Sculpting Public Opinion from Birth to Death: “Schools and Media are Completely Complicit in the Destruction of This Nation”

by | May 17, 2016 | Headline News | 103 comments

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    The biggest problem with the Mainstream Media (MSM) is not just one that is based in objectivity.  The powers that be actually “sculpt” the media’s position and craft it to their own making, to end up being their mouthpiece at a minimum.  With the majority of news reports (mislabeled as such), the slant is no longer a balance between to opposite spectrums.  The newscasters, televised news broadcasts, the radio, and news media (newspapers, magazines, and their ilk) are no longer even platforms for the dissemination of information.  They’re product, and their productivity is determined by the handlers and controllers of the media and whether it fits inside of their overall objectives.

    There is a famous quote that is often overlooked:

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    -Lord Acton

    The interesting thing is this quote has many applications, varied in scope and encompassing a general truism that finds use with many things…reference to power, and also to corruptibility.  What Acton was referring to, however, was actually the media.  He was heaping subtle derision about the manner in which media and news found itself kowtowing to the powers in charge…allowing those powers – king, prime ministers, and presidents – to influence the media and squelch truth and objectivity.  The media (wanting to sell newspapers and still keep a front seat press box and all access passes) traded its objectivity for lucre and position.

    The problem also lies within the school system.  The public schools (as well as private) are rapidly “losing” the truth in their curriculum, which is being redacted on a daily basis.  The founders of the U.S. are portrayed in a negative light: all of their personal problems within their lives are magnified and even exacerbated.  The purpose is to destroy the United States of America in terms of perception and education, to create a shift in paradigm and public perception.

    We had eight years of a Democratic administration under Clinton in which the attack on the established school curriculum, begun in the 1960’s, took root, and completely metastasized during these Obama years.  By destroying the concept of America and how she was founded, the progressives strike at the root and have a completely different tree by the time those inculcated with such fallacies reach the age of voting and earning capacity for taxation purposes.  Meanwhile, the stultified parents in the PTA meetings protest the changes in the curriculum that have already been placed in motion by federal legislation.  This is not a new concept, as illustrated with the following:

    “We must start with the children – the seed corn – in order to grow them into what we wish.”
    -Adolf Hitler speaking in the Nuremburg Rallies

    This concept is what we are facing now, as we have a generation that hold these untruths to be the norm and factual.  It is a forced paradigm shift to change the concept that the youth holds of America and destroy the potential for them to develop creative thought.  The curriculum (never truly being perfect, as there is no such thing) introduced children to generalities that could be expanded upon, for the desire of pure education is to introduce evidence and facts and enable someone to draw an opinion on their own regarding the matter.

    The concept of creative thought (not in reference to artists and musicians, mind you) is to allow the student to ponder the “why’s” of a matter.  Little by little this is being destroyed, but they are replacing it with a canned, sterilized curriculum that only rewards rote memory and the absorption of concepts alien to those originally in the schools.

    The media, then, is to feed controlled disinformation to the entire population.  This takes the form also of a plethora of useless information, such as who won on “Star Search,” or what some celebrity is wearing in attendance at the Oscars.  All useless information that keeps everyone consuming and prevents anyone from seeing the true state of the world as it is.  The news itself cannot be used to “dupe” everyone…that is why there are alternative media sites, and other sources of information not corrupted by “the thumb of the Duke” on the reports.  Still, take Fox News as an example.

    The manner in which Fox News reports is markedly different from the way it was 10 years ago.  You can see the capitulation of the newscasters as they begin to echo the platform of the establishment media, and reject objectivity and conservative programming to follow in the overall paradigm shift begun by the administration.

    We see it in the schools, as an entire generation is made to not feel any true identity except some “membership in the global community,” let alone the patriotism and pride in the U.S. as a place where dissenting views by the minority is allowed, and (prior to Obamacare) a free nation where you could go about on your own and do your own thing pretty much undisturbed.

    They are waiting for the generations that were brought up in an era of conservative actions and critical thought…. waiting for them to either die off or become so hopelessly outnumbered – by the new, sculpted generation, by illegal aliens, and by influx of foreign thought and systems – that the demographics all change in their favor.

    The seeds have been planted.  The schools and the media are completely complicit in the destruction of this nation, along with their handlers.  It is an amazing thing that the country was so free as to allow the very people who are destroying it to come out with and force their socialist and progressive platforms on the country as a whole.  This is what is happening, and it is doubtful whether or not we will reverse the tide.  It can be done, but until then The-Powers-That-Be sculpt and form the public through the media and schools to make people into their own images, and those images are not good.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Sculpting Public opinion = Lying to the citizenry

        • we still got old teachers(a FEW) that still have some values left over from “the old days”….they are retiring en mass now….wait until ALL teachers are from the last 2 generations! the dumb masses are about to get a LOT dumber.

          • Yep. Some of us know the truth about the scum in power, and it’s up to us to tell as many as will listen.

            • Menzo,
              YUP !!! I like the way you said that! no beating around the bush! to bad others are not open and tell it like it is!!

            • “the seeds have been planted”.. well, if the seeds of Truth have been planted, in place of the old-timey lies, then I say, “good for them!”

