Secret FEMA Report Warns Of Major Solar Storms: “Significant Power Grid Collapses May Occur… Could Require 4 to 10 Years To Fully Restore”

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    This report was originally published by Susan Duclos at


    FEMA: ‘The Threat Is Real’ – Unpublished Internal Report Warns 4-10 Years Without Electricity After Major Solar Storm

    An unpublished internal FEMA report has finally been obtained via an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request, which highlights the extent of damage a major solar storm, what they call the “100 year geomagnetic storm,” would do to critical infrastructure in the U.S., including “Significant power grid collapses,” which “could require 4-10 years to fully restore.”

    The internal “for official use only” document originated in 2010, and in February 2016, was requested by and was released to the organization on May 24, 2017, according to the 70 page PDF they released on June 12, 2017, which includes the timeline of request to release, the FEMA final response communication with the requested data of any unpublished internal FEMA or unpublished contractor technical or management reports and studies concerning risks from geomagnetic storms, risks from solar flares, and risks from electromagnetic pulse.


    The report covers a variety of scenarios, while detailing vulnerabilities and assessing risks, and while we encourage everyone to read the entire report (embedded below) for comprehensive understanding, we will highlight some of the most concerning below.

    Under the category of “assessing the risk”  on page 25, they highlight the 1859 Carrington-Hodgson, stating “Anecdotal observational records of low-latitude red aurora hint that the largest events may occur roughly every 500-600 years, before dropping the bombshell “However, events strong enough to severely impact modern systems may occur as frequently as once in 100 years .

    Indeed two storms, 1859 and 1921, were of sufficient strength that their repeat today could cause large-scale power grid collapse.

    The previously unpublished report also details how close we have already come to seeing the collapse of the Northeast and northern Midwest power grids back in 1989:

    Further, the March 13, 1989 storm that collapsed the Hydro Quebec power grid in Canada came within seconds of collapsing the Northeast and northern Midwest U.S. power grid (Kappenman, 2005). Kappenman (2005) reports that “the size and intensity of this Westward Electrojet structure, had it developed 5- 7 h later, would have extended from east coast to west coast of the entire northern-latitude portions of the US power grid, and is likely to have produced much more significant consequential impacts … . ” It should be noted that the power grid, due to deregulation since 1989, is actually more vulnerable today (National Academy of Sciences, 2008).

    Being an older report, the dates where certain events were projected have already passed, but since space weather never ends, their chilling warning when they state “The threat is real,” makes it very clear that the vulnerabilities of the infrastructure involved, has gotten worse, not better.

    On page 13, shown in the chart below, they list the trigger/Scenario event as “CME arrives at Earth causing geomagnetic storm,” showing the warning times listed as “15 minutes for geoeffectivity (17 hours from flare sighting). Affects: GEO satellites on daylight side exposed to solar plasma ; Some satellite communications and GPS signals severely disrupted due to scintillation in ionosphere; HF systems may work due to increased ionization at ionosphere F Layer ; Significant power grid collapses may occur in North America and elsewhere; could require 4-1 0 years to fully restore; “Last mile” telecommunications lost where no backup power available (e.g. cable, VoIP, data networks, etc.)


    While many preppers understand clearly that in a grid down scenario, we are on our own, or part of a community that is prepared, but the government will not immediately be on hand to help,  but those that have denied that any grid down scenario could potentially last for years, will be completely unprepared for the fact that according to this newly revealed report, FEMA itself, as well as “partners at all levels, specifically state and local emergency management organizations that rely on amateur HF for incident operations support, will be suffering disruptions.

