Secret Recording: Obama Confirms Conspiracy to Oust Ron Paul from Primary in 2012

by | Jun 22, 2013 | Headline News | 237 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The great conspiracy is that there exist a group of individuals dubbed “The Powers That Be” who work in conglomeration to effect political, economic, financial, and monetary changes around the world. Most would laugh at the notion that such puppeteers have widespread influence and control over leaders in positions of power that include corporate heads, central bank chairman, media personalities and even Presidents.

    But, what would it take for the people to realize that such powers do exist? Would it be enough if, say, a sitting President made direct reference to them? What if there existed proof of such a reference?

    Check out the secretly recorded audio below of none other than President Barrack Obama claiming that these “powers that be” not only exist, but that they had a direct influence on the 2012 Presidential election.

    They’re real, and the President of the United States just provided direct confirmation of this fact.

    Via Activist Post

    dees ron paul debateObama was secretly recorded during the 2012 election saying that “the powers that be want it to be Romney…and it looks like that’s what it’s going to be.”

    Referring to how Ron Paul was obviously robbed in Maine, Obama says “Look what they did up in Maine…They wanted Paul out of the picture quickly, and we all know what happened there.”

    And to confirm that he’s part of the “Powers That Be”, he says “I can’t say I blame them.”

    “Well, it’s a moot point now anyhow. He’s done,” Obama said apparently referring to Ron Paul’s hopes after the GOP engaged in outright fraud to ensure a victory for Romney.

    This short 38-second video clip speaks volumes about how manipulated the presidential elections are:

    Originally Published by Activist Post
    Image courtesy Dees Illustrations


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      1. Fake, unfortunately.

        • I don’t know if the recording is fake,
          but the message is 100% correct.
          Lets get real, folks, they’re playing
          hardball and they are not using gloves.

          • OutWest you are correct this has been going on for many many years it all started with the rothchilds and contuse
            today it is world wide not just the US most people will not except this because then everything they have believed was wrong and they can hot except being wrong
            the only difference now is their not hiding what their
            doing anymore they are full speed ahead and dare anyone to stop them

            • Well the soap box and ballot box isn’t working. How many think it’s time to dip into the ammo box?

            • Sorry, nothing but a very bad impression of the anointed one. Pretty lame actually, thinking they could get us to swallow that. Personally I am insulted and as far as TPTB, of course they exist but this was unnecessary, this fake impression should be removed immediately.

              I am in no way sticking up for the evil dictator, I just don’t like to be played.

        • Saturday . First full day of summer. Nice in most of the country.
          This is just a quick little filler for us “losers ” that aren’t at the beach, a cookout, a race, or a poolside pub! Haha!

          For me, the wife’s at beach with friends. Did some needed maintenance around the house earlier. Rode the scooter to town for milk ( wind is wind!, the noisemaker stayed in the garage).
          Sitting by the pool. It’s cooled down, and the sun is behind the trees. Icy cold beverage. 3 dogs. What’s the problem? Sitting here with the tablet, seeing what’s new.


          • Paula Dean deserved to be fired… for apologizing.

            • Betcha Paula Dean used the N Word the day she was fired.

              • Who Cares about Paula Dean, she is a tool!

                • Ha ha. Nasty old butter witch just got served up a piece of her own cobbler.

        • S,


          What are you basing that conclusion on? What if voice analysis determines it isn’t fake? Then what? This would make Watergate look like a minor smash & grab jewelry heist.

          • YH,

            Why is there no voice analysis proof stated? The impersonator has greatly exaggerated the loser in charge’s inflections. Not even a good impersonation, if you want to believe it then go ahead, to each his own but I am not fooled as easily as you. There is no question in my mind that it is not what you are led to believe, you are being played and someone is having a good laugh over this.

            • Swinging on a star,

              I don’t recall saying that I believe the recording. I’m simply not summarily dismissing it yet. It may in fact be a fraud, but from what we know of this criminal in the White House and the massive voter fraud which has taken place in the last two Presidential elections cycles, it would not surprise me if the taped conversation actually took place! That is what I am bluntly saying. In the past, when I was less aware of things, I would quickly and summarily dismiss events and news only to be proven wrong later. Now I wait a while to let the facts surface.

            • I’ve never heard obama casually talk on the telephone. I have nothing to compare it to.

        • Sorry to interject here, but didn’t you’ll see the news at yesterday??!! EVERYONE SELLING OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STOCK MARKET! (The article is taken from zero hedge)… everything is being sold off!!! Looks like a crash is unfolding!!!

        • S: Agreed, I too call Bullshit. We’ve got a lot of simpleminded/weak minded fools here who’ll believe anything that confirms their deepest fears. The skeptic in me has to ask who Obama was talking to, when this was recorded, how this ‘so-called’ recording was obtained, and why in this age of super recording does this thing sound so poor and digitalized too. This recording is no more real than UFOs, bigfoot, and WWE wrestling. But the room temperature IQ trailer dwellers will believe it and give me the ‘thumbs-down’ w/o the courtesy of identifying themselves and offering their reasons for doing so mainly because they’re cowards who can’t answer the questions I’ve posed.

          • Che, now lets get this straight. Are you trying to tell me that UFO’s and Bigfoot ain’t real, and that WWE is fake? And my name is Anonymous. Trekker Out.

            • @ Mountain Trekker. Don’t worry about those that doubt everything. It is not healthy to be totally gullible but it is also harmful to be so skeptical of everything that someone like that cannot see the truth of any matter right in front of them.

              In regards to what this character said. First of all Bigfoot is likely an offshoot of the common gorilla, I believe they call it giantisits or something like this. The proof that Bigfoot exists will be there when someone has the nerve to go up and grab a handful of fur without getting their head torn off so the DNA will verify it is simply a new type of primate. New discoveries of life is found all the time in remote areas. Bigfoot is no different, just an oversized ape.

              UFO’s are something is faked a lot, but the pictures taken pre World War 2 should be considered quite reliable as photographic of this type of film is most difficult. Also when you see photos taken of UFO’s before they was any flight with airplanes, not balloons or blimps, this means someone was likely visiting the planet. There are all sorts of very old drawings of the classic disk shaped saucers on paintings and even cave drawings that date hundreds or thousands of years ago. People that had no idea of flight or craft that could transport them. They saw something up there. There are trillions of planets within a few million light years that easily support life, and they have a jump on this planet by a few hundred to billion years technology wise on this planet.

              WWE, or WWF as I call it. The scripts of course are pre-determined. The severe pain and destruction to those wrestlers’ bodies are unbelievable. I have talked to them firsthand and they told me you would be amazed how much anguish they go through pushing their bodies to way beyond the limits. They are the best stunt men and stunt women they is on the planet. The winner is of course already set, but the abuse of the bodies is real as you can get. These people more than earn their money for all those destructive to the bones, ligaments, muscles and joints.

              I always analyst something, and for that character to call us simple weak minded fools tells me that this is a troll or something that is unwilling to spend the mental effort to look at both sides of the coin, and the edge to boot. I am skeptical and open minded, this is the healthy balance. Many conspiracy stories are wrong, and many tell the truth that others have used to cover it up. I come to this site and I see some of the most intelligent free thinkers that there is. I pity someone like that character that only gets attention by playing Devil’s Advocate to the maximum.

            • MT. Trekker: Sorry to burst your bubble pal, but yes, it’s all fake. As for Be Informed: if you have it in your hand and others can verify it by independent analysis, then it’s real. Otherwise it’s bullshit pal! He who take the positive position has the burden of proof. In other words: if you’ve got show it, or shut up and move your conspiracy believing butt down the road Hoss. I still call bullshit on that so-called Obummer tape. I don’t have to prove it’s false, the provider has to prove it’s authentic just like in science or a court of law. Have a great day. True skeptic out!

      2. The Powers That Be were the people who didn’t vote for him.

      3. Take a look at the enclosed photos, Jim. This is the target, the old America. A country rich in resources, moral values, a strong work ethic… and unlimited opportunities. Your job is to destroy it.
        Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the American Republic. Pose as a citizen. Get elected president…. and accelerate the pace toward total collapse. As always, if you, or any of your IMF force are caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your activities. Good luck….. This tape will self destruct in five seconds…..

        • MISSION: Not Impossible after all. Cheers Okie!

        • The country and the IMF tape have much in common.

        • Okie, you come up with some really funny stuff.

          …this ain’t really that damned funny.


        • Smokin,
          How you always hit the proverbial on the collective, in this case is just beyond funny, enters into the surreal, and leaves you in tears.
          Not, tears of joy.

          et al.
          Piper, takes off his tinfoil hat, puts it away, and gets to say “I told ya so.”
          Like I said a while ago, I knew one of these bastards, worked with him as a client. He tried to recruit me as a mason, I think. He never would say, and I never asked.
          Our ‘friendship’ was instantly terminated on the issue of guns. When he told me all the guns had to go in order for there to BE a NEW AGE(his words, and what clued me in to the fact that he could be a mason.), I told him ‘molon labe’, he was flabbergasted. I fired him as a client, and told him to find somebody else. Just between you guys and me, he was from the original PepsiCola family. (Which was invented just down the road a piece.) I wrote about this in my piece; The Beast.

          I understand now, why those who become super rich, turn into something else other than what they were while they were making their money. They are ‘converted’, or blackmailed, threatened, what ever.

          We knew what was going on with Ron Paul when it was happening. The republiCON party, is about maintaining the System, the same as the demonRATs. All the way up until the End Game, they are all trying to make sure they get a seat at the table of what comes after the Reset.

          When/if this happens in my life time, I have sworn to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic… I don’t remember anybody ever UNoathing me.
          If a million vets and honest citizens, merely said;
          I am the Hands of God’s Justice.
          Then the prophetic insight of JFK will become ‘inevitable’.

          In the mean time, I’ll continue tinkering.

