UPDATED: Seattle Police Begin NAZI STYLE Gun Confiscation: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 136 comments

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    Editor’s note: Upon further investigation, we have discovered that some of the information in this article is incorrect. We apologize for the errors.

    A Seattle man did have his pistol confiscated by police this month through an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO). That order IS a warrant, reports The Weekly Standard

    Here’s more information, from KOMO News:

    The incident involves a man who lives in Belltown, who neighbors said had been intimidating people for the past year – even staring-down customers through store-front windows with a gun holstered at his side. Mental illness is suspected, but that new law allowed police to legally disarm him. The volume of complaints convinced Seattle police to seek an extreme risk protection order – or “erpo” – which allows law enforcement to legally remove guns from people deemed a danger to themselves or others. 

    In this case, the man refused to comply. Because of the new law, police were then able to return with a warrant and force the man to surrender the firearm.

    Original article

    A man in Seattle has had his gun confiscated by police after breaking no laws. The police took his gun without a warrant and without pressing any charges.  Tyranny has officially taken hold on American soil.

    This sets a precedent that government can now forcefully take guns away from an individual without a crime being committed or an arrest being made and without a warrant. In the name of fear and political exploitation of anti-gun rhetoric, a citizen’s Second Amendment rights have been ripped away from him by the government.

    The new “red flag” law, which has taken hold in other states already, allows the courts and law enforcement to take away guns from individuals they deem are dangerous and they’ve just begun the confiscation. A man living in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington became the first individual in the state to have his firearm confiscated without any formal arrest or charges.  The man was not identified by authorities.

    Neighbors complained that the man had been “staring” at people through storefront windows while wearing a holstered firearm. He was not brandishing his weapon by any account, and open carrying is legal in the area, so he was abiding by the law. Other residents also complained that the man’s open carrying made them feel “uncomfortable” and “unsafe.”

    “He was roaming the hallways with a .25 caliber automatic,” said Tony Montana, a man who lives in the same apartment complex as the gun owner and a person without any reasonable gun knowledge.  Handguns are semi-automatic.

    These lousy complaints from neighbors allowed police to use the newly passed state law to confiscate the man’s firearm because the man apparently stared at others.  Maybe there’s a ban on staring at others in Washington we are unaware of. Under the extreme risk protection orders — also referred to as “erpos” or “red flag laws” —  police (government officials) are now allowed to violate a person’s Second and Fourth Amendment rights (which are basic fundamental human rights) and take their legally acquired personal property if they are tattled on by offended liberals.

    Tyranny has now taken hold on American soil.


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      1. Really…Tony Montana…who makes this up??

        • If a rogue government comes for your guns and ammo …. give them your ammo !!! 🙂

          • “The new “red flag” law, which has taken hold in other states already, allows the courts and law enforcement to take away guns from individuals they deem are dangerous”

            Sooooooooo, the very thing Trump was talking about, “take the guns and then worry about due process” is already in effect and nobody seemed to notice? Nobody was gnashing their teeth? Nobody including the NRA and GOA raised the alarm? What a farce.

            • And why the reference to “NAZI STYLE” confiscation in upper case letters? Trying to make this even more sinister sounding? Why not Russian style, Chinese style, fill in the blank style confiscation?

              Or call it what it is, an American style gun confiscation?

              • NAZI style was apparently used because the media worshipped Stalin. They also liked Hitler until he attacked Russia. Ergo, Nazi type attracts more attention.

              • It’s a correct title because that’s what’s becoming of our country. A Fascist Nazi regime but under the cloak of LEO and Safety.
                Or other words law and Order.

              • What is even more important: there was no gun confiscation in Germany 1933 -1945 but Germans were disarmed right after 1945 to this day with very harsh gun laws.

                Disinformation, indoctrination, agitation agains Germany as if the country wasn’t occupied b 70,000 plus US troops to this day. FRG NGO is no state but an occupational construct.