    On page 10 and 11 of the PDF, they list GPS as a “special concern, with the following explanation:

    The Global Positioning System constellation provides location and timing information for users worldwide and requires a minimum of 24 MEO satellites to provide complete global coverage (GAO, 2010). The cun-ent GPS fleet consists of 30 operational Block IIA and Block IIR satellites with designed lifetimes of 7.5 and 7.8 years respectively (GAO, 2010 & USNO, 2010). The last IIA satellite was launched in 1997, thus all 11 surviving IIA satellites are well past their designed lifetimes (USNO, 2010). The IIR satellites began launching in 1997 and 6 of the 19 are now beyond their designed lifetime (USNO, 2010). The first of a new series of GPS satellites, the Block IIF, launched in May of 2010 and is undergoing orbital testing before additional satellites are launched to replace the aging fleet, but the program is already three and half years behind schedule (GAO, 2010). Even without a solar superstonn impact, “DOD predicts that over the next several years many of the older satellites in the constellation will reach the end of their operational life faster than they will be replenished” (GAO, 2010). Based on current launch schedules, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported in September of 2010 that the GPS network could fall to 25 usable satellites by the end of 2012 and 24 satellites by late 2014, provided there are no further program delays. Again, this is without the impact of a solar superstorm. Should such a storm occur, ” … there is also the possibility that a number of the older GPS satellites may fail so that the full complement of 24 satellites needed to operate the network will be unavailable … It may take months or years to restore the GPS system to full operating status” (Odenwald et al., 2005).

    Again, because the report is from 2010, their reference to the solar maximum in 2013 coming at a time when the GPS network will be at its most vulnerable, no longer applies to the 2013 event, but now would apply to any upcoming solar events, since the system is still astoundingly antiquated.

    While the report also provides other tables/graphs, the one below shows the “cascading loss of telecommunications over time,” divided into four subsets, including 1) Immediate loss of service when power fails; 2) Loss of service after 2-8 hours without power; 3) Loss of service after 8-24 hours without power, and; 4) Loss of service after 1-8+ days (Scenario).


    Full PDF embedded below:

    Unpublished FEMA Report 2010 by Susan Duclos on Scribd


    This reports clearly shows that it is not just a nuclear world war or a possible EMP attack via another country or terrorists that could cause a grid down scenario, but weather events that occur approximately every hundred years, with the scope of our technology, could so far worse damage now than they did when they previously occur.

    Consider the fact that this report was created internally for FEMA in 2010, meaning the more recent reports along with risk assessments have not been shared with the public, but they must be at least as informative as this one, especially given Obama’s October executive order dealing specifically with “Space Weather Events,” which highlights preparing the nation for events like “solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances.”

    Preparation is key and people should not get lax in continuing to prepare for the possibility of the power grid going down, because as this internal report and risk assessments show, things will be a lot worse than what the general public has been told previously.

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      1. Oh well, what happens, happens. . .

        • When you read “secret” or “little known” at the beginning of the article you know its pure Bullshit.

          • Uh-Oh!!! This is B.S.?? Darnation, what am I going to tell my neighbor? I’ve got his 3 chihuahuas out on the grill already. Oops.

            • You need at least 1 chihuahua per fat lazy amerikan per day so that is a lot of chihuahuas

            • But I have owned 2 chihuahuas among many other dogs, they are a fantastic breed bred for companionship. You would be better off to grill the neighbor and keep the chihuahuas.

              • Gandhi
                Remember, for neighbors,
                Bake, don’t grill,
                Do NOT eat the brain. People have
                something like mad cow disease.
                You can really see
                it in Democrats.
                350 degrees at 15 minutes per pound,bone in,
                kills the AIDS virus. Be sure internal temp is
                145 -160 degrees. Let it sit for a few minutes
                at that temp.

                • I will.

                • no, i disagree….over an open pit, that fat, popping and smoke filling the air…..can’t yuh just smell it…’s gonna be EPIC when it happens……me?….i got lots of spam saved up. so i aint eatin’ no longpig.

                  • SPAM! I love SPAM! Why do so many people hate it and why does it get such a bad rap? Bet if these idiots were starving they would eat it and say YUMMMMM!!!!!!

          • No.I can assure you, the people at NASA truly and honestly believe that there is a 50/50 chance that “space weather” /CME/sunstorms will cause this within, not at the end of 20 years, but within, the next 20 year, and they are very sincere. The reason the power grid is not being split up is Congress will have to act on it and they are too greedy, pre-occupied, and lazy to get with it.

            • These are the same fools who gave us Global Warming.
              Believe them and you will believe in the Tooth Fairy.

              • What? The Tooth Fairy isn’t real?

          • Any published article from FEMA is bullshit.

            • PO’d Patriot and John Stiner, FEMA articles make Michael Snyder look GOOD, LOL!

