Scientists Will Begin Geoengineering Experiment And Try To BLOCK THE SUN

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    Scientists have decided to publically attempt a geoengineering experiment. The researchers from Harvard University are going to attempt to us particles to block out the sun in an attempt to save humanity from global warming, and cool the planet.

    According to Popular Mechanics, this incredibly bad-sounding idea seems like it stemmed from an actual event.  In 1991, the volcano Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, sending millions of tons of ash and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. This layer of particulates actually lowered global temperatures by almost a full degree Fahrenheit for the following two years.

    Researchers speculated that by filling the atmosphere with a similar level of particulates that were shot into the sky during the 1991 eruption, while skipping the lava and explosions, they might be able to reduce global temperatures enough to halt or delay some of the more severe consequences of “climate change.” But even the most left-leaning of human beings are not on board with attempting to alter the global climate artificially. After all, isn’t that what the tyrants and political elitists the peons continue to vote for keep telling us was the problem in the first place?  Any small mistake could radically and permanently destroy the delicate ecosystems and global climates for centuries.

    In particular, one study published last year found that spraying particulates into the atmosphere around the Gulf of Mexico could trigger droughts in sub-Saharan Africa. But scientists are attempting to assure everyone that their test won’t have any major effect on the climate.

    The test allegedly consists of a high-altitude balloon that will fly several miles into the atmosphere and release less than a pound of calcium carbonate (a less harmful alternative to the sulfur dioxide produced by volcanoes) and then spend about a day flying through the resulting cloud to measure its effects. The purpose of this test is to figure out exactly how the substance behaves in our air so scientists can build more accurate simulations.

    Of course, others have gathered a wealth of evidence suggesting that climate manipulation is already occurring right under our noses. Dane Wigington has an entire website titled in which he publishes all of the evidence he’s collected proving that governments have been manipulated the weather for a long time.  In fact, they might be responsible for the very “climate change” they blame on the general public and make us all pay for.

    Engineering Earth, Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault, Live Presentation

    The assault on the Earth has already been taking place, according to Wigington.  But just how much evidence do people need that this could be the most pressing issue of our time? Climate change alarmists fear mongers could be on the verge of destroying the Earth as we know it.



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      1. We need to find and kill these people and burn their aircraft while on the tarmac.

        • So they’re gonna try to slow global warming by using particles to block the sun’s heat? My my, what could go wrong? These people are just insane.

          • You don’t want to live around or nearby any Domestic US military base, because they are doing experiments on the public all the time. Noise, flight, patrols, and you don’t want to live near any Military people because they will rat on you to the base officials and keep you under surveillance. All US Military Bases abroad are, are listening posts that scoop up Meta Data on all of the population in the area. Listening to every phone call and conversation. They will fly drones over your homes. Satellites spying on you. Move far away from any US Military base. They are also on the Nuke Target list on enemies radar. Why live next to a target. Get off the X.

            • BTW/ A day without sunshine is like,….. Night.. ~Steve Martin.

              • I remember seeing a bar in Nevada once that had a sign “Free drink any day the sun doesn’t shine”. One could take advantage of that!

              • Good one…Steve is funny af


            • You don’t want to use the term Chemtrails if you want to be taken seriously. The term Chemtrails will lead you to conspiracy theory or hoax.

              The correct terms to use which are the actual scientific terms are: 1) Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI), Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG), Global Dimming (DM)

          • Panther, no doubt we are dominated by psychopaths and they are quite insane ! And all have a PHD or an MBA, does that tell you anything about what we call education ? HA HA HA what a sick fucking joke it all is, too bad it isn’t funny at all.



        • Send in mortars.. Get the coordinates.

          • Remember Ex President George H Bush when 9-11 happened, and all flights were grounded. G H Bush Sr ordered the clear flight departures of the Bin laden Family to fly across the country then depart back to the middle east. They flew into Tampa FL and out and escaped America.

            Also did you know GH Bush’s NEW WORLD ORDER SPEECH? The date was exactly 10 years to the date of 9-11. Sept 11 1991 GH Bush gave his famous “A New World Order” speech.

            Amazing how these illuminati’s like to screw with people about certain dates, and times of their evil. 10 Years to the date this scam unfolded to bring America to its knees and that other POS George W Bush was set up in place to start the phony War on Terror. The entire Bush Family are criminals, all of them POS Slim scum Traitors to America. Spit on that POS’s Grave.

            • They closed the stock market in honor of that fookers death?

              • I know – right? He was a criminal & they act like he was a hero. Sick.

            • Amen. It’s nice to know someone else sees them for what they are.

        • What can everyday people do to stop the mad scientist in the world today. Could we sign a petition? Should we email our representative? I am tired of them destroying the Earth. The Earth goes through natural cycles. How can we put laws into effect to say that people can not experiment on air, land, or water that we all use?

        • Menzoberranzan, good idea as it is already being done and has been for a long while. Although not for the bullshit story they are telling you it is for. It is of course all tied into the global warming garbage and other machinations and illusions created to control you. Nothing new at all. Different day, different schemes by the control freaks we call government.