        • say hello to my little friend LOL

      2. Open carry for morons. First person a criminal takes out, the idiot openly carrying a weapon. Concealed carry no one knows until a threat is neutralized. By the way a .25 is a gun for mice and small rodents. Not a effective choice for ANYTHING with a body weight above 5 pounds. Can’t fix stupid. When i’m out in public I see open carry often. i routinely position my self to see how easy it would be to disarm the idiot and use his own weapon against him. 99% of the time it would be quite simple and easily done. Next to none of these people have a clue or even understand Jeff Coopers system for carrying a weapon and gun fighting skills. Now let all the keyboard commandos tell us how they can take out a charging rino with a pea shooter. Idiots…

        • Nothing will change until these cops heads are blown off each and every time unconstitutional seizures are attempted.

          • Menzo, people really need to forget the idea of gun confiscation for their own sakes. There’s no need for anyone to get themselves killed over some BS.

            • For me, the ultimate act of tyranny would be them coming to take my weapons. They will be ambushed and killed here trying that shit.

              • They better be more concerned about what sort of construction equipment is laying around unattended after they take em,,,,,,

                • Nailbanger, damn right. Also, accidents can happen to anyone.

                  • They’ve apparently had none happen to them, since they’re even able to attempt to disarm their potential resistance.

                    • This is what needs to change,,,
                      Untill it does they will continue

                • They’ll take that too, then. That’s how they’re able to take, no one’s taken from them.

                  • Google 4gen warfare sipsey street irregulars tyrants beware
                    Should be your first result at top of page, good read

              • How, then, are they even able to come and try it?

            • Deplorable:

              You sound like a German Jew explaining why a trip to a work camp will be fun and educational.

            • really? what you think the second amendment was created for then?
              he’s exactly right and you know it.

          • Menzo & Brave, As of the past decade or so they are only hiring in new cops that will go along with this criminal agenda. And as the older cops retire, (mostly baby-boomers and the oldest of the Gen-Xers retire) they are being replaced with specifically the rough type who are without conscience = psychopaths.

            Normal people wouldn’t want to engage in this behavior and crimes against his fellow Americans. They wouldn’t sign up for this s * * t or go along with it. But psychopaths sure would. This confiscation is going to spread. Coming soon to a town near you.

            • Marie, I’ve seen the same thing happening in my local dept. over the past few years. My dept. is, sadly, one of the many who have lowered their standards just to get people period. If this starts spreading, the bodies of ‘confiscators’ will start piling up.

            • That’s why I stated the fact that I will kill them. I’ve been preparing for just this thing for years now. The one’s that come can kiss their asses goodbye.

              • How, then, are they way more prepared to come?

            • Marie: I think you are right – they only want to hire these limp dick fruits that are thug bullies and who were picked on in school and now they seek their revenge on the citizens at large. I think once a few Patriots blow the shit out of those jackbooted brown shirts, they might want to reconsider stealing citizens tools and property. I hope every one of those criminals goes home in a box or maybe even a plastic bag because the pieces are so small and such a large amount of pure mess to deal with. Wake up my fellow Americas, enough truly is enough. They think it’s okay and legal to seize your firearms because you looked at some people “odd like” really? Are they out of their flipping minds? Can’t you all see what their deep-down plan is? True communists at heart…think about it.

          • Menz: I think you are correct Menz. That is truly the only way you make any real and significant change in this god damned country anymore, as none of this other shit matters one little damn amount. These thug, gestapo brown shirts think they can just do anything they want and the US Constitution apparently does not mean shit anymore. Wake up people.

            • It’s either stop them or we’ll be on our knees. I rather die on my feet but I’m gonna try like hell to make them die instead of me.

              • Menzo and CC, I know both of you are correct. I’ll do what’s necessary when the time comes. But it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.

