137 and various isotopes of uranium and plutonium, both of which have far longer half lives than iodine (approx. 7 days) and cesium (approx. 29 years).

    Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia and Boston are all highly vulnerable to this weapon system, as they sit very close to the U.S. coastline and are well within reach of nuclear-initiated radioactive tidal waves.

    Russia is at least a decade ahead of the U.S. military in weapon systems innovation

    Russia has also developed many other highly innovative weapon systems that are years ahead of the U.S. military, reports Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show. These include the “Plasma Fighter Jet” that fires a plasma weapon, the “Naval Proton Gun,” the Krasuha-4, a mobile electronic warfare system, and the S-400 Triumph, a highly advanced anti-aircraft system that can track 300 airborne targets and fire surface-to-air missiles to almost any imaginable aircraft height, including 40 miles of altitude (essentially low Earth orbit).

    The U.S. military, meanwhile, was forced under Obama to focus on transgender rights and twisted, Left-wing social experiments rooted in feminism and LGBT agendas rather than battle readiness. America’s military, in other words, has become a liberal “safe space” while Russians’ military has become a dangerous fighting machine… which is, of course, the entire point of a military force.

    If this isn’t immediately turned around under President Trump, America’s ability to fight and win a conflict with Russia (or China, for that matter) is seriously in question. This in no way condemns the fine men and women in the military itself, who despised Obama’s pathetic policies. The spirit of our troops is fully intact, and they are ecstatic that Hillary Clinton is not their Commander in Chief. But they need our continued support and investment in weapons systems that can compete with the innovation of Russia.

    I explain more details about this devastating radioactive tidal wave weapon system in my Health Ranger Report podcast:

    About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on, an environmental scientist, publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science to current events. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at:

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      1. That’s one way to drain the swamp. Flush it with radioactive material.

          • Napolitano for President!

          • Grandee, excellent. I had just commented on this rant a few topics ago. I saw this when it was first shown. It was as if he was repeating what I was thinking.

          • Nice work, Grandee. Getting verifiable facts out like this is exactly what we need to do do an end run around the vile leftist lamestream media.

          • I guess they let him back on Fox after his reeducation camp stint huh.

          • Grandee: thanks.

            Judge Napolitano’s speech is the best five minutes of television in the last fifty years.

            By firing him, the fools just proved his point.


          • This was great and I remember when he made this comment, but how long ago was this? Been a while since the DOW was 11,000 . This is not the latest incident. Trekker Out

          • Humans will not be happy until they destroy the entire planet. No doubt it will not be much longer, this weapon or others. Lack of resources and the incredible number of people alone are enough to end us all.

        • “Secret Russian Weapon Could Wipe Out NYC, Boston And D.C. In Minutes With A Massive Radioactive Tidal Wave”

          Cool, can we get one off the coasts of SanFagcisco, LA, and Seattle too? That will solve a lot of problems in this country.

          • Brilliant. Just what the world needs. More hate and destruction. I pray you are not serious and are just running your mouth for the sake of a rise. Like there’s not good everywhere. Really.

          • If you believe North Korea, they will take care of the West Coast.
            However I submit the only way they would be able to get their hands on the required technology is if the Russians give it to them like they did during the Korean War… uh, sorry, forgot my PC, Korean Peace Keeping operation.

            • its gonna happen. Those in power have been running the money/religion/war machine triad have been planning this for a long LONG time. They have the momey and power we gave it to them and now they will use it to finish it off. They jhave some secret info they have been keeping/hiding for generations after generations. THEY will say it was KJU or Maybe Putin but it will be the invisible men in power behind the meat puppets. why else buy bunkers and dip out on good ol usa if they werent done with it. to horrify us they will bring war ot our soil. and our troops will all be in other countries. UN troops will just as easily kill us as …..well you know. Remember the jedi massacre in Star Wars? We guys kinda like that. Our guys.over there. We here. UN troops. Blap! were dead.Schmak. Theyre dead. all because ….Goldman Snacks! on human flesh

          • amen we could get even with all the gov’t theives. we are nothing but tax slaves and they think of us as worthless eaters.

        • “Russia is at least a decade ahead of the U.S. military in weapon systems innovation.”

          I call bullshit.

          Russia is ten years behind. It doesn’t even have an operating space plane. This torpedo is VERY old news and that Russian strategy has been known to DOD for a LONG time.