        • You forgot to the cite the most important thing, SmokinOkie, about the old America. It was 90% White European, and so that meant the richness in resources, the strength of its moral values, the strong work ethic and the unlimited opportunities, the national ‘character’ – all of these things were a by product of the kind of culture that rose from within a 90 percent White European population. These are White values that you are referring to, not the values of a motley conglomeration of millions of third world cultures of people.

          And, that was the way it had been for the entire existence of the old America up until the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxist jews and their like-minded allies in the white liberal race traitor camp joined forces in the middle 1960s to rewrite our immigration laws with the deliberate, premeditated, and malicious intent to flood our nation with hundreds of millions of non-assimilable, indigestible, incompatible and clearly alien non-whites from every backwater third world cesspool on the planet – as part of their nefarious and diabolically evil desire to destroy the social cohesion of the USA and to help them destroy the last vestiges of White Western Civilization.

          Listen, folks. Cultural Marxism is a softer form of Communism. But, both hardcore Bolshevik Communism and Cultural Marxism Communism shared the same objective: Destruction of the White Christian Western nations.

          As a nation, did we all not recognize that Communism was our enemy? We fought a cold war against the USSR that lasted for decades, until the USSR finally collapsed in the early 1990s. Were we not uniformly united, as a nation, aside from a handful of treasonous liberals – to see Communism as our enemy and that we were all unified in our desire to oppose it? I think we were, for the most part. I know that the vast majority of White European Americans were passionately opposed to Communism.

          Well, can anyone explain to me why this even more virulent, more evil flavor of totalitarianism called Cultural Marxist Communism is so difficult for us to recognize as being our mortal enemy? These Cultural Marxists are even more dangerous than the Soviets or the Red Chinese ever were, because the purveyors of this nation and race destroying poison are inside our borders. They are holding public office. They are the Tim Kaines, the Diane Feinsteins, the Chuck Schumers, the entire Bush family, the Bloombergs, the McCains, the Lindsey Grahams, Marco Rubios, Bill O’Reilly’s and more. They control 100 percent of mainstream media and they use it to promote the genocide of White Western people and cloak this genocide under the banners of ‘multi-culturalism’ and ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’. The objective is White European reduction to minority status inside their own native homelands, followed by their eventual extinction and genocide via mandating miscegenation as the new ‘trendy and fashionable thing to do’. This is evil, folks. This is genocide and a sizable number of our elites are fully on board with this criminality.

          Look, folks. Winning the Cold War was only the first battle. We did not defeat Communism. It merely changed its molecular form, such as a AIDs virus is known to do whenever it senses it is under attack by an AIDs drug. Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness are the new forms that Communism has now adopted – and this molecular transformation has done more damage to the White Western nations than Bolshevik Communism ever had the power to do.

          We must unite again, and destroy Cultural Marxism and every last one of its proponents and purveyors who are inside our borders. That is the ONLY way we will ever be able to restore our nation to the values that made us a great nation. We must identify these purveyors of Cultural Marxism and charge them with treason, try & convict them and then award them a penalty that is standard for the commission of High Treason.

      4. Wow that says a lot doesn’t it sit down hold on and enjoy the ride

      5. A prepper studies…”And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing.”(all that she owned.) What was she thinking? She could have bought wheat berry’s with that. “So I was afraid and went out and hid your gold(talent) in the ground.” He was a good prepper with a right amount of fear…”As surely as the LORD your God lives,” she replied, “I don’t have any bread–only a handful of flour in a jar and a little olive oil in a jug. I am gathering a few sticks to take home and make a meal for myself and my son, that we may eat it–and die.”And Elijah said to her, “Do not fear; go and do as you have said. But first make me a little cake of it and bring it to me, and afterward make something for yourself and your son.” Crazy lady, she should of hid out a little longer and he would of died off. Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.” The old man didn’t know what he was talking about they needed to read “Strategic Relocation”. “And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” I believe..I believe I need more supplies. “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 17 Hmm this armor seems primitive, what about my guns and bullet proof vest and isn’t my enemy the illuminati?
        “26 Men’s hearts will fail them for fear and for looking upon those things which are coming on the earth; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. Better prep heart medicine. “And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak,: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers.” That promise land doesn’t sound like a place I want to live anyways, I’m going to the woods. “I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.” Ok-so buying gold is a good thing but white..I thought camo was best,,still got to get some of that eye salve and a nightscope. I keep reading fear not but Jesus may of fell asleep in the boat again so I got to prep more before it’s too late. Beware, the enemy knows our weaknesses while we are prepping physically we become preoccupied with our work. The fields are ready for harvest. Become a laborer (because they are few) and trust God, He’s been prepping for this along time. Remember this, “Now the just shall live by faith(not there bugoutbags): but if any man draw back (from fear?), my soul shall have no pleasure in him.”

        • Funny and well written, but you omitted a few verses. “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.” (Romans 13:8) Stay out of debt. “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Timothy 5:8) We are to provide for them regardless of our circumstances, during feast and famine. We are to provide not just food, but also shelter and safety and security. Yes, the Lord guides us, just as he guided Jacob to send his sons to Egypt with silver to buy grain which had been stored up by Joseph according to His plan. How are we to do this? “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.” (Proverbs 6:6-8) Talk is cheap, but actions reveal our true nature. “But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.” (James 2:18) The abundant life starts at conversion. Be sure not to miss it by ignoring His teaching on it.

          • Paster,

            Thank you for the post. I had been searching for the James 2 passage for awhile before seeing your post. You have said better than I would have.


            Thanks for spurring my search also.


          • Not going to argue just point out the context. 1Tim 5 is about the church supporting widows in the church. He said Relatives should take care of them first and (my words) your worse than a heathen if you don’t take care of your own relatives when they are in need (once again referring to these widows). James2:8 Is talking about Christians that were saying to other Christians in need to go in peace, be warm and well fed and doing nothing to help them. He then tells them faith without works is dead. Then says even Satan believes there’s a God but that’s not going to help him. Proverbs is full of scriptures about the lazy thus the reference to sluggard. Its saying get the harvest when its there. He also has one about the lazy man that roles around in bed and says there is a lion in the streets . Ecc. has one about he who watches the weather never plants. Jacob had a little gold..Not enough to get him through 7 years of famine. He didn’t know what to do..said I heard they have grain in Egypt. God had already worked out his future. Joseph was told to do what he did just like Noah was told to build an ark.

          • Talk is not cheap. Every word Obama says I got to pay for it.

          • If I may add ( Matthew 6:19,20,21) Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, where thieves do not break through and steal: For where your treasure is , there will your heart be also. Trekker Out.

          • Dont forget this one, To the powers that be. John 19:7 The Jews answered him, We have a law, and by our law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God. 8 When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he was the more afraid;
            9 And went again into the judgment hall, and saith unto Jesus, Whence art thou? But Jesus gave him no answer.
            10 Then saith Pilate unto him, Speakest thou not unto me? knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee?
            11 Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.

        • I think this is a very interesting post, and perhaps is taken the wrong way from folks who think of religion as a weak-minded way to avoid real action. Instead, I think this is a reminder that there are factors well beyond material preparation that will decide the outcome of any conflict with the evil that seems to be bubbling up everywhere now.

          One either believes there is more to life than what we see or one doesn’t. If you do believe, you have a variety of religious and spiritual practices from which you may choose, or independently make your own assessment and live that to the fullest extent you are able to.

          I have studied religions and spiritual paths for decades and am very open to the truth in them all. With that said, I have increasingly become of the mind that Revelation is in fact a vision or prophecy that has large elements of underlying truth to it. When one understand what has been translated as “the end of the world” is in fact “the end of an aeon” it makes a lot more sense.

          We are transitioning from a world of centralized religion, economic power and government authority. These institutions will show the most resistance to change as they are the most ossified. But the world mind of hundreds of millions of people are seeing through the lies, corruption, disinformation, authoritarianism etc and rebelling.

          So for me to accept a final conflict between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness is no more than to recognize the truth of the situation we see unfolding before our eyes.

          The only remaining question is on which side I will fight. I think everyone here already knows the answer to that one.

      6. fake

        • Every Obama voter will cry “fake”. Every Paul supporter should have cried “fake” during the process of selecting the “Republicrat candidate”.

          Facts are facts and regardless of whether the “voice” on this tape is Obama or not…Paul was crucified by the MSM and ALL his opponents. Never had a chance, not that it would have mattered anyway in the D.C. Sewer system.

          But be sure and vote for the “pre selected offering” in 2016…Because some “sheeple” will never learn.

          • Vote for whoever is going to break the country first. It is inevitable at this point and we will do better now for a SHTF vs 5 years from .

            • I’ve been saying it and saying it: it will be bad, but, if we wait longer, it will be worser.

              • yes , more worser.

      7. Ron Paul definitely got shafted in the GOP primaries in the run up to the election. He won many states votes outright, then had those wins nullified by the corrupt existing two party oligarchy. They were frantic to not allow a Obama-Paul election. Voting in these fake elections has lost all credibility for the American electorate.

        • Who was more dishonest the Republicans or the Libertarian posing as a Republican?

          • Ron Paul was a rank amateur.

            • /\
              You say that like it is a bad thing.

            • Amateur? Oh, yes, I agree. In the age of lies, RP definately did not live up to professional liar.

              The bad thing about RP is that he cares about people and therefore does just go after stuff for his own personal gain. Certainly not the qualities of a professional politician. You’d think, after 30 some years of politics, he’d get it right. Problem is there is this thing called “honesty” and that usually requires you to take serious any oath of office. Unlike “The Professionals” that don’t take their oaths seriously, Ron Paul did.

              No, really, what you are saying is that amongst professional con-men, Ron Paul was an amateur. Ron Paul wouldn’t even rank as a hobbyist on the scale indicating the graft and theft taking place in our federal establishment of failure.

              As my friend above, says, “You say that like its a bad thing.”