          • Amen. At least someone can see the solution to the biggest problem in America. There are a few hundred politicians that should be included. If only about 100 million more so called patriots could read the writing on the walls…

        • James, you nailed it. Give me concealed carry any day. Big advantage over open carry. Also there’s no way I would carry a little puny .25. That’s something out of a Cracker Jack box, LOL. I don’t even own a .25. If I carry, it will be at least 9mm, nothing less. If you don’t carry something with the right amount of stopping power, you’re screwing up royally.

          • I have a .25 Beretta my Mom bought back in the early ’60s. That would be my giveaway gun or gun of final desperation. I saw a video on YouTube where a guy nailed a plastic Frisbee to a tree and shot it with a .25. The bullet wouldn’t even penetrate the Frisbee. You’d have to be up real close and personal to use a .25 for any effect.

            • Old Sailor, agreed. Even a .22LR will still put any .25 to shame. The .22LR would definitely penetrate that Frisbee.

              • Old Sailor, I forgot to add that the .22LR was used for assassinations in Vietnam.

            • Ask Jodi Arias’ boyfriend about a .25 ACP.

          • DB
            I concealed carried for years.
            I have a Sig clone in 9MM and
            a PPK clone in .22.
            I used to practice a lot.
            I’d go through up to 500
            rounds on a Sunday.
            My favorite was the PPK clone.
            I could park three rounds in an eyeball
            sized hole in a second.
            Small, light, and accurate.
            I carried in the small of my back.
            If I ever open carried it was a 1911A
            in a thigh holster or a 9 in Fanny pack
            holster, so I’m not opposed to “stopping”
            power but good aim beats spray
            and pray any day.

            • “Stopping power” is a myth. FBI data from real gunfights shows little difference in effectiveness between a 9 MM, 40 S&W, and a .45 ACP.

              Come get me, 1911 fanboys.

        • James, people like you is why I carry a karambits on my left side. Lock down your hand and then it goes down hill for you quickly. Situational awareness is key open carry or concealed. Just because you carry concealed doesn’t mean you have not been identified as a threat to be taken out in quick order. Where I live a lot of people open carry and no one has been shot yet! Hmm

          • Your just another blow hard keyboard commando one on the key board the other abusing your johnson. Jack off away

            • James,
              You are an ignorant moron. I have 22 years in the army and thirteen years as contactor for the army, combat tours and service on four continents. You probably have 22 years playing with yourself. Moron!

            • James,
              It is “you’re” not “your”. Is English your second language?

        • JAMES: Thanks for your opinions. None of which, by the way, have any legal or logical bearing on this mans right to openly carry a firearm, or on illegal search and seizure.

          I’m also thankful to hear you opining on caliber and its effectiveness without any supporting science, your opinion on this persons level of intelligence, your admittance that you routinely fantasize about taking someone elses gun and committing a violent crime, and your keyboard commando reference to Jeff Cooper and how well you understand his skills (or how they magically translate into yours…) right before calling everyone else keyboard commandos, and finishing with a group insult.

          Bravo. You have filled my entertainment quotient for the day by far

          • James made some valid points and the people he was calling idiots are the people out in public who THINK they know what they’re doing but really don’t. I’m sure he wasn’t talking about the people on this site. I personally know someone who’s been shot with a .25 and survived it. Also, Jeff Cooper is someone who really knew his business. Google his name and find out for yourself.

        • So many things I wanted to say, but I’m pretty sure this covers it.

        • James: If open carry in legal in a given State, well, guess what the citizens have a damn RIGHT to open carry. Too damn bad if you do NOT like it, it’s your silly opinion and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Christ you are really a true jackass aren’t you.

        • you’re not a true patriot for Open carry is and should be accepted not being called stupid for doing so.
          You’re the type our forefathers warned us against. To protect that Jewel (Liberty) against all comers especially those who falsely call themselves patriots.

        • Really? How many people through history have been murdered by a .22? Perhaps he is a little better at shot placement than you are. To each his own on carry caliber but wow are you stupid.