              Just because something is old and worn out, it doesn’t been its should be kept… ignorance, lies, old-timey bull sh— SHOULD be discarded. About time the Truth came out in the open!!

          • Yup, they FORCED my retirement this year. Only the new kids are left and they are part of the pc police as they have been conditioned to be so. I can’t wait to see how they handle the “bathroom issue” next elementary school level.

        • They just know how to lie better than others.

        • “The founders of the US are portrayed in a negative light”… I think its about time the truth came out in the open!!

          Columbus went to Polynisian islands, slaughtered the men and took the females as sex slaves– gave to his men as gifts. Then when they came here, we all know (most of us, anyhow!) how the white-skinned, blue-eyed Europeans slaughtered the Indians, lied to them about everything, even after the Indians showed them how to survive the first winter here (how to find food, etc). And they forced the Indians to give up their way of life, give up their religions, Catholic boarding schools kept the young Indians and sexually abused them… then the stupid white men called the Indians savages!!!

      2. Haven’t flown in years . Just saw a video of TSA pat down . You sacks of crap that submit to this need to be deported as the domestic enemy. You drive or you don’t go or someday you will be deported . And youTSA scum . We got you on camera . Keeping us safe from what. Getting us use to a police KGB state . Those who would give up freedom to get security . Deserve neither. And will loose both. That pat down was one of the most discusting things I’ve seen in my life. I can’t imagine the mentality of the people that do it or submit to it. You are surely the scum of the nation. Can’t wait to see you rest in peace.

        • pieces….it’s rest in PIECES.

      3. Schools and media are destroying our nation. No S Sherlock . Only gov. Employees and media employees don’t agree. Bimbos and fem men with their children of satan masters rule this world . We desperately need the great culling to start before its to late. How much more time do we have before it’s too late.? We almost need a major disaster to start cleaning house. A total break down of their law or they will law us to death. How many are praying for a meteor to hit and save us . Is there any other way out of this. And it’s written great tribulation that leads to a new and better world. Isn’t that exactly what we need ?

      4. That’s why it is called propaganda. Free press prints truth. Controlled press prints propaganda. We haven’t had free press for a long time now.

        • Don’t forget Parents Brainwashing Lies to their Children, RE: Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Lepricans, Christoper Columbus Day, Thanks Giving. About every Holiday out there is a F-n Sham.

          Lying is a great way to build trust in a Parent child relationship for sure. Trust me, really. And parents wonder why their kids turn to drugs, pierce their tongues, get tatoos and listen to rap crap.


          • I see now. Santa is responsible for our drug problems. Well, somebody better apologize to Bush pretty fast! ?

      5. As far as A Hitler . Watch Hellstorm. And WW2 lies .satans greatest weapon is the lie. And satan rules this world. You get it. If the bible is correct and satan rules this world and his greatest weapon is the lie . Then everything is a lie . Get it. Everything we are told was good is bad . Just like the bible says . You get it. People revile in their wickedness . You get it. Isn’t it obvious we are being lead down the road to distruction. Are you going to blame that on Hitler too? Or the ones who have lead us here? Wake the f up. Who is leading you to Distruction? The NAZIs or the other side?

        • sounds like you’re onto something but the words don’t fit every mind size. I think Ron Paul says something similar, the same holocaust, but less brim-fire. but seems to me its not of this world. how do the chinese and putinites get off telling the children of wwii vets how to live? its weird.

      6. I think it was Fred Savant, former CEO of CBS News who said, “Our job is to give the people not what they want but what we believe they should have.” In other words, govt. propaganda. CBS and all other American mainstream media sources are owned and controlled by six corporations which are all run by members of a certain ‘tribe’. The public schools don’t teach people critical thinking skills, i.e., how to think for themselves so they’ll swallow the propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Stick a fork in us; we’re done.

        • Yes Brave . It’s obvious to you me and some. But the evil and the idiots rule . For a time. Fill your lamps . Turn your plows into swords sell your clothes to get a sword. This won’t be easy . But it it written . After the worse time this earth has ever seen . We with the help of God will destroy the evil ones.

          • LW, my lamps are full and have extra oil. And I have more swords than someone could shake a stick at.

      7. This is the only article by this writer that actually makes sense. Useful idiots creating more useful idiots untilbthey are nothing more then brain dead sheep.

      8. One thing a lot of people miss, is that the products of the modern schools and mass media are weak. I don’t believe in evolution theory as it is a liberal construct, but what Darwin really wrote about, was the survival of the fittest and most adaptable, which is, very compelling. The Liberals, Democrats, and Socialists will all die.
        It’s funny but the Liberals that run this state won’t let the kids eat what they grow in the school gardens. What kind of message it that?

        I will not do anything to interfere, it is natures way. My culture is very adaptable, will kill anything that needs killing, and knows when and where to fight. Right now I’m just prepping.

        • What you mean is “genetic failure”.

          They are recipients of the Darwin Awards.

        • Yup, dontcha just love liberal paradise,
          Buncha stupid fuckers

        • Ever watched the movie Idiocracy?

      9. If there wasn’t a God the world would be covered with non edible to anything weeds. They would be the only thing that survived. Look up Cincinatus to see that absolute power doesn’t corrupt absolutely

        • Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a Roman aristocrat and statesman whose service as consul in 460 BC and dictator in 458 BC and 439 BC made him a model of civic virtue.