              Ron Paul could not battle the lie machine set up by the media and their handlers. Most people very much prefer a lie over the truth.

              …what a bunch of dumbasses we’ve raised in this country to have elected an ineligible, ineffective, half black, half Kenyan, half white bobble head. I thought the Clintons and Carter fucked up foreign policy, but this guy, whew! He takes the cake.

              …and he got a Nobel Prize for doing it.

              LMFAO! The whole world is nothing but a scam/sham/lie. The sooner it collapses, the sooner the worthless eaters will die. They are nothing but tools for evil that work against the agents of liberty. While it used to disgust me to hear people call them “useless eaters”, the older I get, the more I realize its a pretty apt term. I guess you could say my “Give A Damn” is busted.

              • “Give A Damn” is busted.

                LMAO , a david allen coe quote !
                never did i expect that! hahaha
                “and they hauled ralph emery out the back door of WSM ”
                i gotta look up some old vinyl , thanks .

              • I truly get a kick out of Ron Paulites. They some how think the Republicans screwed him while he used up the last 5 years of his game lying about being one of them. Who screwed who? Ron Paul was never a Republican he took the title for political gain and nothing else. Putting an R behind his name made him a liar extraordinar and I’d say it to his face given the chance. If the republicans screwed him over….good for them. He had it coming.

                • Absolutely Jim! At least Bernie Sanders calls himself a Socialist. And even though the Democrats embrace him he doesn’t pretend to be one. Susan Collins and Arlen Specter were Republicans. Anyone can be a made man in the Republican Family. Ron Paul was a JOKE in the Republican Party.

                  • The reason Ron Paul was a joke in the Republican Party was because he would have been equally welcome in the Democrat Party. The ‘Party” don’t give a shit about your politics just as long as you give them your support. Exactly like the sheople when they go to the polls on election day.

        • Ron Paul brought three big words to the national discussion that neither the republicans or democrats wanted to hear…..THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

          Here’s why…

          1. Federal Reserve allows major corporations to obtain near zero percent interest loans. The corporations then use this money to fund their day to day business operations (instead of using their earnings).

          2. The major corporations then use their earnings to buy back their corporate stock thus inflating the market, and (here is the important part) fund lobbying firms (K Street) and make donations to SUPER PACS (Political Action Committees). This is political Soft Money

          3. Once the SUPER PACS and Lobbying Firms get the money, those entities then fund the various candidates and the multitude of Washington Think Tanks ( republican, democrat, non partisan) and their subsidiaries.

          4. In other words, the Federal Reserve indirectly funds Washington.

          Ron Paul put a spotlight on the Federal Reserve. And since no political party wants that golden goose exposed, they marginalized Paul and made him out to be a kook.

          They marginalized him quick too because neither republicans or democrats want the informed citizen demanding answers about The Federal Reserve.

          After all, due diligence would easily show that it is NOT the Federal Reserve who is in charge of our currency. But rather it is the board of directors and shareholders of that pesky Bank Of International Settlements located in the supposedly neutral Switzerland.

          We the people as a whole have generally thought that the US Dollar is based upon the full faith and credit of the United States (i.e. the fact that you and I drag our butts out of bed each day and take part in the economy, pay bills, buy things, work, etc.)

          How disenchanting it is to realize that what we do really doesn’t matter….at least economically anyways.

      8. What a crock of shit that video is. That could be anybody speaking. You offer no proof that it’s Oblunder. This would not prove anything to anyone with half a brain. Even if that’s Oblunder’s voice someone could cut and paste bits from any of his recorded public presentations then assemble them to say what the video says. Well within the capability of any professional recording engineer. Totally bogus. And an insult to the people who populate this blog.

        • What got me was, who was he supposedly talking to? There were places in there that would have naturally required some sort of verbal response from whomever he was supposed to be talking to, like a “yeah” or “uh-huh” or something to indicate there was a purpose for the call (i.e. talking WITH somebody else). Also, the sentences make little sense when strung together. I’d say this was a bad cut/paste job.

          • It makes sense if he was on the phone.

      9. Sounded plausible until the last 10 seconds. Whoever it is lost the Obama sound. Fake

        • That was Bill Clinton… exhaling.

          Where’s that Puff, Puff, Pass guy when you need him?

          • Vince

            Maybe Hillary was under his table when he said that.

            • You all are wrong! That was Jimmy Hoffa on the tape.

      10. In addition, Ron Paul had a lot of followers. His statements upset the status quo into a fever panic. Though he won enough states, he was even denied a chance to speak at the GOP convention in Tampa.

        • Right and the TV stations wouldn’t broadcast the other party debates. Had to watch them on RT station which not that many Americans get.

      11. “Secret Recording: Obama Confirms Conspiracy to Oust Ron Paul from Primary in 2012.”


        Is anyone here surprised? It must be a slow “news” day.

        No… it’s just another weekend in the “Empire of Lies.”

        Oh, and buy the way, the FedGov wishes to thank you for your vote. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to control you.

        Those willing participants in their own slavery…

        I salute you!

        F-in Morons!!

        • Most honest post here and the ass hats thumb it down. Voters are their own worst enemy under this heads they win tails you lose two candidate one party system.

          I salute you for getting it.

          Middle finger to the sheople that vote taking us down with you.

          • @Middle finger

            Schizophrenia [A mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty sense of reality] unfortunately runs deep on this site.

            Don’t try to figure out crazy people… It can’t be done.

            America has a sickness.

            And just like a rabid dog… You put it down!

            • America is being “put down” — by the very people the voters voted for.

      12. WRONG it was the Republicrats that didn’t want R Paul making waves Both parties put a stick in it but the Republicans did everything they could to stop him The media was told by the Dems to avoid him. It was a set up from the beginning Lets not rock the boat No new ideas allowed No common sense please move along we need a complete loser like Mitt because it was still the Dems turn 8 years for your team to screw things up 8 years for my team to screw things up.!!!

        • TPTB were terrified that they wouldn’t be able to control Ron Paul, and they’d have to risk assassinating him too…you can only assassinate so many people before it becomes obvious to even a house plant.

      13. It seems to me that there is enough easily confirmed hard evidence out there of the lying, cheating and outright criminal behavior of the politicians esp. the Obama bunch that it would not be necessary to post this article or the one from anonymous on this site. This does exactly zip for our ability to prepare for the future upheaval that is fast approaching. Is this the National Enquirer of prepping sites?

        Please get real!

        • Really. Rather than run such questionable drivel, just run another article about baking bread without electricity, or something like that. Anything real, not made up from whole cloth like this.

          • Lazy Man’s Bread

            *Makes one-midsized loaf

            1 cup plus 2 Tablespoons (250ml) milk or buttermilk
            1 cup plus 2 Tablespoons (250ml) water
            2 cups (250g) whole-wheat flour
            1/2 cup (50g) rye flour
            2 1/4 teaspoons (1/4 oz./7 g) active dry yeast
            1/4 cup (50g) rolled oats (not instant)
            1 teaspoon salt
            1 Tablespoon sugar
            8 Tablespoon blend of any of the following (preferably all of the following):
            -wheat germ
            -sunflower seeds
            -flaxseeds (linseeds)
            -pumpkin seeds

            1. Mix the milk and water together in a measuring cup, and combine all the other ingredients in a large bowl.

            2. Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients, stirring all the while, to make a sticky mixture.

            3. Butter your loaf pan well, scrape the dough into the pan, sprinkle a few extra seeds and oats over the surface of the bread, and place in a cold oven.

            4. Turn on oven to 225F/100C and after 30 minutes, turn it up to 350F/175C for one hour.

            5. When the loaf begins to get nice and brown, take it out of the oven, run a butter knife along the sides of your pan and carefully remove the bread. (*Nigella recommends poking the bread with a cake tester or fine skewer to make sure it’s done, ie: the skewer will come out clean). You may wish to return the loaf to the oven for an extra 10-15 minutes. Resist the urge to cut off a slice right away, allowing the bread to cool thoroughly on a rack will prevent the insides from getting gummy.


            N.O. ;0p

                • Speaking of bees…

                  25,000 bumblebees die, drop from trees in Oregon after pesticide spray.

                  MSN dot com

                  • Update…

                    “Scientists investigating a bee die-off in Wilsonville (Oregon) are calling it the largest mass bumblebee death on record, with more than 50,000 reportedly dying.”

                    “The Oregon Department of Agriculture determined the pesticide Safari is responsible for the death of the bumblebees…”

                    “The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation has been investigating the bumblebee die-off since last weekend when the bees started falling from a cluster of 65 European Linden trees near a plaza just off Interstate 5. It said the bees likely represented more that 300 wild colonies.”

                    “Each of those colonies could have produced multiple new queens that would have gone on to establish new colonies next year. This makes the event particularly catastrophic,” said Rich Hatfield, a biologist with the Xerces Society in a press release.

                    NBC News dot com

          • Ha!! Just took a loaf of honey wheat out of the oven. Apricot cinnamon
            Rolls too!

            Keep preppin’

            • Ha! Ha! Drinking a bottle of honey wheat Bohemian ale and then gonna go find me some hot buns on the dance floor later tonight!

              Got my preps in my wallet.

      14. huh ???

        a little late on this report .

        we all saw ron paul get robbed of the presidency live on television

        when five 5 paid-off people showed up to mitts campaign rallies THE SAME 5 AT ALL OF THEM

        And 15,000 real red blooded Americans showed up to Ron Paul’s rallies WITH OVER FLOW INTO PARKING LOTS

        barry soetoro had his inner city acorn black panther hope-n-change commie thugs working the streets with commie ‘Hope Power’ threatening beating robbing voters at the rigged polls , voting 6 times in a row and hiding ballots


        so ummmmm the above report is Moot !!!

        All public voting is rigged from the dog catcher on up … its the NEW ZOG AMERIKA !!!