        • Open carry, what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand fella? The right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS shall not be infringed. Who needs to have to pull back a jacket or shirt that’s in the way, when the need arises.If you choose to conceal your carry, that’s fine, but don’t run your mouth to people that decide to OPEN CARRY. It’s their God-given right. I’s sure when the weapon of choice was a sword, every one carried them concealed huh?

        • You are so uneducated it’s astounding.

      3. The open carrying of a firearm makes some people nervous. Was he actually staring or was it the nervousness?

        • You being a neurotic weenie and ‘uncomfortable’ doesn’t negate MY rights. Trump was totally off base on this one. Notice how he backpedaled quickly.

      4. I lived in WA state for over 20 years, just outside Seattle.
        I received my STEM degree from a Seattle area University.
        Seattle cops are the very worst. Seattle residents are batshit crazy. They are a “shall issue” state. Anybody that brandishes there is crazy and will be dealing with ignorant a$$WIPES.

        • No one brandished. read the article. sheesh.

          • Most Seattle area cops consider open carry to be “brandishing”.
            I had to go to court to fight an non contact order, because a neighbor felt threatened by me when I was walking on my property openly carrying. I never even had contact or said a thing to her. I had to deal with Bears, bobcats, coyotes, and cougars, so I always carried a gun.
            If you have a rifle in your rifle rack, you will get pulled over and questioned, because they interpret that as brandishing, just because they can.
            Seattle area is a place to stay away from.

            • Open carry is legal though so they’re wrong for doing so.

      5. time for a 2nd AMERICAN revolution

        • Anonymous: Sir, I believe you hit that god damn nail right square on its head!! Enough is enough and that time is about upon us all.

        • Actually that is the wrong term. Free America, the one that read and obeyed the US Constitution, was overthrown quietly years ago. The new movement would be to actually restore the people’s government.

      6. “automatic” when used to refer to a pistol means semi-automatic. Saying it’s a .25 cal automatic is correct.

        • That is really lame.

      7. Dont be a fool and open carry. It makes you a target for any and all antifas types. The left can use the law against you by being cry babies in public and laughing later

        • Agree wholeheartedly, Moses. Why advertise just because you “have the right”. To me, it’s just personal common sense. I don’t carry to make any sort of statement, but for protection.

          My state (VT) allows for both non-licensed open & concealed carry. I’ll keep the open carry when I’m fooling around my own BOL property, and revert to CC everywhere else. ??

          • False patriot!
            These statements about how it’s common sense or other dividing remarks have no place when liberty is being attacked.
            I hope people really don’t listen to you James or the others who’ve tried to make this into something it’s not, by calling it some sort of common sense when that’s not the issue.

            • When you play poker, do you have your cards showing so everyone can see what you have?

          • A “right” you are afraid to exercise is no longer a right.

        • Agree. Once again, just because you can (have the right) does not mean you ought to do so. Open carry, is for the most part a bad idea, unless you have a job that requires it. All you are doing is drawing attention to yourself. You are making yourself a target for the bad guys. And making your home a target too, since they will conclude that if have one gun on you, you will likely as not have more guns at home. The less others know about you the better.

        • No, you’re wrong! if you have the right to open carry without a permit then do so.
          Your another false patriot who’s trying to deny peoples right to open carry.

      8. Come to Washington state, Bill of Rights free zone. This state does NOT believe in or understand the Constitution. It’s too hard to do real police work, they just confiscate. Ignorant citizens lead to ignorant police.

        • Sorry guys but I hope the entire West coast falls into the god damned ocean and is done, gone, finished. These mutts need to just be executed, the end.

      9. Open carry or not (which I have done for decades). .25 Caliber or bigger or smaller…..is not the point.

        So many commies in the country today that have the press, holly wood, politicians and such are acting the agenda as was passed by Florida’s senate yesterday (SB7026) without proper legislation in area’s such as Seattle.

        Yes, such actions (with or without legislation) are highly not only unconstitutional, but an abomination to God.

        1) This country abandoned God, His Son Jesus and His doctrines long long ago.