          Finally, the Russians would use neutron bombs in any nuclear conflict as would WE. If you expect to win you do not want to contaminate the world’s best fishing grounds where your trawlers troll.

          A little common sense goes a long way. 🙂

          • Yeah, all we have left since the Pacific and Gulf are gone is the Pacific. And that’s loaded with everything that you can imagine being dumped by New York. And I’m not going to mention the items. You know what I’m talking about.

            Whenever I think that Russia is ten years behind us, I remember the Russian ‘spy girl’ that is somehow burned into a place in my mind. And her behind. I guess some things are best done the old fashioned way sometimes. And why is it that nobody like that ever asks me any questions? (Please do not reply. I have feelings too you know.)

      2. Sounds crazy, but so does dropping Bats armed with small fire bombs on Japan, which we did during WWII.

        We also had blow up tank balloons in England to convince Hitler’s Generals that Gen Patton was building a huge tank force across the channel in England.

        War is coming?

        • Paul, I was pretty sure that “bats over Japan” issue was only proposed, never actually carried out, as it came too late in the war; the A-bomb also overtook it.

          • I have a Book called “the Scientific Method” by talking about how he developed the bat bombs. They were not used due to issues of spreading rabies.

            • So, were they going to be used to spread rabies, or to kill people as bombs? Were these live bats, or baseball bats. Like Hoo’s on first? So if you can get the whole country to watch baseball, and while they’re doing that we can do whatever we want right. Just like they did here.

        • All the tanks that they would need could be found on used tank lots in Dunkirk. That junk wasn’t selling well. So why build more? Oh yeah, you use other people’s money to build more…and more.
          Did anyone every see one of these blow up tanks (what?) at any army surplus. I would like to have one of these. I mean think about it, you could set it up in a whole bunch of different places. Think of the fun you could have painting it all different foreign nation colors and hiding it in the bushes somewhere.
          Has any of the metal detector guys ever found those other nuke things in the sand on our beaches? I’d like to have one of those too for the 4th. No, not the Fourth of November, the other one.

      3. This is such bs. Just tons of inaccurate facts. For example, the “PLASMA FIGHTER JET” doesnt shoot a “plasma gun” it uses plasma for stealth purposes and the throw off missiles. Its more like a shield. And its still in developement. And is obsurdly expensive. This website is just taking advantage of people who will believe that the sky is falling. Its so sad.

        • Nice clarification, Sanity. However, please also cite sources. As noted, we need some way around the lamestream media’s fake news. If we are to take their place, we to cite sources, preferably multiple. Can you provide an update? Thanks.


      4. I have often thought this is what happened to Japan. Notice this thing has emitted radiation for all these years. The WHO, UN, NWO (supposed to be for humanity and clean earth) has done nothing. It is not even discussed.
        No global, national or even GREEN PEACE has ever mentioned this situation.
        So this is being allowed to continue?
        Alaska and West Coast low level rads ongoing daily. East Coast up next?

      5. It is sad to say but weapons innovation is the easy thing to do. Once human beings set their minds to eradicating the ‘other’ they never run out of cruel ways to obliterate other human beings.

        The problem with such showdowns is this: the US clearly has the advantage in terms of advanced weapons and science and many things they never tell anyone about. But, the US is heavily dependent on supply lines and energy. Any foe who targets this does not need to be more sophisticated. They just need to be strategic and work out which hits will gum up the American war machine. Vietnam did this; and so did the Bathists in Iraq. Afghanistan ground to halt because the American fuel conveys were being blown up in such quantity and frequency, the campaign could not function.

        Remember Operation Linebacker and Linebacker II: the B-52 air raids over Vietnam and Cambodia were very successful up unti the Russians handed over sophisticated SAM missiles to the Vietnamese. Then B-52s started coming out of the sky in high numbers. The cost of this became too prohibitive and the air raids stopped.

        • Yep. Russia has the same technology that the Germans do, and in fact there is a “strange bedfellows” thing, going on between the two.

          The Nazi’s of old, are still around, and the new Nazi’s have fallen angel technology, that will be revealed when the timing is right. Russia is part of that technology from old, and they have equipment that will boggle the mind when it is revealed.

