Scientists: Weak Ocean Circulation Could Signify Incoming Mini Ice Age

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    A weak circulation of ocean waters in the North Atlantic could signify that a mini ice age is just around the corner.  Scientists have discovered the weakening currents look similar to those that happened right before the Little Ice Age, a cold spell observed between about 1600 and 1850 AD.

    During the Little Ice Age, the Baltic Sea, along with many of the lakes and rivers in Europe froze over. And new and recent studies are showing that the currents in the North Atlantic ocean are at their lowest in 1,500 years.  Scientists are about to blame a mini ice age on global warming climate change.

    Researchers studied the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), the branch of the North Atlantic circulation that brings warm surface water toward the Arctic and cold deep water toward the equator.

    The research, co-led by Dr. Christelle Not and Dr. Benoit Thibodeau from the Department of Earth Sciences and the Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong, is interpreted to be a direct consequence of global warming and associated melt of the Greenland Ice-Sheet.

    Slower circulation in the North Atlantic can yield profound change on both the North American and European climate but also on the African and Asian summer monsoon rainfall. –The Daily Mail

    “The discovery of this new record of AMOC will enhance our understanding of its drivers and ultimately help us better comprehend potential near-future change under global warming,” said Dr. Thibodeau.  “While we could ground-truth our temperature reconstruction for the 20th century against instrumental measurement it is not possible to do so for the Little Ice Age period, added Not. “Therefore, we need to conduct more analysis to consolidate this hypothesis.”

    This weakening in the current is still vigorously debated because of the scarcity of long-term record of the AMOC.

    To read the entire press release, please click here.


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      1. Thats “cool”. I can just keep my beer out on the porch and keep it cold! 😀

        • Yes, and a solar minimum, not caused by global warming/global climate disruption/global whatever will help things stay cool as well.

        • 40 today. Ill actually have to stick the beer cans in the snow. I could probably drink an entire beer the time it takes me do that. Damn! Thinking smoking a brisket today not sure yet.

      2. I love it when global warming melts the snowflakes.

      3. Rellik
        This is what they theorize is adding to the phenomenon of bleaching that the coral is going through in the islands and up the chain into papahanaomoku and down through Australia and indonesia,,, sorta a big deal and real.

      4. Sounds like my old lady.

      5. please stop pretending that these people are scientists..

      6. any way the left looks at climate change its about generating money for their agenda. They win any way it comes out.

      7. My desert region was supposed to be tropical rain forest, during the last Ice Age.

        But, what restores circulation of the AMOC.

        • “But, what restores circulation of the AMOC”.

          I’m guessing more money donated to their research would answer your question.

          Oh yeah, and more taxes on carbon!

          • If you can’t strengthen the currents or halt the process, why do we assume that it’s just a little Ice Age and, then, business as usual.

      8. These ” scientists” have it all backasswards. As I remember it, before they created the global warming religion, it was the colder, more dense water melting in the north Atlantic/ arctic that sank and thus pulled the warmer water north in the gulf stream and bringing more milder temps to north western Europe. I was once long ago told in school that without this cold water melt,the gulf stream would slow and that a mini ice age may become possible.
        Is it therefore possible that the opposite of this article is true, that maybe there is less melt due to
        global cooling and therefore a weaker gulf stream?.

        Just asking,

      9. We had the wettest October in 40 years, now we have snow forecast for the next 5 days, what about this theory,
        global warming by man caused the sun to cause global cooling? Space weather and all of that science stuff.

      10. Watch the sunspots, watch the north magnetic pole and the South Atlantic anomaly, check the internet for changes in the Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR)levels reaching the earth. These are the big clues to climate change. (Obliquity is also very important, but a longer term factor because it changes very slowly. Arctic insolation is already below a threshold level for the next thousand years, so monitoring minor fluctuations in that is not useful either.) Any changes that may be occurring in the Thermohaline Circulation (THC) is likely an effect of these other factors. Major volcanic eruptions, especially in the tropics, are also a factor, but you will always hear about these when they occur.

      11. Brought to you by weather manipulation of the zionists.
        They artificially heat the arctic, fresh water in the ocean interrupts the conveyor effect of the ocean currents.
        They are willing to kill everyone so as tonot lose power thinking they can live through an ice age.
        Satan guides them.