          In 458 BCE (according to tradition), Cincinnatus, who had been consul in 460 BCE, was plowing his fields when messengers arrived to tell him he had been named dictator to defend the city against the Aequi and the Volscians. He took up the supreme command, defeated Rome’s enemies, freed the beseiged consul Minucius, and returned to his farm, all within 16 days. Further, he refused the honors that came with his military victories.

          George Washington was sometimes called an American Cincinnatus because he too held his command only until the defeat of the British and, at a time when he could have chosen to exercise great political power, instead returned as soon as he could to cultivating his lands.

          The Order of Cincinnatus is in the shape of an eagle with the image of Cincinnatus on its breast. The motto of the Order reads: Omnia relinquit servare Republicam (He gave up everything to preserve the Republic.)

          The city of Cincinnati was named after this organization, and a statue of Cincinnatus stands there today.

          🙂 There will be a test on Friday. 🙂

          • Thank you grandee…

      10. “The Ethnic Origins of Communism” on You-tube. I just watched this movie. Long (over an hour), but informative. What Jerimiah Johnson refers to as Progressives is a term adopted by Commie traitors to hide their true agenda. The goal of a new Communist regime is the use of terror and murder (ten per cent of the population needs to be killed). There are over three hundred million Americans. How much longer before the hammer drops and thirty million Americans are murdered.

        Dumbing down the kids, ending the family (invalidating parents), gender morphing (sterilization), mongrelization (no offense intended) of the races, demonization of everything European with total genocide or assisted suicide or ethnic cleansing being the goal for Europeans who are the ones preventing the Commie ZioGlobalists from there ultimate goal of one homogenous race (actually two races as they protect their own race from assimilation). They plan to have nothing but slaves. Got to dumb down those uppity anti-Commies.

        • Dont know its that simple. the success rate is phenomenal. this is not the european or asian enemy we faced the last century. this enemy is kind of super-natural. dont think face-to-face will do the job this time around. when human beings self-destruct this way, its more like a jonestown thing, but on a massive scale. we really do need to put our heads together sooner than later. its getting beyond commies and slavery and moving into the real probability there will be no 2020 for any of us.

        • If you are under fifty years of age. You’re screwed.
          I cannot imagine going back to the moon or Mars. Doing something beneficial for mankind. Healing our nation. The building blocks are not there. Most likely you will be all slaves and your children will be told what job they will perform in life.

          I will probably be dead by then so let me say now.

          “I told you so”.

          • anon, regarding your first sentence, you are on to something.
            Speculating here,
            Could it be that every kid (ok, most) that was fed formula in a plastic bottle, as opposed to glass, is basically endocrine disrupted, and that’s why those under 50 are screwed?
            It is a possible common denominator.

          • “…and your children will be told what job they will perform in life.”

            Already happening! Grandson had to decide in the 9th grade which “path” he was going to take. The University Path or the Tech Path or there was one other I can’t recall.

            He promptly dropped out in the 10th grade, got his GED and moved on with his life.

            I was kinda upset with him at the time, but I believe now he probably made the best choice.

        • Isn’t it obvious?

        • BCA – vile, evil, filthy, disgusting – and now professor of education – Bill Ayers advocated the elimination of x % of Americans as well.

          Of course, the Black Book of Communism, published by Oxford Univ. Press, by Stephane Courtois, et al, notes that the vile, filthy, evil, disgusting, murderous – and did I say vile already? – communists MURDERED over 100 mm last century.

          This is why VP under LBJ Hubert Humphrey said “Hubert Humphrey, Democrat vice president under LBJ. “The right of the citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.” Earlier, John F. Kennedy similarly noted, “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life.”

      11. Hey, teacher- leave those kids alone.

        • yea a great song. hard to believe those morally bereft cretins thought up those words. but maybe we, the parents should be our children’s teachers. maybe we should step up and be the major input into their lives. otherwise, why bother to have children dude?

          • I always thought that was a stupid, meaningless song.
            “We don’t need no ed-u-ka-shun”..look where that got us.

            Way back my college roommate was a Floyd fan and he said a couple of the band members met in an institution for the insane. Figures.

        • btw, certified teachers in E….., NY have 12 inch religious symbols hanging at the front of their classrooms (I dont mean crosses) and teach that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were morally corrupt and that the US is a democracy and teach chants like, “popular sovereignty, the power to the people!” to teach vocabulary… its not just leave them children alone. its brainwashing.

          • I met a teacher ounce who I confronted with this. And she said they have no choice . They have to teach these things. You have a choice bimbo . Brainwash our children or some day be executed and have you partner in life deported as an accomplice ? You will not get away with this forever. You might think you will. Regardless of who gets revenge us or God . You will pay. With everything you have. Everything.

      12. as usual, terrific writing. wow, is this what true? I’m a NY catholic republican, 62, just spent a fortune to get state certified in social studies, and my student teacher had the authority to kick me out of getting the certification. Im ABD fordham economics with 22 years college teaching experience and 5 years high school experience. Well, this article explains what happened. I cant believe the progressives could have taken over that completely and could ignore reason and logic so easily. What in heavens motivates this massive mental illness and where do we go from here?