      2. Same shit (chemtrails) new name. Been around for years. Educate yourself… geoengineering watch dot org

        • I’ve sit and watched them spray for years, wondered where they take off and land and wished my rifle had that kind of a range!

          • There used to be pics of the places online but I’m sure they are scrubbed now. Also pics of the patents of the dispersal units. They are much lower than commercial aircraft and controlled remotely. Maybe Putin will give us some SAM’s?

            • I wish.

          • A .50 Cal Hollow point through the fuselage nose cone will work upon departure. They will never reach altitude.

            • And you would never see the light of day again when they unleashed the retribution from the military base.

              • Who said it was Military planes? No, Not if you have your escape plan in place, and other side mass confusion diversions, obstacles and trickery to send on wild goose chases, and or in the cloak of darkness or stealthiness. They are not set up for a fast deployment. Oh you may see a few small black helicopters fly around but that can be dealt with also. Set up a dozen laser lights pointed at a mirror disco ball and thousands of laser light beams light up the sky.. Try to fly through that maze of laser lights paning with hundreds of beams flashing all over. Sure play this Disco Inferno..


                • Ha ha ha, thats a good idea! They are not Mil. planes I’m sure they are older commercial planes retrofitted with equipment and the identifiers painted over. Anyone in doubt (mental midgets) can see them with binoculars easily (since they fly so low) and see that they have no markings, just all white.

                  • Another trick you can do is get a bunch of bottle rockets and tie the fuses together (kinda tricky). Lay them out over a flat piece of cardboard with a string around it (to hold them in place). Use a cigarette made with pipe tobacco (it will burn to the end) as a time delay fuse. Aim it at whatever and light the smoke and push the fuse into what you figure your time needs to be. We did this to some people (we didn’t like) when we were kids. It was hilarious! Non stop barrage of rockets hitting their house lol. Saturn missle batteries (as well as bottle rockets) available at your local indian rez. Fireworks can make a great deterent/ distraction for all your nefarious activities lol.

        • You’re right Genius……for years!

      3. Uhhhh, they’ve been been doing this on a regular badis since the 90’s. And have practiced steering the Weather since the turn of the 20th Century….

        So much for “breaking” news.

      4. SOLAR MINIMUM coming.. remember ?

        they’ll start this completely ignoring the fact that the planet IS cooling already and claim success only that it needs ramp up thousand fold.
        But they will need billions to keep it active ignoring that the Gov has been doing it for over a decade.

        More wealth redistribution schemes.

        • Whatever happened to the carbon tax scheme? I read that some solar farms were suing the govt. for blocking sun output with chemtrails too. Your right, it is just another tax scheme. Pay for your own demise.

      5. When it gets really cold up north and nothins growing,don’t bring your Genius Harvard Yankee assets down South.

      6. Some believe a mini ice age has begun. If so, the timing of this could not be more obvious.

      7. Dolts trying to reduce solar energy during a solar min. They ain’t got a lick of sense.

      8. shut up racists, cancer is safe and effective

      9. These scientists are out of their collective minds.

        Spraying particles into the sky to do some climate engineering? Isn’t that what the chemtrails were supposed to accomplish?

        NASA wants to relieve pressure at the Yellowstone Super Volcano?

        WTF? The economy is going to collapse. Everybody is going to lose their jobs, including these scientists. AI is going to rid the world of scientists anyway. These fool idiots are desperate to look important and to find a way to keep their jobs.

      10. I call BULLSHIT on this ENTIRE article!

        There is NO such thing as global warming!

        Climate shifts, yes. BUT global warming?

        NO! It’s a LIE!

        They want to BLOCK the LIFE-GIVING Sun to ‘save’ us? BULLSHIT!

        My friends, this is all about CONTROL!

        He who can control (“block”) the Sun, can control the masses who depend on its life-giving energies.

        They don’t own the Sun, but they’ll “take” ownership through these bullshit experiments, just like Zuckerberg appropriated the girl’s name, “Alexa” and STOLE it from ALL those girls and women NAMED Alexa.

        These people are NOT your friends! Protest to your local Congressmen and Senators. Nobody should be allowed to F—K with our Life-Giving Sun.

        These people want to give DEATH to the masses!

        – the Lone Ranger

      11. Hello everybody. I remember when I first became aware of chemtrails, about 14 years ago. I was at my favorite swimming hole in central Arizona,it was a sunny beautiful day and I had the whole place to myself sipping beers and floating around on a tube. I noticed planes criss crossing the sky for hours,their exhaust not dissipating but hanging in the air and spreading out.After three hours the entire sky was covered, like a tic tac toe pattern and you could hardly see the sun and the sky was a weird silvery color.After that a little research got me up to speed quickly and boy, is it depressing.In the spring of 2018 they were spraying like crazy, hardly a sunny day to be had.It seems they have slowed down some as now its a few days a week.What amazes me are people who deny it exists.One idiot told me it was just a “conspiracy theory” and that I was crazy. I told him he was so disconnected from nature that he didn’t even know what a real cloud looked like ! Anyway, it’s sad and depressing to watch them poison us and the earth. Barium and aluminum levels in the soil will make it hard to grow food soon enough.Seems like every garden I plant isn’t quite as good as the year before.Evil sick people to do such a rotten thing !