            • Don’t need an EMP, just shut off welfare and those wine-apes will trash everything that isn’t protected by a hi-powered rifle.

          • PO’d I agree because its (secret) it also possibly is am are was where has have had shall will may might must can could? or none of the above.

          • Good Luck with that, I am all off the Grid and Lovin it!! No grid electric bill in 29 months. lol I already save about $3K in electricity costs by being off grid.

        • One can only hope…….

      2. Well written article, but this is old news. A similar warning was first published seven years ago:


      3. Buy American made simple garden tools. Keep them inside a garage or tool box so that rain and sun don’t wear them out. A shovel, rake, ax, gloves is a start. Buy heirloom seeds. Buy more heirloom seeds. Plant trees that have fruit and/or nuts. An avocado tree keeps its leaves all year. It is large enough to provide shade. The fruit of the avocado provides essential fats which are required for brain and body including male sexuality. Apricot is a healthy fruit which is not overly sweet. The tree is a manageable size. Apricot fruit helps fight Cancer as do other fruits and vegtables.

        Honey has medicinal qualities. Heat destroys many enzymes, so wait until tea cools enough to drink before adding honey. Water with lemon from your own tree and a little honey is God’s gift to you on a warm day in summer or throughout the year. Lemon trees bear fruit sometimes up to ten months of the year. A little lemon on an avocado or Apple will prevent oxidation and browning of the fruit.

        Bees pollinate trees and are useful helpers in the garden. Keep bee hives and/or purchase and store honey. It never goes bad. Do not feed honey to infants under one year. Infants should be fed human breast milk. Breast-fed babies are fatter than formula fed but are slimmer adults with increased chance of survival.


        • @B

          Avocados are wonderful, but the trees have a limited growing range. For instance,the climate in N GA (North of Augusta-Macon-Columbus) is too cold for a consistent life for the trees because we regularly (every few years) hit single digits in Winter and sometimes even 0F.

          Fruit production is also inconsistent even if the trees survive.

          Avocados are great food and we eat them often.


          • From a small plant it will take about 7 years for the Avocado Tree to produce Fruit. I planted one and it got about 8 Ft tall then we had 4 hurricane in 2004, and it blew all the leafs off and it died. We have not had a hurricane since where I live. I am starting to look for fruit trees to plant at the BOL. Although it can freeze in my area so I will check to see what will work. I have a Japanese plum growing , but would like a Orange, lemon, lime tree and what ever else will work. Got to have a citrus tree, good vitamins.

        • And all the neighbors will visit

      4. So, if the world is to end I hope it does with a highly contagious virus; not an EMP. With a virus, if you survive, the resources are all available for the taking. Cars have gas in them, stores are full, etc.

        With an EMP, everybody becomes a locust and eats everything until the majority starve. Eventually, the few survivors would rebuild, but it would be harder due to no readily available resources. Everything was consumed.

        • Thanks for reminding me of one of my all time favorite prepper books, “Locusts on the Horizon” by the Plan B Writers Group.

          There is an excellent section in this book (I think it is only available as a kindle / E book FYI) that discusses air rifles, how they can be used to hunt small game and, properly modified, larger game. The reasons for owning an air rifle that can be modified and repaired are well thought out and explained. Yes, this book also discusses other types of guns and weapons. The point being that an air rifle is easy to use to hunt small game. It is quiet. It can be used in the suburbs, or even an urban area, to hunt small game like pigeon, raccoon, porcupine, possum, rat.

          There is an excellent Utube channel that shows how an air rifle can be finely tuned and used to hunt vermin, as well as being an excellent way to fine tune one’s marksmanship skills. Squirrel Hunter is the name of the channel. Great shooting by two brothers (also excellent camera works as well).

        • And if the virus turns out like ’12 Monkeys’, what then? Got an answer for that one?

          • E7698-332, the PTB won’t use some cuddly warm virus where you just go to sleep and it’s all over. NO! They will engineer some super ebola/flesh eating virus that takes months before it kill you.

            I hope we remember that our respective horrible painful deaths were brought to us by our caring/loving “Elite”. I can already see that they are planting the seeds and expectations that it’s really just a matter of time until a killer “bird/pig virus wipes us out.