        2) Why then would anyone be surprised that the Godless (vast, vast majority) within this country would legislate and act in a Godless manner?

        Get used to it. It will come to your door one day and you as we and others must make the decision: Do you follow God or do your submit to man? Everyone will get a sip of this cup.


        • The US is RUINED folks. The commies started their plan of attack in stride in the early 1960’s…kill the nuclear family, piss on religion, get ALL prayer out of schools, promote all the faggot gay nonsense – they have done everything they set out to do. Read “the naked communist”

          • There will BE NO “taking back USA”. There are too many of them. USA will endure a USSR-type divorce. Ours will be much messier, because USSR didn’t enjoy our ‘diversity’.

      10. I’ve tried telling my landlord’s husband he shouldn’t carry his .22 openly. Talking to him is like talking to the wall. Then he goes and walks into a grocery store that has a bank branch in it. Manager and two employees followed him everywhere he went. I stayed outside out of embarrassment. People like h8m give the rest of us a bad name.

        • I was in my local Wally World a couple nights ago and a family walked by me. The husband/father was open carrying a Kimber .45. No one paid him any attention (yes, there is a bank branch in the store). I struck up a conversation with him about his gun. Otherwise, everybody went about their business. All depends on where you live.

      11. This is akin to the civil assets seizure nonsense where bureaucrats seize the assets of citizens based on the suspicion of criminal activity. The allegations that he was staring at people is pure crap to make the seizure seem more justified. Are there seismic fault lines near Seattle? More toxic gases leaking from the fault lines causing brain damage!

        • Brian: NO, the communists from the 1960’s have spread all of their poison and it has taken effect. The entire West coast is a complete write-off period.

      12. Just had this happen to me…my extended family committed despicable acts against my son and I. Their fear of retaliation by me (never any threats) caused them to collude with my sister to set me up to make threats so they could have my “certain inanimate objects”” taken from me by the authorities. Be very careful who knows you have those “certain inanimate objects” and never refer to them by their proper name. AVOID LIBERALS.

        • Liberals are literally a cancerous, diseased, sickness, a plague really, that will literally kill EVERYTHING that it comes into contact with. There is only 1 way to get rid of that cancer and I think we ALL know that answer!

          • Yes. Liberals are bat shit crazy insane!!! Every single one of them. I hope someday they will all be in Fema camps!

      13. So? It has begun, huh? It’ll be one man at a time for quite some time. They’ll single out what is called ‘low-hanging fruit’. The general crowd of known boasters, people not trusted due to some ‘cast in their eye’, the lone fellow who doesn’t socialize, the neighborhood gun-nut, …. those will be the easy targets. And by the way gang, any caliber is just fine for a hide-out reserve firearm. A .25, .22, .32, .38, .380 to the head does wonders for bad attitudes in a pinch. Add in they are light, very easy to conceal completely; and when concealed properly quite effective if needed, can be drawn easier from positions other than standing (on the ground, in a chair, a tight space…). So don’t go thinking it is all .40, .45, 9mm or whatever that’ll do the trick. After all – check the stats, the most common caliber used in murders in the US is the .22. Might make you think again about lugging around only some 2.5-5 pound ‘manly-man’ piece. Me? I carry both. And a quick-open knife for that matter. Sometimes – 2.

      14. MMMMM? Is this fake news again ? or things made big when it was not in the first place.

        Be calm, and vigilante no rational person wants a War.

        You do not have to worry about me I cannot walk, or run real good. Can not see GOOD either, and I NEED TO BE CLOSE TO A BATHROOM.

        • Hum … since you don’t really care either, sounds like you will be easy for them to deal with.

          • 🙂

      15. A 25 automatic LOL

      16. Are GANGS going to have their firearms confiscated? If so,who will be in charge of going into gang infested areas and confiscating their firearms? What about the Hollywood celebs and Elite of the world who have personal,Armed security? Will they be allowed to keep their armed security? If the public is supposed to leave their safety in the hands of law enforcement why can’t the Hollywood celebs and Elite of the world do the same? When will the public become fed up with the “Do as we say not as we do” mentality?