        NONE OF YOU ARE FREE … YOU NEVER WERE AND NEVER WILL BE … unless you learn to FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE NWO U.N. ZOG ILLUMINATI who are very real and truly control ZOG AMERIKA .

        NinaO ;0p

        • Even the “black panthers” denounce obummer…you should take a look around at what they REALLY stood for, NOT what hoover wanted people to think they were about. You keep ranting about “truth”, well, here’s your chance.

          • hint: you can search for “larry pinkney”, a former “original” black panther.

          • @SixPack … Respect .

            thank you Sir .


            • Not sure, thought sixpack said she was a girl the other day.
              A carpenter.

              • I am female, but it has been said that I have bigger balls than some men, so consider me whatever makes you feel good. I take no offense either way…you’ll all find out that I’m pretty hard to offend personally.

                …especially since I’m not your average, (straight) female. My father didn’t have a first-born son—he had me instead.


        Is a motorcycle a prep?
        Can go where a car can’t.

        Get’s you to a BOL fast.

        Good on gas.

        Time to live life after two decades slaving in corp America.
        Get the kid off to college…have some fun.

        With all the boomers starting to sell their bikes…many to pick.


        • Hang in there Boomers!
          Harley is coming out with a line of walkers.

        • Done preppin

          Darn right it’s a prep! Wouldn’t be without one.
          Big Harleys are only good on the road though.
          Dirt bikes are the ultimate BOV, will go anywhere.
          Both would be nice to have, if one can afford it.

        • Just get a toyota tacoma & you can load a scrambler in the back with all gear & extras

          • Talking about Toyotas, has anyone seen the video where the man was interviewed regarding his witnessing the death of Michael Hastings? I thought it was the Toyotas that had the gas pedal sticking. According to this man, he first started noticing this vehicle when it appeared that the vehicle was maxed out, speed wise. Is it possible to deliberately – remote control – the speed of a vehicle? I hope that God protects this brave witness, one of those great persons who said something when they saw something.

      16. Everything Is Being Sold

        Global financial markets are now in a very perilous state, and there is a much higher than normal chance of a crash. Bernanke’s recent statement revealed just how large a role speculation had played in the prices of nearly everything, and now there is a mad dash for cash taking place all over the world.

        * this will not end well for ZOG AMERIKA as the $$$ trillions of zog amerikan DEBT fiat dollars come flooding back to zog amerika and the private owned zog fed reserve central bank . ~N.O. ;0p


        please read this …

        IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE . ~ N.O. ;0p

        A similar dynamic would occur in the market for U.S. Treasury debt. Despite Bernanke’s assurances that the Fed is not monetizing the government’s debt, the central bank has been buying nearly 70% of the new issuance in recent years. Already rates on 10 year treasury debt have crept up by more than 50% in less than two months, to over 2.4%. Any actual decrease or cessation in buying (let alone the selling that would be needed to unwind the Fed’s multi-trillion dollar balance sheet) would place the Treasury market under extreme pressure. Since low rates are the life blood of our borrow and spend economy, it is highly likely that higher rates will lead directly to lower stock prices, lower GDP growth, and higher unemployment. Since rising asset prices, and the confidence and spending they produce, are the basis for Bernanke’s rosy forecast, new lows in house prices and a bear market in stocks will quickly reverse those forecasts.

        Higher interest rates and a slowing economy will be a a disaster for Federal budget deficits. An increase in unemployment and a decrease in tax will hit just as rising rates make it more expensive for the Fed to finance new and maturing debt. Also the profit checks Fannie and Freddie have been paying the Treasury will turn into bills for losses, as a new wave of foreclosures comes crashing down.

        It’s fascinating how the goal posts have moved quickly on the Fed’s playing field. Months ago the conversation focused on the “exit strategy” it would use to unwind the trillions of bonds and mortgages that it had accumulated over the last few years. Despite apparent improvements in the economy, those discussions have given way to the more modest expectations for the “tapering” of QE. I believe that we should really be expecting a “tapering” of the tapering conversations.

        I expect that the Fed will continue to pantomime that an Exit Strategy is preparing for a grand entrance, even as their time line and decision criteria become ever more ambiguous. The Fed’s next big announcement will likely be to increase, not diminish QE. After all, Bernanke made clear in his press conference that if the economy does not perform up to his expectations, he will simply do more of what has already failed.

        Of course, when the Fed is forced to make this concession, it should be obvious to a critical mass that the recovery is a sham. Investors will realize that yeas of QE have only exacerbated the problems it was meant to solve. When the grim reality of QE infinity sets in, the dollar will tank, gold will soar, and the real crash will finally be upon us.

        Buckle up.

        BUY PHYZZ !

        ~N.O. ;0p

      18. He was talking into a little microphone thingy hidden in his cuff.

      19. Mother-of-God…

        If you THOUGHT “PRIZM” was bad, well…you better sit down. Up at ZeroHedge, as the top billing article is an explanation of ‘Bonesaw’; something that makes PRIZM look like something you’d give to your kids as a play-toy.

        This SHIT has got to END People, and I’ll give you THREE guesses as to WHO has to MAKE it END…first two don’t count. THIS is unbeliveable…

        • Yep, ive noticed my location services icon going off and on by itself even though i keep it off, started happening about the time i started posting on these sites and conveying my distaste for the government. I dont really care, they can come and black bag me if they want, sorta stupid cause im just a minnow among the sharks. I believe The government wants loyal subjects, not independent thinking individuals. Big brother is watching,
          MOLON LABE

          • Give me a better understanding of my ISP problems…
            it’s getting bad again… 🙁

        • WOW this explains many things on my phone and computor… time to buy the prepayed phone and pay cash and enter falts names and get my gps jamer and buy a used computor from someone else and only use coffee houses to other wifi spots to com pute….

      20. Isn’t it obvious that all the candidates got f***** out of the race except for Obama? What’s the conspiracy? The conspiracy is Bo the dog is really behind it all. The Portuguese made sure he would infiltrate the scene by being born in Texas as a natural. I think we need to ask Portugal a few questions. Watch that dog man! Can’t trust him. He’s gonna dig up the yard and bury that damn bone. Never trust a mutt called Bo.

      21. The one good aspect of technology is that politicians are getting caught more often. Doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to be slime in the future, just we will hear about it more often. Like most scandals, the masses have an attention span of an insect, so most of the time they just have to wait it out and it will go away. That is the world we live in right now, someone can do something rotten against the people and the nation and eventually everyone forgets about it. Use to be that you get caught you pay, but now………..

        I guess this is just another symptom of the dying of of the country, in fact the world. There are now far too many more things that are interesting rather than another political problem. After all the entertainment world has all sorts of gossip that other fellow idiots can talk about all day long. What is congress approval rating now, about 10%? Many of those 90% have totally given up on government confidence. Yet more than 98% of the voters put the same crooks and liars back into office again and again, and not even consider a third or fourth party. Talk about true dolts. The country and world is so f’ed, I mean we are all living on total borrowed time to coincide with massive borrowed money.

        • There’s a politician, a mad dog, and a charging bear,
          and you only have two bullets left, which do you shoot?

          Shoot the damn politician twice!!

          • yep, the bear will stop and eat him , giving you time to get away

            • Unless it’s Anthony Weiner. Bears don’t eat weiners.

          • Shoot the dog. Run faster than the politician and save the last bullet to kill game. Hahahahaha!
            Oh yeah, eat the dog. Cook him well done. Hahahaha.

      22. Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. escaped govt spending cuts of sequestration.

        Reuters dot com

        • KY Mom, that ’cause Martin O’Malley has his sniffer deep into Obama’s whiffer.

        • go figure.

      23. Here’s an interesting thought — the “Powers That Be” likely own both major party candidates, so they didn’t choose Romney because they wanted Obama to win, after all, they owned whoever would end up running and arrange who wins and loses. But there’s something very odd about both McCain and Romney — McCain was born in Panama and Romney’s father was born in Mexico. The fact that they were considered valid candidates by the Republicans helps establish the apparent validity of Obama’s candidacy.

        … not that I believe in conspiracies, of course.

      24. This looks like a good article to make a trivial comment. Just a couple of points for anyone planning on going on a long hike or if you have to hike to a bug out location. First let me say, especially if your a man, and I say that because men are more inclined to carry things in their hip pockets. Before you start your hike be sure and remove every thing from your back pockets,either put it in your pack or leave it in your vehicle or at home, anything in them is going to rub and press on the nerves in your hip. And another seemingly unimportant point is to make sure your toe nails are well trimmed especially your big toe nails. These seem like small points, but they can make the difference between just a tiring hike or a miserable one. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • “… a long train of abuses…”
          People cling to hope VRF, it is hope that is the killer, I have come to the conclusion because it is the common theme running through our deranged society. The source emotion of cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias, that has spread into the whole sorry mass of ignorant shuffling sheep, looking forward and down, never raising their heads, for fear of seeing something that will erase… hope.

          When hope and ignorance are mixed in the same pot, when millions of minds turn towards irrational behavior, when immorality has become institutionalized, systemic irrationality results, and that results in mass immorality, and everything becomes a scam and a crime.

          Our enemies see this better than we do, and they plan on putting us out of their misery.

          There is a better kind of hope, non selfish, the hope for a better world, after the ashes, but there must be Remnant of Good and Godly, who understand that freedom and liberty, and the rights of individuals, gave them a better deal than the privileges passed out by evil men. And an ultimate understanding, that centralization of money and government, attracts evil like moths to a flame.

          The Tower of Babel, in Babylon, is what we love. All bricks in the wall, conforming to the central idea of what society should be. When God wanted us to be rocks, all different, in the stream of life, accepting each other as different, without kings or governments. The lesson of Samuel and Saul, The Tower of Babel, and the battle against the money changers, if only, our ‘leaders’ of morality, could see, that they are charged with the soul of man, and have failed utterly for 30 pieces of tax free silver.