        • I hope for EMP for the same reasons. Humans have made life on earth hell for animals.

      5. praying for the cell towers, to be the first to go

        • You do not want to be within 500 yards of a Cell tower, the Radiation will fry your organs and give you cancer. Cell towers are the worst.

      6. A solar EMP does not contain the E1 or E2 components that a nuclear EMP has. These are the very fast and damaging gamma and other waves emanating from the nuclear explosion. The Sun is going into its regular minimum cycle expect less risk from solar and more from the other. The real issue is how they capitalize on the fear they induce. They have been worrying about this for longer than it would take to protect the grid. And it would cost less than a new carrier that is intended to protect it. Is it that they will not, or can not protect it, you decide.

        • It depends on what “they” you’re talking about. The study was done by the federal government. They don’t own the grid. Corporations own the grid, and they work to maximize profits. Until they see the downside and can demonstrate it to the shareholders, they will do nothing.

        • Don’t cloud this article with truth. Takes all the fun out of it.

          • I guess real national security has nothing to do with it.

      7. Just checked One Sunspot. Until the next solar cycle starts ramping up in a few years. A CME is less likely.

        • That may be true but there are larger, and more numerous coronal holes. There is more to the sun than sunspots.

          I suggest the Utube site, Suspicious Observers. Excellent reports and analysis on a daily basis.

      8. Meh, not much left on TV anyhow

      9. I believe these tenth generation billionaires know nothing but self indulgence. Satanic perverts? Can’t wait for all the land and children up for grabs in the aftermath. As the starving survivors rebuild everything for food. Rev. 3:9 ?

      10. If the children of Satan lied . And said that the main transformers were hit by domestic terrorists and showed us a couple. They could even just turn them off for 7 Weeks? That’s almost 2 months of no water, street lights, house lights, fuel pumps, walking to get water and the nearest food distribution point , every day , Fires ragging through neighborhoods, Roaving armed desperate gangs. .No food production factories have power. Local warehouses will be dry in what 2 weeks? Then what, digging for worms for a month until they turn the power back on . Then at least a week to get stores stocked for the few who found enough worms to make it.? Seems like What a satanic pervert would love to watch ? The Tares will burn.

      11. If you live in cold country. You can get a load of coal delivered . Stashed?

        • yes.

      12. The truth of the matter is that we are well into the down slope of cycle 24 now and cycle 24 was a fizzer. All indications are that cycle 25 and 26 will be smaller again.

        • Yup.

      13. Congress needs to act to split up the power grid and congress is doing nothing

      14. Even if you did have an alternative energy source, there would be some government agency who would probably want to take it based on the “greater public need”. Solar and wind must be visible to generate electricity. You might be able to conceal a small fuel-based generator if it were small and quiet enough. You might be able to maintain a limited supply for a short period. Solar and wind solutions have to be out in the open to work. In an urban or suburban neighborhood, some government entity would be prone to requisition it based on the greater public good. If you are in a BOL in the countryside, you should be okay. Any ideas?

      15. Build your Faraday Cage.

        Put your L.E.D. flashlights in it.

        Flashlight Suggestions: Fenix CL-20; Lumintop Tool; EagleTacD25A or D25A2; Nitecore MT22A; Nitecore Tube.

        Suntactics sells various S-chargers (solar chargers) you could protect in the Faraday Cage as well which you can use to recharge rechargable batteries Eneloop batteries.

        He who has light will rule the valley.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • For something as seemingly simple as a Faraday cage, there is a lot of conflicting advice on how to build one.

          Some people say that the cage needs to be grounded; others say it should be insulated from the ground. Some folks describe an internal power source that supplies an electric charge to the cage exterior. Some claim that it’s imperative for the cage lid to have an airtight fit, while others say that as long as there are no “line of sight” gaps, then it’s okay.

          Everyone agrees that the contents should not be touching the cage, but nobody seems to know exactly how much space should separate the contents from the cage to prevent a charge from arcing to them.

          I’ve never built one of the damn things because there’s no way of telling who actually knows the physics and who is completely wrong.

          Is there a definitive go-to source (like M.I.T., for example) for cage instructions?