        • I believe they are born this way for half their behavior from one or both parents, and/or indoctrinated at a very young age through environment for the other half. Just like other animals, that’s how things are.

          They will be the first to go when SHTF.

      13. May the yoke of Tyranny rest softly upon your shoulders.

      14. “”Our job is to give people not what they want,
        but what we decide they ought to have.”

        – Former CBS president Richard Salant

      15. Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility, Located in Newton Kansas, just north of Whitchita KS, are MURDERING Americans FOR PROFIT!

        Here’s how it works:
        License plate recognition software in Police cruisers, cameras tied to database, is CURRENTLY being used to TARGET patriotic American citizens.

        The camera reads your vehicles License Plate.
        Database does a sort. If you are on List then you are pulled over by Police.
        Police rush out of cruiser and are immediately in your face. They do NOT want you to get out a phone call out to friends or family. You are being disappeared.
        You are “Taken into custody” by Police under pretext of a made up warrant or trumped up charge.

        After you are Arrested you will NOT be allowed a phone call from jail. If you are offered phone all the lines are routed internal within jail facility.
        You will NOT be allowed outside line phone call, Bail or Attorney.

        You will be asked about health condition. Because your vital organs are about to be harvested for profit. Jailors also ask about financial assets such as social security, IRA, Retirement or pension checks.
        Those will be sent to address of their choosing for their use.

        You will then be fed food/drink with veterinary tranqualizers while in jail.
        After you are knocked out DRUGGED asleep the jailers take you into the back to “process” you for vital Organ Removal. That is correct. Your organs are removed and sold on the black market. You are now DEAD. Your vital organs are worth more than you can believe. Human organ harvesting by supposed Law Enforcement.

        Your Financial assets are also rerouted so as the jailers can receive your social security, pension, retirement, etc. Your vehicle is sold so as they also profit from that.

        Kangaroo court. With magistrate judges. The jailers. ALL are in on this scam. THEY ARE MURDERING AMERICANS for Profit.

        By the way, your identification is then passed out to foriegn nationals that they siphon through the jail system. For drug running? Credit fraud?

        ALL OF THIS IS REAL. ALL of this is going on Today. How wide spread it is I’m unsure. But this is going on in Kansas and Texas for sure. Genocide and MURDER of Americans under the guise of “Law Enforcement”.

        PS-Absolutely happening in Chicago too. No Phone call. No Bail. No contact with anyone. You are just DISAPPEARED by Government.

        • please start a website on this? please get shtf to advert it? while we can, we need to follow this, amorphous as we are, we need to plan on something beyond subsisting on our beans and a package of bangs.

          • this post appeared a couple of days ago under a different poster’s name, verbatim. Believe it or not.
            I don’t believe it, but I would not put it past the police state.

            • Ketchup:

              Jenny Jailor sounds like a plant.

              Thanks for the info about the same post.

              Although this appears to be fictitious, it happens in other countries, and it could happen here if things continue to go into moral and social decline.

              • Why did jews stay in Germany during WW2?
                The jews could not comprehend or believe that the Nazi Regime was capable of murder, genocide, pure evil, the Holocaust.
                Everything Hitler did was LEGAL under German law.

                Americans today are the same as Jews in WW2 Germany.
                Americans do not truly comprehend and understand the criminals that are currently sitting in American political office.
                They just don’t believe it. Americans need to grow up and comprehend what and who they are facing and being controlled by. .

                Criminals are currently in control of the USSA “changed Amerika”.
                Washington DC is a Criminal Cartel Organization.
                They are capable of ANYTHING. It is in your best interest to understand that.

                Death by Government is leading cause of DEATH in last 100 years. Look it up.
                Yes it can and is Happening here.

                • OT. Watch Hellstorm And. World War Two lies . Satans greatest weapon is the lie and he rules this world. Who is leading this country to hell . The winners of ww2 ? We helped the soviets Take over half of Europe . How many cities did the Germans fire bomb? Compared to us . The Germans tried to stop the communists we helped the communists. Satans greatest weapon is the lie . And he rules this world.

                • Old Tom:

                  The greatest hoax of the twentieth century is what??

                  Clue: 15 minus 6 equals 9.

                  ………..before WW2 15 million
                  …………after WW2 15 million

        • Drugging and taking organs? Complete bullshit. Too easy to prove and too many people would have to be involved.

          • Tunckuf, welcome back. Here’s something you and I agree on. I also call BS on her post for the same reasons as you.

        • Jenny Jailer, can you provide some links, anything to verify what you’re saying?

        • The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet.? Except you Jenny

      16. I have two 75 and 86 year old coworkers who say they will vote for Sanders to get all the free stuff. This stupidity has been going on for a long time.

        • btw, certified teachers in E….., NY have 12 inch religious symbols hanging at the front of their classrooms (I dont mean crosses) and teach that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were morally corrupt and that the US is a democracy and teach chants like, “popular sovereignty, the power to the people!” to teach vocabulary… its not just leave them children alone. its brainwashing.

          • Luciferians are running things.
            Govment, many politicians, corporate leaders, schools, colleges, media. They actually worship Lucifer.
            That is what the New World Order is about, Lucifer in charge.