        • The Hollyweird crowd think they will be looking down, watching the rest of us be forced to submit. When .gov thinks they have the rest of us under control, the Hollyweird gang is in for a rude awakening.

      17. Hinckley almost killed RR and James Brady with a .25 semi-automatic pistol.

        • Sean: Thank you. These fuck-tards talking shit and clearly they are dead ass dead wrong!

        • Sean, uh, I don’t know where you’ve been, but you’re mistaken. Hinckley had a .22LR REVOLVER that was made in Germany, don’t remember the name of the company, but it was one of the Saturday Night Specials that were extremely controversial back in the day. They were the favorite target [excuse the pun] of the gun grabbers back in the 70s and 80s. They were finally done away with by the mid-80s. Google ‘assassination attempt on President Reagan’ for the whole story.

        • I think Hinkley had a .22 LR.

      18. Remember, kiddies, about the “staring” thing. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. One of Murphy’s Rules of Combat is, “Try not to look important, the enemy may be running low on ammo”. Our enemies, the leftists are running low on logic, and rationality. They will soon go “wet” in an effort to meet their goals.

        • I hope they do go wet, as I am very tired of shooting paper boring targets…

        • Sean, libturds have never had a lot of logic or rationality. And they’re not the only ones who can go “wet”.

        • I live on the left coast. I hate it. This really is over the top and stupid. Beyond stupid.

          The guy was staring? I hope he sues that police Deparment and wins big.

          A .25 automatic? Yeah, right. Fricking idiots.

      19. And he didn’t just “give them his ammunition”? And he was keeping and bearing arms for the security of his freedom in their state? Everyone’s waiting for a “signal” to join in the “mass” resistance, but no one on his block, or on his street, or in his city, or his county, or even in the whole state came to his rescue. Strategic ability is what makes one tactically able. That’s why they’re out to disarm the public.

        • There will be no resistance. With the NSA, and fusion centers knowing all there is to know. They will be way ahead of anyone trying to form a resistance. It was over before it began. No one realizes what is really going on. You will be on your own.

      20. CC, be careful what you wish for. We won’t have any choice but to go wet ourselves just to stay alive.

      21. But the sheep don’t feel “uncomfortable” and “unsafe” with government massively open carrying, with expressed intent to kill them, and a history of killing, if they don’t obey government? Yet, they feel “uncomfortable” and “unsafe” when private individuals merely carry for their own security. We can see the “government-over-the individual” mindset there.

        • The leftist sheeple weenies think they can kiss ass to the .gov goons and be left alone. They think the .gov gang is on their side.

          The weenies are going to shit when they find out just how brutal .gov can be.

      22. That was a junk gun. I wonder if he was “testing” to see exactly what it would take to get his gun taken!

      23. Just like NAZI germany. The summary executions aren’t far behind. Oh wait, guess we have those too!

      24. This really struck a nerve. Remember the jack-booted swat officer in Arizona that blew away a guy that was seen with a paint ball gun? Did you see the video of the bastard barking orders to the guy? His first mistake was he never should have listened to the “officer”. He should have just laid down, and told the pig to “kiss my ass”.
        Hey PIG…..don’t ever try showing up at my door without a warrant to confiscate “anything”….or enter my premises without my permission . I will blow your fuckin heads off. Do we have an understanding.?

      25. Just remember, legal or not, in most of these states if you make a remark to someone while open carrying they can claim brandishing or threatening. They are looking for any reason to go after you. I won’t carry open for just that reason. If I tell someone to go f themselves, I don’t want them to know I have a weapon.

      26. Actually the Germans were very patriotic but not very smart. They willingly turned in their guns for safe storage. In 1945 they gave them back to the 16 year olds and 60 year olds and sent them to the front.