      12. 1) They believe their own BS.
        2) They wish to reduce population to 500 Million obiedient servants.
        3) Some of each
        4) Can’t think up a (4)

      13. When I was growing up, all of the “climate” talk was about carbon monoxide, hydrofluorocarbons, acid rain, and pollution levels in the major cities. This was when the “brainwash” was really being pushed in school. I remember how crazed my sister (who was in high school at that time) would get. I wanted to help, and was even contemplating an idea of gigantic air scrubbers that could be built in the cities (at 10 years old). Looking back I’m glad that I decided to ignore all the hubbub at the time. My sister could not. Probably explains why today I am more of a free thinker, but my sister is a leftist nut bar.

      14. Dr. Jean Francois Gariepy

        “The Revolution of a PHENOTYPE
        The Amazing Story of How Life Begins and Ends”


      15. Wait…So, now it’s the sun that is the cause of global warming??? Thought they said it was the use of fossil fuels.
        They don’t know what they are talking about. Global warming is all junk science. That’s my two bits.

      16. My theory on weather —

        Besides that it is driven by solar radiation…

        There are maps where wind currents are overlayed with atmospheric gases, in different colors. They don’t like to mix.

        CO2 and SO2 have a different albedo, in other words, reflecting / absorbing heat at different rates.

        There appears to be a boundary, driving some weather systems.

        Your solution juxtaposes heating and cooling.

      17. Welcome to the future!

        Revelation 8:12
        The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night.

        • The revelation was given in signs and symbols. These are not the literal sun, moon and stars.

      18. Someone has decided what is in the best interest of all and is proceeding to act in a way that affects us all. Arrogance? Sunlight is one of the few things in life that isn’t taxed or regulated and it frustrates the politicians no end. Enjoy the sunshine while you can!!

      19. Due to the sun spot cycle we are entering a period of global cooling not wraming Why is that so hard to understand. The vikings established colonies on greenland during a period of gloval warming that was naturally occuring for 300 yrs We survived that easily and there was no industrial pollution at the time. Greenland was really green at the time Now as we enter a period of global cooling arm waving lunatics are trying to cool things further. Absolute political lunacy. Wait I get it they spray crap all over us and the climate cools naturally any way and they get the credit for it and all the money and perks associated with it. Crafty dudes good scam folks.

      20. Whelp seems to me this would be the line… But no, no, please lets not do something about this, lets just kick the can.

      21. There was a movie about the darkening of the sun. The road

      22. And when this BS runs out of control baby it’s cold outside will take on a whole new meaning. Let the ice age begin !

      23. “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx)”

        perturb (pər-tûrbˈ)►

        To disturb greatly; make uneasy or anxious.
        To throw into great confusion.

      24. The sun is no longer shining according to astrophysicist Claudia Albers. What we see in the sun is a system of sun simulators and holographic projections. Why did the sun go dark? A huge number of comets that have come in particularly in the last 170 years. You can read and hear the information in bits and pieces on her website, Physicist Reports, on You Tube. Or you can read about it in my synopsis article on My channel is paul817. I get no remuneration for this. Just spreading the Word.

      25. If Svensmark is right, we’re about to enter 60 years of significant global cooling, a “little ice age”. We’ll know within 2-3 years. And if that’s how things go, this experiment in geoengineering will be developing exactly what we do not need.

      26. We are the ones who should be overseeing what is done on and to our planet. Why are we just talking about it and not putting a stop to the things being done to us, our children and if they survive their children as well. America: A nation of lies…(not laws) Land of the greed… Home of the slave…
        Just keep doing nothing and see if this does not come to pass.

      27. Absolutely insane. Left to ourselves, we will find ways to destroy the planet and all of humanity. In fact, we have been on this journey of self-destruction that we have undertaken for some time now. Perhaps not so much due to evil, but more of stupidity.

        God created us and planet earth and will save our planet or allow us to destroy ourselves if we so choose because we simply refuse to trust in Him to take care of us for our survival. This is not rocket science; simply a matter of faith and trust in God.

        Godless people believe, and there are plenty of those around, that they are smart enough to undertake a task that belongs only to God. And since they are godless, they are forced to rely on their stupid ideas because they know not where the true solution lies.

      28. It could be that the same kind of brilliant thinking is what
        caused the end of life and the atmosphere on mars

      29. This has been going on for decades, they’re just now claiming its an experiment. Have none of you been paying attention? I’ve take photos of this stuff for the past 17 years in iowa & MN & across to Penn. This is not new, this has been a program since the 60’s….cloud seeding & weather manipulation. China has also been doing it. Look at the H.A.A.R P. explains how it can be used to steer jet streams. Wake up ppl

      30. I bet that photo is 15 years old. I have lits if photos like that going back to 1999.

        “He who controls the weather controls the food, and he who controls the food..controls the population”. The deep state has this down to a daily routine art form.

      31. Where this ‘scientists’ are from… that tells me a lot. From Lalaland… freakin’ idiots

      32. who died and made them the ones to decide how to kill the planet?

      33. Did these scientists forget the story of the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression?

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