          • Karl V,
            Hire an engineer, that gives
            more of a shit than I do.

            EMI, EMP, Solar disruptions, et al,
            protections are all custom designed
            for what ever your
            requirements are. No one “cook book”
            will address all your requirements.
            A lot of the designs are based on
            experience. I can tell you all sorts
            of things that work in one case,
            but are useless in another.

            Like I have written repeatedly, if your stuff
            is “CE” rated, you have surge protectors,
            or run on batteries,
            you are probably just fine
            without a “cage”.

            • rellik ~ Thanks for the input — I didn’t realize that these things varied that much; I thought they all conformed to a pretty standard format. I appreciate the opportunity to discover exactly how little I knew!

          • Different Faraday cages are like different houses. Some are better than others and everyone has different ideas about what “works”
            Basic design is CONDUCTOR all the way around outside followed by Insulator all the way on the inside. Original Faraday cage was glass jar(insulator) covered in foil(conductor). Electric arc aprox 10,000V per 1/4 inch Cut that way down by using INSULATOR better than air, plastic, Mylar etc. Expect at least 50,000V.
            And EMP are various waves of different frequencies, think bullets. What stops one bullet may or may not stop others.
            Hope this helps.

      16. If China was facing the sun when the flare impacted wouldn’t they receive the bulk of its effects?

        • Yes. But, depending on the severity of the event (CME/Flare) there could be more damage than just China. It could cause a majority of electrical power stations linked together to shut down like a chain-reaction to the grid(s) throughout the planet.

          • Grids of Europe are 50 cycle while we are 60 cycle. They’re not tied in. The western hemisphere is separated.

      17. Meanwhile, in the faux global warming news, Greenland just reported the lowest EVER July temp, – 33C.

        We can ONLY hope none of Al Gore’s polar bears** (see notes below) froze to death during this snap.

        See or

        ‘* Speaking of polar bears… The original claim of drowning polar bears goes back to a doctored study in the 2006 journal Polar Biology, which of course was missing any supporting evidence.[1] This was followed up by the Dept. of Interior’s Charles Monnett’s claim that polar bears were drowning after finding some carcasses. Unfortunately this was exposed as yet another scam, and , per the government of Nunavut, polar bear populations are 66% higher than the warmers predicted (see or ). Monnett has also engaged in other misconduct in which he was threatened with removal from federal service.[2] Larry Audlaluk told Canadian Broadcasting Company in 2006 “The Inuit have always been conscious of our environment, our animals… we haven’t seen any indication the polar bear is dying off.: (See the New American, May 1, 2006, p. 43), and Sterling Burnett, Washington Times, May 15, 2006, noted that according to the PC World Wildlife Federation, there are about 22,000 polar bears in 20 distinct populations around the world, with only two bear populations – about 16.4% of the total – decreasing… and these are actually in areas where temps are decreasing (e.g., the Baffin Island region). Much of the rest of the population is stable… except two groups, about 13.6% of the number, which are growing in number – and these populations are both in the areas where there has been warmer temps, near the Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea. Another study cited in Civil Defense Perspectives, Jan. 2007, noted that while there was a decline of 250 bears in Western Hudson Bay the past decade, populations over the polar bear’s entire range may be at an historic high, estimated at around 20,000 to 25,000 bears total. In support of this, a report by the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee released on January 30, 2008 stated:

        “The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service estimates that the polar bear population is currently at 20,000 to 25,000 bears, up from as low as 5,000-10,000 bears in the 1950s and 1960s. A 2002 U.S. Geological Survey of wildlife in the Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain noted that the polar bear populations “may now be near historic highs.” (see the US Senate Environment and Public Works site at for extensive details on the non-threat to polar bears, including their increasing numbers).

        The New American, Mar. 31, 2008, p. 17, weighs in again by quoting Dr. Mitch Taylor, a world-renowned polar bear expert, who has stated “Of the 13 populations of polar bears in Canada, 11 are stable or increasing in number.” In fact, the current polar bear population of 20,000 – 25,000 is four to five times the population 50 years ago” For a very detailed expose on the global warmers polar bear fraud, see, which concludes “Based on the report “Bears: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan,”, issued by the World Conservation Union (ICUN), polar bear populations are in no immediate danger except for one or two groups on the West cost of Greenland which are subjected to excessive hunting. All of the other populations which have been documented are either stable or increasing. The greenhouse industry’s presentation of polar bears as endangered by global warming is at best a gross exaggeration and at worst a lie.”