        BTW the German gun law was the basis for the 1968 gun laws passed here in the good old USSA.

      27. Right or wrong the hard fact is that whatever society you find yourself living in. If you do not behave within the prameters of acceptiable behavior. Those others will not tolerate your odd behavior. I think this guy was looking for trouble and he found it. Whatever happened to being a Gray Man? Be smart and don’t call attention to yourself.

      28. Bases upon the facts presented I can safely posit the following:

        The guy should not be allowed to possess a firearm because:
        The guy is a Democrat; (which should be a disqualification on a Federal form anyway);
        (I mean no Republican would get caught dead carrying a .25 Auto);
        He’s mentally defective for open carrying anywhere, let alone in a lib city like Seattle;

        Shit! If he was my neighbor I’d have taken that pos away from him before he hurt himself.

      29. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing on the gun being taken. BUT they did have a court order to confiscate his gun. It’s called an “ERPA” order and its issued by a judge using evidence just like a search warrant is for probable cause. This is all well documented in the Seattle paper as well as the police logs. Apparently one of the reasons given to the judge was both written and verbal threats made over the past previous weeks.
        It’s pretty much the same thing as a woman getting a protection order against an sbusive spouse or boyfriend.
        Just saying….check your facts before saying it was illegally done.

      30. Shame on your sheriff

      31. Well, it is Seattle after all.
        Kinda like Kalifornia lite.

      32. Hitler came for the guns.

        Then he came for those he hated.

        Those who do not heed the lessons of history stand to repeat them.

        Let’s not let history repeat itself.

        Stand up for the truth.

      33. Ronna has it right. The guy was doing it just to see what would happen. Take my.25 please. By the way, how do you open carry a .25 ? On a necklace ?

      34. I’ve noticed that most of the cry baby liberal nutties are women. I want people to know that not all women are cry baby libturds. I am a white middle aged conservative gun owning middle class woman who doesn’t want nor need the “protection ” of government hacks claiming they know what’s best for me. Frankly,the woman depicred in this post,embarrassed me,as all liberal progressives do

      35. Fake patriotism and my comments to clarify for those who don’t know what I meant.
        “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.
        Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined” (Patrick Henry.
        This stupid law was passed and I’d wager a lot on here probably supported now you see it’s consequences.
        Now everyone who has anti-gun family you should probably fear!

      36. Hitler banned guns? He handed out anti tank weapons. Believe the children of Satan lies, at your own peril?

      37. Officer Phil Brailsford School of Policing.

      38. Lot of debate over concealed vs open carry.

        It appears that open carry of a pistol is allowed in Washington state. Concealed carry requires a permit. From what I’ve read getting a concealed permit is pretty easy and takes about 30 days.

        Maybe the guy didn’t have a concealed permit and open carried as a result. (ignoring the fact that a water pistol is nearly as effective as a 25)Most of us here probably carry so no need to get into the reasons to do so.

        The bottom line is that he was totally compliant regarding carry laws and committed no crime. Yet he was still punished.

      39. I found a Seattle Times article that says this guy had multiple run ins with the law. It’s possibke that he didn’t actually break any laws but when his court date arrived he failed to show up which prompted the police to get a search warrant and seize his guns. His mistake was that he didn’t show up to court to fight his alleged crime.

      40. On the more “welcome to the world of the surreal” side of gun-control, the LAPD just confiscated Heather Locklear’s gun.

        The not taking aging lightly, or sitting, or with dignity, while still getting older each and every day — former hot chic, Heather Locklear, during her latest drug and alcohol fueled rage fest had to be subdued by LA’s finest.

        In response, Heather assaulted several police officers. Heather also took the time to threaten to kill any police officer who entered her home ever again.

        Not to be shot up lightly, LA’s finest, went back to sweet Heather’s home (while she was still residing comfortably in some fancy, high-priced, swank, rehab asylum), searched for and confiscated said gun.

        Due process will take place once Miss Heather is feeling better. [plenty of sarcasm for all]. True story. It’s in all the papers. MSM is going nuts with it.