          The fission based processing of some of this weaponry is so advanced and devastating, that Russia will not even allow testing on the surface.
          EMP technology is archaic in comparison to what they have now.
          Eventually it will be “attempted” to be used against America, as they, Russia, is now in the process of completing three undersea tunnels into Alaska for the near future invasion, with all their technology.

      6. Acts 16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      7. Nov 29, 2016 The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With USA

        Nov 29, 2016 Chernobyl: gigantic shield to cover exploded reactor after 30 years

        The concrete and steel arch is billed as the “largest movable land-based structure ever built,” and it is seen as an important step toward ultimately securing and dismantling the still dangerous reactor.

        • Pretty cool structure, massive

      8. So many threats both foreign and domestic. Good time to get right with God.

        • And soooooo far out of our control

      9. The Russians has been a real pin the ass forever. We should of ‘ended’ them back in the 90’s when we had a good chance. Barry Hussein Nopooper truly deserves to HANG for what that muslim ape did to the country.

      10. DC eh?

        nothing there but cockroaches and Pedophiles , so no big deal the cockroaches will survive

      11. Ah, the cost of diminishing returns of hopeless Nuclear warfare that makes one all fuzzy warm inside.

        All this outright signalling of otherwise “covert” and “secret” operations, etc. being “leaked” are just as… yawn, (excuse me I lost my train of thought).

        Last night was another peaceful, warm and quiet one. Trails were seeded early (the sun was intense), so a warm breeze blew it away to reveal a pristine, star filled night.

        Again, I was thankful.

        In my life I traveled the world, served our nation, and then worked as an engineer/inventor. I’ve know both poverty and plenty. My kids are honor students, responsible and self sufficient. Life is finite. There are no guarantees. We are part of a system, but we can choose our roles while being lucky to live in a time and place that makes it possible.

        I don’t know what the future holds for my kids. I do my best to teach them critical thinking skills. My hopes is that they follow careers in science, engineering and computer technology, (we’ll always need engineers). Whatever happens, it’ll be up to them.

        I full well know what people are capable of doing to one another. Both good and bad. Like a chandelier in an earthquake, this can all come crashing down. There are plenty of such places in the world to get an idea of whats possible.

        It’s our fault. We signed the dotted line, drank the cool-aid, and danced to the music as it was offered. We drove it like we stole it. By “we” I mean the population in general. If you’ve done differently, as I, you’re still going to have to face a new world order or disorder. However it works out.

        We’ll have a choice to make, (providing we come out OK after). I would hope that you let sensibility and logic guide your decisions. I would also hope that you’ve lived a life a no regrets. Otherwise, now would be a good time to correct some things, (and I don’t mean another stack of coin or 1000 rounds of ammo). Maybe it’s time to fulfill the bucket list, or mend some fences and visit old friends?

        There’s no real courage in keystrokes.

        • Well stated, faux liberte.
          My sentiments exactly. And, no regrets!

        • No regrets, it takes what it takes to deposit us exactly where we are and exactly where we are supposed to be,
          God bless

      12. Kind of a good news/bad news report. Won’t Obama be living along the East Coast in range?

      13. They remodeled the WTC on Sep 11, 2001 with nukes, so the next logical step up is to macro remodel the eastern seaboard using them…Why not? Was a perfect winner for TPTB that wanted war back then, they could end the eastern useful idiot Liberal threats and get their war too…

      14. ht tp://
        ht tp://

        ht tp://

        good reading if you care

        • tons of Obamas Cocaine just got busted as he fled 125 mil worth

      15. The Russians have secret weapons? Very scary. How will I sleep tonight? I’m pretty sure I saw a Russian under my bed. I thought I saw a Russian walking down the street yesterday. Must be an invasion. I saw Russian caviar in the store. They must be trying to poison us. Isn’t it illegal to be Russian? Cyril the monk should be dug up and his bones should be tossed all over the place for creating that evil Russian alphabet. Propaganda. See it. Know it. Avoid it.

        • I concur.

          • Him you should have mentioned the Russian mob.
            Buncha wusses, right?

      16. Well,as I grew up outside it and even though taken over at moment by progressives Boston and surrounding towns the birthplace of this country,still a cow town street wise,kinda like it.That said,lose nyc and dc,eh,so what.

        While not sure whether said weapon exists all it takes is one or two of our nuke subs to pretty much wipe out the world as far as major capitol cities and leave such waste the bunker dwellers for most part only survivors,Russia knows this as do all other countries.