          At the end, it is a question of morality, not economics or governance, for those things flow from the basic moral foundations of individuals. Foundations that cracked long ago with the lazy indifference of the moral, and the influence of the immoral left. But do not rail against the evil ones, for they do what they always do… no, rail against the good, who did nothing and allowed evil to succeed. They allowed evil to succeed because they forgot what evil was, and evil became good, and good became evil.

          And hope springs eternal, for things that are hopeless, for things that are immoral and selfish, yet that is the heart of man, when people like Ayn Rand hold sway over men’s minds. That selfishness is good, and heartless disregard for the state of men is rampant. We forgot God, and worshiped Mammon, and thus, Alas Babylon, shall go down in one hour.

      25. An underground tank holding some of the worst radioactive waste at the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site might be leaking into the soil.

        The U.S. Energy Department said workers at Washington state’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation detected higher radioactivity levels under tank AY-102 during a routine inspection Thursday

        • Welcome to “fraking” old man!


        • VRF…I have been reading about this for a few weeks and several sites are exposing this today.
          Scary, huh?

        • My brother is an engineer there. Wonder how long his lifespan will be.

        • Very true!

          Now what can you offer as a solution?

          This whole mess was set up to be temporary, while the USA set-up Yuca mountain in Nevada, and spent many Billions developing it for long term, underground storage of Nuclear Waste. it was almost completed in 2007.

          Then in 2008 Senator Harry Reid, stated that they didn’t want it in Nevada. So the Prez, agreed with him, and turned off the money Tap that was developing the US Nuclear Waste storage site.

          Now the waste is stuck in the ground in leaking Temporary Steel tanks, with no permanent solution.

          The Hanford site has existed sine the early 1940’s. So lets make some sort of decision on how to get rid of this mess.

          BTW Idaho, Montana and Utah are very close to this Waste site, so beware before moving here, plus the prevailing winds blow to the East.

      26. “And those who would tell the truth will be called traitor by the guilty ones”

        you know who they are

      27. We continue to try and explain to people (Government), that freedom and liberty lovers are nothing more than fat old rattlesnakes that are minding their own business. They want to be left alone. There’re rattling and still trying to be left alone. But if they (Government) continue to poke at them, pick them up or harass them. They’re (Government), going to meet the fangs and poison.

        Keep the FAITH

        • “Our job is to use history to save the lives of people” today, Wunderlich said.

          Some of the lessons are subtle. For example, instead of just inspecting hospitals and his staff, Letterman sat beside Union General George McClellan during pre-battle meetings to better predict where to station ambulances and doctors.

          “These are the kinds of things that come out from thinking about history,” Blanck said. “The battles are won or lost on the creativity of the medical officer and the support of the commander.”

          Wunderlich said the museum also works to dispel many myths about Civil War medicine. The battles and wounds were certainly horrible, but anesthesia using chloroform or ether was involved in more than 95 percent of all major operations, he said.

          And while doctors didn’t yet understand exactly what germs were, they had noticed that patients did better when certain folklore was practiced. So while military camps were known for being filthy, hospitals followed strict rules for washing bed sheets and letting in plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

          “They didn’t know why, but they knew it worked and they put it to use,” Wunderlich said.

          But the biggest benefits of Civil War medicine may have come in the decades after the war, Wunderlich said. The young doctors and medics who had witnessed so much horror and saved so many lives went on to become leaders in many communities, pushing for public health reforms in major cities.

          “Those people never stopped practicing medicine,” Wunderlich said. “The benefit to the public was immediate.”

        • “Those people never stopped practicing medicine,”… But… when are they gonna stop practicing and start performing?

      28. Don’t need to watch a video telling me that there’s a little man behind the curtain. This sure as hell ain’t Kansas no more.

      29. More and more I am of the opinion that it really doesn’t matter left or right; Rep or Dem. What matters is freedom vs. control. Some folks simply cannot abide the thought that other folks are out there making up their own minds and living their lives without the “wisdom and guidance” of their betters. They lust after a strict tightly controlled society and funny thing they always imagine themselves in the driver’s seat. They hate us because we will not come to heel like good doggies to the crack of their whips.
        In a fair and honest society such folks can simply be ignored. It’s even kind of fun to watch them stroke out as they rail and demand that we conform while we all just go about our business and blow them off. But on occasion they lie and cheat themselves into positions of power such that they can no longer be ignored. It’s at that point that we freedom loving types must rise up and slap them down. I think we’re just about to that point, or maybe well past it and we’ve just been to easy going to notice.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Amen Watchman,
          Read what I wrote about hope.

        • Amen Brother,
          We are way past, i think most honestly believe things can and will change peacefully,
          In my mind that saying about watering the tree of Liberty with blood keeps coming to the forefront,
          It is most unfortunate, but look at kalifornica, and the path they are treading down and you will see where ALL is headed. These political elite have changed from public servants with the good of their comunities as their goal and guide to a power hungry bunch of bassturds who no longer represent anyone but special interest and them selves.
          Time to start converting nutrients for that tree Brother.

      30. Well, who reads “bissnesinsider” all day, all is good, do not miss peanut butter.
        Next week, here in Brazil will be a “watershed”.
        A thing or “will” or “crack”.


      31. Whoever that was speaking, the message is right on target. Google “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, published in 1971. That was the book that woke me up to what’s really going on. When that book was written, not even 1% of the population was aware of the one-world conspiracy. My, my, how times have changed. The book is out of print now, but it’s still available in e-book form online. braveheart

        • Braveheart—that is so far out

          I read it for the first time in the late ’60s when it
          was put out as a free underground paperback because it
          was so volatile at the time no one would publish it.

          That very first copy had a subtitle to it that read:
          None Dare Call It Conspiracy–The Rockefeller Connection.
          It was more in-depth than the ’71 version and told of
          many future prognostications that have now come true.

          I still have both copies, and I thank you so very much
          for sending me back in Braveheart’s Time Machine.

      32. Eisen Octogenarian 5000, F#$% YOU! Any of us ‘boomers’ can go BOOM on your stupid ass if it came to that! braveheart

        • Braveheart. Don’t get so angry when someone makes a point. Don’t whine and cry to Mac when people mess with you. When you say that you don’t care if the video is fake because it makes a good point illustrates your lack of integrity. Your book is out of print because no one bought it. I have in fact read the book and you are cherry picking facts. You are leaving out a lot of points they made that either were not true or haven’t even come close to happening. Keep it real brother.
          On a different point, I am worried about your health. If you sit there and get really pissed off you will die early. Your comments will be considered and you won’t change any minds by calling people names. Eisenkruez makes you mad not because of his stupid comments. You see a lot of yourself in him. You want to be young again and you have degenerated into an old man on a computer site. You are a lot a like when it comes to baiting and name calling. Take care of yourself and it’s never to late to live.

      33. Time to purchase more shotgun shells while they are easy/cheap. Might I suggest double 00 high brass, at least 3 in.

      34. My grandfather Austrian, when my uncle at sixteen said he wanted to fight with Hitler, my grandfather pitched pistol and said, “I want you buried here-”
        Great-grandson of Polish and Austrian grandson, if someone asks me, I’m Brazilian!
        Of course there is the old Jewish blood in my veins (Bochnie, Rosfellner) but cachaça in Brazil “debugged”, they kill it there!
        One thing I do not understand, since the U.S. is so sufficient in oil, why so much military intervention in the world?
        Is it to smear sperm?
        Of blond white is that it is not!


          • ILLUMINATI NWO Zionist-ZOG Freemason Global and America National Mafia Crimes

            learn the truth of FASCIST ZOG AMERIKA its happening right in our own towns now UN AGENDA 21

            a must watch


            NinaO ;0p


            • You know nothing about the Freemasons! Quit acting like you do.

              • i beg to differ @jiminva …



                N.O. ;0p

                • You might want to read some real history about Freemasonry. You are sadly misinformed.

                  • Yes since most of our founding fathers were masons.

              • Amen. Hate when someone speaks ill of masonry, when they know nothing truly about it.

                • FREEMASONRY 666 = SATANISM 666

                  Freemasonry is Satanic 666 from the First Blue Lodge Degree right up through the 33rd Degree. The first degree of Masonry is taken directly from the first degree of Satanism.

                  i’ve done my homework …

                  * gentlemen i have a very focused in-depth personal freemason 666 library that includes 66 gig’s of global news reports , books , video and photos .

                  i live within just a 1/2 a mile of a freemason 666 satanic cult hall . in the rocky mountain valley i live there are a total of 5 freemason 666 satanic halls .

                  i personally built this library over the last 3 years to better understand my own local freemasons 666 who are nothing but common moronic ignorant religious fanatics , vandals , thieves , gang stalkers and bullies to all those who do not follow their freemason 666 religious satanic dogma and bullsheeit .

                  * one must first understand their enemy … before hunting , stalking and killing them.

                  so cry foul false lies all you desire … i though do know the truth of the satanic freemasons 666 and their bloody history of oppression of the masses , usury thievery , global mass murder , human child sacrifices and sex slave pedophilia since the time of the crusades .

                  FREEMASONRY 666 = SATANISM 666

                  NinaO ;0p

                • Masonry is great, need to pour another 24 yds of flatwork at our place,
                  Ah, wrong mason,

              • 3n3my of th3 state
                knows nothing she just cuts and pastes her crap
                and acts like she is a know it all

                just another psycho nut bag with the same bull sheet as always

                i fear she is a multiple personality nut job

                • “the VATICAN pedophile JESUIT BLACK POPE devil is in the details.“

                  “che gli ultimi pontifici sono stati artefici di tante iniziative di benefiche, verso i singoli, verso i popoli, verso la communita internazionale, promovendo la pace, la giustizia, l’ordine mondiale…”

                  In English: “the last pontiffs have been artificers of very many beneficial initiatives, toward individuals, toward peoples, toward the international community, promoting peace, justice, the NEW WORLD ORDER.”

                  But, in the official text as distributed by the Vatican, the words “world order” do not appear.