      41. This is treasonous as hell. ANY gun grabber deserves a long prison sentence, and you without question have a moral right to kill them if necessary to defend yourself.

      42. The 2A of someone not breaking the law means less to these people than actually enforcing the law on someone who has broken the law. #Clinton,#Obama # illegal aliens……

      43. Platta or plommo its the desired result mind crmes. thought police are the goal

      44. https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/02 this is what will happen to gunowner in usa if we let them look what the chinese are doing to the Uighur people who live in china they put labels on them saying if your safe dangerous so on coming our way soon unless we put stop to this shit follow link

      45. Maybe they they should concentrate on something necessary, like adressing their homeless and unaffordable rent problem.

      46. I don’t usually leave replies but here goes. If confiscation does take place in a big way, how do I hide them securely? Been on my mind along time. I really don’t want a shoot out but I could easily change my mind especially if it is foreign occupiers. Just give me your input. Our fore saw this coming, they were prophets. Thanks

      47. So…
        Just out of curiosity, the article states “a man in Seattle”, why are there no other details on who the man is, or documentation of the incident?? Why use a stock photo of homeland security and not one of the Seattle police?
        Honestly, this article is pure fantasy and just trying to rile people up.

        Show me factual proof that this incident actually occurred and I’ll gladly share the article, until then – this is all a sham.

      48. It’s better to concealed carry, IMO. It doesn’t attract negative attention, don’t have issues with gun-free zones. Morons in Walmart doesn’t try to tackle you…

      49. I read only the first few comments, however, the responses were predictable. On a more serious note, how does one stand “alone” against such a force? If there were declared “Resistance” to such an assault on the Constitution, all bets are off for those willing to perpetrate such an act… To extend this topic, however. My brother called me upon reading the post and said that a similar event happened in Caro, MI, on 6 March 2018. A child (someone less than 21) was overheard making questionable comments about what he might do at a local school. This prompted the LEOs to raid his home and confiscate approx. a half dozen firearms from his father’s gun safe (comment being made that they were appropriately locked up but there was fear that he still might be able to get to them so they were removed. This did get some local TV time and all the associated “word-smithing” that goes on today to demonize firearms. The “Brown-shirts” are here and how long will it take the assault to ramp up on OUR FREEDOM?

      50. What was the name of the gut that had his guns taken away.

      51. Washington state, you’re next. After we straighten out Commiefornia, we will return to Constitutional principles in the state of Washington.

      52. This is Fake News! They had a warrant, he broke the law. The suspect in this case had been standing outside of the location while wearing a holstered pistol and threatening individuals exiting the premises, which in turn caused some people to be fearful that he might hurt them. This is a violation of law in Washinginton State. The man was taken into custody for his violation which ended in a warrant being issued by the judge for his arrest. “Due to his numerous contacts with police and escalating behavior, SPD’s Crisis Response Squad filed for an Extreme Risk Protection Order, requiring the man to turn over all firearms. After the man failed to turn over his firearms or appear in court for a hearing on the order, police obtained a warrant and responded to the man’s apartment in the 2200 block of 2nd Avenue just after 1 p.m. on March 1st and took him into custody.” Washington State Police

      53. By definition conservatives are stupid
        But first a definition: CONSERVATIVE:
        adjective 1. holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.
        synonyms: traditionalist, traditional, conventional, orthodox, old-fashioned, dyed-in-the-wool, hidebound, unadventurous, set in one’s ways;

        So I define STUPID as being unwilling or unable to learn new stuff. Note how this fits with the definition of Conservative above.

        Since they are stupid, they are also anti the physical world, which is why so few scientists who work with and are ultimately judged by that world, as opposed to an echo chamber, identify as conservative or Republican. Less than 10%. So to communicate they must almost always lie.


      54. Did you know that national socialist Germany household were stacked with guns, every american ww2 veteran occupying Germany can testify it.

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