        I suppose,this could be the big/long term goal for some.That said,feel the dwellers will have many issues internally that will back fire their plans this happens,good times.

      17. If this is used and it messes up the east coast, and we can’t use it neither can they. Then we would have some time to respond with a all out strike. NO WINNER HERE.


        • Sarge, finally got the needed parts for the nv mounting and got it put together. Man that added some weight to it but works! Thanks again for the idea and info!

          • “G”
            Any time my FRIEND!!!

      18. Sounds like a good start to me now they should do the west coast as well.

      19. Amazing to say, that even though the US spends 2/3 of the planets entire military funding combined, and sold more weapons to foreign nations than any Admin since the 1920’s that you would take your literary elbow and just check a minority right in the ribcage. What the f…You’re telling me they’re 10 years ahead of us which would take us back to Bush Jr. & Then say that the Nation who spends the most by a huge margin on National Offense,if/when attacked is all because of transgendered rights? You deserve a middle finger. Way to cut your message by taking blame putting in a in an automatic shotgun, and spin around in your swivel chair holdin’ down the trigger. Good Job…If you want to know if we’re about to be attacked, find out if Trump gets his insurance on Trumo tower changed or updated. Also, Melania and Barron still live in NY, so he’d probably move them out before they both got slapped around with a bunch of dirty nuclear starfish.

      20. Remember, systems have to be *tested* – none of these Russian weapons really have. I did a lot of research on “suitcase nukes” a while back, and felt (I may well be wrong!) that they either didn’t exist, weren’t really “suitcase” level, or else would have no longer been functional after a certain number of years went by. But… feel free to correct me if you have other details.

        I read Hodges, and appreciate his warnings. However, I do, myself, find his predictions are often wrong. I say this with respect for him and what he is doing. The issue with some of these sites is that they are susceptible to “doomer porn” accusations, and many times justifiably so. This then makes sites susceptible to ridicule, and ruins the alternative news as a source for *real* news – which is really the main weapon we have in the fight against leftist fascism.

        I appreciate Hodges’ updates and warnings, and it is good to have details he presents – and is good as a starting point for further research – but as always, good to take things critically, and read the pushback people have.

        • They have all been tested in the Antarctica, or better said under the continent, as in the Empire Under the Ice.

          this is technology that you nor i can just readily read about.
          This is the most secretive underworld society that is so scientifically advanced, we can not even fathom what kinds of technology and weaponry that they have. A select few of the upper echelons of USA military are privy to some aspects, and that is how we even know what little we do know of it’s existence.

          They have underground tunnels, dug by high tech machinery that can dig thru 7 miles of dirt and rock per day. The tunnels reach from their underground bases under the Antarctica all the way into Canada.

          Russia knows, because Russia is part of the bigger plan of world dominance.

          All these things will come to light as the days of Noah return, and the Antichrist rules the world for a spell.

          it is prophesied, and will come to pass.

          • Glad myself and my family won’t be here to see it…..

      21. Parliament in lockdown: Police open fire outside Westminster and shoot knife-wielding man amid reports of explosion and ‘at least 12 pedestrians mowed down on bridge’

        ht tp://


        Bring on you jihadist, you will learn about white man resolve really soon.

        No we know why Trump issued that travel Ban. Must of been something he knew ahead of time.


        Molon Labe


        White college student on his way home from college, stops at traffic light, is shot and killed by car full of Syrian muslims. This incident was no reported in the media and was covered up.

        Listen to entire interview. Our governor is not able to stop the jihadist from coming. I know this is true because one of my customers a female told me two months ago, how over 4,000 muslims were dumped off in a city up in North Texas just 4 miles from her residence and land. This is very serious shit. After listening to this lady I know what we will have a revolutionary war, its coming. I don’t think Donald is going to able to stop this. They are flying them in a nighttime by the thousands and deploying the jihadist from age 15-45 all over all the major cities. You have got to listen to this lady.


        Get ready for war, it’s coming.

        • Fake news.

      24. I live along the Mid Atlantic Seaboard and don’t really give a rat’s ass.

        Daddy mole, Momma mole, and baby mole were all out walking in line one day and baby mole pipes up and says, ” I smell mole-asses.”
        No really, after reading and hearing all this crap everywhere, after awhile it’s like, “Whatever dude”.