      12. Whether the world is warming (due to excessive fossil fuel exploitation) or cooling at this time may be moot. Either side of this debate seems to admit that the planet’s climate changes, with one side arguing that this is due to anthropogenic causes and the other side suggesting it is due to historical cycles. Regardless of your support/belief in one side of this or the other, industrial civilization is still at risk; just as every complex society is during its existence. Should archaeologist Joseph Tainter’s thesis in The Collapse of Complex Societies hold true, every complex society is at risk during its tenure due to diminishing marginal utility and the lack of resource surpluses during a significant crisis. If we just focus on the crisis of a significant climate change (warmer or cooler), one of the questions to ponder is do we have adequate resources/surpluses available to deal with the loss of present agricultural lands that would be loss with a significant change in climate. I would argue we do not and the argument of the cause of a warming or cooling planet is akin to arguing the cause of the Titanic’s hull breach as the water laps around your ankles while sitting in its bar having another martini.

      13. LOL! I always find it interesting how little people actually understand about the BS which is global warming. I’m even really surprised that Mac hasn’t actually done the math to show what utter claptrap it is. Let me lay it out for you. I’m going to use the IPCC’s numbers for this:
        Here is the composition of the earth’s atmosphere –
        * Nitrogen (N) – 78%
        * Oxygen (O) – 21%
        * Argon (Ar) – 0.9%
        * Trace Gases – 0.1%

        Note, that CO2 is part of the trace gases. Let’s break that down:
        * Water Vapor (H2O) – 95% of trace gases / 0.95% of overall atmosphere
        * Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – 3-4% of trace gases / 0.03 or 0.04% of overall atmosphere
        * Neon (Ne) – 0.1% of trace gases / 0.001% of overall atmosphere
        * Other gases in very small concentrations: helium (He), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and ozone (O3), as well as halogenated gases (CFCs) released by mankind which have damaged ozone.

        Now let’s look at man’s contribution (always using the IPCC’s numbers) to CO2 levels:
        According to the IPCC there are two sets of conflicting data both within a small range of each other, either 3.0% (using the 2007 figures) or 3.6% (using the 2001 figures).

        So in recapping, trace gases are 0.1% of the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide makes up 3-4% of these trace gases, using the latter IPCC figures CO2 comprises 0.003% of the atmosphere. And man’s contribution to CO2 according to the IPCC’s own data are 3% of 3% of 0.1% of the total Earth’s atmosphere. That’s 0.000009%!!!! You know 9 MILLIONTHS. That is why CO2 is measured in ppm (parts per million) because it is such a tiny and insignificant gas.

        Finally if you look at the following research which looked at 550 million years of CO2 data, GEOCARB III: A REVISED MODEL OF ATMOSPHERIC CO2 OVER PHANEROZOIC TIME by
        Robert A. Berner and Zavareth Kothavala, one of the striking things is that over 500 million years ago, CO2 levels were 15 times higher. We are at one of the lowest levels that the earth has ever had with CO2 levels being around 410 parts per millions. Also if you map the CO2 data on top of the average temperature variations over that period, it makes it abundantly clear that there is no correlation whatsoever between CO2 levels and temperature. Temperatures have been oscillating between 11 degrees and 21 degrees during that 550 million years. During that time, as I mentioned before 500 million years ago CO2 levels were 15 times higher at around 7000 parts per million then trended down to about 500 parts per million 300 million years ago, then back up to 2400 parts per million about 180 million years ago and trended down to where it is today. One last thing for all of CO2 alarmist to note, just like oxygen is absolutely essential for our survival, CO2 is the absolutely essential component for plants. The higher the CO2 levels are, the more plant life thrives on the earth. Mac, you need to wake up on this. The problem is not CO2 levels. That is just a smokescreen to divert everyone from all the real pollution issues such as geoengineering, the aerial chemtrail spraying of barium, aluminum and strontium all over us, and the flora and fauna of the Earth, the release of synthetic self-aware fibers that cause Morgellons’ Disease, in line with the NWO synthetic agenda, unstoppable environmental genetic pollution caused by the release of GMOs, contamination of waterways with industrial chemicals for fracking, pesticides like glyphosate and atrazine, poisons like dioxin and DDT, heavy metals and pharmaceutical residues. That’s where the real problem lies. Not with an essential ingredient for plant life.

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