            Does not matter if you believe or not.
            It is what they believe that matters. And the Lucifer worshippers want a 90% population reduction. Get that? 90% of humanity they want to murder.

            Go Find Georgia Guide Stones on Internet. The crazies are telling you what they are going to do. But you are uncomfortable with the truth. So you make fun and doubt what is Literally “written in stone.”

        • what? what medication are they taking? is it fluoride water they are drinking and corn syrup cookies? that could explain it. even so, i know a totally illiterate person who knows better.

        • Woogie

          When the SHTF. Don’t give them shit.

          Maybe I can vote for Hillary and put a kink in their lifestyle.

          • Mind boggling isnt it,, i cant wait for the gravy train to come off the tracks

        • The next time you see those two 75 and 86 year old co-workers, you need to ask them this question:

          After a hike in the woods, when someone comes home and strips down and prepares to take a shower – and then they notice that they’ve got two bloodsucking ticks attached to the back of their legs, what is the standard prescribed reaction to the discovery of those ticks?

          Well, one reaches for a pair of tweezers, and carefully plucks those two bloodsucking ticks off of one’s body and then, strikes a match and burns them alive. Or, uses a butane lighter and fries their little bloodsucking, parasitical asses.

          The moral of this story, is that the eventual fate of all ticks and parasites will always be the same – and there should be a lesson in that story for every last one of these Bernie “Mr. Free Shit’ Sanders supporters.

          CW2 is, after all, coming. Sooner than most ticks think.

          • Tucker, spot on. Hildebeast supporters are also parasites along with any neocon supporters. Their time is coming.

          • I read that you must by flame or Vaseline suffocation . Make the tick back itself out . To pull it out will leave its head to be infected .

      17. its like voting for a Hussein while seeking a susan bin-ladden. what is a besonhurst benny doing in Vermont? he likes irish kibbutzim? and since when is his last name Sanders? is he the great grandson of a slave-holder? shame….

      18. someone should write about critical literacy and the freire commie crap they are teaching our 20 year olds today. critical literacy is anything but critical but really just teaching teachers to be informants about everything but their own business. We need more detail, more exposure, more leadership than the Inforwars crew can provide. how do we do this?

      19. i guy I used to work with a very crazy dude once told me, you have to create confusion in order to take advantage of the situation. He called it brainswaggling people. Think about this for a minute. When they are brainswaggled you can present the circumstances YOU want them to believe. We will use this in the context like this. You go into a dealership and sit down with the salesman. now you haven’t bought a car in years so your a little rusty at this but you did your homework. The salesman is trying to get as much for the car as he can because his commission depends on it. Your trying to get as much for your trade and get as many rebates and cash incentives as you can. You see he is charging you extra for crap you don’t want. You call him out on it so he scratches it out and takes the numbers and moves them to the bottom. He says forget about that I’m gonna give that to you free. So he gives you the grand total and you see the numbers in the total. You say it’s still there he says no it’s not now your going back and forth the time marches on and you realize you’ve been in the dealer heckling with the sales man and sales manager for hours and now all this heckling has made you tired and you want the car. So you finally give in and agree to the price you go home with the new car. Your happy to have a new car but you keep thinking about the additional $4000 you agreed to pay so your looking at the contract and you see adm $4000 you go online and look up adm. It comes up advanced dealer markup adm so now your pissed off you gave $4000 away to a sleazy salesman. You have a new car your not enjoying because you got the raw deal. This happened to someone I knew who thought he knew how to make deals. Anyway the moral of the story is the dude got worn down by a salesman because the salesman seen his wife wanted the car and used everything to his advantage to screw him in the ass. This apples to politics and just about everything mainstream. Politicians play at the heartstrings of people’s desire to build a better life for themselves. We hear it all the time jobs for all free shit blah blah blah. People believe if their guy gets in things will get better for their situation. They grind you down for your vote and if their really good you’ll throw $ to their campaign. You will feel good when your guy wins the election but will soon realize you were sold a bunch of bulshit and be pissed. The sales man wanted $ the politician wanted votes and $ if he could get it to use in his campaign to get himself into office. Bottom line is the more confused and tired you are the more they can fuck with your mind. They are all playing to different groups like women blacks gays whoever has a crying card anyone but white men. They use threats in their campaign speeches like putting coal mines out of business and more gun control or building wall to keep Mexicans out which plays to the anti immigrant crowd. There is so much confusion you can’t make a smart choice. That’s because it don’t matter nothing is gonna change for you in you favor because they are all looking out for themselves. I had a guy say to me today maybe things will get better when trump is pres. How the fuck is that gonna do shit for me. Am I gonna get a raise and bonus are they gonna run the outfit the right way with the same lousy management team. This guy is fucking delusional all this crap got him brainswaggled. That’s the game trump looks like a fucking strong leader compared to the alternatives but he’s still a sleazy businessman he just made you feel good about getting fucked. That’s all it is folks. Ponder that.

        • Last time a sales guy did that to me, I got up, gave him my phone number and left. I got my offered price.
          Unfortunately we can not do that to our government, Without shooting them.
          I listen to this radio guy Mark Levin, he is a crazy, buy smart Jewish guy. He wants to do an article 5 all legal and nice. I want to do a nuke on DC. Laws don’t matter to them, why should their laws matter to me?
          I’ll just leave my card and leave.
          Lets see what they do.