        • I also live in the same region and if I have warning, will escape to the bug out in the Smokey Mt’ns, otherwise, I will gladly go out in a blaze of glory with the rest of East Coast dwellers.

          Talley Ho, and all that rot.

        • Yup,,,
          I breeze over all the news to see if theres anything noteworthy then di in to a reserch paper or website that has somethingvto do with agriculture or crops ptoduction, the news is not

      25. Russia can turn ice cream into gold we own
        Space if they want rods coming down on them
        And China at 40,000 mph you can’t run you
        Can’t hide no bunker can save you even under
        Mountain sleep well.

        • have another cup of coffee and rewrite that!

      26. More fear-mongering to justify more money for the military-industrial-Congressional complex.

      27. Preemptively, we will deploy the heffalump. But, wait. I have said too much.

        Some provocative troll jackass could name himself after Chicken Little, in Russian — with an M. Bison uniform, and fur, Cossack hat, could probably create an international incident.

      28. Washington DC,New York city, Boston
        whats the problem ?

      29. The globalists aren’t going to nuke the U.S. That would ruin the NWO plans for a North American Union.
        People need to forget about this false east vs west propaganda.
        Russia was infiltrated by Zionist Jews years ago. And Stalin, Churchill, FDR, and Hitler were all Zionist puppets.

      30. What if the Russians are NOT a real threat to the FUSA, but only a made up threat to keep the military-industrial-banker-Congressional war machine complex going? Notice too, how despite all the charges that those evil Russians “hacked” our recent election, nobody has stated exactly what they did to “hack” the election? So what exactly did the Russians do to alter the outcome of the election? If they wanted to “hack” the election all they would have to do is donate to the Clinton Foundation.
        Who are we, the FUSA to bitch about outsiders altering the course of an election when we have a very long history of doing the same damn thing and over throwing democratically elected governments when that government does not comply with the US business and banking interests in that region. By the way, here is a little known fact, shortly after the Russian Revolution, we the USA sent troops into Russian (AKA invaded) in a failed attempt to alter the outcome of the Russian Civil War.

      31. I’m I the first to say BULLSHIT!!!!!!!?

      32. Sorry but I don’t buy it. This is the Russian version of the Star Wars project but with even less credibility. Just a lame scare tactic.

        By the way…you ever watch video of old nuclear detonations over the ocean? What happened to the water? Big wave? Nope…lots of vaporized water. Radioactive, sure but it didn’t go anywhere in the form of a huge wave.

      33. Would anyone really notice….or care?

      34. HOGWASH……..Do you realize the amount of energy required to lift the amount of water it would take to wipe out a coast? There are not enough hydrogen bombs on the planet to achieve this. I once did a physics problem calculating the amount of energy to lift a cylinder of water 1 mile in circumference by 1000 ft deep. It was an enormous amount. Came to the equivalent of billions of tons of TNT. (fyi: it takes (100) 10 megaton hydrogen bombs to equal a billion tons of TNT). Move along….nothing here.!

      35. Where was the U.S. Patrolling the East Coast when the Russians were supposed to be putting these things in the shoreline. They did it and no one noticed anything. That sounds pretty unlikely.


      36. Note to self, order that lead shielded surfboard they sell on Amazon…….

      37. LOGIC DEMANDS that the Law of unintended circumstances be IGNORED when the USA national security is in SERIOUS RISK. The single most dangerous terrorist RIGHT NOW to the USA is former President Obama, and if his PRIMARY policy while in office was to take out the HEAD terrorists by DRONE, then by all means, President Trump should use his powers to extradite a quick droning on the single most dangerous person right now on the planet. That terrorist KNOWs the inside and out of all of Americas secrets…KEEP THAT IN MIND when people pooh pooh the idea of the necessity to take out Americas greatest terrorist threat and pooh pooh a SITTING President murdering an alleged American CITIZEN without trial, the case is easily made for WHAT MUST BE DONE!!

      38. Survey seabed topology to identify most likely target locations. Find and destroy waiting torpedo’s or better yet place them along Russian coast.

      39. Am I the first person to note that neither Washington D.C. nor Philadelphia are on the Atlantic coast, but rather 60 to 100 miles away from the coast? Sure, they may both be on rivers, but a river won’t carry a tidal wave – that’s not how it works.

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