        And speaking of lies, the whole drowning polar bear issue may just be just that. Charles Monnett . who manages $50 million worth of climate research on Arctic wildlife (there’s that money connection again), and was one of Al Gore’s leading “authorities” on the drowning bear issue, was put on leave “pending an investigation into integrity issues” in July, 2011.

      18. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the sun is entering its 11 year cycle to solar minimum, which will commence in 2018. That means few to none solar storms for the next few years. Look it up…

        I honestly don’t understand how this web site remains on the air.

        • It doesn’t remain on the air. It remains in cyberspace. But you knew that, right?.

      19. This is an old subject. A guy called Levi from the Highlands of Scotland has covered this and other subjects written here many times for years. Plus he’s gone into the aftermath scenarios in depth.

        As some have mentioned here there are other similar sources that can throw us back into the Dark Ages such as EMP Weapons which China and Russia already have. Russia has rendered at least three US Naval vessels useless with this technology.

        As for those bright sparks who said they have just checked internet sources about the Solar Maxim?

        Grow up brothers. NASA have been lying about that for years.

        Use your own eyes instead of believing the MS Media propaganda and Fake News then make your own decisions.

        All the freak weather and extreme weather we are experiencing is due to the unusual behavior of the Sun which also underwent a Magnetic Pole Reversal earlier this year even though the liars at NASA claim it’s one the quietest Solar Maxims on record.

        I mention that because our Poles are being effected and shifting as well and that’s no big secret. Should they reverse then we have another event that will effect modern technology.

        What this article doesn’t tell you is that there is something bigger afoot because all planets in our Solar System are also being affected by something.

        The ice caps on Mars are melting so they can’t blame the Global Waring Hoax on us for that as well. Strange going on with the Rings of Saturn and one of Jupiter’s icy Moons has been spewing liquid into space and so on.

        I think we can safely assume that some kind of Earth change is imminent because ancient history suggests these are cycles that happen every few thousand years and ones that the power elite could use to rebuild their insane new world order utopia.

        And of course as someone mentioned here could also replicate as a False Flag meaning cause a massive prolonged power cuts around the world and blame it on a CME aka ‘Coronal Mass Ejection’ to force the masses to depend on Government help and this obey everything they say.

        Unfortunately the Levi guy’s website was taken down due to constant interference by ‘unknown sources’ but he still does the occasional podcasts about these things such as ‘Suppressed Knowledge, Hidden Agendas and Real History etc.

        The editors should try to track him down to write some articles because he’s way ahead of the game and his predictions are bang on the button.

        Try the rebelmoon podcast co uk to find him.

        He’s been off the radar for a few weeks so I’m not sure if the site is still good or been sand boxed again or if he’s been ‘Got To’ or up to something else.

        What we do know is that the PTB don’t like him too much.

        I leave you with one of his sayings…

        “The Conspiracy ‘Theories’ of today are the Conspiracy ‘Facts’ of tomorrow’….

        Stay alert and never take anything in the mainstream media as gospel… because it’s owned and controlled by six coporations belonging the so called ‘elite’ ruling class.

      20. I just recently started to prepare for a grid down event and it has made me branch off into two new main areas of prepping. I studied economic collapse events throughout recent history and prepared for those. Since in those situations the power and water grid always stays up, however it may experience brown outs/rolling black outs; and the water quality may deteriorate. But they always keep those systems up if at all possible.

        The first main new area was water and the other is cooking. It is not possible for me to prepare to be self-sufficient in any area of preparedness, but I finally have these new concerns covered. Let say I won’t be first on the bus to the FEMA camp.

        As I am typing I am seasoning my new cast iron pots and pans. Also, they just shipped my base camp model “Kelley Kettle” from Amazon.