          • I could give a crap what anything political thinks

          • rellik–did the same thing for my last cash purchase for a car.

            After hours of pulling back and forth with, I told him I was going home if they did not accept my cash offer. Got my purse and car keys and literally headed for the door. ::) got my car.

        • A paragraph would have been nice. Who wants to read a wall of text? NO ONE.

      20. The agenda of men, “progress” in general is a constant reminder of control. From the cradle to the grave-we are conditioned how to act, what is expected of us, coaxed into a society where we pay for food, shelter, transportation, clothes and yes even water. By the time we are wise enough to see the cage, we are already in it. Taxes, utilities, bills, lifestyle, obligations, and laws rule us.


        • chill, even dave rockefella is in a cage. control is an illusion i once heard said. i think its true but not because anyone else is in control. maybe some alien thing else is and of course ultimately a creator, whatever that is, is in control, probably, but there is a lot more explanation available to you. please look at Infowar’s stuff, especially videos. please become aware of the “accidental” poisoning we are undergoing through corporate negligence and through silly things like toothpaste, tapwater and contrails that never really disappear. Its a very complex picture and defies logic, but its a great way to pass the time.

          • They are CHEMtrails not contrails. They are teaching kids in school that these that “don’t go away” are contrails. They lie. I am much older. I remember what contrails look like, and by the way i first noticed the Chem trails back in 1998. I knew at that time that they were not contrails.They are way below 35,000 feet, more like 15,000 ft or lower. They spread out to “look” like clouds, but are not. Contrails are ice crystals made at 35,000 ft. Or so i have read. We are breathing IN aluminum, barium and polymer plastic fibers. It sticks to our lungs. We can’t get it out. They are slowly killing us all….even the elite i wonder? Do they have the antidote?

      21. Stick a fork in this country…we’re done. Us oldsters may fight on but its a rear guard action.

        • you stay and fight. i’m a going fishin!

        • if you believe in the stuff Phil Schneider has said, its a lot more than the country thats done! good nite Judy!

        • Well and truly mate. Crispy and burnt offerings done.

        • I read a revolutionary war story about a 65 year old American who after an ambush . Told a youngster . I’m too old to run. We ran he stood and toke down many British . They bayoneted him but he lived. Tough old bastard . We need more tough old bastards that are to old to run?

      22. TPTB, politicians, and government officials in general DO NOT see lying as a vice, they see it as a tool of their craft, that is, politics. In fact, quite perversely, to them, a person who lies cleverly or boldly is successful in their office. No one can change the character of our officials who are degenerate liars. I’ve traveled in many countries and have spoken to countless people; there is corruption present in most nation’s governments, ours is by far the most corrupt. Unfortunately, our society has been dumbed down to where they now passively accept lying, even gross corruption, and obvious attacks on our rights by officials; who are depraved enough to sacrifice the well being of our society and country for their own lust of power and wealth . A noted writer and thinker one said (not verbatim), history has shown again and again no matter what type of government, society, or culture, it will eventually but always deteriorate to where it only benefits a few, then there is tyranny, then upheaval.
        For the past several decades we have been stripped of many rights and personal power. President Kennedy said those who make peaceful change (progress) impossible, make violent change inevitable. I am all for peaceful change. Contrary to established processes which have been rendered ineffective and pointless, the best way for change is to not vote en masse, for either party. There is a difference in Rep. or Demo. party ideology, but ultimately not in practice. Actually, the government likes to see large voter turnout, regardless of party. This tells them most people have been successfully propagandized to believe the BS. The end result for the middle class is the same. We are merely a resource base for them, and that cannot allowed to be changed. Think about it, the only way they achieve wealth and power is by depriving us of our wealth and power. Secondly, they despise us anyway, they have contempt towards us, it galls the entrenched “elite” we still have some rights that stand between us and their goals. We don’t have great personal wealth and personal power, but what we do have is numbers (that is why they want us disarmed). If enough of us would collectively do just four things; not vote (to delegitimize elected officials), take children out of public schools and take person responsibility for education our youth (home school or private school), publicly ridicule and condemn officials for their corruption, lies, corruption, and hypocracy, and fully and frequently exercise all our rights (and all done peacefully) you would see change for the good. And if change did not take place soon enough, then a large enough segment of the population just peacefully refuse go to work for a while, you will see desired change happen then.
        The chief legitimate purpose or existence of government is to protect and preserve all our rights to the fullest degree possible. Goverment must continually seek out and destroy any method or attempt, no matter the scale, that diminishes our rights or personal empowerment. Simultaneously, it must always strive to render itself incapable of amassing undue power or influence.
        All tyrants and powermongers in history needed their sycophants, an army of minions who were willing to carry out the necessary dirty work, some by violence, some by propaganda, or spying, or administrative in capacity, or with money. Don’t confuse them only as Brownshirts, they serve their masters in many ways. These people are the lowest element in any society and by necessity must be morally neutralized. They may be well educated, present a proper public image, appear reasonable, but it is a facade. Do you notice how officials are always waving and smiling, always stating popular positions, always telling the public they are working on their behalf; but their actions always betray what they say, they just don’t want you to see that. Just stay dumbed down.