                  Moynihan doesn’t come right out and state which “devil” is hidden in these details. After all, he has a job as Vatican correspondent to protect.

                  But here at VT we are unencumbered by such niceties.

                  So let’s just blurt it on out: Cardinal Sodano – who has been implicated in not only covering up the Vatican’s sex abuse scandal of the century, but also in standing “in solidarity” with Maciel, the Vatican’s worst pedophile criminal ever – inserted a little “nod and a wink” towards his New World Order colleagues, the “sexual freemasons.” And the Vatican censors removed it.

                  So who, exactly, are these “sexual freemasons” of the New World Order?

                  For a clue, let’s turn to Moynihan’s Letter #42, in which he quotes a woman he considers a reliable source, about an “attempt to thwart Benedict’s plan” to chase the gay crime lobby, a.k.a. the sexual freemasons, out of the church:

                  “They may try (to thwart Benedict’s clean-up),” she said. “There will be the various lobbies and groups. One is the group around Cardinal Sodano — Re, Ruini, Sardi, Sandri — they are sometimes called “Sodane con Maciel” for “Sodale con Maciel” (“in solidarity with Maciel”). They resisted Scicluna’s exposure, on Ratzinger’s orders, of the activities of Maciel.

                  Who is this “Father Maciel” that Cardinal Sodano stands in solidarity with?

                  Only the Vatican’s worst serial-pedophile criminal and swindler of the 20th century…maybe of all time.

                  Maybe instead of “Sodane con Maciel” it should be “Sodomy con Maciel.”

                  The Church admits that Maciel, the Vatican’s leading fundraiser of the post-WWII era, molested “less than 100″ children. Those are just the ones we know about.

                  For details, check out the latest Newsweek article, Father Marcial Maciel And The Popes He Stained. (One hopes the word “stained” is not meant literally.)

                  Maciel had illegitimate children by various women around the world, under various fake identities…and molested them. He told one of his mistresses that he was a CIA agent. That way she wouldn’t ask too many questions.

                  The church knew about Maciel’s sexual and financial hijinks for many years, and did nothing…except accuse Maciel’s victims of lying.

                  And the leader of the cover-up was Cardinal Sodano. The “New World Order”-loving Dean of the College of Cardinals, Angelo Sodano, repeatedly pressured Popes – including John Paul II (whom he apparently “owned”) and Benedict XVI (whom he apparently did not) to cover up the crimes of Maciel.

                  This, it now appears, is the main reason Pope Benedict resigned. After seeing the results of the thorough investigation he had demanded, and learning that Sodano and other high-level Vatican officials were implicated in the New World Order “gay mafia” of “sexual freemasonry,” Benedict figured the only chance he had at cleaning house was to take the drastic step of resigning. That way, a new Pope could appoint a new College of Cardinals…and throw out Sodano and the whole “gay mafia” of New World Order sexual freemasons.

                  The expression “sexual freemasonry,” by the way, is not mine. I got it from Robert Moynihan himself, quoting don Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, author of E Satana si fece trino (“And Satan Made Himself Triune,” 2011):

                  “I have experience in seminary where seven or eight out of 10 seminarians were gay, and the last two were kicked out for being too ‘orthodox’ and ‘normal.’ This is repeated in many seminaries. Those who advance are homosexuals. It is a sexual freemasonry, and it extends into the Vatican itself.

                  “If I say, along with Joseph Ratzinger in his famous meditations on Good Friday in 2005, that there is filth in the Church, and there is filth, I do not think I am lacking in charity,” don Ariel continued. “I think I am being charitable. I believe that charity passes by means of truth and justice.”

                  How does this “sexual freemasonry” relate to the New World Order?

                  The New World Order is a long-term, multi-generational project of a radical group that has infiltrated and risen to the top of freemasonry AND the Catholic Church…among other institutions. This radical group is sometimes termed “the Illuminati,” since it traces its roots to the Rothschild-funded Illuminati wing of freemasonry founded by defrocked priest Adam Weishaupt in the late 18th century.

                  Contrary to what certain “debunkers” would have you believe, the Illuminati is very much alive and well. Read about my interview with an Illuminati whistleblower here, and listen to the interview:

                  N.O. ;0p

      35. YEAH BABEEEE, KIK UP THE DOOM PORN YOU FUCKING FED TITTY SUKING DIPSHITS……….are you dipshits sure it is going to happen in october……….WAKE UP STUPIDS,, YOU ARE BEING LED..your purchasing power is the only thing proping up the economy…STOP buying for 1 week,,spread the word,, I DARE YOU

        • Im in

      36. Anyone who thinks we can still ‘elect’ our way out of this mess is delusional.

        • Absolutely right. Too far gone at this point. It will come to a head like a zit. Eventually it will pop.

      37. *** Paul 2016***
        That’s the ticket…

      38. This could have been released whether it is fake or real to separate and divide the so called Republican Party even further.

        The 2014 election games are starting, this audio will infuriate the Ron Paul or 3RD party voters away from the Republican vote stirring up the bad memories of 2012.

        Who win’s? The Socialist. Divide and conquer!

        • uhh,….dont you have a garden to tend to luv ?

        • We Republicans are already fractured and won’t be getting back together anytime soon. Its called a Mexican standoff and the Democrats will win for a good while going forward. Fuck all you turncoat Rinos. Sit and spin. I am done voting for the lesser of two evils. Let’s get the show on the road. I choose the more evil of the two rather than compromise any more principles, values, and common sense. Americans deserve all of what is coming. We have been asleep at the wheel for too many years.

      39. old news… no one cares enough about our system of gov’t to really do much about this, yet another illegal act… keyboarding it to death with do nothing, solve nothing… awareness of this kind of issue is not sufficient – there’s coming a day of action… be prepared…

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        Prepping Preacher

      40. Dr. Roberts: gold and silver is the only option you have

        “I think what we have to fear is that eventually all of the money that’s being printed actually finds its way past the banks, and past asset inflation, and gets into consumer inflation.

        Once that happens the dollar will collapse and will add to the domestic consumer inflation and we’ll be faced with hyperinflation. And yet there are no jobs. So what does the population do when it’s got no income? And of course by then we don’t know what else the Fed will have done to wreck the remaining wealth.

        We know they’ve already wrecked savers dependent on interest income. If the bond and stock markets go down, there is more wealth lost. The manipulation of the gold market destroys more wealth. So you may end up with a population, (where) their wealth has been largely exhausted, they’ve got rapidly rising prices, and no income, and no jobs. So that’s total chaos. That’s total political instability. That’s what I call Armageddon without nukes.”

        Eric King: “What do you say to people who have tried to do the right thing? They are saving money, trying to invest in hard assets such as gold and silver and they just feel like they’ve had their teeth kicked in?”

        Dr Roberts: “They should persevere … Eventually the manipulators lose control. And at that time what price could go up other than gold and silver? I can’t think of one. Certainly not bonds or stocks. Certainly not the dollar’s exchange rate.

        So in the end, if you can survive the stress, unless you believe a full-fledged recovery is on its way and will be here by June of next year (laughter ensues), unless you believe that, sticking with gold and silver is the only option you have.”

        N.O. ;0p

      41. why aren’t more Americans upset about all this illegal spying going on ?
        and the MASSIVE CORRUPTION on Wall Street and all the major banks?

        the martial law imposed on Boston ??

        does this explain this passivity ???

        This Is An Extraordinary Time

        ” Humans soon habituate to whatever conditions they inhabit, and this adaptive trait robs us of the ability to discern just how extraordinary the situation has become”

        certainly gives credence to the frog in the pot analogy doesn’t it ?

        They Thought They Were Free

        those that forget history
        are doomed to repeat it

        “”What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.”

        • The original study where frogs did not jump out of the water as it was heating to boiling used frogs that had surgically induced damage to the spinal cord and brain. Same thing now- too many people have been chemically or behaviorally lobotomized leaving them unable to react.

          • The thing that pisses me off is that people go along with all the government crap,
            State, local, federal, all elected to represent and work FOR you and I, yet these bureaucrats mostly just make our lives more difficult and interfere with our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, why does everyone keep giving them power? Screw these assholes, they have no more right to dictate all these damn laws over us as you or i have to tell anyone else to do anything. I say to hell with them all, refuse to conform.

        • Re “illegal spying” and “gradual habituation of the people…” in Satori’s post:

          Stopped for gas last week at BP station in Ohio & used credit card at pump. “Enter Zip Code” popped up on screen. Nunnayerbizness I thought & tried to continue. “See Attendant,” it flashed. Went inside and asked why. Young clerk said no zip code, no gas. Went back outside, scanned card again and typed in zip code of gas station. “See Attendant…See Attendant…See Attendant…” Went back inside and asked why. Clerk asked where I was from. I asked why he needed to know. Clerk then tells me I must type in zip code of city I reside in, because “we need to know where you live.” Went outside, got in car & drove off.

          Anyone else have experiences like this?

          • Zip code is not on card. Just a way to help verify that the card is not stolen.

          • Yes I commented on this very thing a few months back. Went to a Maverick station here in Wyoming, only difference was I was trying to pay with cash, and it keep asking for a phone # which I wasn’t about to give. Also hate those club member cards at Safeway, so I only buy bread there, but they always say Mr. Trekker you saved such and such. Sure am happy they know my name and what I buy. Trekker Out.

      42. Vets remember: “if I die in a combat zone, box me up and ship me home.” Well I’m too old now and the way things are going here in the U S, the new one for me is; “if I die in a combat zone, box me up because I’m already HOME.” Long live the FREE REPUBLIC!

        Keep the FAITH (III)

        • If i die in a combat zone,
          Just keep moving,
          Forget about me.

      43. Russia Offers Iran New Replacement for S-300

        Moscow made a new attempt to dodge a $4-billion lawsuit from Tehran over a failed deal to supply S-300 missile systems by offering another type of air defense system to Iran, Kommersant daily said Saturday.