        Next month, I will switch back to food. After that I am going to continue to drill with my equipment and get better at cooking with limited ingredients and equipment. Why? I was watching the first episode of Black Sails and one character posed as a cook so he would be valuable and they wouldn’t kill him. Well the pirates killed everybody else and saved him. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. Don’t be foolish and say what about women cooking. Don’t make me laugh! WOMEN DON’T COOK ANYMORE!

        The ability to cook in a primitive grid down environment will be as valuable as medical and dental care. Well it will be really important.

        • WOMEN DON’T COOK ANYMORE! Some of us don’t have to.

          My fireman hubby, among other things, cooked at all the firehalls he ever worked at (36yr).

          The man can cook, just like his mother.

          I enjoy it alot.

          Have a little kitchen towel hanging just for show:

          “You Cook. I’ll clean.” and that’s just what we do.

      21. The main thing government prepares for is continuation of government. so if what you do is needed for countinuation of government your not targeted for culling. The usless eaters and illegal immigrants are a tool used to weaken the citizens by divide and conquer.

      22. The electrical grid is composed of a mix of antiquated and modern technology. The modern technology is more secure against EMPs, allows electricity to be generated and transmitted cheaper, and can be repaired more quickly. The reason the antiquated technology has not been replaced is that it is more profitable to the owners of the electric companies. The cost of the older equipment is passed on to the consumers because of the monopolies (lack of competition) and the pricing (taxes and fees). There is no incentive to modernize the grid or make it more secure.

        • The grid is not modernized because of deregulation as the source of income, generation has increasingly went to IPP (Independent Power Producers). The grid makes no money as its a support element. It has survived this long because of the redundant “fat” left over from the regulated monopoly days. That “fat” has been stripped and its now just meat and bones.

      23. We can harden the electrical system fairly cheaply but Obama did not want to do that for some reason. We can still do that if really want to instead of sitting like stunned haddocks waiting to die

        • Screw that, we need Armageddon.

      24. I wonder if their keeping the possibility of grid down in the news, as their Samson option, in case we get too uppity ? Unless they can get total control of US soldiers, it will be a long overdue window of opertunity , to do a lot of house cleaning?

      25. They always come out with these look over there stories.

        In actual news the highest ever recorded levels of radiation coming from Fukushima are being recorded now! It’s leaking like a sieve, it’s leaking enough radiation to kill millions. All measures taken to stop radioactive leakage into the ocean are failing.

        Tokyo Electric Power Company, Results of Radioactive Analysis around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station:

        Results of radioactive nuclide analysis for groundwater at the east side of Unit 1-4 Turbine Buildings and seawater at the port in order to monitor the source, the extent, and the effect of the radioactive materials in the groundwater toward the ocean.

        Underground water observation hole No.1, published Jun 28, 2017:

        Gross Beta = 24,000,000 Becquerels per cubic meter (24,000 Becquerels per liter) *1
        Underground water observation hole No.3-5, published Jun 27, 2017:

        Tritium = 190,000 Becquerels per cubic meter (190 Becquerels per liter) *1
        *1 The highest result announced in “Detailed Analysis Results in the Port of Fukushima Daiichi NPS, around Discharge Channel and Bank Protection” or the other handouts is provided.

        How the hell do we prep against a poisoned planet, while the governments of the world ignore this immense disaster happening in real time?

      26. Something really, really, really big must be getting ready to come down. Because when the “reputable” and “independent” and alternative news sites like “SHTF PLAN” start sounding exactly like MSM, and start publishing the same stories as MSM . . . you know you are in trouble.

      27. EMP will be faked, the elite have it all setup to depopulate the Americans because we think we have rights. EMP will be done to kill a bunch of Americans and to keep them in the dark for the culling and too busy surviving without power. There may even be an invasion plotted to coincide. Its a Bush plan.

      28. Fukushima

        They are killing off the population, radiation from fukushima, chemtrials weaken us further and EMP plotted by the US ethnic political group nobody is allowed to criticize, EMP to keep everyone in the dark all across the interior of the US, the emp will cause the death of many millions, the news and telephone radio tv internet blackout on purpose blamed on sunspots may even be cover for mop up on foot invasion, massive killing/disappearances. Its the pedophile elite/politician/military. Why because Americans think they are the bosses and they are getting too close to the truth, it is by the compliments of Bushwackers of jfk.

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