      23. I only really disagree on one point. Given the context of the letter in which Acton made the comment (it was part of an exchange that discussed Actions criticism of popes and kings), it seems u likely he had the media in mind at all.

      24. “Go back to bed, America, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed America, your government is in control. Here, here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up, go back to bed America, here is American Gladiators, here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on the living in the land of freedom. Here you go America – you are free to do what well tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!”

      25. The reason they call it the American Dream is you have to be asleep to believe it.

      26. The people are in a sleep all.
        The wolf is at the door.
        The sheepdog ,well he fucked off and he ain’t coming back no more.

        The wool has been completely pulled right over their eyes
        and now all you can hear is the sound of their tiresome sighs.

        They think their free to roam around and do as they please
        But truth be told and be so bold the human race is on its knees.

      27. In Russia you are free to decide for yourself who you like and don’t like and its called democracy but here in the west we now have homophobics day where the faggots go on the attack of people who don’t like them.

        Just how many more rights do these puffs want because we are starting to see them on every film that comes out of Hollywood and men half dresses in drag on TV commercials.

        • No one tells us the average life span of one of them is 35 years. They die of diseases. And need to wear diapers. Because of the self inflicted damage they do to themselves and others. Make a mess of some bright eyed kid.

          • I met a transvesite many yrs ago at a regular party. At first i thought it was a woman until i talked to him. He absolutely hated his male body and told me he did horrible things to his body, pain, etc, becuz he hated his body so much. I can’t say here what he did, but you men would cringe if i told you, which i can’t here on a public forum. In other words he tortured his body cuz he hated it so much. He really wanted to be a woman. He said he could not afford the shots and hormones. He told me that the men where he worked at mocked him. The more he talked the more i felt sorry for him and i realized that he was really sick mentally. It disgusted me. My girlfriend was super turned off. She said she would walk out if she saw him at another party. It was funny cuz my girlfriend was real tuff, yet she couldn’t handle seeing a man in a wig, dress, makeup and spike heels.

      28. SW Florida has a high percentage of Germans either on vacation short term, for the winter or permanent residents. I talk to them when possible. Their knowledge of not just the world, but US history far exceeds that of native born, and “educated” Americans pretty much below 50 years of age. If it weren’t for movies they wouldn’t know who the US was fighting in WWII. Its (I’m making up a word) intentional ignorization. I’ll define it:


        The act of making someone ignorant, devoid of knowledge.

        • Yep, I agree.

        • Suicidal Blindness

          dumb on purpose to the point of self-destruction.

      29. Charlton Heston explains:

        “The message from the cultural warlords is everywhere, delivered with the arrogant swagger of absolute confidence. Summarized, it is this: Heaven help the God-fearing, law-abiding, Caucasian, middle class, Protestant (or even worse evangelical) Christian, the midwestern or southern (or even worse rural) hunter, apparently straight or admitted heterosexual gun-owning (or even worse NRA-card-carrying) average working stiff, or even worse still male working stiff, because not only do you not count, you’re a downright obstacle to social progress. Your tax dollars may be just as welcome and green as you hand them over, but your voice deserves no hearing, your opinion is not enlightened, your media access is virtually nil, and frankly mister, you need to wake up, wise up, and learn a little something about your new America. And until you do, why don’t you just sit down and shut up! Too many Americans are doing just that. That’s why I’m here with a wake-up call.”

        He continues with this definition of the culture war, perhaps you’ll be able to relate to it – perhaps you’re already a victim?

        “Cultural warfare, while no less a transfer of power from one group to another, is for the most part seemingly painless. There are no tortured screams or bloody wounds, no limb-strewn nightmares to haunt a generation. In fact, cultural warlords seek to keep the battle from becoming bloody. Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

        You might ask – who’s at war?

        “Let me draw the distinctions in broad strokes. On one side, we have a rural society based on farming, with a belief in independent self-determination, individual initiative, and mutual trust. On the other side stands an urban culture in which the individual is subordinate to the group, where transience and congestion alienate man from the land and from his fellow man, where upheaval and social decay give way to crime and a climate of fear, and where many are satisfied to sacrifice essential liberty for the illusion of safety.
        So who started the cultural war, and why? For the answer, meet me at the city limits. In almost every act of cultural war, it’s there somewhere: the fight between the city boys and the country boys. Look past the facts and faces of issues under debate, and you’ll see one party calmly chewing on a wheat stalk while the other is flip-phoning 911.”

      30. For those of you interested in why and how this came about, might I suggest you simply google Antonio Gramsci, the Frankfurt School, or of course the vile, filthy, evil Saul Alinsky, who, yes, DID dedicate his book to Lucifer (dedication, forward, whatever. I physically own the book, and it IS there).

        In sum, these communists said not to take on the West and America militarily, but rather take over the culture via the media (“”Our job is to give people not what they want,
        but what we decide they ought to have.” former CBS president Richard Salant), the entertainment complex (Kim Kardooshian, Lady Kaka, and Mahdoona, along with the Hollywierd Learjet leftists, anyone?) and take over the education system (I am certified to teach in Illinois and three Canadian provinces, and taught early on in my career on the post secondary level in Canada where my boss was a outspoken communist… too bad she wasn’t sharing her nice SALARY or vacations/sabbaticals with me, but you know what hypocrites the communists are).