        The new offer on the table is Antei-2500, aka S-300VM, or SA-23 Gladiator in NATO nomenclature, the newspaper said, citing unnamed sources in the Russian arms trade industry. The missile defense system can simultaneously destroy up to 24 aircraft within the range a range of 200 kilometers or intercept up to 16 ballistic missiles.

        The deal can be formalized during the visit of outgoing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Moscow on July 1, an unnamed Iranian diplomat told Kommersant.

        Keep the FAITH (III)

      44. Fox news is running story now about how watching more TV helps kids in school. Coincidence that Fox is showing its true colors on Snowden (he’s a traitor acc. to them)? Also towing the line on other RINO agendas. Now they want to imply that more people program their kids with what they do for a living (TV). How convenient. Screw Fox news. This comes from a loyal supporter and recovering sheepoholic for years. Oh yea, fuck Bill O’Asshat and his Obama loving, universal-background-checking views also.

      45. O & family and Bushes in Africa at the same time…

        What’s with that……just wondering ~ anyone else we need to know about that might be going…

        • Nelson Mandela is about to croak up. I’m sure there is an article or two on that represent my opinion of Mandela quite colorfully but for the “progressives” of the word, he’s quite a hero. A buttload of political celebs will inevitably flock in to cry for the camera.

      46. Fish report:

        I crewed for another skipper, there was three of us on board. A rare thing for Oregon, we had a flat ocean and lots of sun. We ran thirty miles out, caught three halibut 41″, 43″ and 44″ and was back in port by noon, back home by 4pm. The limit is one halibut each. Good thing the catching was easy, I only had two hours of sleep the night before and by the time I got home I was splashing water on my face to stay attentive while driving.

        BBQ halibut, fish rice and turnip greens for diner tonight.
        After cleaning up the fillets and getting them ready for freezing I end up with a small pile of trimmings. I use those trimmings in making rice.

        Fish rice:
        A little olive oil in a pot.
        A couple dried hot peppers broken up
        Some garlic cloves, smashed and minced
        a pinch of salt
        fish trimmings
        Some dried chanterelle mushrooms, tore up.
        Cook it up

        one and one half cups of uncooked rice and heat it up (toast it)
        then add two and a half cups water. bring to a boil. Add one can of drained peas. Optional, add three or four cardamom seeds. I like cardamom, my wife doesn’t care for it, that’s why it’s optional. She can’t always have things her way.

        turn the heat down to simmer, cover and cook for twenty min.

      47. You can tell the article hit a nerve by the dis-information, side-tracking trolls.

        Examine what they say and how they say it. The influence of their coordinated efforts is strong until you understand the pattern.

        Please pray for people who are so lost that they take those kinds of jobs.

        • I gave you a thumb down and here’s why.

          I don’t comment on every article, I don’t have an opinion on every article and so many of the articles are of the same nature that what I would have to say would become boring.

          I chose to post at this site because I like the lack of moderation.

          As for this article. When you run for office you swim with the sharks. Am I surprised that at the level of running for president that there would be strategies played to knock out the competition and that those strategies are orchestrated by sharks? What’s there to comment on other than to just make noise for the sake of making noise. I’ve never been a RP fan. I don’t dislike him or some of his messages and I don’t want to disparage anyone for believing in RP, that’s their business. So I chose to post a fishing report. If you think that makes me a troll, paid or not then you have fallen deep into a rabbit hole.

      48. Not surprised, just sad it has come to this. In my travels over the years, I have encountered, on rare occasion, people who claimed to have high political connections, and when I checked them out, they were in fact for real. These guys always said that presidents were hand picked, and have been for some years. Recently a very well placed guy told me that Romney had been picked, and even Obama knew this was the case. It was only Obama’s very adept data mining people that got enough votes to get him back in. So the system has been rigged for a number of years now. Obama has always been a puppet, and of course the PTB will keep pulling the strings.

        Worse yet, the NSA spying on the private lives of our so-called representatives virtually assures that no action will be taken.

        Man, pretty dismal times. Sure, I ‘ve prepped plenty, and keep prepping. But I m the last person who wants to see things go south. I think some folks actually romanticize a collapse, and actually look forward to it. Well, when it happens, they will be in for the shock of their lives. My one hope remaining is that somehow, some way, there will be sufficient pushback that will get us our country back. It’s a pretty crazy upside down world when liberty loving Americans who treasure our country and Constitution are now considered enemies of the state.

        • @ Ralphieboy

          These are dismal times. There is very little we can do about it but prep and be aware of what is in store for us. There is no White Knight to save us but ourselves. Have we taken too much upon ourselves to preserve what we deem is right, while others don’t care. We endure a never ending barrage of ridicule and still prepare for loved ones or friends whom have not seen the light. The call for a collapse is in itself a sign of desperation. Even the call for revolution is repulsive in that we understand what can really happen if it spirals out of control. We do not fully understand what our adversaries are capable of doing to us. It is not fear that restrains us, but caution. That is the difference and I want to make that clear to all. Fools rush in where others dare to go.
          First it is important to know who we are. We are freedom loving people, thirsting for justice and relief from the indignities we now suffer every day.
          Second, that we know where we came from and to remember those whom have gone before us. What principles, they gave up their lives for.
          Third it is our sworn duty and our birthright, to defend what no other country has and that is a living and breathing Constitution, for today and future generations.
          To those eight thousand readers of SHTF. WE are the Vanguard of Freedom. A total of forty or so who are not afraid to speak our minds.
          Will you stand with us when duty calls?

          • My self I dont want a revolution or collapse. If the presnt goverment is overthrown Im of the opinion that what takes its place will be much worse. Im thinking maybe a breakup of the USA into several smaller countries is in the future. I wouldnt want to live in a place where it was a Democracy (mob rule) and the guarntees in the counstition wherent in place. I want a Republic where the right,s of the few couldnt be trampled by the wants & wishes of the many. Even if the few ws just one person and the many was everyone else.

      49. Look out for a False Flag; Obama’s and Bush’s in Africa at the same time. The SH-t is starting to smell pretty bad for us left behind.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman ~ you caught this too…probably nothing but just can’t be too sure these days what might be “cooking”……btw ~ I print all of your receipes, love them 🙂

      50. @ Watchman. I watched the movie “Threads” on line yesterday, finally. I thought for a long time you had to have some sort of special computer to watch movies. This film is hardcore real, and when I saw it decades ago it just did not have the same impact as now. Right before a nuclear war or ANY mega SHTF event you can see the government of England acting like a true police state using their own executive orders type of way of taking over the country’s resources. The aftermath of the war is way beyond what the Day After movie had in it. I still say the most disturbing part of the film is the way governments treat the people when they can get away with it. Governments have no mercy or decency in and out of disasters.

        The situation in the Middle East is so complex, and literally I could be writing this right now and it could start up. I just don’t see it calming down after this. There is so much firepower over, and this time a mass of chemical and biological weapons on top of the various nukes. Anyway I found something that was kind of interesting. I think the notion about China and Russia is wrong and outdated, but the rest gives time to think about the various scenarioes that could lead to WW3. Here’s the link:

        • @BI: Thank you for that. Again my firm belief, Russia or China will not nuke us period. What I think is a Russian EMP, followed up with a BIO attract from them or China. After that an invasion forces to mop up. Why is because the U S has way too many natural resources to waste by contaminating with a nuke ground attack. Now having said that; there are still a few wild cards out there with no brains at all, you know what I mean. But I’m just a little gear in the big machine. Again THX!

          Keep the FAITH (III)

      51. Howdy, OutWest. I lost my original copy back in the 90s and found another version online last summer, downloaded it, and printed it. I’ve been looking forever for that underground version from the late 60s you mention but can’t find it anywhere. Would be nice to have. braveheart

        • Here’s a link to the online version:


      52. Sorry to pee against the wind here, but even if the recording is not fake, I don’t see anything remotely incriminating in here – at least for Obama. The guy has broken his Oath of Office often enough to warrant a boxful of lethal needles but this is a shark being jumped – and not even a big one at that.

      53. “Whatever comes to pass, I speak as a Brazilian, we do not like wars.

        There is plenty to do here in yet to worry about what happens “out there”.

        Here in Brazil we are more sympathetic to the Australians (who also has National Flag in the Southern Cross).

        As for the Portuguese who colonized us, well, that’s another story …

        We speak the same language, but most Brazilians believe that Portugal would be better if added to Brazil as “colony d’beyond the sea” (as Hawaii is to the U.S.) Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

        Today part of the Euro is suicide.

        I am unsure if I will continue talking with you, I saw many qualifications “good” and many “bad” in other reviews.

        If this is the end, I thank those who read me, respect those who heard me.

        I’m here.

        Grateful to everyone (as).



        “Independente do que venha a acontecer, falo como brasileiro, nós não gostamos de guerras.

        Há muito o que fazer aqui dentro ainda para nos preocuparmos com o que acontece “lá fora”.

        Aqui no Brasil somos mais simpáticos aos Australianos (que também tem na Bandeira Nacional o Cruzeiro do Sul).

        Quanto aos portugueses que nos colonizaram, bem, isso é outra história…

        Falamos a mesma língua mas, a maioria dos brasileiros crê que, Portugal seria melhor se estivesse agregado ao Brasil como “colônia d’alem mar” (como Havai está para os EUA) Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

        Hoje em dia fazer parte do Euro é suicídio.

        Estou incerto se continuarei conversando com vocês, vi muitas qualificações “boas” e muitas “ruins” em outros comentários.

        Se este for o fim, agradeço aos que me leram, respeito aos que me ouviram.

        Fico por aqui.

        Grato a todos (as).



