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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group.

    Gold is currently trading for JUST UNDER $2,000/ounce and Wall Street firms have issued PRICE TARGETS of $2,500 and $3,000. But I want to also present the INVERSE CASE since it’s important to understand that (1) commodities don’t go up in a straight line and that (2) NO ONE knows what the future holds.

    We’re not predicting gold crashing, but we are DEFINITELY raising the point that gold is enjoying its best year since 2010 and that silver has SURGED BY 150% since March!

    Therefore, my goal today is to ENSURE that you’re aware of the roadblocks ahead since gold might test the $1,900/ounce mark and silver may CRASH BY $2 or $3 in AN INSTANT before they both eventually RAISE HELL and hit new highs!

    The best way to hedge this is to have cash LINED UP in case commodity prices fall so that one could buy more ounces, while he takes profits on miners now, BOOKING GAINS.


    As you can see, REAL YIELDS might have bottomed and, IF THAT’S THE CASE, gold and silver might have peaked for the time being (2-4 months).

    There are TWO SURPRISES that can tilt the odds back in precious metals’ favor, THOUGH: (A) the upcoming elections and (B) INFLATION overshooting.

    You can position for both of these AT THE SAME TIME, thus creating proper diversification in your portfolio.

    The way to do that is to HAVE EXPOSURE to the comeback stocks, the dominators in the industries that Covid-19 has disrupted most.

    The reason for this is that if these sectors go back to normal, gold’s USE-CASE as a chaos hedge is diminished, but SILVER’S ROLE as an industrial metal is heightened!

    We are about to release our CORONAVIRUS VICTIM COMEBACK Watchlist and if it’s as good as our previous three watchlists, HUGE RETURNS are in store.

    There’s a boatload of LIQUID CASH on the sidelines, so just understand that with 300 out of the 500 companies on the index DOWN IN 2020, it is the index that is overvalued, but not the components of it. Basically, 10 companies have pulled it up, while 300 are holding it back.

    Another reason we anticipate SURPRISE INFLATION is the boom in residential real estate. If REAL RATES have bottomed, many mortgage applicants will begin TO RUSH into the market, anticipating higher interest payments in the YEARS AHEAD.

    That’s money-multiplier velocity, which is REALLY GOOD for commodities as well.

    As you can see above, while millennials have pounded prices up for TSLA shares and other “story” companies, the professionally-managed funds are NOT BULLISH yet, so we like real estate right now.


    Lastly, I want to address the topic of CORRECTIONS and PULLBACKS.

    Yesterday, I put Virtual Reality goggles on and simulated an F-16 flight, which included throttling ALL THE WAY forward and then BRAKING HARD a couple of seconds afterward, in order to INCREASE RESULTS.

    That’s what I believe is happening right now; every pullback shows you where SUPPORT IS.

    Getting shaken out is easy; staying LONG is hard.

    We’re in a bull market for equities, real estate, precious metals, and Bitcoin; CASH IS TRASH!



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      1. Long on Wrong has been the establishment modus operandi for three decades in all things, financial or otherwise. It is safe to say that if something is wrong, they are long on it and 100% Committed to it, which brings us to our present situation in America and much of the world.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Thanksgiving cancelled. They do not want anyone to have anything to be thankful for. Too bad, still thankful that I am not one of them and didn’t sell out and join them, which would be a fate worse than death because they have proven that they have absolutely no regard for human life, constitutional rights, or personal property, and the truth about their sadistic predatory crime spree being exposed is definitely their biggest fear. They have been torturing and terrorizing me and violating my rights and property. The wprld would be better off if they were dead. I have never even met many of these psychopaths, and barely even know many of them. They are sick as hell! They really are 100 times worse than the German Nazis, maybe people might have noticed how everyone is suddenly defending Nazi Germany as a righteous and justified group of people. How fucked up does this world have to be to look back on Nazi Germany as “the good old days”?!

        Even Global Research from Canada promoted philisophical racist Keiser Wilhelm, who was before Hitler as a really great guy, who believed that Royalty was appointed by God and sought to take over land through brute force, on one of their radio shows.

        What’s wrong with this picture?! There has been a rush to defend Germany in World War I and World War II. Gee, do you think that this might be originating in Germany?!

        Ya Think?!

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Trump did in fact say that he will contest election results if he loses the election and will not accept that he lost the election, and the DNC also said that they will contest the election results and not accept that Biden lost.

        Let them brawl it out. 

        Trump is definitely a corrupt tyrant, which he has proven by the lockdown and bailouts for the same psychopaths that demand bailouts every decade, and millions of small businesses were destroyed by Trump. Trump cannot pass the buck. If DeBlasio or any other psychopathic DNC politician  is guilty of violating people’s constitutional rights, Trump had and has the authority to prevent them from doing that, which he has chosen not to exercise by design, to remove blame for his failure to reign in corruption which was the cause of the plandemic scamdemic. 

        Even though Trump is a corrupt tyrant, replacing a corrupt tyrant with another corrupt tyrant is not a victory for anyone that is not corrupt.

        The 2000 election dragged on for weeks, and everyone got through it, there were not excessively high numbers of mail in ballots though.

        Let the RNC and DNC duke it out in the streets if they want to, especially the politicians. 

        I despise both parties, since both parties are guilty of treason.

        Have you not noticed that it Trump is always attempting to get everyone to focus on injustices against Trump, while he has committed more injustices on America than any president in my lifetime? 

        Never had a lockdown, and nationwide shut down of the entire economy with people held hostage in their homes over scientific fraud by any other president!

        How in the hell can people defend the evil psychopath for that?! What is in the hell is the matter with them?! 

        Why in the hell did people sign up to act as a propagandist for that psychopath?! 

        I find it impossible to believe that they were not hired by Trump, after he subjected this country to all of that.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Will Woke CEOs of the 194 corporate sponsors of BLM ever worry about high paid white males or women or blacks that don’t support corporate sponsored chaos and insurance fraud resigning over it or being boycotted?

        Maybe they should all just merge into Chaos Incorporated and replace the CIA. They are too inept to actually survive without bailouts and PPT from the pentagon treasury money laundering circuit.

        Their new slogan can be “If you build it, we will destroy it.”

        “Demolition, then what? Where is the spontaneous order? Why isnt it happening? That is way above our pay grade. We just destroy. Let someone else fix it.”

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Dont you mean “Screeching Tires”?

      6. Funny how most leaders around the world are going through the same issues concerning Covid19 and their economies. Trump is not responsible for either but the media doesn’t tell you what is happening elsewhere,they deliberately misinform you. That makes them the irresponsible ones.

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