        Get your kids out of public school. Want post-secondary education? Don’t pay to have your kids come back hating you and as rhinestone commies. Rather, sent them to Hillsdale College (only college – I think Grove City is another one) that doesn’t take federal fundig)

      31. More from the fascist left, in their OWN words, this from Bernays (who was Freud’s nephew, if I recall correctly):

        “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays – Propaganda

      32. The drunken bum Big Pharma pill popping cowards in hell on earth Police State America just hand their children over to these Globalist Corporatist fascist teacher filth, just like the drunken bums do when they hand the children over they should of NEVER had to the so-called criminal genocidal doctor filth in fascist America, so their children can be dumbed down disease ridden submissive boot lickers after they are shot up with vaccines and given daily doses of more toxins from GMO poisonous toxic garbage food and fluoridated chemical water. Judgement Day will be one hell of an affair for the disgusting evil coward parents in hell on earth Police State America.

      33. “You never let a crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
        -Rahm Emanuel

        The current legal system gives pedophiles a pat on the wrist, rather than the punishment they deserve. I believe pedophiles and other criminals will USE this new bathroom and now dressing room “policy”.
        Mothers, I would go in the restroom and dressing room with your children.

        Shopper Upset Man Allowed To Use Women’s Dressing Room In Ross
        Store employee: “he was representing himself as a woman today.”

        “He was in no way dressed as a woman,” … “He had on jeans, a t-shirt, 5 o’clock shadow, very deep voice. He was a man.”

        “Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls allow customers to decide based on gender identity, according to customer services.
        Representatives from Kohl’s say their store require customers to use facilities aligned with their biological gender.”

        “None of the companies would discuss how they train their employees to handle customers who claim to be transgender.”

        dfw dot cbslocal dot com

        • Guess I am moving from Target to Kohls.

          Note to the Brownshirt gay Nazis: We’re here, we’re NOT queer, and we are never, ever, EVER going away.

          Get used to it.

          • Vote with your wallet!

            Money talks.

            And tell them you’ll never be back.

            As a prepper you shouldn’t need those store’s services. We find ways to do without other main stream ideals-clothes should be included. Make your own patterns. Make your own clothes.

            We make our own everything else.

          • I googled the kohls transgender bathroom policy. The result was an old commercial toasting a gay couple. Consistent much?

        • KY Mom

          “I believe pedophiles and other criminals will USE this new bathroom and now dressing room “policy”.”

          What’s the difference between one and two earrings?
          Admission into the second bathroom.

          This “policy” provides an affirmative defense for anyone to enter the formerly private gender segregated zone. Said person states that they are a transexual and its legally impossible, if not illegal, to attempt to prove otherwise. What they believe is their preference, and therefore establishes “fact”.

      34. And now the Secretary of the Army is an open Homosexual.
        I’m sure the Russians and the Chinese are laughing themselves silly, realizing how weak we’ve become.
        How can they possibly take us seriously, if we ourselves don’t?
        What a nation of Pansies we’ve become.
        As a Veteran, I’m disgusted!

      35. I have read about the harvesting of organs on other sites, and yes I do believe it. Harvested while the victim is still alive. On Obama the evil usurper planted to further the existing agenda, his every act has been pushing the destruction of this nation forward. He is a lying muslim, an illegal alien president. His past as presented is complete BS. His father was the communist Frank Marshal Davis, put his picture up against Obama, a near exact match. The communist Davis was a porn photographer who took nude photos of Oliars mother and raised the cia asset as a communist. He is the worst president in this nations history by design. That’s saying a lot after Poppy, Slick Willy and the Shrub, all cia subterfuge destroyers of humanity.

      36. JJ,

        “and (prior to Obamacare) a free nation where you could go about on your own and do your own thing pretty much undisturbed.”

        Are you SHITTING me? As bad as Obamacare is, how do you implicitly forgive the decades-old “war on drugs”?

        Business “licenses”, car “licenses”, housing “permits”, medical “licenses”, property “tax”, income “tax”.. seriously? America was still a free country before Obamacare?

        Also the K-12 indoctrination system continued its evil during the Bush and Reagan years too. Teaching kids what to think, not how. Teaching them to blindly obey “authority”. To be nothing more than conformist worker bees.

        Hell we still have outright slave labor, aka the draft, on the books as legal! And let’s not forget it was *actually used* as as recently as Viet Nam, which was during my childhood!

        That’s a curious lot of blindness for someone whose eyes are otherwise very open.

      37. The time has come to stand and defend. Many will whine in a universal wail when government turns on the people they profess to protect. Because so many dependent on government will die because they can not cope/ the Total dependence will cause the death of millions not only with hunger but disease. The misery caused by our government will be well deserved by the termite like mindset the democratic multitude accepts without question. Because of the panic it will cause it will cause the deaths of the many who would be prepared and could pull America out of the mire our government is complicit in the destruction of America. Our enemy’s need only wait for America to destroy itself and then stroll in and take over dig the trenches push the dead in to cover the stench.

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