      54. I have for a long time felt that the petro dollar is one of the main reasons for war in the Middle East that will spiral out of control. The U.S. dollar not being used to purchase oil and natural gas is something that is a totally unacceptable issue with those that are really in charge in the U.S. The bankers and federal reserve knows full well what happens when the U.S. dollar is replaced in OPEC nations. Iran and Syria are the main focal points of all of this. The U.S. doesn’t care about Iran having nukes the same as Pakistan having nuclear weapons. Israel cares a lot as they should, but the U.S. uses this as a pretext for what really matters, the U.S. petro dollar.

        The U.S. is in a situation in which it cannot stop borrowing and must continue to print money. The U.S. is in a runaway debt that cannot be paid down, and must continue to print and print. The other countries can see the writing on the wall and are not going to continue to support this debt. Bad risk. More and more countries will start to use other currency, especially oil producing countries. This will rocket the U.S. to default and bankruptcy. Puppet BO really has no decision making in this, and the really only way out for the U.S. is war. Happened before and will likely happen this time. The bankers know the disasters coming from this and they can use all sorts of justifications to stop the economic collapse. War is one of the most believable and the most effective means of this.

        Russia and China will not move. China just jacked up more dependency on Iranian oil, up to almost 30% of their foreign imports. Russia knows what happens IF they lose Syria and even Iran. The U.S., those really in charge, knows what happens when they lose the U.S. dollar, especially the U.S. petro dollar. This quickening is made even worse by the exploding derivatives. Everyone check out John Galt’s well written article on this and see just how close we all are to the precipice to mega manure not only hitting the fan, but shallowing us all up.

        • Actually less than 10% of the USA,s oil comes from the middle east. We import more from canada than the middle east. The USA could get along just fine without the middle east oil. Alantic richfield could uncap well,s they have drilled in the North Alantic. they have wells they drilled 40 years ago that they capped off and never pumped a gallon out.

      55. ….and now from our Oriental Friends in the Far East,

        The Hang-Seng just broke downward past the -500 zone and appears to be accelerating. the Nikkei is down only 150 or so, but most of that happened when China started going really into the ‘red’. Futures here are hovering in the slightly down position waiting to see what happens as Asian markets near thier closing bell…those could drop quite a bit in the post 3 AM zone.

        IF China continues to get butt-slammed through the night, it will likely lead the remainder of Asia with it as well as our own futures markets, obviously. What’s not so obvious is that if what is going on there gets much deeper than it already is, then those there – and elsewhere – ARE going to have to start covering a LOT of “margin calls”….could BE significant in the metals tomorrow…Oops, er…TODAY.

      56. Patriot Test. Can you pick 2 out of these 5 that ain’t Traitors to their country. Lindsey Graham Chuck Schumer Dianne Feinstein Julian Assange Edward Snowden

      57. Patriot Test. Can you pick 2 out of these 5 that ain’t Traitors to their country. Lindsey Graham Chuck Schumer Dianne Feinstein Julian Assange Edward Snowden

      58. Islam…… The religion of peace kills another 9 people.

        At least a dozen Islamic militants wearing police uniforms shot to death nine foreign tourists and one Pakistani before dawn Sunday as they were visiting one of the world’s highest mountains in a remote area of northern Pakistan
        The foreigners who were killed included five Ukrainians, three Chinese and one Russian, said Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. One Chinese tourist was wounded in the attack and was rescued

      59. Senate to vote on immigration bill today before reading it. (Weekly Standard)

        They must be following the Pelosi philosophy…

        Nancy Pelosi: “We have to pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it.”

      60. Mac, this is the type of rotten pig shit that the mass media continues to poison the “masses” with.

        Did we not have the same story in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and earlier this year about “happy times” are a-coming and sure enough never manifested itself? You know much more about economics than I do. How can anyone believe this garbage is amazing. The mass media has totally become the propaganda for the government.

        Basic math tells that when you borrow as much as the government does, the economy CANNOT and WILL NOT get any better. My old analogy, it is like hiring a bunch of people to do work on you home on your credit card. Then telling your neighbors just how well you are doing because your home looks wonderful. All the while maxing out your credit card. Oh well ;), just pay the interest like the government does, everything is a joyous smiling rainbow in happy land.

      61. major quake coming in Nevada ?

        Scientists monitor Carson City earthquake swarm – potential to result in major quake

        and a new virus makes its appearance

        New virus found in brain infection patients in Vietnam

        two new bird flu viruses
        and now this

        Mother Nature ain’t happy

      62. This whole spying on the people and collecting everything we do in communicating is a huge crime against our privacy. Protest against this evil will be ignored by the gestapo goons in government. Only way to kill it is to rid ourselves of all electronic gadgets, start discussion amoung actual face to face opposition. Kill the phone companies and directly restore freedom of speech and assembly. The people own the most important airways, individual and collective engagement.

      63. If you or your kids enjoy pre-packaged convenience foods commonly found in grocery stores across the U.S. such as Froot Loops, Swanson dinners, Mountain Dew, and frozen potato and bread products, you may think twice before purchasing them after hearing what they contain: dangerous chemicals that other countries around the globe have deemed toxic to the point that they’re illegal, and companies are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for including them in food products.

      64. This article is kinda stupid. Of course the GOP wanted Paul gone. He was costing them money and time. He also had very very little chance of winning a general election. As far as Obama saying he doesn’t blame them? How would this make Obama one of them? If that’s the standard, I don’t blame Bill Gates for anything he has ever done. Good…now I am him? OMG. I think Obama was referring to the obvious and saying he didn’t blame the GOP for wanting to end Paul costing them money and time. If anything, Obama would have wanted Paul to keep kicking Romney in the balls. I really don’t understand how the author of the article could make such stupid statements.

      65. Markets are full “Red” across the board today,

        US, Europe, and Asia…all Red, A quick summary here;

        Hang-Seng -449 -2.22%
        Nikkei -167 -1.26%
        STI -50 -1.6%

        DOW -225 -1.50%
        NASDAQ -58 -1.75%
        S&P -30 -1.91%

        Gold 1279
        Silver 19.46
        Platinum 1339

        WTI 93.59
        Brent 100.08

        Obviously, the Asian markets are fully closed, Europe has just closed about a half-hour ago.

        Additionally – and this is so early it’s hard to tell what is actually going on – ‘Something’ is up in China, as Zero Hedge is reporting (through Google translation) that the PBOC -People’s Bank of China – has apparently further shut down down operations (on the heels of yesterdays 50-minute ‘glitch’…take THAT FWIW) at all ATM’s as well as suspended all trading on Silver…. country-wide? Not sure on this – the damn google translation from (what the Hedge jokes is ‘Mandarin’) is s LITTLE difficult to read….

        The article detailing this is titled;

        “Bank Of China Declares Moratorium On Transfers, Online Banking; Counters Inoperable”

        On Balance, “Blood in the Water”. The liklihood that some BIG ‘concern’, somewhere is about to be pushed to the brink of insolvency is HIGH …VERY HIGH. Watch the next few days, or rather the next 72 hours, closely. I don’t KNOW what will happen any more than anyone else here but I AM sure that it’s going to be ‘Interesting’ ….and then some! Remember also that as the PRESSURE increases the metals markets will likely take a hit as the PM’s are sold to “balance the books”. Perhaps Gold as low as $1200/ounce, Silver might transiently hit $17.50…if SO, BUY like there is no tomorrow…

        Remember, WHY this WAS DONE in the first place!…the ‘Fiat’ system is crumbling around thier ears; they NEED those PM’s, Badly…Every ounce of PM that does NOT end up in the Banker’s hands drives another Nail into thier collective Coffins….get the picture?

        • Bet you are wrong….again. 20 % declines in 09,11. You always make predictions that never come true and cite urgency of the impending doom. You really shouldn’t be writing about things you don’t have a clue about. The market is overreacting and over correcting. It will be back soon enough. Shorts being covered. Propitious taking and china. So what? American markets also close or stop trading based on huge drops. Gives greenhorns a chance to regroup.

          • Hi ROY!

            Opinions vary,

            I call it like I see it,

            IF you don’t like it, don’t READ it,

            If you don’t like that, FOAD.

            Have a GOOD DAY – ‘dippy’!

        • John Galt FL,
          Just exposed the derivative scam, as some entity in the shadow banking system in China may have just hiccuped.
          With over 600 TRILLION in derivative ‘assets’ on the books, all it takes is a small correction to cause a full on domino effect is a slight down move in the underlying assets…

          As always, we shall see, but it doesn’t look good. We have known for some time, that the PTB, have been preparing for a full on financial system reset.

          And, the Chinese/Russian/SCO/BRICS have been preparing an alternate trading platform known as the BRICS Development bank( a trade platform based in gold that bypasses the SWIFT system), aka; Dollar Kill switch. When that switch is thrown, you better have your stuff together. The Chinese will blame us, and we will blame them, and probably, the middle east will become the starting point for WWIII. Remember, we are the only “land of unwalled villages” in history. Does Obummer give you the warm fuzzy feeling that he will do anything except surrender? I think the world has had enough of our dominance and spying on other gentleman’s emails…time for Machiavelli to kick in.

      66. Like a good sheeple I voted in almost every election since I was old enough to vote. Never realizing that there has never been, never is and never will be a viable political or ballott box solution. Ill very likely never vote again. given the fact folks always elect the cantidate who promises to give the most so called free goverment money & perks it always ended in fiscal irresponsibility. Folks have voted so much from the public coffers the goverment is in for finiancial collapse.

      67. This is so incredibly fake, that I find it shocking that it is posted here at SHTFPlan.

        C’mon, seriously? We need to vet our sources and provide citations whenever possible. The alt media is beginning to fall apart into a disinformation mess, just as *they* want us to; “if you can’t beat them, discredit them and create strife and chaos among their ranks…”

        There is far too much disinfo floating around these days. 🙁

      68. Duh. Why is this news? Is it not the objective of any politician to oust those of a different party? You people really are pathetic. Bring on the collapse so you idiots who cannot prioritize will be culled from the herd and the herd will be much stronger as result of the elimination of your sirry asses.

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